For Millions of Americans, the Collapse Is Now *Video Documentary*

by | Feb 17, 2012 | Headline News | 344 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    There are those in America who have absolutely no clue as to what is going on behind closed doors. They are ignorant to the fact that over 22% of Americans are unemployed, nearly 50 million depend on nutritional assistance to put food on the table, 100 million are living in or on the edge of poverty, and that as a nation we have borrowed more money than we can ever hope to pay back to our creditors. These people, with their heads buried in the sand, whether by habit or choice, go about their day as if nothing has changed.

    Others, like the 3 million preppers who have stepped away from the herd, have become aware of what’s happening around us, and they understand that the system in which we live is wholly unsustainable. For them, it’s only a matter of time before life as we know it in America changes drastically. Despite often being dismissed as pessimists or lunatics, they’ve spent time, energy and personal treasure to prepare for the inevitable collapse of a society built upon consumerism, debt, corruption and conjecture.

    There are still others who live in the shadows. They are neither oblivious to the dramatic changes taking place in our crumbling economic and social paradigm, or capable of preparing for the calamity. For these millions of men, women and children the economic collapse has already happened. They have very little chance of acquiring any meaningful labor, they struggle daily to put food on the table but often fail to even meet this core hierarchical survival need, they have no medical care, and no real hope of recovery.

    For the majority of these Americans who live under bridges, in storm drains, abandoned homes and tent cities, the paradigm has already shifted and there’s no going back.

    The following BBC documentary explores the collapse of the American way of life and asks “What happened to President Obama’s vision for America?

    What It Means To Be Poor in America [BBC; 30 minute]


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      1. At least we have very nice tents.

        • A tent is one of the first survival preps we acquired…. Because you never know…

          • Mac, during the early 60’s (grade school) we had to learn the Paul Revere poem; where one if by land, two if by sea. Where the Paul Revere ride was about warning people. The point being; that you are the modern day Paul Revere. I enjoy your warnings and hope many heed what you are sharing.
            Out of curiousity, have you been getting any amount of flack from readers that you don’t post? Hope you yourself don’t get overwhelmed and down. Enjoy your weekend and your family. Appreciate you taking the time to provide current updates to what is going on.
            Thanks again.

            • I think there are a good deal of Paul Revere’s out there, but perhaps more importantly, there are an even greater amount of Israel Bissell’s… Like his popular counterpart, the not so famous Bissell (who some have called the ‘real Paul Revere’) rode to warn his fellow patriots the British were coming… unlike Revere, he was not captured and he spent the next 4 days spreading the red coat warning to his countrymen… He rode some 350 miles in those 4 days, reportedly losing one of his horses who died underneath him from exhaustion.

              I can’t say that I have ever thought of myself as Paul Revere or Israel Bissell, but I can wholeheartedly empathize with Bissell’s horse, as I am sure many of our readers and contributors can… But we gotta keep on pushin’!

              My intent is to continue to get information out there, and my hope is that our readers and contributors will continue to do the same. Spread the message, the ideas, the solutions, the warnings to those who have not yet woken up to the fact their country and very way of life is under threat.

              I do what I can and I sincerely thank you for the kind words, but the real appreciation should go to people like you, the many contributors here at SHTFplan and the hundreds of thousands of truly Patriotic Americans who, despite the continued attack on our personal liberties and under the threat of being branded terrorists, continue on their ‘Midnight Rides’ without wavering.

              So through the night rode Paul Revere;
              And so through the night went his cry of alarm
              To every Middlesex village and farm,—
              A cry of defiance, and not of fear,
              A voice in the darkness, a knock at the door,
              And a word that shall echo for evermore!
              For, borne on the night-wind of the Past,
              Through all our history, to the last,
              In the hour of darkness and peril and need,
              The people will waken and listen to hear
              The hurrying hoof-beats of that steed,
              And the midnight message of Paul Revere.
              -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (link)

            • For what it’s worth Paul Revere was supposed to ride to Lexington to tell two people that the British were coming to arrest them. He was supposed to muffle the noise from the horse’s shoes by tying a piece of burlap around the hoofs. Instead Paul Revere (some say he had too much to drink) fell off the horse and a doctor who attended him was convinced to ride to Lexington in his place but he woke up the countryside and caused the farmers there who were in a milita to arm themselves and confront the British army. Paul Revere was a failure at his assigned task but who knows how it would have worked out if that provocation of the British shooting Americans at Lexington green had never occurred.

            • Mac, I remember a little of the ‘Midnight ride of Paul Revere’:
              17th of April ’75’ hardly a man is still alive, one if by land, two if by sea.. Thaqt’s all I remember. Anyways you and your family have a good one.

          • very true bro. make sure you have fuel and water!!! we love the articles. i read inetlhub ad your blogspot. love it mac.

          • Mac: how many people are logging into your site that have user names? I have been curious for quite awhile and I am sure some of the SHTF crew are too.

            • currently we don’t have user logins — something that is hopefully coming in the next update.

            • Mac, I guess maybe I misspoke.., I am guessing you have 200 people that is on your site and this is not counting the drive by’s.

              I apologize for the confusion.

              Have a nice evening. 🙂

        • Want to get everyone working? Want to enrich America? Do what was done in the 1800’s. Get the government OUT of business.

          In the old days if you wanted to work you could set up a shop, put out a shingle and you were in business. No OSHA, no Social Security tax, no income tax (began as a temporary 1% tax), no regulations and restrictions. People who didn’t provide good services or products were quickly out of business, quality controls are self regulating.

          Think how many of those tent folks would be working if they could either begin their own business tomorrow or work for someone who did. Regulation and taxation are a lot of what got us where we are today.

          As to the health care issue…the gov says 30 million illegal aliens (none of that “political correctness” bs, they are what they are) invaded the nation across the southern borders of the US. Gee, that’s the same number of “uninsured” in America. Instead of footing the bill for whatever it costs as they usually do, they took Carl Marx’ platform and are ILLEGALLY forcing all Americans to buy mandated insurance. Never once questioning why health care costs in America are so fantastically overpriced and still rising, yet Americans are some of the sickest people on earth.

          Then you have those poor starving children and druggies under bridges. Families with kids in America bring in a disgusting amount of money in food stamps-they should be eating like Bill Gates. Know why they’re not? The parents sell the food stamps for 50cents on the dollar and go buy drugs or alcohol. Those kids will never be fed no matter how much money you throw at them. Government oversight of their own is non-existent; the only reason those programs are there are to bring in votes for the scum who are running the nation into a communist turd whirled country by demanding everyone pay their “fair share” ala all communist dictator propaganda.

          • Po’ Folk: Can’t believe that I am the only one to give you a thumbs up. You are so right on! Hey Mac, you rule dude! Keep up the good/hard work:)

          • not all people on food stamps sell them for drug $$, although too many do. i used to feed starving neighbor kids who’s parents collected big in ss $ for “disabled” kids and sold their meds and fs. sick…
            but the real problem is that people don’t buy real food, don’t know how to cook etc… the couple of times i got food stamps for my family we ate like KINGS!!!! we stocked up on dry goods, bought top of the line organic oils and HEALTHY foods for my family, that on my regular income i cannot afford. we got almost twice our normal food bill in food stamps. and we didn’t go hungry before, nor now… granted we grow lots of food, and work on a farm that is generous with it’s eccess produce. we currently live below the “poverty level” without food assistance or medical care. we are comfortable without many bills. i have come to learn that in many ways poverty is a perspective. we can create free enterpise by banding together and creating and demanding everyone who wants to something do something…. not to mention the system is almost impossible to “use” if you work and are in the red with expences barely getting by, like it’s designed to keep you sucking at the teat forever or banish ya…. like giving a man to fish, but fuck him if he learns to do it himself.

      2. Obama doesn’t have a clue. He never did. But he had a bunch of lies and liberals to back his insane ideas because thy thought it would be cool to elect a black man for President. He hates America and only wants to destroy us.

        • @ Bam Bam: I agree with your entire statement, but I think our problems were coming long before we elected Obama. I am no fan of the current pres. nor the last or the ones that came before. I remember Bush Jr running for reelection in 03 bragging about record numbers of minority home ownership. I don’t remember him ever warning us about a housing bubble.

