French Yellow Vest Protesters Urge Supporters To Spark Bank Run With Mass Withdrawals

by | Jan 11, 2019 | Headline News | 60 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

    Activists from the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vest) movement have vandalized nearly 60% of France’s country-wide speed camera network, according to Interior Minister Christophe Castaner, who said that the willful damage was a threat to road safety and endangered lives, according to the BBC.

    The BBC’s Hugh Schofield, in Paris, said evidence of the vandalism is visible to anyone driving around France, with radar cameras covered in paint or black tape to stop them working.

    But the extent of the damage – now believed to affect more than half of all 3,200 speed cameras in the country’s network – was unknown until Mr Castaner’s statement on Thursday.

    He said the devices had been “neutralised, attacked, or destroyed” by members of the protest movement. –BBC

    Speed limits in France have become a hot-button topic, after the Macron government lowered the limit on many roads from 90 km/h (55 mph) to 80 km/h (50 mph) early last year.

    Yellow Vest protesters upset over an increase in fuel taxes have also complained about the rising costs of commuting for those who can’t afford to live near urban centers where they work – citing speed cameras and toll roads in their complaints.

    Bank run?

    While the Yellow Vest movement has been taking to the streets for violent clashes with French police, activists from the movement are now recommending that French protesters empty their bank accounts to spark a bank run – in a move which one protester, Maxime Nicolle, called a “tax collector’s referendum.”

    “We are going to get our bread back … You’re making money with our dough, and we’re fed up,” said Nicolle in a video message, as reported by the Associated Press.

    The movement’s adherents said they hoped the banking action will force the French government to heed their demands, especially giving citizens the right to propose and vote on new laws. –Associated Press

    And while outraged Yellow Vests continue their protests, the Macron government is scrambling to calm down the anti-government movement with a series of economic measures which have thus far proven ineffective.

    Prime Minister Edouard Philippe gave details Wednesday of a “big debate” the government plans to start next week in all the regions of France.

    “We want it to be rich, impartial and fruitful,” Philippe said.

    The debates will focus on four main topics: climate change, democratic issues, taxes and public services, the prime minister said. Anyone can propose a local event and an internet platform will provide another venue for discussion, he said.

    President Emmanuel Macron proposed the debate as a way for the government to hear and to respond to the movement’s central complaints.

    Macron also announced 10 billion euros ($11.5 billion) worth of measures to boost the purchasing power of French households. –Associated Press

    Around 200 Yellow Vest protesters – which included trade union members, gathered in the Paris suburb of Creteil, as Macron visited a handball facility turned into a handball gymnasium (what?).

    Police used tear gas to keep angry protesters away from the French leader.


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      1. The “Yellow Vest” movement was started over a tax protest over fuel taxes.

        Too much taxes in a socialist country? They sort of go hand in hand with each other, you can’t have one without the other.

        But let me ask, has any populist tax “uprising” against a commodity tax ever actually resulted in any major change in government?

        • Boston Tea Party ring a bell ?

        • What’s the point of the yellow vest anyway?

          • It is the law in France that protesters must wear a yellow reflective vest for “safety”.

            Funny how the frogs will comply with one law while breaking another. I think it is known as “over domestication”.
            It is quite evident in Britain also.

            • Well fuck that then. Yellow vest says “I’m a big pussy”. Oh yeah, this is France.

              • If France had not of helped you out your “pussy” forefathers would still be under the heel of the British. Study and learn your own history before making stupid ignorant comments.

            • It’s the “law” to carry one in your car in case of a breakdown. Nothing to do with safety outside of motoring.

              As every motorist must have one it was a unifying symbol.

            • Actually the yellow vest is a symbol. The law is that they must have it in their car in case of a breakdown so they will not get run over. They are using it to represent the (gas tax) because it is symbolic of all drivers in France.


          • The Yellow vests are required in all vehicles in France in case the owners car dies and won’t run. They are then to put the vests on for safety. The whole protest began over a new carbon tax, and the yellow vests were an obvious tie to the carbon tax. They are not wearing them because they have to wear them to protest…..

      2. Macron = Dead Man walking

      3. Yeppy, and I warned y’all last week they were going to pull that stunt. Remember? Now, does that sound like something conseratives would do…or leftists? Such a foolish thing like that could cause bank runs and damage the euro and even cascade and harm the dollar.

        It’s extremely irresponsible.

        • Conservatives are known for, and are best at, saying “I’ll do anything you want, just please don’t hurt me”.

          At least American ones are, maybe we’ll see something different in Europe.

          • BS. American conservatives at least in Kentucky, are armed to the teeth. And these Kentuckians are Scotch-Irish and the FIRST to “throw down”.

            • Throw down was a term that historically meant “throw down the gauntlet” and it meant one took off their armored fists and was ready to beat their opponent with their bare fists ie “I don’t need armor to handle some pipsqueak”.

            • Being “armed to the teeth” and actually being willing to use those arms are two different things.

              And being “conservative” is hardly the same as being armed, unless you want to include all sorts of people from the underlife world as being conservatives.

