Global Finance Ditching Dollar and Isolating Doomed West: “Because They KNOW Collapse is Coming”

by | Apr 8, 2015 | Commodities, Headline News | 109 comments

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    Editor’s Note: The demise of the dollar on the world stage has been prepared behind the scenes for sometime now, and floated in the media for several years. It has been happening in the relatively slow stages of years, and in the larger picture, decades via the emerging new world order.

    The irony might be that the dollar is considered “strong” right now – at the expense of export trade and international debt repayment while Americans are getting shafted and left behind altogether. China’s blatant moves towards becoming part of the global reserve currency are now becoming undeniable and increasingly, China’s place is being accepted by the institutions of note across the world.

    What is relatively new to the picture here is the extent to which Western finance is getting shut out, to the detriment of average Americans in every strata of society. Pay attention to the end of this brief article – the people are put on notice to get ready for survival… physical, mental, economic, etc. The time of SHTF may well be approaching. Are you ready?



    There is now mounting evidence and undeniable proof that the world is actively preparing for economic life after the death of the Dollar. The facts are now quantifiable, and for those if us who are accustomed to this moment is history where the Dollar is still technically “the world’s reserve currency” and cheap imports fill big box stores, the truth of what’s occurring globally RIGHT NOW as discussed in this interview with Miles Franklin’s Bill Holter is startling – if not downright frightening.

    Bill’s recent article TRIGGERS shows how the pieces of the anti-Dollar puzzle are rapidly falling into place: The AIIB is only one piece of the De-Dollarization puzzle, another is the new clearing system set to directly compete with SWIFT. While other important puzzle pieces include the BRICS bank, and the Shanghai PHYSICAL metals exchange which is set to go live very soon, potentially breaking the back of the Comex, the LBMA and the fiat Ponzi which to this point, has protected the Dollar by keeping precious metals prices artificially low through massive paper manipulation.

    Bill Holter says, “I believe that the world has for the last at least two years, has been preparing themselves to move away from the dollar. But also, they’ve been isolating the U.S., isolating the West, because they KNOW a collapse is coming. And if they can isolate the Western financial system, with them outside the system as much as can be, then they can mitigate the damage to themselves.”

    Collapse of our current financial system is clearly coming. The question is, how bad will it get for those of us trapped in the United States, trapped holding only Dollars? Holter says,

    “My hope is that is doesn’t get this bad, but my suspicion is that it will get worse, where you have no access to ATM’s, credit is completely shut off, we may have power, water, electricity supply problems.

    What I’m going to tell you is, if you know how to, or can learn how to live like Davey Crocket or Daniel Boone, we may go through a period of time where that’s the case. I hope I’m wrong, I fear that I’m right.”


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      1. More collapse articles? The end is nigh which has been going on since 2007.

        • and as long as there are believers there will always be soothsayers


          • I call bullshit. This article has more holes in it than Swiss Cheese. The collapse is coming, of that, I have no doubt. The HNIC is doing everything to prevent it before his term expires so he will not be blamed all through history as being the worst President we ever had. And after Carter that’s saying a lot.

            “I believe that the world has for the last at least two years, has been preparing themselves to move away from the dollar. But also, they’ve been isolating the U.S., isolating the West, because they KNOW a collapse is coming.”

            Who is they?


            • Other countries know that we’re destroying the dollar through endless money printing.

              Obama doesn’t care how history remembers him. He hates America. He’s a Muslim/communist. Once he’s done with America it won’t come back even if we have 10 Ronald Reagan-type presidents in a row.

              • Destroying it so bad that it’s still the strongest currency going.

              • Obama will go down in infamy as the
                John Wilkes Booth in the assassination
                of the late great United States of
                America. May his soul reside in hell.

                • Outwest!
                  AMEN to that Brother!!!

                • Don’t forget Congress. The GOP are complicit in this destruction. They have the power (of the purse) to stop him, but will not. Our government has been hijacked by the Globalists, and Satan controls them all. Scary times ahead.

