Game Show Legend Chuck Woolery: “The Real Assault Weapon is the Liberal Media” *Video*

by | Nov 27, 2012 | Headline News | 201 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Legendary game show host Chuck Woolery has a message for Americans, and he delivers it with an AR-15 in hand.

    There is no doubt that it’s a tragedy when anyone takes the life of another without cause.

    But to blame assault weapons for this tragedy would be like, well, blaming airplanes for the 9-11 attacks.

    The problem lies with the perpetrator, not the tool used to commit the crime.

    As of right now, the Constitution is still the law of the land. And since we are a nation of laws and not men, we need to follow it carefully.

    The second amendment allows for assault weapons. The left argues that the founding fathers didn’t even know what an assault weapon was. As usual, this argument is wrong again.

    To say that the Constitution limits the kind of guns we can own would be like saying the Constitution limits the kind of religion people can practice.

    Our founding fathers wanted every citizen to be armed equal to the army in case of takeover by a tyrannical government. They wanted us to have protection… from them!

    Crazed criminals shooting up innocent people is a tragedy, but all the gun bans in the world will not stop them. Criminals will always find the weapons they need to carry out their crime.

    The only people that will be going unarmed are the law-abiding citizens like you and me.

    When you hear people talking about banning assault weapons, know the real assault weapon is the liberal media.

    Chuck Woolery’s Five Reasons For Why We Cannot Ban Firearms in America:

    With more guns sold in America last year than there are soldiers in the world’s ten largest armed forces, Americans are vehemently rejecting the notion that the U.S. Constitution is an outdated document.

    Whether it’s California democrat Dianne Feistein attempting to ban rifles across the country, attempts to restrict the purchase of ammunition, or the United Nations making a power-play over America’s sovereignty, the fight for our right to bear arms is in full swing.

    Victory must be had, because the alternative is a world where the people will forever be wards and slaves of a State bent on total control.


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      1. Very well laid out argument.  It can’t be said any better.  Maybe the anti-gun can understand this simple premises.



        • Doesn’t matter. Can’t argue with a libtard.  As soon as you start to interject logic, common sense and historical facts, they start to boil over and scream at you. It doesn’t “feel” right. You hurt my “feelings”. What about the other guy’s “feelings”?

          I’ve got a libtard buddy. Tried to have a salient debate over “price gouge laws”.

          Me; They restrict goods and services to people who are already screwed.

          Him; It’s wrong to take advantage of these people.

          Me; Money entices goods and services to flow to where they are needed most.

          Him; your greedy, and don’t have compasion.

          Me; So why are you here and not there helping?

          Him; I have to earn a living. ( he owns equipment that could help, 200 miles away)

          Me; So, for an extra price, you would go and help?

          Him; No, my shit would be abused.

          Me; The taxi driver I saw on the news said he lost a $1000 in two days, waitng for gas. he would gripe, but pay $10 a gallon to get back to work.

          Him; It’s their law, and their government passed it to protect them.

          Me; But it’s a stupid law, made to look good to the people, but in real terms, hurts them. I can give dozens of examples.

          Him; F*ck you, I don’t want to talk about it.

          • Rick 🙂  An excellent piece. When  your friend said that his stuff would/may be abused you could have called him SELFISH. Libs love to call others selfish/greedy but  go apoplectic when someone accuses them of being that way. Most Libs very keen on folks sweating and sacrificing as long as they’re not the ones doing it. When it comes time to get their hands dirty and do some”heavy lifting’, they’re no where to be found.  They see themselves as the planners or managers (idea poeple), above the need for real work since most of them have never done much, if any, in their entire lives. Again, a nice piece, thanks.  

            • Greg 8:   You hit the nail on the head!   Liberals want the working people to support gov programs but not with their money.  They like to control/dominate others; are inconsistent on many things; cannot be trusted in the long haul.   Rick:  I dumped  any libtard pals years ago..they are  boring and  can two walk together unless they agree, etc?  I don’t have time for dead beats/rocks for brains folk…this incl. relatives,  those you know casually, neighbors, etc.  Dumping them:   Ignore them, avoid them, say you’re busy, lv answering machine on 24/7, other excuses. They’ll get the message sooner or later.

            • Gregory8,

              Excellent deduction! Two thumbs up.

          • Rick, frustrating isn’t it? The ‘ don’t confuse me with facts, my mind is already made up’ crowd.

            As for Mr. Woolery; he has been a consistant thorn in the libs side for years. Heard he speak once, and was very impressed.

          • Excellent Rick,

            But you don’t get it… its all about their INTENTIONS…

            Their intentions are more pure than you…

            And the road to hell is paved with what…?


          • Great points about “price gouging”.

            What is termed price gouging is actually a very important signal for the markets to fill a need rapidly.

            I witnessed the lack of ice, water, etc down in Miami after hurricane Andrew (and about 4 others) & soon learned that if someone can make $10 for a bag of ice, you will rapidly have an avalanche of ice delivered to those areas, but by then the prices will be dropping!

            The end result is plenty of ice delivered with quickly dropping prices!

            Simpletons cannot understand this natural concept, so we’re stuck with catering to the lowest common denominator (moronic voters), the politicians they elect & the inefficient policies they create to satisfy the emotional reactions of the ignorant masses, at great cost to those in need of goods & services.

            There are Phd’s in economics who will scream at you like children for saying this.

        • @ Brian… they understand it alright… they simply hate it – and us, and they’re planning on taking our arms away by any means possible… I’m convinced it will ultimately come down to military force… so, in the words of General George Patton:  “No SOB ever won a war by dying for his country… you win a war by making the other SOB die for his”.

          …and, in the words of outlaw Josey Wales:  Now remember, when things look bad and it looks like you’re not gonna make it, then you gotta get mean. I mean plumb, mad-dog mean. ‘Cause if you lose your head and you give up then you neither live nor win. That’s just the way it is.”

          My personal favorite is:  If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics SUCK!


          History says that many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence lost their fortunes and their lives as well fighting for what they believed in – the question is:  are we willing to go that same distance if all else fails?  The reality check is that the founders were ultimately compelled to take up arms against the very government that was a corner stone in establishing this country when all other avenues were exhausted in trying to resolve the tyranny being forced upon the colonies.  It looks like we’re about to see a ‘repeat’ of history…

          The way I see it, we’ll stand a better chance of loosing our lives by actually going along with this tyrannical government because they ultimately want to kill us off anyway than we will by standing our ground and defending our God given rights…

          • Jerry C,

            You are spot on!

            They hide the fact that they simply hate it, by hiding behind their emotional drivel.

            Its just f-ing evil to be intellectually dishonest like that. I would have so much more respect for libs, if they would just be honest about it. IMHO, that is one of the greatest sins.

          • Rights aren’t God given. Sam Adams was the father of our country and he plotted the overthrow of the redcoats and company. The shooting started, and our country began when General Gage tried to confiscate the arms and munitions of the Militia stored at Concord.

            The Antifederalists then secured the Bill of Rights. The 9th Amendment secured all rights to the People and the 10th Amendment secured the Power to the People to exercise all rights.

            Liberty; and pass the ammunition!

        • I’ve always suspected this guy was a gun toting Constitutionalist.   He looks like a smoker too.  And damn straight, if he’s shooting and smoking, he’s probably drinking too.  I’d invite him to one of our ATF parties, (that’s the party where we drink, smoke and shoot), but I suspect he’s a bit busy.  Anyway, I’m always glad to hear when one of the Hollywood television people go turn coat on those Communist whores and knife’s them in the back with a dose of who they really are.  We need more spies in the enemy camp.

          • @ JoeRepublic,

                Gee, we don’t have any ‘ATF’ parties here where I am….do you have a ‘sign-up’ list somehwere so we can come to one of your’s? 🙂

          • ATF – My favorite convenience store, ha ha ha!!!

        • ”’With more guns sold in America last year than there are soldiers in the world’s ten largest armed forces, Americans are vehemently rejecting the notion that the U.S. Constitution is an outdated document.”””

          The Constitution is NOT outdated.

          What is outdated is the corp DEMOCRACY that claims to exist under it.

          We must remove the DEMOCRACY before the Constitution can be restored as law. 

          Do we have enough guns yet?  Yes.  Enough shooters? No.

          But there will come a day…

        • The anti-gunners do not want to understand.  They are not interested in freedom or your rights.  What they are interested in…is disarming you.

          The liberal mind is encapable of logic or reason.

        • Brian,I don’t think even chuck realizes this is much more then america’s right to have guns,If the NWO can’t disarm america,they can’t take over the world,america has always been the fly in the oinment for dictators around the world,just about the time they thought they had the world taken over ,HERE CAME AMERICA,and ruined there plans,put them on trial and then HANGED THEM….THIS TIME theres a lot more at stake,all most all the countries have given their guns to the liberals and women,THE COMMIES and TRAITORS have taken over america,with the help of the police gang protecting them while everything was put into place for the takeover,WE’LL  need a lot more rope this time,as every commie on the planet is here ready to help take america down,AND THEY FAIL AGAIN,SO SAYS THE LORD, IN GOD WE TRUST…

          • The bible does not say that ALL nations will be part of the NWO. So what if we resist, stick to the constitution or whatever but manage to stay out of that mess? That would end up meaning that we would either be so battered that we would no longer be on their radar or we would be the biggest thorn in their paw next to Israel. ( Big satan & little satan)  I am no Israel lover (  or hater) but since God sponsored both nations maybe we 2 nations will be  FIGHTING  the NWO. As far as I am concerned that would be far preferable to being any part of it!!

