German Schools Order Girls Not To Wear Short Skirts To Avoid Offending Muslim Migrants

by | Sep 9, 2015 | Headline News | 114 comments

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    germany-uniform-2 germany-uniform

    Schools in Germany are ordering teenage girls not to wear mini-skirts or shorts so as to prevent attacks from Muslim migrants who may be offended by such attire.

    A school located in Pocking, Bavaria sent a letter to parents advising them of new “security measures” after a migrant shelter was opened at the school’s nearby gym.

    Parents were warned that their children should not wear revealing clothes for fear of “misunderstandings” that could lead to “attacks” by the migrants.

    Children were also told that “derogatory or racial remarks” would not be tolerated. Some parents were incensed by the letter but principal Martin Thalhammer said the measures were necessary to protect the children.

    The letter was actually sent out at the end of June, although it is drawing fresh attention in light of Germany’s plan to accept 800,000 new migrants before the end of the year and 500,000 a year for the foreseeable future.

    I was also contacted by another German who told me that a school in the area his family lived is telling girls not to wear shorts – even in hot weather – to prevent sexual assaults by migrants.


    A 7-year-old girl was raped by a north African migrant in a German park this week, a story that has received little media attention.

    Since nearby Sweden opened its doors to mass immigration, the country has become the rape capital of the west, with cases skyrocketing by 1400%. Around 77.6% of the rapists are identified as “foreigners”.

    As we have previously documented, Muslim rape culture is a major problem in Scandinavia but its critics have been labeled racist and Islamophobic.

    The United Kingdom, which is also set to accept a further 20,000 refugees, has also seen numerous cases of Muslim rape gangs, including a sex trafficking ring in Rotherham that was covered up by local councilors and the police over fears that identifying the culprits – almost all of whom were Pakistani men – would be seen as politically incorrect.



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      1. Sign me up. I’ll go preach to them thar muzzies. I know that will help.

        • Auntie lived in Germany until Uncle Bud, brought her to America in 1965.

          The horrifying stories she told of Hitler and the holocaust.
          Hitler was a mean sob and killed many, and nothing about it was a hoax. When she said she saw ewish babies, nailed to utility poles, she saw them with her own eyes.

            • It’s a big, big problem in England too, Rotherham in particular.

              The police there make a deliberate -and well known- effort to avoid even keeping records of it.

              I imagine it is that way to at least some degree in our Islamic controlled areas here, places like Dearborn and a few others.

            • Death of the West. Sigh.

            • Sad to see thousand year old cultures/people changed forever because they are too naive, too pc, too open to immigration.
              Exactly the road America is on.
              I hope Scandinavians decide to stand up and deport the islamic scumbags and drop the pig loving rapists in a cold deep fjord or feed them to the polar bears.
              islam sucks.

          • HITLER WAS RIGHT. Time to Fry the Parasites. Let the Green Tips Fly.


          • Once caught, remove genitals, and shove up thier A____s.
            This will stop them, if not, get the lead out and proceed as you/yours deemed necessary.

            • I like what they do in Africa.

              They take a rapist, drag him into a hut. Sit them on a log and nail the offending member to the log, set the hut on fire and toss them a dull knife. Then they can decide their own punishment. Regardless of their choice, they never rape again!

        • “As we have previously documented, Muslim rape culture is a major problem in Scandinavia but its critics have been labeled racist and Islamophobic.”

          Is Muslim rape culture the fault of the Jews?

          Or is it the fault of Muslim culture and Islamic teaching?

          • How ’bout we forget telling girls how to be less offensive in their own country, and send the damned muslims back in a box?

            • If the damn muslims are offended then send them back home. Why should we bow down to the trash that muslims are bringing with them. It’s time for the muslims to wake up and catch up with the rest of the world.

              • And in the United States when showing the American flag is banned in schools because the Mexicans might find it offensive?

              • timelord, I agree about evicting the muzzies but they’ll never wake up. Let them go back to their sandboxes with all their crap.