                • It may not happen till well into a new presidency.

                • Does it really matter what he’s remembered for? Whether you think he’s the worst ever, or that he’ll probably be the last. The fact of the matter is; it doesn’t matter anymore.

                  The only person that’s to blame for the coming collapse is me!! And you!! And your neighbor and your neighbors neighbor. That’s right. WE are to blame!! Trying to blame Obama, the Bushes, Hillary, Henry Kissinger, the bankers and the NWO and anyone else you want to lay blame on. The people to blame are me and you, because WE are the people who’ve stood by and allowed these people to do what they’ve done.

                  • So a witness to a murder is the same as the murderer? Not by my understanding. Unless you think I or anyone here seriously could personally have done something to stop congress from spending our futures away. Looked at honestly, I just don’t think that’s the case. Nobody here could have done anything that would have made any difference at all except for themselves and their families.

                    I’m kind of beyond blaming anyone anyway. I agree that it doesn’t matter anymore. Now I’m just trying to figure out the best way to jump when the ball drops. I’m not convinced that my current plans are the best, but I have no idea how to improve them given family commitments, etc. THAT is the kind of thing I spend mental space on far more than who is to blame.

              • Reagan was a media hyped, deficit spending, illegal alien amnesty allowing, piece of crap like the rest of them!!

              • It would be tough to come back.

            • “The HNIC is doing everything to prevent it before his term expires”

              BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You’re riding the progressive express straight to the bottom.

              • Hey stupid is as stupid does: read the full sentence.

                The HNIC is doing everything to prevent it before his term expires so he will not be blamed all through history as being the worst President we ever had.


            • Total fear porn. Complete Bullshit. Where do these imbeciles come from?

              The AIIB is the NATURAL expansion of the New World Order through its Full and Managing Partner in Asia. The USA is not geographically positioned politically or militarily to be the lead partner in Central Asia.

              What “infrastructure” will the AIIB invest in? Economic investment in Central Asia. Siberia. Mongolia.

              Why is it necessary for the Full and Managing Asian Partner (China) to lead the EXPLOITATION of these undeveloped lands?

              Because it is THE land power in Asia.

              Think of China as the General Partner and the other Members of the AIIB as the Limited Partners who will participate in the PROFITS generated by the development of these ASSETS: uh, I mean COUNTRIES.

              No collapse folks, just more of the same with an additional, powerful China to assist in the peaceful exploitation of other people’s resources; unless local resistance becomes violent. Then China will become the “muscle” to protect NWO investments in the area.

              Death to the New World Order. Its totally Constitutional. 🙂

        • What a crock! What World Fiat Currency is any more stable. Not saying that ours is! Trekker Out.

          • ALL gold currencies have turned to Fiat and ALL Fiat currencies have turned to zero.

          • MT–I am not the worlds biggest collapse theorist but Bill Holter is a pretty solid guy and a good writer. Check out his free articles at Miles Franklin. Yeah, they sell gold and silver but they sure don’t pitch it like the rest of the pm dealers.

        • It is hard to believe that everybody is going to ditch the Dollar when right now the Dollar is the strongest currency in the world.

          We all know that the Dollar is garbage and that the Fed has been printing money like there is no tomorrow. So what does that say about other currencies

        • Good thing hookers have a built-in coin slot!

          • So that’s why some guys always carry rolls of nickels! Who knew? 🙂

            • Six:

              Been told the nickels are for barter.

              And now we know “the rest of the story”.

              • Girls, girls!! You are priceless.
                Rolls of nickels are for knuckle
                sandwiches protecting your virtue
                and integrity by real men.

                • OutWest…….you are just the best!

                • THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN PROTECT MY INTEGRITY AND VIRTUE…IS ME, but thanks for the thought anyway, outwest. Chivalry must not be completely dead, but just limping on it’s last leg.

