Google Stock Plunges: Trading Halted After Earnings Report Shows 21% Decline Year-Over-Year

by | Oct 18, 2012 | Headline News | 109 comments

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    Following the trend of shipping company Fedex, the largest advertising venue in the world is showing signs of strain in a weakening global economy.

    Google Inc., whose accounting firm mistakenly released their quarterly report prematurely, saw a 9% tumble in the share of their stock today after weaker than expected earnings.

    It’s not clear why Google’s results were posted in a regulatory filing early, but the weaker-than-expected top- and bottom-line figures threatened to leave the stock with its steepest one-day decline since the 2008 financial crisis.

    The Mountain View, Calif.-based company said it earned $2.18 billion, or $6.53 a share, last quarter, compared with a profit of $2.73 billion, or $8.33 a share, a year earlier.

    Year-over-year Google saw a 21% decline in earnings.

    While the company indicates more businesses are advertising with them, they are no longer willing to pay as much per click to drive visitors to their web sites:

    Google said its paid clicks jumped 33% year-over-year and 6% from the second quarter. However, the average cost per click declined 15% annually and 3% from the second quarter.

    We may be able to attribute this to just a single bad quarter, but given that the US economy has more than likely already slid back into recession according to some analysts, it would make sense that Google is starting to feel the pressure of a small business user base that is struggling to survive.

    With consumers being more careful about how they spend their money due to concerns about the job market and price inflation that is affecting not only retail customers but manufacturers and distributors as well, Google’s small business customers are no longer able to pay as much for advertising expenditures as they were five years ago.

    After Fedex’s poor showing last quarter in which they cited weakening global economic conditions surrounding their global shipping business, and Google’s results now suggesting that advertisers are paying 15% less this year for attracting visitors to their web sites than in 2011, the tell-tale signs of an economy on the brink are becoming more apparent.

    Google’s stock just saw its largest one day decline since the meltdown of 2008. Are traders on Wall Street getting nervous and no longer believing the hype about a strong recovery?

    It doesn’t take much to cause a Wall Street panic as we’ve seen repeatedly throughout history – and panic is exactly what we saw on Wall Street today.

    Is this an isolated incident currently being managed and controlled by the plunge protection team with happy days soon to return? Or is this just the beginning?


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      1. It will be papered over by the PPT !

        • Definitely a STRONG possibility… they’ve been doing it since early 2008… no reason to stop now!

          • The derivatives market is about to be exposed for the scam it is and about to crash. Not much time left now.

            Italy’s Preshe-bank was just downgraded to junk status today by Moody’s. Euro will crash in a month or two.

            • It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

            • I disagree…..I still maintain my 5-8 year outlook

            • @ Rich99

              You know Rich, usually you swim against the current here & that’s fine…the 1st amendment grants you that right.

              Yet I can recall my days here as a mere observer & never a poster, where you insisted that you were a female. I’m not calling you out, ‘cuz it really doesn’t matter at this stage. Although, the truth would be…ummmm…revealing & relevant per your posting persona & yes, I am curious!

              That said, I have given you both green thumbs & red thumbs in the past & imo, you deserved what you got.
              Stick with the Rich99 handle only, ok?
              I can deal with Rich99 & I read every post you submit.
              Usually, we disagree. Yet sometimes we’re on the same page.

              You’re above post is a good example. Congrats to ya, for today.

            • I still am & will always be “woman” with a pair of beautiful hooters.

          • they are an inept govt agencys they all fail and so will this gestapo organization

          • @ Rich99

            Ok…now that’s cleared up.
            Congrats per the great set of hooters too!

        • The parasites are no doubt loving it. They are preparing for the day, when just like after every other planned stock market crash, they can come in, and take everything for pennies on the dollar…

        • Our government continues to spending our money wastefully. It is sad that our children will inherit a mountain of debt.

          “55 facts about the debt and U.S. government that every American voter should know”

          Economic Collapse Blog

        • The sales tax receipts for California fell 40% in the last year. That’s worse than depression numbers. People are out of money. Watch the tax receipts for accurate numbers on decline and crash.

