Geological Time Bomb: Red Alert Issued For El Hierro Volcanic Region in Canary Islands; Possible Tsunami Threat To U.S. East Coast

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    The IGN, Spain’s USGS equivalent, has issued a Red Alert warning for the El Hierro volcanic region in the Canary Islands amid thousands of earthquake swarms and volcanic activity which started in early August:

    SPAIN’S Instituto Geográfico Nacional (IGN) confirmed on Tuesday that an underwater eruption has occurred five kilometres off the southern coastline of El Hierro, the smallest of the Canary Islands.

    A Red Alert has since been issued by local authorities for the town.

    A notice posted on the Emergencia El Hierro website on Tuesday evening stated: “Phase pre-eruptive. It involves the initiation of a preventive evacuation. Make yourself available to the authorities.”

    Source: The Olive Press (Spain)

    For those not familiar with the volcano, it is situated off the northwest coast of Africa in the Canary Islands, an autonomous Spanish archipelago. While there is no danger to the United States from volcanic eruptions, it has been long theorized by researchers that a large enough eruption and earthquake may be capable of splitting a neighboring volcano, La Palma, in two, which would subsequently cause a land slide on a scale unprecedented in recorded human history. The result would be a massive Mega-Tsunami that would cross the Atlantic ocean, slamming into the Eastern cost of the United States, the Caribbean islands and parts of South America.

    While Tsunamis on this scale are incredibly rare according to researchers, a landslide in 1958 in Latuya Bay, Alaska caused a Mega Tsunami (video) whose wave was higher than the Empire State Building and washed over trees and land some 1,700 feet high above sea level.

    The theorized landslide in the Canary Islands would involve rock masses that far exceed the Alaskan landslides, estimated to be 10,000 times as much mass, suggesting that the resulting Tsunami would easily exceed three thousand feet (30 times bigger than the the 2004 Indian ocean Tsunami) and travel at roughly 450 – 500 miles per hour. The wave would slam into the Eastern seaboard with extreme force threatening over 200 million people who live in states from Florida to Maine, the north eastern Canadian coast, the Caribbeans, Brazil and Venezuela.

    Simon Day, of the College University of London, says the La Palma volcano, situated in the earthquake zone and less than 100 miles from Hierro, is a geological time bomb:

    What we envisage is the whole of this coast line [approximately 1/6 the entire mass of the island] and the slope extending up, all the way to the crest of this volcano that is now in the clouds… will slide away in a single massive landslide into the ocean, pushing the water up in front of it to create the Tsunami wave.

    An previous earthquake (1949) in the Canaries caused the La Palma volcano to actually split nearly in half, prompting scientists to begin warning of the real possibility that massive earthquakes and volcanic activity could be devastating to residents of not only the Canary Islands, but North and South America, as well.

    Video Simulation: Time Line of Canary Islands Landslide Originated Mega Tsunami:

    Given that the entire region is under earthquake warnings and parts of the Canary Islands are now being evacuated, with a red alert having been issued in the Hierro area, we find it necessary to, at the very least, inform our East Coast readers of the possible threat should a massive earthquake in the region cause a breaking away of parts of the island(s).

    The USGS is apparently refusing to issue news, alerts or warnings to East Coast residence regarding the progressively deteriorating circumstances surrounding the El Hierro volcano in the Canary Islands, and a search of the USGS web site resulted in no information, news, alerts or warnings for how these events may affect the United States. Primary news channels remain silent on any possible threats as well. Modern Survival Blog’s research indicates the activity is so significant that the Canary Islands have been sinking since July of this year and we are now receiving reports of widespread volcanic flows in the ocean:

    A look at the GPS stations there, reveals quite evidently that most of them (6 of 10) in the area are literally sinking, and have been doing so since about July of this year. My own observations of other volcanic regions have shown that there is often ‘inflation’ or rising of the land mass prior to volcanic eruption. In this case though, there is rather dramatic deflation to the northeast of El Hierro, particularly ‘Canarias’. The region is sinking…

    In stark contrast though at El Hierro, today, from (John Seach), “An undersea eruption began off the coast of El Hierro Island, Canary Islands on 10th October 2011. Initial reports have placed the eruption site a few kilometres off the south coast of the island at a depth of about 450 m. The eruption has only been confirmed from seismic activity.”

    It is our intention to keep the public aware of the possibility of large-scale natural disasters, and the events taking place in the Canary Islands certainly qualify. As the information above suggests, such events are rare, yet extremely destructive if they come to pass.

    At this time we advise those on the East Coast to remain aware of the earthquake swarms off the coast of Northwest Africa. In the event a massive enough quake occurs, dislodging parts of the La Palma volcano, you’ll have approximately seven (7) hours to evacuate the east coast of the United States and make your way inland before the first wave hits.

    Resources: Global Rumblings, Earthquake ReportStan Deyo, Modern Survival Blog, Maine Geological Survery


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      1. Mac – I have been watching this closely and also monitering a website in the Canary Islands.. so I can confirm the evacuation statements in this article. What I find odd; is that I have not seen one single seismic report of an earthquake there on the USGS website.. I have been watching. They report anything 2.5 and larger world wide.. yet on the previosuly mentioned local website, I see that they state that they have had EQ’s.. Have I just missed the USGS showing the quakes on the quake maps ? I doubt it, since they keep them on there for 7 days.. any thoughts ?

        • The website is islandconnections DOT eu

          Maybe there have only been volcanic eruptions and not earthquakes ?

          • 10,000 low level quakes amounts to liquefaction? Great shakeout at the base? Looks like the entire Mid Atlantic ridge is pulling apart, a 9.0 on the Madrid would send a domino accordian cascade right across the continents.

            La Palma data has been off line for at least 4 days now and as of today, Oct 18- almost no data on the crisis is forthcoming. Once the entire body of 7 islands all cranked up a few days- the info has been MIA. Cover up possible as the 7 islands all share one large magma chamber at the base. If blown, would truly cause biblical tsunamis. HAARP been blowing over there in earnest too.


        • Many of the earthquakes – and there have been probably over 10,000 at this point since late July/August, are probably 2.0 or less… I believe i did see mainstream reports of the 4.5 that happened in the last 48 hours. But the USGS, according to one individual who contacted them, will not be issuing warnings. ( — I cannot, of course, confirm the validity of this, but given that USGS has essentially nothing on their site about this, I would say he’s probably legit).

