Gilded Age: First Lady Takes Taxpayer Funded Vacation No. 16

by | Feb 20, 2012 | Headline News | 205 comments

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    “No country can be well governed unless its citizens as a body keep religiously before their minds that they are the guardians of the law, and that the law officers are only the machinery for its execution, nothing more.”

    Mark Twain 
    The Gilded Age (1874)

    Life is good when you’re not an average tax-paying, slave-laboring prole in America:

    Via the Washington Examiner

    First lady Michelle Obama’s weekend jaunt to Aspen, Colorado for a President’s Day ski holiday with her daughters Sasha and Malia makes the 16th time members of the first family have gone on extended vacations during their three years in office.

    The Obama Vacation List

    • President’s Day 2012, Michelle and the first daughters in Aspen, Colorado to ski.
    • Christmas 2011, the first family in Hawaii for an extended vacation.
    • Summer 2011, in Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., for the annual beach break.
    • June 2011, the first lady, her mother and daughters traveled to South Africa and Botswana.
    • President’s Day 2011, the first lady and first daughters travel to Vail to ski.
    • Christmas 2010, in Hawaii.
    • August 2010, the first family traveled to Panama City Beach, Fla., for some sun and fun at the beach.
    • August 2010, Obama spent the weekend alone in Chicago for his 49th birthday bash.
    • August 2010, the first lady and daughter Sasha traveled to Spain for a mother-daughter vacation.
    • August 2010, summer vacation again at Martha’s Vineyard.
    • July 2010, the first family went to Mount Desert Island, Maine.
    • May 2010, the first family had a four-day trip to Chicago.
    • March 2010, first lady and daughter spend Spring Break in New York City.
    • Christmas 2009, Hawaii again for the annual break.
    • August 2009, at Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Canyon for a short vacation.
    • August 2009, their first summer vacation as first family at Martha’s Vineyard, Mass.

    Millions are out of work, tens of millions more are living in poverty and struggling to feed themselves, the government is printing trillions of dollars to stay afloat, yet our First Lady has determined that it is prudent to take a vacation, on average, once every two and a half months at taxpayer expense.

    The day I took office, one of my commitments to the people was that we would do a better job here in Washington in rooting out wasteful spending at a time when families have cut back and have had to make some tough decisions…

    -President Barack Obama


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      1. I guess she takes so many vactions because she “hates living in the White House” as she stated.

        • Tina! Your are first and number one in my book!

          • Anyone see the correlation between Bush and all his vacations leading up to 9/11 and the Obamas and there vacations leading up to WWIII, I know it looks like a stretch, so I’m just saying………Hell it worked just fine the first time.

        • Does this First Family travel more than others have? Seems to me they have all been wasteful pigs at the trough.

          • Did you vote for her?

            • No. I voted for Bob Barr.

            • Moore likely Bob Barker.

            • If you voted at all then you lent legitimacy to an obviously corrupt and broken system and are complicit in the fraud.

          • This is the most nonsensical reply, “Others have done it, so it must be okay now.”
            It is as though the crime of lying and misusing funds for personal aggrandizement is just fine because it was done in the past.
            A foolish point and a foolish argument.It is okay because she drinks the same flavor Kool Aid as you do.

            • What kind of “Doc” confuses “wasteful pigs at the trough” with “okay now”?

          • We haven’t always been in the worst depression since the “Great” either have we?

            • I agree with Wicked One.

              DocLrrp – Neither one of them has spent that much time in the White House. Everytime he goes out on these so called druming up support for his agenda he’s doing nothing but campaigning at the tax peryers expense. He spends more tax payers money than she does. More than any president has ever in my 33 years of voting.

              Just think of the cost – for secret service protection, the cost to put Air Force Once up in the air plus the C-130 to haul around his veichles, the cost for; gas, housing of all these people, food. This is all paid by the tax payers.

              Now there is nothing wrong with a one or two yearly vacation just like the rest of us & other Presidents past.

              But by God man when does he ever work? When is him & his familly going to start tightening up their belts and stop spending so much of the tax payers money.

        • Maybe she would like it if it was called the “Black House”… you are a dork Tina

        • OOps sorry I censored myself. Great going Tina.

          mbmblbmbl +!$)%&_!^@_%#& the sorry bitch ho from Chicago. This is much nicer than the comment i censored.

        • I hate that she lives in the White House, too.

      2. That’s only those you know about; my guess is there are plenty you don’t.

        Obama has played more golf than anyone and for obvious reasons they don’t discuss his outings.

        Notice how the main stream media doesn’t record these events like they did in the past – not wanting to create any adverse election era issues for their man.

      3. Actually I feel much better when Congress and the president are out of town and wish they were gone more. Or as Mark Twain put it: “No mans life liberty of property are safe while Congress is in session”

      4. No King Cobra in a paper bag for this ghetto princess.

      5. let her eat cake

        • Now…you know better than that.

          Better yet “let her eat Chicken McNuggets”

        • I second that suggestion, let’s fatten her up (some more) so all the sheeple can eat her post SHTF.

          • If you look at her arms in the above picture, I’d say she’s looking fat enough already!!! Her arms are huge!! Is she on steroids or something??? Stop Eatting Chicken Woman!!! Time to loose some of that vacation flab. Get some lipo and feed the poooor!

      6. Incredible. I saw this earlier today and thought that the Obama’s are not out of touch with the rest of us, they just don’t care. And these vacations prove it when most are facing massive hardships. Shame on them.

        • The Obama’s are not hiding it because they know their plan is working. They act this way because they know there will be no elections in November. They know that in just mere weeks, the plan will be set in motion that will lead to a suspension of what is left of the Constitution and bring down the world as we know it. They are just taking their little girls to see the worlds beauty and greatness before it collapses.

          By November, the majority of Americans will be more focused upon survival or where their next meal will come from than what is going on in Washington. When these poor people are allowed to vote, they will vote for anyone who will make their problems less of a burden to bear. Before the rooster crows, they will not only deny they know Jesus, they will deny they are Americans. We will have a new nation, a royal family, and a new god by New Years.

      7. Damn…I don’t get vacations anymore….I have to take a STAYcations

      8. Boy she sure is sacrificing just like the rest of us….

        Last vacation I took was to the unemployment office…it was a much longer vacation than I wanted, thankfully its over since I found a new job and went back to work two weeks ago.

      9. She has a large posterior.

        • commonly referred to as BWA- yet she preaches about healthy foods and loosing weight but evidently that doesn’t pertain to her… hypocrite!!

      10. But they never vacation with the homeys back da hood

      11. This what we should not be concerned about.

        • Haha fellow Christians. I see you like my comment.

