Going Under: Over One Million Lose Unemployment Benefits – Will Hit Five Million By End of 2014

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    Sinking Economy

    Earlier this year government benefits for nutritional assistance were reduced after the expiration of emergency legislation that was enacted following the 2008 financial collapse. Nearly all of the 48 million people receiving food stamp distributions were affected. The move led to warnings from food pantries and recipients around the country who said that the $40 billion in cuts would leave many American families without the ability to put food on dinner tables across America. According to Feed America, the roughly $29 per family that would no longer appear on their EBT cards will amount to about 1.5 billion meals in 2014.

    But that was just the beginning.

    Because the government now claims that we are in a period of economic growth we will see more cuts to emergency assistance over the course of the next year.

    And it starts today.

    As of midnight Saturday some 1.3 million Americans who lost their jobs in the last two years and were left with no choice but to collect unemployment benefits due to the worst jobs market since the Great Depression have now seen their benefits expire.

    Long-term unemployment benefits for 1.3 million Americans expired Saturday after Congress failed to pass an extension. Reinstating those benefits is expected to be one of the first priorities for congressional Democrats in the new year.

    “Extending unemployment insurance is the right thing to do for millions of Americans who are trying to support their families,” Democratic National Committee chairwoman and Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz said in a statement Saturday. “What makes matters worse, the loss of benefits comes just a few days after the holidays.”


    This morning, the President placed separate telephone calls to Senator Jack Reed and Senator Dean Heller to offer his support for their proposal to extend emergency unemployment benefits for three months,” White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest said in a statement.

    “The President said his administration would, as it has for several weeks now, push Congress to act promptly and in bipartisan fashion to address this urgent economic priority.”

    Obama says the abrupt cut-off in cash assistance during the holidays will hurt economic growth and jobs.

    Fox News

    Here’s the kicker. By the end of 2014 the number of Americans who will lose access to long-term unemployment benefits will be five times higher:

    By July, another 1.9 million people will get the boot from extended benefits. By the end of 2014, 1.6 million more will be kicked off, totaling about 5 million Americans.


    Five millions Americans will be losing access to what essentially amounts to their paycheck. And we’re not talking about a $29 cut to food stamps. We’re talking about a mortgage payment, a healthcare payment, and funds to pay for essential utilities.

    All of it will be vaporized by the end of the year. This will affect not just those five million people, but their dependents as well, which amounts to at least an additional 5 – 10 million people.

    Congress and the President propose to extend these benefits for another three months, and most would suggest that this will avert the emergency.

    That notion is laughable.

    What happens after we kick the can down the road for another three months? Will President Obama somehow magically create 1.3 million shovel-ready jobs?

    The problem is that there are no meaningful jobs available. So you can extend these benefits for six months, or even two more years, and we’ll be right back where we started once they expire – perhaps even worse off as prices for everything from food to utilities to health care rise unabated.

    When a DHS Insider warned recently of a crisis of unprecedented magnitude within the United States he noted that we are in the midst of a long-term economic collapse.

    Given what is transpiring around us, can anyone honestly say that our economy is actually recovering?

    President Obama claims that failing to extend the unemployment benefits for these 1.3 million people will hurt economic growth and jobs. He has just broadcast the severity of the situation we face.

    It should be clear that without government intervention and backroom machinations the entire system will come unglued. Stocks would crash, millions would be starving in the streets, and the violence that the Department of Homeland Security and US military have been preparing for would take hold across the streets of America.

    That may sound sensational, but consider that just one week ahead of the cut to food stamp benefits of $29 per family the Department of Homeland Security spent $80 million to beef up security in New York City with the expectation that those who lost their benefits would start rioting. They know that we are rapidly approaching a breaking point, otherwise why would they be preparing for it?

    The government has no choice but to keep pumping out money and emergency assistance, whether that be to people who have lost their jobs or the banks that provide the lending. The second (literally) that they pull back on the monetary, financial and economic intervention we will see a catastrophe that few can imagine.

    It’s coming.

    If you’re paying attention you can’t go a day without seeing the signs.

    The only question is: Are you prepared for when it happens?



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      1. I thought the economy was booming!
        I thought B Obama created millions of jobs!
        I thought that everything was safe because big brother was watching out for us!
        I thought we all were getting cheap, excellent health care!
        I thout the liberals were fixing us all up!

        • Well shit. I aint ever received unemployment and been strugglin more and more each year the last few years. Guess I get first place at hittin bottom. The headline is good news to me, soon I will have company, it’s been lonely here at the bottom.

          • I have also been self-employed for 90%+ of my adult life. It has always been feast or famine for me. I have never had the benefit of unemployment checks or health insurance. maybe I am biased. I just don’t see how extending benefits and keeping non-producing people on the tit is going to help anything? I was doing quite fine until the express roll-out of tyranny that has been going on since ’08. Every year since has been worse. Keep you unemployment benefits, give me freedom to produce and make a honest living and I’ll be more than happy.

            • Choo-choo-choo, all abroad the welfare train right to a nice destination. FEMA camp? When a person can’t make a mortgaga payment it means finding a new home if this continues. They will give you a fine home, all you have to do is sign away your rights to the government. But after all the unemployment is suppose to be 7% or 6.8%, why can’t those folks find a job?

              There is so much deception going on right now. If we actually knew the truth of what was going on we all may be shocked. There is a a lot of no sense going on right now. I smell false flag, but that could just be BO and his adminstration.

              I have been kind of preparing myself mentally and spiritually for a black swan that is totally off the wall. I would recommend this to everyone else, to keep it in the back of your mind that something so bizarre that hits the fan that practically none of us are for a little while staring in the headlights coming at us. Still as a prepper/survivalist IF there is something so out of the blue, none of us can lose our wits about us. We must act before the rest of the population does. To me the black swans have taken flight and might be passing overhead in the near future. Something to think about.

              • How are people making mortgage payments, healthcare payments, etc. on unemployment? The article mentions this. I thought unemployment amounted to a percentage of what your pre-unemployed pay was? A short-term solution to SQUEEZE by. Knowing that so many people, probably majority, live paycheck to paycheck, how do they pay a mortgage on unemployment? Do they get full pre-unemployed pay? For 24 months? I could go along with helping a person out for a couple of months with unemployment insurance, but when you start talking about long-term, extended unemployment benefits at 100%, well it is just ludicrous. This is part of the reason the productive people can no longer make ends meet. Employers pay into unemployment insurance, worman’s comp, etc. It squeezes out the small businesses and entrepreneurs, leaving corporations like wal-mart and fast food providing the jobs. And we wonder why we have a problem.

                • they get unemployment, qualify for SNAP, qualify for housing assistance, get electricity/heating assistance. There are so many programs will make your head spin. These govt employees are pros at signing these folks up. some of them are getting 20-30K in benefits. thats the equivalent of $13 an hour ($29K)

                  • The government pretends the jobs market
                    is improving, and the people pretend like
                    they are searching for them.

                    Oh yeah, problem solved.

                  • Damn, No wonder I can’t find any good help. Another reason we are declining.

                  • Back in the 80’s , the company I worked for suddenly went out of business. I signed up for unemployment the next day , then went to visit family for a week in another state. While visiting , I found a job in that other state. I notified unemployment and they sent the unemployment to me in another state for 6 months, I notified them again that I had a job in another state and was told to “Just take the money. it’s less paperwork for us”.. Nice. I was 20 yrs old at the time. It was a windfall for me.

                  • Unemployment benefits vary by state.

                    I spent a touch of time in-between jobs earlier this year (I had a job within two weeks of being laid off, and spent two more relaxing a bit. We’d saved our pennies, and my particular technical line of work has a very low unemployment rate, so I was scheduling interviews within mere hours of being told that I was laid-off.)

                    Dunno how other states do it, but here’s how Oregon works: You get a maximum of $425/wk if you make over a certain sum ($50k/yr, I think?), and a percentage if you made less. If you remained unemployed after a certain period of time (I forget how long), then you qualified for all the bennies: EBT, rental assistance, heating/power assistance, and a whole bouquet of income from various sources. Say you’re going back to school, and they almost literally shower you with money. You could make out very, very well if you know who to ask and how to work the system.

                    This brings up a bit of interest… a lot of folks out this way have been busily milking the system. Hell, I doubt there’s a manjack among them who didn’t vote for Obama.

                    Now? They’re discovering to their horror that once their unemployment bennies run out, they’re going to lose a whole lot of other bits, due to the lack of official “unemployed” status. Section 8 housing waiting lists are 10 miles long, so that’s out. I suspect that come spring, there will be a whole bucketload of very angry people in and around Portland… and a few other cities to boot.

                  • UPDATE DEC30 Lake Havasu….

                    Morning readings came in at .28 micro sieverts ..PER HOUR…

                    Radex1212 going off ALL night..

                    ANNUAL DOSAGE puts us on the chart at….WAIT….

                    Half the population won’t make it…not good

                    Going to the Colorado river today to test water/shoreline..update later today..

                    Obingo says we won’t be affected…and he wouldn’t lie..right?

                  • Dont forget they also get Obama phones….

                  • As of midnight Saturday some 1.3 million Americans who lost their jobs in the last two years and were left with no choice but to collect unemployment benefits due to the worst jobs market since the Great Depression have now seen their benefits expire.

                    No choice? This country is being over run by illegal aliens and they are working all of the nation and in particular they are pouring into the deep south. The people of this country can find work, they just don’t want to find work. They consider themselves above manual labor and think that it is more dignified to collect welfare then it is to work in a job that you have to actually get your hands dirty. The chickens are finally coming home to work.

                    Ave, Caesar.

                    et in gloria aeterna Dei

                  • And the numbers are in for lake Havasu Az.

                    Mon.12/30/2013 126 pm

                    Latest Radex 1212 measurements at body beach… .22 micro SV/ Hr

                    Very very bad…this is the best indicator, as it’s not called body beach ,because all the hot body’s

                    Go there, it’s where the bodies wash up on the shore.

                    Apparently the cesium also washes up there…

                    .14 in my front yard….take ALL necessary precautions…

                    Potassium is a must…EVERYDAY…especially for the kids…more later

                • outlaw
                  that was my question as well, most i herd of for un-employment payments are $300 to $400 a week BEFORE tax, so with that said there is NO way people can pay mortgage and power and water and food and insurance etc etc. SOOOOO how are they making it? anyone out there like to comment or know ??

                  • I posted a lot about that up a bit, but at least in Oregon, it came to a maximum of $425/wk, not counting other bennies and add-ons (if you knew how to ask for them and where to look.)

                  • apache54: People usually start draining their savings and 401k plans to make up for the unemployment shortfall in order to maintain their ‘lifestyle’ of mortgage, car, and credit card payments. These folks sit at home and pound out hundreds of resumes in the hope of finding ‘suitable’ employment which means something near what they were getting paid before. Most of the (service) jobs done by these folks dried up and vanished like a fart in the wind when our bloated economy deflated in 2008. Unless these same folks have a marketable manual labor skill they are forced to either stay on unemployment as long as possible and hope they can land a job somewhat comparable to their last one or take a much lesser paying service job, or two, and lose their unemployment. If this isn’t an advertisement/headsup for paying off all your debts and having a backup manual skill, then I don’t know what is.

                  • From what I understand, unemployment ins comp is based on %50 of your gross earning for the previous 4 quarters. The MAX you can collect varies by state. Mississippi = $235.00 per week (regardless of your previous income), so I would be doing a lot of fishing to keep food on the table. But if I live in Massachusetts, I can collect up to a maximum of $653.00 per week. You can also elect to forego paying income tax on those benefits. I suspect, that if you are the sole breadwinner in your family living in Mississippi, your in deep doo-doo. But if I am collecting the max in Mass and have a 2 income household… I would not be looking for a job flipping burgers.

                  • Eventually people are forced to move in with relatives.

                  • We all knew the UI gravy train couldn’t run forever. We havn’t seen the bad part yet. Look up stories of teachers in USSR being paid in vodka after USSR melted down. For all the public employees who smugly crow about their wages and retirement being written into law–the same was probably true in USSR.

                • When on unemployment you don’t pay tax on it so, for some, especially with a working spouse, who previously were in a high tax bracket, the cash in your pocket from unemployment often amounts to more than you used to take home.

                  • Umemployment benefits are considered income and it is taxed.

                  • You most certainly do pay tax on unemployment insurance benefits , IRS and recipient get a w-2 form like a regular job at the end of the year. Maximum payment as of last week
                    Was $624.00 per week paid every 2 weeks.

                  • Don’t know where you’re located but in Pa. you DO pay federal tax on UC but not state tax. You can have it taken out of your bi-weekly check or pay the tax owed to the feds when you file your taxes the following year.

                  • Love it! Time to get to work people. Produce something of value and the marketplace will reward you. Sitting on your ass and watching TV all day pays $0.

                    And dont say “there are no jobs”. Create your own job. Join a direct sales company, do something!!!

                • Jobless Claims – The Economic Miracle That Wasn’t

                  “The noise in the jobless claims data over the past few months has been unprecedented and yet the impressive jump lower in recent weeks has been trumpeted as the all-clear for Tapering and as a signal that the recovery is ‘real’ this time. Except, thanks to a huge ‘glitch’ in Florida’s new CONNECT unemployment claims website, the data is completely FUBAR…”

                  “And echoing Obamacare’s SNAFU…
                  Since its October launch, the $63 million website has been plagued by glitches and difficulties in logging on or navigating CONNECT. …

                  Now offering 19 weeks, Florida will drop to 16 weeks starting in January as the ‘official’ state unemployment numbers have dropped.

                  Under Florida law, the lower the unemployment rate (which has fallen to 6.4 percent), the fewer weeks of compensation an unemployed person receives.”


                  • Has someone here been saying over and over again, that SHTF will happen in 2015 for quite some time? Who was that masked man?

                    Just asking. 🙂

                  • Once again KFC. Where are your comments. All I see is zer hedges work.

                  • Its all going as expected. We’re 5 years in on the 10 year Treasuries issued at the beginning of the collapse in 2008. The Fed will increase rates thereby increasing yields on the 10 year notes. This will decrease the price of bonds which the Fed will try and sell on the open market to unsuspecting foreign investors.

                    They’ve also managed to orchestrate a brilliant marketing campaign, the artificial highs of the stock market which they hope will signal to foreign investors that everything is AOK with the U.S.

                    However, if there are no takers for the Fed owned bonds, i.e. no one believes the mirage, then poof, we’ll begin to see the Bank Of International settlements begin to transfer ownership of the US economy by increasing Special Drawing Rights against our currency.

                    Note, the TPTB is almost totally out of the US Market. They’ve transferred their funds to singapore which acts as a proxy to the Chinese markets.

                • Outlaw, spot on. Not to mention we have fewer people working and paying taxes into the system now than we did when the financial crisis of 2008 hit. The chickens are coming home to roost for our economy. 1.3 million people just lost unemployment benefits and may increase to 5 million before 2014 is over with? “Government shutdown” comes up again in Feb.? More programs suffering budget cuts during the year? Sounds like a recipe for MEGA-SHTF to me. braveheart

                  • DK, SHTF is coming in 2014. wake up and smell the coffee, please. braveheart

                  • Braveheart: Put on another pot of coffee. You will have lots of time to drink it. The PTB can continue this economic program for quite some time. They do not need the unemployed or 50 million on food stamps to keep the economy afloat.

                    They have labeled these people; “grazers” and “useless eaters”, and “resource sops”. They throw them a few bones and forget about them. They are expendable.

                    In 2014 (at least in the first half) oil will drop in price. Car sales and home sales will continue albeit at a slower pace. Sequester is mitigating debt service and GDP will rise with LNG sales to Europe. Additional taxes flowing from higher rates, elimination of tax breaks, and increased revenue will stabilize the federal balance sheet. It won’t stop the red ink but it will slow the flow.

                    Parts of the economy are doing quite well, including what is left of American manufacturing, and those parts of the economy that are doing well, hide the portion that is not. No collapse from internal forces contrary to Alt Media fear mongering.

                    Unfortunately, your vision is blurred by your lack of understanding of how the economy really works, and your desire for a “collapse”; as so many others also desire because they believe that this would somehow close the gap between the haves and have-nots, with the haves getting their just deserts. It won’t make a tinker’s damn bit of difference even if the market crashes. That happens on a regular basis and the PTB are still here and still in charge.

                    A drop in the stock market, even a precipitous drop like in ’87 would not signal “collapse”.

                    The fly in the ointment is a First Strike by Israel upon Iran. I believe this is likely in late spring or summer. Wisely, O’bumer is now pursuing a Middle East foreign policy that CAN eliminate the participation of the major powers as I have predicted in the past. O’Bummer must be reading my email. War creates chaos. Chaos generates unintended consequences.

                    Keep prepping. 🙂

                  • First of all – a little clarification.
                    I’ve seen many comments suggesting that government shutdowns are bad for the economy. Those people get back pay for not working, just unplanned vacations. My brother has worked for the government all his life and has never lost a dime.

                    Also, I’m like all of you and have worried about the loss of tax revenue due to not having as many workers. I don’t worry about that at all any more. This golden goose has been dead for 5 years now. As far as I am concerned, just keep printing money. They’re going to do it anyway. This is a controlled take down. There’s no stupidity involved, they know exactly what they are doing. We’re screwed and there is no denying it. Just keep prepping and hold tight to the Lord – it is truly all that we can do anymore.

                    I’ve owned my own business for 27 years (just so you know that I have some direct experience in economics). Want the answer? The real one? Read this!


                  • @ DK you nailed it bro…they can play this game for a good many of yrs yet..

                • Outlaw, even 2 decades ago, an acquaintance bragged that drawing unemployment bettered her situation.
                  1)no daycare payments
                  2)no gas for the car
                  3)no over-priced lunches eating out

                • Lots of people who get unemployment benefits or welfare are actually working. My 43-year-old daughter is on SSI because she supposedly can’t work (diabetes) but until recently when she lost her job, she was working under the counter dispatching for a cab company. She had been a truck driver but lost her license when she passed out at the wheel due to her diabetes. That doesn’t stop her from working at a job that doesn’t require a driver’s license.

                  When I worked for the census bureau, I would often come to a house and the kids would tell me that Mom and Dad are working. Sometimes they would even tell me where their parents worked. But when I would finally get an interview and ask about income, the mother would tell me that she is getting welfare/unemployment and has no husband and that she isn’t working.

                • I lost my job in ’10. Got unemployment for 14 months and with it I was able to pay off loans, cancel our phone and TV, etc. We were able to refinance our mortgage to a smaller monthly payment and now live in the dark at night to save on the electric and have cut back on running the furnace to save on the gas. We are surviving, but it’s rough. In 3 years I’ve only had a hand full of interviews and no offers. My chances will be even smaller as I age. Don’t know where all this is headed, but it’s not looking good. Hang in there everyone.

              • Good evening, BI, and I have been having those same thoughts lately. I think those black swans can hit with little or no warning. And yes, it is most essential that we keep our wits and don’t ‘lose it’ like the nonpreppers will. If I see something early enough, I’m prepared to act on it. braveheart

                • @ braveheart. If the New Madrid breaks and destroys Memphis completely, and all out martial law is declared, you are someone that will find a way out. This is something that I am almost confident of. I can see you out there with old Bertha taking down the black swans.

                  • BI, if everything goes right, I’ll be out of Memphis and at the BOL before it hits. braveheart

                  • I wouldn’t mind Braveheart backing me up. I’m quite a ways from Memphis, but his attitude is better than all of my neighbors combined. They are all in a deep sleep. I can’t talk to them about anything except mowing the grass and the NFL.

                  • Braveheaart & BI

                    I’m heading to Tenn. on the 1St. to look at some land in central Tenn. If we like it we will buy it and You will have another place to bug out to.
                    We are looking to be about 40 miles south and east of Murfreesboro.
                    What do you know about the area that I’m talking about?
                    Is it a good location. From what I can tell it is. You know a lot more about earth quakes than I do. I will tell you thanks now.

                  • @ Sgt Dale. This area you are talking about is about 120 miles east of the New Madrid. Such a break in the New Madrid would still be severe, but nothing like closer to it. The main issue that I would be terrified of after the New Madrid breaks is the nuclear power plants going into meltdown like Fukushima. I would consider being west of these nuke power stations rather than east as the wind blows. That is IF the New Madrid goes. Otherwise this area is kind of nice, just west of the Smoky mountains.

                  • BI
                    Thanks (Can’t sleep I have a cold that keeping me up.)

                  • Be informed: IF, the biggest word in the English language. It’s been 200 years since the “Big One’ and it could be another 200 years, or it could be tomorrow. Too much wiggle room in IF. Besides St. Louis would suffer almost as much depending on the size of the quake. Anyone concerned about preparedness who still lives in either city is a fool unless they are compelled to do so by circumstances beyond their control. But then that begs the questions of what they actually plan to do if it does happen. Tough spot to be in for sure.

              • And they WILL poop on our heads!!!
                Put umbrellas on that list of things to buy.

              • With the boomer generation retiring and many of them already taking early Social Security simply because they cannot find a job there is no way the govt. can afford the expense of Social Security not to mention Mediscare. For the last fifty years they stole every dime that was deposited in peoples Social Security accounts. Had people been able to invest their contributions along with those of their employers in a retirement account paying six or seven percent most would be retiring as millionaires and the govt. would not be getting ready to hose everyone.

            • Been living off the Government teat?

              That teat dried up??

              Reconcile your balance sheet, and then get back to work.

              • Quit my real job in 2009 for temporary summer employment. When that ended I received 99 weeks of unemployment @ 220 a week. Spent most of that on preps since my husband pays the bills. Then we had a baby so now I’m a stay-at-home Mom.

              • There are no jobs to get back to, they’ve all been outsourced. You’d think that since the obamanites are now being squeezed too, that they’d be waking up in greater numbers…but they don’t seem to be.

                I just got my SSI disability cut by $71, which means that after I pay my rent and phone, I’ll have a whopping $4 left. Luckily, my water, sewer, garbage and electricity is included in the rent.

                I’m spending my last few bucks on a decent tent that’s big enough for me, my cat and our preps.

                That’s the best I can do…I’m one step away from being homeless, but at least I won’t be hungry for a long time…and it won’t be easy to victimize me.

                • That really sux sixpack. Your not alone, but I certainly feel for you, as I thought it was getting pretty dire looking for myself and my family, until I read your story. Will keep you in prayers, wish there was more I could do.

                  • Thanks outlaw—we’ll all get through this. I’ve never been more thankful for my common sense and preps as I am right now.

                  • Ditto that sixpack!

                  • I see some really ignorant comments on this article.
                    Most of these people are like me that have been looking for work for over 9 months. My Wife and I have a dual income and this is where the ignorant comments come in.
                    Just because you get laid off does not mean you get SNAP Free Housing FREE Electric WATER OR SEWER ETC ETC ETC
                    These people you make fun of are in a world of hurt and Like myself would rather be working at our old jobs than taking a 50 percent pay cut. Lucky for me I found work but I know everyone that I worked with were not so lucky 90% are looking for work right now. I dont want to hear about “oh go work 3 jobs” when you get laid off you go work 3 part time jobs and come back and make fun of these people.

                • Sixpack, I’m also sorry to hear about that and I will pray for you. braveheart

                • When you do become homeless, just think of your shopping cart full of preps a a prairie schooner and you’ll have to form a wagon train circle with your fellow preppers to fend off the swirling hordes of zombie ‘Indians’ with your
                  lever actions.

                • When you do become homeless, just think of your shopping cart full of preps a a prairie schooner and you’ll have to form a wagon train circle with your fellow preppers to fend off the swirling hordes of zombie ‘Indians’ with your
                  lever actions.

                • do you mind getting dirty for a living? If not start checking around the local municipalities near you for a water or waste water treatment job as an operator.

                  They will train you and most will pay for your certifications. The trade magazines that all the states contribute to indicate severe shortages of people in all 50 states.

                  Pay is better than average and not minimum wage.

                  something to think about. If you have questions post them I will try to reply.

                  • I’d take it if I could get it, but since my walker won’t work on ladders and stairs, I’m SOL. Thanks for the thought though,

                    I’ve never been opposed to getting dirty…I’m a carpenter by trade.

                  • …a DISABLED carpenter by trade.

                • Bummer, ill most likely end up right next to you at some point, a guy i know went and did an armed robbery and acted like he was going to shoot the cops who were arresting him, he had terminal cancer and couldnt find work,,, he died serving a 20 yr sentence, in the hospital,

                  • I’m afraid we’re going to see a lot more of scenarios like this

                • In times of tough money shortages…
                  Garden…do what you can given your health.
                  Plant some collard greens. I planted some once..they took over the
                  entire garden. No wonder the southern slaves planted them with many kids to feed.
                  Funny…there used to be black slaves..now we are all a slaves to a black socialist.

