Gerald Celente: For the Next Several Years, It’s About Wealth Preservation

by | Mar 25, 2009 | Headline News

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    Gerald Celente, founder of Trends Research Institute, appear on Rappaport News March 18, 2009 (Part 1) and March 25, 2009 (Part 2). (Interview follows excerpts)

    Some of Celente’s forward-looking forecasts:

    “The consumer is going to be suffering far more than they are now. This is only the beginning of the Greatest Depression. The downslide is still ready to come. ”

    “We’re amazed that the dollar is even holding up as well as it is. Even Warren Buffet was saying he expects higher inflation because of all this stimulus. It’s not even economics 101. It’s economics for dummies. You can’t print money based on nothing. And they’re printing money at an unprecedented rate backed by nothing. So we’re expecting the dollar to eventually crash. ”

    “Commodity prices remain low. There’s too much product out there. Overproduction, overcapacity, lower demand. You have a deflationary cycle on commodity price items. It’s going to take more of the currency to buy those products. It’s the currencies that are devaluing…The whole world is caught up in this print cycle. they’re doing it all over the world. The Central Banks are printing fiat money based on nothing. There is a severe danger of a financial collapse coming from an overprinting of fiat currencies. All the countries are doing it.”

    “That’s what this is all about for the next several years – it’s about wealth preservation.”

    “There is no way to engineer out of it. There is going to be a period where we feel like we’re out of the worst. But, it’s going to be a false financial flag because of the stimulus they put in. It is going to raise the economy, but only temporarily.”

    “This could go on for our lifetime. Until something new happens. We need productive capacity. Right now, there’s no formula other than: let’s print more money.”

    “The places, the people, the products and the services that are going to make it in the Greatest Depression will have one thing in common – quality. The top is the only one that’s going to make it. It can’t be average. It has to be the best of the best. People are going to spend their money on the best.”

    Watch Part 1 of the Interview Below:

    (View Part 2 of this interview here:


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