Freedom Is Not Necessarily The Absence Of Tyranny

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    This article was originally published by Brandon Smith of


    Is it true that freedom is an overly idealized concept? Perhaps, but it is one of the few concepts worthy of idealization. It is so worthy, that it is worth dying for.

    Since the dawn of recorded history human beings have fought and sacrificed to attain freedom. It is an inherent psychological construct. It is a principle that is rooted not only in the mind of man, but his spirit or soul. Scientists in the realm of the mind have struggled for generations to understand where it comes from — others have sought to dismiss it as a fanciful notion or societal construct. Nihilists claim it doesn’t really exist, while other people center their entire lives on the proliferation of it. The concept of freedom, love it or hate it, is central to all cultures and all civilizations. The most common dismissal of the idea of freedom that I have seen is the argument that none of us is really free because “tyranny exists”. Tyranny is a constant, therefore, in the view of the nihilists, freedom cannot exist. I believe this dim way of thinking stems from a misconception of what freedom is and where it comes from.

    Freedom, first and foremost, begins in the mind, or the heart; whatever you are inclined to put more stock in. To think critically or to imagine wildly is indeed to be free. Tyranny, by extension, rises from the mire and muck in the physical world around us and ends in the mind and the heart. If one is free of mind, then one is never truly enslaved.

    I have heard so many times the ignorant accusation that freedom requires action before consequence. That is to say, if you have suffered the consequences of a tyrannical system, then you have already failed to prevent your own enslavement. This is not how freedom functions. It has never worked this way.

    There is no such thing as a world without the consequences of tyranny. Tyrants are everywhere, always. There are little tyrants in our everyday lives, and big tyrants that pull strings from behind the curtains and from the darker places. There are people reading this article right now that think they are liberty-minded, but act like tyrants towards those around them. There are people who think they are slaves when one simple choice or action could easily make them free. There are people who see private property as tyranny and seek to supplant it….with an even greater tyranny of entitlement and socialism.  And, there are people who think freedom means freedom for them, but not for others. Each tyrant takes time to understand and remove from our lives. Some we simply need to walk away from; others need to be destroyed.

    The point is, we are forever dealing with tyranny, and many of us are forever working to topple it. As long as we are able to pursue that goal, we are still free. The true slaves are those that have given up completely out of laziness or fear. Tyranny is always present, after all; why take a bath today when you are just going to end up soiled again tomorrow?

    The idea that one can do nothing in the face of the machine is an old idea proven wrong time and time again, yet, it is also a very easy and comfortable lie to live in. Struggle is difficult. Sacrifice is foreboding and ugly. There are a million-and-one excuses and rationalizations as to why it is better to “accept fate” or circumstances. There is always another excuse that can be used to paper over cowardice.

    Tyrants can, in fact, win and keep winning for the length of an epoch, exactly because of the logical fallacy that they cannot be resisted or be beaten. It is the self-fulfilling prophecy of nihilism that makes tyranny possible. Without it, tyrants inevitably fail and fall.

    The great monster of our time that must be slayed is the monster of organized conspiracy. Past generations have confronted and defeated appendages of this monster, but they never beheaded it, and this is why our particular brand of tyranny persists. It is not enough for us to fight the tentacles of the beast anymore — it is the job of the freedom fighters of our era to stab at the brains of the wretched thing.

    I am of course speaking of the banking cabal, the cult of financiers and elites that make up the globalist hierarchy. They pervade the halls of numerous institutions and think tanks, from the Federal Reserve and the Council on Foreign Relations to the International Monetary Fund and the Bank for International Settlements. They sit in positions of great political influence and hold council (and some would say considerable sway) over world leaders. They write “theoretical” policies which are quickly adopted by governments and made into law. They are primary stockholders and owners of our mainstream media. Their slithering fingers are wrapped around academia and many scientific communities. They insinuate themselves into every foundation of thought, because thought is what they most wish to control.

    They prefer to divide and conquer, to pit one group against another, or to give their ideological enemies enough rope to hang themselves with. If they can’t rule the psyche of a society or succeed in 4th generation warfare, they will fall back to the old standard of brute force. In fact, they might just do that anyway, because what tyrant doesn’t love instilling abject terror every once in a while?

    And yet, these “elites” stand on a razor’s edge. Despite all their supposed power, despite all their wealth, despite the vast spiderwebs they weave, all of it can be turned to ash in an instant and they know it. Empires like this rely on anonymity, and they are anonymous no longer. The cabal is out in the open; they have to be.