                  I’d trade chivalry for a man who doesn’t quit when the going gets tough.

        • “Prepping” and ditching the dollar go hand and hand. At some point, it turns from a worthless fiat currency to toilet paper.

          • I really have to laugh when I hear them talk about BRIC being the next economic power house. Correct me if I’m wrong, BRIC stands for Brazil, Russia, China and India. Now as for Brazil, I really can’t comment on their economy, now Russia their economy is even more in the tank than ours and then there is China, the US and China are like two drunks holding each other up, they buy all our debt and we buy all their junk. One falls and both goes down. Then there is India, now they’re a real power house, the only jobs they have are taking calls from us Americans when we have to check on some junk we bought from some International company or a bill we owe, and then we can’t even understand what their saying. So as the old saying goes “When America Sneezes, The Whole World Catches Cold” I think we’re all going to be in a world of hurt. Trekker Out. So Praise The Lord And Pass The Biscuits!

            • When the dollar is gone, something will fill the void in the short term. The newest conspiracy on the block will likely fill that void. Then it will go digital, completely. In that process the masses will loose all their investments. The only real currency will be what is in hand, and possibly just that which one can carry. The dire reality of world war gone haywire.

              Food is the wisest investment a person can have, measured in years. Get smart people.

            • There are more than 30 countries signed up for BRICS now. They don’t need a whole lot of money, just a lot of participation to oust the western-controlled IMF.

              The West has been using the financial system to bribe/blackmail other countries into submission for a long time. I always knew the other countries would get tired of it eventually.

              That’s what BRICS is about. Freedom from the global financial terrorists.

            • BRICS is a diversion. a hedge if you will. China wants in on the Special Drawing Right (i.e. become part of the default basket of currencies that comprise the Special Drawing Right). Xi Xinping has publicly stated so.

              The SDR is going to be re-evaluated this year. Once china is in….and all signs point to that, the BRICS will cease to exist in any meaningful form. After all, without the Yuan, the Rupee (India) becomes the strongest currency….and that is supported by the US dollar.

              • The BRICS are about scale and using scale to wield heft and influence. Yes, many BRICS countries are very corrupt and are also loaded up on debt, much of it in US dollars. Brazil is in big trouble right now. But what they are doing is creating alternative trading systems outside dependence on the US. In many ways it is just a hedge because many of these countries still depend on selling stuff to the US and other Western markets. We are all interconnected and this is why I think there is strong interest even for those hostile to the US to cooperate. Think about it: the number of rich people of Chinese origin around the world. Would China really want to piss them off and cut them off from being able to trade and travel? Because that is what would happen if things got hostile between China and the West. I think more people are making money and benefiting right now from free trade and travel and would not want to screw that up.

                I am more of the view of a globally coordinated re-set with a digital currency being what’s on offer on the other side. It will happen when they are good and ready.

            • MT
              Brazil’s economy is in the tank

        • I am so fucking sick of this corporate shit sucking culture we have. Wear the right clothes, say the right things, turn in the TPA reports on time. Mindless self-important fucking drones. Empty suits. Executive vice-president of shit cakes.


          What the fuck do these fucking assholes do all day? Paperwork and piss in the toilet, that’s what.

          Fucking Amerikkkan businesses produce nothing, know nothing, do nothing, and impact nothing.

          • We don’t make anything? No cars? No airplanes? No construction machinery? No mining and oil drilling machinery? No tractors and farm implements? No medical devices? No pipe for pipelines? No communications equipment, such as you are using to post your crap on SHTF? No industrial electrical controls? No raw plastics? No building materials? No corn/wheat/soybeans? No gas turbines for electric generation? No railroad locomotives and cars?

            All stuff that MY generation did and still does. YOUR generation – all you can do is whine, whenever you get your nose out of Kim Kardashian’s ass.

            Sorry for the raw language, folks, but I’m beyond pissed off at loons like this. Reality not only bites, it chews, and I can’t wait for it to get around to visiting AE’s mother’s basement.

