Going the Way of Commies and Nazis

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    When the TSA introduced its policy of enhanced pat downs prior to the Thanksgiving Holiday last year we noted that it was only a matter of time before such security measures were introduced throughout public venues and transportation infrastructure throughout the country.

    In the last year, we’ve seen exactly that happen. As we speak the police state is expanding its monitoring and control across ever public access point in the country, including train stations, bus terminals, sporting events, digital social networks and, most recently, our roadway systems.

    We warned of the spread of rapid response Visual Intermodal Protection and Response (VIPR) checkpoints in 2010 when they were first used at Greyhound bus terminals, and now their use has been broadened to include impromptu stops of motorists on a state-wide level, starting first in Tennessee:

    Via The Intel Hub

    The full scale Department of Homeland Security takeover of America shifted into high gear Tuesday with an army of TSA agents conducting illegal, 4th amendment killing, random searches throughout Tennessee.

    The Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR) program was put into motion at 2 public bus stations as well as at 5 weigh stations throughout the state.

    The program is billed as a must have anti terrorism measure when in reality no terrorists have ever been arrested by TSA and all the supposed terrorists who have been arrested in America since 9/11 have literally been run by the FBI.

    In East Germany Stasi fashion, DHS officials are also recruiting multiple truck drivers in the area for their tell on your neighbors, see something say something program.

    The underlying fact is that these random checkpoints and searches are NOT for terrorists, (they essentially do not exist without the help of the FBI) they are for everyday American people.

    This is far from “fighting” terrorism, this is about complete control of our once free society as staged terror plot after staged terror plot is splashed across the media in a move to get Americans to submit to a full scale police state all in the name of security.

    Source: The Intel Hub

    The purpose of this operation is not to respond to any particular terrorist threat. It is to desensitize the American people to what can only be described as nullification of our Constitutionally protected fourth amendment rights which explicitly protect our persons and property from unreasonable searches and seizure, and to clearly demonstrate to the American people who’s in charge by instilling a sense of authority and fear.

    The hundreds of billions of dollars our government confiscates from honest, law abiding citizens each year are now being used to militarize and lock down the entire nation.

    This is precisely what was done in Communist Russia and Nazi Germany.

    Under Communist rule, Russians and eastern Europeans were regularly subjected to such checks when travelling from town to town. Prior to engaging in travel behind the iron curtain, now matter how mundane or innocent the purpose, travelers were first required to obtain permission from a local commissar who would determine if they were eligible. All of this was executed with extreme precision and effectiveness under a system that lacked modern day biometric identification and computerized tracking capabilities.

    The attacks on September 11, 2011 proved that the country could be locked down within a few hours – airline travel, border crossings and all transportation pipelines. It can be done. Quickly. Efficiently. Effectively.

    The next step, which is now progress, is to control the flow of traffic – be it digital or physical – within the borders of the United States.

    Proponents of the new policies will often make the asinine and fallacious argument that we’ve heard all too often from ignorant myrmidons who have no concept of liberty and the purpose of Constitutional protection , “If you’re not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about.”

    The counter argument, as pointed out by the ACLU, should be “”If I’m not doing anything wrong, why is the government snooping on me?”


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      1. TSA Agent: Sir we’d like to search your car.
        Me: Go get a warrant.
        TSA Agent: That could take days sir
        Me: Fine by me, I’ve got a bug out bag with food, water, and shelter, see you in a few days.

        If everyone took the approach of making this process as difficult as possible for them they may rethink this. Can you imagine if EVERYONE made them get a warrant? End of program.

        • It doesn’t take days to get warrants now, it takes a couple of minutes on the telephone and an assurance from a judge the warrant will be sitting on the cop’s/agent’s desk by the time he gets back to the office for his 2nd coffee and doughnut enema. Granted it is still a good idea to exercise your 4th Amendment rights, I am just pointing out the futility in doing so for the sole purpose of “hasslin’ with the man”.

          • I don’t think the idea is to hassle the cop. I believe it is to assert that Americans have Constitutionally protected rights that they exist and should be observed.

        • TSA Agent: We’re going to search you car, get out.

          Me: Go get a warrant.

          TSA Agent: You’re under arrest. Cuff this man and take him to the FEMA camp.

          • It’s best to engage TSA agents at at least 200 yards before they get close enough to drag you off/out of your car/home/bus/bicycle.

            Also, don’t forget, IT’S YOUR CONGRESSMAN that voted for this crap.

          • You forgot the rest of the conversation:

            American: BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! …click.

            If they cross that line, many others will too.

            The first TSA stop Americans go though, there will be a national alert. This will anger the public more than they know. They can’t do this. This is a DIRECT violation of all our rights. ALL OF THEM! It pisses me off that they could even run a test.

            This is a line in the sand. …one that Americans should refuse to let our government cross without a hail of bullets.

            If the TSA starts doing this, they better adopt what the Afgans do with mortars and snipers: shoot and scoot. Only, in this case, it would be “pat and scoot”. They stay there too long, they’ll see pickup trucks with deer rifles peering over the cabs at them at 200 yds.

            They might get away with it in the big cities where the sheople pens are more densely populated and the sheople are more conditioned. But, you try that in middle America for real, you better be in a bulletproof booth.

            • Sounds like a G30 you got there.

            • Actually, a Hi-Point C9. Sometimes the slide hold-open doesn’t work. (…click)


            • If that started (and it will), I hope there will be a nationwide alert. I would like very much to get a text message if TSA sets up any roadblocks. Wish I knew of such an alert system.

            • Hey NetRanger, nice dreaming. This will never happen because the majority of Amerikans are a bunch of stupid sheep. There are lots of pickup trucks on the roads and there are lots of pickup truck drivers who pack deer rifles but the only thing they have ever peered over is a cold beer and their wife’s fat ass.

        • Nope…NOPE, nope, nope—then the corrupt administraton(with a new EO)or the corrupt Supreme Court would fast track a new bill giving them the right and authority.

          • Interestingly a judge can be removed by Congress. When they misbehave, Congress can just remove them. This has happened in the past. When judges have created legislation by ignoring the written law and makeing their own interpretation, Congress has removed them. But Congress won’t do that now. So the people have removed them by not voteing for them. Even judges who ran alone, uncontested, were unseated by the people who did not vote for them and therefore there was NO minimum and they were voted OUT.

        • Patriot Act takes away the requirement for a warrant. The Nazis should refuse to harass the American public, they should be ostracized for working for the TSA by the public including their families. None of my children would ever work for this agency. Reminds me of the Nazi soldiers who saw what was being done to the Jews and they particapted, when they knew it was wrong.

          • I already ostracize all members of the police state. I won’t befriend or communicate with members of the police state. If my brother started dating a female cop, he’d be dead to me and he knows it. They should be shunned, and made to understand that what they are doing is “not okay.” Despite their 6 figure government paychecks and propaganda that makes them believe THEY are the patriots.

        • Brilliantly said Arkaden!

        • Well, sorry to rain on your parade: “Patriot Act” effectively overrules Warrants – courtesy of Mr. Bush.
          Search and seizure without representation. In Russia they’d just arrest you and hold you in the cell while they obtain a warrant. I know, I am from there.
          The only way to leverage this is through immediate political and legal action, otherwise it’d be a Goulag 2.0 in the U.S. of A. pretty soon.

        • That’s a best case scenario my friend… I suspect that by the time it gets to this point, they’ll simply declare you a terrorist and shoot you for “resisting”… the moment the masses at large see this, one of two things will happen, either the masses will rise up and overwhelm the ‘law enforcement’ personnel, or they’ll “comply”… I suspect they’ll comply… Americans have become completely gutless and worthless

      2. You know the Nazis had flair that they made the Jews wear.

        • yeah the NWO will have one also. It will be a mark you dont want to have

        • …then off on a tear, they shorn all their hair, and butchered them there.

          • View Holocaust Denial Videos to see it’s all BULLSHIT. 500 propaganda movies from the jew run hollywood heve filled your empty head

      3. I’m always forgetting my wallet when I leave home, TSA would have a field day with me!

        • Clay,

          It’s time for you to inject a chip 🙂

          Good morning (evening here) Clay. Just kidding.


          • Monos, the only chips going this body are salt and vinegar potato chips. How are things going in your part of the world, more people waking up to whats going on?

            • monos? oops sorry Manos

            • People are so stupid Clay. They watch the riots in the tv news, and then change channel and watch the Greek idol.
              One man died during yesterday’s demonstration in Athens. A tear gas grenade exploded exactly next to him, and he inhaled all the shit.
              He died a couple of hours later in some hospital. He was unemployed sice 2008, and father of two girls.

              Wish all the luck and health.

            • Same thing here pretty much Manos, Sheeple are very disengaged as to what’s happening with the economy. They get all there news in soundbites and video-clips and believe it all. They allow themselves to become distracted by the lies and half truths vomited up by those really in charge and lose focus on the real issues that effect our constitutional and god given rights, like the article above, the right of unhindered travel.
              Peace and my best to you and your family, keep your head down! Clay

            • Manos: I do not believe the guy died from “tear gas”. I was in the gas chamber three times in less than two years. The last time in an enclosed space, when it was very thick and very potent with no mask as I was trying to avoid it all together.

              Every orifice in my body was running but I didn’t die. There must have been “extenuating circumstances”.

            • Hey DK hope things are going good for you. I Know nothing about the situation with the person who died. I do know tear gas is an irritant, as testified by your orifices. So you are correct, he probably had asthma, COPD or the like. Just curious, do you think there is any concussion when a tear gas container goes off? Clay

            • Claymation: No its a small pop like opening a soda can.

          • Manos:

            I’ve been testing out my new moonshine still….I have made my first gallon of liquor…and it great!!!

            My favorite drinking proverb… “You can’t fall off the floor.” 🙂

            • Blooydyfellow,

              Since you mentioned liquor, let me send you a joke.

              There is this middle aged couple sitting in their porch.
              The wife is sewing and the husband is drinking beers.
              sometime after 7 beers, the husband opens an 8th bottle, drinks half of it, and then says:

              – I love you.
              The wife surprised, turns to him and says:

              – Is that you who talks now or the beer?
              And the husband answers:

              – It’s me talking to my beer.

            • It works well in automobiles as fuel also!!!
              Did I just say that. My God, the horror!!! Good liquor used for driving. Where’s the sense in that?

            • Manos:

              Hahhahahaha!!! 🙂 the truth…. Hahaahahaha..

            • Cyber.samurai

              That one for the State Troopers to figure out!

              State Trooper ugh…Sir, have you been drinking tonight…I noticed you were swerving a little. (me) ugh…. no Sir! but, my truck has…. 🙂 Hahhahahahah 🙂

          • How’s it going, Manos?

            I talked to an American friend who is living in Athens and she said she is hardly able to leave her apartment without the risk of being kidnapped or mugged. It sounds horrible. She is lucky that she has stockpiled and has plenty of food and water.

            • Daisy,

              This is happening in Athens for the last 5 years. From a population of 4 million, there are around 800.000 illegals from all over the world.
              Whole neighborhoods now belong to gangs, prostitution, robbers, mafia, and others.
              Law abiding citizens cannot even pass through such places, even during daylight, with their cars.
              So i believe that your friend is not exaggerating.
              But i think that we will see the same stuff, near us very soon.
              For us living in the country it will not be as tough as in Athens, but still is a radical intrusion in our culture and way of life.

              Be safe Daisy. Protect your beloved ones.

          • D.K.

            The official hospital announcement is: “fatal myocardial ischemia”.
            Family said, he had never hear problems, and doctors verified that there were no other indications of old heart attacks. No injuries were found from rocks, bats, or sticks.
            Who knows. The sad thing is that a fellow human being died, leaving his wife and daughters in grief.

            My best wishes

            • that gas and stuff, even the stress of finding yourself in a situation like that can cause a heart attack in the healthiest of people. stress is a no.1 killer of people especially the boomer generation.

