Get Out There And Start Shopping: “No Possibility of Falling Back Into Recession”

by | Sep 12, 2013 | Headline News | 226 comments

It’s not all doom and gloom out there.

In fact, the U.S. economy is doing so well there is nothing to worry about any more, according to a new report from well known analytics firm Moody’s.

Based on their detailed analysis, there is no longer any possibility of falling back into a recession in 49 of our 50 states:

All U.S. states except for Delaware have escaped the possibility of falling back into recession, as they reap the rewards of strong private-sector employment and a burgeoning energy sector, according to an analysis released on Tuesday.

Moody’s Analytics, which tracks state and metropolitan economies, added Illinois, Wisconsin and Alabama to its list of states in recovery. That left Delaware alone in its “at risk of recession” category.

Moody’s Analytics, a unit of Moody’s evaluates economics and financial risk around the world. A separate unit, the credit ratings agency Moody’s Investors Service, recently said the outlook for states is now stable, after five years of being negative.

Moody’s Analytics considers multiple factors alongside employment – mainly housing and industrial production – when assessing the business cycle in a state.

Currently no state is in recession, it found, and seven are in economic expansion.

Via Survival and Prosperity

Never mind that the latest Gallup (un)employment survey indicates that 604,000 fewer people were employed this month than last month and over 1.4 million people left the workforce (and are no longer counted),  or that more American households are receiving food stamps today than ever before in the history of the United States, or that major cities across the country are on the very cusp of going bankrupt.

Nope, we’re now in the clear.

And not only are we no longer in recession, just the other day it was noted that numerous government sponsored studies claim that in the midst of disasters and emergencies there is never any panic, no looting, and people don’t go hungry or get sick.

So there you have it folks. We’ve been all wrong… about everything.

It’s time to stop preparing for the worst, stop worrying about an economic collapse that will never happen, and get out there and start shopping!

We want to thank Presidents Bush and Obama, the good people at the Federal Reserve, all of the institutional bankers doing God’s work, and of course, all the little people who lost their homes, jobs, health insurance, and life savings for making this recovery possible.

Green shoots have never tasted so sweet.


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    1. slingshot

      They are going to raise my property taxes to cover the shortfall in revenue for the city pensions.

      Everything gonna be alright. STFU.

      • Facebook Page

        Thanks Mac. Also watch for some fun stuff and asome serious stuff coming your way.

        We all need to survive its death. I know the CO vote is encouraging that our votes work. They do. But at the world econicic level it is still tit is to late. We all must still prepare.

        • sixpack

          This article is every bit as funny as the last one with the video, “Lend Your Support to “The Americans For Whatever Barack Obama Wants to Do”” article…. it… was… satire, right?

      • Be informed

        Yeah go shop for some nice Chinese junk, plenty of it, and don’t forget to use those credit cards to the maximum. Yikes, what total retards.

        • Illinois woman

          On my way to buy my wood stove!! Its the basics I get excited about LOL.

          • RickInOregon

            Recently my wife was laid off of her job of twelve years, maybe I should tell her what Moody’s has published, it will make her feel better.

            Well I told her the good news. She just rolled her eyes and said, yeah right,

              • PO'd Patriot

                BOA to lay off two thousand and shutter 16 mortgage offices, several other mortgage lending institutions to lay off thousands. This due to interest rates creeping up, ten year bond creeping up. Estimated that shortly a thirty year mortgage rate will be at least seven percent.

                • Leslie Anne

                  I don’t know how much sympathy will be drummed up over bank employees losing their jobs.

                • durango kidd

                  PO Patriot: I can remember when a seven percent mortgage was a steal! I can remember when consumers couldn’t wait to sign their papers at 13% for a 30 year fixed.

                  The difference now is that the demographics are over, the Middle Class has been destroyed, and the American economy shipped offshore by the NWO PTB.

                  Why isn’t DC burning with Congress in session? 🙂

                • durango kidd

                  Leslie Ann: Those unemployed bank employees for whom you have no sympathy are average working people just like you with kids to feed, car payments to make, and rent or mortgage to cover. The criminals are at the top; not at the teller window.

                  What hurts one American family hurts ALL American families. Don’t let them divide US one against the other.

                  Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, vote, and let your Barnhardt out. The Colorado Recall shows the power of the vote if the American people would rise up and vote Patriots into office.

                  All politics are local. Engage! 🙂

                • another Jay

                  DK, the Co recall worked but the law is still in effect.

                • durango kidd

                  Another Jay: One step at a time. Expect new legislation in due course. And don’t think the results of the Colorado Recall hasn’t reverberated all across America.

                  The commies that want to confiscate OUR guns are on notice and they have taken notice of events. The ONE thing that the political class FEAR is an enraged and engaged electorate. Don’t believe anyone who tries to tell you differently.

                  Confront your employees or be enslaved by them; one Rule, Regulation, or Law at a time. 🙂

                • A Christian Man

                  About time the mortgage rates get back to normal.

                  Now just maybe the interest rates for CD’s, IRA’s, and Savings Accounts will start generating some interest above the present 0.05%, that are being offered.

          • two2wisper

            This is just great to hear if It means I get to sell my house in Illinois in the next few months. Some poor sap liberal is gonna take on a long ass mortgage and I walk away with give or take 20 some thousand in the clear. Hope the shit dont hit the fan before then. This is one of the times sheeple work in our favor. Drinks on me woo hoo!

            • two2wisper

              Must have hurt some libs feelings. drinks on me again it just keeps getting better .

          • Dr e

            Got mine 2 years ago. Was my last major purchase. It just makes you feel so good to have it
            We only use propane if we’re not gonna be there. You will love it for so many reasons
            We keep back 20 ricks per winter so we have enough for 2-3 years. Enjoy!

      • godsofold

        The way I look at it is that if the powers that be are publicly telling the sheep that everything is fine (and of course the sheep believe it) what better time to stock up while the shelves are full and the sheep are still asleep.

        Stay safe,

        Semper Fi

      • Nutbag

        I have a camp in Maine. my taxes went from $1300 to $3600 this year. no services in town. not even a traffic light. Hmmmmmm.

        • HLF

          Ho Lee Fuk

        • hammerhead

          Nutbag – heads up on that one !!!!
          HUD IS NOW TAKING OVER LOCAL ZONING in some communities.
          Better check with the township , they may have changed your zoning status to non-resident recreational.

          • Nutbag

            Thanks Hammerhead. they whack non residents for everything they can think of. Pretty discouraging.

        • Maine

          RSU #20 Maine, 15% real estate tax increase for Schools!

        • JustMe

          Agenda 21, anyone ?

        • mountain man 6-1

          2 Nutbag….As the Cog’s in the machine start to grind to a STOP , the county’s , the state , the FED’s will hit you UP for More & More !! They NEED yer SUPPORT!! Now please PAY at the window !! NEXT !!……NOMI

        • Ready_To_Go

          Here is WV we VOTED not to pass the school levy for the first time in 55 years!! So I’m suppose to save $600 a year on my property taxes. Now the school board says that even though we voted NOT to pass it, it”s just too important not to have it go through because they need the money, so they want to run the vote AGAIN in a couple of months to try and have it pass this time!!!!!!

          Even when you vote and win, it still doesn’t count. They better hope I don’t forget to take my meds!!!!!!!!!!

      • Rodster

        The State run media continues to feed the low information voters that everything is all right, nothing to fear. Meanwhile banks have been laying off thousands in the real estate and finance sector because of slowing home sales.

        Yup everything is A OK. 😉

      • David

        Live in Gilbert Az (Phoenix area). My property value has not raised one cent. If anything it has lost value, yes more than the loss of $250,000 from 08 till now. My point is I got my property tax notice today and they raised it by $127.00…. These mothers sons are gonna get theirs. It may be in this life but for sure in the next.. dj.

      • JustMe

        Moody’s, owned by Dun&Bradstreet, who are owned by, Great Hill Partners (Invetment bankers)? Hmmm… no conflict of reality there, eh?

        Oh well, perhaps the best they can do is prop up the lies with more lies. Happy days are here again! Yay!

        Meanwhile back in reality…

      • BK

        But…but…but there’s no inflation.
        Increases in property taxes (or insurance or utilities) don’t count.
        Carry on as if nothing happened.

    2. OutWest

      I would be skeptical of any firm called “Moody’s”.

      • NOVALEO

        OutWest – HILARIOUS!! I hear that the financial websites “Cranky’s,” “Crestfallen” and “Dour” concurred with Moody’s…why shouldn’t we all trust them implicitly since Barry and his minions do. OK, I’m headed back to my bunker.

      • HLF

        Brought to you by: Tampax – The experts on moody

      • BK

        Or any firm with ties to Mark Zandi, the uber shill.

