Gold Expert: ‘If Deep State Is pushed In A Corner Much Further, They Can Pull The Plug

by | Mar 14, 2018 | Commodities, Experts, Headline News, Precious Metals | 31 comments

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    Gold and silver expert David Morgan recently appeared in an interview with USA Watchdog‘s Greg Hunter.  Morgan said point blank that “if the Deep State gets pushed into a corner much further, they can basically pull the plug,” and may just crash our economy.

    Morgan explains why he thinks it is a great idea to have some physical gold and silver in your portfolio.  “That means the stock market could come tumbling down, and then they [the deep state] could blame the Trump Administration,” said Morgan.

    “If you are losing the chess game, you just get up and turn the table over and the pieces go flying everywhere. That is a metaphor for a war. That’s a metaphor for crashing the stock market. That’s a metaphor for crashing the bond market, and it’s a metaphor for it happening on its own. I am concerned that if you win, you lose. This is why the unraveling is being done extremely carefully,” he continued.

    “I am not saying it is going to happen. I am saying it could happen. These people are so used to winning a rigged game, if they start being caught, and they have been caught, then they are going to do things that are not necessarily predictable. They are not going to act in a rational manner. They are going to do anything possible to protect themselves. You cannot rule out the possibility that they will turn the table over and that’s it.”

    Morgan explains that the problem with the market is its manipulation by the deep state. Once they begin to lose their grip on those they feel are underneath them, they could just “end the chess game” by “flipping the table.”

    A good portion of the interview shows Morgan discussing the importance of silver.

    There is some free information on regarding precious metals. You can also become a subscriber to The Morgan report and get much more timely and detailed analysis of the financial markets.  If you want to find out more about the “cryptographic silver monetary system” mentioned by Morgan in the interview, click here to go to Ag.Lode.One.


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      1. Silver is secksy. I think it makes a prettier coin than gold does.

        • Gold does not tarnish, silver does.
          Fungus will grow on Gold though, so
          keep your dirty fingers off it,
          if you want it to stay pretty.

          • Pure 99.9% silver does not tarnish. The crap sold in cheap stores does.

            Been dealing with my gold wedding band. Don’t ask how many decades it counts.

            I built a couple paver walks and patios. I spent summers lugging 20 pound pavers, one in each hand. My wedding band didn’t fiit anymore. My knuckles were three sizes bigger. Two years later my knuckles had shrunk. Oops I had not shrunk my wedding band.

      2. I’ve said for years equities and PMs were overpriced and to expect a crash. I welcome a crash, indeed a depression.
        Invest in tangible assets, anything else is gambling and the house always wins.

        • Relic:
          I agree.

          Furthermore, this ability to turn the tables in this rigged game is exactly why the Federal Reserve Bank must go. It was illegal from its inception. It is at the core of wars, civil wars, water wars and created perceptions of scarcity, oil wars and the lie that oil is a scarce substance, garbage waste is without usefulness and pollution will kill life on earth. When the truth is that waste can be turned into energy, clean water, or many other things.

          They don’t want you to be at peace in your mind or in the real world. There is every reason to be optimistic. There is an abundant endless supply of water, oil, and whatever else we need. Halaluya. God almighty, we’re free at last.

          _ but I still own gold and silver


        • Gold and silver are tangible assets. He who owns the gold has the last word. That is why if U.S.A does not have the gold we say, we are toast.

        • As long as oil is plentiful and trucks deliver Twinkies the DOW 100k, S&P 20,000 by the year 2050. The markets MUST rise in tandem with the world debt as most of the debt money goes through the world stock markets. The world debt must double every eight years in order to get 2% GDP growth.

          Equities are bargain basement prices compared to what they will be in a decade from today.

          So you think the US and the world are going to stop creating new debt money?

          • Do you have any idea how the global economy actually works? The demand for dollars is artificial because people need to hold Treasuries in current account for trade settlement on oil and other base-level commodities. As long as someone is forced to buy dollars in the form of Treasuries to settle an oil, or pork belly, or orange juice, commodity contract for delivery, there will be dollars to inflate the stock markets, which, in reality, are nothing more than a parking lot for inflation that would otherwise manifest itself at your grocery store or department store.

            Guess what’s going to happen, starting the 26th, when the RMB oil contract starts trading? People no longer need to hold Treasuries in current account to settle any kind of commodity contract for delivery. They’re going to unload those Treasuries. Who’s going to be the only buyer in the market? The FED, unless Bank of Japan is stupid enough to join in. Whoever is dumping those formerly current account Treasuries is going to want to be paid in something real, and that will very likely be silver. Why? The US is still able to pull the stuff out of the ground domestically, and right now, Mexico is still stupid enough to take dollars for its silver so it can try to service its dollar-denominated debt. All that will change if Mexico stacks a red pill with a smart pill, then settles a Pemex contract for delivery in RMB, convertible into gold. Mexico silver will no longer be imported into the US, with the end game being a bond market crisis and dollar crisis.