                  I buy huge bags of white rice. Then you can mix it in with stuff for dinner.
                  Franks hot sauce goes a long way.

                  Meat… old spam and eggs always worked for me… raman noodles.
                  Spam is not bad if you don’t mix in too much.

                  Bulk flour and bulk everything…. cheaper.

                  Can your own soups too.

                  If you are really hurting…

                  Get some bird shot…put the old bread out for the birds and you’ll have fresh poultry.
                  Rabbit too.

                  Just live like a pioneer.

                  For a business venture… sharpen knives…
                  Fix shit
                  Buy and sell shit on ebay and craiglist.

                  Get into some type of trade.. like leather work
                  or some type of high value added craft skill.

                  Depends on your physical.

                  One can also clean houses on the side and watch kids, or care for dogs.

                  Yep…the commies are in control now…
                  We’re all fucked.

                  • Jimmy Crack Corn,
                    You’re right about collards. They grow quick and there’s lots of it. Yellow squash and kale, too. The grow like weeds and they’re all three really good for you.

                  • For those with limited mobility. Research square foot gardening using raised beds.

                • @ 6pack ~ I am so sorry to hear about the SSI disability cut. I just don’t ‘get’ or comprehend the U.S. government anymore. I have been on this site for at least a year. I have learned lots. Most articles and links posted are timely, informative, and explain many
                  current events. There are some honest, hard working,
                  people out there on disability through no fault of their
                  own. They are doing the best they can with what they have. To have ones help/assistance cut by $71 is an
                  a despicable hardship to those in need. I know someone who is divorced, on SSI, with 2 teenage daughters.
                  I will have to ask her if her disability got cut also.
                  I will put you on Silent Unity prayer list, they pray for you for 30 days. 1-800-669-7729. I believe in prayer, and it can’t hurt to place you on the prayer list.

                  • @ Emily. You are all right. You and others on this site are an example of how dead wrong these characters that portray preppers/survivalists as selfish. You take the time to be concerned over someone you have never met and call Silent Unity to pray for him. I have seen others on this site also that take their time to help others in need. By the way those at Silent Unity are as about close to God as anyone. They are totally unselfish and giving and only want what is better for their fellow person. They also pary for pets in need. Their philosphy is really to follow in Christ’s footsteps. Anyone in really bad times I would recommend calling them because their peace and talking to them is often most reassuring. God can make anything better for anyone. Prayer is also good energy is a totally f’ed world full of darkness and evil.

                  • Thank you Emily and everyone else. People don’t realize that people like me put in job applications even AFTER becoming disabled. Yeah, that’s right, I applied for jobs anyway.

                    Here is what I found out—

                    They won’t hire a 53 year old woman with a work history of only highly physical work, AND a severe spinal injury and surgery.

                    They don’t want to worry about getting sued for further injuring and old injury, I’m too old to train for anything significant and I’ve never worked at jobs of pushing paper or typing, or anything like that.

                    I can’t even be a damned rent-a-cop because I’d have to WALK around the job site.

                    I don’t have the stomach for phone sales because, well, it is mostly lies and manipulation, selling people stuff they really don’t need…at least I still have some integrity and a little pride left.

                    So for me, it is what it is.

                    I’m not done,though. Giving up is not an option. Watch and see.

                  • Where is the father of those two teenaged daughters. Why isn’t he paying child support? Why don’t those daughters get a part time job? The Mother could do something? When the Real SHTF events happen and the government teat,s go dry what are those disabled folks gonna do then? Its a bitter pill but you all better Pray SHTF never happens. you better pray the fiscal irresponsibility kickcanistan government don’t collapse. You better pray the Earth change clatyclismic events stop. because If SHTF happens and the government check stops arriving 90% of you taking parasites on the government payroll and dole will die.

                  • Just make sure should you ever come into some extra money while on SSI that you do not put it in the bank as they check regularly for any extra money. Neighbor did that by mistake and has been paying the SSI he received back for the last two years. It basically wiped out the small insurance payment he received when his dad died that was actually meant for his mother but that he put in his account at his mothers request when she could not deposit it herself. Same goes for gifts from relatives and friends, Cash only.

                • SSI or supplemental security disability I think is quite different from regular social security disability. SSI the way I understand it is welfare for those who never worked and paid enough in to qualilify for regular social security. SSI is welfare dole money not worked for. Anyone on the Dole is a taking parasite they shouldn’t expect other making producers to be robbed so that they can maintain a certain lifestyle. If you spent to large a portion on rent & phone. Find a cheaper rent and do without the phone. The tent is a good Idea you can eat the cats and save on buying cat food. Also with regards to Unemployment Comp. It is paid for by a Tax on the employers payroll. Not one penny was ever deducted from any persons paycheck to pay for Unemployment comp. Now yes you are required to report Unemployment as income on your tax return. However Most since their drawing the Unemployment welfare income is so low they likely dont owe any tax.

                  • Partly true, old guy. SSI is for people who didn’t work enough in the 10 years preceding the application. I was disabled for several years before I could get the surgery that saved my life. I hadn’t worked ENOUGH, but I had paid into SS since 1977, which was about 30 years worth.

                    You might be right about it being “welfare” if I hadn’t already paid into the SS fund for three decades. So no, I’m not a parasite leeching off of the dole.

                  • There are some of us getting disability that we’re responsible and did all the right things that got pushed on to the SSI system. When I was a kid a buddy of mine, a marine drill instructor, was home on leave we went to the old swimming hole and he dove in and snapped his neck on a submerged log leaving him horribly disabled. All my employment history I always bought the max disability insurance both long and short term because of that accident. I then developed a rare form of very progressive arthritis in my late 40s that knocked me onto the SSI rolls. Even the best insurance just pays you until you are forced into the system which took over three years to happen. Then they want all their money back when SS back pays you when you are enrolled. You are forced onto Medicare even if your company covers your health insurance. So don’t think that those who are disabled are happy about it being on the “teat”.

                  • Ok Six pack You by your own statement acknowledge you hadn’t paid enough in the Ten preceeding years to qualify for regular Social Security. You state you paid in for thirty years prior. If you take a look at what you paid in during that thirty year period add it all up. I will bet you received every penny back and then some within 5 years of drawing SSI. Now If a real SHTF event comes to pass and you start receiving ZERO what are you gonna do? Now Im gonna try and help you. You Likely wont even try my suggestion. Instead of giving you a fish Im going to try to teach you to fish. Just think about this There are lots of folks doing more with less than you have. Look around and do something different. The problem is folks are brainwashed and conditioned to believing a negative core concept. They are somehow made to believe by the government & others that they are lacking or are a victim and don’t have the ability to provide for their own needs. But that ok because the government will be there to assist you. And assist they will as long a your their puppet and do as they tell you to. Its a defeatist wrong CORE CONCEPT thinking that your success & well being or lack of success & well beingis dependent on other persons things & conditions. If you become Self Reliant and aquire Know How you never have to depend on the time & pleasure of other people things & conditions. Ok you might ask Where and how do I start On my adventure toward being Self reliant. Start by saving 10 cents of every dollar you receive. There is something that you have a talent for use that saved ten percent to invest in yourself via that talent. This is nothing new It actually works. It puts you in a positive advantage in the universal law of cause & effect. Did you ever watch the Show Rich Man -Poor Man? Now a bit of advice for anyone implementing my advice. Don’t tell others what your doing don’t brag don’t even tell the spouse. Telling others don’t accomplish anything. In fact their jealousy and negative actions & thoughts will tend to place road blocks in your path. Myself I have enough Know How and self confidence that I can do well in any given situation or local. It boils down to Know How. Know How is the one prep that cant be robbed and redistributed from you. The question is do your really want to become independent from other people things & conditions? Its up to you. Luck has nothing to do with it. Your own positive actions will make you lucky.

                  • And it may suck but take the phone job. Yes you will have to get your hand dirty. But. Earn the point back and reapply for SSDI. And the amount are much better.

                  • Nice pep talk (I think), old guy, but how do you think I survived for the several years between when I was injured and lost my job, and when I got the first SSI payment? I’ll tell you how—I used my know-how and independent thought. I just kept going forward.

                    I’ll make it work this time as well, because I don’t roll over and wait for someone to scratch my belly. I pray you, and people like you never have to go through what I have, but if you did, you’d either be broken by it, or you’d be stronger for it. I’m stronger for it.

                    Even if I end up having to live in a tent somewhere, I WILL SURVIVE IT…because I don’t give up.

            • I’m a bit biased myself, I was self-employed for a lot of years. Then after a few too many injuries I ended up on SSI. I also had a a teenage son to finish raising, so I ended up on SNAP as well. I learned to feed me and my son on the food card with plenty left over. They haven’t dropped the amount on the food cards enough to hurt any one. They need to learn to shop smarter.

              The SSI doen’t pay enough to get by on alone, which made it hard and I haven’t been on unemployment since I was a young man, but as I remember it was only supposed to last 26 weeks. It’s not a retirement plan.

              The big issue is the unemployment itself. The fact that there are way more than the 7% that the government claims. If they extend the benefits it will be no different than placing everyone on Welfare.

              • you nailed that one horsebut…my daughter lost her job a couple years ago…for MONTHS i would ask if she’d looked for work and the answer was ALWAYS no….she had unemployment to rely on. i knew if you don’t find a job within six months, your chances GREATLY diminish of finding another one. over a year goes by and now she has a part-time job…..MOST aren’t so lucky. where i live you may as well look for a fish ridin’ a bicycle.

              • I was doing odd jobs off the clock for a few years as well, and that doesn’t count towards the SS either.

                • Odd jobs off the clock? You where legally required to report those earnings and pay Self employment tax on them. They should have and could have counted toward social security. Not doing so makes you a TAX Cheat.

                  • Boy, you just have to find some fault everywhere, don’t you. At first I thought you were just trying to contribute something, but I see now that you’re one of the “blessed ones” who’ve never had to roll in the mud to survive.

                    Luckily, I don’t have to justify myself to hateful people like you. Why don’t you go find somebody else to harass him for a while.

                    …damn, I dislike sour old people.

              • SSI or supplemental security disability I think is quite different from regular social security disability. SSI the way I understand it is welfare for those who never worked and paid enough in to qualilify for regular social security. SSI is welfare dole money not worked for. Anyone on the Dole is a taking parasite they shouldn’t expect other making producers to be robbed so that they can maintain a certain lifestyle. If you spent to large a portion on rent & phone. Find a cheaper rent and do without the phone. The tent is a good Idea you can eat the cats and save on buying cat food. Also with regards to Unemployment Comp. It is paid for by a Tax on the employers payroll. Not one penny was ever deducted from any persons paycheck to pay for Unemployment comp. Now yes you are required to report Unemployment as income on your tax return. However Most since their drawing the Unemployment welfare income is so low

                • SSDI is the permanent ins that was paid for though your FICA tax. SSI is the same as a GAU grant with a different name.

                  • Six pack says Boy, you just have to find some fault everywhere, don’t you. At first I thought you were just trying to contribute something, but I see now that you’re one of the “blessed ones” who’ve never had to roll in the mud to survive.

                    Luckily, I don’t have to justify myself to hateful people like you. Why don’t you go find somebody else to harass him for a while.

                    …damn, I dislike sour old people. and you the type since you don’t have a valid rebuttal and cant face the truth . You don’t like the message so you attack the messenger. The fact is you by your own admission worked off the clock for years and never reported and paid tax on that income. No two ways about it your a tax cheat and are a parasite. When that govt check quits arriving what are you gonna do then? roll in the mud to survive. I came up from nothing. during the jimmy carter years I worked for minium wage running a 90 pound jackhammer carving out bridge footings from solid rock in the bottom of a leaky coffer dam in the winter. took the job so I could make my land payments and feed my family. I was qualified to draw unemployment and never considered it. I went to work at the only available job. And We still saved 10%. Shure Ive got plenty now. However Ive earned every penny and never cheated another person or the government to get it. Living frugally saving 10% investing and being self reliant has paid off very well. I resent the non producing parasites who think I have more than my fair share.

            • I resemble your statement!
              Feast or famine,

            • I am in the same situation, Outlaw, having been self-employed for about 95% of my adult life.

              We were rolling along fine until about ’08, when things started going south, and now they’ve plunged into a valley of very little income, barely scraping by each month. We’re debt-free (except a very small amt left on mtg), but partially living off our preps already (thank God we have them), and have cut back all expenses to bare bones.

              I see this as the slow roll-out of collapse; it sure feels like it to us.


            • i say give them what they paid in and when thats gone your on your own ,i to have worked my entire adault life for myself ,no unemployment ,no health care ,BUT! when i pay my taxes part of that goes to extend those out of works unemployment ,end it all ,i mean all of it ,it all sounds good ,save the alligator ,save the 2 legged hootinanny hopper ,save gm ,save detroit ,fuck every bit of it ,if you have somthing weighing on your heart take the damn money out of your pocket and pay for it ,thats exactly why we are where we are ,yea ,dont tell me its the banks ,and big corporations ,yes i know that there to blame to ,its anyone that wants to spend my hard earned money on anything with out asking me first

              • I gotta agree with you. Ive never had health care, unemployment comp or welfare ect. Those entitlement I deserve my fair share mentallity folks lamenting that they are not receiving enough of the so called FREE government money now. Just What are they going to do if a real SHTF event happens? I resent my hard earned cash having to unfairly compete with the parasite,s freebees in the market. Myself I am doing very well. My truck driving job petered out. I never even considered trying to draw unemployment. So I went into the scrap business and really started growing all our own food in earnest. My german kin folk would never sell anything that the Jew scrap men would buy. For 50+ years everything not used was thrown in gullies or parked in fence rows. The Chinese started buying and the prices soared. I talked the old folks into letting me haul it off for 50%. with just a PK and Trailer I hauled enough in 6 months off to Pay cash for a 690 john deere trackhoe with a thumb attachment. Im about finished cleaning up all the available scrap . I made $38000 in profit this year. and we can live comfortably on a $100 per week. But we work a growing our own food cutting our own wood ect. Anyway Im now 63 and haven’t even bothered to sign up for Social security. Im thinking of applying for the Social Security Ponzi check in January ?

                • Amen old guy

                  another problem is ,that the buracrats arent down here on the street ,they dont see the 20 yo. crack head out side the 7/11 bumming cigerettes ,and he and his fat ass girl freind with 5 snotty nosed peckerheads ,are getting more benifits from the system and living far better that me with both the wife and i working ,you ask the question what will happen to them in a real SHTF world ,just what should happen to them ,survival of the fittest they need to go the way of the dinasaur ,back to the dust ,yea i know i sound harsh but its been one of those weeks i pulled my lower back and im still having to bust my ass or go hungry ,so if its compasion they need ,then walk a week in my shoe’s and you might get my attention im damn near 60 and id bet not one of the lazy asses could work a day with me

                • You declaring that $38,000 as income and paying the Social Security tax on it, are you?

                  You were posting about tax cheats just above, you know.

                  • Smokey that’s a valid question.Yes indeed I will pay 15.3% social security tax on that $38000 plus state & federal income tax. and also the tax on the sale of my cattle and equiptment that I sold this year. Im wanting to pay as much as I can this year so as to boost my social security check. I fully intend to sign up on the social security ponzi scheme in a few days. I couldn’t get away with not reporting the income anyway. In order to sell scrap in large amounts like I have you gotta show Id & social security card and give a thumb print. everything is entered into a compueter and they send you a W4 form to file with your taxes. Also small loads of scrap are paid with cash. However big loads like mine that are more than $500.00 are paid by check. And I run all the checks through my bank account. A tax cheat im not. Im more afraid of the IRS than a bad guy with a gun.

                  • OK, thanks for that.

          • Respect you’re work ethic sire.

          • @Outlaw

            I totally agree with u, I work more hours and harder for less money, I recently interviewed for a promotion and had a 2nd interview where they said I was very impressive and right for the job.

            After waiting a week, I was told this job in the legal department was given to a guy in the shipping department because he has so much legal experience… And his mom is a manager of the department. That still is hard to swallow since I put so much work into the whole process.

            We have A lot of this type of stuff at my company, Glad to be back on Shtf

            • Man, wouldn’t you like to be able to take a nepotism charge up the chain of command, sometimes?

          • I’m in the same boat, Outlaw. Quit my job in October and haven’t been able to get another. Good thing about the bottom; only one way to go…Up!

            • Why is it someone elses responsibility to provide a Job for others? What is up with the concept that its someone elses responsibility to provide a workplace tools and investment and take a big gamble to provide a job for someone else? And then that employer is taxed a every turn? and if he somehow becomes successful he is demonized for having more than his fair share. Those who are Taking parasites and produce nothing if they receive one penny they already have more than their fair share.

              • Relatives Left You 50 yrs worth of scrap steel etc right?…Yet you act as if You are a self made man doing it all yourself. You are similar to some guy who inherits money, then belittels others who never got so Lucky.

                I notice 99+% of the folks who complain even of folks truely disabled due to no self caused disability, NEVER utter word one in any complaint of all that Foriegn aide cash to most every nation. Or The many Trillions spent since WWII on PHONY wars to benifit israel/jewish intrests.

                Hypocrites!…And israel firsters. What a sorry lot.

                • No relatives never left me nothing. They simply hated jews and for 50 years hoarded anything the jew junk man would buy. when I was driving truck we started hauling loads of scrap to the Chinese owned steel mills. I learned the Chinese where furnishing money to set up scrap buyers to buy for them directly. That way the chinese could bypass the jew brokers and their commissions. I persuaded my kin folks to let me sell it to the Chinese. I paid my kin 50% for the scrap and I paid all the expences of processing and hauling. After word got out how much their cut was others not my kin let me haul theirs too. Even the Banker had me haul off some. The bank repossed a trailer park. there where several derelict mobil homes on the land. I went and cleaned it up. took off the aluminum siding and sold that. sold all the old appliances. The vollentier fire dept came and burned the remainder for fire training exercises. the remaining metal roofing and steel frames and some copper wiring where recycled also. I buried what little debris remained. The bank was then able to sell the place. nobody left or gave me anything I earned every cent.

          • Same here. Never took a dime of “gubmint” handouts in my entire 60 years of living. I ain’t starting now.

        • Cowwa bunga kula! There you go thinking again bro!

          It’s fixed all right…as in fubar’d

          At least us self-employed guys won’t have to call and report off work when it blows.

          Then again, we’ll still have to put in 8-10 before we can joint the party.

          • Kulafarmer, I’ve said it before, perception is reality. The Democrats brand is being hurt by Obamacare, a crappy economy, piss poor quality jobs and all the lies. The press is too invested in the liberal/progressive movement and they’re in bed with the DNC. If the truth was to be known then the Dems would get their clocks cleaned in the 2014 elections. The press will do all they can to change the perception of reality in order to protect themselves, the Dems and Obama. The dumb ass Republicans will do all they can to accommodate the Dems with their effort to transform the USA. The Dems are going to club the Repubs over the head with the termination of the unemployment bennies. The press is going to be promoting the Dems by giving them an unchallenged forum in which to blame the Repubs.

            I can see why so many believe that the Dems and Repubs are one in the same with the way that the Repubs keep on giving the Dems all they want and need. No one can be that incompetent by accident.

            I see politics as a sport with owners, managers, coaches, players, plays, uniforms,
            cheerleaders, color commentators, fans and hotdogs. The play that team DNC is executing is obvious.

            • The entire congress is BLACKMAILED. Neither side of “the aisle” can change anything. They are all too scared to deviate from the plan.

              • Being BLACKMAILED is why we need term limits. The longer someone is in office, the greater the chances that they will be compromised.

                • …and the more time they have to do damage.

                  • Public service as a representative was never supposed to be a career, only way we will get rid of this trash is a total collapse and all out civil war that sees over half of the population dead.
                    Their money wont buy them life when the money isnt worth shit.

              • The congress isn’t black mailed! They’re paid off by the fossil fuel industry, NSA CONTACTORS, ETC. THEY ARE SIMPLY CORRUPT. PERIOD.

                • Anonymous:

                  The red thunbs you have on your HONEST post is an unbelieveagle disgrace……..

                  • Actually Granny, if you think about it, they are blackmailed BECAUSE they are corrupt! You can’t hold anything against a person who hasn’t done anything wrong…right?

                • I firmly believe that there are a lot of Jerry Sandusky types in both houses and the intelligence agencies have given Obama and the Clintons that info. That would explain quite a bit as to their always rolling over without a fight.

              • sixpack

                Black mailed? possibly.. but more likely willing participants in my opinion..

                These asshats,and I’m being way over polite right now, are living the life of noblemen compared to the rest of us..

                Congress,senate,sjc, executive branch and all the agencies and bureaucrats don’t give a flying fuck about any of us.
                Ob just gave them a handsome raise this last week.

                This denial of benefits,just collapsed the lives of 1.3 million more people..period.

                I know of so many who were on top of the game and now, in their late 50’s and early 60’s, are screwed in every which way..
                “The plan” has been in play for decades…and is now in full operational mode..

                There are no friggin jobs out there except entry level service jobs @ minimum wage…malls, shopping centers,small outlets are vacant everywhere here in Mass.
                Commercial properties are hemorrhaging..

                Yeah there are pockets of prosperity everywhere as well but overall,,the entire economy is in free fall!

                Many here are in good situations,many of us are not.
                We believed in the American dream all of our lives and then woke up a bit too late after the damage and ability to recoup was gone..

                Do not demonize everyone on assistance or unemployment..not everyone is a lout and lazy asses.

                I know of so many indi contractors out here who can not compete with the illegals operating under the radar and the punitive state/federal regs imposed upon them…

                This continuation of a degrading economy will just further erode, and force many into the black markets who once did the right thing, and now realize how it is all a farce!

                Just wait til all the public sectors pensions and retirement vanish into thin air soon…

                It’s all a recipe for disaster..unfolding daily before our eyes..


                • yep.

                • Posse,I and a lot of others in trades doing work in Mass. and getting decent wages,lived in Mass. as a kid growing up so know the costs ect.I have seen in the trades same dedicated folks/same pricing ect. and some are starving and others feasting,do believe the difference is contacts and just a big dab of luck.Even in N.H. you can find work,is less pay and harder to find but costs are much less.A lot of folks I know are not on say unemployment but are working totally under the table/barter ect.,there is a growing underground economy and I see that as a good thing,helps set the stage for a new economy on the other side.

                • Possee. What part of Ma. are you in. I’m from Ma too I really don’t like to admit it though. I call it the Commie Wealth of Ma

            • BO lets the benefits expire, causing people to sense a little hurt, then the lone ranger comes riding in and saves the day by extending the bennys again. Will work like a charm. The media outlets (inc. Fox) have already picked their candidates. Fat pig Christie is their man on the Fox side. Not voting this time around. Last time they picked Romney and that little prick Ryan. Worked out great. Our elections are bullshit. We are led around by the media all day and if that doesn’t work, they will just “fix” the voting booths. What a damn mess.

            • Dems vs Repubs=they ALL get Bribed/Paid..In..SHEKELS! Lots and Lots of Shekels! What does Wall Street-Banksters-and AIPAC all have in lock step common?..SHEKELS! Lots and Lots of Shekels!

              • To Them Guys: You are full of shitkels, Jew hater.

                • Nah, them guys isn’t a Jew hater. He’s just a government shill posing as one in hopes of attracting those most “passionate” among us so that he can serve up one big plate of entrapment. DHS does have their quotas to meet ya know

              • Funny how the Jews usually get blamed.
                Wise up bud.

                • Funny I NEVER used the word “jew” while all You did! Yet you call me a hater of jews? For posting facts and truth on AIPAC and wall street etc?

                  What total Simpletons and total asshats.

          • A woman calls her boss and tells him that she is staying home because she isn’t feeling well.

            “What’s the matter?” he asks.

            “I have a case of anal glaucoma.”

            He says “What the hell is anal glaucoma?”

            She says “I can’t see my ass coming into work today.”

            • I always use the excuse…

        • Come on dude, the libs just have not thrown enough money at it yet. Give them a break.

        • Great post, as always, Mac!

          For decades, all I ever saw in my hometown, was maybe one homeless person per year. But for the last couple years, they’ve been all over the place! I’ve seen heartbreaking scenes of homeless veterans, with war injuries. I saw on an old woman, looking through the trash by a restaurant, sipping from a used bottle. I’ve seen car loads of people sitting in the shade out back, behind grocery stores– obviously homeless, I saw a young girl lying in her car real late at night, with the door open because of the heat, etc., etc. I can’t imagine how it will be with around 1 1/2 million more in same position!

