German Biker Gangs Attack Foreigners In Migrant “Manhunts”

by | Jan 11, 2016 | Headline News | 108 comments

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    Editor’s Note: Extreme government policies combined with the public’s loss of confidence in the government’s ability to mitigate crisis often results in an extreme response from the populace. This is currently no more evident than in Germany, where tens of thousands of undocumented “migrants” have made their way into a once peaceful region of Europe. The government has lost control and the people are taking matters into their own hands. While a more constructive approach was available from the get-go, German citizens are now organizing “hunting” parties against migrants and we suspect the trend will spread to the rest of Europe. Call it racism, call it xenophobia, call it what you will. The fact is that people living in fear of even going outside are at wits end and feel they have been left with no other choice. Such extreme responses may well make their way to the United States in due course. How many more domestic terror attacks against Americans will it take? Probably not many.


    Via Zero Hedge:

    On Sunday, we learned that the man who stormed a Paris police station while waving a meat cleaver and donning a fake bomb vest once lived in a center for asylum seekers in Germany and may have ties to the wave of sexual assaults that occurred in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

    The revelations came just a day after some 1,700 people turned out for a PEGIDA rally where demonstrators waved anti-migrant banners and called for the ouster of Angela Merkel.


     We’ve also noted that with each passing “incident” (be it a massacre of civilians like that which occurred in Paris, a bomb scare like what unfolded in Hannover, or sexual assaults like those that took place across Europe on New Year’s), Europe’s goodwill towards refugees gradually evaporates as even “compassionate” Westerners run out of patience in the face of what’s perceived as a growing threat to the region’s culture and security.

    Ultimately, we’ve argued that it’s probably just a matter of time before some Europeans take matters into their own hands. That contention seemed even more likely after the New Year’s Eve attacks in Cologne where police have been blamed for their failure to protect the crowd.

    Well sure enough, reports now indicate a rogue band of “bikers, hooligans and bouncers” organized a migrant “manhunt” on Facebook before attacking a group of Pakistanis in Cologne.

    “Two young Pakistani men needed hospital treatment after being attacked by vigilante gangs hunting foreigners in Cologne in apparent revenge attacks for the mass sexual assaults on women on New Year’s Eve,” The Evening Standard reports, adding that “police said the first incident took place early yesterday evening when a group of about 20 men attacked six Pakistanis near the main station near the railway station where the New Year’s Eve attacks took place.”

    “Shortly after the first attack, a similar incident unfolded when a 39-year-old Syrian national was assaulted by a group of five people,” Deutsche Welle adds. Here’s more:

    Cologne tabloid “Express” reported on Monday that a group of “bikers, hooligans and bouncers” had used Facebook to plan a “human hunt” to “clean up” Cologne’s city center. Early on Monday, a police spokesperson was unable to confirm the reports.

    On Sunday afternoon, police had received tipoffs about “groups,” which were “specifically looking for provocation,” police said. Officers were deployed in the city center and Cologne’s “Altstadt” quarter in large numbers. As the result of several identity checks, four people were briefly detained, reported a police spokesman. Whether they were among the attackers is yet to be determined. Two people also faced criminal charges.

    Here’s a bit more from The Telegraph:

    Nearly all of the men involve in Cologne’s New Year’s Eve sex attacks were migrants, Germany’s interior ministry has indicated.

    “Based on testimony from witnesses, the report from the Cologne police and descriptions by the federal police, it looks as if people with a migration background were almost exclusively responsible for the criminal acts,” Ralf Jaeger, interior minister from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, said on Monday.

    His remarks come amid a violent backlash against the migrant community in Germany after a gang of men reportedly assaulted a group of Pakistani and Syrian asylum seekers on Sunday night.

    The victims were injured in the attack, which took place near Cologne train station and they had to be taken to hospital.

    Cologne’s local newspaper Der Express reported that a group of thugs had planned a “manhunt” for asylum seekers.

    So there you have it: the vigilante “justice” has begun.