    3. Prepper

      Mac, I agree. We should be shopping for canned and dried food, solar panels, water treatment filters, building supplies, and maybe some ammo.

      • incognito

        @ Prepper: I agree with your list, but not the order.

        Try putting them into this order:
        1. Canned and dried food
        2. Water filtration
        3. Ammo
        4. Solar panels
        5. Building supplies
        6. More food
        7. More ammo
        8. And more food

        • Dick


          With all that food you may want to add some TP to that list.

          • TheGuy

            With all that TP you may wish to tell me what happens when your neighbors don’t plug up their municipal sewage or abandon their dwellings, and you’ve got a plot about 30′ x 30′ to bury yours in whilst wading through theirs (or the city’s in general).

            All people not in the city: you are lucky, lemme tell ya.

            • 7 3/4 tinfoil hat

              yep, city folks will have a crappy time when shtf, maybe they should have gotten off their thrones and gotten their shit together…or maybe they’re just poopy-heads…i love potty humor

          • JustMe

            Remember, save your old phone books…

        • ScoutMotto

          @incognito: I agree with your list.

        • Anonymous

          First aid, at least a level 2 squad level kit. Should be somewhat high on the list. Also fish/bird biotics. Disease and infection kill more people in our history than any other cause.

        • Babycatcher55

          Don’t forget the med supplies! !

      • whoisbiggles


        Agree 100% haven’t stopped stocking up.

        And the important greenshoots of my tomatoes and broad beans were seen this morning!

      • David

        I am completely convinced that if it weren’t for the preppers out there this economy would have imploded long before now. WE keep it afloat. Does that deter me from continuing my prepping? Absolutely not. If we can hang on for a LITTLE while longer, each day is a gift so use it to your best advantage. dj.

    4. Hedge

      Well, if Moody’s says so, it’s hard to argue with that kind of illogic….

      • Sookie sookie

        quote production for late ’13 or early ’14.

        “The recovery was going so well; who would ever have expected war with Syria would have caused it to tumble so rapidly? Oh well, hindsight is 20-20.”

        • Sookie sookie

          Argh! Stupid autotype. That was a quote PREDICTION.

    5. y99

      Seeing that whether we like it or not we live in a time of mutually assured economic destruction this report can only be seen for what it is…a big efing lie. (see Poland private retirement for proof)

      This is like saying the economies good, we just fixed it with 2 rolls of 100mile an hour tape and a spool of 550 cord.

      • VRF

        Poland Confiscates Half Of Private Pension Funds To “Cut” Sovereign Debt Load

        coming to a country you live in soon

        • y99

          Yep, the question is will Americans finely then rediscover some fire in their bellies and be ready to fight back?

          • VRF

            One could only hope..I hope it happens way before that comes along..time will tell

            • sixpack

              Unfortunately, sheep only run for two things—feeding time and AFTER getting kicked square in the ass.

              • JustMe

                And, THAT is why America will fall…

                • y99

                  “Some people may be destined to be sheep and others might be genetically primed to be wolves or sheepdogs. But I believe that most people can choose which one they want to be, and I’m proud to say that more and more Americans are choosing to become sheepdogs.”

                  LTC Dave Grossman

        • Gonetoolong

          This will be the effective result that we see here in the US. I am well aware that all that I have put into my pension fund (aka. Social Security) will be gone when it is my turn to collect. Same result, no fucking money in the account. Now we need to expect the same for the 401k’s and IRA’s.

          • smokey

            The Dems have held hearings on requiring our private accounts to ‘invest’ in treasury bonds to fund pensions for those downtrodden morons who can’t live on Social Security. Seems it just isn’t fair for some folks who provide for themselves to end up with more than those who don’t.

            • JustMe

              “From those according to their abilties, to each according to their needs.” -Karl Marx

              Americans just don’t get it…

      • Dick

        They had to use two whole rolls? It was worse than I thought. Oh well, now what do I do with this stuff?


    6. 7 3/4 tinfoil hat

      MY SHOPPING LIST: more guns (big scary ones); water(extra wet, of course); food; first-aid stuff (probably some 2nd & 3rd aid too-just in case); boots for kicking ass; toilet paper (“the new money” when shtf); ammo(the shootin’ kind);and everything else any any self-respecting prepper should have…..someone needs to ride shotgun…500 or 870 will work just fine.

      • Indy Colts

        Buy the mossberg 500, remington was taken over by George the governement commie.

      • Juan A DeGuise

        So toilet paper is the new money and the old money is the new toilet paper???

    7. figment

      so.. in other words.. we’re not broke because we still checks in the checkbook.


      • Dick


        note to self-get more checks

        • Illinois woman

          I’ve wondered why its illegal to print our own 50’s and 100’s but yet the fed is printing 85mil per month.

          • Gonetoolong

            That’s 85billion/month. Reminds me of a certain Austin Powers movie.

          • Highspeedloafer

            That’s 85 Billion with a B.

            • Illinois woman

              Oops…I knew that too. So it should REALLY be ok for us!!!

          • JustMe

            Really! Think of the money that would be saved, if we could just print our own! Less carbon footprint, less resource waste, what’s not to love!?

      • yourmotherwaswrong

        figment says:

        “so.. in other words.. we’re not broke because we still checks in the checkbook.”

        No, you’re broke, but your Government isn’t… Not yet anyway. It still has the printing press.

        Try passing empty/worthless checks with no backing, and see what happens to you.

        When your government does it, it’s called “Stimulus.”

        If you or I were to do it, it’s called Fraud/Forgery/Terrorism.

        Silly serf, you thought you were free.

        USA… USA… USA.

        • Bill Murrays Asshole

          “Government isn’t… Not yet anyway. It still has the printing press.” you are confusing the government and the federal reserve. our government is broke.

          • yourmotherwaswrong

            Bill Murrays Asshole says:

            “you are confusing the government and the federal reserve. our government is broke.”

            How does one respond to that atatement?

            Idiots will not allow themselves to see that the FED is the government.

            • ScoutMotto

              You may wish to expound, your. Up front, the Fed is not the government. They are a private bank which owns the government.

              • yourmotherwaswrong

                ScoutMotto says:

                You may wish to expound, your. Up front, the Fed is not the government. They are a private bank which owns the government.


                • ScoutMotto

                  “Idiots will not allow themselves to see that the FED is the government.”

                  That statement. The Fed is not the government. They may own them, but they are not them.

                • hammerhead

                  HAHAHA the fed truly is not the government.
                  and in reality the dont OWN the government.
                  BUT , just try and seperate these two queers who are joined in an unholy place.

            • Bill Murrays Asshole

              yourmotherwaswrong I was going to respond but I read further and youve been TOLD.

        • figment

          you’re right.

          considering that once you deposit money into a bank, it’s technically not your money, it’s the bank’s.

    8. Prepared Pastor

      I actually appreciate reports like Moody’s because it means the masses are continuing to keep the economy afloat through their debt-based spending while we convert the fiat currency it creates into hard assets.

      Unlike many on here I’m in no hurry for a fast crash because we’re already past the point of no return. We are going to go bankrupt anyway so may as well put a few more tons of food storage on the collective credit card.

    9. lena

      yep, wages are still declining, hours worked are declining, consumer debt is rising and car loans with terms of greater than 60 months are increasing; and we’re in a recovery.

      the sad truth is we are in a recovery. right now is about as good as its going to get for a long, long time.

      the expansion of worldwide debts and governments is going to make things much worse to actually recover from. the 1st time we see negative returns from govt spending, you know its all downhill from there and its going to affect every person.

      • Kulafarmer

        The expansion of government is a huge problem,
        Government produces NOTHING, no solid verifiable good or service, yet now we see them expanding everywhere, especially within the US
        It is pure insanity to borrow money to continue operations, never mind expanding!
        If DHS and the other alphabet agencies held fast and didnt buy new guns or ammo that alone would have eliminated the over budget expenses for this fiscal year.

        • hillbilly SC


          Hey brother…

          The mrs. told me the other day that if the government took over and tried to manage the sahara desert, we would have a world wide shortage of sand in 3 years. 🙂

          You can’t fix stupid. (Ron White)

          Y’all enjoy the evening.

          hillbilly SC

      • Indy Colts


        I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard a commercial offering an 84 month car loan. That’s 7 freak’n years!!! That’s America though, can’t afford it…. pay for it the rest of your life.

        • PA farmer

          These Rockefeller types that spend $40,000. Up or down, for a truck/car are fools anyhow just to get from point. A too B. I spend that kind of money it better be making me money everyday, and I’m not talkn car or trk.

        • JustMe

          “Only $99 down, $99 a month, for 99 years!” -Cheech & Chong

        • MadMarkie

          @ Indiana Colts –

          0 $ down, 0 % interest rate on the loan AND they will make the first few payments for you. Here in Florida it seems that almost anyone can qualify. They loudly and proudly proclaim that your credit rating really doesn’t count ….. their bank lenders want to GIVE you a loan ….. no matter what your situation!