          • For any newer preppers…

            This is an excellent manual, filled with helpful information on numerous topics.

            Free download.

            LDS Preparedness Manual

            • …and the LDS sells cases of food to anybody, not just church members. Relatively cheap, too.

            • KY Mom, this looks useful, thanks.

          • i get on my bicycle and ride a few miles and i see dozens of homeless. these gangs work in shifts on the busiest places like off-ramps. and every time you see a shelter like bridge, culvert, abandoned bldgs, there’s someone living there. in the summer, even trees will do. an earlier post asked how people made it with so little income from unemployment….the answer is above in MY post, and the lucky ones move in with mom, daughter, brother or grandma. and you know what?….we aint even sung the national anthem in this muhfugguh!….oh, and it’s a DOUBLEHEADER!…anyways, PARTY LIKE IT’S 1933!!

          • It seems sad. But do you think Robbing the few productive we have left and giving to the unfortunate will do anything to solve the problem. Ever since Lyndon Johnson declared the war on proverty the entitlement burden has expanded and grown. The government instead of helping is just enabling. I say don’t give anyone nuthin. Not a penny those who don’t work don’t eat is a good policy. Provide jobs like picking up the trash. working for the government. I bet I could find something for almost everyone to do. Even those who are disabled. Good Grief Millions of Illegals come here and immediately find work yet the citizens who live here cant? Its mostly fat lazy folks you see in Wal Mart On government check day.

        • I’ll just say it. Unemployment benefits. Preppers don’t need them.
          We’re all ready!!!

          It’s all a commie conspiracy.
          They continue to degrade the economy and the people will vote socialism..then that will lead to communism.

          I’m working on a new global web venture.
          I’m planning extreme automation and zero employees because of Obama care.

          Capitalist revenge!!!


          • How many jobs would there be if we Americans chase these super abundant 3rd worlders out of America?
            How many jobs would have to pay a liveable wage if there was no cheap 3rd world labor available?

            • Lets declare war on Mexico and the illegal aliens. And make all the illegals build a newer bigger wall and machine gun anyone who tries to sneak in

              • Land mines make any fence more effective. 🙂

        • If you cant get a job its because you dont want to, stop sucking on the government teet and go to work. Get 2 jobs if you have to. There are some exceptions but 80% of the people collecting are losers and part of the problem.

        • You could create millions of jobs overnight if the illegal aliens were deported.

          Construction, landscaping, retail, agriculture, the list goes on.

        • Watch the unemployment number go down as these people fall off the radar.

      2. Vladimir Putin’s SHORTEST SPEECH

        This is one time our elected leaders should pay attention to the advice of Vladimir Putin…. How scary is that?

        On August 04, 2013, Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, addressed the Duma, (Russian Parliament), and gave a speech about the tensions with minorities in Russia :

        “In Russia live like Russians. Any minority, from anywhere, if it wants to live in Russia , to work and eat in Russia , should speak Russian, and should respect the Russian laws. If they prefer Sharia Law, and live the life of Muslim’s then we advise them to go to those places where that’s the state law. Russia does not need Muslim minorities. Minorities need Russia , and we will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell ‘discrimination’. We will not tolerate disrespect of our Russian culture. We had better learn from the suicides of America , England , Holland and France , if we are to survive as a nation. The Muslims are taking over those countries and they will not take over Russia . The Russian customs and traditions are not compatible with the lack of culture or the primitive ways of Sharia Law and Muslims. When this honorable legislative body thinks of creating new laws, it should have in mind the Russian national interest first, observing that the Muslims Minorities Are Not Russians.

        The politicians in the Duma gave Putin a five minute standing ovation.

        It is a sad day when a Communist makes more sense than our President Barack Hussein Obama…….. but here it is!!!!

        • And as much respect as I have had for Putin, this makes no sense. Anyone stupid enough to still believe that their is some Muslim conspiracy or vast amounts of terrorists who are out to take us all over and could actually succeed, unless we let them, is an idiot and a traitor. It is the Zionists who are out to take over. These people do not believe in religion whether, Islam, Christianity, Judaism or any other faith. They believe in control. That is what they believe in.

          • Respect for Putin, and Hate for Jews. Hum! Trekker Out.

            • Uh, not what I said at all Trekker. We do not need to resort to lying and salnder, now do we?

              • Yes MT, please refrain from salnder. Wait… what is saldner anyway?

                • Outlaw. Definition of “saldner” do not repeat what I said, or, you are a liar.WASP

                  • lmao

                  • Hey, I’m going to get good on these definition. Imao guess that means. I’m a Outlaw. Outlaw Out!

                • Outlaw, don’t you mean ‘slander’?

                  • i’m SURE he meant salamander!!!

                  • Braveheart say it ain’t so. I was alittle mad when eeder accused me of salnder. but now that you say it was slander I’m really ticked off. Trekker Out.

                  • I thought he was using the same auto correct i do.

                • Saldner is a fish similar to sardines, except it’s bonier.

          • eeder.

            Both Jew’s and Muslim’s want Christian’s to be gone. After they are gone then it is time for the destruction of the Hindu and Buddhist faiths.

              • Jimmy Crack Corn:

                That link is the best education about what has and is happening to the whole world. It has been linked many times before on shtf. If a person can read that and still be an unbeliever then they dont want to know the truth. Denial seems to be an easier path.

            • and the Christians want the jews & moosulms and all non christians gone to.

          • I didn’t read the speech that way, eppe. What I read was Putin pointing out that we as a nation are bending over backwards to try and accomidate other cultures, in this case, immigrants from Muslim nations. The main thrust of what I think the article is about is “look what multi-culturalism and political correctness will get you.” Most of these immigrants that have come to this country over the last, say 20-30 years seem to be of the opinion that the USA should bend over backwards to accomidate their beliefs. The problem with that is that these same people never enter and become part of American culture, or the “Melting Pot,” but instead stay in their own little corner of the world that they have been led to believe they deserve, even in a new country. This leads to tension with native-born Americans and eventual distrust. When you move to a new country and are of the attitude that the native population should learn to speak your language and learn your customs so as not to offend you, you are a moron to expect to be accepted into the new society. Unfortunately, there are a number of native-born people in this country who are more than willing to throw common sense under the proverbial bus to be thought of as intelligent and open-minded. With people like at running the show in the countries that Putin mentioned, like him or not, he has a very good point.

            • Sorry eppe, that was to eeder.

            • I’m afraid of Putin, who gives me chills down my back (not up my leg) but he seems to be a highly intelligent and perceptive man. Too bad, since we have no one who is his equal and can hold our place in the world.

            • I don’t like Putin, but will concede he had a good point in this speech, a point that western Europe (particularly Sweden) and the USA just won’t tolerate even as they are dying from the effects of living otherwise.

          • Eeder, go find an English-language copy of the Quran, the Islamic holy book, and read it for yourself. it outlines the entire Muslim position toward non-Muslims. Any Muslim imam will tell you what their plans for the non-Muslim world are. braveheart

          • eeder: eeder, eeder, anti-Semite Putin pecker eater!

          • Look up moron in the dictionary. Your picture will be next to it. A little demographic like the Jews probably less than ten million world wide is taking over the world as opposed to well over a billion muzzies who simply crap gold nuggets. get help.

        • Howdy, Eppe. and I have to agree with Putin on the subject matter. He’s doing exactly as he should for his nation and people. He was especially right about the US, UK, France, Holland, etc. committing ‘cultural suicide’, which should come to an end. We need to go back to taking care of the US national interest, white people’s interest first. we shouldn’t be giving any minority groups any special treatment, period. If they want to stay here, they should learn English and respect American laws and culture. If they don’t like what they find here, they can leave. there are planes and ships that leave this country every day. braveheart

          • Good call BH.

          • braveheart.

            White people’s interest?


            • First red thumb bomb has dropped!

              • Outlaw and Slingshot, let them red thumb me, I don’t care. I’m tired of all this favoritism being shown to ‘minority groups’ and white people being treated like 2nd-class citizens in their own country. Whatever the red-thumb crowd thinks is not my problem. MOLON LABE braveheart

              • Easy Cures for Jewish-Engineered White Guilt

                — Meditate on these 22 facts about slavery — and love your people —

                1. Prior to the creation of Antebellum (Southern) Slavery in the U.S., Whites were enslaved by African Muslims for 10 centuries. It was such a common tragedy and constant threat during 10 centuries in Europe that today central Europeans are called “Slavs.” White Europeans lived in constant fear of invasion, capture, and enslavement by African Muslims.

                2. White slaves were not allowed to have families, as blacks were in America. They were primarily used as sex slaves and as captive soldiers forced to fight wars.

                3. Slave buying, transporting, and selling in America was dominated by Jews, not White Gentiles. Some estimates attribute 95 percent of the business to Jews. (See more below.)

                4. Slavery of blacks in America was a long time ago, was originally outlawed by the White states, and all-in-all took place within 2 centuries rather than 10.

                5. Slavery was limited to the the southern states. Northern Whites had no involvement with slavery and neither did most Southern whites.

                6. In the south only 4 percent of Southern “whites” owned slaves, and a great many were Jews who distinguish themselves from White Gentiles.

                7. The South was not the economic power that built America, but rather, the industrial North, which was manned and staffed almost entirely by Whites.

                8. Slavery in the South was a rich man’s game. The vast majority of Southern whites did not own slaves and slavery worked against their prosperity.

                9. Slavery originated in Africa. Every slave was sold to a westerner by a black slave owner.

                10. White involvement with slavery (in the South) was very short in historical time, no bigger than a knot tied in a string that is stretched across a room.

                11. Slavery, practiced from the dawn of recorded history in Africa, is still common in Africa today. In fact, White nations have problems with African immigrants bringing slaves to their countries (such as the UK) and keeping them in captivity.

                3b. American Southern slavery was primarily created and run not by White Gentiles but by Jews who have nothing in their religion prohibiting slavery of non-Jews, and whose religion actually advocates the enslavement of non-Jews. This is documented in the Jews’ own histories and found in the book “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks & Jews”.

                12 The original White settlers of the American colonies had slavery outlawed in all colonies. It was against white Christian ideals. But Jews got the laws changed so they could profit from slavery. Then Jews created the world center of slavery in Providence, Rhode Island, which was primarily a Jewish settlement.

                13. All slaves brought to America were purchased from black slave owners in Africa, usually chieftains who enslaved members of enemy tribes. Originally it likely took the form of a novelty and rescue in which seafaring Whites found out they could acquire a grateful deckhand for some rum or trinkets, and save him from a short and brutal life under the African chieftain.

                14. If an African slave survived the voyage he was generally getting an upgrade compared to life as a slave in Africa. By contrast to the short, brutal life he was guaranteed in Africa, he would live to old age and have descendants (which filled America today). A slave owed by a rival African chieftain could expect to be worked to death, tortured for entertainment, or even eaten. In one a black chieftain directed hundreds of his slaves to jump off a cliff at his command, to their sure deaths, simply to impress a white visitor. By contrast a slave in the American South was considered highly valuable — more than a horse or a car today — and there were laws against harming or stealing them, and a white who did so could be punished by hanging. Blacks were only hung for real crimes such as rape or murder, and White criminals were also hung.

                15. The first person in America to own another human being, for life, as a slave was a Black African named Anthony Johnson who sued for lifetime ownership of another African. By 1699, the number of blacks freed by whites prompted fears of a “Negro insurrection.” Virginia Colonial ordered the repatriation of freed blacks back to Africa. Many blacks sold themselves to white masters so they would not have to go to Africa. However, black slave owners continued to thrive in the United States. By 1830 there were 3,775 black families living in the South who owned black slaves. By 1860 there were about 3,000 slaves owned by black households in the city of New Orleans alone. Whites still cannot manage to end slavery in Africa today.

                16. Whites outlawed slavery (starting with the British) and worked to eradicate it worldwide.

                17. Slavery still persists in Africa today.

                18. Jews spend a great deal of energy guilting whites about slavery while keeping quiet a out their central role in American slavery. Steven Spielberg makes movies that feature “White Christian” slavers instead of Jews.

                19. Jews don’t regard themselves as “white” and they are the primary voices fomenting and transmitting “white guilt.” People like Noel Ignatiev and Tim Wise who openly advocates for the genocide of Whites are almost always Jewish or part Jewish.These are the voices that instill white guilt into noble-hearted whites by emphasizing long-past situations, ignoring the Jewish role, and ignoring Whites’ own longer subjection to slavery throughout Europe, and the fact that Whites are a charitable and philanthropic people who are constantly trying to help, lift up, and protect other peoples. The anti-white “Jewish Voice” rings out loudly through Jewish-owned media and wherever Jews are in large concentrations such as universities. If you have “white guilt” it’s because Jews wanted you to feel that way.

                20. The first genocide in recorded history was done by Jews.

                21. The holocaust perpetrated on the people of Russia by Jews is much larger than the millions even claimed by Jews in Germany. (Which is a false claim.)

                FROM: WhiteID dot com Imbedded Links in certain parts are at orig article at that website.

                • Them guys: Your pot is cracked beyond repair with the spewage that you posted here. It is 99% made up tales that you have read in your comic book fantasy world. I surely hope that most of the good readers of this website are on to what an imbecile you are. You are totally wrong about the slavs, the Jews and the African Muslims. You have been reading the disproven Chronicles of the Elders of Zion and other nonsense and it has seared a hole in your very being. You have a sick perverted hatred for Jews and to blame them for slavery is the last straw. You have gone off the deep end pal.

                • The Sharia-compliant troll returns. Your hate defines your entire life. Sad.

                  • Sharia law is pure evil and has one objective, the genocide of ALL non muslims. When you see the abomination of women in islam, all you can say is devil cult. Women are treated like sub humans all over the muslim world. ANY religion that forces a woman to be covered from head to toe with ONLY a slant to look out from in 120 degree heat is pure wicked and totally worthless.

                  • You Khazar Frauds are all alike. Typical alinsky jew kommies. Everything factual that Outs jews as true culprits you call lies. Yet NONE of you types ever provide Proof of anything You say. Just slanderous vile name calling of all who disagree, all who refuse to bow down in abject jew worship like so many braindead jewdeo christian zios does.

                    Wake up fools! All that name calling and jew whinning of “We jews are always innocent Victims, and all non jews are evil nazis waiting to pounce on a poor innocent jew Victim!”. Has LOST its Mojo!!!

                    Folks Are wakeing up and by the Millions everywheres!…All jew swindles and aipac and zionist scams are fast comming Unglued!

                    Jesus Christ whom You all so Hate, has Himself stated several warnings for all Christians and even all non christians back 2000 yrs ago as to what and who you Khazar fake jews would be like and how you would swindle Us goyims, as You call non jews.

                    Then you have the audacity to call us seperatists?…racists? you fuckin Bastards have The number One biggest Master race, racist seperatists State going! IE the state of “jewish” israel…Where NOW as we speak a hundred thousand BLACK african Jews who migrated to israel are NOW rounded up and HELD in “CONCENTRATION CAMPS” IN israel! All for being NON “White jews”!!

                    Indeed you Edomite Khazars posing as real jews are some piece of kommie work…But…You cannot provide factual refutations of what I and several Others here post!…

                    Because…As jesus Himself said of You…You are of Your father the Devil! and You shall do what he, satan, Lusts to do! Lie-Scam/cheat/Steal and MURDER!

                    The past 100 yrs Alone proved Christ 100% correct and in Spades! for Proof see russian Jewdeo-communist revolution where Jew run kommie soviet Mass Murdered a couple HUNDRED MILLION innocnet Christian Whites!

                    Just You khazars wait since Christ has also predicted a few More things for you types…

                • You don’t know what the hell your talking about. “Majority of Southern White men did not own slaves.” “The South did not build up Americas wealth.” Both those statements are so off it is laughable..

          • The only way these third worlders will leave is if the climate in America becomes most inhospitable for them.

        • The alleged Putin speech you uninformed, brain-dead yahoos are referencing has been dismissed as being a complete H O A X.

          If you people had ANY critical thinking skills at all you’d realize that NO national leader would purposely alienate an entire segment of the world’s population by making such incendiary comments. Well, except maybe for degenerate American’t asswipes like GW Bush and his “you’re either with us or against us” speech.

          PS: The verdict’s in, we (the entire world) are AGAINST YOU war criminal mofos! Just thought you should know.

          Enjoy your national collapse!

          • SA

            Didn’t you hear?

            We will take the whole world down with us. Hahahahaha!

            • “We will take the whole world down with us. Hahahahaha!”

              That yet remains to be SEEN, doesn’t it?

              • SA.

                The odds are in my favor on that statement. The World Reserve Currency and the Petrol Dollar backed by a Super Power Military stationed in all the key Nations and still expanding. Defending the Sea Lanes and can project power around the globe. Even if Russia and China do manage to pull off a currency backed by gold, the majority of countries who have federal reserve notes will find their banking institutions in shambles which will ruin their economies.
                We do have Mutual Assured Destruction with nuclear weapons but nobody considers the Financial Assured Destruction the Banks can use against the common man and Governments, with pinpoint accuracy and just as destructive.

          • Stupidamericunts, google the speech for yourself. You say it’s a hoax, furnish a link, video, anything to prove that. Otherwise that speech was really made by Putin on the date specified. And we do know how to think for ourselves at this site, so go f#$% yourself!

            • Braveheart. Tell him cuz, show us a link where Putin made that speech. Or was I suppose to say show us link that shows he didn’t make that speech. stupid american’t we’ll kick your ass. right cuz?

              • Yes we will.

          • Unless you are a person who doesn’t have to care about that kind of an alienation like, say, Vladimir Putin.

          • Just researched this. Found the speech all over the internet. Are you a minority infiltrator trying to undermine intelligent conversation? Chaos is the tool of the weak. Go back from where you came from….Tool

          • Hey Stupid, you think we ain’t in trouble. Eppe gets a hundred + thumbs up for repeating something that never happened and you get sent to the dust bin for exposing the Hoax. Such is life in the prepper world. Trekker Out. Some More Saldner!

          • I don’t know whether of not Putin made that speech, but here are some words and actions that have been correctly attributed to him:

            “Some political forces use Islam, the radical currents within it … to weaken our state and create conflicts on Russian soil that can be managed from abroad”

            Moscow police detained 300 Muslims after President Vladimir Putin ordered a crackdown on radical Islamists ahead of next year’s Winter Olympics in Sochi.

            “The Chechen leader Russian President Vladimir Putin picked to snuff out Islamic extremism has a motto he shares with visitors via a billboard of himself at Grozny airport: “Happiness is serving the people.””

        • Putin; imho; is 1000 times the leader O’Bummer is. And to tell you the truth; Putin is more of an American than O’Bummer will ever THINK himself to be. Imagine; a National Leader that accually has his country’s best interest at heart. A stark contrast to the feral traitors the United States has in its political parties.

          • Educate yourself on this man Putin. To admire him in comparison to Obama feels to me too much like admiring Stalin for not being Hitler. He’s making moves that really look better by comparison on the world stage, but what he believes, what he does within Russia to ethnic Russians who aren’t in lockstep with him should give you pause from embracing him too firmly. The world is ripe for the arrival of the Antichrist; I am leery of anyone who looks good.

            The bombings yesterday and today are a test. We’ll begin to see what Putin is made of if they continue.

        • Putin is a nationalist. If only POTUS were a Patriot, America would be a great place to live again. 🙂

          • Check out Honest Abe’s(Lincoln aka usa prez Black Love so much!)…

            From Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, Sept. 1862:

            “I have urged the colonization of the Negroes, (back to Africa), and I shall continue.
            My Emancipation Proclamation was linked with this plan (of colonization).
            There is no room for two distinct races of White men in America,
            much less for two distinct races of Whites and Blacks. . . .
            I can think of no greater calamity than the assimilation of the negro into our social and political life as our equal . . .
            Within twenty years we can peacefully colonize the Negro . . .
            under conditions in which he can rise to the full measure of manhood.
            This he can never do here. We can never attain the ideal union our fathers dreamed,
            with millions of an alien, inferior race among us,
            whose assimilation is neither possible nor desirable.”

            At Least Abe got That Part Correct eh!…Too bad he wasn’t able to Complete the Mission no.

            • Them guys: you are making up lies again. As even a cursory reading of the Emancipation Proclamation will reveal, it ain’t in there. I don’t know what is wrong with people like you but you are no better than flies spreading manure around with their dirty feet.

            • Actually some did return to their homeland and founded a country on the Atlantic Coast of Africa. Known as LIBERIA . We should stop arguing about things from the past we can not change and instead prepare for an uncertain future that we can influence. What is done is done nothing can change it , it’s up to us to not let it happen again.

              We stand on the shores of a New Year with all it’s unknowns and possibilities let’s reflect on that for a while and continue what we are doing to prepare for an uncertain future with all its disappointments and joys.




              Semper Fi 8541

              • Liberia, a thriving nation while under white control. Look at it now.

                • Sergeant-cum-Emperor Charles Taylor, coming to an inner city near you, sooner than you think.

              • Night Breaker,
                As someone else has written here, “get a colonoscopy” and “take care of your teeth”. I’ve done that. To that I might add that preppers should take care of any surgery that is needful as soon as possible. Tonsillectomy, colonic re-section, cholecystectomy, laparoscopy for endometriosis, knee surgery like lateral retinacular release, and plantar fascia release are some you might want to think about while you still have health insurance.

                My doctor is a sports medicine specialist, not a surgeon, but he said he’s considering early retirement and he said a lot of other doctors are, too. The Association of American Medical Colleges states that the USA is facing a shortage of over 91,500 doctors by 2020.

                It’s not going to be easy living in the US in the coming years, even if there is no nuclear war and no Solar kill-shot EMP.

              • Night breaker, You make some very good comments for a JarHead. I must salute you. Trekker Out. USN Long Ago!

              • NIGHT BREAKER: Yes what you say on the future etc. BUT so many folks has been deluded and hollywood and msm brainwashed of True Historic events and what events Really happened and How and by Whom etc, that we have no choice but to try and awaken folks to those facts and truths….otherwise the future will again Repeat past mistakes due to a false knowledge of what truely transpired.

                ESPECIALLY on issues related to WWI and Mainly to WWII issues…And unless folks who do their homework and Learn these facts and Keep demanding for all them Liars like lies of “Six million jews” etc when now even the curator of the Main holyHOAX Museum IN Israel has been forced to Admit that their six million number as well as Aushwitz numbers and many lies related to it all, were Lies! Demand they admit they Lie and Distort historic events to benift Their tribe etc….Unless folks remain and refuse to just shut up…Then the future will be worse yet.

                The Main reason for folks argueing is due to They refuse to research all the Fables and holywood lies like swindlers list by spielberg.

                OR READ some of the 1912 Book wrote In England BY the Top Kommie honcho party Head IN England then, 1912, whos name was “ISREAL COHEN” a jewish man and admited Kommie leader.

                His Book title was something like(from few yrs ago memory) “The(or OUR?) RACIAL PLAN FOR WHITE AMERICA”!

                Inside that komnie jewish party leaders book he states that they have a jewish/kommie Plan to Force americans, whites, to change Immigration laws and Stop more whites from comming into usa, and instead replace whiteys with Blacks and browns mainly.

                He also said the method used will be to get Kommie party usa, aka cpusa, Jewish members to get elected to High offices in Fed govnt, to make such changes.

                That was written as a Jewish Communist PLan to devestate white ameircans Thru immigration policy Changes…

                And in 1965 after 2+ yrs of non stop rallying for such changes, another leftist Kommie DEM from New York, US Senator JACOB JAVITS(jewish/and Kommie-dem party) got His 1965 fed immigration laws changes Passed.

                Now due to so many folks, Know NOT true factual past History, such as who did communisim, who invented it, used it to mass murder a couple hundred Million white christians of a dozen nations across eastern europe, we SEE today 2013 that indeed kommie dem jew sen javits immigrant reforms of 1965 has fully RUINED a once white run Prosperous, Safe, well tuned, well run America into a cess pool that now has more snake-jew-kommies of BOTH political partys, in full control of usa you cant even begin to count them there is so many.

                Mainly because Our Parents (the greatest gen group) either Blindly trusted and believed the vast Lies they were told by MSM and fed govnt about communists etc, or they were mostly Dems and rejected stuff like Sen McCarthys expose’s and hearings on commie infiltrations, due again to Blind Faith trust in their dem party leaders and MSM plus Hollywood fakery propaganda movies etc.