            • Sixpack, AMEN. Nobody has any damn business telling any of our people how to behave around muzzies or any other foreigners. If a muzzie commits any kind of crime against any of our people, just shoot the damn thing and be done with it.

        • Why, course it will cuz! When they gits sum o that thar pissin religion in ’em they’ll all be a fallin to their knees just a beggin furgivniss from ya’ll. Don’t fergit to tell em that only folks that dun been ok’ed by ya’ll is the only ones a gittin to eat the bread o’ life with a Geesuz, praise be! When they all finds out they git to spind eternity with YOU I knows they’s a gonna be a fallin all ever each t’other to git to heaven witcha!

          • Ya know cuz, you just ain’t right.

          • You all know that these rules and policies are of Agenda 21. It is to destroy cultures and dilute the white man. Thus doing it with displacement of people as refugees to invade with mass migration to white dominant Coutries. The NWO Zogg is behind a lot of this to destroy Euro and America. Out of chaos bring NWO. I say bunker busters and Orkin to disinfect the world of the tribe.


        • If you want to commit suicide Passin’ — that is one way of doing it — preaching to Muzzies!

          • I think the islamic savages need to shave and look halfway respectable. But, they gotta look like they do(dirty and nasty) to be like allah (the devil) At least our targets are easily identified. Smell and looks.

            • Zero, agreed. 2 quick head shots will do the trick.

          • I see you are tellin yer lies agin. I have never said i wanted to commit suicide. Suicide is considered murder of one’s self.

            it is a bad sin. But, that is God’s business and i don’t get into God’s business of passing Death of the soul Judgments upon folks; contrary to what some of you idiots say.

            The first comment was me being sarcastic. I would no more waste my time going over there and trying to teach muzzies, as i would going to the swamp to try and teach ole wwti/Insane hillbilly Preacher/anon,etc.

            No my destiny is laid out for teaching the wayward souls in the Millennium. All this stuff you folks see is just a warming up session. i am excited and actually would love to cross over and get started ASAP, but not gonna pull a sinful act to get there.

            • My post said nothing about you directly saying that you wanted to commit suicide, so how does that make me out to be a liar?

              My post was in a “questionable form” …. obviously you were not able to pick up on it. As a Christian such as yourself, it is forbidden to take ones own life and I would assume you would never, ever take that route.

              Stop being so serious all the time Passin’

            • Passing is just a agitant to this board. Come to my neighborhood and say that bs to my face you freak. Like I said before and already called him out as a paid shill to make Chriatians look bad. Its all part of the tribes strategy to destroy Traditional America. And a few others along ganging up as if, since they all seemes to get on thia board at the same time weeks ago… Not sure why Mac allows day after day Passing doing this. Can you hear me now Mac?


              • I think ” passin” is a emotionally unbalanced and possibly dangerous psychotic. Notice how he responds in his comments to people, one moment he’s all nice and friendly, but if you even suggest any type of disagreement with him, he turns like a rabid dog, and I don’t mean MY posts exclusively, look at what happened to some of his so called friends who disagreed with him, so this one we have here could keep an army of psychiatrists up to their knees in Government grants for years trying to find out what’s the problem between his ears.

              • Since you two are now the self appointed moderators here, I’d like for you to explain why you use your so-called knowledge of how to act as a christian, but then commit such horrible offences towards God.

                FTW, didn’t you say that you would help put Christ right back up on the cross, when he returns?

                And wwti, didn’t you also say that Jesus would take his faggot disciples down to Miami?

                See, you pukes are not fooling anyone here.

                I have never threw the first dart at anyone. I only stand up for myself when people like you two offend and throw your little jabs and darts at me first. When you commit acts of blasphemy against my Saviour, then you get it thrown back in your face.

                I am through with you two idiots, you boys will get everything you got coming, “if” you don’t repent and accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour. That is your choice, and that is a fact.

                wwti is a troll and trouble maker. he did his evil against eppe here for almost a year, and even threatened him with bodily harm. Now he is making threats towards me, and it’s not the first time.