    To shift the world into true globalism and true centralization requires actions which can be masked from some people but not all people. They believe the intricate digital networks they have funded will buy them total information awareness, but these same networks also provide us with the tools to understand who they are and what they want. This double-edged sword of full spectrum data creates a Catch-22 timeline. The longer the globalists wait to implement the one world system they desire, the more time we have to educate millions of people. The faster they implement their one-world system, the more likely they are to make a mistake.

    Time is running out. Time is working against them. Time is the master here, and the globalists are nothing but paper boats on a tidal wave.

    This organized conspiracy increases its odds of success through psychological manipulation. There will come a time, perhaps sooner rather than later, when banking elites and their political allies can no longer stand outside the game unscathed. Risk is coming. So, they must encourage as much self-defeat in the minds of freedom champions as possible.

    They will conjure crisis and catastrophe, they will conjure puppet enemy after puppet enemy, they will exploit useful idiots with collectivist views as cannon fodder, they will engineer conflicts between East and West. They will try to grind us down and break the legs of our resolve.

    However, as long as there are people who know who the globalists are that are willing to hunt them down, the globalists cannot win. For what they desperately want is to stand out in the sun with criminal impunity, and without fear. They want to be untouchable. They want to be gods.

    Real gods do not suffer consequences, and these people will suffer consequences.

    The nihilists will cry, “When?! How?! Never!” But this is the nature of freedom. Freedom is in the fighting; winning is transitory. Tyranny can be subtle and it can be blunt, freedom is the same way. If you think because there is no shooting going on yet that a war is not happening, then you do not understand the nature of warfare.

    Yes, it is possible that the fall of one globalist cabal might give rise to another, and another. But we are free to be there and to fight again. As long as we fight, we prevail. When we abandon the fight completely, that is when true slavery begins. Today, we fight using information versus propaganda, and we must be adept at this. We also must be adept at other forms of combat as the conflict escalates.

    There will never be total absence of tyranny. The naysayers against the principle of freedom are delusional, or maybe they know such a standard is unattainable and this will make them forever “right.” When will the fight begin? It already has. It has been going on since time immemorial and we are merely here to continue it. This might seem like a task for Sisyphus – an endless circular nightmare. I look at it another way: We are a changing of the guard. We have inherited a responsibility beyond all responsibilities. In this age, we are the freedom fighters, and if we fail now then we pass an even more difficult horror on to some other generation down the line.

    In my view this is unacceptable. The opportunity to end one longstanding tyranny is now. We must counter using information as long as is needed, and we must wake up as many people as possible, so when the time comes to storm the castle, the shared sacrifice is that much easier to bear. If you have taken up this fight in one form or another never let anyone tell you you are not free. Your ability to think and to act is concrete proof otherwise.

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      1. I would certainly appreciate lists of those at the top,a public doxxing if you will!

        • “The concept of freedom, love it or hate it, is central to all cultures and all civilizations.”

          This is because human beings are FIRST spiritual beings created in the image of God and embedded with FREE AGENCY from the moment of conception. It is our physical and spiritual birthright; as basic as each breath we take.

          Liberty Lovers in America had better engage the status quo NOW, at the local level, and roll back the infringements to our freedoms while we have Patriots in charge of the institutions at the federal level to support our demands.

          Magnify your voice in a group. Multiply your power in an organization. If you are a Veteran (as an example) you can influence your local chapter of the VFW or American Legion to become more political in nature rather than existing as a place to swill cheap beer and tell war stories. Then link up with other State Chapters. Create a chain and a chain reaction.

          The war is not over. It is only beginning. Engage. 🙂

          • DK,

            You are spot on!

            I was reading the speech by POTUS in Warsaw yesterday and it should have resonated in the hearts of all God-fearing, freedom loving peoples around the globe ?! The MSM has denounced it and vociferously trashed it, but, we should all take note! Now is the time for like minded patriots to coalesce and establish strong bonds that will withstand the onslaught by NWO Globullshitters. They have been relentless with their attacks. The Communist News Network has been leading the charge but the other MSM outlets have been close behind. The Demonrats may be in disarray temporarily but they are looking for new leadership to provide vision and a way out of the moribund morass in which they find themselves. Obama’s destructive and fraudulent legacy based on a false premise of collective globalism and open borders is slowly but surely being rolled back and many on the left are in dismay. The EU leadership and elites are going to oppose and put down any dissidents to their globalist efforts but it looks like POTUS is forming allies and may be able to widen existing cracks in their formidable agenda. The MSM is hoping POTUS will stumble during his first meeting today with Putin. He deserves or prayerful support. We live in interesting and pivotal times.