    Needless to say, this does not bode well for the stability of German society. Should the “bikers, hooligans, and bouncers” align themselves with a political movement, the stage would be set for a veritable (and possibly violent) coup and with 3,000 new migrants entering the country each and every day, you can expect public support for Merkel and her “yes we can” refugee policy to dwindle in lockstep with the inexorable flow of asylum seekers.

    In the meantime, if you are a foreign national walking around in Cologne and you spot a “hooligan” or worse, a “biker”, run.

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      1. Most bikers are a decent group, some not so much.

        Maybe these are the ‘bad boys’…

        Judge not and ye shall not be judged…

        • Yea, that doesnt usually work out so well,
          I have learned to keep everyone at arms length and for good reason

          • I hope they kill many savages. We will be put in the same situation here. Muslim scum are not a threat when they are dead.

        • Judge not and ye shall not be judged

          That verse NEVER says “don’t judge.”

          What it means is: If you judge, you will be judged by that measure. Therefore, take the log out of your own eye before you speak about the speck in your brother’s eye.

          It is a warning against making rash, hypocritical and overly harsh judgements.

          How do we know that Jesus didn’t mean to prohibit all judgements?

          Because Jesus tells people to JUDGE in other circumstances.

          (John 7:24) “Stop judging by mere appearances, and make a right judgment.”” .

          • JS, spot on. Passing judgment on anyone over an anything is always a risky business. Sometimes I make mistakes when passing judgment on someone. You have to do all the research you can and think long and hard before reaching any judgment.

            • Amen.

          • You shall know them by their fruits is about judging people by their actions…. if you judge in a Godly manner then you will be judged in a Godly manner….. Jesus also told his followers to GET A WEAPON even if you have to sell your only other set of clothes….. don’t need a constitution for that just a verse…..

        • Hell’s Angels Bikers versus Crazed Raghead Zombies. Sounds like the title of an entertaining action-oriented B movie.

          Then you got the Barney Fife police trying to implement gun control measures per Obola in this Action Comedy.

          • I’d put my money on the 80’s…….for sure…roll on

        • Being half Irish/Mohawk how we are seen reflects on how we act. My family knows historically of the atrocities our Native forefathers/ mothers wrought, we also continue to fight wrongs. My ‘white’ side also fought inequities: my inheritance from my great grandfather was his shaleighli. Be it native or protestant, or whatever, choose a side, I choose Trump over the others BECAUSE 1)he speaks like I do [I may be wrong but I’ll voice it.] 2) i think he can’t be bought [I hope he can’t] 3) Not Muslim like obummer.
          Racism neglected will/can get you killed! So, not to recognize racism is negligence. That negligence is not logical. Logic dictates that one be cognizant, aware and active toward racial biases, thus being aware of his own safety in environments discordant to the perceived race to which you are perceived. In other words, if you don’t look like the community, stay out because you could be shot (I.e. for looking white!).
          That is the sad state of things which make me a racist because I have to know where I’m going, when and why!

        • yes, eppe, i concur with most being good people….only accountants and lawyers can afford one of them damn things these days….not that accountants and lawyers are all THAT good…thinkers will buy the jap bikes….but now that the bikers are beatin’ up them moose limbs…i guess that makes ’em ALL good…at least in MY book…kill ’em all, let allah sort ’em out….hey, that’s a great line for a movie!

        • I have been in a situation, when my car has broken down in a country road, no one stopped & asked if they could help. Except a gagle of bikies have pulled up , & asked if they could help… One of them look in to the car engine, got some tools from his bag, tinkered for 5 minutes & told me start the car… Wowww the car started.. Then he told me that it’s only temporary & I should take the car in to a garage the next day or so…
          So IMO Bikies are more civic minded than you average Joe…

          • I was once helped by bikers too. My car broke down in a traffic lane. They blocked traffic, and moved my car to the curb. Then offered me a rode but I said “thanks very much but no thanks”. They really stopped everything to help me.

        • The current American government will have the same response, and attack the Christian victims while shielding and making excuses for the savages.

