FEMA Investigator’s Shock 9/11 Claim: ‘Vault Contents Emptied Before Attack… They Knew It Was Going To Happen’

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    The attacks of September 11th, 2001 will forever be mired in doubt and suspicion by millions of people who saw the events live on their televisions. Almost immediately following the attacks theories began to emerge.

    Were the hijackers operatives for a Western intelligence service? How did a passport from one of the terrorists survive completely unscathed, only to be found later amidst the rubble of the Trade Centers? How did WTC Building 7 collapse even though it was never struck by an airplane? Why was President George H.W. Bush meeting with members of the Bin Laden family at the very moment of the attacks? Were the planes that hit the buildings actually commercial airliners or were they remotely operated drones? Why was the entirety of Ground Zero quickly sanitized and shipped to China for recycling before any investigation ever took place? And, what are the odds that on the very day terrorists used planes to attack the Pentagon and World Trade Centers, the U.S. military was holding exercises simulating hijackers crashing planes into buildings, a circumstance that led to total confusion across the United States and a complete failure of national defense?

    These questions and thousands more have been the subject of  fervent debate for over a decade, and like the Kennedy assassination, may never have an official answer.

    But just as has been the case with the investigation of JFK’s murder, new details and evidence continue to emerge surrounding the events of that day.

    In a shocking report published by The Sun, former Federal Emergency Management Agency employee Kurt Sonnenfeld says he has evidence proving that certain insiders were privy to the attacks, perhaps even including President George W. Bush.

    Kurt Sonnenfeld was working for the US Federal Emergency Management Agency, an organisation tied to the US Department of Homeland Security, when the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center took place.

    After the planes crashed into the building, Kurt was given unrestricted access to ground zero – the site where the buildings once stood.

    Armed with camera gear, the 39-year-old was asked to film everything he saw.

    His documented evidence was supposed to form part of a report about what happened – but he never handed back the footage.

    He says they want to silence him over what he saw beneath World Trade Center 6, evidence he is convinced paints the Bush Administration as big players in the deadliest attack on American soil.

    Sporting bleached blond hair, Kurt wove his way through the rubble of Manhattan’s downtown financial district.

    He shot hours of footage but never handed it in.

    Of particular interest was what he found beneath World Trade Center 6.

    He says inside the building he came across a vault that had been cleared of its contents before the planes struck.

    In a documentary filmed in Argentina, Kurt said the discovery is proof that America knew the attacks were coming, at the very least.

    “One thing I’m certain of is that agencies of intelligence of the United States of America knew what was going to happen and at least let it happen,” he said.

    “Not only did they know it was going to happen, but they in fact collaborated.”

    It is given weight by a similar discovery on a basement door below World Trade Center 4.

    According to a New York Times article, the door to a vault was still intact but it appeared as if somebody had tried to gain entry.

    Behind the vault door were nearly a thousand tonnes of silver and gold.

    According to 911 Research, the vault under WTC 4 was reportedly owned by COMEX:

    Reports describing the contents of the vaults before the attack suggest that nearly $1 billion in precious metals was stored in the vaults. A figure of $650 million in a National Real Estate Investor article published after the attack is apparently based on pre-attack reports.

    Unknown to most people at the time, $650 million in gold and silver was being kept in a special vault four floors beneath Four World Trade Center.

    An article in the TimesOnline gives the following rundown of precious metals that were being stored in the WTC vault belonging to Comex.

    • Comex metals trading – 3,800 gold bars weighing 12 tonnes and worth more than $100 million
    • Comex clients – 800,000 ounces of gold with a value of about $220 million
    • Comex clients – 102 million ounces of silver, worth $430 million
    • Bank of Nova Scotia – $200 million of gold

    It is of note to mention that Sonnenfeld’s wife died under mysterious circumstances shortly after he carried out his investigation. The cause of death? A bullet to the back of the head.

    Sonnenfeld was charged with the murder but those charges were eventually dropped, at which point he fled to Argentina. He has since remarried and had two children.

    The U.S. Department of Justice is now attempting to extradite Sonnenfeld back to the United States where he is once again being charged with his wife’s murder.

    But Sonnenfeld says that the reasons behind the U.S. government’s push to bring him back to America are more nefarious than they are letting on, alluding to his intimate knowledge of the 9-11 Ground Zero crime scene as a potential reason for taking him into custody.

    We know for a fact that gold was being stored under Trade Center 4. Perhaps similar riches were being stored under WTC 6.

    That the vault was completely empty when Sonnenfeld carried out his investigation certainly suggests foreknowledge by highly placed insiders.

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      1. Save what ever was in the Vault and to hell with the People, Just get the most important people safe and let the others die.. Even the women who were pregnant , they let the people die…

        Damn, these people are evil . I am sure Saudis are still blackmailing the Government

        • I have been telling people for years the vaults were emptied ahead of time! there is NO way that amount of gold could have been moved in a few minutes, also when the rescue crews showed up in the vault area the doors were OPEN, also there was a investigator that tracked down some large military trucks coming out of the vaults weeks BEFORE 911 and then tracked military aircraft flights from a airport close to the NYC area where the trucks went and there flights went to airbase in California. so YUP!!! they knew ahead of time this was coming!!

          • It’s incredible even the sheeple don’t question the official story it has so many holes. I still get crazy looks when I talk about 9/11. You’d think I committed heresy or something for questioning the god of government.

            • The only chance that Americans have of getting to the bottom of the rubble, is the election of Donald J Trump as the 45th President of the United States.

              Rise up America, its now or never !!! 🙂

              • Spot on Durango. And the looks like a Gold Robbery. This is no diferent than a thief who robbs the house, then sets fire to it to cover his tracks. There is No Gold in FT Knox but plenty in the underground valts of the elites big under ground caves. Gold and silver is about the only thing that survives time.

                California, hell yeah there’s Gold in them there hills.

                And GW Bush’s Sarasota FL trip to read My Pet Goat was a cover to meet with the Bin Laden Family to shake hands and give them a free pass to escape the US after 9-11. Bush Sr had a roll in that escape that also departed Tampa Intl executive terminal. And a couple of the Hijackers went to a flight school in Sarasota. This entire plan was to make them all very very Rich. And why didn’t GW Bush Kill Bin Laden when he was found months before in the Hills of the boarder. Bush let him go. And he had to let the Boogie man go so they could carry out the Illegal Invasion of Iraq to steala their Gold too..

                I had a retired tank colonel who was over there when Iraq fell. He smoked sadams cigars on the tops of his palace. Then he said Gen Tommy Frank’s Commander of Iraq invasions Fucked Up Big Time. Lots of his buddies were killed. Because they had no strategy plan after the Invasion and disbanded the Iraqi army and chaos insued. Frank’s soon retired. Big Screw Up.

                Its all a scam and the Bush Family should all be rotting in prison until They are hung. Traitors to America.

                Notice how Jeb quit the race when during the debate when TRUMP said Americans Will know everything about 911. He looked at Jeb. Jeb resigned and the Bush Crime Family are planning backup countries to escape to exile if needed.

                Think I’m Kidding? Stay tuned.


                • Not kidding WWTI
                  Bush family owns huge property in Paraguay

                  • When is this Mr. Sonnenfeld going to release his film to the general public? I’m sure it would be the talk of the world.

                  • Eots
                    that Bush property in Paraguay encompassed the largest supply of unclaimed fresh water at the time they grabbed it. The Bush Crime Family is bad to the bone and they believe fresh water will be the new oil. If they all run to Paraguay at the same time, duck your head. Bush can’t travel easy… crimes against humanity and all… Obama does protect him.

                    • Rebecca says:
                      Also according to some scientists Paraquay is one of a few places in the world that has shown the least amount of effect from pole shift in the past history. when that was announced publicly the Bush’s had just purchased that land down there.


                    The latest analyst said, “That if the Silver to Gold price ration stays below 70 to 1 for a while, that we could see Silver blast up to $30 an ounce rannge.”

                    Looks like this is all happening. I said a few weeks ago when Silver was $16, that Silver should be at $22.50 and $26.50 by the end of July.

                    Looks like my prediction is coming true with these massive increases. 2 basic things that makes Silver climb. Gold prices climbing which Silver is pegged to, and the Silver to Gold Price ratio dropping like clock work as it as done 4 times consistently in the last 20 years after it hits 80 to 1, it drops to 47 to 1. Of course currency collapses or devaluation, or terror attacks, etc. can also make Silver and Gold jump in price. Every thing is aligned to Push silver in one direction and that is much much higher.

                    Keep on trucking, and Silver is still cheap even in the $20 range, as I predict we will see $40 Silver by next year. So we still have a double your money opportunity today within a year. I wish I could buy more, but I’m tapped out of the Fake Fiat US Dollars to buy it. I’m tempted to put it on a Credit Card, just to get more.


              • DK,

                I agree with you completely. Is there any hope of getting the Dixie Chicks on board? That really bums me out! I think our own Rebecca sides with the Dixie Chicks which bums me out even more!! I am beginning to feel like the guys who say it is all rigged so there is no point in voting. If I remember correctly you use to admonish every one to vote.

                Louisiana Eagle

                • Louisiana Eagle,
                  You talking about me? Georgie Porgie kissed the world and made it cry. Me and the Dixie Chicks were from Texas during the Bush fiasco. As minor as what Natalie said about Bushbaby was… he destroyed their careers. I left the Republican Party when they nominated Dubya, a known crook.

                  Nothing in this country will get fixed until Republicans admit and repudiate the evil of the Republican Party. Nothing. We are going down with the ship.

                  Nothing in this country will get fixed until Democrats admit and repudiate the evil of the Democratic Party. Nothing. We are going down with the ship.

                  So long as the D/R corporate machine can divide and conquer the D and R base… they will continue to rape and pillage this country. I read all the wise as$ comments about Hillary and Obama and the endless pretense that Trump is a savior and I am…

                  Never going to buy what the Con-nnman is selling.

                  • Rebecca, I agree wholeheartedly about the D/R machine and the Dixie Chicks. I also agree what happened to the Dixie Chicks after Natalie was brave enough to speak the truth was so wrong. I still enjoy their music. The D/R machine along with Wall St. and everything else will be the death of this nation. The campaign is nothing but a circus. Trump is no better than anyone else. The ballot box is not our salvation. It’s coming time for the cartridge box. I really hate that, but it can’t be avoided now.

                    • If you vote by computer or your vote is counted by computer then they choose how you “vote”. The only real vote is on paper with multiple people viewing the count.

                      Trump is the elite. He lives and works with them and he makes his money doing deals with them. Trump is them.

                      I have seen Trump giving the triangle hand sign, the 666 hand sign and the devil horns hand sign, each multiple times. He is an elite and a Satanist. He will never serve a mostly Christian population. Think about that.

                      Satanists are sworn to destroy Christians. Muslims re sworn to destroy Christians ( and just about everybody else). Does it make more sense now why they are moving muslims into western/Christian nations?

                      Our choices are communist/mafia/satanist Clinton or devil worshiping/businessman Trump or the Libertarian pot merchant who is never in the news. Is he even still running? His politics are lacking. Is he masonic, satanic or what? Anyone know?

                      I would choose a less competent Christian over a satanic anything, any day.

                  • @ Rebecca. I agree about both parties being really just one. I think you and most here are wrong about the roll Trump is doing. He is tearing apart BOTH parties and exposing what they really are: The party of the elites. He only has to accomplish this task to be successful as a president. The next election in 2020, if he wins this one, May have true candidates Of The People, For The People. Trump will not fix the system of corruption, but he will fix the One Party System we have now. Or die trying.

                  • Right on Rebecca!!!

                    Anyone who believes Donald Drumpf is the “Savior” of America and will “out” all the prior traitors is helping to bake the soylent green of the future. You are becoming the new batch of “sheeple” you so desperately despise. If you believe Donald gives a damn about anyone or anything besides himself then you really haven’t been paying attention to the actions he has taken during the course of his silver-spoon life.

                    He IS the elite and ALWAYS has been. If not trying to get elected he would wipe us off the soles of his thousand dollar shoes like the mongrel turds he believes us to be.

                    I am sooo tired of Bushes and Clintons and trickle down and mission accomplished and stay the course and millions spent on self-serving investigations when they themselves should be investigated and good laws being blocked because they are lumped in with a bundle of partisan self-serving crap with which no one wants their names affiliated.

                    I am tired… but I would fight like HELL to support a REAL statesperson who cared about the vanishing middle class and the real problems facing our beloved country.

                    I’m just waiting for the opportunity… where are you?

              • And Donald trump isn’t any chance whatsoever.

                • GOD BLESS AMERICA! Still the greatest country on earth. Trekker Out.

              • Bullsh it. Trump is another zionist controlled lackey.

              • Durango:

                I agree. We must elect Trump. Respectfully disagree with those who believe there is no difference between candidates. Though not perfect, Trump has better choices for the Supreme Court and many other important issues.

                Hillary exposed the e-mails herself. She wanted to run as an underdog and to take attention away from the Foster “suicide”, which is her biggest Achilles heel as murder has no statute of limitations. He, Foster, was shot in the back of the head, body removed from government property where it would have become a government case, and according to former Clinton associate Nichols, Foster and Hillary had sexual liaison while Bill Clinton was President making Hillary the First Lady to be cucolding a standing President. This pales in comparison to the supposed escapades of Michelle (Michael). But then gay black trannies are held to lower expectations. Don’t ya think! ?

                • Now that makes sense in a perverted way ? But all of the elites are quite perverted to be sure in many ways .

              • How fucking stupid can you be? So the evil government that allowed 9/11 to happen, is going to let Trump become president because people voted for him?

                You’re still asleep. In your mind this was a “Bush” thing? Some of you retards here make me laugh.

                Wake the hell up, An armed revolution by the people will be the only thing that’ll bring this Country back – and that ain’t gonna happen, pretty soon our guns will be taken away, and then it’s game over. If I were you, Id be preparing myself for a civil war very, very soon.

            • As we approach the 4th, the sheeple will celebrate the loss of our great country, the loss of freedom, the loss of the middle class, the loss of the white family, the celebration of sexual perversion with a president that is a f ag married to another man dressed up like a woman who is also an islamic savage, celebration of the rise of the beast system leading up to hell on earth for everyone. Yea, happy fucking 4th.

