Germany Sells Out Of Pepper Spray As “Frightened Germans Buy Protection Against Refugees”

by | Nov 11, 2015 | Headline News | 127 comments

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    Things are getting frightening in Europe.

    Through a wildly arranged deal to take in a flood of refugee migrants from Syria, the Europeans are taking a bite of blowback, merely from being accomplices in the chain reaction of wars ranging from Iraq, to Libya, Syria and beyond. While the U.S. continues to sponsor terrorism to oust Assad, hundreds of thousands are being displaced. Now the EU is being confronted with the culture of Islam, and all the fears and controversies that go with it.

    With heightened fears about unruly and dangerous individuals, including possible terrorists cells among them, many residents are taking arms and preparing to defend themselves, in case the worst should happen.

    Not long after Austria made news for a buying spree on long guns in response to recent tensions, there is also a reported run on pepper spray in Deutschland as “frightened Germans buy protection against refugees.”

    via Zero Hedge:

    Despite occasional videos of angry Germans protesting at what has become the biggest “foreign invasion” of Europe since World War II, the German popular response to the wave of migrants, which is now expected to top 1 million in 2015 has been relatively calm. Fear (and anger), however, are building beneath the otherwise calm surface.

    According to a report by Focus, following a 600% surge in sales over the past two months, Germany has run out of pepper spray, and the irritating substance can now only be purchased after weeks of waiting. Focus says that according to pepper spray manufacturers, “frightened Germans” have bought out all the available inventory. The alleged reason, according to the German publication: “die Flüchtlingskrise“, or the refugee crisis.


    “There is fear” explains Kai Prase, managing director of DEF-TEC Defense Technology GmbH in Frankfurt, one of the major producers of repellents. “For the past six to seven weeks we have been practically sold out.” […] The waiting period has already reached about five weeks.

    People have been spending money on personal protection, and in certain countries, many are regretting restrictions on their rights to purchase and own firearms for their homes:

    Despite how hard it is to attain these weapons in countries like Austria, firearms are currently being sold there in record numbers … [a] trend fueled by the refugee crisis. According to a Czech TV report, pretty much all of the long guns in the country have been sold out for the past three weeks. One gun merchant revealed that most of the buyers are women who want to protect themselves, and those who can’t buy firearms are buying up pepper spray.

    “All over Europe people now want the means to defend themselves. Self-defense is no longer a dirty word. In countries like Austria, where it is still legal to own a firearm, gun sales are at record levels.”

    There have been many reports about rape incidents tied to these groups, and deep concerns about violence and confrontation. Many more are concerned over the cultural invasion that represents a destruction of traditional norms.  Sharia law has been in the crosshairs because Muslim enclaves in Europe have been particularly reluctant to assimilate with the locals, many of whom see the trend as a threat. However, political correctness has limited official criticisms of these incidents.

    A woman traveling from Budapest to Vienna, who happened to be fluent in Arabic, overheard a group males discussing raping the women who weren’t “properly dressed”:

    Sweden has become recognized as the “rape capital of the West” as a spike in the number of reported rapes has coincided with an influx of clashing migrants. A politician in the Swedish Democrat Party said:

    “When will you journalists realize that it is deeply rooted in Islam’s culture to rape and brutalize women who refuse to comply with Islamic teachings. There is a strong connection between rapes in Sweden and the number of immigrants from MENA-countries [Middle East and North Africa].”

    One angry Swede sounded off on the “swarm” of cultural disintegration:

    Nationalism is only ugly when Swedes express it.

    When immigrants express a desire, a will to preserve their identity and their culture then it’s charming because, remember, they are the ones with the culture… not the Swedes.

    Firearms and pepper spray are only among the most popular self-defense tactics that can be used in a crisis. If they are unavailable, either due to political restrictions, or due to supply, nearly anything can work as an alternative to stop an attacker:

    Get Loud and Fight Back – When an unknown person rushes towards you as if to attack, shouting “Back off!” and move towards that attacker, not away. The person attacking might not be suspecting you to fight back so this could give you time to attack first. It might also surprise the attacker and alert others that you are in need of help.

    Use Anything Can Be Used as a Weapon – Just like in any survival situation, you can use anything you have on you, a purse, keys, hairspray, dirt, etc., to ward off an attacker. The absence of a gun, knife, or pepper spray does not mean you are without assistance. Anything in the immediate environment could be used as a weapon, and it might be helpful to briefly survey what is around you where you go in case of an attack.

    Know the Major Weak Points of the Body – If you have to fight off your attacker, you may only have a small window to deliver a crippling blow, one that allows you to get away. Consequently, aim for the areas of the body that are most easily injured which are the eyes, ears, nose, neck, knees, and groin. The elbows, knees, and head are the most effective body parts for inflicting damage.

    The Prepper’s Blueprint discusses many of these strategies and other ways to lie low when unruly crowds are in the area.

    Read more:

    Europeans Scramble For Guns Amid Islamic Immigrant Invasion: “Long Guns Sold Out”


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      1. I bet the black market is booming there right now for guns!