          Only muslim savages (and soon government pukes and leftist apologists) have anything to fear from the ‘hooligans’.

          • Only savages on this planet are white trash like some of you can you say you’re a Christian but hate other people.lets talk about the terrorists kkk.not a lot said about those trashy inbred lunatics.

      2. Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges. If they think these bikers are bad, just wait till the refugees start trying that shit over here.

        • JAS
          You are right you don’t need no “Sticking Badges” to do what is RIGHT!!!!!

          • The bikers are our friends; the enemy of our enemy is our friend.

            • Until the enemy of YOUR enemy is gone that is….

        • JAS, the US has been invaded and WE have done nothing to stop it from happening. It sounds like the Germans are better men than we are.

        • JAS, if/when muzzies try that shit here in the US, they’ll have people from all walks of life to worry about. anyone who is stupid enough to interfere with my efforts at self-defense will just get themselves wasted.

        • I try to keep from confusing ‘legal’ with ‘right’.

      3. “Nothing Is Moving,” Baltic Dry Crashes As Insiders Warn “Commerce Has Come To A Halt”

        “For the first time in known history, not one cargo ship is in-transit in the North Atlantic between Europe and North America.

        All of them (hundreds) are either anchored offshore or in-port. NOTHING is moving. This has never happened before. It is a horrific economic sign; proof that commerce is literally stopped.”

        1/11/16 – Five Days Down: Baltic Dry Index Falls Again to Fresh Low – 415

        • YES! That is a VERY interesting Development. I follow the Baltic Dry Index daily as an economic measure. My other inside info comes from my room mate who drives for CR England that does the regional (statewide) Walmart trucking shipping. They are slowing down too. It is growing darker by the day, best be getting all your prep stuff now while you can.

          • I agree.

            I encourage anyone who plans to add more prep stuff, to purchase your items soon.

        • been following the Baltic dry index for years as am not financially sophisticated, and it is easy to understand, and less easy to manipulate than some other measures. Current indicators are not looking good at all.

          This story has caught my eye as I think it could be a realistic way things may play out in future elsewhere too. Only in the West i believe it’s a potential “solution” for the authorities to use against a population that finally begins to wake the hell up and overthrow its masters. Deliberately witholding food and vital supplies seems an easy way to bring a rebellious populace to heel. Plan accordingly:-

          They only have to stop the distribution networks (Truckers, rail etc) for a few days to commence a siege. Most cities have quietly created discreete ring roads/other infrastructure that could be used to cut them off from outside in hours over the last few decades.

      4. We have a few biker clubs here in the US that I would not want pissed off at me. They may live in a totally different world I dont think they would take kindly to a bunch of refugees going around raping American women…

        • The local hard core bikers give a new meaning to pack mentality,
          They can all be the nicest folks, and are. But cross them and you will be another of the dozens of missing persons that inexplicably disappear. I had a discussion with a friend of mine who has been a biker since he was a teenager as was his dad and he said the local clubs are making plans, i have heard this from gun guys as well,
          This is a benefit to having a small community, regardless of how many wealthy mainland people have moved here, or what kind of screwed up progressive crap is being pushed, the old school families and mindset are still alive and well.

          • still waiting to see the pay back for the deal out in Waco

            if its like the feds said it went down,, paybacks will be in order..just wonder how they will be met out

            • In a fashion of picking when and where real carefully

          • KULA
            I have found that you treat them with respect that they will treat you with respect.

            I bounced at a Bar for a while and found that if you go to the Head Hancho and talk with him and tell him that if I have a problem with one of his people I would come to him to handle it, and if there was problem with one of my people causing shit with one of his, that I ask that he comes to me, and I would handle it. Not one problem in over 6 month of me working there.

            Several time he backed me with out me asking. Respect goes a long way with people.


            • Sgt, that was what I was trying to say, without saying or judging anyone.

              Eyes open, no fear…

        • It’s been my experience that most bikers are generally protective of their own neighborhoods. I’ve seen them ‘discipline’ a few car thieves and jocky-boxers. They made one thief put the yard ornament he stole, back where he got it from. Then gave him a few reasons to do his crap somewhere else.