          I tend of think almost all politicans are self serving, even at the expense of their country.

          I do not think we would have been any better off if Mccain and palin would have taken the whitehouse. I think that this mess has been coming at us for decades, politicians have been placing bandaids on it until the next election, but now I fear the damage is too bad to simply make the public believe all is well.

          • I think there may have been a typo. It should have read “whorehouse” and not whitehouse.

          • The left/right, liberal/conservative b.s. is a box we’re meant to play within, as they KNOWINGLY pull the strings. They’re all the same, except for maybe Dr. Paul.

            Obama and Bush are from the SAME paradigm, same mentality, same school of thought.

            And know this clearly: as I said before, quoting Mike Ruppert, “Whenever you hear a politician or economist saying they COULDN’T see this coming, THEY’RE LYING THROUGH THEIR FUCKING TEETH.”

            This is part of the plan. And yes, Mike Ruppert, I’ll say your name.

            This Gold Leader standing by.

            • Obama is selling a blue box full of lies.

              Bush sold us a red box full of lies.

              Ron Paul isn’t selling us a box. He’s telling the truth. Its why people don’t want to listen to him. He has real freedom and real liberty on his mind. He’s not trying to get elected. He’s trying to change history. He’s to old to worry about a fortune. He has a genuine desire to straighten out this country.

              If you listen to Dr. Paul, he warned us about ALL of this. Here is the video. Years of warning us:


              For a VERY long time he’s been warning us. Whey are we JUST NOW LISTENING???!!!

              Roger Gold Leader.

            • copy Gold Leader, this is sharkman standing by…long live Mac, long live zerohedge, long live collapsenet and Mike Ruppert who is in my opinion a modern day prophet and a true human being. we are all in this together and if we dont hang together then we will hang seperatly. everyone should checkout a few videos on the internet youtube has em but look at and watch Esoteric Agenda and its sequal Kymatica, they are awesome words cannot describe what they did for me, the last 20 min of esoteric agenda will blow your mind. another one is the movie Thrive…it is paradigm changing and thats what we all need a big collective paradigm shift, we are all changing and the world is as well, we can evolve or perish, grow up or die! and until we change the way money works we will change nothing! infinite growth on a finite planet is impossible and we must prepare for the inevitable collapse of our modern petroleum driven world.

            • That’s right Net, Paul has been saying the same thing for many years and no one listened. They still aren’t.

          • Aha Mike you *get it* Obama, McCain, tweedledum and tweedledee …. lowpapahirum and highpapalowrum.

            Obama’s a nice guy, hell, his wife is nice and I’m sure his kids are little angels. They’re the *nicest* family we’ve had in the WH in a long time. But those who give the president orders, whoever the president is are *always* in office and indeed, McCain would not have done any different.

            • NetRanger, Justin….. score! Evolve or perish is, in fact, what’s happening right before our eyes; underway right now. Glad to see you guys are wide awake, along with many others here. The full realization we’ve been taken by TPTB is coming. Politics is a game played to keep us under control.

              TPTB are like a cancer; consuming and consuming until they eventually kill the host and thus themselves. It will be a rough ride, but surviving the transition is the key. We WILL make it, because on the other side, eyes (and minds!) will be WIDE open!

              Take care all,
              This is Gold Leader standing by.

            • Obama is not a nice guy. How can you even hold such an idea? he is a Chicago street thug raised by communist to hate the US and he would step on you in a minute. Just observe the people he is close to and if that does not scare you then you must be stupid or one of them.

          • Agree that this has been in the works for decades. I found out some info on daddy Bush while researching on the inventor Tesla that blew my mind. Very interesting to say the least. Talk about a wolf in sheeps clothing. Basically we are screwed. TPTB have their agenda in place and in motion. All we can do now is hold on for a wild ride.

            • they dont want anything to do with tesla to ever seee the light of day.. like TESLAS MAGNETIC GENERATOR!
              look it up

          • Black, white, republican, democrat….doesn’t matter! They are all idiots! The more things change, the more they stay the same!

        • you are so right. us white people thought that it would really be change but he lied and fooled everyone and now nobody feels sorry for this cock sucker

          • If you believed a word he said you are one gullible fool and with your help and millions of more fools he was elected. Amazing that his strange past or lack of one and the people he travels with(Wright,Ayers and Dohrn) to name a few left you clueless. How do you get through the day?

            • If you believe that one man controls this country, then you are the one who is gullible.
              You do not see the entire picture yet. You anger is aimed at one individual instead of the whole system.
              You are hoping that the next white man in a white house will change things for your benefit. And when it will not happen you’ll be angry with him.
              Try to understand this: THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT US. White, black, democrat or republican – THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT US. All they care about is their careers and their bank accounts. They are ruled by their overinflated egos.
              They are special. You and I are nothing to them. Cheap slaves who were tricked into belief that they can make a difference by voting. Ha! Remember, it’s those who count the votes that have all the power.

              So channel your anger appropriately, brother. When the system is rotten it doesn’t matter who the pretender in charge is, because they all are pretenders.
              And the very few that are not will not get any air time, because God forbid people will hear the truth or begin to think for themselves.

        • Not to cause conflict, but I would suggest Obama does have a clue because of who he works for – the global elite. He takes his orders from the bankers, not the people at large. He cares nothing for the people of this nation, only his agenda in lockstep with the bankers.

          • Agreed…

            “What happened to President Obama’s vision for America?”

            This IS his vision for America.

          • ScoutMotto..

            G.W. Obama is just that…

            A hired stooge..following orders and continuing the agenda that was set generations ago..

            Everything is now in play..
            all the legislative and executive orders are done!

            ..hell..even Germany and Russia didn’t “legalize” their nefarious deeds to shut up and eliminate their opposition.

            Now everything is “legal” in the US..

            leaving every action or thought we take as a “belligerent act”..subject now to the NDAA..wonderful..

            One by one..sites like this will disappear into the night..until all opposing views are silenced..and all “legally” done.

            The plight of the middle class will be buried under the glare of national tv declaring all’s well…

            stay in your homes and be quiet..

            your food and rations will be coming..

            please report to your nearest fema center..

        • Really sad to see those people starving especially the children. But like you said Obama loves this country so much…so much in fact he will probably take another $4 million vacation in Hawaii again. I wonder if he gave all the money from all his vacations to homeless shelters and food pantries how many that would help??? But hey that’s common sense and our GD government doesn’t care. This is how you know much, much worse times are coming.

          • Spends more than that each month running for office donations at a time like this.

          • Yeah, his home is supposedly Hawaii but he doesn’t own a home. He rents out rooms at an ungodly price which we pay for. Go figure…

        • so. all that being said, what’s so different about Obama from the rest of the politicians?The same thing with a different color wrapper.

        • Obummer will be known as the “Novelty” president. He is clueless and nothing more than an empty suit. Romney and Santorum are also empty suits. Dumb Amerikans will elect another empty suit. They enjoy being screwed and like giving their wealth away. Too funny!

          • hoser
            only ones you left out are newty and ron paul…. newty is more disgraceful than obama,mitt and santorum. only one choice
            RON PAUL 2012

        • ~BAM BAM~

          *(quote)…Obama doesn’t have a clue. He never did. But he had a bunch of lies and liberals to back his insane ideas because thy thought it would be cool to elect a black man for President…(unquote)*


          Amen! Here’s what his fellow blacks & their liberal sycophants received as a result of voting?
          A picture worth 1000 words……….

      3. Its still astounds me that the Lamestream media keeps reporting how the economy is getting better. There sure are gonna be a lot of SOL people when it hits the fan. I guess if they told the truth the herd would stampede and kill each other over the last boxes of Twinkies.

        • There shouldn’t be any surprise that the MSM won’t make any comment on actually how bad the economy is and never will. They sleep with these whores. Look at how much money is spent on political advertising every campaign year via the MSM. By both sides and by everybody. What should be surprising is how many people are buying to it. That’s where the problem lies, to many flipping LaLas running around this country so wrapped up in their chosen lives worrying about if their asses look too fat in these Jeans or who is going to win the game this weekend. If this thing comes off I won’t have an ounce of pity for them if they choose and are left with chuckles the president.

