Obama Phone: Gov to Spend $2.4 Billion On Millions of Free Phones In 2012

by | Feb 9, 2012 | Headline News | 222 comments

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    One of the complaints about the U.S. Constitution recently, being as outdated as it is, is that it fails to guarantee certain unalienable rights such as free medical care, housing , food, and of course, the right to bear cell phones. And, although the founders failed to specifically cite social programs as a necessary element for promoting the general welfare, the living nature of our founding document has been interpreted by political and legal scholars alike to allow for the seizure of assets by force from one group of people in order to redistribute those assets in a fair and responsible manner to those less fortunate.

    As such, if you’re one of the 100 million Americans living below or at the edge of the poverty line, you’ll be happy to know that you more than likely qualify for a free cellular phone, also known as the Obama Phone, from the US government:

    The Lifeline and Link Up programs are available to qualifying consumers in every state, territory, commonwealth, and on Tribal lands. Eligibility criteria vary by state. For states that rely solely on the federal Lifeline and Link Up program eligibility criteria, subscribers must either have an income that is at or below 135% of the federal Poverty Guidelines or participate in one of the following assistance programs:

    • Medicaid,
    • Food Stamps,
    • Supplemental Security Income (SSI),
    • Federal Public Housing Assistance (Section 8),
    • Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP),
    • Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF), or
    • The National School Lunch Program’s Free Lunch Program.

    The qualification requirements apply to roughly half of all American households, because according to recent statistics some 48.5% of Americans receive benefits from the government programs above.

    According to a recent ruling by the FCC, the Lifeline and Link Up programs will now be expanded to provide wireless (and wireline broadband) coverage to more Americans than ever before:

    The Lifeline-eligible population has increased significantly over the past decade. Since 1999, real median household income in the U.S. has declined by 7.1 percent, while households at the bottom of the income scale have seen their income decline by 12.1 percent.

    In 2010, 46.2 million Americans were living in poverty, defined as living at or below the benchmark established in the FPG, compared to 31.6 million in 2000.

    As household income has declined and more carriers have offered Lifeline-supported service, the program has
    experienced significant growth. In the absence of today’s Order, which manages the size of the Fund in part by establishing a savings target, the program would provide an estimated $2.4 billion in support in 2012; that compares to an inflation-adjusted $582 million it provided in 1998 when five million subscribers participated in the program.

    Source: Federal Communication Commission [pdf]

    Over $2.4 billion in freshly printed dollars will be directed towards the program, which aims to connect tens of millions of poverty stricken Americans to the digital grid.

    While we realize that some of those individuals, like those who cannot work for medical reasons for example, need access to phones in the event of an emergency, we can’t help but wonder how many millions of people like Duane Brooks, Jr. will be able to make calls, send text messages, and update their Facebook profiles instantly at the expense of others:


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      1. Unbelievable.

        The insanity just keeps on comin’. I wonder what’s next…(?)

        • Obama punch bowls with a lifetime supply of free Kool-Aid, most likely grape flavored.

          • Come on dude, its comments like that that make people think preppers, militia members, and our ilk are dumb, crazy racists. It doesn’t matter that Obama is black, hell it doesn’t matter that hes a democrat, the powers that be are the ones doing this stuff.

            • How did you derive racism from this comment? And FYI your statement is contradictory, Obama is working for the PTB- he may not be the architect of this collapse but he is the puppet on their strings.

            • He’s half white too “dude”. Why are you calling up the race card?

            • Seriously, what DOES this have to do with race?!! I’m black, and I’m seriously tired of race being bantered about when it has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE IRRESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOR DISPLAYED BY OUR GOVT TOWARD ITS PEOPLE. There is a time and a place to discuss issues of race, but this is not one of them. There are more non-black people receiving benefits than black people, but it may be argued that more black people receive them per capita than any other group. Part of our problem in this country is that we can’t have HONEST DIALOGUE about what needs to be done because we’re deathly afraid of hurting someone’s feelings. Welfare and free crap are destroying the Black community– my people. There. I said it. Me and Bill Cosby. My hard working grandparents would be ASHAMED of who and what we have become. My hard working parents lament the destructive behavior of these later generations, eager to do nothing and receive everything in return. Do I get my Blackness revoked now since I’m going against the “pity me and give me crap” line that so many people, in a lot of cases correctly, assign to Black people? This same “get over” that we have done to ourselves has CRIPPLED my community. Now THAT’S real talk. Racist? Hardly.

            • I thought he asked for the job. How much money did he raise and spend to ride AF1.

            • He didn’t say anything about race. It is all in your mind. Are you a racist? Come on dude.

          • That just won him the elections with the 18 to 30 year olds, i.e. ‘give me’ generation. Gotta be “iphones”, though.

            • yeah……..not all of us are idiots.

            • eat my ass. i’m 32 and haven’t asked for a single thing. it’s the baby boomers that normalized the social welfare system, not mine.

            • Winston Churchill ‘hit the nail on the head’ when he said;

              “Many regard free enterprise as a predatory tiger to be shot.

              Others regard it as a cow they can milk.

              Few realise that it is the horse that pulls the whole cart”

              So, to all you politicians, bankers and their associates we’ve been milked once too often.


          • “Obama punch bowls with a lifetime supply of free Kool-Aid, most likely grape flavored.”

            you don’t think that sounds racist? we all know the stereotypes, guy. don’t be a dumbass, you’re making yourself look bad.

            • Well I definitely missed the racist part. Maybe because I’m an Aussie? Must be different stereotypes. Something to do with grape Kool-Aid?

            • How does grape Kool-Aid become a racist comment? I was referring to the Jonestown massacre where they were all served grape Kool-Aid laced with cyanide, you know, hence the Kool-Aid drinker comments when referring to Obama supporters? The phrase “Kool-Aid drinker” was coined to reference people who throw all logic out the window and blindly follow a false messiah.

            • I just *know* it’s racist, having drunk? drank? drinked? tons and tons of grape kool-ade growing up, ate crawdads, drank tons of fruit punch, ate tons of home-made fried-in-its-own-fat (after being rolled in salt and pepper and flour, yo) friend chicken, gone around barefoot more than with shoes growing up, etc yadda yadda.

              It’s racist against poor whites.

              That being said, grape kool-ade, yum.

            • He said Kool-Aid, not “Lil’ Wayne’s Purple Drank”

          • I hope you all realize that this program was established during Bush Jrs administration with a Republican Congress. Lets keep things real people.


              Stuff Liberals say:


          • Don’t forget the halal turds floating around.

        • It kinda keeps me anxious, just waitin to see what’s next……….If our current history was a book, I’d swear it was fiction.


          • This bitch is doing nothing but buying votes with tax dollars. If they can be bought and had for the price of a cell phone I wonder what they would do for a hundred bucks. You watch; as soon as he is reelected he is going to turn on them, maybe all of us!

            • @Hammerum,
              The bitch has already turned on us, it’ll only be more obvious if he is reelected. Sadly, once a government program starts it is very difficult to eliminate it. Expect it to only get worse. Sorry, just saying……

            • yes, buying votes, I am all for a new law that makes people dependent on gov’t aid not eligible to vote. Let the taxpayers decide if politicians can continue the nanny state or not.

            • The pic w/his hand gesture looks like he’s throwin democrat gang signs.

            • Hammerun I’d say your argument stands up well.

              And I’m sure any white democrat President, or McCain if he’d won, would do the same thing.

              It works out to what, $100 per phone? $1000? I but some of the texting fools are racking up $1000 a year in charges easily.