      2. Overpriced anyway, should have shorted it….

        • Yeah Right. I still good I have mine from $99 and less per share. I am still very happy. Next you be worrying that price line dropped to 500. So what when the start price is where most got in.

          • Unless you bought it on the original subscription, you paid higher than 99, it started trading in the open market about $113 Just saying

            • Yes i did mine was a transfer from IBM

          • Sorta like buying Facebook stock?

            • That i stay away from. I have bought other assets from some who had to cover some margin calls. Never use credit period there are to many sharks in the water like me

      3. I guess the sheeple are waking up to the google dirty truth.
        Why doesn’t someone rate TPTB on their junk status as well.
        Just wondering.

      4. I am getting ripped a new tailpipe. I am spending it fast before there is nothing left.

      5. ZOG FEDGOV ASSET SEIZURES from the prison plantation private citizen tax debt slaves:

        * It happened before Preppers … it will happen Again !!!

        Presidential Decree’s –

        “I, as President do declare that the national emergency still exists; that the continued private hoarding of gold and silver by subjects of the United States poses a grave threat to peace, equal justice, and well-being of the United States; and that appropriate measures must be taken immediately to protect the interest of our people. Therefore, pursuant to the above authority, I hereby proclaim that such gold and silver holdings are prohibited, and that all such coin, bullion or other possessions of gold and silver be tendered within fourteen days to agents of the Government of the United States for compensation at the official price, in the legal tender of the Government. All safe deposit boxes in banks or financial institutions have been sealed pending action in the due course of the law. All sales or purchases or movements of such gold and silver within the borders of the United States and its territories, and all foreign exchange transactions or movements of such metals across the border are hereby prohibited.”

        —Proclamation by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, April 5, 1933

        The Dollar is Worthless !!!

        INFLATION IS HERE … Hyperinflation is Coming … VERY SOON !!!

        Prepare !!!


        • Original thought please. Or drop the colorful add ons.

          • Troll? Just saying.

        • According to executive order 6102, the order was for gold. There is no mention of silver.

          Because silver is an industrial metal as much as a currency metal, my guess is that it was not specifically included. Also, collectable gold coins were not included in order 6102. Certainly that does not mean that this time any confiscation will follow the same pattern. Also, my guess is that confiscation will not be tried in the USA in the foreseeable future simply because there will be too many people who will rebel. Probably those in power realize that such a confiscation edict could initiate secession of many states and that would be counter productive.

          • They are forcing another kind of confiscation….
            CASH FOR GOLD on every street corner.

            Crackheads steal it from your parents home and sell it for pennies

          • In 1933, silver had few industrial uses. Circulating coinage was almost its only purpose. It also gave the states a Lawful way to pay their bills.

            30 years later, the gold scam was forgotten so the silver scam was begun. The states were then Lawfully bankrupted by its removal from circulating money, like the United States 30 years before.

            These banksters plan in terms of decades. In a matter of just 50 years, they stole 100% of the wealth (circulating money) in the country.

            Now the people do not even know what money is anymore, and have accepted the bankster as their masters without question.

            Soon, something will change and the banksters will not like it very much.

        • Prepare indeed

          And I’ll take all the hits..wfc?

          (whofn cares)

          Almost every major player bank has taking huge hits over the long run..and the fed is spending 1000 million fiat dollars every goddamn day to buy up mortgage backed securities..!!???

          and the rest are hedging on the markets run by computers to satisfy their desires..
          and inflation is not real?

          and the m2 factor is not real?

          and the dollar is not in freefall?

          I do not even pity those who believe the markets and government spin bs..

          I’ll stand by nina 100% on this call..


          • Neither Robama nor Obamney can save this disaster upon us.

            Have any of you ever read manos’s threads over the years?

            They were exactly like us..a thriving economy 3 years ago.
            Yes they were not a mega power as we were but!

            the plan is the same..

            as we have been warned over the last 50 years..

            and if you do not know what the plan is..

            then shame on you.


          • @ Possee

            As do I. He’s right & so are you.

        • Inflation is being controlled, so far. Next year watch the price of corn/beans/wheat go up because of this summers drought. Where are you on the food chain.

          • Too many prepare for hyper inflation and forget that it could be worse…..deflation. Preparing for hyper inflation isn’t that hard. Commodities and metals even debt will be great. In deflation your end up peddling things for cash to pay bills.