      4. I would ask them which part of the 4th Amendment they are incapable of understanding……

      5. time to get out while you still can?

        • If you don’t plan on fighting in the second revolutionary war yes.

          Grab your Kalashnikovs because the second war for independence won’t be fought with muskets 🙂

          • Does anyone see the irony that weapons designed and built by Soviet communists would be used to free ourselves from American communists?

            • i’d perfer an american AK nockoff… or russian AR. irony for the win!

            • WELL SAID>>>>>>>>WELL SAID !

          • The SECOND American Revolution was lost in 1865.

        • Yes, definitely. If you have the means and the will to do so. Few people have the education, clean criminal record, clean bill of health, and financial means to actually move to another country legally. You see, every other country on Earth has extremely high barriers to entry. They won’t take an uneducated, disease ridden, impoverished person like the U.S. has taken 20 million Hispanic peasants in the past 30 years.

          Can you scrape together 100 grand?
          Do you have a desirable job skill (keeping in mind that with the global depression in full swing, you probably don’t)?
          Are you willing to leave your family and friends behind?
          Are you willing to part with almost all of your property/belongings?

          Now you see the problem. It is the rare individual that is actually able to escape from the American police state.

          As for me…the writing is on the wall. I won’t be here in 2 years. The U.S. has embraced tyranny and become a police state. My fellow countrymen have abandoned liberty, therefore it is time for me to abandon tyranny and flee for greener pastures.

          • Let me arrange you a trip to Mother Russia, shall I? Ain’t need a hundred G’s to get there. You will just love a state that has no TSA, no IRS, no NSA, no CIA, n FBI, DOD, etc., only the finest genuine KGB/FSB style! You see, there are no greener pastures, only the NATO, Chavez, China and Russia. Please, I pray, you take a pick…

      6. Rick: Your cash is good at the bar.
        Banker: What? Do you know who I am?
        Rick: I do. You’re lucky the *bar’s* open to you.

      7. How about that! Thousands of Al Qaeda running around Tennessee, probably disguised as poor white trash. Thank goodness the Department of Fatherland Security is on the case. Or maybe they could go to Libya and pat down our new best buddies and beloved allies – “The Rebels”. Then they’d actually find some real Al Qaeda, veterans of Iraq, with American blood on their hands. What a world?!

        • Think of the punishment for grandma
          …found knitting an afghan!

          • Maybe grandma should be knitting an iraqi!

        • “Poor white trash”? Good thing its still ok to make fun of underpriviliged white people.

          • We take it in stride. I grew up PWT but managed to get some dental work and a degree.

          • It will ALWAYS be ok to discriminate against whites. After all, only whites can be racist and whites are the racist oppressors and slave drivers of history.

            Your children will be 2nd class citizens in the Hispanic dominated U.S. of the near future. I won’t be here when the U.S. has a majority Mexican population, I can tell you that much. If I wanted to live in Mexico I’d move there. Instead Mexico is sending 150 million Hispanics here to turn us into a 2nd world shit hole like Mexico. No thanks, I have other options.

            I feel sorry for those of you with children, you have brought them into a life of misery and enslavement.

          • It must be hard to appreciate humor when you’re always looking for the threat, challenge, or insult in any remark. Loosen up.

        • Watch it—I’m part of that trailer trash from Tennessee.
          And if ya’ll knew what Portland was and is and what it looked like–you’d be sooo OTFLYAO..
          It’s claim to fame is strawberries..yep, big strawberry festival surpasses even their Christmas Parade!!

      8. This process is called, “The Nazification Of America”.

        The US Federal Gov’t is no longer legitimate in any measure of its existence.

        It is time to abolish our wholly TREASONOUS US Federal Gov’t,… while we still can.

        The TSA (Treasonous Scummbags and Assholes) are one thing, and one thing ONLY: HOMELAND GESTAPO!

        This is as UN-American as you get!

        This is what #OWS needs to focus on:



        There is one last bastion of defiance Americans can exercise short of doing what is actully needed (Abolishing our Treasonous Gov’t), which is,

        When Americans are outraged enough and start shooting and killing TSA agents, the defendents will be charged with thousands of “crimes” including murder for defending him/herself from the treasonous TSA.

        Here is where the gov’t doesn’t want you to realize, that Americans still have one ace left up their sleeves,… which is, whatever the person is charged with, if it has to do with the TSA, find that person “INNOCENT”,.. period!

        If he/she shoots a dozen of them, oh well,… INNOCENT! (assuming they are alive long enough to reach the trial process).

        You see, the gov’t still hasn’t figured out out to eliminate the final obstacle to gov’t abuse, the trial process, although they have started the process when they killed an American in Yeman with a drone attack (Alwaki I think his name was) without being convicted, trial or even charging him with anything. They do plan on expanding that process here, but they are finding that Judges like having the power of God to much to simply give it up.


        To All Americans:

        When you sit on a trial for someone who was being molested and fought back against the TSA, (or any of the other criminal Fed Agencies for that matter), find them, “INNOCENT”, regardless of the “official” bullshit story the gov’t will put forth.

        The only other way to rein in the complete and systemic corruption of the Fed Gov’t is,.. to ABOLISH IT ENTIRELY AND PROVIDE NEW GUARDS FOR OUR FUTURE SECURITIES!

        JD – US Marines – Fighting To Stop Tyranny.

        • I like your idea, but see one problem. In the violent scenario you describe we’d soon be under some form of martial law (whatever they might call it). Jury trials for “state enemies” would simply not occur.

          • Hi Hal Muller,

            Allow me to clarify one issue, I do NOT recommend or suggest violent response or shooting these slime bag TSA agents however much they may deserve it.

            What I am empahsising is I acknowledge this is the response the TSA and the Feds are trying to provoke from people, and as anger and frustration grow, they will succeed.

            But here is the main problem:

            1) The Fed gov’t is on a one-way course to complete Despotism and Tyranny. There is no stopping them, there is no turning them around, there is no reasoning with them. This is their objective and goal,…period.

            2) The very agencies, departments, officials and branches of gov’t that SHOULD be protecting our Rights & Liberties, are in fact the ones working most vigorously to take them away.

            3) The Fed gov’t orchestrated and committed 9/11, OCB, WTC Bombings, USS Cole and Liberty attacks, and so on. The agencies of the government that should have held the treasonous elements of these crimes responsible, in fact helped them hide and cover up their murder, destruction and treason. This kind of treasonous government can NOT be fixed.

            4) We don’t need a “Revolution”, which is a change in government form, we need a “Restitution”, which is the re-institution of the US Constitution.

            5) I do not advise violence, I only recognize its inevitable use by a corrupt and despotic govt for multiple reasons which fits its criminal agenda, and the like response by people no longer willing to except treason, murder, molesting, theft and abuse by a wholly dysfunctional gov’t.

            (This like wearing a seat-belt,… It does not mean I wish to get into a car accident, It only means I recoganize the potential for one.)

            6) The Jury Process: AS for the “futility” of finding a defendent (American) innocent when refusing to be victimed by our treasonous gov’t, there are no other options if you fight back, get arrested and are charged. You will have to go to trial (or plea deal), in which case, the jury of Americans DO have a none-violent option to tell the TSA (or whatever criminal gov’t agency claims “harm”) to “fuck-off – we are simply not going to take it anymore, and any American that rightfully fights back, will recieve the full support of Americans in the Jury box.”

            Its not much, but it is a tatic with some value.

            Just remember, anyone that blows a gasket and decides its time to shoot these treasnous scumbags (TSA agents), will most likely end up on the morgue slab, so the chances of them seeing support by Americans in Jury Box is slime to none.

            Hope that clears my point a little.

            JD – US Marines – Fighting To Stop Tyranny

            • And all I’m saying is that somewhere in that 2,000 page “Patriot Act” I’m sure there’s a provision to suspend the right to jury trials for terrorists, domestic or otherwise. When the bad guys 1)write the law 2)interpret the law 3)enforce the law; good luck using the law against them.

        • Completely share your passion and frustration. Unfortunately, Hal Muller is right. WE are going to need a “back door” plan of assault.

          • The ‘back door’ is the system getting to the end of their frazzling economic rope and dropping to the ground with a thud reminiscent of the making of cow pie!

            Then, the prepared thinkers survive and humanity is better for it.

            The Universe is Perfect (except for that little tickler thrown in, chaos.) 🙂 But what’d ya want? A universe of billiard balls?

            • QB: Chaos is what makes the Universe perfect. Otherwise life would be very dull. It is the random event that makes life interesting.

              Quark you! 🙂

            • I’m all about the chaos – I have two kids and four pets!!!

            • Daisy: Four pets??? You mean you have other “dependents” beside that floppy-eared golden retriever?

              I hope you are using them as tax deductions! 🙂

        • Don’t forget the lesson of history taught to us by Nazi Germany. When there were trails before it really hit the fan there, they were MOCK trails – meaning that regardless of innocence, the person on trial was going to be found guilty or in the case of someone who was in with the Nazis an guilty of what they were accused, they would be found innocent. The Nazis put this in place and it worked. If this get to this stage, we really are screwed and I hope it doesn’t come to that.

        • Right on, buddy, I’ll sit on any jury in such a case and do what is right by our constitution and ammendments.

          • Most of us will never get selected for a jury. All they’ll do is ask you if you beleive in the constitution and you’re a non selectee. I’ve been called to jury duty about 20 times, never being in the top 25 (your number tells you how close you are to the top 12 and 1 alternate).
            Most common questioned I’ve been asked ” do you beleive cops/police officers lie?”. Wow, what a thought!
            I know many of you have anidotes also.

        • US Marines,

          Your idea is great. Your nation must learn how to deal with such a scenario.
          An most of all, they must learn not to fear.
          Our fear feeds their intolerance.

          Be safe my friend.

          • Hi Manos,

            How are you my old friend!

            Good to see your still with us.

            Please pass my warmest regards onto your family for me.

            I watch what is going on in Greece everyday. I am sad for your country. The latest article/news I’ve seen stated that there are now dead Greek protestors lying on the ground in front of your parliment building.

            Is this true?

            Perhaps you would be kind enough to describle a little bit of what is going on, and what life is like there right now.

            The regular news, so called “free press” here in the US is wholly controlled and paid for by the very organazations (including the US Gov’t) and individuals it should be exposing, so we actually hear very little about what is really going on in your country because they main press doesn’t want the “idea” of large scale protests and riots to spread here.

            I simply call our Mass-Media Press what it really is, “The Josef Gobbels Ministry Of Proganda”.

            I have to go to alternate news sites and foreign press like RT to find out whats really going on in other parts of the world, and here in the US!

            What part of Greece are you in?

            My prayers to you and your country Manos.

            JD – US Marines – Old Bridge, New Jersey, USA

            • U.S. Marines,

              We try to get info from alternate media also. All tv chanels are controlled by the government now, and tell only lies.

              I live in the island of Crete, in Heraklion city.
              It’s around 60 miles east of the U.S. military base of Souda Bay. There is a big U.S. community there, and i have many friends, most of them civilians.

              During my military duty, I served in a nearby Navy camp. Due to the knowledge of the language, i assisted my commander in translations, and formal or informal visits.
              I must say that they were the best 21 months of my life.

              Be safe.

        • Consider the following:

          1. The government claims the right to imprison anyone forever without a trial
          2. The government claims the right to kill anyone anywhere in the world without a trial or even disclosing the reasons for the hit

          Do you really think we’re at the point that civil disobedience is a viable option?

          There are no options. There is no hope, and no future for liberty in America. Tyranny has set in there it will not release its grasp on the souls and minds of the American people for many decades, if ever.

          You either stay and live a slave, or you get out while you still can.

          • Respectfully, while I argree with the facts that you’ve presented I disagree with the thesis you have arrived at.

            They can’t kill all of us. Who would be their slaves if all of the people were dead?

