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    Google Employees Face Pay Cuts Up To 25% For Working From Home Permanently: Leaked Salary Data

    Tyler Durden
    August 11th, 2021
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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 

    Data from a leaked internal salary calculator at Alphabet’s Google reveals that employees who decide to work from home indefinitely face pay cuts of up to 25%, according to Reuters.

    A sign is pictured outside a Google office near the company’s headquarters in Mountain View, California, U.S., on May 8, 2019. REUTERS/Paresh Dave/File Photo

    The news comes as a surprise, as the tech giant has been outwardly supportive of working from home during the pandemic – and just last week approved nearly 10,000 employee requests to do so. Google also pushed back its target date for employees to return to the office from September to October 18 in light of the Delta variant, according to Business Insider.

    Alphabet Inc’s Google stands out in offering employees a calculator that allows them to see the effects of a move. But in practice, some remote employees, especially those who commute from long distances, could experience pay cuts without changing their address.

    One Google employee, who asked not to be identified for fear of retaliation, typically commutes to the Seattle office from a nearby county and would likely see their pay cut by about 10% by working from home full-time, according estimates by the company’s Work Location Tool launched in June.

    The employee was considering remote work but decided to keep going to the office – despite the two-hour commute. “It’s as high of a pay cut as I got for my most recent promotion. I didn’t do all that hard work to get promoted to then take a pay cut,” they said. –Reuters

    “Our compensation packages have always been determined by location, and we always pay at the top of the local market based on where an employee works from,” one spokesperson told Reuters, adding that pay differs from state to state.

    Washington University sociology professor Jake Rosenfeld, who researches salaries, said that Google’s pay structure raises alarms about who’s going to feel the pay cuts the most.

    “What’s clear is that Google doesn’t have to do this,” he said, adding “Google has paid these workers at 100% of their prior wage, by definition. So it’s not like they can’t afford to pay their workers who choose to work remotely the same that they are used to receiving.”

    According to the internal salary calculator, an employee living in Stamford, Connecticut would be paid 15% less if they work from home vs. commuting one hour by train into New York City. Another colleague who actually lives in NYC would see no pay cut. According to screenshots, there were 5-10% differences for workers in the Seattle, Boston, and San Francisco areas.

    Employees who leave the San Francisco office for an almost as expensive area such as Lake Tahoe would face cuts up to 25%.

    The calculator states it uses U.S. Census Bureau metropolitan statistical areas, or CBSAs. Stamford, Connecticut, for example, is not in New York City’s CBSA, even though many people who live there work in New York.

    A Google spokesperson said the company will not change an employee’s salary based on them going from office work to being fully remote in the city where the office is located. Employees working in the New York City office will be paid the same as those working remotely from another New York City location, for example, according to the spokesperson. -Reuters

    Facebook and Twitter have adopted a similar stance, while other companies such as Reddit and Zillow have shifted to location-agnostic pay models.



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      Author: Tyler Durden
      Date: August 11th, 2021

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      1. Andrea Iravani says:

        I am withdrawing my support of Rand Paul over his support of Youtube censoring him. I have had these disagreements with Ron Paul and Ilana Mercer on Unz when they claimed that they are private comanies and can do what they want which is a lie, as I had pointed out to them over a year ago, since the tech companies receive DoD subsidies paid by tax payers, they are not private companies. They also could not exist without the internet infrastructure created and paid for by tax payers. They have also used DoD state secrets for the developement of their products that rely on patents registered with the DoD. Google is as private of a company as your local public school is, in other words, not at all. It is managed privately, but funded publicly, and could not exist without public funding or public infrastructure of the internet. Maybe the government should say, ok, you can censor people, but you cannot use government infrastructure to do it anymore. You can create your own competing internet and with private dollars only. You cannot use government patents for it either.  If Google, Facebook, and Twitter did that, they would be private companies. 

        The Paul’s are fake libertarians. Liberty for a fascist oligopily paid for by tax payers on tax payers infrastructure at the expense of everyone else’s liberty is not libertarianism, it is fascism. Libertarianism supports the liberty of the individual, not the liberty of the corporation to deny the liberty of the individual, or the liberty of the publicly funded company on public infrastructure to be a tyrant. I had complained of Silicon Valley and InfraTard overthrowing the Libertarian Party. I forgot about Rand Paul’s stance on this. I apologize for my rush to judgement in a moment of desperation to end the scamdemic and my thinking was clearly clouded as a result of anxiety over the destruction of liberty from the scamdemic, including the destruction of life and America from the scamdemic. Rand Paul is just another fraud or confused or maybe even fearful individual that does not have what it takes to get America back on the right track to liberty and justice. It is just more fascism. 

