Fundamentally Changing America: Obama Then and Now *Video Montage*

by | May 31, 2012 | Headline News | 143 comments

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    When President Obama promised Americans ‘hope and change’ during the run up to the 2008 Presidential election his supporters thought he meant a change for the better.

    Few would have believed that when Barack Obama said he would “fundamentally change America,” it would actually make things worse – much worse.

    This latest video montage from Fox News and now disavowed by the network as the work of a rogue associate producer, has democrats and some republicans claiming it is biased against the President and reminiscent of 1930’s propaganda.

    The video, which takes a look at where the nation stood on jobs, prices for food and energy, the national debt, and government assistance programs, compares how far we’ve come (or fallen) since President Obama took office.

    Propaganda? Maybe. Probably. It is, after all, the mainstream media.

    But facts are facts, and instead of making this about the journalistic integrity of organizations that have long since lost their credibility with a large segment of Americans because they are clearly in the business of entertainment and not news reporting, perhaps we should actually consider the content of the message itself.

    Obama – Then and Now:

    Key Statistics comparing 2008 and 2012:

    National Debt Then: $10 Trillion
    Now: $15.7 Trillion (Up 57%)

    Jobless Rate Then: 7.8%
    Now: 8.3% (officially)

    Food Stamp Dependence Then: 28.2 Million
    Now: 46.2 Million (Up 63%)

    Price of Gas Then: $2.50 /Gal
    Now: $3.68 /Gal (Up 47%)

    Price of Beef Then: $2.35 /lb
    Now: $3.01 /lb (Up 28%)

    Price of Bacon Then: $3.75 /lb
    Now: $4.60 /lb (Up 23.3%)

    Price of Bread Then: $1.97
    Now: $2.05 (Up 4%)

    Families with no Savings Then: 18.%
    Now: 23.4%


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      1. The problem is that it will simply encourage people to believe the same old political dichotomy bullshit that they always have. It’s just an exercise in confirmation bias designed by the enemy to make money, keep the people busy and redirect their anger towards each other.

        • Agreed. The guy from Kenya is irrelevant.

          Prosecute the dynastic banksters, genocidal warmongers, their tools and mouthpieces for their capital crimes against humanity.

          Every single one of them must be run to ground, prosecuted, and the guilty punished. Take reparations!

          Never again!

        • @ Charlie. EXACTLY, DISTRACTIONS! The one fact that jumps out the sharpest and the ugliest is the national debt jump of 57%. This shows that BO is charging his way to getting re-elected. Like someone living on credit cards and saying to their neighbors that everything is wonderful in their lives. Sure, BO can raise the credit to whatever and make it APPEAR like everything is fine until after the November election. There is no excuse for the debt to go up like this. A strong country has little or no debt, others countries owe them.

          I so much agree also with you on the strategy to keep the country as disunited as possible and polarized. It takes everyone’s attention away from the corruption and away from a run away debt that must someday be paid. BO alone stinks as a leader because of allowing the country to live on credit like some credit card junkie.

          I don’t know about you and everyone else but I am feeling a strong undertow of some sort, a very unsettling feeling that something is more wrong than usual. I don’t know if it is an earthquake coming or Katla volcano, the sun, or some manmade problem, but something is really bad in the making. I am really going to look after the supplies today and see what I need to add.

          Seriously everybody, something is not good and I cannot explain it. I am looking at the earthquake charts I have, and nothing seems imminent with this. Something is truly brewing, just can’t figure it out and put my finger on it. Is anyone else having this troubling feeling out there?

          • Br Informed says “Seriously everybody, something is not good and I cannot explain it. I am looking at the earthquake charts I have, and nothing seems imminent with this. Something is truly brewing, just can’t figure it out and put my finger on it. Is anyone else having this troubling feeling out there”?

            YES….this pretty much sums up the feeling I have had for a while now and i think most of us here have that same gut wrenching feeling that something Major is about to happen.

          • I have had a sense of urgency for a couple months now. I am nervous about this summer. I am nervous about the games in London. But I have really noticed the change in my wife. She won’t say much but I have noticed it in her spending habits, what she buys and how much is being alocated toward stuff that i used to have to prompt her to buy.
            I also have noticed changes in friends. One in particular who a year ago thought I was just off my rocker told me the other day he is going to start doing some things.
            I think we all have the same instincts as animals when it comes to survival instincts. I think that through years of suppression most don’t recognize it anymore. We just get a feeling that something isn’t right but cannot put our thumb on it. Whereas animals have honed those instincts.

            • Saddle Up

              It’s my feeling that the Power Elite operated under the radar choosing stealth over speed until the last few years. Not only are they instituting policies rapidly but they’re also going far beyond their former reach. Due to their increase in intensity and magnitude it leads one to believe something is going to happen soon.

              Animals read “vibrations” but people read words.

            • I meant bto say frequency and magnitude.

          • Totally with you! It’s been circling the drain for a few years now and I feel everyday we are closer to whatever is supposed to happen!!!

          • Oh, wow–I have been feeling this for days..a few weeks.
            Don’t underestimate these feelings…I had that feeling that family was gonna get in touch, and after not hearing from great-niece for over two years, she called.
            Go with those feelings.

          • Be Informed and others,

            “Seriously everybody, something is not good and I cannot explain it…Something is truly brewing, just can’t figure it out and put my finger on it.”

            I have also had this feeling for the past few months. I can’t explain it. But, whatever is coming…is not good.

            • That bad,bad feeling we all are having is do to our understanding that the can has been kicked into the wall. Though the M.S. media has been playing down Greece, it is the prick in the balloon of the banking derivatives. When the sovereign defaults, the ripple will turn into a tsunami. Overnight, the derivative game of musical chairs will end. Bad juju. Finish your preps, if you are looking for a sign of when to get out of dodge. The Greek failure should act like a giant neon sign. Ignore this event at your peril. Many thanks to all of you who have helped me and my family.

            • I agree, something is not right. I have quite a few psychic dreams, and this month they are truly scary. We are in store for some pretty amazing times. Be safe and God bless.

