Go Time: “Pentagon is Making the Initial Preparations for a Cruise Missile Attack”

by | Aug 24, 2013 | Headline News | 538 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Two words for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad: Get Out.

    It should be clear based on reports this week of US soldiers and intelligence operatives entering Syrian borders last Saturday that a military operation is now in progress. After the events that played out in front of the world on Wednesday, when it was claimed that Assad launched a chemical attack against his own people, there is no question as to what was going to happen next.

    It’s go time in the middle east:

    Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel suggested Friday that the Pentagon was moving naval forces closer to Syria in preparation for a possible decision by President Obama to order military strikes.

    Fox News

    And we’re not just positioning boats. Via Zero Hedge:

    Moments ago the inevitable denouement arrived when as CBS’ David Martin reports, the US is preparing for a cruise missile launch against Syria, and is further ordering warships closer to Syria to be prepared and ready for when the trigger is pulled.


    For those who would suggest this is just posturing, there is already a precedent:

    In the eyes of the world Bashar al-Assad is now a mass murderer and he’s about to get Saddam’d by Hussein.



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      1. Anthrax

        • Should be an interesting week ahead. I think I’m going to fill every jug and extra container with gas in the morning since the prices may spike for a few weeks at least. Besides we are having an old fashioned gas war here, $3.21 per gal.

          • And we thought Obama had snubbed Putin when he said he would not meet one on one at the upcoming economic summit? Guess that is a definite now. Yow! And here I was worried about an economic crash or race war.

            Baby, please pass me that bottle of iodine. Now where again is that mine?


            • Oh… a thumbs down— I’ll rephrase then:

              “A gentleman of color and distinction is about to
              present a gift of mass genocide to the worlds doorstep

              • Your first statement was correct and to the point. Time to remove this scum from the White House.

                • Wait, wait, wait! Why all the hate? Especially towards our Commander and Thief. Personally, I can’t stand the sight of the basturd( use of the term literally ), but we have to remember; God is still on the throne and He determines the leaders in positions to bring about His prophetic word.

                  Man, is it ever coming to fulfillment fast and right before our very eyes. For those with “eyes to see’, isn’t it amazing and exciting to see fulfillment transpire? Glory be to God of the Highest and (soon to come) Peace on Earth and (finally) good will toward men.

                  Peace to my brothers and sisters,

                • jp says:

                  “yourmotherwaswrong….maybe you should seek some professional help! Just sayin’…”


                  That was/is the Soviet/Amerikan model.

                  Any dissenters of the status quo (the state/flag) were/are labeled “crazy,” and in need of “professional help.”

                  After all, who in their right mind would question the “State/Flag.”

                  jp, you would make a good Communist/Fascist. “Just sayin’.”

                  BTW… You forgot to add that juvenile clip art at the end of your post.

                  I was disappointed.

                • yourmotherwaswrong…you make my point so appropriately! You attack anyone who can see your truth and then accuse them of your own agenda. You try to disrupt any meaningful conversation that anyone on this site might have and attack, attack, attack….that is what Obama’s cyber squad does! It’s good to know that you’ve made your intentions so transparent…BRAVO!

                • jp says:

                  “You attack anyone who can see your truth and then accuse them of your own agenda.”

                  What the F**K are you talking about?

                  What’s my “truth??”

                  What’s my “agenda???”

                  … And I’m the one, that in your words, “should seek some professional help!”

                  “You try to disrupt any meaningful conversation…”

                  To your mind, just what is a “meaningful conversation?”

                  If by “disrupt,” you mean dissenting from the idiotic, flag waving “patriotism” destroying my country, you can bet your Statist/Fascist ass on that one!

                  Last time I checked jp, this was still an OPEN forum, and not just a playground for views like yours.

                  “Obama’s cyber squad?” LOL.

                  You have far, far more in common with Obama than I.

                  E.g., you stand shoulder to shoulder “waving the flag,” and I’ll bet you both partake in that immoral ritual of voting.


                • yourmotherwaswrong..you’re are so pathetic and so incredibly transparent! As I said attack, attack, attack! Fortunately, I know my own truth and unlike you, I don’t resort to name calling as in communist/fascist and you do exactly what Obam’s cyber squad does and is doing…that’s called disruption, which I’m not going to do any further!

                  Mac, I apologize for allowing myself to be pulled into his nonsense and I apologize to others as well, with the exception of yourmotherwaswrong and other trolls!

                • @jp

                  Poor Baby… Have you caught your breath yet?

                • Hey jp

                  I gave you a “thumbs up.”

                  It’s kinda like 3X4=11

                  You tried.

                • Forrest: I will fight side by side with you anytime! 🙂

                • Obama is not the real problem. Would you rather see Biden assume the role? They are both puppets under the control of the shadow government. If you want to see the agenda, refer to the PNAC plan established by the Neocons. 7 ME countries in 5 years, progressing as planned. After Syria, Lebanon then Iran like a roller coaster. Somehow this onslaught has to stop. Don’t underestimate Putin and the Russian military. Push them in a corner, then don’t expect a rational response. The truly scary thing is this could rapidly go nuclear with each side anticipating a first strike. MAD may not apply anymore. Americans need to come together and find a way to stop this insanity.

              • LMFAO! A least you have no problems in calling a spade a spade.

                • Most people remember the cold war. It was about two countries posturing themselves like a couple of giant peacocks trying to make the other think that they were the bigger, the tougher of the two. Birds and other animals will do this, the flaring of the feathers or the bristling of the fur to make an opponent or predator think you are as large and threatening as possible. I saw this the other day with a squirrel as a cat was stalking it, the squirrel’s fur was straight up and didn’t if look like a squirrel. This type of show is exactly that, a show for others to see. Harmless.

                  Now you have countries that are not trying to outshow the other. You have countries that fearful from their very existence, both the U.S. and Russia. There is still some posturing, but this is more of a dog eat dog eat type of conflict brewing. Russia can’t back down again, they are in a corner. Russia can’t lose another piece of the land, they already have lost a substantial amount of its buffer zone protecting its strategic forces. Simply put strategic forces are the nuclear weapons that safeguards Russia remaining a nation. Russia can’t allow the loss of its monopoly of natural gas to europe that brings in huge revenue, especially each winter. Syria falls, a natural pipeline goes in through Syria and Russia loses hundreds of billions.

                  The U.S. knows that its economy is in a free fall. As long as there is something tangible to back up the U.S. dollar that baboon helicopter ben can continue to print up toilet paper money. The U.S. can continue to borrow as long as the U.S dollar has something back it up. The oil dollar or petro dollar allows the U.S dollar to be used to purchase and sell OPEC oil, and world oil on the markets. Iran is selling their oil using other currency to India and China using precious metals and those two country’s currencies. Other countries have tested the market with basket currencies. Oil producing countries want safety with selling their oil. Think of the U.S. dollar as someone getting paid for their job or selling their car from a known check bouncer. You get real worried when you see a check that may or may not be worth jack.

                  The U.S. loses the U.S. dollar and they lose creditability. No more cheap loans that they will never pay back. No more buying foreign imports on the world markets without having some type of collateral. In other words everything becomes more expensive to purchase. Anything exported loses its value as countries can bargin for lower prices much more so. It is called defaulting on what is owed to investors in this country and other countries. It is called a country in deep manure with a depression that is not based on worthless stocks, but worthless money.

                  So you have two countries that feel backed up against the wall ready to engage each other either through proxies at first, or just plain a fight between the forces. One side is going to start to lose, and in war when you start to lose you go to the special weapons to balance the battle. Just a small tactical nuke to stop a division or a naval ship, nothing large. The second that one nuke is used, it is game over. The conflict then goes ballastic at that point.

                  When you are in the backyard of Russia, what does the U.S. do when wave after wave of Russian MIG’s are coming from mainland Russia. The nanosecond that ANY U.S. forces enter Russian airspace, the Russian ICBM’s are launched at all targets in the U.S., NATO and all other countries allied with the U.S.

                  See where this is going? The U.S. and Russia cannot start a fight with each other, or it is over from the human civilization. The U.S. attacks Syria and Iran is bound to defend Syria through treaty. Hezbollah has close to a 1/2 million rockets and missiles aimed at Israel that will be fired. The Iranian forces when they engage the U.S. and Israel must be attacked. Then you have Chinese interest involved. China is not an oil rich country, as they continue to poison their air with coal proves. Losing more than 1/4 of their energy in oil from Iran is extremely important to them. China alone can blow up the U.S. So now you have China and Russia fighting against the U.S. and NATO.

                  In the previous two wars you had one power that overwelmed the other. World War 3 you have two powers that are fairly equally matched, both with thousands of nukes. This is the ingredients even with a conventional war of something that would have no winner, only losers. A conflict that is like the old boxing matches that lasted into the dozens of rounds where no opponent is knocked down. Nuclear weapons will of course be used, along with the pre Star Wars type weapons never seen on the battlefield.

                  When Mac and others post these articles, this is not to be taken with a grain of salt. This is not shock journalism. This is life and death of the human species. This is not doomer type of chicken little running for cover. No, this is two countries and many others that are desperate and frightened and ready for a fight to save what they believe is their way of life. That is the difference between the cold war and now, an animalistic fear of loss of everything. That makes for a more dangerous situation than this world has ever seen with the weapons this time to end the civilization.

                • To the “thumbdownsykiddies”, there’s heavy traffic in the streets……go play there.

                • Yeah the Jig is up. Trekker Out.

                • I like SPOOK

                • I can’t stand Obama either for turning our country into a police state. However, the only way we can overcome the evil that is attempting to overtake our planet (NWO) is if we come together and stop being so damned divided!

                  Who do you want at your side? A white CEO fighting for the NWO or a black man with a gun, watching your back as you both fight to defend your liberty and Freedom? Think about it!

                • @Be Informed,

                  Absolutely everything you say is true, as far as I can see.

                  The only thing you left out, is the fact that this has been the global elite’s plan all along—to put the two superpowers into a confrontation that neither can back down from, and neither people can survive.

                  They’ve destabilized and destroyed all of the countries in between, all allies.

                  They’ve set up their web of usury around the world to fund this war with.

                  Only this time, the banks won’t be bailing anybody out—THEY’LL SIMPLY TAKE OVER AND BUY/OWN THE ENTIRE WORLD.


                  I just can’t believe the “conspiracy” is real.

                  But it IS.

                • 18 Signs That Global Financial Markets are Entering a Horrifying Death Spiral

                  “The much anticipated “financial correction” is rapidly approaching, and investors are starting to race for the exits.

                  We have not seen so many financial trouble signs all come together at one time like this since just prior to the last major financial crisis. It is almost as if a “perfect storm” is brewing, and a lot of the “smart money” has already gotten out of stocks and bonds.”

                  “We never even came close to recovering from the last financial crisis and the last recession.

                  Now the next major wave of the economic collapse is coming up quickly.

                  I hope that you are taking this time to prepare for the approaching storm, because it is going to be very painful.”


                • Tell it like it is. Political correctness has killed this country. Sure wish my husband had taken care of a solar system to run some small appliances.

                • BI; as always, your analysis is spot on, you’re a very astute observer! Just a speculation; do you think “O” could be setting up our troops to fail? You know, the whole tell Putin I’ll have more flexibility when I get a 2nd term; that way our troops are taken out while the rumored Ruskies in America can start their plunder?

              • Talk about a Ra-Ra pom pom waving assessment.

                I’m surprised it didn’t end with an oo-rah…

                • Its Hoo-rah. Nu nuts.

                • OO-Rah!

                  Hows that!?

                • No, it’s Hoo-ah!

              • Please don’t lie. A gentleman of color and distinction would not act like he does.

                • “A gentleman of color and distinction”

                  3 come to mind, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Clarence Thomas, who else?

                • William Norman Grigg

                • Wilson: Charles Barkley comes to mind. The only black man I know who has recognized that Zimmerman was innocent and shot Martin in self defense and was willing to say so publicly.

                  Thank you Charles. 🙂

              • Too late. You already exposed your racist self and everyone on this site.

                • So what

                • I’m “racist”…I believe everybody has an inherent right to be proud of who they are, proud of their culture, their country and their color.

                • Anonymous,

                  You think white people are racist? Tell you what, you find me one black Osamabama lover who doesn’t want whitie middle class gone, just one. I don’t consider myself a racist and I know God created all living creatures and we are all his children but let’s face it most blacks are way more racist than white people. If you want to cry about slavery then look at the guy in the white house, he is the supreme slave master.

              • You are aware of the fact that you are of “color.”

              • Haha!

            • I just want anyone who may reads this to know that not all “preppers” are ignorant bigots like “OutWest”. Some of us believe that America is about equality and freedom. We’re embarrassed by troglodytic fools whose mental processes never surpassed the third grade.
              To “OutWest” I say – please seek Jesus Christ, who will remove the bile and vomit from your mind.


              • SilverSax— those are heavy charges, indeed

                Lets start with seeking Jesus Christ. I have
                sought, found, and embraced my God for being
                an unrepentant sinner and believe He forgives
                me my transgressions for carrying the sword in
                defense of my people, His children.
                I choose to defend my countries equality and
                freedoms through actions as one of His soldiers,
                and not through the finger pointing hypocrisy
                of a zealot who wears their religion on their
                sleeve like a scarlet letter.
                When there is an in infidel in charge of the
                America we love and cherish, about to take it
                to it’s destruction, there are no words too
                strong, nor any actions too great, to justify
                the preservation of this Great Republic.

                • OUTWEST, IF YOU WERE REALLY A CHRISTIAN (SOMEONE WHO FOLLOWS IN CHRIST’S FOOTSTEPS) YOU WOULD HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT THE AFFECT YOUR DISPICABLE WORDS WOULD HAVE ON OTHERS BEFORE YOU COMMENTED. What if a little black girl read your disgusting comments? How do you think that little child would feel?

                  Jesus was asked, “what is the greatest commandment?” He answered, “Love thy God with all thy heart and mind… the second greatest was much like the first: to love thy neighbor as thyself”. Are you following the greatest commandments Jesus set forth?

                  I can’t stand Obama either for turning our country into a police state. However, the only way we can overcome the evil that is attempting to overtake our planet (NWO) is if we come together and stop being so damned divided! Who do you want at your side? A white CEO fighting for the NWO or a black man with a gun, watching your back as you both fight to defend your liberty and Freedom? Think about it!

                • Outwest, it’s strange that you would use the language you did as a Christian. It’s also strange that you would use it on a website that is devoted to prepping and survival.
                  As a prepper, surely you know that prepping is about much more than stockpiling necessities. It’s mostly about having a survivalist attitude. You do not have a survivalist attitude.
                  Think about it. In the fearsome times that are coming, survival will depend on cooperation and trust with your neighbors. From your original post, I doubt your capability to cooperate with some of your neighbors. This deficiency will far outweigh any food or ammo you may have stockpiled.
                  In my opinion, any prepping you may have already done is mere “posing”. You display a dangerous non-cooperative attitude and you will be among the first to go.
                  As a Christian, you embarrass me. We already fight the stereotypes of ignorance and hate that the world attributes to us. For you to say what you did only reinforces those stereotypes.
                  I despise the liberal/socialist/Marxist policies of Obama and the left, and I believe they are what will cause the eventual fall of America. But you contribute to that fall with words that divide, not unite.
                  Why not take back what you said, and prove you’re more than a “poser”.

                • @OUTWEST…

                  You spun that fucker so bad I’ll be dizzy for the next month.

                  Do you have a clue what you are talking about?

                  You sound like an idiot.

                • RICH98 you are an idiot!

                • You said what you meant…that’s good and acceptable…and you were correct..I despise him(the kenyan) and all like him…some of these others yapping at you want to stand on their moral soapboxes and pretend they speak for Jesus Christ and are somehow more upright and holy than anyone else who might say something that offends their own little set of ideals….I may not care for that word in particular but what I really don’t like are self-righteous impostors pretending to speak for some mythical little child or other person who might be offended by what you said…cowards are the ones who hide behind platitudes to diversity and understanding and coming together…NEWSFLASH…we aint getting together with some people…wont happen….no matter how badly we may want it or how loudly some people whine about it…sounds like you uncovered some closet progressives by stroking their fur backwards…so now theyre whining….too bad they don’t have some practical prepping/homesteading/survival advise they could contribute to the general benefit of all here…but nooo they can only find fault,jeeesh!!…flame on whiners!

              • Silver Sax, don’t presume to speak for me. You’re having enough trouble speaking for yourself as it is.

                I can defend my own views AND handle the criticism all by myself, thank you very much.

                • Pride is the opposite of humility– himility is knowing who you really are– no better and no worse than anybody else. Pride is false identity– ego, and thus, of the devil (delusion). God made us ALL His children. “What know ye not that ye are Gods, children of the most High?”

                  To assume otherwise is ego-delusion, of the devil. Periiod.

                  Pride is a sin. Humility is what Christ taught. Love. Not superiority attitude.

                • I never said I was speaking for you. I don’t even know who you are.

                • I don’t buy into the idea that we must all think of ourselves as “less than” in order to be christian. EXCESSIVE pride is a sin, pride in the face and presence of God is a sin.

                  I’m proud to be the creation of God.

              • Silver Sax, I think we need to find another website– one with intelligent people we can rightfully converse with and lift up our consciousnesses. These people are fools.

                The only reason I post here is because I don’t know another website I can post on (and Mac does have good information here). I used to make comments on Joe Romm’s website, climateprogress.com, but he changed the format– which I don’t like– but at least the people were highly intelligent– not rugrats.

                Anyhow, guess eventually will find website without racist bigots… everything changes. : )

                • Don’t let the door hit you on the way out

                • Bye….ciao….hasta la vista you will not be missed…..

                • @ Forrest….YESSSS. three thumbs up for the first sentence of your post. You need to go to another site and take silverjackass with you.

                • Forrest,

                  Just make sure if it’s a black website that you don’t let on if you’re white cause cracker, you will be vilified! I am sick of this one sided racist crap, face it know it all, black, white, red, yellow, whatever your color, you will be criticized by someone who doesn’t like your color. You sound like Obama, stick up for just one race and condemn the others because if fits the agenda.

                  It is people like you who want to keep the black man as a little lap dog that needs to be protected by never let off his leash. You stick up for them but ignore the fact that so many of them can’t even speak proper English, they live in squalor and they lick the hand of their oppressor.

                  Yes, the dictator wants to cry when they are criticized or scream racism but ignores the fact that they are dying in the rotting ghettos that he forces them to live in. If I were a black man today, I would spit in Obama’s face for keeping the black population dependent on their handouts and not even allowing them to go to better schools outside of their rat infested neighborhoods. Sick and evil is this monster that they sadly worship, he has no respect for them and one day they will realize how they have been played.

                  You remind me of Chris Mathews, I bet you don’t even have one black friend.

                • You few do gooder libs better realize the words in the bible cover alot MORE than a few feel good verses.

                  Yes God created all folks. BUT…There is an Entire chapter devoted to the DIFFERNCE between christian childen of the LIGHT, and all the REST who are of the DARKNESS side aka belong to SATAN.

                  That chapter explaines and Lists a dozen or more “Types” who are of Darkness.

                  It ends in the final verse telling Christian of the LIGHT aka Gods Children..”Therefore as now you know you are children of the light and belobg to God, as for those OTHERS of the Darkness side…From Such TURN AWAY!”

                  NOT: join together with Compromizes so you can all smile happy and sing Kumbaya. TURN AWAY FROM THEM!

                  You keep desireing a “coming together” as One.

                  Jesus said “Think NOT that I came to heal the world as one but RATHER think that I came as if bearing a HUGE sword with which to DIVIDE the world into TWO Halves”

                  Indeed! Two halves…The Light and the Dark sides.

                  Acording to Christ ONLY Christians are of the Light aka Gods true children. Big difference from being “Created” by God and being Gods Children.

                  NO where did Jesus or any verses in the new testement tell us to “Compromize” with evil or darkness type folks.

                  For what Is a compromize but an Excange? Exchange of what? The Good side gives Up some of its Good in exchange for what? some Darkness or evil from the other group?

                  Beware the Leven of the Pharisee(talmudic judiacs) for a LITTLE leven(sin aka darkness aka wrong) levens the Whole Loaf. Leven means YEAST like used to Rise dough for bread.

                  Small amount yeast rises the entire Lump of dough. So does even small compromize with wrong or evil.

                  Do You foolish liberals do gooders get it Yet?

                  If as a christian your method is compromizes to get others, all others to Like you more, then You are doing christianity Wrong.

                  Why do you think Christ was so hated by judiacs and pharisee? For being so too Nice?!…”If You follow Me You Too shall be Hated and Persecuted for MY name sake same as I was hated”(and finally Murdeed by those hatefull jews and rabbi pharisee! aka todays zionists and talmudics).

                  “Love yer neighbor” Okay…And Who did those christians He was talking To have as neighbors? Each Other! Fellow believers! Christians did “White Flight” way back then too. So to Reside as neighbors With fellow christians instead of Romans, heathens, unbelievers, and judiac talmudics….

                  Learn to Discern is also a really Biggie Christ Taught…Some here need learn that badly.

                • Forrest……Hope yer lil blond haired ,blue eyed daughter runs off with a 300 lb. GORILLA !!…coated with anthrax !! …….mm

                • And behold, a certain lawyer stood up and tested Him, saying, “Teacher, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?”

                  He said to him, “What is written in the law? What is your reading of it?”

                  So he answered and said, “ ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind,’ and ‘your neighbor as yourself.’”

                  And He said to him, “You have answered rightly; do this and you will live.”

                  But he, wanting to justify himself, said to Jesus, “And who is my neighbor?”

                  Then Jesus answered and said: “A certain man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and fell among thieves, who stripped him of his clothing, wounded him, and departed, leaving him half dead. Now by chance a certain priest came down that road. And when he saw him, he passed by on the other side. Likewise a Levite, when he arrived at the place, came and looked, and passed by on the other side. But a certain Samaritan, as he journeyed, came where he was. And when he saw him, he had compassion. So he went to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring on oil and wine; and he set him on his own animal, brought him to an inn, and took care of him. On the next day, when he departed, he took out two denarii, gave them to the innkeeper, and said to him, ‘Take care of him; and whatever more you spend, when I come again, I will repay you.’ So which of these three do you think was neighbor to him who fell among the thieves?”

                  And he said, “He who showed mercy on him.”

                  Then Jesus said to him, “Go and do likewise.”

                  Samaritans and Jews hated each other, yet Jesus used this parable to answer the question “Who is your neighbor”

                  He was specifically making the point that it’s NOT just your fellow Christians, you need to study your Bible just a wee bit more, my friend.

                  Yes, the Jews are the enemies of the gospel (Romans 11:28) but what does scripture demand of us regarding our enemies?

                  “But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you”

                  Matthew 5:44

              • You’re full of it. I’m 55 years old; I know exactly what that word means.

              • And that little black girl, had she had the intelligence to be on this site would’ve called every one of us a cracker. Outwest is as disgusted with what our black president has done to our country as everyone else here. When you fuck with our livelihood and ability to take care of our family as this man has, we have earned the right to be derogatory and even in unchristian-like. God WILL forgive us this one.

            • Out west

              don’t feel the need too censure your words you were correct the first time

              lets call a spade a spade

              the worthless pile of crap

              troll killer

              • You guys are something. War is being declared and you clowns are arguing over political correctness

              • BTW i dont come on this page to be PC or even to listen to PC conversation where every one is tripping over themselve’s walking on egg shells to make sure no one gets ass hurt ,so if you come here and you dont like what you hear ,turn the fuckin channel,if it hurts your little feelings by reading a few derogetory words ,boy ,your going to be in a world of hurt when things go south in this country and life gets realy real

            • Think about what you folks are defending. OutWest defended himself by hiding behind patriotism (“…there are no words too strong, nor any actions too great, to justify the preservation of this Great Republic”). But he attacked the ONE THING about Obama that has no bearing on Obama’s destruction of America! OutWest didn’t attack Obama’s economic policy, he didn’t attack Obama’s foreign policy, he didn’t attack Obama’s education policy. No, he attacked the man for the color of his skin, then hid behind the flag when I called him on it! It’s a despicable thing to say.
              I bet the lot of you were outraged when Trayvon Martin’s girlfriend called us all “crackers”. So was I. I didn’t like it a bit. But to turn around and do the exact same thing, or defend someone who did it, puts you on exactly the same level as Rachel Jeantel, who you condemned.
              I’ll make a deal with you, OutWest, or any of the rest of you who defend him –
              If one of you can show me in the Bible where Jesus Christ held that ugly attitude in his heart, or if one of you can explain to me how that word unites all of us as Americans, instead of dividing us, I’ll apologize all over this website. Until then –

            • Are you a liberal trying to discredit this site. I think so.

              • Don’t have to go very far to discredit this web site.

                Really, every time I check on here I rarely find any useful information about prepping, or how to prepare ourselves for whatever is coming down the tube toward us.

                I have to spend hours looking thru countless comments to find a shred of useful information.

                Crying over the past, who has been elected to do what, Bush and Cheney, and someones color, are NOT VERY USEFUL, in prepping.

                Lets have a Blog that points out useful things, like making a garden grow where the soil is bad, adding tires to plant crops in, so that the heat from the sun will be used to help our crops.

                Having information on Canning and preserving our resources would be extremely helpful.