              Who’d you vote for last time? The democratic reconquest of Congress pretty much demonstrates what general public conservatives do in real life and their actions in the House and Senate what they do in positions of power.

              • Armed to the teeth originally was a Scottish saying about the Teith river region that was extreme dangerous due to some of fiercest most heavily armed irascible Scots.

            • It’s Scots-Irish. Scotch is the drink. I know, I’m one of them. By the way, Kentuckians & virtually every one in Southern Appalachia is well armed & ready to defend his territory when the SHTF.

              • Way back when, your ancestors were likely gallowglasses which is why you like to “throw down” or just have that innate ability.

                They were fierce warriors who were mercenaries that often terrified their foes…cause they wouldn’t back down.
                htt ps://

                • If you went even further back, just like the latest Vikings episode, you likely have some Viking blood due to them invading Scotland.

                  htt ps://

                  • So does that mean that all of you are viking bastards?

                    • It means that at least some of our ancestors intermarried or even were against their will taken by Vikings.

                      That happened in Spain, the France, in England, in the Eats Roman empire (the Byzantines) and most likely in Ethopia based on artifacts.

                      The art of The Book of the Kells has very similar Viking motiffs as does Ethiopian crosswork. They were explorers and went everywhere and some became Christians.

                      In the East Roman empire these were called Varangians.
                      ht tps://

                      Heck, some Native Americans obviously knew Vikings based on artifacts found as far as Minnesota.

              • What “territory”? That’s the poorest part of the fucking country!

                • Yeah but “why” is it poor? Eastern KY was annihilated by Obama’s hatred for coal which ruined the economy.

                  People think back to LBJ and the Great Society, but that area has somewhat recovered and then Obama deliberately harmed white folks.

          • Historically, the French were atheists and leftist during the French Revolution. They were feeble partisans during WW2 and the overwhelming majority were collaborators with their invaders. Their women slept with the enemy.

            • During the French and Indian War in America, they used loathsome tactics harming civilians like women and children with reprisals. They also hired mercenaries among several tribes and paid for “American settler scalps”.

              Can you tell I am not a fan and that I actually know history?

              • The trouble with history is whose history do you believe? A history that squares with your own hatreds and dislikes based upon misconceptions ingrained into your psyche through years of programmed brainwashing.

                History, after all, is written by the victors.

                • Well, I am no leftist. I studied history while in the university setting but never bought the fruitcake leftist nonsense that poses as history. Much of that takes either a Feminist or even a Marxist view. Since the seveties, conservative historians have all but disappeared.

          • Maybe in your neck of the woods.

          • Are you referring to yourself Anonymous?

        • There is two things all govt powers understand. The power of the bullet box and the power of a wallet and Bank runs by people withdrawing the money out is a very effective means of getting their attention to let him know that you’re serious. It’s called voting with your money an American politicians understand that just as well as the French do. You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs and if you want real and meaningful change then you have to take the chance that it’s going to be wide-ranging change and not be afraid of how you go about it.

          • Yep, you want us to use Social Justice Warrior tactics that implode global economies that would actually harm the poor.


            • I fail to see why a bank run makes a huge difference when all they do is print more. It’s pretty much all digital anyway. I doubt these people have much in the bank anyway. Most of the banks assets are mortgages, loans, etc. This will have little impact, stop freaking out.

              • The bank runs would cause them to halt trading on Wall Street. All this does is shake the market. Then people panic and sell. Then what historically happens, the rich are in cash positions, and swoop in buying stock at great reduced prices.

                See the Great Depresssion in which the extremely wealthy knew what would happen and then got outrageously rich in the long run. While everyone else was flat broke.

                • J. Paul Getty bought stocks for pennies on the dollar since he was in a cash position.

                  So did Howard Hughes.

                  So did Joe Kennedy.

                  Floyd Boswich Odlum turned a $39,000 investment into 100 million.

                  ht tps://
                  7 billionaire families did this as well.

            • Boycott, divest and withdraw. Money talks folks, end of story. Deny them what they need to function, your voluntary business withdrawn and they will feel the pain. You dont speak to power at all until you ruffle their dollar bills. Then they hear you. The Lame pisstream misleadia have stories about the fiscal impacts daily concerning economic activities of boycotters and pressure on advertisers look at Dicks Sporting Goods… Oh yeah vote with your money.

      4. If I had to make a bank run there wouldn’t be much to take out.

        • Ya I hope my 50 bux is safe! 😮

      5. If that happened in the U.S., the cop’s would be thanking Trump in advance for helping them increase civil asset forfeiture.
        They would be circling banks like sharks, pulling over suspected “criminals” as they leave the bank with their cash.

        Take the guns and cash first, follow due process second. MAGA!

      6. If individuals want to pay cash for items instead of EBT cards, I fully support that.

        If whole groups intentionally shake the market using orchestrated leftist tactics by INTENTIONALLY CAUSING BANK RUNS, well that is insane. It won’t help and will actually harm the lower and middle class.

        It’s an anarchist-type tactic to foster revolution.

