Fully Armed Citizen Border Guard Volunteers Occupy Phoenix

by | Oct 31, 2011 | Headline News | 66 comments

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    In an exercise of free speech and the right to bear arms, citizen militia members of the US Border Guard have joined the Occupy Phoenix protests fully armed with their AR-15’s.

    We’re exercising our Second Amendment right so that everyone can have a First Amendment right. What we want to drive home today is that regardless of different beliefs, the moment we give up our Second Amendment right, that’s when tyrants can come in. That’s when the big boys with guns can sweep through and take anybody’s rights away.

    So that’s why we’re standing out here today. That’s our primary focus.

    The secondary focus is that there’s 60,000 dead in northern Mexico from guns that our government provided, from training to the Los Zetas from our government.

    …We’re having Americans killed and having Mexicans killed.

    Everybody out here is part of a squad that’s fully trained to use justified use of deadly force…no we’re not Cowboys out here causing a problem. It’s all peaceful.

    And that’s what we want to demonstrate to other folks to – that you can do this peacefully and that the more people that do it, the more you exercise that First Amendment and add teeth to it with the Second Amendment, that’ll keep the government from ever taking away our First Amendment rights.

    It should be noted that Paul Watson of Info Wars reports that JT and has organization may be related to the neo-Nazi party. Paul asks whether or not this will be used as further ammunition to discredit elements of the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street:

    The group has been labeled “neo-nazis” by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is usually a demonization tactic, but the individual shown in the clip, “JT Ready” has attended neo-nazi rallies and is closely affiliated with the fringe National Socialist Party.

    The group has also operated as a “Minutemen on steroids” outfit, organizing armed patrols of the US border with Mexico.

    As we have previously highlighted, the fringe neo-nazi movement has been completely infiltrated by the FBI, right down to the level where an FBI informant actually got caught organizing a neo-nazi rally in Orlando back in 2007.

    Is this a means of infiltrating the ‘Occupy’ movement, a minority fringe extremist group trying to attach itself to the protesters, or merely concerned citizens expressing their right to bear arms peaceably?


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      1. I read about this yesterday and watched the video. It is interesting how political events can make strange bedfellows. And I wonder what the outcome will be when the shooting starts.

      2. This needs to happen more!
        No matter what this guys affiliation, I’ve read articles claiming he’s a neo-nazi, he’s also a true American. Is there anything more American than a citizen standing up for the rights of his countrymen?

      3. Regardless of political beliefs and differences, i commend them.

      4. It is scary that most “Americans” do not know their history or their rights. Real money….gun rights…
        Property rights….search & seizure laws…..LIBERTY…
        it is all being lost…..& most folks do not have a clue.
        Thanks Mac for another good post !
        Montgomery County Texas

        • Nikita Kruschev said, “I can prophecy that your grandchildren in America will live under socialism…Our firm conviction is that sooner or later Capitalism will give way to Socialism. Whether you like it or not, history is on our side. We will bury you.”

          • And bananas also rot, so what. Capitalism has been allowed to rot into ‘socialism’, and then ‘poof’, all Man’s Rules are gone and Nature is back in control. It may look out of control, but it’s not.

            • Capitalism cannot “rot” into socialism. Socialism must sneak in the back door and lie about what it is. Capitalism is nothing more or less then what free people do with their freedom. Socialism is the lack of those freedoms. If you don’t understand this then you are one of the “useful idiots”. If you don’t understand what “useful idiots” are then look it up.

      5. I don’t suppose Nazi-boy did any research on the “protest” permits, but that’s okay. He probably can’t read anyway.

        • A Permit to protest? LOL What a good little boy you are.

      6. Mac you need to check this bunch out. Their leader is a National Socialist. Infowars.com has a big column on these yahoo’s.

