Fuku-zilla? Japan’s TEPCO Discovers “Living Creature” Inside Nuclear Reactor

by | Oct 24, 2015 | Headline News | 66 comments

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    This report was originally published at Zero Hedge.


    After sending robots into the Fukushima nuclear reactor (and seeing them mysteriously die), perhaps this is the reason why Japanese officials have decided to re-start the building of a huge ice-wall for ‘containment’. As Fukushima Diary reports, TEPCO’s camera caught a possible aquatic living creature in retained coolant water of Reactor 3.

    The following images are from the inside of PCV 3 (Primary Containment Vessel of Reactor 3). In their previous investigation, 1 Sv/h was detected above the water surface. Yellow-ish sediment was observed accumulating in the water as well.

    The possible living creature is recorded from approx. 0:19 of the video. It looks like aquatic microbe, which is independently swimming unlike other substances.

    The following GIF was edited by Fukushima Diary. It contains the zoomed (200% and 300%) parts to capture the creature more closely.


    *  *  *

    It may not look like much but with radiation flooding through its seemingly impervious body, who knows what happens next?


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      1. “Oh no, they say she’s got to go, go,go Hillzilla!

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          • Talk big stuff online, I guarantee you will not say that in person.

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        • Better call in trump Hillzilla will have hell Toupe

        • That was a total waste of 2 minutes and 33 seconds I will never get back. I didn’t see anything swimming. All i saw was bubbles of oil floating in water.

          • To the left of center was a small thing that looked like the sperm we saw in those old videos in biology. It was there, just swimming along…

            • Another of Obama’s sons without the hoodie.

            • Go, go, Spermzilla!

            • Instead of telling trolls to go to hell, tell them to go to fukushima. Close enough.

        • Far Out!

      2. at least SOMETHING survived fukushima!

        • It is leviathan of the ancients. He lives.
          That ole sea serpent himself. He read the warning labels so he was thinking maybe if he gets some radiation, he may start glowing underwater so the fishing boats can dodge him. Looks like he has some serious prop gashes.

          • The girl under the car in the picture above, has got a nice pair of legs, but her other pair looks like fakes. If not fakes, then that is one serious bra she is sporting.

            • I hate false tits.

              There’s something kinda sexy “STIFFY TIME” about a mature womans natural tits.

              I prefer the older woman who knows the tricks and what she wants.

              • You know it.

        • off topic, but gas went down to 2.49 here in so cal……isn’t a refinery fire on order…..in 5…4…3..why IS IT that every time the price gets low….there’s a FIRE!!!!?

          • I’m not saying I have the actual answer for you, but lets consider how things would probably go down in a less than reputable world filled with a government that is both propping up and supporting crony capitalism across the board.

            In my imaginary scenario we will accept the following as true:

            1) Crude Oil prices are very very low due to economic warfare and a supply glut coinciding with decreased demand due to a multi-year global economic recession / depression event that is only being hidden from the attention / awareness of most people through careful media propaganda and lots of statistical chicanery to announced economic data.

            2) Oil refineries know that consumers only a short time ago were paying up to $4.00 at the pump for gasoline.

            3) The current price at the pump has dipped, due to the bottom effectively falling out for the price of un-refined crude oil’.

            4) The refineries for gasoline know that consumers are able to bear gasoline prices at the pump of at least $4.00 but currently prices are only $2.50. Leaving a $1.50 range for markup that would need some necessitating event to justify said markup to an angry public.

            5) The refineries being multi-million dollar manufacturing centers are going to be completely insured against major or catastrophic failure events.

            6) Fewer operating refineries provide a case for lower gasoline output capacity (in spite of the glut in crude oil availability). The commodity of gasoline therefore gets divorced from the pricing of un-refined crude oil if there is a shortage of refining capacity (natural or artificial) for gasoline in the manufacturing process that brings gasoline to market.

            So if we assume the above 6 given’s to be true in our imaginary universe (that sounds oddly similar to how our actual universe appears to operate), then we should be able to see how the below scenario of a ‘Accidental Fire’ in a refinery plant might be good for business.

