Forecaster Martin Armstrong Warns Of War In September: “We Must Be On Guard… Prime Period Where A Confrontation Could Emerge”

by | Aug 29, 2017 | Headline News | 58 comments

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    You may have thought that tensions with North Korea were abating following Kim Jong Un’s missile test stand-down earlier this month. But as we and others outside of the mainstream media propaganda machine warned, absolutely nothing has been resolved between the United States and the rogue nation.

    The only proof you need is the fact that Un just recently launched a missile directly over Japan and is now threatening a new nuclear weapons test to take place some time in the next two weeks.

    As noted earlier today, both sides are preparing for the next level of escalation at this very moment, with President Trump continuing to shift military assets into the region. Moreover, Russia has been deploying troops to the Baltic states for “military exercises,” but from a strategic standpoint one can only conclude they are massing troops just in case hostilities break out.

    According to cyclical forecaster Martin Armstrong, who has accurately predicted global crisis scenarios since the 1970’s, September may well be the month that propels the world into its next great conflict:

    Our models seem to be right on target for the escalation of military threats from North Korea. We gave our two targets for the opening of  this window for a conflict on our war model with North Korea  to watch were August 12/13, 2017 and September 11/12, 2017. We must be on guard for this is the prime period where a confrontation could emerge.

    We expect tensions to rise into the next target September 11/12th.


    Armstrong’s cyclical war model forecasts echo a similar sentiment from Brandon Smith of, who himself has been quite accurate with his predictions about everything from political election results to Federal Reserve policy decisions. In a recent analysis, while everyone was ignoring the continuing North Korean threat, Smith warned that conflict seems inevitable:

     The mainstream media has instead been going out of its way to downplay any chance that the current inflamed rhetoric on both sides of the Pacific is anything other than bluster that will end with a whimper rather than bomb blasts. This is one of the reasons why I think war is imminent; the media is a notorious contrarian indicator. Whatever they predict is usually the opposite of what comes true (just look at Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, for starters).  Another generalization that is a sure bet is that the mainstream media usually lies, or at the very least, they are mostly wrong.

    That said, if we are to believe the latest polls, unfortunately, one thing is clear: The American people, on both sides of the political spectrum, are becoming more galvanized around supporting a potential conflict with North Korea. For the establishment, war is a winning sell, at least for now.

    His full assessment, Korean War Part II: Why It’s Probably Going To Happen, is worthy of a read as it explains the many facets behind why war appears to be inevitable.

    One of those facets, as noted by Zero Hedge on Tuesday, is that both China and Russia now appear to have given up on a peaceful resolution on the peninsula:

    Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov told reporters that while we can expect new sanctions pressure on the DPRK after the last launch, such pressure is exhausted..

    “Judging by how colleges from the US and other countries acted in similar situations, the US allies – of course, we can expect new steps towards strengthening the sanctions regime,” he said.

    “But it will not solve the problems, it is already obvious that the resource of sanctions pressure on the DPRK has been exhausted.”

    “It is no longer possible to adopt resolutions in the UN Security Council that do not contain a clear indication that there can not be a military solution to the problem, but only a political one. A provision that would rule out additional unilateral sanctions beyond those that are collectively taken by the UN Security Council, “the Russian diplomat continued.

    Either way, it appears Russia and China are pushing back to Trump to ‘do something’.

    In short, the Russians and Chinese have now put the ball in President Trump’s court.

    Martin Armstrong’s forecast, coupled with a flurry of missile tests, nuclear tests, combative rhetoric, and military deployments to the region, suggest that war – complete with a nuclear exchange – may be much closer than we think.

    If you failed to prepare for it earlier this month, now may be a good time to consider stockpiling those anti-radiation pills and emergency supplies everyone was scrambling to purchase at the height of panic. Because as soon as the rains in Houston have passed, you can be assured that the North Korean threat will once again be at the forefront.


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      1. I hope if there is a war that it doesn’t come on Sept 11 or 12. Hell bells that will be three or four days after I have surgery on my left hand again.

        So I’m going to be working hard on stuff just in case it does happen on the 11Th or 12Th. Thank God I have almost everything set up, and what I don’t I can do what I can and get my GREAT wife to help set things up.

        If it happens stay close to your family and friends. And keep very close to your GOD!


        • Hope you get that left hand back on line. You might need it to work that trigger.

          • PO’dP
            Thanks. Had the thumb and trigger finger fixed last month, but now the middle ring and little finger are locking up, and I can’t make a fist. At least this type of Arthritis can be fixed. I was told it was from over stretching and gripping things like steering wheels. Driving a squad car for over 30 years more than likely.