              • Menzo, you are possibly the biggest and most ignorant person/troll I’ve ever come into contact with. Take your paranoia and crawl back under the pile of shit you mushroomed out of. Complete knucklehead.

                • Joe I bet you blow.

              • This is no small thing, to restore a republic after it has fallen into corruption. I have studied history for years and I cannot recall it ever happening. It may be that our task is impossible. Yet, if we do not try then how will we know it can’t be done? And if we do not try, it most certainly won’t be done. The Founders’ Republic, and the larger war for western civilization, will be lost.

                But I tell you this: We will not go gently into that bloody collectivist good night. Indeed, we will make with our defiance such a sound as ALL history from that day forward will be forced to note, even if they despise us in the writing of it.

                And when we are gone, the scattered, free survivors hiding in the ruins of our once-great republic will sing of our deeds in forbidden songs, tending the flickering flame of individual liberty until it bursts forth again, as it must, generations later. We will live forever, like the Spartans

                • The author of those words is presently on his deathbed. Mike Vanderboegh is a truly great man. I will miss his intellect and his ability to weaponize the English language. May God bless Mike and protect his son as he continues on Sipseystreetirregulars.

                • The system cannot and does not get saved ? It morphs into something new and hopefully better ! That is what most Americans cannot wrap their head around ? Most cannot even admit that our system was and is extremely corrupt and has been for a very long time. Unfortunately we are just now realizing the depth of it and BHO helped show it to us ? How is that for perverted ?

                  I firmly believe there is a better day ahead for those that are not afraid and willing to fight !

                • The tearing down of America has been planned and put into place long before the imposter took over. We should not be scared, but infuriated and righteously angered!
                  I believe we are very near the fulfillment of George Washington’s vision. Many others have seen the same:

                  “‘Son of the Republic, what you have seen is thus interpreted: Three great perils will come upon the Republic. The most fearful is the third, but in this greatest conflict the whole world united shall not prevail against her. Let every child of the Republic learn to live for his God, his land and the Union.’ With these words the vision vanished, and I started from my seat and felt that I had seen a vision wherein had been shown to me the birth, progress, and destiny of the United States.”

                • maybe cockroaches, as they are radiation proof. We’ll blow up and the cockroaches will look upon the burning ruins saying, “Damn, they made really good pizza.”

              • Happy Fourth of July.

                • This article brings up a very interesting question for our current situation here in USSA today ? exactly what are we celebrating today ?

                  Hillary’s criminal acts going unchallenged again ?

                  Black Lies Matter

                  The insane events in Baltimore and many other democrat cities of color ?

                  Muslims in high positions within our government and supposed security apparatus, like DHS ?

                  An out of control police state ?

                  A severely broken and corrupted judicial system ?

                  Many lies and distortions passing as truth in every aspect of our lives ?

                  Government committing crimes more frequent and heinous than one can keep track of ?

                  I could go on but I imagine you get the drift ?

                  Just for shits and grins lets ponder one small piece of the “controlled insanity” that we all live under here in USSA today ? Recently BHO met with Mark Zuckerberg. Of course we have no transcript of what was discussed or any motives to meet ? But what we do know is that FB and Twitter both allow jihadi’s to maintain accounts which openly call for all manner of violence and extreme acts and at the same time FB and Twitter take down accts of real patriots or anybody that disagrees with them on issues like gun control or racial the animus deliberately created by this regime on many fronts. So who is bullshitting who in this zoo and why would anybody go along with these extreme dichotomies and double standards ?

                  There is a greater and greater spread of differences between what some might call the left and the right ? We are entering a phase where enemies are identified and battle lines are drawn in ideology and the violence that is escalating and approaching each and ever day. We will all have to make decisions of who we will stand against and with, if you have not already done so. There really is a line being drawn between the left and the right in ever grander scale daily ! And it is all very deliberately done by your own government and other control freaks like Zuckerberg, Gates and many others. 1984 and PRAVDA/MSM are here and alive and well in USSA today ! The propaganda machine you are being forced to pay for .

            • They look at you like you are crazy because you are. Muslims hate us, they killed thousands and you morons blame the US. You are drinking the same cool-aid as Obama.

              God bless America

              Respectfully, American Warrior

              • VIDEO- BUSH SLIPS UP – Bush Admits Explosives Used at World Trade Center 9/11 (Long Version)
                ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpcJyn3N5ks

                What more PROOF Do YOU NEED???


              • Our government who hates us used the islamic savages who also hate us to do this and as scapegoats to further their war plans. There is no way the muslim trash could have pulled this off alone. Too much evidence which you need to go look for yourself. Open your eyes a bit more and you may see the whole picture.

                • Upon further review of more of your insults to me and others, AW. You are no doubt a paid government troll or actual scum agent. I wish to tell you I cannot wait to see people such as yourself after the SHTF. Someone like me will shoot you in the head with a large caliber round.

                  • You do know that ISIS is a paid terrorist group. They will attack other Nations paid for by even your own government to attack it’s own People.. ?

                    They say NATO is the same.. but l do not know much about that. But l did read that CIA was behind this..

                    They come over hidden in the refugees your government take in.. they will blend in with their surrounding people.

                    • These attacks are all false flags, done by proxy terrorists hired and trained by the US and Israel. Obama says we need to ban guns for Americans so terrorists can get the guns. But it’s A OK to have open boarders and Obama invites the terrorists in the country to do us harm. How about ban terrorists from coming in? Duh.. How about we Ban Obama.


                    • No doubt there are a great many of them hidden in and about this nation, not one of them known to anyone except their own kind. I’ve no doubt they’ve got dirty bombs “at the ready”, several no doubt. More and more it looks like it may well be a war of attrition. Once we are outnumbered they figure they’ve got it, such as what will come out in the election. Vote for whomever you wish. Hillary will get it and, even if it takes a war, a war is what will come until one side or the tuther has eradicated the other. THAT is how bad things are going to become. It isn’t that they are crazy. It is that they only mean to kill all white people and Christian-believing people. Other than that you are perfectly safe in your daily affairs…

                      SideArm:chk; SpareMags:chk; Backup w/ammo:chk TightenBelt:CHK

              • American Warrior, you’ve been brain washed my friend. Many MANY “conspiracy theories” have easily proven the truth.Anyone who opens his mind and actually studies can clearly see this whole 911 was a scam.
                Sorta just like “the men and women who are fighting for our freedoms”
                Hogwash. All the men and women are fighting for is more power and money for the government. Die/lose limbs and your mind for a super corrupt lying thieving goverment. Not on my life and hopefully not on your either…..

              • AW-

                Spot on. It is sad where our country is headed. Its like a party at the end of the world and the sheeple are cheering on out enemies.

            • Menzoberranzan,

              I could tell you allot more on 911 that i about, I was asked to go there the next day to perform certain types of work, since they would send a plane for me, I chose not to drive to the nearest plane pickup location, and so did not go BUT several of me co-workers did go and they kept me abreast of what they saw and what they heard and , from what they said we all knew that 911 was a BIG project and the so-called terrorists were just patsies!! there many things that were covered up or altered about the whole incident. i also know the one plane that supposedly crashed in a field, was actually shot down by one of our military fighters, there were local witnesses to that.

              • stupid auto spell, forgot to turn it off, they would NOT send a plane to my location.

              • I can certainly believe that.

            • Menzo, the same thing happens to me so I don’t even bring up 9/11 anymore. It’s impossible to talk to sheeple anyway.

              • Attn Silver Bugs, Look for $30 Silver.. If the Silver to Gold Price Ratio stays under 70 to 1 for an extended period of time., Silver could easily Rally to $30/ OZ.

                The Price Ratio Chart Facts say, 4 times in the last 20 years when Silver hit 80 to 1, within about 6 months to 9 Months it dropped to 47 to 1 ratio. Consistently. So The Silver rally should continue, and if Gold keeps going up, Silver will certainly follow. I say Silver is at $26.50 by the end of This Month of July.

                The article stated:
                According to the veteran trader, whenever a rally in precious metals starts with gold, it often ends in silver, so it is important to keep an eye on the gold-to-silver ratio.

                “Gold is too expensive on a relative value basis so people with less cash flow into silver,” he explained. “If the silver-gold ratio goes under 70 for any period of time, you may see another blow off rally to $30.” On Friday, the gold-silver ratio stood at 68.04

                ht tp://www.kitco.com/news/2016-07-01/Gold-Solidly-Higher-Silver-at-22-Mo-High-Heading-Into-Long-U-S-Holiday-Weekend.html

                ~WWTI… Looking good in the Silver investment.

                • I agree. I have been back in the metals for about a year now. and yes we are in the midst of a trend developing . All because of to many fake USDs ! 🙂

            • Menzoberranzan

              The thought of the virtual omnipotent power of government, divorced from the rule of law, is so frightening, that the public adopts a collective Stockholm Syndrome. The public is eating, most have adequate if not terrific shelter, circus is plentiful.

              “You’d think I committed heresy or something for questioning the god of government.”

              What is and isn’t normal, and therefore heresy, is defined by the masses. Interestingly the most vocal critics of government 45 years ago are now the Establishment. Its amazing what power and money will do to ones politics.

          • It took about three days to empty the vaults. An endless 24 hr a day caravan.

          • Apache54, it was a year after 9/11 when I first find out what you just posted about the vaults. Sure the feds knew about it because they were the instigators.

          • Yes. I have read yrs ago that the gold was removed wks before the attack, so yes they knew !!!

          • Yes our own government was complicit in some form with 9/11. Every nuance in the article has been known for many years now and many more anomalies are glaring proof the story we have been spoon fed was a lie.

            I bought it at first, but then realized that jet fuel could not have melted the beams as suggested. Jet fuel is just a higher grade of diesel and it does not burn hot. That sent me looking much deeper at all of the events and they are all full of physical anomalies that defy physics as well as common sense. Then I saw several videos of police and fire guys being interviewed live at the scene and they all said there were explosions on the ground floors just prior to the towers coming down ? Once I realized Bldg 7 came down exactly the same and was not hit by any aircraft or anything else, I knew it was bullshit ! I do not pretend to have the entire story or all the facts, but I do know we do not have the truth of the matter, not even close. And there was large amounts of cash in those vaults as well that disappeared also. There were also some very big option trades made just prior to the event that paid out tens of millions.

            This definitely changes any perspective on Iraq and Afghan. Since most people believed 9/11 was a good reason to take those actions in the first place. So yes we have all been duped once again by our own government and the elites who call themselves our leaders in a very big way. Now of course BHO and crew have put all of the illusions on steroids, largely because the REPs showed them how and gave them the keys to the bank via Hank Paulson’s lies !

            Such is life in USSA today !

            • For me 9/11 was a message. A STRONG MESSAGE…!!!
              The overwhelming evidence was suggesting to prepare for a future 9/11 that will be much worst.
              Now that we are so close to it, I am starting to believe that we’ll get some kind of warning a few days in advance.
              I still believe that Obama is the last.

              • Flier,we are on the same page.and yes whatever is coming is very close at hand ! I think we will see violence ramp up in various forms as it has been doing and then some sort of attacks inside CONTUS. Then many will beg for martial law.

                That is when we will all have to make some very serious decisions ! Of course the time frame is in relation to the supposed coming election. Seems obvious things are ramping to a crescendo, mostly because the control freaks are getting desperate.

              • It was not just about the money. How many laws or rules were written because of 911? How many more freedoms lost? The money was great but the laws was the real target/prize all along. Every law written is another step in the wrong direction for us. Every law another step closer to the NWO. Keep on prepping. When you think you have enough, prep some more.

                • agree fish and get fit , healthy and well trained out as well as the correct mindset for battle !

                  • You are correct. If anybody thinks they are just going to throw a 100lb pack on and start walking or riding a bike, I beg you to just load up and go one mile. If you are not ready, you will be heading back to the house before your mile is up. You will also reevaluate the weight of your pack. Most people are definitely going to start of heavy. I suggest getting a deer cart. You can pack more NECESSETIES and drag the weight, not carry it. Most families, the dad is going to be taking the bulk of the load. Most kids and most women, not all, are not going to be able to carry the supplies they will require for long term survival. Long term means all 4 seasons. My wife is going to carry a long gun, a hand gun, her clothes, and a camel pack. She will not be carrying anything else. Unless you all are young and fit, you will not cover any ground without some sort of wheels. Weather motorized or otherwise. Don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself. Good luck.

                    • Fish I agree on most of your comments but would add. I am 68 and this last winter I went on a 50 mile 3 day hike simply to test myself and my gear,and it was cold out in January in eastern Oregon. I am a RVN vet and stronger with more stamina today than when I was in RVN in 68-69. Anybody can do the same thing rather easily. Just gotta know how and do it. That is what I teach people. see my site and how to get started for FREE !

                      I was also crippled for almost 6 years and healed myself. It took me almost 6 years to do one pushup and now I have the body of a fit 25 year old and far more smarts and experience !

                    • I would bet money 99% of the people here, and the rest of the sheeple out there could not even Harness Up a 90 lb pack on their back without help, and walk a 1/4 mile, take it off, then put it back on. Talk is cheap. Most are “legends in their own mind”. I would also bet 1% here could take that same pack and trail hike another 5 miles in the same day. 10 miles if they had the weight down to 55-60lbs, plus 7 for their weapon.

                    • Anon and fish, realize that 73% of Americans are either over weight to the point that it affects their health or they are simply obese ? And out of the other 27% very few are fit and or healthy and strong with lots of endurance and stamina. I firmly believe that your health and well being/mindset are the most important assets you will ever have and that is even more critical in times of potential strife and actual combative necessity ! Here is my proof of what I speak of. I live it daily in spades and anybody else can as well, rather easily ! Just gotta know how and then do it.



                      I know there are very few people here that can outperform me or even keep up in many endeavors and it feels great to be 68 and know that ! Combine that with many years of incredible first hand life experiences and ones confidence is greatly enhanced in all things ! Anybody can do the exact same thing rather easily or stay on the couch or porch with the wimp dogs ? It is always your choice in all things !

