Gen Z Adults Encourage Each Other To Sign Up For Facial Recognition At Music Festivals

by | Jul 10, 2019 | Headline News | 18 comments

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    This article was originally published by Mass Private I at Activist Post. 

    What is wrong with the picture below? A lot.

    The picture shows just how complicit the mass media has become in convincing Generation Z (Gen Z) adults into accepting TSA-style checkpoints at public venues.

    USA Today’s caption says it all:

    Annabel Hess, right, signed up for PreCheck at an RV outside the gates of the Country LakeShake music festival in Chicago in late June at the urging of her roommate Catie Hjerpe, left.


    Credit: USA Today

    USA Today’s reporter Dawn Gilbertson offers a disturbing glimpse into the mass media’s collusion with TSA-style checkpoints at public venues.

    The story describes how happy a young woman is to join IdentoGo’s TSA PreCheck just so she can avoid check-in lines at music festivals.

    Her roommate has had PreCheck since college and saw the festival’s pitch about enrolling on-site and getting a fast pass through festival security as a bonus.

    Below are some examples of how hard the mass media is working to convince Gen Z adults to give up their privacy.

    Mass media claims giving away your privacy is fun:

    This disturbing video from WBCD News 2 is yet another example of how the mass media laughs about losing one’s privacy so they can avoid check-in lines; referring to PreCheck enrollees as “lucky ducks” twice.

    Earlier this year, IdentoGo offered PreCheck enrollees a chance to win gift cards and a free facial biometric enrollment to a few lucky ducks in Burbank, California.

    There is nothing fun about giving up your identity to gain entrance to music festivals, sporting events, and other public venues.

    IdentoGo has come a long way since last year’s propaganda bus tours at MLB, NFL, and NHL stadiums and their partnership with Staples.

    IdentoGo has repainted their RVs, to make them more appealing to Gen Z adults by putting pictures of smiling young women on them in a blatant attempt to gain wider acceptance.

    Credit: Identogo

    USA Today warns that the TSA and IdentoGo want to put TSA checkpoints in public venues across the country.

    TSA-style checkpoints at music festivals? What is next? Fairs, malls and movie theaters?

    Accepting TSA-style checkpoints in public venues gives Big Brother unprecedented access to our private lives.

    The United States is quickly descending into a dystopian reality. Facial recognition and privacy violations are now the norms as the “powers that shouldn’t be” continue to ramp up their control of the media and manipulate the minds of Americans. John W. Whitehead writes about this unfortunate situation we are finding ourselves in. In his book Battlefield America: The War on the American People, Whitehead explains how this insidious shift was so subtle that most of us had no idea it was happening:

    Police forces across the United States have been transformed into extensions of the military. Our towns and cities have become battlefields, and we the American people are now the enemy combatants to be spied on, tracked, frisked, and searched. For those who resist, the consequences can be a one-way trip to jail or even death. –Battlefield America: The War On The American People


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      1. Another predator company. Tag now, bag later.

        • Good one Anonymous. Yea, those RVs can be repainted and ‘re-purposed’.

        • All predators of all types have their time coming to them.

      2. Gen Z is a gigantic waste of resources and the biggest pile of shit in history. The culling IS coming thanks to overpopulation and the plethora of things that come with it. Stupid parents and stupid kids make for a halocaust of epic perportions. I’m glad I’m old and don’t have to face the hell on earth that is going to happen. Fook them and their spawn they deserve to suffer their fate. Eat shit humanity, you are an epic cosmic FAILURE!

        • Genius, same here. I’ll never sign up for any tyrannical BS either.

      3. It’s no surprise. Youth, breaking with parents first group bond with peers before maturing into individuals. Affordable technology facilitating group think came to being at this time. A bit of manipulation creating, “the new cool thing” and they have signed on to an irreversible loss of privacy. An economy preventing many from obtaining self sufficiency has delayed maturity increasing the residency time of group think through their 20s likely well into their 30s.

      4. I don’t see the problem with this and only many positive aspects.

        Face it, the government has your details from the day you are born. When you start school they start collecting data on you. When you get your first job and start paying taxes, they are parsing your data in a zillion ways.