            I have traveled a LOT and lived in several other countries so I feel that I can say with some authority that no country ANYWHERE has patriots like the USA. Yeah, they love their country but they aren’t passionately waving flags the way Americans do. Part of the reason the other countries hate is because of our certainty that our country is the best one on earth.

            THREE HUNDRED MILLION Americans are not going to sit there and take it while the government shoves servitude down our throats.

            The fight starts with knowing your Constitutional rights and embracing them – and not allowing ANYONE to take them away from you.

            It continues with being loud and proud. If the PTB mess with you, shout it from the rooftops. Go to the media! Take ’em to court! Hopefully they won’t off you, but if they do there will be a thousand pissed off people right behind you, ready to take your place!

            You have got to shake off this mindset or you WILL be a slave.

            • Daisy: I love it when you get fired up!!! 🙂

            • I only wish that were the case, but most people, from every possible demographic slice, educational background, and economic circumstance, just LOVE being lied to, and when raped by their government, simply say “Thank you sir, may I have another?” And they will happily and with clear conscience rat out their fellow man to stay “safe” – after all, they’re only doing it for your own good and the good of the country.

              There are none so blind as those who will not see – and most people are as blind as bats…and prefer it that way.

            • Outstanding Daisy! “They can’t kill all of us” would be a great title for a new pro-Constitution political party.

          • Doubtful: Don’t let the door hit you in your candy ass on the way out. America needs patriots not cowards!

        • SEMPER FI J D ! I pray the Military does a Coup d etat !
          The next Revolution is coming…..SOON !

      9. ”If I’m not doing anything wrong, why is the government snooping on me?” As stated earlier it the article, the TSA programs have nothing to do with “your safety”. You are guilty until “deemed” less guilty, never innocent.

        YOU are being acclimated to accept ANYTHING they do, and are planning to do in the very near future. As pointed out by Arkaden, WE have a responsibility to ourselves and fellow citizens to STOP blindly accepting this BULLSH*T.

        We need a CSA, citizens security agency, that mans “checkpoints” at the halls of congress, white house, wall street, and the mega banksters. Wouldn’t it be comforting to actually target the real TERRORIST for a change?

      10. We have been living in an increasing police-state for many many years, and 9/11 was the perfect excuse to speed up the process under the guise of “protecting” america and her citizens from harm.

        I am less likely to be harmed by a terrorist day to day than I am to be harrassed, oppressed, and regulated to death by my own government. The worst part is that the sheeple are willing to go along with whatever garbage is spilled out of the government or the cronies they employ.

        Protesting in the form on non-cooperation in the future will land a “law abiding citizen” in the back on a squad car, hand cuffed and on their way to a holding cell. Sure, you can take legal action for the violation of your rights, but I wonder how far that will get you. In the following example, in the future, I imagiune this would have gone differently.

        I was recently pulled over because the police officer claimed he could not see that I was wearing a seat belt. I was not speeding, all my lights worked etc. Once he saw that I was indeed wearing my seat belt, I said, “well, that should cover it then. I assume I can be on my way?” He said, ” Where are you going?” I said, “Anywhere I want. This is the USA, right? I am free to move about the state and country at will.” He said, “Why won’t you tell me where you are going at 11:00 at night?” I said, ” Why do you think you have a right to know? I am not breaking any laws and you are preventing me from being on my way.” He said, ” It’s my job to ask questions.” I said, “I understand that, but as I said, I am wearing my seat belt, my vehicle is legal in all ways, and I would really like to be going.” At this point, two more police vehicles had showed up. He asked me to wait a moment, went back to the other vehicles, chatted with the other officers, returned and asked me if I would be willing to allow them to search my vehicle. While he was gone I pulled out a notebook and wrote down everything that had been said. I continued to write down the exchange as it took place. He asked my what I was doing and I explained that i was writing down the events as they occured. He wanted to know why, and I told him because I wanted a record of what events occured, same as he would -he was not pleased. I asked for what reason he felt the need to look into my vehicle. He couldn’t give me a good reason -something to the effect it was “routine”. I said, “I am refusing your request to search my vehicle, we both know a search of a vehicle without any real cause is not routine. I was driving down the road, breaking no laws and I am doing nothing inappropriate to warrent a search. This was supposedly a routine stop over my seat belt. You have ascertained I am and was wearing one. If there is nothing else, I’d like to be on my way.” He begrudginly agreed, but warned me that non-cooperation with law enforcement and a combative attitude were not desirable, and in the future it would be “in by best interests to be more cooperative”.

        This folks, is what harrassment looks like. This is also what knowing your rights are all about. Events like this make my blood boil.

        • Bravo to you Fed Up. You know the story hitting all the e-mails/internet about an individual stopped by police and with so many guns? The officer asked what are you afraid of…..
          Similar to you Fed Up, my buddies and I were going hunting (plenty of weapons). Got stopped (4am), the officer eventually told us he thought we were drinking and driving. I asked what gave you that idea? Answer, he saw hands going to the mouths. Told him no liquor here can we go? That’s when he saw the many weapons, walking away he told his partner ” we’re out gunned, lets go.”
          Point folks: never act neverous or scared around cops, they normally aren’t trained to deal with calm and knowledgable people. Be safe.

        • This is a pure outrage. No joke. If these events occurred in the way you have described them, you need to file a complaint with Internal Affairs. Tell them that you find the behavior incredibly dangerous and hostile, and that this officer’s behavior poses a clear threat to law-abiding citizens. It is repugnant, deluded, depraved, and evil. Then I would also speak to a litigator about whether this is unlawful conduct since this police officer was attempting to make a potential false arrest. I would not be surprised if this police officer has had similar problems in the past.

          In the future, if presented with a similar circumstance, you must ask the officer, “What is your probable cause?” By doing so, you alert the officer immediately that you are well aware of your rights under the Constitution, and a violation of that right is a potential lawsuit for him and his department.

          Unfortunately for some, a lawsuit is the only thing they understand. However, in a nutshell, they should be afraid of you and your attorney, and never the reverse.

        • too bad you didn’t have a tape recorder, you could of played it for a good lawyer to see what he thought

        • Looks like we got a trouble maker here. Don’t you know that you are supposed to bow to authority? Any authority, anyone with a uniform. Especially the guys with badges and guns. The government is your friend and if you have nothing to hide then you have nothing to fear.

          Rights? Rights are for terrorists. Your refusal to allow them to search your vehicle is an obvious sign of guilt.

          The fact is they could have just said, “I think I smell marijuana”, pulled you out of the vehicle, hand cuffed you, and literally torn your vehicle down to the frame. If they wanted to. The only reason they let you go is they simply didn’t feel like fucking you up and destroying your property.

          Laws are enforced on the whims of the “authorities” in the American police state. I know my rights and I don’t much care for “authority” (authority is best defined as the ability to inflict suffering, which is exactly correct in the American police state)…but I also know better than to provoke the murderous police into a steroid fueled rage. If you keep looking for trouble you are surely going to find it. You escalated this situation which led to his desire to fuck with you and search your vehicle and otherwise scrutinize you more thoroughly.

        • I have a little book in my bag, because I drive two vehicles..

          pg. 22…Amendment IV..UNREASONABLE search and seizures….shall not be violated….and no warrants without probable cause…..

          Now, when an officer calls in a third party officer—watch for marijuana or drugs to be found..probably by falling out of your car when you open the door to get out per their request…


          But officers addresses are easily obtained.

        • good for you, that is excellent put. it pissed him off and it should. he obviously was looking for you to get nervous or something. Love it, you messed with him and we are all targeted to always have drugs or something on us. thank you for posting that. which state was this in by the way. i really cant wait till things get messy if they do and police try and see whos faster if you know what i mean. dont do it people. I have practiced for years and years and years. dont try it. protecting myself from the above the law figures.

          • Thank you all for your support. I was pulled over in Central Wisconsin of all places! The reason for the notebook and writing everything down was because I was advised by my attorney friends that it is the best way if I don’t have a digital recorder. Since my vehicles are smoke-free, it would be a hard sell on any LEO saying, “I think I smell pot smoke” If he would have pulled that, I would be telling you all about my lawsuit. My attorney said I have a case if I’m interested, but that is just not my style -my word against a LEO in a court of law, just not worth the time. Standing up for my rights and being polite about it is what I did and will continue to do. I did take down officer “bow to my power’s” badge number and name in my notes as well -he was NOT pleased to have dealt with me. I am generally a decent person when dealing with anyone LEOs included (I want to make it clear I have a healthy respect for LEOs, have a few for friends), but when the other person gets crappy, well, I’m told I can be too assertive.

      11. This is nothing more than social conditioning to make us all good little robots. The more accustomed we get to people rooting through our stuff with the govt.’s blessing, the less we will argue about it.

        In their eyes, it will make revolution less likely, as any type of “revolutionary paraphenalia” will get us thrown in jail. They want us scared to speak above a whisper lest “they” hear us and throw us in Guantanamo.

        I completely second what Arkaden said. Don’t let them trample all over your rights. Even if they end up getting to search your car for no reason, make ’em jump through hoops and turn backwards cartwheels to do it.

        Say NO to the Commies and their ilk.

        • You assume that the “malcontents” will be smart enough to stay off the internet/facebook/blog sites or use non-attributable communications channels.

          They won’t. You won’t. You aren’t.

          I guarantee you that every single user of this blog with the except of a tiny handful (maybe 5) could be identified with about 2 hours work by 1 FBI agent or other member of the American police state.

          That’s no exaggeration.

          Point being, there’s no need to set up check points or physical searches to find the malcontented dissidents. They out themselves on an hourly basis all across the internet. Simply show up to their front door with a SWAT team or use the GPS coordinates that the census collected last year to blow up their house with an aerial death drone.

          It’s just that easy.

          • Absolutely true, What?.. Luckily we aren’t quite to that point yet. This is not to say that we won’t be one day.

            Maybe I wasn’t very clear in what I stated – I don’t believe the point of these stops is to identify people. I believe the point of these stops is to remind us that THEY can do whatever they want.

            It’s a scary world you describe – one that hopefully will never come to be.

        • Recognize that they can TEAR YOUR CAR APART WITH IMPUNITY on the thinnest of pretexts and, even if they find nothing or you are lucky that they don’t plant something criminal in your car, YOU, not they, will pay to fix your car.

          Yes, you should stand up for your rights, but expect the worst in return.

      12. I know that the Supreme Court has ruled that we the people can’t defend ourselves from leo’s usurping our rights, but I believe that it’s only a matter of time before someone who’s packing a gun, blows the pea brain right out the back of some TSA goons head. Certainly it would be justified!
        I’ve been told by many other preppers that this is the last thing we want to happen because we all know very well that they will use any such incident to impose martial law. Although I can see it resulting in martial law, at least then I’ll know who to target.

        • “WHO to target” is not the question in my mind. WHEN, WHERE, AND HOW is the question I am unable to formulate a satisfactory answer for…..so far.

        • If shit ever really does hit the fan any former member of the TSA is fair game in my book. You reap what you sow.

          Better burn the uniforms and make up a convincing back story now piggies, cuz if it ever goes down you are gonna find out what it feels like to be “on the list.” You guys like lists, right?

          • Spent the last 8 months working with an East German immigrant. Been in the country about 7 years now. He was living in East Germany when the “wall” came down.

            What you elude to is exactly what the “stasi” apparently did. Denied involvement in government control and attempted to blend back in. According to “George”, didn’t work out so well for many of them.

          • that goes for all uniforms as far as I am concerned

      13. Our society has been prepped for this Nazi-style take over. For over a decade (since Columbine and 9/11) our public schools have tried to become more secure than Fort Knox. [With the same amount of valuable treasure inside…nothing, but I digress.] Anyway, our school administrations, teachers, parents, and students have become accustom to ID tags, metal detectors, added security, heightened surveillance cameras, etc. We’ve programed our society to expect to be spied on and to accept it for the greater good.