          • Anyway to see docs on those trucks and such?

        • Anyone who believes this bullshit is a moron. I was there pulling people/pieces of people out, there was jet fuel everywhere and on everything. There were bearer bonds worth millions laying all over the place. The vaults were emptied after they dug them out and then sold the recovered silver, gold and other precious metals and collectables at a premium. It would have taken 10s of thousands of conspirators in the US Govt. to pull this off and then keep quiet, it could never happen. Obama would have loved to rat out Bush, if what you idiots say was true. There was no conspiracy by the US only by muslim a-holes who hate us, so please stop with the red herring crap and focus on killing the people who will slaughter you, if they have the chance.

          God bless America

          Respectfully, American Warrior

          • American Warrior, do you really believe the govt. version of 9/11? I believe Muslims were involved but there was no way they could’ve pulled it off alone. Someone helped them and that someone was the US govt. you seem to have blind faith in. those ragheads were just patsies. No, I don’t have any use for muzzies and they will die if they confront me. I only ask that you do some research and then decide for yourself. You’ll find more questions than answers when it comes to 9/11. Take care.

          • Thank you for your service during those troubling times. While I do not necessarily believe the government was caught unawares by 911, I also question this guy’s story. If what he has in his possession is irrefutable proof of prior knowledge, then where is the raw video? It’s not as though he couldn’t get someone to pay the cost of publishing it to the net as I am certain that groups like Wikileaks would love to put it out there for all to see. It seems though that he either wants to sell it as a documentary or use it as an excuse for why he is framed for capital murder. Sorry, but something just doesn’t sound right here.

          • American Worrier, Sure there was jet fuel all over the rubble, but it wasn’t the planes or jet fuel that brought the WTC down. Or building 7 that was not hit at all by any plane, but fell all on its own, like a demolition magic trick. Watch the video yourself as it caves into the center to drop strait down. right after someone yelled PULL IT!!!. And if the Jet fuel exploded there would not be much of any jet fuel on the rubble because it would have been burned up. Ever connect the dots?

            You been drinking Bushy Kool-Aid wannabe worrier. Not sure was kind of warrior you want to call yourself, but not a very smart one. Bet you call yourself a hero too. You see your illusion of being a hero at ground zero is now tarnished by an awful deception, which clouds your Hero status and you are in denial. Accept the fact you were lied to, like all the rest of us by the government and media. It was a Bonanza for them to make big profits and centralize control.

            Just 11 days after 911, Homeland Security was formed with Gov Tom Ridge in place, and this DHS consolidating 22 federal agencies under one controller, The is how the checks and balances of competing investigative agencies were shoved under one roof to control the investigation.

            Tell me why all the Jews got a warning notice not to be in the WTC on 9-11?

            Why did GW Bush appoint a Dual Citizen Michael Chertoff as DHS Chief? The biggest security position in the land was handed to a DUAL Israeli CITIZEN ??????????
            Who has loyalty to Israel. The deck was stacked against America and has been like this for some time now, by Zionist SHILLS operating in the US Government over seeing our security. Dual Israeli Citizen Chertoff also approved and Israeli Security Company to run the Boston Marathon Bombing, where OOPS the bombing occurred. Yeah, another Zionist false flag. How much of this Zionist BS are you going to put up with, before you wake the hell up???????


          • You don’t win any credibility with anyone here calling us idiots. Then you say respectfully. Maybe you are the idiot, or you are a scum agent for the ussa, AW. More than likely you are both. So I will just go ahead and tell you to go fuck yourself.

          • You are either dumb and brainwashed as shit on a stick.

            Or you are full of shit.

          • Im with you on this, the gov may have been aware of the conspirators after the fact and there may well have been some sheltering of the lame ass saudis but i dont think they really knew the depth nor gravity of what went down ahead of time

            • Kulafarmer:

              Actually the entire senario is spelled out in a plan the CIA had in the 1960’s. They scrapped the idea at that time and miraculously it played out exactly as the original plan outlined back in 1965. I wish it wasn’t so. But it is. If you are brave. You can find irrefutable evidence for a conspiracy and consequent cover up. It’s all a matter of documented proof. But since the average American gets information from T.V., TPTB can tell the masses pink is black, and the masses will shrug their shoulders thinking they must be confused, or the facts are over their head, just too hard to understand. In other words, a programmed individual justifies nonsense until it makes sense.


          IT’S TOO BIG

          – RON PAUL

          • Acid, good to see you back.

        • Blackmailing the govt? They own the govt. Ever wonder why for instance we kicked the Serbs out of Kosovo so the Muslims could take over? They are now doing the same thing with the US and other countries. Bought and paid for.

          • john W. Who is they?

        • The Globalist secret Satanic corporatist, New World Order ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE made up of murderers, war mongers, liars and thieves are responsible for the 9/11 attacks and almost every other war, plunder, massacre and atrocity throughout the planet. Bilderbergers, CFR, Rothschild Dynasty, Satanic Illuminati, international bankster-gangsters, military-industrial complex, La Raza, Service Employees International Union, American Cancer Society, Republican and Democratic parties, Bureau of Land Management, Consumer Protection Agency, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Homeland Security, United Nations, Department of Health, Education and Welfare, Council of Seven, Club of Rome, World Bank, Bank of International Settlement, International Monetary Fund, Black Lives Matter and many more branch organizations are all in on the plots, plans and conspiracies and preparations for a Satanic New World Order totalitarian, military, police-state dictatorship under the control of very evil secret Satanists. Sounds incredible? It is true, but because it is so secretive, people do not even suspect such a thing could possibly be true. Anyone on the inside gets murdered if he or she betrays the secrecy of the Satanists. They are very wealthy and powerful because they have been robbing everyone through their central banks and tax systems for many years. Anyone who comes up with a new invention or technology either is forced by threats to join the Satanists or is murdered and the invention or technology is stolen. So they have incredible technology. They operate secretly much in the way that that old TV show, Mission Impossible, used to portray. Their secret methods escape detection and even suspicion because they have satellite computer remote viewing capabilities that can see anyone, anywhere, anytime. I could go on and on but I hope anyone reading this will get the idea. These Satanists have tremendous wealth and very powerful technology and weaponry. I sincerely believe that anyone who tries to interfere with their Agenda 21 or Agenda 30 had better have DIVINE PROTECTION!!!! Now, it is my understanding that they have armed all the bureaus of the USA government with more soldiers and weaponry than the USA Marines have. Their intention is total control of the USA, total annihilation of all rights of the American people, to make all Americans slaves to their tyranny. Pray that you will be protected from their evil and that all the Satanists and all their evils will be exposed and annihilated. Pray that you will recognize them. Jesus said to beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. I totally agree because they are literally EVERYWHERE disguised as preachers, teachers, bankers, lawyers, coaches, every walk and occupation in life. They have evil, deceit and treachery honed to an art and a science and arouse no suspicion because all the evil they do is done in secret and VERY cunningly. How do I know all this and am still alive to tell it? DIVINE PROTECTION!!!! As one of my teachers in high school used to say, “A word to the wise is sufficient”.

          • Jennie, welcome, and an excellent post I might add.

          • Jennie Walsh says.
            YUP i agree with you !

          • BEWARE the Cabaldestroysus: Business as Usual

            This deadly parasite is found to be infesting the U.S. as well as infiltrating other countries.Seen masquerading as public officials and mankinds’ saviors, this breed is more dangerous than the last invasive species; ie: the Bush family,the Clintons and all of their two-faced capitalist, Communist accomplices around the planet.These dishonest contemptible crime syndicates are also known by other names, such as: Monsanto,Power-elite,Powers that be, NWO,Eugenicists, Transhumanists as well as Globalists, Mafia and more.

            They are a tenacious group of malevolent malfeasants:Found to be from the Genus “Psychopath”. They hide behind a facade of BS, heavily armored by their warped perception of reality and protected by a shield of propaganda promulgated by main stream media and Hollywood.These disgraceful predators engender and provoke ill will. This despicable group is responsible for civil unrest and false-flags such as: Sandy-Hook, 911, the Oklahoma City Bombing, to name a few of many such “incidents”. In addition, this unscrupulous group is heavily invested in poisoning the planet by using the air, food and water as a “soft-kill” method of depopulation.Their AGENDA is quite clear as they encourage the masses to eat GMOs or GEOs,drink poisonous flouride in the water and breathe hazardous chemicals that are deliberately sprayed in the air. This dangerous group is known to shit on its friends and enemies alike.They promote truth as lies and lies as truth and are complicit in pulling the wool over the eyes of the public by advancing arbitrary, capricious laws and ambiguous regulations such as:NAFTA, TAFTA, TPP, the Patriot Act, NDAA and others.
            They are an equal opportunity destroyer currently enlisting the aid of: World Governments, the military, pharmaceutical companies, Big Banks, the DOJ, DOD and other corporations.This species is also known for being at the bottom and top of all the “Alphabet-soup” agencies:including NATO, IMF, NSA, CFR,FDA, EPA, FEMA, TSA, FBI, CIA, DHS, IRS and others.They will use EVERY weapon in their arsenal to demean, debase and kill off the Warriors of Truth,Light and Love by throwing terms like racist, feminist, conspiracy-theorist and more as a diversion.They will attack your words, your gender,your choice and your God-given rights. These leeches also give huge bonuses to thugs and thieves while jailing or suiciding anyone that tries to expose their crimes against humanity, such as: Researchers, Journalists, Astrophysicists, Biologists, Whistle-blowers and more.If not stopped, 99% of the population will be eradicated or enslaved through: starvation,drought, chemical and biological weapons via HAARP, DARPA, Geoengineeing and other means.

            ******Highly toxic to humanity: this insidious cadre of rapacious perniscious pathogens will stop at nothing to gain total control of the people and the Worlds’ resources.

        • Have you ever seen the movie “Catch a Fire”?

          “In Loving Memory of Joe Slovo” at the end

          The heroic black man fights for freedom by attempting to blow up a nuclear power plant

          The white mon is ebil for torturing blacks to find out how they are planning to blow up nuclear power plants.

          SA is doing so much better now that blacks are in charge.

          This will be America’s fate.

          Enjoy the diversity.


        • http://www.thedailysheeple.com/private-nyc-school-teaches-white-kids-that-theyre-born-racist_072016











          • Acid, another good post. Keep them coming.

        • What ever became of the black boxes?

        • off topic

          Whiney parents (mom) in Denver pissed cause Hooter’s sponsored a BSA event and Hooter’s girls were there. The boys were bummed cause the Hooter’s girls didn’t wear their uniforms. The suckass mom was pissed cause she never had any chance at all of being a Hooter’s girl. Guess she would have felt better if some fag took her son on a camping trip, and helped him earn his fellatio badge.

        • Did you catch the psyop? Mr. Sonnenfeld ran to S.America after the initial murder charges were dropped. Why? I’m thinkin there’s more to this story because it sounds to me like it was crafted in an attempt to skew a murder investigation. Now that vault may have been emptied out beforehand but there’s something about this story that stinks to high hell. its very possible, and given the fact that mr sonnenfeld is now an international fugitive, somewhat probable that this entire story was created around this empty vault story. There are so many “why’s” but despite the fact that 9-11 was nothing close to the narrative, this guy, I think, is guilty as hell. Even if he does have footage, it doesn’t mean shit. The gov’t could’ve bought him off or made him the target instead. I’m sure some of you will tell me I’m crazy because anything anyone says about the government that is bad, well by golly, it’s gotta be true. I think this guy is guilty as hell and he’s running his story as a test to see if it will fly.

      2. For a bug out bag insights…

        ht tp://survivallife.com/10-multipurpose-items-for-your-bug-out-bag/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=NL-7-2-16-content-mail-a

        • Since my youngest girl is going vegen, here is an excellent recipie.

          Eppe’s kale pasta salad:
          All ingredients are cut to small bite size pieces.
          Boil pasta, any type, small is best, aldente.
          Saute onions, tomatoe, asparagus, cilantro, avacado in olive oil till wilted. (whatever you have on hand, anything works)
          Bake some kale in tray.

          Mix together with a squirt of citrus.

          Nice to have girls who can cook.
          We try different things all the time, makes eating interesting…

          • Eppe I’ll tell you something that is even better, if anyone happens to be going to Yellowstone and happens to be passing through the small town of Dubois Wy. you have to stop at HeartBar BBQ, the guy that runs that place is a charater to behold and his BBQ was once rated in the top ten BBQ in Texas. His Ribs would make a Vegan smack their lips. Trekker Out. Right Across From The KOA.

            • MT, funny how different regions have different tastes in bbq sauce.
              Years ago I came up with a sauce that covers all.
              Mixes vinegar, honey, mustard, molasses, herbs, Jack Daniels whiskey, and a few other ingredients.
              Makes the tongue wag with pleasure…
              Slow go at low temp, will give meat a ‘bark’ meaning the outer layer is crusty, the inner with a pink ring…
              Just ate, making me think of dinner…

              • Oh hell Eppe….lets just drink the sauce!

                • Jack is nice, tried others also.
                  Whiskey seems to caramelize best.

                  Do shots of the sauce with any ethyl chaser.
                  You may be on to a new drink…

              • Eppe, when it comes to BBQ, I’ll accept any brand of sauce just so long as there’s sauce on that meat. Braveheart can’t stand dry BBQ.

                • BH, did a pig in the ground years ago, no sauce, just citrus inside on pecan wood for 24 hours.
                  People still tell tales of that night.
                  Was an epic day to remember…

                  • We are not sauce purists but we quit even trying to make it when we came across Sweet Baby Rays. If you haven’t tried it do so when you have a chance. I have even heard some competitive guys say they have gone to it for competitions.

                    • Skepic, agreed that is a killer sauce.
                      I try to make my sauces like the Thai’s do.
                      Sweet, salty, bitter, sour and ???
                      It all depends on your taste structure…

                      Be well all…

                  • Why do you feel compelled to fuck with Braveheart. He has stopped making the threats and is actually posting some decent stuff. He is happy here and we are his friends. Leave him alone.