        It is not what any normal conservative would suggest, even an ultraconservative like me.

        What would happen with bank runs would be CHAOS and DESTRUCTION and a HORDE of fleeing dumb urbanites into the rural areas.

        My gosh, how stupid. They most likely would kill cows for meat.

        • Your blowing this way out of purportion. See my post above ^^^

      7. Nope. In the seventies, people said “Scotch-Irish”. It just dates me as an old fart.

        A Scotch-Irish was an Ulster Scot. He and his family mived to what is now Northern Ireland. Lots nof the Ulster Scots moved to Kentucky and Tennessee (especially East Tennessee).

      8. htt ps://
        It’s the old school term.
        ht tps://

      9. Fraternity, liberty and equality are not going to happen with the globalists in charge here or in France. Free speech publicly in the streets is dead in America. The government criminals have blanket immunity aka a “national security” fix.

      10. Kentucky is mostly Trumpland and only Yarmuth won and he’s from Louisville which is like most urban areas ie a Democrat bastion.

        The rest were Republicans.

        ht tps://

      11. I think this is amusing and would be willing to withdraw funds just to see what happens.

      12. Like Jack and Coke… DO IT! DO IT!

      13. Cops just confiscate cash that is going out of circulation

      14. We need the yellow vests to chase out the TSA. Then America can once again travel in peace.

        • The more I look into it, the more the yellow vests are leftists. No conservative should support them. That would be like supporting Antifa in France.

          At least 2/3 identify as leftists and they are perfectly willing to use violence and arson based on their actions. Plus they foster teenagers participating in these actions, which is why several teenagers have been arrested. How could any conservative support that?

          There’s a dangerous idea that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” and that stupidity has harmed the USA since we then funneled economic and military funds to extremely dangerous people throughout the world…without justification.

          Such things got us in trouble in Afghanistan which then rebounded on us…for decades.

          • I don’t care what they are, if they’re destroying those invasive cameras, more power to them. Trekker Out

            • Even if it ends up rebounding on the US or it’s Antifa and so strengthens their resolve in the USA???

      15. An explosion of unknown origin just took place in Paris where a yellow vest rally was to take place. No claims yet. A gas leak and potentially a carbomb are the initial rumors.

        Supporters of either side or muslims or Antifa or really anyone could use this to cause finger pointing.

      16. Moving your money into sold, silver, platinum, palladium is the best thing you can do to end the fiat empire. Bankes are typically leveraged 12-1 and 25-1 in europe. Going to cash and moving it to silver can destroy banks.

      17. At least the French have enough balls to protest. Americans are just a bunch of frogs slowly boiling in a pot of water too dumb and afraid to jump out.

      18. ht tps://

        An agent provocateur ( French for “inciting agent”) is a person who commits or who acts to entice another person to commit an illegal or rash act or falsely implicate them in partaking in an illegal act, so as to ruin the reputation or entice legal action against the target or a group he belongs to. An agent provocateur may be a member of a law enforcement agency acting out of their own sense of duty or under orders, or other entity. They may target any group, such as a peaceful protest or demonstration, a union, a political party or a company.
        Prevention of infiltration by agents provocateurs, is part of the duty of demonstration marshals , also called stewards, deployed by organizers of large or controversial assemblies. [1][2][3]
        History and Etymology
        While the practice is worldwide ancient, modern undercover operation was scaled up in France by Eugène François Vidocq in early 19th century , and already included use of unlawful tactics against opponents. Later in the same century the Police targets included union activists who came to fear plain cloth policemen ( agent de police in french). Hence the French agent provocateur spread, just as is, to English and German language. In accordance with French grammar, the plural form of the term is agents provocateurs .

        Be advised that not only will LEOs especially SWAT officers do this so they can then cause “kettling” to do mass arrests,but the dumbest way to react is a protest riot.

        32,000,French yellow vests just participated when if in small groups of six they organized as covert-teams, they could shut down the entire country.

        An open protest is STUPID as a tactic and has the least effect.

        • 6vUzzwXs380
          This is how “kettling” is utilized as a LEO tactic, most often by active SWAT with LEO reinforcement as reserves.

          WTF. Use your noggin and use some tactics, not just go off halfcocked!

          Only a dolt uses brute force against a superior in strength enemy with better armor and better weapons and superior tactics.

          How stupid can you get? It’s childish. Grow up and use guerrilla tactics that have a history of working. People are so naive. Protesting in this way is only one step higher than phoning your congressmen. Any panzycan protest.

      19. It’s like the alleged “gas leak” that ended up killing3 and injuring 12 plus totalled the bakery and damaged at least ten buildings.

        It’s a classic false flag op or certainly could be as an excuse to declare martial law. Grow up.

      20. Another day of “plantation” herding, i see.

      21. ht tps://
        Remember this?

        These yellow vests are not Le Pen supporters but 2/3 are leftists and most likely Antifa.

        Armed French LEOs are now throughout the city clamping down. Is that what you desired

      22. htt ps://
        Yellow Vest beat journalists. Is this who you want to support as convervatives?

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