          • I have to assume it’s been the news articles of several sites combined to provide a big picture of step-by-step disintegration of the current way of life, so that when the other shoe drops, it will be a great big mess.

            The NWO elites are chomping at the bit to put their plan for the world in place.

            It certinly does feel like the vultures are circling overhead. Things are teetering on the edge as we speak.

          • Hi y’all. Lomg time lurker here from Canada. First post. You are all a varied and interesting group of folks, and I’ve enoyed reading your informed posts. I too feel somethings up,but can’ t quite put my finger on it.
            Lets all keep prepping, trust our ” vibes” more and don’t forget to look for a little help from above.
            P.S. things here in Canada not too great despite popular opinion.

            • I often wondered how our neighbors of the north are fairing. Please keep us informed about the haps in Canada. I personally believe every part of what’s going on adds to the big picture, so your status input is appreciated.

            • Welcome to our humble site. While we all vary, we do share the same basic goals….to stay safe.

            • Hi Stoic. I’m in Canada as well, with a little different perspective, as I am an American citizen. 🙂 Glad to see you here!


          • “I don’t know about you and everyone else but I am feeling a strong undertow of some sort, a very unsettling feeling that something is more wrong than usual.”

            True — there are Signs brewing — but always strive for balance, set aside a certain amount of time each day to combat this feeling. Our crosshair attention when focused on negative trends, creates a mindset of woe. Take some time to revel in the awesome accomplishments of humanity, look around to where we are in terms of convenience, comfort and safety. There is also natural and man-made beauty, often within walking distance.

            Case in point: that Fox video regardless of what it presents as information, is deeply colored by the producer’s choice of music. It is desperate music and emotionally troubling. Here is an antidote.


            Keep a balance, people. Peace and love.

          • Yes, I have had that ‘feeling’ for some time. However lately it seems that things are urgent, very wrong,etc. My husband and three grown sons feel the same way. Maybe its gods way (or just survival instinct) that is kicking in. Everybody keep prepping.

        • Perfect. I have nothing to add.

          • You know, for a couple of years now (since I have started prepping and found this site) I have heard about “THE crash”. That things were bad and that stuff was going to HTF. I know it will but I think what really has the chills running down my spine is that now the media is starting to discuss it. Many are discussing it as an inevitable event.

            When the media starts discussing it watch out. It is only a matter of time.

            I don’t know for sure but maybe that is why I have this knot in my stomach…

            • Combine the two words “deja vu” and “zeitgeist”..
              Oh – and throw in “Dread” for effect – THAT is what we are all feeling.

        • If that bastard gets reelected, I’m building a bunker.

          • Who wins won’t matter. It’s out of the hands of mere mortals at this point.

          • Build a bunker anyway.

      2. Sad thing is that ain’t the half of it and it is still too much for mainstream news.

      3. Just one word, Bravo! To that rogue associate producer! Well done for telling the truth!

        Just hope America realises they’ll get the same deal with Romney….

        • Would you rather have 4 more years of the Obamanation? Let’s be a little realistic.

          • Certainly, it would be worse with The Kenyan steering the ship (into the rocks).

            But, I’m afraid it might actually be worse with Romney (Obomney).

            THERE IS WHY:

            We have The Kenyan’s number. We know what he will try. We will be on guard for his BS. Even average sheople know his trick by now.

            However, if Obomney gets in there, his will be the status quo, hold the line. The average person will say, “Shewee! That was a mess! Finally got that crooked bastard out of the White House. Finally, someone we can trust.”

            Hehehe. Really? While The Kenyan’s badness is very bad, he doesn’t know how to hide it. While we can say his badness is 80%, his job effectiveness is probably less than 25%. That makes his total badness about 20%.

            Enter Mitt Zomby Obomney, Experienced politician, rich elite. Also foreign born, BTW. Badness index: 60%. Job effectiveness: 80%. Total badness: 48%

            Oops! Now we’ve gone from an effective badness index of 20% to an effective badness index of almost 50%.

            All numbers reflect opinions, which may vary, but, you have to admit, Romney’s badness indes is way lower than Obamas while Romneys effectiveneess, politically, is much higher than Obama’s.

            Potentially, because of the trust the American People will give Romney, BASED ON HIS SKIN COLOR ONLY, will allow him to get away with a lot more, especially since there is such a contrast.

            No, Romeny is worse news because of that than Obama.

            But, all is not lost. Ron Paul is not out and he’s not way behind. The media is attempting to keep Ron Paul out by misreporting numbers.

            It like, you know, the racist card. You can’t be a racist if you’re black or a democrat.

            Well, it can’t be a vote if it was cast for Ron Paul.

            I mean, really, They only show him carrying 15% *IN* *TEXAS*. GMFB!!! That clinched it for me. Going through Texas with a Mitt Romney sticker is like dressing up in UN Blue at a militia meeting: you won’t be very popular.

            There is a MASSIVE LIE going on by the media. MASSIVE.

            But, just watch: its all set to explode. There will be MASSIVE fraud at the RNC and they’ll “pick” Romney. Then, watch his campaign fly apart for something yet undisclosed. The establishment want The Kenyan because he lets the FR print all that fresh cash for the elites in government to use.

            …but, it won’t all last for long anyway. Tomorrow: China and Japan dump the dollar. They won’t use it for trade between them. As more and more dollar dominoes fall, more and more get hit. Eventually the death of the dollar will be complete and tieh reign of the US Military Machine will be over and the crash will be complete. The rebuilding will restart.

            • Thats pretty good!

            • A known bad is better than a new bad. Having who is most responsible in the drivers seat when they run us off the road will give us a clearer vision of what to do next.

              Romney is a ‘progressive’, he said. He will make bad campaign decisions like progressive McCain did and lose. It will be very hard to lose to Obama though.

              Even though the O is behind and will not get the majority of votes, they will pull out a victory as they will step up from voter fraud from the trunk of a car to voter fraud utilizing 18 wheelers.

            • QB, im writing in Ron Pauls name. Theres a good chance that people like myself will split the vote and Obama just might win again.

