George Washington’s Dream Realized: Cannabis Is Now Legal To Grow All Across America: “Expected To Open New Opportunities In Agriculture, Medicine and Biofuel”

by | Dec 21, 2018 | Headline News | 150 comments

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    Back in the day George Washington had an entire farm field dedicated to the growth of hemp. He loved the bud and in 1794 he even wrote a letter to Secretary of Finance William Pearce in which he marveled at its benefits, saying to Pearce, “Make the most of the Indian hemp seed, . . . and sow it everywhere!”

    I want you to make the most of Hemp and plant it everywhere on my farmlands that haven’t been previously reserved for other things.

    The establishment of Arsenals in convenient and proper places is, in my opinion, a measure of high national importance meriting the serious attention of Congress; and is one of those measures which ought to be brought to their view.

    In short, Washington wanted Cannabis hemp fields to be spread from sea to shining sea, because it was a lucrative crop that would have had a significant impact on America’s economy.

    Its industrial uses are well known, but in the 1900’s industry lobbyists moved to prohibit  growing and consumption of hemp. There was literally no other reason for its outlaw save the fact that big industry was threatened by its many uses.

    It was unfortunate, because from a health standpoint, the medical benefits of marijuana and concentrated hemp oil extracts are now very well known and millions of people with ailments like pain, stress, nausea and scores of other concerns lost access.

    Moreover, its banning in the last century would lead to an eventual “war on drugs” that has led to the deaths of tens of thousands of people worldwide.

    But this week all of that changed, as members of the House, Senate and Executive branch came together to bring access to the next level.

    As noted by Gangpreneur, the benefits of the latest bi-partisan push to legalize industrial hemp cannot be understated and may well fundamentally change how some parts of our country’s economy work:

    The repeal of hemp prohibition is expected to open new opportunities in agriculture, medicine, fibers/textiles, and biofuel.

    President Donald Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill into law on Thursday, legalizing industrial hemp and its derivatives across the country.

    An amendment to the $867 billion bill — which was originally inserted by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) — officially removes hemp and its derivatives, including cannabidiol (CBD), from the Controlled Substances Act.

    While THC-rich marijuana remains designated on the federal level as a drug, it’s sister-plant hemp can now be grown on American farms, a move that could lead to a significant boost in the U.S. economy and help struggling and heavily indebted farmers keep their land.

    From a medicinal standpoint, hemp is rich in cannabidiol (CBD), and millions of Americans across all 50 states will now have access to CBD-rich oils and supplements to help alleviate their health issues.


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      1. ref —
        chemical precursor
        industrial feedstock

        Many plastics began as natural fibers, and pharms might have began as crude oil.

        All modern petro and organic chemicals might be derived from bio-diesels.

        But, there were always a countless number of fibrous and oil-bearing plants, if people were so inspired.

        Clever people, start inventing!

        • “Its industrial uses are well known, but in the 1900’s industry lobbyists moved to prohibit growing and consumption of hemp. There was literally no other reason for its outlaw save the fact that big industry was threatened by its many uses.”

          Enlighten me please. What are its “industrial uses” besides rope and what exactly was the “threat” and its “many uses” that posed to “big industry”. One would think that big industry would want to capitalize on its many uses and profit from the plant.

          This inquiring mind wants to know. 🙂

          • BTW, someone here said a couple of months ago before the slide started, that he expected the DOW to drop to 20-22,000 in a correction. Who was that Masked Man ???

            Yeah, it’s in the archives. 🙂

          • It really is very simple for someone who really wants to know all its uses (and therefore its threat of competition to the petro-chemical industry) to simply look it up. There’s lots out there to learn…and UNlearn (lies)…about cannabis-hemp. So…unless you’re just lazy…go enlighten yourself.

            On the other hand, the plant belongs to nature…or one could say that God holds the patent on the plant. For Big Pharm, making beaucoup bucks is the name of the game and its sole reason for existing (yes, I am saying it doesn’t give a flying fluck about the good of anyone…and I know…I’m a physician). That was the only reason cannabis was first taxed (1937, as I recall) and then made a Schedule I drug by the Nixon admin. (Schedule I means having no known therapeutic value and carrying a high risk for abuse–a fact that didn’t keep the NIH from seeking and obtaining a patent on cannabis for the neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory properties this “no-known-therapeutic-value” plant’s derivatives–cannabinoids–have.) Prior to that it had been used medically for millenia and was very helpful. Not a surprise considering that our own bodies have their very own endo-cannabinoid receptors.

            Back to BigGreedPharm drug dealers, the only way for them to make the money they want to make is to isolate some active chemical from the plant that they can mass produce cheaply and modify to an extent that they can claim it as their own invention. Unfortunately, isolating chemicals from the biochemical plant milieu in which they are found in nature also makes them MUCH more dangerous, since often the other dozens and hundreds of other associated biochemicals are protective in one way or another. The isolated and then modified biochemical may work, may be active on its own, but it also can do much more damage than the original natural ones. It might be sending Arnold Schwarzenegger into your basement with a bazooka to kill a mouse. Mouse dead…hole in side of house.

          • Organic chemistry…Ultra modern plastics, epoxies, and petrochemicals can all be made from renewable materials, found in nature.

            But I have said that every other seed bearing plant is a potential source of cellulose and oil. As pioneer species, they would all tend to improve barren soil.

            d said, “One would think that big industry would want to capitalize on its many uses and profit from the plant.”

            Depends on what is your industry.

            afaic, another workaround would have been for mercantilists to produce it outside of the country.

        • Shut the motherfucker down. Protect that motherfucking border you baby boomer shit eating rats.


          Twas the night before christmas and all through the whitehouse
          Evil bills were being passed by every sionist louse
          Knowing that on the day no one would be there
          They screwed over the people without any care
          And when they were finished they brought out the small boys
          And passed them around, their satanic toys
          Then to what did their beady black eyes did appear
          The US Militia all decked out in gear
          With full auto fire they blasted away
          Killed all the scumbags and saved the day
          Then down to wall street to take out the trash
          Burned them alive the worshipers of cash
          Then on to the banks they marched in a line
          Killed all the bastards then all was fine
          The new found freedom it had a great feel
          Who the hell said Santa Clause isn’t real! 🙂

          • Their makin a list
            Their checkin it twice
            Their gonna find out whos naughty or nice
            Federal Claws is comin to town..

