Georgia County Sues Local Farmer For Growing Too Many Vegetables

by | Sep 17, 2010 | Headline News | 58 comments

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    According to DeKalb County, resident Steve Miller has committed a violation for growing too much broccoli, squash, tomatoes and other vegetables.

    In early 2010, DeKalb County officials cited Miller for growing beyond his zoning allowance, but he has since obtained the appropriate zoning licenses. Nonetheless, the county is taking Miller to court for the prior violations.

    When an American land owner, causing harm to no one, is restricted from growing crops (organically without hazardous chemicals) on his own soil, as he has done for years, we have a serious problem in America.

    It’s obvious by actions like these that the establishment’s macro goal of centralized government is to harass self-reliant individuals, control their ability to create strong community relationships, and make them dependent on corporate just-in-time food consumption as opposed to traditional production methods. That, and like all governments, they have an insatiable thirst for cash to pay off their excessive spending projects.


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      1. I live here in Georgia and have been following this story. It is absolutely ridiculous the county has nothing better to do with their time and energy. He lives in an area where is not hampered by housing associations and restrictions and now he has to deal with this….it is insane.  This man is not bothering anyone and in fact his neighbors are supporting him. We all should to.

        Please write to the Dekalb County Code Enforcement: 1950 West Exchange Place (3rd Floor), Tucker, GA 30084 or better yet call (770) 724-7940, 404-417-1240. or Contract & Compliance dept, 404-371-4795

      2. Cause he “doesn’t” really “own” squat! The state taxation and IRS “own” everything!

        You can have all the deeds and bills of sale you want, they don’t mean squat. If they want youe land house or what ever they can just take it, or raise your property tax so high your willing to walk away from it.

        georgia sucks

      4. well maybe he should find a way to counter sue..
        and this kinds shit would only fly if we let it people..we need to stop hideing from it and saying ..well this dont concern me..well yes it does concern you, even if you never grew a dam thing in your life..
        this is all about restricting freedom..
        what harm was this man doing by growing or yealding more out of his property than usual? Not a dam thing..
        Conviction can only come to this man if WE the People .lay down and let it happen..
        do you think for one minuet the court or township would prosecute this man if the entire township supported him and made it well known?
        and put up enough fuss to show those who think they are running us, that we are the ones that should be running them.

        Back your neighbor up people..its you they are coming for next, dont wait til than to be counted,,it will be too late than, and you will end up just like this unsupported individual

      5. Tina,   Thank you for the contact info. I will use it.
        This is just so wrong. We need local growers for food security. The only reason the government is against them is because they are being kept in office by the huge international agribusinesses like the egg producer who has been sending dangerous eggs all over the U.S.  And the feds tried to spin that to say that this egg issue was the reason we needed S-510 ( Food Safety Modernization Act) passed. That egg issue is the reason we need to NOT pass S-510. That bill would put all small and micro growers out of business and make it illegal for a homeowner to grow, store, process, share or eat their own homegrown foods. It makes no exceptions for size of operation or private use. All must comply or stop.  Saving seeds would also not be allowed. Giving food to a friend or food bank would be illegal.
        An official of Health Canada stated that this would be a very bad law and would remove all our natural, or if you prefer God given rights to food products. 
        A friend notes that in Genesis 27 through 30 God has given his people the right to use all plants, seeds, animals, fish and birds. So it is the God given right of all christians to grow, hunt, fish etc.   So if muslims and Amish do not need to accept the federal mandate to comply with mandated healthcare on religious grounds, christians could make a case against complying with any restrictions to their right to grow, hunt etc for their own foods.

      6. @ c

        Yes. its only a right for “christians”. the non-believing pagans in the world are out of luck.

        seriously, wtf people?

      7. Tina,  I would rephrase to ” It is absolutely ridiculous THIS county has nothing better to do with their time and energy.” 

        The surely do.  I moved to DeKalb county from NY 3 years ago … it is one of 2 major counties folks would think of as “Atlanta” — Fulton the other.  They are both corrupt and broke. 