      4. Can we get a FEMA trailer with that new camper smell.

        • Ugh… formaldahyde headaches!

          • That’s what that free aspirin is for?

        • ..with a porch and a banjo…

          • ~Bad American~

            I’ll being the harmonica & the “jug of corn squeezins”!!!!!!

            • A porch, a banjo, a harmonica and some fresh ‘corn squeezins’? Dang! Y’all are having a party and didn’t invite me?

            • @Sm-Okie: You are SOOO invited, we need someone to undumb the room when Rich99(666) crashes the party….just sayin’…

        • Hey Rich rather than a FEMA trailer it’s more like gonna be one of the hundreds of well known FEMA detention centers, with massive barracks, rail, guard towers, and inward-facing razor wire. You probably have one near you. We have two. For a map go to Alex Jones’ Prison Planet website.

          I’ve got friends who have seen them. Oh yes they are there and ready to go. You can see them yourself. And now you have no habeas corpus rights either. The SS just picks you up in the middle of the night and adios, man.

      5. I give up, I think most of the population is that stupid and believes the MSM.

        I mean, I show them this video which I saw the other night or the Asbury Park, NJ. or the one on the families living in state parksand the think its staged. I’m some kind of nut job.

        History is about to repeat itself. If we have a financial collapse I’m of the opinion that 30% of the world population could die. Most people it seems could care less.

        The attitude of the masses is why I’m starting to think Obama will be reelected. We all know what is coming, we just don’t know when.

        • Patriot: I think people are waking up but have little to no direction on what to do. I think an example of that is gun purchases and the rise of gardening. Mac would know better than I since he can probably monitor traffic on this site. But that scares the hell out of me, because usually the masses wake up just prior to the catastrophe.

          I think your estimate of 30% could even be a little low. That is a scary number if you think about global population. I just keep thinking that the transition is always the most painful. We are adaptable creatures.

          • No Mike that’s all of us buying more because all the people we love are oblivious to what is happening. I know for me I want all my family to have a rifle and sidearm. Even if they are cheap they still shoot.

            • Patriot I hope you are wrong, but I am probably the one giving the population to much credit.

          • I think I’m going to build a chain link fence with a locking gate and security lighting around my garden.

          • A lot of the “global” population is much better prepared for any collapse than we are. Many already live very modestly, the economic collapse will not affect their lives much if at all. Many been growing their own food for years. Many can get on foot to wherever they need to be.

            We, OTOH, will be facing many challenges.
            Also there are still many people whose lives did not change much in the last few years, they still get their paychecks every two weeks, and in the cities with mostly big chain stores the evidence of economic problems is not as visible because the business still runs as usual. These people still go out to eat few nights a week and fill up the malls on weekends. Yes, the food has gotten more expensive, but that’s about all they noticed. I think these people will be a “deer in headlights”-type group in the SHTF scenario.
            For the spoiled and well to do with zero practical skills the transition will be most painful.

        • you surely can’t be wagering on santorum or romney to act in the best interest of the people, can you? Bama may not be the man that he sold himself to be, but you ain’t seen nothing yet if the republicans take over again.

          • I think you are on the wrong site. Did you think this was MSNBC?

            • Greg, I’ll say it again….they’re from the SAME background, mindset, and paradigm of control and gain……Republican or Democrat are labels that no longer mean ANYTHING. Sure they may speak slightly differently about sub-topics like education or health care (Yes, ALL other issues are SUB-topics, as the core holding it all together is the monetary system of infinite growth). Both are working from a paradigm of infinite growth which, regardless of party, WILL be the end of the line for all of us. This goes the same for all other countries, not just the U.S.

              It functions like a cancer, with the big families/cancer cells at the top (such as Morgan, Rockefeller, and the grand daddy: Rothschild). As they consume and overwhelm their host, moving at an exponential rate, they will eventually fully consume the host itself, thus killing themselves off in the end. Happens every time and with everything that works via infinite growth.

              There is no path TO Liberty. Liberty IS the path.

              This is Gold Leader standing by.

            • Do you mean do I think this “is” MSNBC? It’s not was, numb nuts!

            • Actually, was is correct in this context. He was referring to your impression of the site when you posted… which had happened previously, aka past tense. AKA you are a worthless piece.

          • romney’s idea of health care is that if you haven’t been paying out to it you oughten’t get it, at least not afforably, the main reason most don’t in the first place. now that’s a promising business model isn’t it….

          • They’re brewing their own beer too, pretty cool huh?

            • That’s a good trade to have for bartering…

            • Mead is our poison ; )

              The wee lad wants to learn to keep honey bees – reckon it’s as good a post shtf trade as any.

          • Smoke and mirrors! The obamas FDA and USDA are not interested in real food or helping real farmers all they do is prosecute real farmers for selling real food and let monsantos minions run the program…promoting and pushing GMO crops and poisons worldwide,threatening other govts who wont play ball with monsanto and raiding farms who wont play along…the govt has no authority under the law to regulate farmers,but they continue to do so until they start a war,a war they will lose! Besides the obamers dont eat out of that garden,its a photo op…cant grow frenchfries and milkshakes enough in a garden to feed those two hypocrites anyhow…just sayin!

            • Now they are on the Amish for selling PURE milk that hasn’t been tainted by our gov….

            • Tut tut, You don’t want salmonella and excessive diarrhoea do you? Who do those barbarian-indie vege growers think they are, with the unsanitary farming practices. Vast swathes of the population are begin cut down by these dirty organic produce and the presence vitamins is just staggering and shocking and we must implement a licence system to ensure the safety of the general population and to generate money for the greater good of the community and ultimately eliminate all food related illnesses and deaths.

            • @sean, the Amish have been living that way for hundreds of years, healthy I might add. Our gov. needs to leave them alone and quit interfering. They managed this long on their own so I’m sure they don’t need any outside help. Just another group of people the gov. is trying to control.

          • I doubt very much that MegaButt planted that garden. She probably ordered some of her lackeys to dig the dirt, hoe the rows, plant the seeds, then had her picture taken beside it, ad infinitum. It’s like Obama saying “he” killed Bin Laden. I doubt if Obama could even load a gun, change a flat tire or do anything useful.

            • Maybe us Brits with our history of “Dig for Victory” on every scrap of bare land in WW2 during food rationing read more into those MSM images than you Americans.

              For us the White House kitchen garden was a MAJOR red flag that perhaps Obama’s “change” wasn’t gonna be quite the change everyone wanted to see iykwim.

          • You really are clueless. That was a staged event to show that she was just like the rest of us. Now she is telling everyone what to eat. This whole administration is a Hollywood movie set. nothing is real with everything scripted so the sheep feel comfortable as the gates are closed. Just think back to Obama and his office of the president elect. Bush should ahve told him to sit down and pound sand. It’s like watching the series V where everyone was wearing a fake skin and everyone was terrified of them.

        • Patriot One says:
          “I give up, I think most of the population is that stupid”
          I agree! I’ve even tried telling some of my own family and they still look at me like I’m nuts. I’ve given up on telling anyone anything especially my family. My own children don’t care. I warned them lots of times and even showed them videos of the truth. I’ve tried everything I can do. Bad part is that I live in Utah and they’re all back east and when it happens I won’t be able to help them then. I have 4 grandchildren there with them and that is whats going to break my heart. I just very well may be a nut ….but I’m a prepared nut.

          • You can lead a horse to the water, but you cannot make it drink, remember?
            You’ve done the best you could to educate others.
            You really did try. Be at peace with yourself. Many here understand where you’re coming from. It IS difficult to live in the same dimension with others but somewhat in a different reality. It does feel surreal. But nonetheless here we are.
            Maybe put a few extra preps for your kids and grandchildren (if you can afford it). Can you house them if necessary? If yes, just tell them they can count on you in an emergency and to get to your place asap when things start going south. That’s all you can do. The rest is up to them.
            I wish you peace in your heart as I feel your frustration and pain. Be safe.

      6. Yea?!? What happened to obummers vision?!?

        This IS his vision for America, remember?!? Fundamentally transform America?!?