                It is up to each of us to use Our bibles, scriptures, and beliefs that is a private affair. That should not be thrown out to open condemnation or ridicule, its a private item between our God and us.

                I have prepped to a large extent over the years, but there are still tons of things to learn. let’s try to give folks the items that can help. After all its easier to live a good life and enjoy how little we have.

                I realize that the thumbs down will fly over my comment but that is the way life is. Actually that’s why our country is so split, United we can stand, Divided we will fall.

            • OutWest – Seems like you hurt some feelings with that comment.

              Extra Big Thumbs UP!!!


          • Fuck.

            You’re right… good call. Better fill everything I got.

            Train for a month might not be a bad idea either.

            • I get 6 down votes for saying I want to fill my car gas tank, and consider taking the train because the price will be a fixed rate for longer?

              Screw it you know what, I give up.

              Go ahead and give this post 200 down votes.

              To everyone on here asking for a non-divided population to resist these trends being thrown at us… well this little experimment should prove that you’re never going to get that.

              • The F-bomb turns off a lot of people.

                • They’re not ok with the f-bomb but at least 30% of them are ok with finishing the job Hitler started.

                  That’s astounding to me.

                  • Hitler started the job to rid europe of Kommie Bolsheviks. Whos fault was it that communisim was invented By and Used BY jewish russian folks as a political system to murder and mass genocide Whiteys and christians all over eastern europe?

                    I bet if bolshevik kommies instead of being jewish were Zimbabweians, or French folks, Hitler still would have tried to stop kommies from doing to germany what was done in russia etc.(jewish kommies murdered 150 million prior to trying it in germany next).

                    If usa didnt fight the wrong folks in WWII we today would NOT have zionist bolshevik kommies running america to ground, so its too bad we halted hitler when we should have assisted or stayed Out entirely.

                    Perhaps before folks automatically feel so sorry for jews whines of persecutions, those folks should First inquire what did those jews DO to cause such animosity everywhers they Ever been hosted?….

                    What would you think if a guy cried that every Bar hes been in, 109 bars since of age to drink, he got Kicked Out every time every bar?…And would You ask him Why? what did HE Do to get kicked out every bar ever in?

                    Yes You sure would..What if the guy told You “Gee I been in 109 Bars so far since age 21, and kicked out of every single Bar! but it was ALWAYS due to the Bar tender was bad!” Yeah right its always due to the bartender guy had a problem and the poor patron hosted by that bar was so so innocent…Maybe a couple bars I’d buy it…But All 109 Bars?!!…Perhaps its Not the bartenders fault, Maybe hes a bad customer trouble maker or a swindler etc eh.

                    just needed to mention this as I get tired of seeing so ofetn references made in defense of poor innocent jews and how hitler was so so evil…Untill one researches the Other side of WWII story, and realizes no thats not the entire truth..

                • Fuck…

                  • FUCK + 1

                • Oops….guilty. maybe instead of the fbomb we should defer to the word of the week. Anthrax….lol.

              • fill up some extra cans too.

          • Gas here in the Midwest went up $.31 Thursday…so between that and the labor day weekend, they are screwing us bigtime, but whats new !!!!

            • Last Wednesday to Friday, gas increased almost 30¢ here, and then another 10¢..it’s $3.61.

              • here in SWFL its holding at $3.72 gal but its been there since it was $100 a barrel so i expect it to go up any day

          • Recently a link was posted to a read on surviving nuclear fallout. I have lost it. Would anyone mind sharing any info or links? Sadly this is one area I lack significantly in preparing. I never considered it a real possibility. That and the fact that I am virtually living on my preps as we speak. I really dont see it getting any better financially, for myself personally, until it gets much worse. So although I am not fully prepared, I am ready for it, everyday that passes at this point my preps are being depleted. I do have a little extra set back though, which I would like to now put into nuclear fallout preps.
            Thanks in advance for any input.

            • @ Outlaw. One of the best books out there is called “Nuclear War Survival Skills” by Cresson H Kearny. This book is available at most survival book stores or maybe from Amazon. I believe there is still an online version of this for free. It will teach you even to make a fallout meter out of regular household items. This is an excellent book on so much about radiation that will apply for nuclear accidents also.

              • Thanks BI! Found it online for free with a quick startpage search. Printing it out now.

                • Nix the printing, at over 500 pages, I think the updated version on amazon is a steal at roughly $20.

              • Instead, pickup the LDS Preparedness Manual, V8, 2012 Edition. For around $25 you get tons of great information and they don’t get “preachy” at all. It is a fantastic addition to any Prepper Library.

                • I would like to pick up that book also, but I already have a lot of bases covered, and am specifically interested in nuclear survival at this point. Does the LDS manual cover that? Also specifically I am interested in items that I should aquire NOW, regardless if I have to learn to USE them later. I try to know how to use all available to me, but I also want to have difficult to find items ready to go, when I need/have time to learn to use.
                  Thank you again again for input.

                  • Survival Blog used to have a download on prepping for an nuclear attack. It’s found on the sidebar to the left. We have an inside room in our earth berm dedicated to that nasty possibility. Anthrax.

            • Tin Hat Ranch has some info

            • anybody got any info on water proofing a below ground shelter ifin ya lived in say SWFL ie. somthing you could put in the concrete to make it impervious to mosture

              • There is not much you can put into concrete to make it waterproof. In fact, the concrete dries by the water travelling through it to the air.

                When you strip the concrete forms, let it cure for a week or so and then use rubber roofing on the exterior of the walls. Roll the contact cement onto the wall, glue the rubber on overlapping the seams.

                If you are pouring a floor you could lay plastic down first to help control moisture.

                You should also install a footer drain around the whole outside perimeter of the shelter.

                There is no guarantees that you won’t get moisture below grade no matter what you do. It also depends on the depth of the water table.

                • coat your rebar to prevent rust which will swell and crack the concrete. For a root cellar, moisture is good and so is ventilation.

          • This is going to get very ugly very fast. Russia, China, and Iran navies are doing maneuvers in the eastern Mediterranean for the last month. They are not going to allow the US to fire on Syria without serious consequences. Congress needs to put a stop to this right now…. Oh, wait congrss is only sharing a couple of sets of stones amongst themselves so they will allow the President to proceed without consent. They already did that with Qadaffy. Do you final preps and fill the propane and gas tanks.

            • @ Tom T-

              yeah yeah. Fill the propane tanks and gas cans, cause we all know that in Nuclear war, propane and gasoline are very very important to have enough of.

              • I may not always agree with what you say, but you’re retorts are entertaining 🙂

              • Rich, in a nuclear war, all bets are off and I’m through prepping.
                I don’t have an underground cave, expensive layers around my home and windows; who does??

                • Me

                • We bought a two-story earth berm house fourteen years ago, with this in mind. However, I don’t have a lot of faith in the heavy-duty plastic barrier which is all we have to wall off the thirteen windows on the south side. The windows were supposed to supply solar heat gain in winter, which would have been a good idea if, in fact, the sun ever shines in Ohio in the winter, which it doesn’t. We have one room that is completely surrounded by earth, except for a wall which connects to the rest of the house with only two thin panels of sheet-rock between the room and the windows. All bets ARE off in a nuclear war, and we’ll either survive or we won’t. I’m more concerned about Davis-Besse, our glow-in-the-dark nuclear plant, springing a leak in winter. It’s north of us. Good luck to all! Anthrax.

                  • Vicky. No you wont survive a blast in the neighborhood. The house was designed to for keeping a cool temperature year round. If you have earth on the roof 2-3 feet. You will survive the fall out if you seal the doors and windows as fall out is radioactive dust. For every 7 hours sheltered, the rad depletes 10 fold. Example: 1000 rad (deadly) in 7 hours becomes 100 rads. in 7 more hours becomes 10. etc. Depending on the fallout, I would stay indoors for a solid week since I dont ahve a dosemeter. Research it. Dont go on the tree hugging kook sites and get false info like another poster here has with the name starting with F. Also, anything northeast will flow away from you west and south of you is not good (jetstream)

                • Me 2!

          • $3.70+ gas prices out here in CA.

          • FUK-U-SHIMA….while California goes down….and ISON appears in the SKY with ‘friends” in tow…..BIG SHOW going on……..

        • Hmmmmm Just like the other wars we have gotten into… and yes fill up the gas tanks because regardless of how much reserve fuel the refiners have and how much less we are using it (Good mpg and piss poor economy). This will still give them a reason to charge more. Ahhhh the good ole petro reserve dollar…. Our military men and women, and our consumers lose, and the FED wins by making the reserve appear stronger and dept less. Big gamble if it draws in Putin…. Or Israel…. The scum bags running this country will eventually do something stupid enough to bring it home to us…. Pray, Prep Plan, Form Teams.

          • Man on the inside. You are on the inside and have all sort of information. Why aren’t you wealthy and why are you always wrong. Just curious.

            • How do you know I’m not wealthy and I have been right multiple times…. If your here just to insult and snark please find a new hobby … most of us are here to help not piss and moan and snark…

              • Man on the inside not wealthy because he works for the govt. like me , yeh we all make fantastic salaries there
                He is extremely wealthy in knowledge and world view, something that can not be devalued!



                Semper Fi 8541

            • @ Montana Bound…He has contributed a hell of alot compared to you. And you may be bound for Montana, but they will run you and your attitude out back to Boston.

              • Thanks bro…

                • Just thinking if you were soooo connected and all knowing you could be rich

        • “Trade wars, currency wars, world wars”.

          – Gerald Celente

          • YEP…..

        • Lead

          • little less time……

        • I JUST READ HEADLINE NEWS ON DAILY SHEEPLE which says the NSA paid millions to Internet Companies for Surveillance priviledges.

          Well, that figures! When I was at war with DMV over “a national ID card”, the Official told me that most states had caved in after being offered large sums of money to implement the programs. It ALWAYS comes down to money– if the Federal governnment offers a big enough carrot, most people give in.

        • Mac, this is extremely WEIRD!!. (I just sent email to you about this)–

          I was about to post a comment, like I always do, and suddenly a box popped up with the following message: “Although this page is encrypted, the information you have entered is to be sent over an unencrypted connection and could be read by a third party. Are you sure you want to continue sending this information?”

          What the hell is this?? The bastards are threatening us now? The moment we give in to their Unconstitutional demands is the moment we all– ALL OF US– lose our Freedom!

          I just read something on another website yesterday something about Internet freedom being gone. Do you know anything this? I guess AOL, like other Internet providers caved in to the Big Carrot (MONEY) the Fed always offers.

          In a Police State, they don’t have to pick up everyone. All they have to do is persecute a few innocent people and then automatically everyone clams up– that is how an open society is turned into a closed society. (From Naomi Wolfe’s books, “Give Me Freedom” and “Letter to a Young Patriot”… better read them now while you can, before the bastards confiscate those too!

          • Is anyone else having this happen to them? (Box pops up, warning you that what you write will be sent to a third party?)

            • Yes

              • Run, Forrest, Run! They have you wired!

            • Nope. You are full of shit.

            • Just tried to forward BI’s comment about war to a friend and I got an error message. It won’t forward. Might be my problem but I doubt it because I forward material every day.

            • Hey forrest, how many hours per day are you allowed internet access in your ward of the ” hospital”?

            • Forrest,
              This happens when you go to an SSL-encrypted page (one that begins with “https://”) and enter information into a web form and post it, AND the code in the form posts it using plain-jane unencrypted HTTP.
              The browser warning is meant to protect you against exploits built in to web sites. The “third party” your browser is referring to is someone who could be sniffing the wire and collecting text transmitted in the clear. That third party could be a PFY (pimply-faced youth) at your ISP, your boss (many places use WebSense or squid to log web transactions), A. Random Hacker who has pwned your box, or the NSA.
              Don’t worry about it unless you are visiting 1) a malicious web site, 2) a site that SHOULD be encrypting personal information, but isn’t (I’ve actually seen this on a site that is collecting money for lawsuits against liberals; they should have known better, and I explained that they should get their web guy to change the code) or 3) a site that never intended to encrypt every HTTP POST request in the first place, because no sensitive information is being transferred and the site owner sees no reason to encrypt everything.

          • It’s your own computer settings. Uncheck the notification box in your browser. Your browser is set to notify you when you change between secure and unsecure web pages. There is a windows setting for this as well, found in control panel.

            Either way, the issue is on your own computer, not Mac’s site.

            • Agreed…however…there are also so called “cookies” that can/will change anything on your machine at will. sometimes the idiots who write this code overlook their MOOOOOSe tracks…. lol!

              • you can delete those cookies too.

                • oh yea…”C”cleaner… or sometimes those cookies ain’t cookies…

                  I’ve been battling some nasty horses lately…lol

                  • There’s a free app, Dr.Web Cureit, that is pretty thorough. It gets some of the hard ones. I go through and delete them by hand, but sometimes that doesn’t work. Dr.Web gets them. You should download it and try it. It does not monitor your computer, when you close the program, it is really closed.

          • ixquick

            the world’s most private search engine

            Take a deep breath. You’re safe here.

            Click here to learn how Ixquick protects you from government surveillance


          You Sniveling Cowards

          “Perjury, need I remind you, is a crime. So is obstruction of justice. Unfortunately bare political lies such as those by Miller last night are not crimes and we, the people, continue to lap ’em up.

          This is the same problem that infests our so-called “law-enforcement agencies” — although there we occasionally have exceptions bubble to the surface, as with the conviction of Major Floyd on racketeering charges last night. Lies and even perjury and outright lawlessness is almost never punished when the “connected few” commit these acts.

          Then there are the banks, who perjured themselves over 100,000 times in filing knowingly-false affidavits bearing “robosigned” signatures they knew were false; to this day the outcomes of those false pleadings, by and large, stand.

          What this nation needs are people who understand that Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison and more all undertook acts to establish and enforce the rule of law for all — including themselves — and understood full well that if they lost they would literally hang.

          Some of them did hang anyway even though they ultimately won.

          In other words what we need are patriots willing to risk all should it come to that in order to do the right thing — restoration of The Rule of Law.

          We have none of those today in office, nor as far as I can tell are any of them seeking office.

          What there is today is a legislature that stokes fear that the “other party” will get into power and once it does, “just wait until you see the horrible things it will do.”

          But the horrible things are already happening. We have our 4th Amendment rights being ignored because someone has a magical lapel pin and they wave around a flag that says “you might be a terrorist” (never mind that the these same “magic lapel pin bearers” refuse to call one of the most-notorious actual terrorists since 9/11, Hasan, by that moniker) and the people lap it up. Two clowns decide to blow up the Boston Marathon and we not only unconstitutionally search damn near an entire town but then on top of it the government goon squad riddles the boat where one of them is hiding with bullets despite the fact that he’s unarmed and has not fired upon them (it would be difficult to shoot at someone if you don’t have a gun!) Yeah, this guy deserves to fry for his crimes and I’m reasonably confident he will, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s entitled to due process of law first and that killing him would conveniently prevent the disclosure of what he knows — including perhaps that he was intentionally or recklessly overlooked by those who shouldn’t have, much as was the case on 9/11.”

          • Call the nurse’s station forrest, it’s past time for your medicine.

        • Maybe all of the Obama supporters ought a be jumping in on this shit. You voted him in, lets see how you feel about being killed for his ass!
          Better yet how about Obama being the first in rather than going on vacation in the middle of the shit.

          • Weel, Hammerhead, I never voted for a f– republican and republicans (Bush and company) brought all this stuff in– that’s when the NWO crap began– that’s when the coup occurred— it all started with 9-11 and the bush team. Who did you vote for back then??!

            I voted for Obama (back in 2000– not last election) because I wanted Bush’s policies undone, which Obama promised to do– how was I to know he was a liar??!

            Now, i realize it doesn’t matter who you vote for because they’re all the same– you obviously have not grasped that yet!

            • Forrest, please try to understand how difficult it really is for a sane person to even TRY to plumb the depths of the truly mentally disturbed like yourself. So please show a little consideration for those who think the impossible that they could actually try reason with you.

            • You certainly have a time stamp issue…
              be that as it may…
              This whole mess started around 1908…or there abouts…FYI

            • Weell Fuerist
              First of all, enjoy your voting for Hillary.
              Second of all this has been coming on since the end of WW2.
              Further more McCain wasn’t much of a choice either but those that could see past the end of their nose could see that Obama was a patronizing lire and nothing but. I don’t have a snippet of pity for those that follow him, they’ll deserve what they get in the end.
              I can’t understand how in the hell every college age person isn’t listening to and heeding Ron Paul. The idea of sacrificing and grinding our young for democracy, liberty and freedom is bullshit! Justify any conflict post ww2 as a fight for freedom. Let the mother F*****s who start this shit get their asses and their kids out front and first in the fight and you will soon see they’ll have an entirely different conception on what should be and not be fought and killed for.
              Liberty and freedom is to be fought for here on our land in our country and no where else.
              Anywhere else is for nothing but ego and profit.
              My thought is the only those that have a clear and concise understanding of death and mortal combat and its ramifications be only then allowed to pull a trigger on an action. The only trigger time this joker has probably was on south state street in Chicago out of the back of a Pontiac.
              He is no where’s near educated enough or have the expertise to play God and commit lives to an action. Let him be the first to play swinging dick over there and get danger close. Not going to happen, he ain’t got the BALLS! But its OK to drop our kids in the meat grinder while he, Michelle and his girls are safe and sound at 1600 Pennsylvania ave.
              As far as my grasp, I I have a very firm grasp on this and your opinion is of no consequence to me. Your opinion is like the old adage, assholes, everybody’s got one and yours is just one in the Frey.

            • you should of picked up on that when he opened his mouth ,STOP .LOOK ,and LISTEN ,its called situational awarness ,being able to disern what somebody is saying as apposed to what they are really saying ,i knew this guy was POS F-en liar when i heard his first speak ,if i voted for him i would go out in the shop and smash my nuts flat with a wooden mallet to remind me of what a moron i was

        • Obama should be ashamed of himself for turning America into a police state. DOES HE REALLY THINK THAT’S WHAT MARTIN LUTHER KING DIED FOR??!!! SHAME ON OBAMA!


          • Bet if you had a son he’d be a lot like Trayvon, huh?

            • Now way in hell…

            • My son is a hell of a lot better than you, scumface– in EVERY WAY!!!!

              • Somehow we knew you were a negro, shitty.always pissed off attitude, NUTJOB, voted for o’nig nog,,etc.

              • Not very Christian-like there Forrest. Pretty judgmental aren’t you?? Its ok for you to talk bad on people, but others can’t have an opinion?

              • Forrest says:
                Comment ID: 2122274… maybe you need to go back and read your post….something about us all being equal?…no better and no worse…naw I didn’t believe you then either.

          • You’re the dumbfuck who voted for him by your own admission.

          • Montana, yes, because they are black… Obama would never had a chance to become president if it hadn’t been for MLK.. If MLK had not protested, would black people have won their rights? I don’t think they could even vote back then before MLK… certainly not run for president!

            Now, its a federal offense to protest effectively… yeah, you can stand far away– out in the back alley, under your car or whereever and hold up your little sign- if you get a permit, that is… well, that ain’t how it used to be!

            We never got no permit in my day, and we shouted curse words on the hill of the Capital in Washington, DC… those days are over… now they put you in prison for that!

            • YOU need to be put in a mental institution, likely a home for the criminally insane….

            • Run, Forrest, Run!

          • Dear Montana bound.

            The C.I.A. had MLK whacked. Same as J.F.K.

            Do some research.

            Every American should.

            But that’s hard.

        • After WW2 we became a really great and humble nation. Remember the 50’s and the pureness. The factories and the middle class. I think WW3 would usher in the same kind fo thing. A new USA and I am all for it.

          Let everyone have a “Tomahawk” sample. Don’t start with Syria…start with RUSSIA…. Patton had the right idea.
          After them we can move to the “little guys” like Syria and China.

          I say we make their 3 million man Army about a 200,000 man Army.

          THEN we prosper once again.

          • Screw you you Troll crap. You bring death on your heels. Wait for the ricochet.

          • It’s a bit late for that. Also, do you really want to dictate to the world? That is hardly what America was ever supposed to be about.

            • ( what you should say Justme)

              I’m so sorry rich for being so insolent…
              I’m in awe… at your mere presence i shake i quiver…NOT…
              go away government troll…

              Assholes like him, (rich whatever), seek the lower than lowest denominator…

              I hope it sticks around, we could have some fun with this one…

        • Guy McPherson (Mike Ruppert’s website– Lifeboat Hour) said, “the acceleration of events is astonishing!”

          Indeed! Atlaska had 90 degree weather this summer– (Alaska!) while we were freezing in my hometown, wearing coats and boots half the summer and suddenly– in the link of an eye– were having 100 degree weather.

          The West, which was on fire for most of the spring and summer, recently got hotter! They are now talking of evacuating San Francisco because of the all the heat!

          Fukashima nuclear reactors about to blow– Japanese government calling for help from the international community. (Just one nuclear pool on one reactor has celsium (41?), which is 14,000 times more powerful than one Heroshima bomb… and there are four reactors!

          Now, we learn the U.S. is starting a new, illegal war, which the Russians warn will result in WW3, with Nuclear bombs.

          And the stock market is down for 3 weeks in a row, while Bernanke warns of easing off on QE3 starting next month, food stamps will be reduced this fall, we have the fiscal cliff coming up this fall…

          And.. the underwater connveyor belt in the ocean, which supplies warm air to some regions and cool air to others… it appears to have stopped, after working for millions of years. Now, instead of going back down south, its just shooting warm air up into Greenland.

          So, what else is new?

          • Nothing else is new. You continue your insane ramblings about the end of the world every day. Maybe you should go for a nice ride with the nice men with the white coats, they’ll take you for a nice rest.

          • @ Forrest…All your nuclear info is wrong. You dont know the difference between spent fuel and enriched fuel for a bomb. You dont know the difference between a Reactor and A atomic bomb. You REALLY Need meds. You said you were going to leave.

          • Spring has just started here in the deep south, South Island, NZ. Months early in fact. Just heard this morning that we have had the warmest winter in a century. Hardly had any frosts to speak of, definitely no black frosts. Have enjoyed a moderate winter, which is good as lots of city folks still living in broken homes from the Canterbury Quake. Last summer noticed a change in the sea, crabs all gone from the local beach that I camp at, fishing offshore the fish we bring up on the long line are in poor condition. Growing up always thought NZ was a safe place, nuclear free etc., but Global Warming has an extremely long reach.

            • This phrase “global warming” is a propaganda term used to squelch $$ from economies around the world and put it into the pockets of the rich/TPTB/NWO. Al Gore is the poster child for it. He flys around the world in a private jet and spews carbon monoxide out over everyone with it’s exhaust and with his lies.

              Five years ago he said the northern polar ice cap would be completely gone, melted away in five years. As of today, I haven’t heard any “environmentaist” crying that it has disappeared. Shrinking maybe, but not gone.

              The earth goes thru weather cycles. The changing weather patterns warm some areas and cool others. God said, right after Noah’s flood, that there would always be warming and cooling, and planting and harvesting; right up until the return of Christ.

              He set up the rainbow as a reminder to us of his covenant. Some believe, some don’t. I do.

              As far as atmospheric changes go; yes, our carbon footprint causes some disturbances and the toxic flow of chemicals into our oceans causes some wierd things to happen to fisheries and wildlife.

              There is a time to come that the waters will turn blood red. But the end of the bad things will be soon upon us then. As the redeemer returns to fix things and destroy those that destroy the earth for gain.

              BTW the “newer” PC phrase is “Climate Change”. Catchy?

              Wishing you well there in the “nearly down under region”.
              Good Blessings from, mid-Atlantic region of N America.


        • I guess we’ll all go up in smoke pretty soon, anyhow–one way or another– either nuclear war heads from Russia/China, or– Fukashima blows (scientist on Mike Ruppert’s radio show– Lifeboat said the whole north American continent would need to be evacuated.. also, said there is no way to fix the problem– is unmitigated disaster. about 1,6oo spent fuel rods, a ton in weight– all needed to be removed by hand becasue the robots melted from the heat, the computers blew up from the heat– so everything has to be done by human hands and the rods are all extremely close together– so anything they attempt will be unmitigated disaster– billions of humans will die)..so what does anything matter anyhow? Just say good bye to your pets.

          • And YOU will be among them forrest. So no need to worry about global warming any longer. Go pick out your tombstone and welcome the end with open arms.

        • FUK-U-SHIMA has beat everybody….and it’s been happening for 2 years in front of our very eyes………and ISON ~ BRIGHT as the MOON on Nov 28th & potential to impact MARS by 1st OCT 2013…….plus READ ALL ABOUT IT ~ SUN to FLIP POLES…….this Syria thingy is a pathetic tactic and waste of the Planets time as ALL inhabitants are about to be impacted drastically…….ships ahoy!

          • the sun does flip poles regularly. Its ours that worries me.

      2. That asshole in the White house is gonna start World war 3 and the US military is allowing him to do it?

        Pardon me, but didn’t the military take the oath to the Constitution? Did Congress declare war when I wasn’t listening?

        • The DoD is teaching the military that our Founding Fathers were “extremists.” There are no patriots left in our military leadership and no OathKeepers at or above full bird. If you are a patriot in the military, you’ll be lucky to make Lt. Col., which is why so many have left the service.