        • Thanks for the input. An update has been added to this article… I’ll leave everyone to do the rest of the research on their own and come to their own determinations. The message JT puts forth is in support of Freedom of Speech and the Right to Bear Arms … But, I stress care and vigilance when listening to and reflecting upon any message put forth by the many Occupy groups around the country. Even a Communist’s message can sound compelling at times.

          • Your update changes the piece completely. My 12 negatives is a direct result of people not keeping current with events they decide to share “opinion” about. ROFL!

          • “FREE TRADE” sounds like a freedom until you look at the numbers and the result it produces.

            If its not Constitutional, its propaganda. If it is Constitutional, it speaks for itself.

            Understand the message, not the messenger.

      7. That guy in the video is a neo Nazi. There has been a lot of fiction in the AZ patriot groups because of Nazi socialist types like this guy showing up. There is now a actual Nazi militia that patrols the border now. The former minutemen, and oath keepers do not want anything to do with this guy and his group.

      8. this whole deal just gets more interesting every day…

      9. Right on!

      10. These people are not Patriots! They have NO love for the US Constitution, as per their words. They are NAZIs, pure and simple! How do I know…..

        I am a part of a citizen’s militia group that works in the contested areas in AZ.  This person is JT Ready, and he is STILL a member of the Nat’l Socialists Movement! IE NAZI. They are racist haters, and they do keep a token or 2 around to attempt top fool the public. His words, not mine.

        They are fools with weapons,  and although they have made a number of small pot busts in their area of operations, any militarily-trained individual who watches their videos can see easily that they are not nearly as competent as they would like every one to think they are.

        We have had a couple of their douchebags attempt to infiltrate our group, and THREW THEM OUT once they made themselves known. JT’s MO is to infiltrate a local militia group (especially a new one!) with one of his NAZI “B”s, and then attempt a takeover by splitting the group up! They influence and convince those who have sympathetic leanings to leave and go with them, because “we have better training!”

        The reality is that they are all Racist NAZI douchebags and we denounce anyone who works with them as an Un-Constitutional, worthless shithead who should befall the same fate as any other Communist, Fascist, or Anarchist!

        They ARE the enemy of our country!

        • AZ, thank you for the input… I’ve added an update to this article to reflect this information.

          I don’t know their affiliation, but I will take your word and Paul Watson’s research on it…

          I think this is an important conversation to have… One’s words may sound great — but it’s the actions that make the difference. The neo-Nazi party’s platform most certainly runs contrary to the fundamental concepts of the Constitution – namely equality under the law and personal freedom to live as one chooses to live so long as they don’t overstep the rights of others.

        • Thanks for the information, AZ Ranger, and thanks for taking your time to be part of the citizen militia group; it’d be nice if every state had one since it is mandated by the constitution.

        • And what is your agenda?

      11. I bet the police will think twice before shooting ruber bullets at these guys, nice job.

      12. Was it just me or did the interviewer seem to be baiting the interviewee? And as he walked away announcing “the government is a criminal origination” right through and next to the cops. If it were me in that crowd, I would be hooking and booking to get away from this dude; he’s looking for trouble or trying to incite it.
        I have a question about the motives of the armed guy there. Looks like a little over kill to me. What would this guy and his ban do if some dumbass squeezed a trigger off? Who are he and his guys facing off with? Was there a real threat, if so what kind and does it warrant this show of force? While I do believe in what he is saying I theory believe there’s a time and place to pick your battles and this don’t look like a good one.
        Just my opinion.. oh and one more thing. I used to live in Phoenix in the 70s and I know just how loose Arizona’s gun laws are.

      13. I respect anyone’s right to bear arms and speak their mind. However, I don’t know much about this group or the guy calling himself JT as AZ Ranger appears to and I’m sure I could find out more if I were interested, but I am not. I guess I figure if there weren’t a bunch of shinanigans going on at the protests, it would be much less likely to draw fellows of his (JT) ilk.

        • I agree that he doesn’t appear to be very professional and the whole Nazi thing is a really big turnoff.

