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George Orwell’s 1984 Has Become a Blueprint for Our Dystopian Reality

Mac SlavoJohn W. Whitehead and Nisha Whitehead
June 30th, 2021
SHTFplan.comThe Rutherford Institute
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This article was originally published by John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead. 

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.” George Orwell, 1984

Tread cautiously: the fiction of George Orwell (Jun. 25, 1903-Jan. 21, 1950) has become an operation manual for the omnipresent, modern-day surveillance state.

It’s been more than 70 years since Orwell—dying, beset by fever and bloody coughing fits and driven to warn against the rise of a society in which rampant abuse of power and mass manipulation is the norm—depicted the ominous rise of ubiquitous technology, fascism, and totalitarianism in 1984.

Who could have predicted that so many years after Orwell typed the final words to his dystopian novel, “He loved Big Brother,” we would come to love Big Brother?

“To the future or to the past, to a time when thought is free, when men are different from one another and do not live alone— to a time when truth exists and what is done cannot be undone: From the age of uniformity, from the age of solitude, from the age of Big Brother, from the age of doublethink — greetings!”—George Orwell

1984 portrays a global society of total control in which people are not allowed to have thoughts that in any way disagree with the corporate state. There is no personal freedom, and advanced technology has become the driving force behind a surveillance-driven society. Snitches and cameras are everywhere. People are subject to the Thought Police, who deal with anyone guilty of thought crimes. The government, or “Party,” is headed by Big Brother who appears on posters everywhere with the words: “Big Brother is watching you.”

We have arrived, way ahead of schedule, into the dystopian future dreamed up by not only Orwell but also such fiction writers as Aldous Huxley, Margaret Atwood, and Philip K. Dick.

“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”―George Orwell

Much like Orwell’s Big Brother in 1984, the government and its corporate spies now watch our every move. Much like Huxley’s A Brave New World, we are churning out a society of watchers who “have their liberties taken away from them, but … rather enjoy it, because they [are] distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing.” Much like Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, the populace is now taught to “know their place and their duties, to understand that they have no real rights but will be protected up to a point if they conform, and to think so poorly of themselves that they will accept their assigned fate and not rebel or run away.”

And in keeping with Philip K. Dick’s darkly prophetic vision of a dystopian police state—which became the basis for Steven Spielberg’s futuristic thriller Minority Report—we are now trapped in a world in which the government is all-seeing, all-knowing, and all-powerful, and if you dare to step out of line, dark-clad police SWAT teams and pre-crime units will crack a few skulls to bring the populace under control.

What once seemed futuristic no longer occupies the realm of science fiction.

Incredibly, as the various nascent technologies employed and shared by the government and corporations alike—facial recognition, iris scanners, massive databases, behavior prediction software, and so on—are incorporated into a complex, interwoven cyber network aimed at tracking our movements, predicting our thoughts and controlling our behavior, the dystopian visions of past writers is fast becoming our reality.

Our world is characterized by widespread surveillance, behavior prediction technologies, data mining, fusion centers, driverless cars, voice-controlled homes, facial recognition systems, cybugs, and drones, and predictive policing (pre-crime) aimed at capturing would-be criminals before they can do any damage.

Surveillance cameras are everywhere. Government agents listen in on our telephone calls and read our emails. Political correctness—a philosophy that discourages diversity—has become a guiding principle of modern society.

“People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”―George Orwell

The courts have shredded the Fourth Amendment’s protections against unreasonable searches and seizures. In fact, SWAT teams battering down doors without search warrants and FBI agents acting as a secret police that investigates dissenting citizens are common occurrences in contemporary America. And bodily privacy and integrity have been utterly eviscerated by a prevailing view that Americans have no rights over what happens to their bodies during an encounter with government officials, who are allowed to search, seize, strip, scan, spy on, probe, pat down, taser, and arrest any individual at any time and for the slightest provocation.

“The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”―George Orwell, Animal Farm

We are increasingly ruled by multi-corporations wedded to the police state.

What many fail to realize is that the government is not operating alone. It cannot. The government requires an accomplice. Thus, the increasingly complex security needs of the massive federal government, especially in the areas of defense, surveillance and data management, have been met within the corporate sector, which has shown itself to be a powerful ally that both depends on and feeds the growth of governmental overreach.