                  • NGIC, in case you missed it, Eppe was talking about BBQ SAUCE, NOT ALCOHOL.

                  • Eppe
                    yummy mm
                    I can’t face my paltry dinner after that… and we’re just having ha.burgers and hot dogs tomorrow. Darn.

      3. Yeah I’m pretty sure nukes were placed under the world trace centers 1 ,2, and 7 and a missile hit the pentagon.

        Don’t have anything to hide fbi? Release the 86 tapes of the Pentagon “plane” impact.

        Yeah that’s exactly what I thought

        • Missile on the pentagon for sure, bu, nukes wouldn`t do the damage at wtc, do a search on Dr. Judy Wood, “Where Did the Towers Go ?”

        • Release the redacted 28 pages of the 911 Commission Report in full print for all Americans to read.

          We need to I is who are the enemies foreign and domestic. And the 5 Dancing Mosaad Israeili who were sent to NY City to film the 911 plane crashes. They danced when They hit as witnessed. They too were caught then releases by DHS. And they flew free back to Tel Aviv celebrating them as hero’s. How did They know to film it?

          The Tribe I knows how to destroy a village.

          And the other tribe (((Silverman))) who bought WTC buildings took out a $100 Mil ins policy that paid out $5 Billion in compensation. NY port authority got $1-2 Mil of that.

          Connect the dots.


        • Captain:

          A small nuke could have been deployed because of traces of Tritium. But there is no doubt in my mind that Thurmite was the main way in which the metal structure melted. You could see the Thurmite as it burned outside the side of the building. I have watched scientific experiments showing the difference of kerosene in airplane fuel verses Thurmite which burns hotter and longer. The firemen on the scene described molten iron smoldering like a foundry long after the towers fell still smoldering. This is not consistent with a fire started by airplane fuel. Firefighters would be the last persons one would expect would exaggerate. The official theory is not believed by the majority of scientists and engineers. It makes no sense therefore it must be rejected.


        • Verifiable sources?

          • Israeli Mossad agents were caught filming the events.
            They were arrested, and ordered released by Neocon
            Michael Chertoff. The Mossad agents went on the talk
            show circuit in Israel. They denied blowing up the
            buildings, but confessed to being there to document
            the event. How did they know that there would be any
            event to document? This jump started the “war on terror”,
            which is illegal wars for Israel.

            • I said verifiable, not unsupported rumor and imagination.

              So show the audio and video you claim and identify those Mossad agents by name and where they are now or I have to dismiss your claims as nothing but antisemitic fantasy.

              There is no record of this, it is simply not true.

              More likely, you’re just another Saudi agent, after all there were no Saudi’s killed in the WTC.

              • Actually this report of the Iraelis videoing the event is true and was on nat TV more than once as well as many back ups on the net. It happened

              • Anon, Its on Youtube of the 5 Dancing Mossad Operatives interviewed in Tel Aviv that were sent to NY to film the plane crashes. Do you own research. You must be a paid shill, sent here by the tribe to muddle the fats. You are not the first nor the last.

                Here you go via Youtube:

                Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9/11
                ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRfhUezbKLw

                9-11 Cop Who Arrested Dancing Israelis Speaks
                ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-B2J7tp8eg


            • Ben Gazzi:

              Excellent post.

              House of Saud (Sadi Arabia), House of Bush (U.S.A.), House of Ben Ladin (CIA operative).

              • Bin Laden: CIA . Phony death, no body.

          • Do some research on who would benefit from the trade center coming down. That may lead you down the deep rabbit hole.

            • A member of the ‘tribe’ owned the Twin Towers and stood to benefit the most from his insurance company.

      5. Oh, for God’s sake, whatever you folks are smoking you better quit.

        • Oregonbuzz,
          FYI, because of what i used to do, I have exposure to things MOST americans never even heard of, I can tell you for a FACT 911 was NOT done by the terrorists alone they were the patsies and yes they were there and they thought they were doing it, BUT others were behind the actual event and the real question is WHO were the others, LOTS of people knew about it before hand.and don’t ask me any details because i will not tell you anymore than this and if you don’t believe well that is YOUR mistake!!it appears you watch the MSM and don’t do enough research on your own, although IF your looking at this site maybe there is hope for you!

          • That exposure to all those secret things you have is usually called being off your med’s.

            • Anon,
              SORRY to inform you but i never have been on meds!! OH and just so i say it before you! NOPE, don’t need any either! BUT i will say maybe YOU need some to clear YOUR head from the fog you are evidently living in!
              Have a nice day!!

          • Apache54, if he’ll just do some research and be willing to open his mind to other possibilities, he might wake up.

          • I have always believed our gov or secret gov was involved in this. Why do people refuse to see the truth? Brainwashed i guess!

          • Apache. I believe u know wat u talking about. All you gotta do is read a little and you will come to the conclusion our rotten govt was behind 9-11. Just listen to cunt condi rice for one example. My sis flew with the pilot that crashed into the pentagon. She quit couple years earlier as a stewardess. He was a bad ass pilot and all around bad ass. No way couple ragheads with box cutters took him down. I really don’t know why mainstream media has let this drop. Biggest fuck you to American people in our lifetime. I kinda hope the ragheads do blow up district of criminals. Am I a prick for sayin that?

            • Ted, you’re right about DC. Also take out NY, Hollywood, City Of London. Most of the world’s problems solved.

              • and take out memphis, atlanta, chicago, baltimore, dearborn, and sanfransisco.

              • The Bank of Settlements in Switzerland, which has something to do with Rome and of course ROTHSCHILDS.

                If there are any suicide bombers reading these posts, you might as well get the biggest bang for your buck!!**

                In case you are an idiot, that is a joke. Don’t fucking blame me if some raghead or MI5 Mossad super spy ignites WW3 and births the NWO.???

            • You still believe a plane crashed into the Pentagon? Whatever happened to that plane it did not hit the Pentagon.

              I think, just like the Shanksville plane it was shot down and covered up. Probably over the ocean. I remember watching news report of engine being found miles from the Shanksville crash site, sure wish I had recorded it. Only aired once, with smoking engine and reporter saying they thought it was a bomb…before the official, b.s. let’s roll narrative was written.

        • Oregon is a paid shill blogger to muddle the facts on blogs like this. How much does your (((Tribe))) pay you Oregon?


        • Russia Reveals 9/11 Satellite Imagery Evidence Indicating USA Gov’t Complicity In False Flag Attack

          ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-NPAF2yQCdI

          Pilot Who Regularly Flew The Airplanes That Crashed on 9/11 Speaks Out!
          ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXA-enq65ng

          ~WWTI… More facts that 9-11 is a Fraud.


      6. It’s obvious “SHTF” is a misspelling. The final “F” should be deleted and replaced with an “I” before the “T.”

        This website seems like a meeting place for anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists. Presumably, it serves as a temporary fantasy escape from the real world.

        • Ed, why must ALL TRUTH be ANTISEMITIC?

          • Truth isn’t, but you are.

          • Ben that’s what the tribe is taught to say when confronted with facts.

            -WWTI… It will be a good day when TRUMP voids all dual passports of America’s parasites. Did you know DHS Michael Chertoff was a dual citizen? No Shit. And that’s a T at the end of shit.


        • Try reading The International Jew by Henry Ford. Published 1920…Very interesting. He laid out that during WW1 the names of ALL the folks that were working behind the scenes to bring Germany down. Who were the Bolsheviks??? Why did they want to get rid of Czar Nicolas II of Russia??? Remember who wrote The Communist Manifesto…Karl Marx…How about Meyer Amsul Rothschild, his famous quote, “If I control a countries money, I care not what laws they make”. He’s been dead since 1812, BUT his family carries on his decree…It’s that time in the show for people to OPENLY declare that they are Part of the Solution…or they are Part of the Problem…

        • @ed:

          Good Day.

          We are anti Zionist.

          Semites include Palestinians.

          Khazar Jews are not the chosen people.

          Pull your head out and comb your hair.

          ….what’s in your lifeboat….BA.

        • Let me guess, you would be considered one of the “Experts” on such matters?

          Not a very good start …

        • Suck it, Ed. I bet that’s your fantasy.

          • Edward Rhodes. Professor. rhodes_150 Email: [email protected]. Main: 703- 993-4108. 3351 Fairfax Dr., MS 3B1

            Great fuckin screen name by the way , I havent read that word for 20 years

      7. Just another Pearl Harbor. So what else is new?

      8. Obvious inside job!

      9. Um. Bush was reading to a bunch of second graders when it all went down.

        • But his daddy was meeting with the Saudi’s…

          • His daddy was meeting with bin Laden’s family.

      10. Once again, this website is devolving into tin-foil hat off-the-wall theories rather than factual preparedness articles.
        I am rather disgusted by the increasing number of articles like this.

        • Hey bunker John,
          I agree about the “Tin foil hat stuff”.
          SHTF has a certain amount of entertainment
          value like HCKS or ACID ETCH for example.
          I enjoy the inputs and comments.
          But what I’d like to see more of
          is, someone post a one-line for a
          real working 6 to 9 kW solar system
          and get comments on it, or see someones
          gravity fed irrigation design, someones
          backyard charcoal maker, or how someone
          in Florida butchered a steer, and
          preserved it smoked, salted, or made into
          jerky without any electricity or cold storage.
          These things can be found all over the net,
          but what makes SHTF plan interesting is you
          will get comments or criticisms that you
          won’t get elsewhere, without a lot of digging.
          But here you can get opinions which may help you
          decide where to spend your limited prepping dollars.
          One can hope we can get away from doom porn.

          • I agree as well. It’s all about finding a balance. As of late, there’s been less about actual prepardness, and more of just plain old doom porn (which gets old very quickly.) Both serve their purpose, but it has just seemed to be swaying one direction as of late.

          • This site used to have discussions like that about survival issues however the raving moonbats and anti semites have taken over. That and those that constantly talk about what killing machines they are.

            • Hmmm, first, YOU got to be a semite to be an antisemite…Zionist hews ARE not. These are the people that Jesus ran out of the temple and referred to them as members of satins church. YOU know, the money changers… So NO, it’s not a conspiracy theory… it’s a conspiracy FACT. You see, the CIA coined that little phrase in response to the criticism of the JFK assassination report. They wanted to marginalize anyone who tried to question the b.s. government story line. It’s been a great little smear.

              • A yutube video of an actual Israel state elected parliment official woman, shows her answering some TV reporters questions.

                Her answer to why jews always yell antisemite?

                “Oh that! It is a Trick we jews use whenever we wish to stiffle or silence critisizm of Israel or jews!”

                Finally we have found a real Live Honest jewish woman eh.

                “it is a Trick we jews always use to silence others”

                The word racist was first coined by Leon Trotsky aka Leib Bronstien also jewish…he too invented the word racist to silence people from speaking Truth!

                trotsky aka Bronstien later went on as top official head of red army during jewdeobolshevik kommie revolt against Whites and Christian russia, to personally Kill off around 10-Million innocent russian and eastern euro nations white folk…But all we must discuss is that famous Sacred number of “six Million” correct?

                Because them white deaths do not equal or count or matter as much correct?…but the race card of antisemite has Lost most of its former Mojo effects…Thank the internet and ceasless difficult efforts by countless truth tellers also labeled as racists and antisemitics for speaking truth.

                Whom Hates truth?…Only them what has something to Hide usually, oy Vey!

                • Them Guys:

                  I saw that top Israelis woman interview by Amy Goodman (I think that is her name). But don’t know the name and/or position of the Israelis. She showed remarkable bravery and ethics to come out and admit this trick that prevents public discussion on any topic the Israelis wish to hide and lie about and deceive. Good post. Wish you could get the video and post it for all who doubt you. I know it would wake up some who think you’re the trickster. They fall for that cry “racist” and “anti-Semite” with zero understanding of what that means and what is the intention of those who employ it. To stop dissemination of facts which the Israelis do not want to be known.

                  • B from CA: I many times do post a Link to articles and videos…Many Links Direct to Israels Daily newspapers such as Harrettz and Jeruselem Post newspapers published IN israel, and they are like the New York Times and washinton Post daily papers are here.

                    Main problem is EVERY reply I submit here goes straight into Moderation Limbo and lingers there for most often times as long as 24 to 36 or more hrs!

                    Many simply get deleted as soon as I hit submit button too. This is Very frustrating when as You stated it be swell if Others can Read or view the stuff I base my replies on.

                    But most times even what does get posted up here by me happens far after a new set of 1/2 Dozen new articles are posted up so most folks it seems rarely go back to check older articles comments.

                    I do not understand it at all since my written material/words are No different than mny other folks replies here….I guess I just post up too much accurate facts based real truths and that really worries tribe deviants and whinners eh?

                    Wont be very long now that same as negro’s Race Card has totally Lost whatever former Mojo effect it had to stiffle whites and silence debates on black savages issues etc..

                    Soon the exact Same loss of Mojo effect is going to happen to their too often played antisemite Card attacks on us trurh tellers eh!..Good! About Time eh.

                    Help make America nation # 110 and then..Never Again!

                    109 Prior nations cannot have all been wrong right? Oy Vey!

          • Rellik
            All of the above but in the safety of the other side of the globe.

          • Rellik;
            Too tied at the moment but if you ask agin in upcomming days I will give you the charcoal making info.

        • Look up: 95% of DHS Grants goes exclusively to Jewish Organizations.

          The Fleecing of America Continues.


      11. Hmmm

        That 650 Million figure was based on gold stored there at around $280 per ounce. Other sources state that well over 1 Billion in gold was stored under the towers. So multiple that by 4 plus inflation and you are looking at more than 3-5 Billion stolen that morning.

      12. we

      13. Do you really think the gold was in there to start with before 911. That gold was gone way before then. They just used it to hide the fact it was gone.


        • I’m with you Sgt,

          After the first attempt to blow up the World Trade Center with a bomb in a van failed, only an idiot would have continued to keep a vast gold storage there.

          As for did they realize the plane attack was coming? Not necessarily. After the first World Trade Center bombing, which engineers say might have brought the building down, if the bomb was better made and better placed; they may have begun plans to move the gold and silver.