          That being said the SPLC is a very dishonest organization looking to paint anyone to the right of Chairman Mao as a Nazi kook.

          Beware of Nazis. Beware of SPLC and ADL.

          Public opinion is everything.

          • Yeah, I know they haven’t been fair to Oathkeepers either, but that was the first thing that popped up when I googled him and if only a small fraction of it is true, then he’s not someone I would agree with on much.

          • Spot-on!

        • He has a colorful past to say the least.

      14. I don’t know what to think about the guy because I don’t know him. I do think it is better to have someone we have political differences with standing up for the rights of ALL, than to have them working against us. It is always possible they are nut jobs, but many sheeple would call most of us here a nut job.

        On the other hand, the protestors are protesting what they have voluntarily submitted to. The Supreme Court has said if you voluntarily submit to something (such an an income tax), you have no right to question it.

        It doesn’t matter how many small groups stand up to the corp. All that matters is that you stand up to it if it comes calling on you and trying to violate your rights. If you are not the Supreme Enforcer of the Peoples Law, then you are not protected by it.

        Simple enough concept, but few seem to get it.

        • Some good points, and he certainly has the right to protest, but most people would say “No thanks! I’ve got it,” when offered help from a Nazi.

          • I was at a Tea Party event when a few neo-nazis showed up. They were politely told to leave.

            Meanwhile, OWS has embraced the Nazis, the Communists and the anti-Semites.

            I’ll judge OWS by the friends they keep.


        • I don’t need nobody standing up for me, especially this character of question. I can skin my own cats thank you, if you feel the need to help, well then hold its friggin’ tail.

        • I agree with you . Duh! Divide and conquer is the oldest trick in the book. I would rather stand with him than sit home like most. Oh Ah a Nazi so most of you love your Nazi injected government. (operation paperclip) I may not agree with this JT but the alternative is worse. The story of they came for the blacks I did nothing, they came for the Jews I did nothing, They came for the gays I did nothing, They came for the junkies I did nothing…. Than they came for me I looked around for help but there was no one there. Think about it. “United States” We are all in this together so lets protect our Constitution than if he strays form it than we’ll address it. It seems most sheeple would rather do nothing or type tuff words and bend over than stand next to someone who just may be lost. Get out there and show him the way instead of running the other way.

      15. clear

      16. Looks like JT has been exercising his right to eat rather than his right to exercise. He’d better be a good shot, ’cause he won’t be running anyone down and slappin’ the cuffs on ’em.

        • Looks like Junior Sample from Hee Haw. Bet he sold used cars back ” in the day”. This fat bastard wouldn’t know whether to grab his AR or a moon pie if someone hollard “incoming”.

        • I was thinking the very same thing! If a man is that big, he isn’t likely going to move very fast or very far for very long!!!

      17. the SPLC is the terrorist organization…they are truly anti constitutional anything and their weapon is to name call all groups or individuals that hold the Constitution in high regard…We need our State Militias back again..in every state…and they are not the National Guard,which is federalized…

      18. Oh gee, fascists working with socialists to overthrow the constitution? I think someone who used to be on fox predicted this last year.
        Say what you want about Beck but he’s right again.

        • in the interest of historical accuracy, let’s remember that “nazi” was a nickname for members of the national socialist party.This guy just proves the point.

      19. As a police officer I have stood guard on all the shifts for almost 25 years and I firmly beleave in the constitution (all aspects of it).
        But for a person to carry this type of weapon in is nothing short short of stupid. How many prosters have been shot with live ammo, how many prosters have been killed or even searously injured ? Are not the prosters asked to move, then given a lawful order.

        The right to protest is not the right to put ones rights above the rights of others.The right to protest is not enfringed upon when it is required to follow the laws that everyone else has to follow.

        The use of chemical agents , rubber bullets and impact weapons are all less lethal,yes sometimes people get hurt badly or killed but this is not normal. The police are always out numbered, and we are ALMOST always held accountable for are actions.

