Globalists Prepare For WAR Against “Domestic Terrorists”

by | Jan 28, 2021 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 18 comments

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    Globalists are on a war path against anyone who knows their birthright is freedom and that no one owns them. Governments all over are now going to war against those pesky “domestic terrorists” who won’t submit to their enslavement.

    “What if I don’t want a new world order? What if we free humanity to interact peacefully?” asks James Corbett of the Corbett Report. Basically, we aren’t allowed to be free.  We can only sort of choose which master rules over us. (Whether that’s by voting or moving.)

    The great news is that many people are finally waking up to the realization that government is slavery and no one has any moral right to own you. The bad news is that some still want a master and will fight to keep their particular one in place.

    “There’s a lot of things we have to note here,” Corbett says. But freeing humanity is not in the cards for the rulers. It will be up to us. “Fake and staged cold war 2.0 is being engineered right before your very eyes as I’ve been talking about for year after year after year after year and it’s maddening! It’s truly maddening to KNOW they’re going to build China as the new boogeyman so that ultimately they can engage in the cold war that is meant to merge these systems so that there will be a technocratic system in all of these countries that will be puppeteered by the same people who are funding it all into existence. If you need to get up to speed on that, please do so quickly!”

    As Corbett alludes to, this all and engineered scam to keep us enslaved to the rulers and the New World Order. It’s the same scam that’s continuing at an epic scale and speed. Please remember this is a huge psyop designed to manufacture your consent to be ruled. “Do not fall for it,” Corbett reminds us.

    Remember, no one has the moral right to rule or be a master and no one has the moral obligation to obey any master. No law, no amount of votes, and no one can make another a rightful master or a rightful slave. We need to wake up to this. Government is slavery and once we figure that out we can work together to make sure it knows we will not be ruled.

    “We’re all about to be enemies of the state,” says James Evan Polato. Whether you want a master or not, they are warring against us. You’d better make a decision quickly. It’s come down to freedom or slavery. The “gray area” is now long gone. This is “aimed at you!” Corbett says. “This has always ALWAYS been the plan.”

    “Get ready for it folks because it’s coming…they will come after you with everything they have,” Corbett says. Wake up. Choose freedom or slavery. If you choose freedom, take the stance that all slavery should be abolished, including government. If you choose slavery, enjoy your servitude. 


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      1. “We’re all about to be enemies of the state,”

        Well, Mr. Potato, look again. You’ve been considered an enemy of the state since the Patriot Act was codified.

        You can blame it on globalists if you like, but it’s approved by those you voted for. Yes, 99% of them approved the Patriot Act.

      2. I am NOT a “Domestic Terrorist”. I am a Patriotic American Citizen that embraces INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS as recognized in the BILL OF RIGHTS. Some folks in positions of power (Think AOC, Pelosi, Schumer, & the rest of the PARADE OF IDIOTS) think cancel-culture ideas supercede the Constitution. Aren’t we all happy that these folks are flying our plane?

        Documents are prepared & ready-to-send (email, pony-express, etc.) when the cancel-culture comes for my family. Might be a good idea for other vocal folks.

      3. I know there are many readers of this site who live outside the US. I want them to know there is no such thing as “white t*rr*r*sm” in the US, there is no organized (or even unorganized) white t*rr*r seeking to commit genocide and no white supremacist movement or conspiracy to overthrow anything, there is no white t*rr*r threat to commit mayhem or insurrection or treason. This is a great lie promoted by leftist officials and their minions, they repeat this lie continuously.
        The truth is there were many hundreds of riots and events organized across the US this past year that caused mass destruction, committed arson, looted, disrupted and destroyed businesses, destroyed private and public property, blocked traffic, and physically attacked citizens, etc. Without exception they were ALL antifa, BLM, and other related marxist type organizations, costing billions and billions, and are the ones who were actually, openly calling for insurrection. The leftist organizers of these events were supported by individuals of great wealth and people with political connections, and the riots were downplayed by the media.
        The leftists, statists, authoritarians, and socialists who want to establish marxism, say anyone who supports individualism, individual rights, personal freedoms, and who loves our Constitutional rights (regardless of color) are bigots, racists, supremacists, n*zis, haters, domestic t*rr*r*sts, etc. This is part of a strategy to discredit all those who do not want socialism/marxism. Those spewing it know it is not real, but marxism is an amoral ideology, therefore the end will always justify the means. Many readers live in countries where it is politically similar, they know I tell the truth.

      4. Listen cranerigger, just shut up and toe the line.
        The American people have spoken and they want to have an all powerful nannie state. Trans-sexuals, uni sex bathrooms, rainibow stickers on all cars. White Americans had best get use to being pushed around and called names. They also had better get use to less $$ – you are going to be taxed so minorities and immigrants can live here and get what they deserve – got it. Just wait till those solar panel factories get up and working so you can get in line fro the $20/hr salary.
        Ya and don’t even think about bitching on social media you will be cut off.
        BTW – you obviously can not be trusted with guns – we are developing the owners list as we speak. There will be no need of a cancellation of the 2nd amendment. we are just going to ignore it with a temporary executive order that will allow authorities to confiscate these instruments of war. The FBI, CIA and NSA are ready to act – Fema camps have and will be erected to house all anti government radicals.
        Have a nice day you maggots.

        • jakartaman, I hear ya.

      5. “Globalists Prepare For WAR Against “Domestic Terrorists”
        Dear Mr. Mac Slavo,
        Would that include not only shtfplan, you yourself, and also anyone who has ever posted here on shtfplan?

        • What is a Domestic terrorist ?
          Is it someone who eats spicy foods and farts ?

          Help me out please.

      6. This site is the same as the others – they inhibit free speech.
        I posted a comment that was “moderated” – gone
        Mac can yap all he wants he an imposter and as bad as the rest of the socialist

        So moderate this

      7. When they come for your family just do what I’m going to do and kick them in their dicks until they cry “uncle”.

        • Since we’re calling names:
          Now that sounds like a reply from a Millennial…

          Or just a dumb-a$$ know nothin’…

      8. Question: “What if I don’t want a new world order?
        Answer: You will be executed at Sunrise.

        • What if I still don’t want a new world order ? Elbulleheal

          • @Anonymous,in that case you will be executed at Sunset.?

      9. You can’t have a one world government if all it has to rule over is ashes.

      10. A I sounds like Hicks with a different badge.

      11. Shoot to kill ask questions later

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