              I pay for my own damn phone, and it runs me about $20 a month. Oh yeah and Verizon has this cute plan, that I can’t believe is legal: Quarterly, they look at my balance and if there’s less than $50 in there, they TAKE IT. That’s right, they just fucking take it. The first time they did that to me, I complained and got the manager of the local Verizon store to give me my damn $34 back. I was pissed. Anyway, once their evil plan was explained, I said, OK easy, I’ll just make sure I’ve *always* got more than $50 in there. I write all this here because if you guys and gals are considering just using a cheap, “dumb”, pay-as-you-go phone, a lot of the carriers probably pull shit like this, so read the plan carefully.

        • [Creasy has rectally inserted a five minute time bomb into Fuentes]
          Fuentes: A last wish, please, please. Please.
          Creasy: Last wish? I wish you had more time.

          5..4..3..2.. Boom!

          Yes, a collect call for Mrs. Floyd from Mr. Floyd. … “See he keeps hanging up.”

        • You said it Lin – this has always bugged me.

          A mobile phone is a luxury in our world. Yet EVERYONE has one. Assuming the average plan is $50-100 depending on your features, why wouldn’t this be one of the first things you’d sacrifice if times were tough. We got along fine without them before. It’s a convenience people.

          My favorite summer site is a guy holding a sign for a furniture store along the side of a road in 100+ degree heat. And what is he doing? Texting or surfing on his phone. Makes sense – make $5 an hour doing that and spend it on using data on the phone. Maddening.

          • Survivor Mike: Great observation! I’m 49, old enough to remember life before cellphones. We functioned fine. We made appointments in advance – by landline – and KEPT TO THEM!

            I also have to laugh: Sometimes I see people walking and talking with those mini mikes and earphones, attached by wires somewhere to their cell. Pre-cellphone days, we’d think that they were crazy, talking to themselves.

            • Yes, I often see those with the earplug cellphones and they really appear to be talking to themselves. So now when I see someone, ( a co-worker or even someone in the grocery line, I will ask them,”ARE YOU TALKING TO ME? ” sorry, I thought you were talking to yourself”. It’s ridiculous because I am of the age when we functioned properly without cellphones and did just fine. I would give up my basic cellphone gladly but my husband insists on it since I drive long distances. We both have the simplest and most basic of them all..NO SMARTPHONES FOR ME!!

          • Survivor Mike, Stoosh, Hoops, yeah I agree. I remember life before the damn things. It was a lot nicer, Hell I remember one house out of 3 or so having a phone, and it was not paid for by the gov’t either.

            As I outlined above, I have a cheap pay-as-I-go phone, and it just barely justifies its existence so I keep paying my $20 or so a month.

            The folks talking to themselves, I just feel free to join in on the conversation. Watch out if it’s a big mean guy though lol.

        • Just remember, Obama cannot do anything with the House and Senate. Let your 2 Senators and you Congressional rep. hear from you.

          • Sit down Wilson.

          • Writimg congress is like writing Dracule on where the missing blood is at the blood bank

        • Un-effing believable. I quit.

        • It matters not white, black, asian, etc… The supposed poor folks have way too much shit given too them to even really in fairness be called poor anymore. Who is entitled to recieve free phones??!!! WTF! Next it will be flat screens and a blowjob with a blunt to burn afterwards or free smokes. If you are poor then be fucking poor. It goes way beyond just helping folks in times of need a bit; it has become a fucking career for assholes to sit on their ass and do nothing to recieve free money and stuff now and they will never do anything more because why should they?? I feel that if you don’t have any real way of being a wealth producer then you should not get a vote in the country and what direction it goes. Rather like in the olden days where only certain folks got a say in what happens, like land owners or such; though not a perfect system it could be re-done to accomodate a larger spectrum of what wealth is, say anyone who makes $150,000 or more a year get’s to vote and those just sitting on their ass doing nothing getting taken care never get a say. Fairs fair; broke fucks should not be given more free stuff so their vote can be bought. I will tell you whats gonna happen if it is not already obvious; many of the producers (wealth generators, buisness’s, hard working people) will just stop doing it or leave the country all together. Hey it’s happening already. No one in their right mind will work 60-80 hrs a week to get paid shit and then turn around and pay between 35 to 45% or more depending on income in taxes that goes to paying for lazy bastards or other shit they don’t agree with. This leaves the entire system to collapse completely. Why do ya think NDAA and patriot act amoungst other things have gone through and the police have been militarized?? The gov’t already knows that this is a forgone conclusion. All the major countries have now taken themselves off of the dollar for world reserve currency and started direct trades between themselves with their own currencies.
          On another note my own mother got hepatitus and was given SS disabilty. I was glad as it was her own damn fault anyway that she even got sick. She went on for the last 16 years on this and never did she attempt to get off of it even when she was able to work or do something else. The same goes for most folks who get this kinda of help, never come off of the fix of free money; then sit and look at the rest of us like it’s our fucking job to care and pay for them.

          • I just watched the video from Judge Judy above. Guys or Gals like that should have the shit kicked ouuta them by a mob. What a cocksucker.

          • rememberback in the 30s no job so city gave you a can on wheeles and a broom, was called working for your money and no union either just a small paycheck to feed your family!

        • Obama finally read the report that cell phones cause brain cancer and tumors, so he thought that would help the globalists in their plight to eliminate 2/3 of the world’s population. Isn’t he just special?

      2. Surely this clip was made for TV. You don’t really think we have people “riding” the social programs for all its worth ……

        • Stop calling me Surely.

        • Several years ago, I briefly dated a single mother with three children. She lived in subsidized housing which she heated with HEAP vouchers. She cooked me great meals purchased with food stamps. She was a month away from earning a four-year degree provided by grants when I asked her what she wanted to do when she graduated. Her plan was to remain on entitlement programs by working towards another four-year degree. I wonder how that worked out for her.

          • What was her degree in?

            • Social work

          • exactly what I am talking about.

        • yes they do and know a few of them in my neighborhood.

      3. and it never ends! I would be willing to bet that if you go to the pubicly funded housing projects that most of the units would have flat screen tv’s as well as the latest video game systems, with the most recently released video games. In the parking lot there are Escalades with 24″ rims and niiiiice stero systems! But they do not have money to buy food and need the assistance from the tax payers. Perfect Utopia we live in. We use to get along fine without cell phones. Are they not a luxury item?

        • How else are the entitlement babies supposed to get ahold of their drug dealers when there are hardly any pay phones around anymore?

        • Yep. I definitely know the type. One of my neighbors absolutley disgusts me. Nicer car than I drive, X-BOX, WII, huge flat screen t.v. Every week she has a new hair style and her nails done. Hasn’t worked a damn hour in years, just mocches off any govt. program she can. And now she’s about to take a vacation down south on tax payers dimes(for the 2nd time in about a year). Absolutely insane.

        • I work in a wic clinic (nutrition program for women, infants and children under 5 yrs old.) It is the lowest costing federal and state program and gives huge bang for our tax buck. For giving nutrition, health and parenting info as well as checks for specific, healthy foods we have significantly improved the health of our families and that saves big bucks. Think about this. A pregnant women who does not need special medical care and has a healthy baby saves this state at least $100,000 for this pregnancy alone. Keep the baby out of the NICU and you save $50,000/day. That does not count her future medical needs being less and her family healthier for years to come etc.
          If you go out to the parking lot and pick out the cars my staff and I drive you would get it backwards. Our clients have the nicer cars. Yep. I gotta wonder just how is that possible? Are they accurately reporting their income to the state or what?

          • you ought to know better than anyone that just because some drives a car, doesnt’ mean that they own that car. that they’re current on payments for that car. that they don’t have a generous uncle.

          • How is it possible? you nailed it with your “Bang for our tax buck” statement.