          I was respectful to them, and they’ve always been respectful to me. Just like any other time, when you’re dealing with reasonable people, you get what you give.

        • They take care of their own! As everyone should

      5. Wait till the manhunts start here. You ain’t seen nothing yet. 1%.

      6. “Women are your fields: go, then, into your fields whence you please…”
        –Quran 2:223, “The Cow,”

        The Quran also gives over a 190 ways to kill ‘infidels’, words are important.
        The original meanings of words are all that count, because by The Way of Knowledge the rich and powerful corrupt everything for their own purposes. Like the meaning of the word ‘Islam’, you are told that it means PEACE…

        Well… not exactly. In the original language, Arabic, there is not always a one for one word correspondence with English… So, in the original Arabic, the word Islam means;

        “There will be PEACE, when all the world submits to the will of allah.” (little ‘a’ deliberate)

        And there is only one way to interpret this…
        Multiculturalism is the deathknell of white culture, period. We wanted ‘fundamental transformation’, we voted for it, we’re getting what we asked for. ‘We’, being loosely defined as a majority of idiots.

        The only way forward is to ‘sell your coat, and buy a sword’, preferably American made iron. For when the Pale Green horse rises, remember, ‘they’ worship death. Reread Rev 6, concentrate on the word ‘they’, and its context. Then see the color of Islam and The Greens. Listen to the Pope spout heresy, and see, the white merged with the green.

        …redacted from;
        The Spirituality of Prepping.

        • allah is crap,,,,,

          • Amen and succinct Kula.

        • If you haven’t heard of Craig Hulet, I recommend his videos on YouTube, his website and his books. He was just on Coast to Coast radio show last night {they have a website too}.

      7. Whomever is coordinating the migrant invasion (and the police have admitted the rape night on New Year’s was a mass, Europe-wide coordinated event), they have made a big mistake: it is easy to be duped into thinking Europe is ‘p€ssyland’ because it has been so peaceful, safe and prosperous for so long (since WWII), but there is an iron rod in there and there are forces from biker gangs to organized criminals to domestic terrorists and nationalists (the IRA etc.) to fascists and neo-nazis, who are normally kept in check by the security forces, but can come out of the closet in the wrong environment. That is the fire Merkel is playing with and the incompetent EU bureaucrats.

        Denmark and Scandinavia experienced vicious biker wars a few years ago. Very violent – machine guns, bombs – so they are capable of taking it to the next level. Another factor not to be screwed with is Eastern Europeans. They fought hard to enjoy the fruits of the West and are the backbone of much of the workforce since open borders. Will they passively step aside so Muslims can take their jobs?

        Europe has a history that you do not want to drag up: the worst wars and conflicts were fought there in human history. Europeans have had a taste of how bad things could get in former Yugoslavia and in today’s Ukraine. Not a good direction to go down. Muslims may think they are the ‘big men’ chasing Euro-skirt but they might take on more than they can handle.

        • Europe is primarily white, nobody can kill like the white man, they also know how to live peacefully, but dont piss in his yard,

      8. Good. muslims GTFO.

        They need to clean house and rid themselves of the treasonous filth in the German government, too.

      9. I’m not a biker or a bouncer, so I guess I would be a hooligan. I guess I could try being a bouncer, since my brother used to be one years ago.

        I hope things don’t get that bad around here.

      10. First off, I genuinely feel bad for the refugees who had to flee their homes for legitimate reasons. We should all have compassion for those people. However, that does not mean we need to let them invade our lands when they are not willing to assimilate. Governments exist (or should exist) to protect their own citizens first and anyone else second. Sadly, most governments fail to recognize this and so we have what we have here today.