          “You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his male servant, or his female servant, or his ox, or his donkey, or anything that is your neighbor’s.” Exodus 20:17
          “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” Matthew 7:1

          • Problem is, it’s not its house. It belongs to and is paid for by the people. When I started my business, I went 6 years before going on a vacation. They couldn’t even make it 6 months.

            • Noname- you said “you shall not covet your neighbors wife….nor his donkey…” etc.
              As we all know, when it come to Mrs. BO, aint NOBODY coveting that ass. Even though there appears to be plenty of it to go around. Just sayin’

          • Nobody would judge if she paid for it all herself rather than charge you lot for it. Get a grip man, this is theft.

            If I go and take money from someone else I will quite rightly be prosecuted for theft, why should she be any different?

            Makes me mad and it’s not even my taxes she is spending

          • I think this is less about envy or coveting and more about the “appearance” sloth. Coveting would suggest envy and want. I believe that if you look at past stories and comments at this site no one here, for the most part, either envies nor would they want to be the Obama’s. What I want is to not have it rubbed in my face every time they take a vacation, and that they please act responsibly with the tax payers money. I for one, want the Obama’s to pay the difference in the cost of security while she is on vacation, especially without the POTUS.

            • Remember Ron Paul would only take $35,000 a year as pay. There is a real conservative.

          • Like Bill J says – it ain’t her house. It is supposed to be ours.

            Also, what coveting? If it’s our money, then it should be spent wisely, not blown on being a globe-trotting vacation-hound.

      12. Aspen is a very expensive place where the upper echelon elite go to play and schmooze. If she wasn’t married to a Kenyan Dictator, do you think the exclusive resort town would have allowed her to stay?

        • Maybe to clean for them.

      13. You guys need to think this through. Much like my pup, when boredom sets in, destructive behavior results. Do you want an entertained president at the golf course or a bored one in the white house working on more costly legislation to further his agenda? I am more than happy to see him and his family anywhere but Washington DC.

        All you need to do is look at the mess he has made when he is forced to stay home. The answer is obvious, his vacation time is less costly to the country than his horrible spending practices while working.

        Unlike my pup as he ages, I do not see any improvement in the president’s reign as his tenure ages.

        • I will be ready for them to be out of the white house all together and not to return. Leashes that is what they are Leashes.

          • uh…. leaches? wow.

        • As a sign of your pup’s improvement, I’ll bet your pup is housebroken.

        • Yeah, but there are probably much cheaper ways to keep him from his duties.
          Here’s one that would cost pennies.Just need some watermelon seeds, a stick and a termite mound located next to their victory garden:

      14. Now that girl got some guns on her!

      15. The people that did the image sure had a laugh. Look at the size of her left arm. Is there some hidden meaning for it being so large?

        Y’all Beware! What a hoot!

        • It’s from milking the taxpayers, it builds some serious arm muscles.

          • Because it’s not from doing in hard work. Just having to hold your hand out or should I say take away from people that do work for everything they have. That is just plan crazy.

          • But only if Chuck Norriss ALLOWS her to! 🙂

      16. Well, that is one image I don’t need to see. Ski tights on Mooo…Moooo….AAUUGhhhh ! ! !
        Stuff some more cake in there First Moocher ! Cushions the landings !

        Why is it I feel like I am TDY back in some nightmarish, two bit, dictatorship again? ANSWER: I am ! We all are !

        We are rapidly decaying into a third world shit hole while Antoinette & Emir lavishly smash their extravagance, and our wasted taxes, in our faces.

        Looks like another Pepto Bismo evening. Mix in the Vodka too…what the hell !

      17. this is utterly disgusting!!!!
        In comes Dr Guillotin!!!!!!!!

      18. we are turning into a third world country and Obama honestly does not care. It’s so true and he does not give a rats ass about anything. Obama is so selfish and completly out of control. he is an idiot and I dont know how he is still in office. Wait until gas hits over 4 dollars and I don’t want it that high but when it does at election time, I’m going to be suprised how he is going to pull this off and how is the media going to protect him with so many problems going on. it’s going to be a nightmare for the media supporting him and can’t wait to see what they are going to say. Still blaming it on everything else. A true leader leads and take responsibility, Obama has not taken responsibility not once for anything he has done. What a joke this guy is and the joke for the people who still vote for him. Give me a thumbs up for Obama leaving and a thumbs down for a Obama supporter. Id really like to know.

        • I know each one of you have a favorite in the four candidates. No matter who wins the nomination, you must get out and vote for the nominee. Its the only way to remove Obama or we will never come back to what we had as a nation. That is the most important first step to take. These candidates must stop going after each other. They must go after Obama for what he has done and is still doing. This from an insider who says the WH is happy they are after each other.
          The ones who are receiving help will continue to receive help until they can clean up the damage. They will not let them down. They will cut other ways until they get things better with jobs. We cannot let him have four more years. This is our last chance.

      19. The obamas. Taking “entitlement” to a whole new level.

        Think obama will use that for his 2012 campaign slogan?

        They are despicable human beings.

        • You’re being unfair to despicable human beings.

      20. I haven’t taken a vacation in two years. Because I am a responsible adult I am paying my debt off. Unlike others that are putting us deeper in debt. Must be freaking nice to have someone else to pay for your $hit.

      21. FIRST

      22. Wallyworld is no #17 on the list!

        Heck.. Since Obama took office we lost our credit rating..Whats the difference.. Just charge it!

        I hope she lives it up.. Because It’s back to Chicago in 2013 for them all!!

      23. Down With the Presidency

        “… As the presidency assumes ever more power unto itself, it becomes less and less accountable and more and more tyrannical. These days, when we say the federal government, what we really mean is the presidency. When we say, national priorities, we really mean what the presidency wants. When we say national culture, we mean what the presidency funds and imposes.

        The presidency is presumed to be the embodiment of Rousseau’s general will, with far more power than any monarch or head of state in pre-modern societies. The US presidency is the apex of the world’s biggest and most powerful government and of the most expansive empire in world history. As such, the presidency represents the opposite of freedom. It is what stands between us and our goal of restoring our ancient rights.” …

        Pay Up or Die
        by Laurence M. Vance

        … “What follows is Foster’s complete list of 102 things that no one should do if he hates taxes – all followed by my comments.” …

      24. It’s bushes fault that he takes too many vacations

        • Now that is FUNNY Stan the man!

          You believe everything you read radardeb? When the first family starts vacationing in their previous home or Camp David I’ll start putting things “in prospective”.

      25. Go to and see how many vacations various presidents have taken. Obama has taken less than both Bushes, Reagan. But more than Clinton and Carter. Put it in perspective, folks.

        • Bill had Dick get into the way.

          • Yes, Bill had dick…Monica said so.

