Former Congressman Claims The DEEP STATE Is Real In New Book

by | Sep 4, 2018 | Headline News | 33 comments

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    In his new book titled  “The Deep State: How an army of bureaucrats protected Barack Obama and is working to destroy Donald Trump,” Jason Chaffetz alleges that the deep state is very real.  His book, which is set to be published on September 18, details the lengths the intelligence community is going to in an attempt to undermine Trump.

    “The Deep State is real,” Chaffetz wrote, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. “They don’t like exposure, accountability or responsibility. They fight back, outlast and work the system for their advantage. And they certainly don’t like disruptive forces such as Donald Trump.”

    Chaffetz, a former congressman from Utah, resigned from Congress in June 2017. At the time, that was about six months into Trump’s presidency. Chaffetz then decided to take a job as a political analyst for the FOX News Channel and the FOX Business Network, according to USA Today.

    Chaffetz says that the devastating Benghazi incident is what uncovered a larger problem in the corrupt government. “Without exposing Benghazi we might never have learned that Hillary Clinton was using her private email server to conduct government business and transmit classified information,” Chaffetz wrote. “Benghazi was a symptom of a much deeper problem at the State Department. Their decisions were based not on a security calculation, but on a political one.” Chaffetz also tosses the Department of Justice firmly under the bus in his book as well. The DOJ is a frequent target of both Trump and the House Freedom Caucus. “The DOJ should be protecting us,” Chaffetz wrote. “And yet it is the federal agency that stands head and shoulders above the rest in enabling the Swamp.”

    The leftists both in political positions and amongst the public see Chaffetz as going after Obama while allowing Trump to run free. “Despite issuing a steady stream of far-reaching subpoenas during the Obama Administration, the Oversight Committee has essentially gone dormant under the Trump Administration, and Chairman Chaffetz’s successor has not issued a single subpoena to anyone, on any issue, ever,” Elijah Cummings, a Democrat from Maryland and the top Democrat on the  House oversight panel said.



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      1. Chaffetz ought to know since he was part of them. Takes once scum to know another.

        • Please educate all of us on how “he was one of them” – he quit the BS when he figured out he could not make the difference he thought was once possible! He could have had a very long career in politics and when he and Tray Gowdy teamed up on the BS it was a thing of beauty to watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO PLEASE EDUCATE US and don’t just stay stupid crap with nothing to back it up.

      2. Comey needs to catch a round to the back of the head. And who ever does it I hope they’ll walk away whistling.

        • So who was it who issued the 19 Highjackers their US Visa’s to enter the US? Answer:

          Was John Brennan a traitor who allowed 9/11 terrorists to enter the United States and murder thousands?

          “All 19 high jackers? Where did they get their visas stamped before they came to this country to launch 9/11? They got their visas stamped in the CIA station in Jeddah. And the second in command said, ‘No way, absolutely we are not going to stamp those visas.’ And the fellow who was in charge, his name was John Brennan. He was the person who overrode those concerns and cautions and ordered those visas stamped in Jeddah.”


          Freedom Outpost noted further that Michael Springman was, at the time, head of the American visa bureau in Saudi Arabia, a post he held during the Reagan and Bush administrations, from September 1987 through March 1989. He said during his time there he was ordered by higher State Department officials to hand out visas to applicants who were not qualified. He said the applications were for recruits of Osama bin Laden, who was fighting against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, and who was sending recruits to the U.S. for training by the CIA.

          Springman made his incredible claims during an appearance at the National Press Club on June 10, 2002.

          The National Review subsequently reported that none of the 9/11 hijacker visas were completed in the proper manner, turning the U.S. government into “a travel agency for terrorists.”

          The magazine, citing an August 2004 report[.pdf] from the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, said the visa applications for the 19 hijackers were replete with data fields left blank and questions that were not fully answered, and yet U.S. officials approved 22 of 23 visa applications for the hijackers.

          Of the 15 Saudi terrorists, four of them received visas through the Visa Express Program in June 2001.

          “If it weren’t for John Brennan, 9/11 may never have happened,” Freedom Outpost concluded.

          ***BTW/ Trump just finally revoked Brennen’s Security clearances. This POS need to die ASAP Firing Squad.

          • TharShe Blows:

            Very interesting.

            Only problem is 911 is a myth and a Conspiracy Theory. There were never any Twin Towers in New York. It is anti-Semitic hate speech, terrorist-phobia. Watch yourself.

            Big brother.