        Scumbag scumbag scumbag scumbag scumbag scumbag scumbag! I hate his fucking guts!

        • Don’t hold back now Ohevi, tell us how you really feel. Everyone I have ever talked to hates his guts. He still has support in some polls and thats what blows my mind. it has to be gov employees because EVERYONE in the private sector has been screwed over by this idiot. I could respect Obunghole if he would just grow a pair of balls, stand up before the country and admit that he is a globalist puppet, a CIA creation, has never done anything significant in his whole career, has no idea what he is doing and endorse Ron Paul. Anyone that votes for Obunghole this year should be automatically hung.

          • My 22 year old daughter thinks he is just the greatest president ever. She practically swoons when you mention his name. A conservative country girl, I raised her. She’s been out on her own for 3 years and her brain has already turned to mush.

            I just do not understand. She thinks he’s great because of all the things he’s done to get her benefits, etc. Really? I’ve never taken ANY aid and my 22 year old things aid is great.

            The world is really screwed up and we can’t get it unscrewed. It has to collapse. Its the only way. Sooner is better.

            • SAY IT ISN’T SO NETRANGER! My 22 year old son is a Ron Paul fanatic. He drives everyone crazy with it. His grandmother is a BHO fan (sorry, I can’t bear to type his name) and they go at it all the time. I am really proud of him as he has won all of his friends onto the side of Ron Paul. Just when I thought all he was interested in was drinking beer and chasing tail, he becomes a political activist. Go figger. Well, the Obamanites are going to get a rude awakening one day. The facts and the truth are right at all of our fingertips. If people are too lazy or apathetic to search for it then they have it coming. Your daughter will come around one day when we are all living like rats and fighting for our lives. Good luck!

            • NetRanger – Sorry my man, I have that lib-tard mentality of the several youth in my family.

              Either flying at high altitude without O2 mask on or going gaga MSM, mush brain over Obama & Co. wrecking crew. Either way your coming down to slam reality.

            • NetRanger, I feel for you! I too, have raised a conservative country girl (almost 21). ROCK solid morals! She chose to go to a private Lutheran University, in the largest city, in the 3rd most liberal state of the union. 🙁 Terrified the hell out of me….and yes, she has changed. I would not say she is a liberal because she has stuck to her Christian values but she is faced on a daily basis with the liberal agenda…most of the campus is strong BHO supporters. The challenge is, she has a very caring heart for the less fortunate…not a bad thing but when presented with the “let’s help out the under-privileged” it sounds like a wonderful thing…even if it is backed by government funded grants. Her sophomore year, she was asked to take a campus position, as the Social Change Coord. for Health Care. The title made all the hair stand up on my skin!(the indoctrination was about to start and I am now on my knees praying to God…no, not my little girl, they can NOT have her!!.) It was a government grant for Campus Community Service. She was so proud of the honor…how could we burst her bubble. I did explain that social change was a progressive term the government likes to throw around and what my concerns were. We kept the conversation light and she did a great job with the was excellent experience…I just wished it wasn’t government funded. We are working on explaining this concept of government entitlements slowly and politely. She understands the abuse of the system etc..I think the key is choosing the right words that you use to express to them. She doesn’t have time to pay much attention to politics and has little interest in conversations regarding this topic. I do know that it has worked best to keep conversations light, show a few little examples of wrong doing from time to time, do not go into rants….they’re eyes just glaze over. Slamming and bashing the idea’s of others doesn’t work well with the 20-somethings…they think we are out of touch and living in the past. I wish you luck with your daughter…I am sure she is a sweet girl, who has been misguided by the influence of others and at this time in her life…others know better than the “folks”. We have to let them experience life, make mistakes, and learn from them. Hopefully, she will come around.

            • Strange…. I have a 22 year old daughter who loves Ron Pauls(vision) too…more importantly she loves liberty and this American experiment just as I do(my 25 year old son is the same as are many of their friends…they all love to listen to me talk about what America is supposed to be and how we must stop this federal powergrab…they give me reason to hope….give your girl time,you taught her right..she’ll come around 🙂

            • Sorry to here that Net!

            • Sorry Net, maybe she will come around. I work with a lady who is 45 and does the exact same thing about Obummer. SHe gets so mad at us when we bash him. Thank God my 24 year old daughter hates him. She and her husband are loyal Paul supporters like myself.

            • Well, it looks like some of you are making up for my apparent failure. That makes me feel better.

              Here is the wierd thing: Where I live is lilly white. I mean there are like less than 10 black people in this county. My daughter’s boyfriend is black. Now for the really wierd part: He’s fantastic! We love him! Of course he voted for BHO but he’s not nearly as happy with him as my daughter is.

              Life is just so stinking wierd. But, while I don’t have too much good to say about my daughter politically, she’s a hard worker and when everyone else is whining about not having a job, she’s working her tail off, moving up. She gets laid off, and then she’s got something different in a week or two. She won’t accept defeat but yet she applies for all the freebees she can. I’m proud of that. At least she’s not a leech like so many are.

              I guess I did something right. Thanks for all your support!

        • Could not agree more!! Very nicely put.

        • yes, instead of “hope and change” it should be “hopeless change”

      7. Some of us live paycheck to paycheck as it is. As the price of gas & food go up, something has to go.
        Unfortunately, my highest bill that I can eliminate would have to be the family’s medical insurance. It’s an arm & a leg and because it’s not through an employer it goes up every year. These insurance companies are killing me and I don’t get anything in return, my luck, when TSHTF everywhere the insurance companies are gonna fold when I finally need to file a claim.
        So how do you choose what bills to cut when you’re stretched to the limit?
        I may be prepped for a collapse, it’s maintaining it until the collapse that’s challenging.

        • just came back from grocery shopping today
          rice is up to $1.00 a lb
          dry beans up to $1.44 a lb or higher
          except for pintos which mercifully are “only” $1.22 a lb

          bread up another 10% a loaf on numerous brands
          my brand of cheapo instant coffee up another buck a jar

          pretty soon I’ll be fighting with the cats over their Purina !

          • Satori, etc: I give my two cats dry Purina in the pm and in the am each gets 2 oz of raw ground lean beef/or ground chicken/or raw liver. I eat gr. sirloin and it is five bucks a lb.and 1.29 for flat bread. I watch the sales on produce, meats, etc.and BOGO’s. How do people w/kids eat now days? What about retirees living on SS and lousy pensions instead of a fat 401k and dividend stocks?

            • laura m.,
              I could NOT budget food today without coupon shopping. Tossing a coupon on a sale item is the only way!

              A lady in front of me at check out the other day had a grocery basket that was less than half full. Her total was over $300! OUCH! I noticed a LOT of quick cook, high ticket, items and a rotisserie chicken from the deli.

              Waste not…want not!

            • According to most of the pundits and the MSM, ALL elderly are rich and not paying their fair share. We’re elderly and, in a good month, lower middle class. Good educations, but too old for anyone to care. Fortunately, both of our parents were older when we were born, so we know quite a bit about stretching what you have. However, sometimes it just won’t stretch. Paying real estate taxes takes months of maneuvering. We cut back on electricity, propane and go nowhere. Even then, it’s a real struggle. We grew up hot in summer and cold in winter and are continuing although it’s not as easy as our age. We garden and can, but in another drought, I can’t afford the electricity to run the pump to water the garden, etc. I think Obama’s just trying to kill us off to get entitlements under control. Too bad for him, we’re tough old birds! We treat all illnesses at home, I haven’t had a new dress in five years, and we have goats to mow the lawn since gas is so expensive. Yes, I know you can’t treat everything at home, but we’re trying to go it alone. You can never trust the government, especially when they want you to die and get out of the way. Live and you screw them. Good Luck!

            • coupons are mostly useless unless you are buying super processed crap. i feed my family by cooking real food from scratch, and growing and foraging (nothing beats free wild starwberry jam. my chickens, cats and dog get little processed panimale feed, instead they get scraps from our food. (kids waste alot, to the benefit of the birds!) as for retirees, my grandfather fought like hell to get food stamps he rightly qualified for. they basiclly told him eat meals on wheels crap, even though he had a live in caretakers preparing meals for him.

