Future of Drones: Light, Mobile, High Speed, Ground Movement Capable

by | Nov 11, 2011 | Headline News | 200 comments

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    Technology buffs will no doubt find the following invention out of Japan impressive. It’s said to be the world’s first “spherical flying machine” aircraft ever invented (though we’re skeptical of that claim) and has the capabilities of revolutionizing State-sponsored surveillance.

    We’re already familiar with military and police drone technology which can monitor and survey large areas with forward looking infrared, utilize face recognition and engage military and civilian targets with on-board weapons. With this new design, however, drone and micro-bot advancements can be taken to a whole new level of control and miniaturization.

    We can only surmise that if we’ve been able to identify the host of military and policing applications, so too have the Pentagon and U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies (the sphere was actually developed by researchers at Japan’s Ministry of Defense).

    Hat tip Steve Quayle

    Though this version of the sphere available for public consumption appears to be a first generation technology, we suspect Japan is already working on more advanced models, likely for drone-related applications, which means in the next few years we’ll probably see these aircraft being deployed in military theaters, as well as for domestic surveillance applications.

    They’re fast, light weight, and versatile during take-off, landing and flight. Outfitted with the right lethal or less-than-lethal weapons systems such as tazer, compact active denial system microwave heat rays, or LRAD sound cannons, spherical drones could take crowd control and policing to a whole new level. Not to mention the miniaturization possibilities when we consider applications for micro autonomous systems such as robo-insects, which are capable of fly-on-the-wall clandestine surveillance.

    Technology, it seems, can be a blessing and a curse.


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      1. well the good news is that we can shoot these things down with a shotgun if in close enough and also they are still fooled by mother nature, such as rain, fog snow etc. that is the beauty of it, so you know when they would attack

        • Better be wearing your anonymous mask when you do that.

        • Bad idea. Any hostile actions towards a drone would be met with a lot more force than you’re prepared to deal with. Most likely you’ll never see one. But if you do, ignore it, remain calm, and act like you don’t see it.

          • says your good governMENTAL advisor

          • BAAAH! BAAAH!

        • Better idea – disable it, and it’s yours.

          Courts have already ruled that if the authorities stick a GPS unit on your car, you have the perfect right to remove it and even sell it on eBay if you want. Or, you can stick it on a semi going to the other coast, sneak it onto a roller coaster and leave it there, hidden… things like that.

          Can’t see why a drone on your property isn’t under the same rules – if you find it on your property (and it isn’t flying), it’s now yours to do with as you see fit. Unless the authorities can cough up a warrant, and a damned good and legal reason why that warrant wasn’t served to you (hint: they cannot), then they can’t do jack about it.

          • You forget with the Patriot Act, they don’t need warrants.

            • …they still do for the most part, even if it’s a bench warrant.

          • Finders, keepers. Possession is 9/10’s of the law, right?

            What’s mine is mine, and theirs is mine. Works for me.

            • Unless it’s hovering on the street outside of your house.

      2. I wonder if they’ll be in stores in time for Christmas?

        • that is funny.

        • LMAO! Thanks for the laugh.

        • Actually if you do a search on the various drones available for purchase to the general pubic you’ll find they’re out there. Crude to the sophisticated. When you think about it, they are designed to hold cargo, like camera’s and “other” items. The sophisticated ones I’ve seen on youtube could easily be used to take out one of theirs. You could also fly over “their” operation centers and drop whatever “cargo” your imagination can conjure up.

          It works both ways.

          Alright U.S. Marine, what kind of “micro cargo” can we civilians place in the cargo bay compartment of one of these drones that could accomplish our intended objective, i.e. inflict the most damage?

          • And with one of these drones and a camera that is capable of providing a feed to your computer screen you could send it up and see who’s coming down the road, or approaching your home/compound. If you view the above youtube’s, especially the last one, you’ll see how effective these drones with mounted camera could be in providing security for your area. It would be interesting to know what their range and max flying time is.

            • I have thought about this before. hell look at the littl toys like choppers and other various fly things just at Wal-mart in the toys section, some already have cameras.

              A little more money and u could have at the very least, some survallance from the air. Also what do you think about using controllers or something else to interfere with the drones signals?

            • Hey Mac, cencership much? Why didn’t you post my comment about whats at Wally World already and interfereing with the signal?

            • LOl, never mind. I hate this comment waiting thing. Sorry, Its still in limbo from what I can see.

              Didn’t show up at all before,lol.

          • thermite grenade most probably, but if it is a hardened bunker (which would be the case I believe) then nothing that you could do with that flying pingpong… unless you manage to identify a vital part, e.g. antennae or some comlink box or anything along those lines that would be vulnerable enough for the thermite to do the job.
            otherwise you could survey the area thus provide yourself with recce info so you could later go in with a small group and a well planned raid would do the trick. superior intelligence always beats bombs and guns my friends!

          • take a great big shit in it……that’s cargo

        • Actually they are in stores for Christmas! Much smaller of course, but a dead ringer of the real thing. say it in the paper this morning over breakfast

          Saw it this morning. China has already minitureized it and replicated it en mass.

      3. Amazing technology. Reminded me of remote devices flying around in the movie Star Wars. Seeing one of these flying over your head would suggest you’re a “high priority target”.

        • HVT, High Value Target.. juss sayin.

        • How bout terminator?

      4. At the low-low price of about $1200 to make, I get the feeling these are either already in the hands of those who would use them for questionable purposes or will be in a short time. On that note, I wonder how much weight they can carry and still manuver properly because that may be what limits their usefulness… other than being in stores by Christmas. 😉

      5. I say we all stop paying taxes, til they quit using the funds against us.

        any use of my tax dollars to do covert servailence on me or any lawful citizen is Treason. And I wont stand for it. or fund it. But I need all of the rest of us real americans to stand up for whats right so im not a lone target.

        If there is no proof or afermation of any wrong doing then this is a 4th amendment violation ..period..and we the tax payers of this country are funding them to use this aginst us and to violate our rights and freedoms

        • You mean you’re still paying taxes?

        • Another bad idea. You go to prison for tax evasion. Besides, most people draw wages. You’d have a hard time declaring yourself tax exempt to your employer.

          • It’s only a bad idea if you get caught. And since paying federal income tax is voluntary, there is no reason one should get “caught”. However, most people choose to believe “The Program” embedded in their brain by the IRS, which is FEAR motivated, so they do as they are told.

        • funny you said that I told my hubby that everyone should go into work and go to HR and and pay no taxes for like one month…that would get the Goverments attention that we as Americans are sick of all the useless spending etc. could you imagine if just 60 percent of the US population did not pay taxes for 30 days..

      6. Why does every story like this freak me out?! Will there ever be an end to the intrusion into our private lives? Will there ever be an end to their quest for MORE?

        • Forgiven,
          These articles creep me out as well.
          “my” answer to your question is that it is in governments nature to gorge itself and to become ever large.
          You never hear of a government agency saying, I think we have accomplished our goals,
          and we are going to need LESS money for our budget this year.
          The ONLY reason to create Government, is to help prevent your life, liberty, and property from being taken from you.
          It is in Governments nature to become the monster that it was created to protect you from.
          The government is SKY NET!

          • Slick ~

            YES!!! Everything that once was light science fiction entertainment now looks like prophecy!

            • Thanks, Daisy
              Even a blonde squirrel finds an acorn once in a while.

            • @ VERY Odd Questioner

              It is a question of whether those wicked values will arise again to enslave people, even locally.

              I am not proposing that their media and financial empires will survive collapse intact, only that people must be educated to the dangers of the “Jewish” creed that says only they are human and the rest of us are “cattle” for their service, that we goyim are owed no debt of morality—not honesty, not property, not even our lives!

              “The best of the gentiles should all be killed.”

              I do not want even a feudal version of that wicked creed to arise from the ashes.

            • @JQP: Dude, seriously, put the tinfoil down and give it a rest.