          I honestly do not follow EQ’s very regularly, as I am in Texas, so we’re more or less shielded from most of the effects (though we would likely get a large wave from the Canaries if it happened).Thus, all I can depend on is what everyone else that’s doing the research is putting out there.

          Really, the concern here is that the volcano blows, and causes a massive tremor across the islands, namely in La Palma… That would be a very bad situation, to say the least.

          • There have been quite a number of 2.5 > 3.5’s just south of Dallas in the last few months.. more or less around Red Oak / Ennis / Waxahatchee.. I lived there 27 years, never had one.

            If the Canaries do blow.. been nice chatting with you. I’m on the East Coast of Florida. Evacuation by car in 7 hours would be impossible if there was a major alert issued. There are basically only 2 major roads out.. 95N and 75N. It takes me 6-7 hours just to reach the GA line without abnormal traffic.

            • Could you determine a route not using the major highways? I’d watch this super-closely if I were you and be ready to bug out at the drop of a hat!!! Scary!

            • During the Rita (disastrous) evacuation of Galveston and Houston, there were only a few main routes. Many of the side roads were blocked by police and sheriff’s deputies. Their explanation was the prevention of looting in the neighborhoods. If “officials” are in charge , don’t count on being able to use side roads for your escape….that would make too much sense for the government!

            • Doesn’t matter which road you take.. it is 6-7 hours ( +/- ) to the GA border by car.. 5-6 minimum if you push it hard and don’t get stopped. I do have a 2 story house and am at least 25 miles inland..

            • Glad your watching this Sam not sam. Looking at the simulation, if I’m reading it correctly, NE Fl. would get hit with a 31 foot wave. Is that your reading on it? While a 31 foot wave would make a huge mess I think its survivable if you can move to the center of the state.

              It sure would make one hell of a mess though. One of the problems I have with the simulation is it doesn’t show much inland penetration. Do you know what it would look like 10, 20, 75 miles inland?

            • Bank of America Tower is 617 feet tall PO. There’s a bar at the top.

            • To Patriot One: I think that measurement was in meters not feet.

            • I also live in Florida, on the west coast, and unless I left at least 4 hours before the big one, it would be hopeless to leave. Anything after the fact is an exercise in futility, although I’m sure hundreds of thousands would try, and turn the interstates into a giant parking lot. Might as well get the surf board out, and ride the big one all the way to Texas. In reality, there is very little we can do about it.

            • You can get in a boat and get to the deepest part off the coast. You will experience a very small and easily survivable wave. If that is not possible head SW and let the land mass absorb the wave. Just don’t go down to the east coast beaches and stare at the pretty water.

            • If you make it to Georgia you’re welcome to stay at my place. Just look me up. I’m in the phone book. 🙂

            • Sam not Sam…two of my sons are in Florida right now visiting friends!! This has really scared me!! They leave next Friday to come home…do I need to get them on a plane…NOW?? Please tell me what you think…do they have a time line for when this could happen, or is it a wait and see type of thing??

            • The only other way to save yourself (other than vertically by plane, etc) would be to go out to sea. I guess it would be to a point before the wave started to pile up on the continental shelf. Feasible given the fact that it would take hours for the wave to reach the US if it traveled at 500mph.

            • Sam i listened to one of the scientist who estimated the wave and speed and by the time it got to florida it would only be about 75 feet high on average he said you would probably be all right on the west side of I94 in florida so go west not north i would drive to the middle of the state if enough time

          • Mac, How ’bout going off shore…???… I live in Miami, and have a 30 foot sailboat. Just 5 miles out, the depth is 200 feet, and 20 miles out it’s 400 feet. Would we ride the a big hump of water (before it breaks)? I don’t think we would come back to much on shore, but we’d survive? Thank you, Tim

            • Read about broaching and how to handle it. There are two many variables including the bottom topography, currents and strength of the hull to name a few. Plus you really have to be concerned about capsizing.

          • Mac, look at the article:

            Cumbre Vieja Volcano — Potential collapse and tsunami at La Palma, Canary Islands, written by Steven N. Ward, Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics, University of California, Santa Cruz California, USA and Simon Day, Benfield Greig Hazard Research Centre, Department of Geological Sciences, University College, London, UK.


            They calculate the wave height on the East Coast to be from 10 to 25 meters (30-75 feet). Big difference from the 3000 feet you’re slinging around.

            Still bad enough to shut down a lot of power plants, including nukes on the east coast and to cause a lot of damage, but hardly going to put the entire country under water. I would still recommend packing a good go bag if I still lived on the East Coast… might be time for Floridians to consider a vacation in Minnesota?

            • We’re here in Northern Minnesota. We don’t have much room in the house but we do have fifteen acres that would be good to camp on if the weather isn’t too cold here outside of Bemidji

        • Sam not Sam. I visit a site caled global anomalies…and the posters there mentioned a lot of deception, or paraphrasing at best, many deletions of activity. They watch, as you do, the EQ, volcanoes.
          I just read there, so does this shed some light??

      2. and the news just keeps getting better!!!!!! be safe all my god save your soul!!!!!

      3. How far inland would it reach?

        • Not sure.. Tried to find some definitive info but it is dependent on numerous factors like wave height, wave length, the terrain of the land where it hits, etc. To give you an idea, the Japanese Tsunami was 33 feet high and came in around 6 miles… So something over 1000 feet would probably have some massive force behind it and perhaps come in 50? 100? Not sure, but even 50 miles in would be disastrous.

          • Especially since Florida is only a couple hundred miles wide in some spots.. much less in others.. Guess I could head to Ft. Myers.. about 3-4 hours by car..

            • Just be happy you’re not in DE with me. I’ve got a whole 12 miles with the parking lot of Baltimore and DC to the west and the parking lot of Philly to the north.

              I guess I’ll just grab a scuba tank and sit in my kayak.

            • Sam not Sam,

              I live right in the middle of Florida. If you watch the computer simulations of the tsunami that stuck Indonesia and the Maldiveses in 2004, the tsunami literally wrapped itself completely around entire islands and peninsulas causing shoreline damage along any exposed shoreline. The west coast of Florida probably would not be a safe bug out location in the event of an Atlantic mega tsunami. Personally, I would try to get to the state line and head northwest staying as far away from the east coast and the Gulf of Mexico as I could. Just my two cents.