            Louisiana Eagle

            Louisiana Eagle ?

            • Rethinking The Fed: Sowing The Seeds Of Financial Destruction

              “Time and time again, the Fed sows seeds of the next financial crisis in actions it takes to mitigate the previous financial crisis that it caused.

              Have we reached that point yet?”

              ht tp://

            • It was a good speech; but not a great one, as it lacked cohesion from start to finish. One could see that it was cobbled together, and written by several authors. Probably not time for a real edit. Properly structured it could have been one of the Great Speeches of history.

              It’s been an amazing six months under Donald Trump. Another 7 1/2 years of MAGA, and this Patriot should be placed on Mt Rushmore. 🙂

              • Trump bless him but he isn’t the most articulate orator to sit in the Oval Office. A country will threaten to nuke the US and he would say, “and that a bad thing”. No Thomas Paine, no JFK, “Ich bin ein Berliner”, “Let them come to Berlin”.

                Considering the probable choices he was clearly the best however Rand Paul was my first pic, Trump second, Cruise third and then anyone, including a random lottery before Hillary.

                • “and that a bad thing” should have been “and that’s a bad thing”.

                • “Ich bin ein Berliner” SHOULD have been “”Ich bin Berliner”. What Kennedy actually said, in German, was: “I am a pastry”.

                  It would be similar to someone unfamiliar with English who said “I am a Danish” instead of just “I am Danish”.

                  Fortunately for Kennedy, most of his German audience understood his intent and were too polite to laugh.

        • All politics are local. Make a list, check it twice, of the PTB and influential people in your neck of the woods. Know whether they have been naughty or nice with respect to the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

          Everyone needs to know and understand who the tyrants are, whether large or small, in your neck of the woods. The NWO can be eliminated overnight and at 500 yards, if they attempt to install a Rogue Government.

          As Patriots, it is our Constitutional duty to respond to such an attempt to override the Law of the Land. 🙂

        • It wasn’t until today that I knew what doxxing meant. I learned what that meant when CNN news was going to “DOX” the person that created the Trump/CNN fight gif. Meaning publish their personal info online.

          • CNN prolly blamed the wrong dude anyhow.

          • Apparently the guy that posted the video got it from a Mexican comedian from Mexico. The guy posted in the past the pictures and titles of all the top Jewish employees at CNN . The list is hard to believe.

          • He’s a Spanish comedian he goes by the name EL Risitas. He made a video claiming he made the Trump cnn wrestle video. And the kid posted it. It’s hard to find the video . He’s sometimes called the Laughing Spanish guy.

          • JS,
            Most people “DOX” themselves. If you use Face book, you are exposing yourself. Twitter, or public email isn’t all that safe either. If you have a static IP and server, you are easier to trace. I’m on satellite so unless you are NSA my IP is nearly impossible to trace without a warrant, I don’t have a Face book, or Twitter accounts, so I’m difficult to track down that way. The public email account I use here is so old that is has no accurate personal information associated with it.
            The bottom line is that every time you go on-line it is a public forum, every thing you post can be traced back to you, and you have to live with that possibility.

            • Dude,

              In the digital age everything is routed through the govt system and traced back to you. All cyber roads lead to Utah.

            • TOR helps too.

              • TOR was developed and funded by the N S A anyone using TOR is a fool if they think they are anon.

      2. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

      3. Tyranny. It’s also a state of mind. Always resist it. However much or little you can do.

        • Selective enforcement is the biggest tyranny of all.

          You have hear that most people commit three felonies a day without even realizing they are doing it.

          Knowing that, all the FEDS have to do is watch you for a couple of days then grab you.

          So if you rock the boat or are critical of some official, then can easily get you through selective enforcement.

          • JS, before that can happen someone would have to get close enough to me to even touch me. Not going to happen.

          • john stiner

            That is 100% true and was strong reason marijuana became a title 1 drug along side heroin in 1970 so that the protestors of both Vietnam and civil rights could be incarcerated for hat was free speech. Ostensible.