            They see you when your sleeping
            They see when your awake
            They know if you been bad or good so shut up for goodness sake

            You better not pout
            You better not cry
            Just do what your told and never ask why
            Federal Claws is comin to town

            The NSA is watching
            The CIA is too
            The FBI is on your trail
            Now whatcha gonna do?

            Oh you better not pout
            You better not cry
            Think of fighting back you better not try
            Federal Claws is comin to town..

            With facial recognition
            And cell phone spying too
            A database as big as hell
            Has all the dirt on you

            Oh you better not speak
            You better not type
            Orwell was completely right
            Federal Claws is comin to town….

            Thank you people thank you! 🙂

            • Twas the night before christmas and all through the house
              the smell of mash cookin drew out a mouse
              it came and it sniffed the smell of good stuff
              it chewed through the lid it was pretty tough
              it dove in and swam in all the good grain
              as he gulped down the goodness it went straight to his brain
              his courage it became more than 10 fold
              he thought cause Im small I still can be bold
              he crawled out of the big plastic pail
              his voice got real deep as he let out a wail
              “come try to get me you stupid old cat”
              “your geetin old and slow and so fat”
              the cat heard the mouse and sneaked his ass near
              then cornered the mouse with eyes full of fear
              the cat said “you did what I never could do”
              “get into the goods my hats off to you”
              the mouse said “thank goodness your welcome my friend”
              “we’ll drink till its dry until the end”
              they both got their paws on a couple of straws
              I guess as friends go they’re aren’t no laws
              the rest of their lives were spent gettin drunk
              the cat and the mouse now who woulda thunk?


                • (I know he still laughs at my shit lol) 😉

                  • And if you have a dog in your family don’t neglect him. The universe made dogs to be our companion for a reason. They are loyal, innocent, loving (unconditionally), protective, beautiful, adventurous, funny, playful, smart, best friends to the end! I know some of you might disagree but I give our dog a little bit of my meals every time. Think about your dogs life… Hey dad, whats for dinner?
                    Dog food and water…
                    Hey dad, what’s for lunch?
                    Dog food and water..
                    Hey dad, whats for dinner?
                    Dog food and water…
                    See what I mean? If you really love the best friend you could ever have give him a break. Dogs are what you make of them, they want to be good. Dogs love people and love to be accepted and loved by them. If shtf I would share my last bit of food with my bud. I would die defending him. He is worth more than most people combined. He is true, He is my son, He is my confidante, He is a gift from our creator. If you have a dog, please treat him as a REAL friend….. (and prep for him too).

                    • Or her 😉 Take them to the dog park. Go out and play with them. Teach them things. Take them on rides. Take them on small hikes. You will get 10 times the return on what you invest in they’re lives! Save one from the pound. They will keep you active and entertained. I suppose not all dogs are the same (mine is like me smart and eager to learn). I love my boy and I show it, he does the same in spades!

                    • Border Collie/ Aus. Sheppard.

                    • Also dogs are disposable. Sick em on Intruders, and while they’re busy trying to kill the dog shoot them. Then just finish the dog off humanely. Not gonna pretend dogs can be family members or anything more than a mindless tool really.

              • Genius- here’s another for you. I used to post this every year, back when I was a regular.

                ‘Twas the night before Kwanzaa
                And all ’round the hood
                The livin’ was easy
                The pickings were good,

                I’d just slapped my bee-atch
                She called the popo
                So I says to myself
                Guess it’s time to go,

                I put on my bling
                Had my dreadlocks all shaggy
                Walked out to my Honda
                In britches quite baggy,

                Drove down the street
                With the rap music thumping
                Went by the projects
                To see what was jumping,

                Cruised past the liquor store
                And on to the park
                Where I made the acquaintance
                Of an undercover narc,

                I offered him powder
                He asked ‘Is it pure?’
                I said ‘snort this stuff
                And you’ll go blind for sure,

                Then money was passed
                In a large cash transaction
                He smiled when I said
                Guaranteed satisfaction,

                I turned then to leave
                He said ‘Now you’re busted!’
                I just shrugged my shoulders
                Can’t anyone be trusted?

                When later I stood
                In the courthouse in cuffs
                I said to my lawyer
                I’m calling their bluff,

                Your Honor I said
                Take a look for yourself
                That’s plain powdered sugar
                From my kitchen shelf

                I’m an entrepreneur
                In business I am
                I sold him this sugar
                He paid by the gram

                There’s been no shenanigans
                No lying or fakery
                I innocently assumed
                This gent ran a bakery

                The judge slammed his gavel
                And yelled ‘Case dismissed!’
                I winked at the DA
                ‘Cause I knew he was pissed,

                Drove back to my crib
                And kicked off my shoes
                Flopped on the couch
                And started to snooze,

                I dreamed of my homeys
                And days long ago
                All the tricks that they taught me
                For selling fake snow,

                I’ll always remember
                Those old days of yore
                Happy Kwanzaa to all
                And to all a big score!

                • Ha ha ha, THATS GREAT! Love it. Imma save that one! 😉

                  • Smokin’ Okie and Genius, Merry Christmas to both of you and damn good poetry. I also still miss Eppe. He made me laugh many times. Rest In Peace, Eppe. You won’t be forgotten.

      2. “Indian hemp seed” was referring to Asian Indians as hemp is a central Asian plant.
        I’m a Libertarian and I believe that most all drugs should be legalized.
        Some like Fentanyl are just too dangerous to be casually available.
        The Hemp plant has some good uses and we should take advantage of that.
        However we are infected with Democrats that insist on controlling
        every aspect of your life. So time will tell.
        Full disclosure; My older brother died a slow death from cancer and the only relief he had was Marijuana and Opioids, all legal and prescribed.

        • Democrats now love hemp…for one reason -taxes. They saw that Colorado could tax it 100 million a month. With states desperate for new taxes soon all of America will use and tax it.

        • You are not a libertarian.

      3. Let’s get something up here about the Alberta exit.

        • I don’t get the National or CBC anymore, please elaborate!