        CCTV camera already have your face as do the folks at the vehicle registration.

        The benefits for this are extraordinary. It is throwing up an invisible electronic curtain that will bad ass knee grows and moo slimes away from you. What is not to like about that!!

        • Social media has made them lose all sense of privacy. The submission is understandable albeit lamentable.

        • Frank, the issue is as people become conditioned to this, it will become the default. You give the government too much credit, all that info ‘they’ have collected is all over the place, and unless you’re a big criminal or outspoken critic of the government, they don’t have the analysts to sift thru all the junk.

          Soon the lines at the ‘pre-check’ will be longer than the none pre lines, then it will be mandatory.

        • This had me ROTFLOL!! Your use of sarcasm and irony is great!

          There are plenty of democrat voters that would get on all fours for the TSA! At least 64 MILLION of them…

        • Umm… you do realize you are trading off data and more importantly, your submission to the normalization of security checkpoints everywhere (papers please?!) in exchange for essentially nothing?

          A TSA Pre-check doesn’t guarantee you anything, and doesn’t make you safer. You are willingly complying with ridiculous security theatre.

          Any yokel can decide they want to cause some nasty problems, go and get ”pre-checked”, and have a high likelihood of skipping several parts of focused screening, and therefore have a high probability of success in smuggling in dangerous items with which to kill people en masse.

          A lot of killers, including mass killers, had no criminal record or any history that flagged them to police or security services prior to their attacks. Most passed federal backgrounding / universal backgrounding procedures to get their guns. All this program is doing is providing a high probability of success to people who wish to do harm but don’t have an existing criminal background or reason to be flagged (yet).

          So how, exactly, is this program helping average people? By making security systems compromised while simultaneously telegraphing the best means available to people who wish to do harm via weapons/chemicals/biologicals/etc? By providing another path to the less creative or intelligent among our would be attackers? You’ll see what I mean by this statement in a minute.

          This system isn’t keeping you safe, it’s compromising any safety it initially offered. It isn’t keeping anyone dangerous away from you, the people who fail their backgrounding, or who know they will fail it, will simply queue up in a line and still get in. And then use the weapons smuggled in by their pre-checked white-progressive recent-convert-to-ISIS cohorts.

          The second you offer to pre-check someone and include reduced security screening in exchange for it, is the second you lower the overall effectiveness of any security operation.

          I’ve seen pre-check in progress. I’m former police officer, govt security contractor, and worked counter-terrorism and target hardening. I am also certified master locksmith and lockout technician with additional training in burglar alarm systems (and bypassing them). I was in screening operations and checkpoint controls before TSA was invented. I watched and saw first hand how pre-check policies allowed people to bypass security systems and get all manner of things past checkpoints. I ran the X-ray machines and metal detectors first hand, I was part of test teams / red teams whose job was to probe defenses and effectiveness of security procedures and equipment, to find weaknesses and exploit them to help organizations plug holes and manage risks.

          Hands down, the second you compromise security procedures for any reason, including “backgrounded” people, or “assumed safe” people, you might as well get rid of the checkpoint altogether, because the people that want to cause a ruckus will do one of two things.

          First, just straight up attack the checkpoint, carrying out their attack out on the waiting large crowd with nowhere to run, inflicting MASSIVE casualties, or, Two, they’ll go through the necessary steps to trick/fake/pass or bypass the pre-check requirements in order to back-door their way in to continue their originally planned attack as intended.

          You don’t HAVE to be in the audience to get inside a venue. You realize that right? You can also be a contractor/vendor/workers/stagehand/security/janitor/etc. many of these people have access to the venue long before TSA shows up to start screening and can pre-position needed items inside so they don’t even have to be smuggled through. There are always people and equipment who don’t have to be checked because we treat people of power and influence or money and control or owners and landlords with a different set of rules in the US.

          The security is compromised long before TSA comes around, and continues to be compromised based on their own screening policies.

