General Recommends “Quick Reaction Troops” In DC To Protect The Ruling Class From The Slaves

by | Mar 6, 2021 | Headline News | 33 comments

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    A United States military general, who was appointed by the ruling class, is recommending “quick reaction troop” in Washinton D.C. to protect against the slave uprising.  It sure appears that the powers that believe they own everyone are starting to worry that people no longer need them and are no longer willing to be slaves.

    The retired Army general appointed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to lead a security study after the January 6 Capitol riot has called for setting up a quick-reaction force to permanently stand ready for threats against the government, according to a report from RT. Meaning any uprising from the “governed” or “the controlled” or the slave lass will not be tolerated by the masters.

    Now, are we beginning to understand that government is slavery? It literally doesn’t matter if it’s a republic or a democracy or a socialist dictatorship. None of us should ever be owned by anyone else. The government knows it, and enough of the public must be figuring it out if retired US Army Lt. General Russel Honore says those who desire their freedom are the problem to be dealt with.

    The strategy would permanently militarize the nation’s capital with an active-duty force dedicated full-time to responding to security emergencies in Washington’s government district. Honore, who previously said that US Capitol Police (USCP) may have been “complicit” in the riot, also called for hiring more than 1,100 additional officers for the department, including filling 233 open positions.

    Many of the new hires would be intelligence analysts who would monitor security threats against the Capitol. Honore also wants the USCP to create a force of horse-mounted officers to help control crowds, as well as expanding its unit of bomb-sniffing dogs. Other recommendations include speeding the decision-making process for deploying the national guard; beefing up security-monitoring systems; requiring background checks of Capitol identification holders to reduce “insider threats”; establishing more screening portals to access the complex; and creating dedicated riot platoons who can be called on whenever Congress is in session. Members of Congress also would be given beefed-up security for travel, their home offices and their residences. -RT

    Honore is best known for his role in leading the National Guard response in New Orleans after the city was devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. His troops were involved in confiscating guns (stealing property) from residents after New Orleans Police Chief Eddie Compass III declared that only law enforcement officers would be allowed to have firearms amid the violent, post-storm chaos in the city.

    Wake up if you haven’t yet. If anyone says they have a higher claim over your life and property than you do if any says they have the right to “make laws” that you are forced to obey or they can physically harm you or steal your property, you are a slave. We all are slaves. The ruling class is fortifying their defenses against us, which means enough of us have figured it out. The next step is massive peaceful disobedience of the government, the protection of each other against them.


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      1. “threats against the government” I think we all know by now that the real threat is against us by our very own government.Sure seems like they sense an uprising by the slaves is coming their way. So be it.

        • threats against the government?

          If a hijacker puts on the pilot’s uniform, you have to accept that he IS the pilot?

          A law repugnant to the constitution is null and void when it is signed into law.

          Anyone who, under color of law,deprives any citizen of rights,privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution is subject to civil and ,or criminal penalties pursuant to title 42 U.S.Code, section 1983, 1985,1986 and, or Title18 U.S.Code section241 and 242.

          The people writing and signing these unconstitutional rulings ,telling us they are legitimate laws,pushing the hired guns we pay for to abuse us, really need to understand that.
          So do the American people.

      2. “Members of CONgress also would be given beefed-up security for travel, their home offices,and their residences”
        Of course,because after they have screwed all of us for years- they will need to hide behind all of their security.
        Does anyone still believe the government is on our side?
        Anyone at all???

      3. These new measures do make you wonder what the hell they are so afraid of,
        doesn’t it? Could it possibly be little ol us??

      4. Perhaps they’ll need that security to hold back the ones not foolish enough to get the jab? Perhaps.

      5. “The government is out to
        get you” has much less of a
        “conspiracy theory” ring to it these days.?

      6. Isn’t it mind boggling how the very ones who have been working diligently against their own citizens in every possible way have now turned it completely around and labeled all of us as
        enemy number one?

      7. You are a slave. The 14th amendment says you are. It states what a citizen of the United States is and “subject to.”

        • First off …. 14th amendment does NOT make STATE CITIZENS slaves. Most of the people are NOT US citizens and are not required to have SS numbers nor any of that BS! FACT! And it is in the law. Please study.

      8. A little off topic but the psycho governor of California says he will only reopen the state if 2 million Latinos are vaccinated.This is getting serious folks.Of course this will divide people even more which is exactly what the elite want.If the state doesn’t reopen,the Latinos will of course be blamed for not taking the death shot.The plans of these psychopaths just continue to roll along and their tactics get more devious by the day.Love my fellow board posters Just remember guys/gals DO NOT GET THE KILL SHOT!!!!