            • sam I think it’s only 161 miles wide from daytona to st pete. yikes.

          • Im about 60 miles inland 2000 feet up.

            • I have read that it will be like a cat. 5 Hurricane from Boston to Miami. Discovery had a show on Mega Disasters it of coarse is the worst case, but it give good insite. Be safe.

          • Clif High (of Web bot fame) said in an Oct 7, 2011 interview with Clyde Lewis (on YouTube) that because of the east coast continental shelf a tsunami was limited in height to 300 feet, which is still enormous but less than 1,000 feet.

            • Are you sure that was in meters? That’s 102 feet. We are going to have to run up into Georgia.

            • and if you still listen to that fraid clif high , you are a fool and i have some bridges to sell ya real cheap !!

          • the calculations for this type of thing have already been done. it wouldn’t take a wave height of very much top cover the state from one coast to the other. There just isn’t anything to slow it down. Just a bunch of flat land. Inertia is the only thing that will slow it in the end, and thatt’s after it covers everything, and drowns millions of people. That is the stark reality of the situation.

        • From what I’ve found on the web it’s thought that the waves would only reach a few miles inland.

          “It will surge across the entire Atlantic in a matter of hours, engulfing the whole US east coast, sweeping away everything in its path up to 20km inland.”

          It would do trillions of dollars worth of damage.

          • “It would do trillions of dollars worth of damage.”

            Which one?

            The tsunami or the Obama administration?

      4. Something has to clean up the mess on Wall Street…ok that was bad I don’t want to see people get hurt….just saying.

        • LMAO

        • To say nothing of the mess in D.C. At least Bo can swim…(ditto about not wanting people to get hurt)

          • P.S. Bo the dog, we mean (or is it Beau?). By the way, hubby wants to know if Michelle wears a ballcap and carries a bugout bag, will people recognize her?

        • I agree with not wanting anyone to get hurt BUT, things are so screwed up right now for so many folks if you cannot laugh at the irony then we’ll all be sitting around bawling in our beer.

          Personally I plan on remaining smiling and defiant right up until the rope snaps my neck.

      5. If this Event were to take place, the East Coast of America would be decimated.

        Which means ALL the coastal nuke plants would be leveled.

        Which means…

        • Now you have really got me away from my happy place with that tidbit of info to chew on.

        • We got trouble, my friends – with a capital T that rhymes with P that stands for POOF!

      6. Seven hours of chaos I assume. First come first serve on any flight out or hot wire a Cessna T210 that will carry a load with EGT peaked out. Sure you can charge it on my credit card. Yes, I have shoes. Can I prepay for two drinks. My parot likes beer with peanuts and he wants his own glass. Go West young man, go West.

      7. Been watching TV reports over the years about La Palma. Scientists claim that massive rains would have to fill the cracks in the mountain with water and then the volcano would have to heat the water to where it would expand the cracks causing a massive land slide, which would in turn cause the tsunami. The tsunami would reach inland over several miles. If everyone was warned of the impending tsunami (at the time), few would be able to escape the ensuing gridlock.

        • Is it time to add SCUBA gear to the preps? 🙂

          • I’m think’in 4WD truck with a gun rack & blow up doll with tether. That’s standard equipment in the mid-west.

            • Slim says:
              October 13, 2011 at 2:16 pm I’m think’in 4WD truck with a gun rack & blow up doll with tether. That’s standard equipment in the mid-west.

              Out west we have blow up females and back east blow up males. I don’t want to know where the blow up valve is. I assume it is below the belt cuz I don’t see your head in your prius.

          • Girl on the New Madrid Fault in ky…have been thinking same thing. (no smiley though)

          • ^^^ or one of those Noah’s Ark yellow balls from the Japanese!

          • That won’t help Mac when you are being crushed by cars, truck, buildings and houses. If you look at a lot of the videos from Japan people were sweep away in debris pools.

            On another subject what do you think about Jesse Jackson Jr. Calling for O to declare a national emergency over the economy and jobs?

        • Haarp clouds have been filmed over the islands, and a Haarp receiver is on La Palma and Tenerife. In past year the flooding was so bad on La Palma cars were washed down into the ocean.

      8. YEEEEEEEHAAAAA!!!! LETS GO MTHAFKRS!!! Lets see how this corrupt government handles a REAL threat/damage, not like all the ones planned and executed by them.

        • Wonder anyone will accuse the O admin. of using a nuke to create the Canary Island tsunami….like the idiots tried to say Bush did when the Indian Ocean quake when off!

          • “Wonder anyone will accuse the O admin. of using a nuke to create the Canary Island tsunami….like the idiots tried to say Bush did when the Indian Ocean quake when off!”

            Yes RWMom, well said. We must under any and all circumstances eliminate the possibility that governments, and particularly the US government, would engineer or allow to occur any situation that would result in mass human casualties (and terrible suffering) for political gain.

            After all, didn’t Pearl Harbor and 9/11 go down EXACTLY as the official version says?

        • There have been rumors that the federal government will relocate to Denver should such a disaster happen. There has been talk that some agencies have quietly relocated their headquarters to Denver. It makes sense if one factors in the rumors about DIA, and it being a shelter from some yet-unnamed disaster in that area.

          • I’ve also read that FEMA is purchasing HUGE numbers of MRE’s lately. Do they know something we don’t? I hate to think that all my prepping has been a waste of time and it will just be washed away. I am on the East Coast in Newport, RI. Boy, enough stress with the economy and now this.

          • ScoutMotto: I believe the DIA shelter will be used when the New Madras Fault creates such an earthquake the US will be separated into many new regions. God, I need a Valium!!!!!!!

        • “YEEEEEEEHAAAAA!!!! LETS GO MTHAFKRS!!! Lets see how this corrupt government handles a REAL threat/damage, not like all the ones planned and executed by them.”

          Just a guess: You’re a tad bit miffed?

          • pretty much, yeah, you nailed it,
            actually Im totally miffed at being so fkn miffed.

        • This one, even more than all the others, is planned and executed by them.

      9. I am sure 7 hours is enough to get all the corp execs out of harms way, and they will probably leave silently without warning those on the coast until the criminals are safe.

        7 – X = Warning Time for the people

        Where X is the amount of time in hours to get gov crooks to safety.