          • Hey relic,
            First off I have to say the CBC is subsidized by the federal government so is the national. No better then CNN fake news.
            In a nutshell Alberta is the economic engine of Canada.
            Trudope and his sunny ways policy have
            Landlocked our oil
            Stalled all pipelines
            Continue to tax us to death with a carbon tax
            Have shut down our coal mines
            Have curtailed drilling
            Investors have left
            High unemployment
            Farmers being forced to accept windmills

            And that’s just the federal government
            Our provincial government is helping it along
            A provincial debt of 8.8 billion
            Now Ottawa want 1.4 billion in transferring payments
            The rest of Canada has always been envious of our prosperity.
            Trudope could care less about the west.
            2/3 of our population is down East the west is always at the mercy of the east. That’s a one man one vote system.
            There is alot of open talk about separation.everyone I know would vote for it.
            In all reality what the outcome will be is Ottawa will sit up take note. And we’ll get some kind of constitution strengthening the west.
            Bottom line is if Alberta got to sell its oil on the open market we’d be rich as Saudi Arabia. And the east can’t have that.
            The east doesn’t even use Canadian oil the east buys it from Saudi Arabia.
            With our tax dollars.
            There’s a fair bit of info on utube in news clips ect
            Not to mention the yellow vests are protesting.
            There is a huge convoy of oilfield trucks moving across Alberta in support of pipelines.
            It is building steam .

            • Thanks for the update.

            • AB,
              This will probably make no sense.
              I understand everything you said.
              I always expected BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Yukon
              Maritime’s et al, to bail on the Liberals in Quebec.
              I think they would all make good states in the USA.
              The only thing I haven’t figured out is the fascination
              with the failure that is the Canadian health care system.
              Rich Canadians come to America for medical.
              I’m not Canadian, but a pretty good percentage of
              my education was from Canadian teachers and very many of
              my fellow workers threw life were Canadian.
              In 1969 WA state you could pretty much use Canadian
              and American, coins and cash like they were the same.
              Time will tell.

              • BC turned radical leftist much like California. The ecozelots put a stop to pretty much any project.
                Alberta Saskatchewan and Manitoba are all in solidarity were all resource based economy
                Alberta oil gas logging cattle ranching
                Saskatchewan wheat Lotsa wheat cattle some oil and gas Infrastructure just isn’t there) uranium mining nickel copper gold diamonds
                Manitoba kinda a mix of everything really
                The territories well they just aren’t that accessible except by air but there is fishing mining bit of logging
                It’s a frozen ice sheet 10 months a year.
                Onterio they just suck the life out of every province they can. Onterio has a higher debt the the entire country.
                15 years of liberal government. Ottawa total joke
                The Maritimes all that comes outta there is a bunch of idiot Newfies. They will fly out here to work send thousands home the company’s that hire rent them pickups fly the guys family out pay his plane ticket home on and on now they go home take there money with them and draw on unemployment insurance.
                That’s great except when your a lifetime resident and are told there’s no money for a raise or bonus this year
                Filthy fuckin Newfie bastards just as bad as the frogs (french)
                The entire east has been liberal or NDP for decades those guys don’t wanna work they want free shit from Alberta.
                Oh trudopes lastest idea gauranteed income 17,000 a year but only if your a have-not province. The haves will foot that bill.

                • Angry Beaver, we’ve got a new commie bitch named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes who was just elected to a seat in our Congress from NYC in Nov. and takes office Jan. 3 along with some other new commies plus 2 stinking Muslim savages [how about that one!] She’s Puerto Rican and more radical than any of our older commies. She wants Medicare For All and Medicaid For All which is worse than our current Obamacare. She’s calling for programs that would cost the US 44 TRILLION dollars per year. Yeah, I said trillion with a T. She’s been called “the 44 trillion dollar woman”. That would definitely finish us off as a nation. We’re going to end up having our second civil war. Only way to save our country as I see it.

            • When i was in Ontario many moons ago there was talk of entertaining an offer from Russia…that would shake things up a bit.?

      4. go ahead any and all who want to smoke and get high. I wouldn’t hire you to take out the trash. I don’t care what your addiction or choice of drug is…. in a crisis or to do a good job I only want sober and straight, clear-headed, able to really think and ‘do the math’ people around me. So, I’ll agree – I’ll be a libertarian… just know that that means you accept your station in life as a doper. As for the uses of the plant – by all means. Turn it into oil, fiber… whatever. Just don’t expect me now or ever to think it cool to alter your mind for fun.

        • Well stated!

        • Heartless, agreed. Good post.

          I don’t smoke the stuff myself but believe it should be used medicinally for patients who need it, not to sit around and get high and wasted. But for medicinal use, yes.

          I also support legalizing recreational marijuana because I do not support the War on Drugs.

          People like myself who don’t want to smoke it aren’t going to start just because it’s legal, and people who want to smoke it aren’t going to stop because it’s illegal.

          Anyway, glad to hear this latest “Hemp” news. Hopefully it will help struggling farmers across the country.

        • I wouldn’t hire you to take out the trash.

          Before long the government will require you to hire the drug addicts.

          • Uhhh so you mean we will have to hire ex govt. employees?

        • I couldn’t agree more.

        • It’s industrial hemp. You don’t smoke hemp and you can’t get high from it. It has no THC. Geez, educate yourself a little before ranting.

        • Are you literally in a position to hire?

          • B,
            With a boss like that who would stick around?

            • Most people, coming across as authoritarians, have nothing to show, on their end of the bargaining block. I am formally in a position to hire.

        • You are totally in your rights even from a Libertarian standpoint. Unless of course you consume alcohol, then you are the worst kind of hypocrite.

        • I agree,,, clean and clear!
          Hemp, as in common hemp not cannabis is an excellent plant, i remember when i was a kid hemp rope was the go to for almost everything, we didnt have the synthetics.
          I would like to grow hemp for cover crops, it produces a lot of organic matter, when grown as a cover crop then mowed it is excellent for supressing weeds as well as trapping nutrients and dealing with soil fungal and bacterial issues, here in the islands it grows fast and tall and is pretty much drout resistant. But has been illegal to grow,
          Im watching closely, want to make sure i dont get hauled in for growing hemp illegaly but am hopeful that this prohibition is over.

        • Heartless, do you drink alcohol or and caffeinated drinks of any kind…

        • Doesn’t matter heartless, I’d never be in a position to require a job from the likes of you.

        • Heartless, you have a deal. My wife and I will continue to smoke every evening and you may continue on as a hard-ass idiot. And what is wrong with getting high? People have been doing it for ten thousand years. You’re anxious; living and waiting for a “crisis”. Go ahead, be miserable you putz.

          • Do not use George Washington’s name saying he would approve of legalizing cannabis growing all across America. IT’S A DRUG! He would not condone drug usage, except medical use perhaps. If you have no more self discipline than to need ANY drug for relaxation or to calm your anxiety, you’re a weakling and in a world of hurt. That’s what’s wrong with America, too many “potheads”, no brains, weak. I was a teenager during the 60’s, and never used a drug of any kind, not even regular cigarettes. I’m sick and tired of hearing that the baby boomers are responsible for everything; where are all you other people who’ve had 40 to 50+ years to change the so called damage done by baby boomers? Shut up or step up.