            • “There is a plot in this Country to enslave every man, woman, and child. Before I leave this high and noble office I intend to expose this plot.”

              President John F. Kennedy


          • Wow, quite the bombshell.

        • Spoken like a true neo-bolshevik. Was that intentional?

      3. Off topic: SHTF Communications?!

        I finally started to prepare for communicating during a SHTF event. My brother has all 3 Ham certifications, and a complete setup, so I figure he has that covered. Consequently, I choose to focus on CB/SSB radio. Why?

        All three bug-in locations are within a couple of miles from major roads. Also, I wanted to focus on short range tactical. I have a base station, a portable CB for a forward command base and 3 hand held units for patrols.

        Any suggestions or comments appreciated. What have you guys done. Which technology did you pick?

        • Its gonna be a stone age existence for quite some time. So Im gonna hide in a cave.

          • Old Guy, I thought about smoke signals or using drums to communicate.

            My first choice is to hide, but everyone says communication/information is important. On the off chance they are right I decide to act. It was my last area to prep for. After this it’s back to food and more food.

            Remember to get canned chicken!

            • Maybe drums can be my backup plan. I wonder if I can get Phil Collins in my Survival Group? Maybe he’ll bring along his ex-wife?

              • You do know that when your on a CB they can triangulate and pinpoint you exact position?

                • Old Guy, thanks for the heads up. I saw a YouTube video that “they” can triangulate a persons position from radio signals.

                  A person has to be careful when, where and how we communicate. Thanks.

                  • Old Guy , any frequency can be triangulated. Any short range devices are fine especially with booster antennas and or repeating systems. All depends on who could be looking for anybody ? Preppers always complicate simple stuff uneccesarily.

                • Or he can start cooking outside. That’ll bring them in too.

        • CB (AM) is almost worthless, and is worthless with an HT.

          You would be much better off with VHF/UHF Ham Radio by getting the first level tech license. You will also be able to talk with fellow Hams so you know what is going on in your AO.

          You could also obtain your own commercial license for about $400.00 from the FCC and is good for 10 years, no test required.

          Check out

          • Red Leader, with the proper antennas I hope the CB radios will fit a role. The stuff is ordered and is arriving this week. I hope it will work out okay.

            I will be testing and learning over the coming months and I hope it will supplement my brothers Ham radio set up.

            One of the main this I was looking for was EASE OF USE. I hope the upgraded antennas will help their respective reception/effective range. As I learn more, maybe I can branch out.

          • Red Leader in a real SHTF scenario will any license matter at all ?

      4. Yes there was the mob during prohibition. And within the Mob there was always a power struggle. The Deep state is no different. There are no good guys. They are all bad guys. Just like the political partys. Both sides are the same just one party is a stack of turds and the other party is a pile of poop.

        • Old Guy, I really feel bad for President Trump for having to endure these viscous/constant attacks.

          I read an interesting article recently that stated we are in the early stages of a civil war, because you have one side not accepting the results of an election. I thought it was a good point because one of the main characteristics of a Democratic System of Government is the PEACEFUL transfer of power.

          The “Democratic Resistance” is not the peaceful transfer of power. They call our choice illegitimate and seek to undo the election results. Nothing good can came from this.

          • Trump is a outcast even from the republican party. Both sides are against him. MC Cain was his arch enemy. Trump has the blessings of the Military and the 3ews. And our military is in the middle east to do the 3ews dirty work

            • Yes, Pres. DT has the popular support of the military. And, most 3ews do not support him. Despite al the things he has done for them, the majority of them are working against him. They were against his general tax cuts, against him trying to stop illegal immigration and building The Wall, against his desire to not intervene in Syria, against his desire for good relations with Russia, against his Supreme Court nominees, against investigating Hill &Bill and fellow corrupt officials, against him ending sanctuary cities, against him endorsing the 2nd Amendment, against him wanting to limit gov’t spying on American citizens, against him reprimanding Social Media for eliminating conservative political content and speech; and the list goes on. How many more need to be listed to prove otherwise. They only want to discredit him so that he cannot fulfil the popular will of the American people. The country does not matter, the will of the people don’t matter, only their agenda matters.

      5. Circle the wagons around the swamp hundreds deep. The blatent criminality is overwhelming and stunningly forceful in defense of this entire criminal enterprise called government and their msm lying coverup specialists. And Mueller conducting a present investigation while he was head of the FBI on 9-11. The fox guarding the henhouse. Meanwhile back at the ranch millions of this nations citizens are struggling to make ends meet waiting to be priced out of existence.