In fact, Big Tech wedded to Big Government has become Big Brother, and we are now ruled by the Corporate Elite whose tentacles have spread worldwide. The government now has at its disposal technological arsenals so sophisticated and invasive as to render any constitutional protections null and void. Spearheaded by the NSA, which has shown itself to care little to nothing for constitutional limits or privacy, the “security/industrial complex”—a marriage of government, military, and corporate interests aimed at keeping Americans under constant surveillance—has come to dominate the government and our lives.

Money, power, control. There is no shortage of motives fueling the convergence of mega-corporations and government. But who is paying the price? The American people, of course.

Orwell understood what many Americans are still struggling to come to terms with: that there is no such thing as a government organized for the good of the people. Even the best intentions among those in government inevitably give way to the desire to maintain power and control over the citizenry at all costs.

“The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.” ― George Orwell

Even our ability to speak and think freely is being regulated.

In totalitarian regimes—a.k.a. police states—where conformity and compliance are enforced at the end of a loaded gun, the government dictates what words can and cannot be used. In countries where the police state hides behind a benevolent mask and disguises itself as tolerance, the citizens censor themselves, policing their words and thoughts to conform to the dictates of the mass mind.

Dystopian literature shows what happens when the populace is transformed into mindless automatons.

In Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, reading is banned and books are burned in order to suppress dissenting ideas, while televised entertainment is used to anesthetize the populace and render them easily pacified, distracted, and controlled.

In Huxley’s Brave New World, serious literature, scientific thinking, and experimentation are banned as subversive, while critical thinking is discouraged through the use of conditioning, social taboos, and inferior education. Likewise, expressions of individuality, independence, and morality are viewed as vulgar and abnormal.

In my debut novel The Erik Blair Diaries, the dystopian future that George Orwell predicted for 1984 has finally arrived, 100 years late and ten times as brutal. In this post-apocalyptic world where everyone marches to the beat of the same drummer and words like “freedom” are taboo, Erik Blair—Orwell’s descendant and unwitting heir to his legacy—isn’t volunteering to be anyone’s hero. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always go according to plan. To save all that he loves, Orwell will have to travel between his future self and the past.

And in Orwell’s 1984, Big Brother does away with all undesirable and unnecessary words and meanings, even going so far as to routinely rewrite history and punish “thoughtcrimes.” Orwell’s Big Brother relies on Newspeak to eliminate undesirable words, strip such words as remained of unorthodox meanings, and make independent, non-government-approved thought altogether unnecessary.

Where we stand now is at the juncture of OldSpeak (where words have meanings, and ideas can be dangerous) and Newspeak (where only that which is “safe” and “accepted” by the majority is permitted). The power elite has made their intentions clear: they will pursue and prosecute any and all words, thoughts, and expressions that challenge their authority.

This is the final link in the police state chain.

“Until they became conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.”—George Orwell

Having been reduced to a cowering citizenry—mute in the face of elected officials who refuse to represent us, helpless in the face of police brutality, powerless in the face of militarized tactics and technology that treat us as enemy combatants on a battlefield, and naked in the face of government surveillance that sees and hears all—we have nowhere left to go.

We have, so to speak, gone from being a nation where privacy is king to one where nothing is safe from the prying eyes of the government.

“Big Brother is Watching You.”―George Orwell

Wherever you go and whatever you do, you are now being watched, especially if you leave behind an electronic footprint. When you use your cell phone, you leave a record of when the call was placed, who you called, how long it lasted, and even where you were at the time. When you use your ATM card, you leave a record of where and when you used the card. There is even a video camera at most locations equipped with facial recognition software. When you use a cell phone or drive a car enabled with GPS, you can be tracked by satellite. Such information is shared with government agents, including local police. And all of this once-private information about your consumer habits, your whereabouts, and your activities is now being fed to the government.

The government has nearly inexhaustible resources when it comes to tracking our movements, from electronic wiretapping devices, traffic cameras, and biometrics to radio-frequency identification cards, satellites, and Internet surveillance.

In such a climate, everyone is a suspect. And you’re guilty until you can prove yourself innocent. To underscore this shift in how the government now views its citizens, the FBI uses its wide-ranging authority to investigate individuals or groups, regardless of whether they are suspected of criminal activity.

“Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimetres inside your skull.” ― George Orwell

Here’s what a lot of people fail to understand, however: it’s not just what you say or do that is being monitored, but how you think that is being tracked and targeted. We’ve already seen this play out on the state and federal level with hate crime legislation that cracks down on so-called “hateful” thoughts and expression, encourages self-censoring and reduces free debate on various subject matters.