          • Yep, I was fortunate enough to get blown up in Afghanistan 18 months ago and was retired early. After the rank of O-4 it all turns to crap. The DOD’s higher ranks as well as the higher government needs a cleansing. Not advocating violence- but something needs to give.

            Our soldiers are coming out of basic training weaker and wimpier than ever, all because of political correctness. So frustrating.

            I’ve been hanging around this site in the shadows for 6+ months, There’s some real patriots here (and some Trolls apparently!), glad to find this site!

            Pressure cookers go boom!

            • @Sapper… Thank You… I hope you have healed well !


            • @ SapperE6

              Thank you for your service.

              I agree, something needs to give in the upper echelons. Are there any MEN WITH HONOR left, or are they only interested in getting to their precious pensions?

              • Cali. Res….

                You just hit the proverbial “nail on the head”.

                “Upper Echelons”. That is where the orders for war and other Big events in the World come from.

                obammey is just their spokesperson. They are the Illuminati/billionaires/Bilderbergers & Rothchilds/Jew Banksters
                They are the “movers and shakers” of the World economy and the United Nations/NWO.

                Obama can’t do anything BIG without their approval. He is just a pawn like the Clintons, Al Gore, and John Kerry, as well as most of the politicians. The Bush family has been behind a lot of it, but the Bush family had it’s run, and are just lurking in the shadows. Jeb doesn’t have enough of the evil spirit to accomplish what Big Daddy Bush and little Bush did. Those two are nasty-ing away right now for their sins.

            • Sapper E6 welcome aboard.
              Welcome to the rest of the former fed up military malcontents on this site you are in good company here.
              I tend to agree with your accessement most 0-4’s and above need an attitude adjustment they should be worring more about their men than their own careers.

              Time will sort out the priorities of the upper leadership echelon in our higher government offices ,it cannot remain as it is , it is unstable and will fail in a very spectacular way by its own weight.

              It is a crime to send out unprepared soldiers , basic training should prepare you physically and mentally for what you are going to face, even though no amount of training can really prepare you for combat as we all know by first hand experience. it does give you a chance to survive it. Politics and political correctness Have no place in war fighting it can only lead to needless casualties politicians should really stay out of this .

              And lastly keep the faith , the people who fight for our Liberty are appreciated , regardless what our leadership thinks and does.

              Those of us who have served in harms way know life has a special flavor the protected will never know.

              Thank you for your service to Duty, God and Country .

              IN LIBERTY

              Semper Fi 8541

              • @ Night breaker

                Very nicely put.

        • California Resident, I believe Obama pre-empted the military from taking any direct action against him last year when he fired several of his top commanding generals in the field. It was over the Benghazi affair. The general who was commanding the fleet in the Med (can’t remember his name) and the general in command of Africom, among others. I believe he had positioned his cronies as second in command who relieved them of their duties when they were about to over-ride the order to stand down from rescuing Ambassador Stevens and his staff who were under attack. Since then, I believe he has also positioned several new generals to take the place of ‘suspect’ ones who may have been plotting a coup. At least that is what I have been reading! I think the military have been trying their damndest to get that sob out of the WH but Obama has done an end run ’round them. Too bad.

          • A coup is pretty difficult against the financial power of the elite banksters.

            • @ sixpack

              I wouldn’t know about that since I don’t use banks or deal with banksters.

              I owe nothing to nobody. I pay cash for everything I can, and barter for what I can’t. It’s difficult, yes, but not impossible by any stretch. Best of all – it cuts banksters out completely and they hate it. 😉

              • Same here. thats why my cars are pieces of shit..

                • @ Dave

                  Soon, we’ll be riding horses again with the rifles located in the scabbards just like in the good old days.

                  • I have 2 appys and a paint. I dont like riding horses. I will make alcohol if I can get potatoes(sarc. Im in Idaho) and ride my dirt bike.

                  • Dave…thank God that he invented the internal combustion engine and let us have the plans…never ever want to have to use a horse to plow or get around…it sounds romantic but reality sucks…been there!…yessir that 200 proof moonshine will indeed drive a piston…thank God for creating moonshine and letting us use it…. 😉

              • If only our country could say the same…

              • You are a stud…or a studdet…male or female, you kick ass.

                “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

      3. I wonder what Russia, & China’s response will be?

        Let’s just get involved and help everyone kill everyone.
        I take it all the middle eastern country’s didn’t really know what they were cheering for when the dumb american zombie sheeple voted him into office….

        WAIT…. That’s right he cheated his way to office. SORRY, I can’t keep all the BS and LIE’s straight.

        Good Luck to the TRUE Syiran people, I wish you the best!

        • death comes to those that are needed for more important work or those that the earth decides to repel for lack of good deeds…time frame is irrelevant.

          just that simple.

          • @ lastmanstanding

            LOL. Since I’m pretty worthless, does that mean I get to survive? 😉

      4. AND, I’m sorry that my money that is being stolen from me Via the IRS is being used to destroy you.

        God have mercy on us.

      5. I don’t think anything will happen until there is a financial collapse first. They need a war to jump into following the fall out from the derivatives crash.

        If anything it will be a couple missiles fired like what happened in Libya in 2010. But, with that said, I think this is a lead up into something bigger and much worse.

        • You may be on to something there, PrepperDude. Did you read the article on Zero Hedge that Mac references? The Zerohedge article says, “The pre-story here is well-known to most: in a repeat fabulation of the Iraq “WMD” lie, the US and the entire developed world “found” Syria to have crossed a red-line when it used chemical weapons, despite subsequent reports that it was the Syrian rebels, ada Qatari mercenaries, who were the party responsible for chemical weapon use.”

          So why would the Syrian rebels use the chemical weapons?? It sounds like a setup.

          This question is addressed later in the article just below the twitter posts… “None of this should come as a surprise to our readers. We explained in detail why NOT the US state department, NOT the Pentagon, NOT even the president or the US MIC is seeking this war. No: the culprit is none other than the FEDERAL RESERVE and it’s banking industry superiors…”

          I didn’t see any reference to these points in Mac’s article, but I would say they are important.

      6. This wag of the dog may get serious…

        Little Birdy says; Putin needs Syria… to keep control of the natgas into Europe…

        I will not be convinced Obama is stupid, merely devious. The same way he is keeping us hostage to the Saudis by not allowing pipelines and shutting down coal… he should be impeached, then hung.

        • Piper Michael says

          “Little Birdy says; Putin needs Syria…”

          How do you think DC would react if Russia kept knocking over Central American countries and installed Russian puppet states in the wake?

          I suspect you know the answer to that.

          Anyone who thinks the Russians will just continue to roll over, and let all this shit slide, is f**kin nuts!

          • In that we agree, and was sorta the point…
            This administration is not stupid, they merely have a traitorous anti-American agenda.

            How do we all like our “Fundamental transformation”?
            I hope this States (Rights) convention ball gets rolling, one way or the other… we’ll see the cockroaches come out from the shadows.
            You all may disagree, but, you would be wrong. Obama cannot allow such a thing to proceed, and would show his true colors to the DGI’s…which would turn most of the country against him and his sycophants, including the republicans…
            That is… IF we have time… which I kinda doubt… wagging the dog takes care of all kinds of ‘threats’.

            • Skip the impeachment and just hang him…it’ll be much quicker and cheaper.

              • He should hang himself the pimp fag

            • now way obama is thinking this bs up.

              I will never give satan credit.

            • now way obama is thinking this bs up.

              I will never give satan credit.

              • thought it twice but never meant to post it that way.


        • After the hanging, then burned and then his ashes should be jumped up and down upon.

          • and then posses on by a rabid dog

            • pissed*

              • Im sure many of us could/would stand in for the rabid dog and consider it a great honor 😉

        • Just like the House of Saud needs the US armed forces to enforce the petro $ so that the whiskey & women parties can continue in the kingdom brothel at Jabal Habshi Medina

      7. Best not to get involved. Assad sucks. The Muslim Rebels suck.

        IMHO, the U.N. manages the refugees and we let them duke it out. With a little luck, there will be no survivors.

        I know. We want Syria to get to Iran. Russia wants Syria to protect their natural gas sacred cow.

        Not worth fighting over.

        • Add Saudi Arabia needs Syria to expand Whabiism and if the US does not help oust Assad they will begin selling oil for anything BUT USDs. Can you say “goodbye king dollar”?

        • Remember ,
          September 1, 1939 Germany invaded Poland , see how well that worked out for the aggressor country. Obamacalpyse is following the FASCIST plan . Next he will probably crack down domestically using the wartime act to repress anyone who disagrees with him. Beware of Obama care offering hot. Clean showers after a pleasant train ride,



          ALEA IACTA EST

          Semper Fi 8541

          • Germany was only taking back the lands the JEWS took away as penalty for WWI, these poles were GERMAN SPEAKING and WERE GERMAN BLOOD. You haven’t heard of the millions of german speaking poles that were murdered in cold blood by the Poles in 1943-47. The Poles ethnically cleansed the Germans out.

            • Bruce Wayne: Did his homework! Knows the truth of WWII history. What Hitler did by invading Poland, was akin to if say mexico was awarded Texas after a war or conflict and usa had been forced to agree to a treaty like Versai treayt was after WWI.

              Then the usa Prez finds out that Texans by the tens of thousands are being Housed in camps, forced into labor, and butchered and murdered by tens of thousands.

              Would the usa Prez say gee too bad for texans? Or would he mobilize usa Troops, invade mexico and “Fix” that problem by Takeing Back land that was orig usa texas lands and its American citizens Prior to the forced “Treaty”?

              I’d say before the Prez was able to act in usa, Patriots Militias would form to take back Texas and rescue american texans from further butcherings and murders etc.

              You won’t be taught That in public school WWII Text books though. Not as long as Zionists Professors Write those Text books, and Zionists Jewish owned Publishers in usa Print the text books used in schools. And let us not omit those Zionists Jewish Union leadership who brainwash liberal teachers/union members to Teach crap and Lies on all issues WWII!(and on all issues in general!)

              Good thing SHTF Has a Few Astute folks here who do know the truth and are willing to share it so others can Learn what really occured prior to-during-and after-WWII. Which IS why we face such calamities and troubls today.

              General george Patton was correct as he stated in his diary and personal letters to wife and a few Trusted military pals back in usa then(WWII era).

              Patton” “We fought the WRONG people”…If germans just sat back and never tried to stop Russian bolshevik jewish kommies in 1940’s, kommies Would have overtaken europe entirely. Murdered off several hundred million More to Add to the Already dead 150 Million from 15 eastern europe nations Prior to WWII, and today YOU’D either be Dead too or totally Enslaved like a Siberian Gulag “Camper” internee laboror. And Bolshevik Zionists Jewish Kommies would already Have their Much sought after NWO…Or better way to say it is a Jwo(jew world order).

              Now before all you naysayers who believe all you were taught on WWII and its related Lies etc. start screaming antisemite or my favorite, jew hater!..Read some Talmud verses regarding all of Us “Goyims” aka gentiles aka Non jewish and see for yourself what the Grand desires that vile sick perverted horrible future is that their Talmud actually teaches. Bring a Puke bag! Its worse than all you heard of what Koran teaches regarding Us infidels. Koran treats infidels 20 times Better than Talmud does!….Both are Enemys of Christians and Patriots. Especially if of the White varity.

              • That would depend on wether we had barry or his ilk for prez if we did he would say too bad for the Texans…I just had to point that out…I do get what your saying…it just hit me that way that this moron prez hates everything Texans and any other liberty minded peoples stand for an would most likely let it happen…although I do think that Texas by herself would be more than a match for meddico…you know,”Dont mess with Texas?” 😉

        • That’s EXACTLY what we should do. Unfortunately, no President since the end of WW II has been able to. We stick our noses into everybody’s business.

          There is ZERO reason for the US to get involved in Syria. But Obummer is weak and the Europeans/UN will convince him to “do something”.

          This country is so broke in so many ways, I’m really almost to the point where I don’t watch the news. But if I quit watching the news, I won’t know which neighborhoods to avoid the roving bands of racist black gangs beating and/or shooting white people.

          Relocating to The Redoubt is looking better and better…


        • People keep saying “We” in place of “STAKEHOLDERS” when expressing their opinions regarding American foreign policy.

          The “We” factor was removed long ago regarding the Republic for which it stands. It is in the hands of STAKEHOLDERS like the big fat juicy cabal it is.

          By the way, Assad is one of those toughened Christian leaning characters of HIS land who is standing between US and those pieces of SHIT dogs they call Jizzslammic extremists! Go figure McLame, Linseed GrahamCracker and BoratMoMomma with his moose-slime brotherhood half bro waiting in the shadows back in his home land are ramping this thing LOCKSTEP with the same purple-traitors that have broken us at our doorstep. You’ll find them leaving through the back door at Wallstrip. STAKEHOLDERS are pulling the wool over the sheep every moment of every waking day. God Bless ASsad and may he kick everyone’s ass who screws with him while he fights our enemies directly. At least that’s my understanding of things so far.

          We shouldn’t be there in the first place. We The People have friendships with the peoples of the world. America once was able to enjoy an evolving culture. The STAKEHOLDERS are exploiting us all and we are devolving, sorry, disintegrating as we breath.

          There are many good people that have yet to wake up. Please…those of you on the inside…pull the plug on this madness through every legal channel before the bird gets sick…we’ll ALL be ill Eagles. I’m a lover, not a fighter, but my passion is just the same. I’m mentally ready for the shoe to drop, as far as stupid stakeholders are willing to push us. Save America, Save the World.

          • And just to be clear, I’m no fan of that chinless piece of shit Assad either, because I’m still slightly brainwashed by the MIC MSM. God bless the Good!

            • Deep Purple Child In Time is playin’ on my rock speaker for all passersby to enjoy.

              add the “h”

              • “Sweet child, in time you’ll see the line
                Line that’s drawn between the Good and the Bad
                See the blind man, he’s shooting at the world
                Bullets flying, ooh taking toll
                If you’ve been bad-oh Lord I bet you have
                And you’ve not been hit oh by flying lead
                You’d better close your eyes, you’d better bow your head
                Wait for the ricochet.”

          • So, is the ‘Ron Paul philosophy’ clearer now??

            • Yes and he has good company…Washington,Jefferson and others all said that we as a nation were to be friends withal nations as much as was possible,to make no binding treaties and alliances…just free and open trade…just like some of our first coins stated…”mind your business”…we need to get back to those principles and rebuild America as a beacon/bastion of hope and freedom…to again be reverenced as a friend and feared as an enemy by all nations!

      8. and as we have gathered all along, the DOD now “officially” calls us extremists and has published news guidlines to confirm this. “Nowdays, instead of dressing in sheets or publically (sic) espousing hate messages, many extremists will talk of individual liberties, states’ rights, and how to make the world a better place.”

        So looks like our thinned out military will be busy once again fighting on many fronts. links to follow.

        • “many extremists will talk of individual liberties, states’ rights, and how to make the world a better place” = this actually sounds like Pelosi, Reid, and Obama’s rhetoric when they shove their socialistic agenda down our throats — so who’s really the terrorist?

      9. I guess il bastardos want to start World War III.

      10. Something wicked this way comes……

      11. Syria is the red line that must not be crossed. Otherwise it’s WW3.

      12. Sierra Dave says:

        “Not worth fighting over.”

        You got that right! But, the scumbags in the District of Criminals pushing this insanity will not be doing any of the fighting. That task will be left to the brainwashed, flag waving suckers in the military who think they are defending our freedoms, but who are actually just fighting (and dying) to expand the corporate empire.

        Fighting for Fascism.

        • you cannot complete the Rockefellers’ world domination plan without first having a world war…plain and simple.

          • You forgot the Rothschild bloodline as well. They are behind the global banking cartel, much deeper than the Rockefeller ilk.

            “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.” ~ Mayer Amschel Rothschild

            • Connor Kenway the rockefellers were part Rothchild
              their mother was a rothchild

      13. I’m speechless. Really, I just don’t know what to say. My (our) worst nightmare is dead ahead.

      14. @Slap Happy

        Yeah… and flag waving fools will cheer it on.

        • Sickening isn’t it? Poor simple clueless sheep.

      15. The Chinese are gonna be pissed…

        Great. Just great. And I have to go there soon. Oh lovely.

        • rotsa ruck!

      16. Come on everybody

        All together now

        Pump them fists high in the air

        “USA, USA, USA”

        • “People who enjoy waving flags don’t deserve to have one.”

          ~ Banksy, Wall and Piece

          • I think he was being sarcastic. 😛

            • NO I WASN’T!!!

              • And NO… he wasn’t

                FUCK YOUR FLAG!!!

                It’s a Facist flag.

                • yourmotherwaswrong….maybe you should seek some professional help! Just sayin’…

          • “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”

            Dr. Samuel Johnson 1775

            • To all of the above. I’m a Flag Waver, a Patriot in the first degree, and a Constitutionalist, and above all a Bible believer. So to any that disagrees, so be it. Trekker Out. (Anthrax 2314g 6852w m2814)

              • That depends on which flag you’re waving.

                • The Third National. It’s my favorite. Trekker Out

                  • The stainless banner’s mine.

                    Deo Vindice

            • True…scoundrels do like to hide behind patriotism…that doesn’t make patriotism a scoundrels refuge,it just means they like to use it to hide behind…kinda like evil priests/preachers hiding in/ behind the church or any other such parallel…just sayin…

              • Any y’alls potatoes do any good?…I lost a lot of em due to the rain…but some I dug yesterday were decent where the plants survived…

          • Banksy Rat for Prez!

      17. Time to get out of the blue light and into the yellow light for the day. Sunny all weekend. Help the neighbor spread shale and rip rap on the mountain camp drive. Will barter my labor for the old camp cookstove that needs new grates (hopefully). May have to kick a couple FRNs in.

        Get out and dig in the dirt. It’s not just for kids anymore.

      18. The forbidden zone was once a paradise. Your breed made a desert of it, ages ago.

        Dr Zaius 1968 Planet of the Apes

      19. Good thing I’ve decided to go to an estate sale today. Should be able to pick up more prep items as this is an older couple and should have old fashion type tools and kitchen items.

        • You bet. Yard sale preps this week were:

          Glass coffee percolator $5
          New queen comforter $2.50 can’t have too many bed covers
          Ikea bookshelf for reloading area $6
          Set of Italian drink glasses $2
          Set of kitchen knives $5 (now in the camping stuff box)
          8 small Tupperware containers with lids $0.80 (great for nails and screws)
          Set of wood table legs and small stool $1 (bundle of kindling)

          • No yard sales today–but I did get one item on my list that kept getting erased or put at the bottom…..

            ta-da!! Battery-operated Fan!!!:-)
            On sale, Kmart, $20.

            • And after I buy the anthrax to store in my pressure cooker, I’m gonna buy a wagon full of D batteries.
              Okay Trekker??? 🙂

            • Jayjay does it effectively move air?? I’m headed there after work!!

            • Some of my latest preps

              IIT 90690 Super Glue, 2.8 oz Tube (Pack of 5)

              Lifetime Life’s Basics Plant Protein
              Unsweetened, Natural Vanilla, 1.01 LB

              Living Harvest Organic Hemp Protein Powder,
              Original Flavor, 16-Ounce Plastic Container

              Stretch Island Original Fruit Strips, Orchard
              Cherry, 0.5-Ounce Bars (Pack of 30)

              Red Star Champagne Yeast (10 Packs) Dried Yeast

              – Turn apple grape or other juice into a quick wine –

              Solar 11-in-1 Battery Charger

              Tenergy High Capacity NiMH Rechargeable
              Combo with 24 batteries 8AA/8AAA/4C/4D — SALE!

              Lemsip Decongestant – 10 Pouch Box

              Expensive from UK but could be a lifesaver

              Slime 1034-A T-Handle Tire Plug Kit

              Dreamscape Hoop Canopy

              Bugs can be deadly in a grid down situation

              Scout Out

      20. Off to play a little golf. What is good for Ostinkie must be good for me; “Live Long and Prosper”

      21. Maybe we’ll get lucky and Putin will deliver a couple of his Sunburns to downtown, Washington D.C. and we’ll finally be rid of these Israel first, war mongering, mass murdering war criminal neo-cons.

        • That’s my hope.

      22. If the U.S. people are going to be subjected to potential retaliation as a direct result of U.S. military intervention overseas, we deserve to see what proof exists that implicates the Syrian government in this chemical attack. After the monumental F* up in Iraq, only a truly stupid and naive person would give the U.S. government the benefit of the doubt that the chemical attack intel is legit. Just my thoughts.

        • Assad ordered the attack in response to US led special forces of jordanians and fsa troops. Possibly even US special forces with boots on the ground as well.

          Every goverment on earth knows and has intel assad ordered and used those chemical weapons. He is using them as a last ditch effort to repel foreign intervention in his country.

          Our gov intel reported movement and an act of readiness at the chem weapon depot 20 minutes before the attack.

          Those are facts not a conspiracy.

          Its an atrocious act of butchery nevertheless it is something America cant afford to escalate by direct military action. It won’t end well for US.

          • Wolf359,

            >>”Our gov intel reported movement and an act of readiness at the chem weapon depot 20 minutes before the attack.”<<

            That's not good enough for me Wolf359. The U.S. government claimed Iraq had weapon grade uranium from Africa and was planning to make dirty nuclear weapons for use against their enemies. This was proven to be patently false, and a total fabrication.

            Assad knows that every eye in the world is on him after last month's "chemical weapon" attack that was later linked to the rebels.

            Am I to seriously believe that Assad is going to use chemical weapons with the whole world watching?!?! Syria would immediately lose any and all support from the few nations still supporting them.

            If we are to send our troops into harms way, again, I am setting the bar extremely high, and I want definitive and irrefutable proof that Assad has gone Lone Wolf and needs to be put down.

            I'm not saying you're wrong, I just haven't seen the third party verification and proof to support the proposed U.S. "kinetic military action" in Syria. I'm not taking the government's word at face value.

            The stakes are too high to get it wrong, again.

            • YH,

              I can’t agree more with youre skepticism and for me it s still not enough for my support to to send in Americans. If it were up to me no US troops would get involved unless retaliating against a direct strike against them.

              Others may not like it because it doesn’t fit a false flag narrative but Assad had moved his chemical weapon stockpiles to three locations at Russias behest. Those three locations are under constant surveillance just as irans nuc facilities and many others all over the world. You can bet our defense facilities are under someone’s eyes reporting any and all activity. Thats how the big boys roll. Surveillance and information is integral. Us little guys are left only guesiing at what’s happeningand often find out the truth a day late and a dollar short.

              Put yourself in Assads shoes. Hes clinging for power against a coalition of foreign powers. His allies are the indifferent china and russia who care less about the human toll. Just look at what they do to their own people. Its a strategic imperitive Assad stands As BI has layed out in previous posts. Everybody else is already against Syria. Assad has nothing lose using weapons as a last resort knowing china russia and iran will never stop backing them regardless of the weapons they use.

              A direct military action has been in the works for quite some time now with or without those weapons being used. We just built an underground bunker for centcom for operations in syria in Jordan. It took months if not a year to build.

              Confrontation has been a foregone conclusion and all the powers know it.

              • Copy that Wolf359.

              • Wolf359 says, “We just built an underground bunker for centcom for operations in syria in Jordan.”

                Who is this ‘we’ shit?

                • Unlless your not an American citizen you’re government built it.

                  We can use semantics all you like but still doesn’t change the facts you’re tax money was spent to build that bunker. So by extension , yes we built it.

                  • Assad should have allowed UN Chemical Inspectors into the disputed area to determine what went down. The Rebels agreed to safe passage for them. Assad said “NO!”.

                    That doesn’t help his cause. 🙂

                  • Wolf359 said, “you’re government built it.”

                    Again. what’s what’s this “we” shit?

        • My thoughts are inline with yours. I would definitely be thinking a false flag on this, either rebels or the C.I.A. having to do this to get us involved in another war for oil and middle east domination. Assad may be dumb but he’s not stupid enough to poke a tiger with a stick. He has absolutely nothing to gain by getting the U.S. involved. The question should be, who does? Peak oil dominates all actions our government takes now. The Russians and Chinese are probably getting a little tired of our war crap, and most definitely will be getting involved also.

          Damn I hate it that I dont trust my Government anymore. Course its easy, I never believe anything they tell me anyway.

          • Survivor in waiting,

            >>”Damn I hate it that I dont trust my Government anymore. Course its easy, I never believe anything they tell me anyway.”<<

            Great points. The U.S. government has given us absolutely no reason to place any trust in their governance and policies. No reason to start believing them now.

          • Survivor:

            No this is not for oil and middle east domination. Read the article from Zero Hedge that Mac references. This is the FED and the big banks. The article explains why.

          • Federals havent been trustworthy since at least 1861…would be nice if that were not the case…

          • I bet if Asad all a sudden told them banksters they can install their fed res usury/intrest type banking in syria, we’d be hearing all over tv news how some unforseen issues popped up unexpectedly, and caused all hostilities to cease. And cia/mossad paid “rebels” would also be on tv news saying it was a Mistake after all and all is swell now. Of course zero mention of fed res type banksters opps woud be mentioned.

            The exact same scenario would have occured in Libya if gadafi would have allowd them usury banksters in to his nation. Soon as gadafi died, next day or asap after rebels took charge, the very first agreement of libya rebels was to OK a usury rothchild bank system there. Next was give away Oil control to big oil co’s.