            • If you want to see tyranny, just try to carry a constitution loaded gun around at an NRA convention. Hahaha try that NRA tools. Tools=fools. Hahaha

            • With the patriot act and asset forfeiture you don’t need to break any law to lose your freedom and your money. NRA is also for no fly no buy. Hahaha you can’t make this stuff up. They should get the snowflakes to be life members since they are of the same childlike mind.

              • If it wasn’t for the NRA we wouldn’t have shall issue and even better Constitutional Carry in about 43 States. The 1994 Assault Gun ban had a 10 year twilight and its history. Without the NRA we would be Canada at best, Australia more likely and the UK at worst.

                Thats the fact Jack.

          • Jefferson wrote about the tyranny of the legal system. He should know cause he raped black children

            • And you are his spawn?

              • No, gandhi was there. He’s that old.
                How else would he know?

      4. Without courage Freedom will cease to exist.

      5. “Freedom first and for most is…” freedom in Christ.
        Psm 69:14 Deliver me out of the mire, and let me not sink: let me be delivered from them that hate me, and out of the deep waters.

        “They want to be gods.” However…
        1Corinthians 8:6 But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him.

        “Freedom is in the fighting…”
        Eph 6:10 ¶ Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might.
        Eph 6:11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

        Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places

        “There will never be total absence of tyranny.” So…
        Eph 6:13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

        “We have inherited a responsibility beyond all responsibilities…
        Matt 28:18 And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto Me in heaven and in earth.
        Matt 28:19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:
        Mattt 28:20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

        2Corinthians 6:2 For he saith, I have heard thee in a time accepted, and in the day of salvation have I succoured thee: behold, now is the accepted time; behold,

        Now is the day of salvation.

        • The expectation is that being a Christian will mean you will be persecuted for your faith.

          • yes sir

            John 15:19 If ye were of the world, the world would love his own:

            but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.

            • What?

              • Read the 15th chapter of John in the Holy Bible.

                it’s kinda self-explanatory.

        • grandee. I bet that religion stuff freed you from your money and all rational thoughts eh? You are more a slave to your religion, told what to do, how to think, how to act, what to give, where to go, then fleece you financially as your brain turns to mush, loosing self identity as you are branded a follower in a flock. And in the end you die like everybody else and fade into history as a foot note on some family tree.

          • Tell us about the holy ghost. Are they like regular ghosts but more religios and brainwashed than regular ghosts? Ever see a ghost? Is there such a thing? If so then bring them forward along with all of those believers who got everlasting life.
            Show us proof? If the holy ghost is so powerful, then why doesnt he just print up his own money instead of begging for yours every Sunday? Do you have an ounce of curiosity for fact finding?

            • The world is full of “dealers” and their “addicts”. The trick is to not get “high” on your own “supply”.

              • Well said! Excellent point. You can always tell when he has bee hitting that home made brew in which he stews.

            • I’ll take you on. The Holy Ghost isn’t a ghost as you have framed it, it is the third part of the Triune GOD and the potion of God that resides in you once you have received salvation.

              God doesn’t beg us for money, it is all his to begin with and he graciously provides for our needs. One of those needs is charity. Yes, God designed us to benefit from charity. That is why it is so terrible for the government to take our money for the purpose of “charity”, removing the choice and personal nature of true charity. Tithe provides for the needs of the church(facility), the Church body and is used for local and international ministry. And you don’t get kicked out of Church for not tithing. I’ve gone through periods where I thought I couldn’t afford to tithe. You know what happened? Nothing. And by that, I mean I stagnated. When I would take that leap of faith and started to tithe again, even when it was hard? I saw a marked increase in the amount of money coming my way. I’m not a prosperity theology person, but I know for a fact that in my life, when I’m obedient to tithe, money issues go away.

              Now all of this stuff could have been googled, to save yourself the trouble of looking the fool, do you have an ounce of curiosity for fact finding?

              • We live in a land ruled by men. “Religion” (unlike faith) is therefore forfeit when it comes to natural law and free will. It’s going to be abused and misused for nefarious and self-indulgent reasons.

                Granted, the church needs money to operate, and asking to fill the offering plate, so long as it’s used for good, is OK. If you desire to do so.

                Promising someone that tithing will guarantee a return on personal investment, or buy a first class ticket into a heaven for after life,(that cannot be proven) is wrong.

                The world is full of false prophets eager to make a profit. Man seeks a truth, and others have truths for sale.

                Therefore, we cannot take things at face value, or by title, nor proxy.

                You have a brain and are subject to natural law in which to exercise your free will to chose whom and what to believe.

