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    Trend forecaster Gerald Celente of the Trends Journal advises subscribers of his quarterly newsletter that the collapse is on it’s way and will become apparent to the population of the entire world in short order.

    While pundits argue over whether or not a double dip recession is coming, many on the street have finally begun to realize that another recession is the least of our problems.

    Via Gerald Celente’s June 13, 2011 Trend Alert

    Everything is not all right. And things are going to get worse … much worse. The economy is on the threshold of calamity. Wars are spreading like wildfires. The world is on a razor’s edge.
    Not so, say world leaders and mainstream media experts. Yes, there are problems, but the financiers and politicians are aware of them. Policies are already in place and measures are being taken to correct them.

    Whether it’s failing economies, intractable old wars or raging new wars, the word from the top always maintains that steady progress is being made and comforts the populace with assurances that the brightest minds and the sharpest generals are in charge and on the case. On all fronts, success is certain and victory is at hand. Only “patience” is required … along with more men, more time and more money.

    As far as these “leaders” and their media are concerned, the only opinions that count come from a stable of thoroughbred experts, official sources and political favorites. Only they have the credentials to speak with authority and provide trustworthy forecasts. That they are consistently, if not invariably, wrong apparently does nothing to diminish their credibility.

    How can any thinking adult possibly imagine that the same central bankers, financiers and politicians responsible for creating the economic crisis are capable of resolving it?

    Yet even in the face of their proven failures and gross incompetence, anyone daring to challenge the party line or the conventional wisdom is dismissed as an “alarmist,” “fear monger,” or “gloom-and-doomer.”

    …with the Dow on a down trend and the economic data increasingly pointing in the direction of Depression, Washington and Wall Street remain in denial. The only debate among the “experts” is whether or not a “double dip” recession is likely.

    However, for the man on the street – pummeled by falling wages, higher prices, intractable unemployment, rising taxes and punitive “austerity measures” – “Depression,” not “recession,” and certainly not “prosperity,” is just around the corner.

    Trend Forecast: The wars will proliferate and civil unrest will intensify. As we forecast, the youth-inspired revolts that first erupted in North Africa and the Middle East are now breaking out in Europe (See “Off With Their Heads,” Trends Journal, Autumn 2010)

    Given the trends in play and the people in power, economic collapse at some level is inevitable. Governments and central banks will be unrelenting in their determination to wring every last dollar, pound or euro from the people through taxes while confiscating public assets (a.k.a. privatization) in order to cover bad bets made by banks and financiers.

    When the people have been bled dry financially and have nothing left to give, blood will flow on the streets.

    We’ve been saying it for over two years, and we maintain our position today – this is a depression. No amount of government machination is going to fix the fundamental problems within the financial, economic, monetary and political systems of our country. Nature will force balance one way or the other. And nature, as we have come to learn in recent months, can be very brutal.

    Make no mistake. We are in as serious a time today as any in the last century. While we may not be directly engaged in a World War, it is not that far off. Analysts often speak of the engagements in the middle east as four separate wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Yemen). We may be engaged in conflict across four different borders, but there is only one war – and it will soon expand. It’s only a matter of time before China and Russia get involved. Look at the middle east and you’ll clearly see this is a battle for resources and regional dominance. Chinese state owned companies have had to withdraw 30,000 employees from the Libyan oil fields. Ownership, it seems, has now been granted to the “rebels.” Similar activities, though hidden from the view of the masses, are occuring all over the world. How long before the Chinese, the Russians and others take a real stand – a military stand?

    Even if we were to avoid global war, which is doubtful in the long-term, the fact that the super majority of the world’s population is broke and going hungry means that rioting, revolution and bloody civil wars cannot be avoided. If you still believe that the powers that be, those politicians who are in bed with the very financiers and military industrial complex that is robbing us blind and pushing us towards war, have your interests at heart, then you need to have your head examined. It’s time to be blunt. You either get it, or you don’t.

    The United States of America, as well as the world, will be unrecognizable as it exists today within the next decade.

    We offer the same advice that Mr. Celente has offered:

    …it has to be treated as if you are preparing for battle; expect the unexpected and prepare for the worst, which in these perilous times could be a declaration of economic martial law. Banks may close, currencies may be devalued and deposit withdrawals may be imposed. Remember Gerald Celente’s basic survival strategy, “GC’s Three G’s: Guns, Gold and a Getaway plan.”

    We’re in the middle of an unprecedented global crisis. Make preparations or suffer the consequences.


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      1. Everyone can se this coming, but they are too caught up with whether or not Weiner will resign, or if the republicans are going to save us. No one seems to be staring reality in the face. Who gives a fuck what wiener does? The political parties? You’re waiting for them to save you? You think that some new influx of “morality” will save the nation? You think “christian values” have any bearing at all?!?!?!?!? Wake up dub-ass. We are at the beginning of a shit+fan storm. These old=time ideas have no basis in reality.

        There is no god. You have only one life, and when the lights go out, you are done. Your memory lives in the heads/hearts of your family and friends. We have to do the best we can with the tools in front of us. We have to prep. If the preps are not needed within our lifetimes, then our heirs get the benefit. If we’ve taught them, then they REALLY get the benefit. Worrying about pitiful political arguments are a total waste of time. You have better things to do.

        • Right on..
          although, you would be surprised to know how many cant see it coming.
          some even think that the two party system is even worth arguing whos , who, or who did what for who..

          I think we would be right where were at no matter who’s been in office and for quite a few more years than just the past 3..

          neither party is in control, or ever were

          • Don’t be surprised at how many, like myself, do see it coming and have seen it coming…and yet don’t have the means to prepare. Anything and everything we have is going to keep our heads above water. Darn the luck. Been seeing this train coming for 2 and half years at least and still stuck on the darn track.

            • Pray…it helps…and Ramen noodles are cheap…soups, peanut butter and crackers.

            • Only 2 and half Double D’s?

            • Maybe 3 1/2. If memory is correct, I’d say I ‘woke up’ to all this stuff around the summer before the crash of 08. One step forward two steps back over and over again since then preparedness and money wise.

            • DD: Chew your f*%king foot off if that’s what it takes and get off f—ing the tracks! or call Magnix and you can both pray together!

              I just don’t understand that kind of apathy. You can accomplish anything if you put you mind to it. If (SHIF) dose not motivate your ass I guess your just f–ked!

              I don’t mean to be so harsh, it’s just my way. I do wish you well.

            • Bloodyfellow – I hear ya. Used to be postive like that myself. The ol’ Rush Limbaugh pull yourself up by the ol’ bootstraps is appealing. I’m not dead yet and not giving up, just saying – there are those of us so screwed already by the system (and the IRS), that we don’t have any means to stock up on silver, food, guns, etc. Reality is the whole darn system is a rigged system from the get go – not everyone can make it…it’s a mathmatical impossibility. It’s designed that way. That’s why it’s falling apart, because it’s supposed to. You know it, I know it. Not making excuses, just observing reality and experiencing it first hand and frustrated all the more because I actually can see just how bad my situation is and may become.

              That being said. I ain’t dead yet. I ain’t done yet. And I certainly ain’t done prayin. In fact, given the choice between a safe full of silver + a pantry full of storable food + a armory full of guns and the gift of Faith – I pick the Faith everytime.

            • When the grid go’s down and the Nukes start flying, nothing on this planet is going to matter or survive.

          • Altough I still pray, I am cocked locked and ready to rock. Plenty of ammo and supplies.

        • JV – Here’s a cure, do what I did 4 years ago. Get rid of your cable, get rid of your newspaper. Only Americans are DUMB enough to pay to be lied to.

          Netflix is cheap, HULU cheaper. I can proudly say I have no clue when the subjects of AmericasNextTopModelApprenticeSurvivor are discussed.

          As John Prine said, Blow up You TV…throw away your paper….move to the country…build you a home!

          • Have never watched any of the “hot” shows now on TV. My kids like Disney, but I am constantly having to explain the stupidity of the environmental BS that is so common there. I also tire of “meeshall” lecturing about how to eat. When she was doing her photo op in her “garden” I heard she was wearing $700 sneakers.

        • You’re a fool like there is no God! God is in a control and knows whats coming and has a great plan for the believers. Pray and prepare!

        • Mr V, you sound lke a very smart man. In order for you to be on this site; you certinly know whats up. Please take the time (small amount) to read this book. Josh McDowell’s “Evidence That Demands a Verdict”. If you are a logical man (which I believe you are)you will be able to understand the truth that sourrounds Jesus (the living God). God Bless you sir!

        • In any WAR or combat, where men are fighting with their lives, there are no atheists….nor is there ONE GOD that is of all religions.

          There is only ONE TRUE GOD, and this was prophesy that is stated in OUR BIBLE from 1,000-years before CHRIST JESUS,all the way down the ages…..and all in OUR BIBLE.

          Without which there would be NO CHRISTIANITY, which came from the JEWS to us the GENTILES. Simply and honestly stated in THE GOOD NEWS (the BIBLE); which by the way has been throughout the last 200-years, still the LARGEST FREELY DISTRIBUTED and/or SOLD book in HISTORY of MANKIND.

          One should read: Heb. 11…especially Heb.11: 1 & 6.

          This is of the GOOD NEWS – THE NEW TESTAMENT


          Proverbs: 107: 20

          Isaiah: 42

          This should bring meaning from PAST PROPHESY THAT HAS COME TRUE…..




          • yes there are athiests, even in fox holes, im not one but i have served with them

        • Jonny V
          So you are a prepper? Me too.
          But you not much of a prepper because, by your own admission, you are only prepping for the things in this life, but ignore and deny the need ro prepare for the life hereafter.
          You are the ultimate head-in-the-sand fool, with no truly long-range plan.
          Unfortunately, though you may survive a while longer on this earth, for all eternity your loved ones will curse you because you did not take the time to prepare yourself and them for eternity. That’s the ultimate failure, and one from which there is no “do-over”.
          Don’t let your pride be your downfall. READ the Bible from cover to cover. It is God’s love letter to us. Sometimes it is tough love—we need it—but always it is GRACE, because He owes us nothing. Find out why we OWE HIM everything…..
          Can you afford to be wrong on eternity???????

          • A little push a “sign would be nice”. And a book written by men is not enough. I can write a book. So first prep for this life. Give me a reason for the next.

            • You mean a little pull, hard enough for you to notice.

            • Mike – you say a book written by men is not enough – but a post in a discussion board will be? Lol.

            • So these men wrote down onto paper God’s word. Still God’s word. And God proves himself within it with predictive prophecy. Take the Book of Daniel, chapter 11, and compare it to a history book.

        • Can I get an AMEN!

          • AMEN!

        • you are right Jonny V, there is no god but you may want to get in touch with the GOD, especially as we are heading into these perilous times. He ( the God ) wrote about these times we are going to face in the little known book called the Bible.

          • Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth! B I B L E

        • “A fool says in his heart: there is no God.’ I need to say no more. Read Eccl. 10:2, Leviticus 18:25, Ezekiel 20:29, Ezekiel 16:49, and the entire 24th Chapter of Matthew. You might, for the sake of your eternal soul, wise up a little.

          • Haha, does it really say in the Bible that a fool says in his heart there is no God? That’s priceless, I’ve never seen that!

            If the Bible was written by God, and it states that fools believe there is no God, that makes sense.