            Banks that charge usury intrest IS main goal even more than oil is. They must control every nation in world banks, to get a nwo for real. Total money control is the number one main necessary issue for a NWO. Then “Nobody can Buy nor Sell without the…Mark” Can’t have that uness Every bank in every nation is ONE world bank and money system. Oil is secondary.

            • Them Guys: we must make sure we are not looking for a physical ‘mark’ and miss the ‘spiritual’ mark which is in effect NOW and has been for centuries. The revived beast and false prophet have been around for a few centuries while his image is a recent phenomenon at the closing of this age. Also we must remember that it is the False Prophet who ’causes’ the ‘mark’ and NOT the beast. The ‘image that speaks’ causes the Death of those who will not worship IT. Who can understand? Who is causing all the death and destruction we are witness to? Judeo-Christianity!!! Isreal is a trainload of ‘lying wonders and false doctrines’ supported by Christianity (the whore and her children).

            • Them Guys:

              I started to write a post on this subject but after reading your post I could not have said it better. The zionist international bankers cannot allow any country to control their own banks. And, heaven forbid, if any of them should have interest free currency. That is what cost Abraham Lincoln his life……I am sure that 99% of American’s believe it was his support of freeing the slaves…NOT! Look at the $5 Lincoln bill. It was a silver certificate not the damn worthless federal reserve note we are carrying around today. President Kennedy was trying to shut down the federal reserve. He also did not support invading Vietnam. Bang!! Bang!! Boom!! The powers that be took care of that problem too.

              • Pissed Granny: Thanks and also JFK was against Israel getting any Nukes. That may be even more the reason he got whacked. About 6-12 months ago a new book on JFK assaination and who did it, was wrote, over 1000+ pgs!

                Cant recall but I think its either Michael Hoffman or Prof Kevin McDonald who wrote it. I did not read the book but from comments about it I gather his new book basically Confirms it was zionist jews who were head of the conspiricy to kill JFK. Between fed res JFK pissed off and the Israel NO nukes issues it sure makes much sense eh.

                I am to the point it may be far faster and eaiser to instead of finding More evils-wars-revolutions-swindles-assainations etc that Zionists are guilty of doing or causeing to happen, perhaps its better now to look for whatever zionists haven’t done! Cannot be much left they aint guilty of! Bastards. Pure evil. Satanic Demonics.

      23. Most of us know it is going to happen. And the real decision makers are well aware what this will lead to. The sad part is most people in North America don’t even know what is going on in Syria and most can not even find it on a world map. This is not going to be a Lybia, or an Iraq. This will lead to something much bigger. God Bless and keep your house in order with the Lord.
        Take care,

      24. hope your all wrong.but i dont ur

      25. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZFp8ldcTx4

        Part 1 of 4. Old cowboy at the ends of the Earth gives us a glimpse into the fading lifestyle. Patagonia has a savage beauty, cold and deeply scored with fissures and crevasses, kind of like an old woman.

        • I watched 3 of the 4. Complete waste of time. I am dissapinted eisen.

          • Youre a jackass.

      26. It won’t be all that funny if assad goes full retard and sinks a few freighters in inconvenient places.

        • You mean in the Mediterranean?

          • It will not matter cause shipping insurance will be unavailable . Which might put a crimp in sunday afternoon happy motoring . Along with other inconveniences.

      27. Life as we know it is about to change, and change very quickly. My goodness, this is only 2013. What will it be like by say 2015?

        Pray for our troops (they are there due to orders), pray for the Syrians, and pray for a peaceful outcome.

        Wow? This might be the Fall of Babylon as spoken in Revelation.

        • “Life as we know it is about to change, and change very quickly. My goodness, this is only 2013. What will it be like by say 2015?” by Ugly

          The answer lies in the movie Red Dawn when the Marine said “its like a shit sandwich without the bread”

        • Ugly,
          Not to be depressing it will probably resemble the THIRD REICH in 1944

          And for more organized others reading this:




          Semper Fi 8541

        • 2015? Gotta get there first.

        • Uh…..I don’t think any of the current troops were drafted. They are there by choice.

          • They are mercenaries. They’ll do anything for a buck.

          • cossack55 says, “They are there by choice.”

            Yes, because the Fed didn’t destroy their local economy, and they have tons of job opportunities to choose from in their town, and the TV brainwashing didn’t convince them it was the ‘right thing’ to do? No.
            And church congregations didn’t act like it was ‘the thing’ to do either. Just ignore their send off parades combined with societal pressures and expectations.

            Yeah, they’re there by choice all right. Just never you mind the behind the scenes manipulation. Eighteen year olds are expected to know about that shit and recognize when they are being played for suckers.

            …Just ask Smedly Butler.

        • And if you read chapter and verse, Damascus is destroyed to the point where basically no human inhabitants remain…and if this actually happens, can you then deny there is a God?

          Isaiah 17, King James Version (KJV)

          17 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

          2 The cities of Aroer are forsaken: they shall be for flocks, which shall lie down, and none shall make them afraid.

          Make sure all straps are secured and keep your hands inside the ride…..we are in for a hell of a time!!!

          • Christ Fulfilled the Law and PROPHETS aka their Prophecys. Much of old testement prohecy was about and For the 12 tribes of israel back under their OLD covenant. Which they failed to Obey, and God designed a NEW covenant. Thats why so many OT vs Rev etc of the new prophecys conflict and seem impossible.

            Because much of future events first promiced to israels tribes was Canceled Out due to their failed obeying God and their old covenant.

            They still beleive in and badly desire a temple to again do animal sacrafices. If they’d have accepted Jesus 2000 yrs ago, things be very different. But they did Not.

            Now animal sacrafices is an Abomination of pure blasphemy. And Christs sacrafice means zero need for animals any longer. We are supposed to go by New testement and Rev book prophetic events yet to happen.

            Why would you thing God is still going by that OT old covenant?…Once Christ Confirmed the New one, thats it. You cannot have two at same time. Christianity Is the new covenant and is for ALL persons regardless of race or language or nation regions etc. Them israli tribes whoever and wherever they now are, have no old covenant. And its due to Their fault not Gods.

            PS: also alot of that damascus falls stuff was about the many wars big and small that happened during several centurys back in the Days its wrote…Like 300-700 BC eras. Damascus did Fall back then. Or changed hands or whatever. remember when they wrote of stuff as in the Latter days or even End times…Much was meant as End days of the Old covenant and End to tribes remaining IN israel lands due to rejecting to Obey God etc.

            That OT bible section You refer to, even if it don’t specify it, Syria Was the King in the NORTH, while the King of South was Egypt(if I recall correct). Palestine was in the Middle of that and the many wars I mentioned.

            Yet todays pastors preach everywheres they see “King of North and King of South” no matter Where located biblically OT or NT, they say its Russian invaders to Israel etc…Not so. They make same Mistake when every place in the entire bible they read words of Israel OR jews it is automatically meaning the SAME thing. Todays “jews”..Wrong again. The word “Jew” was not even in any bible till 2nd book of Kings aprox 500 pages after page One in genisis!…Seems strange eh if todays pastors believe that Moses-Abrham-Issac-Jacob were all Jewish as most preachers today state. None of them were “jewish or jews”…Jew was later as a Nickname for folks IN judah land. just aint sure if you are aware of that so I mentioned it.

            To them old prophets who knew nothing of a future new covenant, to tham it seemed it was end times for all time. God never told them All his plans. So they wrote it as if it would mean happen in final end days.(like todays times)….Them old prophets, except for jeramiah at least knew Not that their promiced world rule etc was going bye bye in a few centurys. We know as we can look Back in time to see what really did occure.

            Consider: How can it be that a future world rule by jews or israel as OT prophets said will still occure, while the book of Revelation says a “New jeruselem and a New Earth as One entity comming down from heaven is to happen”?…How can Both be at the same time when so opposite of each other?…They cannot! so the Only correct way to see it is what does the New Testement or new Covenant of Christianity predict will happen? And Thats the end game scenario plans of God. Any conflicts with OT prophecys for futire events, Must have been canceled Out by the New covenant. And its for Jews also “If” they will Repent and accept Jesus Christ like Everybody worldide must do for salvaion. There is NO other way not even for jews. I know thats opposite of most pastors today teachings. Thats due to they are False prophets/teachers..I am not. I am simply a brother christian who has learned the Real truths. It began by me turning Away from those false pastors nonsense.

            • Them Guys: good post. King of the North was Syria and South Egypt. Where many make their mistake is listening to dispensational preachers who say ‘Antiochus Epiphanes’ was the ‘little horn’. Total nonsense and obfuscation of truth. The ‘little horn’ that comes up among them (the 4 Grecian Generals) is ISRAEL. This is the 8th and is of the 7. This is the one that comes up from the ‘bottomless pit’ antichrist, the rejectors of Jesus Christ and are now treading down the nation though the lion/bear/leopard/diverse beast USA. All the rebels against truth will take his Mark!

      28. OB stated that he needs a coalition supported by world powers to initiate a strike..hmm

        …could that be the same coalition behind the Iraq invasion or similar to the coalition that conducted their Libyan escapade?

        Obviously this was all pre planned as usual..arm the insurgents..find WMD’S.. create an atrocity(false flag event) except this time with footage to substantiate..blame the other guys..
        everyone shouts “usa usa!!”..as we “target” military installations..
        meanwhile the collateral damage will be unthinkable..there will be bodies piled up that make these prior videos pale in comparison..

        The ducks are all lined up folks..the ‘consensus”aka coalition had already been reached..it’s now time for the dog and pony shows to convince everyone else.

        As I stated many times before..

        Nothing..nothing is by accident..
        Everything is by design..


        • DEBKA file>>

          Russian fleets on War alert

          Cameron and Obama agree on intervention outside UN sanctions


          • Posse ,
            I really like how the main stream media is covering this .
            It may come as a thief in the night to most people , except us who have the wisdom to not listen to the MSM!

            Every one get your preps in order , it’s going to get real exciting.


            Semper Fi 8541

        • I Think I just saw Colin Powel! Yep he was in a truck driving down the main roda near me, hauling a trailer with what appeared to be This time around the same type glass bottle full of “Yellow cake” only this one in the trailer was the size of a Propane tank! and he had a sign on truck side door says “United Nations or Bust”!!

          Can’t wait for talker heads and bubbly bleached blond Bimbos at FOX tv news shows to Blare “ALERT”! “ALERT” “Breaking JEWS!” Opps! I meant Breaking NEWS!….With photo shots of Powel seated at round table at UN saying “Gotta carpet bomb syria Now can’t wait”. PS John McSTAIN was following powels truck in the chase car.

          • Powell is a pawn, NWO, and a racist ass.(Im just a racist ass) He just stated that The zimmerman ruling was “suspect” and probably will not stand. I think his Homeys are going for a retrial of some sort.

            • And while Im at it.. there have been a half dozen and probably more, black on white hate Murders without a peep from the chimps in charge.

          • Them Guys: now instead of yellow cake it is the ‘mysterious poison gas’. Israel and the Beast are wetting their pants, and starting to suck their thumbs like Saakashvili sucking on his tie and drooling. God rules in the worlds affairs. These demons of hell know their days are numbered, weighed and divided. They are going to do as much damage and destruction as they possibly can. The antichrist nation of Israel feels the noose tightening around their necks by God. Scripture says: Dan 11:44 But tidings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble him: therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy, and utterly to make away many.
            Dan 11:45 And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him. Are we approaching this point? The kingdom of God comes not by observation! Who has spiritual discernment…fear God and keep his commandments. Don’t join in with murderers.

            • Road Runner: great point on Danials prophecys. As for a spiritual Mark? Maybe but I still believe it will be a implant chip ID and total world cashless system as nothing else can control all the worlds peoples in buying and selling other than such a system I think. I have been telling folks that exact same info on a chip implant mark over 40 yrs now and have yet to see I am wrong. Only I never back then called it a “Chip” as that word still meant pototo chips etc back then 40 yrs ago.

              Untill a decade or less ago I never heard any others say that and all folks called me a loony bin! Today most all folks says its whats coming!

              All Truth goes thru three stages. #1 truth is denied and ridiculed. #2 truth is visiciously Fought against. #3 truth is totally accept as self evident!

              • Them Guys: all I am saying is don’t keep your eye on the left hand and get clocked by the right. The Judeo-Christians are big on the ‘chip’. We known how well their theology has worked so far…delusion, propaganda and destruction. THEY are looking for a chip, I am not. THEY think the ‘mark’ is not here NOW, I do not. THEY push every psychotic delusional scheme they can come up with. They are the reason for the nations being deceived. It is well in motion NOW.

      29. OOOHHHH How many more children will die?

      30. it’s showtime, folks! hold on to your hats!….make that your tinfoil hats

      31. You should have maps of all the railways in your town. If you have to move its preferable to traveling on the streets or roadways. Im saving up for a duel sport motorcycle.

        • What happened to your bitcoins?

        • I had a Kawasaki 250 DP, best bike I ever had. Would be nice to have a bit larger engine, been looking, have’nt seen a DP larger than 250 these days.

      32. My rifle is my friend let’s go to Moscow you better be ready for war -jj Cale

        • RIP JJ Cale.

      33. My little nightmare the other night seems to be going from bad to worse as the hours go by. Possee says that Nothing..nothing is by accident..Everything is by design.
        I have to agree.

        There is no reason, not even one reason why the U.S. should be involved in this Syria mess. Why can’t Obama see that there is nothing to be gained by it. The people in the middle east will hate us for intervening or for not intervening. They hate us for religious purposes and nothing is going to change that. I for one say let them all duke it out among themselves. Less of them to contend with down the road. Hope they use up all the chemical weapons on themselves and have none left for use on us.

        There can only be one answer as to the why and that is TPTB are pulling the strings to make this happen for the purpose of bringing down the world. For what ever reason that is. I just don’t know.

        But I do know that the shit storm is coming and the time to prepare is growing short. Once again I can only say is that I pray for peace but am prepping for the worst.


        • Hey BigB,

          What I don’t get is if we go by the story that infers that the US and Russia will be at it in WWIII and there could possibly be a nuclear confrontation, how does that help TPTB?

          I may be naive, but there is too much money to make in conventional wars than to allow it to go nuclear.

          Every war is about power and money.

          God Bless,

        • Big B

          Considering how the ptb utilize agent provocateurs (black opps/banking)worldwide (quite successfully) to destabilize appointed targeted nation states..just imagine what they have in store for us once they have their ducks in a row in the middle east..

          Of course they’ve already targeted most of us via

          1. financial instruments of mass destruction…
          debasement of our currency
          destruction of the jobs base

          2 massive data mining on our every move and transaction

          3.dismantling our basic rights..way too many to mention.

          4.created a 50 + million dependent class loyal to the system for basic survival..

          5.fomenting a well executed divide and conquer technique between economic and racial boundaries.

          Hell I could go on and on..because it is endless!

          Therefore..I prepare accordingly..


          • I have no answers as to why. Maybe the people like Obama don’t even have the answers, they just obey the commands given by thier masters.

            So the question begs to be asked: Are we the pets or proprerty of some thing higher and our politicians are nothing but the big dogs of the pack who when given instructions just enforce the orders and the rest of us follow with a pack mentality?

            Sounds far fetched as far as I am concerned but that could just show us that we are not as smart as what controls us. If there is a time and place for religion it may well be now. For we are not Gods and should never forget that.

            Man that is to heavy a thought for even me. Can’t believe myself just wrote that.


            • BigB:

              If you have been perusing this website for any amount of time you should already have found the answers. Good people have posted what is truly happening, do you not believe them?

              There is a powerful group of people called Kenites or zionists that, from the beginning of time, have made it their goal for centuries to own the world. Their lord and savior is satan.

              For any of us to still think Obama is running this show is to be a complete idiot at this stage of the game.

              They are determined to set up the One World Government and it certainly is within their grasp.

              If you still think Israel is our friend and should be defended at all costs you need to do some real research on the internet.

              The zionist jews control everything from the federal reserve, the congress, the mass media, the porn, you name it…..spend some time and look up obama’s administration and the lineage of these people.

              There is no such thing as judao-christians. Christians believe in Jesus Christ; jews do not. How in the world can we lump these two together.

              Our kids are being used as gun fodder for the zionists to bring the world to its knees.

              If you have not prepared your family for the upcoming events that are planned for this once wonderful country the time is getting mighty short. If you have not read the story of what the bolshevik jews did to Russia and the Christian people there you should not delay in doing so. It is an utter blueprint that the zionists behind the stooge Obama have in store for you.

              My only consolation in what is coming like a freight train is that my Lord Jesus is going to have the last word. Get on your knees and ask him to cover America with his saving Grace. That is all that is left.

              • @Pissed off Granny,

                Yeah, I have been around this site for a while now. 🙂

                And yes I have heard what you are saying. And even though I have heard it, read up on it and researched it just a tad I will say that if you are refering to the illuminati or it’s equivalent then you may or may not be onto some thing. Time will tell and the believers will believe and the disbelievers will disbelief and in the end you shall know what was right and what was wrong.


              • HOME RUN Pissed off Granny! The Zionist, globalist mafia makes more profit from ONE DAY OF WAR…than MANY years of “business as usual”, which is already bad enough.

                • Thanks Yental:

                  When BigB says he has done a “tad” of research on this subject I suggest his “tad” needs to be a “tad bit more”.

                  I know the lies that have been told about what is really happening to this world are so big that the truth is really really hard to grasp. It is far easier to be an ostrich.

                  • The problem with being an ostrich is, every time the wind blows your feathers up, you have to wonder if you’re about to get reamed again, because you’re too scared to pull your head up and look around.

                  • I was raised and am baptized southern baptist. I remember sermons of hellfire and brimstone, also the parables that illustrate those qualities we should possess.

                    I have had nothing but a sickening distaste of Israel and their elitist organizations since reading body of secrets by James Bamford. After reading posts here citing scripture, I did some research in the kjv and wow…I am stunned that Christians would readily give their lives for these people on an ideological basis. How can you believe the the Jews are still the chosen people if you believe Jesus Christ is The Lord our Saviour?

                    I really am having a hard time trying to articulate what it is I feel. PI don’t dislike people based on their religion, but rather I dislike the ideals of their relifeon and religious nation state. And not for one minute do I think they’d die for us (Christians) unless it serves their ultimate purpose.

              • “There is no such thing as judao-christians. Christians believe in Jesus Christ; jews do not. How in the world can we lump these two together.”

                This is not true. I know a lot of Jews who believe in Jesus and worship Him. How can we lump these two together, you say? Scripture does, that’s how. We are grafted into the vine, and we should not boast against the branches lest we be cut off.

                I think you would benefit from reading “Our Hands Are Stained with Blood” by Michael L. Brown.

                • Judaisim is based on the Talmud, not the OT 5 moses books, Talmud Bashes jesus and christianity non stop page after page. Jews who Truely believe in Jesus are Christians priod. But many who say they do never give up their judaic beliefs or ways. Many say they are messianic jews, that means Talmud teaches that the real messiah has not yet arrived. AND only when the world wide jewery as one jew Group attains domination power aka NWO owned/run BY jews That is what will be their messiah.

                  They believe they Themselves combined as a jew group IS THE Messiah. I prior Posted the exact talmud quote and page number etc that teaches that crap.

                  You should Read what Christ says about the Failed Fig tree, Jesus Cursed it as he walked passed, it imeadiatly withered and Died. THAT Dead Fig tree represents Jews and isralites that then and Now reject Jesus and reject christianity aka the NEW covenant.

                  Jews are the Broken OFF branches, that yes “can” be again grafted in…”IF” They Repent and Convert to Christian. But those like seen on tv pastor shows, who claim a belief in Jesus, yet still wear that skull cap, still practice all the orig jewish religious festival practices IE: Yom Kipper-Hannakuh etc etc…Thats called a Talmudic Jewish person or rabbi. Thats not now nor ever yet been a true christ believer or christian period.

                  You make it sound like as long as they deposit cash into a bank acct, then its OK for them to also Rob the bank! And the Two, depositer and robber can become as One!! Kumbaya!

                  Try reading new testement withOUT bias from phony judiazer pastors of todays ilk.

                  There is zero “jewdeo-christianity” its akin to OIL and Water mixture…Impossible to mix.

                  Judaisim= Darkness Christ=christians-Light

                  Light cannot co exist with Darkness.

                  Perhaps some reading of Talmud will awaken you to their deceptions etc. I can provide many links and quotes etc if you need them.

                • Lt:

                  I know that anyone can be saved by confessing their sins and believing in Jesus Christ, and that includes jews, but………..

                  You show me a Zionist, Talmud believing jew that believes in Jesus Christ and I swear I will look up our “tinfoil hat” poster and I will eat his hat!!

              • Pissed Off Granny: Wow! Outstanding reply posting! Glad to see another wide awake and jewize person here. As you stated good folks here have posted countless amounts of truth and facts of what you said. Problem is most folks who read and post here are much the same as the main writers of many various websites that we most all read.

                That problem they suffer from is PC correctness. It is a soviet cultural destruction method employed against americans. Its major design is to Force folks to base thoughts on Emotional “Feelings”…The feelings of Other folks such as minirities. And the main minority group with the smallest membership in usa and worldwide Is jews.

                Add smallest minority group to the massive amounts of propaganda and outright Lies we all been hammered with our entire lives of how that so small minority of jewish persons are always the main only Victims that should count, and you end with a perfect PC designed concoction of “Feelings” of jews Must never ever be hurt.

                Of course what hurts jews feelings Most is…Factual Truth which outs all of their massive lies etc. So to remain in an every always state of PC correctness and avoid being called vile names like antisemitic, they agree with PC and reject all posts or proofs.

                Thats the exact Same PC type thing going on today not just with MSM and TV news etc, but also Alternative website info sites. There are litterally A thousand or more such info sites. Yet you can Count on your ten fingers how many sites name zionists and jews where appropriate. 99% of the websites use terms such as “TPTB” “Eliets” “One Percent” “Banksters” etc.

                Yet most folks are NOT awake when it comes to being jewize or zio wize, so when they daily read tptb or other terms used, what does it tell the readers as to Who or What is that elusive enemy?….The easy solution is for every website really speaking Truth to agree to stop all PC crap, and use the Proper word. If it happens to be zionists or jewish, like when discussing Red army bolshevik russian?…Then say JEWISH kommie bolshies!

                As long as it is true, why should we gentiles care if jews or others gets upset?..They should have thought they may be Outted for it when inventing comunisim, then useing it to Mass genocide murder Hundreds of millions of gentile whites and christians eh!

                Why do we all have to be carefull what we do as it may come back to haunt us later, yet jews and blacks gets a free pass due to being a minority?

                Perhaps as such minorities within a basically White and christian Founded nation they need learn Their “Place” as minority and adapt to Our standards in society etc.

                If they dislike Our white or christian ways? Fine get the fuck Out! Move to Israel or Africa who is stopping them?

                I for one refuse and always have refused to remain silent and PC correct as my facts and truths may harm some small minority geoups “Feelings”. What about MY and YOUR Feelings eh?!!

                The Main KEY to awakeness is: Get Rid of all forms PC-Get rid of mass white guilt-Begin to say it like it is. Any who complain….Too bad.

                Heres what zio jews can do to greatly enhance others conceptions of them zio jews…STOP swindleing gentiles, BURN every Talmud copy! and act HUMAN instead of like a Satanic demonic! Then we Goyim gentiles will have nothing left to Bitch of when the issue is jewish or zionists.

                I dislike greatly anybody or group trying to enslave me based on satanic talmudic ideals. Trade talmud for KJV Bibles, become Christian and zero future troubles!

                Or remain talmudic devils and do not expect Me to shut up about your evil desires and designs you have for Me and MY Fellow patroits!

                PS: That goes for all You Enablers of such crap as they can’t get away with it unless You enable it always.
                You= you know who you are!

                • I read your post and others like it warning of the fake jews and the history behind them. I agree with alot of statements that you make that can be researched by ME and verified by ME. Other wise you know how opinions are..That said, I dont quite understand how this helps in prepping for the inevitable collape/war etc that is knocking at the door, other than knowing who is to blame. Please explain how this will help. Is it to understand the bible better for the signs of what is to happen and avoid false flags? In your future posts, if you would please relate it to how it should affect my/our decision making, I would appreciate it. Respectfully. Dave

                  • Dave in ID: Obviously no my type post will not aid others in how many cans or beans to stack away. However I do feel that due to so many folks today being so badly misinformed on all issues related to this issue I post on alot, we who are awake to it all must continue to try to wake others too.

                    Yes it is biblically based. There too misinfo has deluded and duped most christians today, and it seems that a majority here are christians. So there also its fits well in the overall schemes of todays troubles.

                    I guess we all have various things we know or perhaps even excell in. I like this site due to that fact.

                    I do not get anything but a piece to read on a post of some guy went fishing yesterday. But to me its still okay info. But I Love to read.

                    I am like that guy in the Movie Three days of the Condor, where the head cia guy asked “Where did that low level reader agent learn these methods etc?”….Their answer was “he Reads!” Head cia guy asked “Reads! reads What?”. They again answered the head cai guy “he reads EVERYTHING! and we mean everything!”

                    I do not mean I am cia nor some hollywood actor guy!