          To move the gold and silver would have taken weeks to months, longer if a facility had to be constructed. When exactly was it moved? If I was them, I would never release that info.

          • An Israeli demolitions company occupied a floor at the WTC. Search that fact online. And it had connections with Haiburton. Aka Cheney. Who was still on the payroll of Haliburton when he was VP.

            More facts nobody can dispute.

            -WWTI… YEAH, “PULL IT”

      14. OK. Where’s the four hours of footage? Show us.

      15. Happy Fourth o July weekend all!
        No matter what the fact o the matter is we are being squeezed in a similar fashion to what the Brits did to the Colonist,
        THIS is why we have the CONSTITUTION.

        • I have several cannons. One is a copy of a 3 inch parrot rifle. I will be firing all of them. I warn my neighbors.
          It is funny that in 1776 we rebelled against the union Jack.
          Today we have lost most all the rights those guys fought for.
          In Hawaii you have to get government permission to buy or be given a gun. You will be put into a national database. In California you need a background check to buy ammunition and you will be put in a database.
          This 4th I will celebrate what is left of the bill of rights with
          Pork ribs, rice, beans, salads, and lots of beer. It’s OK to shoot cannons when under the influence.
          I prep for when we finally lose all our rights, that will be a truly SHTF time.
          Happy 4th!

          • Kula and rellik I saw that, where Hawaii past that law to have all gunowners in the State put in a National data base. More of a reason than ever to vote against Hillary. This Unconstitutional law will come before the Supreme Court one day, and will only be overturned if the next new Justice is appointed by a Conservative. Trekker Out.

            • That could be a BIG if

          • Just buy ammo in Nevada. No problem and a stupid feel good law that accomplishes nothing. The legal gun owners are not the problem.

        • Well said Kulafarmer. The Bill of Rights is not a gift from government. These rights are part of our humanity. The Fed. Govt. needs to return to the confines of the Constitution.

      16. “He says inside the building he came across a vault that had been cleared of its contents before the planes struck.”

        How could he possibly know this? Is he saying he was absolutely the first person on-site in the attack’s aftermath?

      17. Oh, it’s just one big Cohen Sidence after another coincidence.?

        Those Mosad agents who were trained in explosives dancing for the STARS.

        Building seven is still standing behind reporter announcing it’s collapse.

        Double indemnity payout to ZioReal Estate Investor who purchases and heavily insures buildings for terrorist attacks.

        George Bush refers to the event as the “demolition” of the world trade centers.

        • B from Ca. Great play on words

      18. Do you really think that the gold was there in the first place? They used it to hide the fact that it was gone. TPTB have put it some where else. They just used it to hide the fact. In my humble opinion.

        • From what I understand, the gold that was stored there was COMEX gold, publicly traded commodities gold, not privately owned gold that was closely held and kept off the market by someone.

      19. This is a fringe website.

      20. Someone tries to get in my vault, they will get a dirt nap. Oh wait, I don’t have a vault. Thats why my guns were stolen.

        • Blowheart is a dildo.

      21. There was NO Department of Homeland Security before 9/11.And how does he know if the contents were cleared BEFORE the attack,if he had not been down there BEFORE the attack. And do people really think just anyone gets to go to a vault holding gold under the WTC,or any where else? Sheeesh,people,start using critical thinking skills

        • If the vault was 4 floors below ground and all that debris fell down on it, how long did it take before they could even get to it. Trekker Out. Conspiracy, Conspiracy, They Never End!

          • The gold was taken wks before the building collapsed…..

        • South side:

          Putting out an easily invalid hypothesis does not affect the credibility of any other theory. One need not throw the baby out with the bath water.

        • I posted basically the same thing, then I saw your post.. good job Southside…

      22. Thats it Blowheart, I’m tired of you guys f***in with my Cuz, its bad enough he lost Bertha the 12ga. a family heirloom, but now your claiming he don’t have a vault. For your information he has a casket and a vault down here on the farm in case one of those blue helmets gets lucky. So stop “foolin” with my Cuz or YOU may get some of that lead and brass nutrients.

        • NGIC, LOL. You and blowheart actually give me some laughs for a change. BTW, only handguns were taken in the break-in. I still have all the same rifles and shotguns I had even then.

      23. “Kurt Sonnenfeld was working for the US Federal Emergency Management Agency, an organisation tied to the US Department of Homeland Security, when the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center took place.” . From my memory, the Dept. of Homeland Security was created AFTER 9/11.. so unless the above was simply poorly worded; FEMA could not have been “tied” to an agency that did not exist as yet.

        • Ouch…I can attest to that,my sister worked for FEMA and retired in 2001 before Homeland Security was created.

      24. Couple of other facts. The elevators were undergoing modernization at the time. The main support columns were the corners of the shafts. No one from liberty elevator (the company with the maintenance contracts winch included resident mechanics) came to work that day.

      25. It is not a mystery it is a case of a 15 year old case that the nut jobs want to play the old game of telephone with .The gold was moved years before the jews were not in on it bush was reading to little kids and jet fuel and updrafts made it hot enough to melt steel. WT 7 was damaged below grade level and diesel tanks for the generators leaked and fueled the firers.We can go over it agine but those who see monsters under the bed need to grow up to have thi kind of adult conversation.


      27. Ouch and Jim, most people don’t know that DHS was designed and created by Markus Wolf, former head of the East German STASI and 3 senior officials of the old Soviet KGB. It was ready to go BEFORE 9/11. Google it. Interesting story. The creators knew exactly what they were doing since they were SECRET POLICE. Secret police=state-sponsored terror. Both of those organizations had blood on their hands. Vladimir Putin was a lieutenant-colonel in the KGB when the USSR broke up.

        • I didn’t know that Braveheart. An interesting fact.

          • tunkcuf, check it out. It’s one of those things that makes you go HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

          • Tunkcuf good thing you said that to Cuz, cause you was right on the edge of being banned.

      28. Why not go all the way back to franklin roosevelt….that was the beginning of OUR end. Continued on by joey kennedy and his sons….start where the evil took hold and find your way to the present. It is very easy to connect the dots and play find the money….

        • Let’s go even further back to Woodrow Wilson and the Federal Reserve…the illegal privately owned bank…You know, the Rothschild bank cartel… The one JFK tried to derail till THEY blew his head OFF.

      29. Brave, let me handle this piece of turd..Blowheart/braveheart1776, or what ever the phuck he calls him self at the fusion center..

        I can’t even turn my phucking back for a minute, then some prick is imitating people on this site.. hey blow heart, or blow cock, why do I thing for some reason that your the same piece is shit that was posting on a previous thread with a bravehearts handle.. you taught it slipped by me eh..Blowheart..blowcock, or the fake braveheart1776, that is posting as the real Braveheart1776.. looks like Blowheart, braveheart1776 – the fake one is the same.. YOUR ASS IS BANNED YOU AGENCY ASS CLOWNRY PIECE E OF SHIT…

        We know who the real Braveheart1776 is.So Mr Blowheart/braveheart1776, go and blow your lovers cock..


        Self volunteer and agency ass clown super moderator..

        • HCKS, thanks for that. I like your style with the trolls.

          • Cuz its not hicks that takes care of socalled trolls, its MAC that does the censoring, hicks can play dumb and use profanity, but MAC keeps people from responding, just like big brother.

      30. As far as the gold and the vault like gomer pyle said surprise surprise surprise anyy hoo how wonder if some shit will be going down on july 4th if these terrorist were going to do some shit i would say on a day like the 4th would be one they would do it on just for the haha in your face affect its kinda would be like getting shot with your own gun plus people would just blow it off as fire works crackers

      31. Hicks toss him into the tree shredder digging holes takes too long wonder what agency he is with

      32. “Behind the vault door were nearly a thousand tonnes of silver and gold.”

        1000 tons?
        Maybe 10 tons per trip is 100 trucks or 10 trucks by 10 trips. All the men at each end driving, loading and unloading, and storing and guarding at the new site.

        And not a word from any of them?

        Sorry but my BS Detector is making a hell of a racket.

        • That must be what the loud noise was I just heard. Sorry I just had to say that.

      33. Part of the article that said FEMA was part of homeland security is wrong homeland security was created after 9/11

      34. Just finished making 12qt peach preserves but does any one know if there is a way to make them without haveing pectin cus i know the day will come when i have none

        • Godsoldier:

          Is Knox gelatin the same as pectin??

          You can contact Ball Canning and preserving . Com
          They have knowledgeable people who answer questions

          • Just wondering how they did it way back when in the middle of no where with no stores ect

          • Is Knox gelatin the same as pectin?

            Knox gelatin is made from the cartilage and bones of animals, and makes “Jello”-type desserts or broth-thickeners. Pectin is fruit-derived and is what makes jam or jellies gel.

        • Boil down some crab apples and use that for pectin it works just fine.

          • Thanks just wondering the alternative to stor bought for when time comes now i know and so do many others its stuff like this that will make a difference one day for the few

        • Use a few apples natural pectin. I’ve used them before when i didn’t have any pectin. Works well

      35. I just wanted to add Islam is bullshit. I mean, really: today the politicians are, with a straight face, telling us Islam is a “religion of peace” while it slaughters innocent people pretty well every day, lately in Bangladesh. Islam is a satanic faith (reason why they wear black and the flags are black). A true “religion of peace” does not kill people to make its point.

        • Frank Thoughts

          Islamic Fanaticism is the ostensible excuse for US military involvement that doesn’t stop or even diminish the fundamentalists but rather increases their number. What the military involvement does to is facilitate regime change to the liking of the globalists. The goal is pretty simple; destroy and dismantle stable governments that have oil and replace them with fragmented rule all one small step away from another regime change. Woe to any nation (Iraq & Libya) that even thinks of selling their oil in anything other than US dollars.

          Its a sham and we’re being played. If terrorism was a real threat you don’t do the following:

          1. Create them by destroying stable governments creating a power vacuum.
          2. Arm terrorists to overthrow other nations, Syria.
          3. Not guard your own borders to infiltration.
          4. Not guard facilities like Israel does.

      36. I lived in Vegas during a lot of the reconstruction. Watched the Dunes and some others get demolished. Ever seen a controlled demolition of a building? Sure you have if you watched the towers go down.

      37. Of course they “at least” let it happen. That’s a sure way to get gullible, go-along- rah-rah Americans to swallow anything, including an “endless war”, even when Americans themselves are considered to be and treated as the enemy. That’s how their elite bosses and rulers herd and corral them into FEMA camps and get them to go along with “lockdowns”, shakedowns, and home invasions without much more than a whimper–if even that.

      38. I see some on here still want to steer away from the truth of the more than obvious inside job. Why some refuse to believe that this government planned and carried out 9-11 is mind boggling to me. Some try to distract away from the subject. Some criticize the truth already revealed by vast scientific study by the top minds in related fields. Disinfo agents? They appear on all truth telling sites to muddy the truth with divergent tactics. Many suffer cognitive dissonance to protect their fragile mindset from truth that is troubling. Some are afraid to anger the established liars in government who pulled this attack off. Goldman Sachs shorted the airlines involved, prior knowledge for sure. The evidence hastily removed before any investigation whatsoever. The many witnesses who told of multiple explosions in lower levels before and right after the “planes” hit. Nukes used to dustify the towers and leaving debris burning for months at ground level. Half toasted vehicles, the front half where the engine is, many blocks away from the scene. The official story laid out by media the same day. The coverup is extensive continuing almost 15 years after it happened. Just on and on, too much to mention, but known by the overwhelming majority of Americans. This is the evil that controls our future, the course is plain to see in this nation today.

        • Alijamo:

          One of the things that I find most instructive and most disturbing is this: People attempted to leave the building but their exit was blocked. They were instructed to return to their desks. There they died. I believe TPTB wanted as high a death toll as they could manage, knowing this would increase the need for an adequate response, which became The Patriot Act, invasive searches, loss of privacy and individual rights including Freedom of Speech; and of course WAR, WAR, WAR.

          The instructive part of this for me is, disobey orders, disregard laws, use common sense. If it doesn’t feel right, reject assholes with orders who are either stupid or paid to fuck you as bad as it is possible to fuck you over.

          Just picture you have been fucking this guys woman and he knows it. Now, do you trust his orders are going to benefit you. If you do, you are indeed, an idiot. Trust no one. Check out the situation and make up your own mind.

      39. Damn I am glad that I don’t drink the same water as the rest of you. The towers are down 3000+ are dead stop spinning your wheels and stay away from tall buildings with empty gold vaults. Don’t forget it happened but use it to find the courage to continue to pray and prepare.

        • Old Iron, we drink water known as TRUTH. No MSM propaganda for any of us. We will continue to prep and pray.

          • Braveheart: Old Iron Et al that are still in deep delusional denials…Have Drank Too often from that poisoned well of Kike koolaide.

            This is the typical kike koolaide recipie:

            Mix: 2% real truth, with 98% Abject Lies.

            Add in a portion of name calling Fear.

            And once those foolish deluded Goys drink some.

            Force Feed them Tons of Faux TV aka talmudvision aka the electronic rabbi.

            If any children refuse to drink a dose of kike koolaide by the age of 3 years old?…Scare em into it via threats of them becomming vile raysist antisemitic neonazisthatwantokillsixmillionmorejews.

            Kike Kooliade comes in more flavors than the rainbow has colors!

            So Kids! Just Tell Mom to..Make friends with kike koolaide and make kike koolaide with friends!

      40. “Why was President George H.W. Bush meeting with members of the Bin Laden family at the very moment of the attacks?” Bullshit!
        George W got huge grief for not leaving a classroom full of kids in Florida? when he was informed of the ongoing attacks…..

        • Come on Redneck, He Bush met up with the Bin Laden Family before Bush was reading my Pet Goat at the school, remember the book upside down and Bush’s eyes wandering all over? Bush’s mind was miles away wondering if the Gold was safe. Same thing when Bush Invaded Iraq. He came TV and said Thank God the Oil wells didn’t burn, So he could loot and steal that as well.

          I’m thinking we need to WATER BOARD BOTH BUSH AND CHENEY until they Both fess up to where the Stolen Gold is kept. Bush also looted and stole Iraq’s Gold reserves. And A Billion in Pallets of Hundred dollar Bills sent to Iraq were also stolen.