                FTW, you are a true liberal and a lair also, You claim I have said certain individuals are quote “going to hell”, without stating the “if they don’t repent”, and i asked you to show me where and when i said that. I am still waiting.

                I think you boys are just jealous bullys. Well, it doesn’t scare me, I’ve been bullied by the best and I am still standing. No bully has pushed me down, since a couple of rich turds in fourth grade did. I got them back later, one on one, fair fights. They later became two of my best friends throughout high school. I can go to their homes today and be welcomed right in.

                There is something about getting your ass kicked that starts your brain thinking, “I might not better try that again”.
                You two have a spiritual ass whipping coming and an old fashioned gourd thumping. Hope it helps you see the light.

                • BTW, Mac knows I act alone. I am no shill, especially a paid one. That is just more of your lies.

                  I have never had anything but respect for Mac and what he does here. You wwti, on the other hand have said a lot of negatives towards him, most recently putting down the articles here, and said you were leaving.

                  But, like i told everyone, you ain’t going anywhere cause you got nowhere to go. Nobody wants you on their site. Nobody wants anything to do with a two faced lying atheist.

                  So don’t worry about me, and don’t comment to me, and i won’t be concerned with having to respond to either of you, ever again.


                  • Hmmmm….,a lot of disparaging(love that word)comments between posters here it seems,we need to “cleanse”the forum of these tou violators!

                • Passin’ – get over yourself, nobody is bullying you. Also, there has been nothing in any of my previous post that points out that I am a Liberal – in fact, if you have actually noticed any of my post to a degree, I despise anything remotely resembling Liberal Policies/Agendas.

                  I despise anything that resembles today’s American Politics, because there is nothing there anymore that resembles what our Founders have created.

                  Yes, I did say – and I quote:

                  “If Jesus returns, I’ll make sure I’ll put him back up on the cross where he belongs, unfortunately … I’m sure there is a long line in front of me”

                  Now, this was some piss poor humor coming from me, and I should apologize to those who may of been offended by such a nasty statement.
                  So, to those Christians who I may of offended. I’m deeply sorry for taking a cheap shot at your Lord. It was in poor taste and it should of not been displayed here.

                  I apologize to the Board, but not to you Passin’
                  I still stick to my instincts that you are a “fake” Christian and you do not fit into the normal mix of Christian Attributes.

        • The story of the 7-year old girl that was raped in a German park has received no media attention here, but the photo of the Hungarian camerawoman tripping a migrant has been played to the hilt.

      2. And they should wear burkas, too. So no one will know who is offending them. Hee, Hee.

      3. They’d love the girl to the left here!

      4. Why doesn’t this surprise me? Towards the end of the school year last year, there was a school in Denver that was telling the girls they had to wear burkas for a field trip to a mosque to keep from offending someone or instigating a rape…We’ve asked for this crap with our “tolerance” and PC mindset. I really hope one of these muslim groups tries to force their “laws” on me and mine. I might go down but I’ll send as many of them off to Hell as I can!

        • I agree SP.

          No towel-heads gonna come to the retreat and take anything or anyone. They might find some earth worms where they end up.

          The reason i brought up the holocaust, in my earlier post, I truly believe there will come a time that the caliphate and jihad is enacted to the point that Germany will see another holocaust type situation.

          If the sick bastards have no problem killing innocent children of their own bloodlines, they will have no problem killing off the men and making sex slaves of the white women, especially the Christian ones. But that is the sick plan of the NWO bunch, to eliminate all Christians.

          • You’ve got it right Passin…but I don’t think it’s just going to be Germany going through another holocaust. The USA is right in line to follow suit…I’m of the mind to stand by and let it happen as long as the muzzies start with the libs and neocons…after that, bring the jihad on!

        • SP, I would’ve told those school officials to go f#$% themselves and that no daughters of mine will even go near any stinking muslim.

