Global Climate Sandal: The CA Fires Are Caused By “Illegal And Ongoing Geoengineering”

by | Nov 14, 2018 | Headline News | 46 comments

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    Newly elected California governor Gavin Newsom has had to declare a state of emergency due to the latest unprecedented wildfires ripping through the state.  But are they so “unprecedented?” Or could these fires be the result of decades of illegal and ongoing climate engineering that Newsome is intentionally ignoring?

    California is yet again ablaze, even in November, reported  “Official authoritarian sources” have tried to convince the easily manipulated masses that the record raging wildfires are because somehow, we are not cutting down enough trees. However, that may be pretty far from the actual truth.  In fact, Dane Wigington, the founder of states that such a narrative flies in the face of countless verifiable facts. All available data makes it perfectly clear that the single greatest causal factor relating to the epic wildfires all over the globe are the illegal and constantly ongoing geoengineering operations.

    In fact, newly elected Democratic governor of California, the previously mentioned Newsom, has been briefed on the climate engineering going on in “his” state nearly five years ago and has done nothing to halt the operations now destroying lives and land.

    On February 7th, 2014, I [Dane Wigington] attended a private meeting at the State [of California’s] Capitol with then Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom and his top aide, to present irrefutable data on the critical climate engineering issue. The meeting consisted of only the three of us in Gavin’s office. The meeting was facilitated through a mutual contact between Gavin Newsom and myself. Gavin and his staff member did not dispute any of the data presented in the meeting. At one point during the meeting/data presentation, Gavin sat back in his leather chair, took a very deep breath, and stated: “I didn’t need this.” [Which was] an absolute acknowledgment of the geoengineering operations. Unfortunately, then Lieutenant Governor Newsom (now governor Newsom) quickly turned his back on the geoengineering issue. Were Gavin’s career aspirations the superseding priority? Is there really any question about this? –

    Wigington then included an exchange between himself and Newsom, in which California’s new governer seeks to limit the rights and freedom of good people over acknowledging that the government is destroying the environment in the state he now “governs.”

    On Jan 20, 2016, Dane Wigington wrote:

    Hello, Gavin, what will the public feel when they finally wake to the ongoing climate engineering nightmare and they find out that you have been aware of it all along? Since I personally presented the science on this critical issue to you and your top aid in your office some 2 years ago (February 7th 2014), you have disclosed nothing about the ongoing geoengineering atrocities in our skies. The population is waking up, and I can only imagine that they will not be pleased with all those that have helped to hide the climate engineering crimes and instead were focused on mailing out letters like the one your group sent on the message below. 


    Dane Wigington

    Governor Newsom’s response to my message is below:

    On Jan 20, 2016, at 10:58 AM, Gavin Newsom wrote:

    Won’t apologize for focusing on gun 

    violence , appreciate your passionate

    point of view and respectfully took

    the time to meet with you and researched

    your concerns , while we

    may not share the same conclusion , I wish you the best and will

    happily remove your email address from

    our database as to no longer burden

    you with issues that clearly are not

    resonant with you

    Sent from my iPhone

    My reply to Governor Newsom:

    With all due respect, Gavin, mathematically speaking, the amount of human mortality already caused by the highly toxic aerosol heavy metals being sprayed is so vast it could never be quantified. This is not even to mention the endless list of wider threats that are all connected to the ongoing geoengineering insanity. Though I am, of course, all for ending gun violence, the amount of human mortality being caused by this subject (gun violence) is dwarfed beyond belief by the massive climate engineering assault on the planet and the human race. Our legal team will soon file suit on this critical issue which so many state agencies are doing their best to hide from public view. The public has a right to know what is going on above their heads and we have the data to prove it. 

    “Our so-called government (including federal) is bought and paid for from the top down. If we are to have any chance whatsoever of exposing and halting the climate engineering programs of global omnicide, it will be from grassroots level campaigns of raising and reaching a critical mass of awareness. Sharing credible data from a credible source is key. Make your voice heard, we must make every day count,” Wiginton writes.

