Former Reagan Economic Adviser: Are Whites Being Setup For Genocide?!

by | Jan 6, 2018 | Headline News | 180 comments

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    Identity Politics has responded with outrage against People Magazine’s choice of white male country singer Blake Shelton as “sexiest man in the world.”

    According to adherents of Identity Politics, the choice indicates that People Magazine is itself racist and part of the white supremacy movement to elavate white people above people of color.

    The choice is doubly outrageous because, according to a writer in Salon, it reinforces and celebrates toxic white male sexuality and elevates a white man to a position of popular acclaim.

    Every white person needs to read this article —— to understand how they are being demonized and marginalized to the point of oblivion.

    By focusing primarily on white heterosexual males, Identity Politics tries to split white women off from white men by the use of the pejorative “misogynist”, but, as the article reports, white women, such as Taylor Swift, are also publicly demonized for their whiteness.

    Reading this article in The Unz Review reminded me of an article I read last November in a Texas university newspaper that declared white DNA to be an abomination.

    Think about this for a minute. Suppose the writer had said “homosexual DNA is an abomination,” or “black DNA is an abomination,” or, heaven forbid, “Jewish DNA is an abomination.” Anyone who declared homosexuals, blacks, or Jews to be an abomination would be instantly fired, sued, charged with hate crimes and driven so deep into the ground that they would never reemerge.

    The article in the student newspaper was a bit too much for Texas and produced a furor of its own. Lost in the furor was the realization that the writer was correctly interpreting the Identity Politics that today defines the liberal/progressive/left.

    Hillary Clinton herself expressed Identity Politics when she declared Americans who rejected her as president to be “deplorables.” CounterPunch printed an essay by its radio host that concluded Trump’s election was not legitimate because he was elected by racist, sexist, homophobic white male Trump deplorables.

    In other words, Identity Politics cannot be dismissed as some sort of idiocy on the part of a few kooks. It is institutionalized in American politics and culture and is becoming a habitual way of thinking. The growing demonization of white people parallels the demonization of the Jews and can result in marginalization and physical destruction.

    The immigration policies of white countries have created a diversity basis for ganging up on whites. If we put together a diverse population with the anti-white ideology of Identity Politics, we have a political and cultural trap for white people.

    It seems paradoxical that Identity Politics is led by white/liberal/progressive/leftists advocating their own marginalization.

    However, as it is a correct conclusion from Identity Politics that white DNA is an abomination, white adherants of the ideology can logically see their demise as a benefit to humanity. But why should they be allowed to condemn whites who do not see themselves as an abomination?

    What we are seeing unfold with Identity Politics was foretold by Jean Raspail in his futuristic novel The Camp of the Saints. Perhaps white people should read it as an indication of their possible fate.


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      1. I get it. So I will move back to Whales after 398 years of family life, in America, from my descendant-peeps until now…

      2. Maybe. But right now there are too many of us and we control most of the weapons and ammo. Not to mention we are entrenched and fed up.

        • Maybe whites in California because California has all but banned guns.

          You can only buy 50 rounds a month

          • @ John Steiner ~ Uh, you don’t have a clue about California, no such limit on ammo to 50 rounds per month and the new gun laws have already been dealt with by simply buiilding a “featureless rifle”. Unless you people actually live here or have spent time here shut your filthy pie holes, kay?

            • Herr O, sounds like you fit right in there in Commiefornia, so please stay there, don’t move to a more normal state where you might have too many unfamiliar rights and freedoms that you’ll want new laws to suppress them from normal people.

            • “A “Featureless Rifle” is a term used to describe a California compliant semi-automatic rifle that is devoid of the “features” that would qualify it as a restricted or banned “assault weapon” per section 30515 of the CA Penal Code.”
              Essentially what the rest of the normal world calls a rock.
              You can keep your peoples republik of california Laws and shove your featureless rifle crap where the sun likely shines…But stay away from me and my WHITE family, because I’ve had enough “beat on the cracker”.
              This cracker beats back.

          • In reality you can buy as much as you want.
            I personally would not pay any attention to
            CA gun laws. My name is Rellik Lopez-Sanchez.

            • an illegal, no doubt.

              just kidding

              • JS,
                Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez is the illegal that just got off Scot free for shooting a woman in the back and killing her.
                My point is the laws don’t mean squat, except to us stupid people that obey them.

                • Since that POS got away with her murder, her family should be able to kill him without consequences.

                  • <b.FK'N RIGHT!!!

          • 50 rounds a month, are you serious? I have never purchased just 50 rounds, never less than 100 at the least but usually a few 100 at a time. CA is ruined, WTF is going on with those mentally warped buffoons out there??

          • I always believed in two things I was told. 1-“There’s always a way to beat the Devil around the stump.” 2-“Catchin’ comes before hangin'”. Right now If I lived out that way I’d be stocking up when those laws become permanent, and I’d be one of the biggest bullet bootleggers in California history.

          • At 50 rds a month if I can stay alive, I’ll make “9595 and still be alive”

          • So either they buy 50 rounds a month, or make a road trip in a covered 3/4 ton truck… Be ready, it’s coming!

          • buy 50 rounds a month..?

            You mean people in Kali have not wised up and started reloading their own ammo yet..??

        • Thats puting it mildly, some are way way beyond fed up

          • Way far beyond fed up for sure

        • I have been trying to warn about this coming for a long time, and have taken a lot of flak for it. Mostly from Whites who refuse to see this from a historical perspective, and/or who is really running the agenda, and/or why. They have 2 main goals:
          1) Global communism.
          2) White Genocide, the Kalergi Plan, the extinction of the White race.

          The current situation (still having means of defense) is a rapidly declining one. It is a situation that can change over night, and in fact this has been happening, for a long time, as people who resist are mopped up one at a time. Every effort is being made to take White people’s guns. And, many Whites will stand against their own people, for a multitude of treasonous reasons.

          And, numbers of people having hardware does’nt mean much, when half of them are so unfit they cannot run 50 meters, and/or refuse to stand when it counts. A White man who has 50 guns, but is afraid to stand, will be easily rolled over. An MS-13 member with a stolen handgun, and nothing to lose, is far more dangerous.

          Even in a strict battle of attrition, non-Whites and the people who want them dead, are comparatively unafraid of the consequences of killing White people. Kill a Whitey, and get a few years lockup, “So what?”, some say. There are many more of them, than White people who who care about their own people. This genocide extends beyond the easy to see crimes and hard kill episodes, death by a thousand cuts, from all quarters.