        The broke part is where the rub is and is likely the impetus for the ridiculous fine (money, not time and energy).  The crime was horrible (I moved as soon as my lease was up) but of course prosecuting indecent exposure, property crimes, etc. don’t pay the bills like persecuting home owners does. 

      8. Guess who’s going to be on the “no food for you”  list after shtf.

        I had to cut back on growing to much food so I don’t have enough for you and your family.

      9. “If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls who live under tyranny.”    Thomas Jefferson

      10. Georgia has a very adversarial relationship with it’s citizens.  13% of the state’s populace is somewhere within the penal system,  in jail or on parole.  Either the state has double the national average of bad people, or their prison business is more important to them than tax revenue from productive citizens.

        If you live in that POS state, vote with your feet!

        Perhaps the bureaucrats who run DeKalb ought to consider moving to Russia. They could hook up with the old Bolsheviks and exchange constructive ideas.

      12. Its a sad world we live in..when it comes down to the ability of some County to prosecute an individual for growing food..FOOD people…Fucking Food..this is so dam rediculous..who the F do these jack asses think they are?

        hey farmer..9th amendment;…we are sovern individuals..they dont run us..we run them..
        anyone who lives in that county that isnt on those court stepss the day this man goes to court in complete rejection of this “policy” is a trator to their own people and country

      13. Interstate. Commerce. Act.

        and when the govies shove ObamaCare down our throats (with approval from the courts) and we’re forced to buy that, then food is the next logical step…

      14. Mr. Steve Miller is taking it much better than I would. 

      15. Hi childrens,

        Can you say Monsanto sterile seeds? 

      16. @Tina – I called the 770 number and got a recording.  It was the complaint dept so I left a complaint about the insanity of the whole thing.  What a bunch of crap.  More stupidity each day yet never a surprise if it involves government. 

        I just go out of the garden picking yet more tomatoes.  We grew way too many.  I’m using some of them for targets……..

      17. Now, I am a criminal for growing myself some healthy vegetables ?
        Folks,  we do not have enough ammo yet.   I am thinking maybe 5 times more than I thought last week.

      18. So much for the land of the free  .. .. .. America : one must kiss the ass of your local government and beg for permission.  I had the same type of shit given to me when I requested permission to erect (a $400.00 12 year lifespan) 10×14 foot steel shed on my property.  I had to pay for a permit, submit construction plans, including description of concrete slab and a survey drawing.  Then they increased the value of my tax assessment by $900 … even though property values have fallen 30% (50,000 in my case) but yet my assessment went UP !!  Bastards

      19. Thanks Anonymous…I hope more people make the call.

      20. Hey Tina!
        I just made the call.  I tore into those bastards up one side and down the other.  I hope they just hear the first dozen f-bombs and then delete my message.  You don’t suppose they’d send homeland security down on me do you?

      21. Jonny…who knows any more? I do not think it will take much for them to want to hunt you down. They are so busy spending time going after the wrong people….OH YEA…I forgot….we are the right wing nut jobs. Didn’t they just warn the masses about people like us???? LOL 

        Welcome to Kentucky…where you can still grow what  you want…sell it at any Farmer’s Market, and no harrassment.

        Oh, yeah, don’t call the sheriff for the traffic pulled over for a funeral procession…he’s directing the traffic for the funeral procession!!

        Jonny V
        September 17th, 2010 at 7:14 pm
        Hey Tina!
        I just made the call.  I tore into those bastards up one side and down the other.  I hope they just hear the first dozen f-bombs and then delete my message.  You don’t suppose they’d send homeland security down on me do you?

        Nope…they’re too busy spying on Tea Party Rallies.

        Jonny V
        September 17th, 2010 at 7:14 pm
        Hey Tina!
        I just made the call.  I tore into those bastards up one side and down the other.  I hope they just hear the first dozen f-bombs and then delete my message.  You don’t suppose they’d send homeland security down on me do you?

        Nope —they’re tied up right now spying on Tea Party Rallies.

      25. Tina, what do you mean “it wouldn’t take much for those bastards to hunt me down?”  do you know something I don’t know????If they were gonna shoot up my house, you’d tell me, right??????