        Andrea Iravani 

        • By your logic, any farmer that takes Dept of Agriculture subsidies is no longer a private company either. If you accept any money…say stimulus or bailouts or tax credits…you are no longer a private concern either.

          Where do you draw the line? Almost everyone receives some sort of government gratuity paid for by “taxes” (Not really. They just conjure it up and deficit spend).

      2. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        Event 221, and the Con that Everyone is Off the Grid, When Everyone is on the Grid, but are only Spied on and Can’t Use Power or Communicate Other than in Person, Which I Still Will Not Be Doing! 

        Event 221 is a staged event that will shut people’s communication ability and ability to use power down, but everyone will still be spied on via satellites and the predator class of InfraTards will still use and have power, communication abilities, and secretly spy on everyone else. 

        They are just doing this as a last resort to evade accountability for their decades long serial-crime spree and remain in power by shutting down all dissent and all competition. 

        The ARPANET exited prior to the internet. I believe that they turned the infrastructure of the ARPANET into TOR, since TOR was created shortly after the ARPANET was disbanded. 

        Elon Musk would not have been launching hundreds, maybe even thousands of micro-satellites over the last few years if he believed that the power grid and internet capabilities can really be shut down. They will just turn it off for us, and keep it for themselves, even though all of it was financed by our tax dollars through the DoD. 

        I still refuse join the scumbags in InfraTard, regardless! They are simply in the not worth it at any measure category! Some things are just not worth it, and their immature, perverted, mentally incompetent, insane, deviant, abusive, violent, evil, fascist, hedonistic, voyeuristic, communal, life styles happen to be in that category, unless you happen to be into the idea of being in a virtual group marriage with all of InfraGard, which really grosses me out and totally disgusts me!  

        Trump was a reckless maniac that increased spending to the InfraTards that have the intellectual capabilities of leeches, piranhas, and monster apes. They suck all of the blood out of everyone, attack in large groups, and imitate those that they spy on. They have no higher brain functioning what so ever. They just look like people, but they are not. Trump also recklessly increased spending to the Plunge Protection Team – PPT, bailing out billionaires, until the entire pyramid scheme came to a schreeching halt with Repo market failure, oil market collapse, and non existent earnings by the fraudulent dinasaur corporations that are all nothing more than front operations for ponzi schemes by any real econometrics. Over 98% of publicly traded corporations do not even use generally accepted accounting principles, aka GAAP, they use mark to make believe, and also suck money out through the Pentagon, Treasury, Wall Street, university grant, think tank grant, research grant, money laundering circuit, which is how $21 trillion in accounting errors between 1998 and 2016 took place. They attempt to pretend that they are the smartest people in the country, but they have proven to be the most idiotic! They are pseudo-intellectuals! They regularly engage in sick, sadistic, scientific fraud and nazi Mengele type eugenics experimentation and research. They intentionally infect people and animals with diseases and cancer “in the name of science” and all for research grants! They torture people which they have been doing to me and torture animals for research grant money like sadistic nazis, “in the name of science, psychology, and sociology.” They tried to use the seven false flag wars as a front operation to explain away trillions of dollars of funds that they absconded with, which they are now using the mythological covid-19 and space aliens to explain away the crimes of the day. It is not surprising that all of our liberties vanished by this InfraTard monster beast! They want us to have no rights at all, while they have limitless rights, because they are totally mentally incompetent, and it is the only way for them to try to remain in power, but they will fail. They are failing, and that failure will continue to get worse. We cannot survive like this! I cannot survive by being attacked by piranhas, sucked by leeches, and living among the monster apes. If they think that it is winning, that would not surprise me either. It is a vacant meaningless existence of being a leech, piranha, and monster ape that imitates and throws violent fits of rage whenever it doesn’t get its way, and a pyhrric victory. They have every quality necessary for being losers for life. They are deviant, perverted, immature, mentally incompetent, talentless, insane, evil, criminal, pathological lying, fraudulent, corrupt, violent, and abusive. It is a recipe for disaster and a guaranteed loss. They have created a society that I refuse to be a part of. I cannot survive with a legion of leeches, a school of pirahnas, and a congress of monster apes. They could spend their entire lives in school and universities and will never learn a damned thing, just like piranhas, and many do, since some are professors and educators. I refuse to adapt and adjust to their mal-adapted and mal-adjusted life styles! 