            Oh sorry, that dick, okay strike first line lol

        • Some presidents deserved more vacations.

        • I don’t think it is the number of vaca’s, but the cost and extravaganz of each. And let’s not overlokk the fact that we are in dire straits economically, and the unemployment rate is high. What is it, the U3 or U6 that tells the truth (fact check) about a 17 percent unemployment rate?

      26. Well ,I think when she showed off her Target dress.Oh look at me I’m one of you show.This just proves the pointless games that the First Family is playing.Let them have there fun it will be short lived.I only hope the next to take office will be better.

      27. seriously, who’s surprised? they’re psychopaths…liars and hypocrites. this is what people voted for. guess what: next time the vote comes around, don’t vote. they’ve made it clear the game is rigged and they’re gonna do what they want anyway. don’t vote. spend your time more effectively and efficiently.

        it’s the same game every four years, doesn’t matter who’s in office or who’s on deck. it’s the same garbage each cycle: promises promises, and people fall for it every time.

        let go of it.

      28. as usual…..most of you really think all of this really matters…..I hope you are prepped….and you have your tanglables…..cuz the other side of this arguement is bitching about you….make sure this is just entertainment (ur ramblings about these talking heads bought and paid for figureheads)….and not your reason to stand on your appointted soap box. You are doing nothing here…..just passing air in another direction…vacations…who really cares….like it matters….prep yourselfs….get a life….and then make sure it lasts….

        • Yea , your right.

      29. i hated jimmy carter. and obama is far worse than jimmy least jimmy carter wore sweaters and rode around in a grenada while his first lady roselyn gave out recipes for peanut butter pie and the kid amy rode her skates around in the blue room. and most vacations the bushes took were to maine or camp david or the ranch in texas and they kept their shopping to themselves…of course they did have a little teenage angst to deal with over the underage drinking. and reagan usually spent his vacation time on his california ranch…but his first lady took to talking and conferring with the psychics. but none of the past presidents or first ladies have tried to become king and queen and flaunted themselves or their riches in the faces of the american people as the obamas have….it is gonna take one hell of a president to have the smarts and the courage to undo what the obamas have done the last four years and sadly, the american people are not gonna be happy and there is gonna be alot of austerity to go around before this mess is cleaned up.

        • “…it is gonna take one hell of a president to have the smarts and the courage to undo what the Obamas have done the last four years…”

          Yes, and that man is RON PAUL! He IS, he HAS and he WILL!

        • At least the other presidents actually had (have) a HOME to go to. The Clinton’s stayed in the Gov. mansion while in AR. but the Obummers have no home to speak of. If Hawaii is their home state, why do they spend hundreds of thousands of tax payers money to rent out hotel rooms? The house they stayed in while in Chicago has got 3 different names connected to it. So is it just me or do you find this kinda strange? Most Americans their age with 2 kids usually own a house SOMEWHERE. Maybe they rather get what they can from people so they don’t have to worry about mortgages or any kind of RESPONSIBILITY. They seem like pro’s when it comes to smooching the system. Hmm, I wonder why?

      30. the reason she is taking so many vacations is because she knows the clock is ticking and the money is running out. After the collapse she wont be ablt to take so many vacations on her own dime.

        • Thing is, my friend, she’s not taking them on her own dime now, she’s taking them on yours.

      31. Funny thing if you google Laura Bush vacations. All you get is information on MO. As I’ve said real time b propaganda.

      32. Harry Truman served chicken salad at the White House when he became President upon FDRs death. He said, “There’s A War On”. He refused to splurge.

        Class cannot be bought; you either have it or you don’t. Harry Truman had class.

        • Harry Truman was awesome. So awesome, the band Chicago made a song about him.

        • The Obummers have no class… they wish they did and they try to act like they do but you can see right thru the charade. Fake, phony not to mention irresponsible and clueless. Be glad when they are gone!! Beers for everyone…

      33. The beach is that……………….way!

        / /
        / /
        — —-/ /
        / /
        (Picture of body-builder arm pointing to surf…)

      34. She loves spending “Whitey’s” money!

        • No, she thinks she’s Whitney, but looks like the Planet of the Ape’s.

          • Get your hands off of me you damn, dirty ape!! LOL

        • To hoser, Just like her Peter Puffer husband.

      35. I really wouldnt give a rats behind about the vacations but Obama for alomost 3 years BEFORE he was elected ran around shootING his mouth off about Bush spending time and money on vacations! Damm him and his Clydsdell wife!!!
        YEA ! The women looks like a clydsdel from the backside!
        I said it! EVERYBODY IS THINKING IT ! Someone HAD TO SAY IT!

        • Why couldn’t Obummer picked a “sweeter” woman to marry. Michelle looks down right mean and I bet she can do that chicken-neck thing when she gets pissed. She looks like a “hater”… maybe that’s why they are blowing tax payers money, for pay back on whatever it is they think we owe them.

      36. maybe she’ll find a tree like John Denver did?

        • SSSSHHHHIIITTTT!!! She looks like a shaved Bigfoot on skis..She could mow down the whole forest if she got up enough steam. I wonder what THAT trip cost us?

          • ~BRW~

            LOL!!! That’s funny!

            But damn you BR warrior….you’ve caused me to suffer, hilarious mental images of a huge “rutting female Sasquatch” stalking a skinny effeminate president, around the White House lawn & rose garden!

            …thanks dude, I needed a good laugh!

        • That was Sonny Bono who T boned a tree……John Denver crashed his experimental airplane.

        • John found the surface of the ocean in a newly purchased home made styrofoam plane with the fuel selector in the wrong position. He and his father were certified Lear jet pilots that flew in his own beautiful jet with full fuselage pin striping and wing tip tanks that were stenciled with “you scratch you pay”.

        • was Sonny Bono who found the tree in his way skiing….LMFAO..
          John Denver crshed an experimental aircraft

      37. All i want to know is, can i re-patent the guillotine if i add some electrical motors, servos and PC boards that will allow it to only work if you are a scumbag banker or politician? Any one have any ideas?

      38. Mac,
        A reference to us “slaves” as a caption for a picture of a black woman? The photoshop job has her waist to small, the LEFT arm about right, and I’m not sure the dress adequately covers the rear. Look at the skiing pictures in the article linked below.

        For a more detailed list of their vaca’s go to the foreign press:

      39. stories like this bring out the knuckledragging racists for a good long feeding at the stupid trough. good red meat bait for the dummies, eh mac? drives up page views, real nice. makes your advertisers happy.

        as if race has anything to do with it. get a grip you morons.

        • I have to comment on my rare agreement with you, Ferndale. 🙂

          • Don’t be so open minded that your brain falls out.