        • The Constitution is set in stone it cannot be changed it will not be changed, who ever does try there will be NO QUARTER for them.  If the government does start it, we will finish it.  I for one, Will show them the  HORROR SHOW  if the time comes.  Your brain is weapon #1,  Learn, Read,   Watch ur corners, Shoot straight, Watch ur six.

      2. #6. What do “they” think we’re going to use, when the time comes, to lay siege on the white house, a smooth bore, single shot long gun “musket”?

        • I doubt “they” have any idea about the difference between a smooth bore musket and a rifled barrel.  I don’t know that anything can stir Americans from their vegetable torpor, but gun control might do it. Our nearest city, as such, passed a new law controlling bonfires. There is no license, no fee, but you have to “register”. The Public Safety Officer (I HATE those people) said that although there had been no incidents involving backyard bonfires, that the Safety Department wanted a record of who was burning what and that it would be reported to the Fire Department. His (more or less) exact words were that “Although there is no fee, we need to FORCE people to come to the office to register.” Why??? I think the idea is to get the citizenry used to stupid laws and the idea that the government can force you to do anything it wants. There hasn’t even been a conflagration to trigger this. I assume they think the populace must go through some thought process such as “What would make a good bonfire?” “Aluminum siding?” No…. “Bricks?” No….. That ten gallons of lawnmower gas we have stashed in the garage?” No, again. “Maybe wood (!) and brush from tree trimming?” Got it! This is, however, the same city that got rid of the red light cameras after a huge outcry, which meant turning down a great deal of revenue. I don’t know why the drive to make people register to build a small bonfire on private property, except that it shows the power of government as exercised by one monomaniac.

          • Our state banned back yard burning, the sugar plantaion can burn cane and make a mushroom cloud and smoke everyone out for hours on end but you cant burn a small pile of leaves or anything in your back yard, youll get fined, and like yours, ours dropped the speed cams because people complained,

        • Since you brought up the thing about “primitive weaponry”, I just want to add a piece of advice to anyone wanting/needing  to get into the beginning stages of self defense with a gun.

           I for one, am an old muzzleloader shooter from the seventies.  They may not be a good choice for everyone, but it can sure be a way to semi-cheaply put a  gun and a lot of ammo at your disposal.   Reloading bullets for any kind of gun can be expensive and time consuming, but for muzzleloaders (long guns or pistols), you can stock up on lead bullets,powder and percussion caps in a hurry.   If you are really concerned about having enough ammo, purchase a bullet caster and be prepared with enough lead to melt and cast your own.    In a hurry and want to be even cheaper?  Pick up spent lead from the backdstop at the local or nearest gun range,  for casting bullets.  I have heard of melting down wheel weights and using that lead.

           Anyways; there are still plenty of the older and fairly reasonably priced Hawken style muzzleloaders on the market.  Some of the newer versions of the “inlines” are fairly cheap, like the Wolf brand.  I just found one of the T/C Hawkens 50 cal. muzzle stuffers with all the brass trim that was bought new in the early seventies.  I grabbed it for $100.00.   The guy had only shot it five times, cleaned it, oiled it,  and put it back in the box.  The thing is just like brand new.   It sold new for about $250.00 then.   Today’s retail price is about $700.00+.   Some, slightly used, online, can be fetched for around $450.00.

          • As a side benefit to owning/shooting a muzzleloader;  a patched bullet(round ball) can’t be ballistically and/or accurately traced to any particular gun.  Just sayin’, for all you potential “zombie” hunters out there. 

          • DT…good advice,beginer or expert…I was/am one of those black powder 1970s buckskin clad woodsmen….cut my teeth on a .22 and a.50 Hawken and some .44 percussion guns…lots of powder/lead and parts stashed away for a rainy day….in a pinch theyll digest almost anything you can shove in the barrel…sure,they have some drawbacks but they have a place along with the bows and arrows and tomahawks and that shiny new modern rifle.

          • I love my muzzle-loader!  It’s a cheap Spanish made in-line that I got new 15 years ago for $175.  100 grains of black powder and either a 240 grain sabot or 370 grain maxi-ball and it is deadly on deer out to 100 yards.  I also cannot believe how accurate it is for a cheap model.

      3. Most “liberals” are just folks that haven’t experienced the joy of being robbed at gunpoint,beaten for for what’s on their arm,neck,fingers or what’s under their clothes.Or had a home invasion.Or a carjacking.One event like these is usually enough to change their habits,if not their mindset.Just give them time,at the rate of the upswing in street crimes and the downswing of police protection,they’ll get the mssg. in due time.

        Best to All


        • Yes exactly.

          I had a very liberal girlfriend some years back who worked for environmental lobbyists and the police union in Los Angeles. As a hobby she played guitar and had a really nice collection of old antique guitars.

          She was invited to go to Mexico and play in a band for 6 months and jumped on the deal. On the way back her guitars were all seized by customs because they contained some sort of endangered wood and they took all of her cash.

          A week later she was driving to work and got pulled over by a cop for speeding and started yelling at the cop who dragged her out the window and she ended up with stitches on her face.

          All these things that she had helped create had come back and bitten her.

          She is now a staunch Libertarian.


          • All that is required to convert a liberal to a conservative is for the liberal to have to start and run a business.

            All that is required to convert a conservative to a libertarian is for the conservative to be wrongfully arrested.

      4. itz all Voo doo mumbo jambo those other fellas talks about earthqakers — i am a snake handler first class at my  church i ken tell when eathqake a commin …when the snake in your hands starts to twist all funnly like dont you know… a wen we went shopiings at wal mart ladt friday with all dem durn peoples i had to wack some of them in dere faces and trips em to git otta my way dag gunnit..hehehe. but i gotz the best tv they had on sale he he he an plenties of other loot.. i say on the new credit card i found in da mail they sents me– here is an other tip …i use extra salt and fresh Chipes to make sour grass pie for the younguns and use pickled ramp with fried reed birds for the ragout

        • Let me make sure I understand this correctly, Warlord Elvis.

          Be Informed and Just One Guy use science and the study of natural patterns to predict earthquakes and other natural phenomena.  To you, this is “voodoo” and a crime against God.

          But you handle snakes and the snakes “tell” you when an earthquake is coming.  And in your mind,  that is really cool and not at all “mystical” or “magical”.


          If you aren’t joking, then you are positively delusional.

          • An apt and fitting demonstration of my primary thesis Daisy…

            I’m hoping Warlord Elvis simply forgot the <sarc> tag, but, I have my doubts.

            This is the interesting thing about MYSTERY. My mystery ‘good’, your mystery ‘bad’. The next thing, elvis will be calling to put BI and J1G on trial for witchcraft and heresy, while he dances around the stake with a snake.

            This thesis is primary to what Rome did when they burned the books and philosophers (heretics) and instituted their ‘simpler narrative'(mystery) for peasants (Origen).When they made philosophy illegal, and set mankind back over a thousand years, we are still in the dark ages, in some ways.

            We are no better now than we were a thousand years ago, as long as the Unified Field is misunderstood, that God lives in you and everything around you. A preacher told me the Holy Spirit is in all things, makes all things possible, but when I went and proved it, he called me a ‘New Age Sorcerer’, and complained that that ‘Gnosis stuff’ was pronounced heresy long ago. That all things of God are “a mystery my son… get in a good church and forget this stuff.”

            When I told him he was the daughter of the harlot, he went positively apeshit.

            All too many ‘Christians’ thrive on the imposed ignorance of the church… no wonder the Revelation condemns them. They cannot see the cost of apathy and not fighting evil, because too many have become what they hate and are the base cause of our Troubles, their inaction has bred the Evil. But evil hides within all mystery, the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’, this is the Revelation of John.




          • Hi Daisy,

               How are you doin’ Hon? Heard from Burt lately….I WAS very glad to hear she was all right, WHEW! 🙂 I DO fully expect that whatever the conditions are over there that she’ll have her hands full for a bit…it’s just good to know if she’s OK day-to-day! I don’t have a whole lot of wherewithall in life, but having lurked here for so long Burt almost ‘feels’ like family and I wouldn’t hesitate to scrape up what I could if I found out that something bad had happened and that she needed help. Keep us up-to-speed on her Sweetie, Tank’s

                Oh, BTW, you needn’t respond to things like ‘baby Elbis’ above…wasn’t it you who mentioned that paying attention to them was like ‘re-inforcing’ bad behaviour…maybe not, I don’t remeber who said that. Anywho, it’s charming when other’s here rush to BI asnd I’s defence….many thank’s Friend!

                Gotta go now, we’ve had a medical emergency in the family, my niece, and that’s why I’ve been absent for the last 24 hours roundabouts. Thanks again Sweetie!! 🙂

            • Just One Guy

              what a wonderful thing to say, I am genuinely touched. Thank you. Unlike many we are fine, soggy, fed up and thankful we don’t live near a river. The have  been a few power issues, and I have had to drain the water butts to stop them overflowing and flooding the patio outside the back door, but generally things are okay. What I will say is the sheer volume of rain is amazing and the force of it is incredible, hitting the windows with such power it is getting through the frames and into the house, I have generally never seen anything like it. I did find a cure in the wee small hours, kids play dough. At 4am, when it stopped for an hour I wiped the outside of the windows and went around the edges with purple play dough, at 6am when it started hammering down again no water got in, it won’t last that long but it did the trick until this afternoon when I dried everything, replaced the dough and then went over the top with duct tape lol. It is far from pretty but the water is on the outside so I am happy.