        What is worse though is that blame is being put on the wrong people. While the issue here no doubt stemmed from the horrific actions of certain migrants, it was not all of them who participated. Thus it is unjust to target random members of their community. What would be better would be to go after members of the government (and those who were their big money campaign contributors) who let them in in the first place. These people are the real enemies here, and many of them are also responsible for the rise of the situations that forced these people to flee from their homes in the first place (Arab Spring anyone?). In all situations of mass rage it is the powerful that need to be targeted, not the ordinary civilian. Only after these people are forced to face the consequences of their actions and live in constant fear of reprisals will there be real changes that benefit the common man.

        • Not all participated but I am not going to let my guard down while I try to discern who may or may not be a participant. Thought I read they are trying to look like Christians now.

          • Nor would I suggest you do so. Obvious racial, ethnic and religious differences are easy ways to assess the threat level. While you may have no animosity towards people who are not like you, that does not mean the lack of hatred is mutual. I am always cautious when in a situation that I am in the minority, or where Islam is concerned. I wish them no ill but I know that I could still be attacked for not belonging to their group.

        • Sadly I think people forget that in the mess that is the middle East – many prison doors were left wide open. This means the scum ALL societies normally manage to contain in peace time where they can do no harm were released to roam and pillage at will. Not all of them would have been welcomed even by the sickness that is the Daesh leadership, such is their basic incompatibility with the rest of humanity.

          To judge a whole people, but it’s previously contained criminal element seems a little unfair. We all know that gangs pick on their “own” before moving onto outsiders. What’s needed is unity in the face of a common enemy and zero tolerance. Many legitimate refugees don’t have the resources to do any more but protect their own wives and children from these scum. the European law enforcement agencies need to help them or as we are now seeing vigilantism will be the order of the day. that never ends well.

          • That’s what scares me. I see a little vigilantism as a good thing, but only when it is done defensively. It is honorable to defend an innocent party that is being attacked, raped, robbed etc. What I fear is indiscriminate offensive vigilantism that make us no better than those we believe we are defending against. What’s worse, the violent elements in our society who are just looking for an excuse to hurt someone will use this as an opportunity to act out on their darkest fantasies. So for me, it may well be that I would need to defend the life of a refugee and not just an American. Right is right and wrong is wrong, no matter who perpetrates it.

      11. Get ready to defend yourselves. No need to go looking for it, it’ll come our way.

      12. what I know about the family of bikers 1%ers
        you dont fuck with them, and you dont piss them off
        and yes they will mostly (as a group) stand up against anyone to keep the family unit whole

        fuck with a member, you get the whole tribe

        as for working like a pack , theres no better family to have your back .. that is as long as it all stays together .. when groups like this fracture because of internal grudges can get mighty dicey

        Been on HD’s 2 wheels for over 37 years always welcome in their house

        its not much different than the business of government or cartel, dont fuck with them and mostly you’ll get to live

      13. The solution to the Syrian “migrant” crisis is to stop arming and funding
        terrorists in the middle east and north Africa. America’s neocon foreign
        policy is driving people out of their countries into Europe.
        Congress is debating sending American troops to Syria under the guise of
        fighting ISIS, while our borders are wide open. While they are thousands
        of miles away, Obama is recruiting terrorists to America to rape their wives
        and daughters.

      14. Solid copy on that Jim of Va.
        It seems like everywhere I go I here people talk about what kind of firearm they bought or going to get.

        I think America is COCKED, and Locked.
        So BAD GUYS BEWARE or AMERICANS are going to HURT YA……….

      15. All of you know that I’m a Peace officer, and would prefer that the laws work their course. Now when Laws are not enforced by the LEO’s there is no other way to stop what is happening, but to have people stand up and do what has to be done. This is the RIGHT thing and the Humanitarian thing to do.

        I would be very grateful to the person, man or women that put a 230Gr./115Gr, H.P. into some piece of shit that was trying to, or sexually assaulting one of my girls or my wife. Even though they would more than likely beat them to it.

        If the Government won’t do it or the LEO’s won’t do it.
        It is time for STREET JUSTIC. Tall trees and short ropes.

        This might not sound civilized, but we are not dealing with civilized people.