      26. @Durango Kidd
        Apparently that quote was never said by Jefferson, according to a google search. However, here is a good one to replace it:

        “The legitimate powers of government extend to such acts only as are injurious to others.”
        -Thomas Jefferson

      27. Doug: I appreciate your fact checking, but what Google are you using, or how did you determine that Jefferson didn’t make this statement?

        I copied the quote from this page, ran it through Google and it gave me 18 different citations out of twenty on the first two pages (one other was SHTFPlan where I had posted it) where this quote has been used and attributed to Jefferson.

        By coincidence I had been viewing one of those pages on Food just before I clicked SHTFP saw the new post, went back, copied the quote, and posted it. Now, whether he did or didn’t say this I don’t know for sure because I wasn’t there, but it has definitely been attributed to him. Repeatedly.

        But hey, I like your quote too! Jefferson is my personal favorite!

      28. Comments…..  This problem can only be dealt with in the short term by what these idiots understand best.  If these government officials are in an elected post, throw them out.  Take a page out of the Tea Party playbook. Removal from office is the only way.  If they are appointed to that position of authority, go after the person who appointed them.  At some point, there is a person in an elected position that has some authority that can be removed.
             This tactic is tried and true, and works. Just ask any “favored” political candidate , who recently lost to an unknown Tea Party supported candidate. It can be done, if the people get behind the process. This type of ridiculous power should not be put up with by the public.

      29. I whole heartedly support the Tea Party and what they stand for….you know….all those Right-Wing, Redneck, Gun Tot’en, Bible Thumpin, Astroturf Extremist….yup that me.

        Although, if we had this type of uproar about 40-50 years ago we would not be in this mess. I hope it is not too late to take our country back….we definately have their attention!!!

      30. Tina, I don’t think it’s the ideology, but rather the corruption that’s the problem…

      31. Its not too late Tina, the recent tea party movement success is just the tip of the ice berg and the PTB know it. Both Dems and Reps each have a base of about 33% of the vote that is never going to change. Its the third in the middle, the Independent that is going to control the elections from now on.

        We don’t want NAU Dems, and we don’t want NWO Reps, we want Patriots and we are getting them! What is good for the American taxpayer and family, is that which is good for America.

        Everybody vote in November and put a nail in the coffins of incumbants! America First!

      32. People have no idea that when you purchase Real Estate in a County with Zoning, or Building Regulation that you have very little IF ANY rights to do ANYTHING AT ALL on your (really theirs, meaning the govt) property without a large amount of begging , fees and then jumping through more hoops like the circus animals they have trained us to be.  Then even if you are lucky enough to gain their approval they can easily take it away. Property purchased for huge sums of money is easily made worthless by the local Planning or Building Official denying a Building or Use Permit for one of the thousands of reasons they can legally use.

        Whatever happened to the Civil Servants working for the people instead of acting like the Nazi pricks they have been trained to be??



        The only good planning employee is one without a job !!!

      33. “I don’t think it’s the ideology, but rather the corruption that’s the problem”

        Bleak….I agree but Frankly I’m tired of (#1) no term limits and (#2) once elected they forget who they are working for. 

        I am willing to vote out everyone and start over….we can’t do worst then we are doing right now!!!   

      34. “I don’t think it’s the ideology, but rather the corruption that’s the problem”

        Bleak….I agree but Frankly I’m tired of (#1) no term limits and (#2) once elected they forget who they are working for. 

        I am willing to vote out everyone and start over….we can’t do worst then we are doing right now!!!   

      35. Why does this county have these zoning regulations? Who voted for the zoning committee? Who allowed them to pass these regulations? Are there a good reason for them? OK, people, who’s responsible here? 
        Contact your county commissioner. Read your regulations. Get the word out to all the slugs who have no idea what’s going on right under their noses. Don’t argue with stupid people enforcing stupid regulations, get them out of there. Vote with a ballot, or with your feet. If the pundits in power can’t be ousted, go somewhere the people are still in power.