Say hello to the new Thought Police.

Total Internet surveillance by the Corporate State, as omnipresent as God, is used by the government to predict and, more importantly, control the populace, and it’s not as far-fetched as you might think. For example, the NSA has been working on an artificial intelligence system designed to anticipate your every move. Aquaint (the acronym stands for Advanced QUestion Answering for INTelligence) has been designed to detect patterns and predict behavior.

No information is sacred or spared.

Everything from cell phone recordings and logs, to emails, to text messages, to personal information posted on social networking sites, to credit card statements, to library circulation records, to credit card histories, etc., is collected by the NSA and shared freely with its agents in crime: the CIA, FBI, and DHS.

What we are witnessing, in the so-called name of security and efficiency, is the creation of a new class system comprised of the watched (average Americans such as you and me) and the watchers (government bureaucrats, technicians, and private corporations).

Clearly, the age of privacy in America is at an end.

So where does that leave us?

We now find ourselves in the unenviable position of being monitored, managed, and controlled by our technology, which answers not to us but to our government and corporate rulers. This is the fact-is-stranger-than-fiction lesson that is being pounded into us on a daily basis.

It won’t be long before we find ourselves looking back on the past with longing, back to an age where we could speak to whom we wanted, buy what we wanted, think what we wanted without those thoughts, words, and activities being tracked, processed and stored by corporate giants such as Google, sold to government agencies such as the NSA and CIA, and used against us by militarized police with their army of futuristic technologies.

To be an individual today, to not conform, to have even a shred of privacy, and to live beyond the reach of the government’s roaming eyes and technological spies, one must not only be a rebel but rebel.

Even when you rebel and take your stand, there is rarely a happy ending awaiting you. You are rendered an outlaw. Just look at what happened to Julian Assange.

So how do you survive in the American surveillance state?

We’re running out of options.

Whether you’re dealing with fact or fiction, as I make clear in Battlefield America: The War on the American People and in my new novel The Erik Blair Diaries, we’ll soon have to choose between self-indulgence (the bread-and-circus distractions offered up by the news media, politicians, sports conglomerates, entertainment industry, etc.) and self-preservation in the form of renewed vigilance about threats to our freedoms and active engagement in self-governance.

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    Author: Mac SlavoJohn W. Whitehead and Nisha Whitehead
    Date: June 30th, 2021
    Website: www.SHTFplan.com

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    1. Genius says:

      Ya 1984 was a good book but an even more accurate description and plan in writing is “Protocols of the learned elders of zion”. You can find it in Bill Coopers book “Behold a pale horse”. Also look into “Silent weapons for quiet wars” and “The report from iron mountain”. Those should ALL be required reading in skools….

      • Anonymous says:

        Protocols of the Elders of Zion” is phony fake anti-Semitic propaganda, purely fiction, and has been repeatedly exposed as such with absolutely no indication otherwise.

        It is plagiarized from an number of other known books and this is well known.

        Try doing some research and educate yourself.

    2. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Monkey Business in the Lawless Banana Republic

      Silencing Scientists and Results Past, Present, and Future

      Susan D’Agostino via Global Research reports:
      “From the start, Oppenheimer’s case raised questions about the ability of government scientists to work and think independently. Reacting to the injustice of Oppenheimer’s hearing, Albert Einstein scoffed that the initials of the organization might stand for “Atomic Extermination Conspiracy.” David Lilienthal, a former Atomic Energy Commission chairman, wrote in his diary, “They are so wrong, so terribly wrong, not only about Robert, but in their concept of what is required of wise public servants.” Much later, in 2014, unredacted transcripts of the hearing, In the Matter of J. Robert Oppenheimer, vindicated the nuclear physicist, showing that the prosecution engaged in a wide variety of misconduct.”

      Mordechai Sones, America’s Frontline Doctors, 2021 via Global Research reports that Lisbon court ruled that 152 people died of Covid-19, not 17,000!

      Depopulation Agenda 21st Century

      As everyone knows, the “vaccines” are phase one of the depopulation agenda.

      Phase two of the depopulation agenda will be “space travel.”

      Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, the U.S. government, and China are all in on this scheme. Considering Tesla’s track record of exploding cars and cars with auto-pilot systems that regularly fail, the next giant leap of faith would be to trust Elon Musk to send you into outer space and get you to safely arrive at your destination, despite that virtually everything that Musk designs explodes or fails on a regular basis, including the rockets.