            Plant ‘GASOLINE1’ of the ‘CRUDE-to-GAS CRONY CORPORATION’ has a fire and is going to be out of commission for 6 months to 1 year for rebuilding and re-certification. ‘CRUDE-to-GAS CRONY CORPORATION’ files an insurance claim on the damage to property and perhaps even on the loss of production capacity for the 1 year period. News of the ‘GASOLINE1’ plant fire is broadcast all over the media. Paid consultants (talking heads) on ‘BIG MEDIA ONE TWO THREE PRODUCTIONS’ all forecast (prophesy) that the loss of gasoline production at ‘GASOLINE1’ plant is sure to make gas prices rise by $1.50 at the pump within the next 6 months due to the drop in production capacity by the oil refineries in our country (fewer operating refineries, additional reviews of system safety and retrofitting equipment to prevent repeats of the ‘GASOLINE1’ fire which was as it turned out due to a never before considered system failure vector from the malfunction of a small O-Ring on a critical safety valve).

            Consumers hearing about the impending price increase are un-surprised when the prices magically go up by $0.30 within two days of the ‘GASOLINE1’ refinery fire. More than likely, the system shock hasn’t had time to really make it all the way to the consumer at the pump in terms of a $0.30 initial cost jump, but since everyone expects the price jump, it may as well happen sooner than later. Thereafter the prices adjust upward by $0.10 ~ $0.20 per week until the full additional $1.50 per gallon pump price is arrived at. ‘CRUDE-to-GAS CRONY CORPORATION’ now is making amazing additional profits margins on the sale of gasoline refined at ‘GASOLINE2’, ‘GASOLINE3’, ‘GASOLINE4’, ‘GASOLINE5’ because they have successfully increased cost to make up the difference in savings that would occur for consumers due to the low price of crude oil.

            The losses from ‘GASOLINE1’ plant (which by the way was originally built 40 years ago and had been maxed out for production capacity from all available incremental upgrades for the last decade or so) are insured allowing for ‘CRUDE-to-GAS CRONY CORPORATION’ to rebuild from scratch a completely modernized state-of the art ‘GASOLINE1-B’ plant. ‘GASOLINE1-B’ plant will have production capacity that is at least an order of magnitude higher than the original ‘GASOLINE1’ plant. The cost to build ‘GASOLINE1-B’ plant will be substantially offset from the insurance money on the old ‘GASOLINE1’ plant. The higher production capacity at ‘GASOLINE1-B’ once completed is expected to allow for ‘CRUDE-to-GAS CRONY CORPORATION’ to mothball / decommission ‘GASOLINE2’ and ‘GASOLINE3’ plants once full production capacity is realized. Fewer older plants operating means lower costs of production from the greater efficiencies of the modernized refineries.

            So to recap:
            1) ‘GASOLINE1’ burns down and insurance pays for the losses.
            2) ‘CRUDE-to-GAS CRONY CORPORATION’ gets to raise prices at the pump for gasoline due to diminished capacity vs. regular market demand.
            3) ‘CRUDE-to-GAS CRONY CORPORATION’ gets a modernized new gasoline refinery production facility for substantially reduced cost due to the offset of the insurance money
            4) ‘CRUDE-to-GAS CRONY CORPORATION’ profit margin on gasoline actually increases because ‘GASOLINE2’ – ‘GASOLINE5’ are still producing at the same cost while prices for gasoline increase due to real / perceived supply shortages vs. regular demand.
            5) ‘CRUDE-to-GAS CRONY CORPORATION’ eventually gets to shut down ‘GASOLINE2’ and ‘GASOLINE3’ plants because ‘GASOLINE1-B’ with it’s modernized processing capacity is able to more than cover the diminished capacities available from those other 2 aging refineries. Additionally ‘GASOLINE1-B’ refinery is much more efficient at refining and is substantially lower cost to operate.
            6) Business is looking up because even though after 1 year (assuming no other supply shocks occur for gasoline), the price of gasoline will fall again, it doesn’t need to fall back to the pre-fire at ‘GASOLINE1’ pricing. Even if crude oil pricing hasn’t gone back up, baseline pricing for gasoline at the pump can be revised upward since consumers have short memories and will forget that $2.75~$3.00 is higher than the original baseline of $2.50 at the pump. What’s more, they will rejoice because $3.00 is still lower than the $4.00 they were paying when ‘GASOLINE1’ burned to the ground.

