Forecaster Warns: “From Here On Out This Will Not Be A Video Game – This Is Real”

by | Oct 4, 2015 | Headline News | 67 comments

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    Investors around the world and the general public remain mesmerized by the bloviating from mainstream pundits and politicians who claim the economy is on an upward trajectory and that government has everything under control.

    But while everyone celebrates a return to perceived prosperity, one of the world’s leading economic forecasters says that we have now reached the peak in the concentration of confidence in government. With wars firing up all over the globe and trillions in wealth having been wiped out in just the last three months, things are about to get real.

    According to Martin Armstrong, we hit a major tipping point on October 1st, a date he predicted years in advance using what he has dubbed his “Economic Confidence Model.”

    What’s worse, Armstrong’s war cycle models are converging, suggesting that not only will we see an expansion of international conflicts, but civil unrest will begin to spread precipitously.

    Armstrong has previously warned that the situation could become so dire that a Mad Max event is possible and becomes all the more likely as the public loses confidence in the monetary system, economy and the government’s ability to mitigate the crisis.

    The following report was originally published at Armstrong Economics and sourced via Zero Hedge:

    The unleashing of Russian firepower in Syria in support of the Syrian government came precisely on the day of the Economic Confidence Model. I have come to learn from observing this model that major world events, whatever the major focus may be, appear to line up with the ECM.


    This target has been huge for us given that we have TWO WAR CYCLE MODELS: (1) civil unrest that leads to revolution, and (2) international war. It is sort of like the Blood Moon stuff insofar as it does not line up so easily. The main convergence of the War Cycle between both models began to turn in 2014. The economic war against Russia imposing sanctions began on March 6, 2014 (2014.178) when Obama signed Executive Order 13660 that authorizes sanctions on individuals and entities responsible for violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. The next day, this order was followed by Executive Order 13661, which claimed that Russia had undermined the democratic processes. On March 20, 2014, Obama issued a new Executive Order: “Blocking Property of Additional Persons Contributing to the Situation in Ukraine”. This order expanded the scope of the two previous orders to the Government of the Russian Federation; it included its annexation of Crimea and its use of force in Ukraine, which the U.S. claimed was a threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States. Then on April 28, Obama imposed more sanctions on Russia.

    The third round of U.S. sanctions on Russia began from October into December 2014 over the turning point. On October 3, 2014, Joe Biden said, “It was America’s leadership and the president of the United States insisting, oft times almost having to embarrass Europe to stand up and take economic hits to impose costs.” The EU imposed sanctions on December 18, 2014, which banned some investments in Crimea and halted support for the Russian Federation Black Sea exploration of oil and gas. The EU sanctions also prevented European companies from offering tourism services and purchasing real estate or companies in Crimea. On December 19, 2014, Obama imposed sanctions on Russian-occupied Crimea by executive order, which prohibited exports of U.S. goods and services to the region.

    The actual turning point was 2014.8871: November 20, 2014. The one event that took place precisely on that day was the Supreme Court’s ruling to allow same-sex marriage in South Carolina. This decision sparked civil unrest against the government throughout the Bible Belt states. On that same day, Obama took executive action on immigration. On November 24, the Missouri Grand Jury made ruled not to indict Officer Wilson in the shooting of Michael Brown on August 9, which sparked the beginning of civil unrest, such as the Black Lives Matter movement, in a rebuke of corrupt police forces.

    With this turning point on the ECM (2015.75) marking the precise day when Russia began actively bombing Syria to defend its allied government, even sending in troops, should be of great concern in the form of a warning sign with red lights that blink. Russia’s bombings have captured the headlines; the press claims that Russia is attacking civilians but has not mentioned that these civilians are rebels trying to overthrow the government that Obama supported. The press is misrepresenting what is taking place.

    There are also reports that China has entered the game by sending in troops to Syria. Obama is creating a threat of world war as Russia and China are now in alignment in Syria and both are opposed to U.S. policy. There is a direct confrontation taking place all because U.S. policy is out of its mind and tries to topple what it calls “dictatorships” from Iraq, Libya, and now Syria. There is no alternative replacement and this brain-dead policy dreamed up in Washington has no end game objective.

