France Gears Up For War?: ‘France Will STRIKE’ Syria If Chemical Weapons Were Used

by | Feb 14, 2018 | Headline News | 54 comments

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    French president Emmanuel Macron has promised to “strike” Syria, but only if evidence emerges that chemical weapons were used against civilians.  And he has admitted that French intelligence agencies have not yet discovered any evidence.

    On chemical weapons, I set a red line and I reaffirm that red line, Macron told reporters in Paris on Tuesday, according to RT “If we have proven evidence that chemical weapons proscribed in treaties are used, we will strike the place where they are made.”

    Today, our agencies, our armed forces have not established that chemical weapons, as set out in treaties, have been used against the civilian population.” Macron added that he’s all but threatened Russian president Vladimir Putin with war should his agencies find evidence of chemical weapons uses.  “I’ve reiterated it to President Putin, asking to make it very clear to the Syrian regime, which has reaffirmed that it does not use chemical weapons … but we are watching it,” Macron stated.

    Although Macron talks a big game on chemical weapons, he also hasn’t taken any action as he awaits proof. “We have some indications of possible chlorine use [in Syria], but we have no absolute confirmation,” the French Defense Minister Florence Parly said last Friday. “So we, alongside the others, are working on trying to confirm this, as we clearly have to get the facts straight.” But according to the French Foreign Minister, the evidence is mounting the Syrian government, stating using chlorine last week.  “All indications show us today that chlorine is used by the regime right now in Syria,” said Parly.

    France, a permanent member of the U.N. Security Council, has struggled to wield influence on Syria. Critics who accuse Macron of inaction say he has not given a clear definition of whether use of chlorine would for him constitute a chemical attack.

    On Tuesday, the vice-president of the Syria Civil Defence, or “White Helmets”, volunteer force said France should stop talking and take real action.

    France and the United Nations have repeatedly called in past months for a ceasefire and the opening of aid corridors to alleviate Syria’s humanitarian crisis. Russia, Assad’s most powerful ally, said last week a ceasefire was not realistic. -Reuters

    The Syrian government has repeatedly denied using chemical weapons and said it targets only armed rebels and militants, according to Reuters.  Last week was one of the bloodiest in the Syrian conflict as Syrian government forces, who are backed by Russia and Iran, bombarded two of the last major rebel areas of Syria. Parts of Eastern Ghouta near Damascus and the northwestern province of Idlib were the hardest hit.


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      1. I seem to remember some other world leader setting a red line………and the line got crossed…..and nothing happened.

        Nothing to see here. Move along.

        Besides…..the French battle flag is white anyway.

        • French tanks enter battle at a one speed, but have four speeds for reverse.

          • How about when the US Military uses the depleted uranium Anti-Tank rounds?

          • I hope they accidentally miss Syria and strike Israel instead.

          • When the Berlin Wall came down the French promptly surrendered.

            • You all seem to forget that without the help of the French you definitely would have lost the war of independence and would probably still be little colonists.

              Just a thought…why not try critical thinking instead of knee-jerk reactions?

              • Anonymous, the French of those times were far different from today’s French. Your comparison doesn’t hold water.

                • And just where and how do you make that comparison? Citations are needed. Or is that your learned opinion based upon your extensive and expert opinion of French and European history? Or, more likely, an opinion based upon misplaced prejudice.

                  Your rebuttal of my historically truthful statement is, at best, specious and/or ignorant, at worst egregious.

              • And you seem to forget that WE bailed the French out of two World Wars…..that had we not done so, the French would be speaking GERMAN….as well as the rest of Europe.

                • Anonymous5, I trust that your remark was intended for the regular Anonymous. Yes we rescued the French because they had no courage to fight. Later on in the 60s when Charles DeGaulle was their President he stabbed us in the back and ordered all NATO troops to leave France. That’s the thanks we get for pulling his chestnuts out of the fire in WW2.

                • In the second world war America did not bail out the French. It undeniably helped, however America was forced into a war that they didn’t initially want by Japan’s attack on Pearl harbor. Jingoism and the illegal internment of thousands of German/Japanese Americans fuelled war fever.

                  If anyone bailed out Europe it was the Russians. Remember, the war was a great economic blessing for the then nascent military industrial complex of the USA, leaving the country virtually unscathed at the end and with a manufacturing base hugely increased. This laid the foundations for America’s post war dominance. War, as the powers to be have long known, is good for business.

                  ht tps://

              • Anonymous, behave yourself or I’ll get the French after you, LOL!

                • Your ignorance of anything outside of your own little bubble in truly frightening.

        • Anonymous5, I seem to recall during the Obama era, a certain French leader [I don’t recall his name] walked down one of the streets of Paris waving a white handkerchief after some recent Muslim riots there. I think the last time the French even had balls was under Napoleon. In both WW1 and WW2, the US and Britain went to France’s rescue only to end up doing most of the fighting for the French. The French are some of the biggest pussies in the world. They’ve been tolerating terrorist activity in their country since the 70s. They don’t dare crack down on the Arabs or even Iranians because that’s where all their oil supplies come from. If I was French I’d rather be dead.

        • Evidence shows that the chemical weapons use were false flags. Zero Hedge has many articles about it.

      2. The Baltimore Police Department are working as we speak in supplying “evidence”. “Evidence”? Lee Harvey Oswald, Gulf Of Tonkin, USS Liberty and more recent WTC #7 and WMD in Iraq.

        “Evidence” is easy, its the truth that’s difficult.

        • well said kevin.

        • Dicit ei Pilatus: “ Quid est veritas?