    And he isn’t wrong. This is a cover-up of massive proportions.  Instead of focusing on the damage they are causing, governments of the world seek to regulate and control others as some kind of propagated and acceptable control over humanity.  How much evidence will it take to actually wake up the masses? No one knows.  But we highly suggest you follow every link in this article and read them thoroughly before dismissing this as a “wild conspiracy theory” like the government wants you to believe.

    To watch Wigington’s video titled “Engineered Drought Catastrophe, Target California,” please click here. 

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      1. You spent an entire article covering the chemtrail nutjobs? Slow news day, or haven’t enough people bought your gold scam recently?

        • Well then why don’t you go back to listening to the lying Leftist Mainstream Media, and get a 24/7 dose of lies and deceptions, you mindless drone.

          • The article wouldn’t even own up to it’s own nuttiness, except one reference with zero details.

            Chemtrails, really? Thumbs down.

            What’s the other rabbit hole, some weather machine? Oh, yeah, HAARP.

            Herp derp!

            • It’s called “climate engineering ” not chemtrails. Many many government documentation out there, rather you’d like to pretend you know it all

          • Shelley those who think all of this is fiction are living in total government mind control dystopia and cognitive dissonance. But that is where the majority of Americans live in their mindlessness. The few things that actually matter get completely ignored, so it all continues as we reach ever more powerful control mechanisms and ongoing destruction of the biosphere and ecological balances via various manipulations by the maniacs we call government.

            This is all about power and control, no different than all the other control mechanisms created. Some are just more blatant and obvious as we see in current political matters. The photos this guy presented are quite convincing as I have long been a spray nonbeliever. And in the last few years realize it is all tied together with the other mechanisms. like HAARP. We humans are messing with fire on many levels and this is just one of them. Egos will likely destroy us all one way or another.

            • DTET You so concisely hit the “nail on the head”! And I might add that I too, at one time, had been a spray nonbeliever. Someone would have to think themselves a God to have that kind of an ego to continue on the path of destroying the planet. That’s why they(TPTB) want to spend money on space travel and setting up outer space colonies, they know the end outcome perhaps?

              • Norrak, we all live under many illusions created for us and all are to either to cover up something or obfuscate something as a manipulation and control mechanism. Global warming is the most obvious, but there are many more. We are now in a form of dystopia and cognitive dissonance that was created by the control freaks we call government or better known as the deep state apparatus ! This state of mindlessness allows PRAVDA/MSM to create any false narrative or false paradigm they desire. An example would be illegal aliens are good for our country in massive numbers when we all know it is really about finding more DEM voters. And it will all continue until the people get fed up enough of the lies and distortions like the Mueller sham to actually stand up and take action ! Most sit on the couch, get fatter and do zero except complain.

                That being said, there is something very wrong with the fires in Kawleefornya in the last 2 years ? These are NOT natural events. And I fully realize the forest lands are not managed well at all and have helped create part of the problem. There are many anomalies to these fires that defy physics and common sense. These fires are deliberate acts with the use of some sort of technical devices. Stop and consider what has taken place and then compare it to all you have seen in your entire life time related to fires and these is NOT a natural events. Just as fire was the supposed cause of the towers falling. Something is very wrong with both stories ! We do not have anywhere near any truth of either event. I do not claim to have the absolute truths or facts, I just know we have been and are being manipulated.

                Realize if you do not understand the many illusions that exist and are created for you, you cannot fight them and will be a victim of them. That is the game and manipulation being played on all of us. It is simply about control mechanisms

        • the article is accurate scumbag wow. go get a blood test for metals in your system, better yet, google the info on companies
          providing planes, the chemicles, and the services. they dont deny it, even you could hire them if you had enough money.

      2. How about wild fires are a normal thing in nature?
        for example Spruce tree nut cones won’t open up
        unless a fire has occurred.
        People messing about in Legislatures is what has
        made this a big problem. Specifically Democrats
        in positions of power in courts, legislatures, executive
        positions, eco-nut NGOs, and the union cops that defend all
        of them and enforce their BS cause the problem.