            • Gotta disagree. 4 more years of obama would mean that he places at least 2 more Supreme Court justices. Once they have the court, the radicals can do whatever they want. And they will.

              He’s already been caught on camera telling the Russians he’ll have more leeway after the election.

              If he is re-elected, his radical agenda will ramp up. Look for triple the executive orders, look for more corruption from Holder, look for our economy to tank and our worldwide position to deteriorate (he’s helping make it so – he wants it).

              We must get him out of office. No matter what.

            • And if the intent is to totally crash our economic system, then let’s get this party started.
              Push the ‘reset’ button if Ohomo gets in, but word is out the elite want Romney. That reset won’t get pushed, just ‘on hold’. Insiders say Ohomo is out.
              What a waste of money, funds, even if it’s just printed paper.
              That printed billions could be used elsewhere.
              Rant off.

            • Where do you get this stuff about Romney being foreign-born? I can’t find anything on it (although I did find something about Romney perhaps being a unicorn).

            • Let me throw this into the mix NetRanger: Everyone should realize that if Obama is re-“elected”, he is “lame duck.” He will have four full years to act on behalf of the TPTB without having to worry about any “elections”. That is, of course, so long as TPTB keep up the pretense that this political process means anything, which it doesn’t (which I believe was your point). On the other hand, if Romney is “elected”, then there will be another run for him starting 2 years after this “election”. Which means they intend to continue distracting Americans.

              I think we can all get a sense of the timelines anticipated by TPTB by watching to see which way they go. If Obama, then they believe the SHTF within that four-year horizon, and probably sooner. If Romney, then they believe they will need more time, i.e., more than four years, to get everything ready, and they will need to distract the sheeple pending their planning to continue thieving the production and assets of the citizens.

              Either of these f’g figureheads will do what they’re told. The person who stands in DC on Jan 21 does not matter. The process does.

              Color me cynical, but I think we’re close enough to the end game that this “election” will strongly telegraph how long we have.

            • The media own (literally) the company that manages the voteing machines. They now make “predictions” of the outcomes of elections with only 1-2 % of the vote. How is that possible unles they have it rigged? So the person who gets “elected” will be the one they want, not the one the people vote for.
              In the past election returns took days to count, tally and determine. Using computers speeds it up but it does not speed it up to the point that 98% of the voted do not need to be counted. They have been SHOWING us that they are determining who will be in office, not the people.

            • DomesticTerrorist,

              This might answer to your question…

              REUTERS probes birth certificate — Romney’s…


          • The only answer for our future is RON PAUL.
            Snit Romney is the other side of obummer, same coin different side…….

          • My point was that with either we’ll be scr*wed… It’s choosing between two bad options.

            I’m a Ron Paul fan myself 🙂

        • Amen to that! Ask your selves this question; Romney is a smart man, sucessful business man, sees where we are debt wise, economically, socially and globally,why would anyone knowledgable want to captain a sinking ship? Unless, you are part of the demorepublicrat establishment. Nothing will change, the Fed will keep on printing, stupid useless wars, more division, more enslavement.

          Vote for Romney for the slow train to destruction, vote for Obama for the quick put us out of our misery destruction.

          • Um, no. Romney is a NWO globalist just like OBummer. If you’re middle class he will suck the last copper off your pennies far quicker than the guy who at least pretends to care. You have it entirely backward.

        • Those numbers are not even close, it’s much worse than that and going to only increase as time goes on. TPTB want every nation to be a welfare country. Control the money, control the food, take away every visage of fundenmental morals and values, basically crush the American people and the people of the world. When you have someone saying that they can make better judgements for the masses, rather than letting individuals think for themselves.

          America is being subjugated everyday, but they don’t have everyone on board. They (TPTB) despise free thinking individuals.

          Be Aware, Be Awake, Be Alive

          • Control the money and food??? I just read Monsanto is using another attack on bees– yep, those vital to our survival–since they are resistant to their Roundup…you can’t make this **** up!!!

            • I read about this too.

              “This organic beekeeper … had successfully bred a queen that appeared to be resistant to Round-up, having survived three summers and winters where other queens and colonies died.”

              Officials from the State Department of Agriculture in Illinois came when the owners were not home (and without due process) and took their bees and hives.


        • I saw this article and this was well written. The concern I have with gas masks and N-100 masks is a false sense of security in regards to chemicals. Many people feel that they are perfectly safe against chemical agents as long as they have a perfect respiratory system, yet don’t protect their skin from the agent. Chemical agents can kill people just by landing on the hit of a pin on the skin. Some bio-agents are so small, like Marburg and Ebola that they can pass through the skin’s pores like they went even there.

          On top of any gas mask or other mask, other precautions must be added in the case of some of these terrible chemical and bio-agents like VX and the filo-viruses. Also with bio-attacks people need to decontaminate their whole bodies before taking off their protective masks.

          Giurza, thank you for writing articles that everyone benefits from. Everytime fellow preppers add what they know it helps everyone else that reads it to be better prepared.

          • Very well noted on the fact of additional protection in the form of NBC suit, BI!
            I wrote only on the topic of gasmasks because of time constrain. maybe someday I’ll write something on the NBC suits as well.
            I remember I saw quite good an article on SurvivalBlog the other day on this subject. one of my colleagues (an NBC conscious officer) wrote that one and it was far more extensive. however even there were things omitted, so then I wrote mine… I elaborated a bit on the gasmask part.

      4. yes we will get the same deal with mitt….but at least it wont be that lyin jackass we have now

      5. He is by far the most egotistical con-artist I have seen. I bet he is PROUD of his accomplishments. Otherwise how could he possibly rate his performance a “B”?

        I must admit that he is one of the only Presidents that has actually DONE WHAT HE PROMISED HE WOULD DO….fundamentally change the face of America. Sad to say that he has actually done that.

      6. Mac, people are waking up, maybe too slow for some. Locally our Dem. Congressman just got voted out in the primary. He’d been a mainstay for apprx.20 years in DC.
        Working with the military, I hear a lot of young soldiers
        stating how they were misled in voting for Obama and they won’t make the same mistake.