          • And China is buying more soy beans because it’s cheaper than producing their own water. I’m surprised they don’t fill the empty conex boxes with beans on the way back home.

          • 50 pound bags of white rice at Sams club are $18.50. I have heard some Sam’s have a 1 day trial. If not, the $35 plus $18.50 about equals your $1 a pound price for rice. And then each 50 pound bag after that is a savings.

            Heck, you could probably offer someone $20 in the parking lot to buy you a bag.

          • I was in a position last year where i was ready to
            eat Tommy the cat’s kit&kabooodle. Alas,i found some
            really stale cheerioats. All is better now,however,he
            refuses to eat any tuna canned in the last year.
            stock up

        • We don’t have medical.
          My Farm Bureau Homeowner’s increased 3 times the last 3, I went with Liberty Mutual..cheaper premium, AND increased coverage $49,000.
          I casually mentioned to the representative at the ins. office saving food and families having only 3 days in the pantry–she said, HUH!! I have a freezer full!!
          I didn’t EVEN start with the ‘no electricity’ factor–why bother??

        • sandy, i think you just hit the nail on the head… i would make that change today and cancel your health option of a bad lot of options.

      8. “What happened to President Obama’s vision for America?”

        He’s still working on it. Total collapse takes time.

      9. i am in agreeance with you patriot one..the only one i have not given up on is myself…i am still doing my prepping…i have tried to encourage friends and family to do the same and i have given them all the reason why as well as the resources and information that back me up. they are on their own…i will wear my tinfoil hat proudly and just go along doing my own thing.

        • Patriot one and carynverell,
          I am even seeing some of my prepper buddies burn out on the idea of prepping. I think most of them believed it would have all happened by now. I am getting tired of being a cheerleader myself, but I will keep prepping. I have canned 16 quarts of meat this week and am canning 7 more quarts tonight.

          • HSL ~ As for getting burned out on the prepping, I think you just have to make it a lifestyle change instead of seeing it as something you’ll do for a certain amount of time until a certain thing occurs.

            Do you use a pressure canner when canning meat?

            • Store what you eat what you store. It never gets old. You can vary the size of your stock as much as you want. Keep in a really cool place and you can bet on it keeping for a very long time.

            • I agree Daisy, it has to be a lifestyle change. It seems like 80 percent of the stuff I buy anymore has something to do with the long term big picture. My daughter laughed at me the other day because I finally made a meal for dinner that didnt have rice or beans in it. And HSL had better be using a pressure canner when canning meat. Hot water baths just arent enough even if you cook the meat beforehand.

            • Buy as lean a ground beef as you can find.
              Cook it thoroughly, drain off any remaining fat.
              Run it in a food dehydrator for a day or until rock hard.
              Put it between a couple of those styrofoam dishes they come in (after washing them of course) and then vacuum seal.
              They’ll keep for YEARS.
              After sailing to Mexico in the early 90’s, we found one package in our boat which had lost its vacuum, and was at least 3 years old. It had been sitting in storage in at least 80 degree heat for that whole time.
              We soaked it in a bowl of water overnight and gingerly ate some.

              It tasted like it had just been cooked.
              It was perfectly fine, even though the package had lost its vacuum.

            • canning meat? why don’t you just harvest animals as needed? fresh is much better than eating mushy canned meat.

            • Yep. I’ve been canning most of our beans, peas and soups for about 30 years. I just recently got into canning meats. It is a long process but very rewarding.

              I agree on the lifestyle thing as far as prepping goes. Most the friends I am speaking of are pretty new to the idea of prepping, but hopefully some of them will make it through.

            • You guys are making me hungry….RightWingMom…Just pack the raw meat in hot clean jars after trimming most fat(if you want)and follow the Ball Book for times and pressure.I like some fat in mine but it will congeal at the top (doesn’t hurt anything). I have talked to people who canned and ate meat for years only using water bath but I would not trust that. Use a pressure canner.Good Luck. Even tough cuts of meat are tender when you can them.

            • Sorry…above should have been posted in thread below

          • Highspeed, etc: People I know, retirees, some have thrown in the towel prepping as some of their peers died in recent years thinking things would go under by now, now see the uselessness of money spent, work/stuff end up sold/tossed out by heirs. There is an 80 year old in my area who prepped for years, and recently burned out. Some experts say most patriots will be killed by drones ahead of martial law anyway, so why bother prepping.

          • ~High Speed~

            Post your process, sir!

            I’m rather new at home canning & would appreciate any “hard info & procedures”, especially w/ regards to temp & time.

            Thank you…….

            • @Gunsmith Do you have a copy of the Ball Blue Book guide to preserving? It is really invaluable. Also there are some excellent ladies on Youtube who give good instructions on canning. Check out BexarPrepper and Katzcradul. They are experienced canners and give excellent advice.

              My pressure canner is full of chicken right now. I hit a great deal on markdowns of chicken and beef this morning.

            • anonymouslady,
              There’s a debate in our house. I’ve been canning for a couple of years, but rarely meat. My husband is concerned that IF I leave ANY fat in the jars, it will go rancid.

              I have a pressure canner and follow the Blue Book religiously…after all it IS the “Canning Bible”…correct? 😉

              My question to you, is it okay to leave in SOME fat during the canning process?

            • Read PreparednessPro, she is great,search canning. That is where I learned to pressure can. Bought the canner off Craigslist. It is great. Ate some 1 1/2 year old bacon today that we had canned.

            • If you’re a visual learner, check out my youtube channel, “Michigansnowpony”. I have a step-by-step video up on canning chicken. You can use this tutorial to can just about any other meat too. With over 60,000 views, it remains my most popular video (homesteading / prepping related) and it makes me feel good I may be helping others get prepared and/or save some money when meat goes on sale.

            • Gunsmith,

              I just finished canning 7 quarts of beef stew. I took 5 lbs. of london broil I found on sale, cut it to size, added 5 lbs of potatoes and 3 lbs of carrots and an onion, sometimes I add a pack of Lipton beefy onion soup mix. I cooked it for an hour or so at med. high heat. when you cook it fill your pot with water. When its done enough,( you can put it in the jars raw), Fill jar leaving one inch of space, covering all meat and or veggies. You need a pressure cooker for the next step.
              fill cooker with water bring it up to the neck of the jars. seal the cooker Cook on high heat, then as the pressure rises, you may turn the heat down. You need 10 lbs. of pressure for 90 minuets. I do hamburger the same way. Makes a great spaghetti sauce. stores well.

            • ~”genius canning folks”~

              Thanks much to all!

              Data printed & sites book-marked…again, your advice/experience is greatly appreciated.

            • Backwoods Home Magazine has good canning info by Jackie Clay on of their staff writers. Years ago my wifes parents used to visit in their trailer and they had the greatest no refrigeration required meals I have ever had. They looked like TV dinners but required no refrigeration and tasted like home cooked. Her mom cannot remember who made them and where they had bought them. I would sure like to find them.

            • This is for RWM…Ive always canned with the fat and even canned with alot of fat…I even can lard which is of course all fat,no prblems…just keep you liquid down enough in the jars so it doesnt boil up in the lid/seal area…that WILL cause problems…otherwise fat is no problem…hope this helps! 🙂

        • cary and patriot,
          i feel the same way, how do you help people that wont help themselves? i’ve tried explaing that collapses dont happen overnite and there is time to prep but they all think i’m nuts. what really dives me crazy is when they say “there’s nothing they can do about it so why worry “.
          so now i just keep my mouth shut hopping they wont show up on my door step when TSHTF.
          patriot, i’ve been telling people for the last 6 mos. that obama will get reelected and nobody belives me about that either

          • “The nasty things that you think are coming always take longer to arrive than you think they will, but once they get here, they make up for their tardiness by being worse than you thought they’d be.”