                Well today we see their kids aka Boomers of our age group, Many are falling in Lock step falsehood beliefs like parents fell for. Whos going to Awaken them if not some of Us folks?

                And no amounts of denials or crys or whiney complaints from said kommie bolshevik jews or there number One Enabler group of, jewdeo christian zionists fools, is going to change those truths nor Fix the problems for a better future.

                If we take Your advice and hush up or shut up on Past historic events etc?….Good luck in ANY Future let alone any thats remotely better than current times are.

                The question we all should be demanding answers to is “Why are today so Many remaining in total Darkness when so many outlets and individuals are provideing the necessary websites etc to Learn such factual Truths so we Can have a better future free of oppression and deciet, and swindles galore by nefarious scamming khazar kommie frauds?

                Even the bible says God will cause the truth to become known, all spoken of or plotted in Darkness and Secret IS going to Be Made Known and Shouted from the Rooftops…in the end times days era…So one can say that ‘some” of us are doing His work Via the Internet websites. But its individuals who Must begin to research these issues and RE think the vast Lies they were all taught and now falsely believe. Sooner or later they will no longer have Any excuses left to postpone learning of these facts and truths..Granted, many will Remain delusional Lib types and simply deny it all as we see some here doing.

                They are the ones who deny or call names yet Never provied any counter proofs to vaidate what they claim.

                Christ also wrote of Them types too.SEE: JOHN 8:44 and Revelation 2:9—and 3:9 for Starters as to the true Culprits…He also said “They are going to Hate You for telling Truths just as They so Hated me”…The vile hate mongers and name callers Here who so twist all we post and label us as nazis or haters again Prove Christ was correct 100% what He stated 2000 yrs ago what will occure.

                Just Wait till they find out what else Christ says about their bunch! That too is going to come true one day…Maybe Soon if we are lucky eh!

                You do NOT want to be an edomite, imposter jew aka Khazar Then eh!!…SEE Old Testement books for more on Edom/Esau/Edomites….As well as DNA evidence I posted to Who are khazars Today!…Waky Waky folks!

                • Yes, Them (anti-semitic)Guys,

                  It is YOU that does not want the truth to get out. I have no idea if you belong to a standard hate group, such as the Aryan Brotherhood, the Nation of Islam, etc., or if you are just a Garden Variety Anti-semite, but you are employing the oldest tricks in the book to spread your hatred of Jews.

                  ANTI-SEMITIC CANARDS

                  According to the dictionary, a canard is: An unfounded or false, deliberately misleading story, belief or rumor.

                  You are taking advantage of the fact that most people don’t know history very well, and are ready to believe the agitprop you spew here on a regular basis. Just because you post links to websites doesn’t make that information true. Anyone can create a website and post the most vile of things. Twisting history to suit your narrative based on hate is not relating any truth at all, but your own personal biases and hatred.

                  Any one wishing to see for themselves what a list of antisemitic canards looks like can view it at Wikipedia. I would like to provide the link, but much of what I post ends up in moderation, and I think a link would make that moderation last longer.

                  If anyone does end up looking at the list, then you will see that these are the “topics” that frequently appear in Them Guys (and his cohorts in hate) posts.

                  • Fuck You: Links to McDonalds site or hoffmans infos articles ALL have tons, dozens to a Hundred or more footnoted documented sources that info came from and is as Valid as that Khazar Shnoz on yer face fool.

                    And You post as proofs “WIKI”? a Totally Jew owned jew run site where anybody can alter and change and add or delete info etc!….It is You anti-Gentiles thats the True troubles. Its why your tribe has a 3000+ year old reputation of being Nation Wreckers…Its why state of israel and Mossad main state slogan is “By Deception we shall cause WARS!”….Right by LIES cause Wars! Thru LIES!

                    What are swindlering jews so famous for? LYING! Scamming!

                    And always calling all who reject their lies antisemites.

                    No the true deal is it is Your evil tribes Hatered of Christianity and All gentile non jews that causes the tribe to be such vile hatefull anti Goyim/Gentiles…

                    Talmud is what has tons and tons of vile names for christians, jesus, Mary, Gentiles in general…OUR New Testement Bible has NO such vile crap promoted like talmud does.

                    YOU are the true Haters, the Kommie inventors and perpetrators thru communists tactics of the worlds worst ever Mass genocidal murder sprees recorded in all worlds history from Day ONE!….You are Of Cain whos of Satan and was the First murderer…So you and Your vile hatefull tribe types can Kiss my white christian ass.

                    You have Lost the Mojo by Overuse of words like antisemites and evil nazis said of all gentiles like me who refuse to cater to all your fabled fantasys of six million crap lies. 109 nations that has Booted your kind Out in past 2000 yrs cant all be wrong eh…

                    Ok go Play that Victim Card like al sharpton again fool, it may still posess enough Mojo left to fake out some 5 yr old child.

                    Every one of you types sound exactly like Alan Colmbs of fox tv! Whine like no others can whine and never admit to being wrong! So So Typical!

                  • Them (anti-Semitic) Guys

                    Such language and vitriol from a supposed Christian. You’re about as Christian as the Nation of Islam.

                    You are mad because it is YOUR “mojo” of continual lies and using Antisemetic Canards that is no longer working. You have been found out.

                    The list of anti-Semitic canards on Wiki is heavily footnoted and referenced. And as anyone with half a brain knows, any entry found to be false on Wiki is subject to review and removal.

                    Also, pointing out another of your LIES, Wikipedia was founded by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger, both non-Jews.

        • I always liked Putin. Hardnosed SOB.

          Barack Hussein Obama….sounds like a muslim to me.

          “It’s not the color of your skin brother. It’s who you are. It’s the way you choose to operate. Your ethical and moral standards are not the same as what we have in the U.S.. Your social standards are incompatible with what we consider the norm in the U.S.. They are incompatible with the standards that have made America a very powerful country.
          If you want to live like they live in Mexico then go to Mexico. Don’t flee across the border from Mexico to the US and tell us we have to live like you. I’m seeing how they live in Mexico. I don’t want any part of that. This country, supposedly the top country in the world, was founded on certain principals that have served to make this small country a world power. The principals that govern our friends across the border, well their countries aren’t fairing so well. So, we should cater to their needs and use their principals? Once again, it makes perfect sense. Like I said before, If you want to live like they live in Mexico, guess what, they have an entire country dedicated to living like they live in Mexico. It’s called Mexico. When in Rome do as the Romans do. When in America do as the Americans do.

          I’m gonna book a flight to Japan. Hire out one of those Japanese coyote’s to sneak me into China. Then I’m gonna plop myself down right in the middle of Bejing. I’ll demand they translate all of their literature to English so I can read it. I’ll demand that they put me on their public assistance programs because I’m being beaten down by the yellow man. Oh and by the way they have to feed and educate my children also. Let’s see how far I get.”

          • Good post Rednek.

        • i been saying for a few months now, it’s too bad we gotta go to RT(russia) to get the REAL news about what’s going on in america.

        • Why call Putin a Communist?

          The Communist Party is no longer in charge in Russia.

          He is more of a crony capitalist than a communist.

          He is more like Shrub than Mao. They are both ex intelligence heads.

          Putin is more of a nationalist than anything…perhaps those in DC could take a few pointers.

          He may have made a mistake going against Bandar “Bush” as the recent bombings show. He was warned. I wonder if the Saudis have poked the Bear too hard? Time will tell.

      3. As always, it’s a double-edged sword.

        Watch for crime to skyrocket. Watch for violence to skyrocket. Watch for Obama to do nothing.

        • BlackDog, spot on. Theft, robbery, shoplifting, carjackings, etc. will go thru the roof and monkeyboy won’t do a damned thing about it. I’ve only recently started packing heat in the truck with me. Fasten your seat belts, everyone; it’s only going to get worse from here on in. MOLON LABE braveheart

          • I’ve carried a pistol off and on for 30 years, but this year is the year I decided to carry each and every time I leave the house.

            The probabilities of being a victim are small for me, but it just has to happen once.

        • You’re wrong, Black dog. Obama will do something: he will come for the guns!

          • BEST: Description Of Hobammy I ever yet Read!

            What Obama Is

            by Jack Wheeler

            “The O-man, Barack Hussein Obama, is an eloquently tailored empty suit. No resume, no accomplishments, no experience, no original ideas, no understanding of how the economy works, no understanding of how the world works, no balls, nothing but abstract, empty rhetoric devoid of real substance.

            “He has no real identity. He is half-white, which he rejects. The rest of him is mostly Arab, which he hides but is disclosed by his non-African Arabic surname and his Arabic first and middle names as a way to triply proclaim his Arabic parentage to people in Kenya . Only a small part of him is African Black from his Luo grandmother, which he pretends he is exclusively.

            “What he isn’t, not a genetic drop of, is ‘African-American,’ the descendant of enslaved Africans brought to America chained in slave ships. He hasn’t a single ancestor who was a slave. Instead, his Arab ancestors were slave owners.

            “Slave-trading was the main Arab business in East Africa for centuries until the British ended it. Let that sink in: Obama is not the descendant of slaves, he is the descendant of slave owners.

            “Thus he makes the perfect Liberal Messiah. It’s something Hillary doesn’t understand – how some complete neophyte came out of the blue and stole the Dem nomination from her.

            “Obamamania is beyond politics and reason. It is a true religious cult, whose adherents reject Christianity yet still believe in Original Sin, transferring it from the evil of being human to the evil of being white.

            “Thus Obama has become the white liberals’ Christ, offering absolution from the Sin of Being White. There is no reason or logic behind it, no faults or flaws of his can diminish it, no arguments Hillary could make of any kind can be effective against it.

            “The absurdity of Hypocrisy Clothed In Human Flesh being their Savior is all the more cause for liberals to worship him: Credo quia absurdum, I believe it because it is absurd.

            “Thank heavens that the voting majority of Americans remain Christian and are in no desperate need of a phony savior. He is ridiculous and should not be taken seriously by any thinking American.”

            — Jack Wheeler

            • Jack, Jack ..you started out so STRONG but then by paragraph 5 you began losing me. Why do you crazy right-wingers have to make everything about RELIGION?

              Obama is a corrupt POS cypher, as you very well stated. He has eliminated the U.S. Constitution and enables criminality and theft, isn’t THAT already ENOUGH?

              What need is there to go into full-blown diatribe mode about Christianity or any OTHER religion for that matter? You ALIENATE people who would otherwise agree & sympathize with you if you’d just cut out the zealotry.

              • Stupid Americunts, I’ll agree with your statement about Obama, but if Jack wants to talk about religion, he can. braveheart

              • SA.

                You lose focus when you include religion. Don’t care who they are. Only know they mean to do me harm.

              • Americunt,
                The overwhelming majority of Americans ARE religious. We are still largely Christian, but there are Buddhists, Moslems, Hindus, and even Satan worshippers here, for God’s sake.

                To us religious people, your hysterical rant against religion is strange and disorienting. Who among us is looking for sympathy from the likes of you, anyway? Why would anybody care if he alienated you? Why in the world are you so hostile to religion? Were you sexually abused by your grandfather, or did your playmates just subject you to a ritual ass-kicking gauntlet every day after school when you were little?

                As for myself, I don’t invite friends into my inner circle who are non-Christian because they tend to be frustrated knots of rage like yourself, though I get along just fine with cultists, witches, and atheists in casual social settings like shit-kicking contests or literary criticism seminars.

          • Newtown came close but did not achieve the goal. “If at first”, you all know the rest.

        • i aint worried about obama doing nothing….i’m worried if he does SOMETHING!!

      4. “We’re on an express elevator to hell, going down!”

        • Somebody wake up Hicks

        • How many drops is this for you, Lieutenant?

          Thirty eight…. simulated…

          How many combat drops?

          Ahhh… two. Including this one.

          Ohh mahahahan…

          • The Guy,
            from Starship troopers !
            Heinlein was the Man!

            just another reason not to trust second LT’s in a combat zone! LOL

            Semper Fi 8541
            (Gunny SGT)

            • My bad Aliens Second movie ,
              This was also in the Book Starship Troopers just showing my age LOL,

              Semper Fi 8541

              • Oh I’ve read it, it was awesome! Picked it up at a garage sale.

                The movie Starship Troopers was a travesty.

          • I thought from the 2nd aliens movie,elevator and mission count lines.

      5. This will sound cold, but you can find a job if you bother to look. It may not be a job you enjoy, like or want for a career. But they are there.

        They just so happen to be jobs most of those getting a government hand-out feel they are “too good” to do. Because they are dirty jobs that require hard work.

        If you couldn’t find a job in 2 years worth of time with all that freedom from a boss and schedule…you didn’t try. Time to man or woman up and put your boots on and do something to help yourself. The rest of us working do not owe you a paycheck.

        My husband and I moved across the state on short notice because of family things in April of 2012 with neither of us having a job lined up. Just a small bit of savings and our preps of food. We did not get any government hand-outs or food bank help. We took crap jobs and a lot of them until June of that year when we both landed back in our career fields. It’s coming up on 2 years now since that happened. We are both making better money, and our preps are further ahead now than when this happened. During this time we also nursed his mom through her final days of cancer. We also took care totally the funeral costs ourselves.

        So I have zero sympathy or empathy for those that take no responsibility for themselves or their families. At some point the welfare to lazy folks has to end.

        • I haven’t been in the work force for close to ten years. But I believe I could go out Monday morning and find a job of some kind before the day was out. I have always been able to find a job when I needed to. And it’s always been better than the last job.

          There are plenty of jobs, but I keep hearing people saying “I wouldn’t work for that little money.” There are also a good number of higher paying jobs, but they can’t get any qualified applicants. My brother starts in one of those jobs in January. The main qualifications are electronic knowledge, math skills, and soldering skills. The company is trying to expand, but can’t find people who know how to do anything. A good example is my nephew, who couldn’t figure out how to measure a wall with a yard stick. The stupidity in the general public is astounding.

          I always tell young people that if they can’t find a job, then they should make one. Take what they know and love and turn it into a career. I made my own job, and I’ve been at if for almost ten years. I love doing research, and I just sit at the computer, do research, send in invoices and progress reports, and a rich guy sends me a check each week. I am currently writing a book for him. When he no longer wants my services, I hope to work for his friends.

          • With inflation, it does make it very hard to work for the pay companies are offering. I am self-employed. I struggle. I have been considering a full-time job for a few years and actively look daily. I make more struggling self-employed than any job I have yet to find. I will say though, that jobs are easy to find. I have been offered every one I have applied for. However I have had to decline after discussing compensation, add that to the ridiculous hoops to jump through, crappy hours, and just plain out BS and it is a no brainer. I will continue to struggle and be free.

            • I never said it would be a good job, or one you liked or that it wouldn’t require a companion second job, just that if you tried you could get a job.

              Outlaw, I agree there are way too many hoops involved. But a good portion of the folks getting kicked off overly generous unemployment never even got off the couch to find the hoops.

              I have a good job, and I tried to help a girl I know get on with my company. She’s struggling to keep her lights on most months and chasing bills. The company offered her double what she makes now. If she had taken the job she would have been making 19 an hour. She decided she was too good to work at a municipal water treatment plant. She had every excuse under the sun why she didn’t take the job. What it boiled down to was lazy and an over inflated sense of entitlement that makes her believe she shouldn’t get dirty to make a living.

              She had her momma call me today to see if she could borrow some money for food. I told her no. I feel bad for her sons, but I tried to help and really went out of my way to get her that position and pay offer. You don’t want to help yourself, then there isn’t anything more I can or will do for you. You think you are too good to work at a sewage treatment plant, then my money earned at the same sewage treatment plant isn’t good enough for you either.

              I work and do so hard for my money, and get dirty. I have to shower before leaving work most days in the locker room before coming home. So yeah, it’s not fun. But the jobs are there if you become willing.

              From what I have seen too few are willing.

            • Read a sign in a restaurant once, ‘The only thing more over rated than mom’s apple pie is owning your own business’.

              • A lot of people with no faith in themselves and their abilities say the same thing.

            • Wife and I do it…both have a biz.

              We have friends who are self-employed. We are the back-bone of what the founders fought for.

              We have no plans to let them down.

              Standing with you Outlaw…till the end of our days.

          • Archivist, I hear the same things from other people all the time. Yes, we have become a nation of dickheads. People don’t even care how they survive anymore. Whenever the balloon goes up, those will be among the first people to die. There’s no way they’ll make it with their attitudes. braveheart

          • I have had to take whatever job i could find on more occasions than i care to recall, have done everything from mucking stalls to picking up stones for a mason,,,
            There are some jobs i will agree, but locally we dont have a lot, i do know some folks who get stuck and cant make enough to cover the bills, not for lack of trying,, its sad, and it is troublesome too as it isnt going to get better.

        • Waterislife, I’m sorry to hear of the loss of your mother-in-law. Breast cancer took my mother from me on Jan. 29, 2009, shortly after the monkey came into the White House, so I do know the feeling. I also agree with you totally about the welfare crowd. I always managed to find work when I was a young man and I’m 56 now. Back in those days, if you didn’t go to work, you didn’t eat and that’s the way it was. No unemployment, no welfare, no food stamps, no nothing back then. You either pulled yourself up by your own bootstraps or you starved to death. there will supposedly be more budget cuts to certain programs in the new year. Things are definitely getting worse, slowly but surely. braveheart

          • things are getting worse, and INFLATION is one of the biggest culprits. every day more people get busted from middle-class to lower class….and lower-class to poverty/homeless…abolish the FED….interest rates get to 4%, and we are TOAST.

        • You are right, waterislife that you can find a job if you really want to work. The problem is that a large percentage of the new jobs are minimum wage 30 hr a week jobs. Unemployment benefits can last up to 2 years for some folks and the amount is 60% of what you made the last 26 weeks you worked full time. So if a person made 500 a wk on his old job and draws unemployment, he can get 300 a week for two years with no taxes or deducts. He also becomes eligible for a host of other benefits. If he goes to work in a minimum wage job he gets 290 a wk before taxes on a 40 hr. week. Plus he has to pay for transportation to get to/from work. Do you see the problem here? The government has made it a whole lot better to just sit on your butt and not work than to go find a job. And when the two years is up they just keep extending it until someday soon no one will ever go back to work.

          • More like the problem is people are stuck in a fail thinking mode. Rent a four bedroom stuff it with three other people , you don’t want too decapitate .
            Save some more
            Buy a foreclosed house cash with cheap taxes
            Rent out rooms too two people .
            Continue on till you win

            In other words learn to live like a third worlder now or learn the hard way.

            fucking people , live for the day when soccer moms have too sort through a container full of used underwear to purchase.

          • that will only work until it DOESN’T! there WILL come a day when we run out of OTHER people’s money! and I’M BETTIN’ it’s only weeks away(but i aint bettin’ the FARM on it)..

          • This POS government has takes about 10 grand out of my hide,(FICA), this year. Now I need new tires, dental, medical problems fixed, new boots…….I CAN NO LONGER AFFORD TO SUPPORT CAREER WELFARE RECIPIENTS AND MOOCHERS.
            Thanks to the presidential primate. 2014 elections cant come fast enough!

            • I see a false flag event before 2014 elections if he thinks he is losing the senate

        • waterislife,

          That’s not entirely true, at least not in my state (MA). I have a job ( for now), but it’s one I loathe. I have been looking for a new job since the day I was hired. But there are NO jobs. Oh, sure, you can see listings on Craigslist, but there are very few compared to when I got this job ( and at that time, I thought the pickings were slim), but the vast majority of them are put up by staffing agencies, and most of the jobs they post are fake (just so they can increase their resume pool).

          I applied for almost 40 jobs one day, and the only response I got was from two staffing agencies I didn’t even mean to contact (because their ads didn’t say they were agencies… I’m trying to avoid them because they’re useless these days).

          • I never said it was easy. For me and my husband during our unemployed state from our career field, we had 7 jobs between the 2 of us. While taking care of his mom, and our 2 kids.

            Was it easy? No. Hell no it wasn’t easy.

            Job #1 for me was M-Sat 10am until 2pm I worked a pizza place as a dishwasher.

            Job #2 was 3pm M, Tue, Wed and Thur until 930pm as a cashier in another fast food joint.

            Job #3 was Fri, Sat nights as a bartender in a biker bar.

            Job #4 was I did alterations and sewing jobs for yet more money.

            Hubby’s jobs were contract temp work for IT depts. M-Thur nights he was a DJ at a strip club. Yeah that was an interesting one for a bit. And his 3rd job was cleaning office buildings on Sat and Sun.

            You just have to be willing to do whatever you can lay hands on to do.

            I went to college, served in the military and at 36 was working a bar and 2 fast food joints. Humbling, oh yeah. Did I get to keep my pride and show my kids you can make it on your own, yes. Would I do it again to avoid being on welfare. Yes.

            Point is think outside the normal and be willing to do whatever it takes. You don’t have to like it, you just have to live through it to get back to the other side and keep trying. With God all things are possible if you are willing to help yourself.

      6. “The government has no choice but to keep pumping out money and emergency assistance, whether that be to people who have lost their jobs or the banks that provide the lending. The second (literally) that they pull back on the monetary, financial and economic intervention we will see a catastrophe that few can imagine.

        It’s coming.”

        Yes, “it” is coming, what ever “it” is. But you’re wrong, Mac. The government DOES have a choice. It can choose to stop the insanity and overspending now. it can choose to make the cuts now. But it won’t. There have been numerous times on this site when it has been pointed out that Congress needs to stop “kicking the can down the road”, bite the bullet and take steps to stop the runaway spending. Clearly that is not the message of this article. Instead we are hearing the whining of OMG benefits have been stopped and now there will be problems, and even more problems by the end of the year. So? So? Sooner or later the SHTF will happen. When it does there may be a major reset with no benefits. I say let the can alone. Let the charade stop. Let us get our fiscal house in order. Let the reset happen now (as it should have been allowed to in 2008) and then we can get back to an economy not built on debt, and an economy not built on redistribution of wealth. An economy not built on robbing Peter to pay Paul.

        • Jamine

          If they stopped spending/printing money, it would still crash. We are beyond the point of no return.

          • You’re right, it would still crash. No matter what, its going to crash. BUT, the longer it goes on until it crashes, the worst it’ll be. Its going to crash, so let it crash now, so we can start picking up the pieces.

            People will find out what they are really made of, and only the strong and those of good wit will survive. Sounds cold, but that is reality. Nobody owes you anything in this world. And the sooner people wake up and realize it, the better off they and the rest of us will be.

          • Everytime I read of “Let it fall or crash so we can begin the…RE-SET”..I cannot help but wonder. What do these folks not yet get?…Pay ATTEN! There is not going to be a re set, that only exists in FICTION Novels like many advertized Here you can buy. Yes It sells lots of Fiction story books. But whats going on Now today and HAS been ongoing for at least the past 100 yrs in usa, and 250-300 yrs in Europe Prior to being implemented in usa, is all Planned to destroy america BY design.

            Not yet sure who is their Main Target? heres a huge HINT! Back in 1950 world population of the White Race folk was at least 28% total world POP…Today 2013 it is Down to at best 8% total white world population. Think Thats not By design?

            In over 20 years of reading, aprox 35,000 hrs reading, all I could find to read even remotely conected to their grand scheme Plans to destroy the Middle Class, especially the White part, which is a vast Majority of said middle class folk.

            I have NEVER yet seen nor read anywheres in any plans by over a couple hundred writers, and original Past and Present Perpetrators of said planed by design plans, where any has ever stated anything that even resembles what most calls a “RE-Set”….All I ever did find was their Planned NWO. Now I rekon some folk will call a NWO a type of reset, and yes it surey will be.

            But it is obviously Not the type RE set promoted in those many fictional story books about economic collapse, riots, wars, civil war, EMP, Jackboots, etc…Where whats promoted is a real and swell Reset or chance of it.

            IMHO the Only true good reset is going to occure only After Christ Returns and takes over all reigns of Power and Control. And regardless of What or How His reset plans consist of…He Never left behind any Blueprints for any of us to use while awaiting His return.

            Reset sounds all wondefull..but it is a Flase Utopian dream…At this point all we can really do is keep trying Daily and weekly to survive whatever bad stuff may happen.

            I do not mean to sound negative, just to sound realistic is all. I aint so certain such fantasy fiction books or movies where its all gonna end ok if we keep at it till a reset can happen, are so good for folks mentality. Perhaps such materials present too false of a dream that flys in the face of actual pre planned destruction occureing By design, weather You believe so or not.