        • My dear you need to get a grip. This administration has done more to racially divide the country then anything since the KKK

          • Why is it that when a person/group criticizes Obummer on one of his policies they are instantly called a racist? Ann Coulter and some others said that would happen if he was elected and I’ll be damned if they weren’t correct. People naturally are going to disagree but if one disagrees with his holiness, Barack Hussein Obama, then they are usually singled out as a racist. People had no problem making fun of Bush or Clinton and yet there was no race remarks involved. Such a touchy subject when you have a black pres. in office, especially with a terrorist sounding name. I personally don’t care for him but it has nothing to do with skin color, it has to do with the fact that he’s out of touch with the people and shows no concern for us or our country. But I guess that’s Bush’s fault, another thing that I don’t like about him. He will not accept responsibility for his actions.

        • ferndale,

          I have been reading your post for sometime now. And alot of them are pretty good reading and then you throw out the race card… I’ll be the 1st to say it, You Sir are a racist!! Why is it that you hate white people?


          • Because he wishes he could live in Ferndale. Why I dunno. Been there, seen that, disinfected my entire car afterward.

        • What word would you like to be first ?

        • BadAmerican

          That was sarcasm….. what you said was perfect…

        • sarcasm would have ended with “wat up wit dat” lol

        • Before its all over you will be one of the rasisses. Most blacks hate you. Learn the truth. You multicultural fools will kill us all.

      40. Why is it that only ordinary people go on vacation and get eaten by a grizzly or shark and they dont…it couldnt happen to nicer peoples…of course any self respecting shark or Grizz wouldnt want a bite of that…roar…bite…puke/spit…ewwww…run away,run away….

        • You know what they say. Lion and tigers and bears and sharks can smell an ape. Oh and ordinary Americans are adventurous and self reliaant. These idiologs only saw it in a movie. My guess is they are even afraid of the dark.

        • ~REB~

          After serious consideration of your question….

          I’m almost certain, the only critters they’d have to fear…would be a swarm of DUNG BEETLES!!!

          • Thanks GS I needed that….a good laugh…what an image comes to mind!…love it! 🙂

      41. No more King Sized candy bars for all you michelle haters. She’s got you right where she wants you……

        • P.S. I LOVE the picture of her Mac! The manly arm muscles are hilarious (nice to see the MSM is right about her “toned” arms)

      42. ferndale says:

        February 20, 2012 at 9:59 pm

        stories like this bring out the knuckledragging racists for a good long feeding at the stupid trough. good red meat bait for the dummies, eh mac? drives up page views, real nice. makes your advertisers happy.

        as if race has anything to do with it. get a grip you morons.

        Since when is the truth racist? It is what it is.

        • A long time ago I learned how not to be a racist. How you ask? I HATE EVERYONE EQUALLY!!!!!

          • You sound like my husband, Archie Bunker all the way. I always say it’s a privilege that he likes me, although some times I wonder. He hates every one so that way he can’t discriminate against any one in particular.

            • Honestly, I could care less what color you are, you can be purple with pink polka dots, but, Iif you either can’t or won’t do your job, then you need to be fired. We have a lot of work ahead of us, and Obama is making the situation worse. Read up on the Georgia guide stones, engraved on them is the entire plan the NWO has for not just us, but the entire world.

      43. “This chance wont come around again.”

        “There are still many causes worth sacrificing for, so much history yet to be made”

        “There’s an inconvenience factor there, and if we’re going to uproot our lives, then let’s hopefully make a real big dent in what it means to be president of the United States.”

        ― Michelle Obama

      44. In 12 years, I have spent 1 night in a hotel room and taken two, 3 day camping trips staying in a small rustic off grid cabin ($45/night). We sold a vehicle and purchased a small travel trailer this last fall for $2000, so we could get away once in a while. Now, I fear that gas prices will keep it sitting in the driveway. They are not out of touch…they simply do not care. They will get everything they feel deserving of while they can…and I pray that ends very soon.

        • You are absolutely correct, these two, just like the Clintons before them, con their way all the way up to the highest office of the land.It was and it remains a marvelous con job and they know their con job can’t be and will not be repeated so, they are enjoying themselves while it lasts.I will say as much as I hate to admit, the last statesman that was fully qualified to be president was George Bush senior, not even Bush Jr was fully qualified, hell he did not even want to be president, he wanted to be Commissioner of BASEBALL.

      45. She is just livin large and gettin paid.

        nuff said

      46. Meh, give her a break. It’s not easy being mrs. black jesus, or is that black mary magdalene???

      47. Fool, that was Sonny Bono that supposedly died skiing and hit a tree. John Denver died in a plane crash. Like Hale boggs. and jfk jr. and that senator and his whole family. and those polish leaders. ya know what I mean???????

      48. None of them give a rat’s hinder anymore, whether it’s the little o clan, or the Goldman Suchs clan, or the UAW/SEIU clan. They all know the torpedo is about to hit the ship, and they’re making sure they not only have reservations for the lifeboats, but they’re stuffing the dining room silverware into their bags to take with them.

      49. Come on, hate her for what she does or does to do, hate her husband for his politics but not for the colour of their skin.

        There are enough bigots in the world, bigotry helped get us to the sorry state we are in today.

        Regardless of her colour she has a big bum, regardless of her colour she takes too many state paid holidays and regardless of her colour she has muscles like Jean Claude Van Dam.

        Cheers I feel better now.

        • No, you’re wrong. “White guilt” got us into “the sorry state we are in today.” If you can’t see that, you’re blind, and I’m sorry for you.

          • Really? You think?

            Well youRe entitled to your opinion.

            I am white, I feel no guilt regarding blacks, muslims and the like. I give each person I meet a chance, if they eff it up, so be it, their loss, just as it is for the whites who eff it up.

            No need to feel sorry for me mate, feel sorry for the apologists if you like.

            You would do well by not making generalisations about people, a few posts here does to mean you know me, and although it is your right to state that I am wrong, you are rather emphatic about it, how can you know that you are definitely right?

            What you have PT is an opinion, nothing more and nothing less.

            Dictators are convinced that they are right and everyone else is wrong, I hear there are a couple of vacancies if you are interested.

            For the record my eyesight is good, I am neither blind nor bigoted.

            Take care

            • A bit touchy are we? Yes, from my post, i.e. my “opinion” (your words), you determine that I would be a good candidate for a dictator. Nice. Switch to decaf my friend.

              True, I don’t know you. Yes, I probably generalized. After all, it was a pretty blanket statement. I guess I interpreted your comment to mean that all the crap that has plagued our nation is due to our own bigotry. Bollocks.