        • There’s a reason why preppers are old white men.

          Prepping entails thinking for oneself. And women and minorities are fucking mindless herd animals.

        • Inasmuch as the gorilla woman talks about healthy lunches, have you ever heard her talk about organics vs. sheeple fodder?

          For all that female preppers talk about nutrition and organics (glad to see real women that get in that kitchen), do you ever see them talk about getting ripped and fit, and having shitloads of sex?

        • Yeah? Why don’t you open your fucking eyes and look out the window, you fucking jackass????

          Where is the collapse???


          • Acid, you hit the nail on the head

      2. 10 dollar bills in #10 cans just might not be the best…

        • 10cent face value pre 64 coins in 10# cans might

          • Now you’re talking!
            ‘Brother can you spare a dime?’

            • Howdy old timer.

              • Hey there PO’d. Sure wish I had time to check in more often. Hope y’all are holding the fort down…

                • Can get a little dicey on here ever once in a while. Sometimes a wrestling match from time to time. Gotta call in POG and KYMom to put down the insurrection as cooler heads prevail. But all in all everybody just flat lining waiting for the spark…..

                  • Hope you and yours are well.

        • Currently the US Nickel is the coin that is the most expensive as a percent of its face value. The nickel costs just under ten cents each to produce.

          You could buy nickels, and melt them down for a small profit. Can’t do that with paper money!

          • Plan twice, The nickel is worth 3.8 cents in metal right now so it isn’t worth face value. Copper pennies (pre 82) are worth 1.8 cents metal value. Copper pennies are the only still circulating coins that are above face value. Get your facts straight lol. Go to for a listing of coin values .

      3. Barter will be king.

        • No, it won’t be because nobody will have anything. When only 3% of the population has food there won’t be barter. And you won’t know who you can trust. Even a fellow prepper might kill you because you have more food than he does. Or maybe because he wants your wife, daughter, or your stuff. I wouldn’t trust anyone after it hits the fan.

          • Desperate people do desperate things.

          • agree DTA don’t trust anyone

            • I always thought DTA meant Double-tap that ass 🙂

          • If my garden is coming in with an excess of stuff I can’t eat or can, I would barter that rather than discard it. Gold would be just fine!

            Stored long term food? The world should never know you have any! There’s no such thing as excess long term stored food!

      4. It just happened: “The moment the United States lost its role”

        “Last week, the government of China closed the enrollment window to join its new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) as a ‘founding member’.

        The AIIB, if you haven’t heard of this yet, is designed to essentially displace the Western-controlled IMF and World Bank.

        And prior to last Tuesday’s deadline, dozens of nations around the world from New Zealand to Denmark signed up to join.”

        “This is a huge coup for China, and probably the most obvious sign yet that the global financial system is in for a giant reset.”

        “In an editorial published in the Financial Times, former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers summed it up plainly saying that this “may be remembered as the moment the United States lost its role as the underwriter of the global economic system.”

        • See my post above. The AIIB is designed to exploit Asian natural resources. The member nations are limited partners participating in the profits from that exploitation. The West is not positioned to lead that exploitation: China is.

          The more things change, the more they remain the same. 🙁

      5. Does anyone know where i can buy some $100.00 roles of toilet paper. Let me know. You see the one that i am currently using in my bathroom is worth the same as our dollar note. Next time that i run out of toilet paper in a public restoom, instead of panicking, i can now use the dollar notes in my wallet, it will work just as good.

        • Search eBAy using: toilet paper $100. I found some.

      6. Might be better off getting paid in pesos. You think those illegals know something? Junk silver looks like the way to go. Learn some skills,you might have to trade for goods.


        Confederate has a good point. See link.

        Watch this youtube video. Tacticals… shows you how to trade in the crisis, right after shtf commenses. Just look out for my fellow shtf-ers. I hope this helps. I still cannot belive that this is what our country is coming to. At least the guys at tactical are addressing this very issue.