    This is turning into a direct confrontation between the three leading powers in the Middle East. For what purpose? All because Obama and crew did not like Putin? They created Putin by failing to curtail the bankers who tried to take over Russia to get their hands on all the commodities back in 1999. Whether the government was behind the banking objectives or whether it came in after the fact to protect the bankers amounts to the same thing. This is one reason why they have been trying to block “The Forecaster” from airing in the United States, whereas it has been making headlines and nightly news shows in Europe where they suffered the economic blows of these sanctions.

    The other side of 2015.75 will be a lot more serious than many suspect. This concentration of confidence in government marks the peak — from here on out, this will not be a video game — this is real.

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      1. W T F !!!! Get it over with already, I’m so tired of all this talk and NOTHING happens. How many fucking stories will there be wriiten before something happens.

        • I know. I have to go squeeze a few rounds off daily to relieve stress from all the disaster reporting, but I am an excellent shot because of this! They better have level 4 armor over their faces when they come for me, otherwise, they won’t have faces anymore, or be breathing.

          • People talked about Civil War for decades before it came true in 1860.

            • Last time I checked, Oct 1st came and went, just like every other day.

            • True southron, and how did that civil war end up for the south anyway. They don’t pass out do-overs in the real world.

              • A do over is what we are going to get.

        • ” NOTHING happens”

          What f**king planet are you on imbecile? This is chess, not checkers. There’s all kinds of things happening. Did you even read the story!? In a chess game, the check mate, which translates into all out war in our reality, happens LAST.

          All of the little movements of pieces and pawns that you don’t recognize as building up to checkmate are happening all over the place. You just have to be smart enough to put them all together.

          THIS IS NOT A LIGHT SWITCH PEOPLE. Learn to play chess or just STFU.

          • I always loved chess 🙂

          • You are spot on. LOTS of things ARE happening. Movements are occurring all over the board. Just because SOMETHING isn’t happening in Boring-ville Wisconsin where ‘Infidel’ lives, doesn’t mean the chess pieces aren’t being moved.

            Once “IT” happens, there is no room for further movements. Game over. The war unfolds how it will unfold. All your positioning had better be correct.

          • WWII raged in Europe for 2 years before USA got directly involved in hostilities. WWI wasn’t even called WWI until WWII was well under way.

            This thing in the ME has been simmering for a long time, and been getting progressively hotter. The gang at the pentagram are openly discussing whether USA should directly and actively defend ‘moderate’ terrorists (you know, the guys who give you an Advil before they saw off your head). If that talk is not just chest-beating, it’s a sure fire way to get WWIII really hot. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear of ‘moderates’ suddenly possessing sophisticated AA missles.

            Funny how the ‘invincible’ ISIS savages are already running from the Russians. For over a year we have been hearing how ‘unstoppable’ they are. Sure, they were unstoppable when they had mountians of the latest US weaponry and were fighting peasants with a few 40 year old Soviet-era rifles. Just another layer of international embarrassment for the Obutthole crowd.

            Take note of the fact that when no infidel girls are available for rape, ISIS openly permits butt jihad. These same savages then throw homosexuals off roofs. No hypocrisy there, is there?

          • Agreed!

          • Acid Kind of looks like Hussein decided to skip the bit about federalizing the police and just moved right on to NWO/UN control of law enforcement with this “Strong Cities Network”. Nobody even saw that one coming. The globalists are in high gear.

        • Are you serious? If “the talk” becomes too much, simply unplug. I would much rather read a thousand articles on what MIGHT happen, rather that have to read ONE article that the horrors of war ARE actually occurring around me.

        • Exactly!! On and on with the constant fear mongering, buy this buy that prep prep prep. People we know to prep, for anything could happen without a moments notice, but the constant bombarding of all these “predictions” that never happen is OLD. Obama has been the greatest gun salesman EVER in history, and some of these fear-mongering prep sites are making themselves and those who cornered the preparedness market richer than shit!!! So tired of it all, so please Mr/Mrs NWO if your going to start a war or try to enslave us all, lets get going already, or obama if your going to set yourself up as king lets go big boy, shit or get off the pot already. Because we all are tired of the constant bullshit!!!