      9. More nonsense, theatre, obfuscation. Why would a retired (flunky) general horrore be appointed by another 2bit flunky nutsy pelousy to study the security issues (where none exist) of the (failed) nations capitol? Notice no capitalization. Theatre. Distraction. Absurdity. In the meantime all of the criminal entities that claim authority – congress, judicial and executive, banksters, police, regulators, et al, are incognito? Ineffectual cowardly unadulterated S’sOS. All of the aforementioned S’sOS have no more legitimacy, relevancy, nor authority. They are to be ignored henceforth. As well, in short order, those few of us that aren’t subjugated by these wannabe lords/masters, need to stand up and lead; when the subjugators arrive at your doorstep prancing and parading around in the typical gagglefuckocracy waiving warrants and writs and decrees – open fire. You may commence firing when (a) target appears.

        • Spot on…. Research this said “General” – you’ll find much more socialist traits.

        • The self selected tyrants like pelosi plan on doig us bad and expect resistance could be no other reason for the elites behavior

      10. Talk is cheap, they (The Pimps,Pedophiles and Sodomites on the Potomac)are soiling their knickers. The United States is in an incredible state of weakness, a house divided cannot stand. The real threat is Russia and China ,when they feel that the cards and the stars are in their favour they’ll go for the gusto!

      11. Nancy speaks…people jump. Another flunky doing the elites bidding like he did in New Orleans….

      12. Nancy speaks…people jump. Another flunky doing the elites bidding like he did in New Orleans….

      13. Why not dig a moat around the Capitol? What a bunch of pantywaist whimps. The slugs that are feeding on the rest of us.

      14. Thank you for bring this to our attention. I think it is important to note from a public relations perspective the appointment of Honore. This guy doesn’t have a reputation for not being a thug. Meanwhile, we may want to bear in mind that typically presidents are nothing more than mouth pieces for dominant corporate interest who are motivated by profit, power and control. Matt Bracken aired in the last hour at the following link

        Hope the link works ok. Seems they don’t sometimes. The whole show is good but catching Matt in the last hour may be important for those looking for additional insights.

        I think I have strategy for my upcoming newsletter. Any interested subscribers feel free to contact me at [email protected] I would be especially interested in request topics for upcoming letters.


        • After the March 4 prediction failed, they are waiting on another Q anon date, just around the next corner.

          • @Darth Skippy, you’re right.
            Isn’t it amazing how there always seems to be another corner,another day, another week,another month with the Q movement.
            Talk about moving the goalposts!?

      16. Pelosi is playing president. Maybe Harris will appoint her when she obtains Biden’s slot. Hillary is gonna be pissed….passed over again.

      17. imhblo, anyone with a confident demeanor can visit any public venue, show that he has a pulse, attract followers, admirers, and well-wishers — almost passively.

        “If anyone says they have a higher claim over your life and property than you do if any says they have the right to “make laws” that you are forced to obey or they can physically harm you or steal your property, you are a slave.”

        It’s pheromonal, if not subconscious. I would dare say spiritual, like destiny.

        Authoritarians are providing-for a psychological need, ignored by the anarchists.

        However you choose to organize, whether you choose to organize, the 99% require structure and external validation and will never be elevated to the level of self-starters.

      18. Howz bout they send all the cocksucking congress critters home. Then there will be no one that needs protectin.

        But not until they send my big Joey stimulus check. I need some cash to buy more internet junk that I don’t need. I wonder whether Sleepy will sign them like that bozo Donnie did.

      19. when they finally come to the conclusion that there was massive fraud and abiden needs to be cancelled he will not come out of the fortress that was made for him!

      20. Impeachment – like 2/3rds of the house then senate? Why would dems ever impeach their own?

      21. Pelosi playing being president. too bad Harris is in the way huh?

      22. A little off topic,but
        Of course,the rest of us
        unvaccinated filthy slobs will
        be treated like lepers and
        ostracized from society?

      23. Pelosi’s Praetorian Guard has a nice ring to it..

      24. The lights will be going out soon. The remainder of the recoverable oil reserves are being cut-off as we speak (hoarded by the .03%) and the cv19 shit show has been rolled out and successfully made 100’s of millions cower like children in the dark. It is becoming obvious the ignition source for conflict, will be the 30 year old “isreali line of bullshit” that Iran will have a bomb tomorrow morning… Holy shit, how many fuggin years do we need to hear this shit from nuttbagyahoo? Shitstain. So the notion that our own shitty dirty national capitol needs a permanent security force, tells you something ominous. A good start for securing our capitol, would be to round up these 535 ‘members’, dismembering them right in front of God, Old Glory, and 333 million citizens. You don’t jail traitorous rat bastards/bitches, you dispose of them.

      25. I wonder if there would be any way to pass a bill making it illegal for members of the House and Senate to engage in insider trading? Also to give them a huge pay cut?

      26. It appears that the evil ones behind all of this are using this junta to enforce the
        control they got during the election fraud.?

      27. My pal and I have been just talking about this particular topic, she actually is constantly trying to prove me completely wrong! I am going to present her this write-up not to mention rub it in a little!

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