        • I call it Frontier Justice

          and its on a fast track to coming back

        • Big Rebel Yell for Sgt. Dale!

          • Ditto. Second Rebel Yell for Sgt. Dale!

            • how about a singing quartet of rebel yells!

        • I think the best thing that could happen is for groups angered by this to be present in large crowds and watch for trouble. If they see this sort of thing start to happen they can then jump the assailants and protect the women they were trying to assault. Let these scumbags get the crap beat out of them by a bunch of enraged bikers a few times and they might take the hint. After all, if the government forces will not do anything to protect it’s citizens, it is up to the citizens to take action. See something, do something…

          • I only know how people behave and what makes them respect or not respect. People do not respect just because you threaten them and shout in their face “reeeeeeespeeect!”. No, they develop respect (really fear) like any animal: they cross the line one day and they get smacked hard back across that line. Works every time.

            Why do blacks hesitate to rape white women in Manhattan like they used to? Because the price became too high to do so. Why do they do so in other countries? Because the price is not high enough (South Africa etc.).

            There is a respect problem going on. The Muslims stormed their way into Europe and nobody stopped them. They behaved like pigs and demanded more and more; and Germans gave them teddy bears, free food and housing in return. And they wonder why Muslims have developed zero respect for the opportunity to live in Germany? They launched attacks, murdering many hundreds (Paris) and still nobody drew a hard line with them.

            It is probably time they learn respect one way or another. They are hardly going to be a positive contribution to society if they do not. Imagine the practicalities of this: what group of female office workers are going to feel comfortable working with these guys? Who wants to do a late shift with a guy who likes to rape and chopped a few heads off when he was in the home country? Think of the law suits if you hired one of these guys?

            • Ft, you make some damn good points. It’s better to just put them out of your country altogether. Send them back to whatever sandbox they came from. Any one of them that wants to do something to me will get a double tap.

        • Sarge, you said a mouthful. when the balloon goes up, we will be WROL [WITHOUT RULE OF LAW]. I know vigilantism is coming and about as ready as I can be for it. It will be no holds barred and anything goes. I won’t be concerned with any legalities or consequences of my actions. All that will matter is doing whatever is necessary to stay alive.

        • Appreciate your comment Sgt. Dale, but am upset about the scumbag lawyers and social justice warriors who will nail honest citizens to a cross for using said 230Gr./115Gr, H.P. in such a situation.

      16. Off topic, but I have to rail on the capitalist pigs robbing American’s money hand over fist. It’s a free for all by these greedy bastards. My main point of contention is the growing obscene price of food and other necessities. I repeat, transportation costs have fallen dramatically. Before the drop in fuel, stores laid the price hikes on transportation costs. Where is the rollback of prices with their transportation costs reduced? Full retard, they think we are a bunch of suckers. Fits the agenda, since the grocery manufacturers association backed the anti labeling of GMO’s that has since become law. I guess American’s are fine with eating genetically tampered and poisoned food. Fascism reigns supreme.

        • You might be interested to know that Campbell’s is voluntarily labeling their products with GMO content. It’s a start.

          • True. Monsanto is trying to get any GMO labeling made illegal. It is furious with the labeling, of non-GMO. Too bad!

            • Well it’s all fun and games till someone either burns them down or shoots them up……. when you cheat people you should worry…..

      17. The only way to effectively deal with a terrorist or terrorist supporter is to terrorize them and their family. Physically break them to mentally break them.

        Germany is an example of everything you’re not supposed to do. They took in over one million of these people without having any system for determining who they really are and where they really came from. That turned into such a concentration of these people that you have significant chunks of Germany that are no-go zones for law enforcement; this means Germany has effectively lost control of some of her own territory, and German law is being replaced with Sharia law in those areas. If Germany’s elected officials do not do their job and order the military to round these people up and put them in concentration camps,they will bear responsibility for the extinction of Germany as a culture, country, and race.

        • Germany is still Germany. I bet on the whites.