            The goal should be to stop having children that cannot be supported by the people that brought them into this world not how do we (society) take care of them once they land. This is wrong thinking. How much “bang our tax buck” gets in terms of womb to tomb support is not the right approach and creates the moral hazard that is clearly illustrated by the cars in your parking lot.

            WIC, HEAP, Section 8 housing, Lifeline and Link Up programs create and embed generational welfare in our society.

          • quite frankly Cara they should be fucking fixed and not allowed to have children if they don’t have the money. A statement comes to mind (If you can’t feed em, don’t breed em)!!!!!!!!!!!

            • or, they and only they are responsible for their offspring. I don’t care how many kids you have just as long as you the child bearer take care of them. I don’t believe in the whole it take a village idea.

        • There would be less poverty if men couldn’t toss their wives to the curb once they became middle aged and if wage garnishment were routine so that they paid their child support on time.

      4. Can’t track someone without a cell phone…

        • You said it all, high five !

        • My thoughts exactly…..I see a day coming when TPTB will require everyone to have one….3 times a day everyone will be required to stop what theyre doing…face toward DC…and listen to dear leaders instructions…crazy world…dont have one wont have one…I dont want to “keep in touch” with anyone anyhow..much less be “reachable 24/7

        • bingo,we got a bingo.you said it prep49er.the best way to track someone

        • Yep true indeed. Once the Rex 84 and H.R. 1645 are enacted they will use the phones to find these fuckers to throw them camps. Actually in a sense it’s genius.

      5. we are all doomed….

      6. Good news! As an Obama phone recipient you are automatically signed up to receive critical updates from the President’s re-election campaign! And it’s pre-loaded with helpful apps like Voting Reminder that will tell you where to go and who to vote for! And of course includes important numbers like Acorn, Planned Parenthood, and New Panther Party!

        Embrace the Change and get your FREE OBAMA PHONE TODAY!

        Also helpful for reporting those pesky Constitutionalists to the proper authorities! See something? Say something!


        • Oh yea the other part is they can send text’s directly to anyone these assholes to vote for the person who gave them out.

      7. this is fuckin bullshit

      8. Could be used as a method to keep track of them,curry favor,and release propaganda all in one. They know what they are doing.

      9. Obamessiah to the rescue, AGAIN! Oh, thank, thank, thank you my saviour. T

        hank you. This is what America is all about. Maybe that lady during the 2008 election cycle was correct when she told the radio interviewer: “Obama gonna buy me a house. And a car. And he gonna buy my gas. . . ” She forgot the health care, the phone, the abortion, the contraception, the food, the booze. . .

        • Heard a good joke that might fit in good right here.

          McDonanlds is test marketing a new meal called the Big Obama. You walk up and order it and the guy behind you gets to pay for it. Sad but true.

          • There’s the Obama value pack….where the cashier comes out from behind the register at Mcdonalds and fucks you up the ass with a big red white and blue dick to pay for the free stuff they give out others.

        • Why do you guys think contraception and Planned Parenthood are bad? I swear, I’m upping my donations to PP because of you. Read up on PP, they were founded to prevent just the kind of stuff you guys are bitching about.

          Right now a professional welfare-momma, and there are plenty of white ones, can simply pop out kids and making a good living off of the benefits that come to the kids. Change that structure, encourage more contraception, take away the bonus for more kids, and you don’t have an exponentially-increasing number of freeloaders which is what we have now.

          • Any single mother with more then two kids from different baby daddies, should have cut her benefits, that would help to hold the numbers of children born as money makers down.

            People would argue, but we have to support them because of the poor children.

            Well these babies would not be porn in an like that in the first place, with no real chance to make it out of the welfareenvirement.

            What chance in live to this children have?
            They are often just the next welfare generation, because thats the values these mothers install in them.

            • not saying I disagree, but if we do something like this to the women then we better de-nut(literaly or figurativly) the daddys too…takes two to tango…just sayin…

      10. Oh God, can’t unhear it . . .

        “Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, Obama-phone!
        Boop Boop BeeDoop BeeDoop!”

      11. I see the welfare queens rappin on their freebie phones while drivin their Escalades, comin back from gettin their hair did.

        • ROFLOL
          Thanks for the humor.

          • The sad thing is it’s really going on. This shit’s not a joke anymore.

        • Just thinkin’….Janis Joplin…Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz…. Oh Lord won’t you buy me a color tv…
          I wish I had the skills to make a video parody.

      12. Is this a direct line to the POTUS?

        I’m just a professional.

        I’m just a professional.

        How much time do I have?

      13. they just keep coming up with new and interesting ways to reward poor performance….
        kinda takes away the incentive to play by the rules and try to manage your life and finances responsibly…

        Where’s my tax credit for NOT having any kids?
        Where’s my reward for being current on my mortgage?
        Shouldn’t not having ANY credit card or student loan debt get me a better rate on a personal or vehicle loan?

        • Pipedown terrorist fruitcake! Your reward has already been built-a nice cage at FEMA camp 17B.

        • I guess technically we can call them Reagan phones too 🙂

          It’s true that government provides free cellphones to the poor and disabled people. But the Obama part is not true as Obama didn’t initiate this program. It’s on the run since the administration of Reagan.


          The issue is that I think under Reagan these phones were actually intended for people with urgent needs… No doubt the programs (like all government programs) expanded under Bush and Clinton …and Bush…. and of course, all government programs have expanded to unprecedented levels under President Obama.

          • This website has the look and feel of a phishing site. Where is the official web page?

          • Really? I wasnt aware they(cellphones) were around then,how long have they been made? I only heard of them about 10 yrs ago….I live out in the woods you see….

          • So right Mac, i wondered when that might get noted. If you ever perused your cell phone bill, thismprogram is funded by a fee we all pay, if we self fund our phones that is. Like all govt programs, this has grown beyond it’s original intent. Of course, the results we observe today could have been the original intent all along. That general behavior of govt is what makes it hard to identify the mal intent. The average person still believes that most people aren’t out to do evil, to lie, cheat, steal at others expense. Thus, we don’t expect our elected and appointed officials to act against our interests as their modes operandi. Of course taking a step back and looking at the results of all programs out of the govt reveals that they all metastasize into a uncontrollable wealth eating disease. Their output is privilege for the sponsors, with a side order of advantage for those they wish to curry favor with.

            • Ya know, I’ve been homeless, I’ve been very poor, I’ve had to spare-change, and I was never able to find any of these programs that are supposedly under every bush and behind every door. The only “food bank” type donation I got was, a lady at the job center and I got talking, and she had all these cans of food in a box she gave me, since she didn’t know how she was going to be able to cook the stuff, living in her car (and she actually had enough $ coming in to eat prepared foods). I took the stuff “home” to where I was living (on the couch) and was able to eat the stuff, otherwise I’d have cooked it over a campfire or on a homemade alcohol stove. I don’t know how people get hooked up with all these programs, it must be the central focus of their lives, like studying for a degree, because it seems to take a lot of dedication and sheer hours, interviewing and filling out a million forms for food stamps, putting in real time at all these different agencies.

              I found it a hell of a lot more easy to just find work, any work, recycling, casual labor, mopping floors, etc., and it is a HELL of a lot nicer being a free person rather than a ward of the State.

              Just go down any street and ask people, ask the businesses, if there’s any scut work you can do. Everyone, even min-wage peons, has some job they’ll pay ya a few bucks to do. It might be emptying and rinsing the trash cans, or mopping the floor, or something and even a minimum-wager will pay YOU a few dollars to do it. Or you’ll get a meal if it’s a restaurant. There’s work out there.

            • Well said Tomas….DT how right you are,been there!