            Hasn’t stopped me from reloading or shooting.


            • did it stop you from eating too many doughnuts?

              • Martin Armstrong is just another speculator who bases all of his financial predictions on computer-generated algorithms that lack of any historical correlation (besides being a convicted felon for defrauding hundreds of millions of dollars to investors – charges he admitted in order to get out of Federal prison after 8 years of contempt). And now Armstrong pretends to be a geopolitical forecaster…only gullible idiots will purchase his investment reports.

            • Sarge, before you have the surgery look long and hard at myofascial hot spots (knots) and the effect they have on people’s bodies. myofascial tissue is the thin sheen muscle you see on your steak. You can have a knot in it halfway up your arm, not know it’s there and it cause havoc. Carpel tunnel, planters fasciitis,migraines, etc,etc are all caused by these knots but it’s only known by the few doctors in the know because it doesn’t make them any money to fix.. I suffer from a syndrome where I get them all over my body, I even get one in my pecs that cause skiipped heart beats!I I massage it out and they stop. Take your opposite hand and rub up affected arm, when you come to a very tender spot you never noticed before, you have found a myofascial hotspot, it could very well be causing your problem. I used to get locked fingers also before discovering this, I don’t get it often now and when I do I just find that knot and massage it out.

            • Stay in the house you come out your probably just get robbed

            • Sgt. look into and try Zyflamend. I had trigger finger in my thumb for a few months. I was going to break down and have the surgery and someone recommended I try it…it works. It’s natural ingredients that target the inflammation.

            • Try chiropractor– they have these little zap guns that do wonders! When I broke my thumb after car accident, I went to chiropractor and they used it on my thumb. Healed almost immediately. (the zap guns contain a miniscule amount of electricity which gets the thumb to heal itself).

              • BETTER STILL- GO TO A NUTRITIONIST!!! They have them free at some health food stores– co-ops. They are invaluable!!!!

                I had some knee problems years ago and went to see the nutritionist at the co-op. she advised me to buy some sulphur pills they had there but they were too expensive and I left. that night, for some reason, I had an usual craving for broccoli. I ate a whole plate full!! Next morning, the knee pain was gone!! I went to the co-op again and told the nutritionist about it and she said, “of course!! Broccoli contains sulphur!!”. 😉

        • Sgt. Dale,

          I want to wish you a successful surgery and a speedy recovery. PT will be extremely important.

          9-11 is an important anniversary and we should always be extra alert on that day +/-. Situational awareness at all times.

          Today is the Anniversary of Katrina’s landfall in Louisiana in 2005. People are still trying to pick up the pieces and get on with their lives.

          According to Wikipedia, “Hurricane Katrina was the eleventh named storm and the fifth hurricane of the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season. It was the costliest natural disaster and one of the five deadliest hurricanes in the history of the United States. Wikipedia

          Total fatalities: 1,833

          Date: August 23, 2005 – August 31, 2005

          Category: Category 5 Hurricane (SSHWS)

          Damage: $108 billion (2005 USD); (Costliest on record)

          Affected areas: New Orleans, Cuba, Louisiana, Alabama, Bahamas, MORE

          Did you know: Katrina is the costliest Atlantic hurricane ($108.0 billion in damage).

          Our hearts, our thoughts, and our prayers go out to the Good Folks of Texas who are experiencing devastating rain, tornados, and floods. Be prepared to give a helping hand if the opportunity arises. Thank you to all the people who gave us a helping hand when we were down and out here in Louisiana.

          Louisiana Eagle

          • Sarge, best wishes on that surgery and hope you make a fast recovery. This is my last week at the BOL til’ possibly December.

          • Louisiana Eagle, I believe you left out the state that was actually hit the hardest by Katrina—Mississippi. Mississippi’s people didn’t sit around crying that the Feds and the state weren’t helping them. We just got busy and got to work.

        • yes we must be on guard yet once again still.

        • Good call, Martin Armstrong, but someone here called SHTF for September two months ago. Who was that Masked Man ???

          Oh yeah, it’s in the archives. 🙂

          • Yes Houdini, but could you be very specific. Details PUHLEESE.

      2. Mac:

        You mean well, but you are starting to upset me. I have fine China and Crystal that would probably break if a bomb hit my humble abode.


        • better stock up on paper plates and hope no fires.