        • DRD: Question for you. Do you think many people are aware now and that is speeding up the process? Or is our downhill slide staying at the same rate and people are just more aware of it now?
          The reason I ask is in my opinion just like a hurricane, tornado, blizzard or anything the vast majority of people wake up just in time to realize they are in deep trouble but it’s too late. I think it will be the same with the system.

          • Saddle, it’s kind of like the deer in the headlights. More people are aware, but basically they have to get over the stunned acceptance of “it can happen here and will” and react/move. Same as in combat; many realize for the first time ‘this is real and not a training exercise’ and they freeze, and many casualties start here.
            As far as speeding up the process, tptb have a time table and it appears the more people that are awake to them, the more tptb are trying to quicken their agenda. Look at how we are attacked from every angle; i.e. media, new and imposed regulations, taxes/banking,immigration,school systems (try to get involved as a parent, it is all lip service),etc..
            As you say ‘they’ll wake up just in time to realize it is too late’, they’re awake but just aren’t reacting/planning. Remember, the majority need leaders. There are two kinds of people; followers and leaders.
            The reason I enjoy this site is because it is full of individual leaders, people that don’t need nor want gov’t involvement in their lives, they’d rather lead their own lives.

      7. Just give the man 4 more years and see what you get America. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!!!

        • He even made a speech recently where he said something to the effect, “The job is not done. I need 4 more years to complete the task.”

          Obama’s agenda: Overwhelm the system

      8. Obama did promise he would “fundamentally change America.” Little did most people know how dramatic the change would be.

        When Rahm Emanuel was chief of staff at the White House he famously said, “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”

      9. Is anybody else having trouble posting comments? Not the usual moderation thing, but ‘404 site not found’ ?
        Maybe it’s just my machine. Or, perhaps it’s this truck stop wifi. Their antenna looks like a rusty tomato can with a string running all the way to Tijuana. Of course, I’m not much of a geek, but it looks like a 12 megabit string to me…I figured it would work.

        • And your comment was?????

          • Hey Tina,
            my comment was that I can’t get a comment to post. The one that made it through was sort of a test, as well as an inquiry about the system. I keep writing longer, intellectually stimulating, (almost profound) comments directly relating to the article, but they disappear when submitted. (maybe the Klingons are intercepting them, I don’t know)
            Anyway, time is short and I must return to my day job selling lingerie on Rodeo Drive. (the pay is lousy but I get to meet lots of drunk celebrities)
            Take care.

            • Keep up the good work Smokin. If it weren’t for you pedaling that lingerie the celeb’s wouldn’t have a thing to wear to the Oscars…Take Care

            • Hey Smokin Oak! Good to hear you are scratching out a living by peddlin’ bloomers to drunken bitch/celebs. Was wondering if Brittney S and Lindsay L have changed. Not about the drunken part, but; according to photos they go “freestyle”. I’d much rather see some lace and just leave the rest up to imagination though.

        • Yes. I have had that problem. After adding the comment, it just “disappears.”

          Very strange!

          Daisy has also had the same problem and wrote a comment about it yesterday.

        • Hello Smokin

          It is not you, I am on day three of it, every so often one goes through

          Take care

        • YES.

          There are keywords that trigger it. The game is, figure out the keyword of the day and work around it.


          • You talking about Mexico, pork, and cloud??
            Oh, wrong topic.(smiley face here)

            Hey, buds viewing??? Mexico, pork, and cloud; and while I’m here…Federal Reserve, too!!

          • Here is a list of the words that are being “monitored.”

            Uncle Sam admits monitoring you for these 377 words


        • After posting a comment, my error message says this site will be re-started in “compatability view”, whatever that is…. only happens here… any of you techies have a way to stop these error messages?

      10. “Keep the Change, ya filthy animal!”

      11. When the SHTF you will have to be in top shape!!! I can’t stress that enough. To be honest if you aren’t there now it’s a little late in the game. You must get your shit together NOW!!! It’s coming and it’s coming Fast!!!! The strong survive and the weak perish as nature intended it to be.

        • Not a bad idea overall, but my black pistol will almost always beat your black belt. Firearms have turned the whole sirvival of the fittest thing on its head.

      12. Watching the empty suit speak gives me the willies!

        I know others have noted it, but the way he cocks his head down and looks out from “under” his own eyes. eeeehhh!

      13. When a video is produced by someone with a strong opinion it becomes controversial by many. Often it’s categorized this way by the viewers who are biased to begin with.

        According to Progressives, any comments or opinions that go against the Obama administration are biased, extremist, violent, etc.

        According to Progressives, any comments or opinions (even those from Congressional Representatives) can be biased, extremist, AND violent. And it is expected that they be.

        Many Americans clearly see the hypocrisy as well as the societal activism in play with regards to “political journalism” and our level of tolerance has been exceeded. There are more anti-Obama videos than pro-Obama videos, despite the Progressives desire to ramp up their propaganda.

        Whoever the video’s producer is, he used statistical facts showing the effects of a failed economy. He also used Obama’s own words to project the overall message that Obama gave to America during his campaign era. And the producer used Obama’s own words during his presidency, too. Obama’s own words were not taken out of context — they epitomize what Obama stands for and he has always associated with Marxists.

        So now the Progressives choke and cry foul because the number of outspoken individuals are growing. Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Cong. Alan West, and the late-great Andrew Breitbart are a few Conservative leaders who not only speak out against Obama but they also employ this strategy of using Obama’s own words.

        The Progressives are only crying foul because they’re growing more and more desperate. I hope FOX gets some ‘nads because the pressure from Soros et al will only worsen.

        This video captured Obama in a lie that will affect everyone who is/was in the workforce: “Hard working Americans deserve to know that there efforts have resulted in a secure future, including a secure retirement.”

        I don’t believe anything Obama has done or will do that will help America. Obama is a Marxist and wants to destroy our Republic. There isn’t a single person who has associated with, or aligned with, Obama I trust. Four more years of Obama, The Dark Lord and lying deceiver, will literally destroy America.