              I can just as easily point to a mountain of official Christian documents postulating that all non-Christians have no soul, are not really human, and are thus disposable – and point to a ton of incidents where they put that theory to action )the sacking of Jerusalem in 1099, the ‘Reconquista’ of 1492-98, The Spanish Inquisition, etc). I can point to an equal-sized mountain of Islamic writings that say the same thing.

              Fact is, every religion has its share of idiots and haters. Try not to join them. There is no Judaic conspiracy. There is no Vatican conspiracy, and we Catholics are 1.4 billion strong. There is no Baptist conspiracy, there is no Islamic conspiracy, there is no Buddhist, Hindu, or even a Rastafarian conspiracy.

              Give it up – there is too much else out there to worry about than nursing an irrational religious hatred.

            • @ Odd Questioner,

              I cannot speak for Protestants, but there are NO official Catholic documents stating that non-Catholics are not human or have no souls. I challenge you to produce the “tons” you claim to have.

              Catholics who murder, commit genocide, sodomy, and rape children do so AGAINST the Catholic Faith. Indeed there are wicked Catholics—so stipulated—but they sin AGAINST the Catholic Faith. We do teach that outside the Church there is no salvation, but that denies nobody’s humanity, soul, or right to life.

              “Jews” who murder goyim, commit genocide, commit pedophilia do so IN COMPLETE ACCORD with their satanic creed.

              For example:

              “The best of the gentiles should all be killed.”



              Leviticus 18:22 “Thou shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind, because it is an abomination.”


              Sanhedrin 54b “If a boy under the age of nine perpetrated sodomy upon an adult, the adult is not liable for punishment, for the intercourse of a boy under nine years of age is not legally an act of intercourse. Since a child less than nine years old cannot commit sodomy, he can also not be the object of sodomy….This Baraita supports Rav, for it teaches that if a man engaged in homosexual intercourse with a child under the age of nine, he is exempt from liability.”

          • It is well known that the fed gov agencies … create their own false flags – the pentagon, dea, fbi, cia, nsa, atf just so they can prove to the goyim debt slave tax payer (you) and the aipac israeli jew owned congress that their budget existance is justified! imf nwo cia aipac fed black-ops caused false-flags = waco tx branch dividian fbi massacre, ruby ridge randy weaver atf fbi massacre, oklahoma city bombing of fed child care center, 9/11, WTC garage bombing, etc etc are your tax dollars at work people!

            • Oh and lets not forget Holder’s and Obama’s , “Fast and Furious” Fed ATF Gun Running to the Mexican CIA backed drug cartel gang “Los Zetas”… your tax dollars hard at work folks!

            • The funny part?

              Islamic extremists, neo-fascists, and other distinctly anti-American folk use the exact same arguments and positions that you do, especially since they’re often the ones who *fabricated them in the first place*.

              How does it feel to be that much of a tool, parroting the same lines that you were fed? Or is it all just to give you cover from which to display your own blind hatred?

              Here’s an idea, kid – how about you drop the hate, and concentrate on the real enemy: an over-arching, ever-creeping degradation of liberties and freedoms, courtesy of politicians, ideologues, and certain corporations whose only goal is the accumulation of power and money?

              These folks aren’t Jewish, and not necessarily Catholic, Protestant, or even Islamic. They only know of one religion: power. They worship only one god: money. Anything else is distraction and obfuscation, spread around by useful idiots, just like you.

              Personally, I prefer to prepare for the inevitable, since those who are driving this mess are playing with things beyond their ability to control, and it *will* come crashing down on us all.

              I don’t give two shits about the politics and the brain-dead conspiracy theories, since I believe that the collapse of civilization is already too late to avert. The only question involves wondering when it all finally comes crashing down, and how bad will it be. While you are futzing around with anti-Israeli/anti-Jewish hatred, the wagon is still rolling towards the cliff, no matter what you say or do about it.

              When it all does go crashing down, you’re going to need community to help you survive – no matter what race, creed, or religion they happen to be. The haters, the gansgtas, and the skinheads will happily raise hell for awhile, but their days are numbered as well. They will either grow up, or they will eventually die off due to intellectual and probably literal inbreeding, coupled with a rising population of survivors who simply aren’t going to put up with that shit anymore.

            • @ Odd (VERY odd) Questioner

              What will arise from the ashes?

              More Judaic usury, racism, hegemony, and genocide?

              I pray not.

            • “What will arise from the ashes?”

              Hard to say, but I can tell you right now that it won’t be the folks you assume are running the world now.

              The reason why is pretty simple: Anyone who has the ambition and initiative to push their way to the top are going to be too occupied with that, and not occupied enough with long-term survival once it all comes down.

              “More Judaic usury, racism, hegemony, and genocide?”

              Oh, bullshit. When civilization goes down this time ’round, it’s going to push a great big ‘reset’ button on *all* of humanity. Conspiracies and other tinfoil-bound bullshit will not survive this, because communications, control systems, and even infrastructure will be mostly unusable, if not entirely.

              Ask yourself this: Without any need for money, and a civilization reduced to barter, how the frig do you think your hypothetical conspiracy will exert any post-collapse control at all? The amount of gold required to exert anything near the same kind of control would strain the carrying capacity of an oil tanker, and would be open for the taking by the first armed posse to stumble across both it and its owner.

              If you’re dumb enough to think that any small group of humans, of any religion or creed, would be able to command and control the activities of a complex society gone splat, then you’re giving the human species way more credit than it is due.

              Once it all comes down, any attempts at control and power will be gone after by damned near every little tin-pot chieftain who can assemble a gang and some guns. It’ll take centuries before any kind of control will happen on anywhere near a national (let alone global) scale.

              Don’t believe me? You don’t have to – go read up Joseph Tainter’s “The Collapse of Complex Societies”. This has already been covered, and with a lot more logic and sense than the fevered blatherings of some anti-semite with an agenda to push (nope, not pointing at you – I’m pointing at whoever fed you those thoughts).

        • Information = power, and power always seeks to increase itself, so, sadly, NO: there will be no end to the intrusions until and unless they are stopped by the victims of intrusion. This, of course, will get harder and harder, but will never be impossible.

          On our side: human greed, sloth and incompetence will always create chinks in the armor of power. We must exploit them if we wish to avoid mental and physical enslavement.

        • Forgiven: Yes, the gov. control freaks are in our bathrooms (low flow toilets and shower heads) Shower heads: take the water suppressor out, so easy) Light bulbs: stock up now. Next they’ll be telling us how to decorate/furnish every room and what color to paint. Cars beep for seat belts not fastened in seconds, and some new cars are not putting in CD players or a spare tire. Next they’ll be checking trash cans to look for things that should go to recycle then fine you. On and On.

      7. .300 Win Mag time.

        • jesus, how much armor are you anticipating?

          • I just believe in thoroughness. Lol

            • As my son likes to say, “Over-kill is good”. 😉

            • .41 mag?

              Wow, that’s an old cartridge that is hard to find!

      8. American veterans to tour Israel on Harley bikes


        Participants will visit military bases, honor fallen soldiers and deliver $0.5 million worth of medical supplies


        ;0P WTF… MEANWHILE homeless veterans are starving, freezin’ to death, livin in the gutter eating out of trash cans… commiting suicide and/or killing their wife and kids cause they can’t afford to eat or pay for the f-ing ELECTRIC heat! ;0P WTF!?



        • Enough with the racism already.

          • @old cooch… racism?

            This is the cold hard truth… if you don’t like it… don’t read my posts!

            I merely tell the truth!

            I suggest you watch fux news if you can’t face reality.

            And drink some more flouridated cool-aid!

            • What false-flag target will Israel/US nuke to get their war with Iran?

              CHECK IT OUT… scary.


            • fuck you nina, your insane.

          • hey coach , why not take your own advice?

          • Racism? You mean racism like this?

            Israeli Soldier: “They are animals, we are humans!”