        • Not too sure about that. The execs might have to wait for congress to move, and they gotta wait for da Man….could be a long line. 🙂

          • Jim,

            I also read somewhere that if the Senators etc.. are evacuated to DIA, there families are not allowed. HMMMM!!!

        • Only reliable way out is by helicopter from the rooftops.

          • Or surfboard and road map.

        • Looks like there have been around 7 5+ quakes on the Pacific rim from Oregon to Japan within the last 24 hours.

      10. Surf’s up dude!

      11. Wow, I live about 50-60 miles from the Atlantic. I can’t imagine what chaos it would be.

        Mac – Thank you for posting this information. I will be watching this A LOT more closely.

      12. Everybodies gotta die sometime Red.

        • Sgt.Barnes: “tell me potheads….ya’ll smoke that stuff so as to escape from reality? Me, I AM reality”.

      13. Does anyone know how many miles inland the wave would go?

        • Daisy: Move to the mountains. 🙂

          • Nowhere close to any coast, thank goodness. Unless you count the Great Lakes, but thankfully, they don’t tend to have tsunamis.

            • “Nowhere close to any coast, thank goodness. Unless you count the Great Lakes, but thankfully, they don’t tend to have tsunamis”

              That’s only because there is no diving board strong enought to hold Michael Moore.

            • Daisy: Actually, they do. Sorta. I grew up in the midwest along the shores of Lake Michigan. The house was a few hundred yards from the lake at the time. The beach and the sand dunes have been eroded now.

              But there was huge wave that came in over night once, tsunami like, that covered a hundred or two hundred yards from the shoreline.

              It breached a couple of concrete sea walls and turned over picnic tables, etc.

              Just saying.

          • Daisy: Thats why I moved to the mountains. 🙂

      14. I have a friend who’s been talking about the potential for this for several years. From what I’ve heard, the tsunami would travel several hundred miles inland. Florida would essentially be gone, along with most of the East Coast. We are beset on all sides. My little clan is stepping up the prepping.

        • Anyone along the piedmont is a possible statistic.

      15. Maybe that is why the new map of America shows Florida partially under water and the area of the New Madrid, have a seen the map, but cant remember where! Thank God i have my bc tanks halfsuit and other gear, problem is my tanks are empty, and cant get filled without an hydrostatic test, by law of course!

        • Copout,

          I remember seeing such a map, i don’t recall where though.
          But i found something similar in the next site:

          Just click on the links to see speculated maps after the destruction.

        • Coput: Check SHTF Earth Changes for links

        • Edgar Cayce’s earthg changes map.

      16. I’m 13 miles inland and it will be impossible to get out in time so I guess I’ll just sit on the deck, drink a beer, and watch the show.

        • cheers bro and maybe wear a life vest 😉

        • What kind of beer?

          • Screened in deck? or lanai?

            • Just one?

          • I like your thinking! Sams Adams, or maybe some Sierra Nevada. Good stuuf to watch a wave roll over you…

            • What kind of Sam Adams? There’s over 30 kinds after all. Draught I hope with frosty glass.

            • given the seriousness of the situation, i’d chug a bottle of smirnoff or a gram or 2 of DXM. i’d rather be mentaly gone when the wave hits.. i live in SO jersey, less than 2 miles from the coast, and i know that thered be no way in hell i’d get out in time.

      17. Mac: [the Orca, their boat, is clearly sinking with water all over the deck, Quint hands Okie a small hand pump] Pump it out Chief!

        Okie: Is it true that most people get attacked by sharks in three feet of water about ten feet from the beach?
        Anonymous: Yeah, but where’s the beach now?
        Okie: And that… and that before people started to swim for recreation – I mean before sharks knew what they were missing – that a lot of these attacks weren’t reported?
        Anonymous: That’s right.
        Okie: Now this shark that… that… that swims alone…
        Anonymous: Rogue.
        Okie: What’s it called?
        Anonymous, Okie: [together] Rogue.
        Okie: Rogue, yeah. Now this guy, he… he keeps swimmin’ around in a place where the feeding is good until the food supply is gone, right?
        Anonymous: It’s called “territoriality”. It’s just a theory that I happen to… agree with.
        Okie: Then why don’t we have one more drink and go down and cut that shark open?
        Mrs. Okie: Martin? Can you do that?
        Okie: I can do anything; I’m the chief of police.

        • Show me the way to go home, I’m tired and I wanna go to bed. I had a little drink about an hour to go and it’s gotten right to my head…

          • Stay thirsty my friend, stay thirsty.

        • Your going to need a bigger boat

          • that’s what she said!

          • Farewell and adieu to you, fair Spanish ladies, farewell and adieu to you, ladies of Spain. For we’ve received orders to sail back to Boston, and no, nevermore shall we see you again.

      18. I think if you got in a boat and made it 20 miles or so out to sea in any direction you’d probably be fine. The heights of the waves are always highest at the shoreline and exaggerated a bit due to trying to compare the local splash from the distant wave. According to one article I read the effect on the US would be more like a normal tsunami, though bigger than the one in Japan and certain to wipe out the East Coast and Caribbean Islands.

      19. If this happens Obama is president for life because I’m sure he would love to postpone the 2012 elections. Lets pray this does not happen!

        • Let’s pray Obama doesn’t happen.

          Awww, shit. Too late.

        • Maybe we get lucky, and they don’t tell him?!

      20. You think you have lived to be over 80 and know who you are, then along comes someone and blows it all to hell!

        An old Marine Pilot sat down at the Starbucks, still wearing his old USMC flight suit and leather jacket and ordered a cup of coffee.

        As he sat sipping his coffee, a young woman sat down next to him. She turned to the pilot and asked, ‘Are you a real pilot?’

        He replied, ‘Well, I’ve spent my whole life flying planes, first Stearmans, then the early Grummans…. flew a Wildcat and Corsair in WWII, and later in the Korean conflict, Banshees and Cougars. I’ve taught more than 260 people to fly and given rides to hundreds, so I guess I am a pilot, and you, what are you?

        She said, ‘I’m a lesbian. I spend my whole day thinking about naked women. As soon as I get up in the morning, I think about naked women. When I shower, I think about naked women. When I watch TV, I think about naked women. It seems everything makes me think of naked women.’

        The two sat sipping in silence.

