Gold Is ON FIRE! But Prices Aren’t Prime time Just Yet…

by | Feb 2, 2020 | Headline News | 5 comments

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    Amir Adnani, the chairman of Goldmining Inc. sat down with Kitco’s Daniela Cambone at the Vancouver Resources Investment Conference 2020. Adnani had some very interesting takes on gold.  He says the price is higher but hasn’t reached its peak just yet.

    “There are many factors and market uncertainties that could push gold prices higher, but many obstacles still remain before a breakout to the upside is imminent,” Amir said as gold prices edged up on Monday to $1,578.50 as of 9:57 am EST.

    A Global Gold Rush Is IMMINENT!

    Is this gold rally for real? Adnani says he hasn’t heard a convincing answer as to why the gold mining stocks are not keeping up the price of gold as was the case in 2016. The sense of panic is no longer there, however, the gold price hasn’t even peaked yet.

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        • Yep. End time scenario. Here’s a $10,000. ruby…well ok, I’ll swap you for my $10,000. a dozen eggs.

      1. How pm’s are treated, by welfare recipients and corporate welfare recipients (same demographics, same politics):
        They’ll think you have a drug habit.

        “In Living Color : Homeboy Shopping Network #1”
        h ttps://

        They steal car parts, cigarettes, brandname sodas, laundry detergents, and basketball clothes, as fungible mediums of exchange.

        In other African shthole countries, the price is pegged so low, that it’s like collecting cans. If you believe that demand is not being created by a fictitious price fixer, under the color of authority, I defy you to get a better price than spot. If the govt sets the value at 1 cent, try to sell for 2 cents, and see what happens.

        Pm’s do not, not, not have any independent value. If you can game the system, it’s a matter of sport. Otherwise, deals of convenience are extremely wasteful. You will usually be treated like a beggar trying to sell you his winter jacket.

        “How do you buy gold or buy silver without getting ripped off and avoid sophisticated silver and gold buying scams on TV/internet?”

        This is not that sophisticated (unless you can demonstrate some way of cheating the system.) It will lose serious value, with each exchange, in real life.

      2. Gold isn’t doing that much, it’s down 12 bucks today. Been in this range for months now. Silver too. However I save my extra cash in silver. It’s 10000000 times more private and tax free. Buy from silver dot comm or JM Bullion, the prices are good and if you buy the sunshine mint products they all have an anti counterfiet feature. Only morons keep their wealth in a bank or paper…..

      3. I keep my extra cash in bitcoin…cuz it don’t tarnish.

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