            The Complete Guide to Killing Non-Jews
            Ma’ariv 09.11.09 (p. 2) by Roi Sharon

            “…’living soul’ designates Israel because they are children of the Almighty, and their souls, which are holy, come from Him. From whence come the souls of other peoples? R[abbi] Eleazar said: ‘They obtain souls from those sides of the left which convey impurity, and therefore they are all impure and defile those who have contact with them.’…’living soul’ refers to Israel, who have holy living souls from above, and ‘cattle and creeping things and beasts of the earth,’ to the other peoples who are not ‘living soul,” but who are as we have said.” Bereshith 47a

            “Gentile souls are of a completely different and inferior order. They are totally evil, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever… their material abundance derives from supernal refuse. Indeed, they themselves derive from refuse, which is why they are more numerous than the Jews…” Abraham Foxbrunner. Habad: The Hasidism of Schneur Zalman of Lyady. Northvale NJ: Jason Aronson Inc., 1983. Pp. 108-109.

            “The Jew by his source and in his very essence is entirely good. The goy, by his source and his very essence, is completely evil. This is not simply a matter of religious distinction, but rather of two completely different species.” Rabbi Saadya Grama, Romemut Yisrael Ufarashat Hagalut (“Jewish Superiority and the Question of Exile”) 2003.

            Plenty more available!

        • That’s why I think TPTB are deathly afraid of a deep collapse al a Mad Max. Their ability to operate such things would dry up quickly.

        • Worse than that the VA was donated one of the best pieces of LA real estate SPECIFICALLY for the construction of housing units for homeless vets, years ago.

          No units have been built and the VA is using it for other purposes. That’s now in court.

          OCCUPY VA!!!!

          • V.A. = Eugenics
            Eugenics= V.A.

            the veterans administration is where veterans go to die!

      9. Wow—just what every suicidal bomber needs!!
        Think of the clothing they’ll save!!

      10. great more useless expensive killing toys for the pentagon to play with and people wonder why america is so f’cked 42 trillion in debt and why they can’t afford the american dream any more… UNLESS THEY WORK FOR the feds or the military industrial complex ;0P psszt

        It’s time we civvies start to develope our own counter strike anti-drone rc air craft, a hunter killer specifically designed to fly right up to the military killer drone and discharge a double barrel load of 12 gauge 00 buckshot straight into it!

        Any takers at M.I.T. !!!!

        I’ll take two! ;0)

        • We are Jewish Christians and we are watching you.

          • tune music %

            “I always feel like somebody is watching me!”

            @NSA … So you just admitted to being a “bwitch” for da’ aipac israeli jews?

            I’m a Realistic Agnostic Constitutionalist! blow me ;0P psszzt

            @NSA lmao ;0) click-clack , you look pretty good thru my .308’s scope(+) too! ;0P psszzt

            Bring It , israeli jew goyim bwitch… ya’ll aren’t the only ones who know how to kill varmint’s!

            arm up stock up prepare
            preditor or prey the choice is yours!

          • Messianic Gentile………..Shabbat Shalom !!!!

            • The definition for you Goyim Debt Slaves and Inbreeders:

              Messianic Gentile = A Messianic Gentile/Believer is one who believes that Y’shua is the
              Jewish Messiah & follows His teachings, observes the Sabbath, studies Torah & observes the Feasts & Festivals that speak of Him
              that He came to fulfill in particular the Spring Feasts at His 1st coming
              and will Fulfill the Fall Feasts at His Return.
              Y’shua is the ONE who will totally & completely Fulfill all the Fathers
              requirements & we need to join ourselves to the Children of Israel &
              learn the Torah of YHWH God & follow His Commandments that
              Y’shua kept & taught us. We do not become Jews, but part of the
              Commonwealth of Israel.

              Shabbat Shalom = peaceful sabbath

              WTF! ;0P psszzt What a Crock of SHeeIT! All one has to do is review the jewish history of the last two thousand years and current news!

          • i am eeder and i am watching you, you zionist prick…. beware.

            • why not prove me wrong and come and get me you sick zionist pricks…. come on… bring it on… come to my home if you please.. i do love company.lucifer is calling on you!

            • get em’ @eeder Grrrrrrrrrr ;0P pssszzt to all nwo imf global zionist doo doo scum…

      11. I am not a number; I am a free man. Who is Number One?

        • Not sure who number 1 is,
          But I think Rich is number 2

      12. Reminds me of the police surveillance drones in the tv series Dark Angel. Those were fitted with rockets or guns too i think. They were constantly snooping into windows, but if you weren’t doing anything wrong then you had nothing to worry about!

        Seriously, i would imagine that the type of drones in the article would be susceptible to radio jamming; a team of patriots with several radio direction finders would be able to triangulate the location of the operator and “neutralize” the threat! The higher flying drones are another issue though. Hopefully a war with an adversary caple of shooting down our GPS and communications satellites would limit the ability of the government to use those types of weapons against us. A missile capable of shooting down a drone at the altitude at which they are capable of flying would also be capable of shooting down commercial jets. Not exactly the type of technology that our government would allow us to have! One of the provisions in the Patriot Act severely regulated civilian model rocketry; i imagine that this was over concern that it could be weaponized at some point. I have said before that what is needed is an open source development effort to come up with a civilian produced missile capable of dealing with predator drones. This is probably well within the capabilities of students at a good engineering school like MIT or Cal Poly. One team to establish overall design parameters, establish things like dimensions, weight, and CG of guidance systems, warhead, rocket motor, etc,. Then these areas could be independantly designed by teams of students or engineers working around the country or world. The final product of this collaboration could be converted to a common CAD file, circuit boards standardized, and the chemical recipes for the solid fuel rocket and warhead with commonly available sources and instructions for production in a well equipped home lab could be printed. All this could be made available for free download by anyone in response to use of Predator drones within the US.

        • Any of those missing Libyan stinger missles still available on E-Bay?

          • Stingers don’t have the range to deal with a Predator or a Global Hawk type drone at its operational altitude. Those drones also have countermeasures to deal with a simple IR tracking system such as what is used on a Stinger or Stinger clone. Another problem that would have to be overcome is how to determine if one was even overhead since they operate high enough that they cannot be seen or heard. A very tough nut to crack indeed. This means radar and trained operators which is impractical. Perhaps some yet-to-be developed system that uses lasers to scan for the presence of a small object miles away…

            As far as developing a missile simple enough to be fabricated in a small machine shop but is capable enough to shoot down a drone flying at 50,000 ft, the design could draw on talent from all across the world. There are plenty of countries which are experiencing being on the receiving end of our drone technology and work on countermeasures might gain official sanction from them; especially once the Israelis start operating Predator drones.

            Drones are a transformational technology much like the crossbow which made the knight obsolete, or the machine gun which changed the nature of warfare and forced armies to go on the defensive until a counter could be developed. Drone technology has allowed our government to get even more invasive and more dangerous to the average citizen for less money than before, and we hav yet to find a counter.

            • Guess the only realistic solution is to eliminate the manufacturing ability to produce these “little angels” before they fly. Sounds like an “inside Job” for relatives of those “in-the-know”.

      13. This is getting creepy. Anybody remember that movie “They Live”?

        • Good movie, They Live. And what about the TV series Dark Angel with Jessica Alba? It actually is more like whats coming.

          • I agree, especially since it started with an EMP that destroyed a lot of infrastructure.

      14. The truck based one in use by our govt today flies at 2k feet and is completely unnoticeable from the ground by sight or sound.

      15. Batting practice anyone???

        • I’m thinking bird shot….its cheap…wally world sells a 100 rounds for 22.97 + tax

      16. I see the japanese kid tap it with his finger while in flight..send one to me and see what a doubble tap with my .40 does..and after it hits the ground, I now have one

        • Confucius say, “Big wind come from empty cave.” Go ahead, shoot it down. Make sure you have a hundred armed feds crawling around every inch of your property looking for things to confiscate. You really want to be in jail when it hits the fan, don’t you?

          • mearly commenting on the fragility of the ones shown.
            not hardened targets at all.
            doubt they would use this type.