        I thought the short video was spot-on.

        • The only thing that won’t destroy America in four years is a flock of geese that lay golden eggs every hour on the hour for 42 years!

          Normalcy bias is the only underpinning America has left!

          Be prepared! The whole world is going to be turned into hippies! Learn to live poor!

          • The general rule these days is live on 10% of what you used to make before the crash.

      14. Wow, pretty good. One almost forgets that it has now been almost FOUR YEARS since Obama became elected! And we were already (!) in a recession then!

        I do expect a change, but no hope for the positive, for the next four years, whoever gets elected 🙁

        Stay tuned, American Idol seq. 421/764 coming at 8 PM!!

        • Actually, a depression. The recession BS is MSM double-speak.

      15. Obama’s not our problem.

        A country chock-full of imbecilic lackeys that would vote for an Obama is our problem.

        He’s just the symptom of our terminal condition.

        • Thankfully a great die-off will disproportionally affect those imbeciles. If there is any karma in the universe, those who voted for stealing what does not belong to them will get what they deserve.

          • Unfortunately just as it rains on the just and unjust a like, we will ALL suffer for the stupidity and selfishness of those around us.

            May God have mercy on our souls.

        • +1 for you sir.

      16. Quote Obama about a one term Presidency. From February 2009.

        “Look, I’m at the start of my administration. One nice thing about the situation I find myself in is that I will be held accountable. You know, I’ve got four years,”

        “A year from now I think people are going to see that we’re starting to make some progress,” said Obama. “But there’s still going to be some pain out there. If I don’t have this done in three years, then there’s going to be a one-term proposition.”

        It’s what he wanted. I say we give it to him.

      17. at a recent fund raising speech in Denver…

        Obama: I’m Cleaning Up After “Wild Debts” caused By Republicans. Look at facts, look at the numbers.

        “And now I WANT TO FINISH THE JOB.”


        • I’ve been thinking this for 2 years now. This man & his handlers quest to “fundamentally transform the USA” is pure evil & I believe he will stop at nothing to do it.

          America is the BIG prize. If they can transform us….the world changes forever.

          I’m looking for a false flag or “national emergency” to delay the election if he thinks he’ll lose.

          • Well…it’s hurricaine season and I bet they are keeping their fingers crossed we get “THE BIG ONE”

        • Yes, this is very scary if this insider is for real. The signs are certainly pointing that way for where we are headed as a nation. Everything and everyone under surveillance; drones beginning to fill our skies. War is coming, whether you choose to believe it or not.

        • wow!!!! and thanks for the link. that’s a new site to keep an eye on for me.

      18. one guarantee,never estimate how many idiots are in america right now.
        we knew obama was going to screw things up,all anybody had to do was look up his past.
        when everyone says obama wont get another four years,i wouldnt bet on it.
        will it realy screw things up,oh yessss and its coming.

      19. Bergomin dunta merop boosaga
        Reot urimas higuse

        Zifur flak bilwip tog
        Dosro so puella

        Y’all Beware!

        • (?)

        • !

      20. barak obama is ten letters.
        big dirtbag is ten letters. Coincidence? I think not.
        And look at the anagrams for BARAKOBAMA:

        KAAAAR BOMB (and remember, he is a muslim after all)
        BRA KABAMAR ( a fire breathing jungle cat in ancient African folk lore)
        ABOBA KARMA (Hindu mystic from the 17th century. A true prophet, he had visions of flying machines, great wars in the west, cable television, tivo, and a big eared idiot leading a nation into ruin)
        AKOBA BAM RA (a Latin transliteration of the ancient egyptian diety, “Barry Soetoro”, god of high taxation)
        ABBA MORAKA (meaning: ‘father of deficits’ in some Greek dialects)

        And the list goes on. No doubt about it, folks. We’re in the clutches of a big eared jungle cat who loves high taxes, cant get enough of himself on television, and thinks he’s a god.
        In a desperate attempt to save our nation, I am contacting a friend of a friend who knows a Haitian witch doctor who just returned from the matrix. He may have a magic spell that will turn things around. Only trouble is, he won’t take money. I have to pay in goat cheese. I’m off to the organic dairy, wish me luck.

      21. I am waiting for repubs to start saying that support for Ron Paul is the same as a vote for Obammma. They will want to tighten the ranks and gather support for their empty suit.
        Fact of the matter is that either dem or repub they bring to the ticket will be a vote for status quo.

        I watch the european finacial news at night, I am hearing much more alarm about US debt recently rather than Greece or Spain now. Still talking about spain and greece but Last year it was all PIIGS, now people are advising buying Finnish Treasuries rather than US. Also heard this morning that they are forecasting QE3 when the S&P hits the 200 day moving average of 1279.

        • The sheer size of the US debt makes it different than that of other countries.

      22. The numbers are conservative. Inflation is over 10% and Unemployment is closer to 15%. Time to refinance all your debt with rates around 3%. Do the math.

      23. This is really all about a fight with good and evil. Politics is the distraction…..and Nobama is pure evil. You haven’t seen anything yet and if he is unleashed for his final 4 yrs there will be none standing….

      24. It was a good, factual job. I don’t see what the big deal is.

        They should’ve included the amount of US debt held by the Fed then and now. The Fed has printed two trillion dollars in bogus money. It’s only a matter of time before we have hyperinflation like Germany had in the 1920s.

      25. KY Mom,

        Figured I’d mess with the man before NinaO.

        The answer is simple math,


        Y’all Beware! Were gonna need a code soon!

        • Dang it!! Some of us are natural blondes….why’d ya haveta go and bring math into it???

      26. the truth shall set us free…

      27. There’s a lot of people switching on now it appears. About time heh !

        Yes, I would agree there is something majorly brewing/percolating. Today you’ll notice Hillary entreated/implored Russia or China to going them in support of Military action (i.e. NATO/UN) against Syria. That is a HUGE indicator of NWO trying to take form and merge. Yet not a word on US mainstream media regarding it. I call that a clue.