      36. first they came for the tomato growers, and i said nothing…

      37. It’s the frog in the boiling pot syndrome.

      38. That was very funny  Sketch!

        MtnGrl: Actually, Planning & Zoning rules are quite beneficial, both in the City, and the County. Otherwise, instead of a giant tomato next door that might roll down an incline and crash through your fence and explode just before it hits your pool, there could be a real menance next door like a guy with a 12 foot python that eats one of your chickens every night, and eyes your two year old through the window.

        Obviously, the pointy headed bureaucrats in this situation have gone too far, which is the basic problem in America today. Government thinks that more is better: they know more, and they know better. And they want to corral Americans with more and more rules, regulations, and laws; to “save” us from ourselves.

        We can help these imbeciles get their mind right in November and by posting our rebellion on the web. Big brother is listening. Give the SOB an earful!

      39. @ Durango Kidd –

        Your examples have nothing to do with zoning or planning.  They are not ordinance violations.  Too much bureaucracy can cause a disaster and you can get tangle in a legal web — That’s why we have such a large government.
        If your neighbor causes you damage, that’s a civil matter; and if that happens people can bring a civil suit against his/her neighbor.

      40. Jane; My understanding of planning and zoning is that it is intended to eliminate nuisances in advance, before it is necessary to sue your neighbor for a violation.

      41. Durango Kidd-

        Hi, you don’t need to violate the zoning law to sue someone.
        I responded to what you said  (your examples in this case). Zoning is to control structure, etc…In your example, they will not touch it.
        Nuisances can be almost anything and it’s not necessarily a zoning violation.  Zoning ordinances do not apply to the cases that you used. 

        Again, too much bureaucracy can cause a disaster, (not beneficial as you said), and you can get tangled in a legal web — That’s why we have such a large government.

      42. jane: I didn’t say that you have to violate a zoning law to sue someone. Neither did I say that a nuisance has to be a zoning violation. You are a nuisance but I am going to assume that you are not a zoning violation .

        Where I live, planning and zoning laws are usful and beneficial. If they are not where you live, then work to change them. You obviously have wayyyyy to much time on your hands. Put your energy into useful work.

        Please address someone that’s wants to converse with you. I don’t.

      43. Durango Kidd,

        Yes, you did.  And be sure you know what you talking about and provide correct info., otherwise people’re going to correct you. 

        Learn how to properly address the subject instead of attacking people or me personally.  A typical liberal when they loose, they can not handle an intelligent conversation, and start personal insults and will never admit when they are wrong.

        This video is about how liberals like you cause society to be a mess, but you still think it’s beneficial; IT’S PROVEN THAT YOU ARE NOT JUST A NUISANCE TO ME BUT TO A SOCIETY AS A WHOLE.

      44. I’m a liberal? That is the funniest thing I have heard all day! The other posters here that know me must be laughing their ass off!

        Fuck off jane!

      45. Durango Kidd,

        Your four letter language shows the level of your intelligence.

        Your ego is much bigger than your brain and knowledge.         

        We know there is a lot of Dis-info. Agents who call themselves “Conservative.” Like you.


      46. FUCK OFF JANE !!!

      47. Durango Kidd,

        Why is it that you feel that the Govt. should control every aspect of your neighbors property? Isnt your wanting your neighbor to act as you feel appropriate better addressed through a Homeowners Association rather than having the Govt take every ones property rights away???

        Our Country was founded on and made the greatest on the planet by allowing freedom and individuality rather than creating rules and regulation to stop it. Planning, Zoning and Growth Mangement Plans add an incredible burden to the price of houses, make housing unavailable to the poor, stifle the economy and negatively influence property values. An article in a Seattle paper recently claimed that govt regulation accounted for almost half of the cost of a 250k home in W WA. How can that be sustainable? How is that helping anyone except a bunch of fat worthless Govt employees? There is no way it is making anyone safer, it is only funding the grossly overpaid Govt employees salaries and retirement and harming the economy.

        Do you feel that anyone like Jane should be forced by the govt. to think and live like you? It seems that your type of thinking is what makes the future seem bleak for this Country.

        The Govt has promised over and over again that each new rule or regulation taking away our basic personal and property rights will allow them to protect us from one thing or another, all of which have never panned out to be remotely true.