        A little while later, a young man sat down on the other side of the old pilot and asked: “are you a real pilot?”

        He replied, ‘I always thought I was, but I just found out I’m a lesbian.’

        • Crap.. I’ve been “outted” too

        • He just like us. A lesbian trapped in a mans body. LOL

        • Who is the one junk vote that doesn’t like a lesbian or reality?

        • funny, thanks for the laugh

      21. Bullsheet, read up on the physics a tsunami of that maginitude is against the laws of science. Now on the otherhand one 100-200 feet high no problem. Damn fear is one thing but come on didn’t anybody take any physics in college.

      22. Well alot of freaken NUKE poewer plants up & down the East cost. Ower turn to have a FUCASHIMA!!!!!!!!!

        • At least the jet stream heads east.

      23. All the leftists are currently gathering to chant “Yes we can” in an attempt to stop this. If that doesn’t work, they intend to ramp up efforts by chanting “Yes, we have no bananas.”


        • Hmmm…A bananna republic with no banannas?!

      24. Latuya Bay is a very small, shallow and confined body of water. Getting a tall wave in that is easy. Not in any way comparable to a true oceanic tidal wave. A wave from the Canaries would have to cross the Atlantic. The inverse square law alone would reduce it’s magnitude by a lot. The only places where you’d see a tall wave would be high up in estuaries that funnel and focus the energy. Think Bay of Fundy. Florida has no such topography. Chesapeake Bay, yes. NYC, yes. But not Florida.

      25. EL HIERRO UPDATE 16.28(GMT)
        There has been a very abrupt decrease in the tremors ….

        © Instituto Geográfico Nacional.

        Whilst many find this good news, there is no such luck to be had. Jon Frimann was quick to point out “This is not good. The current eruption did just stop and now the magma has to find a new path up the surface.”

        Basically, where the magma had found a path to follow in the form of the underwater eruption, that has become clogged and stopped. This is bad news as the magma needs to find another way to escape. It could be in the following hours that larger scale earthquakes could occure and this is the final part of the pre-eruptive stage meaning that an eruption closer to the Island is about to take place.

      26. If it hasen’t been said yet…It’s Bushes fault.

        • Tom: Much of it is Bush’s fault. He allowed 50,000 jobs a month to be transferred offshore during his Administration; which is why their are NO jobs in America for the working class.

          Everything else is a symptom.

          • What has bo done to turn it around? Create a job bill to back door union pension funds, pay for more un-employment, dish out more money to his cronies in the green companies, blow through TARP money and save half just before his running again, send wife to target?

            Who is the president now and why is he looking for another war.

            • dk has come out.

            • ANON: I am not saying that Obummer is not an idiot or shouldn’t be in jail for fraud or even malfeasance in office for that matter. I am saying that the ROOT cause of OUR problems can be found in the Bush administration.

              If Bush had not allowed, even encouraged,the transfer of 42,400 factories to China to benefit the NWO Globalists to which his father and his father’s father belonged, Obummer would never have been elected (by white voters) President.

              (If for no other reason, Bush should be in jail for being such a poor President that the American people actually voted for obummer. Its ALL his fault!)

              At the same time, Bush unleashed an illegal war of aggression against Iraq, when Iraq was NOT the source of the terrorists or had WMD, the claim of which was a fraud perpetrated upon the American and Iraqi peoples.

              For 911? No. For oil and gas? No. Because Saddam was paying every suicide bomber $25,000 to blow themselves up in restaurants and deli’s in Israel at lunch and dinner time. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have EACH cost US a trillion dollars.

              These are the problems that have created the structual problems with the economy. FREE TRADE is the problem. That is what has destroyed the economy and bankrupted the nation. Illegal WAR is the problem that benefits only the NWO and Israel.

              Bush should be hung for TREASON!

          • Rich: Just trying to give dredit where credit is due. Obummer is an incompetent twit, (as was Bush for that matter) but Bush was at the helm.

            Ross Perot told US about that “giant sucking sound”, he just didn’t tell US it would happen on W’s watch.

            • DK is right about bush and obummer, and just because someone ‘plays’ on your team doesn’t give them immunity from the damage they cause. This whole dem vs rep, red vs blue, us vs them fake political dichotomy has wrecked havoc on the US.

              The ‘poor’ have the dems and the ‘rich’ have the repubs, but us middle class we get attacked from both sides, we ain’t got nothing. Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right.

            • No, Durango, the ROOT cause of all of this was the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913. If that would have never happened, we would be nowhere near where we are today.

              BTW, if you’re going to blame a presidential administration, start with Clinton/Gore and NAFTA, or the repeal of the Glass/Steagal act (which was preventing the banks from doing what they’ve done the last decade or so).

              Or, blame no president, as they were all just following orders from the ganster banksters who are REALLY running the “show”.

              I’m so tired of listening to people blame different presidents…It shows a lack of logical, deductive reasononing and ignorance of history…

          • Plane Guy: You will not find me defending the Federal Reserve GB’s, but pointing to that date in time is a bit disengenuous as there were many periods of prosparity since then.

            The recent systemic problems with OUR economy began in 1980 with the election of Reagan, was exacerbated by Bush and Clinton, then it was emaciated by W, and Obummer doubled down on his stupidity!

            I do blame the GB’s but the Presidents of this country should be man enough to say NO to the GB’s when their greed threatens OUR liberties and economy. They haven’t been. The Presidents are the “deciders”.

            They ARE responsible. All 4 of the MF’s.

        • Actually it’s the fault of your mom’s bush! lol

      27. I remember reading about La Palma years ago and at that time I thought that it, along with New Madrid and pacific plates are instruments of judgement that await a corrupted nation.

      28. Hope the underground bunkers for the survival of the shadow government are water proof!

        • I hope the door jams

          • on the bunkers for the ones who have destroyed this country

        • Those bunkers are probably locaed under DIA, with my luck. There’s been rumors that Denver is the next federal capitol.

          • It’s no rumor. If you dig even a little, all the info is there. The end result into your trek will remind you of just how insignificant the powers that be consider all of us, myself included. We are all what they call useless eaters. Not my words–theirs.

      29. I live on long island and I’m not worried because I know its just sci-fi crap that won’t happen in my lifetime!

        • Just call me stupid!

          • You so dumb! Man, you are really dumb! Hide yo kids! Hide yo wife! And hide your girlfriend, cuz they rapin eeevreybody up heya!