            Same as Shakespeare saying in his plays that a fool believes there is no Shakespeare. Obviously there is a Shakespeare, or whoever really wrote it would use their own name. Also, people have seen Shakespeare.

            • If you do not believe in hell it will really suck to find out you are wrong.

        • I would like you to prove there is no God.

          • This could be the problem.

            John 3:19 This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.

          • Why would you like someone to prove there is no God? Do you wish God didn’t exist?

            • Because SUZY… can not be proven.

              NOBODY….not one person throughout history has been able to prove that God does NOT exist.

        • The White Throne awaits you, Jonny. You need to have a long talk with yourself.

        • well jonny v you got 1 thing wrong and its the most important thing of all…THERE IS A GOD…AND HIS SON JESUS…AND HE IS YOUR 1 AND ONLY HOPE…WITHOUT HIM YOU ARE LOST. BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS HE IS ALL YOU NEED. HOPE YOU MEET HIM BEFORE ITS TO LATE.

        • Gerald Celente is right on target when he says this stuff. We are in some serious economic times and you need to at least understand what is going on.

          Go Search: DailyJobCuts

          You will see, exactly what I’m talking about.

        • What a depressing thought; There is not God. Let me say explicitly; There is a God. He is supreme, He is fair, and He is just. You only have to stop listening to the World, the realm of Satan, and do a little reading. God does not force Himself on people. You have to do a little something on your own. Go to, click on Resources, click on Dr. Ross said, click on any subject. Then look down left side of page. Maybe choose Controversies. Read some of the answers. The Bible is very deep and some answers and subjects need very deep thinking. but most are simple and easily understood. Just try it for a few minutes a day. What is a few minutes when an eternity is at stake. People die from the lack of knowledge. Just try it. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Give yourself and the people you love a chance!

        • Weiner is pulling out!!!!!

        • You say there is no God (and by the way, His Name should be capitalized, you heathen). That does not mean that the is none.

        • Jonny V,
          Christian values ‘do’ have a bearing. There is a God, and the love of money is the ‘root’ of all evil. There are some basic fundamentals in life and those are just a few. Even though there’s an economic earthquake coming, having a positive attitude is important. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. Right now it looks like your the converse of this truth. It’s time to change.

      2. All you just said is true Johnny V! However, I still am staying engaged in politics i.e. voting because for some reason; I still prefer to go into/through collapse with the Repubs at the wheel versus the Communist Party that’s installed now. I think it will be the difference between 3 ft. worth of blood in the streets vs. 10. YMMV

        • you mean as opposed to the OTHER communist party that gave us such wonder things as the TSA “Grope and Cope”, warrant-less wiretapping, and the patriot acts… if you’re still in politics, you’re part of the problem. divide and conquer.

      3. I agree. “Weapons of Mass Distraction” as a friend of mine likes to call it. We have been “awake” for the better part of two years and are about to make our ‘exit stage left’. Scared to give up good jobs and head out to the middle of nowhere, more scared to stay and deal with what’s coming.
        GGG-guns gold and getaway,
        FFF-food, family, fortress
        BBB-beans, bullets, bandaids
        anyway you spell it, I believe that it is too late for those who have not woken up as of yet. I doubt there is enough time to do enough to make a difference. Who will not pull thier noses out of their phones and videogames to take a good hard look.
        And, even though I do believe in God, I think that ones “values” change significantly when the SHTF and that believing in God will not stop someone else from robbing, looting or killing. Ask any HONEST parent the lengths they would go to, to feed thier hungry child. An HONEST parent will say “anything”.

        • Exactly, Precisely and to the Point!

      4. Gerald Celente is more a showman and sensationalist than anything else.

        Yes, we all know collapse is in the cards….someday (Just like in every other society that ever existed).

        He never really ever had anything original to say.

        I saw him on some youtube video talking about how his martial arts training helped him escape from a Chilean hotel during the big earthquake there.


        You can learn something from the articles posted on this website, but not much from Celente.

        Anything he has to say, we already know.

        I guess I just don’t like him.

        • send me $29.99 and I will send you a ddd on avoiding the planned collapse…address to (big fukkkk estate in Argentina)…dont bother with taxes…there are thank thank you berry mooch……….and Johnny V dreams come true……….the best in this life.

      5. Our nation has been up, and it has been very low down. Much like a pandemic sweeps out a large part of the poulation every 100 years or so, we are due for our nation to go through a low period -I do not need to be a psychic to see what is happening and the way things are headed.

        The begining of the downward slope hasn’t been easy or fun for most people I know, and I am damn sure that as we get deeper in it, the suffering will get worse. The MSM and all the political puss-sacks can keep feeding the sheep twinkies to distract them, I’ll continue to live in preparedness.

        I sure hope everyone has their priorities purchased and all other affairs in order and if not, do whatever you can while you still have a chance.

      6. “There is no God” is one Hell of an indefensible assertion……..might want to amend that one Jonny V. I believe you are confusing Christianity and mainstream Churchianity. My Christian values may not save the nation but I guarantee they will put me front and center in any confrontation revolving around truth, justice, freedom, and independence.

        • OK, I’ll play along. Produce your god. In the person, NOT in the written word.

          • Jonny V, …. your statement is NOT TRUE.

            God is the CREATOR, that’s why He is known as Al Mighty God.

            You don’t tell him what to do, or make such outrageously stupid request.

            Don’t treat God like a movie star or a politician, that you would pay for their appearance.


            Human like Ex-president(s) who was paid a million or several hundred thousand dollars for a single appearance. (Clinton has been making a lot of money for giving speeches.)

            They try to convince people become Atheist, so they can do their EVIL BIDDING.

            • Jane: I thought His name was Bruce. When did He change it to Al? Just asking ……

            • A little push a “sign would be nice”. And a book written by men is not enough. I can write a book. So first prep for this life. Give me a reason for the next. Where would it be better.

            • Durango: He’s been listening to Paul Simon albums lately.

          • Sorry Jonny, the burden of proof in on you my friend. Here’s one issue with your claim; suppose you said instead that “there is no gold in Texas”. The claim itself is absurd and indefensible, for in order to prove up on this statement you would have to physically inspect every grain of soil in the whole State in order to validate your position. Obviously impossible. The fact that “A” God exists can be easily proven philosophically; in fact logic dictates that there MUST be a God. What his/her/it’s name is the only thing open to debate (amongst the many religions). I am not one of those hypocritical snooty church going christian wanna-bees; I have done my homework, am exceptionally well read, and question everything. I have come to the conclusion that there IS a God, and you can know Him.

            • You didn’t offer any proof, only your say-so. I never said anything about gold in Texas. they don’t have much, but they do have some.

            • I’m not here to save the world, save your soul, or even to save 10% on my car insurance. Believe what you want to believe……that’s what we will all do anyway. But before you get all gussied up in your new Nike high tops, cut off your balls, and eat the poisoned applesauce I highly recommend a cursory reading of the basic philosophies that (just like the physical laws governing our universe) set the parameters for logical discourse and reason. for without them nothing is true……or false; or everything is true and false all at the same time. The truth is out there………Google it.

            • S…jones, you take over. I think it’s hard to convince people when they have their own agenda.

              Evil does exit on earth.

              I, myself try to do the right thing, so I don’t have to come back to face the evils on earth again.

              You can’t take anything with you when you leave this world.

              The only thing you take is what you’ve done for mankinds, and that’s what God judge you by.


            • Sanityjones wins!

            • I agree show some proof. And remember anyone can write a book,Celente write one every month.

            • So these men wrote down onto paper God’s word. Still God’s word. And God proves himself within it with predictive prophecy. Take the Book of Daniel, chapter 11, and compare it to a history book.

              Predictive prophecy in scripture is how God proves himself. That is where you should look if you really want to know. It might be worth finding out for sure.

          • Jonny V:
            Ok. His name is Jesus Christ. Walked the Earth, (sinless) for a little over 33 years. Accepted a punishment of death (for us all, including you) even when we had no idea. “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do” were his words as we pounded nails through his body…all for our own benefit.

            There are many religions on this planet, but only one of them worships a God who walked the walk, and ultimately stood in our stead to give us a chance at salvation…THAT’s the God I will follow! I hope you follow him too. It’s never too late, and at the risk of sounding condescending, I’ll be praying for that introduction, and that right quick!

            • Many are reaching out to help you prepare spiritually, because they care. Take the challenge being presented and search out what is presented by others.
              Points: The bible is not one book, it is a collection of 66 books. It was not authored by man, it was inspired by the Spirit of God. Over 400 prophesys concerning Jesus, well over 400-600 years before his birth.
              There are 3 testimonies of Jesus: the Jews, the disciples of Jesus, and the Romans.
              You will ask the ‘Why’ question for most of your research. Instead ask the ‘How’ question; i.e. ‘ how can so many people believe in God, Jesus, and the Bible?’

              There is a lot of wisdom on this sight and I hope you take the time to listen and prep spiritually, because many of us already see the present events unfolding biblically. Don’t get side tracked listening to people (in the ministry) that are promoting themselves or an agenda. There are only two types of people: Givers and Takers ( this will help in weeding through the maze of false teachings).

              Finally; ask God to reveal Himself to you and open your heart/mind and soul to His truth.

              May God’s grace be upon you.

          • @Johnny V I challenge you to really consider the following with an open mind and heart:
            Jesus is the Word become flesh in human form in the Gospel of John chapter one.
            In Hebrews 4:14-16 we learn that Jesus became our Great High Priest and has been tempted in every type of sin and that He understand what we are going through. His death on the cross tore the veil in the temple to symbolize that we do not have to go through a Jewish High Priest for our sins to be atoned. He has done that for us if we will receive Him. John 3:16 lets us know God loves us enough to send His Son to die in our place.
            Jesus, God who became flesh, is coming back for His people in the rapture. Then again at the “second coming” when He will establish His kingdom on earth. All will see Him. God has revealed Himself in His Son and in His timing we will see Him again.
            Genesis 33:17-23 tells the story of Moses, with whom God had a close, personal relationship. Moses wanted to see God. God only allowed him to see His back. The reason for this is because all people have sinned and we would die if we saw God’s glory in our human form. Jesus forgives us, but we will only see God in Heaven. If you really want to see God, you must receive Jesus while you have the chance. One really bad thing about hell is not EVER feeling the love of God. God is love and all love comes from Him. If we refuse Jesus and banish ourselves to hell, we will never feel love.
            Please read these Scriptures. You can google them. NIV is easier to understand than KJV. Blessings to you.

            • Once again a book written by men.

          • Jonny V,

            No one can present their God to you “in person”, unless they present themselves as a manifestation. I can, however,present you to yourself so you can see that some higher power exists that makes it possible for you to understand that YOU exist.

            It is a spiritual thing. God is inside of each of us to be interpreted in our own way. Our belief is represented by our acts and deeds.

            God may be many things to many people, different things to different people. But no matter who see’s God and in what image, He is universally accepted as a positive force. Thus, for the sake of definition and identification, God is the source of all the positive energy in the universe.

            If you choose to ignore your uniqueness and deny the existence of the greater power responsible for that uniqueness occurring through you, you have surrendered yourself to the lesser powers of negative and destructive energy.

            Your problem is that you “play” with the idea of something greater than yourself, rather than seek to become a part of it.

            When the SHTF, you will have a lot of company trying to bust down the doors of a church looking for something to hold on to, something positive to live by or for. By then, it will be far too late.