        • no shit. I’ll never trust my life to a can of seasoning.

        • I just read a really engrossing article at Dmitry Orlov’s website last night on this very subject!!!

          It is unbelievable what those people (Europeans) are experiencing!! We think we have it bad here, at least its not as bad here as it there…

          The EU is disintegrating before their very eyes– not just from economic collapse/austerity measures but also from the influx of all these strangers

          • Just think about the situaion there and here for a moment. Realize that this is the reason that “The Big BO” as Charlie Sheen calls him wants to take our guns and weapons away. IT is the same with all Democrypts according to Jessie Ventura.
            One of the prime rules of the NWO succeding is that they will use crime to control the populace. Their writings not mine. If we willingly give up our right whether they try to take it or not, we will be like the Germans, French, Austrians, Swedes or other people there.
            This is why they fear us more than we fear them. Because they are without morals, courage, tenacity save for totalitarian rule.

        • Oops! Had my email address spelled wrong.

          I just read a really engrossing article at Dmitry Orlov’s website last night on this very subject!!!

          It is unbelievable what those people (Europeans) are experiencing!! We think we have it bad here, at least its not as bad here as it there…

          The EU is disintegrating before their very eyes– not just from economic collapse/austerity measures but also from the influx of all these strangers

      2. OK,may be tasteless/un pc but am sure if fucked with enuff the Germans will come up with a “solution”!

        • Being mostly German I would use wasp spray. Another choice would be 3M spray glue in the face. Make my own pepper spray that is way more effective, use a stungun, 3/4 inch pipe 12ga. zipgun, 3/4 inch pipe black powder flashgun, flare gun, sulphuric acid spray, hairspray and a lighter, sharpened steel rod with barbs (to prevent pulling it back out), homemade napalm with ignitor, good offensive and totally debilitating self defense moves, knives, baton, nunchucks, I could go on but that is just off the top of my head 😛

          • Dont really think that was his point. His was more about finality.

          • Genius, have you been reading my self-defense manual? We’re on the same page in the same book. especially the wasp spray. Far more effective than pepper spray and will blind someone. Spray the sandnigger and run like hell away from it.

          • Some asshole German politician (whore) is proposing mandatory ‘service’ for students graduating universities. He expects Germans to work in servitude to the ‘refugees’. Let these animals do their own cooking and cleaning, or starve.

            Gasoline will dissolve styrofoam cups and thicken up, rendering the gasoline useless as a motor fuel. It will have to be used for other purposes. Germany surely has hardware stores that sell hatchets and straight claw hammers.

            You can be sure the ‘refugees’ are arming up, with zero concern for ‘local laws’. Europeans will have to rethink such concerns, as will Americans in ‘host cities’.

            Fuckwads like MI governer Snider(govna=shit in Russian) are asking for more of these animals to be ‘allotted’ to their state (but NOT their gated communities). These leftist scrotem-breaths actually think these muslime savages are going to ‘contribute’ to the infidel economy.

            • I have a vision of German people carrying pitchforks, clubs and torches. Chasing the Arab Frankenstein across the countryside.


              • The European males are cowardly geldings. They refuse to stand up, so how much more crap will they take before they do something. Soon the killings will start and Shiria law implemented, soon as enough are killed off. Then the caliphate will be extended to Eurostan. Europeans are unable to think critically, lack common sense and take responsibility for their future and their families. Morons indeed. Women and girls will be raped and /or forced to marry Muslim men and turned into breeder sows. Marxist E. U. leaders want Europe destroyed but they will be executed when they are no longer useful idiots.

                • You,of course,not being on the front line would know all about courage? Joined 2 world wars at the very last moments. Too afraid to travel to Europe at any hint of trouble,leaving France in droves over present troubles………………..Yes,we should look up to you brave Americans.How brave will you be if the gun law is changed? Ohh,I forget, shooting mostly unarmed vunerable people,especially children is considered an accepted sport over there. Think before you write,Moron.

                • Don’t know about that, Laura. I read recently that young men in Ireland, having heard of the muslim plan to rape their women, have begun roaming in packs, finding muslims and beating them to broken, bloody pulp. The muslims were now wanting to leave Ireland…

          • Never use a pipe zipgun. Having no serial numbers, it is untraceable if dropped.

          • Old fashioned starting fluid/diethyl ether, will do the job when accompanied by a lighter/flame.

            Proof positive it will set a person on fire.

            This guy told me his story in 1995; a driver, with the company i worked for, that delivered furniture each week to a really bad side of NY City, had arrived a couple hours early, about 4 am, and decided to rest a spell. he had no more than closed his eyes when he felt his cab move, and thought a prostitute was on his step, as they often did, male or female, in that area.

            As he peaked out his driver side window, and through his side mirrors, he saw the side of a pick-up truck backed up to his trailer and his previously locked doors opened. Being a rather big and dumb acting person, it was no surprise to me that he got out and went to investigate with a hammer in his hand.