                    Just I can relate to the part he played as a reader who reads everything. Thats me to a T. I also like to share the info I have learned. I hope my answer to you is a sufficiant answer to your questions.

                    ps: Yes indeed “IF” americans face actual war on usa soil, I do believe info such as mine, will assist Many good folks who never before knew of these issues. I can’t think of a thing better in war than to Know who is the enemy and leadership of it.

                    I do NOT mean all jewish folks are evil or enemys. I expect some jewish same as some blacks folk will be on Our patriot side. But that don’t change it that yes many of them are enemys of gentiles in general or will be so when the time of war occures. Hope I am wrong and it don’t occure. Not so sure it wont now though.

                  • @ them guys… I ment using the bible in relation to current and future events for prepping. For example Bible verses in relation to Damascus, One world currency etc. Not trying to put you on the spot, but thats how I would find a bible focused point useful for a christian prepper. I guess the jews dont interest me much. As a old preacher(christian ww2 vet)once told me that there are alot of good jews, but without Jesus as thier savior, they are going to hell.

                (ABOUT THE NATION OF ISRAEL)

                First of all the real Jews believe in G-d’s Law.
                The leftist shit liberal Jews are not real Jews, only “cultural Jews”. They are really humanist scum. Jesus was an Essene rabbi and
                preached Jewish values.
                You are an Anti-Semite and will be cursed by G-d as it says in the Bible.

                • Sooo…are you saying to be a Christian is to be Anti-Semite?

                  Last I heard Jesus was from Nazareth not Judea, and he was kinda stuck growing up under the influence of the Roman Empire’s outpost in the nation of Israel. Something like that.

                  My understanding is that Jesus was NOT a jew (from Judea) (as that word did not exist then) rather the citizen, better yet resident, of an evil empire we all know too well has continued to prosper into present times.

                  I certainly believe in Jesus because the “Romans” have not stopped talking ’bout him since he Graced us the first time around. I have much to learn and no man can learn it all, but from how it seems, “jews” as a nation admit Christ existed in the flesh, denying he is the Messiah, and fear his very real existence in the spirit to this day which is why their elite are acting so buggy lately. They’re waiting for the ricochet, I suppose.

                  • Paul: define antisemite. Since at least 98% of todays jews are actually a Khazer mix of Turk-Hunn-Mongrel-Caucasian, I have several times posted the newest DNA Jewish scientists John Hopkins PUBLISHED works on this Fact after Hopkins hosp univ spend 2-2.5 yrs to Verify all his DNA work etc. Hebrew Univ bio ethnics labs also agreed that was December of 2012. His DNA proved another Jewish woamn scientist DNA evidence of same from 2001.

                    Now that genisis quote all you jews or jewdeo christo zios are so famous for tossing out as some proof to “Bless jews etc”

                    READ New testement book Galatians. It specifically details that what You quote God blessing abrham etc and isreael. God says I will Bless Thy SEED singular Not seed’s plural. Galatians tells us it means all familys of world will be blessed BY and because of abrahams SEED aka JESUS CHRIST as that ONE seed.

                    As for lib jews bad, other jews good? All Jews main belief Hinges on the Talmud books. Read some! Those are vile evil racist self chozen Racially supremesist attitudes to the Extreme that teaches jews that crapola.

                    Jews also need Repent and believe in and Accept Jesus Christ or Perish eternally in lake of fire.

                    Dont say I am antisemitic! I never wrote that bible verses, and since at least 98% todays jews are Khazers whos real ancestors Converted to Talmudic Judaisim in aprox 800 AD era when resideing in the Kingdom of Khazaria(now Lower russia-moscow-poland regions) and I have the Maps-website-Proofs Galore besides that recent DNA proof!

                    So antisemtie is simply a jew invention word to Halt all debate or speech thats Not favorable to jews in Their eyes. Thats too too bad as jews also Invented Bolshevik Kommieisim then Used that communisim to Genocide Exterminate 200+ Million mostly white christians in russia and 14 other eastern european nations since 1918 till jews got Booted out of russia in 1990-91.

                    If as a Jew, and nobody But jews write GOD like You did as G-D as of he forbids use of the letter o?…Whatever, If what I write bothers you as a jew, oh well…Your folks pisses me off for Exterminating 50 times as many whiteys and christians as Your fake “SIX Million” WWII deaths of jews.

                    Amazeing eh how in last ten yrs so many lies by jews been so exposed!…Six million goes down to Less than 300,000 Total includeing NON jews too in “Camps” deaths.

                    American Red Cross medical agency records proves it was about 295,000 total deaths,includes gentile non jews, with Photos of campers detained…Aprox 98% we were Lied to on nazi vs jew issues. The list of crap jews promoted and lied of is long enough to out write the tons of books by Eli the Weasel. hes a huge Liar also.

                    Jesus warned us, Liars Theievs and murderers cause they are OF their Father Satan. John ch 8 vs 44 read that along with Talmud verses bashing Jesus and christain “Goyims” I learned a whole lots of you jews swindles…Lots. I like wakeing others goyims to it all.

                    Maybe its high time jews apologize for so many decades of so many Lies and hate of Goym gentiles eh..

                    PS: One would Think that americans being the Best ever Hosts to Host jewish folks in our nation, that jews could find a nicer method of thanking us Goyim Hosts, other than bankrupting us, swindling us into Two major world wars, countless smaller wars last 100 yrs, and then last 50 yrs constant bashing of Our christian nations beliefs…Some thank you america! With Guests like jews who needs enemys!…No wonder 109 nations Booted you folks. Are you trying to make it an even 110? not wise.

                    IMHO Your best Next move is self analysis, repentance, and a True conversion to Jesus Christ and become a Christian…Let me know if you need any assistance in converting, if you do so ok, I am glad to help. Or if you need More documented info on jewish lies or swindles over that last 3000 yrs got lots info on that also.

                    Thanks for your concern Paul,…Them Guys

        • ***There can only be one answer as to the why and that is TPTB are pulling the strings to make this happen for the purpose of bringing down the world. For what ever reason that is. I just don’t know.***
          Could it be that provision about decreasing the world’s population by defenders of the NWO??
          Or the need for a domination to bring about control of the world’s resources and a ONE WORLD ORDER/GOVERNMENT.

          • Could it be Planet X?

        • When is the MSM gonna bother mentioning that ALL the countries “targetted” in recent years, starting with Iraq and ending with Syria had/have significant Christian Populations. In Egypt the Coptic Christians are under attack in a way not seen since Roman times.

          Only our “Allies” aka Saudi have a real issue with Christians worshiping on their soil. Israel permits that TV evangeligal rapture nonsense crew but not those sects that remember Usery is forbidden to Christians.

          I’d travelled to Tunisia (starting point of the Arab spring) and Libya a few years before all this kicked off. I’m not gonna pretend that I thought Tunisia especially was a perfect society, but I did note that ordinary people respected Christianity.

          Russia’s Christian Population suffered significantly in the last century. No one has been able to give a true account of just how many millions were murdered. Greece was the first Euro nation to be taken down economically recently, did no one make the link with how devout they are as a people? Next followed the other nations almost as a roll call of those nations who still believe iykwim.

          Those sects of Christianity that remember Usery is forbidden are being systematically wiped out across the globe(or the attempt is being made to, they’ve failed in Russia despite the millions murdered!)in favour the Central Bankers.

          These psychopaths always justify their crimes through the dehumanisation of the “other”. This is how societies have fallen prey to genocide and democide throughout history. Yet we seem incapable of learning.

          This war is no longer about nations. It’s become one of Good versus evil, psychopathic parasites against the rest of the human race. I am praying for unity between us before we all die at the alter of their insanity.

          • Lonly Mum: Good points you stated how in Israel they allow tons of phony tv preachers teaching rapturisim nonsense. Yet just a week ago I read several accounts by Orthodox Christian Bishops who Live in Israel as citizens.

            They were telling how badly Jews in israel treat Them type christians. Jews Spit on the priests and Bishops as they try to walk past. Jews crap and piss on the church threshold of doorways, and spray paint Swastikas symbols on church walls etc. Those israel jews HATE Real christians.(RT tv news had documentary show info too)

            As to your MSM tv news point, I would add also has any others ever noticed while you see Non stop weekly almost Daily some TV news or History chanel show about “Nazis Hitler-six million jews-gas chambers-ad nauseum”

            Yet why have none ever yet seen ONE honest well made docuemtary of all those 150 million white christians exterminated by Russian jewish Kommie bolsheviks?

            Worse yet while every year even today we keep hearing how Eli the weasel found Another evil Nazi, now 95 yrs old too feeble to walk, arrested for alleged war crimes etc as a nazi…So Where has there even ever been One Signle KOMMIE Jew Arrested-Charged-Convicted-Sentenced to HANG! for Their evil WAR Crimes?

            Are we supposed to keep weeping crocadile tears for a alleged supposed “six Million jews” which so much proof now exists that there were never even 1/2 that many jews in all europe when nazis got elected.

            Yet we should simply Forget all about that 200+ Million when combined exterminated by Kommie Jew Murderers, Exterminators, who are Guilty of so many dead from 15 eastern europe nations?….Jew kommies get free pass? So far since 1918 they have. WHY? And why is so “Sinfull” for folks Like me or others to mention these facts?

            I have really had it with all types people who pretend to be patriotic, or christian etc, yet when it comes to jew-truths?…Oh lets all remain silent so to never offend them jews. Maybe they should be Offended! Maybe many should get EXACT Same treatment as Nazi war criminals did!

            Being 1/2 Polish Myself, Knowing out of 13 children in My grandmothers siblings family, besides Her just ONE other of her Brothers survived the Horrors of being in Poland, when Kommie JEWS tried their major attempt at NWO in 1918.(Granny came to america 1880’s, her One brother visited in 1956-57 had to go back to poland he survided all odds and all jew kommie butchers)

            If those 11 siblings of Grannys were alive to speak now…I bet all I own they would Thank Hitler and his SS troops, same as Ukrainians thanked Nazi Troops for their Rescue from Evil deadly bolshevik jewish kommies.

            Too bad as Dead folks they can’t say now.

            Like Pissed Off Granny a poster here wrote, “If You have not yet Read about those evil Horrors that were done to Russians and Polish and Ukranians etc when Tortured and mass Exterminated by jewish kommies…Get Busy reading!

            Every america needs Read that info as no other way exists to fully comprehend just how bad those tortures and death methods were. And unlike 98+% of the Lies jew tell of nazis killing 6 million jews…The Info on 1918 russian jew killers and tortures is for REAL.

            German soldiers were first in, as red army was escaping in WWI, when SS troops came to RESCUE Christians etc all over russian cities germans marched thru inside Russia then. Germans were hailed as Liberators!

            Read a few actual WWI german soldiers Letters to Home From afieled in russia and read the absolute Horrors described. They were Battle Hardend Troops, no amatures. Real hard core soldiers, saying how they could not look at it any more as the Horrors seen were like no others ever. Them fuckin jew led red army did such atrocities and never yet has a single one been ever arrested!

            But we should ignore it so we can keep crying for 6 million! which was Less than 300,000 total and that includes NON jews too!…I wish I can Hunt down the bastards! No need for no trails or juries! I KNow what to do!…They Exterminated 25-50 times as many innocents. Yet all we ever heard entire lifetimes now is poor poor 6 million jews and evil germany!

            WAKE UP! All who at this era of instant info at fingertips, who refuse to Learn Truths, and RE think it all…YOU are Enablers of the bastards and You is whos going to deal with Bolshevik kommies soon Here in the USA!

            Then you all will change beliefs of all that WWII crap lies you think is good info. That cannot occure without Enablers assisting it. Rememebr that…Cause I and Many more sure wont forget!

            • Them Guys! Well it looks like they block it again ! I just went to review the movie “Greatest story Never told,the truth about Hitler . And it has been blocked for copyright infringement? I hope everyone was able to see before it was blocked. The truth will set you free ! Thanks T.G. for your help in the TRUTH. Know thy enemy.

              • Thinker: I watched the Entire 6 hrs of the vodeo. Glad I did too, learned quite alot I never knew of prior. Every person here should see it. Tons of lies we were told are exposed with the facts and truths.

                Incogman webiste may have it archived as he has many videos yutube jew censors delete etc. Copyright infringments! Yeah is that like call folks rassis or antisemite to squelch and stiffle all speech of truths?

                incogman dot net may have it also Bro Kapner at realzionistnews dot com hes got loads of stuff like that video. Thanks again for the link to it Thinker.

      34. Seems like I recall Hussein Obama criticizing President George W. Bush for attacking Iraq and Afghanistan.
        July 2007 – Obama calls the Iraq invasion a war “that never should have been authorized and never should have been waged.”
        I guess we’ll see the liberal/socialist/Marxist DIM-ocrats supporting this military action.
        Fools and hypocrites.

      35. The antichrist Obama will get us involved in military action in Syria which will lead to WW2 and the destruction of the United States.

        The destruction of the United States was the usurper Obama’s plan all along. He is working with China and Russia and is paving the way for them to attack us.

        This attack upon the United States will come; prepare and make your hearts right with God. Many of us will be facing eternity very soon. God loves you all.

      36. Strap the toad to the cruise missle and his bitch wife too hell each loser political per missle Gov’t needs to be completely leveled and rebuilt Govt gave millions to Internet providers for spying I even bet they’re even burning the land outwest for certain reasons also

      37. Gerald Celente said that when things are going bad economically….”they take you to war”! I feel this will open us to a real or false flag crisis soon! God help us and Long live the Republic!

        • wonder who will give us the “shock & awe” press anouncement

          • NO “Shock”. Only “awe shit!”

          • Likely will be some Big Breasted Bleached Blonde Bimbo tv news idiot surrounded by 1/2 Dozen Beedy Rat eyed zionists spewing more Lies than all combined WWII Lies we ever heard. Only these lies will be all in one sitting.

            In tv screen background look for 20 yr old video of when sadam really did gass Kurdish folks. That will be played as if its New from last week gassings by assaad!

            And 300 Million americans will believe its all truth! Fools.

            • Them Guys:
              I sure wish I lived next door to you. I surely would feel some real comfort knowing my neighbor has been blessed with the truth and the guts to try to help people understand what has been happening to Christians from the beginning. We would have a lot to visit about.

              • Pissed off Granny: Thank you for the nice words. Indeed we would make fine neighbors. I live alone on 10 acres in Northern Lower Mich. Small township, aprox 2500 full time residents. Entire county has Less than 27,000!

                I moved out of my birth city Detroit Mich after being there 43 yrs since birth. Could’nt take another day of african jungle hoards, traffic beyond compare! and less and less whiteys as the yrs roll by.

                Granny you got it right I tell it as it is on the main issues 99% of americans Fear not just speaking out publically on, they Fear hearing or Reading this stuff!

                That alone is more Proof of reality of PC brainwashing than all other issues PC combined.

                I am not trying to harm others “Feelings” nor do I as some here accuse me of, Hate jews or blacks or Anybody else. I Do Hate with a burning passion Kommies and all they are guilty of. I cannot help that communisim is a jewish invention. And I refuse to self censor and remain silent of these things. I was raised to watch what ya do or say etc so it wont come back on you later.

                Seems some folks, never were taught the same eh. If they were they should have guessed sooner or later Truth will egde out. And their commie evils will be known far and wide. If they worry now? They sure didn’t back when use of communisim by them to mass kill and butcher so many of MY folks. Soon its Their chickins commin home to roost.

                You’d think when your folks been Booted from litterally Every nation to ever Host your group, then arrive in the greatest nation, with most perks and rights etc avail or ever to existed, thats america of course and us white christians folks has been the nicest bestest Hosts jews ever dreamed possible. Yet look How we are Thanked! Same can be said of african blacks in usa. Ungratefull comes to mind.

                I treat all folks as I am treated by them Granny. And I refuse to abide with dog kickers, cat burners, spolied brats, and liars. Bullys neither. I care not if a person is jewish or atheist or whatever. Same for races.

                But, as I know you agree, its way Past time for all americans to learn real factual truths so we can halt those who massivly take advantage of our christian kindness etc. Because as whiteys we most all still have a Inner small Spark of a Flame of Viking type fiercness.

                Only a damn fool idiot wants to kindle that small spark into a Rageing Volcano ready to explode and spew Red Hot Lava over their sorry asses when we get finally fed up for real!…At age 60+ yrs I aint no warrior any longer, but as a lifelong Harley rider biker guy since age 17 yrs and in detroit all my life too…That adds to a combo of remain very cool and do not screw with me or mine. Mine includes Millions of fellow Patriots of all types colors and religions etc…Although in honesty I do prefer being around whiteys best. And why not right. I am white and christian so thats MY choice. Main difference from me and You granny, compared to many others, is we aint fearing to say such due to others fuzzy feelings or egos.

                Hope we can meet in person some day I truely do! Thank you again for the compliments, and for you being awake. Thats good….Real good, being so awake….Them Guys

      38. This war is about putting the entire Middle East under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood. After Syria comes Jordan. Eventually Saudi Arabia will fall too and so will the Petrodollar if it’s still alive then. The goal is the destruction of Israel. Assad is no friend of Israel but he doesn’t want war with them either. That’s why he has to go.

        • A blind man could see it. Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, and Syria is now on the block.

          Jordan and Arabia are ripe for the plucking. The Emirates on the coast can avoid it for a while, but not long. The real prize is Turkey, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, the others on the border with Russia and Europe. Putin knows this and will prevent it happening even if it means a proxy war with the US.

          • Can ya blame him? At least he’s trying to PROTECT his country, not destroy it, like our “leaders”.

          • WoW Smokey, A man could get an education on this site. Nice Job. Trekker Out.

      39. You sunk my battleship.

      40. NP,
        By allowing this to happen it enables TPTB , It gives them the advantage to execute their plans,
        With a limited nuclear exchange it cuts down on the number of opposition domestically that they have to deal with and also allows them to declare an emergency with little or any opposition. Some will run to the gov for help hopefully that’s not anyone here , we know better. It will allow them to create their own little fifedoms to control with them at the top and holding all of the cards. they can create the slave state they envision. The constitution and our way of life mean nothing to them , to them we are a resource to be exploited for their gain. They are the true Marxist / fascists, the fruit of their labors are only death and oppression.
        This will not have a good outcome if we allow it , they envision a state that will eclipse all the other evil empires that have existed since the dawn of time.
        Lets face it Liberity is not the common condition of mankind , we only have it when we are willing to defend it , the founders knew it and accepted the consequences of it . I kid you not it will be a hard tough road filled with fear , tears and hardship. The truth be told this is all our fault it should have never have gone this far . We cannot solve this problem by thinking the same way that got us into this . It is up to us, only us to rectify it. Each person has a responsibility exercise it do all you can to prepare , join with like thinkers, the battle lines are being drawn.
        In times past the people in this country have joined together to over come overwhelming odds ,
        And have seceeded. We just have to have the will.
        It’s just this simple THEY LOSE WE WIN.
        From Lexington and Concord to Gettysberg and places of newer names one thing has sustained us with Gods help , American is not a place or a particular time it is an idea , Ideas can never be destroyed as long a people believe in them.
        Do not be discouraged we are about to be tested.
        Never give up as along as you have the power to resist.
        Defy TPTB by Surviving .




        Semper Fi 8541

      41. Anybody with any chemical warfare training who has seen pictures of the ‘bodies’ knows this was faked.

        No Pallor or lividity, no signs of loss of bowl/bladder control, no signs of vomiting, and the casual handling of ‘bodies’ and ‘casualties’ contaminated with nerve agent? No sign of rigor, hands neatly folded, serene facial expressions. No sign of atropine injections being given as an antidote? Who recovered these “dead” from the contaminated area? The rebels fully equipped with chemical warfare gear are they?

        Sarin in a contact agent, you don’t need to breath it. Just come in contact with it. A droplet will kill a roomful of humans.

        There are no outward signs of blistering agent use either. And Syria is not known to posses blood agents.

        I’m calling BS on the lot.

        Meanwhile CBS reports Obama is prepping for a possible missile strike against Syria.If
        I were Putin It would be NYET. And the only reason we have this bit of news is that Obama wants us to have it.

        If Putin decides to put the Russian navy in the way, this could be a horrible disaster. And Putinwould have dozens of ways to get even without firing a shot, from
        turning off the gas to western Europe, to cutting off Boeing from it’s main supply of titanium.

        So we are in the unenviable position of the president of Russia trying to stop the president of the United States from starting WWIII.

        • Steve this Sarin sounds even worse than Anthrax. Yes the propaganda machine is in full operation. All those dead bodies and specially the babies always bring out the sympathy in the the American people. Who are alway quick to jump up and yell, somebody do something, and shortly after we stick our nose into someone elses problem and start getting OUR young people killed and maimed, everyone wants to know, What are we doing there. So lets stay out of this and take care of our own problems at home. Trekker Out.

        • I wish Putin were America’s president….and Obama and his ilk were rotting in a dungeon somewhere.

        • Until I see real satellite footage of missles from Syrian-controlled territory lifting off and impacting in the attack sites, I’m not buying this Assad-chemical-attack story.

          These weapons are inaccurate, area-denial weapons that seem to have been used against civilians. Just how does Assad gain anything in this? No rebel military forces hit, world opprobium, real risk of international involvement, risk of Russian pullback, no-fly zones, all of that is in play, and for what?

          • Welcome aboard the “I live in reality train” Smokey. Hopefully, WE can fill this train to maximum capacity VERY RAPIDLY.

            The latest “official story” stinks and has the now easily recognized “false flag smell” lingering all around it.

            THEY continue to use the same protocol…because at least in this country, it continues to work. Most of the “rest of the world” GETS IT. Time for THIS COUNTRY to join the elevated understanding of the rest of the globe.

            THEY HATE US BECAUSE OF OUR FREEDOMS. And I’m the frickin tooth fairy!

      42. Damascus is the oldest surviving city in world history. It has been conquered before. It has never been destroyed. Isaiah 17 predicts it will be in short order. Could this be it?

      43. To all military personel, bless all of you. As a veteran I must inform you that you are not fighting for my freedom. You are fighting for what is called the Globalist Hegemonic Empire. That basically means the Globalists interests. The government of the US is run entirely by the Globalists. The Globalists consist of a variety of international banks and trans-national corporations, too many to list here. The only real threat to my freedom comes from Washington, D.C.. The feds are actively anti-American. They are actively anti-nation. They are against borders and soveriegnty because it slows down their ability to loot faster. Stay safe and watch each others backs.

        • maudy fricket, why would you bless them if they are not fighting for your freedom?

          If they’re not fighting for your freedom, aren’t they simply fighting for Empire?

          • They are good hearted and actually think they are fighting for us.

            • “and actually think they are fighting for us.”

              I can’t add to that.

              Other than to say, it doesn’t matter if they are good hearted or not.

              If it’s wrong, it’s wrong.

      44. Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock
        One day-this clock will stop.
        Don’t get cought with your pants down…
        When the criminals run the world, it’s all for one and everyone else be damned.
        We are hanging by so many frayed threads one day something is gonna POP, and when it does it will be: HELL ON EARTH for the rest of us.

      45. Well it seems that Obummer has received his orders from the global elitist powers that are the ones that are really in control, the stupid shits are going to end up pissing Russia off and then its all over. There is no good ending to this one folks, prepare yourselves for the end-times, looks like we might just see them soon !

      46. Well, Obummer was right about one thing– one promise he absolutely did keep: he promised change and he sure got that right! Change: a box pops up THREATENING YOU– saying that what you write will be sent over to a third party– UNENCRYPTED– and asks you if you’re sure you want to post your comment… yep! he promised change and he sure as hell delivered it to us. A Bonefide Police State. That’s exactly what we got… not exactly the change I was counting on when I voted for the bastard, but what the heck…

        “You don’t always get what you want” (Mic Jagger).

        • A moron by your own admission. “Nuff said!

        • But it would be damn nice to “sometimes get what you need” from our “representatives” and this clusterf**k we erroneously still support as OUR government!

          Correction, I don’t “support it”, but MANY still do, which is why it manages to persist among an unmitigated collection of treason, lies, and anti-Constitution/Bill of Rights crime.

      47. Hey Mac, I got a question. Who is the real shot caller in the White House? I know who Vallerie Jarret is. Is there someone above her? I would imagine that the real shot caller is someone who is always around regardless of which party is in power. That someone might not actually be in the White House. That someone may always avoid the cameras.

        • Hey Maudy,

          See my comment above. It is crazy but you just went there.


          • I was looking for a face with a name attached to it. King Saud or his replacement. Obama bows to him and Bush holds hands and kisses Saud. But I really wanted the person who tells Obama what to say and do. His puppet master.

        • Think bigger than that…Obama isn’t the true ruler.

          He just follows his script for teevee.

          The international bankers rule the world by way of corporations and fractional reserve banking. The ones that control the currency are in charge.

      48. I just can’t wait to see what happens next….

      49. I’m wondering if we’re doing this to appease King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia in case he was considering dropping the Petro-Dollar standard for oil payments.

        • BINGO

        • King abdul can’t do that or else trillions of $’s of Govt paper will turn to shit overnight those hook nose zionists have locked him in on the ride

        • Is this what it’s about?
          Appeasing certain countries to annihilate(interpret that any way you like)Russia and others, discredit them, and collapse them so WE own/control the oil??