            Even now, your negative energy far outweighs your positive energy. If that were not the case, you would have more understanding of what you are and would accept that it is all part of a bigger picture.

            God is beyond our comprehension as Men. Only when you become a part of the positive energy He represents and exit this world will you be able to understand it.

            When you say there is no greater power, you have bowed in submission to other men. Anyone with a gun is greater than you. When you accept the greater power, there is no man greater than you.

            • I am not religious, don’t believe in a god. But being of utmost spirituality, this has been the best explanation of faith that I have heard from anyone. I like the flocking of the lost when SHTF bit, so very true. I have instructed my family to be prepared for survival mode for years. But have not sacrificed living our lives. My knowledge, strength, courage, honor, and most importantly faith, will be what will support my family. And there are many other like minded individuals with this mindset.

              We must create our own peace from the ashes of the chaos of this world, and carry on.
              Peace to all, brothers and sisters, human kind will prevail under the umbrella of dignity and respect. It has on this planet for millennia.

          • Jonny V, it is not about proof, it is about faith! If you can have faith in something that is mathmatically or scientifically impossible to prove, then you can have faith in yourself and your fellow man!

          • jonny v… if you are sincerly looking for God, pray to Him and ask Him for a vision or a dream. He will be faithful

      7. Those of us who read this website and treat it as a resource are sadly in the minority. We are now into a full blown dependency generation that can not care for itself. I’ve seen where the police are called out to handle the most trivial of matters that could be easily taken care of without government intervention. Our education system has created a mentality of cradle to grave dependence instead of independence. Those of us who aspire to live a life of responsible liberty are vilified and taxed into unwilling submission. Those of us who are lucky enough to survive the winnowing process still have a tough row to hoe but it sure as hell beats the alternative.

      8. The Fourth Turning.

      9. I gotta get something off my chest here. A bunch of you people are dicks. There are more of you that are assholes, and still more that have opinions that would brand you as total lunatic fuckers. Furthermore, I’m not quite sure about the leadership of this place. Too many of you are bat shit crazy.

        BJ said that most of us weren’t worth the trouble to walk across the street and spit on. Excuse me?, walk across the street?, then spit? How about; no walking, and just launch piss-filled balloons across the street?

        This website is one of the things that makes life worth living. I learn from all of you, and hope that I contribute in some small way. Yeah, the collapse is coming. Yeah, we prep. Yeah, some of us will make it. Yeah, some of us won’t.

        We’re living in great days here, folks. These are world-changing times. It’s all around us.

          • Good Stuff!

            • If more people wrote as well as Durango Kidd, I might be more convinced. That’s the thing about former Marines…..I’m willing to take shit off DK that I would never take off some “citizen” (slacker). There are many different levels of credibility for each of us……

        • I don’t think I said “most”

          Dr Phil wants you in his office right away

          • Sorry, I was writing from memory. Dr. Phil could do an entire season with the folks we have on this website. I’d get lost in line somewhere…….

            • LoL….this is true…none of us are perfect and without an issue or two here or there.

        • Jonny V

          I couldn’t agree more.

          Starting with God’s Creation. The biggest dick of them all.

          • TMI

      10. One athiest spews forth his doctrine of disbelief and the entire thread gets hijacked….stay on focus people….and Johnny V…we all have to die sometime; then you’ll get your proof.

        • Applaud and well said !!!!

          Lets get back to the possible collapse, please…..,,, I and most of us are here to learn something.

          Thanks Dave 🙂

          • Amen!!!!

      11. @Jonny V….this IS a GREAT website…so why come on here spewing such hate? So you don’t believe in God..OK, that’s the choice you have made…so why make a big deal out of it? I DO believe in God…and if you were to ask me, I’d tell you…but only if YOU were to ask me…I’m not going to come on here and randomly state that you people who don’t believe in God are fools and deserve to burn in hell forever…I mean really, what good does that do anyway? Most of us are on here because we are awake…awake to the fact that life as we know it is going to be changing…and we are trying to prepare the best way we can!
        And let me add this…No, you can’t see God…this is true…but go look in the mirror…see that person staring back at you…THAT is the reason I know that God IS real and does exist…there is no other explanation for human life. But I don’t expect you to accept this, and that’s fine…
        But ask yourself this…Say YOU are right and there is no God…you die, get buried and that’s it…life is over for you…But let’s say that I AM right, that there IS a Heaven and a Hell…and after you die, you WILL stand before a holy God, the same God YOU deny…and God will judge you based on that…then where will you be? You might want to think about it…

        • So you believe in a fiction “just in case”.

          • Be nice Trish. What color of hair do you have?

          • No Trish…I believe in the God of Heaven, Creator of all! Not fictional at all….so sad that you believe that 🙁

          • You believe in prepping, “just in case”, when 99% of Americans dont. Same thing, isnt it?

        • I will stand in front of him and say you did a poor job with your children and if this is the best you can do. Step aside and let someone else do the job. A real showing is needed to keep faith alive.

        • I’m not spewing hate. Time wasted on religion is time not spent prepping, teaching the nieces and nephews to shoot, fortifying the compound. I’m the only one in my family that’s worried about any of this. Prepping for 7 adults and three kids is a lot of work. I had to eliminate all frivolity in order to make acceptable progress.

          • Jonny V:

            Do you feel smothered by all the love yet? Hahahahaha!!! 🙂 I really feel like I’m stepping into it now but, it would not be my first time. I don’t recall the spewing hatred coming from good ol Jonny. But they must save you even if they kill you in the process.

            I do believe in a higher power….The Great Mystery the four winds…what every you want to call it. However when I’m prepping the only Higher Power that I’m interested in is the…Leupold Riflescopes!

            • I like the Scout model, just wish they would make a variable like 2-7XC or so………

            • God-dammit! I try to make one reply to Rafterman and now I’m trapped……..

            • HAAaaaaahahahhahaaa….O..shit! I can’t stop laughing!!!

            • I know, I earned it………

            • Have any suggestions for an older Savage Arms .22 Long rifle as far as scopes go?

            • BJ:

              I have to say I like the Simmons rifle scopes for smaller cal rifles like the 22 LR. I have a Marlin 22 LR and I have had the same Simmons scope on it for over 10 years and I can still drive tacks with it. There are other rifle scopes that would work fine as well. What kind of barrel does your Savage have is it factory? Lets just say for instance if I were to upgrade a rifle with say a aftermarket bull barrel I’ll up grade my scope accordingly…Leupold.


            • BJ:

              I have to say I like the Simmons rifle scopes for smaller cal rifles like the 22 LR. I have a Marlin 22 LR and I have had the same Simmons scope on it for over 10 years and I can still drive tacks with it. There are other rifle scopes that would work fine as well. What kind of barrel does your Savage have is it factory? Lets just say for instance if I were to upgrade a rifle with say a aftermarket bull barrel I’ll up grade my scope accordingly…Leupold.


            • BJ, I’m going with Bloodyfellow, you can get a Simmons 4x for a .22 and it’s a pretty good scope. I’ve got three of them right now. If you were scoping a .270 or 7mm, by all means, spend the dough and get a Swarovski, but for a .22?

      12. Ok, on a different note…have any of you been to a LDS Home Storage Center? It’s fantastic!!! You work together with the other people that are there that day and you can your own food items in one gallon cans…a case of powdered milk (six 1 gallon cans) is only $51.00!!! And everything you can has a shelf life of 30 yrs! They also have 1 gal Mylar bags(7 mil thick) for .30 cents each, oxygen absorbers for only .10 cents!
        Here’s the website if any of you are interested… just click on the home storage order form on the right and you can see all the items that they have available…we have really saved A LOT of money using the Storage Center!

        • Mine has closed to non-Mormon chuch members. I went there for a few years before they made the changes.

          • Mr.B…call them….my sis in Fl. has the same problem and they told her to come anyway,if she couldn’t find an LDS member, that they (the person on the phone) would vouch for her…Arleen, the director of the one I go to said that ALL LDS canneries are SUPPOSED to be open to the public now, that they have changed the rules about members only…so you might want to check again! I got a 25lb bag of oatmeal for $15.35 today, and 100 1500 cc oxygen absorbers for $10.00…and 250 7mil mylar bags for $75.00!! Great prices!!!

      13. Today I just bought another 40oz of silver Eagles, 1000 rounds of .308, 500 rounds of .223, more canned food and honey, and have another load of topsoil and 2X10s coming Saturday for more raised bed gardening. Already have potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, peppers and green bean plus fruit and nut trees. Looking for chicken coop and chickens and turkeys. Just got an $800 maritime medical kit and have pool and 55 gal barrels and Berkey filters for water. Also propane and about 500 pounds of charcoal and mason jars and tools, etc. The wife and 5 kids (14-35 years old)who think I am totally nuts but I don’t think I am anywhere near ready. Oh yea, I live in a Southern California suburb with all of the liberal nut jobs and will need to hunker down. I hope the SHTF doesn’t happen but I am ready…

        • 500 lbs of charcoal. Now you’re talking!

          • Franks and beans!

        • Don’t forget the Tattler reusable canning lids for your mason jars. Otherwise you need to have 1000+ lids since you can only use them once.

        • I’m a little jealous, although I do a little every week. I should say I’m inspired, I have done much and will continue to.

      14. I think everyone who comes here is entitled to express their opinion on ANY topic -if Mac finds a particular post outside of what he feels is acceptable, he will deal with it as he sees fit, it is his site.

        Belief in God, belief in aliens, belief you are God, if you believe it, good for you. Likewise, if you choose NOT to believe any of those things, good for you as well.

        I’d take the majority of you in my preps over 99% of the sheeple I encounter on a daily basis. You are all awake, and even if being awake hurts like hell you all have your eyes WIDE open. Okay, I’m going to shut up now.

        • I’d take you too, Fed Up! Maybe you wouldn’t take me, but a fed-up guy with a rifle is a good friend to have. I never had any idea that one beer-inspired post would balloon like this has. Wow.

      15. Yes,I agree. Leave Jonny V alone. He just stated his opinion.

        You people that believe should know God calls to himself whom he pleases.

        He just hasn’t called JV. Jonny has heard all he wants to and he chooses not to believe.That is fine.
        He has made his choice

        So kick the dust off of you feet and move on.
        because scripture says so.

        • Sorry, there is a big difference between an “opinion” and an “Insulting statement”, especially to God,

          Now my statement is what I call an opinion, AND not making an insulting statement to what someone else believes in.

          I agree, so kick the dust off your feet and move on.
          That means we’ll leave DAVE and everybody alone.


          • God doesn’t become insulted, loves us too much.

            • So that gives you the rights on the regular basis????

              You admit God exists when you wrote, “God doesn’t become insulted, loves us too much.”

              Don’t get me involve to argue about religion, give it a rest. Go to a church and talk to a preacher, not me.

      16. Seeing is believing, Show me your god or STFU

        • We’d expect something like that from you! You probably still believe in that hope & change……thing. Isn’t it GREAT omega? I hope nobody gets so hurt that they don’t come back to the jungle, you hear! You just “can’t” buy FUN like this!!!!!!!! What does STFU mean anyway? Is that texting? As soon as my roommate gets out of the intensive care (IC) unit (God willing) (some here at the old folks home are praying for you) he’s going to put some FLAME here.
          Speaking of jungle, where’s Jane?

        • “Seeing is believing” Show me your God of STFU


          Do you have a partner, parents, children even friends that you love?
          Thought so.
          Show me ”love”. Seeing is believing.,right?