            Most folks refuse to consider any true real design plans, or think that scenario too difficult or absurd…Go spend as much time reading more realistic historic and documented proven factual stuff…And then you too will re think any re sets.

            Just decide that no Matter who is discussed as the main major perps or operators and grand designers etc, You are going to study it anyways. Even if anyone else calls you vile names or whatever…Just Blow em off, and Keep reading and once you arrive at the whats-whos-whys etc…You too shall say “get over it as theres NO reset gonna occure at least not without Divine Intervention.

            • Much as I hate reality, I think you are right. What we see as a crash and possible opportunity for rebuilding, I believe the long-term planners of world control (by whatever name you think of them) see as simply one more step in a long series of steps. And I suspect there are a good many steps left in their plan beyond what we consider the end game. There will be active resistance to any rebuilding in the direction of a free society.
              Maybe, if enough of us are really prepared, we can come out of it with some combination of the U.S. Constitution combined with the Swiss Constitution- keep major power from concentrating in the hands of the central servants.

            • I think we were the last generation to have it good.
              We had life before the internet…so we played in the sun, before the chem trails…anyone remember blue skies?

              I used to ride my bike everywhere and we always had a game going in the park.

              Ever drive by a park today… the kids today are all electronically enslaved and depressed.

              Lack of exercise can make you depressed.

              But now I’m old and fat…I love the web. ha.

              At least I knew a simpler time.

              The new generations ahead will love communist life… no house for you… an apt. block. No car, no guns, no BBQ…because of the green nazis.

              Yep…it’s all going to hell.

            • I agree their wont be a reset. it will be a continued downward fall. 90% will die and most of those that are left will likely wish they where dead.

        • {{{The government DOES have a choice. It can choose to stop the insanity and overspending now. it can choose to make the cuts now.}}

          Why bother? When you are already experiencing a 19 Trillion dollar deficit —what’s a few billion??
          Pfft!! 😉

        • What an idiot you are. If SHTF, there will be no economy, there will just be chaos for years. Idiot.

          • ncjoe, f#$% you! you’re the idiot, being a troll for Obama, so go f#$% yourself!

          • There will always be an economy. Just different. Like what you earn you get to keep.

            And one predi took I will make.. is that the useless eaters (Snappers) are coming to the end of their usefulness

          • No central government = chaos.

            Good thinking, there, Joe.

      7. As of tuesday I lose my health care benefits. They had gone up 250% for the coming up year and I wasn’t paying that. Now I will have to try to get on with the VA but I heard the paperwork and waiting list is ridiculous. I am in my mid 30’s and in good health and I don’t know what’s going to happen. Now add healthcare, entitlements getting cut, unemployment drying up, and the start of run away inflation and you got a wild 2014 brewing. The 10 year treasury bond interest just went over 3% and I remember being told start watching at 3 and panicking at 4%. Folks what do we do? I’m all up for reform whether it be from the ballot box, soap box, or ammo box. If something doesn’t change we’re all screwed royally.

        • From experience, VA is a joke. It makes me ashamed. In my opinion it is worse than not having insurance at all. The sad thing is obamacare will turn all healthcare into the equivalent.

          • not to mention turning government-sponsored healthcare into a career entry-level jobs program for the otherwise unemployable democrat voters like the USPO and the VA are now.

        • Faith of the fallen.

          Standby. We will get back to you when we figure it all out.

          • Your on a roll today slingshot.

        • did it bump over 3% and come back down, or did it stay up?

          • never mind. I just pulled the 12/28/2013 t-bill curve. we’re screwed. shifting gears, gotta go make a list of todos for my coffee and lunch break tomorrow.

            • http://www dot marketwatch dot com/investing/bond/10_year/charts

              This is the key indicator (3%)EVERY pundit, CEO, Trader and Investor i’ve seen on fox business and on blogs say signals either a brief period of deflation followed by inflation, or runaway inflation. make you choice and take your bets, but neither’s gonna be pretty folks. If you don’t have preps or PMs to offset, you’d better get prayin’ Heck, I’m prayin anyway. I hope they are all wrong, and I really don’t need all this stuff.

              • for anyone who wants more information regarding how the tbill rate affects stuff:

                http://www dot nakedcapitalism dot com/2013/12/wolf-richter-happens-next-now-10-year-treasury-yield-hit-psycho-sound-barrier-3.html

            • please expand?

              • Outlaw. Yes that is what I say to my waistband. Trekker Out

                • You that malnourished?

              • Outlaw, when the interest rates for T bills start rising the US must pay more interest. It’s like having a variable rate mortgage. When the interest is low, the payments are reasonable. But when the variable rate interest goes up it balloons out of control until you are paying all your money just to service the interest on the debt.

                • well said faith, that’s enough of an explanation for all to grasp except for the terminally naive!

              • Ive posted 2 links, but they are still in moderation, let my try again and see if I can bypass moderation.

                www dot marketwatch dot com/investing/bond/10_year/charts

                www dot nakedcapitalism dot com/2013/12/wolf-richter-happens-next-now-10-year-treasury-yield-hit-psycho-sound-barrier-3.html

                Mind you, i’m no financial expert, but the first is the curve, and the second is an article talking about whats happened since QE with tbill rates. Hope this helps.

        • reform…hmmmm…good word, very pc. I’m not very pc but I like that word…reform, instead of…revolution.

          They continue to turn the screws, who will fuck up first.

        • No–if you need healthcare related treatments, just walk right in to the ER at the VA Hospital.
          Your paperwork needed is only a DD214 card.
          The center will do all the rest.
          At least that’s how it worked for Gene.

          • Hows Gene doing if I may ask…and yourself?…I find myself thinking about people on this place…praying for them…odd eh?

            • He’s doing great.
              Obviously, the Levetiracetam is taking care of the seizures.
              He has no mood swings–which was one side effect of the medicine. It seemed to help the ones he was having.
              He has the aneurysm in the base of his neck–inoperable, but who knows??
              He’s driving and that helps his attitude a lot.
              He started last week working with an Amish lumber yard owner–he cut ONE tree, drove a log truck a little one day, but not on the public road, and cruises for timber to buy when he learns of any.
              He is doing what he did for 40 years. Logging and all that that entails.
              Thanks for asking…I did enjoy him home, but he is happy working.
              Just can’t drive a farm truck on the road or bush hog as before.

              • Great!….glad to hear it…hang in there and enjoy each day for the gift it is 🙂

            • I think about people on this site, too, and wondering what life will be like for each of you once the SHTF. If they shut down the internet we won’t be able to lean on each other anymore.

              • I owe you a Thank you.

                • @Facebook Page

                  Thanks back at you. I like that you judge each comment fairly regardless of who wrote it. You’ve taken some hits for that, but you keep coming back. Good for you.

          • If it is not an emergency. Go to the front desk. Its only the first day when the waits suck. And and if you left service in the 20 years they can start you just with I’d. They will get the proof they need. Most everything is in the computer all ready..

            Now if you are pretty 80 retired yes you better have a Copt of everything.

        • Faith of the fallen, its important to take good care of your own health–don’t eat any junk food! Eat lots fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably organic. Basically, if we break the rules of good health, we have to pay reap the negative consequences. Is there a food Co-op in your neighborhood? they often have free magazines on good nutrition– study nutrition. Different foods are good for different symptoms.

          Drugs are profits for the pockets of corrupt drug industry. Try God’s medicine– it has no negative side-effects. Good luck!

        • Faith of the fallen,

          I am sorry to hear you will be losing your health care benefits.

          There are some VA clinics that provide very good care.

          My husband goes to the VA for his healthcare. The paperwork was not hard to fill out. He did not have a long waiting period. He gets good care and they charge a very low rate for doctor visits and antibiotics. We are very fortunate to have some good doctors at the local VA.

          Hope it works out ok.

          • We had very good luck with the VA for care for our stepdad (WWII vet) … wishing a good experience for you also

          • Well said with good comment follow up. Plus real life what we need more of.

        • Well said Faith.

        • Must disagree. Right now Va is getting vets that qualify in within 24 hours. What take a while is being placed with permenant team. Now if you are waiting on a claim. Unless you qualify for the fast track program the wait is 6 months plus

          Even the PTSD clinic ( I have been still staying in touch) is seeing all request for help within 48 hours. And service plans starting in two weeks.

          I keep hearing all these horror stories. And I have only seen them true concerning health care.. when a vet doesn’t think he should have to ash. Or when the vet didn’t follow up.

          In my past little time in the Va hospital…. the nightmare was getting me into the hospital that the surgeon that did my bacon wrap and he received a little o er 500 grand for 10 hours work. At Va I just updated my living will and off to sleep I went.

          Faith the Va works and gets you off the hook for obamacare. It just depend on what diabikty rating you receive. And or level of income. (Means test)

        • If your 30 and in good health Why are you worried about health care? they cant refuse you so if ya get sick buy it then. Im 63 and never had a penny of health insurance ever. There is no reward great enough or punishment harsh enough to entice or force my to purchase health care. Ill just pay the fine.

      8. IF you want rioting, Just wait until they cut the SSI, disability, retirement, SSA, Medicare, Medicaid in half. You will see SHTF then. BUT wait they might as well have a bank holiday and devalue the dollar and magically cut EVERYONE’S pay in half automatically.
        “Hey Were Gonna Have a BANK HOLIDAY”, sing along with me, I think you know the words.
        Hope you got some gold & silver stacked and some food and water too…

        • Goober.

          “Let me entertain you.” Is that the song?

          • Anybody know of any Charts that outline or Charts on a Graph the process for when Prepper fear mongering turns into more of a religious Cult affair?

        • Goober, just let everything come to a stop at one time and that’s all she wrote.

          • At least then we just have to deal with one wave of useless people. Instead of wave after wave. Plus they will go after themselves first before they leave town.

        • Watch your government put a BAN on all exchanges of precious metals, perhaps even a CONFISCATION, under penalty of law.

          Let’s review:

          1) You no longer have any constitutional rights.
          2) You no longer have any guns (coming soon).
          3) You no longer have any gold or silver!

          aka: “Change You Can Believe In®”!!!


          • StupidAmericunts, let them try gun confiscation. a lot of people on both sides will get killed. MOLON LABE braveheart

          • SA,

            Our liberty isn’t a gift from government. It derives from the universal human ability to make choices and act on them. Every human being drawing breath was born to be free. Evil, greed, cowardice and stupidity combine to make millions unfree. But the principle stands.

            So they’re going to “confiscate our means of self defense” and our “forms of money” during turbulent times are they?

            “Listen up, O sheeple. We forbid you to … blah blah blah.” Oh yeah?

            They don’t have the manpower to do that on any large scale even if there are sufficient uniformed tyrant suckups to encourage them to try.

            Do you think there was much of a black market in booze during the Roaring Twenties?
            The black market in various media of exchange during turbulent times will make the control freaks wet their pants.

            I”m not saying that having the backbone to defy the tyrant will be cost free. That red stuff will be spilled.

            Each person, each household, has a threshold of what they will tolerate and what they will not. When the government violence starts, the time will come when it will be resisted with equal force.

            When the uniformed goons start winding up dead, when they kick in the wrong doors … the people who are with the tyrant only for a paycheck will have a decision to make.

            Is their paycheck more important than their wives and kids having a father?

            So let them roll out their confiscation. Timorous souls will bleat, “The law says blah blah blah, so I hafta.”

            People who take their liberty seriously will say “F you, come and take them.”

            I made my decision awhile ago. I suggest you do the same.

            • IMO: I believe that even the timid ones will turn when they see their family suffering. That’s going to kick in some serious primal instincts in even the most law-abiding, timid folks.

          • Ever hear of the black market? Even in turd world crap holes they exist.

        • Actually the song will be a repeat of the 1930’s depression song, “happy days are here again”

      9. It is all part of the plan to incite chaos/fear with looting, lawlessness,shoplifting,home invasions and very serious violent crimes. The purpose being to eventually install Martial law(suspend Constitution), curfews, travel restrictions. Part of the destruction of the USA plan.

        As many of you know; UN troops will be called in to help restore order. There has been comments that there are not enough troops to efficiently enforce Martial Law and conduct house to house searches for Weapons and patriots.

        I agree with that, but, on the other hand suppose part of the country is inaccessible due to radiation fallout or a major earth change(s) that physically alters the continent’s configuration? I think that sometimes we don’t take that situation into consideration as we look at when SHTF.

        What that have to do with this posting.
        In my opinion, the entire structure is collapsing:
        4)earth changes
        as orchestrated in a play. The actors being in place and carrying out their parts. And this is just one of them.

        We are moving into a very dangerous time in the country.
        People are already angry. Some without cause, some with.
        I don’t think it would take much to set off a huge civil disturbance.

        May God bless and protect your families this year.

        • I hope the UN troops wear those blue hats and a distinctive uniform. It’ll be like the Redcoats a couple of centuries ago.

          • While you’re busy targeting “blue hats” your OWN GOVERNMENT will take YOU out. Your comparisons would be much more accurate if you referenced 1863 and NOT 1776.

            • I don’t think so.

          • Won’t be any UN troops on US soil, they will be busy in Europe suppressing the millions of muslims when it hits the fan over there.

            The UN can’t scrape up more than a couple of regiments from anywhere except Europe, and they’ll be pretty busy there.

        • they’ll control communications to prevent any coordination of resistance (neighborhood by neighborhood if necessary)

          They will blockade the highways and freeways and enforce ID restrictions and search vehicles.

          They will withhold commerce and food to regions that do not comply.

          They’ll use UN troops, foreign mercenaries, dark-ops types etc. to pulverize the non-compliant into submission.

          They’ll commit false-flag operations, launch epidemics, explode dirty bombs, commit acts of terror like 911 etc. as necessary in order to facilitate any excuse required to ratchet-up the police state.

          They’ll outlaw barter, growing your own food, water catchment on your own property, owning unregistered livestock, gun ownership etc. etc. in order to force the people to line-up as ordered….or starve.

          All of this has been done before…it’s happening right now in Palestine which is why we’re seeing key dual-citizenship Israelis taking appointed positions in Obama’s cabinet… it will be done again here.

          But in the end the US constitution will win-out. Most of us here might not be alive to see it however.

          • Risky Whiskey, they’ll suffer more casualties than they count on trying to carry out that agenda. the patriots will win. Not all of us will live to see it, but I’ll be fighting for it. braveheart

            • ditto

          • The guy or gal with the most blue helmets at the end of the game will be crowned, “Patriot of the Year” in the Aftermath. My minimum quota is at least three blue helmets.

            WE are all Seal Team America and don’t forget it!!! 🙂

            • Just three helmets Durango? I plan on unleashing my 338 lapua and taking three a day. The UN would be afraid to leave the wire after the hell I would unleash.

            • Morbidly obese hedonists with a penchant for excessive masturbation, air-conditioning and sanitary hand lotions do NOT make the ideal revolutionary make.

              • Good one.

              • Hey, everyone, see the new troll? How nice. [sarcasm]

                • Just a new name.

              • @Stupid

                So I guess you’re going to sit this one out.

                With your drawers down.

              • you seem intelligent enough so change your screen name you dick.

            • I just hope enough people wake up in time

            • Screw the helmets idea…stick w/ the left ear.
              ..at least we can wear ’em as a necklace!!!!

              • Hunter your left ear comment, reminded me that I wanted to make a prepper suggestion. While prepping be sure and get some good dark sunglasses as well as a face shield along with foam ear plugs, plus muff type hearing protection to cover them. This stuff may come in handy if you have time, to protect against Flash Bangs. Also a good Gas Mask. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

                • I wouldn’t be taking anything. If I get the body back I would doing if or teaching it to be at 1800 meters plus I ain’t running down that far to get shit… so you will just have to believe me.

                • Mask is NATO spec.
                  Ear plugs –check–

                  …thanks for the advice per the shades, I’d completely missed that one.

                  +1 to ya, MT-

            • A minimum of three blue helmets per Patriot would eliminate the NWO threat in a matter of days if just a small percentage of American gun owners were to engage OUR enemy. If I get three when they come for me, I will have done my part.

              Some will get more. Some less. Three is a good average. 🙂

              • Hmmmmmmm…..

                Well, I guess you’re right after all.

                Helmets over the fireplace would evict more comments…as opposed to a jar of ears in formaldehyde, on the mantle piece!

                ..decorum is the key, I guess!

                +1 to ya DK.

                • Empty brass line up on the mantel

                • Eyeballs in a jar in the fridge is a great conversation piece. Bought a Pro Hockey Player friend of mine a jar for Christmas some years ago, he was ECSTATIC!!!

                  Go figure! 🙂

            • @DK:

              Kill 3 and be Free.

              Amen Brother.

              Blue helmets are good for separating loose brass.


              ……be safe……..stay the course…..BA.

              • Kill 3 and be Free.
                -Would that be a slogan?
                “Three done for freedom”, maybe?

                • “I will get three when they come for me, CATI!” would make a great bumper sticker if I do say so myself. 🙂

                  • “I will do more
                    Four is my score
                    Before my dead body
                    Ends up on floor”

              • BA. You know better it get one and scoot. So you can do again and again and again. And I’m still not doing all that battery waste on my hover round just for a bloody brain filled bucket.

                • Exactly! The NWO can be eliminated and at 500 yards. 🙂

                  • “Hell,I’ll do five
                    And stay alive
                    Aim small,miss small
                    And all that gun jive!”

      10. 1.3 million off unemployment. Soon, millions more off unemployment. Then Obama will claim the unemployment numbers are low and he fixed the economy. Then, based on that, they end QE. That causes much higher inflation. Slows down the economy. More laid off. The economy is really fixed then. Obama. What a brilliant mind. Republican leadership(?) is almost as smart as him. They haven’t got a clue either. The answer is, there is no answer. We’re screwed. There is no way out, except crash and start over if possible.

        • Maudy Fricket,
          – Those were my thoughts exactly. The administration did not battle very hard for extended benefits length as the “Witch of the West” Pellosi had promised. They are blaming the Republicans for the hardship. Yet they will take credit for the exciting new and improved unemployment statistics. What a bunch of opportunistic slime bags because after everyone has finished tooting their own horns they will reinstate the benefits and return the sheep to the voting booth.
          — Miss Dee Dee

        • they will pass a bill soon extending the un employment benifits.

        • maudy, maybe we should beat our plowshares
          into tin cups to beg on the street corners.

          Can they tax alms for the poor?

          • I wouldn’t be surprised. Basically, we are painted into a corner. It’s a run away train. If we survive the wreck, we get to start over.

        • Maudy-

          For the most part, you’re correct.

          The focus/foundation of the re-boot process/procedure..is what is at STAKE nowadays!!!

          Think “END GAME”, per the future of your grand-children.

          ..situational clarity comes into sharp/acute focus when viewed thru such a lens!!!

      11. The Putin quote while awesome is made up. Check Snopes.

        I agree with the black swan event. Even the sheeple are starting to bleat a little over the 1984 level stuff. They can’t have that.

        The govit has fudged the formulas for the numbers so bad we are going to end up with negative unemployment with half the population out of work..

      12. If I had known that all I would have to do to get things happening was to vote for a Black President, I would have done it years ago.

        • ROFLMFAO. I actually snorted. glad I didn’t have soda in my mouth!

        • Don’t you know that is racist? He’s actually only half black. I think the most racist thing is that he denies his white half.

          • In one of his autobiographies, Obama wrote that as a young man he would lay awake at night and wish every drop of white blood to be stripped from his veins.

            That is not the kind of thing any decent person desires.

            • It’s not something any knowledgeable person would desire, as white blood cells contain DNA, which, in his case, is half black and half white.

      13. if the goverment gave me back all the social security ive paid in (i never recieved any benifits from the goverment for anything food or money)id be set for the rest of my life

        • I just checked my SS statement. According to that, the total SS I paid in during my entire working life is less than what I grossed in just one year, over ten years ago.

          So what someone paid into SS is not a whole lot. Certainly not enough to set anyone up for life, unless you plan on living on $100 a month.

          • The way I was taught is that money, as little as it seems was taken and invested..at 10-15% for decades!!??
            Do that math and you’ll see what is being drawn is covered or should be till Clinton messed with it and moved it to the general fund–correct?
            And, yes, the entire program was NOT intended to support us for 20 years as the life expectancy has grown year after year.
            If someone has a more detailed explanation–have at it.

            • with today’s life expectancy, you will be lucky if you collect SS for 10 years…not that you can actually LIVE off it! i’m 58, and by the time i’m able to retire in 5 to 10 years, inflation will make it IMPOSSIBLE. not that there will be anything LEFT by then. and no, there aint no lock-box on soc security. the fifth grade math says that we owe 17 trillion and if you HONESTLY count ALL entitlements, it’s around 225 trillion….just five years ago when the obomanation took office those numbers were 5 and 60 trillion. so you see that curve on the graph of our national debt is about to go parabolic(is that the right word for it?)..said another way….it’s runnin’ away!….we just about done run out of other people’s money! better git popcorn and a good seat to watch it all go DOWN!

            • 2 to 4% all by law had to be AAA. And treasury have been the shit

            • JayJay, the Social Security fund is invested entirely in US debt instruments, there is no money in the fund. Payments that go out each month are made by ‘cashing in’ the notes and monetizing them. There are no accounts with our names on them. All the statements and reports we get each year are so much silly fiscal masturbation, it’s a waste of money even tracking it by individual.

              If they quit tracking it, though, we’d wise up pretty quickly.

              This was done in the 1960’s, thank LBJ for that.

              Not a single trust program, Social Security, Federal Pensions, Railroad pensions, not one of them, has a fund with actual money sitting it anymore. It’s all subsumed into the debt instruments and paid out monthly from the general treasury funds. The accounting is smoke and mirrors, the fund should have X billion dollars in it, so it’s in the black, and until payouts increase above income, it won’t go in the red for years to come. Trouble is, there is no money, black or red, it’s just paid out as fast as it comes in and is kept on the books as an asset.

              • Smokey In 2011 for the first time ever the amount paid out by social security exceeded the amount paid in. I know your correct the funds are co mingled with the general revenues. However Now the social security Ponzi scheme is running in the red expenditures are exceeding income. Im 63 and in a few days I intend to sign up for my part of the Ponzi scheme. if it last long enough for me to recoup what I paid in ill be satisfied.

                • I’d still prefer to see a return of what I paid in, indexed to the price of gold at the time I paid it. I think (I haven’t calculated it) that would be more than I will need.

                • Yup, expenses now exceed income to the fund, but it’s still in the black due to the trillions in treasury notes on the books. I think in 2030 it’s projected that the ‘assets’ on the books will be gone, and the fund totally in the red.

          • Yeah that’s true… but it’s more than you’ll ever actually SEE of it.

          • archivist your correct. Most folks receive every penny they paid in plus interest within five years. The WWII generation where greatly benifited from the Ponzi scheme. large numbers of baby boomers paying enabled then to draw large checks for decades on avery small investment. my folks Dad paid a small percentage on a very low wage. mom never paid a dime. Dad started drawing at age 62 and mom then 60 drew a check from his account. they lived until their 90s and drew over $300,000 from the Ponzi scheme. And they complained that they where being cheated and should receive more because of being Notch year benificarys?

        • +1
          Good post,
          Ill bet i never see a dime of the hundreds of thousands ive paid into the SS account.

          • You are mixing up federal tax with SS. Even I haven’t put hundreds of thousands. Now fed tax that a whole other story.

            • I can read
              I get that report of what i paid in yearly
              And im smarter than the average bear!
              How the hell would you know what i have paid in and for how long!

              • Kula, 6.5% of earnings is what we pay in, up to a maximum income of just over $110,000 a year.

                So, less than $7,000 a year paid in times 40 years of $110,000 a year, is $280,000 total. Reduce that total for each year you did not make $110,000.

                Most of us get our SS payments back in just a very few years, once we start to draw them.

        • Social Security is not a “benefit”. It is return on and of capital; and piss poor on both counts. 🙂

        • Westside Your badly mistaken. Odds are you like everyone else had at most 5% of your total lifetime earnings deducted by social security. and your employer paid 50% of that. The Obama payroll tax break didn’t reduce income tax. It reduced social security deductions from about 7% to about 4%. Myself I pay 15.3% social security self employment tax. most pay half of what self employed folks do the employer matches that. most get every penny returned within 5 years of starting drawing from the social security Ponzi scheme.

      14. I don’t want to be negative about this. Let’s just pray and hope for the best. May we all have a happy and prosperous new year.

        • good on you…and let’s also remember to be charitable to those in need….there will be many in the near future.

          • There goes the rule about having people set up and take care of themselves.

            There always someone who still think someone deserves help at the expen e of others.