          This CAN’T end well!

    10. incognito

      It appears Moody’s Analytics hires from the School of Baghdad Bob.

    11. TXGranny

      We live in the booming west TX oilfield area – I mean literally booming. They can’t put apartments and houses together fast enough to keep up with the influx of people. Folks are camping in tents – and the camping parks are charging $25/night for that privilege. Non-oilfield businesses can’t hire people, because they can’t match the pay scale. The post office is begging people to come to work – current employees are delivering at least 2 routes a day for lack of employees. It’s impacting everyone – and rents and home prices have gone through the roof.

      Our tax appraisal for this next year just came. Our 2.5 acres just went from a $15,000 value to over $30,000!! The house went up by about 1/3. Needless to say our taxes are jumping way up. But our income isn’t. Just lovely!!!

      • sign_me_up

        Hi TXGranny,

        Who are some of the companies hiring?

        Thanks a bunch!

        • TXGranny

          Every single oilfield trucking and service company within 100 miles. Every single restaurant, service company, grocery store and fast food establishment. Heck, Walmart is paying $16/hr!!! So is Burger King, for managers. All the schools, etc. Lots of ways to search online, or get a list of, say, oil haulers, online and then see if they have a Midland or Odessa address. But be prepared to come with a travel trailer to stay in, and to pay as much as $500/mo for a place to park it.

      • James in Dallas

        TX granny,
        I have worked in the permian for years.I have witnessed what you at talking about also. There it’s a lot of money going around in that area, and everyone is trying to get their piece of it. Even the local govt.
        For me, I am glad it is still booming, in another couple of weeks I will be rejoining the working class, and will most likely be working out of midland or pecos again. Can’t say I’m excited, but it will be nice to have a real job again.

        • TXGranny

          Hi James! Glad to hear you’re rejoining the employed. I hear Pecos is as busy as Midland! My SIL delivers fuel over Pecos way every night.

          The govt isn’t the only ones getting their grubby hands in – the thieves are working overtime. We’ve had over $5,000 in tools and equipment stolen off our property in the last 6 months.

          Boomtown mentality!

          • James in Dallas

            TX Granny,
            Thanks. I can’t wait for a decent paycheck again. A debilitating injury has put me out of real work for a while, but I have stayed busy mowing lawns and doing odd jobs while rehabilitating.
            From what I’ve seen in the midland area is, that the money brought drugs into town, and the drugs brought scum and filth with it.
            It seems no place is immune to that scenario. Midland had and still has it’s crooked oil men, but for the most part, out was a nice town. The last ten years have changed it a lot.

          • JustMe

            Do doodlebuggers still work the area?

      • BackSpace

        TX Granny,

        I’m on the north side of the country in the bakken oil/gas play, and its the same story. I looked up some info on your area and found that the prices for rent, homes, land are still about half of what they get up here.

        In the Bakken:
        an RV space 800. – 1000. per mo
        a room in someones basement 500. – 800. per mo
        studio apt = 1000.per mo
        1 br apt = 1500. mo
        2 br apt = 2500. mo
        1/4 ac with 16×80 mobile home 150k
        1/2 ac with 28×46 doublewide 200k

        The infrastructure cannot handle the increase. Power outages, water main failures and sewage ponds at full capacity is just the norm.

        Then there is the crime… Walmart hires a security company for their parking lot, 3 security patrol cars. Men getting gang sodomized behind bars/nite clubs. A woman was kidnapped, raped and killed while jogging. A rancher was shot and killed in his home, another beaten with a baseball bat. Stabbings at the man camps. Meth heads. Oh, recently busted a human trafficking ring. Gun shots echoing in the distance, especially Sat. nights.

        No housing for new LEO recruits, so no new recruits…

        Its a little taste of whats to come… Hope they all make it back to “their home states” when it hits…


        • TXGranny

          Hey BackSpace! Not quite as bad here, for sure. We have increasing crime, but not like ya’ll have! Could be because most folks here have multiple personal crime deterrents! I carry every time I go out back to feed the chickens or work in the garden. And I won’t hesitate to introduce my “friend” if I happen to catch whoever is stealing from us!

          But this is all a pretty fair gauge of what will happen when tshtf. Lots of money floating around now, groceries and restaurants all open, gas available 24/7. How crazy will it get when that all changes??? Your post is a good indicator!! Be safe up there!!!

      • JustMe

        Oil-field work is cyclical, like the aircraft mfr. industry. When you have daily “rig-count”on the local news, business is good…

    12. VRF

      Sorry O/T

      Get on it people..make us proud to be American

      Lets see how many of the clowns below still have a job after the next election cycle. yes I know weve been told voting doesn’t do shit..well on the local level It just might..see what Colorado did? your state can do it too..

      never give up the fight

      here’s your list folks ..go get doing my part are you?

      Baldwin, Tammy – Democrat WI
      Bennet, Michael F. -Democrat CO
      Blumenthal, Richard – Democrat CT
      Boxer, Barbara – Democrat CA
      Brown, Sherrod – Democrat OH
      Cantwell, Maria – Democrat WA
      Cardin, Benjamin L. – Democrat MD
      Carper, Thomas R. – Democrat DE
      Casey, Robert P., Jr. – Democrat PA
      Collins, Susan M. – Republican ME
      Coons, Christopher A. – Democrat DE
      Cowan, William – Democrat MA
      Donnelly, Joe – Democrat IN
      Durbin, Richard J. – Democrat IL
      Feinstein, Dianne – Democrat CA
      Franken, Al – Democrat MN
      Gillibrand, Kirsten E. – Democrat NY
      Hagan, Kay R. – Democrat NC
      Harkin, Tom – Democrat IA
      Heinrich, Martin – Democrat NM
      Hirono, Mazie – Democrat HI
      Johnson, Tim – Democrat SD
      Kaine, Tim – Democrat VA
      King, Angus – Independent ME
      Kirk, Mark – Republican IL
      Klobuchar, Amy – Democrat MN
      Landrieu, Mary L. – Democrat LA
      Lautenberg, Frank R. – Democrat NJ
      Leahy, Patrick J. – Democrat VT
      Levin, Carl – Democrat MI
      Manchin, Joe, III – Democrat WV
      McCain, John – Republican AZ
      McCaskill, Claire – Democrat MO
      Menendez, Robert – Democrat NJ
      Merkley, Jeff – Democrat OR
      Mikulski, Barbara A. – Democrat MD
      Murphy, Chris – Democrat CT
      Murray, Patty – Democrat WA
      Nelson, Bill – Democrat FL
      Reed, Jack – Democrat RI
      Rockefeller, John D., IV – Democrat WV
      Sanders, Bernard – Independent VT
      Schatz, Brian – Democrat HI
      Schumer, Charles E. – Democrat NY
      Shaheen, Jeanne – Democrat NH
      Stabenow, Debbie – Democrat MI
      Tester, Jon – Democrat MT
      Toomey, Patrick J. – Republican PA
      Udall, Mark – Democrat CO
      Udall, Tom – Democrat NM
      Warner, Mark R. – Democrat VA
      Warren, Elizabeth – Democrat MA
      Whitehouse, Sheldon – Democrat RI
      Wyden, Ron – Democrat OR

      • PO'd Patriot

        Well you can forget Cardin and Mikulski of Maryland losing their seats. As long as they keep passing out the EBTs and such, they’re in. They’ll set Mikulski’s old dead body up in a chair in the senate and the Dem next to her will move her arm up and down to make her look like she’s voting. Hell, the smell won’t bother nobody because she’s smelled that way for so long (olds people pee odor). Nothing’s gonna’ change here in the People’s Republic of Maryland.

      • durango kidd

        The Arizona GOP is going after McLame with tar, feathers, and pitchfork. It ain’t your daddy’s GOP anymore. God bless the Tea Party.

        BTW, where is Your Daddy anyway? Is he lurking? 🙂

      • durango kidd

        VRF: Looking over your list, I see the name of Elizabeth Warren. She is the Senator who has pushed for consumer protections from the banks, including the foreclosure mess, an overhaul of the student loan debacle, and is singlehandedly taking on the big banks.

        She is making a big difference and a good one. America needs more Senators like her, who put the people first.
        She is doing a great job for the American people. Scratch her name off your list, please if for no other reason than “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Elizabeth is a patriot even if she is a democrat.

        The Udalls I would need to double check, but the Udall in Utah (not listed) has railed against the Patriot Act, NDAA, and the like; and has refused to vote for them.

        He is a democrat too. Its all the same (Mormon)family, so while I am not familiar with the voting records of the Udalls listed, I suspect that they are of a similar mind.