      17. At this point I’m convinced you’re all trolling each other.

        • trolling? what gives you that idea?
          Leave Britney alone,
          just leave her alone 😉

        • Me too, are these Bible people for real? I’m from outa town, so….

      18. Ordered 500 rounds of 7.62 tonight, requested a MAX loan from my 401K on Friday…paperwork did not arrive today, as was promised.

        As a note, I ordered 60 Oz. of silver during the big silver drop weeks ago – took six weeks! for delivery. What does that tell you?

        Getting new security doors installed soon…get ready for the storm folks!

        • We’re Jolly Green Giants Rafterman! Walking the earth with guns! When we rotate back to the world, we’re gonna miss having these little fuckers around while we’re shooting!

      19. As the inevitable crush begins to press down, take a moment to love those who are the motivation for the preps we make. For me… wife and kids… something to think about…

      20. All here know how I prepare for food shortages…and how I believe??
        NO harm in believing there is a God and dying to discover there isn’t…better than not believing in God to die and discover there is??

        • Their merciful God, who loves everyone, wouldn’t mind. If he created us, he created our minds, and there’s nothing wrong with using the skepticism he gave them, to analyse His existence or otherwise. I don’t think God needs everyone to worship him. His self-esteem has got to be higher than that.

      21. All of us who buy bullion amd bullets, will continue to be talked down to by mainstream, or even family and friends.

        Gold and silver are bearish for the summer, but mark my words, they will start their ascent to the moon, once people finally lose all faith in paper currencies.

        This collapse will come like a thief in the night. So those who tell us that the PMs are dead, want to scare the sheep out of making final preparations.

        I love Gerald, but he did predict collapse two years ago, when the system should have fallen apart. So keep your eyes open. The Fed. spent all their ammo on the collapse of 08. There’s not much they can do when the next one comes.

        Just as we see the leaves changing, we know spring is near. So too approaches the time of America’s judgment.

        • “They” know that deflation will drive prices down. A few will sell their metals and regret it the rest of their life. Paper money for shiny that took blood, sweat & tears. Right place at the right time for the right reason.

        • When idiots talk down to me about my PM’s, I just tell them that “I can’t hear you, I’ve got all these silver rounds jammed in my ears!”.

      22. It’s so sad that people can’t just let what someone has to say be said and leave it at that… for fugks sake!! This is exactly why I stopped posting on this site for so long. Too many different OPINIONS that get off track of what the articles are about. Aren’t we supposed to be here to help and advise one another? Fugk man… the shit hasn’t even hit the fan yet and people are whinning and fighting over trivial belief’s.

        Focus on the task at hand… PREPPING!!

      23. Dont believe anything you have read in Books, or have heard from People, or that your Parents have told you but to Meditate on it and the Truth will be Known, because The Truth, is deep inside all of US! BUDDHA

      24. All this argueing and hate is what went wrong with this country anyway. If as many people helped each other when the goverment started messing over all of us maybe things could have been better. Now if you get over 3 or 4 people talking a fight breaks out. The people have made their country now the people are going to suffer and the world will never be the same. The reason there is this great country was our forefathers got tired of England pushing them around and did something about it. When you read the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson said”We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life,Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.” Also the people retain the right to alter or abolish goverment when it becomes destructive of these ends. I am just saying we the people should’t have let it get this far and if we put this much effert in saveing our country as preping for the end of our way of life maybe the outcome could have been different. I as did the founding fathers know there is God, that’s why in this country as in God you have Free Will. From the begining of the Bible to the begining of These United States of America it’s what you do with it that counts. We haven’t taken care of business.

      25. Maybe 90 percent of the comments on this thread can be deleted and we’ll just start over again. Then we can all try to show just a small degree of respect for each other and discuss some more productive ways to prepare.

      26. We need to print up some more money to send to Iraq.

      27. Just remember that the destruction of United States and all the nations of this world is specifically designed so that when we are on our knees, the elite will provide the solution to our misery. They will usher in the NWO and many of us will embrace it.

        Just remember, when you’re hungry and scared, remember why and how it all started. Remember why you must refuse the NWO.

        Remember to die on your feet than submit on your knees.


      28. If you will notice, about once every 2 months Celente and Ruppert and a few others proclaim collapse. Then 2 months later they do it again.

        If they continue this for the next 40 years and we finally do collapse, they will proclaim that they were right.

        Meanwhile the world goes on as always. Crooked politicians, rich get richer. The poor we always have with us, ect.

      29. Yeah, lets get down to the topic at hand please. I’ve thought of bugging out to another place. Maybe my sister and B-I-L’s down in eastern Tenn, but I’ve decided to stay here and fight then run only to die tired. This is my home and I’ll defend it like no other. After I’m gone it won’t matter much either way will it. I’ve prepped pretty good for me and my family. We’re rotating through are current can goods as we should. I’m still reloading as hard as I can, got in some chickens, and so far the garden 150 ft x 50 ft is doing well. Should be able to do quite a bit of canning this year. Been hotter than the hinges of hell here for only June and dry as well.
        Been watering the garden almost every evening and picking potatoe beetles by the dozens. I wish everyone on here well.

        • PO’d,
          Instead of canning, have you thought about dehydrating? That’s what I’m doing now…it’s less time consuming and less expensive…and last forever!!

          • Thanks for posting that link on food dehydrating videos. Very interesting; it’s something I never thought of and I’ve just ordered an Excalibur dehydrator online. Dehydrated foods from the garden will take up a lot less space than canned vegetables and space is one thing I’m running out of. And will probably taste better too. And I was just thinking about getting a case or two of cranberry sauce; now I’ll dehydrate fresh cranberries this fall and Craisins that I got from Costco. I also purchased a food saver with a hose that comes out of the front and you can get an attachment for about $10 that will fit over a mason jar lid and suck the air out; either wide mouth or regular. I’ve been packing up brown rice and other things this way. One thing I’ve read is not to package brown sugar in air tight packing or you will wind up with a rock.

            • gadabout…if you have a LDS cannery near you…you can check here that IS the way to go! Instead of a foodsaver, you can throw the dehydrated food into a mylar bag, in goes an oxygen absorber and you’re done!
              I just bought a 25lb bag of oatmeal for under $15.00 and they sell 7 mil mylar bags for .30 cents! Oxygen absorbers are .10 cents each…I buy 100 for $10.00!! Can’t beat it!

        • Glad you have some heat there….high of 65 here in the hills south of the lakes….full moon tonight and in the low 40s…..we need the heat,coldest day of putting in hay though in many years,that parts okay but the crops NEED the heat…wishing you well too!

      30. feel the tension?

        exactly why we as the human race wont make it , cant even have an opinion on a chat board with out having your ass handed to you by people with or with out proof..

        im not on any side of this fence, I already moved on to working to get the job done for my self, bickering just wastes time

      31. you people who think God and Government will provide will be starving while I’m eating my preps. You can believe in your light bulb if you want to, but you better do a little prepping anyway.

      32. Zeke
        It sounds like you have about everything, now maybe you should think about moving 1500 miles NE.

        • can’t move to due to job and family and kids schools; thanks for the reply

      33. I am glad you all have come to the party. Better late than never. No seriously, I read Creature From Jekyll Island about 15 or 16 years ago and realized that a fellow can work his butt off, save, invest in his 401k, play the “getting ready for retirement game” and then the fed prints oodles & bunches of FRNs that suddenly reduce your entire investment portfolio to the value of a nice dinner at a good restaurant.

        He was known as “helicopter Ben Bernanke” back in the 90’s because of his comment that if he were the fed chairman (Greenspan was at the time) he would throw money from a helicopter to prevent a depression. Listen for those Hueys….he’s loading them up.

        I have been prepping for quite a while. The problem that I have had such a time with is those with their eyes wide shut. I mean I have talked with people (some are family) and they claim to see that we are on an unsustainable path. Then they are playing guitar hero on the WII and planning vacations to Disneyland. My facepalm does not seem to help our relationships. I see now that I have paid dearly to have my kids brainwashed in public schools. I suppose I am just ranting because I know that I have used everything I own to prepare and I know that I will provide food and security to my kids and grandkids as long as I’m breathing.

        I have seeds but was not able to get very many planted. I do have a place for multi purpose animals. Two calves so far. Looking for a Jersey for milk. Chicken coop should be ready in July. Looking to get a few pair of breeding rabbits. Them is good fried.

        Anyone close by in the PNW?

        • Those aren’t Hueys, they’re C-17’s turning up to drop fiat around the rest of the world (just not here) except maybe Wall Street. On the way back they bring those shiny boxes covered with flags. The end of this month ought to be interesting.

      34. Who started all of this anyway? You are no longer allowed to post first (for this morning only) or discuss your 1st amendment rights while talking about Weiners.

      35. Will things get worse? I think that is a reasonable assumption. Will the US revert to abject poverty with the associated political instability? i doubt it. The people behind this and it is no accident need the US Military as their world wide “Police” or better yet enforcers. Sufficient political stability must be maintained so the Military forces can exist and be deployed as they see fit.

        My bet is the overall standard of living will drop by 50%. That will not be across the board with the upper middle class professionals and business people getting clipped more then 50%. The rich tax the middle class to pay for the poor so the poor don’t revolt against the rich. The days of my parents when BASIC groceries were a families greatest cost and no one was fat are coming back along with 900 st/ft homes for a family of four being the best a working family can aspire to with two incomes.

        • Kevin is likely correct in that the banksters REQUIRE the US Military to enforce it’s counterfeiting monopoly and control resources and assets.

          Unfortunately, it appears they have also made contingency plans by selling land the Chinese can occupy as Sovereign.

          The US military will be overseas doing the bidding of its masters, but the Chinese will be unleashed to collect the debt ran up by the US Gov Corp, which has taken an illegal mortgage on ALL property held by the People.

          The SWHTF, but the fan will likely be made in China, with several retail outlets being planned so it will be available to all Americans.

      36. There is no way out of hard times at this point.

        If you raise the debt ceiling, we print more money to pay our bills. If you don’t, we default.

        If you institute QE3, inflation goes through the roof, if you don’t, we default.

        I cannot wake up some of my family. It is disheartening.

        Did you all watch Glenn Beck yesterday? He said that the elite hedge fund group, including George Soros are buying up farm land in Africa. 150 million acres so far. They are also investing in coffee farms, rice production farms, etc.

        The rich will get richer AND control our food. Just great.

      37. Has anyone here cashed out their 401 K/ 403 B/ Roth/ IRA accounts or borrowed from them to increase there preps? With all of this speculation about the government taking over retirment accounts I’m wanting to cash out my 403 B but I can’t as long as I’m still working for my current employer…:( I’m going to look into borrowing from it if I can. I was just wondering if anyone else has done this or considered doing so? It’s not like retirement is going to be in the cards for me since I’m 40.

        I’m thinking about the possiblity of picking up some land in the neighboring open county from a tax lien sale if I can find some at a good price.

        What are some of the thinking outside of the box ideas that some of you have?

        • @Cynical Optimist! You need to look into self-directed IRA’s. You can take money out of your retirement account and use it to purchase land (and pay no taxes or penalty on it).

          There are restrictions. You are not “allowed” to use the land until you are 65 (but if everything collapses, who’s looking?). You also have to use a company like Pensco to manage your trust (disclaimer, our account is with Pensco but there are other firms who do these, please do your own research). You’ll pay them a small fee each year to the manager of your self directed IRA but you pay hidden fees in your IRA/401K accounts too.