      15. Surely no one believes anything this administration puts out, do they? I know the Dem apologists make a good job of acting like they believe it, but no rational person could believe any of the bilge coming out of DC. I find it insulting that they EXPECT us to fall for it and our crappy culture aside, I don’t think most Americans are really that stupid. One of the off-brand cable channels had a special today on the Salem Witchcraft Trials which showcased the cost of bad leadership perfectly. We’re trying to stay low, keep prepping and reach out to our children and siblings.

        B.I., what can you tell me on the Kansas – Oklahoma quakes? We have family in both states and they say most of the fracking companies are pulling up stakes, or already moved out, and everyone is getting jittery.

        • I can tell you the fracking is still going full tilt in OK

          There is a waiting list of over a year to get a drilling rig. Plenty of great jobs here if you want to work.

          I came down here to work from MO since the economy is in bad shape there/

          I make great money and get my health care paid for, family too.

          Help wanted signs everywhere, and not just a McDonalds and Wal Mart.

          Everybody just needs to put on their big boy pants and make their own way in the world and stop crying about the economy,

          Its bad in some areas and great in others

          • What part of OK are ya in? I may look into finding a job there.

            • The Enid area. Its a city of hard working salt of the earth type people. Lace your boots up piss in the cup and come on down. I bought a cheap RV and stay in it while Im working and go home when I can. I know its not ideal, and Im not making the money I used to, but Im still in there swinging that bat.

              • I am not far from the area. Can you tell me what kind of job I might find and what kind of pay to expect? I am all ears and may be game at this point, but as you stated, it is not ideal. I hate the hoops, such as piss in the cup you mention. I once had a girlfriend in El Reno, noticed there was alot of oil work there. Gonna start searching while awaiting your reply.

                • There is a fracking outfit in Fairview that is advertising 80K to start and that is with no experience. If you can drive a truck or operate machinery you will have a job in about 2 minutes.

                  I was a freight broker in my former life making 150. Now I drive a truck hauling crude oil and make 75 with all benefits paid. Life health dental disability all paid for by the company. Work 5 on 2 off.

                  What happened to Americans ?? Sitting around crying in their beer because the government did this or that. They have been corrupt since man walked out a a cave. There is nothing new under the sun, they lie steal and cheat. There is nothing we can do about it.

                  Work around them. Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and dig in. I dont like the pee in a cup deal either but that is pretty much the norm these days. The El Reno area is smoking hot with jobs.

                  You dont have to have a Class A lots of companies hiring hot shot drivers too. Just a one ton with a 40 ft trailer.

                  • You got the right attitude Clyde. I’ve been there, out of work and living off meager savings. I’m with you, I get tired of hearing all the crying in the beer stories. I’m an engineer now, worked my way thru school while driving a truck. Still got my CDL just in case. Good info, IF and its a small possible if, I’d have no problem hopping back into rig for that kind of money.

                  • It’s called dependency, and the govt has encouraged it. Not only did they encourage it, they created situation that forces many people into leaning on them.

                    Now that they are taking the sugar teat away (as my grandma would say), there is going to be a rude awakening on the way.

                    I do feel horrible for people who are going to really suffer that genuinely are in need though. Winter is here, and people got to stay warm. I’ve seen electric and gas companies shut off heat to elderly people in their 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s when they can’t pay, and each year many die.

                    As I said in another post, the govt has been treating native American indians this way forever. Now they are just doing this to everyone else.


                    And it is of my opinion that my family and friends back on the rez need to get a hold of their bootstraps and start pulling themselves up because dependency upon govt is the worst thing a person can do with their life.

          • Do you get a discount on bottled water too?

          • Agreed. We have two sons in Woodward and they’re doing really well. Two of the companies are getting ready to leave and go to Virginia (?) while the three companies in southern Kansas have already gone. My husband and I are still employed in Ohio, and are going to stay here. There are hundreds of well-paying employment opportunities, particularly in areas the government doesn’t like. North Dakota is booming and while it’s hard to live there, you can make a better than decent living, but it’s hard work.

            • I’m in northern Montana. I know of 8 people from our community, who moved to North Dakota to try and make better money and ended up back all within months. It wasn’t just the hard work, but they cannot even keep up with the housing to house everyone. A lot of people are having to live in cars. A lot of them said it was the worst place they ever went to. My husband went out to check on a job there as well and said it was a hell hole and came back to his saw mill job. But yes, I hear that some people are making decent money there. But like all boom towns, it will run out of steam eventually and you’re back to square one. At this point, with everything about to become very unstable with our country, and I believe it’s going to get worse soon, I feel like staying here and getting prepared is the best thing to do.

              Reading up in the news about all the knock out games, the 400 teens that flooded the mall and busted up everything, and the 600 teens that fought in a movie theater parking lot, fighting over shoes, and so much more…. it’s all about to blow up.

        • @ Vicky….hope your family are ok. Wanted to tell BI that I just heard of quake in southern Italy…..that was one of the places he was watching as well. take care, CC.

          • Thank you, CC! They are all okay, just a little shaken. Our part of the world has been geologically stable for quite a long time, so it’s quite a surprise to have it rockin’.

      16. They hide the real economic despair in the numbers they calculate. If the result don’t turn out the way they want it then either change the calculation or fudge the data.
        The world is heading for the shoals and it’s not only the USA with a psychopath at the helm either.
        Putin was just telling it as it is and that many want Russia for the Russians. Not change a nation to suit a group of foreigner who shouldn’t have came to Russia if it wasn’t to their liking. Maybe they should have stayed where they were and fought for what they wanted their country to be. Hmmm maybe they succeeded and that’s why they are now in Russia, the USA, Canada, France, the UK and AU. Change it from within by being the loudest moaners and groaners. I guess that’s why they say there isn’t much difference between a Jew and Muslim.

      17. If you are an atheist, you are not out of the woods either.

        The Jews or Muslims will make you slaves too.

        • Slingshot, that have to take you alive before they can do anything to you. No filthy Muslim will get close enough to me to touch me. braveheart

        • Really? In what way do you imagine that Jews are going to make you a slave?

          • That’s just it, he imagines it.

            • Try this for Starters: “PC Is driving White America INSANE!” By, Incogman….

              Walter Lippmann, Jew Globalist and one of the founders of the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR), bragged in his books on how they manipulated the general public, who the self-elected elites consider as sheep. The arrogant bastards think being the “chosen ones” gives them the right to brainwash America and have been busy doing just that for decades – no wonder so many Whites are now screwed up in the head!

              Indeed, these filthy Jew Globalists have worked over one hundred years towards the destruction of us White European people in America. No doubt at all. In 1909, wealthy Wall Street Jew, Jacob Schiff, the Rothschild’s man in America, quietly worked to merge the National Association of Colored People (NAACP) with the commie Niagra Movement and blacks led by W.E.B. duBois – right along with various White do-gooders and shabbos goys.
              NOTE: Shiff had Help creating the NAACP, from 5-More Kommie Russian Khazar jews…THEN, 8 yrs Later, Jacob Shiff again acting as Rothschild’s Main usa-agent/banksterman, Gave $20-Million in Pure GOLD to Lev Bronstien aka Leon Trotsky(a Jew) who came from Russia to New York in, 1917 to Train 300-NY Jews(former russian kommie jews that became usa citizens) and Take that 300 jew group along with Jacobs $20 Million in Gold to begin the jewdeo communists 3rd Try at causeing a mass revolution in Russia, that was sucessfull on 3rd try, and resulted in the mass Extermination deaths of Over 200+ Million Innocent White Christian folks in over a Dozen eastern european nations, beginning with Russia.

              Just a small example of what americas Jew/zio Run/Owned/ Perpetrated, MSM’s & Hollywood wont Never ever Tell You about! Ever heard of Ukrainian “HOLODOMER”? SEE what I mean!(holodomer= Kommie bolshevik Jews Led the forced Starvations of aprox 1/3rd of Ukrains POP , 7-10-Million souls starved by Jewish Kommie Bastards in less than 18 months!..Of Course “some” here are going to deny all this Proven Documented history in their delusional defence of all issues jewish..And of course will also call Me an evil nazi for Posting these factual truths..So..Typical of that Tribes khazar frauds eh…
              Incogman’s article continues below…

              Now you might want to ask yourself this one highly illuminating question: What’s a supposed New Yorker “capitalist” like Jacob Schiff doing with the commies and jacking up the blacks? Folks, there’s been many rich Jews like Schiff who have done similar things. Multibillionaire George Soros (real name: Schwartz) is busy doing all this right the hell now. The filthy Jews as a whole have been silently re-engineering our White countries from the inside out and not just with race stuff, either, but Globalism, Zionism, Marxism, radical feminism, homosexual rights, mass immigration of non-Whites into our lands and even scientific subjects that tie-in with “PC” down the road, like anthropology, for crying out loud.

              Not only is all this PC stuff messing with our heads, but have made blacks as mean as snakes. Hell, the GD trouble-making Jews have turned them into crazed, militant, White-hating wackos! (same as russian Jews did there with the “peasants class” to mass Murder fellow russians! now kommie jews are Here in usa doing it to Us white folks!)

              READ the REST! Article continued at www dot incogman dot net article from 12/27/13 along with Tons of Truth Infos the “Tribe” rather You Now learn about!

              CAUTION!:!! His website contains very graphic actual Photos of Many, Many violent attacks on Murdered/raped White Victims, victims in EVERY Case of African Savage beast Apelike Predators acting like Feral Jungle Animals when Attacking unsuspecting innocent White Folks all across the USA today, and also photos and articles from South Africans African Jungle Black ape induced Genocide against White folks There too!…Educate Yourself about these african black violent predators as well as khazer jew kommie issues also…The Life You Save, may be Yours! or a loved Ones life!…What do these foolish naysayers not as Yet Get?!! Besides the factual TRUTHS!

              • CAUTION: The Polish Jew haters are the worst.

      18. the cracks in the façade are beginning to show what the government, media and their above-the-law bankster owners have been hiding from us all for decades.

        As a career health care worker it absolutely galls me to think that so many of my fellow Americans who had the security of decent medical care and the status of secure and gainful employment are losing it all….and no matter how much artificial stimulus can be foisted upon the world by the Federal reserve it’s never coming back….ever.

        And now those who were being supported with unemployment assistance while they attempted to remain in the workforce are being cast-off while this sputtering economy is unable to absorb them back.

        At this point I must say that I believe in the grand conspiracy theories about the Fed, the Rothschild/Rockefeller /Morgan manipulation, the drug trade, the CIA, the illuminati, big agro, big pharma, the military industrial complex, total lockdown of the MSM….all of it. They’ve consolidated so much control over us that they believe they can win; so their true colors are coming out.

        They’ll put us all in the street until we’re fighting the illegals for day-labor jobs to feed our kids before they will relinquish their stranglehold on the fiat-money, government-enforced, wealth-extraction system they launched from Jekyll Island 100 years ago.

        • Been fighting the illegals for awhile now for day labor jobs here.

        • Europe and the UK have had high unemployment rates (compared to American norms) for decades. OUR new normal has precedent. Think of what is happening here, now, as the “Europeanization” of America, because that is exactly what is happening.

          Socialism has arrived on American shores in the wake of Reaganomics. On the bright side, someday Americans will get 30 day paid annual vacations at government owned resorts in Cuba!

          Kill The FED. Death to the New World Order. 🙂

        • Risky Whiskey:

          Better to be wide awake and understand the game; lots easier than spending time in denial or wondering if things are going to change.

          Great honest post!

        • RW-

          Great points! Up till now it *has* been all smoke and mirrors. The smoke is clearing and the mirrors are cracking. People are going to open their eyes one day soon and say ENOUGH! MOLON LABE!

      19. This is a slow, well planned, and PERFECTLY executed plan to bring this country down. None of this is by accident. Build us up, have us do their dirty work, bleed us dry…. dump us into the hell of complete poverty (both of body and soul).

        History is repeating and it’s always the same group of people responsible. It will not stop until they’re stopped.
        Figure it out….. it needs to be done.

        tri-fuelgen.com Please stop by, it’s a new site in need of friends.

      20. OOOOOHHHH Don’t you know this is why they are stacking ammo and riot gear! Move to the country while you can!

        • you mean move OUT of the country

      21. Legalize cannabis and watch the jobs being created…but then again the gov would fuck it up just like everything else it touches…

        • That was the line in Washington state about legalization, jobs, tax revenue, blah, blah, blah.

          Not a word of it was true. All we got for it was stoners lighting up at the park.

      22. What a mess eh?…no money…no jobs…no insurance…(mandated purchases and fines and still no insurance,wow!)…no welfare…no freedom…did I mention no jobs?…bassturd faggy dope snortin kenyan prez impostor who tells us he knows things are tough(ya right) but we need to just cut back(nothin left here to cut) and then flies off to the islands for another junket at our expense…hmmmm…always knew Americans would take a lot before they cracked but how much more will it take before we blow a mile high? Grrrrr!

        2014 smells like its fixin to be a barnburner…a real wild ride…fixin to stay right here on this farm and ride it out to wherever it goes…getting tougher but I aint beat by a longshot…hope y’all are able to hang on too and maybe even do better…somehow 🙂

        Mac…question… the comment section over at the Daily Sheeple(that’s your site too,correct?) has been changed…hope that’s not coming here…I don’t have any access by any means that I can find to comment there anymore…no way to sign in…unless Im missing something…thanks!

        • Reb-

          No offense, sir!
          I understand, that defense of hearth & kin/blood is paramount!
          In fact, I believe the Creator hard-wired that into many here.
          But, at the end of the day, a-written-in-stone strategy of (quote):

          “…2014 smells like its fixin to be a barnburner…a real wild ride…fixin to stay right here on this farm and ride it out to wherever it goes…getting tougher but I aint beat by a longshot…hope y’all are able to hang on too and maybe even do better…somehow…”


          ..merely plays into the hands of the enemy, in the long run.
          As proof, I cite/reference every active-duty/former Marine/Army grunt…who were(are) taught the following:

          ..isolate the enemy to a given location, then close and destroy him!!!!


          Become mobile and adaptable ‘Reb’…& especially, strive to be adept at calling the shots…before they impact you!

          ..and know this, in the initial hrs. of M-law, you have a golden-opportunity/window…to make them PAY!!!

          • …hence my saying/belief:

            “YOU ARE, WHAT YOU DO, WHEN IT COUNTS”!!!!!

            • Hmmm, I wonder what a nation of morbidly obese hedonists with a penchant for excessive masturbation, air-conditioning and sanitary hand lotions will do “when it counts”.

              Eat MORE burgers, maybe?

              • SA-cunts*

                Back at’cha, per your masturbation thingy!

                ..cannot help but wonder if you’re counted amongst those who advocate such?!?

                If so…knock yourself out, dude!

                ..’cuz sooner or later, your kind will..

                ..’peter out’!!!

          • No offence taken…that statement you quoted refers to the economic situation around us and how it effects me and how I plan to ride it out at this point…Ill weather this storm here on my ground and on my terms as much as possible…on the military side of things….now theres a different animal and those rules of flexibility/adaptability/mobility comes into play then…as far as isolating me and then destroying me…well sir when I wake up dead Ill know they got me but till then they have to catch me and I have those trails and holes all blazed to memory and stocked…been at this for a while…so they better get me right off the bat or they’ll have to wait a spell…just cause I farm these days don’t mean I forgot what I learned in another time and another place or that I haven’t been learning more since then…they might get me with the first shot…best for them if they do…Im sure theres a few of y’all here who understand and plan on makin life difficult for them that deserve it…but till that fight is here we gotta survive this mess we find ourselves in…good luck to you Hunter and to all my brothers and sisters who love liberty!

            • Reb-

              Understand sir!

              ..and may GOD bless you/yours..and grant you the gift of..first blood!

              ..and always watch your six, pal!

        • REB, i been commenting as a guest lately on dailysheeple, so it can be done. yes, something did change there recently, but i thought maybe it was my new computer settings.

          • Thanks BOD/FB…Ill take another look at it…

        • Reb. The sign up is at the top of the comments and you only have to do it once.

      23. All kidding aside, this is serious stuff. The unemployment cut in benefits is real. SS cuts are real. VA cuts are real. Yet we still speculate to when it all goes down. It is sad to read people are having hard times. It takes courage to write your opinion here and have others take shots at it.

        • What Va cuts. They were except and receive a increase..

          • FBP.

            There was a T.V. News Investigation of Walter Reed and it was stated is was due to Lack of Funds to fix the Facility. In My Opinion that is a cut for the money went to places of lesser importance. Have not read or have heard of any budget increase to VA.

            • I agree there is not enough for building rehabs. And also reed is be phased out because it is just to old to rebuild again. When it comes to increase the new Va region receive a 4% increase in funding in there last bill. Remember Va is a state alone bill bianual and no politication in there right mind would screw with it. Why do you think there isn’t this huge up roar from vet that everyone expects. Plus vet comp is the on compention that is protected in the constitution.

      24. War or martial law will be the endgame….the govt. has been preparing for it.

        • @ Jim in Va. So have many preppers/Survivalists, been preparing for it. The governments of the world better realize this if they want to attempt to pick a fight with the wrong people.


            YOU on the other hand come armed only with a WILD IMAGINATION.

            Guess who wins?

            • Uhhhhh….

              Alex..er Eerie-cunts—

              ..I’ll take real Americans for $1000.

              -DING-DING-DING–**%% gosh, its the daily DOUBLE %%**–


              ..you lose, you defeatist/loser…sumbitch!!!!


              ..and you’re hereby ordered to surrender..your weapon, your ammo..and your balls, to somebody willing to use them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


            • Stupid, whose fantasy world have you been in? There’s no way all the governments of the world are going to act against us. our own government doesn’t have the numbers to deal with 330,000,000 Americans. Geographically, it is impossible to lockdown the entire nation. We have far more than imagination. we can and will defeat the NWO. MOLON LABE braveheart

              • Speaking of 330,000,000 Americans… sort of a tangent here…

                1.1 million Americans have signed up for Obamacare at the last minute! My TV said so! And they’re hailing it as a success on par with the second coming of Christ!


                That’s like… what… 1/300th of the population?


                What a turnout.


                Hope (and bullsh*t) springs eternal with the MSM, yes? Ohhh keep that ball rolling, boys. Only 328,900,000 to go… you can do it…


                • the 1.1 million were the illegals on snap. Now they just got free healthcare. In a couple of months they will have free citizenship. The snowball is about to become a avalanche.

            • “There are only two forces in the world, the sword and the spirit. In the long run the sword will always be conquered by the spirit.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

            • welllll, stupidass, in iraq and afghanistan, and korea and vietnam and somalia and…..well, you get the idea…..they had a lot of that stuff there too, and it didn’t turn out so good for the US. my money’s on the RIGHT side on this one!

            • I have a tank in the barn. And I know of other weapon systems floating around. Mine might not be an m1. But it will crust shit .. but no big gun had fill it with concrete to be able to keep it. That sucked.

              • Is it a Sherman or a Bulldog?

                • It a mechanic 60 bough at DRMO. Was suppose to go to a logging company. But I got there first with cash in hand (certified check). Its cool but I am having track problems. But that how I knew the Dipshit on doomsday prep show he has one with good tracks and no motor. But the Dipshit just won’t let go of it and now I believe he loss it to a foreclosure on his land.

                  • So how come you had to fill yours with concrete and he didn’t?

                  • Im shure you can find parts on the heavy equipt forums. My old army surplus bulldozer 1944 TD14a international the undercarriage was worn out. I took out a track link and it finally just couldn’t be patched any longer. I found a complete dozer with a bad engine (extreme overheat) on the forums. It had a new undercarriage like 99% whole dozer for $2500. The dozer was so good I simply swapped my engine into it and junked my original machine.

                • I’d rather a classic tiger myself.

                  • Bengal tiger is best, they can eat the evidence.

      25. Notice how EVERY measure Congress (or the administration)manages to squeak out is always ‘kicking the can down the road’ further? Every-single-time, without fail. Remember the recent government budget crisis can kicking episode? Well that is rearing it’s ugly face once more come Feb/March. I used to call bureaucrats and politicians ‘paper pushers’…now I just call them ‘crooked can kickers’.

        What is of note is that the unemployment numbers cannot be ‘fudged’ or manipulated much more. 1.3 million people today followed by another 3 million is not a number you can hide…or try to openly lie about. And we have 2014 so-called elections coming up? People are going to panic real quick, which means crime will skyrocket, which means the police state needs to ratchet up even further.

        See how everything leads to less and less for the people and more and more for the police state? Also without fail. Maybe when the jack booted thugs start loosing family and friends to carjackings and home invasions they will finally wake up. But I won’t hold my breath.

        • Here’s the reason why Amerika is irrevocably F#CKED: it’s 2013 and only NOW did you realize that the can-kicking was eternal.

          Too little, too late, game O V E R.

        • So did Obama do anything good?

      26. R-Whiskey*

        Outstanding post!

        For the most part, many will simply suffer & die w/o ever realizing the nefarious reasons/agendas or strategies behind their demise, be it in a FEMA camp, multiple false-flag episodes & its resultant fallout/blow-back or on ‘the Road’ as a refugee…its coming irregardless!

        At some point in “the enemy’s equation” there has to exist certain quantum variables, outside their ability to ‘CONTROL VERBATIM’…thus its “OUR JOB”…to physically toss sand in the gears, of/per their plans.

        Which necessitates both a (future) pro-active posture/mindset and a (personal/individual) deep well of knowledge/understanding of the consequences…should the ENEMY win.


        ..and per the quantum variables, see the following list:

        1.> ..belief in GOD & understand that we’re his infantry!

        2.> ..yep, sometimes the best defense, is a good offense!

        3.> ..know the enemy’s weaknesses & attack them on the flank!

        4.> ..understand, that this time around, its for keeps!

        5.> ..surrender, IS NOT AN OPTION!!!

        6.> ..strive mightily to become a…VARIABLE!

        • Hunter

          My son embarrassed the hell out of me
          one time when he corrected me by saying
          there was no such word as ‘irregardless’.
          There is only ‘regardless’.

          From the mouths of babes……

          • Gunner-

            Tell your son, I owe him one!
            ..he’s right!

            ..per my dictionary:

            irregardless> adj., adv. (regardless): ..a non-standard or humorous usage of….

            So sorry dude, like many…I am slaved to the post-modern lexicon!!!!

          • Irregardless is a word commonly used in place of regardless or irrespective, which has caused controversy since the early twentieth century, though the word appeared in print as early as 1795.

            • don’t care. i still aint gonna quit usin’ it!

              • It’s usable!! 🙂

            • Just like flammable and inflammable. It’s wrong, but they both mean the same thing.

      27. The US is a knuckle-dragging, low grade moronic culture – George Galloway

        The high point of the American Empire has passed and mercifully we have emerged intact from the 20 very dangerous years during which the United States was the sole superpower in the world. We must never allow ourselves to endure that trial again. Power in the world is now passing to the East, to China, to Russia and to other rising nations as the United States is an aging tiger whose teeth are falling out. This was stated in an interview which outspoken and brutally honest British MP George Galloway granted to the Voice of Russia’s John Robles. With regard to US surrogate NATO which is circling both Russia and China with bases and nuclear weapons, he labeled it an “imperial war machine” and called it “the greatest danger to peace and security in the world.” Mr. Galloway was also candid on his assessment of Saudi Arabia which he called a “gangster state” with Prince Bandar acting as chief capo who delivers severed horse’s heads into the bed of whomsoever they wish to intimidate. As for Ukraine Mr. Galloway put the situation into stark perspective by saying: “Can you imagine what would happen if President Putin went to the streets of Toronto on street demonstrations whipping up anti-American feeling, in neighboring country. And yet this is precisely what is happening on the front line in Kiev now,” he added; again President Putin has again played a masterful diplomatic game. As for declining US hegemony he stated: “… they are losing and losing and losing. … they are losing because their power is waning, because hard power is waning, their financial power is defunct and their soft power, their cultural power is virtually non-existent. Anyone who takes a look at John McCain and thinks that that is a cultural soft power icon to desire, to head towards, would need their head examined. This is knuckle-dragging, low grade moronic culture,” he stated.
        Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2013_12_29/The-US-is-a-knuckle-dragging-low-grade-moronic-culture-George-Galloway-7718/

      28. And all the while this unemployment is going on, your government is bringing in 3 million immigrants every year, mostly working age people. Why? To drive the price of labor down. When we’re all making 3rd world pay, they’ll be happy. Even the educated are not exempt from the immigration ploy. Ask any computor science graduate.

