Geithner on Greece: ‘It’s not going to happen in the United States’

by | May 20, 2010 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner says that the economy, domestically and globally, is looking good and that we should experience continued growth going forward (Videos Below Excerpts and Comments):

    I’m feeling better about it. This is a good example here. You heard them say today the unemployment rate is coming down in Seattle and Washington because they’re exporting more. Trains are coming back across the country with containers full because their exports are growing. And, I think you’re seeing more confidence across the country.

    You see we’re creating more jobs. Job growth is picking up encouragingly.

    I think the global recovery is in much stronger shape than it was.

    When questioned about the possibility of what is happening with Europe’s debt crisis spreading to the US, Mr. Geithner responds:

    It’s not going to happen in the United States

    We’ll let our readers come to their own conclusions about where the economy is and where it’s going. We will, however, leave you with the following quotes:

    At this juncture . . . the impact on the broader economy and financial markets of the problems in the subprime markets seems likely to be contained.

    Ben Bernanke, Federal Reserve Chairman
    March 28, 2007

    While the crash only took place six months ago, I am convinced we have now passed through the worst — and with continued unity of effort we shall rapidly recover. There has been no significant bank or industrial failure. That danger, too, is safely behind us.

    Herbert Hoover, President of the United States
    May 1, 1930

    There is nothing in the situation to be disturbed about

    Andrew Mellon, Secretary of the Treasury
    February 1930

    How much do you trust Tim Geithner?

    Tim Geithner on the Economy (CNBC):

    Tim Geithner on Housing, Short Selling Rules and Europe:


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      1. These Geithner guy is dangerous to society as a whole. He’ll wreck the place with his buddy Ben.


      2. Rule of thumb: Everything Geithner and Bernanke say usually turns out to be wrong. Therefore, this CONFIRMS that the smart money is on the US economy collapsing.

      3. Don’t forget that Geithner was former governor of the New York FED.   

        He’s right in there with the Fed, the Wall Street bankers, and Obama’s corrupt administration. 

        Of course he’s going to say everything is fine so all of the above can continue looting what is left of America.  

        You know Geithner has a overseas chalet to run to when the SHTF finally happens. 
        Timmy is that kind of lying coward.  Just like his mentor Obama.      

      4. If history is any guide with these guys, then we have a serious problem and the economy is set to explode in 3….2…..1…..

        It’s kind of like when Goldman Sachs tells you to invest in a particular stock. If you take the other side of their recommendation, you have a much better chance of survival.

      5. I agree with Schaef….when Tim and Ben speaks it is usually the opposite of what they say that comes true.  WE ARE SO SCREWED!  Run for the hills.

      6. First video. Geithner says: exports are up, orders increased bla bla bla. And when you watch behind his ass, where he’s walking, there is no economic activity whatsoever.

        Great bullshit. Puts his house for sale in the worst market downturn since the Great depression, and this guy is in office.

        You guys really need to vote better there in the US. FFS.

      7. Comments…..Isn’t this the same Timmy that last summer went to Peking University and said “I believe in a strong dollar and China’s dollar assets are safe.” And the Chinese students laughed at him! Well he is right about one thing we will never get a credit downgrade because the ratings agency are full of shit.
        The people who said that we will never have a debt collapse are lying. They cannot tell the public this because they will panic. So they want to continue the lies as long as possible to by time for them to leave this country. Go to south america or the caribbean while America burns.

      8. Augustin is correct. The web of lies he spins is astounding. I never thought that people understood that there is always corruption in a government but the US is notorious for having happening on a grand scale. This is being seen with a large debt that is owed to creditor nations (Japan, China, OPEC, Germany) which will never be repaid. Mostly likely a few other countries who idiotically invested too but did are not getting any thing back and the US is going to default. I have to say it might be the best solution since it will make people finally wake up to how their government is too corrupt and how people are making digital dollar (credits) from a computer with no real intrisnic value except for the faith (joke) of the American public (and foreign interests).

      9. Gee, I feel soooooo much better now the Turbo Timmy says it won’t happen here…I mean after all, coming from a man (term used loosely) that has never so much as operated a hot dog stand can only make one feel supremely confident in the future! Be sure you’ve got your beans, bullets and band aids put away cuz yer gonna need’m!

      10. le guillotine

      11. What a bunch of crap!   I’ll supply the basket!

      12. Bill,

        If we use, your basket, then, can I be the one to sharpen the blade? Please? I’ll pull the rope too, if you like!!!

        To say these guys are crooks is to say the sun is “warm” and the universe is “fairly big” .  UNDERSTATEMENT!

        What sound the it make when I pull the rope? shlump…


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