          • I am so tired of this waiting. Predictions that never pan out etc etc. I live in Texas along the coast so I am always prep to a certain extent but I am tired of all of these new predictions about this or that will happen on this day or soon. This is completely draining so going forward I’m not going to put much faith in what someone predicts. I’m just going to live my life and enjoy my time with my kids and family. I know if anything happens we will be ready but I will no longer cower waiting for the “BIG ONE”. I will enjoy these last days on earth we have and if and when it happens I will know I didnt waste my time cowering.

        • I agree with Infidel. Bring it on. This slow train wreck is so draining. However, the jihadist-in-chief needs to eliminate our guns or at the least neutralize their use before he can pull the rug out from under us and collapse the economy and thereby getting WWIII to go HOT. He has all the E.O’s set up to where all he needs to do is flick the switch. TPTB will wait until the last moment to maximize their effectiveness and their destruction of our country. One World Order buddy with the rag head and his drag queen in charge. Don’t forget all this is a side show compared to what is really coming our way…

          • Regardless of what jack wadd NB says I’m as ready as I’m gonna get. I’m just tired of hearing about some expert’s opinion when either nothing or the exact opposite happens. I’m not getting any younger or richer. Everyday the agenda goes on we will get pounded that much harder.

            • 20 fiat dollars on this guy being a snitch post crash.

        • Watch out for what you wish for…This will not be good for anybody….

        • Infidel. A great many mini-meltdowns have been happening, but they so far they have been unreported, under-reported, or summarily dismissed by mainstream media. The situation continues to worsen each day. Don’t let the fact that the meltdown has not gone “hot” dissuade you. When viewed in its entirety, we are in far worse shape today than Americans were in the Great Depression. When the wheels finally come off this train wreck, and people finally notice that the emperor has no clothes, I don’t even want to think about what happens next. Use whatever time we still have to get your affairs in order. Peace.

        • As mangled as this nation has become, I’d still rather hear of the threats and wrong predictions than to live in it – Living a life of constant pure stress while hearing the distant screams of women being raped and slaughtered by gangs in the night wondering if they’ll soon take my family by surprise isn’t something I look forward to.

      2. As reals the Shemitah, or perhaps as real pope coming to announce a NWO, no wait, I hope it’s not as real as the 4th blood moon, cause then we are REALLY in for it!!!

        Just got home from a nice church service, it’s to early in what should be a nice Sunday afternoon, I think instead of worrying about WW3; I’ll call my folks and worry about them getting through the heavy rains in the Carolina’s instead.

        Y’all have a great week.

        • pretty wet and flooded here on the Grand Strand

      3. Our hollow points are as real as the dhs gestapo’s hollow points. They have a 3 billion rounds. The American people have 10 times that amount at minimum.

        • And theres far far more of us

          • I just hope they don’t use biological warfare. Crazy frackers might.

            • They have been using biological warfare for years. Flouride, vaccines, GMO food, chemical additives, medications, chemtrails, engineered viruses, where the hell have you been?

              • And don’t forget low level radiation and emf and cell phone microwaves and a ton of other shit.

                • Not the slow-kill stuff dumbdumb.

        • hey Menzo, I have less than 30 billion rounds…lmao

      4. I don’t think the United States has a functioning foreign policy. It it does, the policy is surrender everything, blame Bush

        The Taliban has taken over Afghanistan. The news media has not reported on this.

        ISIS has taken over Iraq, only the city of Baghdad still stands.The news media has not reported on this.

        The US under Bush supported Gaddafi in Libia after he repented, made 1 billion dollars in reparations and turned over the Lockerbe Bombers. Obama deposed Gadaffi by arming the ISIS backed rebels who then turned on the US and attacked the embassy.

        Obama deposed the Russian backed leadership in Ukraine in 2013 leading to civil war and the current Ukraine crisis.

        I can not think of one good thing Obama has done on foreign policy. Not one. But he gets the Nobel Peace Price…..What the fuck for? Starting five wars and abandoning all our allies?

        What the fuck?

        • And, let’s not forget he was supposed to be the great uniter. The one who brought all races, religions, and sex’s together. In reality he has pitted rich against poor, black against white, men against women, all religions against each other. Now for the final straw, all countries against US. What TOTAL FAILURE!!

          • Let’s not forget Nobel Peace Prize winner.