        • The climate in America must be made so inhospitable that third worlders will decide to go elsewhere.
          Otherwise America will become a third world country.

      29. Time to get another Government job…It’s better to be the hand of the Devil than in his path.

      30. @ Vicky and Canada Canuk. First the earthquakes in Oklahoma area are mostly from fracking. Look at the depths of these earthquakes on the USGS or other sites, almost all of them are 5 km deep, so 4.6, 5.3, etc. These are shallow and most likely human caused. When you start to see deeper earthquake like what is common around the New Madrid, swarming that are 10-18 km or deeper, that means something is going on.

        The Italy earthquake is to be expected. The African plate has had movement on the western and southern borders a lot in the past 3 weeks. This is not where the main shock will come from. The northern Australian plate, Nazca plate and/or Cocos plate, the eastern and northern Pacific plate, and it is looking like the Caribbean plate is finally getting ready. These are the areas most likely to experience a major earthquake soon, one of more. This should have occurred before Dec.19. There was a 90-95% chance it should have happened by then. Guess this time was that 5-10% time when the time frame is off.

        There is a near 100% chance of at least one major quake that after the Dec.27 Pacific Antarctic Ridge quake will hit by Jan.11. This section on the two plates has been infallible as far as records go back as a precursor zone that 100% of the time leads to a major quake within 15 days. Nothing is totally 100%, but this section is an area that not only leads to major quakes, but really big earthquakes or series of major quakes about 70% of the time.

      31. Russia Wishes NWO ZOG NATO A Happy New Year… As Only Russia Can ;0p pssszzzt

        Direct from his Twitter account – the Deputy PM literally says “We wish our friends from NATO a Happy New Year”

        (insert picture of russian intercontinental nuclear missile here) —> ;0p pssszzt NWO ZOG NATO AND ISREAHELL!

        pls see link below …

      32. I thought this site was about prepping? Long time reader, second time writer. Going to put in a garden in the spring but in the past here in Colorado I have been getting green worms all over my plants. Is there a natural pesticide anyone knows of that is good for this climate? Just kidding about the first sentence, I enjoy all of ya’lls comments. Thank you in advance.


      33. “The only question is: Are you prepared for when it happens?”
        No..the only real question is WHEN ?

        I’ve put up with endless stories saying the end is nigh, countless experts saying “anytime now” and 5 years post-GFC it ain’t happened !
        It’s inevitable it WILL collapse someday, but will that day be in my lifetime ?
        My bet is 5 years away at least at the current rate and mode of decline, unless something out of left-field takes it all down.

        Maybe one of these expert “insiders” can actually put a date on it for once…

        • better look at a chart of our national debt dawg. WHEN in the HISTORY of the FED have you seen them loaning money to banks at zero percent? the EMPLOYED rate of americans is at 58 percent for 5 years or so now. no more jobs left MAKING things in america. our children have no respect for anything/anyone any MORE! our houses are priced at roughly DOUBLE what they are WORTH when interest rates go back to normal. how much interest is granny gettin’ on that money she saved for retirement?(virtually NOTHING)…gubmint buying 2 billion rounds of ammo. obama(don’t)care is about to bankrupt us after the first month or two of 2014….and you don’t see a problem? an idiot, or possibly even a congressman could see this one comin’, and it aint gonna take much longer….but what the hell do i know, i step outa’ the shower to take a piss. hell, i was once beaten by a CHICKEN in a game of tic-tac-toe! i see a collapse comin’, and it aint gonna be YEARS.

        • We almost had World War 3 in Syria just a few months ago.

          Obama went out of his way to alienate Saudi Arabia by signing a deal with Iran that gives them everything they want. Expect the Saudis to announce that they will sell oil in other currencies just about any day now.

          Expect the COMEX to default on gold deliveries. They’re almost out of gold now. Once that happens price suppression in the gold market will end, metal prices will go vertical, and the dollar will crash.

          Expect a stock market crash very soon since the market is following the same pattern it did in 1929.

          Expect the economy to continue to implode as people continue to lose full time jobs due to Obamacare and due to massive increases in the cost of healthcare.

          In fact, expect the economic implosion to pick up speed this year.

          I don’t know how we make it to 2015 without a collapse.

      34. What can I say here, the enslaved Chinese people and their gov’t thanks us. We are ruined…

        • Agree,a good site for gardens and a slew of other useful information.

      35. So I’m hitting 50 soon and plan on divorcing the fat ass wife for being a lazy shit.

        I’ll tell all you guys.. if you have a good paying job and have your shit together…
        Enjoy the collapse… The ladies are looking for a middle aged guy who can take care of them. Seems the white successful male is a thing of the past.

        Beans and rice for putang? ha

        • My wife sat me down the other day for a chat. I say ‘chat’, it was her talking at me for six hours. I didn’t realise that when men say they’re ‘spoken for’ that’s actually what they mean.

        • Jim,the last thing I need in the collapse is a girlfriend,they are aggravating enuff in decent times(am sure they say the same about me!).

        • Personally I would rather take care of myself than ever depend on a man so disrespectful to women. You married her….you stayed with her…obviously someone’s choice wasn’t the best. Sorry Bout your luck. Using shtf as a dating game is a sure way to wind up unlucky again. Someone will turn on your ass sure as shit…..

        • Beans and rice for favors? You get what you pay for, bud.

      36. Interesting comments. I’m 59 and a veteran with some health issues. My current employer is closing its Colorado operations on 31 Dec 2013. Out of a job in two days. I have never been unemployed and never been on unemployment. I’m concerned for the welfare of my country. Looks to me like we are going to fly this country into the ground at fuel speed.

      37. More real education from the Department of Defense.

        DEOMI (DEFENSE EQUAL OPPORTUNITY MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE) DEOMI was established in 1971 based on the lessons learned from the CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT

        Full report at EOAC student guide. pdf. crocodoc
        April 12, 2012

        For training purposes only/do not use on the job
        This lesson will demonstrate that power and its associated privilege can sometimes create exclusions in work environments at the expense of others

        I am going to post just a few pieces of this report….

        Privilege and Social Identity

        -Race/Ethnicity – WHITES ARE THE EMPOWERED GROUP
        -Socio-Economic Status – Rich people are the empowered group
        -Gender – Men are the empowered group
        -Sexual Orientation – Heterosexuals are the empowered group

        Consequences of Privilege: It is important to differentiate the societal consequences of privilege from the individual consequences. Societal consequences are seen when comparing the empowered group, WHITE MALES, to marginalized groups, persons of color, females, etc.

        CONCEPTS OF THE WHITE MALE CLUB: An organization that arbitrarily selects members and bestows appropriate and psychological benefits upon them.

        The club they? are beginning to see, not women and minorities, is the cause of INJUSTICE IN SOCIETY!

        Simply put, a healthy, WHITE, heterosexual, CHRISTIAN MALE RECEIVES MANY UNEARNED ADVANTAGES OF SOCIAL PRIVILEGE, whereas a black, homo, atheist, or females do not receive the same privileges.

        WHITE males represent the haves compared to the have nots.

        SOCIAL ACTIVISTS AND SOCIAL SCIENTISTS (the people who helped to compile this report) assert that equal access to resources (taxpayer money) are essential criteria to measure social progress in America. This position assumes ASSIMILIATION (intermarriage?) is the SOCIAL SOLUTION TO RACIAL AND SEXUAL DISCRIMINATION.


        I have only covered a small portion of this evil lesson that is being promoted by the defense department. Read it for yourselves. NO CONSPIRACY HERE FOLKS….GOOGLE IT FOR YOURSELF!

        • If you have a lot of time you can look through the references to see who helped compile this piece of crap.

          You might also check out who heads DEOMI.

          Anyone still think that the WHITE CHRISTIAN MALE has an equal chance in America?

          • Granny-

            DEOMI was created and is (upper echelon)managed by the same tribal cretins that created the commissars and zampolits, in the old soviet military.

            ..alas, the termites/pests infesting Western Civilization, never sleep!
            They merely eat away at the foundation of all, that is good and GODLY!

        • The names and addresses of the people who wrote/devised this should be made public as well as their photos.

      38. all i know is that unemployment insurance just gives you enough money to buy gas to look for work, utilities and food and not much else.wife and i both lost our jobs at about the same time i went to work inside of 2 months back to driving a truck over the road making maybe 1/2 of what i was making before and my wife never could find a job that she could do, due to R.A. and a couple of surgeries and one phoney knee.NO one wants to hire people in their 50’s pure and simple.i watched her apply to co. after co. and was told by them not enough experience in a field she worked at for 25 years. i am still baffled by that one.now my sweet wife collected her u.i. till it ran out,and i dont see a problem with that,she never collected before and only missed work when she had cancer surgery. she went back to work in 6 weeks,and there isnt a person who will ever say to my face we are dead beats and suck at the .gov teat.ohh i guess you could say it but i promise you a bloody nose or in the case of a woman saying it her husband will get one. we lost our home we raised our children in, also lost our oldest son which is another story for another time.lost everything but our,cant say dignity because that was the first to go,honesty is about the only thing we have left.it is so easy for you who have not faced adversity to point and insult others not so fortunate without finding out the whole story first. true there are people who work the system and take,take, take with no desire to work or give back. and to them,they will face GOD and have to answer for their sins. but so too the ones who condemn and ridicule without first walking in their shoes will face GOD. we hit bottom in 2009 and was just one paycheck from being homeless,we lived off our stored food for a while otherwise we would been hungry too. we dont expect sympathy or pity this is our life and we will live it to our best ability. i do demand respect until i do something to you to warrant losing it like that goofy prez and his equally goofy minions in our case here in nevada, harry reid who i will do all i can to make sure he is retired after the next election.

        • Unemployment Is welfare dole. Money you did not earn. It appears to be something for nothing? I actually casues the reciepent more harm than good. It enables them and causes then to not be self reliant. You have to do whatever they tell you to get the check. You become the needy serf who must jump through their hoop,s and preform whatever tricks they demand. First unemployment then food stamps. then they sit around eating junk food doing nothing and get fat. then they get a disability check . They and their children have many children because they don’t have to pay for them. Its a trap first baited with unemployment comp. to be avoided by any self reliant person who wants to be free.

          • Wrong Old guy. Employer pay unemployment Ins. It however is part of you pay package. Now the gov may overpay to you your/employer contribution. But Unemployed folks who are looking for work are not moochers.

            • Wrong Anonymous. Poor attempt a trying to justifying welfare. It is a special tax on the employer,s payroll. when I had employees (many years ago) I paid it. Now If none of my employees drew any unemployment after a certain amount I didn’t have to continue paying the tax. It was part of the cost of production. Just like utilities and materials ect. It never was a part of any workers pay & benifit package. In the case of federal extended benefits it wasn’t paid by single eneity. that money is robbed from the producing makers and redistributed to the parasite takers. In the case of the borrowed government money that money is to be robbed from the futures producing makers. Everyone know,s any government check of any kind that you did not work for & earn is nothing buy welfare or dole. And those who receive it( no matter how they try to justify it) are taking parasites. Too many takers and too few makers is not sustainable.

              • Not everyone Inherits a 50 yr old massive supply of scrap steel either. So quit acting as if You are self made man etc…not if all that scrap wasnt left there for you eh.

                You have a typical atheistic attitude of self centeredness. aka I got Mine so piss on all others…Man youd make a good candadit to Join that Khazar Tribe eh.

                You mention the bible, ever read the part of the wealthy land farmer who goes to bed gloating of how swell his wheat crops were that he now must build new larger barns to Hold it all?….I think its in Proverbs(?) while hes gloating and self congratulating, and drifts off to sleep, a Voice from afar says “oh you stupid Fool, gloating of how wealthy you are while never once considering those who are Poor and instead of giveing away that extra wheat you do not even need, and you plan a larger barn to store it is…TONITE! the Lord has decided to Pull Your Ticket! now what will all that wealth be worth to you?…Somebody Else is now going to get it all since tonite is Your final nite of life!”

                I think of that bible warning everytime I read or hear of the type stuff you post.

                I got mine screw all others…UNTILL, unforseen events overtake them types…Then it all changes Fast eh.

                • Yes a large portion that scrap was saved by kin folks. They never gave me anything. If not for my Know How and personal talent it would still be there. They received 50% of what it sold for. I paid all cost and labor of getting it processed & sold. And since then others in the area that are no kin to me made the same deal. And too boot I took the track hoe and buried the unsightly debris and stacked & burned the over growth ect. cleaned it up really nice even though that wasn’t part of my deal. That extra clean up was my way of giving back. Ive earned my successes. Scrap isn’t all I do. We have livestock and raise a garden & hunt. We produce 80% of our food. Every successful person trys to find ways to give back. Money or goods received wrongly will not remain with you. You lose triple for every ill gotten gain you receive. That is why the more you give to & enable the so called poor the worse their plight becomes. Ill willingly give to deserving folks ill never willingly be anyones enabler. The story in the bible you reference is just that a story it is a fiction. You me anyone could die right now. And all our hoared preps would be of no use to us. Somebody else would get it all. So by your example we shouldn’t strive to prosper? The bible story is lacking key elements it took work & know how to grow the farmers wheat. If not for his know how and work their wouldn’t be any wheat. Villifying the successful & productive isn’t the way to help the so called poor. Typical blame others and try to tear down someone else to try and build yourself up. I can look at myself in the mirror and I not afeared of dying. Think and do as you wish your the one who has to live with the results of your thoughts & actions. Your either part of the problem By being a taking parasite. or your part of the solution by being a producing maker. You know which your are. The hard fact is too many taking parasites and too few making producers is not sustainable. a question? since the sun shines on the parasites the same as it does the successful and we all breathe the same air. Why is it some are able to take care of them and theirs and aquire extra. and others cant even feed themselves without the government Robbing by Taxing the successful and redistributing to the parasitic?

                • Ok I seem to remember another bible story. Joseph and the 7 fat cattle followed by 7 skinny cattle. So during the 7 years of plenty they stored the extra grain and built more storage. and when the 7 years of plenty ended and the 7 years of lean came. they didn’t give away the grain they sold it. Henny penny is another good story. Remember when the flood came Noah Didn’t let everyone aboard the ark.

        • DriverDon. If your wife’s knee can handle a clutch and use clutchless shifts whenever possible, get her on at Werner Trucking and then become a husband/wife team.

          • I drove truck for many years. The last had 475 Hp Cat engine & 13 speed trans. I drove that rig over 500,000 miles and only used the clutch when stopping and taking off. Now they have compueter shift trucks. its a automatically compueter shifted stick trans. they are pretty good and almost anyone can drive them. I received 25% of the gross revenues or 50% of the profit. And The job kinda petered out. Expence,s kept rising and freight rates remained the same. the trucks owner,s got tired of swapping nickles and they just quit. Sold their DOT authority and real estate ect. that truck had over a million miles and was less than ten years old. They had depreciated it out and would have to pay capital gains tax on whatever it sold for so in leiu of a severance package. ( I never even tried to draw unemployment) The owners sold it to me for $1.00. I ran it for a month and lost money. I Lost money with a paid for truck and no labor cost! So Its sitting out back hasn’t been started in two years.

            • Ohhhh….,tell me you have it stored well at least,that beast needs either a chance down the road from you or needs adoption!

              • The old truck looks kinda rough bent up in front from all the deer I hit. and the salt from the roads has corroded all the aluminum and crome & dulled the paint. Over a million miles and never ever had any engine work. Never even had the valve covers off. just oil changes every 10000 miles. Its now sitting & rotting.

      39. @ Be Informed ~ Thank you Be Informed. I just called Silent Unity today, as a matter of fact.
        I had to post down here. Your comment did not have a
        ‘Reply’ icon at the bottom of your comment for me to click onto for me to respond to.

        • @ Emily. When anyone stops having empathy and compassion for others they stop being a person. This though also means that someone must care about themselves enough to realize that they are important and matter. I know people that will give the shirt off their backs and freeze to death. This is not thinking much of yourself is what I tell these people, that they matter also. It is always balance, especially with what is coming. Taking time to help others should never however become a lost commodity with any of us. Thank you for caring about the very worthwhile people on this site.

          • BI. If it get as bad as some of us believe it will be. Emiphty and compassion will just get your love ones dead..

            Are you forgetting what human nature is now.. and hoping for it would is just showing you still need to learn more if you want to survive SHIF.

      40. Its a shame that these folks are loosing the unemployment. But it has to stop sooner or later. It might as well be know. If they keep adding weeks to the unemployment, Who is going to pay for it. Damn they take enough out of my pay check now.
        If they were prepping they will be all right if not Oh Well We Told Them To!!!!
        Obullshit is going to us this as mid term election trick to they to keep the Senate. Hell bells I hope and pray that we get a better bunch in the Senate in 2014.
        The article said this is just the start 1 million now by the end of the 5 million.
        I heard on the radio today while I was on patrol that they are going to make this the first thing they look at after they get back off of vacation.
        I believe I saw somewhere Obullshits vacation is costing us 1 million dollars a day. I might be wrong! He is on vacation for 17 days. (17 million) I wish he was on permit vacation.
        I wonder if they are going to cut back on food stamps and EBT’s to the Zombies and Leaches? Like they did to our Military? THEM BASTARDS!!!!
        2014 just might be the start of the riots in the streets. Or like I like to say the Zombie attacks!!!


        • I could live with EBT cards being cut,I can no longer afford to support worthless lazy scum.

        • I could live with EBT cards being cut,I can no longer afford to support worthless lazy scum.

        • Sarge, I saw your earlier post about coming down to TN on the 1st but the reply button was broke. come on down. TN has a number of things going for it. one of the best things is we’re one of the few states left with NO STATE INCOME TAX. If you buy some land, I just might be coming. Won’t be as far to get to as north GA. I feel as you do about 2014. I think that’s when the balloon will go up. MOLON LABE braveheart

          • Braveheart:
            Going to the gun show in Franklin on Sat. If you go look for a guy about 6Ft. tall 225 LBS dark graying hair. I will be wearing a black ball cap with a confederate Battle flag crossed by an American flag, It has stars on the bill going back to a flame. I hope to see you there but if I don’t we tried.

            • Sarge, I’d love to come over there and meet you, but I will be stuck at work that day, I’m sorry to say. There will be another gun show in my area on Jan. 11-12. I’ll be getting some more ‘food’ for my ‘ventilation team’. the way you describe yourself is very close to my own physical features, only I’m somewhat lighter [nothing bad intended]. I’m still going thru withdrawal symptoms from quitting smoking ‘cold turkey’. It’s not as bad now as it was a month ago, so I’ll make it. MOLON LABE braveheart

              • Best ammo deals have seen lately is on net assuming you can do that in your state i.e. slick gun/ammoseek ect.You ever in your travels see a 6’2″/190 pd./long haired/leather wearing/cigarette smoking/beer drinking/knife carrying/gun toting/motorcycle riding/wild eyed rock and roll mother fucker,well tis me or a million like me!The difference is I am the Tull fanatic!If,of course,am going under cover as discussed a few articles back,well,just ignore me,I’m not a cross dresser dammit,am on a mission!

                • War:
                  Damn!!! Kid I sure think the world of you! Stand Tall man!!! We will get thought the things to come!!!!
                  AIM SMALL MISS SMALL

                  • Doing my best sarge,will say,do not envy you your job.The few I know in leo have spoken with recently are a bit concerned.They are both good guys who if folks do not bring violence to their areas just ignore the other laws and leave folks alone.One I am really close with says he is torn about how to act in bad situation,will not follow bad orders but also fears not being present could lead to more problems,being present could lead to internal dept. strife(to say the least),bit of a mess headed our way.They both are aware of my plan to try and help others(will probably kill me but tis OK),one said he might hang with us it gets that bad,that along with a Afghan multi tour vet might just be able to do some positive things!This is of course after the final bottle as it really starts crumbling,dammit,gonna then have one final fling!

              • BH, you’ll save good money on ammo by buying online. Even with shipping you beat gun show prices, at least around here.

                Not to mention you get want you want, not what they have.

                • Agree smoke,@ moment seems to be pretty good choices and competition,for how long is the ?,hence,extras as can afford.

                S.T.S.F.P. N.R.

              • Braveheart:
                That’s too bad, You have to keep working to keep buying Vent equipment!!!!

              • Braveheart:
                My identical twin Crawdad stop smoking and I’m very proud of him!!
                Oh you I never told you I’m an identical twin. Oh boy could we screw with TPTB. Maybe not I’m better looking!!!
                Hank in there man.
                AIM SMALL MISS SMALL

      41. I almost overlooked a precursor earthquake that just happened about 180 miles west of Chile. I thought it was on the eastern side of the Nazca plate, when zoomed in it is just west making it a precursor. What a percursor this sucker is. When this very near or exact spot has been hit in the past 40 years 9 out of 10 times a 7+ quake hits, most of the time 7.6 or higher. Only in October of 2005 did a major earthquake NOT follow. Look at what follows in the past.

        1973- 7.6 Mexico, 6.9 S. Japan, 7.4 China
        1975- 6.8 Taiwan, 7.9 Azores, 7.0 Kuril Islands
        1981- 7.6 Loyalty Islands
        1987- 7.9 Gulf of Alaska
        1999- 7.6 W. Turkey, 6.9 Costa Rica, 6.5 Vanuatu
        2005- No Earthquake followed
        2009- 7.8 S. Island New Zealand, this was in July
        2009- 8.1 Samoa, 7.6 Indonesia, this was in Sept.
        2010- 6.6 Andaman Island, 7.2 Mexico/Calif border, 7.8 N. Sumatra, 6.9 Soloman Islands
        2011- 6.6, Mexico, 7.1 Japan, 6.6 Kermadec Islands

        This is another indication that the delay in major earthquakes is showing up because something quite large is coming. I have never seen any precursor earthquake have such a large number of 7.5+ follow like this one. this earthquake today was within 7 miles or dead one to these past 10 sequences on this spot.

        • How does this help us predict anything..

          There no predictable pattern to the earthquakes mention. And very few repeat in the same area. And they are scatter all along the rim. So where does this precuser help us predi t anything.

          • @fagboypuss ;0p … Really ??? … it’s simple Sir Issac Newton Physics , For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. (cause-and-effect)…

            the tectonic plates of the earth react like marbles or pool balls during the games do ,which cause a rippling effect across the entire globe tectonic plates structure . you live on one of those gigantic plates . called the North Americas Plate .

            EARTH QUAKES HAVE rippling tectonic plate shifting patterns LARGE and small across the entire Earth globally , you just have to look for them . with a open intelligent eye and mind . which probly rules you out altogether @fbp . ignorance is bliss they say , so you must be very content indeed .

            N.O. ;0p

            pls see links below …

      42. Here… millions losing benefits.


        In Russia..Innocents being bombed again

        2nd bombing of innocents within 24 hours.

        A terrorist attack in the Russian city of Volgograd has killed at least 15 passengers on a trolley bus. The explosion comes a day after a suicide bombing in the city which killed 17 people and injured scores of others.

        What kind of sick psychopaths would deliberately maim and kill innocents?

        Besides our own psychopaths in the beltway that is?


        • Perhaps someone is angry with Russia for housing Snowden.

        • The sick psychopaths are Muslims, in this case.

          Expect a bunch more of these things in south Russia.

        • Possee, How come We never hear them called false flags when it happens in Russia. Guess Putin is just to much of a nice guy and the NWO don’t operate over there. Trekker Out. Who’s Kidding Who!

      43. Ok, ok… here’s my take. I lost my job one time several years back and applied for unemployment. They told me my dividend income was too high so I couldn’t draw unemployment. We lived off our garden and stash for about four months. Fast forward 25 years. My dividend income has more than doubled on top of two retirements. Yep… I worked over 45 years and qualified for retirement from two different jobs. One pretty good and the other… so, so. I applied for social security a couple years back and they said I qualified for that too, so I’m drawing a meager SS check. Now… add into the mix that I have no debt and we grow most of our own food and I feel like a wealthy man. Lots of blisters on my hands over the years and lots of sacrifices and hard work. However, when SHTF my retirements will probably all go tits up and my cash will be worthless but I still grow my own food, have no debt and have lots of guns and lots of whiskey. Should make for interesting times. Now, having said that and opened myself up to a lot of flaming, let me relate something else to you. I know a number of folks that have, over the last 25 or so years, intentionally cycled from employment to drawing unemployment just so they could sit around on their ass for three or four months out of the year. They made no attempt to build or prepare for anything and several even scammed the disability system so they could draw disability and I know for a fact that none of them are disabled to the extent that they could not work flipping burgers or something. Having said that, I feel bad for those folks that have tried hard, worked hard and now are really hurting, but by and large most of the folks I know on unemployment or disability are a bunch of scamming no loads who all chose the easy money early in their life and are now paying dearly for their choices. I have no sympathy for them or their family. I might give them some vegetables or something… maybe say a silent prayer for them to get real, but for the most part praying for someone is like trying to take credit for their redemption which is really totally disingenuous so I’ll probably pass on that and wish them a happy New Year instead. Hope it all works out. There are some hard times in front of us all. Just saying.