          • No, I think Saudi Arabia fears the Sunni Muslims in Syria will lose the war and there will be retributions against them as well as loss of status. Saudi Arabia is Sunni also.

            I think Saudi Arabia wants something in return for the continued Petro-Dollar.

            Saudi Arabia has been selling Treasuries lately, so their exposure to the Dollar’s demise will be less as time goes on.

      50. Yesterday I went flyfishing with my firstborn son on the Clackamas river. It reminded me of the days I was learning to cast a fly rod. Didn’t have to worry about all this shit in those days. And I was thinking that this might be one of the last times I get to go fishing with any of my sons. My oldest doesn’t get back from Afghanistan until November. I am extremely concerned about this.
        It’s time to hold fast to your faith, even if it doesn’t seem like there’s much to hang on to.

        • My prayers are with you,

          • Thank you sir

        • Prayers for you and your son May our men and women in uniform return home safe.

          • Shit, they should all quit their stinkin’ jobs and come home now. …And get on a motorcycle and ride.

            Fuck the Empire.

            What are they waiting for? Eligibility for retirement benefits that are going to be no good? Psft. Money grubbers.

        • My son was in Ifuckingrack…he got home and had seen the light.

          From the time he was a small boy he wanted to be career military.

          Yours will do the same.

          God bless our children.

      51. Its all a distraction to take peoples eye off of the treasonous POS people who make up our ruling elite,
        The IRS, DHS, NSA, gun control, Race baiting, keep the eyes and pressure on the government crap.
        Stand for something or grovel before your masters.

        • Your masters, Kula, are commies and the commies that support them and that’s about everybody.

          • Sorry you must be talking about someone else,
            I have no master and answer only to God.
            I will no longer buy into the crap being fed to the masses and the NSA DHS and whoever else can fuck themselves.

      52. I would say big brother is watching and I don’t like it one bit. What happened to the land of the free and the home of the brave, oh I forgot we had another election we didn’t learn the first time around.

        Back to canning tomatoes and butternut squash. Keep prepping.

      53. Reality check:

        America was born on the battle field, expanded through conquest, has warred with her self, warred with the world and through conquest has created the largest empire the world has ever seen, an empire so large that Alexander, Cezar and Kahn are weeping in their grave. It seems that for the majority of my life this country has been at war, either hot or proxy, has over thrown numerous countries and installed puppet leadership. War is our stock and trade. I can’t think of another country on this planet that can report such a current history. We do war very well, we suck at peace. What’s taking place is on par for America normal. It’s part and parcel of our English heritage and Obama for his hatred of our English heritage is carrying on the tradition. War must be the opium of the rich and powerful.

        • this is true. except there will be a point when technology is so great, that it ends America, and probably the world. would nukes end the world? probably not. but eventually, we will have something that will.

        • rick, this blog flies by so fast…tell us another fishin story…

      54. The sarin shells fired on Damascus – by Syrian 4th Division’s 155th Brigade – were followed by rockets on Israel and car bombings in Lebanon

        DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis Aug 24, 2013, 11:32 AM (IDT)

        Within 48 hours, Assad and Iran launched a three-point punitive offensive for foreign intervention in the Syrian war, debkafile reports. The facts: The sarin nerve gas shells which claimed more than 1,000 Syrian lives Wednesday, Aug. 21, were fired by the 155th Brigade of the Syrian army’s 4th Division commanded by Gen. Maher Assad from Mount Kalmun. This atrocity was followed by a rocket attack on Israel from Lebanon and deadly blasts in Tripoli. The price for not stopping Assad and Tehran now is likely to become even grimmer.

        Keep the FAITH

        • @ Watchman, You do know that DEBKAfile is the primary “propaganda rag” published in Israel, right?

          “Who benefits” from this allegation? If it is Assad, how?

          From the “article”: “CBS News reported Friday that US and Israel intelligence monitoring known chemical weapons sites detected activity there 20 minutes before the chemical shells were fired Wednesday. Those agencies were therefore on top of valuable advance information, but did nothing to stop – or even warn against – the coming poison gas attack.”

          I smell “dead fish”. Someone is LYING and the purpose is transparent IMO.

          • THE ARTICLE ENDS WITH: “Notwithstanding the grave risks of action, the consequences of inaction by the US and Israel would be worse: It would give Damascus and Tehran a green light for escalating their viciousness – and not just against the Syrian people. If the barbarity is not stopped, they will get away with making nerve gas and other poison substances acceptable weapons for fighting their foes. Lebanon and Israel are in extreme jeopardy.”

            Sound familiar?

            • Yental: the Only thing Israel is in grave Danger of, is that there are now today Millions of Americans as well as even More in europe everywheres who Know the facts and Truths. They know all about Israeli jewish and kommie bolshei jews Lies over tha last 70+ yrs now.

              Graet danger for them is Us who refsue to shut up and keep spreading the truths so way many More millions awaken! Thats there True real Fear. Exposure of it all!

              Too many folks today Knows and it cannot be stopped by threats to free speech etc. They getting nervous that soon Nobody will believe their massive lies.

              Gods promice that the Truth of whats said and done behind closed doors and in secret chambers, shall be revealed…Then Shouted from the RoofTops! We have Arrived at the Rooftops!

      55. Here we go. The hard times are speeding closer. This is very disturbing, both for what is being said, and what isn’t. I’m more fearful, and more determined, than I was thirty minutes ago. America may never have been the dream that the history books tout, but that spirit is our last, best, hope. For all of those that are going in harm’s way, strength, honor and courage to you. Keep prepping, keep talking, here and in other places, for as long as we can. Misneach, fianna.

      56. I don’t know about the rest of you but I think now is a GREAT time to top off the gas in your vehicles along with getting milk and bread while you still can. just sayin!

        • Just refilled some gas cans and topped off the gas in the car. There were very few customers. It was just a normal, lazy afternoon at the convenience store. I don’t think anyone around here has heard yet, and if they have, they haven’t figured out what comes next.

          I guess I need to get new tires for the old bicycle.

          anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax

      57. This is a simple intimidation tactic……SCARE INTO SUBMISSION…….won’t work !!!!

      58. Twitter post

        “Putin Responds To Syria Escalation: May “Reinforce Naval Grouping In Mediterranean” Following US Buildup”

        Russia in no hurry to escalate things ???

        • The Twitter post might as well be changed to “WILL reinforce”.

      59. Yeah, right. They are going to announce this war ahead of time. Get a grip people. This fear mongering is a distraction for something else.
        Once you have done some preparations, time to enjoy life in the right way. The alternative is to be living in a state of perpetual fear, which is one of the goal’s of the other side.

        • California woman. Exactly! smoke and mirrors. bread and circuses. People really should stop living in fear of everything out there. It is what I have been saying for a long time. I am not sure how most people live with them selves frankly. What is it like to be in a constant fear of everything up to and including your own shadow? Like you say, these people know this and prey on it. If you fear nothing, but consider those few things that we really do need to think about, most people will feel so refreshed. As for your meeting with the maker (death) , this is what really drives the fear in most people. My advice. Get over it. Because, one day, it will happen.

      60. This is all scary stuff indeed, but if you think about it, Obama and the “leaders” in America know that the wrath of the American people will be worse than any of the other options. He tried to take the guns in advance of this. He was unsuccessful. The death of the greenback will cause such total chaos and war within America, that any other option for instigating this is desirable. Again, it is the civil war and the wrath of the American people that have scared these people the most all along. The only hope is now to be able to blame it on Russia. It will not matter. Civil war in America is on its way if not here already in reality. It is the most dangerous thing for the people as well. Only one thing, I am sure, scares Obama more. The earth changes on their way due to factors in outer space.

      61. I think Valerie Jarrett is Obozo’s handler and gets her marching orders from Soros and his ilk. Notice she even went on vacation in the same spot as Obozo-can’t let him off the leash too far. Sickening that I have let this happen to my country.

        • Jarret is a zionist tribe member too. She and hobammy go way back to when hobammy and her were 7 yr old’s. Her daddy was some big CPUSA VP honcho and if I recall also a Big Union guy as well when she and hobammy met as little tykes. Shes likley a dual citizen israeli too.

      62. Plenty of ammunition with expiration date close to winning, somebody needs to play, so it’s cheaper …


      63. I know a lot of us scratch our heads wondering who the “they and them” are that shills like Beck push out there. He likes to call them “progressives” because if he told you they were zionist jews behind the progressives and the attempt to control the world (I don’t know why I say attempt) he would be taken off the air in a flash.

        I would like to know who the posters on this site think “they and them” are. It is certainly players even bigger than the morons we are sending to DC to represent us.

        And one more thing……if you are attending a church that is trying to tell you there will be a “rapture” and you will be given a pass to get out of the hell coming to this earth….you need to research your Bible. There is no such word in the Bible. It is a feel good teaching that might cause some really good people to not be prepared for what is coming. I like to think the rapture is really rupture….the rupture of the true message in the Bible. Revelations tells you that Christians will be killed in the end time. If you have any doubt look at what is happening to them in the middle east. Those Christians are not being raptured, they are being killed.

        There is going to be a special place in the pressure cooker for the feel-good rich preachers that are parroting this falsehood.

        • Cheesepopes rule the world. As those old Pittsburgh Motown gals said:

          “We are family”

        • Amen, Pissed off granny–and Luke 21: 7-36 explicitly says we will suffer and be tested and judged and persecuted.
          He will give us words of wisdom that will reduce our accusers to stammers and stutters!!!
          I’m NOT declaring either way–but I’m gonna be ready.
          GO or STAY??? I’m okay; I hope you’re okay.

          • No 404 script this time I posted but last time I lost my post.
            Scary–damn scary.

        • Pissed off Granny,

          The term “rapture” is more commonly used than harpazo and is not found in the Bible. While you will not find that exact word through a word search, the meaning of the words that are written remains the same and conveys the same idea. The term “rapture” comes from the Latin verb rapiemur which means “to seize, snatch, carry away.” This is the same meaning behind the Greek word that is found in the Bible, harpazo. It is found in the following scripture, which is the “harpazo” passage.

          1 Thessalonians 4:15-18
          For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep. For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up [G726 harpazo] together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words.

          So while the word rapture is technically not in the Bible, the idea behind that Latin word represents the same idea of being caught up together to meet the Lord in the air as stated in scripture.

          • Thats not tha Point Swinging star. Point is fake pastors IN Cahoots with the zionists have taught Falshoods. What You posted says it all! With a Voice of an arch angel and a SHOUT!…The preachers teach Jesus comes in a “Secret” rapture and no others will see or hear it till after they are all Gone! That verse you posted Proves the falacy of such crap falshoods they teach.

            They have 50+ Million american christians doing Two basic things. #1 total un questionable defense and support of all that jews or israel ever do. #2- Christians too busy believing any moment its rapture time and fully escape things to come…Instead of SEEING whats really occureing in world and with israel etc….Those pastors Lies has turned that group into the largest bunch of Enablers for More wars that benift jew banksters and all talmudic jews.

            Wonder what they plan to do when pre tib does NOT happen as taught?…The bible verses can be read in 10 minits that deals with the Resurection when Jesus Returns and we get caught up to MEET him…Then where is He headed to?…Back Down to Earth to Rule as King of Kings After he deals with the assholes and zios etc…

            So why does it take the avg christian 20 yrs to comprehend what todays fake pastors teach of pre trib rapture? Even after 20 yrs pounding into their heads weekly, and plenty of Charts with nice pictures etc…Yet ask them to explain it all! That takes 3+ hrs and its still whacky as all hell.

            Thats what occures when same as Pharisee’s they take Gods words and mix it with mambo jambo untill His words has zero effect or meaning. Modern day Pharisee Judiazer Pastors…You were Warned stay away from such types!

            50 million christians Will believe what I and a few other say once their pre trib turns into After trib.

            They wont listen. Like liberals there minds made up do not confuse with actual Bible verses etc…Screw em at this point. Let filty rich prechers Feed them fools. Oh wait them pastors be on their Jets speeding away from usa. And away from Wrath of Millions of Pissed off christians so lied to!

            Them falshood pastors is MORE to blame today then polititions for shape america is in. Zionists enablers. Satanic frauds…Bible warns us beware as there are some who will come out from amoung you(christians) they are False teachers and false prophets who were ORDAINED of OLD…God Ordained evil bad teacher preachers to TEST christians for belief in Real Truth! Read it its in the bible!

            • If by in cahoots you mean that Christian pastors believe that salvation comes through the Jews (John 4:22) then that would be correct. Christians acknowledge that he was sent for the Jews (Matthew 15:24). Some of them accepted him, but most did not. Their rejection of him made it possible for Gentiles to be grafted in to their promise (Matthew 15:24). Of course this was all part of God’s master plan who knows what decisions we will make in advance.

              You are correct that I was taught as a child that the “catching away” will be a pretribulation event. I, however, taught four different rapture theories during my sermon series and let people decide for themselves because there is evidence to support them all within scripture like six blind men describing an elephant. This issue it not about salvation and I know well-respected and Godly pastors who believe each of them.

              Just as God did not have to rapture the Israelites to spare them from the plagues of Egypt, he does not have to physically remove the saints to protect them. However, he might so I hope for the best and prepare for the worst knowing the wrath of God will not be poured out on me (John 3:36/Romans 1:18/Nahum 1:2).

              We could argue all day about when the rapture will happen, but it’s really a moot point for those who possess faith in Christ. The Great Depression was not the wrath of God. The Holocaust was not the wrath of God. There is enough tribulation throughout history to motivate even a pretribulationalist to get ready.

        • @pissed off granny
          In the first place there is no “revelations” plural.It is “Revelation” in the singular phrase because there is just one revelation of the one and only Jesus Christ and Him crucified.
          AND there will be a rapture. The dead in Christ will arise first and then we that are alive will be caught up to join Him in the air. His angles will go to the four corners and gather His elect. The Bible is the teacher, not the church.

          God Bless
          Happy prepping

          • Just another prepper:

            Just as there is no Revelations in the Bible there are only “angles” as in triangles. Angles could be part of the four corners of the earth; but I believe you really meant angels as I really meant Revelation. Touche!

            • @ pissed off granny
              Just as we all realize there is only One Jesus Christ all is well.
              This is not a spelling bee so typo’s are permitted. I hear so many people “say” Revelations because they really don’t know the difference and have never read the book. It happens to be my favorite.
              Apologies if I disgruntled you. It was not my intention. This is about preparing and not an on-line
              Sunday School class.
              However I stand true to my words that there will be a rapture from what I have gleamed from my studies in the King James Version. If that disgruntles you—-Touche!

              Hope you are among the chosen ones. See you on the other side.
              Again I apologize if I spoke out of turn.
              (checked my spelling good! Did I do good granny?)

              just another prepper

          • @ j a p

            You know why the dead in Christ arise first? Because they are already gone. Go back in that chapter and pick up the subject. To paraphrase; If you believe Christ died and rose from the dead, then you have to believe that all who die in Christ have risen also. No souls in a grave and no bodies busting out of graves.

            When the silver cord parts, which means when the soul/spirit separates from the flesh body, the soul returns to the Father that gave it, instantly. The flesh returns to the dirt/dust from whence it came.

            The dead in Christ rise first because they were already gone when Christ returns. No secret rapture and Christ returning, “sort of”, like hanging out in the clouds hiding and then coming back again seven years later. It’s just not biblical and it’s man’s lie to set up a “feel-good” mentality with a “any moment”, “fly away” doctrine. One lady that is another hard core pre-trib rapture believer said, “Well the first return really doesn’t count because Jesus really doesn’t touch the earth and only the “church” knows He is there in the clouds calling them up. How absurd.

            Haven’t you read and understood Ezekiel Chap.13. especially verse 20, important note!! The newer editions of the KJV has been changed by the Kennites/scripture lawyers, to read “birds” and lucky charms crap, to distort the truth.

            The whole chapter is about false preachers/teachers and God said “He is against their teachings”.

            Pissed off Granny has it right.

        • Drug-resistant TB spreads in Myanmar

          There are nearly 9,000 new infections of this “drug-resistant TB” every year in Myanmar.

          Yet, “as of 2012 only 800 patients have ever received treatment.”

          Fox News

          • There have been strains of drug resistant TB in London for a good few years now. It’s a concern, but not of the ilk of a potential flu pandemic etc, or even a dysentery or cholera outbreak in the event of social disorder occurring.

            Prevention is better than cure, keep your immune system healthy, practice good general hygiene, don’t abuse anti-antibiotics, and remember that vaccinations only give 30% immunity against some strains. Maintain reasonable living conditions as long as you can.

      64. The one they call obama was seated to bring in the end-game for the usa. These are UN agendas, not his. He might agree with this stuff, but none of this was his idea. This plan for Syria was on the table long ago, along with the other countries the elites want to de-stabilize. When all eyes are on Iran, then I believe WWIII will begin!

        • km:

          You are absolutely right. Thanks for the post!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Excellent clip with Buchanan and the two, in this case, female shills. The “programming” runs deep.

      65. The liberal pacifists strike again.

      66. Russian Delegation Flies to US for Intl. Antiterror Drills
        © RIA Novosti. Vladislav Ushakov
        14:51 24/08/2013
        MOSCOW, August 24 (RIA Novosti) – A Russian military delegation has left for the United States Saturday to take part in a US-Canadian-Russian air-defense exercise, the Russian Defense Ministry said.
        The live-fly exercise Vigilant Eagle 2013 will take place from August 26 through 30.
        It will be the third cooperative air defense exercise between the Russian Air Force and the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD). It involves Russian, US and Canadian Air Force personnel operating from command centers in Russia and the United States.
        The exercise scenario involves simulated seizure by terrorists of a foreign flagged commercial air carrier requiring both the Russian Air Force and NORAD to launch fighter aircraft to investigate and follow the aircraft, the Defense Ministry said in a statement.
        The exercise will focus on the cooperative hand-off of the aircraft between fighter aircraft of the participating nations, NORAD said in a press release.
        “These exercises continue to foster the development of cooperation between the Russian Federation Air Force and NORAD in preventing possible threats of air terrorism,” NORAD said.

        Keep the FAITH

      67. Obama needs a big false flag to get the war cooking, that’s why he is hesitating, the gassing story didn’t do the trick. I believe we will see a “Syrian” attack on a US ship to get this kicked off.

        A US ship will be sunk and Obama will then say, “We must go in for they attacked us directly, blah, blah, blah.”

        Look for one more attack to justify the military attacking Assad’s forces. It has to be an attack on a US ship or base. I’m betting it’s gonna be a ship.

        • I like your thought process Rachel. Hmmm, any Israeli subs in the area?

          • Apparently, the “red thumbers” are not familiar with the story of the USS Liberty Israeli attack under LBJ’s reign of LIES.

            An attempt to have America blame, and go after Egypt…the Israeli boogeyman of that day.

            History doesn’t change…just the new crop of idiots that DON’T KNOW HISTORY.

            • Dead on yental, dead on. Israelis not to be trusted…not even with Anthrax.

        • Rachel you seem to forget the Russia/china factor ……..an attack won’t happen ……we are simply trying to scare Syria into submission ….if that doesn’t work , oh well
          An attack would be suicide

          • Does anybody have the ability to debate or just check boxes ?
            SOMEBODY tell me logically why Im wrong

      68. Omama is a less than desirable wannabe.

      69. You idiots are after Obama for prepping for a war. Maybe he is, maybe he is not. But before you lay this at the feet of Dem, bare in mind many repubs that so many of you dimwits seem to admire have been calling for action in Syria for some time. I have no doubt that if a repub where in the white house, military action would have already been taken and you morons would have been some of the biggest cheerleaders. You idiots are incapable of rational thought or forming an unbiased opinion because you are blinded by your own ignorant racism. I say this is as a white male.

        • You’re not too bright today, Joe. If there were a Republican in the White House, we wouldn’t have done anything as criminally stupid as supporting the Muslim Brotherhoo and Hezbollah /Hamas in the first place, and the situation in Syria wouldn’t exist.

          Obama can’t hide behind his race any longer, and neither can you.

          • Yeah NC JOE— dumbass… and let me add that if there were a REPUBLICAN in the White House we never would have attacked Iraq on Lies, or entered Afghanistan either.
            Cause no one would have stood for it NC Joe.

            They never would have went for those two un needed WARS if a REPUBLICAN were in the Obama House.

            Nope. These guys are too smart for that.
            Like say a REPUBLICAN lied and said Iraq had weapons of Mass Destruction to try an get us involved… NONE of these guys would have went along with it, so why should they believe the President of the United States now when he says it.

            • RICH98, that’s the first comment of yours I agree with.

              People are just plain stupid if they don’t see that.

            • RichieRich, some are missing your sarcasm…you are just an ass, sorry, bunghole and that’s not an opinion. Wouldn’t you think it safer to assume, most of us here are INDEPENDENT…you troll dupe. So much of this crap is rolling along based on plans set forth long before any of us were born. You, my Mclame friend are nothing but Nephalim, but you can break free of your chains. Come to THIS side of the light. Bring your energy to the table for good, not your evil tripe. Thank you. Have a sun bath.

        • Personally, I’m not after OBAMA. I am pursuing the same “puppet masters” that have been killing this country, officially, since Woodrow Wilson signed away OUR COLLECTIVE FUTURE by endorsing the nonFEDERAL RESERVE.

          Obama is a traitor and belongs in prison for allowing THESE ENTITIES to continue unopposed AND failing to honor his oath of office.
          (Include Bush, Clinton, and all other living figureheads)
          But Obama is the “little fish continuation of presidential figureheads” in a much larger…and more sinister ocean of ruthless/merciless sharks.

          Take some “time-off” and engage in actual research “Joe”. The “president”, whether black, white, green, alien, or otherwise is simply the “projected and popularly identified false face of “the reality behind the scene”.

          Many of US know THEM…and that scares THEM more. THEY will do anything and everything to continue the ongoing charade and assignment of popularly accepted blame.

          THEIR TIME is about to end unless WE allow THEM to win! If defeat becomes obvious, THEY will take as much of humanity as possible with them! Wrap your brain around that concept for awhile!

          • Yentel: You are one smart educated human being. It is a privilege to read your posts.

            • Pissed off Granny, thank you for your most generous words. I have the same respect for many of the contributors here.

              No danger of contracting the “egomaniac flu”…plenty of “others” don’t share your opinion with respect to my “posts”.

              I am okay with that. My primary goal is to “pay forward” my awakening in 2005. Thanks again. 🙂

          • Completely agreed ….great post !!!!

        • Is there any way possible that you could take your unsolicited opinion to another website Ncjoker?

        • Ncjoe, f#$% you! You’re the one who is incapable of rational thought or forming an unbiased opinion; trolls never have that capability. We’re all independent thinkers who are capable of rational thought and forming opinions whether biased or unbiased. People who drink the MSM Kool-Aid don’t think like we do. that’s where you need to go and go f#$% yourself in the process. braveheart

          • OK, everyone, just got home from out of town an hour ago. My first time on the computer since yesterday. I see troll ncjoe’s stupid remarks and, of course, I had to jump on him. I’ve been in a foul mood since yesterday and these trolls don’t help any. These trolls need to back off my community before I do something to them. braveheart

          • Hey Braveheart,.. dont drink and clean your weapon at the same time !

            • Doc Oz. my weapon are already clean and I don’t drink, so f#$% you, troll!

        • FUCK YOU ASSHOLE !!!

          • That’s directed at NC Joe’s bullshit comment !!

      70. After reading all of this I think I am headed out to the range..

      71. This may get VERY interesting! At the least it seems as though we will see exactly who is bluffing! (Russia or the USA?)

        • Easy question to answer…..USA

        • After the events of the last century, and the mass graves in every town as constant reminders? Russia won’t be bluffing.

          • Thats correct Lonly Mum. Because all those zio bolsheviks still alive and very old that did it to russia are Now in Telaviv-England-America primarily. And the vast Bulk are Here in usa. If enough americans awaken soon enough…usa will become nation Number 110 to give them bastards the Big BOOT!..Thats if they get lucky. If unlucky, it shall be they who get exterminated this go round.

            Besides We Own germans for the Huge Mistake Our fathers made in WWII.

      72. FUK~U~SHIMA…….the entire Globe starting with the WEST COAST of the United States of America….where millions will be impacted by radiaitions and the fools continue to WAR….they have nothing to lose now as scores of people will be falling dead from radiation exposure….not to mention ISON……now that will be truly a terror……..

      73. WOLF!

      74. I wasn’t going to chime in on this BUT…
        If they pull this trigger…

        “takes deep breath”…

        I hope you all KNOW, it IS game on…
        This will not be like Bagcity…shock and awe…oooooh

        Try three or four EMP’s over North America…

        Be hardened Be safe be Vigilant…

      75. The official reason for Saddam Hussein was that he refused to let in UN weapons inspectors. The real reason was that he was selling oil for euros.

        • Barn Cat:

          This is true. The banksters are scared to death that China, Russia, etc. are going to begin trading in gold instead of using our worthless dollars. They are going to have to do something drastic (WW111) to stop that trend.

      76. I just got a 404 and it said, if you’re wondering what just happened, watch the video???

        • That’s a “new one”. Apparently the “gooberment watchdog” is evolving.

          Curious, did you watch the video?