            Two black thieves were offloading furniture onto the pickup truck. He told them to stop, and that he had called the cops. They ignored him and the hammer, so he went to his tractor side box and got out a new can of ether and gave one more warning, which they did not heed and said F you, to him.

            He proceeded to spray them down with the ether and gave a final warning as he kept spraying and held up his lighter. Repeats of the F you came, so he lit them up and kept spraying. One guy fell to the ground in flames and ran off screaming. The other lay in the back of the trailer as he continued to spray with the guy screaming and on fire. He eventually fell to the ground and was rolling around as the cops arrived. The cops told the driver to leave and come back later cause these guys had friends that would be coming to look for them. As he was about to leave the ambulance arrived and he heard one of the paramedics say, that it looked like the guy had fourth degree burns and might not make it.

            This guy’s CB handle fit him perfect…”UFO”..he was really out there and feared nothing.

            • So when is your buddy up for parole for murder and mayhem?

              You can’t set people on fire for stealing a sofa and not go to jail for a very long time.

              • Do people get charged for Mayhem anymore?
                I thought they changed that to terrorism…..

              • Got that right smokey, cops just don’t let people go for murder and tell them to get out of Dodge before his buddies show. Don’t find this story to be much in the way of truth here, in the real world this kind of stuff just never happens. Sounds a lot like a movie script instead, especially the last part about the paramedics and the fourth degree burns, sounds the last line in a Charles Bronson movie.

          • Well done arsehole You’ve just given the murdering scum 15+ more ways to harm us.
            Genius, perhaps you should follow up with where they can access them!

          • Wasp spray is good. Some can shoot 15-20 feet IF you can get a good can.
            Dirt or sand is also good and unsuspected. Keys can put a eye out or hurt something else. A good blow/kick to the knee ( front or sideways ) is good too kick hard and break or displace it.. And other places.

            A lot of pepper sprays dont really do that much. Unless you make it using the hot hot stuff that they have out there now. And some stun guns dont work that well. Depends.

            Women need to not be afraid. Get PISSED.
            Easier said than done I know to most. But, they are trying to hurt you.
            Fing animals.

        • Germany’s back was broken by your owners. Now White Genocide is next.

          • Just me and everyone here: here are some sites to keep up with craziness in the E.U. and Muslim invasions incl US and Canada.,, pamela,; you tube: withopengates: the forced collectivesuicideofeuropeannations and related videos, We are getting invaded too, google in U.S. cities with refugee resettlements. Saudi/Arab money is financing mosques here and elsewhere. These are not refugees, but invaders. gov is at war with the American people. See what is happening now in the E.U. we are next, as majority are idiots, can’t think critically, politicians are bought to look other way; do nothing. The men are passive, won’t react, stuck in stupid.

            • Rather easy Laura to state that European men are cowards when you are able to buy your
              guns on every street corner!! You obviously don’t know about European gun laws………
              As I live in Holland it will take me 12-18 months shooting at a gun club at least once every 3 weeks to apply for a gun after that period. That is if the police agree but with the current situation they will not be handing out permits easily I think. So do your homework before you start spouting off at Europeans…………oh yeah, don’t forget it was your European ancestors (probably) who founded todays USA………..shame on you woman!!!

        • War, bad joke…

          What happens when you pepper spray a German Guy?
          He can NAZI!

          • Eppe telling yet another stupid joke with no relevance?

            I did Nazi this coming…

            • stuff it, AE.

              I hear you got plenty off extra room there. Got Depends?

          • Eppe, you ain’t right. LOL.





        • The modern German is 100% vaginal. There’ll be no more wars.

          • I wouldn’t say all of them. I work with a crew from Germany sometimes and they are some tough ass men. A lot tougher than most amerikans. They do not take shit very well either. I’m sure they are doing what needs doing you just don’t hear about it.

      3. Hahahahaha! People will be spraying Wasp Spray on each other or lighting up a stream of Hairspray or WD 40. Might be a market in Slap Billie’s. Collapsible batons.

        It’s coming to the USA.

        • Except instead of some wasp spray it’ll be copper jacketed muzzie killer. Waiting patiently.

        • The US has more than enough indigenous low life trash right now to keeps jails, cops and courts busy. The worry is what the late Richard Prior said in his stand up routine about the double muslims in Arizona State Penitentiary, “They can’t wait to go back to Allah and take eight or nine mother fuckers with them”.

          Its like importing food that has a reasonably high probability of some of it being tainted.

          • Kevin2

            I found an interesting video about how much ammo is enough.. The person stated that it is not the point of having too much ammo but not having enough magazines for your semi auto weapons. You can have 1000 rounds but only ONE 30 round magazine. Imagine reloading the mag in a firefight.
            You might need enough magazines to cover 1000 rounds of ammo. He did say a standard military load out is about 200 rds.

            • Sling: I feel 7 is the minion to have loaded. At least 7 on hand as replacements. That’s a minion to have so more the merrier. Now that’s for every semi- auto be it hand or long.

              • ATLS

                That is a good start.

              • ATLS,I keep 20 30-round mags on hand for my M1 Carbine. plenty of extra mags for my other weapons also. Gun show in my area this weekend. time to get some more ‘goodies’.