          The knee jerk reaction from people is obviously “but the owner of the stadium isn’t going to blow up his stadium or smuggle in guns for shooters”. No, not of his own accord. But we’re talking about terrorism. Do you realize it’s a common tactic for jihadis not to attack checkpoints or key targets with their own people? They pick a person, abduct their family, and threaten to rape and murder the wife and children if the husband doesn’t drive a car bomb into the checkpoint. So the innocent guy gets forced to do the dirty work to save his family. They either get shot trying to carry out the attack, or killed in the attack itself. Everyone has something that can be threatened or blackmailed. Including people who get a free pass by security. Like the stadium owner, who drives several rifles into the stadium in the unchecked trunk of his car because ten terrorists are sitting in his house holding machetes to the heads of his wife and daughter.

          Suddenly doesn’t seem so far fetched, huh?

          I know a million compromised points and a million exploits and social hacks. I learned a lot from previously successful smuggling and attacks.

          No man, there is no safety with these checkpoints. This is security theatre. Open your eyes.

          The only thing this is… is the establishment and normalization of a pervasive security state designed to lock down and control the population by incremental exposure and submission to increasingly common checkpoints until we hear “papers please” damn near everywhere we go.

          You get nothing useful or protective in exchange for this. You know what the actual major reason is why the TSA is ACTUALLY brought in by venue operators? Because of the discount on the event insurance premium by the venue.


      5. We’ve all been programed from the time we went to school. As a kid we were required to pledge allegiance to the flag each morning. A culture that valued real freedom and liberty would have taught us to pledge allegiance to the Bill of Rights instead. A culture that valued critical thinking would have encouraged examination and criticism of .gov and corporate activity. But, no, we were trained to be mindless drones and value the state over everything.

        Generation Z’s behavior is all they have been taught. When did YOU wake up? Or did you? Some people on here still believe in the state, as seen by the constant red v blue comments. Must…vote…harder…next…time. Everything will be alright when my side wins.

        The “Liberty and justice for all” was just to convince young tax donkeys and cannon fodder that the state values their rights. They don’t. (pssst….hey…guess what…red doesn’t care either)

      6. They will still ‘random’ search anytime they want, every time we go thru the pre line at the airport we get pulled for ‘random’ checks it’s ridiculous.

      7. Frank, the issue is as people become conditioned to this, it will become the default. You give the government too much credit, all that info ‘they’ have collected is all over the place, and unless you’re a big criminal or outspoken critic of the government, they don’t have the analysts to sift thru all the junk.

        Soon the lines at the ‘pre-check’ will be longer than the none pre lines, then it will be mandatory.

        • Unfortunately true, on all counts across your various posts here. I will say though, the average progressive liberal IS the new brown shirt, directly ushering in unscrupulous government control and tyranny by direct social conditioning of the public via violence, threats and intimidation. But people falsely align Red vs Blue thinking that solves problems. It doesn’t. Too many on the red team leadership (not average Joes) are just as hopelessly compromised and corrupt as blue team leadership. But the average red team member, like many folks here, think their side can fix it or want to fix it. Because the average red team person is a good person and wants to believe the others on their side, especially their elected leaders, are as true of heart and belief as they themselves are. In my opinion, some in the republican leadership do want to fix this thing and restore the republic, but I think most don’t.

          Do I see a better option? No. That’s why I don’t judge the average red team folks too harshly. They have limited options at their disposal, and they are trying to fix things through politics and without violence. It’s noble. But the blue team is cheating and the game is rigged. Tyranny’s shadow is cast. I’m afraid this game only goes two ways. Blue cheats a win and forever takes power, or violence and bloodshed in the streets. I’m not advocating violence. Im just calling it how I see it. Blue leadership will continue to cheat and steal while red leadership tries to hold high ground or looks the other way (because they’re complicit, blackmailed or paid off) until we lose this country. And history already tells us what happens after that.

      8. comment censored

      9. comment not allowed
        only mindles drivel posted

      10. There are type A’s and B’s, in every generation — usually, B’s.

        Free in my mind, I have talked to all kinds of small town heroes and villains, and asked simple, open-ended questions, about what is their thought process, and there was none.

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