        Piranhas, leeches, and apes do not consider the consequences of their actions. They are not capable of that type of intellectual reasoning. They are genetically designed to attack in schools, suck blood, and imitate and throw fits of rage. I do not even want to be on this planet of the apes anymore. I sure as hell do not want anything to do with any of them! It is obviously a really sick, deviant, corrupt mentally incompetent, insane, perverted, communal lifestyle. Really gross and disgusting as hell! I have no need, use, or desire for leeches, piranhas, and monster apes that only look like people!

        Since they illegally implanted RFIDs through my ears and nose while unconscious at Columbia St. Mary’s Ozaukee Hospital without my knowledge or consent, which has resulted in Havanah Syndrome and short wave radio signals blasted at me that threaten me, sexuslly harrass me, attemot to intimidate me, and attempt to manipulate me to get me to move and give up posessions and stop using technology, I will never be off the grid, regardless of where I am. I could be on Easter Island or the South Pole and I would still be on the grid. The short wave radio signals started be blasted at me immeduately after my phone was hacked in June of 2017. Right after awaking, insomnia, and extremely loud tinnitus, likely from feedback started, followed by a sudden inability to be able to cry, and a sudden need for glasses, going straight to bifocals for that matter, and store alar,s going off everytime that I would enter, being set off by the RFIDs, since stores use RFIDs quite often for security reasons. They also used vault7 hacking tools on me and hacked everything that I own to try to bankrupt me and isolate me. They even hacked my car. They broke in everytime that I would leave, and even when I was asleep or in the shower. They are evil scumbags, useless wastes, and mentally incompetent serial criminal psychopaths that really would be better off dead for the benefit of humanity. 

        Andrea Iravani

      3. Anonymous says:

        This seems reasonable to me.

      4. alfie says:

        Hmm, I know exactly what the those google employees are going though and the ” loving ” that they are or will be getting. Many years ago John Morrell / Smithfield was having money flow problems ( their story ) and ask us to take a pay cut, which we did to help them out. the following quarter, JMC / Smithfield posted the largest ever and we never got back our pay cut. Ever since then ( the older employees ) don’t have much if any sympathy for Smithfield management in any way shape or form.

      5. Andrea.Iravani. says:

        The government corruption will continue because of InfraTards. InfraTards are unelected, mentally incompetent fascists that have secretly assumed command and control of the government, and are in essence holding everyone in government, and the country, and even each other hostage, demanding policies of insanity, evil, total corruption, and total stupidity. 

        Do you wonder how it is that so many people can reach a consensus to be so stupid, evil, and corrupt? 

        They are evidently fearful of having their personal lives totally exposed, which is perfectly natural to feel that way, which is why the surveillance state must be totally done away with! 

        There are cameras and listening and spying devices in almost everything now, and the DoD is apparently giving companies defense dollars to do it. I even heard spying devices planted within the legs of my patio furniture after I moved it into the garage before winter a few years ago. It made a really weird mechanical sound, like an alarm that was losing battery power, for anyone who has purchased those battery ooerated window and door alarms that go off when the window or door is opened. There are cameras in smoke alarms, alarm clocks, tvs, microwaves, dishwashers, refigerators, you name it, and also listenung devices, and computer chips that also collect internet data from wifi and smart meters. Smart meters also spy. The spying is disgusting, insane, a national, personal, and corporate security threat! They can’t stop! The more corrupt that they get, the more paranoid they get, and the more that they spy! They spy to steal also, obviously! Over $21 trillion from the Pentagon between 1998 and 2016! There is evidently no crime that is off the table for the InfraTards, including 9/11, the seven false flag wars, and the scamdemic! 

        Infratards have turned America into a totally disfunctional, totally corrupt, totally evil, totally perverted, totally incompetent society!

        The more that they spy, the more idiotic, and insane they become! 

        Did they never reach emotional maturity as adults, or did the emotionally regress from PTSD? I do not know which it is, or maybe a combination of the two. I do know that they are not acting like human beings though! They are acting freaked out as hell in every possible sense! This is not working out! They obviously cannot think straight, because if they could, they would not be doing what they have been doing, and saying what they have been saying! It is obviously better to do and say nothing at all than what they have been doing and saying! It is all totally illegal also! Read the constitution! It is quite clear! They are an organized crime ring!

        Andrea Iravani 

      6. Jocko says:

        SHTF really needs a “mute user” button.

      7. Mr_Yesterday says:

        Can someone please limit the posting lengths, so we don’t get the troll novel every dang thread?

        Ron Paul is our family hero and we watch The Liberty Report on his ytb channel just about every night. Really glad to have been doing so, gives a better understanding. Bureaucrats will be bureaucrats.