      8. Seems as if events surrounding the U.S. are racing towards some sort of SHTF climax.

        I believe that this is being engineered by Imam Obama/Czars, Communist Party USA, etc.

        Who benefits from another American civil war, Obama, Russia, China, Muslims, all of the above?

        Sure as hell our enemies will divide us up so we will never be a Superpower again.

        As for me and my house, we will serve The Lord and watch out fur them hogs!

        • The Powers Than Be want to destroy the US on the way to forming the one world government prophesied in Daniel and Revelation.

          • Yep…..Thats whats coming…..

          • I don’t think TPTB have anything even remotely “Christian” in mind for the world. Just saying.

        • Agreed. The only way to avoid this problem from happening again is to locate the pigmen who started it all and have a feast.

      9. Agreed confederate barter. Barter works it keeps stinkin gov from making tax $ off us. There is no way to track such transactions. As long as people be civil good trades are made. I did this as a youth trading things with buddy’s it worked out well. I had a buddy he could source anything just tell him what your looking for it would show up. This type of skill is perfect for collapse. It’s like he took stock of what people had around. One day he’d show up as say hey you wanna trade or sell that. I’d look at how much I used it myself within the year or so if not much I’d say sure. Now we had grounds for negotiating. We didn’t always strike a deal but the fact we did this trading was good for our negotiating skills. It’s good to have people that can get you supply’s when they are hard to come by for most folks. Around here it being connected. I’d say I got that well covered. I built my connections over years.

      10. Don’t need toilet paper gonna wipe with old news papers from 10 years ago. Can read about history while dropping off the cosbys.

        • Monkey Ward’s catalogs.

      11. I don’t know why pre 1965 coinage is called junk silver, it is everything but junk. I get that “junk” label is applied to non mint condition coins, but the dollar is indeed the junk headed for worthlessness.

        • 64 Kennedy half dollar was 90 % silver, worth about $6.50 each, melt value.
          65 to 70 Kennedy half dollar are only 40% silver worth about 2.50 each

          Pre- 65 silver coin was 90% silver at most! today’s standard for silver is 99.99% pure! Thus the 90% stuff is referred to as junk. If made into jewelry it would turn many peoples skin green, because of the copper content.

        • “A”
          Thursday is my day to go and get some more Junk silver, and some more 99.99%
          If they are correct silver (IMHO) will be King. The reason for my thoughts is most of us can buy silver and it is easier to exchange for goods than gold is.

      12. Food. Water. Shelter. In Alaska perhaps.

      13. What are they going to replace the dollar with if not a one world currency? Is there a country with a strong currency?

      14. ‘The Great Depression, like most other periods of severe unemployment, was produced by government mismanagement rather than by any inherent instability of the private economy.’

        -Milton Friedman

        • ‘Many people think that Congress regulates Wall Street, but in fact it is Wall Street that regulates Congress!’

          -Bernie Sanders (Vermont Senator)

      15. I have noticed more and more people are saying its not going to happen. Why???

        • Greywar. Think it may have something to do with the old fable ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ Just guessin’

          • The doom and gloom economists have been right several times. Many of our recent crashes and recessions were accurately predicted. Those that predicted crashes rarely get any press. The Wall Street crowd love to portray crashes as unexpected and unavoidable?

            The current government manipulation of world markets is way over the top. It’s likely the crash would have already happened without intervention. Problem is they are not only not fixing any of the underlining causes, they are instead making it worse. A bigger bubble just makes a bigger boom.

            Those in Wall Street who see a coming crash will never admit it, they all think they can ride to the cliffs edge, and sell high. Truth is only about 10% will be able to sell high. The rest will get their clocks cleaned. Most American’s 401K accounts will get wiped clean, guys like George Soros will gladly take all your money. Stay agile, stay diversified is advised.