      6. To answer your question Mac, do you see anything but dark clouds coming for the economy?….me either.

        • Glen Beck did a “thing” today on his radio show about inflation. According to his numbers, everyone who had $10,000.00 in the bank last year last $700.00 in buying power.

          • lost, not last, damm I can’t type worth crap!

            • Its our issued keypads they are to small for our manly hands. I asked for bigger ones but we have not earned our bonus yet.

              And yes there is some dark clouds coming. I still have paper in the stock market why. Because I have to put it somewhere. There is such thing as to many bullets. And there is a limit on land. You still have to be responsible for it. And I no longer want to be a business. So yes I Can still keep wealth in the markets. In my case it what i did in case we are wrong, another safety nets for my family.

              But I am to the point that I will never see the wealth of those paper assets. I will have the numbers and they will look good. They will work and I will have asset ready when the new system start but I would say at a VALUE 100 to 1 less. But what other choices are their. If I could see in to the future like eeder I would know where to put it all.

            • Hey Facebook old buddy, it’s good to know that you’re in a good spot. We are as well.
              Let’s lay off our friend Eeder for a while, call a truce maybe. We all have strong opinions, ya know.

              The bad thing about this story is that there are a whole lot of hurting people already. Good Americans who want to work and pay their own way in life. I just want to focus on how I can help them. The Salvation Army is always looking for help.

            • No problem it was not as fun. And my choice of help is direct to a diaabled vet. Or though wounded warrior. I do alot of Service animal help helps the stranded dog and the vet. I get therpy from both.
              I was a slumlord and i have seen to much waste though salvation army. I donate ahouse and in the end no one who dessrved got it. Dam developer did. And other issues.

      7. it can all disappear in a heartbeat

        • It already has started, believe me.

      8. Now you know what the term “Google Bomb” really means.

      9. No,no,no…this is a sign of a strong economy. Just like high gas prices are a sign of a strong economy.
        You see, people are shifting from on line to local shopping. Hence the decline in the online sales. But the economy is healthy and strong. I see lines at the soup kitchens, dole lines, and job lines.

        The economy is strong, pumping, strong, this is not a weak economy. I see people buying junk from china on their credit cards.

        The Econ is strong. Nothing to fear but nothing.

        • “We had a good year, last year.” Larry Page CEO Google
          About 5 minutes ago.

      10. When maintaining the stock market facade becomes an increasingly difficult task, leaks start appearing.

        Just give the PPT (Plunge Protection Team , also known as the Wall Street, who is now bought and sold by the FED,) more time to put an extra layer of lipstick on this pig.

        On low volume, it should not be difficult to find a Goldman Sachs or its proxy to buy more shares to prop the stock back up. After all, there are no more bag holding losers on Wall Street. The FED bails out any bad investments (bets).

      11. google is not the start of a rapidly declining stock market as it still has one FED backstop in QE3 and a second in operation twist that goes until the end of this year.

        but google’s drop does bring home a glaring fact for this quarter. a high majority of companies are missing their earnings target and this with the FED pouring money into the market, many companies that have already cut costs to the bone and many companies that have cut staffs and their salaries. the current economy isnt about to drop into a recession this year, but its making a turtle look fast; but this should not be news here.

        imo, 2013 will be the year of th shtf for the US.

      12. Here’s a thought…Google is nothing but a link in the matrix. Check your online and tv time, whether work or play. Give it some serious thought. The only new infrastructure built in the last 20 years has been the matrix. How productive is that? Communication with no production plays right into the funny money paper games of the elitist bankers. Get busy producing something besides keystrokes in the blogosphere…. Need another sip of that home made raspberry wine.

        • @ JRS

          You know, after reading your post, excellent btw…I’ve decided to crack the lid on some of the Rev. Ike’s bourbon & mull your position some more.
          Over ice of course. Good analogy JRS. Thanks!

        • The matrix doesn’t produce much by itself, but it makes a whole lot of existing production processes much more efficient. From manufacturing through distribution to retailing. Not to mention product design and development. A fertile mind will think of much more.