            If you knew me at all you would know i would treat this type of threat to my privacy a bit differently, but I dont think folding up in a ball is one of them.

          • I am shocked to agree with Farm Cat on something.

      17. “All politics in this country now is just dress rehearsal for civil war.” — Billy Beck, August 2009.

      18. Another thing all good preppers might want to do before the grid goes down and the internet with it is to print out the names and addresses of all pedophiles listed in their area. I have 3 beautiful daughters and info such as this is very important to me for obvious reasons. Keep in mind that not all peds are listed due to the fact that not all of them have been charged or they have expunged the charges somehow. You need to remember that these predators will be waiting for any collapse type scenario to come out of the woodwork so that they may offer any type of “assistance” when people are at their most desperate dire straights. My family has been targeted by another prepper who reads this website quite often and I hope he reads this post and poops himself. We’ve gone as far as to move our preps and family down to their ranch before we found out their ill intentions and this wasted a lot of our time and money in doing this. Time and money that should have been spent finding a safe spot for the family, all wasted. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND I KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE!! I am a former spec ops operator so this should help identify me to you, now go wipe yourself… I love good people but peds hold a special place in my scope;)(+)

        • Wise man you are sir!

          2 thumbs up!

          • Mac,

            Thats a great idea USMCRecon223 had about Important Public Documents preppers should have.

            An article about this would be a good one. Glad you have the time Mac.

            • No doubt. I intend on creating an entire section dedicated to this. Hopefully soon.

            • @mac you might want to add links too fed, dhs, fema, fbi, us marshall, fed prison, state national guard armory, nation wide county emergency contact sites etc etc offices with phone numbers and addresses! and a link to mapquest!

              It’d be a great resource…

        • Politicians, those faggots and whores, are the real pedophiles. All of them, no exceptions. They are constantly forcing you to involuntarily accede to their basest desires . . . . .

          This is the definition of COERCION.


          • Really – all huh – some politicians will shoot back – I can assure you.

        • I am a County CPS Social Worker,
          I encourage all persons if they even just suspect a child is being abused mentaly, physically or sexually. That they contact the below listed National Hotline Annonymously! Also understand this posters… 98% of the time , the child being abused is reported to be abused by an immediate family member. Such as a Father or Mother, something of the post by USMCRecon223 sounds very Fishy… I encourage the intended target of @USMCRecon223 to contact your local Police Dept Dectective Bureau annonymously, if you read this note , There is something here that needs to be further investigated!

          @USMCRecon223 post sends up Red Flags and needs further investigation by the authorities!

          Child abuse

          ChildHelp USA National Child Abuse Hotline: 800-4-A-CHILD (422.4453) or 800.2.A.CHILD (222.4453, TDD for hearing impaired).

          Provides multilingual crisis intervention and professional counseling on child abuse. Gives referrals to local social service groups offering counseling on child abuse. Operates 24 hours, seven days a week.

          • CPS,
            I have to tell you, your post smells fishy.
            You post up on a web site where everyone has a healthy distrust for anyone working for the government and you start out immediately spraying around your “Hi, I’m from the government, I’m here to help you”.
            Even those on this website that thought you were well intentioned, will know you for what you are (parasitic government employ) and would be reluctant to give you a hand if you were drowning.
            We ALL know that pedifials are the worst of humanity, and must be delt with.
            But you are wasting OUR time with your nonsense if you do not discuss prepping related matters and SHTF scenarios.
            I’m sure there is a forum out there that will welcome you with glee!
            But it won’t be here.

            • My ears pricked up too when reading this from CPS—like we don’t know who to call when this happens?? WTH is this about really??
              A former educator says stay away from ANY govt agency—ANY.

              Hi, I’m from the govt and I’m here to help you>>>>>just sit here while I order your preteen to a juvenile detention facility and receive kickbacks for ruining his entire future…signed JudgeXXXXXXXX

              Yes, I read a story of this happening—imagine all the children held hostage after stolen from their families for shoplifting or breaking a store window!!!???!!!

          • @CPS- Yeah, I do encourage the intended target of USMCrecon223 to contact local law enforcement. They will beat the tar out of him!! I know the law enforcement in his area and they wont be so kind to him at all. The bottom line is that if youre not a pedophile, youre not my person and you have nothing to worry about. Enough with all this socialism crap, it doesnt work! Most pedophiles are repeat offenders anyway so what does that tell you about the system? I never let my kids get into any bad situations with this individual otherwise I would be refering to him in the past tense.

          • mac….. why are you allowing this zionist feminazi to not only intimidate us and make a mockery of this website, but to slander us and suggest illegal spying etc….. i suggest we call the police on this clown…. however im sure , in the name of the kids, (Good greif) this twit is actually authorized to do this…. im beginning to get irritated with the drivel that is being fed here by the zionists and luciferians… you are enciting rage.. you are enciting hate… now cease.

            • Wow, you can tell that CPS is a zionist just from that post ? You must be incredibly intelligent. Or just incredibly racist.

          • Why? Pedophiles should be hung from a tall tree, along with rapist and murderers… in a SHTF that is exactly what will happen.

        • too true mate! there is only one solution for those sickoes – string ’em up boys! and make the knot tight!
          I wonder who are those TWO who thumbed you down? Mac, we need names addresses

        • @USMCRecon223 , ya might wanna file a restraining order… just so it’s recorded… it’s a good start / legal way to deal with such harassment!

          • Best way to deal with child abuse, physical, emotional, or sexual.
            Pay a visit to the home–speak to the offender, PRIVATELY.
            Have a big man with you like my huge dh.
            Tell him or her that if you hear of any retaliation from the victim in ANY way, the pain (s)he will experience will place them in an awful position considering the number of days from work, explanations, etc.

            Faster results.
            No disruption of family.

        • I’m glad you got it figured out before something happened to your girls.

          You may know this, but FYI, there is a website called

          familywatchdog dot us

          that makes public the addresses of offenders in your area. They will also send you updates if one moves to your area.

          • National Child Abuse Hotline: 800-4-A-CHILD (422.4453) or 800.2.A.CHILD

            • i will call nina as i suspect you are likely abusing your children…. i not only imagine it but lets just say its a hunch…. people like you usually have something to cover up and this is one of your ways of doing it….yes i think i will call now.

        • @USMCRecon223 I have a neighbor that was molesting his eldest daughter since she was 14, here in CFalls Columbia Falls Montana… it was reported to me by his Landlord like it was normal… so I made the call to CPS… this was 3 years after it started! The poor kid ran-away to escape it! It kills me that grown Adults knew of it , even his wife / her mother did nothing and No one did anything about it out of fear of being harassed by him! As he is known to be a Mean Drunk!

          I encourage everyone… to report Child Abuse , real or imagined… usually where there is smoke – there is fire!

          There is Never just One Victim!

          • ok so we just burst into anyones home that ,for no reason at all, is being targeted by sick zionists…. this is extremely offensive and unacceptbale….you sheeple/zionists wont be happy til we have total communism… are you taht weak and sick?

            • I normally just ignore people like you but your ignorance is astounding. I truly hope you have no children because i would fear for them if anything like what is being dissused here happend to them. From your comments you would DO NOTHING and allow this person to continue to abuse children. I my opinion you are just as bad!!! This has nothing at all to do about government. This is about protecting our children with in the law we are currently in. You can call me all the names you want again it will only show you to be ignorant. Have a wonderful day…

            • @eeder if someone cry’s “wolf” about a child being abused in any form or way , it must be investigated by the Properly trained authorities CPS… “It takes a village to raise a child!” We are all responsible for the safety of children!

              No harm done… No Foul! Real Physical Evidence with witness statements are needed to properly convict a person , Male or Female… so if the adult in question commited no Foul against the child in question, he should have nothing to fear from speaking the Truth!

              “It takes a village to raise a child!”