          • I disagree. He is doing exactly as he is supposed to do. After all: He is The Anti-Christ.

        • the biggest problem has been in the past and some even now is that the average Joe citizen was so brainwashed into
          1- not caring what is going on in politics or just to lazy
          2- brainwashed to believe what the news media tells them.
          3- there is nothing wrong, you all are just a bunch of fear mongers!
          NOW that is MIGHT be too late some are waking up and until we get enough who will back what need to be done, NOTHING will change here what could start it is what happens over seas and Putin has the ball rolling! just have to see how it will play out. BUT be warned our government WILL NOT tell you as the nuclear rockets are being launched!!

          • Reminds me of Selco who survived the Balkan war of the 90s.

            He said that the television news in his city was reporting that everything was all o.k. and nothing to fear even as the city was being shelled by artillery.

            • Your comment reminds me of something more recent–and nearby. During the Baltimore riots, a gal in my office left early (3 pm) so she could be sure she was safely home with her family before anything started up. It seems that her home wasn’t all that far from the activity but they were never certain that it wouldn’t reach their house.

              News media made it seem like it was only ever a couple of blocks where the stuff was happening. This gal pointed out that the site of the riots seemed to vary some from night to night.

              Seems like they only tell bad things when there’s no way to hide it or it sells a certain political view. And details only get told for things like the football “Deflategate” thing–and endlessly. (To me, this should have been a 30-60 second story one night in the sports portion of news; not an endless saga.)

        • Good points: if you were all about the peace, why would you make this your result? We have divisions sewed anew, we have the Middle East and much of Africa mired in war, and we are skating towards a showdown with Russia and China. My only explanation is that this is a Saudi funded operation. I noticed as of 2008 the douche bags who suddenly started to get all the hires in DC. A lot had middle eastern appearance. Flash forward to today, and go to any Western city: it is full of women in burkhas and niqabs. WTF?

          I also see a clear pattern of stirring war and chaos with white Europeans, like somebody really wants them also off the planet.

          • Putin said it best. The US pulled out of everything. Out of Iraq. Out of Afghanistan, Out of the Mediterranean Sea, Out of Eastern Europe.

            This created a huge power vacuum that Russia, Iran, ISIS and other foreign enemies are rushing to fill

      5. Just another example of this administration’s lack of any knowledge on how to handle foreign affairs. I would not worry about it so much if we had an administration that would truly draw a so called line in the sand and then stand to defend it but this administration has proven time and again that his lines in the sand are nothing more than, well, imaginary lines.

        • You need to realize the administration does not make policy, their masters do and fool you into thinking it is the doing of politicians. Nothing will ever change unless the owners say so.

      6. Off Topic

        Here is a deal from Groupon that I thought I would pass on. Look like a good and cheap addition to survival equipment:

        ht tps://

      7. It’s October. Flu season will soon be here. And, oh yeh, I almost forgot. World War 3 has begun. Russia and China, both former Communist Countries, are buddy buddy. Let’s hope they don’t get so caught up bombing in the Middle East that they just can’t stop. Like a crack head and a pipe. Once you start it’s hard to quit. Israel and the United States might wind up looking like the moon. Wothout the flag.

      8. OK

      9. So far, Putin has been able to outwit the Obama Regime’s efforts to take down the legally elected government of Syria. Now he is actually degrading ISIS instead of Washington’s lip service.

        It appears to me that our best hope for avoiding this war is for the Russian psychopaths to keep outsmarting the bankster psychopaths.

        I may be entirely wrong on this too; they may all be the same psychopaths.

        Either way it means those in control of both sides are insane.

      10. “From now on this won’t be a video game”. So it was a video game at some point? Maybe I should be an “expert” because I’ve been right when they’ve been wrong. Nothing happened in September and nothings going to happen.

      11. I love running around the Capital Wasteland, hunting down mutants, raiders and the nasty ghouls that inhabit the area. Usually I shoot them with my trusty but well used sniper rifle. Every now and then Ill sneak up on on and plant a frag on them then run off and watch them explode.
        The other thing that I love doing while searching the wasteland for Nuka Cola is listening to Ol Three dog, he is a hoot and the music from the 40’s is really good.
        If I get injured, well I just inject myself with a Stimpack and wolla! good as new.
        If things get to hot I can always bugout to my place in Megaton,Rivet City, or hook up Reilly at her place in the Ranger hide out. Man I love video games.