          • No, I was upset because I had a great post addressing what I saw today–regarding business isn’t as usual.
            Not in B.G, Ky, at least.
            I wasn’t sure what had happened when I pushed submit for my post, and this popped up like a new topic page!!!
            And I just clicked the return arrow.
            My post was lost but the topic page returned.
            It was down right weird and scary.

            • There are some very nasty viruses targeting alternative sites. One of the best tips I received, and successfully used, is if your screen, keyboard, and mouse “lock-up”…disconnect the power supply rather than attempting a normal shutdown or restart.

              I don’t mean “turnoff” the computer…literally “pull the plug” from the outlet.

      77. All the racist people who leave racist comments are part of the problem and not the solution.Mindless,low IQ comments of hate and spiritual ignorance, don’t help.Only an intellectual and spiritual Idiot/Moron-Satanist in Darkness, would equate race and color to anything of True importance. The KKKPlan is what this website should be called.You mindless haters serve the god of darkess-Satan.

        • Joe American, if you don’t like what you see here, go to the black websites which are no better than the MSM sites; full of propaganda. If you’re against white people speaking their minds, then go f#$% yourself! back the f#$% off from my community! braveheart

          • Im black and have enjoyed this site for a while now and have learned a lot, but since braveheart states this is a WHITE ONLY site I guess i’LL move on down the road where people are judged thier characater and knowledge….and NOT by thier color….GOD BLESS ALL OF US

            • Black Retired Soldier, how long have you been coming to this site and how many of my comments have you ever read? I’ve never made any such statement nor even implied such. this website never gives any such impression. We treat everyone the same regardless of race, gender, etc. Go to a website like David Duke’s and you WILL get that impression the first minute you’re there. Duke is bogus anyway; that’s just how he makes his living. I NEVER judge anyone by their skin color, but instead by the content of their character, as MLK said. There are others, sadly, that give that impression, but I’m not one of them. I think it’s just because there are white people who are fed up with certain elements of the black community having bad intentions toward them and you know what I’m saying is true. It’s not wrong to point out the faults of the black community. Since the 2008 presidential campaign, black-on-white crime in this country has been on the rise. young black people use social media sites like facebook and twitter to make death threats against white people all the time and nothing happens to them. They get a free pass because of all the special treatment they get under federal law and you know it. How the hell are there suppose to be good relations between black and white when this illegitimate black campaign against white people is still taking place? Answer that for me if you can! I also realize and you do, too, I hope, that black-on-black crime is the worst of all in this country. I do sympathize with all of the black victims of these gangbangers. I don’t wear a bedsheet or burn crosses or any of that shit! you have me confused with someone else. Your ‘precious babies’, as you might call them, can talk their trash until the cows come home, but they don’t have the numbers to take out all of the white people in this country. You people only make up 13% of the total population of the US. don’t make any mistakes that could get that reduced any further. braveheart

            • Black Retired Soldier.

              You shouldn’t let blog statements get to you. You, as a blogger, should just respond and state your claim when you agree or disagree with a blogged statement. There have been many bloggers on this site that feel the economy is doing fine. Many disagreed.

              I read Braveharts statement to Joe America and it said, ‘…if you’re against white people speaking their minds…’

              He didn’t say this is a white only site. You added that yourself.

              If you are a retired soldier, then I will say thanks.

              Also add something. I am curious of what you think of today’s events. Is our economy doing good? How are you trying to prep?

              My take is that I am frustrated with myself. I see bad times ahead and I put too much of my hope into dollar assets, such Bank CD, Life Insurance, and Mutual Funds. I am slowly downgrading all those and paying off debt. I will keep some dollar assets as we do live in America, thus need to trust some of the dollar system. Where else do you go?

              I hope I am 100% wrong and all my fears are just paranoia.

              • Ugly, I’m not sure about BRS motives, nor am I saying ‘troll’, but he obviously took something I said out of context and I had to respond. think about this; why is it the only group of people ever told to watch what you say and so forth are white people? why is this never said to any minority groups? There is a reason for that and there’s evil intentions behind it. braveheart

            • Sir, you are a member of this community as long as you seek and serve Truth, otherwise you are merely an observer or worse, a troll. I believe you are just a tad sensitive today, as some day I am as well. Thank you for your service to this country, if you served Americans, and if you were not one of the brutal ones in the process, and stick around a while longer.

              If it were not for the “black” struggle in America coming to the front in the 50’s and 60’s most whites, browns, greens, whatever, would NOT have enjoyed any CIVIL Rights leading up to present day history in the making. We’ll truly know what we have when it’s stripped from us.

              A Haitian proverb I once read on a fortune cookie somewhere in my circle journey goes like this: THE HEART DOES NOT MISS WHAT THE EYES NEVER SEE”

              Something else about a boiling frog but that’s another anecdote.
              … We need everyone to pull together, not engage then run away like snot nosed brats. Not implying that either, just sayin’. We can all get along…you’ll see. Just don’t do no lootin’! We really all just want Peace…and smile when you call me that!

              • In some movie with Justine Jones, the black character answers himself and says something like (I’ll add my part in parenthesis):
                “What do you call a white guy who hates blacks (for no particular reason)?
                “What do you call a black person who hates whites (for no particular reason)?
                Now I thought that was one of the funniest lines ever…especially since the black character was referring to the Jewish cabal movie producers (often confused for your average non-jew white) using the black man as muscle. Don’t believe the facts…just say “MTV” or “Bounce Beats” or whatever. Think i came up with that line on my own? Saturday Day Night Live many moons ago had a skit where they mocked the fact that “The Jew is using the Black Man for….MUSCLE”. My Jewish college housemates could not stop laughing, nor repeating that line for months, joking about how i’ll be serving them one day because i’m a Goy… I had no clue what they were saying back then. Sad enough but true true it is. Any one not LOCKSTEP is fair game for exploitation. FUCK THAT! WE are ALL BROTHERS here for freedom from that shit regardless of the color of our eggshells.

                Truth is our only hope for truly being “Off The Chain”.

                Rock on my Brothers, and Sisters…of ALL flavors!

        • And when we find you joe, were gonna eat you in a satanic ritual.

      78. what are the muslim neighbours doing to help?
        Why do muslim countries always go to civil wars?
        We need to get muslims to stop hating each other ie get sunni & shia muslims to respect each other!
        In short ONLY muslims can sort out their OWN MESS.

        I hope the west does not try to step in.

        • The Islamic nations are fighting off the infiltration of their cultures & religion by the of Whahabism (sp?) funded by the puppet regime of the House of Saud.

          Whahabism (sp?)is the source faith system of all those nutters who think they’ll get 70 virgins and an automatic place in paradise if they suicide themselves blowing up innocents (see any parallels yet with those crazy TV evangelists the West got infected with?) They didn’t want Central banks, as Usury is forbidden, and they are currently paying a high price for that refusal.

          If Christianity could be infiltrated and corrupted, do you not think the same could happen to Islam? Tunisia was where the Arab Spring started and is the site of the third most holy Islamic site after Mecca, and Medina. Control of the first two was obtained long ago.

          Bush was/ is a Business partner of Osama Bin Laden’s brother ffs! The House of Saud are our allies yet look at how they treat Women in Saudi, the fact that slavery is totally legal, and the fact that the religious schools they fund globally are directly responsible for training those who perpetrate the worst atrocities.

          Something stinks with all that, until you study a little history and play a quick game of “follow the money”. Then the dots start to join up all too quickly for my liking.

          A goat herder in a small village in the middle of nowhere on one side of the world doesn’t develop a passionate hatred for a cattle rancher in a small town on the other side of the planet without a significant amount of “prodding” be that watching his children murdered or a lifetime of evil propaganda.

          Watch children play in pre-school, humans don’t come out of the womb wanting to destroy others – it takes a lot of work to make them that way. Without outside intervention both men in my example would never even realise the other existed! They’d live their whole lives contentedly that way too!

      79. Good God.. will the stupidity of this administration never be exhausted ? We’re planning to attack. We’re planning to attack with cruise miss1les. We’re planning to attack with cruise missiles from these coordinates. On and on and on. I wouldn’t be surprise if they announce the exact time of any strike giving the world at least a day’s notice.. maybe 10 hours ? Good Lord.. and THIS is our Glorious Leader ?

      80. we need a good non PC JOKE…..


        I’d just come out of the shop with a roast beef sandwich, large chips, ear of corn & a jumbo sausage.
        A poor homeless man sat there and said ‘I’ve not eaten for two days.’ I told him, ‘I wish I had your will power.’

        I took my Biology exam last Friday. I was asked to name two things commonly found in cells.
        Apparently “Blacks” and “Mexicans” were NOT the correct answers.

        A fat girl served me in McDonald’s at lunchtime. She said ‘sorry about the wait’.
        I said, ‘Don’t worry, you’ll find a way to lose it eventually’.

        I walked past a black kid sitting at a bus stop as I went into the bank.
        When I came out, he looked at me and said ‘Any Change?’ I said, ‘Nope, you’re still black’.

        Snow in the forecast and the TV weather gal said she was expecting 8 inches tonight.
        I thought to myself, ‘fat chance’, with a face like that!

        Years ago it was suggested that an apple a day kept the doctor away. But since all the doctors are now Muslim,
        I’ve found that a bacon sandwich works best!

        Japanese scientists have now created a camera with such a fantastic shutter speed that it is now possible
        To take a photograph of a woman with her mouth closed.

        I hate all this terrorist business. I used to love the days when you could look at an unattended bag on a train or bus
        And think to yourself. I’m going to take that.’

        (My favorite)
        Man in a hot air balloon is lost over Iowa. He looks down and sees a farmer in the fields and shouts to him,
        Where am I? The farmer looks back up and shouts back. You’re in a basket you dumb shit!

        I had a big lead in a trivia competition at a local bar until the last question which I got wrong.
        The question was where do women have the curliest hair? Fiji was the correct answer…hell,
        How did I know they wanted the name of a country?

        I’ve learned that pleasing everyone is impossible, but pissing everyone off is a piece of cake.

        • The “meaning of the universe” has just been revealed. Classic and timeless. :)!

          Did I mention…MUCH NEEDED!

          • thanks, I hope to make someone smile

            • eppe says: “I hope to make someone smile”

              Ha. Not only that, you made me laugh.

              “The farmer looks back up and shouts back. You’re in a basket you dumb shit!”


          • > TIPS FOR TRAVELING IN Georgia!!
            > 1. If you run your car into a ditch, don’t panic. Four men in a
            > drive pickup with a 12-pack of beer and a tow chain will be along
            > Don’t try to help them; just stay out of their way. This is what they
            > for.
            > 2. Don’t be surprised to find movie rentals and fish bait in the same
            > store.
            > 3. Remember: “Y’all” is singular, “All y’all” is plural, and
            > is
            > plural possessive.
            > 4. Get used to hearing, “You ain’t from around here, are ya?”
            > 5. Don’t be worried at not understanding what people are saying: they
            > can’t
            > understand you either.
            > 6. “Mama’n’em” is not one person. When someone asks, “How’s your
            > Mama’n’em?”
            > They are referring to the whole family.
            > 7. Be advised that “He needed killin'” is a valid defense here.
            > 8. If you hear a “Hey, y’all- watch this”, stay out of the way. These
            > likely the last words he’ll ever say.
            > 9. When you come up on a person driving 15 mph down the middle of the
            > road,
            > remember that most folks learn to drive on a John Deere and the rest
            > learned
            > to drive while road hunting in the back roads. In both cases, this is
            > proper speed and position for that vehicle.
            > 10. Do not be surprised to find that 10 year olds own their own
            > and
            > are proficient marksmen. Or that their mammas taught them how to aim.
            > 11. Shakespeare is a rod or a reel, not a writer.
            > 12. Duct tape is not *part* of every survival kit, it *is* the kit.

            • Eppe, I didn’t know you were a GA native. I have family in north GA.

              • One of the few that was born here, lived 54 years here, and plan to be buried here. I love this country, state, not so much the county, but we cannot be happy with everyone on one respect or another.

            • I’ll need to change my moniker if I keep laughing like this!

          • It’s okay to be a bit bottom heavy.
            Hold your ground even when the heat is on.
            Wearing white is always appropriate.
            Winter is the best of the four seasons.
            It takes a few rolls to make a good midsection.
            There is nothing better than a foul weather friend.
            The key to life is to be a jolly, happy soul.
            You know you’ve made it when they write a song about you.
            There is no stopping you when you’re on a roll.
            It’s embarrassing when you look down and can’t see your feet.
            And last but not least, Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize!

        • You know why that hair is so curly? So it won’t poke your eye out! [I’m sorry. I couldn’t help myself.]

          Another version of the first joke: “He said he hadn’t had a bite in two days, so I bit him.”

          anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax anthrax

          • A koala is sitting up a gum tree … smoking a joint when a little lizard walks past and
            looks up and says, “Hey Koala! What are you doing?”
            The koala says: “Smoking a joint, come up and have some.” So the little lizard climbs
            up and sits next to the koala and they burn a few.
            After a while the little lizard says his mouth is ‘dry’ and is going to get a drink from the
            river. But the little lizard is so stoned that he leans too far over and falls into the river.
            A crocodile sees this and swims over to the little lizard and helps him to the side, then
            asks the little lizard, “What’s the matter with you?”
            The little lizard explains to the crocodile that he was sitting smoking a joint with the
            koala in the tree, got to stoned and then fell into the river while taking a drink.
            The crocodile says he has to check this out and walks into the rain forest, finds the tree
            where the koala is sitting finishing a joint, and he looks up and says “Hey you!”
            So the koala looks down at him and says, “Shiiiiiiiiiiit dude . How much water did you drink?”

        • Have you ever spoken and wished that you could immediately take the words
          back…or that you could crawl into a hole? Here are the testimonials of a
          few people who did….

          I walked into a hair salon with my husband and three kids in tow and asked
          loudly, “How much do you charge for a shampoo and a blow job?” I
          turned around and walked back out and never went back. My husband didn’t say
          a word … he knew better.

          I was at the golf store comparing different kinds of golf balls. I was
          unhappy with the women’s type I had been using. After browsing for several
          minutes, I was approached by one of the good-looking gentlemen who works at
          the store. He asked if he could help me. Without thinking, I looked at him
          and said, “I think I like playing with men’s balls.”

          My sister and I were at the mall and passed by a store that sold a variety
          of candy and nuts. As we were looking at the display case, the boy behind
          the counter asked if we needed any help. I replied, “No, I’m just looking at
          your nuts.” My sister started to laugh hysterically, the boy grinned, and I
          turned beet-red and walked away.

          While in line at the bank one afternoon, my toddler decided to release some
          pent-up energy and ran amok. I was finally able to grab hold of her after
          receiving looks of disgust and annoyance from other patrons. I told her that
          if she did not start behaving “right now” she would be punished. To my
          horror, she looked me in the eye and said in a voice just as threatening,
          “If you don’t let me go right now, I will tell Grandma that I saw you
          kissing Daddy’s pee-pee last night!”
          The silence was deafening after this enlightening exchange. Even the tellers
          stopped what they were doing. I mustered up the last of my dignity and
          walked out of the bank with my daughter in tow. The last thing I heard when
          the door closed behind me were screams of laughter.

        • Where do you get these?

      81. Sorry had to do it to offset the grim outcome of WW3…

        • @ eppe. It is too bad you can’t have clip art with a big thumbs up, that was hilarious that you posted. I like the one about the Biology Exam. Back in school I probably would have taken a “B-” rather than a “B” on a test to sacrifice one of the questions to give such a witty answer. I was a true wise ass in college to a tee.

          • BI: have decided to just post jokes, since this site needs something to laugh about. I hope to put a smile on someone,s life, since there is so much dispair. I hope that everyone can take a moment to laugh, since the world sux out loud. Not trying to be negative, but laughter is so healing. I hope all is well with everyone, but life sux, and we all need a smile….

            • That was funny, had a laugh, which is what the world needs. considering what is going on, we need more thigs to laugh about. Got any more?

              • These are all good!!

                >A Nun asked her class to write notes to God.
                >Here are some they handed in:
                >Dear God:
                >I didn’t think orange went with purple until I saw the sunset You made
                >Tuesday. That was cool.
                >Dear God:
                >Instead of letting people die and having to make new ones, why don’t
                >keep the ones You already have?
                >Dear God:
                >Maybe Cain and Abel would not have killed each other if they had their
                >rooms. That’s what my Mom did for me and my brother.
                >Dear God:
                >If You watch me in church on Sunday, I’ll show You my new shoes.
                >Dear God:
                >I bet it is very hard to love everyone in the whole world. There are
                >only 4
                >people in our family and I’m having a hard time loving all of them.
                >Dear God:
                >In school they told us what You do. Who does it when You are on
                >Dear God:
                >Are You really invisible or is it just a trick?
                >Dear God:
                >Is it true my father won’t get into heaven if he uses his bowling words
                >the house?
                >Dear God:
                >Did You mean for the giraffe to look like that or was it an accident?
                >Dear God:
                >Who draws the lines around the countries?
                >Dear God:
                >I went to this wedding and they kissed right in the church. Is that OK?
                >Dear God:
                >Did You really mean “do unto others as they do unto you”? Because if
                >did, then I’m going to get my brother good.
                >Dear God:
                >Thank You for the baby brother, but I think you got confused because
                >what I
                >prayed for was a puppy.
                >Dear God:
                >Please send me a pony. I never asked for anything before. You can look
                >Dear God:
                >I want to be just like my Daddy when I get big, but not with so much
                >all over.
                >Dear God:
                >You don’t have to worry about me; I always look both ways.
                >Dear God:
                >I think about You sometimes, even when I’m not praying.
                >Dear God:
                >Of all the people who worked for You, I like Noah and David the best.
                >Dear God:
                >My brother told me about being born but it doesn’t sound right. They’re
                >kidding, aren’t they?
                >Dear God:
                >I would like to live 900 years just like the guy in the Bible.
                >Dear God:
                >We read Thomas Edison made light. But in Sunday school they said You
                >did it.
                >So, I bet he stole Your idea.

          • Daffynitions
            Adminisphere: The rarefied organizational layers beginning just above the rank and file. Decisions that fall from the adminisphere are often profoundly inappropriate or irrelevant to the problems they were designed to solve.

            Adult: A person who has stopped growing at both ends and is now growing in the middle.

            Arachnoleptic fit: The frantic dance performed just after you’ve accidentally walked through a spider web.

            Arbitrator: A cook that leaves Arby’s to work at McDonald’s.

            Assmosis: The process by which some people seem to absorb success and advancement by kissing up to the boss rather than working hard.

            Avoidable: What a bullfighter tries to do.

            Beauty Parlor: A place where women curl up and dye.

            Beelzebug: Satan in the form of a mosquito, that gets into your bedroom at three in the morning and cannot be cast out.

            Blamestorming: Sitting around in a group, discussing why a deadline was missed or a project failed, and who was responsible.

            Bozone: The substance surrounding stupid people that stops bright ideas from penetrating. The bozone layer, unfortunately, shows little sign of breaking down in the near future.

            Burglarize: What a crook sees with.

            Cannibal: Someone who is fed up with people.

            Cashtration: The act of buying a house, which renders the subject financially impotent for an indefinite period.

            Caterpallor: The color you turn after finding half a worm in the fruit you’re eating.

            Chickens: The only creatures you eat before they are born and after they are dead.

            Committee: A body that keeps minutes and wastes hours.

            Counterfeiters: Workers who put together kitchen cabinets.

            Craughed: To laugh and cry simultaneously.

            Cube Farm: An office filled with cubicles.

            Decafalon: The grueling event of getting through the day consuming only things that are good for you.

            Dopeler effect: The tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you rapidly.

            Dust: Mud with the juice squeezed out.

            Eclipse: what an English barber does for a living.

            Egotist: Someone who is usually me-deep in conversation.

            Eyedropper: a clumsy ophthalmologist.

            Flusterpated: Being so flustered that words get bound up inside you.

            Foreploy: Any misrepresentation about yourself for the purpose of getting laid.

            Generica: Features of the American landscape that are exactly the same no matter where one is, such as fast food joints, strip malls, subdivisions.

            Giraffiti: Vandalism spray-painted very, very high.

            Glibido: All talk and no action.

            Gossip: A person who will never tell a lie if the truth will do more damage.

            Handkerchief: Cold Storage.

            Heroes: what a guy in a boat does.

            Hipatitis: Terminal coolness.

            Ignoranus: A person who’s both stupid and an a**hole.

            Inflation: Cutting money in half without damaging the paper.

            Inoculatte: To take coffee intravenously when you are running late.

            Intaxication: Euphoria at getting a tax refund, which lasts until you realize it was your money to start with.

            Irritainment: Entertainment and media spectacles that are annoying but you find yourself unable to stop watching them. The O. J. trials were a prime example.

            Karmageddon: It’s like, when everybody is sending off all these really bad vibes, right? And then, like, the Earth explodes and it’s like, a serious bummer.

            Lasterday: Any day before today.

            Left Bank: what the robber did after his bag was full of loot.

            Misty: How golfers create divots.

            Mosquito: An insect that makes you like flies better.

            Mouse Potato: The on-line, wired generation’s answer to the couch potato.

            Onosecond: That minuscule fraction of time in which you realize that you’ve just made a BIG mistake.

            Osteopornosis: A degenerate disease.

            Paradox: two physicians.

            Parasites: what you see from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

            Percussive Maintenance: The fine art of whacking the s*** out of an electronic device to get it to work again.

            Perfect Pitch: what it is when you throw a banjo in a dumpster and it didn’t hit the sides.

            Pharmacist: a helper on the farm.

            Phonecrastinate: To put off answering the phone until caller ID identifies the caller.

            Polarize: what penguins see with.

            Primate: removing your spouse from in front of the TV.

            Raisin: Grape with a sunburn.

            Reintarnation: Coming back to life as a hillbilly.

            Relief: what trees do in the spring.

            Rubberneck: what you do to relax your wife.

            Salmon Day: The experience of spending an entire day swimming upstream only to get screwed and die in the end.

            Sarchasm: The gulf between the author of sarcastic wit and the person who doesn’t get it.

            Seamstress: describes 250 pounds in a size six.

            Seagull Manager: A manager who flies in, makes a lot of noise, craps on everything, and then leaves.

            Secret: Something you tell to one person at a time.

            Selfish: what the owner of a seafood store does.

            SITCOMs: Single Income, Two Children, Oppressive Mortgage. What yuppies turn into when they have children and one of them stops working to stay home with the kids.

            Stress Puppy: A person who seems to thrive on being stressed out and whiney.

            Subdued: like, a guy, like, who works on one of those, like, submarines, man.

            Sudafed: bringing litigation against a government official.

            Swipeout: An ATM or credit card that has been rendered useless because the magnetic strip is worn away from extensive use.

            Tomorrow: One of the greatest labor saving devices of today.

            Toothache: The pain that drives you to extraction.

            Vocabularian: A person who makes up new words.

            Wrinkles: Something other people have. You have character lines.

            Xerox Subsidy: Euphemism for swiping free photocopies from one’s workplace.

            Yawn: An honest opinion openly expressed.

        • stop, you are killing me.

          • Brain Cramps

            Question: If you could live forever, would you and why? Answer: “I would not live forever, because we should not live forever, because if we were supposed to live forever, then we would live forever, but we cannot live forever, which is why I would not live forever,”
            –Miss Alabama in the 1994 Miss USA contest.

            “Whenever I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can’t help but cry. I mean I’d love to be skinny like that, but not with all those flies and death and stuff.”
            –Mariah Carey

            “Smoking kills. If you’re killed, you’ve lost a very important part of your life,”
            –Brooke Shields, during an interview to become Spokesperson for federal anti-smoking campaign.

            “I’ve never had major knee surgery on any other part of my body,”
            –Winston Bennett, University of Kentucky basketball forward.

            “Outside of the killings, Washington has one of the lowest crime rates in
            the country,”
            –Mayor Marion Barry, Washington, DC.

            “I’m not going to have some reporters pawing through our papers. We are the president.”
            –Hillary Clinton commenting on the release of subpoenaed documents.

            “That lowdown scoundrel deserves to be kicked to death by a jackass, and I’m just the one to do it,”
            –A congressional candidate in Texas.

            “Half this game is ninety percent mental.”
            –Philadelphia Phillies manager, Danny Ozark

            “It isn’t pollution that’s harming the environment. It’s the impurities in our air and water that are doing it.”
            –Al Gore, Vice President

            “I love California. I practically grew up in Phoenix.”
            –Dan Quayle

            ” It’s no exaggeration to say that the undecideds could go one way or
            –George Bush, US President

            “We’ve got to pause and ask ourselves: How much clean air do we need?”
            –Lee Iacocca

            “I was provided with additional input that was radically different from the
            truth. I assisted in furthering that version.”
            –Colonel Oliver North, from his Iran-Contra testimony.

            “The word “genius” isn’t applicable in football. A genius is a guy like
            Norman Einstein.”
            –Joe Theisman, NFL football quarterback & sports analyst.

            “We don’t necessarily discriminate. We simply exclude certain types of
            –Colonel Gerald Wellman, ROTC Instructor.