            • Rosales: Cannabaceae for humulus lupulus (hop) and cannabis(marijuana, hemp) addictive. Hemp( cannabis sativa) industrial hemp plant has only a small amount of THC as compared to marijuana or hashish.

        • Why do you think anyone cares what an uneducated boob such as yourself has to say about things you have no knowledge about?

      5. Dave?……Dave’s not here man….

        • Lol

          OK LARDASS

          • Hey can you pigs give us a push man?

      6. Thinking of all the people that have got involved and jailed in multi million pot busts that cops claimed was worth untold amounts and all of it was hemp.

        To be fair, the previous statement could also be applied to alcohol. I obviously drink but have cut way back. I binge drink maybe once a month. While bad, it used to be a few times per week. Ive been slowed up for quit some time now. Honestly if it werent for getting together with all my rowdy friends I probably wouldn’t drink at all but thats just how it is for now and having drank myself silly working construction for 20 years a once a month fling is nothing.

      7. PROHIBITION does NOT work. I thought we learned that lesson about 100 years ago. In a free country, people have to learn what is good for them, or not, through education, observation, experience, and the school of hard knocks.

        Regarding the immigration caravan. The disingenuous dummycrats want to have a tizzy-fit over a less than one-half of one percent of the annual Fed. budget expenditure on the southern border wall. Get a grip stupor shoomore and Nazi Polowsy.

      8. Everybody should know that cannabis is not addictive. Everybody should know not to operate machinery while under the influence of cannabis. To call a cannabis user a doper is the height of ignorance. Self medication is fine under the right circumstances. An example is driving a vehicle where the tendency is to slow down which is logically safer. Becoming antiwar is another added benefit to mellowing out in the present ignorant rat race towards hell.

        • So, if the lefties got their stuff, then they’d settle down? No more demonstrations or marches that end up smashing windows, setting vehicles on fire and other forms of protest?

          • People, hundreds of years ago, did not necessarily consider it a moral vice.

            So, prohibition is not necessarily conservative.

            • Very true. One problem today is that some people like to take things to the extreme perhaps as a way of setting themselves apart. However, people, since time immemorial, have had their vices and laws don’t necessarily restrain them.

              Hundreds of years ago, moderation was much more a way of life. Of course, most had to be so they could eat and have a roof over their head.

        • Wrong. Cannabis is addictive. I’ve treated several cannabis addicts over the years.

          • What is the treatment for cannabis addiction?

        • aljamo, I’ve had good friends, fine men, hard-working men … who’ve turned to cannabis for the medical benefits – such as the pain of cancer – when nothing else worked. And I supported them in those decisions. However I must be round-the-bend nuts or something. I like being just me sans any chemical influence. The term ‘doper’ has been around since… when? the 50s or thereabouts? But being mellow should be something one can achieve by getting right with life from the inside the individual out. Not by taking in some drug. Any drug. Again – medical uses…. I agree totally. Self-medication… heck yes!! I’m not in the business of supporting the medical industrial complex. This whole push towards legalization in the end is going to benefit who most? Not the people queuing up to buy pot for joint on a Friday night. No. You know it too. It’ll go to the corporations eventually. Taxes. The government. And no drug is free from that last entity’s control once legal. Hell, keep it illegal… keep it like it used to be – just don’t prosecute or pursue. I said I’d go the ‘libertarian’ route and not stand in the way of any person choosing to get high. But…. I ask that they respect my policy of not giving them any position that requires sane and natural thought. Pot smokers, I’ve seen, make mistakes constantly. And that same laissez-fair attitude is part and parcel of my complete mistrust of such people. I want hard workers. Focused. Willing to strive and press themselves to their best performance. Not to just “oh wow man, like chill…. I’ll get to it”.

          • Well stated Heartless..All of the pot smokers i know,and have met,have that lackadaisical attitude and also think they’re Philosophers.. The ones I know and have met wouldn’t work a job in a pie factory as a taster,they’re lazy as all get out..Now obviously that doesn’t mean that all pot smokers are lazy,just the ones I personally know and have met..

          • THAT’S RACIST! (jk).

        • So you’re perfectly fine with your kids riding the school bus that’s driven by a pot head?
          Every pot head I’ve ever met has thought they were philosophers and most wouldn’t work in a pie factory as a taster..Pure Laziness

        • “Everybody should know that cannabis is not additive ”

          It’s always the regular Marijuana users who are claiming that Marijuana isn’t addictive..Talk about an oxymoron..

        • You’re full of shit. I worked in the medical field for 45 years, and I’m telling you cannabis IS addictive and affects one’s memory. Also married to a cannabis user and had first hand experience there. If a person won’t give up cannabis use to save their marriage, guess what, THEY’RE ADDICTED! You can keep making excuses and lying to yourself if you want to, but don’t advise others.

      9. I don’t care if people wanna smoke dope. I don’t need to self medicate to handle life. As I see it if you smoke you have the $ to burn even if your living in the street. To me it’s something I did as a teen being rebellious. You have to grow up someday. There is a lot of middle aged kids that gotta have their weed. I would hire a doper depending on the job cus they just want to get through their shift so they can go smoke. As long as they are a functional stoner. Most jobs won’t hire a stoner so if you do you have an slave for life. Enjoy your weed suckers.

      10. Olestra, now goes by the name Olean. It is illegal in Europe, Canada, and China. A fake fat that causes obesity.

        The immune system is essential. Adrenal fatigue from stress can cause a bad thyroid problem and obesity and even Cancer. An adrenal problem can cause a failure to make bile which leads to gallstones and surgery. All surgeries drain the adrenal glands.

        There is high froctose corn syrup in some sausage.

        Natural medicine is health care.

        Allopathic medicine is disease management.

        FDA (fraud and deception association) protects big pharma not people.


        • Psycadelic mushrooms are very theraputic. But one must use a lot of caution and be in a place with few people. Not something you want to do on a regular basis (once or twice a year). As long as you don’t have a bunch of emotional/mental issues. The natives of most all lands used them for centuries. I have benefited greatly from them. As long as you are in the right mindset and know what you want to accomplish they will open your mind to reality in a way that is incredible (think fibernacci sequence etc.). I cannot describe it in words, it is something you have to see for yourself. But like I said… don’t do it just for fun or laughs, do it for a purpose, a purpose of understanding and seeing. And don’t do it if your head is full of crap.