          If you decide to sell the land, just roll the profit back into your retirement account and you pay no taxes on it until you retire.

          Do NOT take a loan on your 401K. If you lose your job or quit, the loan will be due in full in something like 30-60 days. I made that mistake about 10 years ago. Luckily it was a small loan.

          Now, I have taken all my 401k & IRA money out of the stock market & put it into a guaranteed fund (if there is such a thing). Only earning about 1 to 1 1/2% interest but I don’t trust the stock market right now.

          Sorry so long, I’m not a financial planner, just a concerned prepper who has done some homework.

        • Cynical; Blutarsky has some good points.
          I’ll add some info for you: When you borrow from your 401K you are borrowing (almost always) your own contributions. Usually your interest rates are 7% or lower. (Good News) as you pay it back, you are putting it back into your own account, instead of paying back a bank, you’re only paying interest to the account holder. This way you have the item you purchased and the money short the interest. Compare that to a bank loan.
          If you loose your employment(God willing you don’t) the remainder of the loan will be accredited to you as earned income on a 1099. No penalty ( the usual 10%) will be added.
          My advice to you is; if you can afford the loan payments, go for it. The interest you pay will stay lower than the rate of inflation.
          I’ve done it and I have been doing taxes for over 30 years. Hope I have helped.

      38. I recieved the second of three complete SADF Pattern 70 military web kits via USPS yesterday. Washed them out and waterproofed them. This way I’ll have a full kit for each of my M1-A MBR’s with mags to issue to any post SHTF Johnny-come-latelies who wind up in my camp.

        • Wheres your camp….LoL
          If it’s in Michigan….you can call me Johnny

      39. I can’t wait for collapse !!!!!!!!

        What you going to do when thier are thousands coming for you ?

      40. For those who say “I can’t wait for a collapse” or “bring it on” I have a story to share with you all.

        My family and I just spent the last 30 days off the grid. (trial run if you will) No power, no water, no grocery stores, no gas, nothing but our preps. I’m going to tell you it was very difficult, very uncomfortable, and very inconvenient.

        And the most important thing I will share with you is that none of us have enough water. period. I don’t care how much water you have… “It’s Not Enough”!

        Don’t think you’re going to be chopping wood when you can’t bathe or shower, when the water is off the last thing you want to do is build up a sweat or dirty your clothes.

        You certainly don’t want to use your drinking water to flush the toilets, fill jugs now with tap water because that too has to be done.

        The first three days was kind of fun, like camping, but after five days we were all ready to get back to the comfort of life as we knew it. After two weeks your body gets sticky, uncomfortable to sleep, and up to 30 days, My Friends, You’re Done!!!

        I can not imagine those who are not prepped, they won’t last 5 days, guaranteed!!!

        I will eat my words from the past… I am not as ready as I thought and neither are you! I learned a lot and I now know what I was forgetting or need more of. I would have paid a silver bullion for a hot shower…. Keep that in mind!

        I hope shit really does not hit the fan where there is no power or water available, it fucking sucks big time!!!
        Are you as ready as you think you are? My guess is… “I don’t think so”!

        Good luck to you all and god bless.
        Keep On Prepping!!!

        • What, no swimming pool?

        • Wow, I can’t even bring myself to do a weekend trial run. You are brave and you are also RIGHT. If the shtf, it will be very, very rough. Even for the prepared.

          I would not wish that on my worst enemy.

        • Well, you certainly live up to your name MU…30 days?? That’s hardcore preper… you’ve definitely gone Full-Prepper dude.

          We’ve gone off grid for several days at a time as a family and just at a week for the adults – and like you said – it’s basically just camping…

          But when your survival depends on it, and there’s no corner store to head out to for extra water, provisions or even plasticware, that’s when things get harry.

          –“I can not imagine those who are not prepped, they won’t last 5 days, guaranteed!!!”–

          This is where the 5 stages of loss will come into play, and people will get irritated, frustrated, angry and then just downright violent… Again, if we’re camping it’s one thing.. but once the realization happens that there is no going back, people will begin to have mental breakdowns… it will not be a pretty picture.

          Thanks for the great info about your experience!


        • MU, does your family still love you? I say that in a positive way. Have been in the field a few times along with three military survival schools including water boarding. I prep so they don’t have to. I know what huger, freezing cold, blistering heat & carrying full gear is while in the mountains, desert, ocean & full rain forest. You get to know yourself & never forget. I’ll bet your family can “get right” quickly providing comforts while conserving.

          • Thanks everyone. No, no swimming pool and my family does still loves me, we looked at it as an adventure (sort of) but most importantly I was able to have a serious conversation about the times that are approaching, and no more taking from the stock pile out of convenience. But for them to do this again? Not going to happen!

            No matter how many times one does this I’m sure there will always be something we forgot.

            There were many little things such as “small band-aids are worthless” only stock large ones. Ice would be a great commodity – but like running water, it won’t happen when SHTF. And the garbage that piles up is unreal – I didn’t realize how much water we use and how much garbage is accumulated. A skunk was another issue I had to deal with. I can go on!

            It’s hard to do something like this for so long, i.e. no news or communication except my hand crank radio that got a rock station (I’m an old rocker) and friends. but it’s not as hard to do when you know you can get back to life as we know it at anytime. BTW I have a hand crank radio that you can hook your cell phone up to to charge it – yea that does not work! I cranked for 15 minutes and got no where.

            Solar shower bag? I’m all over it, thanks Bloodyfellow, awesome suggestion!

            Of course it didn’t come down to digging a out house (this time) but quite an experience that I’m glad to learn from before SHTF.

            I owe my family a real vacation, – thank you family – and thank you – I hope to continue sharing what I learned with my fellow preppers!

            Take care for now – I need to go get a hair cut. 

        • I told my wife a few weeks ago….”I think going without hot or even warm showers will be one of the worst things”

          I am starting to wonder if a natural or man made event taking you out quick and painlessly in the beginning isn’t the best option

        • Man UP: you should look into adding a solar shower bag to your gear. There are lots of different types…I use one all the time…I stay clean and fresh. I have used a solar shower at around 45 degrees and they work just fine.

          Note: you can use aluminum foil or even a space blanket to help warm the bladder as temps drop if used out doors.

          We have an outhouse that saves us from wasting a lot of water. It only took two days to build it. One to dig the hole and the other to build the Shit house. Had a friend saw the lumber with his WOODMIZER sawmill.

          Note: Wife say it’s all mine! 🙂

        • I believe ya! Thanks for the advice.

        • last winter ( i live in the cold north country)
          We lost power, had a brutal ice and wind storm take out many power lines and everything around us, we were the last up when the repairs finally came, (a week later) because in my area the transformer came down with much of the power pole.

          so My self Wife and Kid were off the grid weather we wanted to or not, and it was a real drag, I didnt sleep worth a shit, had to keep the wood fire going, and keep the water supply up..

          Years ago in the past when the grid went down and every one in the north east lost power, that was shitty too, But I was even prepped back than, and we made it and at that time you couldnt even get gasoline, because the pumps were down for as far as you could drive..

          it really wakes you up to what you missed in your prepps

        • Man Up…You are correct most people have never gone without… so alot of them even the so called preppers dont really understand what “roughing it ” means,,,still its good to be prepared and good to do what you did…really makes one appreciate how good things are at present and how any little thing can go wrong.

          I have enough water,no question…freeflow gravity fed spring and ample prestorage as well as a hand-dug well and rain catchment and storage.

          You may want to check into a simple dry toilet system that relys on sawdust or like matter and a compost bin,Joe Jenkins book “Humanure Handbook” is one good source off the top of my head and knowing him personally I can attest his setup (and mine) do work well!

          I used a solar shower and hot water system(a very crude one ) on my first cabin for several years and during the daytime had all the free hot water I needed,none at night though till I built a thermal siphon system for the stove,even a garden hose on the roof gets real hot quickly even on cloudy days,just a thought!

          Personally I think everyone who thinks they are ready should do what you did,Im sure most will get a serious wakeup call as to how many things they didnt consider jump up and bite them…better as a trial run than after the shtf and tou cant fix it! thanks!

        • Man Up, great story! Couple of questions for you.

          As you point out, water will be the big problem to overcome. I’m fortunate to live next to a huge lake, but will have to haul the water back home for bathing and cleaning. Drinking water is not the problem. Did you have an available water source such as a stream or lake to gather from?

          You say you were off the grid. Did you have a back up power source such as solar to charge batteries and an inverter or a generator to run some power for a short time?

          What about trash disposal? Did you burn it or have to let it pile up?

          I’m going to assume here that you just finished doing this so winter cold was not a big problem. True or false? Do you believe your preps would have sustained you through a cold winter?

          Were your food preps canned, dehydrated, freeze dryed or a combination of these? Which did you find to be the easiest to use and prepare? Did you have meals pre-planned and did you find your calorie count to be sufficient? How much weight did you lose?:-)LOL

          You have taken the time to give the cave man scenerio a try and many of us will not have that opportunity to do a trial run. Qudos to you and the family. Any info you can provide would be a great help to those of us that “believe” we are ready but may not be.

          Thanks man!

          • Because it was a trial run and my family was involved this experiment was not 100% “Hard Core” but a taste of what it might be like to go without for a period of time.

            There is a lake nearby and a stream even closer for a water source. I have a filtration system but I did not go to the extent to use it.

            We used a generator for two days, it was noisy and I wanted to conserve gas, then the fridge had to be cleaned out.

            As a trial run, yes, this time of year was more convenient than roughing it through a winter month, especially the last winter we just had. we would have survived through a winter, but it would have been even more uncomfortable

            Trash – we separated the paper products from things that couldn’t be burned and the rest piled up.

            Food was canned and freeze dried. Canned was easier to prep, (less clean-up) freeze dried was messy, sticky but tasty. I haven’t weighed myself; I don’t feel I lost weight.

            We have a bug-out location so inn a small nut shell the month went like this…

            Day 1 – SHTF scenario, got to get out of dodge, everyone pack. I pull the trailer into the garage and close the door and loaded up my supplies and tools. This took a full day.

            Day 2 – drive 18 hours to location.

            Day 3 – make sure everything is charged up and prep before the power goes off

            Day 4 – power goes off – dealt with that for 1 ½ days before using the generator.

            Day 6/7 use generator on a limited basis not for lights but for water pump and fridge.

            Day 8 – everything goes out and we’re on our own to make the best of it for the next 23 days

            I thought I’d be spending my time digging holes and working to get prepared for a long wait before the SHTF scenario was over. But the fact was, it was hot some days, rainy others and I couldn’t shower, so I did less of that than planned.

            There is still a lot to learn and I now know we can’t prepare for every scenario but this (to me) was a great experiment to run through.

            Good luck and thanks for listening. I was only able to do this because I own my own business that my staff ran for the month. I’ll answer any question you have.

            • 18 hours to the BOL….wow, that’s a long drive. Do you have to go through or close to any big cities?