              Go back (take a deep breath first), and re-read my post. I am not accusing you of harboring any guilt. No, white guilt is the mantra of the media and the government, and it prevents decent folk from defending their country and ways of life for fear of being called racist. It’s the cause of a lot of our problems today, and it has pretty efficiently silenced your country regarding any objection to third-world immigration (as an example).


      50. P.s.

        It is my opinion that the family shindigs in Hawaii are to try to bit by bit convince everyone of his”ties” to the area..returning to the place of his supposed birth and all that crap.

        In my opinion, young Barry has a few issues he needs to face up to, his flock will not always be there to protect him.

      51. Okay this is not about Michelle but politicians in general

        The so called Greek bailout has gone through.

        IT IS NOT A GREEK BAILOUT…it is a bank bailout to shore them up so they can withstand future shocks. Not a penny of that money will help the homeless or the hungry, not a cent will buy school books, this is purely TPTB looking after their own once again.

        The Greek people didn’t ask for politicians and bankers to put them in hoc for the rest of their lives. A really good show of how the insidious mass we call politicians can drastically alter the lives of millions with the stroke of a pen.

        This will not help Manos and the thousands of others like him, this is nothing to do with the citizenry, this is economic warfare, grinding down of the common man until they are so weak and without hope that stronger nations can just walk in and take what they choose when they choose. They have stolen the sovereignty of Greece as surely as night follows day.

        Dear God I am angry.

        • Soooo right…Game,set and match. They have been eaten by the squid.

        • burt

          Those credit default swaps have paid off well for the bankers..

          selling toxic debt as bonds and then extracting and enforcing payment on the debt to the people of Greece.Portugal Spain Italy..

          and to top it off..
          remove duly elected leaders and replace them with “bankers” as the head of state..

          Greece and Italy..a full monti.

 absolutely corrupt..disgusting..

          we are next!


          • Posee…I agree, but maybe not with the next bit. Maybe in your country and mine this will finally wake people up, especially if the Dutch and Fins get their way and manage to screw the whole thing.

            Take care

            • Burt

              Although there are many is but a small % at best here..

              I seriously doubt that Americans are waking up in numbers that will change anything..sorry to say..
              Too many are involved with the left/right paradigm and buy into the change of the upcoming election as if anything will result but continued pillaging by the respective PTB’S.

              The one rallying cry that unites all persuasions is the 2nd amendment..and the ongoing threat to totally dismantle it..
              There are over 70 million legal gun owners here..and whether right left or independent..
              we just might be the one faction that will put up a good fight..

              Time will tell.,,indeed.

              Take care as well.


      52. @all key dates coming in March 2012…

        March 7-8th Jewish Purim … war, assassinations, mass murders by you all know “who”!

        March 8th FBI is Shutting Down The Internet, Going After Alt News Sites and Patriotic Constitutional FreeMen/Women Americans! Expect PRO NWO CFR AIPAC WAR Propaganda news from FUXABCNBCCBSMSM News Channels, turn to RT russian television for the REAL news!

        March 20th Iran is switching to basket of currency, gold, food for oil exchange… same as Iraq did and Libya did , prior to being Attacked Illegally by Nato/ America CIA controlled Al-CIA-Duh!

        March 23rd Greece Defaults , its a Friday , Bank Closings , Accounts frozen , Greece Civil War! Many greeks will suffer and die!

        greece is just the first domino… of the p.i.i.g.s… to FAIL!

        It’s coming to America… 3 months or 3 years… its coming!

        History shows us it comes to America in waves from Europe… a GREATER Depression , Civil Unrest, Homelessness and Starvation is Coming!

        Arm Up Stock Up Prepare! Predator or Prey the choice is Yours!

        WW3 has already started!

        ;0P pssszzt da’ NWO CFR Banker Bilderboybugger Fascists!

      53. You have to give the King and Queen one thing. They are the best gun salesmen in America(zh).

      54. its all about pushing the limits..his entire presidency has been about pushing the limits, and so is hers

        • But why VRF? Is it to see how far they can go, how much they can get away with before the people bite back?

          Or is it just a giant power kick, first black first family and so on?

          I’m sure if we tracked the genealogy of politicians world wide we would find that they all evolved from the same ball of slime. They are all so alike they just have to be related, all different branches of the same family.

          Take Angela Merkle (anybody please take her) East German, Much to do with Russia back in the day, now pops up as a stateswoman throwing her not inconsiderable weight about on the world stage, Sarkosy…the poison dwarf…who has sold his soul for a chance of re- election. Cameron the idiot, thinks that by not wearing a tie and rolling up his sleeves that we will think he’s a working class bloke doing a hard job. They ALL treat us like imbeciles,.

          No idea what I’m getting at, just venting I think.

          Have a good day

          • Yep, I think its a power trip.

            and the fact that they are the first , and probably only black family that is in this much power..its going to get pushed to the limit..Its their way..its that cultures way.

            I dont have to go far to see it around me, Detroit was ground into the dirt because of the same mantality..we call it something different up here, I cant say it on here least I get labled..but screw it..I’ll say it like this

            its like fill in the blanks..N____r Rich

            • Gotcha. I remember Detroit years back, then I saw on the news as it is now. I was shocked and it takes a fair bit to shock me.

              Now here, declining neighbourhoods are usually occupied by a different ethnicity. That’s not a racist statement but a simple fact, indeed these areas are populated by black white and in between, the problem is aspects of the culture and the different definitions of what constitutes acceptable standards.

              It’s a merry go round that we will never get off because differences will always be apparent.

              Take care

          • You might be right in saying, “Is it to see how far they can go, how much they can get away with before the people bite back?”

            Though it may be a scientifically inaccurate analogy, it’s like the proverbial frog in a pot of water that is slowly brought to boiling. TPTB would be foolish to foment an all out revolution. Better to dismantle the nation slowly, one small piece at a time. But I think fairly obvious to almost anyone that it’s all leading back to some flavor of totalitarianism.

      55. And the OWS crowd STILL can’t grasp that they voted for that 1%.

      56. one could “hope” for “change” in the snow pack and a resulting avalanche..

      57. This is a non issue to me. WOW! The first family is wasting a $1,000,000 here, and a $1,000,000 there. What bothers me is the $20,000,000,000,000 (20 tr-tr-trillion) the fed printed to bail out the banks, the $698,000,000,000,000(698 tr-tr-tr-tr-trillion) in derivitives out there,the $1,500,000,000,000(1.5 tr-trillion) we have to “borrow” this year,the MANY $500,000,000,000(500 ba-ba-billion) currency “swaps” over the last couple of years, and the tra-tra-tra-tra-TRILLIONS of dollars in treasuries beeing found in Italy last week and a couple of years ago.