      13. Who cares if Google is down a few percentages, isn’t everyone?

        • Actually

          • Grrrrrr – – laptop keyboards bite the bazooka.

            What I was going to write was: “actually, no. Ruger and Smith and Wesson stocks are doing quite nicely, thank you!”

      14. I wonder who controls their accounting firm…

      15. As I recall, the founder(s) of Google were big time Barry supporters, so as much as I don’t like seeing we little guys getting hurt, “Too bad, so sad for Google”.

        The question still remains, “Is this the beginning of the end?”. Crap I hope not

        • Google is a corporate member of the Council on Foreign Relations. They don’t give a rat’s behind about the US.

          • CFR=Jewmerika, just like I pictured it.

            In the eyes of CFR, jewmerika= jewyork-jewyork times, jewspaper. jewtube videos. jewgoole online search.

            Jewmerika=isreals BITCH!…..

      16. The game was over when people in this country were stupid enough to vote for obama. Everything is going to plan. The foundations for our collapse started before FDR. Communists aka satans minions are the most patient people in the universe and we walked right into it.

      17. The US economy is in a depression.

        Without the Fed dumping trillions into the economy, GDP would’ve lost 10%+. Simple, take the deficit & divide by the US economy’s $15 trillion per year. If U take the real deficit number ($4.5 trillion+) & divide by $15 trillion U get 30%.

        The government & Fed are replacing 30% of the economy with monopoly money borrowed or created out of nothing. This is not real demand. That’s a Depression.

        People don’t have enough money to drive demand & the imbecile Bernanke is trying to trick us into feeling wealthy so we’ll spend more.

        If he wants to make me feel wealthier, send me a few million.

        • You probably aren’t a part of the population that he is paid to make feel wealthier.

      18. And now on a completely different subject…

        A large Sun Spot has just rolled into full view in the NE Solar quadrant. Magnetically, at least, it’s active over a large area. Whereas NOAA 11591 is effectively a single region, this new area is far more reminiscent of the spots which we saw in the spring of this year having both a southern polatity leading and trailing region which bracket a central northern polarity zone. This area was responsible two days ago for numerous C-class flares the largest of which was the C-7.9. Happy trails all, what ELSE can happen….next?

        • Oh, I get it…. Huh? How about in simple terms for idiots unlike me who got it right off the bat. 🙂

        • It don’t sound good! 🙂

      19. Just keep your powder dry, and your pecker hard, and the world will turn.

        • Which movie is that from?

          • @ Rev. Ike

            Dunno…but my guess would be.

            “Debbie does the Montana Militia”…XXX of course!

            • Nope, I think Platoon, or Debbie does Viet Nam, one the two.

            • It’s from Platoon lol, but I really need to rewatch the Montana Militia video now just to check for authenticity!

      20. Its easy to explain, Google got in bed with all the big advertisers AT&T, Sprint, Progressive, Geico and forgot about main street.

        No matter what you search for, chances are the big boys will dominate the first page. 3 years ago my Google Maps or Google Places ads produced a lot of business for my small business. Today if I don’t pay an SEO company thousands of dollars a month its a challenge to pop up on the first page.

        The refreshed or original content data dumps are now happening in real time by the minute, so unless I’m always blogging or changing content, our listing and website hits will drop off in a few days.

        Google needs to get back to main street. As usual the MBA’s want to do and sell less at a better profit margin. The result is smaller top and bottom line that only sounds good in a presentation.

        I wouldn’t compare Google to that little punk over at Facebook though. Google is more about commerce, Facebook’s like the Real house wives that wants to sell stuff.

        Either way they are both keeping an eye on you and routing you through a Fusion Center.

      21. The economy is fallying apart, just like many economists have stated would happen. They each have different bottoms, but the slides downward are all the same.

        God bless and keep on prepping.

        Off topic, has anyone heard about a ammo tax in Chicago of 5 cents per bullet?

        • Chicago is going to need it.

      22. It is October, and naturally stocks are going to react this way, and you can bet that someone is going to attempt to keep a bandage on the economy until Nov. 6. You look at how much credit has been flushed into the economy, and I mean flushed. This QE isn’t going to work in the long run, and times are not going to get better no matter which idiot gets in. Rich99 says 5-8 years, which would be 2017-2020, but it would be tough for the economy to hold on this long. IT COULD, but I just don’t see how unless they raise taxes up the ass on everyone. That is a frightening thought.