      3. Ah Jeeze…. not going to say it won’t happen then but these locked in time frames ain’t shit. Just go about your business and prepping Marty and it’ll happen when it happens. There’s only so much you all can try and get these numbnuts who haven’t prepped TO prep. You can’t take chicken shit and make chicken salad.

        • september always sounds like war in Utah, it is the start of bird hunting season.

        • I dunno lettuce grows well in chicken shit

      4. Ok so let’s say fat boy looses 6 tipped warheads; say 2 get shot down enroute to North American say 2 fizzel out over the water say 1 maybe two hit the north American mainland that gives us the god given right to melt the whole place down to beaded glass.
        I really don’t see China and Russia to actually launch a tipped warhead.
        It’s my guess his own generals will turn on him if he tries. They really can’t be that stupid as to start a nuclear conflict.
        With 3/4 of the US Navy poised to open a big ol’can of democracy and kick his ass to the moon how could he not be a little intimidated and if he isn’t a few of his generals certainly are. You can bet on that.
        Another question: what happens after a successful strike. He just sits back and says see I told ya so he must realize the whole world would come down on him.
        Would it surprise anyone if he followed up with a land invasion with China’s help I mean seriously can you tell the difference between a North Korean and a Chinamen. Some probably can but I can’t stick the little buggers in a Korean uniform and instant soldier.
        And with the US in such turmoil last few years ….. The UN even issued a warning about the possibility of civil war.
        If that happens you can bet your ass the UN will not hesitate to come in and secure sensitive sites. Then all hell will break loose.
        Every single one of us would rise to that challenge.
        Whatever happens the the coming weeks and months it’s going to be interesting scary and possibly even dangerous.

        • Let me have some fun here
          ” I mean seriously can you tell the difference between a North Korean and a Chinamen.”
          I can, but I have worked with all sorts of Asians for years.
          Gangnum style is one of my favorite songs.
          I can’t tell an Irish woman from a French/English
          or Russian lady for the life of me. They all look the

          • They all look the same to me

      5. Scares the hell out of me. In the past with Russa, China and the USA, there were adults in the room that knew the consequences. The Supreme as hole Won Phat Phuk doesn’t care. He would risk his entire nation just to make a point.

        • Can’t believe you folks are still falling for the NK hoax.
          If a Nuke is fired toward the US it will not be coming from NK.

          Fear is a great weapon and creates a lot of rhetoric and a lot of scenarios in the mind. Most of what you are thinking has been crapped out on the major media who get their information from the chief propagandist.

          Yes some scary times are coming to us because we lost control of the ship.Those of us in the information business so to speak, who have been watching all this unfold for many years no better than to get our information form common OSINT sources. Thats for amateurs and those who enjoy being lied to.

          We had better be more concerned with whats unfolding in the US which will lead to a foreign invasion, guaranteed.As far as getting nuked, it could happen and if it does, it will be for the express purpose of creating mass fear of which the powers that be will gladly offer a solution. That would actually be the worst thing yet. War may be a relief from constant deception and the droning Information Dominance of social media.

      6. Can you believe it? There is a black helicopter circling above my house. Talk about some crazy paranoids. Do they go to the funny farm to find lunatics bent on terrifying older people with IPhones. Seems like it. I enjoyed that immensely. I never saw a loop like that. It reminded me of Vietnam. Good times.

        Be careful out there. The inmates are running the asylum.

        And whatever you do, don’t criticize the (((—-))).


        • BCA: Well hell, go and fetch the AR-10, load up 3-4 mags with some nice .308 rounds and go to work partner!

      7. That’s why the HAARP Weather weapon was used on Texas to keep patriots asses under control. No telling what they plan do next? WE WILL BE INVADED BY CHINA AND CHINA DID PUBLICALLY ANNOUCE THAT THEY HAVE THOUSANDS OF SPIES on the US continent. You may have noticed that no serious storms or hurricanes are moving in around the globe, just in Texas, so strange isn’t it. I told you all that the scientist told me the they will use the environment to attack us, didn’t I. October is the month to watch out for, no telling what will go down, if nothing happends, it wont mean that something wont happen later on.


        • Really???
          So why didn’t you get an early warning?
          Just adkin?

        • HCKS,

          I trust you are doing well and staying dry! You are in our thoughts and prayers. Give us an update when you can. Great to hear from you.

          Louisiana Eagle

        • Hcks, Did the Chi-coms wait for the flood so they could invade Houston by Boat? Pretty clever of those Sneaky Chicoms.