            • Funny my mother in law is always earlier than I hoped and still makes up for her earliness by being a pain in the backside….. 🙂

          • Non-believers all think we’re nuts. Shake it off and carry on with what you’re doing, only don’t talk about it anymore. I have several relatives who are extremely religious and say “God will protect them”, so they don’t worry and won’t consider prepping. That philosophy hasn’t worked out real well in the past, so I reply that “God helps those who help themselves”, and forget trying to talk with them. They’re upset and I’m pissed, so nobody wins. But seriously, don’t talk about what you’re doing because it’s not safe to do so any longer.

            • Renee

              Thank you for taking the time to do that youtube stuff. Homecanning isn’t well known here in Britain (we tend to dehydrate and do pickled preserves).

              Several of my friends have now seen your channel & like myself have found it really helpful.

          • Look into dehydrating food, dehydrate2store has the best videos on youtube, so good that Excalibur dehydrators are using her shows as instructional videos on their site. We did 20 lbs of broccoli yesterday, it weighted about a quarter pound when done, and it all fit into the space of a gallon jug-we vacuum sealed it in several bags.

            You can premake soups, stews, casseroles and MRE style packs, takes up so much less space than canning, tastes better, and all the vitamins aren’t cooked out. Go to a local restaurant produce vendor to get bulk produce to dehydrate-you’ll never go back to canning except for rare foods.

            I don’t believe obama was elected, this nation would have voted a woman into POTUS before they would have a black person. Both parties have been infiltrated with hardline communist globalists, as you can see by the communist/globalist offerings of the “republican” party such as newtie and mittens.

            For the person who has a child with a loveon for obama-let her/him peruse the NDAA, PIPA, Agenda 21 (especially-agenda 21 for dummies on youtube), UN biosphere for United States, and if they are liberal, definitely have them look into Rosa Koire @ That should keep them busy and change their mind about obama and the communism he and his globalist handlers being so fine.

      10. On a prepping question. Anyone try wood gasification to run their truck? I saw on one of the prepper shows on tv last year a fellow had his old Ford pickup set up with one. During WWII in Europe the people ran all their vehicles with this since gas was unavailable.They cobbled it together using metal buckets and cans along with some piping. I would say Popcorn Sutton could’ve figgered it out using some copper and some mud.When times get tough American ingenuity comes out.

        • I’ve been researching that idea for a stand alone wood powered generator. I have seen a couple guys around where I live with Ford Rangers powered by a gasification rig up in the back of their trucks. I think the idea is great. You can find fuel for it damn near anywhere your at.

        • Look up, there are several books on it for as little as 8 bucks last I checked.

        • JRS my ex-wifes uncle had an old 3/4 ton Ford, that ran off of a gasifier in the bed. Worked good enough to get back and forth the 15 miles to town, although it did like to sputter and lacked power above about 60mph.

        • Go to Engineer775 or southernprepper on youtube. Engineer775 is the one on the first doomsday preppers episode last year with the wood gasifier. He is one smart guy! also they make them in Oregon.

      11. Anyone still think this isn’t a depression?

        I find it sickening that 20 MILLION earn less than $11,000 for a family of four (while I am always skeptical of statistics because I am quite good with them, I feel this number is probaby an estimate). And to listen to that wind-bag Lt. Governor in Michigan say that folks need “skills to be independent” Uh, hello idiot, people need JOBS, they appear to have skills. How many college graduates and skilled workers are unable to find work? Skills my arse. The elite are so far out of touch with what is going on in this country it is simply jaw dropping amazing.

        Folks like Stan Brock who have been holding charity/free medical dental clinics are the people I have respect for. As far as the two heads of the snake (repubs n dems), they are the ones who screwed my fellow americans.

        If anyone needs a reason to prep, think about the 6 year old girl who talked about her mom eating rats because they didn’t have any food.

        Whew! Rant off, sorry bout that…

      12. Come on you guys… you know damn well that it’s all Bushes fault!

        • I certainly believe he has a share of the blame. Also his dad was the first Pres i can remember that said right on TV a phrase about ushering in a new world order.

          • Do a search on the term NWO or New World Order-it’s been spewed by dictators for decades-it’s the goal of all elite politicians.

            You folks need to get over your willful ignorance of the myth of a 2 party system in the US-it’s been one party, the “progressive” (regressive, right back to feudalism) globalist, genocidal, evil dictatorship spearheading to the NWO. If you do not believe me as I said above, look at Rosa Koire’s youtube video, realize Agenda 21 was “optional” until obama signed it into law last year, the NDAA and companion bill that gives your government employees the illegal “right” to declare any American no longer a citizen so they can be shipped out of the country for ‘interrogation’ (torture) and ‘re-education’ (torture) and death. These are YOUR supposedly elected “representatives” raking in a minimum 5th million $$$ a year to enslave you. They do not work for you and me; ask yourself who they do work for and why.

            The corruption and evil go beyond party lines, and it’s across the spectrum right down to the local levels of the smallest towns.

        • Bill…You have a good point. Geo.H W Bush’s father was indicted in WWII for helping to bankroll the Nazis. Geo.H W Bush was head of the CIA when Kennedy was whacked. And we all know the record of Geo. Shrub. Next in line? Don’t be surprised if Jeb isn’t there soon.

          • Thunder thighs will be the new VP.

            • Obama- Clinton?

            • I sincerely hope not! That will insure Obama’s win. So many people are still unaccountably fond of the Clintons. Drudge said Hilary wants to be head of the World Bank, although who knows? Pray that she does or we’ll be stuck with Obama forever. Without her, he sinks; with her, he can stick around and finish off the country.

          • Please, no more of the Bush family.

          • John McCone was CIA director when JFK was assasinated.

            • You are correct.

          • Also if you check it out, the elder Bush not only helped the germans but was also top asst. to Tesla who was working on top projects. See if you can find any thing on George H. Scherff Sr./Jr. AKA Bush. The Bush’s have been connected to the Rockefellers,J.P.Morgan and others since early 1900’s…..

      13. Add another 10 million or so when the economy totally tanks, and you’ll have your initial FEMA camp detainees, where they’ll be processed.

        Of course, this video is nothing more than a hit-piece on anyone who opposes Obama the Magnificent’s socialist utopia.

        What we are seeing is destruction by design and is all part of the agenda of the global elites. What they want is to foment a revolution and class war, so that they can step in and “fix” it. The Hegelian Dialect in action.

        Gee….maybe if we weren’t spread all over the world trying to make the world safe for democracy, we’d have enough for our own infrastructure. Maybe if we’d stop exporting our industries around the globe, some of these folks would have jobs.

        One day….these global elites, who are really responsible for all of this, will drug into the streets and dealt with as they should be.

        • A small tent & a bicycle should be part of everyone’s preps. Push bikes are silent unlike cars and can go “off road” onto trails & between buildings etc. With a tent you can “hide out”. With a tent & a bicycle you can avoid the FEMA camp ; )

          Perhaps if you can afford it follow the example of those who lived through the depression, escaped the iron curtain etc. These old people STILL keep a small pouch of gold or silver coins or rings somewhere close to hand.

          • If they want me in a FEMA camp, they can drag my dead carcass there. I am only going in feet first

          • I’ll agree with the bike & tent.
            Bike, when we run out of gas or an EMP kills the car.
            Tent, if the power goes out during the winter months
            and you’re low on heat you can set up a small tent in the house to maximize your body heat to stay warm. Plus, the kids will think it’s cool to camp out in the house.

        • It we hit Mad Max days…. I have all the needed tools and supplies to go off the grid the rest of my days. A pioneer adventure. If we just have and have nots… I stockpiled degrees in bus and also in IT. I could fit into any job as I’ve done it all. If we get nuclear war I’m completely hosed… bomb shelter. For longterm retirement all I buy are silver and gold. It’s hard to tax what they cannot find. Final sales will go to a private individual. Yep, Obama will win again. Sucks. Folks just don’t get this guy is a socialist or commie. It’s all going down. Sucks to live a life in a declining time. I just hope we can get though it fast. I do see the blacks polarizing. The ones who fit into society, went to college, have nice jobs and the ghetto white hating ones. We’ll see massive gang violence. Better plan on retiring deep in the woods. It will be the only safe place.