        Let the innocent live, indict the guilty and give them their last cigarette. Engage! 🙂

    13. random1

      Anyone want some beans and rice? Gotta make room for my new 52 inch tv.

    14. James in Dallas

      I think this report by moodys shows something important about our economy; the increasing financial disparity between the upper class and lower class people.
      High end manufacturers of s class and super cars can’t produce their cars fast enough to keep up with demand. The stock market is still creeping up, last I checked. The toys of the super rich are being bought faster than they are made, and there are waiting lists for million dollar sports cars. Some things a rediculous as half a million dollar home stereos are being bought at record rates.
      All of this says to me that the rich are spending their money like crazy, and the tremendous amounts they spend on their toys is helping to offset the true picture of our economic health. It makes the statistics show that we ( as a nation) are way better off than we really are.
      In statistical data analysis, you have to take a representative data sample, otherwise the outcome is skewed.
      So, for a percent or less, of the population, we as a country are doing just fine. But as for the vast majority of us, it is a much different story.
      One can make any statistic show any outcome you desire. The raw data is where the real truth lies, and it says the exact opposite of what this moodys bunch of suckers says.

      Just my 2 cents. Try buying anything with just two pennies nowadays, you can’t.

      • Scattered, Smothered and Covered

        You post points out how many people aren’t paying nearly enough in taxes; why should granny or slingshot see their property rise while the top 10% are awash in cash and waiting in line for six-figure luxury cars?
        While I’m no fan of big government, we do need to pave roads and build bridges some way. The tax burden is totally off balance in this country and it is causing real harm to the people who can afford it the least.

        • Dave in Id

          why should someone pay a higher percentage of taxes because they make more? The problem with taxes is that it is given away to other people as vote bribes(EBT Obamaphone), other countries, and lazy asses. A flat percentage tax would be a fair system. The problem with a falt tax is that the IRS would be left out of the bribe/extortion circle, and our worthless congress would keep on raising the rate to continue to buy votes.

          • James in Dallas

            Well said Dave.

          • durango kidd

            We definitely need a flat tax on ALL income, where everyone pays the same RATE. Corporations should be required to pay a flat tax, say 5 to 10% on all REVENUE.

            Russians pay a 13% flat tax. It seems to be working for them. 🙂

        • TXGranny

          Hear, hear! You have my vote! 🙂

        • smokey

          You’re right. Let’s go to a 15% sales tax on everything except medicine, food, and shelter. Eventually, all income is spent.

        • REB

          Here goes…First off property taxes are the most evil type of taxes…(just below taxing a persons labor/time/lifeforce)…pay or lose what you have, become homeless in the name of supporting the state,you don’t matter, its for the children and the good of the majority…secondly… perhaps we have too many roads and bridges compared to our ability to pay for them…contrary to the fable govt uses to justify itself not everyone uses/needs/wants all this crazy infrastructure…thirdly our tax system punishes those who are least able to pay them and I don’t mean the so-called poor such as inner-city poor…folks living on the govt tit whine a lot but they don’t pay for the very bennies they live on…only whine about needing more…don’t even confuse them with the really poor…Im talking about regular hard working people who work at a job or have a small business and pay for themselves and who are then forced at the point of a gun to pay for every one else too, often to the point of having to do without themselves…for instance folks who homeschool their kids or who have none but are forced to pay extortion to keep all the others little kiddies in subversion centers for a dozen years or more…or lose their roof…no one has any right to anything they can not/will not provide for themselves…that’s called charity and goodwill and its not the govts place…it falls to the churches and such to help the downtrodden get back on their feet(sadly many are not even trying to do that work…only building new buildings and kissing the govts backside)…and even then for only a short spell…no one is owed a living, if you think you are then youre part of why tyrants run the show today, sorry, time for a reality check… this nation has gone from hard work and individualism to laziness and socialism and its killing us as a nation…the old BS line that were all in this together so we gotta contribute our fair share(socialism) even if we have to do without having any left for ourselves, whilst those who suck us dry do nothing but take and demand more…just so long as the system has more than enough…time for a major reality shift…this BS goes against natural law and Gods law and every decent person out there is being destroyed by it! Time for some personal responsibility and a real honest and fair tax system like our framers had in mind where corporations and import tariffs covered the cost of govt…not enough? then cut the danged govt… 🙁 rant off…flame on…

          • braveheart

            REB, AMEN to all of your comments. Nothing there I can dispute. braveheart

            • James in Dallas

              Same here.

          • durango kidd

            I would submit that the inheritance tax is the most evil of all taxes, because it taxes your estate after you have built it by saving and investing and paying taxes on your income all along the way.

            I would equate that to the theft of depositor savings accounts (Cyprus), and confiscation of retirement accounts(Poland.

            Engage your employees or death and taxes will be all you have. 🙂

            • REB

              DK…no argument here…arnt they still property taxes?…same result…they steal your time/effort/property in the name of the state/children/societys special people ect…its all evil and somehow we gotta stop it!

              • durango kidd

                Reb: Property taxes, if reasonable, are not necessarily a bad thing. Property taxes are not equal by county and where I am at right now, appear to be very low compared to say, Maricopa county.

                I would rather drive my car and truck on paved roads, and think children should have a good facility for education. I also like the parks and recreation facilities that cities and towns provide; including libraries.

                The money for these things must come from somewhere. 🙂

    15. Ted Kennedy

      I’m special, no one else like me. I believe all here are too.

    16. MX Mike

      Let me put this in perspective…… the “discounts” on a new car or truck are MORE THAN I PAID for a new car in the 80’s. Yeah, the economy is just fine………..

    17. JRS

      Fudge the calculations some more. Let the serfs think they are living the good life.

      Soon the Great Depression will have never happened. If you think it did, you will be diagnosed with dementia and given appropriate drugs.

      Ever notice that the only way the working man is referred to by the corporate statesmen and Ivy League economists is either “consumer” or “taxpayer”?

      Now back to work, slave. (sound of cracking whip)
      More pockets to line…but not your own.

      • OutWest

        JRS — or AKA the under $70,000 class

      • Them Guys

        But this article is about States recovering. Not individuals per se. Since the states govnt’s all invest pension funds etc into Stocks thats probobly why now they show a healthier outlook.

        Nobody can deny the stock market has made alot of folks quite alot of profits the last year or 18 months.

        Many stocks like netflix-tesla-google-etc etc has done very well the last 12-18 months.

        Tesla only went public just over one yr ago I think it is, and that tesla car stock has risen aprox 600%! In one year!….Netflix same story. Maybe not 600% but at least 250-300% profits.

        Almost all major stocks has risen greatly. regardless what is happening on an individual basis, the stock market profits cannot be denied. And many regular avg folks like Us also owns some of those good performing stocks too.

        I do not own any stocks now. But many folks do and are profiting swell.

        It will likly go back down again as it usually does. But that don’t negate current profit margins.

        I’d just bet states pension funds and other state moneys invested in so many stocks is the main major reason moodys is saying states recovered.

        There are also alot of folks doing costly new car buying, and vacations and otherwise doing just fine. So for every area one can cite as a downer or bad economy issue, theres another area doing well or better than before.

        Just because This site as well as a few other websites keep posting articles or stats showing negative stuff, dosen’t negate that Not all folks are doing so badly.

        Its also Not only million dollar fancy auto sales. Those represent a small Fraction of overall car sales.

        New car sales are on track to break past 16 Million new cars sold by years end. That may be a new record if I recall correct. Even if it don’t break any records, its still showing a Very healthy new car sales overall.

        So somebody out in america Has been doing swell enough to splurge on new cars. And zero intrest or longer 6 to 7 yr loan terms has Nothing new to do with it. We have had zero intrest car loans for 15-20 yrs now. Same for 6 or 7 yr long loan terms.

        Like it or not Some people Are doing swell. Some have profited really swell from many stocks owned etc.

        That may explain why so many folks do not see everything so doom and gloomy as others does.

        • TXGranny

          Here in Midland, there is so much craziness with money it is mind boggling. New cars and trucks everywhere. Fancy, tricked out, bright and shiny.

          Older houses (still perfectly good) are selling, then being torn down and a new one built that spans the entire lot!! People are acting like there’s no tomorrow with their spending…but I’d bet one of my nickels that they aren’t buying prepping supplies! Lot of good those new cars and trucks (with long-term payouts) or those huge rebuilt houses are going to do them when tshtf!!

          There’s about a one-year waiting list for remodeling crews, and at least that long for getting a water well drilled.

          This area defines insanity.

        • Yohan

          Well, how many of those new car “sales” were government purchases???????? But, they don’t want you to see that.