        • The cali drought is caused by geoengineering I am positive of it. Look into it if you doubt it. That shit over your head ain’t contrails, they just disperse into a mush of shit haze. Don’t have to be a genius to figure it out….

          • mmmmmmmm ? Remember AGENT ORANGE VIETNAM ?

            • ANGRY FROG, remember it exactly as it happened and having a mist fall on us as the flying box cars flew their grid over head. We all wondered what the hell is in this shit ? Anybody or anything in that grid was sprayed as well as all water supplies which were simply rivers, lakes, ponds whatever to pump out of. Same with uranium based armor shells

              So far I am a lucky one, hope it holds ?

          • Genius, I thought it was all the commies blowing hot air that caused the fires, LOL.

        • I may be wrong about this, but I believe that the DEEP STATE (intel community) is at Civil War. Evidence for both NorCal Fires & SoCal fires is mounting that they were either caused, or exacerbated by DEW Blue Laser Weapons.

          The videos are out there. More evidence will come to light in the coming weeks I am sure. 🙁

          • Look at the pictures of the totally destroyed homes and vehicles, and then look at the PINE trees standing unburned right next to a totally gone residence. You all can’t be that stupid. Something VERY rotten in Denmark, for sure.There is no way that is normal fire!!!!

            • Forest fires do not burn circular holes into auto engine blocks either; or cause trees to burn from the inside out. 🙁

          • NorCal Fires were in Conservative areas. SoCal Fires in Liberal areas. TIT FOR TAT ??? 🙁

        • I saw some videos and still photos. Interesting that in the pictures only businesses and houses were burned up, while rows and rows of trees right next to the buildings were not touched. Very peculiar! How is that explained?

          • CLIMATE CHANGE !!! 🙂

        • What’s not normal is the level of metallic aluminum oxide, barium stearate, and other submicron nanopowder elements deposited by the tons, drifting down into the biosphere that burn at extremely high heat when ignited. The conifer nut cones you describe would be reduced to ashes thanks to man-made climate geoengineering.

















        • To Eisenkreutz, Well said. What you left out is the FILTH in the streets of San Francisco. California is a disgrace to civilized mankind now. So is Seattle, Portland , LA, Sacramento, and many more totally blue cities. The Democrat Leadership has been taken over by the Globalist groups, also the RINOS belong to these FASCISTS. It has been a process. this last election the Democrats ran on lies, that was their only platform. Am I a Republican? No Independent. My first presidential election I voted for JFK. I grew up n a Democrat Family. But that type of Democrat does not exist today. hat type of Democrat did not want to over through the country. They were hard working honest people. The Democrat Leadership today has been totally compromised by PURE EVIL. SO HAVE THE RINOS BEEN BOUGHT OFF! Flake is one dishonest man.

        • You can actually own a business, and run it, any way you want, you know.

      4. SO2 moving southward, from Lassen, along the edge of California’s “Central Valley”.

      5. California fires are never the result of natural causes or accidental ignition from shorting power lines or careless campfires combined with an absurd number of uncleared dead trees and other accumulated forest debris in poorly managed forests.

        They’re always the result of conspiratorial super secret and high tech activities by unknown people.

      6. It’s telling that Newsom’s reported first reaction in that meeting isn’t, “Oh my God, we’ve got to stop that!” or even a skeptical “That can’t be true! They wouldn’t do that!” but a self absorbed, narcissistic, “I didn’t need this”.

        Gosh, Mr. Governor-Elect, we’ll all try to live our lives for your convenience from now on.

      7. Down here on Florida SW coast Red Tide and Green Algae, largely caused by man made nutrients both commercial and residential are wrecking havoc to the tourism economy and quality of life. The solution isn’t to cut the nutrients but rather to put bacteria into the water ways to eat the organics depleting the food source of the aforementioned. It looks like creating a problem to fix a problem. Its somewhat analogous to importing an invasive species. The long term implications seem to have the potential for future yet unseen for now problems.