        • Definitely brass.

      3. Ok let us keep pushing even harder. What can I do to help push these Bastards over the edge.

        • I made a complaint to Mac.
          You can use the Bastard = Fatherless child.
          You can’t use the word (spelling it wrong so you can see it. ) Biotch, and you get censored.

          What gives? I call this Discriminatory!

          WHAT SAY YOU GUYS????


          • Bitch, bitch, bitch!

          • I tried writing it, and my post went into “moderation.”

            • That is because the 1st Amendment is banned on this site.

          • I agree.

            The system is too sensitive to some words, while not sensitive to others.

            Interesting some words are fine…..

        • Yep – do it to it ‘deep staters’. Push it over the friggin’ cliff. A whole bunch of good men and women are chomping the bit just daring ya to. For when we come looking for you all, we’re going to find you.

      4. Mac:
        Got a complaint.

        You can use Bastard = Fatherless child on here without being censored.

        You can’t us Bitch = female dog.

        I Call This Discriminatory.


      5. If the deep state can indeed crash the economy, then EVERYTHING anyone invests in is just a scam held together because the deep state wants it held together.

        The Deep State cannot crash you personal safe, especially if its full of Silver and Cash. They cannot crash you personally as long as you have water and food and enough arms to protect it.

        The silver lining behind such a black cloud is you could pay off the balance of your mortgage (inflated USD), with just a few ounces of silver.

        • Felon,
          You have just described why we won’t have hyperinflation.
          Paying all debts with Hyperinflated money, is what scares
          Ignoring the initial capital costs, it costs me virtually nothing to produce a dozen eggs, or more chickens. Granted most people don’t have farms, deal with the problems of a farm, and raise food,
          but my food prices will remain the same regardless of what inflation does. My water comes from the sky, soon all my electricity will come from the sun and some really expensive batteries.
          Our enemy is the Democrats and their government.

        • I don’t think they will ‘crash’ it in the way people think. They have people by the balls with debt. That is, from their perspective, ideal. I think they will go with what works: distractions. War, terrorism, riots, #metoo garbage, all while getting more opioids out on the streets and ramping up the cannabis economy. Keep people addicted, doped up and in debt. What is there not to like about that?

          Added bonus: beautiful, indebted young females become the pick of the crop for horny Wall Street guys.

      6. How about just regular bitch, they say it on tv. Word for a dog.

      7. There’s no need for poor people, just kill them all and be done with it. While Twump fiddles.

        • Aljamo,
          I’m considered to be poor
          income wise. I don’t make a
          lot of money, so what is the
          criteria for poor?
          I know people that get food
          stamps and drive newer trucks
          than I do, so what is poor?
          I know people that work their asses off
          and others that game the “system”.
          Who is the poor?

          I’d replace the word poor with Democrat.

        • Just the useless eaters who don’t contribute to society, the gimmedat entitlement losers. There are some useful poor, but all the leaches and parasite trash can go. That’s pretty much the majority of blacks and illegal brown scum, and methhead white trash.

      8. I have bought the metals, small amount though. But I have a question… If “they ” are already manipulating the metals markets , why couldn’t they devalue the metals down to $0.00 ? we would all have a bunch of worthless junk. Oh , before you say it , never say never. There just may be a day when that happens and we’ll all just throw it out in the street, worthless.

      9. It’s the Deep State’s (their elite masters’) economy! If they “pull the plug” on it, they’ll only be pulling it on themselves (and on their duped dependent masses who could do better than be hooked on such a culture). That’s the solution, however, for the survival and improvement of the lives of those who do better by not being hooked on and subservient to the elites’ game.

      10. If the end was near these idiots wouldn’t be selling gold, silver, seeds, shelters, guns and ammo to the gullible chicken little fools.


        And why is this total bullshit infomercial story on this website?

      11. The plug was pulled a long time ago. The Federal Reserve is whoring everyone out.

      12. Was this item an ad..

      13. Unless all present systems are FORCED into complete failure by we the people then the Deep State will still be in control…. so this scenario won’t come to pass unless the Deep State is lost, and like I said, to facilitate its demise EVERY aspect of governance, finance and service must be destroyed completely: razed to the earth.

      14. Calling David Morgan an expert is a big stretch. That “expert” started saying silver is going to $200.00 an ounce in 2002.
        He is an expert at scrubbing his history from the internet.

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