               A homeless shelter and a refuge have been flooded out in town so I have taken a quilt and some food down there, there but for the Grace of God go I and all that, it was also a good place to take the clothes my daughter has grown out of, many kids rely on those refuges.

              Once again, thank you for your kind words and thoughts, I am very humbled that a person I have never met can be so generous of thought and word.


              Take care

              • Well done Burt.  Good to see you have made it through.

              • BURT!!!…HI!!!,

                   Glad to hear from you!! Are you guys over there OK?! I know it’s GOT to be tough roundabouts Y’All there, we weren’t expecting to hear from you a WHOLE lot, but thanks for stopping in to let us know!

                    Your water ‘solution’ is both marvelous and hysterically funny – for someone who’s not in it ‘up to thier hips’, I swear, I’d NEVER have thought about it  if I’d been in the same predicament…Tip o’ the Hat to Ya’! 🙂

                    Well,  take care friend…’He moves in mysterious ways…” does he not? Bespeak us as you can so that we can know that you’re doing all right…. 🙂

              • Burt .., you are a natural survivor ., I don’t think I would of thought that up .  

                 GREAT JOB !!!!!  🙂


          •  Hey Daisy;  I believe Warlord Elvis is trying to pull everybody’s leg….  he sure didn’t have any problem spelling his name or finding this site.  🙂

            • Hmmm, you MAY have a point there…. 🙂

        • warlord e

          where you with all those snakes,,danm i`m hungry,,so please tell me,,,just hooe they are rattlers,,best tasting snakes i`ve ever eaten,,,

          snake eater


            • People always say, “Tastes like chicken!”

              Nope, it tastes like reptile.  Gator and snake taste nearly identical.

              ~ D

              • Daisy

                snake taste just like snake,,i dont know whos gator you`ve been eating but when i fix mine taste like pork chops,,,of course manatee taste like pork too,,,


                • The gator was many years ago during my misspent youth on a trip to south Florida.  It was cooked on a barbecue. It definitely wasn’t my favorite culinary experience but it didn’t kill me or make me hurl.

                  It’s probably all mental, anyway – I traveled a lot when I was a younger hippie chick and found many things tasted perfectly fine until I knew what they were.  Sometimes you just shouldn’t ask!  😉

                  ~ D



                • I have the same problem with telling the difference between Bald Eagles and Spotted Owls.  Taste the same to me.  Must be cause I am a smoker.  🙂

                • @ snake eater,

                  “i dont know whos gator you`ve been eating, but…”

                     Hmmm, I’m not sure but that particular phrasing just…sounds dangerously ambiguous…I’ll have to dwell on this for a bit… 🙂

                     All in good fun here….

                • Daisy


                  YOU ATE ONE? Oh my God I am going to sick throw up. I have had dog, cat, octopus,rat but snake……ohhhhhhhh noooooooo

                • J1G


                  You’re going to make Snake blush.

                  ~ D

            • I totally, utterly and completely effing hate snakes. Somebody tell me what the point of them is? nasty, horrible vile ….make my flesh crawl. Snakes should be abolished, the only good one is a dead one.


              In case anyone is in any doubt I HATE SNAKES.

          • snake eater:  Some people eat fried rattlesnake meat (tastes like chicken I hear) at the March rattler roundup (Opp, Ala). Rattlers (and other snakes ) eat rats and mice as everyone knows..alligator meat is eaten in gulf states by some. (tastes like pork  I hear) gators eat anything…OMG  I’d upchuck any of this.  

            • laura

              i dont think you would ,,i just dont think you are hungry enough yet,,,when you get there you`ll eat anything that doesnt eat you first,,


              • Snake ~

                You’re absolutely right about that!

                And most of our squeamishness is cultural.  The stuff that they eat in other countries or regions that they don’t eat here – it’s just different and unfamiliar.  You just have to be open-minded and not ask too many questions.  😆

                ~ D

                • I have eaten rattlesnake more times than I can count.  Lots of them where I grew up and lots of  “natives” that know how to cook-em just right.   Cut into 1 1/2 inch steaks, and deep fry after marinating in milk/beer/followed by  an egg bath and corn meal batter tops my list.

                  Grilling is also quite tasty.  Same marinade with some Worcestershire Sauce added to taste, a little lime juice, and a bacon wrap with a slice of jalepaneo pepper.  Cook till the bacon is done and ENJOY.  Works very well in a “flat fish basket” that can turn-em at the same time.  Your favorite BBQ sauce as a side doesn’t hurt either.


              • Snakes and many of the icky foods mention. are actually very good for you. They are pure no additives.

                One thing to watch for is know what they are eating. Any animal that has been eating at a dump should be avoided.  This in desperate time may have to be overlooked. But if you can catch them alive allow a day for their system to flush some. If you can support the animal. Say a deer or even a alligator. Give it 15 days.

                Also if it is a desperate times. And animal that has been feasting on the dead. Many of the disease that the orig. had will past right though the eater and will be just as “alive” when you eat.

                Hot Sauce Hot Sauce Hot Sauce

            • Snake meat tastes like a snake, no way around it.

              • Agreed.  Snake, or at least rattlesnake, comes in somewhere between fish and whitemeat of chicken, to me.  Here in the NC mtns. we only have timber rattlers.  They have become so scarce, they are now protected.  We have plenty of copperheads though.  I guess if I have to I’ll eat one since they will only eat freshly killed animals, like the rattlers do.  I won’t eat my black snakes or garter snakes; they are too important for keeping the vermin pop. controlled and keeping poisonous snakes away from the house and barn.

                 In 1984 an old timer that frequented the country store that I owned, brought by a huge Timber Rattler for me to skin out for him.  This thing was 68 inches long and had a full grown grey squirrel in its belly with the hair still visible.  At the widest point, it was ten inches wide stretched on a drying board.  In the 60’s, grandpa killed one out of a slab pile that was even bigger.  That’s a lot of lean meat for the snake eaters’. 


          • An old timer goes down to the pond to do some duck hunting and was having some luck.  A young game warden hears the shooting and goes down to the pond to check it out.  He sees the old timer pulling his canoe out of the pond and asks for his license.  While the old timer is getting it, the warden sees a few birds in the canoe and asks the old timer what he got.  “Oh, I got my limit of mallards, ” he answers.  The warden looks closer and says, “Those aren’t mallards, they’re loons!!  You can’t shoot them, they’re protected!  I’m going to have to write you up for that.”  While he is writing up the ticket, he asks the old timer what they taste like.  He answers, “Like a cross between bald eagle and spotted owl.”  The warden passes out…….

        • @ Warload pelvis, (akin Muhammad).  I know a lot of good Christians that depend on the national weather service to forecast whether it is going to rain, snow, be fair, be sunny,  I know a lot of good Christians that would take the warnings of a volcano getting ready to blow extremely seriously.  I know a lot of good Christians that would tkae the warnings of a possible EMP from the sun extremely seriously.  WHY IS THIS?  Because they have brains and are not stuck back in the 14 th century and understand the importance of science.  Dumb sh^&, the internet is a result of science.  I magnify that term dumb sh^&.

          Let’s see now, which religion of the world is still stuck back in the 14th century.  The Christian region is not, they don’t behead people or shoot down an innocent 15 year old girl in the face for trying to get women an education over in Pakistan.  Let’s see now, which religion are barbaric totally illiterate idiots that strap bomber belts to themselves and kill innocent people because they disvow the teachings of the Qu’ran and might read a book teaching science and the world around them.  Why that would be Islam.

          Listen (p) elvis, you are not fooling anyone Muhammad.  The Christian religion has long since left the ignorance of the world being flat, and not only accept science, but depend on it and trust it.  The muslims on the other hand are still stuck on stupid.  Muslims condemn anything that is science, especially against any women knowing anything.  Your “mastery” of the English language is the real clue here.  Only a total retard could misspell as much as you, or someone that is trying to learn the language.  My bet is that you are an arab. 

          By the way, you are a snake handler all right, the hand job master pocket pool player type.   Your codename says this all too well, warlord (arab), and elvis, pelvis player.

          So Muhammad go take your words and go spread them to your suicide bomber squad that can appreciate the true stupidity of an afterlife of 72 virgins waiting for you after you ram a explosive vechicle into a bunch of infidels yelling out allah u ackbar.   Individuals as truly stupid as you are Muhammad belong in a zoo behind bars where you can throw your fecal material at each other and make total fools of yourselves while the audience laughs at you. 

          • BI,

            He is a comedian. Unworthy of serious response, he loves the attention and the ridicule.

            As far as Christians and science… unfortunately, we must disagree slightly. There are many brothers who are taken from faith by Godless science… this I have witnessed myself. Christian brother goes to college, agnostic atheist comes home.

            Does science give your theoretical efforts any credence? Or would you be ridiculed?

            Does science not have its own ‘mysterious phenomena’?

            Does science answer problems of morality and higher questions of soul?