        • NC Joe.

          Good article.

        • Actually NCjoe, I clicked on your link. Its not a bad read.
          I guess it all depends upon the severity of a given collapse situation and how folks react to its consequences/realities.

          I also gave you +1, for your effort..’cuz at least it tells me ‘YOU’ are doing some research of your own accord.
          ..which in the end..is a good thing!


          ..the only critique per your author’s opinion that I believe he missed/overlooked is:

          Modern society is much more dependent upon technology and its ‘just-in-time-delivery’ business model vs. the depression-era economy…

          ..and the fact that today we have a PARASITE-CLASS, numbering close to 1/3 of the population who lack any marketable skills, except for a ‘gimme dats’ mentality.
          ..not exactly a good recipe for optimism, imo.

          • @ Hunter. This is an interesting article, but remember this came from someone that said several months ago that “all of us don’t deserve to live”. This comes from someone that has to insult the people here with some put down everytime. NC Joker can find a good article to read, yet this is still someone that wants to degrade Mac’s site and the hope and positive state of everyone here of surviving SHTF whenever the opportunity presents itself. Until NC Joker comes to this site and show that he is actually concerned about all of us, beware of someone like this that is trying to undermine all of us.

            • B.I.-

              Yes, your post and memory of joe’s past position/judgements are correct.
              My point is, he’s entitled to them..per himself only!

              ..but as long as he (or anyone for that matter), at least looks at the other sides position(our side)…there is a tiny ray of hope…that the disease of liberalism and faith in govt, will be weakened and one day…abandoned!

              ..after all, hope springs eternal..yes?

          • Hunter, I checked out the article and found it interesting, but I still say ncjoe can go to hell. He’s still just a useless troll in my book. braveheart

        • It’s a decent article, not great, but I agree with much of it.

          There will be rule of law, for instance, even if the police and courts shut down. We’ll just have to take that on ourselves.

          There will be a golden horde, but it will be smaller and smaller groups instead of a great wave.

          Bugging out of anything except the inner cities is not going to be efficacious behavior.

          Trying to survive in the ‘wilderness’, is going to last about 2 months, no longer, before Jeremiah Johnson starves to death or begins eating liver, like his historical namesake.

      44. ncjoe, f#$% you! You’re the one who is deluded being a troll for Obama, so go f#$% yourself!

      45. @ Facebook Page. This is exactly why I said that someone MUST have empathy and compassion for themselves, that a healthy balance MUST be met. I for one am someone that wrote about how horrific it will be for the non prepper. I don’t have empathy and compassion for the stupid and selfish people that spend all their money on Chinese Junk and then expect the prepper/survivalist to fed them and sacrafice their own families. Those people can eat lead, tin, and copper at velocities of at least 1000 feet per second. Trust my friend, I am like a knight, helping those as much as possible but NEVER losing sight that one oftens has to fight with extreme conviction.

        My point of this was that it was nice how Emily had the time to try to help six pack. It doesn’t cost anything to feel sorry for someone down on their luck and pray for them. Or like others have done offer some uplifting words. Having this type of support can many times get someone over the hump and back on their feet.

      46. @ Facebook Page. This only shows that after this area is hit, very large earthquakes occur. This on top of the other areas hit recently is forming a pattern. I was way too tired last night to show the areas that are showing definite signs of getting hit, and hit hard. I have narrowed it down very much to localized regions.

        Okay these are the areas to watch for until the Jan. 11 day for something above 7, possibly above 8. One of more:

        Western Indonesia, 7.2 to 8.5. Sumatra and Java
        New Guinea 7-7.5
        Loyalty Islands and Soloman islands high 7 to low 8
        Fiji to Kermadec Islands low 7 to high 7
        Samoa and Tonga high 7 to 8.3
        North Island New Zealand 6.6 to 7
        Burma 7-7.5
        India/China 7.7 to 9+
        Southern to Central Japan, 25 to 36 degrees north 7-7.6
        Kuril Islands to Kamchatka Peninsula 7-8.3
        Aleutian Islands to east Gulf of Alaska, especially Kodiak Island and Unimak Islands 7.2 to 9+
        California high 6 to mid 7 range, especially southern desert region
        South Mexico from 16 degrees north to Costa Rica
        Lesser Antillies 6.7 to 7.7
        Columbia, Ecaudor, Peru and Chile to 45 degrees south
        mid 7 to low 8
        Eastern Iran to west Pakistan high 7 range

        The many other areas that have been hit in the past following these precursor earthquakes such as the Azores, Bolivia, Taiwan, Philippines, Mozamibique, Afghanistan, Marianna Islands and many more do not have the energy signatures coming from them like the above list. The magnitudes should also be within the range.

        • That what I was looking for.. remember I support your ideas. On earthquake. But be careful. Travis is coming to your resume and you know anything he get attached to gets tainted.

          And my other was not about anything about Emily. Short version I don’t think you are to the point of serving a serious SHIF. I didn’t say you won’t get there but I think you are stillin for a hard ttransition

          • Facebook-

            I gotta ask..’cuz maybe I missed something, per your previous posts.

            WTF is a…S-H-I-F???

            …emphasis on the letter “I”.

            -(thanks beforehand)-

      47. ZOG AmeriKa and Zio-Israel attack Russia interior killing helpless innocent Russians with Human Bombs in retaliation for Russia intervention in the Israeli AmeriKa Syria War .

        Second AmeriKan Al-CIA-Duh / Isreahell jeeew Mossad Muslim Agents suicide bomb in 24 hours causes carnage in Volgograd Russia as bus explosion kills 14 people six weeks ahead of the Olympics

        22 others injured, including one-year-old baby in Russian city of Volgograd
        Officials believe suicide bomber was behind the terrorist attack
        Deadly blast comes a day after an attack killed at least 17 people in the main railway station

        * ZOG England , AmeriKa and Isreahell have just started WWIII with Russia and China!

        ‘F*CK the QUEEN!’

        N.O. ;0p

        ~Molon Labia

        • Ah N.O.

          ..remember the old days when every post you made was red thumbs down on a daily basis?

          I believe that some of the herd is turning..


          molon labia.. works


          • @Possee … Respect. ;0)

            ‘yeah (chuckling) ;0) … we had some good times then Fighting the “Good Fight” for Freedom against mass Ignorance of the people and GLOBALIST BANKER NWO ZOG FEDGOV Tyranny.’

            ‘now though … it seems AmeriKa is DESTINED to FAIL completely , with massive global War Death Disease and Financial Destruction , before we can truly change the system and bring back True AmeriCan Freedom to “We the People”.’

            … it will only get Worse from here . I hope you and yours are properly prepared for it Sir .

            Best Wishes and Warm Regards to you my Friend . We’ll see you on the “AmeriCan Freemen Patriot Fighting Line” .

            N.O. ;0p

            ~Molon Labia

            • Best to you as well…

              Manos is still kicking ass over in Crete..surviving the zog bankster takeover of his nation..

              He has continually warned me that it is coming to our shores very shortly…and seeing the latest developments here..I’m sure of it..a slow descent into hell…

              We are prepared N.O…been so for quite some time..at least with food,water,medicines, first aid and the home/personal security items…ahem..wish we were a bit more on the outskirts of civilization..but we’ll make do…bought a wood burner(atlantic wood stove older model) but the local authorities denied my installation due to it’s not u.l. certified..that’s another reason I want out of here..

              Been looking up in the N.H. and Maine locales for a cheap cabin whatever…no luck yet..but perseverance will endure..


              • @Possee … look north of Franconia Notch , N.H.

                you’ll be safe there .

                my old stomping grounds when i was a ‘Ski Bum’ for few years …

                good old New England Folks up there

                you’ll enjoy the peace safety and quiet it offers .


                • Nina,some of the central regions are not bad,of course that is a biased opinion!

              • Posse,consider N.H. or Vt.Me. and Vt. both have taxes,but strangely enuff Vt. has no real firearm laws unlike Me.,NH best choice but that is just me!As for a stove,consider making a rocket stove for home,look em up,use about 1/5 the wood at best and keep home warn 24/7 done right.

        • You are really so stupid. So stupid.

          • AND … your a coward .


            • Says the stupid one.

        • OK, so now the Dagestani muslims are Jews?

          Check your facts and get back to us later.

          • @smokey … how about you check yours first . i’m right on this one .



            • within TRIANGLES within TRIANGLES within SQUARES of STUPIDITY

      48. This article is bull because the benefits were extended !!!!!

      49. Another good reason why we should raise out own livestock or buy locally – so we know what the animals have been fed or given.

        RACTOPAMINE – Banned in 160 Countries, But the FDA Claims It’s Safe for Americans

        “Beta-agonist drugs, as a class, have been used in US cattle production since 2003. The drug is administered in the days leading up to slaughter, and AS MUCH AS 20% OF IT CAN REMAIN IN THE MEAT YOU BUY.

        This is disconcerting when you consider that the drug label warns: “NOT FOR USE IN HUMANS,” and “individuals with cardiovascular disease should exercise special caution to avoid exposure.”

        At present, the US does not even test for the presence of this drug in meats sold, even though animal research has linked RACTOPAMINE to:
        • Reductions in reproductive function

        • Birth defects (Canadian researchers5 found that, in rats, the drug produced a variety of birth defects, including cleft palate, protruding tongue, short limbs, missing or fused digits, open eyelids, jaw abnormalities, limb abnormalities, and enlarged heart)

        • Increase of mastitis in dairy herds

        • Increased disability and DEATH

        …of all reported side effects, DEATH topped the list as the most reported problem associated with ractopamine.”

        mercola dot com

      50. @ Gregory 8. I don’t even want to look at St. Louis after the New Madrid breaks. I don’t feel that the New Madrid will wait for 200 years, here is why.

        The New Madrid fault is an ancient fault that was fused together and is very reactive to the Caribbean plate, the San Andreas Fault and the movement of the North American plate from the Mid Atlantic Ridge between 14 and 20 degrees north. The Southern San Andreas is way overdue to break and will very highly likely break and continue to the central portion. In 1812 the cnetral San Andreas and the New Madrid broke together. The southern Caribbean plate also broke in Venezuela in the range of a great to mega quake. The eastern and northeastern Caribbean plate is more overdue than the San Andreas, last time it broke was over 600 years ago. The northern section went off in the late 18th centrury.

        If you trace the direction of movement of the North American plate in front of and in back of the New Madrid you can see how it goes right through the central San Andreas and right through that 14 to 20 degree north portion of the Mid Atlantic Ridge and the southern push aimed at the New Madrid from the Caribbean plate and to a lesser extent the South American and Cocos plate. It is interesting to note that there is practically no past earthquake activity since 1900 on the Mid Atlantic Ridge from 14 to 20 degrees north.

        Another very disturbing issue about the New Madrid is the lack of any earthquake since the late 19th century of above 6. Like the San Andreas this shows a locked fault that is not releasing any energy to speak of. These faults tend to violently release everything at once. The area around Parkfield on the San Andreas use to have a 6 pointer every 22 years on the average and acted as a buffer zone that helped prevent the entire San Andreas from breaking from south to north in a super mega strike slip quake like what happened last year on the western Australian plate. Parkfield went many years before having their 6 pointer and there is indications that this buffer zone known as a creep zone is more locked than people think it is.

        If there had been a 6 pointer or larger on a more frequent schedule on the New Madrid then I would say that it could be awhile. the horizontal movement though is throughly locked and loaded.

        One issue few people talk about is the siphoning out of the aquifers in the region for irrigation. The fracking of natural gas is a tiny fraction in comparison to the massive changing of the water tables. Dams put right on top of faults have QUICKEN along fault ruptures, especially in the India region. Same goes true to the imbalancing of ground water that irrigation and human use has taken from the New Madrid area.

        Also a another sign that the New Madrid is ready to go is all the USGS monitoring that is going on with an almost panicked state. There are picking up much tension on this hypersensitive equipment. The government of course will not admit this, just seeing them so interested is an indication that something is wrong and they are worried about it. There have been martial law drills recently in the St. Louis area as many people have reported. This all shows that the New Madrid is more ready to break than what a longer time frame would show. A time frame of now to months to maybe 10 or 15 years would probably be more realistic outlook than now to 200 years.

        • Seriously you guys have doom at every corner ….it gets quite ridiculous at times

          • Yet youre here, everyday. lol shows a little something about you.

        • Yep the Sparta aquifer in the Arkansas delta has sunk. The ground elevation is now 30 ft lower in some places. St Louis wont be hit near as hard a Memphis. From southern Ill all the way to the Gulf will be a big swamp. Much of the soil in the lower mississippi valley from Cairo ill southward will liquefy and slide to the south Its gonna be quite the adventure. I hope to see it in my lifetime. It would be something to see. Maybe we will get to do a flyover in our old 1958 Cessna? Our plane has been grounded (damm govt) for many years. the annual has long ago expired. and since I don’t have a AP licence My repair & maintance isn’t govt approved. And I don’t want to pay the high price for a licenced A P mech. So all we ever do is fire it up and make a few passes over the local area. If our private. landing strip becomes earthquake rumpled we can smooth it out with our bulldozer. Its not likely but we all have our dreams.

      51. These benefits were only an “extension” and “supplementation” and “increase” to what was already being given. So technically speaking the “increase” in benefits was only going to be temporary, and it was no secret.

      52. AZ FRED: What?????? I live here in LHC. Can you please explain more? Oh, and Hi all. I have been looking over your shoulders for a couple of years now. I believe that there are many more that do as I do. Thank you for all the information, the community and the laughs. I feel like the distant cousin you all have never met. 🙂
        God bless us…..we sorely need it.


      53. The Internet is not so much hated as feared by the establishment. It has become a tool of commerce and business, as well as government functions, and thus cannot simply be shut down without a horrific impact on the economy. This would be akin to martial law, and not be sustainable. Thus, they are stuck with the Internet which disseminates information almost instantly, going viral as the saying goes. They have countered the information that is a threat to their control by disseminating disinformation, but this practice has been recognized and is easily identified by the common man. Only those highly gullible and easily lead are fooled by disinformation.

      54. To be counted as unemployed in this statistic, a worker must not have a job, be currently available for work, and have actively sought employment within the last four weeks. In other words, a lot of the jobless are left out of the government’s tally. Fortunately, digging deeper into the labyrinth of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) Web site can offer a more complete, if imperfect, picture of joblessness. Since 1993, the BLS has tracked a category of unemployed called U-6, which captures the total unemployed, plus what the agency calls “marginally attached” workers and those employed part-time “for economic reasons.” For an example; November 2008, that rate was 12.5%, nearly double the official unemployment rate and the highest since the government started tracking this category. Some self-employed workers are incorporated into other BLS statistics, but not all of them are counted. That means a good portion of this group, which the Government Accountability Office says makes up 10% of the workforce, isn’t properly tracked.

      55. Dont let the faults scare you. Build a A frame home outside of the cities and off grid.

      56. Agendas?

        Puppet Masters:
        He with the gold, rules. The public assumes a broad ownership of corporations and media outlets, when the opposite is true. A very few individuals control the wealth of the world, install politicians to their pleasing, create global conflicts and create or destroy the fortunes of countries as well as individuals in the chess games they play with their control, and thus operate as Puppet Masters during the cover-up. Their agenda is to retain control, retain their position, and thus as their gold rules, they want minimal impact to their financial stature. No bank failure. No drop in stock value. No corporate bankruptcies.

        Promised wealth, power, security, and opportunities outside of what their natural talents would afford them, puppets invariably allow their strings to be pulled. They are chosen because they can be controlled, by blackmail, by bribery, by intimidation, and if disappointed with the role they are assigned, they are alternately threatened and placated by their puppet masters, else eliminated. Puppets run amuck of their masters when they sense their world will not continue, and make demands. Occasional restless puppets are expected, with alternatives waiting in the wings, but when puppets panic en mass, malfunction, are absent, and many replacements are happening simultaneously, the chess game the puppet masters play does not go as planned. This makes the puppets nervous, as they sense they are dispensable.

        Comfortable Class:
        Accustomed to being secure due to ownership of goods and the power this brings, the upper class or moneyed class will react with more than shock when their property, whether corporate interests or stocks and bonds or real property, is flushed down the toilet during the increasing changes pummeling the Earth. Insurance companies will go under when their insured base surpasses their wealth, corporate bankruptcy will ensue when all but the corporate name have been washed or blown away, and clutching jewels and artwork, they will stand and wail. Banking empires, government security blankets, all run by puppets of the puppet master, will receive demands to do something to return the comfortable class to their comfort. Simultaneous demands on nervous and malfunctioning puppets create an explosive situation. More malfunction. More naked hand of the puppet master exposed.

        Working Class:
        At the base of the pyramid, the working man and woman observe the drama. From their standpoint, they are living in the Land of Oz, where nothing is as it has been pronounced, the good guys doing bad deeds, the economic recovery putting them out of their homes and jobs. The point of working for the comfortable class is for food and a roof over one’s head, and when both seem tenuous, loyalty fails. The working class is thus simply not where expected to be, not the drones and robots anticipated, and the comfortable class now switches from simply wailing to panic. Insecurity translates to autocracy, so strong arm tactics against the working class are the first armament. This of course backfires when cities are collapsing and the leadership proven inept, so the working class becomes the rebelling class, and is absent even more.

        Thus, the clash of agendas means that none of the social structure operates as expected by those in the Service-to-Self, who find their banking empires collapsed, their real and corporate properties vanishing, their puppets wandering around confused, and the comfortable class fuming about the recalcitrant working class and lack of action by the puppets running the establishment’s empire. To me this is starting to happen now,and signals the END is NEAR.

      57. I have been looking through the subjects and comments on this site for quite some time. This is my first post; probably wont be my last.

        Thanks Mac for all the interesting subjects and a great big thanks for the “comments” section. Prepping information and history lessons all combine to keep me interested. There are many prepping sites to choose from; but none with the lively comments section at shtf!

        Happy New Year (we can all pray for that one) to everyone here.

        • Welcome!

        • G’n’R,good handle,saw em from the bars to the stadiums,good times.

        • You’re actually not getting any history lessons at this site, but propaganda and revisionism. If you feel your knowledge of history is lacking, go to your local public library or bookstore.

      58. Five millions Americans will be losing access to what essentially amounts to their paycheck.

        What nonsense! What utter rot!

        They’ll hopefully, be losing their access to MY Paycheck, and it’s about time.

      59. audit-finds-china-39-local-government-debt-soaring-101302049–finance.html

        BEIJING — China’s local government debt has soared 70 percent over the past three years, according to an official audit Monday, which called on local leaders to curb the rapid increase.

        The report follows warnings rising debt could endanger China’s economic growth. Communist Party leaders have pledged to make getting debts under control an official priority.

        Local governments owe directly or have guaranteed 17.7 trillion yuan ($2.9 trillion) in debts as of June, the National Audit Office reported. That was up from Y10.7 trillion ($1.7 trillion) at the end of 2010.

        Debt still is “rising relatively fast,” the report said. It said local leaders need to tighten control over borrowing and create an “emergency response mechanism” for their stock of debt.

        The Chinese central bank has tried to allay concern, saying debt risks are manageable. But private sector economists say the rapid increase is dangerous for the financial system.

      60. New Madrid

        People in a vast seismic zone in the southern and mid-western United States would face catastrophic damage if a major earthquake struck there and should ensure that builders keep that risk in mind. FEMA predicted a large earthquake would cause “widespread and catastrophic physical damage” across Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri and Tennessee – home to some 44 million people. In Tennessee alone, it forecast hundreds of collapsed bridges, tens of thousands of severely damaged buildings and a half a million households without water. Transportation systems and hospitals would be wrecked, and police and fire departments impaired. Be prepared as best you can.

        Remember; When life gets too hard to stand—- KNEAL

      61. Pretty much I could give a shit one way or another as far as what happens to this or that regarding loss of Unemployment wages and/or welfare. There are some good that will suffer with the bad. I’m at the point in my life where I don’t really give a rat’s ass about worrying what’s gonna happen next, whether it be dancin’ with stars or King Koon’s next promise. The only thing I’m keen on is what I got to do to keep what’s mine and ensure the viability of my family’s core. I’m not even remotely interested in what is not mine…. but what is mine, I want it all. Those who want to keep their hair might want to keep that in mind when they come upon my property. Take what I say for what its worth or not at all.

        • yes indeed Po,d patriot If you take care of you and yours and I take care of me and mine and everyone elsed does the same there wouldn’t be any problems!

      62. I have a question. Are folks that receive social security disability who are mentally disabled (crazy check) legally allowed to own firearms?

        • Yes. They still need to be found unfit to possess.

          • Hmmm.,mental health check,must have missed that reading bill of rights,along with a lot of the other reasons govt. claims they can deny citizens their rights,list seems to grow daily.

        • A court declaration is needed. At least for now. The Obama administration is working night and day to figure out how to deny gun rights based on a prescription having been filled or a visit to a psychologist.

      63. “When the wagon riders outnumber the wagon riders…the wagon soon stops”.

        …that…is where we are in this nation now.

      64. Got my last unemployment check last week, went to the Food Bank today and there were slim pickings. Thankfully the store coupon machine spit out $2.00 for my next shopping trip back when I stocked up on canned goods. I used that to buy eggs which have gotten so spendy that the $2 off made them the price I used to pay for them. Slow roll out of collapse? Yes, I would say so.

        • I see the points being made here, and agree with most. One thing that is disturbing is the statement that the unemployed could do the grunt work that immigrants do, if they were not so lazy. I believe most of our potential grunt work farmers are not physically up to the job. They have had jobs which take less physical strength and ability to persist in poor conditions. Yes we need to get these jobs back into our citizens’ hands, but how to do it has not been adequately addressed. Laziness has been encouraged and people are “out of shape” nationwide.

          • They can do physical work, it might take two of them to do the work of one illegal, but they can do it.

          • Mariel Years ago in the colonies the had the very same problem. It was very quickly solved when they made a rule that those who don’t work don’t eat.

        • Go to the farmer’s market. The price of eggs ranges from $1.75 to $5 at ours. IIRC.
          welfare is an insult to working people. safety net is too high and welfare folks will not work. They only take the job long enough to get back on welfare.

          • Our farmer’s market is where the well-heeled buy their free range eggs and EBT card carriers get discounts if they use the government money there. The rest of us get no break and can’t afford it. I could buy eggs at church where a guy sells them for $4/doz (a donation to the church’s benevolence fund) but I watch for coupons and sales instead.

            IMO, Food Banks are what communities should do instead of EBT and welfare. It prevents hunger, but it’s not luxurious. It also keeps the government out of the business of the needy and keeps the government from becoming a god. When you face the same volunteers week after week, you feel accountable to your community. I think that’s a very good thing.

            Re: laziness, I don’t speak for others, but I’ve applied for all kinds of work including physical non-desk work. As I am getting older I cannot do things that I did in my 20’s (jobs that illegals do now), and the fact is, because there are illegals in those jobs, they are not hiring! I compete with an average of 30 people for every desk job to which I apply. The next step may be CNA training- hard, physical work with potential for cleaning bed pans and wiping bottoms, but I’ll do it if it comes to that.

            • Sigi Im 63 and still physically fit. and I cant compete with the Mexicans. Even if I where 30 years younger I couldn’t out work them. Ya gotta give them credit they can really work. Their not lazy. No way for me to to compete in todays job market. So we simply raise 80% of our food eggs meat & garden produce.. Ive been in the scrapping business for a few years. Even today I went and tore apart a round bale of hay and pitchforked part of it into the bed of my truck. went and fed livestock and then cut and loaded firewood.

      65. What a bunch of losers, get a job ya bum

      66. Not one cent was ever taken from any workers paycheck for unemployment comp. Unemployment comp is funded by a special tax on the employers payroll. In the case of federal extended benefits
        (since all government spending is a tax) its a tax on everyone. Its money not worked for not earned its welfare ,dole ect. Unemployment is just another form of social engineering. Its simply robbing from the successful. No matter how you try to justify it and no matter how you try to put positive spin on it Unemployment comp is social engineering just another government regulation a tax that is driving away production jobs. Its a burden that adds to the cost of production.

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