        Giving away our property rights in hope that it will allow the Govt to better protect us will cause us to lose the very things that have made us great. As one of our greatest leaders once said – we will end up with neither.

        Mr Kidd, I sure am glad that a closed minded big govt lover like you is not my neighbor. YOU OBVIOUSLY HAVE TOO MUCH TIME ON YOUR HANDS, YOU MUST BE A GOVT EMPLOYEE

      48. Jane – The Durango Kid may be lots of things but he is definitely not liberal.  Stick around and learn something about him before you comment anymore……….

      49. johnny v routinely bashes “tea baggers” on here then espouses the same values as them (us) either he is some kind of shill, a schizophrenic,  or someone uses his posting name

      50. Thank you Bill, but when comes to personal attacks let Durango KID fight for himself.  If he’s a man, and wants to be our leader – Durango has asked people in the past to follow him.

        When it comes to personal attack, I (and everyone) have the right to defend myself.  I am very busy and don’t have time to answer personal attack postings. It does not accomplish anything and I low myself to that level.

      51. This is a FREE SPEECH forum.

        Durango KID can counter people with facts to prove him right, instead of foul language and personal insults.  A true conservative wouldn’t do what he did. 

        Durango’s actions speak for themselves as liberals
        (sonstantly use foul language, personal attacks and liberal points of view), perhaps I am wrong but I don’t think so. I am very busy and don’t like to answer hateful emails, it does not accomplish anything.

      52. OMG, I made a mistake, what I meant to say:

        “It does not accomplish anything and I will not low myself to that level.”

        God bless America.
        Have a great day eveyone.

      53. Yeah Jane, no offense, but I’ve been posting at this site for about a year and a half (give or take). Durango Kid isn’t a “liberal”, at least not in modern parlance. Not that I use those damn words to win my arguments, but I digress. So…. to each….to each a welfare check on the first… for liberals that is….because everyone knows that the world is broken up into 2 groups…. liberals and conservatives.

        Besides I don’t find the words (conservative and liberal) and their modern definitions/usage to have an objective, universal meaning. Back in the day a Classical liberal was one who favored limited government, free enterprise, and essentially everything, which today allegedly define an “modern conservative”.

      54. teva not; you must be new here. Don’t waste your time or mine.

        Jane I don’t want anyone to follow ME. I have never asked ANYONE to follow me. Please stop claiming that I have said this or that when it is not true.

        I do want people who claim to be Patriots to get engaged in their government and take the offensive against the PTB instead of pissing, moaning, whining, and complaining; and I try to encourage them in that.

        The PTB put their pants on just like we do. There are many more of us than there are of them. We can take them. The recent primaries show that the American people once engaged will take the necessary steps to eradicate the G-flue: R1,D1,L1.

        There is really noyhing that I want to discuss jwith you jane,so

        FUCK OFF JANE!

      55. Teva not –

        I totally agree with you.  The majority can’t hire “a Dream Team” to defend themselves.

        No one should go broke to defend himself/herself or get tangled in a legal web fighting bureaucrats.  I am glad to see that you’re participating and have a lot to offer.
        Occasionally, you see extremists who are outrages and act like devils and who think they own the forum.  Just ignore them; they obviously need medications to calm themselves down.
        Continue to speak your mind and stand your ground, we need more people like you to get involved, so we can get things changed. 

        God Bless and Good Luck 

      56. The biggest problem with most zoning and such is that it is used to CONTROL the property and actions of another person. Now I am sure there are instances when zoning helps stop  a problem but I have to say its seldom!
        Agenda 21 is a UN control freak program that is being instituted by using the zoning regs…it is a takeover of the very land with the UN already stating the private ownership of land has to be eliminated we need to be very alert and very afraid of any one using zoning to control what a person does on his property especially when that right (such as farming) is outside the control of govt…namely it falls under the 9th and 10 ammendments of the constitution and under natural law and rights,people have got to defend people like this guy as if they personally were attacked because tommorrow it will be you! When injustice is no longer able to be resisted peacefully,then justice may well be out of the barrel of a gun,lets try the peaceful way first and yell like hell about this abuse of a fellow American!

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