            Do Christians still argue evolution? (Yes…)

            Does intelligent design get any credence over those who STILL think the Universe is only 6000 years old? (No…)

            In some ways we are as guilty as the Islamists, although I agree they are the extreme end of the equation, since they are the religion of darkness (hence; The Moon god)

            Mystery, ALL mystery and superstition, my friend, is the enemy. The darkest of mysteries like Islam, are the true enemy of all thinking people, but all too many Christians are their own worst enemy and a godless science gives them no where to turn. 

            We/they, have only two choices in this life, a religious Mystery of God, or a Godless mystery of science.

            You are a part of the New Song, by thinking about things others are not willing to step out of their boxes to see. In the box thinking is the result, on both sides, of an ingrained unwillingness to be ridiculed…

            God bless



        • Warlord Elvis is a nut job, can’t even spell words properly. Insane people say insane things, I hope you are not an American.  If you are, you should be deported immediately.

      5. I saw the video already. Can’t say there is even one single word in it, that I don’t totally agree with. It makes perfect sense, which is why gun-grabbers will never be able to understand it…you truly can’t fix stupid.

        • trudat…  ugly can be covered, fat can be lost but there is just no fix for stupid…

      6. 100% of dictators agree:  Gun control works for them.


      7. the guns are useless without the ammo to go with them,i expect if the need to use them in a long drawn out event most would not have enough ammo.

        • There will plenty of it laying around.

          • And its not rocket science to make

          • In any draw out battle this has always been an issue.  Resupply and manufacture of ammo has always been a plan that must be thought out in advance. And many do not understand how much ammo is needed to do battle. There is never enough.    Everything is not precision shooting.

            There is no such thing as to much stored ammo. Even if you are only a Plinker.

        • If you cannot use the ammo you have to aquire more you fail…

        • Lol, it would have to be a REALLY long, drawn out event for me to run out..

      8. @ Warlord Elvis,

        Sir, you are obviously a budding genious.

        the smartest poster on this whole site with the exception of Mac. would you be so kind as to mention your profession (job) I am sure you must be a higly skilled and highly paid professional. Thanks again so much for your words of vision and insight on the proper way to predict earthquakes and how to make sour grass pie.

        • finallly somone that recognsise my highly smarte braine –my pah learne me and his pah learnt him how to be skillt ..i learnt how to be a.Waundering dog Barber—i waunedr from field to field –up an down hill and mountain lookin fer dogs that need a good Barbering —the guns are good for huntin fresh meet for my supper– my frieund cooter and pastor say wen he wuz deliverie pizza driver he met this woolery fella and  he gabe him a reel big tip for the pizza—and didnt even Axe for itl andook my pastor Coots up he is the best snaker on the internet—next tip o the daye is snake sausage is gud wit cobined snake meets not jus one




          • Ah, I see now… you’re a comedian, you love the attention…



            • @ Piper,

                  ‘Sniff’…Sniff, Snifff’   Hmmmm, odd smell of…Smokin Okie almost. Think ‘Fun wit Lang-widge’, Eh?

              • Nah, smokin knows how to spell and would not insult his moniker in such an obscene and uncouth way. Wonder where he is, on the road?


          • @ warload elvis.  Please, immediately check yourself into an institution for the severely mentally handicap.  You are dangerous to yourself and to anyone within a mile of you.  You are a hazard to everything and need help to function.  Your routine tasks would grant you top honors on the TV show Jackass.  Please, for the benefit of the innocent people around you, check into a mental hospital immediately where trained professional can help you.

      9. Chuck Woolery talks commen sense. The libturds will be confounded by it.

      10. I believe i posted this as a link way back in a past  thread…

        Theres a reason why Chuck shot that video, and posted it..He knows

      11. “As of right now, the Constitution is still the law of the land. And since we are a nation of laws and not men, we need to follow it carefully.”


        Really?   Where has the NRA been or for that matter the ACLU when it comes to the limits that have been placed on us here in California?


        For years I have watched our rights to bear arms be degraded by unchallenged state and federal governments.  Neither the left nor the right in politics has the guts to challenge the politicaly correct, ignorant and tetesrtone deficient segment of our society who bleet as sheep at slaughter that the knife is to sharp.

        Where are the gun manafactures in all of this.  Do you hear them lobbying for our rights?  No, you don’t because they serve thier political masters out of fear that they will be shut down.  It’s bullsh*t I tell you.

        • Hey Big,

             That is why I left Kalifornia over twenty five years ago, and as many have pointed out, you just can’t fix stupid! Unfortunately Kalifornia has pretty much been taken over by every whack job and wierdo west of the rockies. I remember Kalifornia in the late seventies into the early eighties and I could see it coming, I lived in the Castro Valley area, which had a really nice straight road going through town, perfect for cruising, well I don’t have to tell you, cruising was banned, and for no other reason than they could ban it!!! It breaks my heart when I see Feinstein, Pelosi, and the rest of the nut cases completely destroying the state. For any uninitiated, California was once a great place to live, people used to be free to enjoy their lives, now it has been stolen and given to every degenerate pervert and moocher, as I said, it my breaks my heart. Big, try to hand in there, not everyone who was decent is gone yet, maybe, just maybe, common sense will return.


          • Not just Cali.  Back in the ’70’s and early ’80’s, here in southern Maine, it was great.  You could hunt, fish, ride dirt bikes, etc., just about anywhere.  The night before opening day of deer season, we had to get the group together to decide where we were going to hunt because we had so many good places to choose from.  If my friends and I wanted to spend a day riding trails, we would actually have to go out beforehand and park trucks with gas cans in several spots because we could ride for hours without coming to a fence, housing development, or strip mall.  Now the place is awful.  We have been invaded by mass-holes, new yawkers, and jersey joe’s.  The first thing these people do when they move north (especially after they hear their first gunshot during hunting season) is put up fences, post their land, and call the cops every other day.  There is virtually no hunting left here unless you are rich enough to own a 200 acre piece of woods, and forget about riding trails.   Like CJ Martel says, it just breaks my heart, especially since I know my 9 year old son will never get to experience the area like I knew it….

        • Political correctness dictates the terms of resisting the oppressor…

          They use “sweet words in the mouth, that turn bitter in the belly”.

          They all got smart, and are on the same page…

          The Good guys? Not so much… our very intelligence and individuality is our Achilles heel… we are like a herd of cats, easily scattered and confused. We cannot unify based on our politics or our religions, because, there you go again, we are ‘individuals’, and it goes to the very core of our being. Not to trust ANYONE, even our own. With good reason.

          So, how can we unify?  The same way the Founders did, an Idea. An Idea so powerful, it encompasses all other philosophies and religions. A new vision, to make it better. To take the Last Great Experiment, and understand how it was broken, it was broken because we based it in materialism with a side benefit of God given rights. It must be fixed by being based in God, with a side benefit of material rights.

          It will not happen until the love of money is broken.

          Hear what the spirit sayeth to the churches…


        • “…igonorant and testosterone dificeint…”… caught THAT, did ya? 🙂

          • You liked that?  I thought it was pretty good too when I read what I wrote. 🙂

        • Big B et al:   The NRA has been infiltrated; cannot be trusted.  we let our membership lapse  several decades ago.   The Second Amendment Committee and Second Amendment Foundation are tops.  Gun Owners of America doesn’t seem to push as hard as in the ’80’s.  Any feedback on GOA anyone??  Y’all call your US senators  warning them not to ratify the Small Arms Treaty  soon.  An announcement to turn in guns would result in civil war, if this is ratified and signed.

          • I kind of agree about GOA, they were absolutely the top gun rights organization when klinton was in office, but it does seen like they’ve lost their edge a little lately.  Maybe they just aren’t getting enough money coming in under this wonderful 0bama economy to fight as many fights as they use to.

      12. Leftism/Liberalism truly is a mental disorder.  Have you ever tried to argue a point intellectually with a lefty?  They fall apart quickly and can only respond with personal slurs and epithets.

        Of all the pain and suffering that would follow a collapse just maybe the blessing in disguise is that a large precentage of these people won’t make it through and those who do will have no political clout to work with.

      13. FBP,

        Please stop this crap and try to get along. If you don’t like the opinions of another, just give it a thumbs down and move on.  I know that inside of you is a bigger man than what you are showing. Let the insults go, as Proverbs 29: 20 says: Do you see a man hasty in his words? There is more hope for a fool than for him.

        Please stop!

        • I would like to get an email to you so we can remember the days on the water.

      14. Chuck woolery for president!!!!!

        • YEAH….WhatHE said!!!! 🙂

      15. Proverbs 28:15

        Like a roaring lion and a charging bear, Is a wicked Ruler over the poor.

        The Founders knew their history. The Founders knew men hearts. They knew that power corrupts and that the common citizen would some day need to protect themselves from our own Government……is this that time?


        • And there in lies the big question.  Is this that time?  It gets asked by all of us trying to get a consensus.  Where is that line in your heart, in your soul that you stand up and say THAT’S IT!

          Did the guy in the Denver theater reach that point only on a different level or reason.  Did Major Hussien at Fort Hood reach that point out of a religious indignation?  My point being when would it be considered acceptable to reach that point in time where others would join in and not just consider you a nut job?

          I don’t know the answer – yet.  Does anyone?

          • BigB

            look at my comment below, maybe it will help


          • Answer: Never, Unfortunatly we are not those people anymore.

            We have had 3 out of the main 10 of the constitution destroyed.

