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    This article was contributed by James Davis with Future Money Trends. 

    July is the month of my birthday so it always has a SPECIAL PLACE in my heart, but July 2020 really TAKES THE CAKE. This was silver’s BEST MONTH since… 1979! It was gold’s BEST MONTH since 2011!

    We alerted that when gold was THIS OVERBOUGHT in previous times, it had a tendency to suffer a price correction FAST AND HARD.

    From a technical analysis perspective, what we measure is the RSI, which stands for Relative Strength Index, and right now, gold is TICKETING ITS HIGHEST PRICE since the year 2000!

    In the last 40 years, which is over 14,500 days, gold has only been THIS OVERBOUGHT in about 15 occasions – that’s 0.1% of the time.

    Courtesy: U.S. Global Investors

    In previous instances, this SPARKED A SELL SIGNAL and gold’s price went down.

    But, as you can clearly see by the fact that gold is at an ALL-TIME HIGH, overbought signals within the context of a bull market are really buying opportunities.

    One could have purchased in each of these times at the MOST EUROPHIC moments and still be up significantly.

    Gold is in a bull market and there’s NOTHING INHERENT that will reverse that trend.

    No matter how you look at this, the path ahead is QUITE CLEAR: gold is headed UP.

    The metal is up 29.6% so far in 2020, which is its BEST YEAR since 2010, when it closed the year up by 29.2%. In other words, this is gold’s BEST-EVER year since I was born.

    Many feel that this is a STRONG ARGUMENT for why the bull market is close to over – they KNOW NOTHING and I want to show you what markets are pricing in and why we could YET SEE an additional 8% upside potential this year, bringing gold towards $2,160/ounce.

    1. Real Negative Yields: COVID-19 sent trillions of dollars back to MONEY MARKET accounts. These Baby Boomers are not going to reenter equities so soon. They’ll look for income and yield, but also inflation hedging.

    Bottom line: the 10-year Treasury bond, which is the BAROMETER of the asset universe, is now generating its lowest return ever – A NEGATIVE 1%.

    Courtesy: U.S. Global Investors

    As you can see, the last time this happened was 2012. Right after, it shot back up to positive territory. How did it do that? The FED wasn’t raising rates…

    In 2012, what had happened was rates went from 1.47% at the lows to 3.00% at their highest. The bond currently generates 0.55%, so even if IT DOUBLES like it did in 2012 and goes to 1.10%, when one subtracts inflation (CPI), we’re still in NEGATIVE TERRITORY.

    Negative rates are here to stay, and so is the precious metal bull market.

    1. Dollar Breakdown: It’s a USD bear market – FACTS ARE FACTS!

    This bear market has just begun, so on the low end, it has 3-4 years ahead of it, but it could be as much as EIGHT YEARS.

    In that kind of environment, silver’s spot price could reach $84/ounce!


    It’s not EVEN FUNNY how bullish is on silver.

    In 2002, gold surged by 25.6%, followed by an additional 15.9% in 2003, 17.8% in 2005, and 23.2% in 2006. Total that up and you’ll arrive at an 89.3% return over five years.

    GLORIOUS DAYS are coming and all you can tell your neighbors, coworkers, and friends who DIDN’T LISTEN is that it’s not TOO LATE.

    The biggest profits are yet to come.


    It Took 22 Years to Get to This Point

    Gold has been the right asset with which to save your funds in this millennium that began 23 years ago.