          White people are now publicly demonized by the people who control virtually all the major institutions of Western Civilization. We are now in the 6th stage of the 8 stages of genocide, and White people are too diverted, lied to, self-absorbed, self-assured, etc, to face it.

          White people have 2 choices, and neither of them are good.

          • just me: I agree with you buddy 100%!! WTF, again WTF is going on in this country and what is going on with the average white man?? It is disgusting. So many whites are just sad, pathetic, push-over pussies that will not stand up for anything and allow everyone to just mow them down like a droopy wilted flower!! This is not going to end well folks. Grow some balls you sad, pathetic faggots. All you want to do is jam McDonalds in your face, sit on your ass and watch sports (those nigs hate you by the way), play with your silly smart phone and do nothing of any real value or consequence!! They may have 250 guns but they might as well have a god damned squirt gun! The blacks and Muslims and illegals and all of the other scum do NOT care about going to prison and they are not afraid for one damn second to kill a whitey or two and fuck their women up their tight little asses and that folks is the hard truth of the matter. WAKE UP!!

          • Your right, and one of the best ways to put a stop to this crap is to go after each, and everyone of of these writers, professors, or anyone else that pushes this anti white crap. You see, the longer whites sit back, and keep taking this crap, the worse it’s going to get, time to start curb stomping some of these people, if that doesn’t work, then dirt nap a few, that’ll get their attention. Because if whites keep waiting, these people are planing a permanent dirt nap for the entire white race. The choice is yours white people, make up your minds, but you better do it soon!!

          • JustMe, I’ll take my stand when the time comes and I’ll waste any mofo who points a weapon at me even if they’re white. Surrender is not an option. The word is not even in my vocabulary.

            • Brave : Everybody says whites will not stand up. I agree with you. I will stand up when the time is right. The problem is that when the time is right their will be hell to pay. The other problem is if you stand up now, you will be standing up by yourself. The time for the last couple of years has been now. That goes to the they are picking us off one by one thing. It is true but you are not going to get white people to stand up together until catastrophe hits. I wish we would just get it over with. I don’t want to go through a civil war but it is what it is and if I have to then lets get it on while I still can.

              • Fishandmud, that’s the strategy I’ve been following all this time. It WILL take a catastrophe to get white people who are awake and aware to unite. The only white people I see not standing up will be sheeple who are too far gone on the libturd/MSM/government koolaid to even talk to them. The white libturds have already taken a stand against us and are just waiting for their marching orders aka their green light to act against us. I don’t want a civil war either and never wanted it. Hell, I never even wanted to prepare for it but I have been ever since Ruby Ridge and Waco. I’ve always been solidly against making the first move because I know that will only kill my cause. Yes, waiting for the other side to make that first move is hell and torture but it’s still the right strategy to follow. The way things are going it won’t be too much longer before something happens.

                • The problem arises in the gray days, when no one realizes the violence and murders of the left is part of a concerted revolutionary war. The media will run cover for them the way they do now for so much Muslim violence that is just pure Jihad.

                  They will come to your house, your business and try to kill you and your family. If you fight back, defend your self and win, you will be the one painted a terrorist in the courts and media.

                  These are dangerous times. The people behind this, are killing witnesses like they are flies. Senators and congressmen are being discarded/retired. The media are puppets. Billions of dollars are flowing.

              • Been prepping for that civil war for a few years now. Hoping for the best and preparing for the worse has been my thoughts. Like many of you my wife and I are fed up with this direction taken against white folks. It is high time for a reset.

            • You won’t be given that chance. You will be taken out by superior forces after it’s too late for you to do anything. The enemy is winning without using guns. You have to do that too.

            • Surrender is in my vocabulary;; right before “And raise you hands where I can see them or I’ll blow you straight to hell”

          • Real sad part is white women attracted to African men. take notice in the many advertisements –black male with White female. stupid white males

            • I agree, it is sickening, and disgusts me every time I see it.

            • For every White man that takes a black mate, there are 100 White women who take a black mate. Women ignore the facts staring right at them. “He loves me” ignoring all the baby mommas with black or half breed kids.

              • My dad said “They do it to piss off their families, but who are they really shittin on?”

          • I hear this alot, anyone who is not a narcissist and spends 40 jours a week in the gym staring at themselves will be the first to go… i say anyone smart enough to start SHTF carrying a month of calories in fat, will always outlast those who dont.

            Your mirror is calling…

          • wow. Who is causing division? My opinion is that there are people of color who hate anyone different and there are people who are “white” who hate anyone different. And then there are “real” people who don’t give a shit what the color of your skin is. You sir are one of those white people who hate anyone who is NOT white. Thank God the majority of people in the USA, who happen to be both white and of color, see your kind coming a mile away. Pure white fear porn. aign’t buying it!

            • T-town
              Sure, “It’s just skin color”. Keep believing that.

        • Menzo, damn right. Let the f#$%ers bring it on and we’ll see who gets wasted.

          • With rare exceptions, africans are incapable of strategic thinking.

          • YOU will get wasted, because you think a gun will do the trick. It won’t. The war will be lost even before you can get your gun loaded. The reason for this is because the only opportunity for self defense that you recognize is when someone is getting ready to shoot you. Reality is different. The enemy is winning this war merely by using words. You are deficient in the use of words. Therefore you think that guns will win. You’re wrong. Words are the only offense that will ever confront men like you, and you won’t do anything until a squadron of military men is knocking down doors in your neighborhood. Then it will be too late. The only thing you know how to do is shoot. But you can’t kill words. Words don’t die. And even right now, already in the middle of this war, there are many more people already using words, than there are people trying to put a stop to them. You have to stop them now. Not later. And you can’t use your gun right now. Therefore you have to do something else. So do what works, even if it’s not your gun. But do something.

            • rrrr, a real sobering post. Those words would have to be spoken to the masses of us or they would vanish like fog mid-morning.

            • Before I can get my gun loaded? Child my guns been loaded for years. And the military is mine. Plus they come to my front door I’ll be long gone out the back But I hope they get a good view of my cannon before it goes off.