                Just remember: Free will cannot free itself. One mans right is another man’s burden. We are either for, or against, etc.

                Today, most folks are living in the moment. They want to be entertained, happily occupied and some even fed for free. However, nothing is truly free. Everything has it’s price and all bills eventually come due.

                Folks like you on this site see things differently. Your thinking ahead, hands on the rudders and eyes on the horizon. Just don’t let the fear consume you. Don’t forget to drop anchor or go into port once in a while, (in short: “live”).

                Whatever you do, whatever happens, there will be that moment when you’ll confront your past actions. Don’t let regrets be the end result.

                • religious racketeering and charity (including the tithe) are two very different things.

                  The Bible definition of “charity” is love. Giving because you love to give.
                  2Corith 9:7 Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.

                  Jesus confronted the religious racketeers of his time.
                  Matt 21:12 ¶ And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves.
                  Mt 21:13 And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves.

                  A little spiritual discernment helps to see the difference.

          • You can have religion without going to a specific church,drop money in a basket and do what the minister says. Make it personal and follow your own north star. Give some of us a break!

          • afternoon WWTI

            still prayin’ for you and Acid.

            I am a Freed slave.


      6. “Freedom” is self control (as opposed to someone controlling you).

        People get it mixed up with Liberty which is a lack of social and legal restraint from some outside source.

        One usually goes hand in hand with the other, but sometimes not.

      7. What did Jesus say about the (((“elite” “globalists” “banking cabal”)))???

        The Babylonian worshippers of Baal, the phallic worshippers. They are the corruptors.


        There is no freedom without boundaries. The Ten Commandments are boundaries. Anyone wishing to enslave an individual or a Nation, will attempt to remove the Ten Commandments.

        A Nations Boundaries are its borders. Anyone who opens those borders is a traitor and Nation wrecker. The open border – unchecked migration proponents are Nation destroying.

        Race is a reality. Preservation of ones blood is one of the Ten Commandments. … Shall NOT commit ADULTERY.

        “Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife or thy neighbor’s goods.” In this one commandment we have an admonition against sexual acts outside marriage and it has been deceitfully confused with the admonition against race mixing by two sneaky methods. Confounding the original meaning of the word “adultery” which does not mean “cheating”, it means “misogenation”
        or race mixing. The second trick is turning a single commandment into two and dropping the adultery Commandment altogether.

        Jesus said, “Ye are a liar and a murderer from the beginning. Ye are of your father, the devil…”.


        • (((Ezekiel 36:20-28)))

          ^^^ You have preserved your own lineage and are one of these, real, bloodline Jews, right?

      8. Read about what the people who’ve escaped from N Korea say about life there. Public execution for possession of S Korean movies. Three generations of your family go to tortue, starvation ,rape work camps.

      9. Well said Brandon Smith. Each of us must tame our inner tyrant and free our inner braveheart. The American founding fathers studied governments and debated ideals before forming our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Part of the debate was presented on paper within the Federalist Papers. Thomas Payne presented arguments within “Common Sense.” Modern sages like Mark Levin, Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, and others urge all Americans to be civil and do the right thing.

      10. whole lotta words, not much that’s useful
        wake people up to storm the castle at a later date?
        half the people in this country will never get it, ever
        which castle do we storm and where is it located?

        • Independence is Still a Revolutionary Act by Daisy Luther is an article with a lotta words. But rather than philosophical drivel as the above, gives a list of useful things anyone can do while waiting for the castle to be stormed. Keep talking Brandon while others actually DO something in the here and now.

      11. Folks, all need to tamp down opinion on religion – both directions. What a man or woman believes is what they happen to accept and believe. They or whomever may think they are ‘right’ and their’s the only way or not; but, in the end (which we all face and will find out soon enough) there is no prove to be known during life. I know, I know – your particular choice you may thing solid and provable. Okay, believe away. But…… no one has any right to attempt to sway or convince any other once the party being spoken to says, “no thanks”. Period. It is really no different than a door-to-door salesman. You can knock on the door; but, if the man or lady of the house says, “not today, not for me, please leave” you must. Simple as that. It is equally wrong to speak disparagingly of each other on these matters. For again, you cannot prove you are right. I’m asking to both defend you ‘grandee’; as well as, you two – ‘john stiner’ and ‘CrackSummSkulls’. Equally. As far as me, being as objective as I can be is possible, all of you have the right to go your own paths. But none of you have the right to insult the other.