          • Go for a nice long walk in the woods. Stop and examine what you find. A piece of grass or a tree will be revealed for the life energy which it comes from. An understanding of how all life here is connected. Nothing else comes close.

            • lol, always knew you was a friggin’ hippy

        • Infinite Energy, But Not For The Masses | Andrew Johnson



          Also watch Dr. Judy Wood

          9/11 not a demolition?

          9/11 dustification?

          9/11 technology can be used for good?

          9/11 technology for energy?

          __ so tired of hearing about 9/11 ?
          __ I was but I listened anyway.

          Some very compelling evidence provided by this scientist.


          • Ya she is good. So much tech we aren’t allowed to know about. Watched the wizard of Oz tonight, god that film is loaded with inuendos! Even back then people were too stupid to “get it”. There is no hope, just grab yer ankles and get ready for the bottle brush….

        • Not to mention all the soy in our foodstuffs. During the digestion process soy is turned into estrogen. I read the label on every brand of canned tuna and found soy as an ingredient, also bread. Soy and fructose corn syrup in almost everything. Needless to say I bought no tuna.

      11. Clothing made from synthetic fibers burns my skin, so I’ve worn natural fiber all my life. Sadly, natural fiber is going out of style and it is harder and harder to find anything 100% natural. Given that, I don’t think there will ever be a big market for Hemp fiber,or that Hemp will ever be an important crop in the U.S. How many acres of hemp will it take to satisfy the demand for CBD? Not many.Just another niche crop.
        And what does Melville say?
        “Of late years the Manilla rope has in the American fishery almost entirely superseded hemp as a material for whale-lines; for, though not so durable as hemp, it is stronger, and far more soft and elastic; and I will add (since there is an æsthetic in all things), is much more handsome and becoming to the boat, than hemp.”

        • As an ex sail boat owner, I can say nobody
          uses anything but synthetic lines.
          I can splice any line you can come up with,
          I have tools, books, and experience.
          I can tell you from personal experience
          Tarred Hemp really SUX!
          I’ll take Kevlar double braid any day!

        • Thusly…
          Hemp Inc
          HEMP (OTCMKTS)
          0.038USDPrice decrease0.004 (9.52%)
          Dec 21, 4:00 PM EST

      12. It was originally protected by the constitution to consume whatever you wanted for a reason because marijuana is illegal there is a distorted perception about it because people and especially the people that run operate and own business still believe lies someone who constantly uses the same amount of thc on a regular basis don’t get that “doped up” off of it like if you were someone trying it secretly a couple of times and if you want to make it a religious thing no where in the bible does it say god hates marijuana or anything even remotely close and in the original scrolls that the bible is derived from does it say you have to follow the law of your land that was added later by Constantine because he was a king like a monarchy and I think its a waist of money to lock people up for doing drugs at all because if what they are doing is that much of a problem we should have plenty of reasons to lock them up drugs don’t ruin peoples lives bad parenting does plain and simple if more people were accountable for their impacts on their children’s lives and we got the value our money as a nation to around 19-21$ per ounce of gold again we would be set when people made dollars a day they had more plain and simple it isn’t that complicated at all actually I’m surprised you guys let em pull the wool over your eyes like that America is simple to operate effectively we can do it regulations on things don’t make a utopia a lack of regulations and a strong military to keep things from getting out of hand does all we have to do is study the past to fix where we are heading

      13. Allow me to chime in on legal pot.
        Pot hash and oils have been widely available for decades on this country.
        Legalizing it really didn’t change a lot
        I can still buy from my friends or a cannabis store. I’m able to grow 4 indoor plants up to a meter tall (3′).
        People don’t go walking down the street smoking it they arent huddled in the parks. Passed out on benches.
        It’s as if the tentions off I guess you could say.
        I smoke it. I’m allowed to consume marijuana anywhere I’m allowed to smoke cigarettes. I can consume in a federal park provincial parks municipalities are all different
        So it’s not that big a deal. I’m 47 and I’ve been asked for id every time.
        As for the kids getting their hands on it. No more then they get their mitts in booze.
        The cops and RCMP don’t seem to worried about it.
        It’s treated alot like alcohol. And how many people do you see nowadays actually getting behind the wheel shit faced???
        Most of society knows you gotta be some kinda special asswipe to drink and drive.

      14. Marijuana is a DANGEROUS gateway drug that leads young people to harder drugs that DESTROY their lives and kill them. FACT. I lived in Portland OR. Been to San Fran after politicians ruined the city. Druggies there everywhere.

        Anyone that grows the hemp or marijuana is asking for trouble. Cops and politicians look for any and all excuses to kick in your door, steal your bank accounts, put you in prison. Because the politicians are heavily invested in the Prison Corporations. Politicians are CRIMINALS.

        You are lucky if they just put you in prison. Many rural farmers are MURDERED in “raids” if they have valuable land that politicians want for development. Happens all the time. If they want to buy. You refuse. They raid you with “warrant” and kill you.

        What kind of idiot would allow themselves to get set up by cops, so as they will be robbed, jailed, or killed?

        Stay the hell away from all this nonsense.

        Messing with this stuff is like driving a beater car that is unwashed, loud muffler, one headlight out, one tail light out, expired registration tags, and driving through a nice part of town at 2 AM on a weekend night, with a black passenger, in an all white neighborhood.

        Of course even though you just got off work. Are giving your black co worker a ride home. Have no bad intentions. You in all likely hood are going to have your face in the dirt, gun to your head, moron cop acting crazy and barking screaming inintelligible commands. Then you are sure as hell getting tickets so the politicians can steal every dime and then some for your past weeks work. Or some idiot fearful cop might just murder both you and your passenger. Because that cop knows he can kill with zero accountability.

        That is the real world ladies and gents.

        So for you to have a rural land and especially if near town where development is coming near, and to mess with cannibus, hemp, marijuana, YOU ARE A FOOL just asking to be imprisoned or murdered by cops, on orders from politicians. Don’t let them set you up. STAY AWAY from all of that stuff.

        I have had utility company crew call cops on me.
        I have had neighbors walking by call and have Sheriff visit. Why? For tomato plants. For okra plants.

        This is absolute truth. I could have been murdered for tomatoes and okra. My wife and children could have been killed. If I would not have been home when the cops came. They would have gotten a “probable” cause warrant, kicked in my door at night. And then there would have been a firefight. All because of Tomatoes and Okra.