            • Rrrr, the only people that will get stopped by words are SHEEPLE, the ones who are too far gone on the govt. koolaid to be saved. Words will NOT stop people like ME. I’ve been disregarding words ever since I saw Mt. Carmel going up in flames on TV. Words never stopped me from buying weapons, ammo, food, water, medical supplies, etc. Words never stopped me from getting the BOL arrangement I’ve had in place for almost 5 years now. Words never stopped me from learning survival skills. Words never stopped me from carrying certain self-defense items in the truck with me everywhere I go since Waco. Words never stopped me from going to any forum and speaking my mind. Words won’t stop me from engaging in a legitimate act of self-defense when that time comes. WORDS WILL STOP YOU FROM DOING SOMETHING ONLY IF YOU LET THAT HAPPEN. YOU SOUND MORE LIKE A SHEEPLE. If you want to be an idiot and follow their illegitimate, unconstitutional laws, go right ahead. NOTHING will stop me from doing what’s right and necessary.

              • Rrrr, the only people that will get stopped by words are SHEEPLE


                • FTW, agreed. I can picture the sheeple walking off to the gas chambers just like the retards they are.

                • FTW, rrrr really knows how to dream, doesn’t he? He can forget it.

            • They don’t understand you, but I get what you’re saying.

        • That would be Uniting us (finally), nothing Unites like being hunted…. History has shown pissed off and United Whites are unfuckingbeatable … ironic because the left has spent a lot dividing us over the years and youd think the last thing they’d want is to push us back together..
          until then, keep arming networking and prepping ourselves – prepare to fight the worlds mongrel zombies !

        • YES!

          FED UP, INDEED!

      3. The KKK and Hitler were both 100% correct. Whats the commin denominator?? I will give you 6 million guesses.

        Im not worried. Went to a gunshow today and not one black person in the entire hall was there. Keep stacking my white Peeps. They want war, we can give it to them 1x 124 lead grain hollow point nutrients at a time.

      4. Letem try

        • For genocide to occur, the victims must not be able to fight back.

          White people are armed to the teeth. So, there will be no genocide.

          They could tax us to death.

          • I’ll run out of tax dollars long before I run out of ammo.

            • Paranoid, I already have more ammo than tax dollars, LOL.

              • Rrrr sounds like Gandhi on steroids.

          • Genocide is happening in every white country now.

        • It would be an entirely educational enterprise should open armed hostilities break out between the races in this country. I figure that the first couple of weeks would forever alter the political and social landscape of this great nation – forever. For once the shooting starts, like a boulder rolling down a hill – it’s a lot easier to get it to start tumbling than it is to stop it.

      5. The KKK and Hitler were both 100% correct. Whats the commin denominator?? I will give you 6 million guesses.

        Im not worried. Went to a gunshow today and not one black person in the entire hall was there. Keep stacking my white Peeps. They want war, we can give it to them 1x 124 lead grain hollow point nutrients at a time..

        • The Jeews have nothing to do with anything. It is socialism and Communism that are the problems, and by extension, Democrats who push those policies.

          • This must be J stiners dysinformation campaign. Their fingerprints are all over global genicide and nation destroying and culture destruction. From the NAACP to Womens Lib to Hollyweird to Pedophile rape chambers. We know tge truth and so do most informed people.

            • Revelation 2:9 ,3:9 John 8:44. Who’s too blind to see?

            • This is not the forum for the Klu Klux Klan, this is a preparedness forum.

              • Wake up John Stiner. Everything is about race and soon enough you are going to realize it.

            • This is a truth forum. Deal with it stiner. They are called parasite squaters..

          • Who do you think was behind the Bolshevik Revolution?

            Karl Marx was one of them too!
            Democrats are just the tools(figuratively and literately)
            Who do you think is the real power behind them?
            Do you research.

          • I’m sure John (((Stiner))) has never bothered to watch and carefully listen to the youtube video wherein Barbara Lerner Spectre has that Satanically evil smirk on her face and openly boasts about how her tribe is going to play a primary role in the genocidal destruction of White European nations by forcefully jamming millions of hostile, alien, violent, incompatible, indigestible, dangerous and parasitic non-whites from every third world hell hole on Earth down their throats and up their hind parts.



            Here is the video, Johnny boy.

          • (((THEY))) have everything to do with it. Who do you think is behind all of this chaos? Everything from political correctness, to homosexuality, pornography, drugs, mass immigration, the endless immoral wars, feminism, BLM, antifa, to the zio controlled governments are ALL tactics being used by the khazars to move towards a white genocide.

          • @John Stiner;

            John; couldn’t DISAGREE more. JOOS have EVERYTHING to do with Communism; Globalism; Socialism; and every ism you could think of; or name. Who founded the NAACP? Joos. Who started the October 1917 Revolution in Russia; introducing Russia to Communism; and in the process slaughtering MILLION of Russians? Joos. Who murdered our 35th POTUS; because he refused to give them the atomic bomb. Joos. Who is behind EVERY nut case ; left wing lunatic fringe group today? Joos. The list goes on and on. Do some research on it. Please.

        • Yup, group therapy

        • TharSheBlows, I’m going to a gun show in the morning myself. I don’t think anyone can really have enough bullets.

          • Boasting won’t win this war. If the enemy came marching down the street, killing people left and right, you would just run home and post comments. That is all you would do. And maybe count your bullets.

            • Rrrrr. how do you know what anyone here will do.

            • rrrr

              You sir are attempting to bait people into posting inflammatory statements.

              • Kevin2, rrrr stands for really ridiculous retarded runt.

      6. “It seems paradoxical that Identity Politics is led by white/liberal/progressive/leftists advocating their own marginalization.”

        Um, if you think these ‘leaders’ are actually white, then you need to wake up. Here is one of those ‘white’ leaders espousing anti-white hatred:

      7. Things change;what seems impossible today becomes possible tomorrow.

      8. The white middle class aren’t stupid enough to enslave. So therefore must be eliminated.

      9. When I get home I’m gon shoot a major backup love on Guinness stefafani azz

      10. Barbara learner Spector said it all. In isreal it’s illegal to marry a non Jew for citizenship. Or gay marriage, and no refugees. But the Jews want unlimited refugees in all white countries. Go figure? Before it’s too late.

      11. Whites are 8% of this planets population. We were told not to have children because of overpopulation. Now we are being told we have to let in foreigners because we haven’t been having enough children.And who owns the media that has been telling us this? And Hollywood and the banks ,and ? The economy that makes it impossible to be responsible and afford children. The UN definition of genoside is applicable? Go quietly into the night? Will the 8% wake up too late?

      12. There is a world wide goal of destroying nations. Creating chaos is the method so that out of the ashes the citizenry of the respective nations will not just submit to, but demand authoritarian rule to establish order. They want us all fighting each other; ‘Ordo Ab Chao’ meaning ‘Order Out of Chaos’. Its an old strategy, don’t feed it.