            • i simply do not agree with either of you.I will explain why.I will explain my own experiences…. and than when I am done that I will tell both of you again that it is unacceptable to just circumvent all of our rights, including the childrens rights I might add, just in the name of safety, as it achieves the opposite in the grand scheme of things.
              Firstly, it is highly disturbing to me that you think you can go into or get your greasy fingers into ones home and property simply because they happen to have children and you happened to “imagine” that those children were being abused. that is to say you might have just had a dream about it or got yourself into a silly rage from watching too much televison and reading too much stupid crap from the government/zionist media. It is not any “village” s job to look after my kids or your kids or anyone kids. Its your job… and you should be doing it with your money… not mine.. mine is for my kids. furthermore alot of your “real” abuse is probaly not abuse but rather parents disiplining their child… which frankly very few do anymore for fear of people like you who would swoop down on them at any time and potentially ruin their entire life. all for trying to teach their child acceptable behaviour. Now an animal like that judge who beat his kid , or an animal who abuses his child at a level which is unacceptable, should be in jail… whetehr they abuse a child or anyone. I understand your point about kids being vulnerable to a point however what you have done effectively is never allow children to ever grow up… even when they are 30 and they never become adults thus contributing to many of our problems today. you two have very narrow minds as far as im concerned and do not see that your behaviour and thinking are fuelling a problem far worse than the problem you are trying to defend. i think we have come a long way in 30 years or so in defending the kids and if you keep moving in this direction you are going to create a distorion that is so unfair that it will create the opposite of what you want. As fatr as im concerned you never want children or young adults to grow up so that you can keep any jobs or money that is left .. thus hurting the children more. I could explain even more if you dont understand…. but lets just say your willingness to trample on basic human rights not too mention constitutional rights is highly disturbing and i think you should be ashamed of yourselves and look in the mirror…. it might just be you that is the problem.

            • Eeder ~

              I’ve vaguely wondered about the stupid hateful things that you spew, but it wasn’t really worth my while to comment. However, your willfull ignorance on this particular topic inspires me to let you know what a moron I believe you to be.

              Anyone who stands by while a child is being abused deserves the same punishment as the abuser. Anyone who does not do everything in his or her power to rescue that child is a criminal, a coward and an immoral piece of ant crap.

              By not stopping actions that are horribly wrong, you are showing that those actions are acceptable.

              You are weak, sick and cowardly.

            • no daisy, you are. and if you think about your slanderous false ridiculous statements compared to what i have said, you or anyone would understand that i am correct, and furthermore you are lying. stay the hell away from my kids… i will sue you or anyone who attepts to create trouble and hurt my kids… quite obviouly your goal… one of you stated… we knew of someone who did it in C falls and none of the COWARDS in your town did anything about it… you are shameful pieces of crap and you are hurting the kids… stay the hell away from my family and my kids or i will sue you… thats a promise.

          • NINA if anyone in your community had any guts at all, (which they dont)someone would have stood up to this animal and beat him til he left town. thats what the “village” should have done… you didnt .. the kid suffers…..

            • Yeah, Eeder, I’m sure you would’ve been the first one there to dish out the whoopin’.


            • @eeder… I’ve worked with the local CPS office where I live on two seperate child abuse cases… the first one involved a neighbor who with a friend was taking nude pictures of this mans niece and her friend and other things… and the second case involved as I posted above another neighbor who was forcing himself upon his teen daughter! I paid the price each time by being harassed and having property stolen and vandalized. I fear “No Man Eeder” and try to live a clean a life as I can… if I know of or suspect a child being abused, I do report it… to the proper authorities! They have the proper education and experience to help the children properly and professionally investigate and convict a Child Preditor! So @eeder throw your stones… I’m still here dude… make your call! I’m made of Teflon @eeder shit like you just washes off me.

            • yes .. hahaha.. actually i would and furthermore have… you two are shameful and harmful to yourselves, your kids and all people and kids… go to hell.

            • where im from people that dont mind there own business and pedophiles are not well liked… we dont tolerate this crap…. does that mean these things never happen?… no…. but those that are up to no good , or those trying to create problems or those abusing kids, animals or anyone who cant protect themself… well lets just say it doesnt usually end up well for them…. have some guts… and some respect…it goes a long way. and be very careful about the crap you spew about me… i dont appreciate it.why should i appreciate zionists like you.. just give me one good reason.

          • CFalls is a pussy town with a bunch of pussies in it….

        • “You need to remember that these predators will be waiting for any collapse type scenario to come out of the woodwork so that they may offer any type of “assistance” when people are at their most desperate dire straights.”

          Keep in mind that times such as those will also be the times when good people have the very least desire to put up with this kind of BS. It will also be the time when the idiotic “justice system” that protects this walking crap from receiving the justice that they so richly deserve will be least empowered to continue the game. BLAM! Well, he won’t do that again! >:-]

        • Printing out the names = good idea.

          Post-SHTF, if they poke their heads out? You and your neighbors can kindly (with the muzzle of a rifle if necessary) remind such folk to pack up and go seek governmental assistance elsewhere, because they’re not getting any here.

          ‘course, there is contending with one that wanders into your neighborhood with a concocted story. :/

        • If that happens the you need to keep you and yours close at hand.

      19. UPDATE: It has since come to my attention that this person has since invited another family with similarly aged children (all girls too) to come out and prepare for collapse out on the ranch after numerous statements that having children around is a huge liability to him. Who here on this board thinks this type of behaviour is just plain sick?? All of the developments happening with the recent penn state debacle has stirred up many emotions with me and I think we all probably need to be more proactive ESPECIALLY as preppers since law enforcement might not be there to protect us in the future from these animals. This particular prepper in question has actually stored preps for many many children and has actually told many of them to come to his ranch after the collapse so that they will be “safe”. SICK SICK SICK. And now i would like to deliver a personal private message to this person mentioned above, all non pedophiles please stop reading now; MSG- I know where you are, I know where you sleep, I know all of your neighbors and I see everything you do. You know who I am and you know what I did in the military. I didnt make it into the spec ops community by being somebody who loses very often. You are not safe! Good luck out there!!:)

        • If you see this kind of thing again, USMCrecon, I hope you will out the perv to us.

          You’d certainly have my support, whatever action you decide to take. I hope he is shaking in his shoes.

          Just my own little message, as a pissed-off mama: You better be careful who you mess with – you might think that the mild-mannered of people you take victimize won’t know how to respond. You might think that you can take advantage of kids without a daddy around. You might think that something about you makes you immune to getting caught. You might think that after TSHTF, you can get away with these things because there will be no more Child and Family services and no police department.

          You might think wrong, because one midnight you might wake up with some mama’s blade against your *&^% right before she slices it off and leaves you to clutch at yourself and bleed to death.

          You, whoever you are, make me sick. Personally, I hope if USMC decides to take you out it is painful and lengthy.

          • @Daisy … I thought you were for Non-Violence resolution?

            Wasn’t it you who preached Non-Violence to resolving problems?

            ;0) awesome ! simply awesome !

            In the end we are “all” just animals…

            • I never said I was for non-violence. You assumed that. I said that it was not yet TIME for violence with regard to the government, because that will turn off the people we want on our side. There is a difference between these two situations.

            • @Daisy ;0) just playin’ , I did know what you meant … I couldn’t help myself but ummmmm poke ya’ just a weeee bit… too say “Hello” ;0), I was just having fun with you some… Reading Your Post an Imagining you Pulling a John Wayne Bobbit on a Pedo kinda destroyed the “ANGEL surrounded by a ‘peace lovin’ HALO” image I had of ya’ out there in the Boonies Standing Tall with a 12 gauge in hand Screaming I am WOMAN! While the SHTF all around you! LMAO ;0)… awesome! ;0P psszzt

              Rule #1 in a SHTF Scenario : “Never Come Between a Mama Bear and Her Cubs!” or She’ll Jack You Up!

              Roger That @Daisy , roger that ;0) – RESPECT!