      58. Comedian Brother Dave Gardner once said “I’m sick and tired of apologising for being white.”

        At the risk of pissing off ABSOLUTELY everybody, let me say this as plainly as possible. YES. IT’s about race. It’s always about race. It has been since day one of this presidency. EVERYTHING concerning BO and the first lady is about race. Why do you think people are AFRAID to criticize him? Or her?
        Do you think for one minute that any white person of BO’s credentials and experience(exactly zero) would have even won a single primary in 2008? Much less the nomination and the damned election to the presidency? Hell NO!
        The blacks voted for him because he’s black. And, honestly, I don’t blame them for that. They wanted one of their own in office, and if you think about it, that actually makes sense from that standpoint.(I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and say they had no idea how inept he would be)
        The whites who voted for him (all progressives) also voted based on his color. They have bought into the lie of multiculturalism, which in itself, is just one more facet of the gangster bankster whore’s plan of deception and ultimate control.
        These poor pathetic ignorant whites actually think that they are somehow advancing race relations by supporting an incompetent idiot simply because he’s a BLACK idiot. Since they support him they believe they’re projecting their own sense of ‘inclusiveness’ or ‘unbiased’ thinking. NONSENSE! Progressives are the most biased people on the planet. They just kid themselves into believing they’re hiding it from everyone else. They’re not.(conservatives, on the other hand, don’t try to hide it, and don’t care)
        Then there’s the lamestream media. Either progressives with the same mental delusions as mentioned above, or in some cases, too chickenshit to speak out in any way against BO’s rampant stupidity for fear that they will be labeled ‘racist.’
        Again, this is another plank in the bankster whore’s plan of control. Build lifelong fear into people to shut them up. And control the very language itself. The term ‘racist’ has been labeled a BAD word and many have bought into that. They are scared to death of being called racist. Or ‘intolerant.’ Hell, the only normal, sane way to be is to be intolerant of the things you should be intolerant of. I’m intolerant of small lead objects traveling at 1200 feet per second. And malaria, and falling pianos and all kinds of stuff. I’m also intolerant of rampant stupidity, which is why I never watch broadcast tv. I refuse to surrender control of the language to these pussbags.
        Barack Obama is a failure as a president. His policies, whether by his own stupidity, or by design, are killing this country. Michelle is a failure as a first lady. She stands for nothing worthwhile. She dedicates herself and her time and resources to nothing for the betterment of others. (all qualities shared by every first lady before her) Like her husband, her life is all about HER. She’s as narcissistic as he is. When measured simply as human beings, they are both a pair of pathetic losers.
        And the biggest frustration of all this, is that he IS just a puppet. He’s being used by the NWO whores to advance their agenda BECAUSE he is black and they know many will hesitate to criticize him, no matter what. This is the most insideous part of their plan. Use the most ‘uncriticizable’ puppet to put the finishing touches on the plans of destruction, domination and world control. God help us all, if a new Thomas Jefferson doesn’t arrive on the scene. And quickly!
        Unlike the majority of America’s sheeple, and sadly, a few people here, I will NOT be intimidated by race, twisted language control, political power or anything else. I will however be intimidated by any caliber larger than .38.

        …well crap. and it started out to be such a nice day….maybe tomorrow will be better. This morning, it just seems like somebody pissed in my cornflakes. I get so fed up with the shenanigans of the political elite. And even more so with the ignorance and apathy that grips the 99%. (or maybe it’s just me, is it a full moon or something?)

        • Didn’t piss me off okie!! I agree!

        • Grand pianos? You’ll put an eye out with that .22

        • I agree with you and its sad. Too bad he could of been a bit more common sense smart. he lacks the ability to see what hard work does and the good of it. his policies are dead wrong and are killing us. Im so happy we had our founding fathers that were smart to make the constitution as detailed as it was to keep leaders like obama from killing it. yes he is trying and doing things that are wrong but overall the founding fathers were smart people in that time. Look at Canada, they wanted to be US citizens back then but now we want to be like them low crime but not their healthcare. I see all these nice cars from canada driving in Pa. Then I look at the cars here and a lot of them are POS. they must be doing something right. Maybe less blacks and sorry for saying that but its true. I like all races and iranians but not their leaders.

        • completely agree with you..

          and also about the .38

        • Agreed Okie! Well spoken…sadly some dont understand(or want to) that its not about race its about stupidity masqauading as reason and rightousness,critize these clowns and they or their defenders will smack you in the head with the big hammer of racism…I despise marx/lenin/mao just as much as I do barry but I dont get called a racist for the former but the latter….the truth is the truth…it doesnt become a non-truth simply because it offends me,it becomes a non-truth when it can be disproven by facts,feelings and opinions notwithstanding…again well said!

        • Thumbs up!

      59. As the first black President my legacy would be of upmost importance to me. Taking advantage of the situation does not promote a positive legacy. My vacations would be focused around helping all the people in the US. In the end I would have all races of people saying, “Ya know they were good people”. To achieve that they need to do everything better then previous occupiers of the White House because of the people I describe in the paragraph below.

        Those of you that call the President and his family monkeys are way out of line. Guaranteed the President or his wife have double the education (and 30 more points on their IQ) that you people do. It’s hurtful, ignorant and just plain wrong.

        • OK, Kevin2, if they have way more education (not an advantage in my opinion. I’ve been carrying the load for Higher Ed types for most of my career) and they have 30 points higher on IQ rating, is all the incompetence an act?

          • NetRanger

            It’s not incompetence it’s an agenda that is carried out by whoever is in office.

            As an example one thinks that the Canadian oil should come to the US. Well the people really in control finance every environmental group in the US so energy costs increase with the net result that less is used. The goal is to have sufficient supplies for global expansion. Obama decided for “environmental reasons” to not put in the pipeline. The powers that actually control things would have roadblock upon roadblock up and a Republican President would cry “I can’t get this passed because of the environmental movement” avoiding the decision but in the end the result would be the same, no increased oil.

            The two party’s are facilitating globalism and pointing a finger at President A verses B or Party A verses B is useless.

            If you don’t like Obama choose Newt, Mitt or Rick. No change in direction. No America first but rather a march forward towards globalization possibly in another area but always with us (The People) getting the dirty end of the stick.

      60. just WOW

        how incredibly disappointing I find a lot of comments here

        • Hello Satori

          I can see why you would say that. Let’s just turn it a little though.

          Is it not great that we, as individuals, have the freedom to say these things that disappoint you?

          I disagree with a great deal of the posts on here, but they make me think, they engage and sometimes enrage me, but all the time they make me think, and question and think some more.

          This is what freedom of speech is about and I am very greatful for that freedom.

          These posts show both a measure of intelligence, and of ignorance, depending on who is reading it, they are subjective and objective….depending on your views.