        • You’re right. It doesn’t matter. There’s a new sheriff in town.

      14. A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over lousy fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average of the world’s great civilizations before they decline has been 200 years. These nations have progressed in this sequence: From bondage to spiritual faith; from faith to great courage; from courage to liberty; from liberty to abundance; from abundance to selfishness; from selfishness to Complacency; from complacency to apathy; from apathy to dependency; from dependency back again to bondage.
        – Alexander Fraser Tyler, Cycle Of Democracy (1770)

        • The government could always pay half of the people to kill the other half and start over. Is the U.S. overdue for another Civil War?

          • How woud that work? If the workers kill the sitters there would be plenty of tax dollars to get the budget all pretty again but then the workers would ax the powers that be. HUMM
            Ok so the sitters will kill the workers …..and then they would realize too late that now they will starve to death. Hummm Or, oh my gosh, NOOOOOOO! They would have to become the workers.
            I vote for plan C: every person who works, votes. Those in Congress who try to clean up this mess MAY save their jobs. Those who don’t work at some type of job lose their benefits and are on their own. That is their choice. Yep that is my vote: plan C

          • I doubt you and I will be in the paid camp. We have a price on our heads already.

          • They wouldn’t have to pay me. There are plenty I would kill for free. And they are convienantly concentrated in one city…

      15. How can you get any pudding if you don’t eat your meat.

        How can I call for WIX if I don’t have a fone.

      16. Trying reeeaal hard to see this from their side, as a mom, if I didn’t have a phone, I would want the school to be able to contact me if my child were sick. Can’t they just get those pre-pay cards on a throw away provided? No internet, no texting, simple 200 min’s a month LIMIT.
        Like a FEMA PHONE. And I’ll bet that THEIR phones aren’t being monitored for terrorist activities.

        • Of course their phones aren’t going to be monitored. They’re not being suspected of being terrorists, we are.

      17. If they give it to you then they damn well will monitor it for what you say on it. You cannot take the Dane’s gold without the Dane.

      18. Mac, you completely missed this one. THINK for a minute: who has nothing to lose, and therefore are the greatest threat to the PTB? Poor people. And what is the easiest tracking mechanism outside of Facebook? Cell phones. Instead of race/class-bating, you of all people should understand this initiative for what it is: an attempt at TOTAL surveillance. Complain about what your tax dollars doing, yes, but stop blaming the victim.

        • Definitely a good point and one i considered including but i didn’t want this article to drag on too much. I’m glad you brought it up.

          Yes, in a world where DHS/FBI and other alphabet agencies need to track the activities of everything and everyone, it only makes sense to ensure everyone has a device in their pocket to make this possible.

          All of the information – in real time – will be stored, aggregated, analyzed, and flagged via Fusion Centers. This includes cell phones, shopping habits, surfing habits, social networking, text messaging, medical screenings, as well as drone surveillance info (30,000 within 10 years watching the skies of America!!)… All of it will be used to create profiles, threat assessments, and ‘actionable’ intelligence.

          I touched on this in Americans, Everything You Do Is Monitored

          I completely agree — TOTAL SURVEILLANCE is one of the primary goals. At $2.4 billion, it’s a small price to pay to digitally print the dollars to make this happen.

          Great comment Deskpoet. Thanks!


          • I just love wit!

          • These free cell phones will make a great distraction for those who use them; play games, text your friends and order your delivery pizza…… NOW with that being said., Obama will not have to worry about a mob of people showing up at his door step….they are just to BUSY !!!!! 😉

          • @Mac;
            There’s one thing about that thought that rings true. Surveillance of the poor. Wait till Obama has to finally get a set and has to tell them he is going to have to cut some of their freebie programs. The shit will be flying everywhere. I had always thought an element of the poor was going to be his National Force he touted about during his election campaign, the one that should be as well-equipped and as well financed as the military. I also think there might be an idea of how to lock down young students with outstanding tuition loans. Their loans to be forgiven if they work for the Government for 10 years. At that point they are lifelong Government employees anyway, that’s lined up with him and his agenda.

            • Good thinking, hammer.

          • I wonder if there is some “privacy policy” associated with these phones that is accepted when you use or accept said phone?

        • I read somewhere – source unknown – that it is not poor people but the middle class that rebel and overthrow the rulers. Poor people, by definition, are too needy, too disadvantaged, to be able to mount an effective insurgency; it’s the middle class: the small business people, the professionals, the skilled workers, etc., who have the incentive, the connections, and the means to rebel.

          Food for thought. I’m not saying that this is the definitive answer; just providing info in case someone would like to research further on his own.

          • I think you’re right. I think the French Revolution, you know, the one that’s pointedly *not* taught in US schools, was an uprising by the newly-created middle-class.

            I know the Nazi revolution came out of a lot of middle-class people who’d become poor because of the 1920s Depression in Germany.

        • You know I understand that to a point…but Im getting tired of all the dont blame the poor victim crap..come on give it a rest,stupidity may start out as not ones fault…(maybe)… but by God its curable and if they dont cure it then let the law of the jungle do its work…sorry but theres always some excuse why people are victims and cant be held to any accountability…Im not holding them to anything I dont expect of myself,I could cry victim myself with lots of gusto and have a right to do so but I refuse to allow anyone or anything to relegate me into any status that I do not choose to be…sure govt is evil…sure its about tracking and controlling but when gimmie gimmie my names jimmy allows himself to be herded into a cage in exchange for some stupid thing like a phone then maybe jimmie needs to take some blame when he’s served up piping hot on some NWO menu,ENOUGH!!

      19. Mmm..bring it on. Free housing, free food, free school, free phone, free cloths for me and my kids, free lunches and breakfasts for my kids (on top of the other free foods I get), fre chritsmas presents (thx)…oh this is good to, I get free heat and free rent, and free cable. Man I love this country.

        I need a free car too. i know some state out east give them away, but I ain’t going to move. Needs to be Fed program. Oh, and dont’ expect me to pay no insurance either.

        Keep on working! I need vacation.

      20. Good blog for Sprint and Assurance Wireless. 250 minutes…

      21. The phone and food stamps are the bread, Judge Judy and the Super Bowl are the circuses. The fall of Rome anyone?

        • Free beans and free Section 8 housing. Now you want a phone?

        • OK if you want to see why we are in the mess we are in. Click on the video that Kevin posted, watch it till the end. Then click on the video to the top left (black girl with turquise blouse) IT WILL MAKE YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT WE ARE UP AGAINST!!! I’m gonna go off myself now. Night night.

          • The upper left….that is pathetic!!

          • Maybe she means she won’t have to worry because obama can fix the economy…
            like that could happen.lol

          • Makes me want to cry.

      22. As a taxpayer, neither asking for or receiving any government handouts (but far from being a 1 percenter), the Judge Judy clip BURNS me up!!!! I and my husband both WORKED and paid for our own college educations and didn’t get any “rent money.” This is a glorious example of the unsolvable problems that will destroy us.

        • Kevin,

          This is the chief reason I could not in good conscience vote for Obama. Any Presidential candidate that gets up before a crowd and suggests we need a national civilian security force that is just strong, just as powerful, just as well well funded as the military is a warning too ominous to ignore.

          I don’t care what context he was speaking in. I am taking him at face value as a former Harvard Law professor that he says what he means, and means what he says.

          • I bet all the military contractors voted for Obama based upon that speech!

      23. http://berkley.house.gov/ look at this leader, it says it all about why our country is going to $hit. She checks with isreal before every vote!!

      24. Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring… Obama phone!

        Now now, how else are they going to triangulate your position?