        If a war can be started it will to avoid/suspend the election, if “ML” can be justified/declared it will to void the Constitution, The UN Treaty (ATT) will be achieved that way as well. Regardless of the Senate ratifying it or not, Obama will sign on it by EO which he has been doing anyways. YOu can see it all coming to a head & we are stuck at Critical Mass juncture along for the ride. Hang on it’s going to get intense and something will snap. He does not want to give up power etc. I look for False Flag OP, Coup in Syria, Iran war etc. All the ducks are lined up, Military Joint exercises in ME (huge OP just completed w/ Turkey, Jordan, Israel, US etc.) Colorado w/ Russkies etc.

        At crossroads now if you see & follow it all hang on cause here we go….

      28. At leas the Wikipedia entry on Romney says he was born in the US. Yes, Detroit was part of the US then, before the nignogs took it over.

        I think Romney is kind of inevitable. There are a lot of white-guilt liberals who are not going to get taken another time. Of course all my non-white friends thing o’Bummer is the best thing since grape soda, at least when they talk out loud, but I think a hell of a lot of them will vote against him because at their level, a better economy is the biggest concern, and for a lot of them, it’s not white vs. non-white, it’s white vs. latino vs. asian, vs ….. and they’d rather vote for some white guy who looks like he might know what he’s doing than a rather dark guy, not of their tribe, who doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing.

        • @ DomesticTerrorist

          “nignogs” Really??? That gets to fly???

      29. Its easy to forget that our POTUS was handed a ailing economy. Did we all forget that both candidates in 08 put election routes on hold to return to Washington to stave off the bank collapse by federal bailout? Did you all forget that both (R) and (D) voted for those bailouts to occur? It sure is easy to blame Obama and hurl racial slurs and make lame accusations about him being Kenyan. I shudder to think what would have happened if McCain and that half wit Sarah Palin would have done taking over this all ready sinking ship we call the U.S.A.. I love reading this sites and usually the comments are insightful , humoors, educational and at times a bit off color. What is disappointing me is the sheer amount of racial comments. I guess only white people can be peppers, so its okay to drop those epitaphs left and right… It doesnt matter if POTUS is black or white, the failing economy goes back beyond the 80s and the choices made then like NAFTA, Bank deregulation, all the way up to the allowance of Corporate Personahood in our electoral process. None of our elected morons represent you and I. You and I are our own representation now. The wealthy have left us middle class and and poverty class to fend for ourselves against their tyranny. Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, if you are not the 1%, you are an endangered species in America. I understand the dislike of the current POTUS, but have some consideration that there are folks who visit this site that are not white and share the same concerns you do. Drop the racist garbage talk.

        • @ AnotherFacelessDenizen

          “…I understand the dislike of the current POTUS, but have some consideration that there are folks who visit this site that are not white and share the same concerns you do. Drop the racist garbage talk…”

          Ditto and well stated. This site is #1 in my opinion for SHTF. It PO’s me that there are racists lurkers and posters and given the coming events aren’t intelligent enough to realize the importance of like minded folks.

          It fascinates me that in 2012, we as a people and culture have moved beyond bigotry of others religion, politics and ethnicity; but some can’t get over skin color.

          They truly earn the title of racists and I’ve found racists do come in all colors and like ass holes, we all have them and they all smell.

          • I agree totally with you on this LadyHawk. I don’t see color on people. The “N” word describes just as many whites,in my book. They are low lifes,thieves and just plain evil, trashy people. It’s time for all this racist crap to be over with. We are all God’s children and He made us into the bodies He wanted us in. The good,the bad, the ugly and the many different skin tones. We should accept or decline relationships with people based on their “character”, not on their color.

        • I am not an O’Bummer fan. I think he is a Kenyan and should be indicted for fraud, conspiracy, and a host of other charges; however, the man does oppose CRISPA.

          Does anyone here think that McLame or Romney would oppose it? I don’t think so.

          I also like the fact that he has declined the French and Saudi request for an air campaign against Syria to support their bombing and invasion plan to kill Assad.

          It seems to me that the Rebels and Defectors ought to be able to arrange for his demise. I mean, don’t they have any suicide bombers of their own?

          Nice to see you commenting again LadyHawk. I was thinking just the other day that you were MIA. 🙂

        • I agree , the racist crap is uncalled for and it plays right into what those fools in power want . We must be smarter than that if we are going beat this all out attack on free people







      31. I think Barak Obama has done a great job. He has performed well on the assignment they hired him for.

        – His appearance in media is great
        – He surely is a kind person
        – He looks good in public
        – What he says, sounds nice
        – Many people still like him
        – He is really good at reading his texts (A-mark spellingbee!)
        – He is the perfect puppet
        – He isn`t supposed to be in office and still he is president and tens of millions are happy about it

        And though his politics are mildly said not working out so well, he might get reelected.

        From the value for money point of view, a great investment. Not for the people though… but who cares…

      32. Barry does not worry me. His Soros/Saudi Middle Eastern foreign policies worry me. This dude thinks that he is real slick, I think he’s just been lucky up to now and everyone’s luck changes.

        Putin is pure KGB and those cats play for blood. All the signs are there, Barry is just too busy thinking about how wonderful he is to see them. He’s going to push Mad Vlad too far, then watchout.

      33. I don’t sleep any more. I go to bed and toss & turn most of the night I lie awake thinking when is the next shoe going to drop. I use to feel like I owned the Government NOW I feel like the Government OWNS ME! I am afrid very afraid for me, my wife, my kids and my grandkids. They will grow up in a world not knowing anything about rights and freedoms as they will grow up in a world without them. With troops walking our streets, where they can be arrested for anything or nothing and be held with out bond, without charges, indefinitly or murdered legally, what have we brought upon us, upon our children?

        • DrB ~

          I’m sorry to hear that anxiety had been hitting you so hard lately. I think a lot of us are feeling “under the gun” recently, and like the S could HTF at any given moment.

          It’s really important to find some peace, though, because this is just the beginning. Find peace in your faith (if applicable), your level of preparedness and your family. Work on the things that are under your control and you just have to let go of the rest.