        • Is not order out of chaos . White genocide. . Chaos means the 8% goes? Or maybe not?

      13. Changed my rear differential oil today .popped the cover magnet was full of fillings. Maybe too much to catch more? New gasket used long blade razor knife to scrap off old gasket.20 $ a quart 75/90 oil. But heavy load towing demands it? Put ameriseal? Leak stop in all tires with big hypodermic neddle type fluid transfer. Says it will stop 1/4 inch hole?Some say patches won’t stick but plugs still work ? 12 volt compressor and plugs. Maybe in SHTF bad guys will salt roads to stop people and rob? Putting a can of slime in every tire will be good? Some say liquid super balances tire. Wish I could afford run flats.

      14. Read many people want 16 1/2 inch rims to run military tires. They are so strong they almost run flat. Humvee tires?

      15. I’ve posted before that a removable sun roof makes a great 360 degree gun turret.

      16. They are not trying to do Genocide, they are trying to
        do “Culturecide”.

        • rellik

          Thats a very good way of putting it. Put 2 underclass inner city types in with 8 middle class white kids and the white kids will emulate the black long before the blacks emulate the white. Add in the media elevating the “gangsta lifestyle” and the process of social evolution reversal is completed.

          • YUUUUP!

          • Very sad but very true. Especially for the white trash nig wannabes with their hip hop rap noise, acting, dressing, walking, talking like nigs, completely oblivious to the fact that the nigs don’t want anything to do with them. Around my town I see a lot of white trash acting like nigs, but absolutely no blacks acting like whites of any class.

            One thing that disgusts me greatly is seeing a white female singing and dancing to a nig hip hop rap song.

            Even more disgusting is a good looking white girl in the hands of a nig, with their little brown half-nig mutt kid. DNA contamination at its worst.

            And BTW I’m no racist. I hate white trash the same as trash of any color. I’m an equal opportunity trash hater.

            • There are “blacks that act white”. They’re in college getting educated. Its just that the lower element, the gangsta lifestyle is being elevated by the media which steers popular culture. Hollywood, Madison Avenue makes being bad popular. Its Shameless, Modern Family, not Leave It To Beaver and My Three Sons. I said it in other posts, there is a concerted effort to incite chaos throughout the world. Out of that TPTB will institute their order, tyrannical rule.

        • “All cultures are equal”. Sure, the primitive savages in Madagascar and Indonesia who dig up their relatives’ corpses and dance with them or dress them up have got a really cool culture. White people should respect a culture like that.

      17. Flattery will get the Marxist nowhere.

      18. White people are 8% of this planets population. So if your a good shot you should only need 100 rounds of ammo?

      19. The official definition of genocide is not mass murder. This assumption is a common mistake. The idea behind the word refers to any attempt to wipe out the genes of a race of people by means violent or otherwise. With the exception of South Africa, predominantly white Countries (Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia, and European countries) are being genetically cleansed via mass migrations of non-whites; with rape at an all time high, it is not rape but sex with consent between the white majority and the non-white migrants that is the biggest threat to the endangered species of humans known as white, Caucasian, or European.

        Europeans wonderful contribution to the welfare of the entire human race is being minimalized while the misdeeds attributed to white people are emphasized and exaggerated. Simultaneously, whites have become the object of a systematic propaganda effort to belittle and insult them. By definition, this is the first step in genocide.

        Sure, gun ownership has its place. It is also important to encourage white people to have pride in themselves. White older teens and twenty somethings are the only ones who can save the white race, by marriage to another white person, and by having many children.

        I know that even among white activists, the belief in early marriage and large families is debated as a strategy for the success of whites against genocide.

        There are many ways to preserve an endangered species. The environment must be made safe and compatible with having and raising healthy children.

        A race can afford a small amount of inter-racial relations, but not as the norm; not without losing your race and the culture within it.

        • B from CA, well said.

        • Thankfully Eastern Europe seems to be immune to this.

          • And better looking for it! Put an Eastern European woman on the cover of your magazine and watch it fly off the shelf; put a black woman on the cover, and it will not sell. The circulation figures show this year after year.

            Beauty is a survival mechanism and it is no surprise the countries that are the wealthiest and smartest also have the most beautiful women, whereas the countries that have consistently failed, or cities and regions that fail (think Detroit etc.) are filled with ugly, fat women.

            The world’s most beautiful women are found in two places: Asia and Europe.

        • Very calmly stated. Unfortunately you’re largely mistaken. Oh, your facts are mostly correct. But your action is non-existent. Just wait till the enemy informs you that you cannot have a certain kind of job because you’re not the right color. Then let’s see you calmly state your philosophy. They won’t listen. And after you’ve failed at that a couple of times, they’ll just lift you bodily and put you into the truck and take you to the ovens. Let’s see you speak calmly then.

      20. Let me quote the artist played by Max Von Sydow in HANNAH AND HER SISTERS:

        “If Jesus came back and saw what’s going on in his name, he’d never stop throwing up.”

        Gun nuts. Gotta love. Jesus wouldn’t.

        • Stormy, I take it you don’t own any guns, do you? Let’s see YOU get YOUR home invaded by some black thugs and see what they do YOUR wife, daughters, etc. then come back and tell us about YOUR experience IF you live through it. I’m a gun nut and proud of it.

          • And, Braveheart, tell us yourself something you have actually done that proves you deserve your name. Has your home been invaded by black thugs? A nut is a crazy person. The key to being effective with a gun is in not being a nut, but being skillful and rational, not emotional, and not a nut. So tell us. What have you done, really, to deserve the name “Braveheart”.

            • rrrr, what do you want? A blow by blow description of the removal of a murderer from his community? Braveheart has been fighting for the retention of the BILL OF RIGHTS and American self determination for years. The American Revolution began with a small percentage of citizens willing to take the risks. As a Marine veteran, I would be proud to defend American ideals beside Braveheart.

            • rrrr – he watched a film by that name, liked the idea that Hollywood (a place he professes to abhor) was glorifying violence against a Celtic culture be knows nothing about and, in his twisted reality, thought “that’s me!”

              The so called “braveheart” posting here is as much a fantasy as his namesake. In reality he’s an overweight, low paid, unskilled, hourly paid 60 year old keyboard kommando who considers this site his spiritual home. He’s a total irrelevancy who hasn’t achieved zilch in his life.

              There’s quite a few of his ilk haunting sites like this.

              • Anonymous, why don’t you go take a flying leap? Once again you don’t know what you’re talking about.