            1st. Freedom to protest, of speach, and to assemble. ( you may protest where we tell you you may assemble to protest and no where else, Tell the kids on the collage campus that got pepper sprayed how well this one protected them.

            4th The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.  Stop and frisk policies are in effect that destroyed this one.

            6th Right to Speedy Trial, Confrontation of Witnesses, NDAA and Patriot Act desolved this one.

            We have had the second amendment this whole time, it did not protect us form a tyrannical goverment taking our freedoms. The 2nd was made to protect us from what is happening  we will wait until it is wiped out before we do anything. The past has shown just this, they have taken our constitution and pissed on it we have had the arms to bare, so how exactly is the 2nd helping us again?

          • BigB,

            My view is that acting alone, no matter what, pretty much makes you a nut job.  M.D. Creedmore of Survivalist Blog makes the point that it’s up to the States to step in and “do something” and I agree with M.D. on the matter.

      16. He left out on very important part. Rifles of ALL TYPES account for less than 400 murders per year according to the FBI Uniform Crime Reports. One can assume that due to the standard hunting rifle being more common that the semi auto (so called assault rifle) is far less than half of that. With lightening killing approximately 90 people per year the chances are no doubt about the same. Regardless with over 300 million people in the US the odds are in the extreme one in a million of being killed with an “assault rifle”. 

        To sum up these rifles are rarely used in crime (when bare hands and feet account for over 5 x the number of murders of rifles OF ALL TYPES). It takes no brilliance to see the reasons behind any proposed ban. 

        • Correction. Knives are 5x rifles. Bare hands and feet are 2x rifles of all types but quite likely 5x the rifles they wish to ban at this stage.

          Regardless this has nothing to do with promoting public safety. 


        • There you go again, using logic to argue with leftists, will never work.  There had never been a murder in Cali with a .50 caliber rifle, but that didn’t stop them from banning them!

      17. and this just in from silverdocs..

        The legendary investor Jim Sinclair stated “gold will not be confiscated by the government in the current bulllrun..GUNS WILL BE!

        Sinclair states that the Constitutionally protected state right to create and maintain a state defense force is under the cross-hairs of the Obama administration, and that The moment you see these state defense forces under the control of the state governor disbanded, the end has come. The Constitution will no longer exist ..



        • Interesting, I guess it’s safe to buy gold without repercussions then. If such a law were to pass, would law enforcement fall under that? Considering in a national crisis police can also act as a defense force. Let’s see the gun grabbers argue for a huge gun grab when the police aren’t there to protect them, anyone want to take a guess how many will beg for protection from those that are more capable?

        • we dont need their interpretation of the Constitution to keep and bear arms.


          there is no way they will ever get all the fuckin possible way. The shear numbers are mind blowing, they have no clue where they all fricken way, they cant even get their proceedures right, let alone keep track of millions and millions of firearms

          and the blood shed that will come with the actions of taking them away, they wont have the guts for…because this time it wont be a war thats not at home where they can turn it off, it will be at their door step where it belongs, phisically in their face, not where a power button on a TV can turn it off..taking up a defensive position where it affects them , the “taking” of our guns will never happen..a fight for them maybe, but very little taking will get done before the right to own will over shaddow. Some chicken ass people with no pride in country will give them up, or be fooled into giving them up..but that percentage will be low,And they will soon find out it was a big mistake . It will just empower those of us who hold that right dearly.

        • The issue regarding State Defense Forces has been codified in 1933 (it’s interesting how so much changed in that time period). A governor challenged   that and it was decided by the US Supreme Court in 1990 in Perpich verses DOD. The court ruled that the power of Congress (by extension the CIC) over the National Guard was absolute. They can be taken from State control at any time.

          Since 1933, all persons who have enlisted in a state National Guard unit have simultaneously enlisted in the National Guard of the United States. In the latter capacity, they became a part of the Enlisted Reserve Corps of the Army, but, unless and until ordered to active duty in the Army, they retained their status as members of a separate state Guard unit.

          • Um, Sinclair was speaking of State Guards, not the National Guard. Over twenty states have a State Guard,  State Defense Force, or State Military Reserve. These state units answer only to the respective state’s governor, and CANNOT be federalized. Look it up.State Guard Association of the United States: www(dot)sgaus(dot)org

            • i find it interesting that here in portland oregon they are running national guard spots on the radio and one line in the spots are reffering to the guard as being ” citizen soldiers”…. that could be a doulbe edged sword 

            • Soybean_Sam

              It’s more than probable that the Federal Government can get those State Forces legally from what I have read. 


      18. we need more “celebrity” spokes people talking about gun rights , its the only way to wake up the sleepers , or maybe a football star .

        rand paul is doing a good job of working against the UN gun ban , maybe show some support . and dont forget to fill your congress critters e-mail with your opinion on obama and hillarys latest attempt at gaining access to your guns.









      20. bottoem line, my AK is not an assault weapon, its a single selection rifle, one selection, pull the trigger fire a round, and no you cant fucking have it, get your own i paid the tax on it and its mine, you want to take it away try and find it diptard.

      21. The question is not: “Are they going to come for your guns?”

        The question is:  “What are we going to do when they come?”

        • kill them .





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            Much of this stems specifically from comments and conversations that you and ‘Facebook Page’ have posted. These comments consistently derail the conversation and turn informative and insightful discussion into a personal shouting match between the two of you.

            As you’ll note, comments you’ve posted that have value to add have been approved as recently as just a couple of hours ago.

            However, I will no longer allow this website or its forums to be a venue for you and Facebook Page’s personal vendettas and issues.

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            The fact that it has come to this is ridiculous. I and our moderators have better things to do then to have to play referee. You’re adults, please act like it.

            Thank you for your consideration,


            • thanks Mac, enough is enough

            • good  job

            • Mac there is no freedom of speach anymore. it was one of the  amendments destroyed by our goverment over the years, even with court orders saying we can assemble and protest in the very spot we stand, they push us to predefined areas, or as the lady at occupy they just jack you in the jaw.

            • Thank You Mac.

            • thanks mac today was going to be my last day even looking at this site,but i`ll be back and for those reading i know i wouldnt be a great loss to the site,,but the little while i have thrown in some comments,,there have been lots food for thought from all,,,

              i dont watch the earth quake stuff myself but i`m glad there are folks here that do,opened my eyes  it did,,

              snake eater

            • Thank you Mac!

            • @ Mac.  Like I have said before you do a remarkable job, and I for one appreciate the freedom that you allow us to speak our mind.  I for one thing don’t enjoy putting down a troll that attacks my hard work to save lives regarding earthquakes and someday accurately forecasting them like the weather services predict the path of a hurricane or a tornado that has saved countless people from death and serious injury.  I would rather ignore someone as such, but I have found out that to put them down for their ignorance, most often they go away.  I hope you understand this, as I myself would rather talk a day long about the theme of the site SHTF plan. 

              I don’t know why people have to attack one another, and why everyone cannot focus on the manner at hand, the survival and the accumulation of as much knowledge as possible to increase all of our chances of survival.  I really hope that all of us can work together in the future to solve the many puzzles that we are all faced with. 

              Again please excuse my personal troll “patrol” that I and others have to occasionally partake in against characters such as warload elvis, susie, that person that uses the *, and many others.  Certain people like elvis need help desperatley from a qualified medical professional, and I was in a way joking about the shear stupidity of this person’s remarks.  I though see that someone like this needs to be watched over by a caregiver 100% of the time and cared for because they are a danger to themselves and those around them.  If at anytime in the future any of us go over the top with our reactions to these trouble makers trolls, please let us know.   We are so close now to something happening and we need to spend that time remaining finalizing our prepping for the very sad day when we cannot no longer communicate with each other over the internet. 

            • 😉  whew… thank God that’s over.

              Thank you, doesn’t seem to be enough…


              • Now I get it… some of you thumb downers do it as a personal thing…

                ok… but know this, I thumb down only the most personal ad hominem attacks.



            • Mac, thank you ! I have been coming to your site for several months now. I don’t comment very often. I have learned a lot from the articles and the comments and I have mentioned your site to several family members. However, here of late there has been a lot of pettiness and useless banter. I also notice that some of the people that posted on the site when I first found the site, no longer post.  Lately, I notice I don’t see Smokin Okie, he makes me lol and what happened to Government Guy?  I do like BI and the other folks that post about the earthquakes (even tho” BI can be a little long winded :)). Just my 2 cents. Thanks.

      22. Part 1: Militia, Military Guerilla Warfare and Survival Training Our country has been raped of it’s Constitution and Bill of Rights. The west is quickly moving toward a police state and total pantechnicon where technology will create a perfect prison and the fate of Liberty will be sealed forever. Traitors with no loyalty to country or countrymen fill public office while complicit cowards in the media help to puppeteer the minds of Americans. Thousands have died in a war for Israel while tens of thousands return home injured and disfigured. Who among us has the honor, courage and commitment to stand up?

      23. “Enemies foreign and domestic”

        that doesnt sound like hunting

        that doesnt sound like it means that it is up for debate by any tree hugging far left liberal or even any far right conservative for that matter.

        It sounds like it was meant for We the people to be able to defend ourselves from Tyrants within our ranks as well as those from abroad

        it sounds like it was meant for us to be able to remain a free people.