        The progressive LIE:
        Big Brother’s only watching out for your safety!

        God Save our Republic!

        • All this was happening under bush, so youre saying you elected a Progressive? The TSA was also created by bush as was homoland security, you were for it when bush was president, but not now?

          • Where did I say I was “for it” under Bush? Don’t put words in my mouth. Bush was progressive-light. Only difference, a slower march but the same end result.

          • Wrong argument, wrong time & wrong place.

          • You know, I read RWM’s post, and then yours and then hers a couple more times. Nowhere did I see her saying “Hooray for Bush!” or “Obama ruined the wonderful entity that is Homeland Security!” Nope – it’s not there.

            I’m all for a good, intelligent debate, but I sure don’t like it when people put words in MY mouth – or someone else’s. It’s simply inflammatory, and it shows the point you WANT to argue but just don’t want to be blamed for bringing up.

            I’m cool for a round of Bush-bashing, though, if you want to go there.

            • Thanks Daisy. 🙂

          • You’re on the wrong site if you think you can sew discord with silly divide and conquer Bush vs. Obama baiting. Almost everyone here knows that both sides of the aisle are full of authoritarian monsters.

        • Off Topic: If free time comes around..IxQuick (I don’t google) the terms mind control, military, MK-ULTRA..

          It’s scary; the very ones creating these laws are behind the murders, school riots, disturbances that result in less freedoms and loss of privacy.

          New?? Naaah..think back to Robert Kennedy and Sirhan Sirhan. Mysterious girl in a polka dot dress; and just as the underwear bomber–witnesses get no press or recognition…That’s a start.

          Folks, there is no tv in this home..but now there’s news of coming through cells..we are screwed if they use Nikola Tesla’s technology.

          • your govt would never do that to you JJ, just ask the close minded sheep at the GA board….but don’t disagree with certain ones….you’ll end up banned

          • Nikola Tesla had a very unique mind. Just because the government stold his papers when he died (and I do not belive they actually released all them as has been stated) does not mean there is anyone in their employ that can understand what he left. Also , even if they understand it doesn’t mean they can pick up the threads of his work and weave a masterpiece with it. I think of Nikola Tesla like I think of Edgar Cayce, unique minds with special talents.

      14. Some day we will all be tatoo’d for identification purposes – like in Idiocracy or the Minority Report.

        Here’s a bit of Idiocracy humor for your Friday.


        “Why come you don’t have a tatoo?” “You’re un-scanable”

        • Forgot to add be careful listening to the link at work or around kids (bad language!).

        • Mr. B,

          AKA ~ The Mark of the Beast, if you follow Revelation in the Bible.

          • That’s what it will be for sure!

            I was listening to Glenn Beck’s show yesterday and he was going on about the liberals and progressives attack on religion in this county – all religions – Jewish, All Christians, Catholic, Mormon. All except Muslims.

            We very may be nearing upon a time of reckoning.

      15. The proper response to the TSA, if they traffic stop you, is to quote Robert DiNero in Taxi Driver, “Suck on this”, then pull the trigger.

        • Certainly has the “instant gratification factor” going for it. It is just a matter of time. THEY keep ramping this thing up in an effort to expose the “breaking point”.

          THAT point will come, but most likely in the form of a “planted stooge” and designed to ensure MAXIMUM positive exposure for THEM and 180 degrees of that for US.

        • If the authorities traffic stop you-comply. If they show up and want to frisk you at the bus station-comply.

          Be smart! They are indeed trying to flush out the fighters before the fight!

          Comply now so you live to fight another day. The day when it matters.

          Realize that you, liberty minded constitutionalists, are their greatest enemy and fear. Once they show their hand and really become hostile they know that folks like you are the ones who will organize and lead the previously ignorant.

          Drive the speed limit, pay your taxes. Quietly prep.

          One day our kids and grandkids will need your wisdom, intelligence and guidance.

          • You are so wrong…… And either are a women or a Sucker….

          • Classic “gut vs head” internal conflict. How much longer can/will WE take it? Hopefully just long enough!

      16. The people of these United STATES of America must encourage their respective countries to secede from the federal government by any means necessary.

        Sooner folks on the ground realize their God-given, inalienable right to simply leave the VOLUNTARY Union, the more likely things will get better rather than worse.

        Alaska has seriously contemplated this option, but this was buried in the election of 2008 when Palin became a vice presidential nominee. Of course we have heard similar sentiments out of Texas from Perry and others due to the current fascism of the federal government.

        I promise you, there is simply no other way, beyond leaving the continent altogether.

        This is not at all far-fetched or extreme. In fact, secession is a protected right under the Tenth Amendment, as well as supportive of the overarching theme of Divided Sovereignty that was enshrined in the Constitution, as explained in the Federalist Papers.

        The Founding Fathers had readily understood the violence and bloodshed surrounding the exercise of power, and had attempted to ensure that no single agency of government could ever assume a Tyrannical force over the people.

        Prior to the advent of Lincoln, it was a well known fact by all previous presidents such as Jefferson, that any state had the inalienable right to secession. The states of New England threatened to secede on many occasions from the Union over tariffs. What did Jefferson do? Did he go on a blitzkrieg war against New England? Of course not. He negotiated the conflict with them, and made the Union more attractive for them to actually want to stay, rather than go.

        If even half a dozen individuals in the entire country understand this crucial point, call it an absolute miracle.

        Having an inalienable right to secede does not mean you have to spearhead an actual secession, and then start a Civil War! We are not living in 1861 anymore! However, you should NEVER be denied this OPTION under any circumstances.

        Even a boyfriend-girlfriend understand the simple logic behind such a principle. And even if they decide to get married, there is no power on this earth that can stop them from being separated or divorced if they want!

        Why should the people of individual states be confined to a nightmare of the federal government’s making?

        Lincoln may have SAVED the Union, but that does not mean we have to be CHAINED to it either!

        It is not the United STATE of America (in the singular), but the United STATES of America (in the plural).

        I hope I have been understood. Don’t tread on me.

        • An individual state would be “demonized” by the gooberment and the bought and paid for lame-stream-media. However, a coalition of like-minded states pursuing this “right” simultaneously and aggressively: Now that has potential.

          • Would still much rather live in The UNITED states, but the UNITED STATE; I don’t even like the sound of that, much less the obvious implications of that description.

            • The federal government has assumed and practices absolute control. It is, for all intents and purposes, a single centralized, all-powerful STATE (in the singular). Historically speaking, the Lincoln presidency sparked this awesome concentration of force. With a rhetorical flourish borrowed from Daniel Webster, he made it appear that the federal government represented ‘the whole people.’ This interpretation flagrantly militated against the Founding Fathers, who believe in Divided Sovereignty, and a system of checks and balances, whereby the central government could never impose its will on the individual States, which were regarded as Supreme as representatives of the people.

              For example, Lincoln had once leaped out the window of the Illinois legislature in protest of his home state’s decision to nullify the Supreme Court’s majority vote to grant permission to the National Bank to form branches in the individual states. The Supreme Court knew it could not enforce its decision, if those individual states disagreed through their respective legislatures. Thus, Lincoln’s leap. Interestingly, he despised Jefferson due to the latter’s well-known opposition to a national bank, also supported by Andrew Jackson.

            • How about “The States of America” ?

          • Maybe, Yental…but what if that state survived and their programs like education were enhanced severed from federal regulations, laws, and BS…Hmmmm..food for thought.
            It would be hard at first, but after a few months and adjusting to withdrawal pains from lack of fed’s money..it may be the best thing evah and others follow.

            • Maybe I need to clarify my position. I would prefer to live in a United States that recognizes the statehood as supreme in all matters except national defense. A United “STATE” is where we are heading and in many respects have already arrived.

              I would rather participate in a movement to secede, than continue to propagate the growing FEDERAL STATE. Hope that better illustrates my previous attempt.

        • IS: It is the Union that gives US strength to remain free. Individually, the USA (as the collective individual states) would have been overwhelmed by any number of adversaries long ago.

          United WE are invincible.

          OUR individual liberties are best protected by unified action. WE must engage OUR government together, or be enslaved by it.

          The blame for OUR current state of affairs is not the Union, but OUR complacency. It is the Union that will ensure OUR future and the continuity of OUR liberties.

          I encourage you to read Washington’s Vision if you never have. It is chilling but enlightening.


          • If there is to be a Union BETWEEN the States, and not OVER the States, then that Union BETWEEN the States only becomes healthier by the option of not having to force such a union OVER them.

            It is akin to the difference between marriage and rape. Think it over, then decide for yourself.

            An abusive relationship in which one entity forces its will upon the other is inherently unhealthy, even repugnant and ultimately evil.

            Both entities have the inalienable right to dissolve the VOLUNTARY union under any and all possible circumstances. That’s what makes the Union a healthy and successful one, if there is to be one at all . . .

            • IS: Even if I agreed with what you said, realistically,it is impractical for any state to succede in the modern era and I do not believe, despite some rhetoric to the contrary by a few, that enough individuals within a state would actually agree to disassociation for succession to occur.

              It ain’t gonna happen.

              So WE may as well look for practical alternatives to federal association as prescribed by the Constitution.

              I do not agree with your analogy of marriage and rape. It is more akin to marriage or divorce:

              Even if WE are all getting screwed.

        • That is one of the many principles of our constitution that no longer applies in the American police state. The fact that you seem to actually believe what you’re saying still applies is quaint at best.

          The Bill of Rights is largely extinguished already. Any notion of the ability to secede was destroyed by Lincoln well over 100 years ago. State sovereignty is a joke. The federal government dominates all.

        • Thankyou! The Civil War did not end the right to secession. That is the lesson Big Brother wants you to think. The Constituion requiers the Presedint to maintain the Union and the Congress to put down insurection. In surection was started by firing on Ft Sumpter, and island in a navagtable water way, authority over which the Constitution gives to the United States Gov’t. Secession is still a legal process that needs to be explored.


      17. Everyone should print out a copy of the Constitutions, a federal Constitution for the United States of America to give to federal officers, and a state Constitution for the state officers.

        When ID is requested, present that to them instead and ask them to show you the source of their presumed powers in that document. Ask them to identify themselves in relation to you so you can determine if you have any obligations to them.

        If you pull out a corp license, you have proven their jurisdiction for them and you will get what they think you have coming.

        • You can get a free pocket constitution from freedomworks. org

        • I beleive ordering can be done here:

          National Center for Constitutional Studies
          (208) 645-2625
          Bulk discount available at nccs.net…
          I received mine at a Tea Party gathering.

      18. It will be a happy day when the liberal mass media is charged with crimes against humanity. They have made it easy for the TSA, the President, homeland security, extreme liberal commies, and anyone else who envisions a new world order, by not reporting anything that would interfere with the taking over of American freedom. You will only hear what they want the masses to hear, unless you do your own research. Just writing this stuff makes me feel creepy, like they are reading and taking names. But you can’t hide and you can’t back off if you want to stop this evil. Power in numbers and prayer. Long live our America, Land of the Free and the Brave. She has taken a lot of hits but we can save her, if enough of us want to.

      19. Uniformed bureaucrats engaging in the random physical groping of Amerikans and callously rifling through their vehicles and belongings at the same time… hmmm.

        First and foremost this is ASSAULT on a primal psychological level. It is a violation of the instinctual sense of personal space (the ‘nine square feet’ or so around each human being that is unconsciously considered sacrosanct), and an attempted stripping of the victim’s personal sense of autonomy and self respect (“who do you think you are — WE own your body and will search it whenever WE say so”). This practice turns the victim into a thing or object, just like the suitcase that is being rifled through. For men, it is a form of castration, and for women, a form of rape.

        No wonder Oblama chose a simian-visaged bull dyke who hates all living things because of her own twisted, perverse nature for the job of humiliating and regulating Amerikans as if they were LIVESTOCK.

        How much more of this will Amerikans take?