        I was figuring on how much they would have to raise taxes, and it is a sliding scale from 1-3% on the bottom, to 10-20% on the middle class, and about 25% or higher on the upper class. This is ugly, and it would kill consumers buying much of anything. The real answer is to kill most free trade, and all free trade to the enemy and to countries not on the same economic level as the U.S. All this is not going to go through, and the math on either candidate absolutely does not add up. It does to individuals that don’t want to take the time to add up the figures, but ultimately it just won’t work. I still say war is the most likely outcome before the finances totally implode.

      23. My husband is finally going to dump his 401k !

        • @ JL

          Good for him. Take the money & prepare as best you can.

          Look at the bright side, if he left it up to the portfolio managers, it will likely disappear anyway with no recompense for you both.

          Starve the beast of its feed-stuff…its the best option sans revolution, we have at this point.

          Best of luck & prayers for your family.

      24. Not too surprised at this, I’m actually glad to see it. Considering their chronic spying and cozy relationship with the NSA, it was only a matter of time before people got sick of using them and went to and This slowly chips away at their market share similar to how they slowly chip away at our inalienable rights.
        Every time you don’t use google, they lose, a little at a time. Google ensured that ammunition wouldn’t show up on their shopping page, so I say screw them, they deserve to lose…and lose….and lose.

        • heh start page nice little enhanced by google logo 🙂

          • Yeah I noticed that too. So I use duckduckgo mostly, when I need different results I’ll use startpage. If anything, it offers privacy which google is oblivious to. But I don’t think the enhancement pays google per use or click….at least not that I’m aware of, and the best place to hit them is in the wallet.

      25. Read the writing on the wall. We are in a downward spiral and when we hit bottom it will not be pritty. Patriots need to be wise, get your finances in order, tighten up, prepare, because the bottom will soon be reached. Trust in God and stick together.

      26. Notice how the ‘bigs’ help each other? Or go after each others ‘bidness’? The MBA’s that run these outfits are idiots, they forget to dance with the people that brung them to the dance.
        They all do it. They have a thousand excuses, and reasons.
        Basically they are greedy, and don’t care about doing business with the ‘little people’.
        Ebay did this, got greedy and screwed up, Amazon is getting their ‘bidness’. If I do business online, I go to Amazon first… they are still dancing with the people that brung ’em to the dance.
        Google, same thing. Greedy, scams in their click bidness, and SEO war craziness. Not gonna pay. F’em.
        If you put something on Amazon, it will be found, and bought.
        F’ Google, use
        F’ ebay use Amazon.

        • Amazon stinks actually but over time more people will figure out why. Go ahead and save a few cents and have more crap sent in the mail.

      27. so DARPA lost some money…cry me an effing river.

      28. I skimmed the posts but I think we missed a bigger one today. MSFT dropped 22%.

        Oops. Windows 8 sucks horribly but it’s fitting with their trend in OS’s.

        Windows 95/98SE/NT 4.0 – Good
        Windows ME – HORRIBLE
        Windows 2000/XP – Very good
        Windows Vista – See Windows ME above…
        Windows 7 – Awesome (solid gaming platform like Windows XP)
        Windows 8 – Why?!?!?!?!? (likely good on a tablet mind you or phone)

        So, here is looking forward to Windows 9. I purchased 50 copies of Windows 7 just recently so if I need more PCs I’m set (they were cheap like $65/each). I have Windows 8 on one PC (dual boot, don’t hate the computer that much) as a test platform for software development. But oh my. Not a fan of 8 at all. Yes, I have over a years experience with it too. Just not for me.

      29. What’s happening here is specific to Google and Faceplant. They’ve bet the farm on making a huge killing selling advertising for “mobile devices”. Turns out, however that nobody looks at ads on their iPhones and tablets, so advertisers are telling them to go suck eggs. Result – major revenue shortfalls, and the stock, which has been spun into the stratosphere, is falling faster than that Austrian parachutist. No need for conspiracy theories, and no need to panic, unless you own their stock.