          Please take the time to stay a while longer, tell those that disappoint you why they do, join the debate.

          Take care

          • specifically what I object to is the obvious racism

            feel free to criticize Obama for taking a vacation

            and yeah free speech
            blah blah blah

            there are 300 million people in this country
            and 300 million opinions

            and its not exactly rare for a Pres to ake a vacation or two
            or 10 0r 20 is it???





            frankly I expect more from this forum than a bunch of name calling

            • Analyze the fact that White folks are sick and fucking tired of being blamed for black people living in the ghetto, refusing to work or get an education or the crime in their communities or the fact that they are more likely to end up dead or in prison than working at a job.

              It is stupid, self righteous liberal morons that degrade blacks by claiming they aren’t capable of competing against whites, asians and latinos therefore they have to have test scores “adjusted” or their anti-social, ghetto behavior must be tolerated or even lauded.

              The dirty little truth is that millions of black Americans are cheering Fat Ass for sticking it in Whitey’s face. They don’t have the balls to say it but it is true. These two Marxist losers are playing the race card with more finesse and power than Jesse, the NAZI, Jackson could ever hope to.

              I don’t like ANY politician and I’m personally sick to my stomach of self righteous idiots that possess neither the balls nor the brains to save their country and their culture.

            • Defend the apes!!!!

            • @Plain Old American, you are 100% correct. We are sick and tired of hearing about how the blacks have it rough. They know how to play the system, so we pay for them to exist while they act like they hate us (or we OWE them) and the Obummers are no different in what they are doing- playing the system at tax payers cost. Go figure… if he was a decent prez. it wouldn’t matter but they just DON’T CARE. They have no compassion about the economical problems the people face and seem like they don’t care about the state of our country. All they care about is what can they get for themselves out of all of this at our expense. Sound familiar?

            • Hey KOOL_AID drinker.
              Millions are out of work, tens of millions more are living in poverty and struggling to feed themselves, the government is printing trillions of dollars to stay afloat, yet our First Lady has determined that it is prudent to take a vacation, on average, once every two and a half months at taxpayer expense. Kepp drinking that Obama flavored bullchit!

      61. “The day I took office, one of my commitments to the people was that we would do a better job here in Washington in rooting out wasteful spending at a time when families have cut back and have had to make some tough decisions…” -President Barack Obama

        A more stinkier line of BS has never been spewed by a government official. Like Burt The Brit says, they assemble into and insidious mass. They are politicians. They are in the business of lies, theft, rape, bribery, violence and murder and we elect them.

      62. I guess they figured since millions of Americans are on permanment vacation due to thier policies, They thought they to deserve a vacation every once in a while. Off course, there is a big difference in a card board box, bridge underpass, and a five star hotel. Hopefully, soon and very soon, they will be on a permanent vacation courtesy of the Ameican people.

      63. Do you remember anyone where michelle O was at a memorial for a military member and she was wispering into obamas ear and was saying this was stupid or a waste of time of some sort. There is a clip on you tube about her doing that. I lost all respect for her after that if its true. She would be the most 2 faced first lady ever. Totally beieve she is racist and does not like whites that much. why are they this way. Hell we freed them from slavery and they still hate whites. they have caused more problems then good in this country, not most but just a few, mainly the big fat black ones who demand a free check each month from taxpayers, majority of blacks are just like most of us but the ones that drive around in new cars from sueing people and living for free and demand best care possible and disrespect anyone who does not help them asap drives me nuts. I know a bit off topic but drives me nuts at these bitches

        • yeah ..I think thats where she says//…”All this for a flag?”

          was that it?

            • You would think that these people’s higher education and higher IQs would make them aware that you can READ LIPS ON A VIDEO.

              No, I didn’t call them monkeys, once again their actions SCREAMS it!!!


          • VRF,

            I thought I would post this for the people that didn’t see it. Mrs.Obamama is the worst 1st lady to step foot in the white house!!!



            • yep I posted the same thing..its still out for moderating

            • I wonder if she will be talking again during that same situation.

        • @ eric, I remember that. Seems as tho the MSM was trying to down play it. What do you expect after spending 20 plus years in Rev. Wrights church? I always thought she looked mean, and to be honest, probably hi-fived it when he won thinking look at me now. She probably hates playing nice with the upper white people. Why couldn’t she have been a black lady with a sweet look and disposition instead of one sending out mixed signals?

      64. @kevin2

        Obama, and his orangutan wife, are monkeys, why don’t they release their college records if they are so smart? Keep sucking on the tit of disinformation they keep feeding you, you are just what they need, ignorant white people to vote for him. It appals me as to how stupid the general population is. You sir are a fool!

        • I didn’t vote for Obama in the past and won’t in the future however it is degrading to refer to a human being as an animal. It does not help get your point across.

      65. There is pure white racism against blacks as written here by calling the President a monkey. I believe a lot of what blacks see as white racism is white fear of black violence. That fear is not without merit; the math does not lie when 12% of the population commits 55% of the murders and 68% of the armed robberies.

        On the other hand black racism against whites is racism not fear. That fear ended decades ago and now it’s “payback time” for many. Then again blacks prey on their own far more often because of opportunity.

        There is a lot of lazy white trash on welfare too.

      66. Kevin you are so right, that is what I was trying to say in an earlier post, but you said it better.

        It is not racist to quote the numbers, it’s the name calling that I feel is wrong…..maybe I am wrong, a common saying over here, when referring to those who are not so good looking is that they look like the arse end of a bulldog…does finding that funny make me a hippocrit? I am not sure if Hippocrit is spelt like that, oh well.

        And for the politically correct reading this in future please refer to me as height challenged and weight impaired, short and fat is no longer acceptable lol

        Take care

        • The word racist was invented in the early 1930’s by Magnus Herschfeld, a German-Jewish Communist. The stated purpose for the word was to intimidate white people out of the political process.

          • They wanted to destroy the West thru multiculturalism. We should compliment them on their success.

          • I never knew that Old Fuzzy. In fact I never considered where the term came from, nice one thanks. Never to old to learn eh?

            Take care

          • Hirschfeld was a Jewish homosexual that founded the “Scientific-Humanitarian Committee.” The famous photograph of the Nazis burning books was, in reality, the records of the SHC as most of the Nazi leadership had records of being treated there.

            Read The Pink Swastika. It is very interesting.

      67. I don’t mind the president taking vacations butt the first lady shoulda, coulda taken them with her husband and not in separate aircraft. Who do you think was flying them around the world when he was running for president (the first time)?

        Perception is a two way street Kevin2 and she has people paid to manage that. How are “they” doing?

        • Goldman Sachs was paying his tab the first time.

        • I’m not supporting her vacations. I’m stating it’s degrading to refer to people as animals.

