French Tennis Star Tests Positive For COVID-19 For The 250th Time

by | Dec 31, 2021 | Headline News | 9 comments


French tennis player Benoit Paire has tested positive for COVID-19 just weeks before the Australian Open gets underway on January 17, 2022. This is the 250th time Paire has gotten a positive test result from a COVID-19 test.

The 32-year-old is now angry and can’t “deal with the COVID shit anymore!” He has admitted that the regular quarantining required of him has taken a toll on his mental health. “Hey my name is Benoit Paire, and for the 250th time I tested positive for Covid!!” he said on Twitter. “Honestly I can’t deal with this Covid s*** anymore.”

“How am I doing? Because of Covid, I got a runny nose but because of all these quarantines spent in a hotel room halfway across the world, I don’t feel good mentally,” he continued. “Last year was tough, and this year starts exactly the same way!!”

Paire, who is vaccinated, still tested positive for the virus. He added that he is “100 percent for the vaccine,” but urged people to “just live as before Covid, otherwise, I don’t see the point.”

Paire was ruled out of the 2020 U.S. Open after testing positive for COVID-19 just days before his first match. He was placed in isolation for two weeks, meaning he was unable to play. After leaving isolation, he tested negative for the virus but then tested positive again two weeks later at the ATP tournament at Hamburg, Rothenbaum.

However, he was allowed to play because the positive result was due to a prior infection of the virus. -ZeroHedge

In a statement at the time, Hamburg officials explained why the tennis star was permitted to remain in the event.

“According to tournament doctor Dr. Volker Carrero, it is not uncommon that three weeks after a positive result, fragments of the virus can still be found inside the body,” officials said. “Paire has not shown any symptoms of disease and has not been contagious at any time. Local health authorities in Hamburg made the decision on Saturday that Paire is allowed to play.” -ZeroHedge

And we’re the crazy ones for suggesting this virus is just the cold or flu or any other virus renamed to cause panic and get people to line up for the “vaccine.”


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    1. couldn't resist

      That means this guy has been tested at least
      250 times!!!!! I haven’t even
      been tested once – how will
      I ever catch up? ????

      • Bill

        That someone has been forced to be tested 250 times does nothing but show how absurd this whole covid issue is. The State must have its way regardless how false, irrational, pointless, or even harmful it is. It sees people as nothing more than sheep to be shorn, and the majority of people are willful sheep.

    2. toony loons

      Yes, we now have FLURONA
      People who allegedly have
      the flu and the “covid” at the
      same time. You can’t make
      this shit up.?????

    3. Brockland A.T.

      Bookies doing tennis must have added a new bet category; forfeit by COVID.

    4. Marcy

      Who cares!

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