        What IS interesting is that the Google report was “leaked” early. “Who benefits from THAT”, asked Alice.

        • Might add that I won’t use Google at all, I run anti-Google add-ins in Firefox, (Google sharing and Ghostery) and use for searches now. They SAY the don’t record your IP address. Not that I assume anything about the truth of the claim.

          BTW Ghostery reports no less than six trackers on Just sayin’

          • Oh, yes, one of ’em is “Google Analytics”, and another is “Google Adsense”.

          • @ Old Coach

            Appreciate your info much.
            As it explains many of the “404-not found” errors some of us encounter while attempting to submit posts here.

            Tracking & gate-keeping, indeed!

          • Might try as search engine who swear they don’t track _anything_. Google will definitely give you a walled garden. You’ll get different search results if you’re logged into google or using a system that you’ve used a lot than you will on a system you’ve never used before.

          • Ixquick…that’s the other one I forgot to mention. Man they used to suck back in the day, glad they got better. Sure, they don’t track your IP, but the results were terrible…not so much these days. If they could replicate google’s algorithm, and ensure privacy, that’d be a billion dollar search engine.

      30. I went from xp to win7 on two rigs and have allot of trouble on both computers. Never had all these problems on xp, 98 or earlier versions for that matter. And why all the updates? (yea I know, for my protection – B.S.)It is constant and I’m sick of it and NOTHING these updates do correct all the problems I have with win7. My desire is to go to a Linux version or a duel boot. Just too many problems with windows 7.
        And I do not search through Google. I switched to Start Page a few years ago and have never looked back.

      31. Sorry to talk about something else but i am thinking about leaving my husband. I am tired of his drinking and mean comments , all the time. Why should i put up with this BS ?

        • Don’t , leave it is an amazing feeling when you find out how life can be without that person.

        • Too much dirty laundry.

        • @JL…There are so many on this site that feel for you, unfortunately, would be reluctant to give advise on such a personal topic.

          I know that alcohol has destroyed many families….they say it is a “disease”……but I believe it is a very selfish disease, as it not only affects the alcoholic but everyone around them.

          It would be extremely difficult to be a prepper while dealing with those other problems…..I guess I would only refer to somewhere in the Bible where it tells us to be “still” and let God do his work…..not sure of the exact quote.

          Of course, if you are in danger in any way, you would not want to be in that situation. Everyones life is so different…i.e. are there children involved? Do you have your own income….job? Do you have family who would be willing to help? Do you have a pastor you could talk to? So many questions……not sure what the answer is, but will be praying for you!! take care { CC.

        • @ JL

          So have you tried to identify the impetus or cause for his increase in alcohol consumption? Stressed out maybe?
          Huge debt load? Find the cause & your 1/2 way to saving your marriage. The difficult part is getting him to acknowledge his problem.
          Good luck!

      32. I own and manage a company with a lot of intellectual property and a long list of established customers, and I can tell you all that business SUCKS. Expenses are higher largely due to fuel cost (just wait until israel leads us to war against Iran, if you like high fuel prices) but sales are lower even at “old prices”. We trim staff and work more ourselves in order to stay afloat.

        Also, very few people have much skill anymore. I would invest in some upgrades but that requires skill with hands such as carpentry and welding. Ever seen what people pass off as welding and carpentry these days?

      33. we can prevent the war by exposing the truth. the jesuit wing of the vatican, is ,who is actually causing the war. they use the rothschilds , who use israel as a pawn and especially all of the russians who live there. the jesuits have made sure that the mafia has infiltrated all levels of government in much of the western world. anything that happens today, likely happened in some part due to the orders of the black pope. it seems ridiculous , but if you too look into it, you will start to fit the pieces together and see how such a “conspiracy” could actually exist even if its hard for you to believe in conspiracy theories. its such a small mumber of people, operating in such secrecy, with some very large players like the mafia, the rothschilds and the vatican beneath them, yet so very close to them. if it happens or has happened in the last 500 years, well than you can probaly thank the jesuits for that!

        • the real leaders of zion are the jesuits. anyone who knowingly or unknowingly falls for and observes there orders is a zionist. dont be a zionist. be a free thinking catholic or jew or protestatnt or muslim or hindu or whatever it is you believe. try believing in that instead of what the jesuits believe and we all will be much better off.