      So much for Xi Jin Ping cracking down on corruption like he claimed that he would do! As usual, he increased it! China’s new racket for explaining away mountains of disappearing Yuan is now a carbon nano-tube space ladder that runs from Earth to Mars that will supposedely be used to launch people and supplies to Mars by 2033. If you are stupid enough to believe that, you are the perfect Chinese citizen! 

      Why it would be impossible :

      1.) Earth and Mars are not always the same distance from each other.

      2.) Nothing can fit in a nano-tube that would be considered supplies other than oxygen. A nano-tube is a millionth of a milimeter in diameter.

      3.) A nano-tube space ladder from Earth to Mars would be destroyed by atmospheric conditions in space.

      So those are just three of the most obvious reasons, first they will probably vaporize people with radiation and naturally they would die, and the family would be told that they were sent to Mars through a carbon nano-tube space ladder, and naturally, nobody would be able to see this carbon nano-tube space ladder, because it would be nano sized, so you will just have to take their word that it exists, and that people and supplies are being sent to Mars through it, like you just have to take their word for it that covid-19 exists. Not that the United States is defrauding its citizens any less. The excuses are mounting explaining away heaps of cash, like spending $240 billion on Central Asian military bases. Are they made out of gold? Did they ever see M*A*S*H ? Doubtful! Klinger would now be in Floyd Austin’s position! U.S. military is now featuring drag queen shows rather than Raquelle Welch like they used to do when things were somewhat normal in this fucked up hell hole run by psychos! 

      This is also why the U.S. government is ramping up spending and propaganda on alien space travel, which defies all math, since there are no planets that could have life within the range required to have alien UFOs in Earth’s vicinity. But, if you suspend belief, which is the first step required by all gas-lighters, and all gas-lighters are predators, either thieves, murderers, rapists, enslavers, or human traffickers, then maybe you could convince people that they would be “beamed up” and get people to demand it, which would actually kill and vaporize them, then that would be quite an extraordinary gas-lighting campaign of mass murder! They are sadistic, evil, insane, retarded, perverted thieves and murderers. The world would definitely be better off if they died today. Their lives and actions are pointless. They are destructive liabilities that any society cannot afford. It is an underground secret organized crime ring. It is not a secret society, because everything that they do has the hallmark of anti-social behavior. It is all illegal. It is a crime ring, so by definition it cannot be a secret society due to its anti-social behavior. InfraGard makes all of its members sign NDA agreements, but all criminal and illegal activity is legally exempt from all NDAs. This has been clearly stated in many circumstances. 

      Obviously, the first major psy-op experiment with this was with the 
      Heaven’s Gate cult, in which 39 people signed over their assets to a cult leader that promised that the Mother Ship would rescue them with the arrival of the Hale Bopp comet, and the Mother Ship would recognize them by their black uniforms and purple shrouds.

      Similarly, the first major psy-op experiment used in the scamdemic was spider eggs in Bubble Yum.

      It is in the pipes, so to speak, or in the works, or in the plans. Bullshit, or hopium, is there really any difference? 

      For the unfortunate victims of Havana Syndrome, including myself, what I know will not work to resolve the problem are the following:

      1.) Seeking medical help because it was done by the medical community and I have alerted many individuals in the medical community to the situation and all have been guilty of dereliction of duty and gross negligence in the very least, refusing to prosecute the evil monsters that are responsible.

      2.) Alerting the government, because I have alerted the Grafton police, Grafton government, Ozaukee County government, Wisconsin Governors and AGs, past and present, Grafton Village president James Brunnquell, State Assemblyman Jim Ott, State Senator Alberta Darling, Congressman Glen Grothman, Senators Tammy Baldwin and Ron Johnson, Ron Kind, Ilahn Omar, Ron Wyden, Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard, Rand Paul, Donald Trump, the FBI, the DoJ, and the Pentagon making all of those also guilty of dereliction of duty and gross negligence.

      3.) Alerting the media, because I have reported this on many websites, called radio stations, news broadcasters, and newspapers, and it has been totally ignored, making all of those also guilty of dereliction of duty and gross negligence.

      4.) Hiring a private investigator, because it has also happened to members of the State Department, Embassy workers, the CIA, and the military, all of whom have security clearances of high levels.