        • durango kidd

          Them Guys: I posted last year that rising car sales would be a good economic indicator and car sales have been strong for two years. I also mentioned the 16 million unit sales a week or so ago and was lambasted by Yo Mama for the post.

          Where is that little faggot today? 🙂

      • Prepped In CT

        This is what’s been bothering me for a while.

        At what point did I stop being a human being and start being a consumer.

        CNBC natters on constantly about the consumer, and it just pisses me off to no end.

        • JustMe

          It was the mid 1980’s, politicians began reffering to Americans as “consumers”, rather than “citizens”. A subtle shift in dialog, denoting both your reduction in status, and what TPTB really think of you…

    18. MadMarkie

      As a family, we went the opposite direction quite some time ago. EVERYONE can quickly learn how to live with a whole lot less than they are currently spending to live.

      Twenty-five years ago, I came home bitching about the way the haircut I had just gotten looked. Not really thinking about it, while looking angrily into the mirror, I muttered to my wife; “Hell you could have done a much better job than he did!” My wife has been cutting my hair ever since then. Other women have asked my wife; “where does Mark get his hair ‘done’?” “I want (insert husband’s name) to go check out Mark’s stylist.” So I am obviously not getting a bad haircut out of the deal.

      You may not want to turn your woman loose in the vicinity of your hair with a pair of sharp scissors; I got lucky, use your own judgment on this.

      Getting by with LESS is, in and of itself, nothing less than an actual art form. It all starts with setting a reasonable period of time, say a week to start, then record the date, every penny that you spend and the reason. At the end of the week, sit down and look at everything with an eye towards where you might NOT have spent $.

      ‘Brown-bagging’ your lunch is where most people, those who still work, that is, can really save $. Start including red beans & rice into your daily menu planning. Get yourself one of those electric rice cookers if using a pan on the stove top doesn’t work for you.

      Take the $ that you are “conserving” and actually set it to one side. The first purchase that I suggest is a pair of well-made, comfortable, well-fitting, high quality, ankle-high, leather walking shoes and a supply of high-quality socks. Those flip-flops aren’t going to get you very far when you have to start ‘hoofing-it’ in order to get around.

      Please don’t fall for the MSM BS about the economy doing well and things starting to look even better …… It just ain’t so boys & girls. I still have MULTIPLE houses going to foreclosure in our small development. Minimum wage service sector jobs that you have to pee in a bottle to get, without any associated health care benefits for you and your family and a company sponsored pension plan that you can also invest in AREN’T going to turn our world around and get it headed in the opposite direction.

      Time to pucker-up and pray like crazy. God Bless & good luck to all who hang out here.

      • VRF

        I barter my haircuts

        getting them at half of what I used to, and much better than before

        • slingshot

          Brought a set of clippers and Buzz cut. I get it right every time. Paid for with the first cut.

          • Outlaw

            I used to buzz, got tired of doing it every week and just quit cutting it.

        • Not So Much

          I got used to having $4-$5 haircuts in the USMC.

          When I got out there was a MASSIVE sticker shock when I started going to super cuts at $15-20 a pop.

          I had already been cutting my first son’s hair so I took a chance and just started cutting my own.

          yep, mirror in one hand and clippers in the other.

          Not too shabby, I’ve never screwed up enough to be embarrassed and all my hair cuts (and BOTH my son’s haircuts) are FREEEEEEE!!!

          try it. It’s not that hard.

          I cut it at least once a month. $15 * 12mo * 13yrs = $2340 saved on JUST ME since I got out.

          I’ll barter, but I aint cutting no Justin Beeber BS.

          • Illinois woman

            Hahaha. I haven’t had a haircut since I started prepping. Thank god for ponytail holders.

            • Not So Much

              ooof. My hair, before it started falling out was super curly.

              I coulda been called Froto if I let it get too long because of the sick fro. Picture the stupid afro in Austin Powers Goldmember. LOL

              • Them Guys

                Once you go totally Bald, you can find another Bald guy, place Your head next to his head and make an ASS out of yourselves.

                • Not so Much

                  LOL. If I stick my face in my wife’s cleavage, does that mean she has three boobs? You’re an impertinent child.

                  Oh, and dont forget when your mother looks at you, that look is regret.

            • sixpack

              The only time I cut my hair was for boot camp, it was easier not having to mess with it. Haven’t done anything with it, except gather it up and trim the ends myself…I’m not an aspiring “Miss Clairol” model either.

      • DumbDude

        Hey MadMarkie, The problem is I started doing that all 6 years ago (cutting to the bone on budgeting) and now even though we are practically experts, our dollars are not really getting it covered. Instead of adding to our larder I have noticed it dwindling down.

        I haven’t had debts or credit cards, or cable TV, or lunch out in 10 years. I always expected that Dave Ramsey payoff, “Live like no one else so later you can live like no one else.” But, our income just isn’t increasing with the basic prices. We still save, but the cash put in the “grocery envelope” for the last year always seems to be gone by the 20th or so. Maybe its that our two little rug rats are getting bigger and are eating more. But, home owners, auto, and property taxes have all increased.

        What is it I’m trying to get across… We’ll even if, or maybe especially if, you are doing that close budgeting you are feeling particularly squeezed in this economy. Luckily for my family we can just stop saving so darn much (retirement, emergency fund, auto replacement, auto repairs, dental, vacation). And keep getting-by by living less responsibly. But I scratch my head and wonder where we’re all heading.

    19. Just Observing

      Been doing all I can.

      In the last month, we’ve bought a complete spare set of electronic parts for the solar power system (Outback: 2 inverters, 3 charge controllers and a HUB )(5k), a new wood stove and meat band saw from Northern Tool (1.7k), topped off fuel storage ( 750 bucks ) and wife hauled home a good chunk of Walmart’s food inventory (1,000 buck…when it sure looked like Barry was gonna Bomb Syria week before last.)

      Yesterday we spent 300 bucks at Lowe’s for the lumber to top the block foundation of the new greenhouse been working on last couple weeks. Now gotta call Farmtek and order the plastic, and metal hoops, and all, to top it. (about 2500 bucks).

      We had saved up some Federal Reserve Notes, but the bank is only paying about 0.5%, AND you run the risk of being “Cyprus’ed”, or loosing it to inflation, so why bother keeping it there ?

      • random1

        Thanks for your help propping up the economy 🙂

        • sixpack

          “Prop me up beside the jukebox when I die”…makes about as much sense as trying to prop up a dying economy.

          • cindy

            Too funny :-)!

    20. Frank Williams

      The economy is definitely back on track: condos going up everywhere, Whole Foods opening up all over the place, credit easy, mortgages easy…

      • Kevin2

        Eighty five billion dollars a month is being injected into the US economy. In perspective the US uses 20 million barrels day of oil (domestic & imported) at $100 / barrel. That equates to $60 billion per month.

        The US economy doing fine is like paying your kids mortgage and car payment and having him brag how well he manages money.

        • Them Guys

          Recheck Oil numbers. usa is now useing less oil than prior when it was about 18 mil barrels per day. And we import way less now too.

          That $85 Billion every month aint going into the economy. It goes direct to Banks to offset Mortgages losses from so many forclosed homes. Banks must have enough cash on reserve to meet leagle requirements to remain open.

          That $85 Billion isn’t going to regular folks to spend.

          Thats why we wont see wiemer hyper inflation occure here.

          Hyper inflation cannot happen unless regular folks has wheel barrows full to spend like germany in 1920-30 era did.

          Also every single economic so called “Expert” website writers, NEVER mentions the Fact that in every prior such wiemer hyper situation, zimbabwaee too, that untill america actually become the world reserve money standard.

          NO other prior countries before usa dollar reserve status has ever been a world reserve of money standard.

          No “experts” who write of economic issues ever mentions that fact. And being a world reserve like the us dollar has been makes a world of difference when it comes to printing more dollars.

          If so many money Experts exist, who does every one Fail to Note that issue?…It seems most are also either selling Gold or advertizing Gold sellers.

          Maybe they have a Vested Intrest in always proclaiming hyper inflation events any day now.

          Then when Gold dropped at least 1/3 value a few months ago. Most every “Expert” said “No big deal as Gold will sky rocket even Higher within a few days or weeks at most so BUY More!”

          So What went Wrong on all their prophecys on Gold sky rocketing higher?….How long now since gold went way lower? 6 Months? longer?.

          And while so many Experts(they read alot of money books full of never yet tried therories) keep folks on a razor edge of doom…..So far their expertize leaves Much to be desired.

          Not to mention while experts keep saying not enough Gold to meet demands and less gold avail each week etc..

          You can watch every other day on TV discovery ch shows how all over Alaska-Africa-South America, mining co’s as well as Individual gold seekers Keep hauling Gold Out of the ground continously.

          And in some south amer and african zones they are finding Record hauls or at least keeping up with good yrs net tonnages of Gold found and sold etc.