        Please tell me where it is written that the police must not protect themselves,just the fact that your on this site is proof that you would defend yourself.

        How far should the prosters be allowed to go ? When it’s you they are comimg after do you want us to do our job or just say they are protesting let them go. What law will we let them break just because they are protesting.

        Beleave me I am not always pro police there always needs to be checks and balances.

        As a armed citizen when in public carry your firearm out of sight where it is protected but where it is ready to protect your life or that of a love one

        Thank You

        • Thanks for your take on things. Its a well rounded discussion when we can hear from all sides. How you leave the conversation and what you take with you is up to each individual. Sometimes I feel… that its neither right nor wrong…. but just the way it is. Could that wish be father to the thought?

        • I am curious about YOUR take on the NYPD having received an historically LARGE monetary contribution from JP Morgan, and what is your opinion on NYPD’S actions to-date.

          Also, the recent Oakland incident where a marine vet was shot in the head with a tear-gas cannister and those that went in to help were subjected to flash grenades.

          Seems to me that “peaceful protest” is about to be forced into violent protest. I wish more “cops” would simply “stand down” and allow Citizens to exercise their first ammendment rights.

          • Admittedly I have not watched EVERY video that is supposed to show police brutality but I’ve watched quite a few. Without exception it appeared to me that the protesters were attempting to incite a re-action. I cannot honestly say that my level of tolerance is as high as what I saw the cops take.

            I went to a few of the original TEA Party protests in our state capitol and not one single person ever acted like these folks. The officer is right. OWS has taken ownership of public places denying the use of those places by others. Having them obey the law is NOT infringing upon their right to assemble or speak.

            This guy is a goon for showing up with an AR. I ALWAYS went armed to the protests but no one knew. I also carried two sets of cuffs and pepper spray. It’s the old level of force necessary thing. I carry a gun to protect myself and hopefully innocent people near me. It is obvious that Tubby is carrying to send a message. Well use the phone or a letter to send a message.

            Guns are for adults.

            • there is a good site for some ows background and current things going on. It’s great that people take the time to inform us on all the things that msm deems irrelevant 😉


          • Again I said this is not normal. I have been on the receiving end of peaceful protest.

            Most police do not get up every day thinking I get to hurt someone today. But we do think as we put on our vest why we have to wear them. Evety time the police respond we are faced with the chance will this be the ONE where things go bad. I accept this level of risk but most people cannot understand this.

            To all the vetrins thank you(I am one to)but this is diffrent that being in a combat area.

            As far s NY I do not know the facts but any action that discredits the police is not good.

            As to STANDING DOWN when do we enforce the law ? Sholud the police only enforce what is popular, what the people want (mob rule), we rule by law. Again tell me where do we draw the line, how long do you want the police to stand down.
            Do you want the police to stand down if your are the target of the protest. Do you want the police to stand by while your right to a lawful business is disrupted. Not all of the groups you are having clashes with the police look closely at the core groups.
            Please tell me how to keep the peace and protect ALL persons rights without saying the prosters can only go so far.


            Going back to the original article I stlii think it is stupid and dangerous for a person to carry that type of weapon at a protest.

            Judge everyone as you would want to be judged. Treat everone as you would want to be treated.

            Thank you

            • To-date, the only violence I have seen via the alternative media has been exclusively cops on protestors. “But they are breaking the law”. There are so many LAWS on the books nowadays that apparently standing peacefully and breathing violates some law somewhere.

              You seem to have the mentality that cops are the only entity “saving us”. I am quite capable of saving myself and frankly it would be a nieghbor that called 911 after hearing my shots’ not me.

              Face facts, cops DON’T PREVENT REAL CRIME. They write incident reports and make arrest (if lucky) after the crime has been commited. The OWS protestors, while largely clueless, are not criminals. STAND DOWN.