            Mount St Hellen’s volcano when watched in stop action over months shows the mountain blowing just like a bubble, except it happens in a geologic time scale. People became impatient with all the warnings that the volcano would blow, and failed to keep away, many died!

      16. Friends IMHO, we truly need to start looking in reality at what is happening to us in this country. There is no way that we can change what they are doing to our constitution and the freedoms it has given us. They are going to take every one of them way and there you have it; the greatest document (except the BIBLE) I feel ever written by man has for all tense and purposes already been destroyed. Oh we all talk about doing this and doing that but, in reality we are just releasing built up pressure within us. Has for getting to some BOL you will have at the max 8 hours to get to it before the Government and/or thugs shut down all roads. The first will be any and all river crossings big or small the bridges will be closed. So we all must face that when the SHTF; if we are not close to home or our BOL we are going to have deal with whatever happens where we are at the time it starts and that means that we more than likely will die there. We are for the most part, on our OWN. So prepare yourselves and your family as best you can. The time fast approaches for real and I mean as REAL AS IT CAN GET.
        Jade Helm 15 I feel is no more than one big PYS-OP experiment to see how the American people will react and also how the Military is going to perform under pressure of confronting the American people. My biggest worry in this whole affair is that either side may just start firing real bullets and start the whole thing going as they say LIVE. The big possibility is an outside source will do just that open fire and start it off. Please be careful my friends. Remember time grows short.

      17. So heres something to chew on,
        In agriculture, most labor is immigrant labor,
        These folks can work like theres no tomorrow in most cases.
        Locally, Thai, Philipino, and a few other SE Asian nationalities are the best, good people,
        Is the same on the US continent, (lower 48)
        The Mexicans, Hondurans, Guatemalens, etc etc, all the best workers in AG.
        Have heard time and time again from growers that its not worth hiring most Americans because they cant work,
        Sad but true, some folks have said, dont hate the immigrants, and you know, they are right,
        Its the lame ass traitor politicians etc who are not protecting our borders.

        • The reason they hire from south of the border is simple, slave labor wages. Most Americans will not work for pennies on the dollar. When the immigrants go home after a few years or more of working for 3 to 5 dollars an hour, cash no taxes, at 10 to 14 hour days, they are pretty wealthy back home. I’ve met a couple of the Mexicans, and Kulafarmer’s right they do work hard. Most of the food eaten in the US is produced by immigrants. Plus they do keep the food horrifically cheap.

        • Ya know, I’ve heard that too….that immigrant labor are the hardest workers. I SAY BULLSHIT TO THAT.

          The right statement is….that immigrant labor is the most naive labor. They’ll actually work hard for crap wages whereas American worker’s say “frig you” to the boss.

          Pay better or let your crop/product go to rot. I say. That goes true for all industries who want to try and get away with low wage expense in order to increase their net profit just to satisfy Wall Street.

          Saying no to industry owners and managers is the only way to get back some of what the Primary Shareholders of the Fortune 500 companies are stealing from us….the nobodies.

          • Spot on CS. Well said.

          • I, as a small business owner, am growing tired of people asking if I’m hiring. They don’t care what thejob is, if it’s not $10/ hr, they don’t want to work. BTW, this is a small gun shop in Tx….
            I’ll ask them what they can do………oh, I can sell guns, yeah well, anyone can sell a gun…….how bout inventory, or 4473’s, or cleaning? Nah, I’d rather sit on the couch and play videos……..Ok, it basically boils down to pay me mucho and work me little. We, as Americans have turned in to an entitlement society. Pathetic. No, I won’t hire an illegal alien, but I’d bet he’d work harder than any 20 or 30 something………… entitlement my a$$, when did lacing up your work boots fall from favor to doing nothing?