        • The American sheeple will take far, far more of this before the breaking point, if there even is such a thing. As long as minimal comfort is easily obtained (SNAP cards to buy food, welfare for beer/drugs, and video games/TV/sports) there will be nary a wimper out of the American sheeple as liberty exhales its final breath in this country.

          You raise a good point though, about the psychological impact of all this. The point is indeed to instill in the people the sense that they are owned, body and mind, by the state. There is much more to be said on the subject, but let’s just say that stripping one of their privacy and right to self defense is stripping them of their basic humanity and sovereignty of self.

      20. The American public has traded freedom for security.

        The government has lovingly stepped up to the plate and made investors with an inside link to the white house – like George Soros – even richer (think nude airport scanners).

        • Security? I don’t feel very secure, I feel terrorized by the American police state. I am terrified of being murdered by their massive enforcement apparatus.

          As for the nude scanners. It should be well known that Michael Chertoff, former secretary of the Department of Homeland Security left DHS and went to work for the same company that sells the nude scanners. Incidentally, DHS/TSA decided to buy those scanners and make them mandatory throughout the U.S.

          No conflict of interest there though.

        • I think you mean the “illusion” of security. Do you actually feel better or safer? Of course not. I sure as hell don’t. I guess most of these comments are just rhetorical anyway. I never thought I would live to see these changes in my country.

      21. All part of the gloab lWorld order coming in .The federalizeing of the police forces has been going for the last 20 years .States are desperate for money and the Fed can just print up abatch and gain more control when teh state sticks its hand in the candy jar .A few more years we wea llsee the crap that will be imposed ont h people and it will be ugly .The amrkets are artifically rigged and propped up on borrowed paper and borrowed time and they know this .They will crash it when the time is right to implement the grand plan .They allready have the next president in palce and know who it wioll be, the voteing process is to make the slaves think they are have decesions in matters when in reality they have been ignored for years .The whole thign is one hugh ponzi scheme and those on top are the ones going to make it .Embrace the coming finacial and economic problems ahead and welcome more War because the future will be just that . You know the old phrase dont you ? Fake it until you make it ! Remember, those who control the money supply, the food/water supply and medical supply basically rule all . People will beg for thier lives for thier medicine and the Order will gladly acept you .The same goes with food and money , you must eat or die or drink or die and if you cant buy with money , you die ! when the final straw of foodstamps and dissability payments and social secutrity payments stop is when true Hell be unleashed upon the wondering masses.This will be the final end game economically speaking , this is of cource when those that refused anything to do with new world order or coming finacial collapse never believed any of it because they are sheep finally get that they are totally screwed ! By that time it’s too late ! Live Free but die Hard and to the very last breath !

      22. Might as well be frank, monsieur. It would take a miracle to get you out of Casablanca, and the Germans have outlawed miracles.

      23. I like many others, seem to always be in the “comment is awaiting moderation” camp. No links, been posting here for an age, and still the dumb system wants me to wait to be moderated. UGH.

        • It is a good system.

          Have patience, after you post with the same name and email address for a while, and as long as your comments are NOT “nut jobby” like that idiot “POedPatriot”, then the filter will learn you are a quality member and the filter will post your comments instantly.

          I had your same concerns to start with here, but after staying for awhile I realized…

          …Mac has a great blog going, I am very impressed with his system and posts.

          • Scram Troll, your mommy has bought you more cheetos and they’re back in the basement awaiting you.

            • Wow a troll and an apple polisher, you’re the best little Jimmy!

            • Well, I don’t think you are nut-jobby, PO’d. Trust me, I’ve got crazy relatives so I’m somewhat of an expert 😀

      24. Awesome… ;0P psssszzt the federal government invested over $$$100,000. training me to Kill and Destroy those weaker than me… to be a Dirt-Eatin’ Grunt! Mom is so proud…

        To be a RUFF , TUFF , Lil’ Green Fightin’ Puff!

        An American Warrior!

        I’m so glad it wasn’t wasted money! Soon I will no longer be using my Combat Skills to enslave an kill women and children , who’s only crime was to be born on foreign soil. Soon I will be able to use my skills here on American soil paying back the US Fascist Federal Government for the Training and Education it has given me as a Armed Forces Combat Veteran! To Bad, they trained me and my MILLIONS of Brother and Sister Veterans to Fight for Liberty! Not global Fascist enslavement!

        Miss Liberty is in Trouble American Veterans… she is being chained, Molested and Raped by Wallstreet and The Wallstreet CIA illegal alien Puppet barry soetoro = a.k.a. barack oboma – happily planning your own enslavement and debt slave rape sitting in the White House // with help from his Death Dealer – Hilary Clinton and her State Department Harpey’s!

        IF you BELIEVE in and Support The US Constitution! If you still stand by your Oaths to Protect and Serve the Beliefs and Words of our Fore Fathers as they have written in the Constitution!

        Now is the Time too…

        Arm Up Stock Up Prepare American Veterans
        … soon Our Time will come to RISE UP an Take Back America!

        Preditor or Prey the Choice is Yours American Veterans!

        • Welcome to the terrorist watch list. I hope you’re on a wireless connection at Star Bucks and paid in cash. Or using a good VPN. Or TOR.

          Otherwise, you literally just opened yourself up to imprisonment or assassination by the U.S. federal government. The gloves are off already on their side of the ring kid, in case you haven’t noticed.

          More likely you are a provacateur trying to illicit similar statements from the readership here, so you can add to them the watch lists/investigate them and their finances, catch them on something, seize their property and ruin their lives. Just like that guy in Ohio that let all those wild animals out and shot himself.

          • nice counter intel TROLL threat , I MUST HAVE HIT A NERVE! ;0P don’t be a puss – welcome ;0P psssszzzt – don’t worry brother as i am already on the dhs watch list…via the montana veterans administration – bunch of government whores here at the montana v.a. , not to forget mt max baucus is a new world order israeli schill whore nwo sellout! i and the 100,000 armed forces veterans here in montana look forward to the day some gov fbi cia peice of shheeit badass comes knocking on my/ our door’s here, even the cops here are getting ready to fight the NWO! GUYS like you fed trolls don’t scare me bro – as my last act on this earth will be to put a .45-70 slug through any feds body armour and chest that comes lookin for trouble!

            i’ve earned my right to speak my thoughts as a sec forc k-9 sgt. phillipines gulf war vet!

            yours threats fall upon the ears of a experienced veteran looking to collect some nwo sellout fed whore scalps and ears!

            run a traceroute cmd on my i p address… ;0) i’m lookin forward to showing you my .45-70’s the only rifles i carry to fight the NWO!

            you are tryin to bully the wrong BULLY BOY! WELCOME… go harass some other REMF as i’ve earned my GRUNT – DIRT EATER CARD! have you welcome??? hmmmmm ;0’P pssszzzt!

            BRING IT FED TROLL!

            • POA likes 45-70.

              POA has a 45-70.

        • i am right there with ya brother i was army infantry there are many like minded like oathkeepers and the such another is mrlockandload on youtube

          • THANKS for the cudoo’s Bro… there will soon come a point we as AMERICAN VETERANS must RISE UP and Take Back America! She is hurting and needs our help dearly!

            Be patient stock up arm up… when it happens it’ll happen quickly en-mass… for now we wait and arm up!

            spread the word to other Veterans as many as possible… NOW is the time to…

            arm up stock up prepare… to take back America!

            fear turns to anger, anger turns to action… be patient… it’ll come time soon for action.

            preditor or prey the choice is yours American Veterans – choose!

      25. Take a copy of the Bill of Rights and tape it to the front of your ballistic vest. That’s the only way it will protect you, any more.

      26. There was a book written by, Frank Herbert I believe.
        The name of the book is Whipping Star.
        The main caractor works for an intergalactic organization
        who’s main job is to slow down the rate of growth and wheels
        Of government of emerging worlds by many different means.
        Legally if possible…..
        It was called, The Burrow of Sabotage.
        It was brilliant!
        Perhaps we are in need of their help….
        Perhaps their time has come…..

      27. Take note. Business casual is the new camoflage. All battles will be fought in and around cities and suburbs. Military camo will get you screwed.

        • Guerrilla warfare, a “winning tactic” of the original revolution, possibly the “best tactic” for the coming revolution.

          • There would have to be a major leveling of the technological playing field for guerrilla warfare to succeed. Could you imagine a group of patriots stomping around in the woods, planning an attack on some urban target? They would have to go without any kind of electronic money, internet access, electronic devices of any kind, even excess utility usage that could be detected like a large group of people in a single family residence attracting attention through elevated water and electricity usage. Add to that nosy see-something say-something do-gooder types who would turn you in out of a sense of doing the right thing or even some kind of reward like increased food rations. Lastly you have satellite surveillance, predator drones that would be looking for small guerrilla bands like yours, and if you were coordinating with other guerrilla groups, electronic eavesdropping would be a serious concern. And if you managed to do all these things correct you might end up compromised because some stupid fellow partisan decided to keep a cell phone on him to send text messages to his wife.

            Guerrilla warfare will have a place but I believe a better option will be targeted assassinations against those who are directing the oppression. Such as the local chief of police who orders his police to carry out gun sweeps or confiscate hoarded food, or anyone who works for any federal agency such as TSA, BATF, FBI, or any of the other alphabet of federal oppressors. This will have to be carried out with extreme ruthlessness and brutality that will be of such a nature that those who would are on the side of the oppressors will be intimidated out of it. It would have to be widely communicated to the vast majority of docile sheeple who are sitting on the fence. At the least, they must know that there will be a cost to interfering with the patriots fighting the police state. Collaborators would also need to be killed and killed with extreme violence, so that few would choose to collaborate. This is the strategy that succeeded in Vietnam, that the taliban have used to great success in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

            If we are to overthrow the coming police state, we will have to fight with a measure of ruthlessness and brutality that most of us currently do not have the stomach for. In order to succeed, we will need to find the stomach to do what will have to be done when the time is right. A major contributing factor to the weakness of American forces when it comes to fighting insurgencies is the lack of political will and stomach for fighting brutality with brutality. You can be assured that this time those who will enforce the police state will be playing to win because it will cost them their ass if they do not and we must do the same.

            • Agreed that in the initial phase, autonomous actions will more effectively “light the fuse” than group activity. At some point, those controlling advanced technology will be with us, or against us.

              The various heads of the technology snakes that remain as “foe”, will constantly be “looking over their shoulders” at a sea of non-uniformed, blended in with the rest society, potential angels of death; for them.

              Attrition favors the 99% over a relatively short time. Hard for THEM to continue to find recruits whose known life expectancy is represented in weeks/months. Perhaps less.

            • “we will have to fight with a measure of ruthlessness and brutality that most of us currently do not have the stomach for.” Historically, I believe it is accurate to say that “humans” seem to acquire this attribute rather quickly/efficiently when fighting for their families and homes, as oppossed to “invading” another country.

              If it ever actually comes to this in America, I sincerely believe that THEY are drastically under estimating the resolve of most DIE HARD AMERICAN PATRIOTS.

            • gave me goose bumps harsh mistress, i feel a tear in my eye… ;0) GREAT POST! RESPECTS!

            • @ninaorket, As a fellow vet who worked as a REMF in a division G3, I have no illusions about the technological capabilities our government can bring to the fight. And I have no illusions about what it would take to defeat that technology if it were turned against fellow citizens. Only thing in our favor will be there are a lot more of us than them, but we will not be getting resupplied by Pakistan or Iran. I think when the time comes there will be a lot of fellow vets who will be taking the fight to the enemy.

            • Agree on targeted assassinations. No large groups, only small cells. Of course we are not encouraging anyone, only speaking philosophically.

