Frank Curzio: The Coronavirus’ Impact On Markets Is “About to Go From Bad To WORSE”

by | Mar 3, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Forecasting, Headline News | 11 comments

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    Frank Curzio, the host of the Wall Street Unplugged podcast, joined SGT Report to discuss the worst week ever for United States stock markets. Curzio also discusses what lies ahead, which is likely to be more economic and stock market carnage as COVID-19 spreads around the globe.

    This viral outbreak and the impact on the markets around the world is about to go from bad to worse.  It’s already been a crazy rollercoaster ride for the markets and the Federal Reserve will continue to manipulate what’s seen by the masses to avoid a recession.  The stock market is falling faster, in point terms, than we have historically seen.

    Curzio begins his interview by saying there’s a difference between an economic crisis and a health crisis, and this market slump is an economic crisis.

    Things will get worse, as most stores have their shelves stocked with products from China. This is a problem with supply, not demand. And Curzio says the Federal Reserve is going about “fixing” the situation all wrong.  Lower rates are not going to get people to come out of their houses to go spend money.  The market could go down 15-20% from here, Curzio predicts, and we are going to see more stimulus from the central banks.

    Curzio also says that the globe will have a handle on the coronavirus by June. Once that happens, things could improve, but expect them to worsen in the markets until then.  Additionally, once we have overcome this outbreak, we will all have to deal with the repercussions of the manipulated markets and the stimulus the Fed conjures up.

    For right now, to protect yourself financially “you should be in cash” Curzio says. But if the market continues to do poorly, president Donald Trump’s chances of reelection will go down.  Democrat Bernie Sanders appears to be the front runner, according to Curzio, and if he’s elected, expect your taxes to go up dramatically and an all-out destruction of the economy as we know it in favor of full tyranny.

    Watch the entire video for Curzio’s take on this virus and just how bad it’s going to impact the markets now and in the future.


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      1. Robinhood app which is a trading app with 9 million users, primarily young people was inoperative for seventeen hours yesterday, and went down again today. An Israeli voting app also exposed all of Israeli’s voters personal information.

        The coronavirus is being blamed for crooks and liars behaviors.

      2. That big drop in gold was no accident.

        • AI – you are correct. Though all deaths due to this virus is unfortunate, clinically speaking, and relative to the earth’s population, this virus affects far less people who die by accident each day in the world. My concern is how it’s being manipulated and propagandized, and will be used to affect economies, existing social structures, and civil rights, that’s the real story. Officialdom never lets a crisis go to waste, whether it’s real or manufactured.

          • Thank you Bill. Yes, Chinese people are being demonized. Business in China town has decilned significantly and the State Department is over reacting as well. Basically, anyone with the common cold will now scare the living dayilghts out of people in public. It is extremely irresponsible to deliberately insight hysteria that results in societal breakdown over something totally overblown. If car accidents were reported as frequently and with as much fervor, very few people would be driving and riding in them.

      3. Another reference that we are all in this together. No. We are not.

      4. Curzio says markets go down til June. Amazing. The system I use which predicted the 2008 crash and this current crash is also saying this. Will head up after that into October but then continue to fall.

      5. When he says “you should be in cash”, I wonder if or how many have considered that cash is somewhere on the list of things to abolish during a crack-down/overall quarantine.

        • Money in a bank is FDIC insured, but you have no control where your bank puts your money. If they make bad loans, it can cause a bankruptcy, then it can take months to get your money out.

          If you sold stock, you can leave the cash in the brokerage account. It is usually privately insured against fraud and theft (read your agreement). Typically you don’t get interest on cash, because brokerage accounts are forbidden from loaning your money out. As a result there is generally a higher than banks safety level to your broker run cash account.

      6. This is the problem with the stock market. Stock prices have nothing to do with reality on any level. The market caps valuations compared to things like GDP and M1 or GAAP earnings which less than a dozen companies now still use. Nobody is willing to be honest about it. The lure of fast easy money is too irreistable for too many to be honest about what a pyramid scheme it really is.

      7. I see a couple phases to what’s coming.
        1. Fear of the virus, this is this weeks sell off. I suspect it will continue on and off even if there are up days. The impact will be greater if the government was perceived as hiding the truth.
        2. Ordered closures of meetings and conferences with blocked travel by corporations. This will effect airlines, restaurants and hotels nation wide. Hiring freezes are on and layoffs are coming.
        3. Businesses will halt expansion expenditures, even shut down construction projects.
        4. Just in time inventory shortages will leave retailers with little to nothing to sell. Even if China orders people back to work, restarting Chinese industry will take months. US manufacturers won’t be able to get Chinese feed stocks/raw materials. This will freak out everyone in America, when they can’t buy what they need/want.
        5. Public corporations will begin reporting actual sales, or revising estimates down. Hidden China dependance will be exposed. Layoffs and hiring freezes are easy to track with Google etc.
        6. Corporations will have trouble paying loans, this will bleed to banks. The Fed has already committed to holding their breath until March, but wait they blinked today. This sent a message to the markets that it’s worse than you think. Watch for bankruptcies.
        7. Watch for the commercial real estate market to crash, if there are a lot of layoff, the US home real estate market will also unwind.
        8. By spring we will be in a hard to stop downward spiraling recession. This will continue until there is evidence it’s safe to come out and play.
        This is not cast in stone. To stay on top use your favorite search engine, the data will be out there, watch:
        A. Hiring freezes
        B. Layoffs
        C. The profits and loss of representative companies
        D. Bankruptcies
        E. Real estate issues
        F. Recession
        G. Look in on your local dollar store, note inventory and foot traffic.

        H. Keep an eye on foot traffic at all stores, watch for local store closings.
        F. The price of fuel/oil
        G. Unemployment numbers

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