            • @yental,

              Today we drove past the occutards in Portland. Now I admit I did not witness any of them being anything but smelly and ignorant, both of which are perfectly legal. That being said they have completely taken over two parks which the 53% that work and pay taxes can no longer use. The city has laws that prohibit camping in the parks.

              Florida Native asked: “As to STANDING DOWN when do we enforce the law ?”

              It is a valid question. I do see your point (and agree) that we have so many laws that it is damn near impossible to not break one but the laws the occupy anything but a job crowd are violating are not controversial or esoteric by any stretch of the imagination. Law must be enforced equally and fairly. Everything these clowns are getting away with is at the expense of the majority of the people that have lost their public areas.

            • @Plain Old American

              This is the first time I have witnessed “people in the streets” since Vietnam. I like “the idea of it”. The content is questionable at best. Half of these clueless droolers would re-elect Obimbo, and believe that capitalism needs to be replaced by socialism/facism/or whatever “ism”.

              Some among the crowd “get it”. Not nearly enough. Personally I will give up public parks etc. just to see how this plays out. It is inconvenient. So is the change that MUST take place to eliminate the bottomless HOLE the country is sliding into.

              Business as usual is simply not going to “get-er-done”. I still talk with MANY “grazers” that believe the 2012 election will the “THE MOST IMPORTANT OF OUR LIVES”. Bullsh*t. Does anyone honestly believe that which ever ass cheek, whether right or left, that becomes appointed POTUS in 2012 is going to breath life back into this clusterfu*ck?

              Remember WHO makes the laws, and it isn’t you or me. WE do not have a “peoples representative government”. The government represents everyone, everything, and every idea but US. Representative government is an OXYMORON in this country today.

              If we need to “suffer some fools” to get this CHANGE running mainstream, I say “Let it be”.

              I also KNOW that ultimately this is going to end badly. By design. And again, WE are not the designers, but we can design OUR futures after the SHTF.

            • Seen some of the videos; to me it looks like the OWS people, in many cases, trying to provoke the cops into helping them make propaganda films.

          • The cities with Occupy protests could “allow Citizens to exercise their first amendment rights”, and the media is very kind to the point of ignoring sexual assaults on men
            and women, and Occupy members in N.Y. to crap on cars, and London Occupy to crap on church carpet. To speak of that aspect at work, as usual, pegs me as unsympathetic,
            and looking like a “teabagger”. Tea Party members do not
            allow Neo-Nazi’s, drug pushers, and rapists to prey upon
            its members at rallies. Occupiers chant like mindless drones in a beehive to a leader, or “human-interest” item
            they are permitted to listen to. If asked to comment on something, they are scared of their leaders kicking them out of the Occupy assignment at the moment. Weaker ones who comment candidly about assaults in camp, baked salmon
            and hotel accommodations, for example, admit that they said too much. Of course, mainstream media rarely asks such tough questions about true happenings. If you know what REALLY happens in the “collective” Occupy groups, you cannot reveal it, and those outside who do know, are labelled/demonized as “those” Faux Newsers, Beck’rs, Neo-
            cons, Repub’s, Conservatives, and now, “not Nazi’s”.

        • While you sound like one of the “good guy” cops–thank you for your service–I would like to point out one fact. Just to take the 760 New York arrests following on from recent OWS and related protests of the rape of the financial system and the pillage of the average American, that is 760 TIMES the number of folks arrested so far for CAUSING the actions that led to the protests.

          Before I get too too wound up about protestors walking in the street illegally, I’m going to save my outrage and condemnation for the CRIMINALS who, to date, have once again managed to avoid all responsibility for their actions.

          I truly would like to see cops roughing up rogue bankers for a change instead of hippie chicks. When can I expect to see that happen?

        • do you are a toolbox betcha they didn’t shoot rubber bullets at these guys what ever a cop gets to carry so should a us citizen period

        • I like to judge the feeling of the people. I thought that maybe the people who know things are bad and getting worse would not hate the police so much. I do beleave that we are on a downward spiral with a very large dark hole at the bottom.