        • Speaking of the Hag. She has been flying low under the radar lately. Haven’t seen that funky mug on TV for a while. Maybe she ought to come out from under her rock and help Obama on his Campaign. YUCK YUCK!

      25. I can hardly stand to look at this POS squatting in the WH. Wish he’d just shut his lying D!ckwasher and go AWAY.

      26. Guess the polls indicate he hasn’t bought enough votes yet. This continues with the philosophy or today’s democrat party: Work Hard, Earn, Save and we’ll take it and buy votes from those who don’t.

      27. BTW in defense of Obama; which I don’t care to do….he didn’t start the program.


        But he hasn’t ended it either.

        • No, he just expanded it 10 fold. It’s only 2.4 Billion.

      28. There is definitely a “Hidden Agenda” behind this! The Dark Side of the Force…US Government… never makes a move spontaneously, but well calculated, dangerous, and down right evil. I just haven’t figured it out yet! A precursor maybe to tag the poor and finish them off first, since they are in total dependent on the US Government.

        • I was just thinking bait on a hook………another trap………

          Keep preppin’

        • The Gov is doing this to buy votes for Obama in a addition to gaining more power over the sheeple. As long as they are dependent on the Gov, the Gov controls them.

      29. I normally cannot stand to watch Judge Judy, but I did,
        just for kicks, and what a riot! In fact, I watched a
        couple more, too! Thanks for that!

        That being said, when’s Obummer gonna pay MY rent?
        Where’s MY free cell phone? Not once, in my life, have
        I ever STOOPED to receive welfare, food stamps, or Gov’t
        ‘cheese’. I have always felt too ashamed to even try.
        I guess shame is ‘relative’. Not everyone experiences
        it to the same extent. In fact, it looks like SOME
        people have no shame, period!

        It makes me sick to think of all the trillions of dollars
        our society has wasted through the years. Now, our
        nation is bankrupt, and yet, WE STILL KEEP PAYING OUT
        THESE FREEBIES! It makes my head spin.

        • I was out of work once, and was gonna get some “cheese”, but it came in a solid block! They wouldn’t even slice it for me!

      30. This can’t be serious. I don’t believe it.

      31. In my county, all of the schools have Apple computers.
        All the teachers have Apple laptops and Apple phones.
        My daughter insists she must have an Apple so that she can be in configuration with the schools programs when doing reports.
        I was complaining to a cashier in a store about this and she said she was thinking of getting an Apple. And since her kids are on free lunches she qualifies for $10 a month internet.
        I must be doing something wrong.

      32. SING IT WITH ME!


      33. Can you hear me now?

        • Let me roll over. How about now?

      34. I believe the Chinese welfare recipient lady who drives a BRAND NEW ESCALADE and spends her days selling counterfeit DVDs at the local laundromats has an Obama phone.

        Rumor has it she uses her Obama phone to call China and order more job-killing counterfeit goods.

      35. I am 62, I have not be able to work full time since I was 50 do to health problem, I am one of those who use those beans and heat help. You make of. No, I have not apply for a phone but I am being help out on a friend group line. I pay a small fee and use only it if emergency comes up. I live under $750. with SS and SSI (I worked for some place who I pay but they went out business). Being poor is not a funny joke as some of you feel it is. I have roof that needs fixing, any one come over to fix it? No, and no there no help for that. It mean I will choose food or health care needs. To keep roof over my head. Right now I sleep in living room, so the roof drips do not land on me in my sleep. bed now holds buckets. It a old 120 year house but I will make it threw I always have. But you have little no understand what like to be poor. Sorry no party at my house I hope it is at your’s. And yes I am prepp just not great one. But I do plan a head. And I do worry were this Nation is going.

        • I’m so thankfull you have a computer and hooked up to the net.

          • They met to say I don’t have a free phone yet, obamer can’t fix your roof a day of hard work would kill him, or he would stop half way through the job and unionize it meaning it would never get done correctly. I think poor people are allowed to have friends still. If so why don’t you have one of them patch the roof, I volunteer to help poor and elderly people all the time, just not the ones on welfare, if you don’t have any friends maybe you sould sit in bed with the drip on your head then sue God for water tourture then you will be rich and able to campaign for bamer full time. I’m not rich either but I work my ass off have good friends don’t take handouts, and have a fine roof. 3 kids a wife, a house all on 20,000 a yr we have a great life WE pay for and were way below the poverty line, welfare never even came to mind. I’m sick of all the bitching I’m self employed so I pay taxes. Sorry bout the rant

            • @ diesel dan—And all your riches…family and all…. can be gone tomorrow. Don’t forget it tough guy.

            • I am self employed as well DieselDan. There are many times where both my partner and I have to skip a paycheck. We pay our bills on time and our employees but we are still struggling. We own a small restaurant in NW Georgia so we don’t have to worry about being hungry at least. We would qualify for this bullshit assistance but ‘like yourself’ I would never stoop so low. Even when I was unemployed or under-employed, we just did with out. There were times that we had to sell some of our stuff but you either do what is right or become a government freeloader.

            • Anon besides a nuke I’d love to know how in the fuck my family would be gone tomorrow. And yes severing our shithole country and fending for myself has made me a tough guy, you should at least consider trying to be a little less feminine . Dumb fuck.

          • You da man Rich!!!

          • I am using 2000 year computer and I have a one year agreement for 14.95 with ATT. The computer allow me to read but I can not down load anything or see video. No, I do not blame God. So yes, I was given that computer.

            I made do with all I have. My house is in dark at night. So the light bill wont get higher. I can make a meal for less then two dollars and bake home-made bread. I only get $50. in food stamps.

            • How much is your net a month?

        • Perhaps some of us do know what it is like to be poor…I was the child, in the house of a ditch digger in the 70’s.
          At 21 i left the midwest and went to Texas with 20 dollars in my pocket, lived on the street almost a year, there were times when i had 2 dollars in my pocket or even less, i would walk 4 miles for a balogna sandwich. My possessions
          consisting of the clothes on my back, and the few items carried in a backpack,i have lived off a can of tuna or beans a day and was grateful to have that. In the end all it did was make me a better person.

          • I feel you Brushman! I remember having to live off of $5 a week for food!!!! Never once did I even apply for a government handout. You would be surprised what you can do with $5 of rice, beans and sauce. Times are tough some times. Suffering is part of this world. What you measure during those times is your ability to make it through yourself or your reliance on someone else. I have needed to ask for help to pay rent once when I was younger but I remember saving what ever I had before I even asked anyone in the first place. I remember not eating for three days to try to make rent.

          • The 70’s were a rough time. I know I can get by on very little because I have. One of my sisters almost died from starvation,. the death certificate would have said pneumonia but it was sheer starvation that almost killed her. She became an accomplished con artist, sweet-talker, and petty thief. She survived. I invented something for myself, a way of living, that I was to learn later was called Stoicism. I worked and brought home bread and eggs for dinner. I was the family’s safety-net in terms of, Were we going to eat on a given night? I was painfully honest. I worked harder on foraging and on discovering edible plants, ways to fish, etc., and I also survived.

        • @GWYN—I know what you are going through Gwyn, and NO, most here DON’T know what it is like and want to make fun of it. Their day will come.

        • If you live in Georgia I will come and fix your roof and whatever else I can to help.

        • I understand what it’s like to be poor. At one point in my life, I fed my family of three on $20 a WEEK. I never ate breakfast and I often skipped lunch to be sure my child could eat properly. I hated leaving the house on rainy days because my only pair of shoes had holes in the soles and I couldn’t afford $10 at Chinamart for a new pair of shoes. But I NEVER signed up for government hand-outs. And the first things I got rid of when my life went to hell were the cell phone, the cable, and the internet. Glad to see your government assistance (aka my tax dollars) is paying for your internet.