      18. Anybody else concerned about Obuttsmell taking the top job at the UN?

        Hitlery get the White House, crushes the 2nd. Amendment, the people revolt, and Barry sends in UN troops to save her sorry twat.

        • I am not all that concerned as I do not think that he has enough popularity in other countries to get the post. Most other nations are sick and tired of the US telling them what to do. They won’t want to give an American any more power.

        • S&B
          Obullshit getting the top job at the UN and Shitlery crushing the 2Nd. Amn. Not really. You and I both know it is going to happen in the future or they will try. Better to do it know while “I CAN STILL FIGHT”.


          • Sarge, it’s hard for me to imagine the chimp becoming the head of the UN. Whoever tries to crush the 2A had better be worried about us. It’s only a matter of time before they try.

            • Then watch the double con.

        • You are correct it is sorry but we will not answer to any UN Army/Delegation/Directive.
          We are the people of these United States and we will defend our borders language and culture down to the last.

      19. I’m not sure specifically about Germany but Europe is known for having recall elections. Sometimes you hear of it as a no confidence vote. An elected official doesn’t need to commit a crime as is necessary in the US to impeach a President. In Europe its just a vote. If so many disagree with Markel I’m not reading about a push for a recall election.

        Something isn’t adding up.

      20. Karma is a b****.

      21. Stop tip-toeing around refusing to call things by their rightful names. First, it isn’t a “war against terror.” It’s defensive against jihad, which in mainstream islam, is every Muslims duty until every Kufir (means lowest form of life applied to all unbelievers) submits to Islam.

        Second, it isn’t foreigners who have aroused their animus. It’s Muslims from North Africa and the Middle East who are treating European women as mainstream Islam sees them, as second-class human beings.

        This isn’t just name-calling or xenophobia on my part. You want scholarly cites from Islam’s “trilogy” the Sunna (M’s biography and Hadith, stories of what he did and said) plus the Koran, which everyone has heard of but no non-Muslim has read?

        That can be arranged. But right now, I just wanted to respond.

        You are acting like a dhimmi, that is, a second class citizen, a slave to Islam, when you know very well what the topic is but you use euphemisms.

        • JA, I never tiptoe around any damn thing. I’m not afraid to call things like I see them. Muslims are POS. BTW, I’ve called xenophobic in the past and wear that title proudly.

      22. The Biker gangs should go after the politicians and globalists who caused this mess in the EU…..

        • 21Bravo, now you’re talking. They would really get some support for that.

        • Angela Merkel. Out.

      23. It’s about time someone starts fighting back against these brutal “refugees”. They certainly have a strange way of thanking their benefactors for taking them in. Better get ready for their invasion in our country because obama is bringing in thousands and thousands of these “refugees”. And they are mostly men between 18-45, no women, no children. Time to lock and load.

        • They are not their benefactors, nor are we. Would you think so if they were bombing in the USA? I know I would not. The majority of these are fighting age men. Our leaders want destabilization.

      24. Since German Nazis attacking minorities ended so well the last time…

        • So what is your suggestion if you don’t agree with vigilante justice?

          • It looks like vigilante justice is the only justice Germany is going to get.

            Once they deal with the problem, vigilantes go home. Totally unlike Nazis or Bolsheviks.

      25. Charles Bronson movies are great. A rash of garage burglaries were going on in a neighborhood I lived in years ago. We had a boarded up window in the garage and this would have been any crackhead thiefs point of entry. I was all ready to set up an antique beartrap but decided against it. I then got a big piece of wood and put many nail spikes in it so when the thief jumped in through the window they would land on the spiked board. Sure enough a couple of days later the window was kicked in but no items missing.

      26. I am surprised that there was no response from the German police. I am not surprised that the bikers took matters into there own hands.

        • The city’s police chief was let go due to handling of attacks. Some of these rapes were gang rapes as I read two teenage girls were gang raped. One police officer said they were told to keep the New Year’s incidents on the down low.

        • I’m sure their orders are to let it go if you can.. when your leaders are bringing them in to nwo your country, the police will follow that lead…. just like here in philly they were saying muslims had nothing to do with it….. part of the destruction game…..