        • Im sure DARPA has something in their proverbial pandora’s box to fix the problem.

        • Kevin, you must live near me. My primary trade – marine electronics – puts me on the waterfront almost daily. I personally have seen fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and many other chemicals applied literally on seawalls and the elegant properties that have over-populated the entire coast in my area. Question to you – have you noticed during the worst of the outbreak of red/green tides the sudden and rapid increase in the numbers of ‘jellies’? Specifically, the Aurelia aurita/moon jelly?

        • One geoengineering scheme involved the seeding of algae, to absorb C02.

          But, another involved converting it to bio-diesel.

      8. At no time were radio stations warning of impending firestorms. At no time did radio or TV warn anyone to evacuate. Like they say in Missouri,show me!

        People died because the media had a political agenda for them to die.

      9. Why pay market value to buy people off their property?! Or suffer the negative optics of eviction by force. When you can just burn them off of their land. The freedom misers of the Cali gubment are making room for their high-speed rail lines.

        Wake up and look up folks! The fumigation from above is happening Worldwide!!! Your little cabin in the woods ain’t gonna stop what’s coming!!!!

      10. Geoengineering by the .gov certainly could be possible.

        My question is, if it’s so toxic and deadly, wouldn’t they also be condemning themselves to the effects? You can’t fill the atmosphere with toxic substances and expect to escape the consequences. What air are THEY breathing?
        Wouldn’t the pilot sprayers also be at risk after they landed? Why would they keep mum? They have little to gain by keeping quiet and harming their families. Where do they get their food, if this stuff harmful and is absorbed into crops?

        These questions are why I’m skeptical. Although I don’t believe anything the government says, I don’t think they would put themselves in danger on purpose.

        Even Don John would have to breathe the toxins…or are they all Annunaki lizards that thrive on pollution? What? You don’t believe in lizard people disguised as humans?

        Back to my bunker, then…

      11. I saw a photo of where the proposed high speed rail is supossed to be built and the path the ‘wildfires’ are taking. The photo shows each path directly on top of one another. Is this their way of clearing the sites they want??

      12. You have heard of the “Butterfly Effect” with weather.

        Chemtrail and Bio-Engineering falls under the “Moth Man Effect.” You may control a weather affect once, but after that the affect controls you.

        Look at the damage Agent Orange did long after the end of the Vietnam War.

        If, IF, these fool idiots are steering hurricanes away from the US coast, then the entire climate of the Northeast will change to a dessert. The reason why the Northeast has such a rich environment is because of the hurricanes.

        There should be a “Prime Directive” about the weather: You don’t f*ck with it.

        • That’s “desert.”

          The other thing with steering these hurricanes off the coast. All that rain ends up falling into the ocean. Who knows what effect that will have on the ocean’s salinity, the ocean current, and other weather systems that depend upon a strong Gulf Stream.

      13. The government is behind ALL these fires. I marvel at all you jerks who write this stuff and say it might be this, that, or a different reason.

        Start telling the truth. American government deliberately caused all the californians to lose their homes. The govt is always behind these things. ALWAYS.

        These major fires are deliberately CAUSED. Start suing the appropriate people. It’s time to take action.
        It’s either fires, tsunami’s, earthquakes or volcanoes.

        They’ve been doing it for so many years and no one says our govt is causing all this to put people out of their homes and into Fema camps and shelters, so as to kill them.

        The numbers of dead in California is a major joke. Don’t you believe it. The numbers of dead is astronomical.
        They herd them into the camps AND local shelters and they are slaughtering and beheading them and acid bins.

        Missing? They’re not missing. They’ve been murdered.
        Do NOT believe the reported low numbers. Better wake up.
        You and your loved ones are next.

      14. Global Climate Sandal: The CA Fires Are Caused By “Illegal And Ongoing Geoengineering”= Fact.

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