          There are poor colmumbians and others in other south american nations earning on average as much as $1500 to $2200 Euros per month pay from Gold mines they work at.

          Thats an average monthly pay in us dollars of $2000-3000.

          Compare That months pay avg, to a Normal monthly inocme closer to $200 per mo avg pay in same areas.

          But if all one reads is the website “Experts” opinions one would never guess such things are happening.

          It seems that perhaps many folks are being caught up on a kind of doom and gloom Cultic mind set.

          Every week that passes by seems to give More creedence to folks like Rich99 who keep saying they have heard “any day or any week now” for 5 yrs and where Is it?

          Good question eh. How can so many Experts be so wrong so often? And when will those who are becomeing one of those Cult minded types begin to consider the same questions of such “Experts”?

          • Kevin2

            Them Guys

            Actually were both correct. $45 billion of the $85 billion are buying Treasuries which is funding the US government. That money through entitlements, military spending and other expenditures makes it into the economy. The money supply is increasing. The velocity of money is so slow that it hasn’t as of yet had its potential inflationary impact.

            • Kevin2

              Using the above figures which are accurate its equivalent to roughly our entire oil use. Have it continue and watch prices rise (the CPI does not include food and fuel in its inflation calculation….” How Convenient”). Have it stop and its instant depression.


          • durango kidd

            No one has been a bigger critic here of the Alt Media Metal Madness (Sprott,Schiff, & Others) than me and I have a personal interest in its higher price. But gold demand is cyclical and the recent drop in price is a seasonal trend that happens every year.

            Additionally, Goldman Sachs told their clients to sell gold while demand was seasonally down to suppress the price. Zero Hedge has shown that it was Goldman buying that gold while their clients dumped their gold. Sound familiar?

            Those that can should buy some gold, or silver at these prices. Invest in gold, speculate with silver, and hoard your lead. They won’t be making anymore of it after the Changes.

            Engage! 🙂

    21. BigB

      And we all thought that countries like Russia, North Korea, China etc. had great state run propaganda machines. Moody’s a non government agency (supposedly) has put out the biggest bunch of crap I think I may have ever seen.

      I would love to see the metrics they are using to get the conclusions stated. As Lena says above employment has been decling in ways that the government has never had to calculate. Only 66% of the working population has a job, of that 66% a large percentage are people working part time. Another large percent are working at full time jobs that are only paying 50% of what they were 5 years ago.

      Add those job numbers to inflation. Has anyone else noticed how little you can purchase for $100.00 compared to 5 years ago? Has anyone noticed the decrease in product found in the same size bag of food at the same price? Major food producers are reducing by 10% or more of product but using the same packaging with no decrease in price. That is a 6-7 percent increase in profit for companies like Proctor and Gamble, General Mills and the list goes on.

      But we or not most of us have not seen an increase in our wages for how many years. This has been going on year end and year out for the last 7 years or more. How long before you just can’t make do on what you used to? Not long at this rate. I would assume that the crossing of the lines of have and have nots has been reached. The only reason for the people to not riot is that the government is now the number one provider of food and housing.

      Just forget that you were once the head of household and provider for your family. Uncle Sugar Sam is now who provides for your family. Not only do they feed and house you anymore they also teach your children the Morals and Ethics we once taught our children. And as we have seen in places like Detroit, Washington D.C and other major crime ridden cities this has not worked out well.

      In other words, if you didn’t earn it then it has no value, if you did earn it it does have value and you will take care of it. Does not matter what that “it” is. This is not just about persal property, it goes deeper than that. It also pertains to the standards you and yours live by, the way you look at others and the way you look at yourself.

      We got here by the greater majority of the citizens of this country not being adults. Plain and simple. The baby boomers, thier children and thier grand children have been raised to be lazy, immoral, shiftless with no sense of worth or value. Not all of us for sure but enough to bring down our American Society as a whole. God help us.


    22. AC

      This type of clueless propaganda is what happens when the useless marketing drones are allowed to make policy decisions.

    23. Pissed Off Granny

      Pretty damned funny…..

      How do you not have a chance of falling back into something that you are already in?


      How damn dumb do THEY think we are.

      • Them Guys

        Pissed off Granny: After researching and learning about the true real reasons that caused germany during the great depression era and even before that era, to gradually go deeper and deeper into the exact same cesspool of coruptions, and perversions, that america has become.

        And how in Every area and facet of society and overall culture as a people and as a nation, how today we so closely match pre WWII germany in almost every way.

        It appears that the one major difference is that it has taken much longer for america as a whole to so badly devolve into despair and destruction morally and materially.

        But anyone who takes an Honest look at the Root causes of germanys woes back 90 yrs ago, shall see in no uncertain terms that the very same commie based systems and methods that so destroyed germany then, are and Have been at work here in america for at least 100 yrs now.

        It is akin to a Termite Infestation. Just as termites find the smallest crack in the foundations, then sneek in, send out the signal to fellow traveler termites,invade by the several millions, then go to work.

        Commies have invaded the usa much like termites, and in almost silent unseen ways have eaten away. First at the very foundation, then the beams and support studs within the walls of our nation. And just as a normal stick built home will, after 40 yrs of constant unabted termite activity, finally collapes upon itself when the first moderate or strong breeze errupt to blow across the lands.

        Todays america is also ready and due to experience such massive collapse.

        And same as german folks overall were basically Blind to their termite invaders, so to has america been mostly unaware of the exact same kommie termite invaders.

        Unfortunatly to date, even now that some folks are waking up to it all…Just like germans, americans Fail to realize who and what that termite invader truly is/are.

        Not untill all those awoke folks as well as many more who also awaken, are actually willing to do as the german folks finally did and take an Honest look at who the termite kommies really are can any hope of true recovery ever occure.

        Make no mistakes about these issues either. Just as americas troubles are so near exact as germany’s were…So to is it that the exact same termite invader kommies that so destroyed every facet of german morals, culture, art,music, stage, newspapers, radio, and most importantly germanys Top Govnt apperatus.

        America has been overtaken, and nearly over thrown by the same termites as germans were. And once one studies the honest, factual, truthfull reasons and methods that did it to germany. One cannot help but to admit that america Has the same type kommie termites now at the helm and fully in control of every important facet of govnt-msm medias in every format-TV (talmudvision) and next to TV, the biggest propaganda machine every to exist, Hollywood.

        Yet even today with as You and several others have noted, that there is absolutly no excuse today with such easy and even Free access to more online accurate sources of such valid info to learn all of this individually.

        We still seem to have a major portion of awake folks that remain fast asleep like their co-citizens who have yet to wake up to any of it. I am speaking of awake folks that steadfast reject and refuse any and all attempts or suggestions to take an honest look at the true underlying cause of americas woes. Many such folks readily admit usa today resembles germany of 1920-30 era.

        Yet like germans back then todays americans even the awoke groups refuse to consider the root cause and those who do such nation wrecking in litterally Every nation, city, land mass, that has ever Hosted them as a group.

        Tons of solid unrefutable, documented evidence exists today. Even much of it directly From the very culprits themselves who freely admit that it was They who invented communisim, they who used it to destroy russia, then germany, and are now today Here destroying america.

        But nobody can discuss these nation wrecking issues without use of words that show and describe what and who those termite invader kommies are.

        And Thats where the main problem arrises when confronting most folks with these issues and truths.

        PC corectness, which is a frankfurt invented method of Cultural Communisim, designed to stiffle all such talk the same way calling a person Racist operates. Has so dumbed down most folks nationwide today, that the very moment anyone Names the termites, names the kommies, names the Nation wreckers….They will lose 99% of their audience. Regardless where their session takes place to instruct and awaken folks Completely. They are quite lucky if they are able to retain 1-2% of the audience.

        Not untill masses of folks are able to Freely speak and freely discuss In Person, everywheres and anywheres across the land of america such descriptive words as, Zionists-Israel-jewish-Jew-etc will we ever see a true awakened populus large enough to radically effect real and much needed change, to restore america to original standards of proper Morals-Education-Actions-and overall true American ways as we learned and Lived since we were small children. It is still possible to restore america I believe. But Not untill kommies are delt with.

        And there are but Two main methods to deal with the termite kommie infestation so destroying our nation and its peoples. Boot them Out, or Take them out.

        There is absolutly no possible true restoration as long as those nation wrecker kommies remain within americas borders. And there is absolutly no hope of evicting even a small few such kommies untill those masses of well meaning folks agree to RE-Think their false belief of any type need to “Bless” that bunch.

        How to acomplish that huge task is where the real restoration answers lie.

        Unless and untill those of us who represent that still small minority group that are fuly awake, find that answer, we shall continue to remain fixed in position between a larger group of radical leftists kommies and enablers on the left, and to our right, by an equally large group who are so deluded they are willing to either take a bullet as human shields to protect those termite kommies they so worship, and so “Bless”.