        You live in a corrupt criminal nation that uses cops to steal and murder for politicians, corporations, land developers. ***** You best remember that.

        Conduct yourself as you wish.

        But my truck is newer model, not a beater, quite muffler, washed, current tags and insurance, all lights work. I do a walk around EACH time i go out. I keep my ass home on weekends. Never out past 10 pm NEVER. I NEVER drive after even one beer. My woman drives.

        Don’t you get it? THEY WANT YOU TO DRIVE over limit. Then they can steal tens of thousands of dollars in made up charges. It is same with this hemp stuff. They want you to mess with it so they can rob, steal, imprison, and maybe murder you.

        Your life. Ruin it as you will.

      15. While way too late tis a welcome change and will have a huge positive impact on economy,and no,not talking the recreation smokers but medical/industry ect.We will though save money on not prosecuting smokers,now,legalize all the drugs!

        • Idk i have seen long time tokers get weird on K2/ Spice…something about it makes some peeps flip out.

          • Synthetic mj and fentanyl are made in the same countries as your prescription meds.

            • im just trying to head this thing off at the pass for first responders…concerned the synthetic will be in demand again for those that cant afford real bud

              people that think you cant flip out on K2 yet they believe everyones dna, is individual.

              this could be a pcp flipout but entirely possible its K2

              They say that you see el diablo

              ht tps://

                • G said, “Dont think this is what George had in mind.
                  (Man Flipping Out High Off K2)”

                  Just how were troublesome people dealt-with, before sanitariums and liberal do-gooders.

                  “In 1676, British soldiers were sent to stop the Rebellion of Bacon. Jamestown weed (Jimsonweed) was boiled for inclusion in a salad, which the soldiers readily ate. The hallucinogenic properties of jimsonweed took affect.

                  As told by Robert Beverly in The History and Present State of Virginia (1705): The soldiers presented “a very pleasant comedy, for they turned natural fools upon it for several days: one would blow up a feather in the air; another would dart straws at it with much fury; and another, stark naked, was sitting up in a corner like a monkey, grinning and making mows at them; a fourth would fondly kiss and paw his companions, and sneer in their faces with a countenance more antic than any in a Dutch droll.

                  “In this frantic condition they were confined, lest they should, in their folly, destroy themselves – though it was observed that all their actions were full of innocence and good nature. Indeed they were not very cleanly; for they would have wallowed in their own excrements, if they had not been prevented. A thousand such simple tricks they played, and after 11 days returned themselves again, not remembering anything that had passed.”

                  Jimsonweed References

                  It was handled, in a utilitarian way, without moral panic.

      16. Why does this web site continuously push weed?
        Trying to set people up?

        In many jurisdictions, any amount of weed in proximity to a firearm, is enhanced charges. The lieing greed filled politician mafioso with their violent murdering henchman police, corrupt on the take trying to make name for himself DA, and paid off corrupt Freemason judges, playing both sides double talking lawyer you hire, will ALL work in a conspiracy to steal Everything from you and lock you up. While you are locked up for made up idiocy you will loose EVERYTHING.

        And I am the only one on this site that has no guns. Everyone here is armed to the teeth and then some. So to encourage weed is setting good people up for destruction.

        Weed itself leads to destruction. Makes people lazy. Leads them to hard drugs. All stoners care about is getting stoned. Not a productive use of a persons very limited time on this earth. Just as bad as video games.

        Gardening. Small livestock. Food storage. Water catchment. Working out and staying in good physical condition. Running several business’s. Raising children, Coaching childrens sports. Volunteering for charity or church. Those things are productive. Stoners seldom do those things that require effort.
        Web Captain:
        I am a customer of many advertisers that support this website. I do not wish to be associated with looser pot heads, or those that seek to profit from the weakness of the young and foolish. Clear?

        Just because something is profitable does not make it morally correct, or a good ide. In fact the opposite is usually the case.

      17. It was originally protected by the constitution to consume whatever you wanted for a reason because marijuana is illegal there is a distorted perception about it because people and especially the people that run operate and own business still believe lies someone who constantly uses the same amount of thc on a regular basis don’t get that “doped up” off of it like if you were someone trying it secretly a couple of times and I think its a waist of money to lock people up for doing drugs at all because if what they are doing is that much of a problem we should have plenty of reasons to lock them up drugs don’t ruin peoples lives bad parenting does plain and simple if more people were accountable for their impacts on their children’s lives and we got the value our money as a nation to around 19-21$ per ounce of gold again we would be set when people made dollars a day they had more plain and simple it isn’t that complicated at all actually I’m surprised you guys let em pull the wool over your eyes like that America is simple to operate effectively we can do it regulations on things don’t make a utopia a lack of regulations and a strong military to keep things from getting out of hand does all we have to do is study the past to fix where we are heading

        • That was the longest sentence I have ever almost read…

        • Cops around here give out $500.00 fines for paraphernalia.

      18. That happened to me this afternoon. I started to flip the bird to everyone I encountered.

      19. Brainwashed masses that think legalization of pot will lead to social collapse simply don’t realize that people all over the world have been and continue to use this NATUTRAL PLANT, legal or not. Legalization is simply a recogntion of the failed attempt to scare people away from using this PLANT if they choose. The Feds demonize it becasue anyone can grow it – they can’t control that, cant TAX that, therfore it’s BAD. Alcohol on the other hand, that’s GOOD. That’s the accepted way to “alter your mind” as Heartless says. People drive drunk, work drunk, drink on the job every day and will continue to do so. That’s soemhow more acceptable than those who choose to use pot. Absurd. The US GOVT Health and Human Services holds a PATENT (US 6,630,507 B1) on the medical use of cannabinoids (how’s that work?). All these years of demonizing the plant, but now that big pharma is getting in on the act, cannibus will be made “okay” to use, as long as you buy the “safe” version from your local chemist after getting a perscription from a doctor, so everyone can get a piece of the pie. What a farce.

      20. We have a Pollyanna-ish, Disney-esque idea of what is a farmstead, but not that it was a business, with responsibilities.

        Plantation labor used to be subsidized, but they were also told to meet a certain quota, in hemp — used for the country’s shipping needs.

        It was not only legal, in the sense that legislators ignored it; it was a legal requirement, that people would produce it.

        (Pedants’ heads must be swirling, now.)