              That’s one thing I worry about with us not having the money to joint the group we want to join (actually the only group we know of….but the BOL is way bad ass) And not having a BOL….I know we would die here from zombies or lack of water. We would only have the choice of going to mom and step dads farm on Ill, IA, MO border and it is 450 miles….but Chicago is right on the way. I don’t think getting through Chicago or even around Chicago is going to be possible. And if something bad happens, I think the Bridge to the upper peninsula will be shut down

            • @BJ – It was an 18 hr ride is for the reason you mentioned, the route we take avoids all cities and major highways, bridges and tolls. Not to say it won’t be troublesome and nerve racking but my goal is to recognize the SHingTF before everyone does and getting out of dodge first. That may mean some false alarms too – just to be safe!

              I don’t understand having money to join a group??? Supplies and skill should be more likely, be careful of scams, there’s plenty of that these day and it’s only getting worst.

      41. P.S. This was the perfect article for me to come back too.

        And Mac, Great revamp of the site, love the new logo, etc!

        • MU, thanks for the kind words on the site.. good to have you back!

      42. I tell you one thing guys.
        Mr Celente has it wrong. It’s not coming.
        It came. It’s here. Are you ready?
        If not, just pray.
        It will be a hell of a ride people.

        • I agree Manos…it is already here and happened…maybe we just haven’t seen all the fruits of it’s labor yet…but it has happened and the fruit is on the way for sure

      43. Some of you say
        “I dont believe in God”
        Some of you say
        “I believe in God”

        Well who the f— gives a s—.

        • The believers seem to be more worried about atheists, than atheists are worried about believers. They both believe each other to be ignorant, and are both telling each other to wake up. Neither side accepts the other side’s evidence. I say that makes a pretty good case for giving up. One is not going to convince the other.

          Everyone knows a smoker who lived to be 95
          and a donut eater who never gains any weight
          and a bad driver whos never been in an accident
          and a believer who became atheist
          and an atheist who became a believer

          but it’s not that easy for most.

      44. Interesting how even with all this doom and gloom talk. Everyone’s main focus seems to be gold and silver.
        Now I must admit that I have no faith in the future. If anything I believe it will be worse than most of you can imagine because as intelligent people that by default have a certain ethical code and rule book hardwired into your very being, you are incapable of realizing the true horrors of what the dear human is capable of doing.
        Some of you have had the misfortune of actually having been in a real war and glimpsed at what can be real. Most of us have had the luxury of thriving and enjoying our I-phones and expressos on a free ticket that those guys paid for.
        I can tell you this though, I live off grid in the Canadian north , have a water turbine for electricity, fish in the lake , and food in the woods. It will not matter how big a bag of gold you have, but if you have a leatherman tool and can track a moose, you stand a good chance of getting into my oasis that will incidentally have the lights on.

        • Which model of leatherman? Hydro power is the holy grail. Some of the most prepped people I’ve seen about are in with location and energy.

      45. Leave it to the newspeaks of the media (who are just the propaganda machines of whomever they fall under)to raise heck about someone posting pics on twitter or sending photos through the email…a distraction…Obama was on TV yesterday saying ‘how well big corporations were doing’ well yeah, duh, with taxpayer money and now small businesses need money (through loans)…Minnesota is bankrupt and laying off all ‘non-essentials’ (very possible) and this is coming to a state near you soon once the Gov gets its free money cut off…get it together and start planning people…its coming and soon and there will be blood in the streets here when people are hungry and homeless.

      46. It’s amazing how my wants and desires now are a world apart form what I wanted for myself and my family even just 6 months ago… being a late bloomer

        • Better than not blooming at all! You are 6 months ahead of 95% of America.

          • thanks for the reminder….I need that from time to time

        • You are here by indoctrinated in. Now drink your wings. Go fwd and prep. There’s no going back.

      47. I’ll take vitamin c vs. gold and silver…(not that I have funds for g and s)….noone admits here that hunger, cold, & security aren’t the only threats to us for survival..

        I just warned dh; lack of vitamin c and getting scurvy are serious issues.
        I read about ‘sprouting’ and the seeds that work best are on my ‘get list’.
        ~~~And thinking God sent his son to deliver all people from slavery to sin and death makes me sleep better.~~~

        • JJ,

          To not have vitamin C is a mistake. (…also vitamin D3…) However, I would not trade all my gold and silver for vitamins nor would I trade all my vitamins for gold and silver.

          Is all about balance. Too much God will get you in a pickle too!

      48. Man up Agree with ye. Bear hunter makes a fine point. If you have been to war or had to actually survive in the wilderness for a month or so it is no fun. Been there done that and Man Up is right you better have a dam good water supply. Even if you have filters you have to have water. If you have some land you better be getting a well that will provie water without electricity.

        For those that know a whore bath will be your friend. It is unpleasant and shed all the prep food and go out and do the real thing. It will definitely open your eyes. Get a dam good book on what too and what not too eat in the woods or on your land. It could mean the difference between life and death. Better learn to trap as well you do not want to use all of your ammo on game.

        The time is coming I do not think everything has played out but I am prepared. My wife agrees with me and something is terribly wrong with the country.

      49. Wow… some buttons certainly have been pushed… LOL
        And thus, “prepper” blog/forum becomes a religious conversion site in a heart bit. Amazing. But not shocking. I’ve seen it too many times, unfortunately.

        I am always a little dissapointed in human kind when observing total intolerance of anything different from one’s own viewpoint. Many tend to forget that there is a person behind the “incorrect” belief. Who cares if so-and-so does not share your religious view? Aren’t we here for a different reason?
        I personally wouldn’t care if certain prepper shares my personal believes or not as long as he/she shares my prep believes. Personal thoughts and views will be of little help when time comes for practical application of skills and knowledge. I may push some more buttons with my post, but I will say that I’ve met some fantastic people who were atheists, agnostics, etc. and I will trust them with my life. I also have met some that proclaimed to be “christians” and were some of the worst human beings I have ever encountered.
        I know, you may say that I’ve met the “wrong” christians. My answer is: there is no right or wrong religion. Only people with limited views. Not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings. Just based on my experience: people who have never been exposed to other cultures, tend to be intolerant of everything different. Just as people who had never traveled outside their county, think they live in paradise and ready to fight anyone who thinks otherwise. Not all people think like that of course, but I observed that people of true belief do not care of others’ opinions and do not force their “truth” onto anyone.
        It bewilderes me to read questions like “would you include a non-christian in your prep group?” on some forums. What?! Who cares? Does he/she have skills? Do we share the understanding of what is coming?
        I, personally, would concentrate on skills the person has to offer vs. how well he/she can quote the Bible.

        OK, I am off the soap box now, but have a few more words to say.
        My dear fellow human beings, look inside your hearts and find love. God (that you’re promoting so heavily) IS love. Not hatered or intolerance – LOVE.
        God does not love you more than Jonny V. God loves everyone, no exeptions, unconditionally. Leave the judgment behind. Judgement and fear was invented by humans to control other humans. Share love. Control your egos. Each one of us has our own path. It is not your job to tell others what to do and which path to follow, unless they ask for your advice or opinion.

        When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace. – JH

        Jonny V,
        you will always have a place by my fire if we ever meet.

      50. For any one who cares, there IS a CREATOR of the universe. According to the Big Bang theory in Science (Physics), the universe did NOT exist until about 13 billion years ago. The universe was CREATED, thus it MUST have had a creator. That’s it. We have no proof who or what this creator is, most people of most religions all over the world call it “God”. I personally acknowledge “God” as the TRUTH and the creator, I acknowledge this SCIENTIFIC FACT, this is something that any educated atheist cannot disagree with.

        The only thing the atheist can disagree with is the Christian/Jewish/Islamic concept god because the Bible describes certain attributes of this god which can be easily challenged. BTW, I love and respect Jesus and Christians and all people of the world. No disrespect is intended toward anyone, I just wanted to make some things clear. Great website and I learned a lot about survival, thanks!

      51. Praise the lord and pass the rice. I saw 50 lbs of rice for $16 at Costco the other day. That is 250 servings! Buy two 5 gal buckets and put 25 lbs of rice in each and put them in your closet. One day it may save your life. Even poor people waste $16 every month or even every week. I know people out of work scraping to get by with a pack a day habit. I have a good friend who works hard and may still get evicted this month but he drinks a six pack a night. Don’t tell me you cannot afford $16 for 250 meals. Obviously you will want more then rice, but of course basic foods are not expensive. 25 lbs of flour is about $9, 25 lbs of beans is about $20, 25 lbs of sugar is about $12, 2 lbs of potato flakes is about $3, 10 lbs of pancake mix is $6.50. Do something to prepare while you still can.

      52. MU’s discretion of life off the grid seems a lot like descriptions of life in the devastated country of Haiti.

        That’s not a good thing.

        After SHTF or collapse or whatever, one of the more pressing things People will have to face in this life is if they want to be a part of and support a system much like we have today where the government and everybody else is poking their nose in your business and in your life trying to dictate how you live, who you can trade with and what prices you have to pay or what form of money you use.
        Or, do People want to support and be a part of a system where individuals decide these things for themselves and other People mind their own business and theft isn’t openly tolerated and encouraged?

        One way to decide and support which system you want to have and be a part of after SHTF is to choose the form of currency you wish to use. For many People, they have decided a free-market hard money currency of gold and silver is the best option.
        For those that have picked the barter system, that is ok too. Those who have gold and silver just have to figure out what the barter People want and then find others who have that item and are willing to trade for gold or silver in order for them to get what they want from someone else too.

        This seems to me to be the best way to avoid having to live like you are in Haiti for the long term, and that may be more valuable than having vitamin C in the short term?

        What better way is there for People to decide what is valuable – and what that value is – than deciding for themselves? That is the free-market in action.

        On the other subject here, a lot of People who are not ready may find themselves asking questions about their existence after SHTF. With lots of time on their hands they may begin thinking about things. This was an interesting bit along the lines of what some on this thread were discussing:

        The Neo-Fredwinian Synthesis

        “Grave problems arise when you take the observer – the scientist, you, me – into consideration. The obvious first problem is that of consciousness. Your brain is a complex structure undergoing complex reactions, but all of these reactions follow the laws of physics. Yet nonetheless you are conscious. Is this something outside of physics? If so, then we have the sciences on one hand, and Something Else on the other, and the question becomes how they interact. Or is consciousness a physical variable, like gravitation? If I give you a large injection of Demerol, you will lose consciousness, and the biochemical mechanism can be given – but that doesn’t explain what consciousness is.”…

      53. I don’t think the SWHTF.

        Once QE 2 ends, QE 3 will be implemented in some wave, shape or form and the debt ceiling will be raise in August. So once again, the Fed will save the day and everything will be ok as the can continues to get kicked down the road and that road doesn’t seem to end.

        Meanwhile, the sheeple continue to drool over iPhones, iPads, video games and reality TV shows. People have been making doom/gloom predictions for a while now and nothing has happened.

        The world won’t dump the US dollar as easy and quickly as we like to think. The military industrial complex has their guns pointed to every other country in the universe.

      54. IF there is a God , is it not safe to assume that “He” is smart enough to figure out who the good guys are and who the bad guys are despite whatever banner or religion you may or may not gather under.
        To do right on the basis of some promise of eternal life or getting past some gate is hypocritical.
        Be a nice guy just for the sake of being a nice guy, come what may
        In the words of some gooey ol’ country song
        “i know there ain’t no heaven , and I pray there ain’t no hell”

      55. The Blind Men and the Elephant

        A number of disciples went to the Buddha and said, “Sir, there are living here in Savatthi many wandering hermits and scholars who indulge in constant dispute, some saying that the world is infinite and eternal and others that it is finite and not eternal, some saying that the soul dies with the body and others that it lives on forever, and so forth. What, Sir, would you say concerning them?”