          Best wishes.

        • We’re OK. It’ll never happen here. They’ll fix it.

        • There is none.
          We’re all fucked.
          Taken over by the Jews and the commies.

          I never thought I’d see the fall of America.

        • It starts at home, drbzs. The moral decay of society started long before the masses knew anything about TPTB or the plan for a NWO. It started long before China enslaved most of the world with “cheap” products that people think they have to buy. It started long before Iran made a bid to become a world superpower; before oil became the catalyst that has bankrupt the economies of the world. In the 1950’s, people started getting a taste of the “good life” with the modern conveniences of technologies. Then people got TVs and started letting Follywood and deceptive advertising into their homes and daily lives. They fell away from God and truth. Most of those that stayed strong for God, screwed up by believing a so called man of God instead of truly reading God’s word and finding truth for themselves. They were deceived by the traditions of man and forgot about keeping the commandments at the forefront of their families daily lives. They let their kids dictate how the family unit would operate. By giving their kids “a better life than they had growing up”, they spoiled and transformed them into selfish and greedy baby boomers. The mindset, that a couple hours in a building with a cross on it, on Sunday, makes it OK to live like the devil all week, became the norm. The “true christians” have become weak and silent. They/We have let the liberals make it acceptable to kill millions of unborns every year and let the homosexuals come out of the closets and into our schools teachings of “acceptability”. God hasn’t changed his mind about these things just because the sheeple have. It is enough to keep anyone with compassion for their family and others awake at night. My suggestion; for a better nights rest, try to make sure your family knows what is coming and prepare their minds and hearts for it. A prepared heart goes to bed without fearing about never waking up in this world again. Next; make sure you have as many as you can of them, to get frugal in their daily lives with food,clothing,etc. Put back/up at least six months worth of provisions for each family member. And, by all means possible, get the hell out of DEBT! Good luck and may God bless!

      34. Okay—Mac, I have this great idea…I treasure every comment here..’read and learn’ is my motto..
        How about every new day’s comments being a different color??
        You’d be the first site ever to have that feature…!!
        Just kidding.

      35. Faceless If you want to talk facts then please include in your short memory span the Dems controlled congress the last 2 yrs of Bush. Congress passes the spending bills and it was during that time the spending really ramped. Not without Nobama’s help as he was right there along side his comrades. So not only has he spent more than the last 100 presidents combined in his short time in office, he was absolutely responsible for MOST of what he bitches about inheriting….Small detail you will never hear. Conveniently so for some of you….

        • @ Jeff

          It doesn’t matter anymore – the congressional members of either party no longer represent the people or their constituents. Excluding a handful of congressional members like Ron Paul – they have all been bought off by the power elite.

          Neither party has been the gate keepers of the treasury. Each has their own agenda. Unsecured borders for cheap labor or votes. Both support entitlements that cost the tax payers billions. Both do nothing about the financial institutions welfare programs and will continue to enrich them. Both support endless deployments and unwinable wars.

          Both parties agendas are robbing the treasury – so it doesn’t matter – the money is gone and our children are left with the debt. I’ve always said, the two party system is the same snake only with two heads.

          Can’t you see the finger pointing only further divides us – it doesn’t matter – we’ve been sold a bill of goods, robbed and lied to by both parties.

          DK – been lurking – hands full with last minute preps. Missed ya.

      36. America is falling apart….
        OJ Simpson…got away with murder.
        Casey A…..cloro. did her kid in the trunk so she could get fucked by her man.
        Tonight…in Amherst, NY…. A doctor who was drunk driving killed a girl on her way home from work got off scott free…… The area is pissed.
        Mr. No birth cert. in the white house.
        A lezbo for homeland security
        Commies and socialist taking over.
        That black dude down south who said they should “Kill all the whites” as the “solution”.
        The black youth who was shot just walking home by some fuck for nothing.

        I could go on.

        Seems the place is falling apart.
        Better Ammo up.
        I think a massive collapse is on the way.
        They will print the currency into dust and go.. “oops”.
        At that point the gang bangers will go commando into the burbs..and will do well until the local organize….and we’ll see some rednecks go “hunting”.
        It will be a wile ride.
        The butt pucker factor will be tight.
        Churches for sale on main st.

        It’s all going down.

        • MDoA – The gang bangers won’t have a chance to “do well” in the suburbs, they never got a chance to “do well” in the suburbs in the Rodney King festivities, and people are even more keyed-up now.

        • Yes…and we are voting on the right to kill babies just because they are a “Girl” or “Boy”, with all the reps voting against it and all the dems voting for the right to be able to choose what sex child you have.

          I just have to think that God is looking at us shaking his head and frankly getting a little pissed at our stupidity. Not sure how much more of this he will take.

      37. This was my precious post….read it…[This is really all about a fight with good and evil. Politics is the distraction…..and Nobama is pure evil. You haven’t seen anything yet and if he is unleashed for his final 4 yrs there will be none standing…. ] Your statement about figure pointing is just as hypocritical. The 2 parties are not the same. There are a lot of good men on the conservative side and I will take anyone over Obama….I am of the opinion it doesn’t matter who gets elected as far as where we are headed. Numbers don’t lie and we are headed over a cliff. Period. That said, if we land and survive, picking up the pieces will be a lot easier without obama. Furthermore, your statement that both support open borders and a continuation of the status quo regarding entitlements is factually unsupported. And IF that is all true regarding congress, your man Paul will also have no chance of making changes. I say you don’t know most of the house representatives and their desire for change. While you’re bitch’in why don’t you work on cleaning house on the senate side. Pelosi, Reid and the rest of those evil, retarded, deadbeats….Like I said from the beginning, this is all about good vs evil. If you can’t tell the difference and you just lump in all of your fellow men who are honest and good, then you are the problem.

      38. If you still scoff at the prospect of looming mass arrests of bankster-politicians from Obama, Brenanke, and Bush Sr./Jr. on down after watching this, you really have no clue.