            If you perceive that the above imaginary scenario might occur in real world events, then my advise to you is to wait for the inevitable fire accident to occur. When the refinery company’s stock dips / tanks, wait for a firm bottom out to be identified (just for reference sake, British Petroleum happened to take a couple months for the bottom-out to be found), then buy the stock and hold for approximately 1~2 years. In that time span (assuming the market bubble in general hasn’t burst yet), you may be able to sell for a tidy profit (and perhaps there could even be dividends in the mean-time between buying and selling the stock).

            • Hegelian dialect or… problem, reaction, solution to benefit those who caused the problem in the first place.

              I was wondering why GM dropped the EV1 car. Well not really.

              Great post.

            • At 20 something a barrel for oil gas should be one dollar something a gallon . The gov. And all companies are in it together . To strangle us as much as possible. Smell the coffee.

        • It’s baby Godzilla. They created it before with radiation in the 50’s.

      3. I certainly hope that third picture isn’t what they actually saw!

        Maybe they need send in The Blob with Steve McQueen’s reanimated body to check things out?

      4. Rumor is the corium (moltant nuclear lava) has melted down to a underground stream that is keeping it cool enough so it won’t keep going down. It’s emptying into the pacific which is one third of the worlds ocean . Being turned to blood? Seems like everything is coming true.

      5. This might be a good time to sell your west coast real estate.

      6. It bears a striking resemblance to the puppet in chief. Where there is one there is two or more.


        • In 1913 the FED got one hundred year go. It was to be renewed in 2013 . And I didn’t hear a thing about that from any one. We are being totally controlled and manipulated by The children of satan.

      8. “Fuku-zilla? Japan’s TEPCO Discovers “Living Creature” Inside Nuclear Reactor”

        That’s IT, I’m fed-up with bullshit headlines like this one. Go fuck yourselves SHTF, you fucking clowns.

        • Chill out FC, this story is obviously a joke. No way would anyone be serious about this one.

        • They’ve found things living on the bottom of the ocean at water pressures that would crush a nuclear submarine . Unless everything they tell us is a lie . Witch seems to be possible now a days.

        • Fc, your moniker sounds just right. Whether the story is BS or not, don’t start talking shit to my people here, they didn’t do a damned thing to you. Go f#$% your own self, troll.

          • Yeah, you go girl, I’ll bet he’s shaking in his boots and you’re shaking door knobs.

            • SGJ, go back to sleep.

      9. Guess now we need to prep for the attack of the radioactive amoeba.

        Slow news day at Zerohedge.

      10. They aren’t glowing….

      11. …it’s got a “MADE IN USA” label on it!

        those reactors at Fukushima were built by none other than General “Crony Capitalism” Electric.

        GE’s corporate motto: “WE BRING GOOD THINGS TO LIFE.”


        • The reactors themselves did just fine in the earthquake. It was when the tsunami hit and flooded the generators that for some absolutely stupid reason were located in the basement. Had the generators and their fuel supply been located in an elevated location, this whole disaster probably wouldn’t have happened. That being said, I agree, GE is a crooked company.

          • I read that the natural elevation of the entire site was 25 meters higher and was cut down to ease construction and installation of equipment.

            Locating the spent fuel pools at 4th floor level was a stroke of genious. I’m sure the people who pioneered nuclear energy went to their graves in total disbeleif that a permanant solution to neuclear waste disposal had never been seriously pursued.

            I believe that GE once manufactured the minigun. One of the many good things they have brought to life.

      12. —-primordial soup?—–

      13. Men must be governed by God or they will be ruled by tyrants.
        William Penn
        Born: October 14, 1644
        Died: July 30, 1718

        … as if history has not fully demonstrated this to the hilt.