          • If you insist.

        • Rich99: Actually it will. Don’t say WE didn’t warn you.

          • first its the economic implosion and then it was some comet that never happened and now its some volacanoe….its always something that never happens isnt it? i bet you cant wait to get uip tomorrow so you can see what other doom reports are posted on shtfplan !

            • The economic implosion is happening now, or aren’t you paying attention? It is still going slow, maybe you still have a job?

              Yes, the comet thing is/was a hype.

              The Atlantic tsunami has a moderate chance of occurring. The likely triggers are a large earthquake or major volcanic activity. Lately many volcanoes around the world are becoming restless. Those already active have become more active. Large earthquakes are becoming more common worldwide. The area of concern is now experiencing both earthquakes and volcanic activity.

              So if the tsunami happens it may happen soon. We can’t know the exact odds, but being aware is a good thing.

      30. for the people on the east coast one thing to look for.. birds will be flying off and other animals will be acting funny. just a thought be safe God bless

        • Hope these great scientists are not alive by that time the volcano hits.

        • Great, now I can have a smoke and a glass of wine and enjoy my evening. Thanks Mal

      31. Great, I’m in south FL, but at leat I’m 10 miles from the east coast.

        • Unfortunately the golden hoard will arrive at your doorstep.

      32. So… we are supposing the tsunami reach might be 6 miles inland. Let’s round it off to ten. In a pinch, I can definitely do 10 miles in seven hours of foot.

        • along with literally thousands of others, going the same way????

          • I believe that would be a damn site easier than going opposite thousands of other 😉

      33. Live in Fla West coast.I live 33 feet above sea level.Which in Tampa Fla is High ground.I have heard that the rift’s in the ocean can tamper with the flow rate of these wave’s.Guess I’ll wait and see.

        • I’m on west coast also, probably near you, but elevation here is close to 200 ft. very high for this area. If tidal wave is as high as projected, no one in florida, with maybe the panhandle being the exception, would make it. There’s just nothing to slow a wave down.
          Unless someone commits to an early exit, then everyone will simply have to watch and wait. I can’t even imagine the panic if this actually begins to happen.

      34. Oh great. I live on Cape Cod/Plymouth. Less than 1 mile up the coast is a nuclear power plant. It would be mass hysteria. It takes hours to get off Cape during July 4th weekend, nevermind this.

        Forget it. Thanks for the heads up.

        • JavaJunkie,

          Your not alone bud, I’m in Rhode Island right on the coast. Let’s pray!

      35. A hot air balloon ride will sky rocket in price if a tsunami crosses the Atlantic. As will them tourist trap helicopter rides.

        “Low Plains Perspective”

        • which way is the wind blowing that balloon

      36. lord have mercy, mississippi is tired of cleaning up these messes of mother nature and we sure as hell dont want fema here to tell us what we can and cannot do without their permission. if anyone evacs this way be sure to bring your own tent and cookpot.

      37. One of the best summations of the Canary Island situation I’ve read yet. Much better than what you see in the mainstream disinformation media machine.

      38. I love to listen to Coast to Coast AM and one of their topics is Edgar Cayce and his predictions. One of which is the U.S. is split apart by a new river and an island or continent forms off the coast of Georgia. It’s kooky stuff, but I love to listen to it.

      39. I read most of the comments here. But I propose if we really want to know if this thing is a threat or not, and when is the time to act, just watch what the politicians in DC are doing. If none of them can be found, and everyone has seemingly “gottten out of Dodge”, it’s probably a lock that east coast folks are probably screwed.
        At least some of these higher level cockroaches will get an advanced warning. So keep an eye on DC. That’s your early warning system.

      40. just sounds like more the sky is falling cr-p,web-bots predicts major things happening this weekend, lets see if something dramatic happens or just the same b.s.

      41. If you live anywhere east of the Appalachians, you would be toast if the mega tsunami described in this article were to hit. We are talking up to 3000 feet. Seems absurd–next to impossible–but science says otherwise. There is no way to get from Boston, NYC, Philadelphia, DC, Norfolk, the Carolina shore, and anywhere in Florida within 7 hours of such a quake/eruption/split/landslide. First off, you won’t know about it at all if you are like most people. You will be asleep or at work or at Timmy’s game. When someone finally figures it out and has the juice to put it out publicly, it will be hour 6 or 6.90 or whatever. At that point, you had better just drop to your knees and pray for salvation, because you ain’t escaping a 3000 foot wall of water. Hell, even if the U.S. Govt made an announcement at minute 1, about 1% of the population, or less, would actually make it out alive.

        • It never hurts to keep the car/truck/SUV full(I don’t ever come home with less than a 3/4 tank), BOBs/water/food in car, not in garage/bedroom/utility; should give you a head start on the gerbils(I don’t like sheeple name…they’re gerbils)

      42. Let us examine willfully ignored science regarding a HUMAN POPULATION TIME BOMB…

        Please consider that during my lifetime, when human numbers exploded from less than 3 billion to more than 7 billion worldwide, many experts may not have known enough about what they were talking about when they spoke of human population dynamics and all causes of the human overpopulation of Earth. Their research appears not to be scientific. What I have been trying to communicate regarding the human population does not issue from ideological or totalitarian thinking, or from group-think consensus for that matter. It is not derived from what is politically convenient, economically expedient, socially agreeable, religiously tolerable and culturally prescribed. I have wanted to openly discuss the best available science. That is all. It appears the generally accepted thinking of a surprisingly large number of so-called experts in the field of population dynamics appears to have an unscientific foundation. Their preternatural thought and theorizing about the population dynamics of the human species appears to be both incomplete and mistaken. Most disquieting of all, a widely shared and consensually validated theory about a demographic transition four decades from now is directly contradicted by unchallenged scientific research. As a consequence, and it is a pernicious consequence, woefully inadequate thinking and fundamentally flawed theorizing has been broadcast during my life cycle and continues to be broadcast everywhere by the mainstream media as if it is not only science but the best available scientific evidence. The implications of this unfortunate behavior, inasmuch as it appears to be based upon a colossal misperception of what could somehow be real regarding the human population, appear profound. This failure of nerve has served to slow momentum needed for a confrontation with a formidable global predicament that appears to become more difficult to overcome year by year.