          • this is exactly right look at all the insurgents in iraq gave us 75% of the time you didn’t know who to shoot

      28. not sure if the TSA doing random searches is the funniest thing I have ever heard or the scariest. Just in time for holloween…your own TSA nightmare on elm street.

        the other thought that came to mind is this is an attempt to make the TSA look like it’s actually a legit item and needs to be spared from the ax.

        there has been a lot of talk of axing the agency with all the grouping and such. this could be a PR stunt to make people think they are needed and welcomed.

        seriously, the TSA is nothing but a bunch of undertrained, over paid security guards who have never, ever found a terrorist in thier entiore existance.

        time to ax the TSA and save us some money.

        • I believe that all the searches / stops were performed by TN. Highway Patrol / Troopers who were particiating in DHS’ project VIPR.

          Until learning that, my plan was to tell any TSA garbed person that attempted to stop me that they had no jurisdiction.

          THey have the oddest habit of choosing program names which so clearly indicate their real purposes.. VIPR ( viper ) a bad tempered, highly venemous snake that usually strikes multiple times and is fairly wide ranging. I hate snakes.

          • I even find fitting the Latin name *vipera aspis* – or ass – whoops – I mean ASP – for short.

        • Great thought…budgeting..TSA not needed..axed!

          I read since 9/11, 8 have lost their lives to terrorist
          attacks; 29 have lost their lives to lightning.
          ‘Nuff said.

      29. F*ck the federal government! This is not the country I grew up in anymore. It is coming to the point where you will have to make a decision. Do you want to live in freedom or ttyranny. I choose the former. If I have to die so others can be free so be it.

        • This is definitely not the country I grew up in either. And the point is already here, really. You have 3 options:

          1. Stay and live in a tyrannical police state (easiest, most people will do this)
          2. Fight, be labeled a terrorist, and die pointlessly (only a few “crazies” will try this, if any)
          3. Leave the U.S. for greener pastures (only a few very brave and financially secure individuals will do this)

          Logically, then, the vast majority of you and your children will continue to live in poverty and tyranny.


      30. Ok, am I way off base here, but why the announcement today that all troops are coming home from Iraq? Are they going to be going somewhere else? Or will they be needed here? Am I paranoid, reading too much into this, or is the government actually just keeping a promise? (yah, right.) I know this doesn’t actually have a lot to do with the topic of this article, but maybe it does?

        • That is the country WE now live in, and have for some time now. Nothing that is SAID/DONE “officially” by this gooberment can be taken at “face value”.

          Stay paranoid, you will remain better informed and healthier, IMO.

        • just coming home to rest up before iran

      31. i suggest everyone install flame thrower propane anti-carjack systems on their cars like they have in south africa… it shoots out five feet of flame on both sides of your car by you just pressing a button by your gas pedal with your foot!

        it’d be great for those dhs check points!

        just sayin’ ;0p pppssszzzzt

        • “TOASTED” TSA. LOL!

      32. QUOTE: “Under Communist rule, Russians and eastern Europeans were regularly subjected to such checks when travelling from town to town. Prior to engaging in travel behind the iron curtain, now matter how mundane or innocent the purpose, travelers were first required to obtain permission from a local commissar who would determine if they were eligible. All of this was executed with extreme precision and effectiveness under a system that lacked modern day biometric identification and computerized tracking capabilities.”

        EXCUSE ME!
        This is utterly BS. I am Romanian (remember Ceausescu?) and i never heard of such crap during those days. Yes, the secret police had eyes and ears everywhere, people were forcibly recruited to spy on their families, friends, neighbors, colleagues. Some even volunteered for such things. But moving between cities in my country never been a problem. Going abroad…yes, that was subject of official scrutiny and approval, but going to family trips around the country, having a vacation somewhere else in the country…it was encouraged, facilitated by the state.

        • I saw the German east/west border just two weeks after it was opened. Was visiting Goettingen at the time. Drove over the see Muehlhausen, in the east zone. Heard this first hand from a Muehlhausen resident: Anybody moving anywhere within about 30 miles (50 klicks) of the border on the East side had to have travel permits. Had to have a permit just to leave the Muehlhausen city limits.

          Actually it was kinda second-hand – my hearing was bad even then, and understanding spoken German was almost impossible. My hosts translated a lot of it for me.

        • so the USA is worse than Romania… great.. how much worse can it get!?

      33. It greatly pains me to see my country going in the wrong direction. It seems like there is no possibility for a U-Turn in sight.

        I grew up in Texas at a time when we were hell bent on defeating the communists, and we eventually succeeded.

        I have been around elite individuals, studied at elite institutions, and I know none of them really cares about the idea of America. They care only about themselves. And they think the government exists to serve them.

        They definitely do not understand history, or the ideals of individualism and excellence. They believe in systems that basically destroy the individual.

        I can leave the country if I absolutely have to, but I do not particularly like that option. And nor do I think it is worthwhile to get armed to fight a war and participate in wanton bloodshed. Self-defense, of course, is a different matter.

        Politically speaking, where does this leave us? The two party system is morally bankrupt. We are seeing the seemingly implacable accretion of power in a centralized State. The sincerest candidates, with the kindest hearts, like Ron Paul, are blacked out and ridiculed by a merciless press, which is bought out by the “elites.”

        So where does this leave us? It seems like there is no possibility of reversal in sight.

        To paraphrase Mark Twain, a true patriot defends his country against his government. In essence, this is our current dilemma. How exactly do we do protect the country and the ideal of America as a shining city upon a hill, when the government itself is so corrupt, so repugnant, and so evil?

        I believe we have to permit ourselves a simple change in logic that makes it psychologically impossible for government to encroach upon your mind and soul.

        How? Simply act, think, and believe that the government MUST be afraid of you, the Individual, endowed by God with certain inalienable rights, and eliminate entirely forever the possibility that you should be afraid of them. Ever. This is easier said than done, as we are programmed, truly, to be afraid of them. However, it is the duty of every self-respecting Individual to comport himself accordingly to exactly this moral code.

        Once you do this, and renounce their ability to CONTROL you, you will able to free yourself in such a way to break down their other invasions of our freedoms.

        For example, there is no place in this country that I know of that can restrict your movements from place to place, city to city, county to county, etc. under ordinary circumstances. The government knows that it has not yet intensified its control over you wherein they could have you under permanent house arrest!

        In the same way, the federal government cannot hold the states under house arrest. State governments cannot hold counties and municipalities under house arrest. And nor can they, ultimately, hold you as an individual under house arrest either.

        Why is this important? Because this basic freedom means, at its core, that you have rights that override the ability of any government to control you. As such, this also entails that municipalities, counties, and states from the GROUND UP have to respect your individual sovereignty.

        Therefore, while we still have the protection of this individual sovereignty, we have the right to make our local governments accede to OUR demands. Verily, a democracy is built upon the demands of its people. All too often, however, we have allowed ourselves to surrender our sovereignty to MAKE DEMANDS.

        Once individuals become fearless enough from the GROUND UP to MAKE DEMANDS, they will be able to own their local governments, make them afraid of you, so then they can stand up ON YOUR BEHALF to the federal government that would dare tread on you and your individual sovereignty.

        And if the federal government does not accede to your demands, (e.g., getting the TSA out of our lives, and stop turning this free country into a bastion of fascism), then DEMAND that they let your state become FREE of their control.

        For under the protections of the Tenth Amendment, given the VOLUNTARY nature of the Union, any state has the right to nullify any law of the federal government which it deems encroaches upon their freedom of movement. And since you are not under house arrest by your own state (at least not yet), then certainly the federal government cannot keep you or your state under house arrest either!

        And if the federal government should not understand this basic principle of the founding of this nation enshrined in the Constitution, then remind your state that just as you have the right to move to another town, village, city, county or state, your state also has the right to move elsewhere as it sees fit. And it can do so VOLUNTARILY!

        Thus, by simple logic, you have made the case that your state has the right to oppose, disagree with, and separate itself from the federal government. And if your state does not do so, then you will move to another state that respects your wishes . . . . .

        If enough freedom-loving patriots in enough states have this kind of psychologically fearless frame of mind, I promise you things will change very, very quickly . . . . .

        You have made the case for the inalienable right to secession in a completely peaceful, logical way.

        And it forces the behemoth of the federal government to be afraid of your state, your state to be afraid of your county, your county to be afraid of your city, and your city to be afraid of you . . . . . because that’s the way it f***ing should be!

        This is what is meant by Divided Sovereignty.

        If they ask you those stupid questions: What’s wrong with you? Are you nuts? Are you crazy? Are you insane? Don’t you get how things are supposed to work?

        You just simply say to them, “Don’t tread on me.”

        I promise you they will get the picture. They have no choice. You are not under house arrest. At least not yet . . .

        • Yeah, you just go ahead and try that next time you are stopped at one of their checkpoints; see how far that gets you. I do not think that the TSA goons will act very afraid of you. While your argument might be ideologically correct, the time for academic debates and usefulness of said debates is rapidly drawing to an end. Violence will ultimately settle the issue and the time for it is drawing nearer and nearer.

          • I understand your sentiments. Yet I think you would be a far more FORMIDABLE opponent if you were able to demystify their cult and the utter absurdity that protects it. The VIOLENCE of the laughter alone would defeat these knuckleheads! Forever. They would never forget how you called them on their bullshit, and always fear you . . .

            For instance, if any single state legislature could successfully vote to secede from the Union, even as an experiment, then the case would have to be heard before the Supreme Court. I want to hear the Supreme Court’s opinion on that one. Let us hear them try to say that a state does not have that right . . . then their idiocy would be exposed to the light of day. I believe they cannot rule in this manner. If they did, then that would mean citizens of that state had no right to leave their state either, which would be an utter absurdity.

            We cannot be under permanent house arrest! They would have to destroy the protection of the Tenth Amendment also, which they could not do. As a result, Tyranny would be defeated. States’ Rights would be restored. And state legislatures would realize they have the power to NULLIFY any law of the federal government that they have interpreted as unconstitutional. In fact, they have always had this power! Bye Bye TSA and the other alphabet soup bureaucracies FOREVER!

            I understand you may see this as an “academic” argument, but I assure you that it’s the utter absurdity of THEIR reasoning that is abused to protect the ruthless nature of their Tyrannical rule. Whenever anyone tries to oppose them, there is always some nut job detractor trying to prove to you that you don’t have the right to live your life in FREEDOM because they are your owners, and have the right to CONTROL you, so you literally cannot even move where you want to move?!

            I hope you catch my drift. Sic Semper Tyrannis. Don’t tread on me.

          • “the time for academic debates and usefulness of said debates is rapidly drawing to an end”. I hope not, far too many “sheeple” still grazing on the gooberment hay.

            My gut is “riding with I S”, but my head is “tripping” over your analysis. I can see where individual acts of OPEN defiance at this stage may not have the “teeth” needed. WE would need a “NO MORE!” mindset and action to literally sweep across the country simultaneously.

            Either way, time is relentlessly running short. Elections in 2012 can’t/won’t fix anything. The system, as it currently exist, is fatally flawed.

            Too bad WE are impotent to FIX IT through traditional/acceptable methods. Then again, the constitution does state WE have the right to “take out a government gone wild”! (paraphrased obviously)

            I need to “chew on this” for awhile.

            • Dear Yental,

              I believe your head is in the right place. You are absolutely right that movement culture is needed from the GROUND UP to make the tyrants realize they can’t F*** with the populace anymore. Their hypocrisy is based in absolute absurdity. They deserve nothing but violent laughter for their attempts to destroy Americans as individuals. Americans are armed to the teeth, and they know that they could never take over a single city, let alone a county or state or region. Can you imagine the bloodshed? The only real control they have over you is purely psychological.

              As things exist, the behemoth of the federal government has absolutely no reason to respect you or your rights. They think of individuals as disposable chattel. All of this changes overnight when they realize that individuals can urge, galvanize, and convince their states to stand up for them on their behalf AGAINST the dictates of the federal government and its agencies, such as the TSA.

              The only way to make them see that is for them to realize that you can dissolve the VOLUNTARY union your state has with the federal apparatus. This is historically and legally speaking, absolutely true.