        Right now we are about to be pushed over the edge of being free and are going to be turned into a bunch of slaves for the polical class of America.

        The politicians got us into this mess that we are in they need to be the first to sacrifice and get us out, they ALL have extensive lists of staff members and expense accounts and they All get paid way too much and have wayyyyy to generous a set of benefits, while average people struggle.

        Time to wake up folks, wake up and smell the cleaning solvent because we have a right to many things that are being denied to us,

        • Exactly!

          show me a deer or coyote packin heat..there was a reason the statement is Any enemies, foreign or domestic, and there are some domestic forces that better get their house in order, because they are acting out against the people and the day of the dog is quickly approaching…choose your side wisely.

          Any elected official or person put in a place of power, better come to terms what their function really is in society, and quit pushing an adgenda that is against the peoples will and rights.

          • Yes, notice how our Public Servants of old, now dictate terms…? While those who ‘have our back’ slink off into the shadows? Anyone sense the knife being slowly slipped into your back?

            Those who ask where the ‘line in the sand’ is..?

            Its right there at the 2nd amendment, the new UN Small Arms treaty that, now that they’ve been reelected, are going back to the well. If this is enacted, the worst part of it is the international registration authority for all personal weapons. Can’t have you selling that thing at the flea market, don’t ya know…

            There will probably be, at some point, a false flag ‘event’, that solidifies the PC idiots behind the need to turn in all the guns, the hue and cry will go across the land, old ladies will give  their guns up while crying for the cameras… then PC will ramp up to the point where even having a gun, will be seen as a criminal act worthy of turning you in… it is already like this in ‘blue’ enclaves.

            Logical arguments will be moot in the face of ‘feelings’ and ‘intentions’. Protests will be mocked, there will only be one thing they will fear…

            ALL of US, as ONE, standing armed, in rank and file, dress right dress, and march, as a militia, as a threat, as a warning…  like Rolling Thunder on steroids. With one sign of unity, one message, one truth; MOLON LABE.

            To scare the living hell out of them. To stand up to them. To shout them down using the same emotional crap they use. Let them mock, mock them back! Let them cry, cry for the unarmed victims! When they scream about these ‘weapons of war’, agree that the war is against YOU!

            Once the madness of crowds takes control, there is no reasoning with it, there is only fighting it. If you must fight, fight the leaders of it, and the followers will drift away.

            Then, it would get interesting, and would be, righteous. March in the name of God, stand up for His rights, and tell them all to go to hell.

            God bless


      24. I’m looking at a new rifle for Christmas, from me to me.

        • Check out the M1 Garand. Best rifle ever made.

          My friend in the 101st at Bastogne weighed only 140 pounds, but man, could he handle his Garand.

        • Amen to that!  I need a .308 bolt gun.  I’ve got a .30-06 and a .270 but need something in NATO.

        • Thanks for the tips. I just picked up an AR15 with a lit scope.

      25. I’m with everyone on here in support of the 2A.   If anyone comes for my guns, they will receive some “precious metal” aka “hot lead”, for their efforts; hope they bring bodybags for themselves.   It’s been proven all throughout history that when people are unarmed, they are vulnerable to any government that has bad intentions toward them.   In the 20th century alone, 170,000,000 people around the world lost their lives to governments which first disarmed them and then afterward proceeded to slaughter them.   I do believe an attempt will be made at confiscation at some point, but it will end very tragically for the government.   From a logistical standpoint, a gun ban won’t work in this country.  There are at least 80,000,000 gun owners in possession of  at least 200,000,000 to 250,000,000 guns in this nation.  Nobody in or out of government knows the true figure.  Plus,  FFL dealers are not the only place to get weapons.  Depending on the state you live in,   private deals on guns are still legal.  Many newspapers still allow guns to be advertised in the classified ads section under “sporting goods”, “hunting and fishing needs”, etc.   Plus,  there are still the gun shows where private owners and collectors have their wares for sale at separate tables.   Oh, that reminds me;  gunshow in memphis Dec. 22 and 23.  Definitely going there for more ammo.  Wasn’t planning on buying another gun, but on the other hand……….         Braveheart

        • We will lose because the majority of the idiot populace has no idea whats going on and if an exchange of fire occurs they will be like frightened children and beg for a government crackdown. No meaningful resistance is possible without breaking the mindset of the idiot masses. And thats going to be very tough to do.

        • “Amen…with a side order of ‘Hallelujah!’ on the side please!”

          <absolutely nosarc>

        • @ All,

             What follows is in part what I mean in some of my several postings previous, consider;

          On Power and Authority:    Whensoever it has been the case in the long history of Humanity that one or more people have been given Authority over any other person or group thereof – for any reason whatsoever-  that given any length of time beyond the shortest imaginable, that ABUSES have occurred. History is so effugently replete with a multitude of examples of this that there can simply BE NO question EVER of the preponderance of this outcome in the World that is.    In summa, this may well be expressed as, “Authority, which is ‘Power over Others’ leads to CORRUPTION. As such the preponderance of ALL evidence being as it is, the logical conclusion must be that unlimited Authority, otherwise know as Unlimited Power must invariably lead to complete or total corruption of the intent of Nature’s God.

                                                                                                        JustOneGuy,     11/27/2012

          Comments are WELCOME!


          • Amen J1G,

            Centralization of power leads to total absolute power.

            Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

            Thus, the problem is solved.

            No more centralization of power.

            The Articles of Confederation, plus a few tweaks would work out.


      26. I will never understand the liberal point of view, they want to keep everyone dependent upon the government, they want to share the wealth even though many of the ones they want to share it will are worthless, lazy, bottom feeders. They want to take your life’s work when you die and give it to the government for more spreading around. They will fight with ferocity to defend abortion, even late term murder. They do not want you to have the freedom to do anything other than bow to the anointed dear leader. These are dangerous and vile individuals who are void of emotion and lacking in human dignity and faith. 

        The power they have gets stronger every day, through manipulation and control of humans that have no imagination or initiative to do anything more than apply for entitlements and vote for their dear leader and his minions. When the money machine runs out then it will be true armageddon, madness, chaos, unimaginable horror and we will be left with a country that will be almost uninhabitable. The media is the enemy of the people and the government is the enemy of humanity. 

        • I understand it perfectly.  It’s the Hegelian dialectic in action.  If you want to control and dominate a people, it is first necessary to destroy their lives and make them totally dependent upon government for every facet of their existence.   In the process, you disarm them so that they can never hope to resist or revolt against your tyranny.  You dumb them down so that they don’t even realize it’s being done.  Give them baubles and feed them (making sure that they only eat junk …and even poison them and corrupt their genes).

          It’s neo-feudalism….a return to the lords and serfs….and guess what?  They consider you to be a serf.

          That is their agenda.  It’s documented and they are implementing it.

          It is up to those of us who still understand to resist….rebel….and ultimately defeat them…by any means necessary.

          • Exactly right walt.

            The left leg and right leg are the illusion in the land of shadows.

            And you guys wonder why the right is spineless, and worthless, and knuckles under to them so easily it seems? While making big shows of rhetoric? The right, never forget, shipped the factories overseas, gave you the patriot act, and fights endless wars to maintain ‘Full Spectrum dominance’, that you cheer.

            You will cheer your way to your own demise.

            Again, its not about the parties or ideologies, its about the money behind the curtain. The Haves vs the Havenots, that is history, if you pay attention. It has nothing to do with conspiracies, even though they are now bragging about it being too late for you to do anything about it.

            Its not that there aren’t good guys left in DC, its about they are being overwhelmed, and, losing the battle… do you notice how they ‘turn’? This is the Thesis, AntiThesis, Synthesis method of creating little steps of compromise… as the good steps backwards to the cliff, now you are staring into the Abyss wondering, What happened?

            You trusted…


          • The burning question is “Who wants to be the first one to stand up and rebel and take the full force of their response?

            The answer is….. No one, or you would have already done it!!


            • No one is willing to be the first. If it happen it will be by chance. Or by someone who cracks. Even the most devote Patriot does not want to lose what they have. Or fear it coming down on the loved ones. As it has been said we must survive though the death of the system and hope there is enough of us to rebuild a better world for our Grandchildren.

              We are to the point where suriveal is the only thing left. Prevention has long been a lost cause.

              • Who will step up? Who will be the Patriot? It will be a “Rosa Parks” type that will spark a revolution. That person will be too hot, too tired, too cold, too old, or too hungry to get on a FEMA bus.

                Someone who is sick and tired of being sick and tired of being pushed around by overzealous police officers; someone angered by the intrusion of their privacy; someone incensed that their liberties are being striped from them one by one by one by their employees.

                It will be a spontaneous event that erupts and goes viral; like the tea party movement. The PTB will miscalculate and overreact. The people will respond with more violence. Agitators and “organizers” will join the mix. It will be an “Occupy” type movement on steroids that will sweep the major cities when the government proves it cannot manage the situation.

                A Spirit of Revolution , a mania will sweep the PTB from office and power. It will overflow upon the GB’s and Globalists. They will be named as targets and they will run for cover like a scared rabbit. They will be hunted down like Daffy Gaddafi and killed. NYC and DC will be inflames. The UN overrun by the Mob.

                WE have seen it in Libya, Egypt, Yemen, Syria, London, Paris, Greece and WE will see it multiply in frequency and intensity. The PTB, the NWO, The GB’s, the Globalists and Dual Citizens are vastly out numbered. Veterans will side with the people. The military will side with the veterans. 