                • Braveturd – once again a knee jerk response from the resident fantasist of SHTF who doesn’t have a life outside of pretending to be tough.

                  Oh, I know what I’m talking about old man as I’m only repeating the nonsense that you spout every time your fat fingers hit the keys.

            • If he tells you, he will have to kill you.

            • Rrrr, why don’t you go trolling somewhere else.

            • rrrr

              And what may I ask does rrrr stand for?

              • Kevin2, that’s a very good question. I’ve wondered about his moniker myself.

              • really ridiculously retarded runt?

                • CrackerJack, LMAO. Good one.

          • Braveturd – you make an awful lot of assumptions about people from a single comment, don’t you?

            I used to have access to loads of guns, courtesy of the tax payer. I was also given a couple of gongs for using them too (now useful for propping up wonky table legs). Anyway, it was all quite legal as the government gave me the ok to kill little brown people (and anybody else that they didn’t like).

            Then, aged 22, I realized I was using those weapons against the wrong people.

            As a civilian I don’t own a gun now as you only advertise your presence owning one, especially bragging about the make/model on here. Hope you use a vpn because you’re a visible target otherwise.

            I do, however, own an English long bow, a compound bow, and an extremely powerful crossbow (all home made). Very deadly in urban and wooded environs. No noise, no muzzle flash. Low profile is the default mode in all survival situations.

            ht tps://

            • Anonymous: Go. f#$%. yourself.

              • Your lack of intelligence is beginning to shine ever brighter old man.

        • Jesus whipped the money changers. Whipping is violence. O no.

      21. Former Reagan Economic Adviser: Are Whites Being Setup For Genocide?!

        I’m completely comfortable … if that is (((their))) goal.

        I’ll just take over, where Hitler left off … difference is … I’ll finish the fk’n job!

        • No you won’t. You’ll hide in your closet, tough guy.


      22. Always thinking of friends and neibors running out of ammo, and food . Feeding an army? Obligations to the inept? Feed them or shoot them? Feed the stupid? Arm the stupid? Can’t fix stupid?Let the army burn? Obligations? Use them and lose them?Go it alone? Eternal questions?

      23. Are Whites Being Setup For Genocide?!

        Oh Hell yes they will try, but the will learn very soon that the White will fight back.

        When blacks or Browns riot Cities burn. When the White man riots the world burns. Just look at history.


        • Very true Sgt.

        • And the only people on the planet who know how to invent mass warfare weapons are whites and Asians. And just like horseshoes and hand grenades, what counts is that, not who jig-aboos the best.

      24. No, but they may be setting up a white male TAX

      25. No one is gonna stand up enmass we all cower in our homeschooling it passes us over. Not to mention the complete lack of organization or structure sure we all have tons of ammo and the guns to use them but in reality no one will share it pitch into the cause. Because “it’s my stuff and it’s your fault you didn’t prep” no one is gonna follow orders from their neighbors. no one is gonna risk life and limb to fight a battle on the edge of a city that’s not theirs. No one is gonna leave thier wife kids at home drive 300 miles to fight. People will hunker down in place and freeze hoping the guys rounding up guns pass by. And as I’ve also said when someone does start shooting back it’s one guy and he’s a nut case.
        Who here if they ran into a group would hand over weapons and ammo for the common good weapons food meds ammo would you hand it all over to the group’s leadership ?????
        Be honest with yourself NO YOU WOULD NOT.
        and for that you would be allowed to join said group. But you are not part of any decision making will fight when ordered will work when ordered.
        None of us are prepared to sacrifice any of it.and that is why there will be no second civil war and by some miracle it did start the movement would be defeated in a matter of weeks again no one will stick it out and make the HARD sacrifices needed to win. Look at groups like the IRA mijahaduee Viet Cong all sacrificed family friends their own lives.
        I really do laugh when I read how tough our armchair Warriors are. When you know damn well you’d be scared shitless.

        • Angry: You are so right. ALL these people talk all this shit and 99% of them would not do a fucking thing period!! Most are too greedy, too selfish, me, me me, mine, mine, mine. Good way to sum it up: Moral decay of society, start there…sad ass bunch

        • AB,
          Very good post!
          Read up on 4GW.
          AKA 4th Generation Warfare.
          That how how we will have to fight.
          You and I could pull that off without
          too much effort and minimum risk
          of life and limb.

          • Not bad however I see a few problems with the 4gw
            1.) It avoids civilians
            2.) It relies on resupply though an outside source ie another country
            3.) It’s tactics rely on small group movements of hit and run squads.
            I’ve always been an admirer of the IRA and Viet Cong absolutely ruthless and dogged in thier application of force multipliers
            And besides 4gw will most certainly be well studied by now with all of the house to house fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.
            Me personally I plan to stay quiet when I see guys in my town getting jacked for their guns and preps Ill be leaving for the trees no I may not last long but I’ll die free should I encounter another group be it a survival group hiding or militia of some sort of hand over any extra I happen to be carrying I’d keep my personal possessions should I encounter another individual or family I’d most certainly arm and feed them with any extra I had.
            Let’s face it most of us will find it next to impossible to bug in for more then a week even if we have 3 years supply yes you can hold off the birds that come for a few hours till they burn you out or just simply overrun you so you’ll be on foot within a week or two any refugee will tell you movement is life and you can’t carry 2 years of food and ammo on your back my pack weights about 65-70 lbs
            4 days of food
            Change of clothes
            Wool blanket
            Cooking pot
            First aid kit
            Water purifier
            Several small tools for gun and archery repairs
            22/410 o/u model 24 (1933) 1000 Rd .22 50 various 410 loads slugs birdshot buckshot
            .44 mag 50 mag rds 50 .44 special
            Old school traps 000 and 00 ( squirrel size)
            50′ 5/8 rope 100′ 1/4 rope
            Duct tape
            One man pup tent
            Small hammock sleeping and a fish net
            Butane burner half liter of fuel
            Charcoal fire sticks ( can carry a coal for hours) old school picket warmers)
            Fishing gear ice fishing rod ((12″)
            Several knives good German steel pocket knife. All the way up to a k-bar few bucks lighters Flynt and Stricker.
            It’s everything I should need to hide for several days.

        • Very true. Unless there is a sudden disaster i.e. EMP, the average white family is content to be boiled like a frog. They are soft, unprepared and oblivious to the realities surronding them. However if there were an EMP most of the surbuban and urban white families will die within a few weeks from starvation or at the hands of gangs. In the urban cities the hoodrats will immediately start to kill each other off and by the time they realize there are no food resupplies coming in it will be to late and they will begin to starve. Rural white people will be the only ones prepared and as history has shown will have the intelligence, ability, tools and knowledge to rebuild a new society. Hopefully they will see the mistakes made in the past 60 years and eliminate these threats from the future.