          I think the First Lady is missing an opportunity to create a positive legacy.

          I don’t know where vacations for the First Lady and Children without the President present was part of the presidential compensation package.

      68. I For one am sick of them all…! The Media, the Eleatist, the Establishment politicians present and past. The over taxing of my fellow country men by a government that is nothing more then a greedy host. The brutal “War on Drugs” that they wage only to divide us, in reality it is nothing more then their war on our freedom! (Operation Fast and Furious)… (Operation White Gun) as well as many others. People ask themselves why?… why would they do this? “Why?” It’s simple, because they want control total control. They (‘the establishment’) believe that we have to many Negative liberties.

        The Constitution Is A Charter Of Negative Liberties

        But, the Supreme Court never ventured into the issues of redistribution of wealth, and of more basic issues such as political and economic justice in society. To that extent, as radical as I think people try to characterize the Warren Court, it wasn’t that radical. It didn’t break freefrom the essential constraints that were placed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution, at least as it’s been interpreted, and the Warren Court interpreted in the same way, that generally the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties. Says what the states can’t do to you. Says what the federal government can’t do to you, but doesn’t say what the federal government or state government must do on your behalf.
        – Barack Obama

      69. I am not defending her actions in anyway. However, you should report news fairly. Our current president has taken HALF the number of days vacation at this point than BUSH took. That is substantial. I dont like picking on one party or the other when BOTH parties are equally corrupt.

        • Do you call a stay in your home a vacation when you are surrounded by your staff & SS. How about a trip OCONUS or renting a home along the beach. Let’s wait for a repub to be in charge and we’ll go after them then.

        • are you comparing Bush’s 8 years to Obamas 4?

          just askin….

          it dont really matter to me ..I hate them equally

      70. So… are any of us REALLY all that surprised when the elites act like elites? After all, we do know that better people deserve better treatment, don’t we? If not, then they will tell us by example. :-/

      71. Some of the ignorance today re history further up the thread does my head in. Obama isn’t the 1st “President of colour”, but the race card continues to be played at every turn.

        There were at least 7 of known mixed/african/aisian ancestry prior to Obama. Yet people still get excited about this families coolour? We know education is indoctrination but do grown adults never pick up a book? Is our stupidity the reason these crooks are blatently getting away with robbing whole nations?

        The divide and conquer stuff is the oldest political trick in the book. Whatever our race if we aren’t a member of the ruling elite we are being screwed!

        We need to move beyond that nonsense before it’s too late and start focusing on the real issues PLEASE.

      72. “They” (tptb) just want to make us sooo mad that we will throw the first punch. Won’t happen………..too busy preppin’
        Canned homemade cheese-whiz, cream cheese, potatoes,vegetable soup, butter and…….made my own
        hair conditioner from a concentrated flake product found at elements bath and body web-site. Makes up to 4 gallons……you don’t have to put all the preservatives in it if you aren’t selling it, and you just want to make a quart at a time. Love it !!!!!


        • 1HCM ~

          Link for the website, please????


          • I’m glad you asked…..I actually thought about you and the girls. This concentrate will last a long time. Just make what you need in small batches. I just put a few drops of my fav. essential oil in it for a natural preservative and didn’t worry about following the directions to a “t”. Oh, and then I thinned it down a bit more the next day and bottled it into a sprayer and used it as a detangler/leave-in conditioner mist………I just love this stuff as I used to have my own candle/bath-n-body product business……..hope this helps………..

      73. Mars is one of 16 food companies that has pledged to Mrs. Obama’s Partnership for a Healthy America to eliminate 1.5 trillion calories from its foods by 2015.

        Maybe we should eliminate her 1.5 trillion frequent flyer miles.

      74. You cannot even shame this administration into cleaning up it’s act! Any attempt is promptly branded as Racist and you go on yet another government extremist list. No matter that the first couple are pure scum, no matter that they waste more of others people’s money than any previous administration, no matter that they could give a shit less about the poor and the homeless. What we are seeing is a modern day Nero. The fault will be ours if that skinny, drug using phony gets re-elected!

        • That’s why I think Americans have to get over the “novelty” of their skin colour. Scum is scum no matter what you paint or gild it with. It’s a distraction technique.

          More talk about what the administration DOES in tangible terms and less soundbite politikkng is needed on both sides of the atlantic.

      75. …”not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”…MLK

        ….h m m m m m m….(hand on chin)…

        that idiot obummer is not muslim, I see pictures of his wife and know that he must like pork, lipstick on a pig an’ all that, …just sayin.

      76. The Osammas had good teachers on how to milk and bilk while living in our HOUSE. The previous pair of damnocrats did a bang up job of using the highest office of the land to further their agenda and fatten up their bank accounts. If you get right down to it, the first pair were nothing but razorback rednecks with a wall hanging of a law degree. The second pair are mere ghetto whores with the same wall hangings. Granted we haven’t had any worthwhile choices since Teddy Roosevelt, but I won’t ever have to answer for casting a vote for either of these idiots.

      77. ArmChair Counseler:
        1)She shows child preference(correct me if i’m
        -she takes vacations only w/the oldest
        2)He chose to spend his b(?)day apart from
        his “loved ones’.
        3)On the greatest day that is honored to the
        ‘Pres’, she chose, two yrs in a row:
        To SKI

      78. Just Queen Michelle Antoinette enjoying another Shared Sacrifice, Taxpayer Paid Vacation with the 1% in Aspen…

      79. These Msrxists need to go on a permanent vacation ! The end game is in sight. Be safe Comrade !

      80. This damn Wookie is a National disgrace! Typical low rent Negro!

      81. Didn’t she take the youngest one to Spain?
        She went with Sasha-which one is that?

      82. Yeah, Obama hates America, yadda yadda yadda. That’s why he ran for and became President and probably will again, because he hates America, yadda yadda yadda. He may be a liar on his campaign promises, he may be trying to hold the country together with duct tape and prayer, yes prayer. But he ain’t against the country! And if he was, 1\2 of you all should be happy cause you want the re-set button pushed so bad you can taste it. Put that in your meth bong and smoke it.

      83. Who hell does Michele Obama think she is! Purita is right when she comments about Obama and his true birth place Africa and how he thinks his wife should be paid like the President of Kenya’s wife. The two of the are pieces of TRASH and if The KOOL-AID drinking morons that voted in this joker do it again then they desere the jerk they get! Barack Hussein Obama and his free loading wife need to go. The b* has a staff of 24. What does she need an attendent to carry each bag she has on all the record number of vacations she goes on. In this economy with all the American’s struggling to survive. She can stick her staff of 24 where the sun doesn’t shine and take her next trip hell.

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