                Revolution is coming to America, one way or another; by ballot or bullet; but it is coming. The masses would not buy so much guns and ammo if they didn’t expect that they would be required to use them.

                The NWO will resist of course. They do not want “democracy”, or even a real republic that represents the will of the people. They want control. They want to own everything and limit your choices. They are inherently evil and want the masses to serve them and enrich them. Someone, somewhere, in someway, will just say “No” , set the spark; and the Revolution will begin.

                Engage your employees, or be enslaved by them.

                • I know what it is like to be the first at something to stand up to a Gov something.  In my gun show I when up against the ATF. Many “Voiced” their support. But in the end everyone except ones in my current group stood with me. 

                   I couldn’t even wake up the membership of a 15000 member club that we were screwed.  (Looks like the new club number will be 7000 or lest and the shows are just stores now)

                  In the end I only had a personal victory against the ATF and was able to say I told you so to the club.  I was one of the “Loud Mouth” that were destroying the club. Now that it is to late, many have actually came and said I’m here. I go Its to late. And some even have the nerve to say I should of done something.

                  I say this because these are Gun people and some are preppers. And they let what was supposedly very important to them just go away.

                  The “First” will be a desperate person with nothing to lose. Even myself I will admit I am not going to be the first to stand in front of a tank. But I will watch and be prepared for it when I can make a difference. My death won’t help but my skills later will. (Not meant to start a fight with that statement)

                  And yes Washington Arms collectors. I am talking about you.

                  Survive it’s Death.

          • I’m with you on that,  Mr. Kowalski.  The liberals I know, are like little robots following the older bigger robots.  They think it’s cool to kill defenseless babies in the womb and march for their gay prideful brethren.   I ran across a good article some may want to check out…..Big Brother, Kill Lists, and Secrecy: What to Expect from Obama’s Second Term 


      27. 2007 report… now released – warns power grid is “inherently vulnerable.”

        The report warns there could be “blackouts over large regions of the country for weeks and even months.”

        “A potential scandal surrounding this report is that it actually was written in 2007 but ordered classified in its entirety by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. This means that DHS has known for at least five years of the various natural and manmade threats to the nation’s national grid system but has done virtually nothing to minimize potential damage.”

        World Net Daily (direct link below)

      28. Morning Solar Report,


            Solar activity was rated by NOAA as ‘low’ last night. The sole energetic episode of note was a prominence liftoff in the early hours which produced a very bright CME as imaged by the LASCO instrumentation. Said filament appears to have been ejected along an eastward track and will NOT be geo-effedtive.

            NOAA 11620 has grown significantly over the last 24 hours and is now – in the estimation of both NOAA and – now classifiably – a ‘Beta-Gamma-Delta’ gtoup. ‘BGD’ is the most serious group type classifification designated though at this time we do not beleive that any sigificant activity is imminent…this classification speaks to the ‘potential’ of the spot group. The NOAA listed Hale classification is at this time given as ‘EKI’. Both the forgoing indicate a well-developed spot group of significant size with appreciable penumbral development. Additionally, 11620 remains quite complex magnetically and is showing signs of becoming ‘compact’ internally. For those here who are not acquainted with the ramifications of the above listed classifications 11620 IS becoming ‘interesting’, though it remains to be seen if same will develop to levels which will be of concern to us. list the size of 11620 as over 600 SM, whist – as usual, NOAA gives a significantly lower value of 240 SM. This particular disrepancy is chronic between the two sources and in my opinion it is the Solen-figure that should be used at all times.

            11618 is fast approaching the western limb at this time and should pass into ‘shade’ within a matter of hours…same has degraded significantly over the course of the last two days. Additionally, the spot group mentioned in last evening’s report – which was at that time still ‘in shade’ around the eastern limb is rotating into view at this time and is apparently a large group with significant umbral area visible now.

            Lastly, at such time as Mac has established the ‘perma-forums’ as promised I will permanently post various reference materials thereon which will clarify the entirety of the classifications used by NOAA, Solen, et al. such that anyone can in short order get a ‘good’ read from these reports instead of having to scramble to comprehend what is being disseminated. 🙂

      29. even though i agree with the video, i must pause and hold back any response to taking action.. we must be careful to wait and watch the unfolding events about the gun laws, because history has a way of repeating its self and taking a different turn with the same events… we never know what is going to happen in the next 24 hr let alone the next week, month or years..  even if we were to rise up against a dictator of this great nation and defeat him at this time, would the concequences be favorable or be our undoings? even if it does look bad now, are we not better off then some other countries? do we have better freedoms to go here there and elsewhere even under the cameras that watch our every move?


        i say these things to remind everyone that things can get much worse and im sure they will… now heres a thought….   there is someone in your neighborhood that has been known to steal, rob and lie.. and yet he has not bothered you other than his actions have made it nessesary to hire a security company to patrol your neighborhood…are you and yours going to take things into your hands and take him out, thus making you the problem not him? … the government coming after things your have is nothing new, but when it comes after the things that allow you to feeed the family and the things that let you protect your family and home that is another story…

        if there is anyone here that should be anti-gun it would be me… but i am so pro-gun that i think everyone should be required to open carry nation wide, you would see crime go thru the floor

      30. Chuck is wise, real wise.  I cannot stand how anyone would call a firearm anything but a tool.  This tool has saved many lives from criminal scum, wild aniamls, saved people when used as a signal device when someone is lost, provided food to a hungry family, etc. etc, etc.  People use all sorts of devices for weapons.  Ammonia nitrate can be used for explosives, but can also be used to help grow crops to feed people.  Nuclear energy can be used to keep people warm and provide power for everything, including water treatment plants and the pumping of water to people’s homes.  Nuclear energy can also be used for very destructive weapons.

        Firearms are a tool that far more, massivley more people use as such, and are extremely responsible with.  I wish that people were as careful driving their cars as most people that use firearms are.  I know liberal minded people that love their firearms and fully support 2nd Amendment rights.  I though live in a state that appreciates firearms as an useful tool.  Then there are those close minded liberals that demonize guns automatically.   Making a tool into some sort of evil symbol as the radical liberals so often do, truly shows the true ignorance that they so much dislike and condemn against for people not thinking.  WELL………………………….

        • Be Informed and Just One Guy,

          I just looked at the pictures of the blood red tide at Bondi Beach (pictures on Drudge Report).

          Are the increases in earthquakes and/or solar activity related to or create conditions that may encourage this?

          • Hi KY,

                Sorry, I couldn’t resist! 🙂 Had a similar occurance a few days ago with another one similar…and of course there’s alway my pesronal favorite, “HI BI”.

                Anywho, to be sure, it could be related. Solar has actually been at rather low levels lately…so there – directly – probably not. However, the seismic thing is always a factor in the greater tapestry of life here on Earth, said life is frequently, exquisitely, sensitive to tectonic factors and disturbances. Said seismic though is BI’s clear field of expertise and I’ll defer here to anything that BI wishes to add to what I’ve said here. If you have any further questions please feel free to ask Mam’. 

        • “AMEN, can I GET a WITNESS here!!!!!” 🙂

          • Amen,…J1G.

            I hereby witness, that the anti gun crowd, is not ‘stupid’ according to the definition. Nor are they not aware that they are not protesting ‘hammers’. They know, for a fact, that what they are against, is our final, ultimate, and determined defense against THEM, and that the 2nd amendment is in fact, an open season license on suits. 

            This whole ‘weapons of war’ on our streets thing, is a dead giveaway.

            There is no use trying to use reason or logical arguments when you are dealing with a Madness of Crowds phenomena, where the well meaning useful idiots are stirred up, the only thing you can do at that point is stand up to them, and mock them as well.

            You could also scare the pants off them. Imagine a million, a true million of us, in DC, armed to the teeth, and an ex general officer yelling;

            “Militias of the several states, by rank and file, dress right dress!”

            That would be what I consider, a PROTEST.

            There would be sh*t stirred for sure, and Uncle, don’t have enough cops or armies to handle that. I have trust enough in the good guys, not to start anything, but to finish it well.

            Otherwise, we’d have to deal with them, one, by one…


            • You could also scare the pants off them. Imagine a million, a true million of us, in DC, armed to the teeth, and an ex general officer yelling;

              “Militias of the several states, by rank and file, dress right dress!”

              That would be what I consider, a PROTEST.


              The Final Protest, may I add.

              • Persackly…


              • Ooohhhh,….I LIKE THAT! 🙂

                • Actually on second thought, a Colonel … its always the Colonels…

                  Like Lt. Colonel Allen West… calling for it. Him, I would hitch hike to DC…


      31. Written into the Constitution is the authorization for Congress to issue Letters Of Marque and Reprisal – that would grant a reward to private citizens for the capture of enemy groups, which could not be accomplished without the latest state of the art weapons and tactics. The Second Amendment uses the term ‘Arms’ which means weapons and weaponry in whatever form available. There is no reference to small arms, or firearms, just arms. The dictionary definition of arms is very broad and includes nukes…. therefore our right to bear arms HAS BEEN INFRINGED!!!

      32. The day before Obama has his way and the 2nd ammendment is trashed, I will have a “robbery” at my house. The desert is big and I have a shovel. Think Sarah Conner’s Terminator 2 type ditch in the desert. Already have a place picked out and been working on it. The storm is coming people….