            “If we don’t succeed, we run the risk of failure.”
            –Bill Clinton, President

            “We are ready for an unforeseen event that may or may not occur.”
            –Al Gore, VP

            “Traditionally, most of Australia’s imports come from overseas.”
            –Keppel Enderbery

            “Your food stamps will be stopped effective March 1992 because we received notice that you passed away. May God bless you. You may reapply if there is a change in your circumstances.”
            –Department of Social Services, Greenville, South Carolina

            “If somebody has a bad heart, they can plug this jack in at night as they
            go to bed and it will monitor their heart throughout the night. And the
            next morning, when they wake up dead, there’ll be a record.”
            –Mark S. Fowler, FCC Chairman

            • sorry, had to do this….

              • Thanks eppe! 🙂

            • ~~~~~“I was provided with additional input that was radically different from the truth. I assisted in furthering that version.”~~~~~

              Try using that one in court!!

      82. pressure-cooker anthrax

        What? You’re surprised? All the funny money hasn’t stimulated the economy. The bullshit propaganda on the recovering economy from the commie news hasn’t motivated you to spend any money you have left. Zero interest rates hasn’t enticed you to go into debt to TPTB. All that’s left is to have you send your sons and daughters to open a can of democracy on Syria, Iran and the Soviet Union. This should definitely stimulate things.

      83. Assad isn’t so stupid as to use chemical weapons in Damascus just as the U.N. inspection team arrives. This would give a clear excuse for the west to intervene on the side of the jihadist rebels. Only the rebels would get any benefit from attacking (sacrificing) civilians. They would just chalk it up as martyrs for the cause.

      84. Good Job eppe, Loved it. LMAO
        P.S. Pissed off Granny is right about who controls who. http://politicalvelcraft.org/rothschild/
        Check this link, extensive but informative.

      85. @ Lanny. You know I have thought way outside the box to figure out if all of this is some sick script for those in true control playing all of us like pawns, including almost all “elected” “leaders”. BO I think is a puppet to some degree at least, maybe completely. I have always thought that human beings cannot get along unless it serves their selfish purpose. The ancient Greeks had a philosophy for choosing the perfect leader. One whom did what was right for the population, yet expected nothing in return other than the satisifaction of going what was correct. A such leader uninfluenced by bribes or other benefits is extremely rare person.

        This is where it comes in with the NWO, and the other elitists that is their definite downfall, they ALL want and need to be the alpha dog. This lack of loyalty towards each other, and the willingness of stabbing another in the back is a reason why I doubt that WW3 can be avoided.

        I equate the world leaders to a movie called “Stardust” in which there is about 10 or so princes that kill each other to be the next king. The king even laughs his head off when one of the princes pushes the other prince off the ledge of the castle to fall thousands of feet down. Brothers killing brothers to gain power means nothing to each other. Ironically the bastard son of the only princess becomes the king at the end of the movie. His queen is some stellar mass that incarnated into human form. It is a pretty good movie as Michelle Pfeiffer is the perfect evil witch, and it is amusing to see Robert De Niro make a total ass out of himself.

        Aside from all of this, the kill the next one in line to get power is what these secret leaders are about, they CAN’T get along. The countries can’t get along and will eventually all fight and try to kill each other to gain the top position just like in that movie. All the while the rest of us have mushroom clouds spouting all over the planet.

        • Hey BI: Have you ever considered that since as you prior said you are not a believer christian if I recall correctly, that perhaps by disbelief you are unable to actually and truely comprehend that a real entity Devil, evil Satan exists spiritually, and so does a better and 100% Only Good and Righteous Entity called God and as Jesus Christ as God In the Flesh also really does exist.

          Therefore as an unbeliever you do not see the reality that all issues we see are being controled by spiritualness we cannot see with human eyes, and further that this evil satan entity also Must have Human “helpers” or “Agents bent on doing satans evils” since as only a spirit form hes unable to do physical things in our real physical world?

          And for some reason as far as I am aware of after reading almost all you wrote the last couple years now, it seems you have never accepted that Just maybe Israel and zionists jewish folks are the devils number one main agents. Or at least that yes it Is they who are Top controlers worldwide.

          I mean ZERO Offence BI by what I am writeing here. It just seems rather curious that for one so smart as you are, and with several others here who have posted tons of documented info regarding these issues. It seems to be the main only thing you seem to either avoid makeing any mention of when it comes to figureing out who is really doing what and to whom etc.

          To me it seems almost a deliberate avoidence of what at least some folks can see as plain as their hand in front of their faces. If it is difficult for you to actually believe me and pissed off granny and ahab and several others are correct on this issue, I can understand that as I too at first and for a very long while kept refuseing to admit any of it was facts and truth.

          After all we all been programed to fully reject such thoughts that israel or jewish zionists could possibly be anything other than good. All we have ever heard since small kids in 1st grade by schools-TV-Movies-MSM’s-parents and especially Preachers, flys in the exact Oppoiste direction of what I state here.

          But, and I believe it is the same for all who have fully awoken to these issues, at some point one can no longer reject such massive info now available which fully proves that we were lied to and taught much falsehoods that its almost too hard to believe the truth. Yet sooner or later one must simply self admit they can not ignore that huge elephant in the living room any longer. For me it was that way anyways. Took long time to accept it all.

          Like I said I mean NO offence and I mean it when I say you are very intelligent in your postings. But in all honesty it seems you do avoid the Israel jewish question.

          Kinda like looking for car keys everywheres, and they are in your other hand or on the kitchen table the entire time you were searching for car keys. You keep looking Everywheres else for answers But that one place. And it Is that one place where the answer actually is.

          Am just wondering if you have considered these things BI.

          Take Russia as example. Do you really think russia is working with usa faa and military to thwart terrorists activity, yet when finished will smash usa?

          Personally I think that after what Russians went through for aprox 70-75 Years of pure bolshevisim communisim, while being totally Iron curtain cut off from rest of world, and dealing with such vast amounts of terror and Fears so bad that litterally Every russian person has at minimum one or more friends or family member or both, and likly its Many of each, that were killed off or “Disapeared” never to be again seen etc….I really do not believe the main goal of Any Russians is to overtake america or kill off us american citizens like so many folks posting here think is true.

          After 20 yrs now russians still have quite a far path to travel just to repair russia. Like rebuilding 25,000 churches destroyed. People as a nation focused on rebuilding every church that existed Prior to the russian jewish soviet mayhem amd slaughter of 1/2 of russias people for 70 yrs time are not very likley to also be deviously plotting americas or any nations demise.

          Yes russia will defend it self. But as for use of Nukes? Come on they as well as most folks worldwide, even small children Knows that road leads to finality for the entire world with so many nations now in possession of nukes etc.

          I really am very curious as to why you “seem” based on your postings to not think israel plays a much greater role than “victims”, if I am reading your posts correctly.

      86. I do not mean to piss of people, but seeing how the world is unfolding into a peice of dung, what can we do? I like the world to go smoothly, but some want chaos. I sure would like to see the world as it was 30 years ago, but we cannot. Any suggestions?

        • The best you can do is prepare yourself accordingly. Store up what you can, learn how to defend yourself, get a firearm and ammo, get out of debt if possible.

          • Done all of the above and more…
            Even side work is picking up.
            Hope the internet stays up, cable tv/Fiber design depends on it.
            Anyone in Georgia looking for a BOL?

            • I couldn’t imagine a worse case scenario than to kick off a SHTF scenario with a censor/disconnect of the internet and/or cell phone service. Talk about lost sheep! People don’t do anything anymore unless they have their cellphones and internet. They don’t even watch when they are crossing the street because they have their friggin eyes/ears glued to their cell phones!

              Working furiously at getting my portable HAM radio set up going. Elecraft KX3, Buddipole, Buckmaster dipoles, and Extra license: done. Now working on portable battery power, computer interface for FKS/PSK and keyboard shortwave CW communications, as I won’t have time to learn manual Morse code.

              • Agreed, I have a smartphone and seem to be on it all the time. Had to drag me into the 21st century, but if everything goes down, I can revert back to my old self. I pray that does not happen, but if it does I am prepped.

                In the words of the comedian Mike Epps:

                I was prepping before prepping was prepping.
                (the movie “How High”)

      87. Or maybe there really are evil people in the middle east. And maybe we are the good guys.
        I do not believe the U.S. is always right but I also do not fall into the demtard communist anti american camp either. Nobody on here really knows what has taken place in syria. The truth is hard to find. We are lied to at every level. What in the world makes anyone think the Russians are telling the truth. Screw it if there is going to be a war especially a nuke war I’m pulling for the home team.
        There has never been a war of right vs wrong.
        War has always been by forces who thought their veiws were right.

      88. F.Y.I. to the webmaster:

        I reloaded the page a number of times. I couldn’t vote thumbs up, or down, and I couldn’t view the ‘hidden comments’.

        This is the first time I’ve encountered this problem.

        The thread was interesting anyway.

        The guys who cling to how popular their thumbs up or down might consider this. Especially the ones who want to shut up after getting a ton of thumbs down?

        However;… Shutting up might be a good idea anyway?

        Why, you ask?

        Because, people are being, “detained at gunpoint with no evidence that they have violated any laws, only because their legal behavior fit a profile that caused them to be targeted.”


        That’s the ‘new’ American way, dontchya know.

        Be the gray man. … Because it’s too F-ing late for me to do that.

      89. Shhute. Now that I posted a comment everything is working fine.

        Ain’t technology grand?

      90. Anyone that would like to know this. Syria is 7 hours ahead of eastern time zone. IF the U.S. is stupid enough to attack it will probably be between 11PM to 4AM Syrian time. That would be 4PM to 9PM on the Eastern time, 3PM to 8PM Central time, 2PM to 7PM Mountain time, 1PM to 6PM Pacific time, and for Kulafarmer and others in Hawaii that would be 10AM to 3PM. Each day these are the danger times to watch for in your time zone for news breaking from Syria. Give it 30-45 minutes for the first breaking news after the actual strike. The world clock was used here to make sure the times were correct.

      91. Well it is now Sunday, even though just the wee hours of the morning, and end of the second week of (word of the week) Thanks to all who have joined in on letting the NSA know that we’re still around, and maybe we haven’t made a big splash, but it’s a start. I’ve tried to use “anthrax” in most all of my emails and phone calls, and some here have done really well> any who on Monday morning I hope someone will come up with a word that will raise a red flag at the NSA, and hope that more on this site will join in. 25 or 30 have contributed to the cause, so lets do something other than fight among ourselves. Seems there is way to much of that, and not enough energy aimed at the forces that are trying to destroy our Freedoms. Trekker Out. Freedom At Any Cost!

        • 5 words that trigger a response from NSA:jihad, bomb, allah, struggle, imam,

          It’s not like we planted a ‘bomb’ for the ‘jihad’ to bring them closer to ‘Allah’ in this ‘struggle’ by ‘imams’.

          This is so stupid; like these words won’t be coded by those corresponding?? I hate to think those arabs in caves really live up to their legacy of stupidity.
          Oh, wait–they aren’t that stupid!!! They out-foxed a multi-billion dollar defense system. 🙂

        • Mountain Trekker here is something you might find interesting as to who the NSA is:

          goggle: itanimulli.gov

          anthrax for all

          words they say correspond to terrorist for next:

          patriot, veteran, tea party – oh shit, that’s me, never mind.

      92. Western-Mid East military action prepared for Syria. Israel, Jordan, Turkey face up to Syrian counter-attack. Russia on war alert

        DEBKAfile Special Report Aug 25, 2013, 7:12 AM (IDT)

        Western and Middle East powers led by Washington were moving Saturday night and Sunday morning, Aug. 25, toward a first strike against Syria following the Assad regime’s chemical attack last Wednesday. The first targeted strike may well launch a series of US-led attacks aimed at toppling the Assad regime. Behind the soothing words from Israeli officials, the IDF’s military and intelligence arms are fully braced for Syria to counter an attack by loosing missiles against their country as well as Jordan and Turkey. Russian forces are on war alert.

        Keep the FAITH

      93. Breaking News »
        DEBKAfile: Three US options for destroying Syria’s chemical arsenal

        DEBKAfile August 24, 2013, 9:46 AM (GMT+02:00)
        DEBKAfile’s exclusive military sources reported Saturday that President Barack Obama and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel were weighing three options: One: Striking the Syrian unit which perpetrated the poison gas last Wednesday east of Damascus. Two: Destroying the Syrian army’s three chemical weapons depots. Or Three: Coordinated attacks on the first two targets.
        For Options Two and Three, the attack would have to destroy all the poison shells without them exploding and leaking their contents across wide regions of Syria and neighboring Turkey, Israel and Jordan. The Syrian ruler is capable of having the shells’ contents mixed and armed ready for use, thus maximizing the deadly impact of deadly gases across a broad Middle East region.

        Keep the FAITH

      94. IMHO it’s time for those of us who are awake to detach from this corrupt & unsustainable system. Let’s face it, we’ve been duped for a long time:

        – A debt-based monetary system, doomed to fail since the formation of the Federal Reserve.

        – Propaganda, disinformation, & mind control through various systems: religion, media, television, schools, etc.

        – Endless wars, financed & provoked by the same powers that formulated or infiltrated these systems.

        This has created FEAR in all facets of our lives, which leads to our CONTROL. Materialism, narcissism, xenophobia, cognitive dissonance, belief in authority – we’ve all become putty in their hands.

        So what’s the solution? LOOK INTO THE MIRROR. Humankind must awaken to the fact that we are SOVEREIGN beings. NATURAL LAW lays the foundation of our moral behavior – it can’t be changed. The GOLDEN RULE: do unto others as you would have done to yourself. We must practice FREE WILL & accept PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. Seek the TRUTH – don’t believe anything you read or are told. Be a natural skeptic. Until we realize any of this we as a species will be relegated to the dung heap of existence.

        • DEBKA FILES: Alert Alert! there is a nazi behind every Tree!…Soothing words from israeli officials say do not worry we are sending Eli the Weasel to hunt down those Two remaining german WWII nazi soldiers who are probobly hiding in South America waiting for a chance to Pounce on unsuspecting Holy Hoax survivors, who Now number over 4.5 Million, even though if you add up all the claimed dead six million Plus the Ten million who escaped europe, and add in the other ten million who resided in other nations away from harm during WWII era….You come up with grand totals that Defy Fuzzy Math methods of computation. IE: How New Fuzzy Math methods invented in Telaviv can now turn 13.5 million jewish folks into an ammount much closer to 30+ million. This is so that next years WWII war reperations germany Still is paying will reach levels of $$$$$ greater than anything even jew banksters can conjur up!

          DEBKA! More just In! Now besides a nazi behind Every Tree everywheres worldwide…More nazis have been spotted hiding Under rocks in every nation also waiting to Pounce!

          This has been an 100% honest debka news alert update FROM our sources based in, where else, Israel! They always tell the truth…..Don’t they?

        • Personal responsibility … now that’s something you don’t hear often these days. The world wouldn’t know what to do with itself if everyone took personal responsibility for their own lives, circumstances, and feelings. No more victims or victor??? I think that would mean … PEACE!!!

      95. Maybe Obama will get another Nobel Peace Prize for saving Syria?

      96. IMHO it’s time for those of us who are awake to detach from this corrupt & unsustainable system. Let’s face it – we’ve been duped for a long time:

        – A debt-based monetary system, doomed to fail since the formation of the Federal Reserve.

        – Propaganda, disinformation, & mind control through various systems: religion, media, television, schools, etc.

        – Endless wars, financed & provoked by the same powers that formulated or infiltrated these systems.

        This has created FEAR in all facets of our lives, which leads to our CONTROL. Materialism, narcissism, xenophobia, cognitive dissonance, belief in authority – we’ve all become putty in their hands.

        So what’s the solution? LOOK INTO THE MIRROR. Humankind must awaken to the fact that we are SOVEREIGN beings. NATURAL LAW lays the foundation of our moral behavior – it can’t be changed. The GOLDEN RULE: do unto others as you would have done to yourself. We must practice FREE WILL & accept PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. Seek the TRUTH – don’t believe anything you read or are told. Be a natural skeptic. Until we realize any of this we as a species will be relegated to the dung heap of existence.

      97. MT how about plutonium ?

        Semper Fi 8541

      98. eppe, It is hard to get me to smile or laugh because I am a “serious” person. I laughed so hard I cried at your jokes. THANKS, it felt good. ANTHRAX! again.:-)

        • Me too, some times I wonder where all this is going, I try to take half of what I read seriously, but things are looking worse by the day. Not to be a bummer, but I feel that the world is quickly going down hill, and we all need to have a laugh once in a while. May all have a good day, these may be few and far between…

      99. The US Civil War–led by Democrats, Central Bankers, and the beginning of NWO

        WWI–led by Democrats, Central Bankers, and NWO
        WWII–led by Democrats, Central Bankers, and NWO
        WWIII?–will be led by Democrats, Central Bankers, and NWO

        The only 2 atomic bombs used in history–ordered by a Democrat.

        The KKK was started by the Democrats to ward of the Republican civil rights movement in early 1920s.

        Central Bankers have almost always been Liberals.

        Not knocking Democrats.
        Not knocking Republicans.

        Just knocking us dumb Americans for accepting and following.

        If today were led by Republicans, the MSM would be all over them as warmongers and had special interests in oil. But because it is democrats, it is accepted. No protests.

        Will the next nuke be ordered by a Republican or a Democrat?

        As spoken in Judges 21:25…’In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as he saw fit’.

        America has no King. We are just living to and fro and acting as if this Syria thing is just another event. It is though nothing will happen.

      100. @ Ugly. You are all true correct. Frightening correct. I know I harp on this, but the U.S. basically has most of the Middle East under its umbrella, that is other than Iran, Syria, Lebanon. Those that control the energy control the world. Thopse whom control the energy win wars, as well proven with the German and Japanese fuel shortages during WW2. Russia and China know that they CANNOT allow Iran and Syria to fall into western hands. This basically lets the west control most of the world’s energy. The Caspian Sea region is the last piece in the puzzle.

        I don’t like the Russians, but they are the most intelligent people there is. They know the geopolitical and geoeconomic importance of not letting the west control the energy of the Middle East and Caspain Sea regions. Russia and China loses everything if this falls. That means both countries’ backs are against the wall. That means the U.S. pushes any further it is war with the two countries that can make the U.S. uninhabitable.

        Many people feel that nuclear weapons will not be used because of radiation. Air bursts not onlt create very little fallout, but cover a far bigger zone of destruction than a ground burst. The ground burst is only researved in reality for harden targets such as missile silos. The Russians and Chinese would have a difficult time taking out the U.S. and NATO using conventional weapons. It takes hundreds of conventional high explosives to equal one smaller thermonuclear warhead.

        People don’t like to hear this, but logically for Russian and or Chinese forces to take out the U.S. nuking the U.S. infrastructure with air burst nukes would end the U.S. threat. The U.S. must be able to replace the armed forces, if there is no manufacturing base to do this, the war is over for the U.S. The country is left in intact without much radioactive fallout as long as the nuclear reactors don’t go into meltdown. Besides all of this, the Chinese and Russians may not care about taking over the U.S., only destroying the enemy before they destroy you. That is one of the whopping problems.

        • The country is left in intact without much radioactive fallout as long as the nuclear reactors don’t go into meltdown

          Unfortunately, if we’re hit with an EMP, I see no way of keeping those reactors from melting down after a few weeks. Game Over.

      101. BI.

        That is a good analysis of today’s events. The problem is that the USA needs to fix its own problems and quit blaming other countries. Syria, China, and Russia all have the rights to succeed financially.

        America needs to fix its real problems, such as economic development and get back to the manufacturing days. We have lost all that, by design, and now we are paying for it with a devalued and collapsing dollar.

        I know God is in control and this is obviously a result of sinful and corrupt mankind that will not end until the real Peace-Maker arrives. Just need to live and enjoy today and be watchful. In reality, there is not much we can do other than prepare and warn others that have an opened-ear.

        Good luck. Good luck to all.

      102. “Russia warns U.S. not to repeat in Syria past mistakes in region”

        “We once again decisively urge (the United States) not to repeat the mistakes of the past and not to allow actions that go against international law,” the ministry said.

        “Any unilateral military action bypassing the United Nations will … lead to further escalation (in Syria) and will affect the already explosive situation in the Middle East in the most devastating way.”


      103. “Nobel da Paz” começa a III WW!

        Ironia pura!


      104. Is this bullish for Ag? Where are the SSGN’s

      105. Warning,Warning, a Russian EMP strike headed to an area near you in the not so distant future. If your not prepared you better do so at warp speed ! Time is running short and when it happens all HELL is going to break loose !!!

      106. I don’t like the prejudice on this site. I will point out the current President is not a Black American. He’s the child of a white American and a Nigerian, I believe. I don’t think any Black American would bow as a servant of the bank cartel.

      107. As a visitor to this site from time to time, I would like to share an observation. Many here go off topic in the comments and then some do the usual personal or religious political crap and disrupt the thread.

        I am looking for solutions.

        Thank you.


      108. just wondering if anyone pays attention to detail

      109. The media outlets have been trying to indoctrinate the world that America is invading other countries. In this way people will not think it’s them who are the ones invading other countries in the name of America. This tactic has been going on for decades.

        The NWO used the same tactic when they invaded China during the Opium war and hoarding gold and silver, 🙁 but blamed the UK for it.

        Every website and the main(ex)stream media outlets have been talking about Syria using chemical weapons against its citizens.

        As the majority of people have said the mainstream media’s headLIES about Syria having chemical weapons is a false flag. Syria does not know how to make them, and no one would give it to them ( the shadow gov’t is making sure of that), because Syria might use it against Jerusalem.

        Assad has been running his country for 30 years. The question is who has more advantage to use chemical for a regime change??? or to give the NWO the chance to carpet bomb their country like the way they did with Libya???

        According to the world and the Syria gov’t, the Free Syrian Army militants are the ones who did use them.


        🙁 FRANCE (NOT AMERICA) used 118 missiles to carpet bomb Libya. 🙁 Obama was running for 2nd term and was afraid to go against American the ppl’s wishes.

        🙁 The inspectors could not find Saddam Hussein’s Chemical weapons, but our soldiers were treated for chemical weapons exposure during the IRAQ WAR.

        🙁 Chemical weapons were first used against the British Soldiers during the First World War and on American soldiers during the 2nd world war.

        • Any news from the WATSON brothers is misdirected facts used to misguide people in the wrong the direction. There is no news from the main(extreme) media, it’s their plots by using guerrilla tactics to misguide you, and you have to DECODE their plots. 🙁

          If Saddam Hussein did as Watson said, Israel would blow up in smoke. That’s

          “According to a report by Steve WATSON, at Prison Planet he’ll immediately direct his military to strike targets in Israel, just like Saddam Hussein did in the first Gulf War.” Or “In 1991, the Israelis did not respond to Saddam Hussein’s targeting of Jerusalem with SCUD missiles. ”

          The media outlets mentioned Saddam Hussein’s military was the 4th largest military in the world and took Kuwait in one day. 🙁 The media outlet’s complained about Bush for destroying Hussein since he was a checkmate of Iran.

          Saddam HUSSEIN is a SUNNIS REVOLUTIONIST, and a revolutionary leader of the Socialist Ba’ath Party. After the Revolution he purged all Iraqi people (aka Shias) and
          Because of his bloodline, he was groomed during the Great Patriot War aka WW2, and he was in power since WW2.

          Saddam HUSSEIN burned his neighbor’s oilfields and his atrocities were one of the worst in history. 🙁 HUSSEIN wanted to destroy American’s economy, Wallstreet could not be happier.

          Several years ago, Assad said he would quickly retaliate if Israel were to attack his country. So ASSAD attacking Israel WILL NEVER BE ALLOWED by the shadow governments, so don’t believe all the hype!!!!!!!!!

          ISRAEL ATTACKED SYRIA with Missiles as we’ve seen in the videos A few months ago, but ASSAD was never allowed to retaliate. The ones who advised him not to or stopped him, were his enemies.

          ALL military of the Middle East and the western world are NOT RUN by their OWN countries, but they have been INFILTRATED & CONTROLLED by the tribesmen of the shadow government.

          There will be WW3 after Syria has a new government, and the SUNNIS/ Muslim brotherhood will be in charge.

          • PUTIN needs to run his military. If Putin is gone, CHINA, JAPAN & INDIA ARE DONE.

            The Russian Liberal media has said Putin’s days are numbered.


      110. Al-Jaledi, who is a former, high-ranking member of the Jabhat al-Nusrah has reportedly left the al-Nusrah to continue fighting with another, also al-Qaeda associated brigade.

        On his Twitter account, Al-Jaledi apparently said: “If it was not for confidentiality on this matter, I would reveal who was the fighter who made the said chemical bombs”.

        On Thursday, Syrian television released two intercepted telephone conversations among members of the so-called “Shuhada al-Bayada Battalion” and their Saudi Arabian liaison, the Egypt based financier Adulbasit, in which the terrorists were admitting that the group had used chemical weapons in Deir Balba, in the countryside of Homs.

        The revelations occur as an international campaign, led primarily by the USA, UK and France, in the attempt to justify an illegal military aggression against Syria intensifies.

      111. Should bomb the VMAs instead, Americans are stupid…Would help the gene pool



      113. I think this is right, I mean look at the videos of the chemical attack that happened in Syria, these folks were living a normal life before all of this went down, their society is as modern as we were lets say in the 2000s, and look at them now. I saw this game on the internet yesterday, looks pretty good as far as helping someone have a survival mindset, here is the link in case you guys wanna check it out. And its cheap too!

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