            • IMHO

              You need 1000 rounds and 10 mags for every gun you have.





          • and what about the feds releasing thousands of federal prisoners all of a sudden, something VERY fishy about that, it is the biggest release in US history??? HHHMMMMM!!!

          • Richard Prior had a very short memory! Being rich and famous did not change the colour of his skin but it does seem to have changed his attitude to racism. The man was a hypocrit in life and death.

        • There are enough men with rifles in the USA to handle a problem like this. They ain’t gonna rape any women around me, or demand shit.

        • A relative of mine visited with me last year from Sweden. I invited him shooting and him and his wife declined then started to chide me about my “Fear of Life” and my “Love of guns and killing” .
          He called me about a month ago wanting information on what rifle or shotgun to buy.. :)Then called me back asking about pepper spray because every gun in Sweden was sold out.

          • Excellent post Ed,

            The spirit of prepping is anticipating a broad spectrum of potential shit happening, and obtaining the tools and knowledge to flourish under those conditions.

            Having knowledge of our potential enemies is critical. Even while the sheeple welcome the wolves into your backyard. Use the time to learn and understand them. Study history to understand their weaknesses and failures. Study history to grasp the danger. Pray for the best, prep for the worst. The worst for Islam is a very very deep rabbit hole indeed.

          • One would have hoped Europeans would have learned something about being helpless and getting overrun, but here we are…

            The French are right about one thing. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

      4. Europe have all sorts of laws against guns.
        I would ignore them. I could buy a black market
        full auto Uzi in Seattle
        a few years back. I’d bet it is easier to get
        an AK in Europe.
        Democrats pass laws, I ignore them.
        They will be the first to die.
        Laws of course.

        • Many more Europeans are armed illegally than we usually think. I expect that as the situation there really unravels, there will be many surprised aggressors.

        • I’ve heard there are so many AKs in the world, in some places they sell for $50 or less.

        • Full autos aren’t for everybody–in fact they’re almost worthless everywhere but Hollywood. First, they’re mostly uncontrollable–that is, you can’t stay on target because the recoil basically makes the weapon vibrate violently in your hands. You mentioned an Uzi. An Uzi has a cyclic rate of about 1,000 rounds per minute, and a 36 round magazine. Do the math. I don’t know of any magazine-fed machine gun or submachine gun that doesn’t run out of ammo within 2-3 seconds. Yeah, I know on the range you can practice “trigger control”. After the adrenaline dump that will come in a real firefight, that trigger control goes out the window, and you’re back to changing magazines every 2-3 seconds. Until your mags are all empty, that is. Then, you’re dead. Even if you made it through a firefight, you couldn’t carry enough ammo on your back to feed that bullet hose, and move very quickly. Better to stick with semi-auto, so you can aim your shots.

      5. The U.S. Government’s support of terrorism isn’t to “oust Assad.” It’s to either keep Assad in power or, if he has to be gotten rid of, to replace him with their Big Oil-beholden “ISIS” authoritarians under the guise of them being “moderate” “Free Syrians” (not the real Free Syrians who have been fighting to oust Assad and establish a real libertarian society in Syria). That’s a key purpose of “ISIS” being equipped and supplied by the U.S. Government, staffed by their Western allies, and financed by Americans’ own piggish, fearful, lazy, narrowminded, shortsighted, hidebound and slavish addiction to oil-dependent driving and flying.

        • Guess you ride a horse to work, then? I read that the Saudis want to run a natural gas pipeline across Syria, and Assad won’t play ball, so the Saudi prince directed us to remove him. Dear Leader sought to do this about 2 years ago, and the clamor of the American people caused Congress to back off of funding this adventure. The “prince” said that Saudi Arabia may have to “…rethink the petro dollar…”, and so, ISIS or ISIL, as Dear Leader likes to call it, was born.

      6. Personally I cannot wait to kill more islamic savages. Scum of the planet.

        • What do you mean by ” more”? Are you claiming that you’ve already killed some?

          • Do you not think any of us are veterans? Genius

      7. The Europeans sure have been brainwashed by the liberals to think that Big Business’ storebought “pepper spray” will defend them from the same devil-followers that, in the Middle Ages, Europeans (though, sadly, often only the aristocracy) knew how, or had the courage to defend themselves against with far more lethal (i.e., permanent), self-obtainable, and sustainable weaponry and armor. Judging by the comments of many on this site, Americans are in the same, enemy-dependent, Big Business-addicted, storebought boat–no matter how macho Americans may try to picture themselves with their storebought “might” that the powers-that-be and the elites who own them and all with which the “preppers” plan to “fight” the elites can deprive the “preppers” of, and can lay siege to the “preppers” until their hoards of such stuff are depleted, lost, abandoned, surrendered, broken down or captured by the same enemy from whom they bought it and from whom they can certainly obtain no more.

        • You mean the survivors among those who lay siege to the preppers?

      8. Big headline here just now that my city of 1.2 million will be “welcoming” 2,300 Syrian refugees before the end of the year, which is feared will create a housing crisis.