        • yes, you are honest. People don’t want to die and that is certainly understandable. All these gun rights guys just like Fantasize about fighting a “civil war” or Antifa. It is just Fantasy and i think the Feds don’t mind.

      26. Bring it, welfare collecting snowflake pussies. You’re gonna’ start something you can’t stop. Be careful. Be very careful.

      27. Just remember the Nazis want you dead too
        As they see you as being inferior whites

      28. I thank God every damn day that I am WHITE!! Wake up white people, we are being used and abused and pissed on the regular. Wake up before it is again too late.

      29. Liberals are the least of your worries
        The reich sees you as lesser humans as well

      30. You are fighting a war of race and ideology
        The alt right is playing a financial game and using you badly

      31. the tptb will never go block to block collecting guns they will go after the bundys Koresh one at a time Waco was nothing more the a social experiment in ritualized killing. Much like time we cheered it on ( they got what they deserved) that incident alone put the fear of God into those that would try again.
        And it worked no organization has stood up to tptb since except for the bundys now they stand no chance where as if they stayed behind those triggers they would have. Now they are done they quickly and quietly took those boys out one by one.
        Same will happen to each and every one of us. If the swat team showed up at your door in full tach gear ready to end you are you really gonna open up on them with you wife and kids inside.????? No you’ll be lucky your kids don’t get shot while sleeping. You’ll be hauled away in cuffs kids off to welfare wife in a shelter. Ya no one is gonna come save you if you do fight back your dead. Your neighbors and fellow preppers will run from you just like you would to them. Let’s say the same thing happened down the street to your good buddy Joe well say he’s in your prep group are you gonna run down the street ar in hand ready to defend ? Lol no you won’t you’ll say to your wife ” holy shit what’s going on over there ?” Turn off the lights check on you and yours and go back to bed hoping it don’t come down this way.
        That folks is our reality.
        Unless we’re willing to share, sacrifice,bleed for someone else, and watch our wives sons husband’s and daughters due horrifically in front of our eyes like so many other freedom fighters it will never happen!!!!!! And sadly these things will happen they have to happen to stir up unbridled and true hatred for your enemy’s that’s when you’ll sacrifice that’s when you’ll stand up to be counted that’s the day you will call yourself a real patriot period

        • …and your plan is…?

        • My youngest son, the fourth born, is ready to fight now. He gets angry that no one else is of this mind set. I keep telling him there is a time and a place. He says he does not care if he must go it alone, knowing he will surely be killed. He says he will take out many of “them” before they kill him. He has no wife or children to worry about. Too bad there are not more young men of this mind set. Too many are into drugs, tattoos, loud cars, and loud music. This is the mindset of todays young men, because their parents did not raise them with a love of country and freedom and doing what is right instead of what is popular. A real patriot can think for himself. I have often thought about coordination among the likeminded and “how ” that could be achieved. It would take communication and trust. It is really hard these days to trust anyone. I am not encouraged.

        • you are so right.

        • I’ve seen the FEDs drone footage using a FLUR camera at WACO, during the final government assault. The Branch Dividians didn’t stand a chance.

          Helicopter gunships, FBI snipers, and Delta force special ops teams maintained a field of active fire over the only building exits. By the last day the FBI ran out of liquid CS Teargas and resorted to incendiary tear gas rounds along with incendiary flare rounds. All three points of ignition had a number of military incendiary devices found at the ignition points after the fire. Further the bunker where the Branch Dividians had sent the women and Children had been breached through the concrete roof by a military breaching charge of such power it would have killed all occupants. It was the type of military weapon used to take out hostile forces in a bunker.

          Government forces including ATF, FBI, and US Military had bugged the entire facility during the weeks prior. They had excellent intelligence, and knew before the breaching explosives were set off on the bunker that it contained all the children and women.

          In a word the government assault on the Branch Dividian compound was a well planned and executed massacre. All that remained was to take some recordings of the Branch Dividians talking about their defense plans and how they might protect members and splice it all up to make them look like the terrorists, which the government did.

          In a nutshell the government wanted no survivors, and they were prepared to destroy all evidence and lie to cover it all up, which they did. Whistleblowers within the government who have talked about the Branch Dividian Masacre, have been suicided. Some indisputable evidence like the FLUR camera footage has gotten into the publics hands and is now beyond government overt destruction of evidence attempts.

      32. if you know whites who are part of the problem and selling us out, make sure their name is on a list. Death to traitors.

      33. How could anyone defend themselves and their love ones facing a huge in country biological attack that I believe is in the planning? Evil demons rule the world and will murder millions to maintain control.

        • Aljamo, as bad as it sounds a country wide attack of a nuclear or biological nature would be preferable to all the sneaking around now “bring em on, I prefer a straight up fight to all this sneaking around” ( Han Solo 1977)
          At least then we’d know it was coming or after it did hit we’d figure it out shortly. Not really much one could do after a full on nuke strike biological maybe if one could isolate himself and family thTs where you guys with the cabins and mountain get aways will have the advantage if you can get there in time.
          The folks on acrages and farms would almost certainly be targeted right away for the food and fuel if your smart you’ll have an escape tunnel running about a mile away place like mine isn’t to bad very isolated town two hiways in or out tree line 300 yards from my back door snowmobile and atv ready at a moment notice. All one can do is plan for the absolute worst I mean the unimaginable and plan for it no matter how terrible the thought better to try and prep for i and possably avoid it then to see it and have to deal with that.
          And yes make no mistake the forses of good and evil are at full on war and the scores are even. And you wondered what they ment when they called you a soldier of Christ ?????

          • I agree with much you state. Its the people you know or who know about you who are your biggest threat, There are so few prepped I doubt the government will bother with the risk and trouble to hunt them down. They will simply wait them out. Once the baby boomers are all dead its over anyhow. Our only real hope is some outside influence ,attack ,catyclismic event that cripples the grid and puts everyone in a Root Hawg or die no holds barred survival of the fittest. What is needed is a culling. The great number of parasites need to be culled. Such a situation culling would not be based on politics ,religion or race. It would be on merit. Only the healthy self reliant with know how would survive.

      34. Angry Beaver – I wish you weren’t right.

      35. “The growing demonization of white people parallels the demonization of the Jews”

        With the only difference being that white people don’t deserve it

        • Bravo nimrod.