          I feel hopeless to change anything. We cannot compete with the TV brainwashing.
          All I’ll say is this… A massive culling of humanity is being planned. 1. by engineered flu. 2. By mono crop and chemtrail spread fungus. The fema camps are not for locking up folks….it’s local base stations for the local govts. Islands of order in the coming hell that is being engineered. They want all to go to shit..then when they transform the fema camps to high tech UN human habitation zones…folks will flock to their slave un plantations willingly. Folks, the bees are disappearing. You better get serious about having a pantry. Go with long-term super pails from places like Also, when you start to see on the news about crop failures or food hoarding laws….better make plans to move it. I bought all my stuff a few years ago…so I can justify I ate it all. better turn off the fucking tv and get serious about the long-term planning for your family’s survival in the coming culling.

      14. i dont believe that the economy is getting better. if it was gas would be going down and food prices declining but they are not. Make sure friends that you have gas or diesel and also enough water/filters. Guns and ammo and warm and dry material. also dont forget about toilet paper and soap to take a bath occasionally. rechargable batteries and a mate or friends and magazines to watch when tv is gone. make sure you have a couple of axes and a chainsaw will be very helpful. dont bring in too many people if they are not thinking like we do. otherwise they will be taking our resources and will eat all of your food. be smart and watch the signs of greece. after they go we will still have a bit of time to keep the machine in america still running until they wont have any choice left until the stock market crashes. keep wire cutters that you can hide in your butt if you get caught in a fema camp. being serious gang.

        • Dear eric,

          “Hide wire cutters in your butt”?

          Thank you for saying that! I am so off the wall, canning meat, making pemmican and collecting pvc scraps that I thought I was the crazy man.

          Never would have thought of that myself. You are a tad crazier than I. Okay, I will do it. But you will be held responsible for any lesions I sustain. Keep the blades sharp, all.

          • lol, No keep a pair in between your cheeks if you were caught in a fema camp where there is chain link fence, that is what I meant to say. not to leave them there all the time. if there were hundreds of people near the fence you could cut yourself out during certain moments. that is what i was trying to say. stupid person who gave me thumbs down is really an idiot and id love to talk to them on the phone about survival. Take care

            • i’ve been in a lot of survival courses in the Navy, so thats why I said that. lol

            • Hoovers

            • okay you two, LMAO! My husband just gave me the WTH look for laughing so hard. Although he agrees, wire cutters are a must…

        • I’d rather shove the wire cutters up Eric Holder’s butt

        • ~Eric~

          Your post referencing wire cutters jarred my memory.
          Many years ago while in college, we had a guy in the dorm who was of Ukrainian ancestry.
          He told a story of his grandfather(a chemist) who was imprisoned by the judeo-Stalinist thugs & condemned to work on the White Sea canal project…a death sentence really. Research it……..

          Anyway, he claimed his grandfather & 2-3 other Ukrainians would (daily) forcibly vomit a given amount of stomach contents & rub/apply it to a certain section of the compound fence…& hence the stomach acid rapidly corroded that small section of the fence & one night…they escaped.

          I can’t remember many of the details, after all these years…I do recall him saying one guy died during their journey, which took like 4-6 months….but they made it to Turkey(I think) & eventually to New York City.

          I was impressed by his grandfather’s intelligence & foresight to use “internal resources” in order to facilitate his/their escape & his story merely reinforced my belief that…one is never defeated unless one surrenders to the idea, that it is hopeless to resist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      15. Lesson learned:
        Progressive, Socialism, Marxism = DESTRUCTION.

        “Communism looks good on paper, until you involve people.”
        Whoopi Goldberg

        • My Whoopi quote was meant as sarcasm. 😉

          • Personally I didn’t see any thing wrong with the remark. I used to like her but any more she’s WAY out there. Did you see how crazy she acted on The View a few months back when O’Reily was on there talking about extreme Muslims, she went ballistic and showed her ass and walked off. I gave you a thumbs up….

        • Those who gave my comment a negative rating…
          have the BALLS to explain what you disagree with.
          Otherwise…troll some other site. 🙂

          • I caught it and gave you an up!

            • Thanks RICH99…and others.

              Funny how the trolls con’t. to hide behind their anonymity.

          • right wing mom I didnt leave a comment but I feel the same way you do. There are a lot of smart people and a lot of idiots too. Lots of young kids or dems on here. I wouldn’t get mad and I know you do and so do i but don’t even waste the sweat and get your blood pressure up over some of these people. There dumb and they will never believe the truth or whatever you tell them. They think they are right and the truth many people probably don’t like them so its eazy for them to get on here and say whatever they want and talk trash. I liked what you said and glad you put that. Take care eric

            • eric,
              Thanks for the encouragement.

              Stay strong and prepared!

      16. I was talking to someone a couple months back and the unemployment number came up in conversation. They made mention that, well at least it’s 8.9% or whatever and I was like, no it isn,t it’s more like 21-22%. Their response was, no you’re wrong because that is close to Great Depression era numbers. I guess when you have to compete against a normalcy bias and the lame stream media feeding people garbage, this kind of crap is to be expected. Bring up the fact that unemployment figures have different tables and no one wants to look at the U6 table and you get a bunch of blank, deer in the headlights looks in your direction.

        • What the sheeple don’t realize is the MSM doesn’t report ALL the figures just the ones that file for unemployment. There’s thousands that are out of work but aren’t in the system….. scary and sad.

        • Five buck a gallon gas should do wonders for the economy. Believe it or not some of the govt. experts have actually stated that high energy prices will be good for the economy. Now it makes sense why things are so bad.

      17. I wish that fat bastard Gengrich was the one starving at night, not these poor kids. I’m not the least bit religous but I hope there is a day of judgement for the sorry S.O.B’s in our governemnt that leach off the people, put us in this terrible situation, and then have the audacity to claim they are the ones to bring us out of it.

        • Santorum is no better. Bieng a 12 yr Senator from my state he was in the top ten most unethical lawmakers at the time.He once presented an achievement award personally to Jerry Sandusky and used his charity kids as staffers. While that in itself doesn’t prove anything there ARE allegations these kids were passed around to the pedophiles. He also cyber schooled his kids from his Va. residence and the local district was on the hook for $150,000 for that. When they wanted reimbursed since his residence here was a vacant house, he refused.My opinion is he is as bad or worse than Newt.People need to research some of these guys and then maybe they will vote for the only honest one of the bunch. We all know who that is.

        • Mclovin -I see you have troll er I meant fan. I agree Newt should try living in a tent in Michigan for the winter, while trying to find work in Detroit – betca he’d lost that second chin. 🙂

        • why are you people debating the difference between newty and santorum? are you crazy. to give anyone other than ron paul any credibility at all is a vote for your destruction.a vote for obama, mitt, newty, and santorum is a vote for the destrution of america and the world. if ron paul is not on the ballot, i suggest you dont wait to vote… i would be making new more urgent plans the minute that ron paul is nto an option to be next president…. which would appear to ber now… give it a few more months though…. miracles do happen, sometimes.

          • eeder -I have made it very clear many times I believe all the dems and repubs are two heads from the same snake. I don’t see we are debating the difference between Newty and Santorum, I see it as pointing out both of them are snakes and not worth our vote. 🙂 Just like you said, the only candidate worth voting for would be Ron Paul, if out votes actually counted for something (we all know the elections are rigged)! It would be nice for a miracle to take place where Dr. Paul wins the presidency.

        • So what are you an Obama fan? Your post makes no sense. Gingrich has not been in any elected office in fifteen years. When he was speaker the spending was controlled. He has faults but not spending.

      18. People “Qualified” for home loans beyond their means – started in the Clinton Administration. These people signed contracts requiring a “Balloon” payment(s) or an “Adjustable Rate Mortgage” that beyond their financial capability. Unscrupulous mortgage companies and closing businesses put these people into a financial no-win situation.

        Should they have been able to negotiate the contract? By all means. Were they given a chance? I don’t think so.

        Did predatory lending by the major banks occur? Yes.
        Now people are out on the street and the banks are selling those very houses at a loss.

        So, who is to blame? The predatory bankers or the people who believed all those lies the salesmen/women told them? Sales people are never to be trusted. They are after the sale – NOT for the buyers benefit.

