Google Nest Is Censorship & Surveillance In Your Home

by | Sep 11, 2019 | Headline News | 13 comments

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    Google wants you to bring Big Brother into the privacy of your home with its Google Nest surveillance system. Google’s Nest Hub surveillance system is constantly looking for its owner’s face and technically can’t be shut off. After making sure certain information is censored on behalf of the political establishment, Google will make sure you’re watched accordingly.

    This is calling into question concerns about privacy and human rights. Censorship has crossed the line long ago along with mass surveillance, but humans continue to all but demand more control over their lives. This latest “smart-home” device from Mountain View comes equipped with a constantly-scanning facial-recognition-enabled camera that can’t be shut off, only ‘disabled’ with a switch that also (supposedly) deactivates the microphone, according to a report by RT Just as the device is constantly listening for its “wake word,” it is prepared to leap into action at the sight of its owner’s visage.

    The Nest Hub, as its name suggests, serves as a “hub” for other internet-of-things devices like thermostats, surveillance cameras, and doorbells – which also come equipped with facial recognition, in case the user misses that feeling of being constantly spied on when they finally come home after a long day of surveillance outside. It also uploads video from phone calls and camera footage accessed remotely into the cloud and provides a window into your home for anyone with access to your Google or Nest account. –RT

    Google admits that it may “use your face data to test future features and recognition algorithms before pushing them to your device,” CNET reported, citing a statement from the company, which also claimed “no pixels leave the Nest Hub Max” – except when they’re “temporarily processed at Google from time to time to improve the quality of your experience with this device.” So it’s all at Google’s discretion, not yours.  The technology giant will decide what information of yours they want and will act accordingly.  For a company in the political establishment’s back pocket, while pushing totalitarian censorship, this should be a huge red flag.

    Google will “occasionally use the images you provide during setup to generate a face model in the cloud for a couple of reasons” related to “improving product experience” and “motivated by the fact that we have more computing power available in the cloud,” a company spokesperson told the outlet. –RT

    The excuses sound familiar.  The doublespeak sounds a lot like when Google made excuses  for sharing Home audio snippets, like claiming the use of “language experts” was “necessary to creating products like the Google Assistant.” Unlike Google Home, which neglected to inform the users of that key fact until after it was discovered by a Belgian broadcaster, Nest Hub informs users they’re being surveilled and tracked right up front when they set up “Face Match.”

    Just how much surveillance is enough?





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      1. I was just speaking to hubby …how much lazier can we get??
        I mean, instant pasta salad in a box now?
        Like, it would really disrupt our day to actually grab veggies from the fridge, slice them, and get pasta from the pantry.
        Lord help me.

      2. Great, easy, cheap dinner:
        *saute chopped garlic and chopped onions in olive oil
        *add can green peas and cubed ham, simmer
        *add cooked pasta
        *salt and pepper to taste

        Quick, easy, most ingredients on hand
        I use loaf bread, butter, and garlic powder for toast

      3. Lord is trying to help you.

        Google is Lord, according to them. 🙁

        • Not for me–I have a burner phone for emergencies.
          Don’t really care to have a remote to adjust the thermostat or my water heater.

      4. You can already spy on someone through their flat screen TV. The only question is how far away it can be done.

        Do you see any evidence of this? Not yet. But it’s been out there for a very long time.

        My neighbor placed pictures of me in my bedroom and posted them on the internet with my phone number. The FBI, who outsourced the complaint to the local authorities, did nothing. The local authorities in this small town went to school with this guy, and they just told him to stop it. I doubt that he did.

      5. Remember according to SW this, coming from RT, has no truth to it, so rest assured Google is your friend. Google has not and will not ever spy on you and furthermore believes in US Constitutional Rights as expressed in the 4th Amendment.

        I just desired to clearly set the thinking boundaries.

      6. Kevin2, I don’t recognize any boundaries when it comes to thinking. I’ve heard all of those systems can be hacked so someone online can see what’s in your house without having to break in. I don’t have one of those systems and don’t need it. It’s too bad about SW being so delusional. Until a month ago I actually enjoyed his posts but when he started attacking you and the others he crossed a line in my view. He’s had a big dose of the WRONG type of koolaid.

        • The Deplorable Renegade

          My post above was comedy satire.

          My thinking boundaries are only set with truth which I do have to admit is sometimes uncomfortable. You don’t have to like the truth, nor agree with it, but that doesn’t change its validity.

      7. How many years have you been warned?:
        “Technology is Not Your Friend.”

        You tell people facts. Then they say “conspiracy theory”, “paranoid”, “worry too much”, or my favorite “I don’t care. I have nothing to hide.”

        INFORMATION IS POWER. Why would you give power to leftist-communist-antiAmerican-pro commie China supporters: Gaggle,FarceBook,Twatter,Youkooks? They ALL hate America. They hate you being armed. They hate free speech. They hate fair elections. Why give these TechMonopolyBullies power or Information? Power to manipulate AGAINST everything you care about.

        Technology is to be Avoided.
        Technology is the Beast System that will allow the few “elite” to control the many, YOU. One day they will use that info for round ups and Genocide. Commies always murder. Famine and genocide are their final solution.

        But why comment? Comments censorship alive and well at shtfplan. Did Beto buy the site?

      8. Google is being sued by an American woman running for President of the United States.


      9. So you would throw your curtains open to the street then complain because someone was looking in your window?

      10. So on the same page you are warning about the evils of Google, you require people to complete a reCaptcha, WHICH CONNECTS TO GOOGLE SERVERS? This allows visitor traffic to be cross-referenced by Google.

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