              There are a lot of detractors, such as Durango Kidd above, who cannot even spell s-e-c-e-d-e or s-e-c-e-s-s-i-o-n, yet they believe they can have an opinion. His comments are a perfect example of the defeatism that the federal government has indoctrinated in you.

              I do not believe women and children should be strip searched at the airport. I do not believe that all Americans should be exposed to radiation that has potentially lethal long-term consequences.

              I believe the total assault on Americans as individuals will never stop, until individual Americans take control over their own state legislatures, and demand that their states protect them. They must represent you well enough to make the federal government aware that you have enunciated your complete renunciation of their tactics of fear and intimidation for the sake of control.

              You NULLIFY their absurd rules and methodology as unconstitutional.

              I suspect that Tyranny will not listen, and at that point, it will be up to the people. If the people respect themselves as individuals, who cannot tolerate having their liberty encroached upon so brazenly, they will remind their state legislatures that it is a VOLUNTARY union, and it is time to dissolve it. You have that right. If you have a right to leave the state and the country, which you do (for now), then the states, as your direct representative, have that right also.

              What power on earth should be able to stop you from wanting to leave?! Do you live in a prison?!

              They have obliterated psychologically, seemingly, your ability to grasp this simple notion from a long time ago . . . .

              As I have said above, though, it’s not 1861 anymore.

              Don’t tread on me.

            • I S , I appreciate and value the input I have read to-date. While not new to the site in terms articles/interest, definitely new to participating via the “comments” section. I have zero knowledge or concern for the current, established hierarchy of the comments forum. Perhaps that is an advantage, perhaps not.

              I may respond inappropriately to “those” identified as “established regulars” that are possibly better ignored. Continued participation will answer that eventually.

              I completely agree with the “meat and potatoes” of everything you have posted here. I also agree that we are “chattel” to THEM, and that is a tactful “G” rated label for general consumption. The actual description would “offend” those we need to recruit.

              There was a recent time that I thought my state governor might actually have the balls to not only implement secession, but actually follow through with it. So much for that. Perry is a “doublespeak, bilderberg appointed sellout”.

              The “wildcard” that I struggle with in terms of actionable response, is literally the IN YOUR FACE EVIL of TPTB and THEIR demostrable willingness to kill Americans without remorse or conscience to garner the unoppossed support of the “chattel” for the plans THEY already have in place.

              WE are in dangerous, history making, generation saving/losing times. DON’T TREAD ON ME! I am with you. The DEVIL is in the details I’m still sorting out. Again, greatly appreciate your contribution and hope to read much more.


        • I would give this 10 thumbs up, but I only have 2, and Mac will only let me use one. OUTSTANDING stance/synopsis and this is one native Texan that agrees 100%. Thanks for the “time investment” to send me into the weekend applauding loudly!!!

      34. brown shirts SA blue shirts tad interesting how history repeats itself…

        • *tSA. Stoopid autocorrect

      35. HOW IS THIE NOT ILLEAGL SEARCH!!!!?!?!?!



        HOW CAN THIS BE HAPPENING!!!!?????

        I AM FURIOUS!!!!!

        • it is probably similar to the RIDE programs that were introduced many years ago…. of course they are illegal however that no longer matters…. they are legal because the NWO says they are…. its really that simple… asking for a warrant or citing your constitutional rights will likely end badly for those that do it… as some have said here…. being nice and asking nicely and the rest of it is just not working…. these goons understand one thing.. violence…. its what youve created uncle evelyn derothschild….funny how that works..hahaha

      36. VOTE PAUL!!!

      37. Since they hate us for our freedom, the less free we are, the less they hate us. I can make the connection, what the problem here? Heck by this time next year we should be the best of buds.


        • bosco… they dont hate you… you give yourself too much credit… they have no feelings for you at all… similar to the grains of sand and dirt they walk on is more like it… they are totally indifferent to you or i, if they hated you , that would imply they actually care about you in some way.

          • exactly – we are only DEBT SLAVE cattle to them, we benefit them only as long as we produce… once we are handicapped or to old to produce we are leeches in their eye’s and need to be exterminated… i.e. their solution to this problem = OBAMA CARE! Poisoned Shots, GMO food’s, EUGENIC DEATH PANELS , cuts in medicare/ medicaid and denial of medical services! Denial of individuals being able to use medical marijuana, alterntive cancer medicines and buying drugs from cheaper sources such as canada and other countries… it’s all planned and controlled… EUGENIC’S is here and we all in our lives will suffer from it!

            Educate Arm Up Stock Up Prepare!

            Give Them (the nwo) NOTHING!
            Take from THEM (the nwo) EVERYTHING!

            • I hope with every fiber of my being that other veterans are “onboard” with your understanding and determination to FIGHT this monstrous system with the same level of dedication and commitment you appear to represent. When the time comes, I don’t want to be behind you, I want to be beside you.

              How many truely understand the nature of the fight that is on our doorstep. How many will care/activate before it is too late?

              I believe that the true nature of OUR near term choices is TOO MUCH for most to accept or plan for. And I’m not talking about “personal prepping”. That is important. But personal involvement cannot stop there. Are WE willing to take the fight to them.

              Defense and preparation are important. Offense ultimately WINS the “game”. Carry on.

      38. Article I.


        Article II.


        Article III.


        Article IV.


        Article V.


        Article VI.


        • OUT-Fuk’n-Standing Bosco Warden!

          Since our Treasonous Federal Government is now an “Enemy Force-Of-Occupation” against Americans, and is now using seige tactics to subjugate us, the Law-Of War and Geneva Convention Articles for POW’s come into effect.

          Please help spread the word that the US Federal Gov’t has exposed its real identity as an Enemy-Aggressor that has invaded our lands.

          It is our duty to fight off such enemys of America and to ensure the virtues of the US Constitution are not harmed or diminished in any measure.

          It is simple, spread the following word to the four corners of our country:

          The US Federal Gov’t is an Enemy Aggressor Force that has invaded America.

          Their intend is to destroy the USA.

          Their intend is to mass-murder Americans.

          Their intent is to subjugate, dominate and eviscerate the few they intent to enslave.

          Their Agents of Subversion have already infiltrated every single agency, office and department of the Federal Gov’t, there are no exceptions.

          The invading army of the Federal Gov’t is far to corrupt, distorted, dysfuctional, warped and pyschotic to repair. It can only be abolished and replaced.

          It is now our DUTY to abolish this treasonous invading army from our lands.

          It is time for very American, Every Patriot, Every man, women and child in this country to waken and join the fight to eliminate every trace of these Treasonous invaders.

          Let us unite under the banner of “Constitutional Minutemen” to organize our countrymen and our allegiances to.

          Let us recoganize the perils and necessities at hand and prepare accordingly.

          Let us honor our maker, praise our families and friends, and know the hour of challange is almost upon us.

          Let us not falter in our efforts, for the future of our country, our homes and our childrens lives are the price of failure.

          May the good Lord look upon us with favor, and grant us the courage, strength and tanacity to eradicate such evil that has infected every hall of this treasonous force which once stood as our leadership, and is now our greatest mortal enemy.

          JD – US Marines – Constitutional Minuteman

          • “The US Federal Gov’t is an Enemy Aggressor Force that has invaded America.”

            That comment alone says it all! America is under siege.

            The true patriots will protect their country AGAINST the gov’t.

            If the Germans had a chance for a do-over, I am sure they would protect their country against the total onslaught of the Nazis. Same for the Italians and the Fascists. Same for the Russians and the Communists.

            Will Americans be smarter than them? Or just remain cowards and boobs?

      39. @ ninaorket +5

        I drove through TN twice in the past 5 days in a trip to & from Pittsburgh PA. I guess I was lucky that I was not hassled. It is really getting crazy. In PA you now need a DOT # on your truck if you tow over 9999 lbs. You need a DOT health form comnpleted by your Doctor. You have to increase from regular pickup truck license tags…to tags for the total GVW of your vehicle….so Instead of #$90.00 tags for your truck…..you may need $500.00 tags. They are cranking up every fee & tax they can. I’m sure glad to be back in TEXAS….where heaven is a local call !
        Montgomery County Texas.

        • Random, don’t come to Kentucky–dh spent two days with paperwork for his log truck in Frankfort, about 200 miles from our home—yep–couldn’t be done at our new 12 million dollar courthouse…nosiree!!

          • @ JJ
            Thanks for the warning. Will have to drive through KY both ways again on my next trip to Pgh PA in 2 – 3 weeks. Then I will hopefully done with this project !
            I’m trying to get all my ducks lined up before I make the 2nd run…so that if the Gubberment Thugs try to hassle me ……that I have “my papers ” !
            Montgomery County Texas

            • I have noticed the DOT pulled over lots of trucks lately. Hmmmm…

        • random…. this is simply for collecting more taxes from you.. its as simple as that… dont read anymore into than that… which i agree is vile!

        • I too carry a CLASS A license … I feel your pain… escpecially you being on the border… soon you’ll be competing with Mexican Truckers on jobs and transport! Thanks too NAFTA!

          The sad thing is such new rate hikes are only going to turn Good Folks into criminals… give it time… as wages fall lower and lower; And Taxes and Rates go higher and higher more and more good folks will just not be able to pay their way and will be labeled Criminal simply cause their poor!

          I see a black market opening on license’s and med docs and other tax DOT TAGS soon… it’s Taxes such as this that push us that much closer to THE BREAKING POINT AS A COUNTRY & REVOLUTION!

          Stay Safe Random, thanks for the info and note! ;0)

      40. ironically i bet the TSA cannot stop any ethnic looking people driving in TN or else they would be accused of being racist.

        based on precedent it seems illegal immigrants will be able to sue and say they were racially profiled – so who do i guess will these TSA be stopping? to me it seems only white citizens will be able to stopped and checked.

        after all look how fast and hard obama, eric holder and the DOJ goes after any state that tries to make being an illegal alien a crime – which it is – but any states that try to enforce illegal immigration laws – the federal government itself sues the states under charges of racism and racial profiling to stop them from enforcing their own laws!?! like WTF?

        it’s getting to the point i am at a loss for words at what is happening… i mention these situations as a litmus test to a couple liberal friends and they are completely clueless and defiant that bad stuff can never happen to our country… that obama and gang are doing a great job and it is all bush’s fault… sometimes i feel like i’m the one who must be crazy… how can all these other people not SEE what is going on?

      41. The answer to 1984 is 1776!

      42. If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear, and there has never been a miscarriage of justice anywhere, ever.

        • jack .. only miscarriage should have been your mothers when she was carrying you… you are a vile individual.

          • lmao ;0P – psssszzzt

      43. could it get to the point where they actually come to our house and take our guns like they did during hur.katrina? guess i better start on a big stash spot lol.

      44. mississippi dot are a whole lot worse than the police and hwy patrol when it comes to road blocks…they sit at the bypasses of my little community all day long and stop truckers as well as povs…msdot has been spending alot of state money the last several years too and they are the worse offenders for breaking their own laws of traffic. i am happy that all those in iraq will be coming home but i am worried for them…the jobs they had when they left are gone…prices for food is up..medicines are becoming scarce..if anyone has a right to be pissed off at their government it will be them.

      45. Just wait. TSA will be in the tool booths next. Then they’ll replace the crossing guards… etc… etc. I hope you all called your congressman today. After reading this, I’ll be calling first thing Monday morning. (Cause I’m sure his office wouldn’t be open on a weekend, what with them being gubment workers and all). 🙂

        Nice little tidbit about TSA on Ron Paul’s website here:

        And if here’s an old article that shows you which party federalized airport security and created the TSA:
        Of course, GWB signed the bill into law, so let’s throw a little blame on him as well…

        Good night all. I have to go watch a commie lib movie with the Mrs tonight.


        • That’s “toll” not “tool”. Pretty funny typo! And that was w/o a Bourbon in me!


