Germany Prepares For A Gaza Operation; Readies Elite Forces

by | Oct 19, 2023 | Headline News

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    Germany is ready for a military operation in Gaza, as it readies its elite forces for war. Berlin has deployed several Special Forces units to Cyprus to prepare for “all scenarios” in the Middle East.

    The rulers of Germany have decided to make their position on war clear: they will advance it and keep it going. The country’s military has decided to deploy some of the nation’s top Special Forces units to Cyprus as it prepares for potential crisis situations in Israel, Gaza, and the Middle East, the Bild reported on Wednesday, citing security sources, according to reports by RT. 

    The German Army’s Special Forces Command (KSK) has been deployed to the island nation in the Eastern Mediterranean, Bild said, adding that the Navy Special Forces (KSM) unit, also known as combat swimmers, was deployed to the area as well. The federal police Special Forces unit specializing in rescuing hostages (GSG 9) was sent there as well, the tabloid reported. –RT

    According to further reporting by Bild, Berlin is preparing for “all scenarios” amid a continued escalation between Israel and the Gaza-based Palestinian Hamas militant group. The conflict broke out after Hamas launched a massive attack against Israel, barraging it with rockets and briefly overrunning Israeli settlements located not far from Gaza. The attack and the follow-up clashes between the militants and the Israeli military claimed the lives of more than 1,400 Israelis, mostly civilians, according to authorities.

    “We are ready for a cold start and prepared for all options,” Berlin said. A “cold start” in the language of the German military means a high state of readiness that would allow the units to be immediately deployed to a relevant area and become operational without any additional preparations.

    This news comes as Gaza and Israel both deny striking a hospital killing hundreds of innocent people. It was likely a false flag, and we probably won’t ever know who was fully involved. It also bears mentioning that amid the outcry over the hospital being struck, United States Ruler Joe Biden visited Tel Aviv, where he vowed unwavering support for Israel and also denied that Israel, a key U.S. ally, is responsible for Tuesday’s strike on the hospital.


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