        • I believe you are correct…a ‘Storm’ is coming…

        • Hell My place burned to the ground 15 years ago, and its documented..I got nothin’


          been too busy raising kids and working to bother to buy any dam guns or shit like that..have a nice day Mr. Blue helmet

        • What will it take to make you dig ’em up?

      33. Anyone watch Jesse Ventura’s “Conspiracy Theory” last night? He toured miles and miles of underground bunkers built by the feds in the Ozarks, and a 72,000/s.f. nuclear-proof bunker built by the feds but under the guise of it being a “single-family residence”. Combined with the stories of all the non-police type federal agencies stockpiling guns and ammo, is there any doubt that the Feds are preparing for war (with its citizens) on U.S. soil?

        • in the ozarks???!!!???  wheres your info come from?  no disrespect.  I would really like to read this stuff my self.

          • Hmmmm, if it RECENTLY built the first place I’d want to look at would be near……Tom Sauk, think about it.

      34. The liberals are what they are, just as a scorpion is what it is. That’s not the problem. The problem is that the republicans are not what they seem to be. The republicans will beat the war drum and stand on the steps of the White House and sing with the liberals. The liberals will soon revert back to being liberal, after all, a scorpion will always be a scorpion. The republican’s balls will shrink and their backs will turn yellow the minute the liberal start to rant. The republican will compromise with substance, the liberal will compromise with intangibles. The republicans have cost us the substance of our constitution.

        The problem isn’t the liberal, the problem is that the republican establishment are pussies. I believe that the compromising republican pussy is the reason why the Tea Party exist. The frustrated are screaming “Don’t Give Up Another Inch Of Ground” Fight and start to take back ground. I fear though that our last best chance died when Newt Gingrich controlled the house. He had the chance to make social changes and create a framework for future republican speakers and failed, he was just another corrupt troll. Now the liberal mind set is so well entrenched that it’s out of the closet and is the new fabric of this nation. Obama got reelected, that’s proof enough. 

         When you here a republican start to talk about the need to compromise, hang onto your ass. Watch what they compromise to avoid the fiscal cliff and watch the bs premisses  they get in return.

        • You live in an illusion if you think the Republicans are any better. Both party’s  supported the various Free Trade agreements that has eviscerated US manufacturing. Both party’s supported first neutering Glass-Steagall and then abandoning it entirely in 1999 allowing the financial fox to be put in control of the investment banking chicken coop. Bill Clinton penned it’s demise only beating GW Bush to it. 

          It’s sad but true to say that the American public with rare exception have nobody in their political corner looking out for their present and future interests. The left verses right banter is a useless endeavor. 

          • Ding ding ding….

            • Bong, Bong, Bong.

              All hands man your battle stations. This is not a drill.

        • Amen,

          Thesis, antithesis, synthesis… the art of compromise, in the Kabuki theater of the damned.


          • Gee, I LIKE THAT too, “Kabuki theatre of the Damned” ginda has a ‘weird’ ring to it. 🙂

            • J1G,

              Thanks, I was thinking of an article with that name…

      35. I wonder what people make of the fact that media is owned by a handful of big corporations (that includes FOX News)




        • Yup, ‘Conflict of ECONOMIC interest’ there, huh?

      36.     Direct link:      This could be how they will attempt gun control.   I say disregard any new gun laws they come up with.   Remember, these people don’t have good intentions toward the public so the only thing we owe them is “hot lead”.   braveheart

      37. Remember the plant a tree campaign?  

        Well with some limited resources I’ve adapted it to plant an SKS.  A nice SKS and 400 rounds of 7.62×39 fit nicely into a round PVC that I cap on both ends, seal in plastic, and burry under a group of 2×6’s which, at 5 to 6 feet make metal detectors impossible.  Not that anyone runs a metal detector in b.f.egypt.   

        My wife and I then create series of questions about family members that ultimately lead to a GPS on a certain property.  All they need to do is be on the property and agrid pattern will lead them to the dig site.  All of the answers needed are on a variety of CDs and web sites that aren’t likely to go away.  Some are on headstones too.   Hence a future generation will always have the access they need to what they mayneeded, and they can remember us at the same time.

        • Jim says

          “My wife and I then create series of questions about family members that ultimately lead to a GPS on a certain property.”

          I read the book BAT 21 that the movie was based on. The downed flier used his knowledge of various golf courses to communicate where to go. 

          Personally I would be SOL using a golf course. 

          Imagine an archaeologist sometime in the future uncovering this stuff.  

      38. Soalr Activity Update,

            A M-class flare was recorded by the GOES-15 platform slightly more than an hour ago. At approximately 15:56 UTC registered a flare of magnitude M-1.6 was seen erupting from the location of NOAA 11618, the flare peaked at the time indicated above. As stated in the previously issuued Morning Solar Report 11618 is at the western limb at this time and is now passing into ‘shade’.

        • Additional Solar Update,

              A short while a go a second, ‘sympathy’ flare was seen to erupt from NOAA 11620. Same registered in the mid C-class range, mayhaps it’s going to be, ‘one of  THOSE days’…..

      39. Give violent criminals a break and disarm law abiding citizens.  Say it ain’t so…!!

      40. Another law the government has imposed to impoverish future generations – less land owners and less business onwers.   A backhanded way to destroy family farms and small businesses. This will force most to sell them just to pay the tax.


        They Are Going To Make It Nearly Impossible To Pass On A Farm Or A Business To Your Children


         “Right now, there is a 5 million dollar estate tax exemption and anything above that is taxed at 35 percent. But on January 1st, the exemption will go down to 1 million dollars and the tax rate will go up to 55 percent.”


        “According to the American Farm Bureau, approximately 97 percent of all farms and ranches in the United States would be subject to the estate tax if the exemption was reduced to just a million dollars.” 


        (Economic Collapse blog)  Direct link below

        • Do NOT leave anything to your children…

          SELL IT to them, for a $1… or use the tricks of the rich against them..

          Set up a Legal TRUST, for the farm to stay in the family…

          Quit playing their game… play your game, the SAME way they do…


      41. ok kids

        need a good laugh???

        here it is

        ” ‘We Earn’ Our $174K Salary”


      42. You cannot reason with a liberal because liberalism is a dangerous religious cult. It is based on blind faith and emotionalism rather than logic and reason, and just like a religious zealot, the liberal is compelled to force his dogmatic morality on others.

      43. Bravo and well said!

      44. eventually they will take our pencils as well…

        You know they misspell werds!

        Derr!  Effin Computre uh!

        and the computers toooooooooo




        the Watcher

      45. I’m a big gun guy myself, but I don’t understand the reasoning for all this paranoia. I don’t see a war on guns from the left. Everyone seems to think Obama is going to try to take all our guns, but what is the rationale for believing this? It won’t happen and he won’t ever try. It would be political suicide.

        • Poopy

          ” I don’t see a war on guns from the left.”

          You cannot be serious. Hell Ray Charles could see it. Ever look at voting records?


          “It would be political suicide.”

          1. He is a young man in his 2nd Presidential term with lots left to accomplish. 

          2. The post Presidential Office he aspires to will be with the UN or other International Globalist body. This is not illegal post Presidential Office.

          3. Political suicide? Quite the contrary if one desires to move into a post Presidential Globalist position this would be a considered a tremendous achievement. 

        • This time they are using stealth. They know that if you wake the the average gun owner. Like before. It can become a immovable block to their plan. The plan is to keep them asleep until it is to late. Even than I have many concerned that the community still won’t wake. They will be happy with what they are ALLOWED to keep.

      46. As I previously predicted there are discussions presently going on to put guns THEY don’t approve of into NFA34 Title II class 3 through a regulatory change thus by-passing the Legislature. 

        “Well it looks like a Machine Gun, it’s almost as effective, takes the same ammo, feeds from the same magazines so from our perspective it is a semi auto Machine Gun”. You have 30 days to register said weapons with the BATFE  or face a fine of $250,000 and or 10 years in a Federal Prison. 

        Don’t throw rocks at me because I don’t like it either. 

        Lets damn sure hope this has no validity. 


        • I have heard this at some shows.  I feel they would have to start from scratch on a bill not just change policy. If they go for a change. It opens other issue within the Class 3 they don’t what to discuss again. (Mostly authority to approve, they like it vague)

          Only difference is a added law would take longer.   In the end no difference.

          • Survive it’s Death

            Far too many executive orders have been cut bypassing the Legislative branch to give me any faith in them having to “start from scratch”. If FDR could confiscate private gold by the stroke of a pen anything is possible. The “Street Sweeper” was legal length overall and barrel was above 18″ yet by fiat decree it became a “destructive device” by Bill Clinton. No debate.

            They can’t confiscate unless they first get compliance with registration. A $250,000 fine and 10 years in Federal Prison is a lot of motivation to comply. 

            NFA 34 is the platform and it should have never been made law. What part of “Shall Not  Be Infringed” is too vague for Attorneys to understand? This shows just what can happen in a political climate where the population is too desperate to concern themselves with anything more than eating and having shelter. In that environment anything and everything is politically possible. 

      47. On a very superficial note…


        The photo of the garden gnome hiding in the bush with the AR-15 (or whatever he has there) takes the cake.

      48. It’s possible to be educational as this. There are numerous things I may understand simply after reading your own fantastic post

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