      46. Near Flint Michigan they’re now running roadblocks on I-69, I-75, and US 23. Stand still while we have our drug dogs go over your vehicle. Used to live near there, was in Flint a lot on business (GM supplier). SOOOOO glad I’m retired and gone. Feel sorry for colleagues who have to commute past Flint.

      47. BTW one of the best things in my BOV is an old Dell laptop running DeLorme Topo with a GPS attached. See a backup, I can see the area in detail, see exactly where I am, and plan a way around using anything down to dirt tracks. Has gotten me out of hours-long Interstate backups numerous times. FAR superior to those “navigation” toys that talk to you.

      48. we can put a stop to all this if yall didnt luv yur pute so much…..Tellin myself at the same time.. lock n load.

      49. we can put a stop to all this if yall didnt luv yur keyboard so much…..I am telling myself at the same time.. You cannot reason with the devils advocate. lock n load. keep your head low and your little ones fed the truth… amen.

        • Hey, this keyboard keeps me connected thanks to patriots like Mac and others that are still out there—I Don’t Have TV..do you??

          I disconnected, so watch pointing the finger!!

      50. You need to delete your Google cache and use a VPN so the government can’t monitor you. Also, be careful what you say on the phone. Big brother is monitoring all phone calls for certain keywords. If you say some of these keywords you will be visited and questioned…. Our rights are going right down the toilet.

        • Let them visit me! I have had a belly full!

      51. They will soon declare martial law next. Amerika will be under complete lock down. Any suspected dissident will be placed under house arrest. And the TSA will be at the forefront of the new domestic army to Pulverize the existence of your last remaining civil freedoms into smithereens. The Republic is long dead and gone. Empire and Emperor are Supreme. Der Fuhrer is going to rape this country to death.

        They are making TN their first experiment state to see how the sheeple will respond. Have they forgotten States’ Rights altogether? Do they realize that they’re being frightened by the boogeyman of Terrorism to become SLAVES for their Fed masters? Should we expect any resistance? Or will we, once and for all, finally be able to destroy them as individuals?

        Boycott flying the airlines, let them go bankrupt, and we might have a fighting chance against those bastard thugs of the TSA, FBI, and other scumbags.

        I am not sure if the TSA has already completely unionized yet . . . that would be the death knell for your last right to individual sovereignty.

        Good Luck! It’s up to you.

      52. The clerk in a local gun store told me that he had to be printed for the job. His friend in the local police showed him the thick report that was returned on him. It came from the Atlanta Fusion Center and contained a list of calls, credit card purchases etc. I don’t purchase ammo on line because I don’t want a record. They monitor us all the time. What is the name of their search somtware … carnivor??

        • Well, most folks here know about the fusion centers and could really care less. We all understand that if we are posting here we are on a “list” somewhere and are ranked in order of “high potential risk” to “arm-chair warrior typing BS”. Heck, for all anyone knows, I’m a 14 year old girl who has just watched the Rambo movies, Atlas Shrugged, the Harry Potter movies, and the Lord of the Rings extended series too many times. 😉

          Seriously though, don’t use your credit card for prep purchases, there are better ways and it keeps your preps off the radar. Being a smart talker on a prepper website is pretty low level stuff. Cheers!

      53. Time to start fighting back against these pigs. Technology is a two-way street, I’d suggest everyone who values their freedom start now while we still have a chance to fight back from our homes. These MF’s will not stop since their sole purpose is to enslave us all. I for one will not stand for that, I will die on my feet fighting.

        • I have two words on that – VINCE FOSTER… her lover and law partner of 15 years ; who the clintons, bill and death dealer hilary had killed by the secret service when he quit the whitehouse! dead men tell no tails – is coined by the clintons!

          • oppps – apologies folks… i need to proof read more…

            DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES! Is coined by the Clintons!

      54. Two commies and a nazi walk in to a bar…

        Bartender: What’ll it be?

        1st commie: I’ll have a vodka and tonic, hold the tonic. The proletariat must learn to take what is rightfully theirs. Therefore, I won’t pay you for the drink.

        2nd commie: I’ll have a vodka, too. The bourgeois must share with the masses. You have much vodka, I have none. Therefore you must give me the drink for free.

        Nazi: Gimme a good German beer. Those who fight for the purity of the bloodline and the dominance of the Fatherland must be supported by the sacrifices of the people. Therefore, I shall not pay for the drink.

        Bartender pulls his shotgun from under the bar and shoots 1st commie. Says: The proletariat need to learn what is and isn’t ‘rightfully’ theirs.
        He then shoots the 2nd commie. Says: Around here, the bourgeois ARE the masses, and we don’t tolerate theives who try to legitimize their theft with ideology.
        He then shoots the nazi. Says: Closest thing to a ‘German beer’ in this place is a Budweiser. And if you’d looked at the sign out front you might not have stopped for a drink at Rosenbergs Bar & Grill.

        • LMAO! Thanks Okie! 🙂

      55. ‘Within the inalienable rights to life and liberty, as recognized in the Declaration of Independence, is the right to independence. People have a right not to be compelled to be dependent on the federal government’s monopoly of territorial protection and jurisdiction. If people within a particular territory have a right of independence and a right of self-determination, then they have a right to secede from the federal “union.” This is reinforced by the Declaration of Independence, which states that “it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” ‘

        “…If any state in the Union will declare that it prefers separation….to a continuance in the union….I have no hesitation in saying, ‘let us separate’…”

        ‘…the State, which subsists on taxation, is a vast criminal organization far more formidable and successful than any “private” Mafia in history . . .’

        A must read for all and no one else: http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig10/lazarowitz2.1.1.html

      56. Human beings have been gladly trading off liberty for security throughout history. Governments have learned that as long as the standard of living rises the body politic will accept shackles. The initial revolts in Poland were caused by rising food prices not a quest for freedom. Discussing the communist system in eastern europe with several people that lived under it they said if the Iron Curtain was not erected the average person still would not have fled (by the 1960s of course post Stalin). The ambitious hard working people wanted to leave but Victor Vodka (like his US counterpart Joe Six Pack) is happy with food and circus.

        The majority of the body politic will put up with a great loss of freedom quite willingly as long as the standard of living is ok in their eyes. That standard of living is more than just a catalyst for revolt it is the root cause. This even worries the Chinese domestically. Things don’t look too good globally regarding the standard of living virtually everywhere.

        “Vere are za papers” may be the least of your worries with the kayos that is coming globally.

      57. Thank you for the link, I S. I read the article. It was superb!

      58. As if to make a “fool” of the federal government: on April 1, 2009, the Georgia State Senate voted 43-1 the right of state legislatures, and therefore the people, to nullify federal laws deemed unconstitutional.

        Their resolution included language that if the federal government attempted to restrict the possession of firearms, then the United States government would CEASE TO EXIST. Yes, you read that correctly.

        This is not difficult to comprehend. The Declaration of Independence is essentially a statement asserting “the Right of the People” to “abolish” government as they see fit for their own “Safety and Happiness.”

        In fact, a 2008 Zogby International poll revealed that 22% of Americans believed that “any state or region has the right to peaceably secede and become an independent republic.”

      59. yental says:

        October 22, 2011 at 6:43 pm

        I hope with every fiber of my being that other veterans are “onboard” with your understanding and determination to FIGHT this monstrous system with the same level of dedication and commitment you appear to represent. When the time comes, I don’t want to be behind you, I want to be beside you.

        How many truely understand the nature of the fight that is on our doorstep. How many will care/activate before it is too late?

        I believe that the true nature of OUR near term choices is TOO MUCH for most to accept or plan for. And I’m not talking about “personal prepping”. That is important. But personal involvement cannot stop there. Are WE willing to take the fight to them.

        Defense and preparation are important. Offense ultimately WINS the “game”. Carry on.

        Thank you yental… ;0) but it’s probly best ya stand behind me… I’d hate to have a Dick Cheney huntin’ flash back and shot ya with my .45-70 ;0P!

        Honestly I belong to a veteran group here in montana and most vets are not so quick as too what is happening here honestly… hunting and drinking beer is their points of interest here and smoking pot for the older vietnam ones ;0) Montana is a big FOX NEWS gov programming Republican State lotsa flouride in the water here if ya know what I mean and the montana vETERANS aDMINISTRATION actually is making a list of all PATRIOTIC VETERANS here in state, what guns they own and where they live contact info and they are turning it all over to the DHS MONTANA office in Helena Montana so they can track us veterans… no BS! Truth! The Montana Veterans Administration has Mental Health Doctors watching and posting on this website actually!!! No BS! MontanaMike who posts here on this site works for the Montana VA and is a Troll!

        So some Vets are waking up, but most are fearful of what is coming and they aren’t sure what to do! Especialy those with families and members of their families in the military – To be honest!

        Be Safe Yentil… Great Movie by the way , you sure got a big nose though for a gurl ;0) and we’ll see you on the LINE! I’ll be the guy with the Long Gun .45-70! ;0) Thanks for the Cudoo’s!

        arm up stock up prepare
        preditor or prey the choice is yours!

        • What you say is true.

          However, I doubt the American sheeple have it in them to revolt. I have no faith in my countrymen, for they are the ones that allowed the TSA to be formed and the tyranny to sweep the nation in the wake of 9/11.

          If the shooting starts, let me know and I’m there. Until then this is all just a bunch of loud mouths on the internet getting themselves put on watch lists (seriously, learn to use offshore VPNs or TOR).

          If it doesn’t happen soon, though, I’ll be somewhere else. This isn’t the country I grew up in.

          You can say it’s “running from the problem”, but what’s the alternative? Move somewhere like Montana or Alaska and hope I can stay beneath the radar of the police state? That sounds like running to me.

          I’m just running a little further, away from tyranny instead of buryig my head in the sand.

          • thanxs big guy… food is the key here… when that fails, all hell will break loose!

            funny thing is montana as pretty as it is , is not a safe state to live in… lotsa property crime and lotsa domestic violence here… folks here love messing with bullying the new fish and only respect violence here! meth marajuana and booze is big here and they flouridate everything here! not to mention it’s hard core republican no matter what! And it’s under NWO fed control!

            you might be right heading south… for safety reasons.


      60. Compare your Homeland Security Bill to the Enabling Act that legitimised Hitler’s overthrow of democracy – that nonetheless wasn’t a Nazi creation but the implementation by Chancellor Brüning of Article 48 of the post-WW1 German Constitution.

        You’re on a slippery slope.

        • Compare The Gun Control Act of 1968 to the NAZI Weapons Law of 1938. Check out the analysis of it at JPFO.

          We been on that slope for quite some time.

      61. There is a lot of confusion about what will happen. It’s got to play out longer. We’re stuck in between God & the Devil in their cosmic war. God wants to save people but rid the world of evil, while the Devil wants to rid the world of Jews, because they are the only ones that can bring back Messiah by humbly praying for his return. And if there are no jews (says Satan), he can continue to rule this world.

        • Oh lord. Do you really believe that? This here is an example of what’s wrong with America – the entire Christian right believes Jews are the master race and are hell bent on fulfilling ancient biblical propechy.

          Oh course it is convenient that the tomes declaring Jews to be ‘God’s chose people’ were written by Jews and that Christianity is a religion the Jews made up for their gentile slaves.

          That’s why we’re so hopelessly screwed. Nobody will dare oppose the Jews. Swearing fealty to Israel and the Jews is a litmus test in American politics.

          So onward Christian soldiers, to war with Iran, and whoever else the Jews want killed.

      62. With the implementation of Federal internet traffic screening and monitoring, this website should be on an offshore server that actively disguises user’s info. If not, every person that views it will end up on a list of “undesirables.”
        Hopefully not but it is damn sure the way to bet.

      63. I predict that an AMERICAN PATRIOT will hit Whoreshington Dumb Cunts the crapitol of Americunt with a Neutron Bomb and Kill all the Gubbament SCUM. God Damn their slimey souls to Satan. AMEN

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