Germany’s Ruling Class Spent BILLIONS On COVID Booster Shots Nobody Wants

by | Oct 7, 2022 | Headline News

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    It becomes more and more clear by the day that the COVID “vaccines” are a piece of their agenda. In fact, the German government recently ordered 100 million doses of BA.1 and BA.4/5 bivalent booster vaccines, costing them 2.5 billion euros ($2.47 billion). But nobody seems to want them.

    Ruling classes are having a problem getting people to take additional booster shots. It appears that the masses can be easily persuaded to be injected two or three times with experimental gene therapy drugs, but draw the line after that.

    In fact, in Furth in Middle Franconia, only 85 people showed up to get their booster. The district has 120,000 residents. “We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for people,” said Michael Hubmann, a pediatrician who is coordinating the vaccination campaign.

    The ruling class and its medical tyrants can’t understand why people are not getting more shots.

    “Unfortunately, interest in the fourth dose has been pretty low so far,” says Markus Beier, Chairman of the German Association of General Practitioners. At the same time, he says it’s important that people over 60 and those with previous illnesses in particular protect themselves with a further dose. “There is uncertainty among the population as to what further vaccinations will achieve. But they still strengthen protection against severe outcome.”

    A severe outcome like getting a cold? Or a severe outcome like myocarditis? Because personally, I already know which I’d prefer.

    So few people want to be injected right now that at the end of August alone, 3.9 million doses of Moderna and another 700,000 doses of Novavax had to be binned.

    Bivalent booster uptake fail. (Source: eugyppius)

    The chart above tells the whole sordid story of our recent experiment with mass vaccination. Demand for this snake oil was highest in the beginning, before anybody had any direct experience with it; and in the Fall, when the government tied vaccination to specific social privileges. As overt vaccinator coercion has faded and millions of people have tried these doubtful elixirs for themselves, interest has all but entirely evaporated. This is the ultimate vindication for all those who have been saying that the vaccines are lousy overhyped pharmaceuticals with a bad side-effect profile. A safe and effective product would only gain momentum with the population. It took less than two years for these to wear out their welcome. –Global Research

    Sadly, the damages may already be done:

    Government Data Suggests 1.2 Million Americans Have Already Died Because Of The COVID “Vaccines”


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