        The Buddha answered, “Once upon a time there was a certain raja who called to his servant and said, ‘Come, good fellow, go and gather together in one place all the men of Savatthi who were born blind… and show them an elephant.’ ‘Very good, sire,’ replied the servant, and he did as he was told. He said to the blind men assembled there, ‘Here is an elephant,’ and to one man he presented the head of the elephant, to another its ears, to another a tusk, to another the trunk, the foot, back, tail, and tuft of the tail, saying to each one that that was the elephant.

        When the blind men had felt the elephant, the raja went to each of them and said to each, ‘Well, blind man, have you seen the elephant? Tell me, what sort of thing is an elephant?’

        “Thereupon the men who were presented with the head answered, ‘Sire, an elephant is like a pot.’ And the men who had observed the ear replied, ‘An elephant is like a winnowing basket.’ Those who had been presented with a tusk said it was a ploughshare. Those who knew only the trunk said it was a plough; others said the body was a grainery; the foot, a pillar; the back, a mortar; the tail, a pestle, the tuft of the tail, a brush.

        “Then they began to quarrel, shouting, ‘Yes it is!’ ‘No, it is not!’ ‘An elephant is not that!’ ‘Yes, it’s like that!’ and so on, till they came to blows over the matter.

        “Brethren, the raja was delighted with the scene.

        “Just so are these preachers and scholars holding various views blind and unseeing…. In their ignorance they are by nature quarrelsome, wrangling, and disputatious, each maintaining reality is thus and thus.”

        Then the Exalted One rendered this meaning by uttering this verse of uplift,

        O how they cling and wrangle, some who claim

        For preacher and monk the honored name!

        For, quarreling, each to his view they cling.

        Such folk see only one side of a thing.

        Jainism and Buddhism. Udana 68-69:
        Parable of the Blind Men and the Elephant

        • Thank you, James.

      56. Found out that pretty much every one of us is a terrorist:)

        “…Dollar case, or the wild spewing rhetoric of establishment mouthpiece organizations like the SPLC, then you would discover that a likely terrorist is:

        Anyone who talks frequently about the Constitution, or ill of the government
        Anyone who supports the idea of a Constitutional Militia
        Anyone who fights against anti-gun legislation, or owns many guns (man do we LOVE guns)
        Anyone who supports state sovereignty and 10th Amendment issues
        Anyone who supports Ron Paul (the ultimate sin according to the SPLC)
        Anyone who believes the private Federal Reserve is destroying our economy
        Anyone who talks about the “New World Order”, or global government (does this include men like George Soros, Joseph Biden, Gordon Brown, Henry Kissinger, George Bush, Bill Clinton, Strobe Talbot, George McGovern, Mikhail Gorbachev, Richard Nixon, etc.?)
        Anyone who discusses economic collapse as a reality in the U.S.
        Anyone who speaks out against the IRS
        Anyone who participates in “Hacktivism” (including those who leak documents embarrassing to government)
        Anyone who participates in any form of activist group
        Anyone who argues that the Left/Right political paradigm is a scam
        Anyone who promotes Anarchist views
        Anyone who distrusts FEMA (as if Katrina did not give us ample reasons)
        Anyone who believes a truly independent investigation of 9/11 is rational and called for
        Anyone who home schools their children
        Anyone who flies a Gadsden Flag
        Anyone who stores survival goods and food
        Anyone who uses shortwave radios or HAMs
        Anyone who watches movies like ‘Freedom to Fascism’, with anti-Fed messages
        Anyone who operates private barter and trade networks
        Anyone who stores gold and silver or uses them as an alternative to the dollar

        Basically, ANYONE who dissents through independent political organization or protests through non-participation in the corrupt system might as well be Al Qaeda…”

        Got it from here

        • Whos the real terrorist? Its not difficult to see. The fact is, every government on the edge of collapse flails wildly trying to blame any other participant for its collapse except itself.

          Good riddance.

      57. Try ACTS 2nd Chapter

      58. James Woroble Jr says:
        June 14, 2011 at 12:45 pm

        The Blind Men and the Elephant

        James congrats you are one of the few around here who makes any sense.

      59. Matthew 6:5-8

        God can defend himself.

        You can neither prove or disprove the existence. Philosophical arguments are NEVER proof.
        I butt-ugly tired of the religious arguments. Either put your trust in god or don’t aka prep for living on starship earth or in heaven. Your choice, but I chose the immediate problem.

        For many of you this is fairly new. This whole EOTWAWKI issue has been around since I was a kid in the 50’s. Yep, I was taught to “duck and cover” under my school desk. The point being that the same religious arguments were made over 60 years ago and things just got worse.

        There isn’t anything new, just new materials that may/may not be better. Goretex v wool. I have used both in the army. I chose wool. Nylon v canvas tents? I chose nylon.

        One thing I’m sure of is that religion has always clouded tactical decisions in stressful situations. In combat, it can be fatal.
        I raised a family off grid. We moved into a tent in rural Alaska in March of ’83. By next winter we had a 16’x24′ cabin. A year later, 2 solar panels. Over 5 years later, lights and phone. Always a big garden and at one time 1.75 acres with tiller and tractor (9N). I still haul water and yes, I have taken beaucoup whore’s baths and still do.

        I have prepped all my life and serious preps for 30+ years. I live on less annually that most of you make in a month. In rural Alaska at that. I take survivalism serious and over the decades I have reached a tentative conclusion; most newbies need to keep their mouth shut and ears open. When you hunt, fish, trap, cut wood, garden and learn to live mostly without cash for a lifetime, you get kinda testy when youngers claim to know it all.
        So, will things get worse? Undoubtedly. Will god save you? Never, but folks praise god for random acts of kindness done by even the non-believers. Will any of us get to heaven? Unknown, but belief systems are just what they are – beliefs. Each will find out for themselves eventually.

        Drop the religious arguments. By definition, god is omnipotent and has no need of your flawed arguments defending him. Each side is just pissing off the other side. The religious aspects will not improve your survival probabilty and under the stresses of economic collapse may result in your early termination.

        In this area, religion oriented survivalist communes have come and gone. In every one of them, religious conflict was a serious problem. Most were good folks with a wide skill set, but they are all gone now.

        So let’s stick to the problems that will be faced and hopefully over-comed.

        Now go back and read Matthew 6:5-8 This is the new street corner.

        Either contribute good survivalist info, ask questions or STFU. In the skill of argumentation and logic, the harsh reality is if you can not effectively argue on the side you oppose, you don’t know the subject. That means you don’t know either side.
        bearhunter, not such a fan of the leatherman cause I break ’em. Still, I ain’t dressed to leave the cabin without a good knife. How’s the marten trapping in your neck of the woods? Reckon a bunch of folks are gonna learn the hard way about hypothermia. We live with the risks, but most can’t comprehend it or avoid it. I envy you being close to fish. I gotta hump 3 klicks to get salmon or greyling out of the river. Although I now have redi-kilowatt, I still have my solar panels up and running.

        • kinda nice in the bush eh !
          compared to you , I live in the lap of luxury,water turbine gives me 30 Kwh of power pretty steady and with electricity , the rest is pretty easy.
          not much in the way of martens around my immediate area and the leatherman reference was sort of, if you don’t know what one is…. Oprah is on at 6pm i think

          • Darth Vader is on at 1800?

        • God helps those who help themselves 😉

      60. A wise internet site originator said to his ISP “assemble for me all those who were born to prep…and show them a collapse.” The ISP did as instructed and brought all the preppers together and showed them various parts of the collapse.
        One prepper said ‘a collapse is having no water’ another said ‘a collapse is being hungry’ another said ‘it is being cold and having no heat’ One said ‘a collapse is having no communications’ another said ‘it is being without fuel for transport’ another said ‘it is having no weapons to protect yourself’ and still others said ‘it is having no gold to trade for the needed things.’
        Then the wise internet site originator rendered the meaning of the preppers statements with this verse:

        One thing is for certain ’bout these preppers I see,

        They’re ready for anything, except to agree!

        They cling to their guns, their God, and their gold,

        They chastise the young for not being old,

        They say get your water, do it by any means,

        They say don’t forget ’bout the bullets and beans,

        They say not to live, anywhere near the border,

        And stock up on freeze-dried, so hurry and order,

        They say get wool socks and shirts mostly flannel,

        And don’t be without a big solar panel,

        But ONE THING is missing, my sisters and brothers,

        When the S hit the FAN, we will all need each other!

        At that point the site was hacked by the CIA and went dark…..evidently the PTB will tolerate us having guns, food and gold, but UNITY among the people is too frightening for them.

        (with apologies to the Buddha, Dr Seuss, and anybody else who may be offended)

        • Another good one Okie!

        • Okie, you are awesome!! 😉 Made wading through all the tirades worth it! Wish we lived closer!!
          GrannyB in TX

      61. “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…”
        — Dr. Seuss (Oh, the Places You’ll Go!) or maybe the Moody Blues, not sure.

      62. Ahh…Dr. Seuss, one of the underrated geniuses of our time…and a fine pediatrition from what I’ve heard.

      63. and bernanke moans….(By Annalyn Censky @CNNMoney June 14, 2011: 2:56 PM ET)

        “I fully understand the desire to use the debt limit deadline to force some necessary and difficult fiscal policy adjustments, but the debt limit is the wrong tool for that important job,” the Federal Reserve chairman said at the annual conference for the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget in D.C. on Tuesday.

        Republicans have recently tried to tie a debt ceiling increase to spending cuts, as well as completely unrelated proposals.

        But if the debt ceiling is not raised, Bernanke said, the United States would be forced to stop payments on some of its existing obligations, possibly including Social Security and military pay.

        So they are currently living day to day with no long term strategy or savings put away for us who have paid into the SSI schema since going to work. They often toss the “military” card on the table to get the attention of those living in the dark. omg Harold our country will collapse without the military getting their pay.

        Excuse me if I am wrong but wouldn’t raising the debt ceiling allow the crooks to print more money, spend more money and live without restrictions, audits, accountability and continue on with their financial orgy? Isn’t our credit suspect now with our willy nilly spending? Why hasn’t anyone called us on the carpet?

        In closing I would think raising the ceiling would cause a global concern and someone, somewhere to call our bluff.


      64. please unscribe.

      65. Nothing exciting is going to happen:
        The debt ceiling will be raised and they will continue Qe3,4,5 and so on.

      66. Thomas Aquinas – Existence of God
        Thomas Aquinas applied this philosophical discourse to his Five Ways to Prove the Existence of God: 1) Motion; 2) Causation; 3) Contingency; 4) Goodness; 5) Design.

        This is for those who do not believe the Bible to be a definitive or authoritative proof of the existence of God, yet wish to have their cake and eat it too by disallowing that resource in the argumentation for His existence. This is a good starting point for those who wish to know the logical reasoning behind God’s existence and not just an I told you so from some guy in an internet forum, or some asshole money grubbing hypocrite on T.V. ‘The consequences of ideas’ is also a very instructive and simple to understand book which lays out the foundation of reason and destroys many assumptions that we accept as “truth” today. It is a study of Philosophies, NOT religions. There are many independent archeological and literary resources which support the Christian ideology if one is inclined to seriously study the matter out. Enjoy.