          • Brave, ya’ll aint got no daughters, member? Whut ya duz has is yer 21 year ole sun who cain’t talk nun but he’s shore the best dern banjo player in Appalachia, cause that’s all he duz is set on the porch and play that banjer all day yessir, and he ain’t had nary a lesson!

      5. Bottom line…they offend me!

      6. Nothing like a nice German girl in a mini skirt,,,,

        • Kula, I’ll take any girl in a miniskirt over a POS muslim any day. All of these sandniggers need to go back to whatever sandboxes they came from with their BS. We don’t want or need them here. No one has any business coming here trying to change our country around or telling native-born people what the f#$% to do. I find muslims and their so-called religion offensive.

          • Braveboe, you would take Helen Thomas and Hillary at the same time.

            • Anon, you don’t have a death wish by chance, do you?

        • Hey now! that’s what I’m talkin ’bout.

          • Thumbs up to the German girl in a mini skirt. The islamic savages must be a bunch of gays.

            • You’re not far off the mark about Arabs.

      7. If a secular group is offended by other ethnic customs …. don’t live in that environment — problem solved.

        Unfortunately, it is now the Worlds Governments pandering to those, while at the same time destroying traditional custom ways in “said” countries.

        Didn’t Austraila tells these people to fuck off if they didn’t like their rules, regulations and customs?
        Yea…I’m pretty sure they did….it should be said and done World-Wide if immigrants are complaining.

        If you complain, you have the right to go back to your native land, thanks for visiting … please do not come back!

        • FTW, AMEN to your comments. You took my thunder but that’s OK. It’s great to be around like-minded people.

          • I didn’t take any Thunder away from you Braveheart – you have a lot more Thunder in you that hasn’t been brought out into the open yet…it’s people like you, that keeps me visiting here!

            • FTW, just kidding. You’re in the right place.

        • Russia said the same thing.

          “If minorities prefer Sharia Law, then we advise them to go to those places where that’s the state law. Russia does not need Minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell ‘discrimination.”

          —Vladimir Putin

          • Never thought I would see the day that I would actually agree with Putin!

            • Putin has more traditional American Values than our current Zogg Hijacked Government of bought Politicians. Its clear as day a 5th grader could see it.


              • green thumb

      8. Sadly, Germany is projected to have its native German birth rate decline to less than even Japan within around a decade.

        That means we will once again see Muslims at the gates of Vienna, as we did around the time of Luther (I forget the exact date.)

        Meanwhile, the smartest thing I have read of the Kim Davis issue, vis-a-vis the fascist, Brownshirt radical gays, is the link below. Cuts right to the heart of the matter… as well as the blatant hypocrisy of the left

      9. Here is a radical concept: How about demanding from the Muslims that they conform to the expectation that THEY learn how to keep their cocks inside their pants, and they keep their hands OFF other women. It seems there is a double standard when it comes to the followers of shitlam. I don’t give a damn what “offends” a Muslim. Why don’t they all go back to what ever 3rd word shit hole of a nation the come from. There is absolutely nothing that their religion given that has made the world a better place. Zero advancements. The only thing they know how to do is murder people. I’ll have a good word to say about shitlam when there is a Blues, beer and Brat festive in Mecca. Till then, they can FOAD

        • NewVegasBadger, I’m the same way. No sandniggers allowed.

        • It’s a well known practice in their culture, that if you steal. Your hand that stole the item, is the one that gets chopped off.

          Same practice should be implemented onto rapist.


          This should deter any possible future rapist going out and about doing any wrong doings.

          • 🙂

          • Well atleast there will be a lot of nutless muslims then

      10. @ Sgt. Dale Off Topic

        you had asked how I like my new GrainMaker No.99Mill.

        I likes it alot.

        Grew my own indian corn, dried it, winnowed it, and ground it in the mill.

        Ground some hard winter wheat that came with the mill.

        Made corn bread topped with my own blueberry jam. Used my own duck eggs. Did bake it in the oven though. Yum.

        The mill did great. Glad I bought one with the large flywheel vrs. the smaller mills with small hand crank. Wheat was easy to grind, but the corn was a workout !!! This mill must be bolted down to a solid counter top or it will get away from you grinding the heavier grains like the corn. I’ll be giving up some counter space for hubby to take care of that.