        In their elective mutism regarding an astonishing error, are first class professional researchers with expertise in population dynamics behaving badly by allowing the “ninety-nine percenters” to be misguided and led down a primrose path by the “one percenters”? The power of silence on the part of knowledgeable human beings with feet of clay is dangerous because research is being denied that appears to shed light upon a dark, non-recursive biological problem, the understanding of which appears vital to future human well being and environmental health. Too many experts appear to be ignoring science regarding the human population and instead consciously through their silence consenting to the leviathan scale and unbridled expansion of global overproduction, overconsumption and overpopulation activities that are being adamantly advocated and relentlessly pursued by greedmongering masters of the universe, the tiny minority among us who are primarily responsible for ravaging the Earth, ruining its environs and reducing its fitness for habitation by the children. If this assessment of human behavior is indeed a fair representation of what is happening on our watch, then the desire to preserve the status quo, mainly the selfish interests of ‘the powers that be’, could be at least one basis for so much intellectually dishonest and morally bereft behavior. Could it be that the outrageous per capita overconsumption, large-scale corporate overproduction and unrestricted overpopulation activities of the human species worldwide cannot continue much longer on a planet with the size, composition and ecology of a finite and frangible planet like Earth?

        • BOORR-INGG!

        • This has to do with a mega tsunami or the Canary Islands how? Seems like a distraction to me!

        • I don’t know why—but for some reason you make me proud that I only mow once every 10 days; neighbors probably have a different story to tell.

      43. Hiya,
        Bit of info you may find useful. Any Tsunami from La Palma would be entirely different from Latula Bay in that the land around the bay was heavily sloping, the water had nowhere to go but up. Also The la Palma volcano has different channels of rock, some porus, some not and it will be the way the hot magma reacts with the cold water in these channels that will affect how the blowout will occur. Finally Simon Day, who initially published his findings on La Palma, has been disagreed with many times by his peers, who feel that although a tsuanami is possible, that it will not be of the magnitude he describes. In addition there are those that doubt that the island will split at all, it has been moving apart slowly for decades and the split is now about 16 feet wide and 12 feet deep, the bedrock of La Palma goes down for hundreds and hundreds of feet, an explosion would have to be off the scale to split it in one go. The landslide has been predicted by many experts in the field to be at least two thirds smaller than the prediction made by Day et al. I hope for all our sakes the detractors are right, half of the UK will vanish in much less than 7 hours if they are not. Love to you all x

      44. CAUTION – Fear Mongering Alert

        Before getting your panties in a bunch, I refer you to a paper written by Steven Ward, from the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics, University of California, Santa Cruz California, USA, regarding the calculated impact of a La Palma landslide generated tsunami.

        There will not be a thousand foot tsunami. Those are only in the movies or in very small bays. We are talking about the Atlantic Ocean.

        Have a beer and relax…

        -and yes, your best bet is to go out to sea. Driving in land would end up being a repeat of the folks trying to get out of Houston when Hurricane Rita was approaching.

        • OK, OK, It took me awhile yo get through your thick article. In the future, you would do wise to pick an article the does not support the issue you refute. You say a thousand foot wall of water is not going to happen. I read this article to say improbable not impossible. It still clearly shows a water swell striking the east coast, the power of the wave improbable to calculate. If you don’t believe me, then run down to the shore and tell me how it works out for you, but hey thanks for the article, properly used it can sure help the cause, peace…Hoser!!!

        • I’m definitely not wearing my underwear.

      45. With the USGS ignoring this, you have to wonder if they would tell anyone at all if lives were in danger here in North America from an event like this.

        • This will be the crowning act of the Illuminati to fulfill Rev 12- fall of Babylon the Great. Also pretty effective for their rewilding policy and the depopulation efforts underway. Everything east of the Mississippi is scheduled for demolition. NAFTA superhighway says it all.

      46. To say that human impact to this planet will be significant is arrogant at best. Human impact will be to humans, to the planet, we are but a popcorn fart in time.

      47. Is anyone else reminded of the radioactive hazard sign (trefoil) when looking at the outline of El Hierro?

      48. I heard that after 1 week without food, westerners will eat their pets. And two weeks without, their neighbors.

        • its our neighbors pet not our own, duh!

      49. If you have not sited your location with reference to possible marine/flood/climate events you have not been prepping, have you. Pretending, yes, but prepping, not at all. Survival is abour long term decisions made carefully and well implemented, not about having a mountain of lead and tinned food in a location subject to forseeable risk. That is just dumb.

        • EE: That’s why I moved to the mountains! 🙂

      50. A styrofoam pack would be a good poor man’s version of a floater. It’s not that big that you can’t have it on your balcony so you can have it close all the time. Then it makes a good floater which pulls you quickly to the surface should you go underwater any time. A rope wrapped around the pack can make handles on which you can offer some space for those unprepared unlucky ones running around near you.

        Some drawbacks of a styrofoam pack is that if it goes deep underwater (if the tsunami is very high), it disintegrates because of the water pressure. But then it really needs to be so deep that the pressure would be too much for you, too. Also usually the packets are not very big so you can’t bring a lot of stuff with you, at least on the top of the pack.

        An additional safety measure could a quick lock, those used in rock climbing, to lock you on the rope to hold you attached to the pack in case of strong movement. If you want to harden the pack against violent hits, plywood would be good.

      51. what are all you cowards worried about, anyway? You wanna live in fear, go jump out of an airplane you sissies. I got breaking news for you, you will die eventually. So stop being a bunch of cowards, man up and instead of fearing for your lives, dedicate yourself to charity and make the lifes of the less fortunate ones, better. Step up to the plate if you really want to be with Christ.

        • And why dont you go Auchwitz (where the other million or less) of your kind were punished for your corruption, spying and betrayal of the host country you parasites where leeching off of at that time. Step up to the plate if you’re the Chosen Ones, and climb into one of those cells. Coward- go Die like the 50 million innocents you Chosen slaughtered in Russia during the jews’ bolshevik genocide there. Man up and Gas yourself and do us all a favor. Better yet, get your boots on the ground in Iraq, since the wars over there were arranged by jews and fought for their benefit-using OUR troops, $$ and weapons. Off yourself up for Jehovah and Jahbulon you trash.