      3. I am sure the Syrians are shaking in their boots at the thoughts of the French army invading and bombing. This may mean that there will be a run on white sheets in Paris by the soldiers as the most important part of a french soldiers military equipment is his white flag. And now they will have to start and tune up the French battle tanks and check their 5 speed transmissions,, 1 speed forward and 4 speeds in reverse…. KF

        • Really, the Syrians must be quaking in their boots knowing Macron’s ‘mommy/wife’ has told him to do something ‘manly’. Maybe he’ll lead the assault.

          • The Syrians would make mincemeat out of the French.

        • BREAKING NEWS:
          The French terror alert level has been raised from “Run” to “Hide”. The only higher levels are “Surrender” and “Collaborate”. The alert level was raised due to a fire in a white flag factory, which has completely disabled the French military.

        NEW YORK
        LOS ANGLES
        SALT LAKE



        • NORTH POLE ?

        • And Hit them all at the same time. Also hit Palm Beach Del Ray Beach and Boca Raton FL. Its where these POS vacation when they are not in NY City. You can also hit the entire south side of Chicago.

      5. I’d add in chic a go ILL..
        Where ever jerry brown noser is in cali.
        san fran and lost angelas too if he’s not the there at the time.
        DC needs a double tap, and one specifically on Mt weather ya know
        to kill the rats.

      6. Preppers pay attention. In Chicago yesterday a Chicago PD Commander was shot and killed by an armed robber wearing body armor. Never assume that good body hits will stop a bad guy.

        • The shooter has a long history of weapons arrests. Some of them while wearing body armor. He has spent little time in jail. Always released back on to the street to rob again. Tourists stay out of Chicago. This shooting took place in the heart of the busiest part of Chicago. Right outside the Thompson Center. The State of Illinois Center. Karl Marx dictates the sentencing guidelines in Chicago.

          • Didn’t he know it’s illegal to wear body armor while shooting people? Why did he neglect to understand and follow the law?

      7. Sounds like Bush’s non-existent chemical weapons excuse to bomb an innocent country, Afghanistan, after the 911 attack on the USA.

        Asad and Syria are the good guys. America and Isreal are the world’s biggest bullies. France, what the heck business does France have with Syria, other than bowing to Isreal, the expansionist land grabber in the Middle East whose objective is Syria then Iran. Isreal wants to be the undisputed ruler of the world. They are almost there.


        • Iraq, I meant Iraq. All these Arab Countries look alike.


        • Assad and Syria are the good guys?

          Dude…what are you smoking?

          • Anon5, stop reading the NYT and the Washington Post for your news. Sheesh

        • Christians are 10% of the Syrian population and protected by the government. Conversely the Islamic Fundamentalists armed by the US cut off Christians heads. Its a logical reasonable deduction that the US is on the wrong moral side of this. One can infer however that the US is on the money side of this. Just an observation that the ostensible war on terrorism isn’t just a sham but its inverted. The US is arming the terrorists. There is no other plausible explanation when one examines the alliances and goals of the participants.

      8. “France Gears Up For War?”

        Hilarious … probably the funniest thing I’ll read all day.

        • Yep!France is gearing up for war, as I hear that they’re sending a huge squadron of French poodles to take out Assad!

          • The great Macron Plan. Send your soldiers off to foreign lands when the jihadists are in your streets.

            • Boyo, I eat French for dinner, LOL!

      9. Looks like the little ‘worm’ that he is.

      10. Anyone see a similarity between the Near East and Yellowstone Park in terms of possible eruption? The smart money is on the Near East erupting first. The Saudis should keep their camels saddled and carrying bug-out backs (filled with American dollar bills for toilet paper).

      11. “we will strike the place where they are made” The chemical weapons that were used in Syria last year were made in Saudi Arabia so… Looks like France draws the short straw again to bomb another country (Libya) that isn’t playing ball with the central banks.

      12. “I would KILL for a Nobel peace prize” barak obama.

        • When Obola recieved (not earned) the Nobel Peace Prize for absolutely nothing, it completely obliterated any legitimate meaningful value behind the prize. Alfred Nobel must be turning in his grave after that. What a crock of shit that was.

      13. When that war starts it will last about 10 minutes and France will surrender.

      14. Sarge, I could probably walk up to a Frenchie and say BOO and he’ll either surrender or run away.

        • Brave
          They seem to always show up after the fight. Chicken shits.

          we/I had found about 15 different places in Tenn., but the wife keeps turning them down. I told her the other day that I want to go and the reason I want to go is because she wanted to go, and a great place to be when the SHTF. Maybe one day she will see the light.

          • Sarge, sorry to hear about that. I’ve never heard of anyone being THAT hard to please about rural property. Don’t give up. At some point you’ll find something you both can agree on.

      15. Chemical weapons came from Iraq who trucked them to Syria. Transported while we were dicking around forming a coalition with our Arab “friends” to invade Iraq.Which is what we doing in Afghanistan. Instead of immediate retaliation which would have taken OBL and his guys,we were busy asking permission from the Taliban to turn him over. Bunch of friggin nonesense

      16. For some reason, Moslems, killing Moslems regardless of how they do it, seems to me to be a good thing.
        Am I missing something?
        When your enemy is doing stupid, stand aside and let him die.
        Isn’t that why we could care less about the Chicago murder rate?

      17. Everyone hates the French. No one Is afraid of the French.

      18. Not all Syrians are moslems, in Syria there are many Christians. When trump bombed Syria with the cruise missals for the fraudulent excuse of the non gas attack. He killed 9 Christian civilians. No moslems or soldiers were harmed.

        • Look up Syria in the CIA World Fact Book. Its 10% Christian.

        • Trump’s missle attack did little damage. They were using the runway the next day. It looked like the attack deliberately did little damage. I saw pictures of a concrete aircraft shelter that had burns around the edges, but was intact. I suspect any casualties were unintended.

      19. Let us be honest, the French invented one thing we all enjoy.

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