        Those of you who want the re-set. You might want to be working at getting off the grid now. I’ve spent the summer as off the grid as I can (hubby not that on board yet). Laundry. No dryer. Soon will begin washing one load by hand a week in wash bucket. If I had to cook in a wood stove, gather the wood and still do all the other chores including the garden, well, let’s say this poor ‘ol grandee would be a whipped puppy.

        Sgt. Dale–I would recommend the GrainMaker 99Mill with it’s lifetime heirloom guarantee. Also made in America!

        Blessings and Peace to preppers here.

        • I have one too, love it, is hands down second to none.
          And American made too!

        • I want to get that flaker/roller they sell,

        • Wondermill Jr is under 250$ and comes with a extra set of stainless wheels for nuts.(the kind you eat, not the kind mooshell and Hillary pack)

        • Look into getting a Wonderwash hand washing unit. Works great. You can maybe find one on craigslist, amazon has them too.

          This hand powered machine does a great job washing clothes. Great for when you just need to wash a few items. Great for college students, the Eco-Friendly, single people and preppers
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        • G
          Thanks, looking into it.

      11. Time to load ’em up and ship ’em out. They don’t want to assimilate. They need to live with their own kind, so we all know where they will be happiest.

      12. keep a slab of bacon in your panties girls , yer gonna need it
        (sorry nasty)

        well when you dont have any gun rights .. how do you show them the error of their ways .. huh?
        stupid pricks

        wake up USA , these bastards will be foaming at the mouth to have us disarmed so our daughters and wives will have this to deal with too

        • FYA, someone will take your guns only if you let them. NEVER EVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. The time is fast approaching when we’ll be in a fight with the muzzies and everyone else.

          • yep that was my point

          • yep that was my point

        • baseball bat
          golf club
          anything slow and painful.

      13. keep a slab of bacon in your panties girls , yer gonna need it
        (sorry nasty)

        well when you dont have any gun rights .. how do you show them the error of their ways .. huh?
        stupid pricks

        wake up USA , these bastards will be foaming at the mouth to have us disarmed so our daughters and wives will have this to deal with too

      14. My Dad was old school about such things as the muslims have about girls. He once told me that if a rapist was caught, that he should have his pants pulled down, set his butt down on a stump, nail his testicals to the stump, and push him over backwards. OUCH. I couldn’t understand why such a thing to do to somebody back then. But now I’m married and i have 2 daughters. That seems like a normal thing to do to a rapist now. In America at least for a little while, the muslims are going to get their meat houses torn down when they try that crap here.

        • TR, if I catch a muslim trying to hurt any of our people, whether it’s rape or not, I’ll have no problem killing the muslim and send him to allah.

          • Your the Man braveboe, feed them hot lead from yer ventilation team.

      15. Don’t offend Muslims with this or don’t offend Muslims with that, now WTF are we suppose to do, they can offend us with what ever they like. If they are offended then get back to the Muslim countries how easy it that. Feed them BBQ PORK RINDS and tell to shut up and act right or DIE.
        All this shit has to stop and I mean stop now. Time has come to check your fields of fire and take no prisoner’s. Mag’s loaded and locked here in DIXIE!!

        The night they drove “OLD DIXIE DOWN” well remembered and never forgotten!!!!

        • At the Last Straw, I once dreamed of having several Muslims hogtied together and sitting in front of them eating BBQ, PORK BBQ of course.

      16. Paul Joseph Watson should think about not aping the media’s language. It’s not “migrants”, it’s immigrants. They are changing it now because “immigrant” has a negative sound to it, after all they have done. While “migrant” sounds positive, as if you are breaking new undeveloped ground instead of coming to someone else’s country.