      5.) Suing, because I have called many attornies and all apparently are being bribed to not sue the evil monsters, because they have all refused to take the case, which is typical in Wisconsin.

      6.) Arbitration and NDAs, because evil monsters like that do not deserve to get away with what they have done! It would be to the detriment of society, and to me because they are evil monsters still on the loose!

      7.) Moving, because it is not only in my home that I have heard it and have researched it and discovered that other victims moved only to have it quickly re-start after they moved.

      8.) Talking to, negiotiating with, or cooperating with the psychos involved, because I already know that they are evil, monkey-brained, serial-criminal psychopaths! Why in the hell would I want anything to do with mutant, serial-criminal psychopaths that have committed an evil and sadistic crime spree on me, members of my family, my life, my dog, and my property?! Why wouldn’t I be hoping for and demanding for their immediate imprisonment for life or federally sentenced executions?! They are absolute monsters with narcissistic, parasitic, destructive, predatory life styles! Their egos are so enormous that they cannot even be contained within their monkey-brains! So, not only do they have monkey brains, but they are also narcissistic megalomaniacs! They are hideous, monstrous creatures! 

      In my case, it has also coincided with repeated breakins by neighbors that steal and also vandalize in a way that appears to be regular wear and tear, and steal items not worth a great deal of money each time that I would leave my home even to do yard work, and has also coincided with neighbors that stalk, spy, and gas-light and members in the media have also been spying, stealing intellectual property from me, and gas-lighting as well, and has also coincided with the use of vault7 hacking tools being used on me destroying my smart energy meter, computers, tablets, phones, appliances, electric sockets and circuit breakers, my sleep number bed, controlling thermostat and water tempertatures, lighting, garage door, car, and plumbing ventilation system. I have lived in this neighborhood since 2000 and have never had a problem with a neighbor on any occasion until after my mother died who also lived in this neighborhood, and since I sadly discovered that many people that I thought were normal people are actually sick, evil, sadistic, psychopathic, serial-criminal terrorists that waited until I was vulnerable following a divorce and the untimely death of my 70 year old mother to launch their attack on me like a school of piranhas, when I would be at my weakest and most vulnerable, wretched evil scum that they are! New neighbors also moved in on three sides of my property. These people moved in and started doing this, and I did not even know who these people are! I knew nothing about them! People also moved into the condo complex that my mother had lived in and started doing it too! They are obviously in InfraGard or Anonymous. Very creepy psychopaths! 

      Proof that illegal brain surgery involving implantation of micro-chips has been performed on Americans by Dr. John R. Hall on his website:

      Proof of organized stalking by InfraGard memembers:

      Wikispooks on InfraGard, and by the way, why doesn’t Ray McGovern just call it InfraGard, rather than the MICCIMATT ( military, industrial, corporate, congressional, intelligence, media, academia, think tank ) ?! 

      Wikispooks reported:

      InfraGard is a non-profit, public-private partnership between the FBI and private businesses. The organization is an information/intelligence sharing and analysis effort serving the interests, and combining the knowledge base of, a wide range of private sector and government members; among them academic institutions, state and local law enforcement agencies.

      Illegal unconsented brain surgery was also performed on me at Columbia St. Mary’s Ozaukee Hospital, on March 27th, 2014, illegally implanting either RFIDs, senors, micro-chips, or micro-phones in through my ears and nose while I was unconscious. Evidently, the short wave radio signals being blasted into my home are frequency specific to whatever was illegally implanted in me, initially resulting in loud tinnitus, sleep deprivation, a sudden inability to be able to cry, a sudden need for glasses, and straight to bifocals by the way, vibrating sensations, burning sensations, rapid and sudden pre-mature aging from the constant bombardment of wifi-radiation, and impaired concentration, unsurprisingly. Store alarms also started going off everytime that I would enter any store after 2014 St Mary’s Ozaukee Hospitalization. Immediately following my phone being hacked in June of 2017, they started using sonic weapons on me that would repeat non-sensical meaningless chants, death threats, sexual harrassment, sexual solicitation, bribery offers, blackmail attempts, attempts to extort, get me to move, give up technology, give up posessions, etc, I have not conformed to a single demand that these retards have demanded. 

      This is being done to many people in many countries around the world by the WHO through The EU Human Brain Project, The American Human Brain Initiative, The China Brain Initiative, and many other names in countries around the world involved, because the people that are doing it have monkey brains, so they are fascinated by human brains, exactly like on Planet of the Apes. They are a different species. They have monkey brains trapped in human bodies. 