        Or are willing to Kill and Mass exterminate Us in the middle, if they in any way believe god is going to bless they and their efforts as long as they kill us off to assist those termite nation wrecking bolshevik jewish kommies.

        • Not So Much

          “Not untill all those awoke folks are actually willing to do as the german folks finally did and take an Honest look at who the termite kommies really are can any hope of true recovery ever occure.”

          YOU are one sick mother fucker.

          What’s next, foaming at the mouth yelling at the tops of your lungs, ‘we gotta round up DA JEWS’?

          • Them Guys

            Read tha entire book Gruesome harvest from 1947 I posted info and a LINK to and perhaps once you educate yourself on facts and truth of WWII and germany you wont need continue to remain such an Asshole.

            So far you reject every link or documented proof on any issues provided by me and a few others here. That causes me to believe you enjoy being such an ignorant asshole.

            You could stand to learn a little Truth on the Jews issues also.

            Read all 10 chapters at the link I posted a couple articles ago. See what really happened After WWII officially ended and allies still did such vast harm to totally Innocent germans mostly women and kids.

            Then open your Fat ignorant mouth and teach us all a thing or two. If again you reject links and proof, then you serve zero purpous other than to annoy folks.

            • Not So Much

              Bottom line, you’re full of shit and you’re sick.

              @Mac, why don’t you add a little script to your submit button and every time this sick shithead submits something, you should change his name to ‘lil Hitler’

              • Pissed Off Granny

                Not So Much:

                If Mac should put a new name on themguys maybe with your potty mouth he should put a new name on you. I will leave it to the readers of this blog to decide what that should be.

                I do have a question for you. In the next subject posted by Mac, Destruction on a Massive Scale, the writer suggests this “those truly responsible for false flags are a topic heavily debated but I will refer to them as the elite.”

                Now, I am sure that you would like to clean up this country as much as the rest of us. I don’t know who you think is responsible for the mess we are in. I think it is international bankers, our congressmen, our representatives, the “elite”.

                Now if you could round up the “elite” that is responsible for ruining this great country (and most of the world) who would they be.

                Patriots would not be very impressed with you if all you could tell them is”I’m gonna get me some of them elites that are ruining everything”. Patriots might stop to ask you just who the hell they are, and why the hell they are ruining our country.

                You might start by reading Benjamin Freedman’s articles on the net. His “Facts are Facts” would be a great start for you.

                If you don’t like themguys posts skip over them. I don’t happen to like our president, I turn off the tv when he comes on. No one is forcing me, at present, to listen to a damn thing he says. No one is forcing you to read any post here.

                I think I read that part of the communists plan of action is IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE MESSAGE THEN ATTACK THE MESSENGER. I would like to think that you don’t fit that description.

                Next time you are not very happy about a new law that is being proposed out of the Senate; check and see what their lineage-religion happens to be. Might be a wake up call.

                Destruction on a Massive Scale

                • Not so Much

                  “If Mac should put a new name on themguys maybe with your potty mouth he should put a new name on you”

                  Meh, But I still wont be the sick little hitler you appear to be defending. Good luck with that.

    24. JRS

      Got a few preps done this past week or so:

      14 quarts of stewed tomatoes
      6 quarts and 12 pints more of spaghetti sauce
      15 pints of Summer Rambo apple sauce
      I got probably close to 20 pounds of sunflower seed from the giant sunflowers (chicken treat preps)

      The “pet” 6 point is grazing and bedding in the raspberry bushes at the edge of the woods. He won’t be there when I want him to, though.

      Get out of the blue light and into the yellow light.

      • James in Dallas

        Thumbs up.
        I grow the giant sunflowers also. My largest was about 16 foot tall this year. We sprout the seeds and eat as salad greens, that is what we don’t toast and eat as seeds. It’s supposed to be good for you sprouted.
        For chickens, I used to sprout wheat before I feed it to them. It turned a 50 pound sack of wheat into almost 200 pounds of feed.Used it as a supplement to their normal feed routine. Seemed like it was better for them also, as we had a slight increase in egg production. We had between 500 to 600 active layers at any one time, and it seemed to work well.

      • Montana Mike

        Hi JRS, How about a recipe for
        Summer Rambo Applesauce. TKS


    25. braveheart

      While I can appreciate the humorous side of the story, we all know the REAL STORY, so I still call BS on this article. We’ve been in a gradual process of collapse since the 2008 crisis and one day the bottom will fall out. This economy is still on life support and life support can’t last forever. I’m still doing my part getting my usual prepping supplies. Had to get rid of the 52-inch to make more room for ammo. braveheart

      • ready down under

        When the dirtbags kick your door in looking for food what’s your best option BH? Ask if they wanna watch TV or double tap ’em with a 230Gr HP from your 1911?


        • braveheart

          Howdy, Aussie. 00 buck awaits anyone who is foolish enough to make such a move. MOLON LABE WOLVERINES braveheart

          • ready down under

            I have a large supply of 00 as well, we cant have pumps or semi auto’s but the angry end a good ejector double with 20″ barrels will scare the starch outta any dirtbags. Pretty quick to reload too.


            • smokey

              Nothing says ‘Get out!’ like a double -barrelled shotgun.

              Two rounds in the fingers of your off hand means a very fast reload.

      • TXGranny

        These times are a lot like that carnival ride where everyone stands up around the outside wall of the big round ride, and as it begins to spin ever faster, the bottom drops out and one is held against the wall by the centrifugal force.

        The bottom has already dropped out, but most folks are screaming and have their eyes closed. Their lives are just so full of busy turning and craziness, they’re pinned to the side by the force of it all. They don’t even realize the bottom has dropped, and they’ll be even more surprised when the ride stops and the bottom STILL isn’t there!

        • sixpack

          An apt euphemism.

      • Urban brave dog troll on a roll

        One day or within your usual prediction of six months. Howdy brave heart. Welcome aboard.

        • braveheart

          Howdy, urban dog. What’s on your mind?

      • A. Wiener

        I’d get rid of the blowup doll ya got BH, after all,…it takes up space too..

    26. urban dog brave troll on a roll

      Funny…The article has a photo from last Christmas. I would think they could find a current photo if the attitude was to shop, shop, shop.
      The photo may be preppers running for preps. They do look a little off.

      • braveheart

        The photo is from Black Friday of last year. that’s definitely NOT preppers in that photo. BTW, I issued a challenge to you in comment #2228544 in the last article. just waiting for a response.

    27. ed

      The economy is so good you don’t even have to work to make 40 grand a year.

    28. Grandma

      If I had the money to spare, I would buy more gold and silver. I’m loaded with food and other supplies because I started in 2009. If gold and silver never comes back in my lifetime, it will be locked up for my grandchildren’s education only if they meet certain requirements stated by me by certified letter and when the metals are up 100% FROM THE TIME OF MY DEATH. The only problem I will have is who to trust to hold the metals.

      • Not So Much

        Go to ebay.

        Search the numismatic coins like Roosevelt dimes or Washington quarters. I’ve collected quarters for about 20 years.

        Even in the state quarters sections there are silver quarters.

        You can find them graded (sealed in the plastic cases) for a few bucks.

        For example, one of these 4 coins is silver and all 4 are collector grade (less likely to be confiscated) coins.


        • Not So Much

          I should mention, those coins were A STEAL. It costs $30 to have just 1 coin graded. So that’s a $120 grading investment, plus whatever the intrinsic value of the coins is, all for $23.

          • Not So Much

            I live rent free in your head ThemGuys. LOL. You’re my own lil stalker troll. *sniff* I’d like to thank the academy and my mother.

      • Urban brave dog troll on a roll

        Why do you care? Grandma, you will be dead. 100% will be easy. Just wait for inflation which is the way PM move. The metals will buy exactly what they do today. Can’t trust your family? Why leave them squat?

    29. Heifer

      My prepping partner passed away this week. His kids are laughing about him being a hoarder. It’s a big joke to them. I’m crushed. He would be so upset if he knew people thought it was funny. How in the world will I find a new partner? I’m already an outcast as a Republican anyway.

      • jim in Va.

        Hang in, there are plenty of preppers and Republicans out there. You sound like a good catch!

      • Indy Colts


        My prayers go out to you. When you are a Christian, GOD is always your partner. Before I met my wife, I lost many friends and was alone other than a few family members. GOD was and is my strength everyday. Psalms is a good book to read when your down. David has a way with words. GOD BLESS YOU

        • sixpack

          Heifer, do as I did and take comfort that your friend was truly with you until the very end. No retreat. No surrender. No regrets.