        To quote: “A family of four, for example, gets $1,542 a month and a rent allowance of $695.” Wow, isn’t that just ducky, with the homeless here not receiving much help, let alone a possible apartment supplied by taxpayers.

        Commenting not allowed on this article; I wonder why. If they arrive here, it just might speed up my plans to move to a smaller center. Not happy.

        • Yep, they are coming to Detroit, to join others already there.

          check it out….

          ht tp://

          • This is one of the supposed important things for our new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to deal with immediately. Really? Adding thousands more to the welfare rolls? Bringing non-Canadians here from halfway around the world when their own countries do not want to deal with their own issues. Just force them out and hope other countries will take over. What a mess.

            We’re already a hodge-podge of cultures, we don’t need more. Sick of it.

            • Yes,you ARE a ‘hodge-podge of cultures,and don’t you forget it. You,the foreigners, stole the country from its indigenous inhabitents. You do not have a common language, Your ancesters came from all corners of this earth,and YOU call current new-comers Non-Canadians! You are just another short sighted run-of-the mill racist bigot. Canada should be ashamed of you and your like.

              • So, who are the Indigenous inhabitants to which you refer? The Indians? Which tribe? The oldest known human remains have been caucasian.The Indians have murdered one another–and likely the caucasians–over territory since the second wave of Asians trudged across on the land bridge. Some tribes, even killed and ate other tribes. At least the white Europeans were never cannibals, and represent a much better culture than the savage, cannibalistic “indigenous” cannibals you appear to support. Pull your head out of your ass before your brain becomes more damaged by the lack of oxygen…

      9. The Catholic Immigration Society of Calgary. Maybe each Catholic family should take in a Syrian family or two.

        • Slingshot, the Catholic Diocese USA brings in 200,000 refugees from all over the world into this country EVERY STINKING YEAR. Catholics have always supported policies that hurt this country. Let the catholics take them in. And our own people who need help can’t get shit. Catholics are so bogus.



      10. This is going to end badly, with full blown civil wars in Europe. Muslims do not assimilate. The Europeans will figure this out eventually and then the shooting will begin. It might take a few years but they will be refugees again only this time heading back to MENA. I suspect on the way back to MENA the muslims will be escorted by tanks.

      11. Wasp or yellow jacket spray works very well and goes 10 feet when sprayed. it requires a visit to a hospital to
        remove the results..

        • You have to mind the direction the little arrow on the nozzle. I sprayed wasps on a shed window that is vinyl framed. Still kills every fly landing there 3 years after it was washed off.

      12. Pepper spray is weak I’ve sprayed myself ya it’s irritating to the eyes and throat. If your pissed off enough it won’t stop you. Just might give someone a chance to run away though. Get a machete heads will roll. If I was a German I’d be trying to organize other Germans to attack the invaders. That’s just what they are even if they are unarmed. They are invading your country taking resources that they are not entitled to. What’s next them coming into your house sitting in your recliner and sleeping with your wife. Better kill them now or you are ok with it. I couldn’t tolerate vagrants invading. If merkel won’t do anything German citizens should before everything they worked for is lost. Fuck compassion for the muzzies invading. Empathy is for suckers. Round them up and stand ten in a row one round for every ten after you make them dig their own grave. It’s all designed to destroy whites. Anger and hate would be the correct response. smelly Slovaks.

      13. The globalists don’t want borders they want global citizenship. Any nation that can’t control its borders is a failed state. Fight back immediately or suffer the consequences. How could this be a good thing having vagrants sucking the life out your country. Forcing wages down with dirt cheap labor. You might as well be a refugee in your own nation.

      14. Send them to the ghost towns in China.

        • How about Antarctica? There’s no one to offend their tender sensitivities, and they can carve out a new “homeland” for themselves…

      15. Things like this were coming to Europe. you could see it in france were muslims took over entire neighborhoods but it was going to take decades.

        With the mass migrations, the next 5 years will be really rough. its going to be the worst neighborhoods of Chicago all over Europe and Europe will not survive it unless start kicking them out.

      16. Florida is full of all sorts of immigrants. Large Spanish and Arab communities. Russians, Haitians you name it.
        Might become the Wild West of the South.

        • Sling, I remember the Haitian community from my time in Miami. Those people are totally useless. I, my wife, and the rest of the Cuban exile community had trouble with them all the time. Cubans were the only group in Miami to play by all the rules, including learning English. The Haitians wouldn’t do shit. In fact, you needed an interpreter to try to talk to them. My wife was later killed by a Haitian drunk driver. I hated Haitians before that and hated them even more afterward. that was my biggest reason for leaving there.

          • We have something else in common. Lived in Miami.

          • Braveheart1776

            The world is changing and so is our country. We are trying to hang on to what was a decent nation.

            More People= More Assholes = More Shit to put up with.

            Can it be the water we drink, the food we eat, the air we breath, but people have no common sense anymore.

            I get annoyed when I hear people wanting to save something. It usually involves money. Your Money. Well it will come to pass that many will not have any money or the price of items will be out of reach to purchase.