          I cannot stand down but I will promise to respect the constitution, bill of rights and the rights of a person to disagree without resorting to violence.

          I was only trying to let you hear the story from another side ..Not all police think like I do so yes there are bad times are ahead.

          I will not bother writing again as most of my commets fall on deaf ears.

          Remmber as I used this site to gain knowledge to survive
          there are others read it for darker reasons.

          Thank You

      20. Carport commandos, we call ’em up north. Usta see ’em all the time near the local paintball playgrounds. JT is a former Marine. I say former because he left the Corps with a bad conduct discharge. Hates Jews, which is why he shows up and fits in at an “Occupy” rally. But the 2nd Amendment affirms and guarantees his right to carry a firearm while being an idiot, and I have to support that.

        • I think a bad conduct discharge disqualifies him from Maring status. Shithead, certainly, but not Jarhead.

      21. We all have to be careful who we associate with . My enemy’s enemy is not
        Necessarily my friend. While I do believe that we all need to stand up
        For our rights…there is a time and a place. We have to remain ever
        Vigilant !
        Montgomery County Texas

      22. I’d rather we have a lot more Arizona Nazis….. and a lot less Obamacrats. Texas congratulates all patriots in Arizona on making a stand against the Marxists in D.C.
        Mac, if you have not done so already please visit Greenwave.com……….home of another Arizona patriot, in particular visit Chris’ videos which are informative as they are courageous. This patriot deserves our support.

      23. So everyone thinks JT Ready is this big evil nazi. Give me a break.

        I guess whites are the only ones that can be racist right? Blacks, Mexicans, Asians are never racist are they?

        I wonder if you all would have the same problem with armed militia if they were from the JDL, LaRaza or the Black Panthers?

        Instead of attacking his beliefs, you attack his weight. Real mature. Typical attitude of the left, denigrating someone based on their weight or looks, rather than their idealogy.

        Our own government is far more evil than anyone that JT Ready. I’m sure there are more people out there far more deserving of your ire.

        • out of numerous comments, a couple dropped their boundaries of good behavior. Most addressed the facts including adding some new facts (thank you!) I think you might want to check your response to the comments and see how far out of line you are 🙂
          ps ( For the most part, I find blacks to be incredibly racist. I find very few white Americans are racist compared to how many get called racist.)

      24. nazis


        one in the same

        only the names have been changed to protect the inacent

        study youre history and pull youre head out of the sand

      25. But, to quote Nappytonto—the system worked!!!!! This nutcase WAS shown his constitutional rights to voice his opinion, to petition, and assemble in peace.
        When THAT ceases, THEN, we’re in big trouble.
        So, this was a great topic.

      26. Mac

        Great subject again, love it, read it 2 days ago.
        After looking into this JT dude I found he is not somebody I would stand with..
        But I have to respect his right to bear arms.
        For FLORIDA NATIVE, I see your point as well, But let me ask you this sir, If you are such a great cop then why have you not started investigating the banks or all the political people for the many crimes they have committed? After all the police DO NOT prevent crime the only investigate it. You say you won’t stand down? Well sir I ask you when will you stand up and enforce the oath you took ( Protect and serve the people)?

        You say you come to this site to gain knowledge to survive?

        If you are so right then what do you need knowledge to survive for?

        You stated ( I was only letting you hear the story for another side)This tells me this sir. You Have no intentions of standing up for the rights of the people, You sir have already chose a side..After all if you listen to people they will tell you their bad intentions….You are also somebody I would not want to stand with.


      27. My only comment is that if a man is willing to put his life in jeopardy by taking up arms to defend this country against foreign invaders, who gives a $**+ whether he has been accused of being (but not proven to be) a Nazi by the dregs of humanity in the lefto-communist organizations in this country?

      28. Ignore. Just checking to see if my membership remained intact with my changing of internet providers.

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