      • ready down under

        Losing someone you thought would be with you no matter what through death or break up is unbelieveably painful and one feels overwhelmed. But the pain will dull and pass and you will one day start looking forward again, not back. Braveheart, who posts a lot here lost his wife and is an excellent example of how one can still carry on despite adversity. All the best from me and I’m sure from all the “family” here.


        • braveheart

          Aussie, thank you so much for those kind words. As you stated, losing a loved one is one of the toughest things anyone can go through, but sadly, it is a part of this thing called life. Yes, I have persevered and will continue to do so. braveheart

      • Urban brave dog troll on a roll

        One mans prepper is another man’s level one hoarder. Your partner’s family should read this site. They are not alone. There are a lot of people here who have family that laughs at them and will get stuck filling dumpsters when they die.

        • braveheart

          Urban dog, I know exactly what you mean. My relatives in the region where I live reject the idea. However, my relatives in GA are another story. They were all born and raised on farms, so they grew up in the ‘prepper’ lifestyle. They’re all in the mountains of north GA/eastTN/westernNC. They can survive in their sleep. they all learned how to use guns, hunt, fish, forage, etc. at the earliest possible age. they can survive anything life throws at them.

    30. VRF

      this probably falls under

      Figures don’t lie.. but LIARS can figure

      • slingshot

        One of the Marx Brothers, I’m sure.

    31. Bravo Sierra

      all I can say is….HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love reading comedy!

    32. Gonetoolong

      How many people are livid to the fact that the CIA is now out in the open with “Yeah, we are arming Al Quieda in Syria, so what”. Ads on all day for Wounded Warriors with vets with limbs blown off and brain damage performed by Al Quieda, while simulataneously we are giving them the freaking weapons. This is the height of insanity and I pray soon that the big fucking shoe drops and we can get the party started. Ridiculous.

      • JB

        While simultaneously passing laws to disarm us…..

    33. SilverSax

      When I hear news like this, it makes me want to buy more gold.
      And ammo.

      • Rich99

        Wants got nothing to do with it. “Need” scratch’s the itch.

        • braveheart

          What brings you back?

          • sixpack

            I thought you were “outta here” for good…

    34. ponomo

      buy a good rug to grab ahold of….bet that the WDC crowd already has??

    35. Joey

      So proud of my state Colorado for voting out the Democratic anti-gun scumbags that I was inspired to go from a yearly membership to the NRA now to “lifetime” membership! Battle lines have been drawn but much more work needs to be done to bring the state from Blue (Dumbocrat) back into the “Red” category (Republican)! Hickenloser must go in 2014, the House and Senate must go back to the Republicans. Then after all that if we are lucky to have this happen we can rescind the liberal-progressive anti-gun agenda and undo all the damage that the loonies have done! Lots of work Colorado, lets go get ’em!!!

    36. Cee

      My taxes and home owners insurance will increase my monthly house payments almost 200/mo. in January. We will soon get priced right out of our house of 13 years.

      • sixpack

        sorry to hear that.

      • Smokey

        Better find the 200 bucks, the alternative is renting and being at the whim of the landlord.

        Up here, folks are getting one or two rent increases each year.

    37. jim in Va.

      I see Mortgage companies laying off people because the interest rates have gone up. Companies are shedding retirees from their health coverage,part timers are taken off coverage,unions leaving the AFL-CIO because of its support for Obamacare. I have friends going to Social Services because their insurance has skyrocketed and now they can’t pay other bills. BS on that report, they haven’t even gotten out in the street to see what is going on.

      • Prepped In CT

        This is something that I have said all along.

        You have people playing with numbers, coming up with statistics that show everything is rosy, and we’re all shiny happy people

        They dont have a freaking clue what is going on. It’s all numbers and statistics to them. As long as everything comes out fine with their numbers, they don’t care.

    38. Anonymous

      Its all been corrupted. The Government lies about it, The liberal media swear to it and Moody’s certifies it…

      If its true why is no one else buying out Treasury debt??? The Federal Reserve is the only buyer…

    39. Patriot One

      The whole system has been corrupted. The Government lies about it, The liberal media swears to it and Moody’s certifies it!!! Welcome to the grand illusion…

      • Ted Kennedy

        Next selection (election) ought to be rodeo circus.

    40. RICH99

      What AMAZES me is that my district manager wants to know business has been down the past few months … this asshole living under a rock !!!!!
      You cannot have INFINITE growth in a FINITE world !!!!
      My company wants infinite growth ….cannot happen

    41. aljamo

      My bitch is that the government does’nt care about veterans. Try being a disabled vet and living off a thousand dollars a month. This disability pension has’nt been raised since 1978. 35 years with only very low cost of living adjustments. Veterans deserve an income that covers today’s actual cost of living.

    42. PA farmer

      I Gauge the Economy by doing my own leg work, I ask friends how things are going at their jobs, if I go in a Business I’ll ask how things are going, see a bread guy Carrying stock in a store, Strike up a Conversation with a stranger I will ask how their job is going, they never have anything Positive to say. Business is bad. On a good note school teachers always seem to be happy go lucky.

      • slingshot

        Hmmm. Hmmm. Hmmm.

        Barrack Hussein Obama.

        Hmmm. Hmmm. Hmmm.

        Teachers are always happy when they sing.

    43. ready down under

      I am very encouraged by the number of people here who really understand just what the hell we are in for! It means one day, after a period, probably years, of anarchy the sun will rise on a day of calm. When the vast majority of those left will be decent, self sufficient, self reliant honest people instead of the vast majority being selfish, greedy parasites as is the case now. Those few/many months or years will not be easy – gunna be damned hard in fact and some, no matter how well prepped will not come out the other side but those that do will have guts, determination and I daresay, a renewed and fierce patriotism.


      • REB

        Hope youre right my friend!

      • Barn Cat

        Good luck with that. Only about 3% of Americans are prepping. The government is stockpiling food and ammo. Some time after the collapse the federal government will regain control of the country and we’ll be in a police state. I expect it to a global police state where all of our freedoms are taken away.

      • old guy

        I got disagree with you The majority who survive wont be decient self sufficient. The vast majority will be the ruthless strongest meanest and luckiest. They will possess strong fortitude and adaptability. They will need self reliance & know how. But they will be a very dangerous wild man cunning type person. The person who survives will have no hesitation about doing hat is necessary to survive.

    44. agent provocator


    45. Darkstar

      I work for that home improvement retailer that sponsors Jimmie Johnson. The amount of crap that we import from China is beyond belief. Unfortunately in my area their isn’t much available so a job is a job. Improving economy…what a joke. So sick of the BS.

    46. JoeRepublic

      Remember this: When the government and its agents tell you something, you need to flip it upside-down and, then the truth will be revealed to you, or at least closer to it than listening to these magicians. Moody’s is nothing more than one more corporate puppet for the rulers. Remember when Cramer, that idiot shill for CNBC was telling everyone to BUY-BUY-BUY and HOLD-HOLD-HOLD Bear Sterns just days before the massive negative spike a few days later in their “liquidity crisis”?

      In case you forgot, have a look: A colossal asshole in action

      Why would anyone ever trust these morons unless they are a completely uninformed dolt? I feel like the old bartender from “Boondock Saints” sometimes when I hear these shills spew forth their lies as I can’t help but exclaim, “ASS!!!!…..fffFFFFFUCK!”.

    47. clem

      The proud consumer marches on……

      Something of a Chinese saying comes to mind.
      Three things don’t come back;

      The sped arrow
      The spoken word

      This hype will be short lived. Use your time wisely.

    48. JR

      … but it IS true! There is no recession (if, that is, you are a Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama vacation planner). Otherwise, you’re screwed

    49. Buzzfix

      Never trust what the majority hear!

    50. Anonymous

      if i thought for one second that ‘my government’ was legitimate, i might be inclined to believe them.

      unfortunately, i see more ‘ron paul’ bumper stickers than obama and romney stickers combined. and i live in a supposed ‘democrat stronghold’.

      i don’t buy it. the people in charge stole the election. and if they can defraud that most important facet of american liberty, then they can defraud any and every thing.

    51. Shootit

      US inc should take notice. 800,000 bikers showed up. 8 million more + plus that could not make it. US inc. needs to pay attention.

    52. NMBC

      It’s funny. If you took a few words out of his (Bush’s) quote, it changed the whole meaning, as it did in this case.

      • NMBC

        I thought Prez Bush gave a tax credit to everyone.

        So he told people to go spend them during the Christmas season, to STIMULATE THE ECONOMY; …….. Since people heard Obama won the election, employers started laying people off.

        Safety, Justice and happiness to all 🙂 🙂

    53. Jenn

      Wow…. what color is the sky in their world? Are they drunk or stoned or what? It just boggles the mind. And saddest part is, there are people out there who will BELIEVE the horsecrap they’re putting out there.

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