      36. Same type of speech I’ve heard most of my adult life. Except now, the public is more armed than it ever has been I believe. I am 62 and what is attempting to be done is to destroy, allegedly white supremacy/ I see it all the time, some minorities overly concerned what white people do. Look at Kayne West when he used to disrupt Taylor Swifts award ceremonies or programs

        Now, in South Africa there is a on genocide of white farmers.
        White Genocide Continues in South Africa
        Oct 17, 2017

        About five years or so, ago, The Leader of The New Black Panther Party told The Military Wing of organization that they would have to be prepared to do tings that would turn the stomach of an ordinary person.

        According to recent new releases, Black Unemployment is down 17 per cent. But there is a seething anger that is boiling and all the reports of UN vehicles being positioned could be on station to handle such an up rising.

        So, instead of white people being set up, it could very well be the opposite. As I have said before, I see the need to segregate to a point and I have advised some of my friends not to let their children interracially date
        because they will probably be the second first to die in a uprising. The first, the ones who think they are their brother.

        Have to watch your back.

      37. I am not convinced of this. There are too many white people in numbers. Plus a lot of liberals are to overmedicated and addicted to social media to do such a thing. Plus a lot of the regions of minorities are big on first cousin marriage, when done generational are producing more and more idiots and developmentally disabled. I spend a lot of time in the Middle east and this is very obvious, a lot of the young people there can’t even think their way out of a paper bag, much less plan a takeover of an entire race.

        • They don’t have to plan. They will be tools used by others, and those others plan.

      38. What is required is
        1- A invisable organization of resistance patriots.
        2- leadership
        3- supplies – logistics
        4- strategies, tactical plans, action items
        5 commuiiications

        leadership needs to step froward and start the process
        Without this we are just a bunch of lone warriors that will be easy targets.
        Strneth in numbers

      39. You post an article on “white genocide” and I responded only to have my thoughts not posted on this blog?

        If there was reference to another race, in my post — well, that there would be my enemy and the enemy of MANY.

        I guess the ADL and the southern poverty center must be up you’re skirts…

      40. This ass wipe should know, it all started when Reagan was the president.

      41. Besides Jean Raspail’s “Camp of the Saints”, I also suggest “Caliphate”, a dystopian novel from Tom Kratman showing Europe in the 22th Century.

      42. you said it braveheart I am with you

      43. Heads up white people. Colin Flaherty’s Utube channel was flagged and taken down for “hate speech.” Apparently Colin got too close to the truth when he made a video that showed colored youths rampaging in the US, in Australia, and in Europe.

        If you can afford a buck or two, he is a voice of reason. (Remove the spaces). Donate via PayPal: Colin @

      44. Make America white again. Eliminate the blacks, asians and Hispanics and our cities would be far safer.

        • You the most important (((race))) of all

          They are not White

          • I have never met a you that did not put israel ahead of america. The fewer we have in this country, the better. Make America White Again.

      45. Angry Beaver, there has only ever been one test of whether or not some one is a prophet, or just able to predict the future. 100% Accuracy. Being in actual command of the English Language, and able to correctly spell and construct sentences is probably a bonus, too. You don’t qualify. The future of this country and its’ many factions will be played out many different ways, at different times. Please stop pretending you know, because you don’t.

        • Did you seriously just pull the grammar police card.? Your comment sounds quite weak almost like you typed it just for the sake of saying something .

        • And what exactly did I predict? Nothing.
          It’s my learned opinion ; reading history and seeing a common thread , I said nothing I haven’t said before. Sounds more like you felt the need to pick at my grammar and spelling , ok.
          So why don’t you tell us what you think may happen.
          I took my examples from things like
          Cliven Bundy
          Hurricane Katrina
          The Iraq wars
          Vietnams history
          The collapse of the Soviet Union
          And personal experience
          So what’s your opinion? Or did you come here to troll.
          I see there are a few trolls out this post I see Braveheart picked one up to lol.
          Trust me pal you don’t wanna do that here.

      46. When there is an injustice done (i.e, a swat team shows up to arrest a guy that has “kidnapped” his own children…..that is violated a filthy Judges bias visitation order), I don’t see anybody standing up to this. No neighbors or family members stampeding the court house where that filthy Judge sits, demanding his impeachment.
        And this is why we will lose this war. When the injustice finally comes for you, there won’t be anybody standing up for you.!!! This is how it always begins, and ends with the labor camps.!!!

      47. The biggest race crime was the one committed by the Congressional Black Caucus, who rammed through the American multiracial agenda on all other Western nations. They used the US war machine to do it and it has brought nothing but crime, welfare dependency, rape, murder, drug dealing to countries as formerly prosperous and white as Sweden, Norway, Germany, France etc.

        Countries that have avoided this still remain majority white and with white cultures. They include Russia and most of Eastern Europe. And it shows: these countries now have the prettiest women in Europe and the healthiest. But the mess you find now in Western countries, meh.

      48. Everyone is up in arms here. Black people aren’t in some unified block. Black people are far more frightened of other blacks than whites. They refer to the violent ones preying on society as knuckle heads. Granted that their “knuckle heads” are 7 or so times higher in percentage to their overall population in comparison to white “knuckle heads” but they’re still well in the minority and generally clustered in specific areas. If white knuckle heads want to cry “open season” they’ll push that black majority together out of necessity. This is exactly what TPTB want. Its playing into their hands.

      49. Why don’t these white wuss bags that hate themselves just eat a bullet or jump off a bridge? Problem solved!

        • Because no one will say what everyone on earth knows is true, we will all sink back into the dark ages. Fear of stepping out of line has defeated us.

      50. I tell you my heart brakes for the youth and what few Americans are left living a moral life. I am not perfect or hope this doesn’t come across sounding like I am. I have read this site from the advice of my friend Wile-e-coyote for a few years and this is my first comment. Enough is enough! What has happened to this country? Hating ourselves while leaving the flood gates open to be over run by people who don’t have our same values or goals for a once proud God driven society! Can they not see doing it their way has wrecked this country? There is no moral compas left that the people are living by. It’s not just broke its smashed into pieces! It’s a full blown campaign to wreck our society. Everyday their are commercials of the most pathetic looking white man you can imagine with a giant perfect black man. Of course the black man has the white woman with him. The blacks run the music and tv shows that our kids watch. Everyday who I g this liberal poison and hate the whiteman garbage into our kids brains. The Kardasians, Bruce Jenner and the rest of Hollywood is destroying this country. Not to mention us bending over backwards for the Muslims and Mexicans. If there isn’t a brainwashing campaign goi g on the. How come the White Russian males can come over here and beat the black males boxing? Are they tougher then us or just not been poisoned with our society social media and TV? We are mKing this next generation of white males so weak it’s pathetic. What would the ‘greatest generation’ think of what we have been forced to become? Everywhere tattooed up trashy looking white women with blacks and biracial kids. And 95% of those the black dad has been gone since before the child was born! Ms13 gangs, Muslims and the white trash that joined their life style just to be like them and cool.