            You know it is getting bad when you see children being murdered by their parents (SHOT). People in their homes being shot (Drive By). Police killing people without justification. The immigration and refugee problems become another cog in the gears to bring this country down.

            We place ourselves in these bad positions by being making poor decisions and then cry out for help when it goes south. We also keep doing the same shit over and over.
            As far as Europe and the problem of Arab Refugee’s and inability to purchase a Gun. Fuck them. They better learn some hand to hand combat.

            • Sling, Europe is definitely reaping what they have sown. We seem to be fast approaching hyperinflation. This year alone, shooting incidents where I live have been on the rise, especially lately. I’ve got another to the BOL scheduled for the holidays but could be going back sooner if necessary.

      17. guns,bows,black powder,slingshots,baseball bats,pellet guns…stock em all…….

        • The situation in Europe, and the selling out of ‘essentials’ for defense, is a warning of what is coming to America. While we often think of stocking up for home defense – it looks like we also need ‘walking down the street’ defense too.

        • We had another tune-up shooting session yesterday, Pump Pellet gun, 22 pistol and rifle. Tomorrow it’s the 25 cal and 270 mag. Then to the big bores that make some sweet sounds and echos and stuff. Love the smell of burnt powder, anytime.

        • Ace Hardware in Zebulon, N.C carries some wonderful drain cleaners. Shoot a gallon with 00 buck and watch the ground smoke, covers a large area. The fumes ain’t no joke if the cleaner don’t get em.

      18. Germany has no problems that flame throwers and napalm couldn’t solve.

        And those are readily made even by amateurs.

      19. They just need to remember that if someone breaks in and they manage to kill the intruder(s), that they don’t call the police.
        Get rid of the body somehow, otherwise they will probably be charged for killing some poor innocent immigrant that was simply looking to clean their house.

        • I hear that hogs can make bodies go away–all except the heads.

      20. They are going to need more than pepper spray.

        • Overthecliff:

          Stun gun. No rape. He will be limp.

      21. The Germans (and Scandinavians) are going to have to save some of their energy for getting rid of the politicians that created the mess. ” Getting rid of” by what ever means necessary. That goes for the US and the Brits too. It’s a matter of survival now.

        • Agreed.

      22. The thing with pepper spray is to be aware of ‘wind blow back’ — be aware of a breeze and the direction of the wind, so none is blown back at your face.

      23. This man is telling it like it is, folks. We need to listen. I’ll be back tomorrow to see what you think, because it is still taking 24 hours before my posts show up.
        America is a changing country: I’ll

        • CND

          This will be in America soon.

          Those already here watch and listen to what happens in Europe. Then they say, Why Not do these things here in America.

          Don’t kid yourselves. It will be here sooner than you think with the blessings of our government and the Goodie Two Shoes of this nation.

          • After watching that video I was thinking mini guns and fuel air explosives. That’s a invading army. Like cockroaches they need to be exterminated while there is still time.

            Judging from that horde 1000 rounds per weapon is no where near enough.

      24. I hate to say it but the problem is with our women. They are very comfortable and mentally lazy and thus go along with what politicians tell them. Women, by their nature, are very law abiding. And this makes them easy targets for aggressive Muslim males looking for some poon-tang.

        What European women need to do is to start to organize on a local level. First getting to know each other and then having somebody come in and teach them how to defend themselves. Lots of good techniques: Krav Maga etc. They also need to get physically fit: far too many are flabby office workers. Next, they need to know it is impossible for the state to disarm the population. Your average DIY hardware store is packed with self-defense tools that can never be banned.

        A confident and trained female population would act as a strong deterrent for this sort of behavior. But, yes, if European women just role around drunk and passively accept this phenomena, then they will be victims of it. Once trained, they also need to get political and make sure the political scene in their country changes.

        • True about most girls and women today.

          But we should not have leaders that put them in these positions of having to defend themselves against evil rapists. Too late to change it now, they are coming no matter what, and sadly there will be some already here that use them/muzzies, as scapegoats.

          I said about three months ago, that i predicted a different world for USSAG by Aug/Sept of next year (2016). it is shaping up to be just that, especially in bigger city areas.

          • I agree: most people are going to look around them in Xmas 2016 and find a totally different world. This mess is coming to every street: I have seen areas where I spent my youth now filled with women in head scarves and burkhas.

            I think Western women need to be trained up. And I think Israeli women are the ones to do it. Tough, beautiful and smart, Israeli women all serve in the military and know how to fight and defend themselves, comfortable with an AR-15 as they are with lip stick. We need to deploy Israeli female troops on secondment in the West and have them train women neighborhood by neighborhood. Quite simply our governments are no longer able to defend borders or take responsibility for public safety. In such a situation, communities need to take action. The knowledge is there, the technologies are now available (amazing stuff that can track in real time these threats), and with tight communities using media platforms and apps, they can ensure they take the streets back one by one.

            • Look up Dana Loesch, the new face of the armed American (modern Israel/ten tribes that were not -ews/caucasian) woman. Also, a spokesperson for the NRA.