          25% of the US Dept of Defense Budget funding goes missing every year cannot be accounted for. Where the FFFF is that Missing Money disappear to?? About $2 Trillion is Missing. Just more business as usual. Fleece fleece fleece.


      41. California just passed anti-gun legislation.

        I Figured the sensational event on the Capitol stairs was a distraction for the real story. Anti-gun, loss of the Second Amendment.

        I don’t trust Organizations, especially when they claim to represent white people.

        They are going to N.Y. I Don’t want to see white people getting hurt because of a set up.

        Trump has been accused of all kinds of untrue things, he doesn’t need skin heads at the Convention, he needs a real Security Service to protect the attendees.

        • Its all just a circuis anyway

        • “BC”
          Commifornia make gun laws, and the Muslime bastard kill a bunch in Bangladesh with machetes and knifes. Next they will tell the folks there that they can’t have knives. Watch it’s coming. I guess now they will ban assault knifes!

          Try that in my neck of the woods. Mopigmad will get his 72 virgin camels.


          • Sarg:

            The laws are becoming irrelevant to more and more people. When criminals take over, and they in power are criminals, it becomes the responsibility of the citizens to practice civil disobedience.

            Yes, knives are on the chopping block; as is the right to self defense.

            Some jobs tell employees not to get out of their chairs if being attacked. You are supposed to sit and take it.

            My son is a tall man. When he was in high school, a bully pulled a chair out from under him as he sat down. At the time, my son was quite hefty. He fell on his ass with a thump, much to the delight of the prankster.
            In response to his humiliation and sore behind, my son, who is both strong and brilliant, punched the bully square in the face which left the SOB dazed and near unconscious.

            Both kids were suspended. And I was summoned to the principal’s office. This moron tried to get me to tell my kid not to react by hitting back. I told the principal to tell it to the Marines. My son is obeying my orders which are to defend himself with force if he is attacked with physical force. The principal threatened to expel him if it happened again. I told him he could do what he had to do and I would do what I had to do. Not ever again did anyone lift a finger against my very handsome and charismatic boy. At least not at that school.

            My point Sarge is that we can not allow these people in positions of authority to rob us of rights they have no right to take. We just have to stand up and defy these regulations. Refuse to comply. Break the Laws if need be. And for God’s sake young people need to run for positions in government in order to make these issues known by the public before they get sneaked in under the radar.

            • When Laws become “UNJUST” Just People must become “OUTLAWS”

            • B from CA, you brought back some memories for me. I had my share of fights in school. Same kind of circumstances. I was attacked and I successfully defended myself. Principal once said he’s using a paddle on me for self-defense and didn’t care that I was attacked by someone else. I told the principal that he does so only at his own peril. My Dad had to intervene to keep me from being locked up. It would’ve been worth it to me. I never bow down to any damn bully, period.

              • Excellent mindset B Heart, hope you are fit and strong a well trained out as well. Those that are will be the survivors and the thrivers , all else will be the victims !

      42. New here. A little of the subject but I’m looking for advice. Does anyone here have an issue with thier wide being a naysayer? Mine is constantly angry because of my outlook and my prepping. I tell her and show her proof of reasons to prep and she won’t even consider it. I think she’s fed up. If you are or were married to a lady who hated prepping, how did you address it? I think my wife thinks I’m nuts.

        • fish prepper, is sex still good at home ? if not might want to reconsider everything or make a very big change ? just saying if this is affected you likely have a much more serious problem brewing. Consider it a sort of proof or test of what is to come ? You cannot change what is going to happen in the world , but you can change things in your own immediate life and surroundings

        • Fishing Prepper:

          Hi. Tell her you met another woman who doesn’t criticize and you are leaving her but first you want to make sure she has everything she’ll need because you won’t divulge your location and you won’t send her money or support her in any way. Then shut up and act like a man. You don’t need your wife’s permission you poor henpecked fool. Women hate weak men and nag them in an attempt to get the man passionate enough to put a stop to her dominance. Give her some space and keep you shit organized and out of her way so she can cook, clean, and take care of her family (that includes you).

          • And also if she PLays that “I Need More Space” Routine so Many females use as a tactic?

            Just tell her this:..”Need More Space? No Problem..Go Join NASA since Space is about All they deal with and nasa can assist you in more space than you ever can handle”

            but be very carefull since many women also Love to get in the Mans face..I mean Up close and 1/2 inch away fron his nose and chin and it is done to piss off the Man enough to finally get pissed enough to Yell and call her vile names or even try to hit here or push her away from Your manly space zone..

            They do that so to be able to then phone 911 Cops and claim “Spousal Verbal Abuse”…

            Which in todays usa, most often creates a situation where an entire fully armed and violence prone cop SWAT Team is sent out in/On a tank like vehicle with wheels and battering Rams….Then once the Man is killed by SWAT Team, and his Dog also killed, they remove the female, Gently of course and burn down house to hide evidence of cop shooting innocent Man…Then they go Live TV news to alert americans some crazed whitey seperatist Skin head racist wife beater commited suicide and then an half hour later torched his Own crib!

            Kinda like how vince foster suicided self via bullet to Back of Own head, threw gun across room, and then Flew himself out of whitehouse room and into public Park a mile away so to hide his “suicide/Klintonside”.

            It is all very high Tech today, but thanks to Mossad and israeli IDF army trains usa swat and reg cops too to consider Us All same as Palestinians without any rights.

            It usually is 100% believed by a couple Hundred Million usa TV viewes much like so Many still believe Govnt official “Story” on 9/11 attack events!

      43. “””We know for a fact that gold was being stored under Trade Center 4″””

        And from all the weeks of research on 9/11 swindle, lies, inside job participants during 2008/2009, only once have I ever read that the gold was removed and is missing.

        I guess when one gets killed, it’s a pretty clear message to others with same message??

        • There is another tidbit to add credibility to the missing gold and silver. With all of the media at the towers no mention of recovering a vault with such items nor the presence of armored cars.

      44. “Why was President George H.W. Bush meeting with members of the Bin Laden family at the very moment of the attacks? ”

        I’m no fan of any member of the loathsome, treasonous, sleazy and slimy and diabolically evil Bush Family, Mac – but making statements like this destroys your credibility.

        Jorge Wmd Boosch was sitting on his evil ass in an elementary school classroom down in Florida, surrounded by a couple of dozen little black school kids, reading a story about a pet goat and there is video documentation of that available for anyone to see by going to youtube. In fact, Andrew Card is seen walking over, and whispering a status report into Jorge Wmd’s evil ear that gave him an update on the progress of the false flag event that was occurring at the same time Bush was reading that book about pet goats.

        Which means – for Mac’s statement to be remotely true, that video had to have been staged and recorded prior to the time where the actual event was taking place – because there was no other possible way for Bush to have been meeting with “members of the Bin Laden family at the very moment of the attacks”. As diabolically evil as the Bush family is, I doubt they have developed some kind of secret sci-fi trick of being two places at the same time.

        Unless Mac wants to believe that the scumbag sitting in that class room was a body double and the real GWB was having a meeting with the Bin Laden Family at some other location.

        This is the thing about this 9-11 ‘Truth Movement’ that really gripes me most. It seems as if every news article that is written about it will always include some incredibly stupid and easily discredited piece of disinformation – or it will make a claim that is clearly inaccurate and easily debunked, which then provides the basis for the entire article – which might contain some very valid truths – to also be discredited.

        This is being done deliberately.

        • This reference was to George HW Bush. Dubya’s father. The first President Bush – not the one that was in the classroom that day – reportedly met with bin laden family members on the morning of.


          • My apologies to Mac. I had mistakenly assumed he was including GWB in his comment about the Bush family meeting with the Bin Laden family.

            Every member of the Bush Crime Family serves in one criminal capacity or another. The family is so sleazy that it is very often a little confusing to tell them apart.

      45. The cruise missle that hit the pentagram hit the exact spot where investigations were ongoing about the missing trillions of dollars unaccounted for. Building 7 at WTC complex housed the largest cia offices outside Langley, and other top secret imtelligence and government offices with financial record storage. Immediately after the WTC event firemen across America held boots on the streets soliciting donations, collecting multi millions, where did those funds go? The American people are played as braindead suckers because too many are. These self inflicted attacks brought the present police state crackdown, false flag staged murderous events in quickening intervals to strip away any effective defense by the people. Many realize this is just the start of the depopulation agenda, every so called “terrorist” event is carried out by the real NWO terrorists, the epitome of evil, banksters. The evil is all encompassing while the sheep are herded along while being sheared for their wool in preparation for the slaughterhouse.

        • Alijamo:

          That’s funny you mentioned the fireman’s boot collections. I donated generously assuming the money was for injured firemen and their families who were either killed or injured at the World Trade Centers event.

          I don’t know where the money goes. I heard that Israel survives on donations. Sixty per cent of its income. If true, I would be pissed off if Israel got the dough. But I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised. Taking money from us Americans is like taking candy from a baby. We are a bunch of suckers.

        • Agree on all points and there was a black woman witness at the pentagon who was sitting within 30 feet of the hole the missile made when it impacted the building. She stated many times that there was no airplane but a missile and the wreckage was scurried away immediately to a secret location in Virginia. Also none of you that still buy the gov story can show any plane wreckage at any time , including as soon as it happened and there was lots of video of the hole but no plane wreckage ? like a tail section or wings or engines or anything ever seen, just a rather small impact hole opening in the building ? And another fact is that there is no video of the plane approaching or hitting the building. It has all disappeared or been with held ? why is that ? Because there was no airplane !

          There are far too many pieces of this puzzle that simply do not fit or add up to any simple scrutiny or physics. e have been spoon fed a giant lie simple s that. I am bit perplexed that any would even question this possibility given what has transpired in the last 10 years ?

          see this for the explanation of how and why people can be so ignor-ant deliberately ?


          many more excellent and informative topics as well

      46. California and Hawaii are having their gun rights under attack and we are still talking about a subject that the truth will never be known and nothing we can do about it.

        • Yup, here in the islands gun owners are far outnumbered too

        • all of these matters are completely interconnected. The elites are simply mind fucking the populace as they always do, nothing new at all, but very important to understand it and its powwr going forward.

      47. How many people are going to be shot in Chicago or Detroit?

        • In Cleveland?

        • Does anyone even care?

          Vermin kill other vermin. I’d call that a win-win for the traditional law abiding American.

      48. tick tock

        in the near future people won’t have time to argue over
        who was behind 9-11

        they’ll be too busy fighting over roadkill

        Limits to Growth is on schedule. Collapse likely around 2020

        ht tp://peakoil.com/enviroment/limits-to-growth-is-on-schedule-collapse-likely-around-2020

        • Do you think we will be eating Hotdogs and Hamburgers and all that good food on the Forth of July 2017?

      49. File 17 is glimpse into still-secret 28 pages about 9/11

        h ttps://www.yahoo.com/news/file-17-glimpse-still-secret-28-pages-9-120425952.html

      50. How To Spot A False Flag Event

        h ttp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-07-02/how-spot-false-flag-event

      51. Not worried about gold that never belonged to me. This is a distraction who cares. The balloon will go up soon we don’t have much time left people. We cannot afford to take our eye off the ball now. I’d say visit with your out of state relatives and make a vacation out of it. Do the repairs on your home and vehicles now. Pick up any supplies you need now. my wife hate when I say we don’t have much time left we gotta squeeze in another vacay. To her it sounds hopeless. To me it just means a change in the way we live.

      52. People please! It’s not the “Bushes” world. They aren’t at the center of everything. There are far more people and families in this than have ever been named. Look at the guest list for the Bild’r burg conference. It’s a “who’s-who” of power players in the world. Yes, it definitely took some high level players to pull off 911. The same way the Ok.building was destroyed.
        Yet, what happens? Where is the “out in the street” outrage that should be happening from “mainstream Americans”? It doesn’t exist. Because you are all happy with the tyranny you live under. Free to bitch; afraid to act. So, have a good time with your tripe and whine sessions here and elsewhere. You are the sheep, they are the shepherds. Love it!
        Oh, BTW, DJT will not save you. You can vote for Donald or Mickey or Popeye, it won’t change a damn thing.

      53. Hitler took the gold and had aliens blow up the towers to cover it up…… I have solid proof!!! Testimony from Hitler’s father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate has been suppressed.

      54. The Constitution and Bill of Rights were destroyed. And not a shot was fired by Patriots. All FedGov had to do was destroy three skyscrapers and blame it on Muslims.

        GW Bush’s Patriot Act was signed just 45 days after 9/11. Thus began the ‘War on Liberty and Sovereignty’. On New Year’s Eve 2011, Obama (in concert with GOP Presidential nominee McCain) signed the NDAA. That was the death blow to our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

        Are you going to believe FedGov or 2,500 architects and engineers? ae911truth.org

      55. There is an excellent article about the nuclear destruction of the WTC on the net. Check out a detailed and indepth rundown of the truth at: Mystery Solved: The WTC was Nuked on 9-11. Jim Fetzer wrote it on May 1, 2015.

      56. I once helped a friend install a steel I-beam in his garage so he could remove the columns that were in the way when he worked on his cars.

        We had to return the first I-beam that was used. Turns out it came out of a building that had a fire. All the temper was lost from the steel due to the fire, and it started bending as we jacked it into place. It obviously would not support the ceiling. We bought another, brand new, dimensionally identical and it was incredibly solid. It would spring back as we stressed it, instead of bending like pasta in hot water.

        This is what happens to steel in a fire, even a low temperature fire.

        There is no mystery to the collapse of the WTC, once the steel beams of the two to three floors involved in the fire softened, like my I-beam, the weight of the floors above caused them to collapse. At first floors collapsed like dominos, however the impact of those floors and the weight of higher floors sent huge shockwaves down the steel columns all the way to the deepest basement levels. Like being hit with an explosive pile driver, rivets and welds sheared off the support columns, causing structural failures along their entire length.