          My roof leaked too. Guess what? I got up on a ladder and fixed it. The parts I couldn’t do, I asked my dad to fix, which he did for just the cost of materials. You can help yourself. You don’t need the government to hold your hand. I too worry about where this nation is going…mostly because people like yourself can’t seem to help themselves…they only want to help themselves to other people’s hard earned cash.

        • Like rich 99 said you are not that fucking poor you whiney prick if you can get on a computer and pay for the internet service.

      36. Teddy you slimy sack of shit. Your support of the immigration reform act of 1965 led directly to the mess we are in. Now, entire neighborhoods don’t speak English, there is unrestrained immigration from the Crapistan countries of the world, millions more welfare cases, and so forth.

        To your eternal shame Teddy!


        • So, you can hear me now?

      37. Simply put, Progressives breed welfare. The Progressives create ignorant dependents and by financing them, the Progressives keep them ignorant. They hook the vote to gain power.

      38. Mac, this video made my skin crawl. As a tax paying citizen who has been employed continuously since I was 15 years old in NY to earn money for flight school and college, the very idea of paying taxes into a system that produces such revolting garbage as the defendant in this video makes me feel soiled and diminished at the very thought of being associated with such a failed system.

        Judge Judy, bless her soul, can send thousands of copies of this video to every elected official in D.C., but in the end this is the system that they designed and they have no intention of changing it until it collapses in on itself from its own dead weight. I’m at a loss for words to describe how thoroughly disgusted I feel watching this video.

        • Check finger beds and lips. The “next” housing crisis LOX fix has been injected.

        • @ Toe cutter— I have a GREAT idea. You FIND a country a tenth as nice as my United States of America…….. then get the fuck out of MY Country. It doesn’t need people like you.

          • @ anon – I have an even BETTER idea you useless fucking worthless tool, KISS MY ASS! At least I have a job to go to everyday instead of leeching off society. It’s my country as well and I’m proud of it. I’ve taken an oath twice to defend it and the Constitution in the service of the nation and The People, and when push comes to shove I damned well intend to protect it from Enemy Of The State assholes like yourself.

            This country was NEVER intended to support Socialist Progressive Communist loving ASS WIPES like yourself so Fuck Off. Liberal Willing Slaves like you who like to spend other peoples money make me sick.


            There is no place for prostitutes like you in a civilized society. It wouldn’t surprise me if you’re the idiot defendant in the video. Pardon the language Mac.

      39. One of the best lines I’ve heard lately was from a retired shop foreman at the old Republic Steel plant in Cleveland OH ….when a young black kid was being laid off. The black kid said to the shop foreman: “You’re firing me because I’m black!” The foreman thought a moment and replied “No, we hired you because you were black.”… “We’re firing you because you are useless!” Sounds like a possible slogan for the 2012 election

        • Rich every once in a while you hit a good one.

          After 10 years of working the shittiest jobs because as a white, they were the only jobs I could get, I became self-employed. The Internet was a great thing when it came along, because on the Internet my customers could not tell whether I was white, or anything. Suddenly a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders.

          These days I don’t exclusively make my living online, I do a lot of different things, but I live where the discrimination against whites is a bit less strong.

        • rich 99 I knew there was something redeeming about you other than the fake picture you put up awhile back. I will call truce and make peace with you finally. Your my fuckin Hero! hilarious

      40. Just great, so I’ll run into more idiots like the one I seen in front of me at walmart, with a phone and yappin from the time she was in line till she walked out the door, incl the time at the register payin, never said a damned word to the cashier the whole time, just yappin on the phone.

        hell I don’t even have a GD trackphone, I can’t afford the Gexpiringng min cards. I wouldn’t have a problem paying for the GD phone, or even the GD min card, but GDmit don’t tell me how long I have to use the GD min I just paid for.

        So since I’m NOT in categorygory to get a free one, I guess I’ll keep doing with out one till they come out with expiringring min for these GD things.

        hell I wouldn’t even use a 30 min card up in a month, no body to text, and nobody to call 24/7 like some idiots.

        makes you wonder why they all line up for those 600 dollar Iphones if they’re gona be free.

        • yup,, my girlfiend got me one,,used it one time in two months….. dont forget the pets

      41. The collapse can’t come fast enough.Its going to be better than 40 years of communism for sure, and we might even relieve ourselves of some of these strains on society.

      42. I know someone who has one of those phones. They get the cheapest model available and 60 minutes per month. It’s not like they are giving away smart phones with unlimited use.


        I use disposable Tracfones and each card you put on adds 90 days of service from the current service end date, and it is displayed on the phone so you always know what you have. Use em for while, chunk em, and get a new one, never giving so much as a name.

        • yo homes man that’s what I was sayin, I wouldn’t use a lousy 30 min card in a month dude. so why would I hurry and stick yet another 30 min card on so I don’t what? loose the 20 min I still have???? so I can continue that insanity forever??? I won’t own or buy one of those things until they actually have one that you buy and either has X min on the damned thing, or you put X min on it and ONLY use it when needed, period, and only buy more min AFTER you burn through the ones you get or buy.

          And since I’ll never be in the crowd that gets all this free shit, screw apple, track phone, and the rfest of em. doesn’t really matter that much to me as I don’t call anybody that can’t wait till I get home.

        • +1 on the tracfone. My wife has one. The nice thing about them is after you buy a new minutes card, they will text you and if you text back within a certain time they will double your minutes.The old ones didn’t have GPS…not sure about the new ones.

      43. Wow… Sorry my American neighbours to the South, but what a shameful waste of government moneys…and therefore your tax dollars and future purchasing power. Wow. I am at a loss or words. 🙁

        • Didn’t you hear? Canada & Mexico will become North America. It’s on the newer maps.

        • Phone home. Your first ex got out and came out.

      44. wow. use the phone to call obama and let him know he sucks.

        • R U Diepolar?

      45. Can I call the president and thank him? I’m homeless, my family is starving, but I can still text! Awesome.

      46. Multiply that video by millions. Thank you, Great Society and liberals everywhere.

      47. The Cell phone = The Mark of Beast
        Everyone, rich and poor will now have one, your banking, credits, and your life will be a phone number.
        You won’t be able to buy or sell without one.
        Get ready it’s coming

        • +1 and Well Said!

        • Extremely good point.

      48. And the hits keep on coming. Today came across a bill that’s been kicking around in committee but has no current juice. However, there is a sickening likelihood of it coming to light after Nov assuming O wins. It’s a fee (read tax) on all bank transactions. One percent on deposits, DD and W/Ds. Originally it was supposed to replace the Income tax however, as with all govt programs, it will prob be in addition to w/the sales pitch that it will be used to pay down the national debt. Need to keep the poe in cell phones and debit cards until the govt makes everyone but them and their cronies poe. Maddening to say the least.

        • i did not hear about that. if that happens that will cause many many people to find alternative ways to cash their checks overseas or something. this is nuts. you will see a company in the islands that say we cash your checks and dont charge 1 percent, we charge only 1/4 percent. this is just nuts. this cant last much longer. something is going to break. its getting interesting in a bad way, im not racist but there are a lot of deadbeats out there that know the system well.

      49. Just wait pretty soon they will start giving out all the chevy volts that were never sold.

      50. can i get free dog food?

      51. Obama is the manchurian candidate whose main goal is to
        bankrupt the USA, check ” the kenyan prophecy”

      52. here is the prophecy:
        The following is from a Kenyan Prophet, Johanwa Owalo, the founder of Kenya’s Nomiya Luo Church, who in 1912 made this horrific prophecy about the United States: “So far have they [the United States] strayed into wickedness in those [future] times that their destruction has been sealed by my [father]. Their great cities will burn, their crops and cattle will suffer disease and death, their children will perish from diseases never seen upon this Earth, and I reveal to you the greatest [mystery] of all as I have been allowed to see that their [the United States] destruction will come about through the vengeful hands of one of our very own sons.”