        • “The blatent criminality is overwhelming”

          We tend to “preach to the choir” because it takes significant study and observation, taking considerable time, to intellectually deprogram from the propaganda from virtual birth and to get reeducated with reality. Even after self study of 25 years the lies we’re routinely fed even shock me (and I don’t shock easy showing what I know). A “rookie” cannot accept that their government lies on the mass scale that it does.

          • Kevin2 says, it is all simply a giant control mechanism. The good news is it is failing on every front !

      6. Yes indeed a real circus the best dog & pony show in decades.

      7. Not ALL of govmt…. “is a pile of poop (demoncraps)
        or a scoop of turds” (republicraps)….. Just most of them.

        Sen. Grassley is on our side (most often)
        as are a few others.
        Mark Meadows is only Rep. But he is pure gold.
        Yeahhh…. come to think of it not many are
        Hope I am wrong for once…./s ?

        • Yes everyone thinks that their elected representive is a good person surrounded by 534 heaps of fecal matter.

      8. About a week ago, Hal Turner made public a list of 600 names of Antifa leadership made public to law enforcement. I’m guessing that most of you with any connections now know about it.

        Antifa just about daily is discussing essentially a red army situation. The highest concentration of these operatives in in California and Pennsylvania. Be advised that something may be happening in those states and I would heighten security if located there or in states bordering these.

        There are few in my state that are on this master list.

        It’s clear they are total bunglers and wannabes but you should still them seriously based on Berkley.

        LEOs are planning on using existing antimask laws that already are state laws or planned state laws. These can’t happen soon enough.

        Some on the list are likely fed infiltrators to protect their cover.

        If Antifa isn’t treated as domestic terrorists with organization internationally, then the Democrats are just openly flouting existing aspects of both Patriot Acts.

        Naturally the fake news media is openly declaring crazy statements that Antifa is merely misunderstood and that they have legitimate gripes! Frankly they bother me more than the Weather Underground did in the seventies.

      9. I remember when the order went out we had to do everything possible to make Obama look good and make sure the economy didn’t crash on his watch. It was very important that Obama become the Jesus-like figure that he remains to this day. The reasonable black man, intellectual, thoughtful, in short, the polar opposite of most people’s lived experience of black men. But that is for another day.

        The Deep State is really just the clandestine money-making industrial complex. There are vast fortunes to be made in using the special powers afforded clandestine actors. They work in the financial system, endlessly pumping and dumping, each time cashing in their chips and then squirelling away their fortunes in property, drugs, pussy trafficking etc.

        Yes,it is all about power but in that power there is fortune. When America stood victorious at the end of WWII the astute knew something bigger than freedom and democracy had won. It was a victory for the douche bags of the clandestine forces to do whatever they wished across the planet. And so they have. Why? Firstly, it is fun, like really f-ing fun. And secondly, it is very, very lucrative. It is that simple.

        • Frank Thoughts, agree on every point. It is all just very sophisticated today, but still just garden variety greed and lust for power ! Somebody else said it, some of them simply deserve a bullet and side step all the BS ! NO phony courts and BS just a bullet !

      10. It is said that an ‘idiota’ was first someone who did not participate in the ancient, public, open-air forum.

        I think, globalism already happened, a very long time ago. (Some of these complex relationship charts, shown to us, by conspiracy theorists, were true enough — 100yrs ago.)

        Many alleged nationalists personally engage in this same banking and politics, at the global level, while expecting you to be idiota non-participators, who beg for the leftovers.

        The deep state is anyone who knows all the rights and advantages being offered to them.

        Partisanship is an urban legend. It’s your rationalization for something, which probably had a kernel of truth to it. Does the deep state actually need any divisive, Hegelian, social issues, whatsoever, to collect some subsidy or make use of some special drawing right. Would they even need to make a proactive effort, to put you at eachoter’s throats — who can’t agree on what to eat, or what music, or how to use a restroom. Or, is the mystery of the unknown all it would take to put a bunch of cargo cultists on-edge.

        The more I have tried to learn about notorious, household names, the more Eisenhower’s military-industrial complex looks like bourgeois climbers, who put the proceeds towards obscure and sometimes-dowdy, personal hobbies. (One restored outhouses. Others, rail cars. An interest in forgotten crops.) There is a paranoia against independently wealthy people, or those who were obviously state interests, cronyists.

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