        • Yes,
          Jeremiah was a bullfrog, he was good friend of mine
          I never understood a single word he said
          But I helped him drink his wine
          He always had some mighty fine wine…..

        • And then one day, while investigating a strange radio signal, I was beamed aboard the mothership. Oh how I miss the Capital Wasteland! Things just aren’t the same here in New Vegas.

          • LOL. How can I forget about the mothership, what a time that was. NV wasnt really all for me dealing with the Nightkin and the very formidable Deathclaws. But as long as my boy Boone and trusted ED-E were on my side I knew I would come out the other side relatively unscathed.
            So now I just sit here in Vault 111, in Boston, with my new and improved Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV. Waiting on Nov 10, thats when the Vault door will open and Ill leave the safety and security, for a uncertain but exciting future and hopefully Dog will be out there waiting for me.

            • I’m gonna eat your fingers.

      12. EVERYTHING, including all of reality, is either a freaking video game or a “Yes we can” chant in to the ignorant, fascist left.

        “Socialism (lit. the state) is that great fiction by which everyone tries to live at the expense of everyone else.”
        ― Frédéric Bastiat

      13. The criminal psychopathic filth controlling our collapsing fascist evil Orwellian nightmare need a war to distract the dumbed down brain dead coward zombies, it is their only way out now from arrest and persecution, so the criminal treasonous genocidal trash foolishly believe.

        • Ahern:

          Did you mean “arrest and PROSECUTION”?

          I thought so.

          Good point. All this activity in the news is a giant smoke screen so they continue to commit genocide and awake or asleep we stand by apparently helpless to do anything about it.

          • Yes, thank you, I meant PROSECUTION of the Corporatist fascist criminal psychopathic filth controlling the shithole of collapsing America.

      14. WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!! Oh, wait minute, we are gonna die sooner or later. Should we prepare for the worst, of course, but if you’re fixated on a date, forget it.
        So, enjoy life while you can (if you’re prepared). If you’re not, better get your ass in gear. But don’t run around crying Wolf, because no one will listen when things really are about to go totally shit-burger.
        Calm down, cowboy up, live free, and die hard.

      15. The HNIC can make executive orders all he wants — nobody gives a shit about them but him. Russia couldn’t and shouldn’t care less about what a NWO globalist puppet “declares.”

        • The scary thing about Obama and his executive orders is selective enforcement. Selective enforcement of laws scares me the most.

          Because you speak against Obama, they will enforce laws against you that they don’t enforce for there cronies.

      16. It does make you wonder if Putin continues to be a thorn in the side of tptb , do you think they will plot to take him out?

      17. so my line of business lets me go to gun shows like every two weeks this time of year. I finished one up today. never
        have I talked to so many people that have that look. you know the one of resolve, and they talk of toeing the line
        against what’s coming. The sleeping giant is awaking.

        The SHT fan already it just hasn’t splattered yet. Putin and
        obutthole have started TEOTWAWKI. May the patriots prevail.

      18. It really is like a game of chess. All the pieces are falling into place for both a world wide economic collapse and WW III. While the MSM is spouting off nonsense just as their masters (the TPTB) have told them to do. It is soon time for the Patriots to right the “wrongs”. Our patience is running thin as our plans are being finalized.

      19. Obullshit receiving the peace prize was a done deal before the criminal even became chief figurehead puppet. Look for the evil of this obvious faker to increase in the final year of the term unless it declares itself head puppet for life. The black Jewish devil. If you have any black you are all black.

      20. Slightly off-topic but about a week ago South Carolina proposed a law banning resettlement of refugees in that state to be voted on when their legislature reconvenes. This week they are under water.

      21. The greatest generation will rise again when it looks like we are about to go glow in the dark.
        Every man woman and child will have to participate regardless. Guess all sides of this engagement must wish to go radioactive, if they knew what it will be like bet they would all
        Stand down. They better rethink gun control the enemies of this nation would love that,both
        The ones already here and abroad…….

      22. Holy fuck! You mean we actually have a comment section without the daily sermon from religious freaks?

        • Now if we could just tune out the smartasses…

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