      67. I put the blame squarely on…the Jews, LOOSE (American women),, BOOZE and the local NEWS!

      68. Wow, Mac! Its hard to push through the crowd!

        Before Celente was talking about his 3Gs, I was talking about 6. …and now 7.

        People, if you want to be reasonably comfortable, or even survive, you’ll need to have a balanced approach to those 7Gs. Too many resources piled into any one of them, and, well, you’ll realize your mistake too late.

        You have to have enough resources and supplies to last until the new economy emerges. Many won’t make it. Too lazy or too pampered. Once the UNITED STATES is out of the way, America will return. The new economy will emerge. Oh, it won’t be the same but it will be liveable. Strap yourselves in. From here on in its going to be a little bumpy.

        Don’t forget your Gs!

      69. I’m preparing for the future by using the 7P system.
        Postpone everything
        Procrastinate daily
        Put off til tomorrow
        Plan for nothing
        Piss away all resources
        Plead for help later, then

        Granted, it doesn’t have the best survival odds, but it leaves me plenty of time for the 16th annual Gilligan’s Island Marathon!
        Plus I’m thinking of switching to an even simpler one. It’s the 2D plan….Drink and Denial (anybody seen the corkscrew?)

        • Thats great, Smokin Okie! I especially like the last one: “perish”. Thats how all our preparations will end, no matter what we have or don’t have, and no matter what our attitudes were, or whether we woke up or not.

          I prepare, in a restrained kind of a way, but I don’t believe that I personally, am so important that I should survive while those around me don’t.

        • Love it! rotflol

        • That wood bee the DD’s. They won’t hurt you & they are easy to see but hard to find. Make sure it’s red wine. At least the Skipper got to play a western with Eastwood.

      70. I found a great 36 LED shockproof hanging lantern that is both solar charging and gyro ( crank ). No batteries required. Also a product called rechargeable water that allow you to water your veggies only once a month in the summer. This would allow one to make a survival garden and keep it fairly hidden because not too much daily foot traffic to maintain it.
        While we all stock up in preps, remember to stock up on good trusted friends. We’re gonna need them.

      71. Pull your arm in and roll the windows up. Do you smell that? That shiny stuff that has been going sideways long enough is getting ready for some turn signal change. When bad things happen, good people see what else is going to happen.

      72. Serious Preppers, including myself are going overboard prepping today, during the last depression, Country people all had a canner and 800 to 1200 canning jars, a root cellar and a garden,and the people with a little money had a few herbs or seasonings, we had salt and sometimes pepper.
        We had potatoes,winter squash,beets,carrots and some yrs meat hanging in the rt cellar.
        we had canned apples,berries,pickles in the main cellar.we lived the simple life, if we had seven cents to buy a gal of Kerocene, we had lamp light that night, if we had a candle we had light, if not we sat in the dark and told lies.
        We grew what we could and worked or bartered for other items like corn to can, it wasn’t practical for the average homeowner to plant an acre of corn to eat during the summer and can a few hundred jars for winter so we would plant a patch for eating and work,trade firewood,honey, berries ect for corn or other item that took a lot of rm to raise.On our rd one farmer may plant a few acres of peas to trade whils another would plant the corn or beets, the crops all ripened at different times so we could help each other harvest for a fair share.
        I remenber the garden stands along the hy ways when I was kid, you didn’t get out and reach for your wallet as it was probably empty anyway, you traded eggs,homemade butter or something for a bushel of green beans or another veg.The vegetables and the coin jar could be left right out on the table during the night and no one would touch it.
        thoise days will be coming back someday

      73. Thanks, Netranger, I have multiple vitamins, Vitamin C, a wheel barrow of Tang, and vitamin d-3 for my muscle spasms(the only thing that stops them).

        Oh, for a huge orange tree out back!!!

      74. gone with the wind…I got 50 lbs. of rice Saturday at Sam’s for $18(which is okay, the last rice buy was $22)..I keep in the bag in totes…servings says 500…check yours again. (Smiley Face here)

      75. Our local Sams has rice for $20.34–50 pounds..Sugar $26.35 for 50 pounds.. when i bought rice it was 9.80 for 50 pounds and sugar was 15.90 for 50 pounds and the government said we do not have inflation.

      76. What is scary is Ron Paul’s age. If elected, it would be doubtful he could make it through a term. He would cross the 80 year mark mid term. I haven’t met an 80 year old yet that had wasn’t delusional.

        At least we would have a working President, not some liquor loving, lustful fuck salesman delusional jock.

        • I’ll take a delusional Ron Paul over a lucid George Bush any day.

          • Didn’t they say the same thing about Reagan?? That he was too old and wouldn’t make it?

        • Why scary? German chancellor Adenauer held that office until well into his 80’s.

      77. I don’t know why you guys are freaking out. The news says our government is in charge and they know how to fix everything. They’ll figure it out. They’re looking out for our best interests.

      78. Greetings Everyone!!!
        enjoyed everyone’s comments relating to the coming crisis.I also respect everyone’s thoughts on the Depression life-style we may/will all have to embrace in the near future.Perhaps a little less of the endless no-god\there is god discussion and more links to where we can get trust-worthy products we ALL can use might be more than helpful.I’ll say just this on the G/NG topic:I live(or try to at least)a “golden rule” kind of life.If you don’t want/need to,so mote it be.I’m doing everything(within my limits of $$$ and time) to be more self reliant.perhaps not enough,but that depends on the time frame we have.I’m guessing about 2 years till he whole thing gets to the interesting parts.stay tuned.
        Best to ALL and keep safe and warm.

      79. Jim Sinclair

        “The problem is so serious, the problem is so present time, the problem is so real that it has inherent in it the probability that the economy is not going to have a significant recovery for more than a decade. And the standard of living in the United States, the standard of many who are reading this now, especially those who have taken no measures whatsoever to protect themselves, who simply look at it as reading something of interest but not really acting on it, is going to be so significantly impacted as to make the middle-class or higher middle-class join the serf class. This is as serious as it gets….

        Rest available here *admin updated this link*

      80. Mac, maybe you can start a “belief” thread where everyone can get it off their chest. I almost stopped reading this valuable post on prepping because I thought the thread was hopelessly off topic.
        OleGuy: waste ammo??? one shot, one kill!!!
        Johnny V: one beer??? Lightweight!!! LOL
        Gone w/the Wind: It’s praise the Lord and pass the ammo!
        My motto: Live for today and prep for tomorrow. Don’t forget to enjoy the family and friends you are blessed with today. I needed to post that for myself more than anything else.

        • ken, we are going to be adding a forum soon (it’s been in the works for some time, but i think we’re really close this time)… that will hopefully be a good place for people vent, create their own topics, etc etc.

          Thanks for the suggestion.


      81. @MAN UP:

        The money needed is for supplies, this is a legit and awesome group, if half of the members are anything like the leader. You have to have 13 cases of freeze dried food per adult. Kids are an unknown cause they have only just recently got one young child in the group with the latest family addition, so they haven’t experimented much with it. Well we have 3 young children, so we are thinking our 3 kids equal 2 adults….that’s 52 cases of freeze dried food……that’s a lot of money, especially on unemployment. Also have to have an EMP proof vehicle, I am in the process now of switching the electronic ignition on my 1970 350 Chevy truck to an old points ignition with coil and distributor cap….so that one is taken care of. Plus I as the leader of this household have to have an AR-15 and 1,000 rds of ammo minimum. Also a .45 ACP with a 1,000 rds of ammo. A lensatic tritium compass and one other small prep.

        So to have all that won’t be financially possible before this fall, which is when I believe that the curtain could very well drop

      82. Celente is an idiot, a typical fear monger and panick rabbit: “wars are spreading like wildefire”.
        What a load of crap! In fact, according to objective data (from the UN, World Bank and other sources), the number and % of people that are living in conflict areas, let alone war zones, is about at a record low since early 1900’s.
        There are no major wars going on at the moment, just some civil strife, for very understandable reasons against dictatorships, internal upheaval and tribal conflicts, nothing new of major.
        But every minor conflict is broadcast in the utmost detail nowadays.

        • Thats pretty good info there ronnie, if your ignorant enough to believe anything fed to you from sources as the like of the world bank and the United Nothing

        • You can’t possibly be serious. First of all, there is no such thing as ‘objective data’ from the UN. And it isn’t ‘internal upheaval’ or ‘civil strife’ when it is MORTAR ROUNDS LANDING ON YOUR DAMNED HOUSE! Or rockets, missles or whatever the explosive ordnance du jour is. When it’s reducing your home to matchsticks and killing your kids- it’s War! Get a clue- those drones in Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan aint dropping condoms and breath mints over the senior prom. They are killing people. Lots of ’em. And lets not forget the ‘strife’ in Libya, Sudan, Qatar, Egypt, Somalia, Tunisia, and coming soon to Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Syria–just about all of the middle east. Not to mention the ‘internal upheaval’ in Greece and the boiling rage in Ireland, Spain, Portugal, practically all of europe. And Venezuela and…
          I give up. If you aren’t keenly aware of the wars, destruction and killings going on already and the powder keg that is much of the rest of the world, including the US, then I guess you are either unreachable or you get your news solely from MSNBC or other ‘mainstream’ sources. By the way, the ‘main stream’ is just the piss they are showering on the viewers each day. If I were you I’d get out from under it. In the meantime, send us your latest opinion on Colbert if he gets a new toupe’ or something else big breaks. We’ll be anxiously waiting.

      83. Religion seems to be the main topic of conversation on this blog. There are an untold number of religions in this world and they all claim theirs to be the “true word” of God. Much older civilizations and many of our present populations, believe in reincarnation and karma. They believe a soul is forever and does not need to be saved by another human being. Reincarnation says that the soul will come and go until it finally returns to God’s kingdom. That is accomplished by how they deal with their karma. Just another belief?

      84. If you believe in God, or if you want to know the truth, you must check-out The Third Testament at
        This book is written for the period we are living in now. It explains many prophecies and also clarifies many misinterpretations of the Bible. Oh, and it’s very easy to read.

      85. My proof that Human Collapse has been progressing for a long time, and also includes collapsing immune systems:

        “First I will tell you about the comparative environmental backgrounds of my subject matter, the chemicals-health connection. Then I will elaborate about my own “natural” recovery from “collateral damage” by synthetic chemicals and finish with my conclusion.
        There seems to be a lot of ignorance, apathy, misunderstanding, controversy, cover-up and twisting of statistics about environmental illnesses (EI), multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS), post-traumatic stress disease (PTSD) and related issues. This one example of a 2007 survey of patients having self-reported symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and multiple chemical sensitivity implies that these illnesses are mostly psychological symptoms rather than having physical bases. We are often taught to believe that they are ‘all in your head.'”

      86. We have three or four months tops, until this whole thing goes down.

      87. wow. God is an idea. God is everything and nothing, finding God is just becoming spiritually enlightened and at peace with ones self and ones world. If you think God is up there in the sky watching and controlling things, ready to judge everyone and send them to heaven and hell you are highly delusional. Look up the word METAPHOR. The bible is a METAPHOR. God is a METAPHOR. Heaven and hell are metaphors for what can happen HERE ON EARTH. And in case you didn’t notice we are descending rapidly into hell. Praying does nothing to fix the situation besides possibly in your delusional head. ACTION is the only way to reverse this. Religion has been used as a tool to divide, conquer, and control masses for thousands of years. Wake up. You are a God all you have to do is realize it and stop being afraid of everything.

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