        If you watch slow motion of the collapse you see the first dozen or so floors collapse in an orderly manner, then the entire building just collapses, because the support columns have failed along their entire length at the welds and rivets from the hammering of collapsing higher floors. Remember each WTC building weighed a half million tons.

        Once both towers collapsed the third was on borrowed time. It shared the foundation system of the Twin Towers. With the velocity and energy of the other Twin Tower collapses, the rubble from those buildings during the collapse, takes on the liquid qualities of a mud flow or Avalanche. The foundations/basement of the WTC went down 90 feet below grade (below the river). A million Tons of rubble filling that basement cavity and flowing out under Building Three left it with no foundation/ basement structure, plus there were below grade fires softening its support beams. I’m surprised Building Three lasted as long as it did.

        Sorry to disappoint, but my training as an engineer and my knowledge of strength of materials and failure analysis leads me to believe two hijacked planes hit the World Trade Center and made all three buildings fall.

        I was home on 911 and remember it being reported that WTC workers were told to not evacuate but to return to their offices as I watched. I was screaming at the TV, because the engineer in me knew those buildings were coming down.

        • Also,,,Structural steel in the construction of high rise buildings is a specific strength etc, not just off the shelf W beams

        • Plan twice, prep once…. I’m not buying that scenario. If the towers collapsed as you suggest where is the debris pile that would result after the collapse. WTC 1 & 2 were turned into steel dust, no fires did that, common sense. Also WTC 6 was bombed to the ground also, a huge hole found at the interior bottom of that building. WTC 7 was an obvious controlled demolition, not sure if a nuke involved there.

          • Huh?
            There were HUGE piles of debris, HUGE! Took months to clear it months and months

          • I can’t impress enough the massive amount of energy stored in a building so tall.

            The WTC was 1776 feet tall, that number no coincidence.
            It was 104 floors tall, but only 94 stories tall of occupied space, thus ignore the top 10%. It was just show and not a significant contribution to the weight or potential energy.

            So using computer code because math symbols are such a bitch to reproduce.
            PE= For X=1 to 94 (sum((1/94*480,000 ton*X)*G*(X*(1776*.9))))

            Let me just say the amount of energy released in the seconds the WTC collapse took place in was massive. It created huge temperatures. Concrete and steel flowed more like a liquid than solids. If you whack something with a hammer it gets hot. Please imagine a quarter million ton hammer slamming down 800 feet into something. That was the collapse effect of the World Trade Center collapse. Instantaneous temperatures were huge. Rather than snow avalanches, please think in terms of pyroclastic flows that occur during volcanic eruptions.

            If you can appreciate the simplistic math presented above, you will grasp the sheer power of the collapse. I present it in a simplistic version that is an approximation of the calculus that describes a more accurate solution, but what I present is pretty close. In a conversion of energy calculation it is revealed that the simple collapse of the WTC released the equivelent of a small tactical nuclear bomb, but no bomb was needed, just the weight of the building collapsing.

            • PTPO it is not actually stored energy ? it is simply the affects of gravity in motion from a reaction ?

        • No way. not even close. If this is accurate why do more than 2000 engineers and architects dispute what you are saying and many other construction professionals like myself ? And can you show me even one other structure similar to the towers that collapsed because of a fire ? You can’t, because it does no exist ? at least not on this planet and the physics we are ruled by.

          The importance of this matter is to know how badly your own government will lie to you to achieve their agendas and schemes? nothing has changed a bit, in fact it has only gotten far worse. They are counting on people believing their illusions they spoon feed you ? That is how they will get martial law installed, via fear, or at a minimum try to with the supposed coming election if Hillary is not elected via their shams !

          • The WTC steel columns were coated with a fire protective sprayed on asbestos coating, then that center section was surrounded by a multilayer concrete based Sheetrock that was four to six inches thick. When the planes hit, the sheetrock was shattered and blown off as was the insulation. The flames now worked directly on the steel.

            Please remember that Osama Bin Laden was a trained engineer in construction and architecture. He was the architect of the attack.

            • How many buildings have you built ? I have built many and I know your thesis is greatly flawed.

              Please show me one building that is similar to the towers and Bldg 7 that has ever fallen down in its own footprint because if fire ? you can’t because there are not any world wide ? do yourself a favor and rethink a few things !

              • Please show me a building that had fully fueled 757’s crash into them?

                • do yo know what jet fuel is and at what temp it burns without and air pump called a fan jet ?

                  Your thesis of steel heating to a point of total structural failure of the entire building is quite impossible. If you would just stop and think about the overall physics and the many stories of the building you would likely see the illogical plausibility or possibility ?

                  • NOT WHAT I SAID!

                    Like the building fire my friends beam came out of, steel starts to weaken dramatically at temperatures well below a thousand degrees. It only needs to lose its temper, not melt. Can you grasp how much weight per floor the WTC was?

                    Wt/floor = 940,000 tons/94 floors
                    Wt/floor = 10,000 tons per floor.

                    How many floors were above the point of impact sitting on heat softened steel.

                    Jet fuel was not the only fuel, the plane was made of high grade aluminum, which also burned. Do you know how hot aluminum metal burns? Plus there were all the plastics and paints and furniture found in offices that burned. And yes, jet fuel in open air, only burns around 800 to 1,000 degrees, more than hot enough to begin the exponential loss of strength in heated structural steel.

                    • sorry but you are wrong again, those temps will NOT cause that type of structure to fail totally. I give up , but you are free to stay in the illusions if you want to ?

                      There are so many false sets of supposed data and anomalies regarding all of 9/11 it is beyond ludicrous now that some time has passed and cooler minds have scoured the evidences. I too was fooled by the bogus story line for a long while. Bottom line is simple, we all live in many illusions here in USSA today, best to be aware of them !

                  • More on “not what I said”.

                    The planes that hit the WTC were Boeing 767’s with an empty weight of about 195,000 pounds each. Most of that high grade aluminum and magnesium. Aluminum burns at just under 7,000 degrees F.

                    Is over a 100,000 pounds of fuel burning at over 7,000 degrees F hot enough for you? If you take a thin piece of aluminum or magnesium, and scrape the oxide lawyer off of it, you can light it with a paper match.

                    • No it is not enough and not even close because the size of the building far out weighs the small amount of fuel represented by the aircraft in totality.

                      If you saw the structural detail of the beams it would be very clear that the entire building could not have come down from the planes in their own footprint by any means we have been told. I have seen the structural layout/detail of the beam assembly and it is well past massively strong and it could not have happened as you claim. In fact it is quite impossible.

            • Plan twice:
              Good point. The entire Ben Ladin family was flown out supposedly for their protection. I can’t get my extended family together that quickly, how did they? FBI agent said on the news that such was against procedure as family is always interviewed after a “murder”. He used the word “murder” not the word “attack” which I feel is a more accurate description of the incident on 9-11-2001. Perhaps we Americans should begin referring to this as the mass murders in September of 2001, or simply as:

              “The murder of 3,000 in 2,001”.

        • And building 7 failed because?

      57. all kinds of crap going on around the world – the verge of WW3 – and there’s idiots dredging up stupid conspiracy crap from 15 years ago ….

        it’s the anniversary of Amelia Earhart’s disappearance – let’s talk alien abduction ….

      58. North Georgia idiot cousin.. are you threatening to kill people on this site..

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        • HCKS. Come on now. Please go back to being semi rational. DEA swat buddy, cop buddies, scientist buddy etc. It seems like you are starting to make up people when you need them for a comment. You are regressing to the dismal days of crazy talk. Please.

          • Copper be careful, I wrote a response to HCKS, with no threat or profanity and TPTB disappeared my comment. Cuz is Mac’s little lapdog. and HCKS is not who he appears to be.

        • WOW HCKS, for a guy that can’t even put two words together, you sure sound bad. Who you gonna send “Ghost Busters”. Cuz you sure found a tough protector there, hope you don’t bring him down to the BOL, you know you really don’t need HCKS protection, cause you already got Mac.

        • HCKS wake up, slap yourself upside the head, are you talking about my Cuz Braveheart. In a war of wits your totally unarmed and I feel like I’am taking advantage of a child in an adults body when communicating with you. Are you really as dumb as you project or is it all just an act, if it’s an act it’s really rather childish. And why would I want to take you out, I feel sorry for mentally handicapped people.

      59. I knew they flew the associated crooks out but was unaware that flight left Tampa after 9-11. Jeb was inolved in the flight schools used to supposedly frame the patsies, right after the event he went to one of those schools with state police and gathered boxes of evidence, he was on that flight that flew straight to the District of Criminals. He was also involved with bringing drug shipments into small Florida airports. I think the Bush-Clinton Crime Cabal are near the top of the heroin business out of Afghanistan. Jeb, that dumbo gasbag of corruption was elected twice as governor. Based on what? What a joke!

        • The royal family of Saudi Arabia is a huge extended family, yes there is inbreeding. There are also many radical Islamists in the family as there are conservatives and middle of the road Islamists.

          A neighbor of mine worked for a major financial firm, he was THE guy in his company in charge of dealing with the royal family in Saudi Arabia, understand the royal family at best has nothing but distain for the West. They wish you dead, right after they take your money! Many of his coworkers died in 911. After 911 he worked to retire and he took his money and escaped to a conservative state, and lives on an isolated mountaintop to this day. After decades of dealing with Muslims he will vacation only in places that are Muslim free. Muslim is not a race so don’t call my friend a racist. His opinion is based on firsthand dealings with the royal family.

          Such power these people wield that the minute the PTB realized Royal Family members were involved they worked to protect all Saudi Royals sight unseen. Was that a crime, or was it protecting Dr. Mudd?

          Please google Dr. Mudd.

      60. I really don’t believe the general public has a proper perspective on the miracle that happened on 9/11 (if you buy the official narrative, that is). They need a perspective that they can clearly conceptualize. Take a look at the following image and see if you can ever drink a cup of coffee again without reflecting on what it is we are told to believe. Post it on your website.


      61. it possibly very likely 911 was a hoax. Inside government job? The same goes for the moon landings. However The Japanese are sending a satellite that will map the entire surface of the moon. you will be able to view the images on your computer. I bet you will not see the stuff the Apollo missions claim to have left behind.

      62. I worked with 40 + engineers from several disciplines at the time of 911. Every single engineer said from the beginning it was an implosion and inside job. Every engineer I worked with for the next 10 years said the same thing.
        I have to go with the engineers on this one. I trust their judgment and many of them followed events very closely. Very conservative men… and none of them wanted it to be an inside job. Do I know what happened? No. Was it what the government said? No. Bush got his carte blanche war on terror that he pushed for from his first day in office.

        • Rebecca,
          I agree with with on virtually all things. On this I call bull shit.

          911 was terrorists in hijacked planes, crashing them into buildings. The buildings fell, plain and simple.

          Did certain factions of the US government intercept communications and have knowledge of the act before hand, and look the other way? Of that I have no doubt.

          Did someone place explosives in the WTC to make sure it fell. No!

          Why do so many people refuse to accept that Muslim Terrorists, Jihadists were behind the WTC attacks.

          It was Islam, Islam, Islam, Islam.

          It was Jihad, Jihad, jihad, jihad!

          Anyone that points another direction from Jihad is misleading you. It was Islamic Jihad!

          • PTPO wake up guy ? we all know the towers came down and were hit by some sort of planes. But the story is NOT at all even close to what your government has spoon fed you ?

          • Plan twice:

            The new owner of the Trade Towers took out insurance against a terrorist attack, two weeks before the murder of 3,000 people.

            If you take out ten million dollars worth of insurance just before your wife jumps out the window, that wouldn’t be suspicious, are you serious??

            • After the 1993 bombing of the WTC only an idiot owner would not have had a rider on their insurance that covered a terrorist attack.

      63. Who knew by the previous week to not go to their Twin Towers offices that day? Pilgrims Society members? CFR members? And a few assorted collegiate super fraternities like Wolf’s Head Society. Rhodes Scholars?

        • I had a Jewish coworker that went into work late that day on 911. As he approached the building the first plane hit. He turned around and went home. It took him nearly 7 hours to get home. His family was nearly holding a funeral for him because cell phone service didn’t work. They all thought he was dead.

          Was he in on it because he was Jewish and lived? Yeah I call bull shit on your racist story.

          It was Islamic Jihadists. End of discussion. What the freak is wrong with you people looking for any excuse but reality?

          Islam is the religion of the antiChrist. Yet you can’t believe what happens in front of you is actual reality!

          It was prophesied that no one would see the true enemy of the lord, damn people, get a freaking grip.

          • Mac,
            I was an eye witness to many 911 events as well as privy to other first hand eye witness accounts.

            Why are all my posts on this subject being subject to long reviews before being posted.

            Sorry if reality doesn’t match the desired reality.

            • PTPO, as I said in another comment we all know the towers came down, that is not a question ? But by whom, how and why is an entirely different matter. Because you may have been witness has zero to do with the questions at hand, of who, how and why ? The evidence is overwhelming that our government has lied in a very big way and we do NOT have the truth of the matter, simple as that ? So why cling to any kind of perception except the truths of the matter ? Because you may have been a witness of the buildings coming down does not change or affect anything.

              • Down to Earth: and Now the REAL true reason comes out eh!

                I better describe it in my other reply “if” it ever gets passed moderations?!! It is posted Below This reply..

                But truth revealeed by PTPO is this:

                As he/she stated above finally! He/she fully believes in what is commonly known of as John Hagee and TBN evangelical TV show pastors explainations of what They say regarding book of Rev End times events!

                These fanatics cannot ever consider that perhaps Israel and jews in general are NOT all That, and Not as described by Hagee et all to be.

                This is a totally impossible issue for them for they, like hagee type preachers, mandate that all in universe revolves around israel and jews equals 100% Good and never can ever be Anything else but such goodness!

                God loves all peoples equally for gods No raysist but god also loves jews Far More since they are “more Euqal in Gods eyes”!!

                And if even a small Part of that aint truth?…Oh Oh! that will make most ALl prior taught by Hagee et al to be Falsehoods galore!..BINGO!

                The actual Mainline issue belief is simply that state of Israel and jews in general are always innocent Victims and can Never ever do wrong period…To believe otherwise?…Destroys every bit of Hagee type end times series of events…Cannot have That now eh!