        It’s not about Muslims, dumbasses. It’s about Arabs. Americans don’t know, you just watch TV. “Ohh, terrorism!” The Christian immigrants act exactly the same as the Muslim immigrants. Christians from the Middle East and Africa. And from Mexico. Do you talk about “Christian immigrants” when you talk about Mexican immigrants? No, so you shouldn’t talk about “Muslim immigrants” either, falling into the neocon trap. Learn.

        The schools pretend it’s about religion, but it’s about Arabs, Africans and Latinos groping girls. Period. It has nothing to do with religion. Now stop being blind and stop using the neocon talking points. No matter what the media tell you.

      17. Islam is a disease, just like ebola. Braveheart, sending them to their allah is just the right thing to do for those poor mooslims. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.

        • Toolmaker Rex

          Because we are a Nation of Laws we are strangled by our own laws. We rely on others to carry out justice.
          That is why I like Chaos. Have you ever been in a riot or Bar Brawl, a major family dispute. It is a rush.
          Most of the time nobody gets killed but there is a retribution factor that lies under the surface. Like the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s. Revenge which is instant justice.
          Couple that with escalation and the party goes on and on.
          So you see if you are going to go down this path, make the first shot count so that there is no reprisal.

      18. I’m staying out of the way the best I can in the country. The way things are going it could fall apart in the morning? Don’t see a lot of winners out of this…

      19. Oh where to begin. I could sound quite cold and callus. Even facetious. And, going too. That’s just me. Time for some depopulation I think. My opinion. Far too many in this world for the few of jobs and food. Why are cancer rates going up? GMO? Nahh. Never. Everyone is “entitled”? Horse hockey! You earn your way in this world. The world is teetering on the edge. Doing all I can to be ready.

      20. And so it begins. Today Germany, tomorrow England, France and then the former USA.

        • You are correct

      21. They don’t like it where they live but are offended by their new country when they get there. Send em home,,,let em be miserable there instead of us being miserable here.

      22. Send Caitlyn, Miley, and the Kardashians over.

        Let’s see what happens.

        • Nope, they won’t go because their little demonic queen, Madonna, is helping to usher in the Fallen Angels/Nephilim, and they all want to be first in line for their demonic screwings.

          Ole jenner gets it, but can no longer give it. Sick bastard.

          • Don’t let jenner’s dress fool you—he can still give it.

        • same thing that happens to the goats and sheep… they git the Purdy ones first.

        • Slingshot, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That is cold, but I like it!

      23. Wear them shorter still girls, if the migrants do not want to see you in them, then they should not have come to Germany.

      24. I am offended with Muslims cutting off peoples heads!
        I am offended by Muslims Raping little girls!
        I am offended when Muslims sell women and children as sex slaves!
        I am offended when Muslims have sex with little boys, they call them “Tea Boys”.
        Islam is a Death Cult, lets call it what it is.
        I am pissed off that NO Muslims Ever speak out against these crimes!
        What a bunch of sick fucks!!! (Please excuse my language).

        • I am offended by the stench of the dirty evil scum muslim. They infect the air we breathe.

      25. This is just the tip of the iceberg. One day very soon those folks will have to make a choice.
        For me I have all ready made my choice.

        PRAISE GOD AND PASS THE AMMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      26. I just turned on the MSM with Molester Holt, and they are showing a little Syrian boy crying like its the Host countries that are being abusive to the refugees. A bunch of CRAP. LIARS. Its the other way around. When its our turn, like Phil Robertson said of Duck Dynasty,”we’ll have to convert em, or kill em.”

      27. Germany is allowing 500,000 Muslim immigrants into their country every year. They are doing it because their birth rate is below the people dying there. Germany will become an Islamic country in less than 20 years.

        • Read that England will also be majority islam in 30 years. Dam ridiculous that people allow this shit to happen in their country. Britian first does stand up to the scum but gets harassed by the police often. If I lived in Britain I would be out there protesting with Britianfirst.

          • What did the Europeans expect by allowing unlimited immigration into their countries? Total morons.

            • Yeah, sounds like liberals and obummer. The more immigrants /refugees/illegals/migrants the happier these idiots become.
              Again, islam sucks! Americans first!

