Former Pfizer VP Says All COVID “Vaccine” Manufacturers Need To Be “Immediately Indicted For Fraud”

by | May 27, 2022 | Headline News | 8 comments

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    This article was originally published by Ethan Huff at Natural News. 

    More than 17,000 doctors and medical experts, including former Pfizer Vice President Dr. Michael Yeadon, are calling for every pharmaceutical company that makes Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” to be “immediately indicted for fraud.”

    Thousands of people have died and many thousands more have become injured, in many cases permanently, from the injections, and Yeadon and his colleagues want to see justice served.

    Speaking at the recent Global COVID Summit, Yeadon made the case for swift prosecution against the likes of Pfizer, BioNTech, Janssen (Johnson & Johnson), AstraZeneca, “and their enablers.” He also issued a corresponding press statement with the same claims.

    For the last two years, Yeadon has been warning about the “lies” coming from Big Pharma and the government concerning Fauci Flu shots. In Principle #9 of a 10-part list of principles issued at the gathering, the following was said:

    “We declare that Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech, Janssen, AstraZeneca, and their enablers, withheld and willfully omitted safety and effectiveness information from patients and physicians, and should be immediately indicted for fraud.”

    In his own words, Yeadon said the following about the death toll from the shots:

    “We know that shortly after administration of these products thousands of people have died. And although correlation isn’t causation, reasonable criteria have been applied to examine the relationship between injections and the events, and it is absolutely clear–cut that these [shots] are the cause of death.”

    Covid “vaccines” are medical fraud

    Not only did the jabs turn out to be dangerous, but Yeadon provided evidence showing that all of the jab manufacturers knew full well that this was the case before they were all unleashed by Donald Trump under Operation Warp Speed.

    “The design of these products was knowingly deficient in a number of ways,” Yeadon explained, pointing to the fact that they trigger the production of “toxic virus spike protein” throughout the body.

    The world was promised that these toxic virus spike proteins would remain at the injection site, but the reality is that they “distribute throughout the body,” Yeadon warned.

    “There was no built-in limit to the amounts of toxic spike proteins that can be made, or for how long it is made, and that’s the cause of the toxicity,” he further stated.

    With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Yeadon is no shlock when it comes to these issues. He pointed to reports from last November showing that the clinical trials run by the likes of Pfizer involved “questionable practices all around” that point to serious fraud.

    “For example, several of the studies were clearly unblinded while they were ongoing, contrary to best practice,” he explained. “And also, in a number of cases, subjects were removed from the database prior to statistical analysis in a way that is suggestive of fraud.”

    “We were given blanket assurances time and again by all of the companies about the benign safety profile of their products,” he added. “Even as products rolled out in the earliest weeks, they must have known this was not true. To add insult to injury, it appears that these products provide little or no protection from the virus they sought to protect us from.”

    An expert in toxicology, Yeadon further delineated that these experimental gene-based covid injections were tested using methods that were unsafe and unsound. In most cases, proper safety standards were thrown out the window entirely in order to rush the products to market at warp speed.

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is also complicit as it knew about the problems associated with the injections but granted them emergency use authorization (EUA) regardless.


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      1. Nothing will come of it.

        Too much money and political power involved.

      2. I wonder if this fraud and genocide will ever be prosecuted on the perps?

        Many of us have heard the phrase “How did the Germans of the 1930’s get so twisted?”. I believe we have been reliving this mass psychosis since 9/11.

      3. Hopefully this goes somewhere, but probably more talk.

        Still, not aspirating the intramuscular shot alone is cause for a negligence suit against health providers and perhaps vax companies.

        Most injuries seem to come from accidental intravenous injection, but aspiration checks to make sure the needle is not in a blood vessel.

      4. this was fraud from the very beginning, they omitted facts, didn’t conduct their studies properly, all it was, was LIES, LIES, AND MORE LIES and they wonder why we sane people don’t believe them anymore, hmmmm

      5. After their trial these murdering fucks need to be lined up and shot to death

        • Too fast good sir,
          More like drawn, hung and quartered.
          How about 1530 Swiss Black Death revenge on the scum that purposely spread the plague on door knobs and dumped pustules of dried plague dust on the people so the good hospital could legally take the dead’s assets.

          Revenge was the good doctors and perps being hauled around town for 3 days while the people got to too tear of chunks of flesh with a hot tongs or iron and then they were finally executed.

      6. More like “Indicted for Crimes against Humanity”.

        But that’s just my opinion. Unfortunately, given that Trump basically had to invoke the Defense Procurement articles (functionally, a declaration of National Emergency/War Powers Authority) then every inch of Big Pharma’s ASS is covered; legally it’s functionally worse than trying to sue a Gun Manufacturer.

        Soooooo, I guess all that leaves is hanging!…oops, my BAD, OR BETTER yet Guillotine!
        The latter is always a much better deterrent for future ass-wipes contemplating nefarious crap.

        Cheerio Kiddos!…JOG

      7. Clearly Big Pharma literally owns this country!

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