      I can see why my human brain would be so God damned fucking fascinating to useless, worthless, genetic disaster monkey brained mutants! Nobody that had a human brain would be doing what you have been doing to me! Only shit throwing monkey brained mutants would think that what you have been doing to me would be a good idea to do to someone!  You are stuck with your monkey brains for life! Nothing can save you! You are monkey brained mutants trapped in human bodies! That is your problem! Nothing can solve it! You are genetic disasters! You were just born that way, and you will die that way!  

      The Human Brain Initiative run by DARPA, created in 2013 and required that people volunteer to be a part of this sick, grotesque, Nazi type experimintation, and Wisconsin even outlawed this illegal, unconsented, micro-chip implantaion in 2006 in AB290. They just do what ever the fuck they want to do. The program was recently transferred to HARPA. They are serial-criminal psychopaths. Naturally, people would not volunteer to have this done to them! It is 100% illegal, and they know it, but almost everything that they do is 100% illegal. It doesn’t stop them. They are the criminal element running the country, and the world. Who in the hell would volunteer to be gang brain raped by a congress of retarded, perverted, corrupt, baboon brained mutants for the rest of their lives?! 

      On the bright side, now that this is under HARPA rather than DARPA, the odds for you evil scumbags being assassinated by the military has increased! Of course I hope that you are assassinated! Why woulcdn’t I?! You have been brain raping me, torturing me, terrorizing me, and robbing me of my life and property! Who wouldn’t want you to be murdered, since the “law enforcement officers” refuse to arrest and imprison you for life, if they were in my position?! 

      So sick and tired of living on the Planet of the Apes! 

      Your peer pressure psy-ops will not work on me! I am not one of your peers! I am not Jane Goodall! I have no desire to fit in with you! You are degenerate mutant monkey brains trapped in human bodies! It is totally obvious! Just like Planet of the Apes! 

      Confess on national or social media what you have done to me you,  monkey brains! You are sick, worthless, God damned, fucking wastes! Confess! The world needs to know what sick, evil, useless, mentally incompetent, narcissistic, megalomaniacal, useless wastes, fraudulent,  talentless, monsters you that you truly are! 

      Andrea Iravani

      • Andrea.Iravani. says:

        It just dawned on me that the Pentagon and WHO decided to induce Havana Syndrome to the victims that never even wanted to be a part of the Human Brain Project and were not even told that they were part of it, and induce Havana Syndrome to the victims that they did this illegal surgery to because the Pentagon realized that the unwitting victims were thinking that the Pentagon, congress, WHO, and the InfraGard establishment were guilty of corruption, and it scared the living shit out of them, which is why Elon Musk kept panicking over AI, saying that it was going to attack them, but actually developed Neura-link neurosurgery technology himself, and is urging everyone to get neura-link surgery, so that he can own their intellectual property. Obviously, people were chosen to be a part of the American Brain Initiative because they had higher intellectual functioning than the rest of the population. The sonic technology is supposed to get us to give up and kill ourselves, because the monkey brained mutants that did this to us know that it was not only totally illegal, but evil and sick as hell! I do not want to be a part of this! 

        I thought, why would they do this to anyone that they wanted to use to train a computer how to reason? Obviously, the stupid mother fuckers thought that we would just believe what ever the fuck they told us to believe and never even considered that we would think that they were evil, corrupt, incompetent psychopathic monsters. Hardly surprising from the level of hubris that these psychopaths have demonstrated! 

        Andrea Iravani

        damned monkey brained infratard refuses to stop hacking my writing! Planet of the Apes Banana Republic! What a waste of electricity!

        • Genius says:


    3. Genius says:

      (re-written to avoid moderation)

      Ya 1984 was a good book but an even more accurate description and plan in writing is “Protocols of the learned elders of _ion”. You can find it in Bill Coopers book “Behold a pale horse”. Also look into “Silent weapons for quiet wars” and “The report from iron mountain”. Those should ALL be required reading in skools….