      28. How about nudists who wear only some armor. That’ll offend all the repressive types, foreign and domestic. One can defend against the offensive offended.

      29. This it seems to me at this time is part of the plan for a New World Order.

        Keep young children close to parents. There are now and there have always been rapists and perverts. Dress modestly because you will be judged if you are female as less deserving of respect by others regardless of whether they are American, religious, secular, whatever.
        Teach girls and boys about perverts. Teach them to scream ” no” “help” “He’s trying to kidnap me”. Give kids instruction in hit and run. Or just run screaming for help.

        I wish I could kill every last rapist. Cut them up. Burn them. Bring them back to life and repeat.

        Big girls should be careful not to be alone with anyone who is not known by their family.
        Rapists act out on strangers or where there is less chance of incurring the rath of fathers.

        Watch close friends of the family, nobody is above suspicion. Male babysitter-no thanks.

        No one is safe. But it seems to be particularly attractive to rape in a country that is less likely to punish this crime. I hope we hear more about vigilanty executions. Or may be just stop importing people who hate our guts.

      30. young ladies a lot of time carry themselves as pigs and these guys see a girl dressed like a slut and think that’s what they are. What do people expect from a culture that the women are covered head to toe on the hottest days. Good guys admire but control themselves. These Islamist are savages. Europe is fucked they have savages seeking refuge in their countries. Now they are afraid to offend the savages. Governments are such cowards and have failed their citizens everyone is so afraid of these guys. The cutting off heads is winning the psychological fight. Nobody will challenge the savages ethnic cleansing to come soon. Isis is more powerful than all the nations in the world. I don’t admire what they are doing but can’t deny they are a winning team.

        • You’re an idiot. Native american kids ran around naked until puberty. A rape is NEVER the victim’s fault. Period.


        • Obummer thinks he is king henry 8, just like he didn’t need permission to change mt. McKinley to denali.
          He’ll rename the next ones mt. muslim, mt. Michelle, mt. allah, mt. jarret, mt. kenya, etc.

      32. Let those asshole Islamic Muslim lunatics try that practice here in America, and I can guarantee that the husbands and boyfriends will
        Teach them a few lessons about women’s rights in America. I saw the Michigan Muslim protest and those pieces of sh..t thing that they own America. Women can’t walk around and can’t dress nicely because of Muslims. What the f…k is this world coming to.



      33. I see the only solution for animals that refuse to act in a civilized manner. We do it to the bulls and it settles them rite down. just cut their balls off and if the practice of this infections lack of self control continues start force feeding them their own balls they will get the message soon enough for violence is the language they do best so lower yourselves to their level and you may want to let the women do it. If they cannot live in a civilized manner then let them live like animals.

      34. An eye for an eye,a tooth for a tooth. There is a natural law and order to all mankind that is in our constitution life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Woe to the race that will try to steal our liberty, we can see them with lazer focus and identify them and take up the armor of god in defense of our children. More of us than them………

      35. I hope that I am able to live long enough to see the day when some PC libtard tries to direct me to change my dress or my bahaviour to avoid “offending” Moslems. It is going to be a bad scene.

      36. To clarify:

        I agree that it is NEVER the victims fault.

        I didn’t write very well.

        I get so emotional especially when the victim is so young and innocent.

        If we were all running around naked it doesn’t make one damn bit of difference.

      37. Benefits of being muslim, you can rape kids, muck of Senate and Congress are into that, beat the hell out of spouse and no punishment, nfl players take note. Anal sex with other muslim men ok! 92% of american muslims on food stamps and free housing. Soon to pas TPP agreement ensuring Shria law infew years. Pope and ollie akbar are one and the same, give up your gold pope, sohow much you hate money

      38. Hmm ok I find women wearing head bags on their heads offensive, I find hearing some frothing at the mouth Muslim screaming allah snackbar offensive, I fine it very offensive that they dictate to us in our Own lands, if it was so good back in Camel land, go back
        Everything about Islam is an offense

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