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    In the southern part of Africa is a country named Botswana, a massive area of which about 70% is made up of the Kalahari Desert. One of its most famous areas is a national park.

    Within the national park, the Makgadikgadi Pan is an ancient riverbed that’s completely dry today.

    Evaporating ocean waters rise up and condense into clouds, traveling from the shores to the inner parts of the country. Once in a decade, they dump a load of rain that makes this area of drought sprawl with life, teeming with animals.

    Flamingos fly, somehow sensing the rains, from thousands of kilometers away in order to feed and breed on the nutrient-rich soil.

    In a near-miracle fashion, algae lay dormant as spores within the salts and come to life with the waters, allowing the flamingos to feast and provide food for their newborns.

    Had the flamingos not capitalized on the short time of abundant waters and foodstuff, the opportunity would be lost for nearly another decade!

    This is literally a once-in-a-decade event.

    For the 4th time in 7.5 years, the DXY index has hit the 90-point level. It is the dollar’s long-standing support:


    Just like flamingos, which must make full use of the wet season in order to let their chicks drink, eat, and get strong or risk losing the chance of creating offspring, commodity investors must capitalize on the conditions being brought about in the resource sector.

    For a full decade, since 2011, the dollar has been in a bull market.

    Now, for the first time since then, we could be entering a real downward trajectory for the American dollar.

    The scorching sun causes these shallow-water basins to evaporate fully, leaving the flamingos to wonder where the habitat has gone. Within days of hatching, the chicks are faced with the reality of a world without any water.

    Just like in the markets, the African desert is brutal, and if you miss out on the good times, you’re crushed by the bad times. The baby flamingos are forced to walk up to 50 kilometers (since they can’t fly yet) to reach new areas where water and food are available.


    We are in a boom time for the American worker, as you can see. A record amount of employees understand that their worth is elevated because of the shortage of reliable, skilled labor.

    People are quitting in pursuit of better roles and titles.

    As this boom in the economy doesn’t come often and you must be very proactive right now when it comes to your career choices, you also have to be conscious of the immense opportunity with gold right now.

    The Basel III regulations that come into effect in just three weeks are the biggest change for precious metals in over two years!

    Courtesy: Incrementum AG

    If this chart spanning 40 years doesn’t tell you where the CPI is headed, nothing will…

    The economy is booming, the currency supply is enormous, and inflation is certainly an issue no matter how many times Jerome Powell says otherwise.

    This is our once-in-a-decade moment in gold.


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