      53. Mac, Mac, Mac…This program was around before Obama. It’s disingenuous to label it as such. Think about it for a second – there are very few pay phones left. If you had looked a little deeper Mac you would find the details of the plan are much less dramatic than you state.

        The Lifeline program provides discounts on monthly telephone charges, and Link Up provides a discount on the cost of commencing telephone service for qualifying low-income households.

        It is NOT free – discounts up to a max of $10 per month & you have to choose either cell or home phone service. And a one-time discount (up to a maximum of $30) off of the initial installation fee for cell or wired. If they add other services such as text or data, it does not increase how much we give them. http://www.fcc.gov/guides/lifeline-and-link-affordable-telephone-service-income-eligible-consumers

        My brother, lives in his car or in hotels. He’s bankrupt, should be on disability, and can’t find enough work to live as a concrete worker or truck driver [his professions up to this point]. The only method he has to look for work or get other services is a “burner” that he buys text for (0.10 per text) and only uses his voice for calling about work. I have only communicated with him for the past two years via text. And I sometimes buy him minutes.

        Honestly, I know most of you are conservative or libertarian, but from your comments, I’d bet a large percentage of you also think of yourselves as Christians. I would also wager that many of you believe that there are no contradictions in the Bible and that every word is literal truth. I don’t understand how you can claim that and ignore one of the key tenets of Christ’s teachings – charity.

        You might argue that charity should only include food, housing, and clothing. Well, if we want these folks to be able to get up out of the hole they are in, in today’s world, they’re going to need a way to find work and get services to do so. With every good thing some sorry-asses will take advantage, but should the rest, whom I would argue are likely the majority and could be some of the people you love, have to suffer for it? I already know your answers, but I’m saying this anyway.

        I’m not a Christian, but I am a preacher’s kid and I could preach as well as as anyone currently in the pulpit. So let me leave you with this and then you decide whether this is worth such ire.

        Deuteronomy 15:7-11 (King James Version)

        If there be among you a poor man of one of thy brethren within any of thy gates in thy land which the LORD thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not harden thine heart, nor shut thine hand from thy poor brother:

        But thou shalt open thine hand wide unto him, and shalt surely lend him sufficient for his need, in that which he wanteth.

        Beware that there be not a thought in thy wicked heart, saying, The seventh year, the year of release, is at hand; and thine eye be evil against thy poor brother, and thou givest him nought; and he cry unto the LORD against thee, and it be sin unto thee.

        Thou shalt surely give him, and thine heart shall not be grieved when thou givest unto him: because that for this thing the LORD thy God shall bless thee in all thy works, and in all that thou puttest thine hand unto.

        For the poor shall never cease out of the land: therefore I command thee, saying, Thou shalt open thine hand wide unto thy brother, to thy poor, and to thy needy, in thy land.

        • Charity is not the responsibility of the government. Charity comes through individuals. Charity is bestowed to others through churches, private organizations, and people.

          Taxpayers should not be forced to enable the government to be “charitable” through taxation. Read the US Constitution to learn what the government’s responsibilities are. The “general welfare” clause does not mean financing people into becoming full-time, permanent Wards of The State.

        • You are forgetting the fact that charity is a two way street. Perhaps more than half of it is for the giver. When the Gooberment takes our money and gives it away they mess up that relationship. Any wonder we balk at Govt. giveaways?

        • Sketical that’s a good write-up.

          No way in burning Hell am I a Christian.

          During the hardest, starvingest, time of my childhood was lived right across the street from a church. It was no secret we were hungry, you could count our ribs at 100 yards. Anyone watching could see me out gathering food, hunting around, asking for yard work, etc. It was NO SECRET.

          White people were not welcome in, around, or near, that church.

          I help out folks, especially those who are honestly trying, and just in a hard spot. I’ve spent what most of you would consider major money, doing so. I do not make major money right now. I live below the poverty line. It’s easy when you have a garden and chickens, and you honestly like bicycling over driving a car. And I’m a good ol’ American Pagan just as I was raised. Raised believing in Evolution, and observing all the good Pagan holidays, “Christmas” (I guess it’s really Yule) with the tree etc., Easter, Halloween, etc. Didn’t even know the name of Jesus until I was 11 or so, and thought it was “cheeses” lol.

          Who knows if some smelly ol’ bum I give a couple of bucks to, or buy dinner for, is Christ. Or the Buddha? There are some who believe this, you know. But to me, that’s not the reason to help people out, the reason is that they’re a fellow human being. What I worship is Science and Nature. And I try to just be a decent human being.

        • hey skeptic up there, shut up.

      54. Just when you think they cant come up with anything more stupid….lol…

        Everyone of these “benefits” comes with a quantifiable cost…but has anyone thought about the unseen cost of these programs.?

        When i was growing up, it was the incentive of getting my first car that caused me to get my first job…when i wanted to move out of my first apt into a home, i worked 2 jobs to support my family and save up the down payment.

        My point?…simply this….i was taught early on by my grandfather and father that you earned your life..whatever lifestyle i would acheive would come from my efforts and talents..the success to be savored.

        When these benefits are cut…and they will be…we will be looking at millions whose anger will be replaced by desperation….civil unrest will follow…

        keep prepping, brothers and sisters….

      55. Kassie January 17, 2012 at 2:57 am

        A freshman congress person makes $174k a year with full healthcare benefits, special parking spaces, gym memberships (all of this is for LIFE, even after they leave office) – – and get to travel around, eat, stay in nice hotels, golf, and live the good life off your tax dollars but I don’t see you complaining about that…

        The founding fathers never expected people who became “Public Servants” to make a lifetime career out of it. Originally a person was supposed to come from the private sector, work as a public servant for a few years and then go back to their lives….not work at this for 30 years earning all that money, (plus taking lobbyists monies/gifts too so they can pass shitty laws that benefit the major corporations and not the people).

        The people who work for our House and Senate get more time off than School kids do…and they are paid for every second of it. They come to Washington, work for a week, then go home for a month on vacation. I believe we should start there. If these people are so “Loyal” to America and want to work for the country to benefit the people, then they should be willing to do it for little pay and no benefits…and they should have to work more often and longer. I bet we would save a bunch of money right there. (do the math – how many Representatives do we have??)

      56. the Free phone from the govt is 120 minutes a month, poor people often don’t have good credit and thus have little access to affordable cell phone plans, and thus must rely on prepays. A free phone from the govt can give people contact info, so they can get a job and get off government assistance. It is not a waste of govt dollars. It is a program for poor people to get in touch with their case workers, and to obtain employment. There are worse ways the government can spend 2.4 billion that don’t benefit anybody

        • Fact-check that rhetoric. You’re way off.

          Free food, free housing, free medical care, free medication, free babies, and even free phones. It’s all free and the productive members of society are paying for it because the government mandates it.

          Why buy the cow when the milk is free?

          • Zoltanne – when I had my short period where I was spare-changing it, my reasoning was that if I got on gov’t programs, then the gov’t, essentially at the point of a gun, is forcing people to cough up something like $50k a year, so the gov’t can support me to the tune of $20k a year.