          Buy more ammo than you can afford…..

      27. Hooray for the bikers, and stop this PC nonsense of comparing the justified self-defense tactics of the bikers to the hideous, barbaric acts of the Islamic invaders. The Muslims need to leave the West – now! No more talk, no more crap about moderates, These are animals. Nothing is more important than protecting our women.

      28. If you are a foreign national from a “civilized western type society you have nothing to fear”, however if you are from an muslim or African country with a terrorist or rape culture then yes you should run. run back to the SxHxIxTxHxOxLxE you came from and never return.

      29. When the government will not protect its own citizens then the citizens have to protect themselves. The only thing these Islamists understand is brute force so it’s time to crack some Muslim skulls.

        • I was horrified by the government coverup.

      30. Well, it is a good start. Hopefully they keep up the good work.

        • LOL I though it was inefficient. They did not kill them, just sent a message. I hope the moose limbs get the message.

      31. The male immigrants should have the option, leave or the bikers cut off your testicles. See how many opt to stay. Hehehe

      32. The bikers also could do a bikers execution. That’s when 4 bikers chain the guys arms and legs to their bikes and then everybody goes in different directions except for the bad guy, he goes in all directions NEWS.

      33. This is my first time here…and I agree with what I’ve read.

        I have a lot of thoughts going on.

        -0- opened the border up for illegals to enter…how many of them were jihadists disguised as mexicans? Funny, there is no more talk about that any more. -0- is letting in “refugees” in large numbers. I’ve read that some “refugees” have been brought in, secretly. -0- is desperately going for our guns. Coincidence? No.

        When I first saw him and his name…I immediately took a dislike to him and thought “sleeper cell.”

        How many sleeper cells are here? I have no answer. Anyone on a Conservative blog knows that there are jihad training camps and they are strategically placed around the U.S. These training camps just didn’t spring up in the last 7 miserable years.-0- escalated it. Like everything else.

        Smoke and Mirrors has been his M.O. Create a crisis. Get us in an uproar which takes our minds off of the real crisis. Sweep the first created crisis under the rug and ignore it. Then when it looks like we might be paying attention…another crisis is created.

        He’s gathering his jihad army of extremists who live to die. He said he wanted a private army that was bigger & better than our military. How many millions of muslims are out there? And the converts. How much tax payer’s money is he supporting them with?

        Back on subject. I find no problem with the German bikers hunting for these savages. If you remember German bikers did go to train and fight with the Kurds in 2014. I don’t know what happened to them but I hope they are alive and in good health.

      34. Just wait for the surprises your Commander-in-Grief has in store for you in his last year of tyranny. You’ll get a taste of what’s to come at tonight’s State-of-the-Union address.!!!!

      35. Its nice to see the Germans regaining their dignity . I only hope Americans will wake up to the threat of inner city scum and foreigners before its too late.

      36. Well, children, you better ready up, lock and load, and keep that head on a constant 360. These muslim pig eaters are worse than the rabid dogs they act like. I would think that the utter failure of the German Police to keep order would have brought the Wehrmacht. Not so. She let the cops be overwhelmed. Maybe her favorite piece of meat was in on the gangbangs. Were that to happen here, I would hope that anybody and everybody show up armed to the teeth with plenty of ammo and shoot to kill. Just forcefully tell the cops to go home, and take care of business ourselves. I think that is called justifiable extra-legal terminal action. Day by day Obasturd squeals about how peaceful muslims are, and this shit goes on every day in Europe. You know he is Goddamned liar and l5th Columnist working in tandem with these goat rapers.


      38. Well, something needs to be down. Just sitting around and crying does’t do a darn thing. You have to stand up to these migrant savages!
        WAKE UP people before it is too late…

      39. Funny how they show a pict of a white guy getting arrested bu the migrants that caused all the trouble will be most likely given pass.

      40. And this is a problem????? Europe doesn’t seem to have any other warriors left to fight the bad guys.

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