            • Its great to see all the words of support Im getting on this message board!! Just in case anyone was actually thinking that my kids were victimized by this turd, rest assured that I had never let my kids out of mine or my wifes sight for even one second while I was up on his ranch. TRUST BUT VERIFY! I found out the truth when I started asking questions of everybody in the area (which pissed him off) and I was able to form a much bigger picture when I put all the pieces of the puzzle together. As you can see from my handle, recon is what i did in the usmc and that is what I did when I arrived at the ranch. What I found was a big web of lies and I encourage everybody to do the same if put in a similar situation as we were. There is truth in sunshine!! I tried to be as nice as possible to this person, but he clearly crossed the line and I had to be a bit blunt with him. When I did this, he was all stutters and we werent welcome on the ranch anymore. All that time, effort and money spent was a complete waste of time for us. We havent yet been able to recover from this and are now back to square one with prepping with the clock running out.

            • just playin… shtf lady mama bear ‘0) ! Respect Ms. Daisy , respect! ;0P psszzzt

        • @USMCRecon223 ;0) Awesome! Get Some Marine!

          What Makes the Grass Grow?

          Blood Blood Blood!

          • At least the “grass” THEY are planting and forcing US to graze on. LINE-IN-THE-SAND time. If you are still in the “process” of making a steadfast decision, you need to spend the necessary time in front of a mirror asking yourself WHERE DO I DRAW THE LINE? If the answer to that “self inflicted question” remains unanswered, you have yet to evolve to a tangible contribution to the SOLUTION. You are still in the PROBLEM part of the equation that is on the “chalkboard”, but not yet fully incorporated into the only thing that ultimately matters.

            YOUR self-sworn stance and comittment to the inevitable EVENT that MUST transpire for WE THE PEOPLE to ultimately claim VICTORY.

            “It” is not a pretty package, but the contents are not just YOUR future, but that of your children, grandchildren, etc. ad infinitum.

            This isn’t a JOKE or RHETORIC anymore, it is a call to make a stand or get out of the way.

            The FACT that MOST cannot grasp this concept while it still has TEETH is among the most frustrating and demoralizing “demons” I wrestle with.

            How many ways are left to ask the sheeple to WAKE-UP and make the hard choices required?

        • I hate to Burst Everyones Bubble and Perception of U.S. Marines!

          Not Every Marine is a Hero , some are quite the manipulating Predatory Abusive Animal! Like ole’ @USMCRecon223 here.





          I rest my case…

          It’s not the Uniform That Makes the Man!
          But the Man that Makes the Uniform!

          • “Not Every Marine is a Hero , some are quite the manipulating Predatory Abusive Animal! Like ole’ @USMCRecon223 here.”

            Please give references to justify this quote. I really dont believe in heros but thanks anyway, but please explain the manipulating predatory abusive animal part of your quote??

            Diablos revenge must be a pedophile! Thats the only reason that I could think of that he would try to assassinate my character and call me names for speaking out about pedophelia. All I can say is that your either with us or your with them (pedophiles). Good luck being on their team diaBLO, I hope it works out well for you. I would be willing to bet a dollar that your listed on a database somewhere.

            And btw, there is around 200,000 active duty marines at any given time and millions of former marines on the outside so those 4 examples you pointed out dont really say much about anything. I would guarantee that you would never say anything like you said above to me in a dark parking lot now go back to playing call of duty on your Xbox and make sure that you dont “accidentally” wander within 100 yards of an elementary school or your ass might get locked up again. And Im sure you remember what happened last time you got locked up. If you think that was bad, wait until the collapse comes and people start knocking on your door you sicko bastard. The angrier you get at my comments, the more it proves what a sick person you are. Do us all a favor, rent a gun and buy a bullet before you victimize anybody else diablo.

        • USMC,
          You should report this to somebody.
          At the very least it will start a record.
          It could save someone in the future.

          • yeah definitely @usmcrecon223 you should report it… it might just save your life… this guy sounds el loco diablo!

          • What @slick said @usmcrecon223, You Should Report It!

            I’m sure the Sheriff Department CPS Detective would love to talk to you of your daughter! ;0P click-clack ((+)) peek-a-boo I see you too! ;0P psszzzt

        • USMCRecon,
          I feel you have an obligation to this other family to speak up if you haven’t already. I understand I am mirroring other comments here but I must say this. This person needs to be reported. For one very important reason, if he is truly a child predator there are other children he has abused. And those children, more often than not, have not told their parents out of fear (I know from personal experience). I have four children and as Daisy said he would lose a piece of his anatomy if I ever found out that one of my children had been abused by such a person. You are/ were in the Marines and you are a parent. I am only asking you to please say something.
          I have not disclosed my personal info for any sympathy or anything like that. I have come to terms with events in my life and am a much stronger person because of it. So please speak out about this….

          • @Lennea I have contacted this family in question and tried to tell them about the stuff happening at the ranch. This pedophile in question is a very manipulative and dishonest individual and has got the head of this family to believe that he is the greatest person in the world and that he would never hurt a soul. With that being said, I have sent many e-mails to this person (head of fam) urging him to call at his convenience but for some reason I was discredited by the ped and he thought that I was just trying to feed him a line of bs for some reason. He wouldnt hear anything that I had to say at all even though I tried my hardest to get through to him on multiple occasions. Keep in mind that my children were not victimized by this individual, we never allowed our them out of our sight for a second at the ranch. So there is nothing to report to any authorities. My whole issue here is that there was overwhelming circumstantial evidence that this person was a pedophile and that he (and his sicko wife) invited my family for the sole purpose of abusing my children in the future. When it dawned on him that his plan wouldnt work due to our vigilance (not to mention my 24/7 ar15 open carry), we were no longer welcomed at the ranch and our plans of surviving the collapse in safety were suddenly dashed. And by overhelming evidence, I mean OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE. They tried their best to hide everything but it didnt work too well. I could write a book about it but thats another story…

            And the best part is that I do believe he is/was posting replies to some of my comments on this blog but I use past tense because the moderator took them down. I think He might be getting the message!!!

            • @USMCrecon223… I think I know this individual… where do you live – Idaho? Is he a Army Veteran? Black Hair kinda skinny? Whats his Handle???

        • are you our guy snitch? Sounds like i offended you with all that anti pedophile talk?? Im so sorry to have offended you, I guess everybody has the right to do what makes them happy even if it means victimizing small children right? Im sooo sorry snitch, will you ever forgive me?? Send me your address and I will send you some flowers…

        • A Pedo Prepper, so @usmcrecon223 what your saying is instead of stocking up on Bullets, Beans and Band Aids! This pedo prepper is stocking up on Beannie Babies, Teddy Bears and Gummy Bears! This man Is truly one sick bastard!

      20. Amazing…do not see any good from it……more prying eyes

      21. I am beginning to suspect that one of these days in the very near future I am going to run into a woman named Sarah Connor and she’s gonna be babbling some shit about her kid, John and flying drones made by Skynet.

        Three and a half inch magnums, baby.

        • hone it out and start building 4″ magnums

          will the republic be able to say.. “I’ll be back”..?

        • About the only thing worse is to suddenly see Rod Serling from the Twilight Zone talking about you.

      22. Only from the diseased minds of lost souls could such insidious weaponry be birthed. We must pity these warmongers, for terrible retribution awaits them in the hereafter, when God asks for an accounting.

      23. Do you want to know the real reason they want to make you the target of domestic surveillance.

        Because the faggots and whores that are leaders of the occupying force of government want to destroy you, especially if you are a self-respecting, moral man.

        The faggots want to be up your ass. And the whores have no shame or decency, so they are completely indifferent.

        Politicians are scumbags, scoundrels, thieves, bastards, and criminals. The police are their pawns.

        The government is a ‘legalized’ entity existing to commit organized crime. It is a vast criminal organization far more successful than any other entity on earth.

        Natural law, as described in the Declaration of Independence, mandates that government be ABOLISHED once it becomes a Tyranny of force over the people.

        The time has come and is long overdue. Sic Semper Tyrannis.

        • “Politicians are scumbags, scoundrels, thieves, bastards, and criminals.”