        • You say so much wisdom in that rant and pose a very good question: why is it that blacks get away with terrorizing American whites but get totally clobbered when they try and pull their crap with Eastern Europeans? The answer is simple: they are not programmed to be sissies and they work out. Weight lifting and excercise are just part of the mainstream culture there. If I see another limp wristed American white waisting his breath whining about his ‘rights’ or that he got ‘woke’, I will cry.

          And Eastern European are the reason: you get fit and you get rich because the prize is so worth it. The women there are hot and they are great in bed. Whereas American guys have a fat and obese woman to look forward to who is crap in bed and quickly loses interest in sex and spends her days thinking about how to divorce you, take your house, and move in with her ‘woke’ lesbian girlfriend.

          • Thanks for the feedback FT I appreciate that. What you said makes sense. We are just a weakening society and if we don’t toughen up meant ally and physically we are in trouble as a race. Even if we aren’t Mr. Universe body builders, just trying to be healthy and do some physical outside work in the heat and cold will go a long way. We just got to get our old fashioned toughness or grit back. Get healthy physically and mentally too. I know this year I am keeping my kids with me on the farm as much as I can trying to teach them things and doing physical work. Got my son a weed eater and that will help start things off for the hot summer work after I get him conditioned from winter and spring brush cutting. Thanks again for the reply!

            • Strength is key. I look at the older generation for inspiration. My grandfather was a tough dude: he fought his way off the beaches on D-Day, raised three kids, built his house, and he would face-off with any blacks he saw living on welfare or committing crimes in the neighborhood: sort of like a Clint Eastwood guy. He had no fear! When you have killed loads of Nazis you have no fear of arrogant blacks. That’s the spirit this generation needs.

              Don’t apologise for your existence to third world trash. Instead, focus your enegy on getting strong, working hard for your family, support strong leaders like Putin, Xi Jinping, who don’t take crap from Muslims.

      51. This thing will be dragged out for decades. People 40 years old and above are upset and armed, but very few among the millennials and younger have such views. These views are dying off and fewer whites are having children to even pass down masculinity. The powers that be are pushing leftism for school age children across the country and at the universities with great success. Leftism is ubiquitous in the media as well. (((They))) will just wait until they have successfully wiped out every last semblance of white masculinity. Then the real genocide will begin. The left will come fully into power in the next 20 years or so, around the time most people holding pro-gun and pro-freedom views are old or dying.

        I’m sorry to say that the numbers simply aren’t there for a straight forward victory. Whites are dying off in Europe and in the US. They will not miraculously “come to their senses” and start breeding like rabbits. Our best shot is a major catalytic event in the next 5 years like a comet strike, super-volcano, or a nuclear WW3. Otherwise, they are just going to wait us out and they will absolutely succeed. I spent over 20 years in various nationalist groups and the quality of individual is no lo ger there. My best advice is to keep prepping and pray for a miracle because we are going to need it.

        • The day will come: there is no way in hell we will live in a world of peace if those peoples get the upper hand. Look at how they have behaved for the past 6 decades: as soon as they get their hands on modern weapons, they start killing each other. They will have epic wars in the coming decades. Think a major war between China and Nigeria for example, or South Africa with Zimbabwe, or China with any other black or South Asian country.

      52. I usually don’t watch network TV or much TV at all for that matter. However, the commercials I have been seeing seem to be casting out white people. Pay attention to see how many white people are used where there are several actors. The other interesting observation is the number of couples depicting white men with women of color. It appears the companies are also participating in 4Gen warfare.

        • One funny thing about TV commercials I have noticed that has been consistent for years is:

          Security Equipment and Systems Commercials

          The shady characters and burglars are ALWAYS WHITE.

          I have never seen such a commercial in the last 10 years where the bad guys were ever minority people.

          It is very obvious, check it out.


      53. If by racist you mean smarter and better looking, then yeah..

      54. yes there is a war being waged on the white race. Yes the white race has a lot of weapons and ammo. Arethere enough white folks who have the mental fortitude (the ability to kill without hesitation or remorse) And you betcha the other races do have a pletoria who kill at the drop of a hat and have no remorse! Do whites have the physical stamina to wage a civil war and ethnic cleansing? probably not. Is there a cohesive cause and a capable leader to rally the white race. That’s very doubtful at best. I did the best I could I relocated to the Heart of KKK country. Boone County Ar is the home of the national headquarters of the KKK. Im proud to be a racist redneck cracker gun toting white guy. However I am actually hoping for Divine Intervention something like a great clatyclism that will skyrocket civilization back to the Stone Age. 90% would die without a shot. When they depict cave men. They are always white people. Ive got my cave. I have no desire to fight a war with bulletts and risk the lives of me and mine.

        • Yes it would be nice to see some selective genetic disease that wiped out the black race over night.

      55. The entirety of Western Civilization has been HIJACKED by FAKE “Jews” ~ whose most recent ancestors (1880-1920) were Eastern European Yiddish-speakers, with more ancient ancestors hailing from Khazaria (750-850 AD). Read THE THIRTEENTH TRIBE, by Arthur Koestler. Question: What does YIDDISH have to do with the ancient Hebrew language? (Hint: NOTHING).

      56. “Are Whites Being Setup For Genocide?!” My conclusion is “YES!” After seeing what is going on in Europe and America.
        Maybe white people in USA, Russia, Australia, New Zeeland and elsewhere must untie to protect themselves and marginalize race traitors?

      57. Read some believe, Anders Brevik, slowed down the genocide buy shooting the leaders and main speakers at a communist meeting? The media reported it a mass shooting of inosent children? But some wonder if the media is involved in distortion of facts , the professors were his target and the kids were collateral damage? While many will argue against shooting unarmed professors indoctrinating the fundamentals of white genocide to young impressionable minds. Many don’t?

      58. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t a lot of these people that want whites dead, white themselves? Am I missing something in this craziness? Are they not calling for their own demise?

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