          • You can say whatever you like, fact is that most Americans cant work for shit, the ones who can ARE EMPLOYED!
            So then the ones who cant are the ones going to a grower taking a job then proceeding to be a pain in the ass. Im not making this crap up,
            Tried hiring labor for the farm, most of the people i interviewed were already telling me what i needed to do to increase productivity, and what they wanted to do,
            Tried a few, what a freakin nightmare, totally not worth it,
            Long story short, i gave up on my ideas of expanding and cut back on my production rather than becoming more dependent on outside inputs.
            But hey, you are entitled to your opinions, from your post you sound like one of the 15$ per hour minimum wage peeps, like that will make things better,,,

            • Hey, look, small business has to take a different perspective. Take the Gun Shop owner in the above post. Instead of offering 10.00 per hour, offer 20.00 per hour. You’ll get a different labor pool from which to draw.

              Second, as a business owner, one gets the great reward of wearing 2nd hand suits, driving a 1997 used car, and a credit rating of a whopping 550. Also, the business owner gets the luxury of listening to his or her employees, all of whom make more than the business owner (for now) about how they went here or there or to what concerts or on what vacations…

              However, those 20.00 per hour employees should output 35.00 to 40.00 per hour of actual labor. Those people do exist. The fact of keeping a job that pays a living wage tends to bring out more productivity in people.

              Also, that gunshop owner can offer spiffs for outside, unassisted sales. Suddenly, that 20.00 hour employee is generating 50 to 60 per hour of effective labor.

              In no time, that little gunshop will become quite big.

              Plus, all the while, hopefully, the business owner is partnering up with other business owners to punch the public utilities, etc. all with one common goal in mind…to decrease the cost of living.

              American business owners have to rethink things. It’s not just a matter of keeping labor expense low. That is Wall Street thinking….and not thinking favorable to american labor or business.

              • Cellar Spider, you are truly somebody who gets it! Instead of bitching, pissing, and moaning about how much they have to pay an employee for their work, if you want the really SUPERIOR workers you have to offer more than a shitty 9 bucks an hour wage. Of course, they never come to that conclusion because they figure that a ” good” employee is somebody who will kill themselves for them for peanuts, which is why they can NEVER find what they think is a ” good” employee! And naturally their business never grows and will stay in the minor leagues as long as that type of thinking dominates their outlook.

                • pay peanuts get monkeys!!!!

      18. That’s fact kula about the immigrant workers I hate to say it but they are harder workers than Americans. These people are excellent workers in agriculture tasks. They work on all the farms around here that do any kind of growing produce. To me the blacks are the more useless in most cases. I worked in a textile mill years back most of the work is low skill hard labor type stuff. These people work for peanuts. I wouldn’t get out of bed for what they are making. They do it and don’t complain some speak English. The ones the speak English are usually team leader because they can bridge the communication gap. They were all here legally on green cards or work visas. I think they were threatened with deportation. That’s why they would never get brave or smart with management. Total voluntary slaves. American workers straight up suck as laborers

        • Most of the growers i know in the central valley pay on a piecework basis, so much a pound or whatever unit, gives motivation and a more than fair wage, most of the folks working for them have lived there for years, and almost ALL own their homes and sponsor friends or family south of the border, and ALL make realgood money,
          The growers who dont treat the labor good, generally cant get the good labor.

      19. Must be quite a bit of US cash in circulation planet-wide… $20, $100 bills everywhere, even fake bills (‘conterfeit fiat’)

        What would people everywhere -burnt by a dollar collapse- trust to replace the dollar?

        I’ll start a PM bank (pawn shop), git me some of them metal composition testing guns. 😉

        Could internet purchases ever be handled by “certified gold on-deposit value” somehow?

      20. @Sixpack contact ‘n.o. ;0p pssszzt’ via email, ‘he is going to teach you how to catch a fish.’

        • …you get a line and I’ll get a pole, honey.

          You get a line and I’ll get a pole, babe.

          You get a line and I’ll get a pole, we’ll go down to catfish hole, honey, baby mine… 🙂

        • @fish monger, Shoot me one to my yahoo (sounds obscene, doesn’t it?) I can’t find your email addy…

      21. Flies. Web flies. Like bar flies. Would rather trash people then help people.

        • Can you be more specific.