          Go ahead. Tell us how you really feel! LOL

          • I forgot to say all politicians and their cronies are pedophiles and whores also. They should all, bastard and whore politician types alike, be equally treated.

            It is axiomatically true that this rotten corruption must be abolished.

            I haven’t even gotten started . . . 🙂


          • POA,
            I swayer we have the same sence of humor.
            I giggle at the same crap you do.
            I bet you started smiling when SST, kicked off with
            ” because the faggots and whores that are leaders of the occupying force”

            Well said, passionate and funny.

            • Holy shit! LMAO!

            • Yeah, I believe you may be right. I would like to say that a sense of humor and some (possibly misplaced) optimism are a couple of resources that everyone will find helpful. Try and notice the brighter side of things- lost the house? Hey, no more vacuuming. That sort of thing.

      24. This is more serious that you realize.The news you’re seeing is the unclassified version,i.e. public knowledge. The classified version ……you’d most likely never see it, since it would be at a high level doing it’s surveillance work. When you hear the knock on your door in the middle of the night or worse yet the knock you never hear, then you know you’ve had a drone visit. As for weapons, use your imagination. Again, the unclassified version is a tazer. It’s real capabilities …….?

        • someone tried to break into my house the other day… i still dont know who it was… and i live in an isolated rural area…. maybe it was you zionists coming to get me… hmmmm what made ya stop? youre that gutless?

      25. This drone reminds me of the character Weebo in the Disney movie “Flubber”. Weebo has a little more personality. I’ll bet version 2 of the drone is more Weebo-like.

      26. Put teeth on them and they’ll look like Stephen King’s “Langoliers”

      27. It’s the perfect con.

        THEY have tricked us into paying (via taxes) for ways for THEM to be in our business and invade our privacy even more.

        THEY have fooled us into paying for weapons and technology that can wipe us off the map when THEY decide that we can’t be trusted any longer.

        Once THEY figure out (through surveillance we have funded) which residents are unlikely to conform and serve THEM, those residents will meet with very speedy and unfortunate demises.

        The day is not far off when those incidents don’t even need to look like accidents.

        THEY are going to get tired of pretending to allow us freedom.

        • You get a Star * @Daisy … you may go to the front of the Class! ;0)

        • You said you are an Americakan in Canduc. WTF@!!@ Gold is the last stand.

          • Tom – I’m not sure what you mean about gold – could you clarify? And yes, I am an American living in Canada.

            Thanks for the star, Nina. 🙂

            • yur’ welcome @Ms. Daisy ;0) umm ma’am! ;0p psszzzt

      28. I better start working out, I have a feeling we’re going to be dodging and running from these little monsters in the near totalitarian future.

      29. Finally got my sat Internet back so I could watch that video. How do you say “hype” in Japanese? The thing is nothing but a glorified battery-powered RC toy helicopter. OK, the fully spherical external frame is new, but similar toys have been made by RC hobbyists for helicopter training for some time now. Battery and motor technology being what they are, the duration at a launch weight of 16 ounces may be fifteen minutes, not more. Probably a lot less. Total weight capacity maybe 30 ounces. Not enough to carry any useful weapon load other than a very small “suicide” explosive charge. The demonstrated control and stability technology has been in the RC toy market for a couple of years now. Other than surveillance, the thing is virtually useless, and even for surveillance it’s extremely limited by the lack of range and lack of “loiter time”.

      30. K2: Did you and anonymous catch my response on “Ten Million Homes” for more info on the FED buying ALL of OUR debt?

      31. I like the shotgun idea. (I thought it was an al QaCIAda terror machine over my property.) After all, when Mulkasky was head of the Homies, he warned that Osama would attack rural areas and that homeland security was EVERYONE’S business. And,,I believe everything they say is true due to their integrity.

      32. Thanks Mac! Now WE know why Aliens use round balls of light to make Crop Circles and why the flight of those things are so unusual.

        Mystery solved!

      33. I bet a crudely built moble EMP would take them all down if they are put in service to supress our liberties .. And freedoms..

        And i would bet the farm that one would be built up in a basement somewhere..and put in service to defend our God given rights..

        Remember this always> In the USA we take care of our own..

        • In order to build any sort of “mobile EMP” device, you’ll need a no-shit nuclear weapon.

          OTOH, if you want to build something that will short the things out at a distance, you’re going to need two things: a massive power source, a massive magnetron (tuned, of course), and something big enough to carry it all.

          Here’s a rough idea of what you will need (PDF):

          I’ll warn you now – none of it is cheap, light, or easy to build.




            • Heck, I can’t even program my DVR.

      34. wow! happy veterans day(veterans day is to honor the living, memorial day to remember the deceased)the only blight in my day was seeing O’Barry on the tube-once again,pointing his finger-about what a Good Great Big Job he has(n’t)done.

      35. Cops Gone Wild! awesome… I feel safer already… check it out!


        Makes ya wanna hug a Cop don’t it?

      36. the part about these I like..Is they can also be used to watch ..Them…
        whats good for the goose….

        they hate it when technology like this is turned against them , and used to bring them down..

        imagine the government snooping that we could do with these.

      37. Mac

        As stated before, the military is at least 25-30 years ahead of us in all technology combined..any hostile action taken against these drones would most likely result in an instantaneous demise..imo.
        Witness the multitude of drone attacks in Pakistan and Yemen..deadly..

        Keep your profiles under the radar..
        there is no Constitution anymore

        publicly accusing the government nowadays immediately puts one down on a future kill list..or at least a front of the line pass to the decontamination chambers.


      38. The cancer is in dc and needs radiation treatment:)

      39. Once they have machines building machines they will not need more than a few techs, after that the rest of us will no longer be needed…

      40. HeyMac

        Was at the range this late afternoon and a couple of fellow gun enthusiasts next to us were firing a WW2 Russian Sniper Rifle Mosin Nagant….

        We were “sniping” with a 223 S&W AR15 and this Russian sucker was loud as hell..even with the plugs in..

        Ever shot one?

        and would it be a great take out for the drones?


      41. @odd questioner

        good posts and point of view… I will check out the book.

        Question for you Sir! and all you haters chill pls… this is for @Odd Questioner only pls.

        @Odd what is AIPAC? Why does it Control Congress and the Presidency! What is the Southern Poverty Law Center? Who supports it? What is ACORN? Who Supports it? Why does the United States give 60 billion a year to Israel , Free Nukes and Arms and Planes and other Priority Contracts… why are american tax dollars building jew only roads in israel, jew only towns, why is okay for Israel to kill americans… And WHY do all CONGRESSMEN and WOMEN have to VISIT Israel before Becoming Eligeble to Becoming a elected member of Congress… hmmmm.?.

        Oh and why were 5 jewish students caught photographing the 9/11 false flag on the twin towers in ny city and then DANCING and Hugging each other when they Blew Up?

        shall I go on…?

        If my standing my ground on this makes me INSANE , than I am Certifiable!

        I am Not a Racist “I hate Everyone!” ;0P

        • Do you have any actual verifiable proof of any of this, or are you just going off of what others have told you?

          • Are you a man or an ostrich with your head in the sand?

          • ;0) ummmm nope! just what I’m digging up online… good point @odd questioner… I’ll have to do some more digging! your point is well taken’! touchee!

            • Hell, just go to VeteransToday dot com. The proof you seek is all over the sight.

              • OMG – the obviously fakes “cruise missile” video was friggin’ hilarious!

              • okay, time to clarify:

                I went searching for your so-called “proof” website, and Google proudly proclaimed that your site has video of a cruise missile hitting the Pentagon.

                Curious, I take a quick peek on the site, and there, in glorious 180p (no, that’s not a typo) is the most amateurish pile of horseshit I have ever laid eyes on. The obvious Gaussian Blur filter was in full effect. Then you get treated to the obvious mouse-job with the white flash which they purport to be the missile (which incidentally sticks out like a sore dick in a whorehouse…)

                I mean come ON! You’re going to have to come up with something a little more credible than that!