        When the duty was unpaid, molasses, tea, tobacco, common kitchen seasonings, and paper stationary was smuggled, subject to violent seizures, akin to a drug raid.

        Globalist mercantilists have caged people, and worse, for old-timey, wholesome kind-of things, with no moral onus.

      21. What’s all the medical marijuana card holders and those prescribed opioids/anti-depressants going to do when their forced to surrender their firearms? Don’t think it’ll happen? Wait and see..
        As for having to be some kind of special to drink/drive or drive while high,well there must be a hellavu lot of special people because millions of DWI’s are issued each and every year..

      22. Obey Big Bruva,get totally stoned… then let the Luciferian Freemason scumbags shit all over you – The End.

      23. So many mental giants here nowadays!

      24. If a pilot is high and driving the plane I’m on I’d sure like to have the choice of getting off or staying on. We know what alcohol does to people but its ok to put people in peril by toking up? I’ll walk thank you. Same for bus drivers,surgeons,etc. If it wasn’t for the tax money generated it wouldn’t be an issue and politicians know it.




        Marijuana is against Federal law. Put state government officials that allow drug use in jail.

        Save America’s Youth. Protect them from certain Death.
        Marijuana leads to hard drugs. Hard drugs are DEATH.

      26. China can now make gold from copper.
        Story on: BlackListedNews. c o m

        Views and comment critical of Facebook-Google recieve a 404 error here.
        Cooments critical of weed stories posted here don’t see light of day.
        The comment engine used here is a censorship filter.

        If you continue pushing drugs.
        i’ll find other places to purchase my metals.
        i buy food metals ammo. I have zero tolerance for anyone pushing for investment in degenerate activities. This web site has lost it’s way. What is next? Human trafficking and massage parlors? Do you have no moral compass? Or just anything that makes a buck? Then censor and shadow ban anyone critical of your poor editorial content choices?

        I resent the jpg pic of George Washington. Mr. Washington was not a stoner. George Washington is resposible for the founding of a once great nation. Show some respect.

        Show some respect for web viitors. Stop pushing weed.

      27. TSUNAMI -> ?




      29. No place else to post this. The news is too fast for some blogs. Trump wants to pull out of Syria today. Good news for Americans. He also wants to pull out of Afghanistan soon. Very good news for Americans. Over a trillion wasted in Afghanistan. Not counting lives and major injuries. All Taliban are Pashtun. So arm everyone who isn’t and leave. Problem solved.

        • I think most Americans are behind Trump on this. If we don’t just get the hell out of there we’ll be there forever.

          No matter who wins in the middle east those people will hate our guts and want us dead, just like they have for over a 1000 years. We need to get OUT!

      30. When your’e trillions in debt opinions change. A few more years they’ll be growing poppys and getting the whole country drugged out to stay afloat.

        Although, I do agree with growing hemp im just making a point. Hemp, the worst thing ever! Now we’re broke so its ok cause we need to keep the tax $ rolling in our polished marble courthouse needs a good buffing and my pension needs to be better funding. I really do hate this society.

      31. George friggin Washington lol, nothin but a Lucifer worshiping Freemason stoner.

      32. Our youth will now be ruined, sitting around smoking small unraveled ends of old rope, trying to get high, and failing!

      33. To answer the question posted:
        Falcon Eyes see from high above.
        Rabbits are prey. Grazing on fresh grass below.
        Fools use drugs. Stoners are prey.
        Cook rabbit covered in oven. Carrots are nice touch.
        0 no u 8 1 2 n the ohio cleavland brown town.
        Weather is cloudy until may some say

        Chess moves loose pawns.
        knight is black on your board surrounds the king
        Dogs play poor chess.

        Porch Pirates get rocks in stockings
        red is colour of what truck
        red is also colour of Santa’s sliegh

        home made cookies and unpasturised milk for Santa and Elves. Elf bonus is in the last check.
        Elephants don’t hang stockings. They have no mantle or fireplace.

        Merry Christmas. Peace on Earth. BlackListed. c o m
        for useful info and not stocks pushing bad things on foolish.
        s h t f p l a n . c om
        Home of:
        – shadow ban
        – no free speech zone
        – comments banned here
        LOOSERS push weed investment.
        Result: Disgruntled visitors buy metals elsewhere.
        Cleared stocks month ago for metal buy when low
        now i go
        buy buy buy by by by
        clear blue skies indicate cold night

      34. Off subject but real important. ..stock mkt was open till just noon / 1pm and dropped 653 points.. whats coming is turning the door nob so to say.. If by chance you do have a 401k and the plan enables you to manage your money to a degree and allows you to have a self directed brokerage account set it up asap and put it all in it and do not invest but let it set as cash. Short of quitting and pulling it this is the best option untill we see exactly to what extent its all going down..Wednesday will be a real shit day and the ride down the slippery slope just started…weeeee

          • Lmfao. Funny and true shit

        • Spot on. This time next week the USA could be a much ‘ different ‘ country. Save ur energy. You might to need to do what we’ve all been planning on for years. Survive.

      35. Seen it commin gonna be worse than 1929…In 1929 people were jumping outa windows and back then they had balls and were “tuff” these millinials wont get it till their cell phones are shut off cus they couldn’t pay the cell bill or come unglued cus they ran out of their “anxiety meds” gonna be saying wow alot as i shake my

      36. 3 best treatments for anxiety

        1 prayer

        2 whiskey

        3 weed

        Melinnials are screwed they have little or no faith, they cant hold their liquor, and Nancy Regan told them to just say no.

      37. Cell phone zombie APOCALYPSE! You know it had to happen!

      38. I know what im getting for Christmas. FAT!!! Im getting fat for Christmas mmmm cookies lol

      39. Was going to have a little eggnog and whiskey but forgot to get eggnog oh well got plenty of whiskey merry Christmas everyone! !!!!and God bless

        • Mmmmm wheeeeeesky lol. Enjoy yer cookies and actually fat is a good thing (in moderation) you can live off it when yer out of cookies 😉

      40. Make America Stupid, legalize all drugs and if there is any resistance tell them it is for medical purposes only or for making hemp products as most politicians are too stupid to understand the destruction they are bringing onto the country once it becomes a free for all and is everywhere!

        • Martus, Drugs etc. are a product of a free society. As long as you do not harm others it is simply FREE will. You made about the most STATIST post there is. What you call stupid is actually a constitutional right! Maybe you should run as a democrat for senate or something, because you OBVIOUSLY don’t believe in freedom, you want to control others actions. Good thing you aren’t my neighbor because you would need hella fire insurance boy!