        • Not only Texas will be affected by Harvey although Texas was heavily battered. With many refineries shut down, fuel will be going up in cost and that cost gets passed on. There are more effects but you see where I’m going.

      8. For real something’s up here in Southern California. There is a white and blue helicopter, too. I don’t know how many there are. Is one going back and forth, or are there a shitload of them out there? The base is not far away. These guys may be practicing to do some kind of search and rescue mission for Texas. At least that would make sense. Seriously, I thought the black helicopter was going to crash into the side of the hill just outside my window. The thing was sideways and just a few feet from the ground. Just plain insane.


        • BCA: Oh good, now there are 2, Double the fun, 5-6 mags needed just in case~

        • You should have seen the C-130 flyin through the mountain pass @ 500ft. Banking in and out full throttle. Why did it need to be skimmin the mountain below radar I wonder…

          • 500 ft AGL is standard combat altitude for para jumps behind lines.

      9. Kinda funny….
        We’ve been in a constant state of war for most of my adult life.
        Quite a prediction….

      10. I don’t trust these deep state maneuvers one bit. Don’t believe a word they say. One clear fact is that Trump is fully under control, was from the beginning and only pretended to not be early on. Another Zionist puppet following orders to advance globalism. The mask has come off. Non elected murderers call the shots, Trump the perfect dupe to pull off and extend the ongoing tyranny. Like clockwork the peoples standing erodes away methodically under attack from every angle.

      11. I suggest everyone go over to Colonel Pat Lang’s blog and read the article referenced below. It explains the history of North Korea – and how the US and South Korea are basically to blame for the current situation.

        The notion that Kim is insane and North Korea cannot be stopped except by war is completely and totally incorrect. The parameters for a diplomatic solution are known:

        1) The US must stop threatening NK and withdraw its troops from SK (in a timed withdrawal based on concessions from the North and an increase in SK’s ability to defend.)

        2) The US agrees to a legally-binding under US law non-aggression trreaty in return for the same from NK.

        3) The US should agree to a resurrected Clinton Agreed Framework which was working in the ’90s until both Clinton and Bush reneged on it.

        Read this:

        MAYDAY KOREA! by William R. Polk
        America on the Brink of Nuclear War (Part 1)

        People who don’t understand history are condemned to repeat it.

      12. You lost me in the first paragraph when you called Korea the rogue nation. Who have they invaded lately?

      13. What a mucking fess !

        My only real concern is the satellites ? Are they really EMP capable ? I have no idea for sure, but it is concerning given this maniac.

        Clinton and BHO deserve an ass whoopin for creating this maniac.

        • Those satellites are something I wonder about also. As for the NK ICBMs, I did a little research on them and they aren’t particularly reliable or accurate. They could be shooting for Washington DC and hit Chicago or Cuba instead.

      14. I would expect any US strike to be around the new moon time frames, so I am looking at the 19 thru 23 as a high possibility for beginning hostilities.

      15. There are over 100 authentic Catholic prophecies that not only warn of WWIII, but give much detail. Here is one example that most prophecies are in unison with….

        Marie-Julie Jahenny (1850-1961), French peasant mystic and stigmatic, from her many visions from heaven – Our Lord showed her WWI, WWII, and WWIII in detail in the late 1800’s.

        “Russia will attack in three wedges. 1. Russia attacks and overwhelms quickly all the Scandinavian countries. 2. Russia attacks through and possibly ‘with’ Germany to France and Spain. 3. Russia attacks through and ‘with’ Iran to the Balkans with Serbia joining, then to Greece, Turkey and then Italy, defeating all in their path.”

        To add just a few short prophecies from:

        – Sister Lucia of Fatima, April 7, 1990, from her visions….”Russia will attack all of Europe and America, but the Americans will be spared the prison camps” [i.e. We fight back and win – but the cost is great]

        – Blessed Sister Elena Aiello (1895-1961) Italian mystic and Stigmatic, from her many visions….”Russia will attack and overrun all of Europe and she will attack America with her ‘secret’ armies”…whole countries, cities and provinces will be destroyed in massive earthquakes, tidal waves and WWIII. Every major city in the world will be destroyed.”

        – Pope St. Pius X and St. John Bosco, in the 19th. cent. had similar visions of Russian troops entering Italy, the Vatican and killing near all the priests…of WW3.

        – In 1984 Pope JP II asked a noted German mystics what he had seen in his visions, to which he replied: “I saw the sky black with planes and missiles coming out of Russia towards the West (Europe) and two submarines surfacing on the West and East Coast of America and firing their missiles at the coastal cities and bases.