      22. Ditching the dollar is the collapse !!!!

      23. “Its a big club and you ain’t in it”.

      24. Stupid “article”. No analysis, no facts, just worthless comments strung together.

        Yes, the US dollar is floating on debt. That’s bad. And yes, it will never be repaid. Ever. Nor is it sustainable.

        However…ever look at China’s debt ? 25 trillion over the past few years. That’s better than the US ? I don’t think so. Brazil ? A basket case. India ? Desperately poor, corrupt, and can’t come close to feeding itself. Russia ? Little debt but a one trick pony – oil.

        Fact of the matter is the entire world is drowning in debt and we are all going to suffer when it flames out.

        • US debt is not designed to be repaid.

          It is designed to be a liquid,fungible,global instrument of value where the New World Order can park their cash until they need it; while historically at least, receiving some return/value for their “deposit”.

          Its a banking system for the Uber Rich, Global Investment Class, and multinational corporations; which the “Little People” insure with their tax dollars.

          No T-Bills for you!!! 🙁

      25. The funny thing is, the more economic sanctions we put against countries like Russia, Iran or north korea we are essentially hardening them to global economic collapse, since they are far less dependant on global trade, they are more than used to adapting to an economic seizure while the west will just lock up and die.

      26. I’m continuously surprised by the ability of the bankers to kick the can down the road to address at some later date. We think in a finite economic mindset while their ability to create, destroy, move and manipulate the means of economic exchange and set its relative value kind of breaks the laws of motion and thermal dynamics as they create from nothing. Its like tying to count cards when the house has access to unlimited decks at the game table.

        • good analogy kevin!

      27. I am telling you guys, Th new SWIFT system will be online by September. The russians and chinese have opened thier owne world bank, this is real. Our dollars are now worth toiltet paper. Once SWIFT goes online, we probably wont be able to do any financial transactions anywhere in out country once this happens. This is really scary. I am worried about this. Before anyone starts to bash this info, i have been told this is happeing exactly like what this article said, so i wouldn’t call Bs on it just yet. It has some startling facts of life.

      28. What we been seeing is “Super SLOW MO Collapse”
        Until the event hits then it will attain Light Speed and beyond. One day you will be rich driving your Lamborghini living in a Multi Million Dollar home and the next day you will be flat broke, walking and your home will be a cardboard box down by the river,
        Eating rat meat cooked on a stick over a campfire.
        See how to prepare at:

      29. Here me out and keep an open mind.
        I’ve been at the same company for 25 years.
        When I started it was all men running the place.
        The meetings were very technical in nature.
        Since the fembots took over.. we lost half our business, have twice the building and female employees.
        Ready for this.. the company is not 85% women.
        They have all these bullshit meetings and make all sorts of crazy no value plans and have very unrealistic timelines.

        Since then.. I have gone MGTOW
        Men Going Their Own Way. MGTOW

        That’s the next frontier for hard core preppers.
        No, it’s not the female woman haters club…we just walk away from them in our lives… Kind of like ignoring your wife of decades and you go do what you want.

        Take the MGTOW challenge.
        At work.. for three months.. say nothing. Just “Good morning and good night” That’s it. See how peaceful your life becomes.

        You will work harder, get more done, get better raises. Fewer women will push their work off on you. Then this zen peace comes over you. Like Fight Club…turning down the feminist volume on the life radio is a good thing. You’ve all been listing to their crap for so long… you don’t even hear how they have become..their “Ban Bossy” campaign. WTF?

        Just saying.. go to Youtube and be prepared to have your world rocked.

        Mac, please don’t delete this. The United States is in the mess it is in because of all the feminist crap.

        I still think Vietnam was done to kill off a generation of men to make way for women in the workplace.

        About me.. married to the same fat creature for 28 years and we get along fine and the wife agrees with me.

        Good luck.


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