      14. Getting desperate for a good story? How about all the wind that is blowing in the Hurricanes in Mexico, Texas, and else where. OK monsters are scarier.
        Preppers wouldn’t look quite so crazy if we acknowledged that Shit actually does Hit the Fan.

        • That was what i was thinking,,,

      15. Sea Monkeys! I knew it! Pretty soon they will have a damn tv set and lounge chair set up.

        • If they start hanging out on the porch, I’m outta here.

          • If they are on the porch, they get SNAP benefits….

            • If they’re on MY porch, they get ‘ventilated’.


        It seems the REAL disaster looming would be that all of those stockpiles of prepper gear and food supplies and bug-out-bags and ammunition stockpiles are all going to expire and rust and rot away. All that money wasted. Coulda had lots of pizza and fun things (even if any of that DID happen, all would be lost anyway. Friends and family and neighbors would become THE FIRST WAVE of intruders who will become selfishly-desparate and will forcibly raid and pillage all that stuff. Problem is, preppers tend to brag to others as well as online about all the stuff they’ve got-their secret’s out).

        IF all of this is canceled, what will we have to talk about THEN?!

        Oh yeah, Fuka-Zilla. Wonder if it will come out in I-Max. I’ll have a large bucket of Fuka-Buggout-Buttered-Popcorn.

        • No one will knows the day or the hour.But it is written and it will be done.Its hard to keep the faith.

      17. I guess this will make the Daily Rag papers

      18. Overstock Holds 3 Months Of Food, $10 Million In Gold For Employees In Preparation For The Next Collapse


        We are not big fans of Wall Street and we don’t trust them. We foresaw the financial crisis, we fought against the financial crisis that happened in 2008; we don’t trust the banks still and we foresee that with QE3, and QE4 and QE n that at some point there is going to be another significant financial crisis.

        So what do we do as a business so that we would be prepared when that happens. One thing that we do that is fairly unique: we have about $10 million in gold, mostly the small button-sized coins, that we keep outside of the banking system. We expect that when there is a financial crisis there will be a banking holiday. I don’t know if it will be 2 days, or 2 weeks, or 2 months. We have $10 million in gold and silver in denominations small enough that we can use for payroll. We want to be able to keep our employees paid, safe and our site up and running during a financial crisis.

        We also happen to have three months of food supply for every employee that we can live on.”

      19. its Patrick and sponge bob in there.

      20. Yes, now me know how Hillary’s blood line originated. The offspring of that dragon in the ocean has evolved into one terrible beast.

      21. Forget radiation poisoning just think about the shitty food people eat and the obesity problem in America. There is more of a chance of people dying from food poisoning and heart attacks. Priorties people quality food and fitness should be number one on the list well over another gun or some cool gizmo to show your buddies. For those with substance use issues you got farther to go.

      22. It seems from a lot of sources the Pacific Ocean is almost dead. China’s major food source? People desperate for food . Will do desperate things.

      23. It will soon be found on a sushi dish or sold as an aphrodisiac. It is Japan.

      24. Hillary is above the law. No shit sherlock, that’s why she cackles when asked a serious question. If there was justice, it and it’s frail looking other half would have been executed for treason twenty years ago.

      25. I read that they sell girls dirty underware in. Vending machines in Japan. Sodom and Gomorah gets what it deserves.

      26. Good Lord! Dirt in the water moving around with the current.

        …and I thought this was something serious.


      27. Well, you did it. Last week I thought you reached the pinnacle of stupidity. But, with this article, you have topped even that great height. I guess stupidity knows no bounds nor height limits.

        • I’ll bet Braveheart believes it.

          • 2 useless trolls are back. never ends, does it?

        • Pinicle of stupidity If someone doesn’t inform people of this ongoing disaster .What are we here for. I read that the exon Valdez clean up people are almost all dead. The Navy people near fucashima are not doing good .Do you want to cover all this up .Now at least the informed can make a change . To hell with the rest. Go watch a ball game or some porn .

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