      12. everyones freedom is limited. The fact is right or wrong whatever society you live in if you don’t behave in a manner that’s acceptable to that society they will make your freedom choice’s very difficult or impossible.

        • In reality this is true because Constitutional Republics bend under the inherent pressure of the majority known as “Tyranny of the masses”. Our Founding Fathers tried their best to codify Individual Rights untouchable from the majority. Its a work in progress as Communism and Democracy are far more closely linked then the latter realize or accept as true.

          • Agreed.

            The ultimate problem is there is no absolute perfect system. Someone is always left out or sees how it should be done differently. There is always stress in a system working to destroy or change it from what it is right now whether internally or externally.

            You can’t have full government (doesn’t exist because it will really be an oligarchy) because then you have no freedom or money or chance to better yourself because you’re life will be run for you.

            You can’t have no government or Anarchy because people tend to congregate together in family units or tribes ( there you go, some type of governance will form).

            If you have a democracy, eventually the masses will work to eat the minority. Then the majority will splinter and the new majority eats the new minority or until an oligarchy is established.

            What we have here is a constitutional republic, if you can keep it. As you move in the Republic/Anarchy area, an education, a real education is required to help support the notion of self governance. That is why the skules and media had to be seized. To erase the creative educated mind. To create illiterate slaves that have to go to a controlled source that tells them who to vote for, who to hate, and eventually who to kill and kill for.

            • Daniel Boone (or was it Davy Crocket?) talked about the need for ‘elbow room’. Really, that is what it is all about! Isn’t it?

              Louisiana Eagle

              • Boone and yup. With a little elbow room one is less likely to bump or trample on another ( be it space, property or rights.)

                People are getting nasty. We need a couple beer kegs, not powder kegs. But hell, I drink alone.


      14. Democracy… what is that? What the last election and earlier ones were all about? What the US wages war for to bring to foreign nations? Show me a democracy, you can’t because they don’t exist in reality. Somehow the illusion still persists. We can only vote for the totally corrupt figureheads offered up. The agenda never changes.

        • aljamo, this country wasn’t founded as a democracy. It was founded as a free constitutional republic, limited franchise. Limited franchise? What does that mean? That means not everyone gets to vote. Women were not allowed to vote. Slaves and Indians were not allowed to vote. Basically only educated White men were allowed to vote. And then it started to change. Everyone can vote, even the dead. And now we have a socialist democracy. All democracies are socialist. Democracy is communism light. Democracy isn’t the final destination. It’s just a stop along the way to totalitarianism.

      15. Leftist attacks IL. Republican Gov. Rauner with powdery substance today:

        The Illinois Capitol reopened Thursday after being on lockdown for about two hours after a woman allegedly threw a powdery substance in the governor’s office….

        Remember folks! H8TE, bullying and violence are wrong… unless the LEFT does it. Then it is “understandable,” “justified” and “reasonable.”

        • Rauner should have known what he was getting into when he ran for governor.
          At any rate, he knows now. What a cesspool of filth, Cook County is.
          No compromise from the communist district commanders that serve the gimmedats.
          I gots to gets mines. My baby mama need dat WIC and EBT. Damn. What dey call it now
          dat Obama ain’t president. Trump phone. Gotta get me a Trump phone wit unlimited
          minutes. I ain’t working for MacDonald’s foe no minimum wage. What you mean it ain’t
          called MacDonald’s. Only white folks call it McDonalds. Damn. This neighbahood messed
          up. Im’a get me some Section 8 crib out in the suburbs and chill. Them white folks get all
          the good weed out there. Don’t playa hate just because I got my lil’ hustle goin’ on. Told
          you I gots to get mines. If Illinoise go bankrupt, dats too bad.
          See that Rauner? That’s what you get for trying to play Savior. Now he knows.

      16. Definition of freedom: the ease of acquiring and defending individual property.

      17. The smaller the government, the bigger the freedom. ’nuff said.

      18. I wonder if it all comes down to: Freedom is being allowed to leave?

      19. If anyone thinks they have any freedoms, try this test: stand on public property while not blocking anyone or anything while holding a sign that can even be blank.
        -Do this as a silent protest so that you aren’t creating a disturbance or distracting drivers.
        -Do walk around some so you aren’t considered to be loitering.

        Now see how long before the police approach you.
        What will they say to you?
        Then consider whether or not you are left with any freedoms.

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