                (for those interested, please, google for “veteranstoday dot com” )

        • Actually, I had not seen the “cruise missile” video and concur that proves nothing. I had posted two links to articles about AIPAC and the “dancing Israelis” that are still in “moderation”.

          I no longer argue the specific details of the 9/11 government story. The information by professional groups is easy to find. AE911truth, Scholars for 911 truth, Pilots for 911 truth, Firefighters for 911 truth etc. Either you agree with the information or you don’t.
          Kinda of like argueing religion. No one gets “converted” on either side.

          There were as many as 80 CCTV video cameras facing and recording everything around the Pentagon on September 11 2001. The only video ever released by the U.S. government has been heavily edited and yet it still proves that a 757 did not slam into the Pentagon. CCTV video cameras from a gas station facing the Pentagon impact site, transportation CCTV video cameras and hotel rooftop CCTV video cameras all recorded what did hit the Pentagon. Within minutes of the attack the US Secret Service were confiscating the CCTV videos from the gas station and surrounding hotels. Hmmmm.

      42. They are allready set up to read our minds

        put this at the front..http://

      43. Joke for the day…

        A beautiful fairy appeared one day to a destitute Mexican refugee outside an Arizona immigration office.

        “Good man,” the fairy said, “I’ve been sent here by President Obama and told to grant you three wishes, since you just arrived in the United States with your wife and eight children.”

        The man told the fairy, “Well, where I come from we don’t have good teeth, so I want new teeth, maybe a lot of gold in them.”

        The fairy looked at the man’s almost toothless grin and — PING !– he had a brand new shining set of gold teeth in his mouth!

        “What else?” asked the fairy, “Two more to go.”

        The refugee claimant now got bolder. “I need a big house with a three-car garage in Annapolis on the water with eight bedrooms for my family and the rest of my relatives who still live in my country.. I want to bring them all over here” — and — PING ! — in the distance there could be seen a beautiful mansion with a three car garage, a long driveway, and a walkout patio with a BBQ in an upscale neighborhood overlooking the bay.

        “One more wish,” said the fairy, waving her wand.

        “Yes, one more wish. I want to be like an American with American clothes instead of these torn clothes, and a baseball cap instead of this sombrero.. And I want to have white skin like Americans” —and — PING ! — The man was transformed – wearing worn-out jeans, a Baltimore Orioles T-shirt, and a baseball cap. He had his bad teeth back and the mansion had disappeared from the horizon.

        “What happened to my new teeth?” he wailed. “Where is my new house?”

        This is good…

        No, actually this is very good…

        The fairy said:

        “Tough s–t, Amigo, now that you are a white American, you have to fend for yourself.”

        • The problem is that Illegals do not want to be like white Americans. They want to be Mexicans living in America.

          They do not want to assimilate.

          They want to be Mexicans with THEIR customs, THEIR holidays, THEIR religion (which tells them to breed indefinitely even if they cannot afford to feed and clothe the kids they conceive)

          and THEIR language.

          They only want OUR jobs, OUR land, and OUR businesses.

          • That is a blanket statement and therefore wrong.

            “They want to be Mexicans with THEIR customs, THEIR holidays, THEIR religion (which tells them to breed indefinitely even if they cannot afford to feed and clothe the kids they conceive)”

            Well in many respects they remind me of my great uncles and grandfather that immigrated from Italy 1915-1920. They worked like dogs, their kids were bi-lingual and their grandchildren can only speak a few words or a phrase or two in Italian. Given a couple of generations and opportunities to work along side “Anglo’s” (for the Mexicans) or “Amaragon” (for the Italian) they become Americans.

            “They only want OUR jobs, OUR land, and OUR businesses.”

            You working in slave shops? If they buy some property did they steal it from you? If they form or buy a business that was yours? When you want some Mexican food by all means go to the establishment owned and operated by someone named Shawn O’Brian.

            Should the US seal the borders? Yes common sense says that you should have doors and locks nation included. Should they get welfare? Nope, and there the problem lays.

            • K2: Yes, WE should SEAL the border with Mexico. If WE can seal the border between North and South Korea with 38,000 American troops, WE can protect OUR border and OUR citizens by sealing the border with Mexico.

              Illegals have committed more than ONE MILLION sex crimes in America since 1999. 35% of those crimes have been against children. 25% of those crimes have been RAPES!

              And then there was the 80 year old woman who lived in Sun City Arizona who was raped and murdered by an Illegal. I guess she was just too sexy for her own good?

              And yes, I do go to Carlos Obrien’s for Mexican food. He is a American and the food is great!!!

              Illegals cost the American worker jobs and wages. Mexican American contractors use Illegals to undermine American contractors, and have supplanted white Americans in the building industry.

              The American taxpayer subsidizes Mexico through Illegals more than We subsidize China.

              Check the people and or groups who support these Illegals the most and you will find the people and groups that EXPLOIT them the most.

              Read all about it here:


            • K2: No, you are wrong. Illegal Mexicans, in the main, are not like Italians; even though they are both Catholic.

              Illegal Mexicans are primarily peasants from generations of uneducated peasants exploited by the Mexican upper classes, with a sixth grade education; eighth grade at best.

              The Catholic Church has dominated Mexico for many centuries. Why do these illegals NOT have
              a high school education???????????

              Italians are proud to be Americans.

              Illegal Mexicans are not. They do not want to be American. They want to be Mexicans living in America and benefiting from the America economy.

              If they wanted to be Americans they could get an easy path to citizenship by joining the US Armed Forces. I served in Viet Nam with Cubans who wanted to be Americans and were willing their life to become American.

              The loud chorus of “BOOS” at the LA Coliseum not so long ago against the US Soccer Team (who should have had a home field advantage)
              by Illegals in attendence demonstrate their alliegence to Mexico.

              Demonstrators across the country waved MEXICAN flags demanding American rights while themselves nationals of a foreign power.

              Mexico and Mexicans are the single biggest threat to US sovereignty, the US Constitution and the American way of life. Follow the link given and educate yourself about the Mexican Peril.

              It is real.

            • DK

              “Illegal Mexicans are primarily peasants from generations of uneducated peasants exploited by the Mexican upper classes, with a sixth grade education; eighth grade at best.”

              And my family I suppose we’re the upper crust of Italy? In rare instances people come to the US for freedom or to escape persecution but most often it’s the poor that come to the US be it Mexican or Italian. If you added up the education of my great uncles and grandfather it might have in summary came to eight years. They we’re exploited peasants too.

              I see Mexicans in the US doing very hard work. No doubt there there are criminals among them. They would be hard pressed to achieve that status in that occupation as the mafia. No doubt there are elements that would want Mexico to take Texas. My father and uncles all WW2 vets wondered what side their own father (my grandfather) was on the way he spoke well about the Italian dictator. It takes a generation or two and WW2 sped up the transition from immigrant (or son of immigrant) to American. Lots of good jobs sped up Americanization too as the Italian worked side by side with the “Amagaon”. Many married them completing the task; I’m a “Medza Medz” (half and half) myself, a mongrel, a classic American. The less the opportunity to mix the less they mix.

              “Mexico and Mexicans are the single biggest threat to US sovereignty”

              The single greatest threat to US sovereignty are the policies enacted by US Administration upon Administration over several decades that push a globalist agenda at our expense. The Vietnam war you served in was one of those agendas. I feel sorry for all parties involved in that one.

              Handing out welfare to illegals is wrong. The idea that if your born here your automatically a citizen came out of the post slavery era to make sure blacks were counted as US citizens. It’s now used to promote illegals into citizenship and that is wrong too. The Republicans want cheap labor and the Democrats want an underclass fed by welfare that will be reliable votes for them.

              As my Italian grandmother used to say, “There’s good and bad in all”. Most people of any race, creed, religion or origin are good. Far, far more has been taken from US citizens by educated white collar people with a computer keyboard and ball point pen then all the illegals summed together. “An uneducated man robs a train, an educated man steals the railroad”….TR Teddy Roosevelt.

      44. People, people. It’s for “rescue”…

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