    4. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      It just dawned on me that the Pentagon and WHO decided to this to the victims that became part of a project that never even wanted to be a part of the Human Brain Project and were not even told that they were part of it and induce Havana Syndrome this to the victims that they did this illegal surgery to because the Pentagon realized that the inwitting victims were thinking that the Pentagon, congress, WHO, and InfraGard establishment were guilty of corruption, and it scared the living shit out of them, which is why Elon Musk kept panicking over AI, but actually developed Neura-link neurosurgery technology himself. Obviously, people were chosen to be a part of this because they had higher intellectual functioning than the rest of the population. The sonic technology is supposed to get us to give up and kill ourselves, because the monkey brained mutants that did this to us know that it was not only totally illegal, but evil and sick as hell! I do not want to be a part of this! 

      I thought, why would they do this to anyone that they wanted to use to train a computer how to reason? Obviously, the stupid mother fuckers thought that we would just believe what ever the fuck they told us to believe and never even considered it! Hardly surprising from the level of hubris that these psychopaths have demonstrated! 

      Andrea Iravani

    5. Woogie says:

      According to evidence shown in the SGT Report on the upper left side of this page——

      “BREAKING: HIGH FREQUENCY VAXED PEOPLE”, they can TRACK those who took the Covid shot. The frequency detector SCREAMS when put next to the vaxed people, but it does nothing on the unvaxed.

      UK has stats that the vaxed are up to 8 times more likely to die than unvaxed people based on the deaths already reportedly from the mRNA shot and can’t fight other viruses.

      Life has gotten too easy for those who sold their souls and they have lived life without conscience— just aimlessly following the crowd, like lambs to the slaughter.

      None of them dared to ask ‘What does emergency use only” meant or “not approved by the FDA” meant. Darwin awards to all of them.

    6. cougar says:

      1984 is here.

      anyone not thinking it isn’t are kidding themselves or pay no attention to anything outside their immediate circle.

      you now have auto insurance companies that give you a discount if they can monitor your car while you drive, refrigerators that know what you eat and drink and when you do it to go along with phones and computers that could tell anyone more about you than your own parents.
      it will not be 10 more yeas before you will be limited in what you do and where you can go based on what those things know of what you do within your own home.

      its ironic, the gays that wanted privacy in their homes so they could have the freedom to live as homosexuals now line up behind the party wanting to restrict anyone at anytime.

      the usa as founded is dead, the biden administration is just driving in the final nails in the coffin.

    7. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Former President of Israel, Donald Trump is now on Rumble, but only after Jared Kushner was able to convince Rumble owner to censor any critism of Israel, which is Anti-American since it violates the first amendment. Rumble will permit criticism of America though, and Trump and Kushner are ok with that too.

      Andrea Iravani

    8. Jocko says:

      Orwell wrote “1984” as a warning for future generations, not as a blueprint. Unfortunately it is not working out as planned.

    9. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      We need to have brain rapists that use mind reading technology on people sentenced to death. They are not even worth feeding or housing in prison for life. It is no ok or excuseable. There is no excuse for it.

      Andrea Iravani

    10. So many controlled and on the dole.

      It’s fitting that the current 3 day weekend is called the Dependence Day holiday.

    11. cranerigger says:

      Who would have thought George Orwell’s science-fiction-nightmare would have become the reality in 2021 USA. Demonrats in power with NO respect for individual rights spelled out in our Bill of Rights. Taxation/Spending beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. A “woke-younger-population ” with NO respect for their forefathers that made tremendous sacrifices to allow for their “snowflake/Black Lives (only) Lives”. And on & on.

      Mad Max World indeed. Maybe more like the movie “IDIOCRACY”.

    12. There’s 195 countries in the world.
      Pick one and get busy LIVING..
      If one doesn’t work out,keep trying until you find the best fit for you.
      Who knows, maybe there’s a country that has everything you want,and life will be rainbows and daffodils forever.

      • Anonymous says:

        This satanic, communist cancer is world wide. Well almost. Was it the president of Belarus refused to play along? I wonder how long until he has a “heart attack”?

      • Rainbows and Daffodils Forever says:

        Antarctica comes to mind.

        It may be a little cool, but no one really lives there, but everyone wishes to visit, but can’t because we’re not allowed to, because …(see the next line)

        A majority of governments are all there doing God knows what.

        So, yea, Antarctica sound great.

    13. You want your packages from Amazon delivered the next day.
      You want your car/gps/Waze to give you directions.
      You want to check your email every second when you leave the house.
      You want to Facetime with your friend.
      You want Netflix to give you recommendations.
      You want a cure for all of your ails.

      Convenience has a’s called privacy.

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