      39. Almost everyone wants to play the “blame game”; not only the media and politicians, but also a big portion of visitors and regulars on this site. 99% of all elected officials have an agenda that is not necessarily in the best interests of the people. Presidents,congress and senate, supreme court judges may be liberal or conservative biased, however; they are all working for and towards a NWO. They are, or want, to be part of the “elite” crowd. The crowd that makes the rules that keep the average person enslaved to a system designed for the wealthy. Have you noticed, every time a republican gets elected they lower taxes a little and “act” as though they have the average person’s interest at heart, and then all of a sudden all hell breaks loose as soon as they get near the end of their term. When a democrat gets elected, they raise taxes,spend like hell and blame it on the republicans. The repubs then get re-elected by blaming the mess on the tax and spend dems and the cycle continues. We have a “very”, few independants/libertarians (Ron Paul ?) that want to truly make a differance and abide by the constitution. The mass majority of sheeple and the banksters/corporate elitists keep them out of office, or keep them quiet. It won’t ever change on a large scale as long as evil prevails. It has to change from a personal/individual level first. That’s why prepping has to be determined from and brought forth on a personal level first and then discussed and achieved collectively over time. The problem is, we are running out of time and newbies need to prioritize, make a plan, and get crackin’. We as long time (three or more years) preppers are cut, pretty much, from the same cloth, and are willing to give ideas and advice. It comes from having “compassion and caring” for others. Don’t waste too much time on politics because it’s too late in the game to change anything now.

      40. @Jeff

        I’m thinking your remarks are directed at me. If not, I apologize in advance. It helps if you reference another poster.

        I’m in agreement with some of your post. “….I am of the opinion it doesn’t matter who gets elected as far as where we are headed. Numbers {plus agendas, graft and bribes – my words} don’t lie and we are headed over a cliff. Period. That said, if we land and survive, picking up the pieces will be a lot easier without obama…”

        “…Furthermore, your statement that both support open borders and a continuation of the status quo regarding entitlements is factually unsupported…” I don’t think so. Go to World Net Daily, there are hundreds of articles on this very issue, read some.

        Ask, read or listen to former Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo on his treatment by fellow conservative members who attacked and opposed him and his proposals on illegal immigration, closing the border, denying benefits and enforcing our laws.

        “…The 2 parties are not the same. There are a lot of good men on the conservative side and I will take anyone over Obama…” Neither party can claim the moral high ground. Like life, you can find good and evil in people in all walks of life. That includes in politics, religion and races.

        You seem to see things only as black or white – good or evil. Do yourself a favor, do an internet search for congressional republican scandals – it’s depressing Jeff. The democrats are no different. I believe many good men and women enter politics for noble purposes and then get corrupted.

        Need to clarify something here. I’m not a Democrat nor Republican. An Independent before it was popular. I’ve been a long time poster here and have a history as an independent thinker and commenter.

        I am a woman of color, but unlike Domestic Terrorist post “…Of course all my non-white friends thing o’Bummer is the best thing since grape soda…” I think for myself and know others of color that do the same and dislike being labeled and lumped into the “all my non-white”.

        I’m not a Obama supporter because of his agenda and actions and have wondered why the main street media, which is owned and controlled by white people, did not vet this man in 2008.

        People of color also dislike being scammed and lied too. If the questions raised now had been addressed back then, I believe there would of been a different outcome. People of color alone cannot elect a President without the support of the majority.

        Please don’t give me that PC crap. It was done with intention. There have been millions of dollars spent to destroy, suppress documents and re-invent this man. That wasn’t done by people of color. It’s been the umber rich, the powerful and few question their motives. Be it about dividing the country with race and class warfare, which furthers their global, money stealing agenda.

        The shame of it all is they – the truly evil destroyers- are succeeding as we play into their hands pointing fingers at each other.

      41. Thanks for the reply (Lady)….I don’t care if you’re black or white…obama got a pass because the MSM is totally corrupt and liberal….They are evil and if I may take a biblical verse…”the truth is not in them”…We are being led down the wrong road, on purpose and the populas are both clueless (ignorant is a better discription) and moreover just damn lazy. Too lazy to be bothered with looking for the truth.

      42. November 4, 1949 from the
        Daily News – Manhattan, New York


        Father, must I go to work?
        No, my lucky son.
        We’re living now on Easy Street
        On dough from Washington

        We’ve left it up to Uncle Sam
        So don’t get exercised.
        Nobody has to give a damn
        We’ve all been subsidized.

        But if Sam treats us all so well
        And feeds us milk and honey,
        Please, daddy, tell me what the hell
        He’s going to use for money.

        Don’t worry, bub, there’s not a hitch
        In this here noble plan
        He simply soaks the filthy rich
        And helps the common man.

        But, father, won’t there come a time
        When they run out of cash
        And we have left them not a dime
        When things will go to smash?

        My faith in you is shrinking, son,
        You nosy little brat;
        You do too damn much thinking, son,
        To be a Democrat.

        Y’all Beware! Have a great weekend.

      43. I believe…1st the Rapture and than the Tribulation and Judgement of this evil world…

        • Sorry to disappoint you motormatt; but, the rapture is a hoax. There will be a change from flesh to spirit bodies when Christ returns, and not before. Flying out-a-here to avoid the tribulation period, isn’t biblical; it’s the teachings and traditions of men that make void the “word” of God, and He is against it. Read Exekiel Chap.13 and specifically verse 20. Also, their will be a separation when Christ returns; the separation of the wheat and the tares, and a separation of the sheep and the goats. It is written and so shall it be. Read it for yourselves.

      44. The judgement doesn’t happen until the end of the Millenniel Reign. It is done by God and “all are rewarded, or condemned”, according to their works. No good works, no rewards.

      45. Yes, something is afoot. The military has purchased enough 40 cal. (and various) rounds for ten bullets apiece for every man, woman, and child in the US. Yes, it is the military – and our own monies – but by their own rule of engagement, hollow points are illegal for use in combat/war. Waiting and watching…….

      46. Fukushima fallout wouldn’t have anything to do with all these tingly feelings would it? Naw, pass me the salmon and give me a glass of milk… They won’t have to fire a shot.

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