                IMHO Most of such deluded fanatics are who the bible describes as “Them what stands at Christs Left side in the Goat lineup at seat of judgment day events!”

                Where there shall be Much waillings and knashings of Teeth!…Because who Else BUT mainly USA evangelicals as hagees crowds are, Ever claim what is said them Goats shall claim on That judgment day?

                This is what bible says They are going to cry out when Christ tells them to “Depart from ME You wicked workers of Ineqity!(inequity means Sins). For I Never Knew You”!

                They Then cry out “but Lord We cast out Demons in Your name! We also healed sick in Your name and even Raised dead in Your name Lord!”

                Please someone Tell me who ELSE have you ever heard make such claims of doing that stuff in Christs Name other than the same evangelical fanaticals that so worship Israel state and jewry?…No othere ever have or do.

                So Goat Line at that fatefull day??? Bet on That unless they RE think all their pro israel no matter what mindset.

                • I am not trying to give PTPO a hard time or in any way mess with him. I am simply pointing out my own research which is extensive, that has brought me to realize that what we have been told is just a big lie and we definitely do NOT have the truth of 9/11, not even close.

                  I am also NOT anti Israel particularly, but I am anti criminal and tyrrant, like our current regime running this country into the ground and any tohers that ahve committed bad acts, like 9/11 !

                  My highest goal and purpose is simply to help people realize the many illusions that they live under in every aspect of their lives. The illusions are created to be used as control mechanisms. I have written about it in great detail and if you do not realize how powerful they are or that they exist, you will be a victim of them ! simple as that ! Most people do NOT realize they even exist much less that they are controlled by the illusions !

                  They are very much a part of our supposed health care system, which is a serious bad joke, our economy, politics, judicial system and law enforcement. In other words every aspect of your life is greatly affected.

            • Plan twice:

              When people speak of groups, any group, they/we/I don’t refer to individuals, many times having very different attitudes or characteristics than the group generally. If you say Phillippines are short but you say your friend is 6 foot 9inches, that is besides the point. These are generalities, not about specific individuals who do not represent the many in any given group who come within the parameters of the subject. By the way, you’re not the only one with family and friends who were there. In a conversation expect different points of view. No two people agree on any given situation completely unless they are following a scripted dialogue, as conspirators generally say things the same way every time. It’s one of the things that give them away. Investigators look for this flaw. Otherwise people have divergent perspectives. Why can’t you accept this if you truly believe what you say.

        • I have a friend who was a vice president at Morgan Stanley his office was in the towers. He had a premonition not to go to work that day and he did not go ! Shortly thereafter he quit and said it is all so incredibly corrupt I cannot do this shit any longer ! I also know two others that worked at the biggest trading houses that also quit at the same time. So there are still many honest people out their who reached their limits and said fuck this ! It also affected me greatly because all of these guys gave up big positions in later fiasco’s out of disgust and I knew that part. Realize that the real bad actors are a very small percentage of our populace and they can be overwhelmed no matter what you have been told or mind fucked into believing ! I was one of the mind fucked as well back then. It was all very eye opening to be sure.

          My friend at Morgan Stanley told me about a conversation he and another VP had while looking out his 69th floor window of tower 2 about a month before the event. They were discussing how if something serious occurred they would need a parachute to get out of the building ? Now how fucking ironic is that ?

      64. Rebecca

        The more you read the more you see just how much of a scam everything is. George Carlin was the modern Will Rodgers.

        • Rebecca , that is why I always mention that we all live in many illusions, because it is absolutely true and most have no idea how true !

      65. The question is how could we not know 9/11 was going to happen? We had Israeli intelligence, German intelligence, British intelligence and even Saudi Arabian intelligence warning the U.S. that a major attack was imminent.

        We had two flight schools in Arizona and Florida training Muslim student pilots to fly, and their flight instructors called the FBI directly with their concerns about these student pilots showing no interest in learning how to land the airplanes!!!

        There was too much evidence and too many warning signs present for the government to claim ignorance about the 9/11 attacks.

        • Simple answer, it was allowed to happen just like Boston, San Berdoo and Orlando were allowed to happen. Should be beyond obvious to all at this juncture in retrospect ?

          Unfortunately many still have their heads in the sand so many more will suffer and perish !

          • RUSSIA warn us all on many people who are here then and now.. And no one is listening to them. Obama hates Putin also as much as he hates Netanyahu

          • DowntoEarthThinking, you are absolutely 100% correct.

            It’s very similar to police manipulation of crime data by deliberately reducing or increasing policing in high crime areas.

            As Rahm Emanuel said in 2009 “You never let a serious crisis go to waste.”

            To this day, the U.S. government still refuses to explain why the only civilian flights allowed during the 9/11 airspace shutdown were a series of corporate jet flights around the country used to round up Saudi Arabian VIP’s to get them out of the U.S. as quickly as possible.

            As far as I’m concerned, the U.S. government was complicit with the terrorists on 9/11. If the U.S. government did not play an active role in attacking American on 9/11, they certainly facilitated and enabled the attacks by not doing everything possible to interrupt the attacks for vampiric and perversely corrupt political reasons.

        • Intelligence was deliberately ignored because the plan was in place. Read “Extreme Prejudice: The Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act and the Cover Ups of 9/11 and Iraq” by Susan Lindauer. Listened to her speak in person, she is not crazy as the FBI alleges.

          • Sarge,

            Thanks a lot. You are correct. The plan was in place. I’ll pick up that book to read. Have a good Fourth of July.

          • Book ordered. Thanks Sarge.

      66. Those big planes land themselves. The auto pilot control,s everything. It would be a hard task to land them manually. Nothing like the old 58 cessna I have flown.

        • Yea, idonno bout that, friend who was a pilot for United and flew 747s to tokyo for the last 6 years of his career talked about that kind of stuff from time to time, didnt sound like it was that unusual for them to put them down manually. And that was in the same timeframe, 96-02

      67. These empty vaults are plagued by the “Fort Knox echo”. You cannot see nothing cause there is nothing to see. Eastbound and down and then we have to bail them out. Damn these white shoe boys, I say next time the tax payer gets a garnishee on their future profits just like payouts for bad police should come out of their pension plan. Be some shaping up fast like. We must force feed integrity into them.

      68. On another note, some extra credit reading for you guys:

        1. Swedish Solution To Muslims Attacking Women: “Don’t Grope Me” Wristbands!! http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-07-03/swedish-solution-muslims-attacking-women-dont-grope-me-wristbands Brilliant idea!! Why didn’t I think of that! But it IS better than this video showing women how to avoid being victims (1:30 min) https://youtu.be/gQ4EQFcFQQo?t=2 Thankfully, in the US, we have a better solution – Muslims never know if the woman might be Bruce Jenner or not.

        2. Tsk, tsk another Clinton death: U.N. Official ‘Accidentally’ Crushes Own Throat Right Before Testifying Against Hillary Clinton http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-07-02/un-official-accidentally-crushes-own-throat-right-testifying-against-hillary-clinton . Then there is this very informative one on Vince Foster – if you aren’t aware of what occurred there, this will be very enlightening. “Vince Foster’s Ghost” Reappears – A Blast From The Archive Past, http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-07-03/vince-fosters-ghost-reappears-blast-archive-past Staggering information.

        3. Senator (Tom Cotton, R-AR) Admits The FBI Is “About To Ask Putin For His Copies Of Hillary’s Emails” http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-07-03/senator-admits-fbi-about-ask-putin-his-copies-hillarys-emails

      69. Dubya said ” you are either with us or you are with the terrorists”. Duh! Both options are the same.

      70. Plan twice, prep once… My take on Bin Laden after reading and using my average common sense says Osama Bin Laden was just another patsy to carry the blame while having little or nothing to do with the events of 9-11. Many know he was on the cia payroll known as Tim Osman during the Afghani war with Russia, just like Lee H. Oswald was connected to US intelligence before JFK’s murder, so was Jack Ruby, US intelligence and organized crime one and the same. I don’t believe for a second the fairy tale Obama, Clinton and the rest of the liars laid out for his murder by special forces in Pakistan, where conveniently many of those special forces died a short time later in a helicopter crash. Bin Laden was dead a decade earlier. The truth about to be exposed snuffed out. All lies all the time.

      71. Anyone that understands physics knows that 9/11 was an inside job and all these other improbilities that keep poping up are side isues.

        The trouble is that most americans are cowards (you are being mass medicated like us) and many of those that are not have become brown coats and are working for the government.

        Our old masters of the past have changed the game and turned people into debt slaves by playing on greed and most of these bankers are not american, they are international bankers, mostly jewsish if you look.

        • Mr Smith, except for the jew thing you made some very goods points of common sense and simple logic !

      72. I realize some people may regard this as blasphemy
        but I’m going to post it anyway

        VERY thought provoking to say the least

        3 reasons the American Revolution was a mistake

        ht tp://www.vox.com/2015/7/2/8884885/american-revolution-mistake

        just imagine if we had been able to avoid the Civil War
        and the absolutely horrible period of history
        known as the era of Jim Crow

      73. A good article that explains the Trump popularity and appeal to Americans while pointing out inconstant statements in his message is at veteranstoday.com titled: Globalists and Neocons Prove Incapable of Understanding Reality. July 4, 2016. In other words, Trump offers change yet some of his statements suggest otherwise.

      74. The problem I see is the towers fell into their own footprint. That has the appearance of a controlled demolition. If the planes caused the failure there would be some steel collums not as heated to the same temp at the same time. That would have caused the towers to fold and bend and land like you notched and cut a tree. When a big crane,s boom collapses that boom bends and lands away from the crane. same thing should have occured

      75. My reply Disappererd again!

        oh well eh…This is the Main real honest reason that still Soooo Many folks reject a RE think of 9/11 events at ALL costs, its due to…

        They maintain inner abject Fear, Real terrified type Fear, that if they did re think it all and if it was mainly an Israel-Mossad-Ziojewry neocon FF event to gin up Wars for israel and $$$$ for all involved and destruction of BOR rights in usa.

        That knowledge will litterally Blow their minds fuses to such great extent that most really Rather be Dead than to consider such event can happen VIA a jewish-combo as stated above.

        It will fully destroy everything They ever believed based on mainly John Hagee type “Biblical End Time Events in book of REV”…Because all they have believed withOUT question is that everything in the universe always revolves around israel and jews period.

        Because as Hagee tells them always…”God is Fair and Just! and Loves everybody Equally! and Gods NO racist!…However He does love jews MORE! because while everyones 100% equal in Gods Eyes…jews are MORE equal!”

        Then if so?…How in world could israel or mossad or ziojewry DO such pure Evil to America?!!

        Easy when to them america and everyone else are nothing more than Lesser being Goyim!

        To research and discover such truths will be akin to they had a huge C-4 plastic device detonated within their tiny minds/brains!…Its a NO GO issue folks. Gotta defend them entities withOUT question period. Israel and its main occupants can never do wrong period. Just ask Hagee!

      76. Happy 4th everyone. We are in the last two days of Ramadan which means there are still a few tools wanting to be martyred bease they will get a greater reward during holy days. Stay safe out there.
        Small town fireworks for us tonight.

      77. This thread has become threadbare.

      78. Threadbare? This conversation is never ending, and rightly so. Everybody of age remembers 9-11 and now sees the erosion of freedom since that day, at least those speaking truth to power and obvious tyranny. Another striking reality of deceit is that arguably the mightiest military on Earth was fooled by this attack and unable to stop it from happening. That’s pure bullshit! All bases were covered to prevent interference in stopping this event. The drill went live as planned. Forget the right vs left, conservative vs liberal distraction, there really is no such thing. It’s us the people vs them the murderous NWO. Obama is just the latest liar puppet continuing the agenda, now tptb think we will fall in line for the thoroughly corrupt Killary as next in line, I mean men are evil, everyone trusts a nurturing woman. smdh

        • Meh…. so much jawin’. Your statement about the military was true except they were not let in on TPTB’s dirty little secret. I understand that discussion is good. I don’t think we have much longer to wait before serious action is called upon/necessary.

      79. Time for another war of succession,which is what this countries revolution and birth was,a war of succession.We as a nations citizenry have kinda dropped the ball since the mid 1800’s,and have seen the cost of doing so.Be as independent as possible/learn to do things on your own with others in your clan/starve the beast as much as possible and fight as much as possible govt. insanity on a local level,tis where it starts.

        We CAN do this,Happy 4th all!

        • Right now we are facing the same exact circumstances and situation G Washington and our fore fathers faced when they decided to rebel against taxation without representation. As well, our government has become no different than the King of England and the establishment of that day. Repressive tyrants taking away liberties while illegal aliens have more representation than legal citizens who have fought for this country and shed blood for generations. I will never surrender my rights and my oath to protect the constitution and that I swore to up hold, to a group of elite criminals who have hijacked this country for their own agendas and purposes of self interest and control.We must unite and fight these maniacs to the death before it is too late ! Your mindset is the key issue and knowing you can do it. That is what I am trying to show people, how to be strong and not waver no matter what ! To help them gather their own inner strength and tenacity just like our fore fathers had ! I got it in TayNinh on the Cambodian border many years ago and was lucky enough to heal myself and regain all of my physical attributes. Anybody can do to the same thing !

        • Right now we are facing the same exact circumstances and situation G Washington and our fore fathers faced when they decided to rebel against taxation without representation. As well, our government has become no different than the King of England and the establishment of that day. Repressive tyrants taking away liberties while illegal aliens have more representation than legal citizens who have fought for this country and shed blood for generations. I will never surrender my rights and my oath to protect the constitution that I swore to up hold, to a group of elite criminals who have hijacked this country for their own agendas and purposes of self interest and control. We must unite and fight these maniacs to the death before it is too late ! Your mindset is the key issue and knowing you can do it. That is what I am trying to show people, how to be strong and not waver no matter what ! To help them gather their own inner strength and tenacity just like our fore fathers had ! I got it in TayNinh on the Cambodian border many years ago and was lucky enough to heal myself and regain all of my physical attributes. Anybody can do to the same thing !

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