          • And another thing you dimwit clown, just because things are (illegal) doesn’t mean they aren’t just as abundent and widely used. Are you so stupid you think legalizing pot makes it more available? Get back under your rock before the light sunburns your stupid ass…

          • Since your the genius maybe you could splain why Martus should run as a Democrat, seems that all the freedom loving pothead states are controlled by the Democrats. They can’t cope with the realities of life so they have to keep their brains fogged with drugs or alcohol. You talk about freedom and then when Martus uses his freedom of speech you want to burn his house, must be the alcohol talking. Trekker Out.

            • MT, Who is he or you to tell anyone what they can and cannot put in their bodies? Maybe it is detrimental to mental health I don’t know I haven’t used it in 30 years. But I do know what real freedom is and trust me… NOBODY will take the responsibility for it! Democrats seem to be the worst at taking rights away (republicans close by). I AM a freedom loving man and I have never been free. In that frame of thinking if someone is a statist RAT that wants me prosecuted for something that is no concern to them then YES, I have an enormous problem with that! If it is my neighbor then the only avenue I have to get justice from an injust person is to do what I will to get justice from the rights trampling piece of shit. You either stand up for your rights or lie down because you agree with the statist unconstitutional piles of shit that are behind these so called laws. There is no gray area, you are either for freedom or against it!

              • Nothing quite like a free exchange of thoughts. Trekker Out

      41. ☞⚇ will you people just please shit up for once already?

        • I poop 2 times a day thank you…

        • Anon, I never shit up, just shit down.

          • Afterall… shit runs downhill lol.

      42. (
        ( ) (
        ) )
        ||||||| ( ( (
        ( O O ) )

        • That’s a crappy lookin joint! Who taught you how to roll?


        • Ya git it! Pretend it’s a bong. OOOOHHHH YAAAAA! Did ya git sum?

          • .Ya git it! Pretend it’s a bong. OOOOHHHH YAAAAA! Did ya git sum?

      44. NI DONT THINK SO

      45. ______________n__

      46. Let’s see…. When Obama left office the market was at about 10,000. And everyone was happy. Trump gets in and the market goes through the roof. The market starts to correct, and everyone is in a panic. Because the media tells you to panic at 20,000. Obama low market good. Trump higher market bad. It’s beyond propaganda, it’s indoctrination. Buy low, sell high. If you had stocks and didn’t sell at record highs, then shame on you.

        • Obama had 0 % interest rates too. Its been raised 8 times under Trump.

      47. Fall in line and do as your told sheeple…thats what 99% of laws are created by gov to control the people and leach off them and their labors.

      48. Prohibition hmmm how well did that work not good so in turn they flip it control it by laws and tax it to get a piece of the pie. Cigarette would be cheap as hell cus actual cost to make them is nothing but all the regulations and shit ton of tax makes what should be 10-15 bucks a carton 50.00 a carton. Sheeple people baaaa. Baaa. You are not free. Yet

      49. People who smoke up their $ are fools.

      50. Too good to be true. We’ll see.

        State governments are already taxing the sh*t out of legal marijuana. Why ? For what legitimate reason ?

        Banks won’t let them transact business like Amazon or Walmart….

      51. Making weed legal will only further dumb down the populace and they won’t be able to tune in or grasp much, if anything of what we post here.

        Weed attacks the motivational center of the brain, it diminishes focus, interferes with concentration.

        Enough said?

        No Clinical studies exist AT ALL on weed except the FDA approves of it for 2 seizure disorders.

        If Congress moved it to a Schedule II drug, it could be studied, not anecdotally, but SCIENTIFICALLY.

        And notice the ordinary person can’t own or start a dispensary, it takes millions.

        Ever wonder about that? The rich want to continue to dumb down the masses, just like Bill Gates’ “Common Core” curriculum, the one where 2 + 2 = 5.


        Let’s stop the rest of our country from going to pot! Get high naturally on life: on what brings you joy from your innermost psycho-spiritual resources.

        Merry CHRISTmas, everyone!

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

      52. I don’t think that most people, in the social-Darwinist foodchain, will tolerate these conditions, without being high, for part of the day.

        In short, this country needs oblivious people, with seared consciences, so runs-on drugs, of all different kinds.

        You have embraced this bargain, because it is cheaper than comfortable living standards.

      53. Well, we can certainly eat hemp seed but will Americans choose to do so? We already produce an abundance of food for export. Is that in our best interest?

        From what I have read, corn into ethanol is hardly worth it nationally so why would you expect hemp to be better especially when we now produce more oil for export then ever before PLUS the Permian Reserve is double our previously estimates???

        Actually, it would behoove us to look at algae based ethanol first.

        Obviously we coud make domestic textiles from hemp and should do so, but then we should make EVERYTHING domestically and bolster our near broken middle class by banning free trade.

        Why is it every nation can use tariffs but the USA??? If they are protectionist, then that is normal but if we do it, it’s a crisis???


        “Among algal fuels’ attractive characteristics are that they can be grown with minimal impact on fresh water resources, [4][5] can be produced using saline and wastewater , have a high
        flash point, [6] and are biodegradable and relatively harmless to the environment if spilled. [7][8] Algae cost more per unit mass than other second-generation biofuel crops due to high capital and operating costs, [9] but are claimed to yield between 10 and 100 times more fuel per unit area. [10] The United States Department of Energy estimates that if algae fuel replaced all the petroleum fuel in the United States, it would require 15,000 square miles (39,000 km 2), which is only 0.42% of the U.S. map, [11] or about half of the land area of Maine . This is less than 1⁄ 7 the area of corn harvested in the United States in 2000. [12]”

        • Cannabis used to be in the standard, medical pharmacopeia and, as such, is no more or less sinful than any other OTC remedy.

          But, practically every plant yields and oil-bearing seed, a fiber, and medicinal compounds.

          Most people don’t realize that they can be citizen-scientists, too. A hobbyist could play with this algae, the weeds of the field, or ordinary rocks, to create useful industries.

      55. So I think I get it now.

        Trump is legalizing hemp because Monsanto will likely introduce GMO hemp soon. They are already about to introduce GMO marijuana.

        The recent “First Step Act” will benefit for-profit prison companies by mandating treatment and counseling programs for parolees administered by……… for-profit prison companies.

        Trump talked a good game during his campaign, but has shown himself to be a puppet of our worst enemies. Israel and Russia.

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