      52. You folks are all brainwashed! If the islands aint gonna do squat! maybe a little tsunami..but not the way they put it. maybe flooded streets the worst in the US! There is no way that little mountain is gonna SPRREAAD OUT all over the ocean making huge tsunamis’s! Get real people! its gonna be like a turd landing into a toilet bowl…big deal!

      53. I’m not sure if anyone else mentioned this, but back in Jan. of this year DHS and The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center where in the process of procuring 140 million “underwater” body bags. Things that make you say “hmmmm” ……do a google search on this or check out my link below.

      54. I would be concerned.

        This link shows that a Tsunami can cross the Pacific ocean and still be 15 feet tall.

        There are some differences. The Cascadia earthquake is 1,000 kilometers long but only moved 22 feet. La Palma is only 20 Kilometers wide but would move millions of tons of ground displacing an equal amount of ocean, 15 kilometers.

        I believe geological evidence has been discovered on the East coast supporting evidence. I recall some documentary where the guy was at the tree lines and there was a lot of sea life bones and what not.

        Sierra Dave


      55. ARTICLE IS WRONG!!!

        The 1958 Latuya bay incident caused waves 500 feet high. NOT 1700 FEET.

        WHY EXAGERATE? Your credibility is now non existent!!!

          • 500 feet or 1700 feet.. either way, I’m toast.. wet toast.



      56. Mac – posted on Foxnews DOT com..

        MADRID– Spanish authorities say activity by an underwater volcano has led them to close access to a port on El Hierro island.

        Ships have been ordered away from waters around La Restinga and aircraft have been banned from flying over the island’s southern tip.

        The port’s 600 residents were evacuated Tuesday after volcanic activity began.

        The regional government of the Canary Islands says scientists have detected airborne volcanic fragments called pyroclasts rising from the sea off La Restinga.

        The government said it awaited scientific reports on the danger posed by pyroclasts, but a research vessel that was collecting samples there has been ordered to desist.

        TV channel La Sexta reported Saturday that journalists also have been told to clear the area.

        • Good info… Again, I want to stress that this article is not intended to claim a tsunami is imminent… It’s just a heads up to preppers on the east coast that there is seismic and volcanic activity and that if they happen to get hit with a devastating eq out there, there is a potential threat of a la Palma landslide, and thus a tsunami…. Just an alert to stay aware of what’s going on out there…

      57. Anyone living on the east coast should be packing their Bug-out-Bags. Have it ready to go, or loaded in the trunk of your car. First one on the road has a better chance to get out.

        It’s hard to know where to start, but if you cover just all of the basics in a survival situation you will still be much better off that 99% of the people. We started with one of the kits (Expedition Extreme from and added copies of important papers, extra clothing and an emergency radio too. It takes only a few minutes to pick out a kit that works for your family and have it shipped to you, instead of driving all over town trying to find all the items you need for a good bug out bag. Then spend a day reviewing the contents and adding your extras. Put it in the hallway closed by the door and it’s ready whenever you need it. Total time spent probably 2 hours = Lifetime of Peace of Mind!

      58. I read on a website (one of the many alternative media sites I visit) that the public would not receive an “alert” until it was too late. TPTB are going to alert those in positions of power and the little people will receive the alert with about 2-3 hours until landfall…IDK what the end game is there or if it is true but I have a few alternative websites up refreshing like mad, suitcases are packed, meds are ready, important papers collected…if it is true and the public isn’t notified right away, then those paying attention will hopefully have the chance to get out of dodge saving whomever they can.


      59. As a former Coast Guardsman and avid prepper, I pride myself on being “Semper Paratus” (always ready). However, I’m also an information junkie and agressively research things that pique my interest; or scare the living shit out of me, as is the case with this mega-tsunami business. Taking an objective approach, here is a link that offers an alternative view of this La Palma issue:

        Be safe my commrades!!


      61. Maybe it is just me, but has anyone noticed the movies that have been released in major theatres are corresponding too world events, not too mention it takes up too 2 years too produce a movie….and when that movie is released, many of these events seem too happen….Final Impact, Source code, 2012, Keep on the look out for 11-11-11 and Justice….I have noted that Nicholas Cage has chosen specific roles within the past few years, very odd, Kick-Ass, Trespass, Justice……

      62. Unfortunately, all the hype over this method of TEOTWAWKI is based on some very sloppy science. Check out for the straight up on this. There is virtually NO evidence for for this scenario. The article states “The content of the BBC Horizon television program has been disproved by fellow scientists and the even the BBC itself has published a partial retraction under the title “Tidal wave threat “over-hyped” “.
        Of course, this could be a cover-up by the NWO and the CFR and the NHL….
        However, I suggest, just in case it DOES happen, that all you Floridians worried about escaping immediately go out and purchase helicopters. You would not even have to leave the state in the event of a tsunami! Just hover above it for a few hours, and film the destruction as all the hotel maids in Miami become mermaids!
        If it does happen though, I am safe here in Phoenix AZ, where I run a taxi company ( ) and we will be extremely busy with refugees. So book your taxi now.

      63. I am on only 20 miles inland off the east coast of NC. A few months ago my freinds fiance was ( he is an electricina) and was calles to a nuke power plant to do some work. He was a little freaked out when he went in after ALOT of screeening and FEMA was there doing drills. And now hoave a FEMA center located in teh county seat, did not have a FEMA operations center even a year ago….it raised a red flag to me, it is tucked away off the beaten path but all shiney and new. Just saw it a few weeks ago and came home freaked out about it and telling my hubby that something was up, maybe this is it….I do not know but it is all a little strange, they know something is coming

      64. Canary-Islands (Esp.) Island of El Hierro Underwater volcano Situation Update No. 10 On 2011-11-04 at 11:30:08 [UTC]
        Earthquakes have increased at El Hierro volcano in the Canary Islands.
        This indicates continued submarine eruptions at the volcano.
        On 2nd November at 18:10 UT there was a magnitude 4.4 earthquake with a focus at depth of 23 km in El Golfo Bay.
        The earthquake was followed by strong harmonic tremor.
        On 3rd November there were new areas of yellow-green stained water above the eruption site.
        There are reports of a lack of marine life within a 1.5 km radius of the eruption site.
        On 3rd November there was bubbling water above the eruption site and areas of muddy water.
        On 4th November between midnight and 8:30 UT there were 15 earthquakes greater than magnitude 1.5.
        The volcano remains at RED alert.

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