        • zzzzzzz another take on the poor innocent israelis, I guess the old well-worn “anti semitic” nonsense doesn’t play well any longer, now it’s — the “vatican” are the real warmongers LOL. the vatican…

          • not the vatican ranch, however the jesuit order. it is not certain if its quarters lie within the vatican, italy or if it is a separate state unto its self.they dont answer to the vatican.

            • You total IDIOT!…Rothchilds Are and Have been in full control of Vatican Bank & Cash etc, since aprox 1820’s !!

              Everybody is Beneath them! Everyone involved. Best is to find Documented Proven factual Truths. eeder….Not phony black popes and Reptilion type “Ickkes” nonsencical fantacy used as a shiled to hide behind so them guys never need to actually Name the “Tribe” members.

              Ever notice how they All Always use code names such as eliets-banksters-TPTB=etc etc…While they refuse to use a Proper term…Such as jew-isreal etc when warrented?

              Yes jesuits promotes alot of crap lately. But they sure aint whos in Kontrol pal!

              Go read good info like Prof. Kevin McDonald. Bro Kapner(Former raised a jew but converted to orthodox christian and does name names…All of them!)

              Then you will sound intelligent and will Know what you speak of. Any less is simply distracting Others with Bad info…Not good…

          • i am hardly suggesting they are “poor innocent israelis ” either. they arent. but, i like to go after the biggest fish in the sea. im seeing a whale.

      34. count hans kolvenbach, ive got you in my sights you piece of rubbish.

        • question to count hans kolvenbach, why dont you phone benji and barry and tell them the real truth you piece of crap?

      35. benji and barry are your pets , arent they hans?

      36. mitts one of your mutts , isnt he Count hans kolvenbach?

      37. where are your trolls , i mean apologists , count kolvenbach?

      38. ah mr ranch, i see the apologists have come out to play.

      39. The article on Google just reminds me once again what a Neanderthal I am when it comes to technology. I finally got an email acct just a couple yrs ago. And I almost never go see if I have any messages. It just doesn’t cross my mind. Plus, I used the name of my dog as the password. Then my dog changed his name, so now I can’t even access it.
        Somebody told me when I got this computer and an email account I’d be getting lots of spam and cookies and stuff. What a lie! I ain’t even gotten so much as a cold bowl of hamburger helper or a soggy oreo.
        Now, an old friend has asked me to ‘like him on facebook.’ Whatever the heck that means. I told him I already liked him. And I’d really like him better if he’d come over to the house and pick guitars with me. We could sit out on the porch, drink a cold one, and murder a few old Merle Haggard tunes together. But, NO. He’s too busy these days playing with all his technology.
        He really needs to let go of some of the hi-tech stuff and get back to relating to people on a personal level. I’d send him a nasty email and tell him so, but first I’d need to call my granddaughter for tech support to figure out how to do it.
        iPads, Tivo, WiFi, twitter, netflix, google, facebook… It’s overwhelming to those of us who thought humanity had reached it’s peak when we finally got indoor plumbing!

      40. this is so funny, i was just wondering, fantasizing really, why someone with some means aka $millions to waste/risk wouldnt do the opposite of the PPT or other high frequency traders and just short the hell out of evil companies like google, monsanto, jp morgan, rupert murdoch and the other 147 major corporations that control almost the entire world almost entirely.
        would it even waste their money away if they just did wash trades, and made it look like there was massive support for downside pricing of a certain stock but not actually have to execute any trades?
        hearing what ive heard about high frequency trading and what i accidently executed one time i believe its very easy to move the price of a stock significantly with fake/wash trades. i say accidentily cuz i was gambling for fun on some small exchange that was betting on political candidates popularity or something like that. i subscribed logged in with 10 bucks in my account and was betting a certain candidate would increase in popularity. anyways my computer or its software was quirky and i accidently excecuted my $10 trade about a dozen times in this tiny miniscule exchange, and the price for my particular stock trade changed like 25% in 15 minutes after having been very stable and moving only a few percent per day for months.
        could be a coincidence, maybe?

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