            Or, I can simply, POLITELY, ask people for spare change, tell a joke or two, carry some groceries, help push a car, and show honest gratitude for any said “change” whether 11c or a $20 bill, and it’s consensual. And those who exercised their right to not give, but instead cuss me out, got thanked too. And in a short time, I worked myself into a situation where I didn’t have to do that any more. I have my free-market solution now, I live in a habitation not legally habitable, but it’s comfortable enough for me, and likely what your grandparents or great-grandparents would have considered fine. Gov’t programs would insist I live like a 2000’s middle-class yuppie. All on your dime. Instead I live happily in my “hooch” here, do chores and watch out for the place (I call myself a watch dog that can use tools) and do a bunch of different things, al of ’em honest as the day is long, to earn my living.

            And I pay for my fone, and come to think of it I really need to get a DPT shot and I’ll pay for that too. In fact I pay for all of my own medical care, like when a filling broke last year, that was $165. Paid it.

            No asking the gov’t to extort money out of other people, at the point of a gun, to pay for things for *me*. I’ll just earn the money, manage the money-trickle well, and pay for ’em.

            • Youre on a roll brother,gotta agree again!

            • Your nom de plume is revealing, but not in the way you expect it to be perceived. As an unknown, if you approach people (“strangers”) for ANYTHING, you are initiating a situation that some people are going to react negatively to. Some of us are acutely aware of our surroundings and don’t take kindly to strangers approaching us — no matter the reason. So encroaching on an unknown person is, whether you want to admit it or not, is putting another individual into a precarious situation where they have had their personal space invaded. Of course, YOU would not see it that way. If you have happened to be living in a homeless or a very low-end, low consumption lifestyle, that’s your prerogative — but only if you’re not lawless. And don’t think that because you are asking, begging, approaching my car to wash my windshield that it’s okay to bum money. It’s not. But there’s still a few suckers out there who will enable panhandlers, but more and more people have smartened up to the sheer volume of people who opt-out and choose a lazy lifestyle where they can take advantage of others’ charity.

              You sign on here as “domestic terrorist” which indicates strong negative sentiments towards people and government. Whether this is true or not, who knows / who cares. A little self-respect might do you some good but it’s your life, not mine.

              Somehow, though, you have rationalized that panhandling and “working” other people for THEIR money is somehow different than being on the government-dole. You’re a bottom feeder. Does it really matter where you are bottom feeding? FWIW though, being on government programs does NOT elevate a lifestyle to “a 2000’s middle-class yuppie”, as you claim it does.

              Make no mistake — There’s nothing admirable about your chosen lifestyle whatsoever. One or two generations ago, you’d be called “hobo” or “gypsy” or “vagabond”. Most of those people were not feared by the average citizen but times have changed, people have become psychotic and even violent and strangers aren’t generally perceived as being trustworthy or safe to be around. But you keep on believing that role you’ve chosen to live, even though you’re really only fooling yourself.

        • So because someone screwed up their credit, I have to pay for their cell phone? Give me a break.

      57. Just one more thing to help the crash come sooner, and less money being paid into the pensions of the FBI and CIA..

      58. Don’t hate on the founders. If they’d known about cell phone technology they would have included free phones in our Constitution. Obama’s just following in the footsteps of Washington, Jefferson & Franklin……..

        I would love to see a huge wall put up – down the center of the nation. Lefties, progressives, illegal aliens and moochers on one side (The Social Justice States side). Constitution loving, self reliant hard workers on the other side (the United States side). If you aren’t sure which you are, then you go to the left side. I have no tolerance for the “undecided”.

        No sharing of resources between the two sides. You live in the model you cherish. And suffer the consequences or bear the fruits of your consequences.

        What an interesting social experiment THAT would be. The whole thing would be a turbo John Galt movement.

        • Meet ya on the right side of the wall, Mr. B.

        • MR B….it may well end up that way in some fashion…liberty minded persons and commies can not peacefully co-exist,only one can occupy the space given only one can breathe the air…

      59. If they injected a chip into the sheeple they “might” protest. Giving them a “free phone” acheives the same objective – appeal to their greed for a freebie and they eagerly carry a freebie : (

        They’ll be able to tap into the fact you use a sightly different route to pick up your kid every other Wednesday cos you drop off Aunty Mabel’s shopping on the way from work to daycare. Over time they’ll know most everything about your daily routine, (the info the haven’t got from your food stamp swipe card etc that is!)

        If information is power, by accepting one of these phones the poor just voluntarily gave up what little remaining power they have left. When SHTF do you really want the gubbermint to be able to track your movements to this extent?

        I have a cell, cos I have a disabled kid it means I often get called into school at a moments notice to deal with issues that arise. It’s a cheap PAYG and not a modern enough model for GPS. My situation is not the norm or I wouldn’t bother with one at all. (I’m hoping that in a couple of years my lads progress in therapy will mean that old cell can go in the prep box in the cupboard under the stairs).

        From my personal experience of London 7/7 CB radio or Ham radio or even shortwave kids toy walky talkies are more hepful in a real civilian emergency than cellphones. All the cellphone lines were jammed and useless. Worth notng for those worried about false flag events in their locality.

      60. Just to get the record straight; I have lived out of a car before for two years. NEVER did I get assitance or anything of the sort, I was ashamed to do it. I would not be proud of having someone else taking care of me. Much less bragging about it to others how the guberment gonna pay my bills. Only a complete and total moron dumbass piece off shit would act this way. Straight from the heart.

      61. You are all missing the point of the phone give away. There will be a global digital currency shortly as the whole thing (paper currency) caves in. Phones will contain the new digital currency. The mass of people are already conditioned to accept it through the use of credit cards, debit cards and cell phones. The authorities cannot have 48 million people still using cash. With a free phone they will gladly accept the new digital currency and cash will be finished. It is a carrot. Digital currency is the ultimate control. This move to supply free cells is so obvious. The trap is about to be sprung.

      62. Crack, meth, heroin, all addictive drugs, but, the most addictive drug: free money.
        I’ll try to stay on subject. No government entitlements, NONE. Like it, don’t like it. Until we stop being the land of the entitled, there is no hope. But, it is not a new problem, the free money teat has been flowing for a long time. We have now created an entire society, black or white does not matter, that has grew up learning to depend on the government for their way of living.
        Anyone, everyone, me included, can point out the problem. But, the answer will never be truly considered: no government entitlements, NONE.

      63. I would accept a free obama phone for myself but I’d deny them for everyone else.

      64. Oh dear. This guy is YEARS too late. This program has been around for far longer than Obama, but it is a great test of people’s willingness to believe sans research. I have some agricultural land in the south of Florida, great for growing rice…
        If you believed this without looking it up, you’d love that land.
        This program has been around since before Dubya.
        I miss education.

      65. First, there was the money-for-your-junk-car program…and now, free cell phones (to track your every movement). They will be received and sold on the same day. JMO.

      66. Your statement is wrong about SSI. People living at 133% of the poverty level do NOT qualify for that. To qualify for SSI, you must have a proven disability and/or be over age 65, your income cannot exceed $718 per month, and even then, your benefit amount will be reduced based on other income your receive, minus $20. So…let’s say you receive $500/mon and apply for SSI. SSI takes $20 off that, leaving $480, then subtracts $480 from 698, which makes the benefit amount in this case to be $218. These figures are for a single individual. For married couples the figures are higher. Check your facts, next time!

      67. hey, americans..you are f*cked with this government!!!You dont have any chance with China and “poor cousin” Russia!!!

      68. The free “Obama Phones” were started in 1996, continued through the Bush administrations and continues today. Why do you start cranking up now about them? Just more “facts” disseminated for you people to pick up on because it is easier to take out your frustrations on poor people. Military spending, graft and corruption take reading and research and it is so much easier to pick on the lower classes. Of course the politicians know this. Come to my freshman composition classes. The most ignorant students from the very small towns parrot your ideas.

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