        Many of these mystics all together describe a massive Russian/Islamic (Iran and ?)/part Chinese/German army surprise attack on the West with arms, munitions, planes, missiles and weaponry in numbers the world never realized or knew they were amassing. They are victorious for the first year or two of this four year war, then the tables are turned by the “Great Monarch” [In many Catholic prophecies, a man with the blood of all the European Kings and Queens in his veins, of a family thought to be extinct, living in voluntary exile, hidden from the world. This man of Royalty and a Warrior (possibly an Officer in a European Army), rallies a small force of valiant men and patriots and faces a massive Russian/Islamic army in Westphalia, Germany…look up the “Great Monarch”.

        Korea could be a possibility as some prophecies say that at first America is possibly occupied in the Far East (Orient – Korea?), and at first does not oppose Russia’s fast moves.

        Much more to happen – but have to get to bed – lolol.

        • America may well be the daughter of Babylon spoken of in Isaiah and Jeremiah.
          May also be what is described in Revelation 18.
          Most Protestants don’t put much stock in mystics. They tend to follow scripture.

      16. I guess we as a species have to watch this go down a second time to learn it’s bad to play with atoms?

      17. Never been a fan of people who give specific dates for a war to start. Truth is NOBODY knows what those assholes in NK will do, and nobody really knows how we will respond, If it happens it happens. I am as prepared as I can be. Running 40 miles a week gym 3 times a week, range 3 times a week. If they take out the KY Dam will not matter anyway for me at least. Gotta do what I can and leave the rest to God, seems the only sensible plan right now. Keep your nose to the wind and your eye along the skyline.

        • exactly. generally, september/october start bringing out the annual shtf predictions. I’m not saying its all sunshine and roses out there but all you can do is mind your own garden anyway. I’ll be passing through your AO here in a few weeks on the way to the coast. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail until I get back at least.

      18. I’m not sure there’s anything the could or should do right now. My suggestion is that the US populace go on a ‘buy nothing from China’ strike, and put economic pressure on China, who will put more pressure on NK. I think China’s economic stability would be worrisome if US consumers withdrew their consent for anyone assisting NK. Starve him out – really, how much does it cost NK to launch every one of those missiles? He must be burning through quite a bit of money to create this $hit storm. His own people should be the ones to get rid of him. We should be helping them come to that same conclusion.

      19. NK is a pre-programmed event. It is the only reason why the put a South Korean in charge of the UN for 8 years. It is why the UN has been transfering money, food and technology to NK.

        There will be a draft to bring the US under control. They can now draft the gays, the sex freaks and all the women: that is a HUGE force. They can also draft the Muslims, the illegals, the refugees. A vast force of bodies that can be thrown into the war.

        • yeah but the huge force will be the sex freaks and gays buggering each other, the Muslims trying to behead the sex freaks while beating the women, and the illegals and refugees digging under the base walls to escape all the others. not exactly an effective fighting force lol

      20. I was interested until I saw you sourced Brandon Smith. That guy’s a self-obsessed nut who throws out unfounded, unbalanced conspiracy theories left and right. Let me guess- was the term “false flag” used anywhere? What about “Operation Gladio?” Or “Police State?” It’s not a Smith ramble without one of those terms…

      21. Predicting wars like the weather. How so?

        I’m reminded of the light hearted, metaphoric message within the Lego Movie: wherein the builders spend all day singing everything is awesome. Only to blow it all up at the end, to resume rebuilding tomorrow.

        Since were all stuck here in Lego Land.. time to cue up that familiar tune.

      22. War? Where have you people been. There has been a war on the mostly white property owning blue collar working producing folks ever since the fake gas shortage in the seventies. And it was Kissinger who directed the entire OPEC scam. He should have been held accountable. The Korea thing is a diversion to allow the continued decline of the USA to go on unnoticed and unabateded.

      23. Exactly, we’re in a war now with the muzzies, this one I welcome. I wouldn’t go as far as welcoming any other war, but shy away from it? Nah! Remember all those ‘sanctuary cities’ are fields of war.

      24. Yawn. September will come and go just like every other month. The sun will still rise, the sun will still set.

        Be strong, serve God only, know that beautiful heaven awaits. Enjoy whatever time you have left with friends and loved ones. That that which does not matter slide.

      25. “Never accept medical advice from people who have no financial, legal, moral, or ethical responsibility for the consequences of following said recommendations.”

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