              I would be proud to call her my wife, or sister, or hell yes even my mother.

              She knows her way around an AR or two.

            • Mr. Frank:

              Ann Frank hid from the Nazies.

              Your Frank women from Israel can stay away. Those people, your people are the ones at the Federal Reserve, behind the scene at Goldman Sachs orchestrating the take over. George Soros and the rest of the Isralis who control America want to send Soldiers from Israel. With friends like this, who needs enemies.

              • Furthermore:

                We have our own women serving in the military fighting wars in the Middle East as proxie soldiers. Our American women are smart, tough, and twice as beautiful as any Israeli female. So bring our American women home and let the Israeli women fight for themselves. Keep the Israeli’s off American soil. You have a lot of f$$$$ken nerve to make such derogatory statements about our women while praising Israeli women. Sex Sex Sex. That’s all you ever talk about. You and your people are the corrupted of the morals of our people. I hope Americans wake up to who is at the core of Americas problems. You and your Israeli traitors are killing America and Europe. Genocide.

                • I can hardly beleive your stupidity! American,French,Israeli, who cares as long as they are willing to defend the values of their chosen country.
                  Do not forget the home-grown terrorists America has sporned.Your arrogance is,very American, but it does your countrymen no favours. You are not the best liked people in the world so keeping your stupid mouth shut may,just, get you a little help when you need it,which you will!

            • Odd how you acknowledge “Jewish” women when you need them.I am presuming you do know that Israeli women are Jew’s.
              Personally I do not ever discriminate between colour,race,religion or gender. I only fear personal threats from proven sources,I do not indulge in inciting fear and hatred. If you are afraid for your women why not try being men and defend them yourselves.
              It may be difficult for women to find the time for ‘self defence’training,looking after children and men that act like children is extremely time consuming!

              • “Jew’s” Jew’s what?

          • Passin,
            Totally disagree. The younger women I see today are quite aggressive and the males are wimpy. The entertainment business has played into this.

      25. These immigrants will be let in to force wages down and push rents/property prices up.

        You should all know by now that the corporations always get what they want and the only argument is how much they have to pay in bribes to our politicians to allow x,y,z to happen.

        Americans could stop this happening but in Europe we don’t have the guns so the state (who has guns) does as it likes and the sheep in the over crowded field will just havr to fight more for each blade of grass they eat.

        Cival war is a risk as the state goes up aginst the people they lable as “Far Right” and not against the new slaves who are knocking the door.

        Nations are in debt to the bankers and we the people cannot afford houses as they are and if we do buy property then again the jewish central banks make a profit so we need to defend against the bankers by enforceing the laws of treason before going to war with the new slaves who should, i think be kept out.

        • Guess you will be first in line to do the degrading jobs the “Immigrants”do.
          P.S.I seriously doubt anyone with any hint of intellegence would give you a gun.Unless you are in America,where anyone can have a gun,evens fools like you.

          • “Intellegence”? Hope YOU don’t own a gun. I guess POTUS is one of those jobs, too?

      26. The DHS Is Getting A Wearable Radiation Detector.


      27. Coming to Amerika.
        Time to buy more Gun’s and Stock Up on AMMO.

      28. Once again we are extending christian charity to those that feel that we should be converted or killed.

      29. “There is a video that could tear Chicago apart. It will go viral if released, and the world will see something ugly and frightening on the Southwest Side. It comes from a police dashboard camera. City Hall worries that political hell may be on the way. Activists are primed. The politics of race and police use of force are at hand. And a court hearing is scheduled for next week on whether it should be released to the public.”

        • “It shocks the conscience,” Neslund told me. “The video was disturbing. It was described accurately by one of the witnesses as an execution. He was on the ground, and the police officer kept shooting.”

          • One man who said he has talked to federal authorities told me on Tuesday he’d been driving his son to the hospital and saw it all. The police union version was that McDonald “lunged” at the officer. The witness’s account differs markedly.

            “I was there, I saw it,” he said. “He (McDonald) wasn’t attacking anybody. He was looking for a way out. He was just trying to turn away. The kid turned away, was dropped at the first shot or two, and the police kept shooting and shooting. You could see his body moving.

            • EOTS

              Bring it!

            • arresting a Chicago cop for murder is like giving out speeding tickets at the Daytona 500

      30. welcome to the rest of the world … ht tp://

      31. A little off topic, but for your reading pleasure:

        In the never-ending quest to keep you updated on the hate-filled, hypocritical, Orwellian world of liberals, here is the latest update on those selfsame hate-filled libs:

        “I hope his wife feeds him lots of eggs and butter and he dies early like many black men do, of heart disease.”
        Liberal USA Today columnist Julianne Malveaux on Clarence Thomas

        “Blacks and Hispanics were too busy eating watermelons and tacos to read the fine print on the phony insurance policies.”
        Mike Wallace, of 60 Minutes fame

        In another from the politically correct jerks at South Park, they have an episode which shows Donald Trump being raped and murdered: killing him off in shocking final scene. Isn’t that nice from the “Love wins” supporters!! See

        Then there is this classic leftist racist statement. In Oct. 2015, Univ. of Pennsylvania professor Anthea Butler stated that as brain surgeon Ben Carson believes in the 1st Amendment as it applied even to Confederate flags, Butler wants Carson awarded a “Coon of the year” award. (Coon is an insulting term for a black person) See Probably not as bade as the H8TE filled racist headline form GQ in 2015, which ran a piece with the headline, “F**k Ben Carson” (except it didn’t use any asterisks in the first word).