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      1. Some on the right appear to be absolutely dismayed that people have been calling to defund the police, however, the police have brought this on themselves, with a history of corruption in drug trafficking, human trafficking, prostitution rings, and child pornography websites. In an effort to attempt to make these uniformed state sponsored criminal organized crime gangs look like legitimate government entities, they claim that they are involved in all of these illegal operations strictly in order to catch criminals. This is a boldfaced lie. Entrapment is illegal. Creating a criminal whether by selling drugs, soliciting prostitution, or attracting pedophiles to a child pornography website creates a crime that would not have occured if the police were not involved in that crime. We do not know if any of these individuals that they illegally and unconstitutionally entrap would have committed those crimes if the police did not assist them and provide the opportunity for that crime to take place, and if something is illegal, it is illegal for the police also. The bogus sting operations are nothing more than bogus, and have allowed many crimes to be committed by the police for extremely lengthy periods of time, and after several years of the police being involved in highly profitable and highly illegal criminal activity, they make a fairly small bust for PR purposes, and resume their heinous criminal activity, after claiming to be heroes for busting criminals that they created in a criminal relationship to which they were a party to, and have drastically increased crime.

        The police have repeatedly refused to help individuals that have called upon them for assistance of truly predatory crimes that have left individuals in danger with extremely dangerous criminals on the loose, that break in, vandalize, steal, and commit violent acts of crime, even when street cameras could catch the criminals, the police are just too lazy to review the camera footage.

        The police have allowed, assisted, encouraged, and protected
        anti-fa vandals, looters, arsonists, traffick stoppers that bashed cars with bats, and refused to assist shop owners that have called on them, and have even prosecuted shop owners for protecting their property against looters when police would not respond.

        The police have also waged war on Americans through repeated and targeted stalking, harrassment, and constitutional rights violations, and have inundated people with excessive fines, fees, and sadistic punishment and torture.

        The police believe that violence and crime creates a need for them, and believe that it affords them the opportunity to demand higher wages, benefits, working conditions, and reduce any regulations on them. 

        The thing that the majority of people have come to realize about the police, is that they are never around when you need them, but are too frequently around when you don’t. 

        Are we supposed to be grateful for the police’s vigilant watch and aggressive targeting over traffick speed violators and expired license plates and unpaid parking tickets, and small time drug users and people who may have had one too many at the bar? 

        I grew up before their were even legal drinking limits, and when it was still legal to actually drink alcohol while you were driving, and I lived to tell about it with my father drinking and driving on the way to summer vacation destinations! Imagine that! 

        I am a pre-nanny state child that survived food without sodium, sugar or calorie content, blood alcohol limits, surgical masks, forced lockdowns, the TSA, the Patriot Act, the Department of Homeland Security, the Brady Bill, gun registration applications, censorship, free speech zones, safe spaces in schools and countless other useless Big Nanny Nazi nanny state laws that are probably part of the reason that so few people now have critical thinking skills and common sense. The thinking has all been done for everyone, by a bunch of mentally deficient control freaks, so now when a kid hears someone to tell them to eat a tidepod, or drink bleach, they do it! 

        Is that supposed to make us feel safer when the police are flying around in their helicopters in almost every town, village, and city in America while they are involved in drug and human trafficking “sting” operations?

        So, the police really better start policing themselves, if they expect to maintain any public support at all. 

        Just sayin’!

        Andrea Iravani

        • Andrea, Good post and I agree with you. People used to police themselves and they’re own communities with typically an elected Sheriff at the helm and it worked out fine. Not all police are bad, but certainly a lot of them aren’t good. Now they are basically revenue generators for unconstitutional code law courts, fleecing the mass’s for petty code violations. The small Arizona town I live in doesn’t have a police force, and people here like it that way. At one time long ago they did, but the local residents became tired of being harassed and fined so they got rid of it almost unanimously. This morning I received the first ticket I’ve had in many years,in Phoenix, 16 mph over the speed limit. I recently got another truck, honestly the speedometer was off and caused me to go about 10 mph faster than I thought I was. The truck is lifted and it feels like your going slower than you really are. No mercy from the female officer, either. I had a cute puppy I found out in the desert with me, he was most likely abandoned to die and lucky for him I saw him as I was going by and he was happy to come with me. As she brought the ticket, I said even this adorable face an an uncalibrated speedometer isn’t going to get me out of this ? She said no, it won’t but I have to admit your puppy is cute !The ticket is $225.

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