        “If there is justice, he’ll get AIDS, or one of his grandchildren will get it.”
        NPR’s Nina Totenberg on Jesse Helms, wishing a disease on someone – or his innocent grandchildren – that I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to have.

        “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.”
        Former CBS News president Richard Salant.

        Quoted from You Don’t Say, by Fred Gielow, Freedom Books, 1999

        More leftist and gay racism and hate:
        “[Clarence Thomas] is a clown in black face sitting on the Supreme Court. He gets me that angry.” —Star Trek actor George Takei

        Rosie O’Donnell to Jenny Hutt on SiriusXM, on her H8TE for pro-life women and men: “I’d like to take my period blood I no longer have and write, ‘you’re all assh—s.’ I’d like to smear it all over some people’s faces.”

        Alan Pyke, deputy economic policy editor for the far-left Think Progress blog in reaction to the Fox News Channel’s coverage of the unrest in Ferguson: “I hope Roger Ailes dies slow, painful, and soon. The evil that man has done to the American tapestry is unprecedented for an individual.”
        How nice.

        Need a little male sexism? Well, look no further than Gene Lyons, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, who stated “Ann Coulter displays all the feminine warmth of a water moccasin.” Gee, Gene, a little afraid of a strong, confident woman who speaks her mind, are we?????

        And some oh-so-typical racism from libs and their party of KKKByrd:

        – Garry Trudeau, he of dated, boring Dunesbury (wonder if he’s still wearing platform shoes and into disco?), caricatured Condi Rice and put a label under her calling her “Brown Sugar.” Nice touch there, Garry. All you need now is a white robe with one of those pointy little hoods.

        – Lib racist Pat Oliphant incredibly pictured Rice as a big-lipped parrot in one of his “cartoon” (yes, everyone finds racism “real” funny, Pat). .

        – But, as they say in the commercials: Wait, there’s more… Jeff Danziger has shown Rice as the servant in Gone with the Wind (frankly Jeff, to paraphrase Clark Gable – and as shown in the last few elections – no one gives a damn about anything you liberals have to say)

        – Ted Rall referred to Condi as the president’s ‘House N-word’… however, Jesse Jackson has, insofar as I know, not had– for the first time ever that I can remember – any protest to lodge over this.

        – Finally, one upping the former DEMOCRAT Gov. of Alabama, George Wallace, John Sylvester, in P.C. Madison, called Condi an “Aunt Jemima.”

        – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said last year that the Supreme Court’s lone black member was “an embarrassment to the court.”

        – Left wing Democrat Ted Kennedy’s brother, former Attorney General Robert Kennedy, ordered the illegal wiretapping of Martin Luther King

        – Former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean suggested a few years ago that most blacks hold menial jobs in a speech

      32. Our elected representatives are setting us up to be next in line to receive refugees.

        • they are already here

      33. im sure none of the “Good” cops will be using this tactic or device.. right?

        Do cops need a warrant to track your phone? Believe it or not, the answer to this question varies by state. To help you figure out whether cops can track your phone without a warrant, the American Civil Liberties Union has created an interactive map that details what procedures, if any, police need to follow in every state before tracking your location.

        ht tps://

      34. This is what happens when you disarm to people. Bring that Sh!t here to the US and see what happens. By coming here they will get what they want MONEY and a lot more. Either way the US would be screwed. I’m happy that there are not enough boats to bring them here. Maybe they should start trying to walk her across the ocean eventually there would be enough dead bodies floating that a few might make it. THE FINAL SOLUTION!!

      35. How long before it becomes, “Chic” to be a Racist?

      36. Will Islam put an end to “Women’s Lib” in America?

      37. Anyone notice the latest news on bacon causing cancer as well as red meat in general?
        Let’s see, getting ready to import thousands of immigrants afraid of eating pork how
        Convenient and it will be discussed as a global warming issue? No meat should
        Cause some major problems whatcha gonna eat? McDonald’s better get on board
        Defending this one. Where’s the beef? Wendy’s! Be a Burger King! ……..

      38. based on history, I feel sure when the time comes the Germans will be able to solve problems of this type, as they should.

        • Does Hitler have a son? Elect him lol.

      39. We use 00 buck shot and. 52 cal 12 guarded slug form Hornady and. 58 Cal from Remington.



        Hope my advice helps Germans reading my post..

      40. Helps them to do what? Make stupid comments about being another armchair Rambo who lives in mom’s basement? Sure, they really need another big talker who can fantasize all day long.

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