        The “Banksters” and “Financial Institutions” made very high risk investments and because they were “To Big to Fail” we the taxpayers are going to have to pay for their devious business practices through taxes for the next 4 decades.

        In the meantime our nation’s status in the world will erode to the same status as a second rate country instead of a “World Power”.

        I won’t live that long. Thank God for that.

        • Roger that MASTER SERGEANT

        • please take a few of them bastards with you when you go…

        • I gave you a thumbs up, but I hope you live long and well!

      19. I posted this link a while ago as part of another discussion & got several thumbs down for it.

        Though I’ve checked elsewhere – sadly the facts and figures do seem to be correct 🙁 This is published by the British Broadcasting Corporation – the UK MSM (ie tax payer funded!) It’s designed to send a particular message to the British public – please be aware of that as you watch it. (Divide & conquer , make the proles think they are superior to the phlebs elsewhere etc).

        I do have one question for you guys in the US, now you’ve seen it. Do the parents of those 1.5 million homeless children still have a vote or do they lose their vote as a consequence of not having a permanent proper address?

        • You don’t even have to have identification to vote in America! 🙂

          • Hell Mac, you don’t have to be alive to vote in America either 😛

            • Haha!

            • Yes, what was the outrageous number of deceased voters? Wasn’t it about 1.8 million…. correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure that was the figure they gave the other day.

          • True I guess but you know Ive lived here for most of my life,everybody knows me and I still have to show ID for everything…wasnt always that way,a dozen years ago….I really hate DHS and all them thar gummit people!

      20. Actually you know what came to my mind… As in the past there was immigration to USA may be it is time for “reverse” migration now. Life is very expensive in USA may be those people not making enough money should settle in cheaper countries. An American passport opens all doors these days, English is an international language and poor people’s income in USA when compared with ours in developping countries are actually normal or even high. So instead of being poor in USA why not being normal people elsewhere… America cannot handle its own population. Either it will conquer the rest of the world by war (with all the risks) and suck their resources or reduce its own population. The latter seems more peaceful to me.

        • There’s a global mass migration happening right now except it’s a game of musical chairs as noone knows quite where to “settle”.

          Sadly I’ve had to come to the conclusion that the “die out” will be global (China has whole cities of unsold properties and it’s own bubble). The poor souls on this programme are just at the front of the US line.

          Your best chance in the long term is an area with a community you TRUST and lots of natural resources (decent arable land, forest for fuel, water source etc).

          • I live in Buffalo, ny…the great lakes have plenty of water. Water will be very important in the years ahead. Not worried about the east side of buffalo…the ghetto…as my burb area are armed more than many know. Think, cases of ammo.

            Folks, better plan on hiding your preps. My guess…
            Monsanto suing many farmers to get them all growing the same shit. Then everyone is used to looking at chemtrails. In time, they will spray a fungus that will kill all global crops. Massive culling of humanity. If you start to see shit on the news about food hoarding…then it’s time to get serious about caching your food. The feds will get the shipping lists from the suppliers…then they will knock on your door. When they come they will ask you where all the food it…. tell them you ate it years ago. ha.

            I think obummer will win again. His next target is your 401k and IRA. His bills have shit in them to take your wealth. Good time to sell all you can and drive it into metals. As metals don’t have income or dividends…they have nothing to tax. But I could be wrong.

            I do predict the fema camps will be the cities of the future. UN agenda 21.

            It was neat to grow up in America and amazing to see it being brought to it’s knees. Just have to change your life and adjust. Instead of steak…it’s grilled cheese. You’ll be fine.

            Nothing I can do about anything.
            But I draw the line of ever turning in my shotgun. six million dead jews learned the hard way. Socialism always ends in a culling.

            All this NDAA and patriot act are very disturbing. It’s time we start viewing our lawmakers as traitors to the United States of America. I’ll stop there.

        • I doubt poor people are going anywhere. At the very least one needs money for plane tickets and they have none.
          But OTOH, the “brain drain” already started: doctors, engineers and scientists that used to flock to the US for better life are now leaving for countries that can provide them with better pay and more stability.

      21. How many of the areas, featured in this video, are products of progressive agendas…mostly Democrats?

        (Don’t get me wrong, there are PLENTY of progressive Republicans that need to be purged from the system.)

        • Detroit has gone under because democrats and unions have destroyed it.

          Detroit in Ruins

          If you have proof to back up your negative ratings, I’ll like to hear your side of the debate.

          • Maybe we should form our own prepper society. We’ll form a corporation and buy detroit. Doze it to the ground and start over. I bet is we had a big prepper party we would all look at eachother and have very similar views and get along. I bet most preppers are educated. Funny,,,,I bet we could buy houses for $1.

          • RWM…Don’t take your junks too seriously.I personally don’t give them but that is what makes this site interesting. Everybody has their own opinion about everything.You know you read the hidden ones first just to see why they got so many down votes

            • I agree JRS, the trolls are going to give a thumbs down just to press the red button; maybe it is because of a difference in opinion or maybe it is because they just like to give thumbs down. Whatever the case, we all have the right to post our opinions so keep on posting RWM and ignore the trolls (I do!).

            • Thanks JRS and Fed Up,
              I enjoy baiting trolls from time to time, but overall they’re not worth the effort. And NOT worth getting my panty’s in a wad, as my mom would say. LOL

              As for clicking on “hidden comments,” GUILTY!
              LOL…It’s like rubbernecking at a crash scene. We ALL do it but deny what we’re REALLY straining to see.

              Stay strong and prepared! 🙂

          • RWM:
            Let’s recap what is going on country-wide for a moment.
            The Repocrats gave all our money to failing banker world-wide and “research money” to the tune of several BILLIONS to the highly profitable multinational,non-taxpaying energy corporations.And the Feckless “too big to fail Bankers” are at it once again.And you want to put all the blame on UNIONS?Guess you better go get one of those “mickey D” jobs that will feed your kids,pay even a part of a small house note,and don’t forget the fine healthcare for your loved ones you’ll be getting.Yes indeed,your vision of is wrong with America is the one most loved by the 1%.But do be careful what you wish for RWM.God is watching and taking notes,and he knows what you REALLY believe and desire.Never you fear,dear,THE CHANGE is coming.And there will be no “gated community” to hide behind!And just remember dear one,the last Lady who said “let them eat cake” lost her head over it too.
            Best to All

      22. What is really sad is the fact that things will keep getting worse. People today do not know how to take care of themselves if walmart is empty. People better wake up and start investing in things that will sustain them. The middle class in this country does not know how to handle poverty,and it will get very ugly when for the first time they find themselves in the mist of it.

        • You are right. I know people that have zero cooking skills, they only microwave frozen food.
          Give them raw ingredients and they wouldn’t know what to do with them. So if Wally or fast-food joints close, these people will be hungry, unless they learn to cook really quickly. Hopefully they’ll have someone to show them.

          I was in a natural food store recently and bought a few 5-lb bags of barley, buckwheat, millet and some wheat bran. A man next in line to me eyed my items and commented “You must have a business”. To which I replied: “Nope, we just cook from scratch”.

          • Isn’t that the truth! I’m in early old age and still garden and can the produce. Started wearing out the first of September, so offered my local food pantry the fresh produce. They didn’t want it! The clerk said that most people would have no idea what to do with raw green beans, much less dry beans, and that while she appreciated the offer, they preferred to have Chef-Boy-Ar-Dee or hamburger helper, canned tuna and canned chicken. Am glad I didn’t go to the trouble to dig any of the Jerusalem artichokes or turnips. She did take a few onions and I took the rest home and pulled an all-nighter canning it all. Maybe cooking lessons should be mandatory when you get free food?????

            • What a shame…
              Wish I lived closer to you, I would’ve gladly took some of those unwanted “items” off of your hands 🙂

      23. “what happened to Pres Obamas vision for America?”
        This IS his vision for America. He attended Rev Wrights church of “hate America”, he has been a member of the communist party, he is working to bring this nation down and is part of a large group of like minded people and so far they are doing a very good job of it.
        They can’t take over this nation or the world with a strong America.

        • one more term and he’ll be “The One” who finally destroyed the old America and ushered in a new era of serfdom and centralized control.

        • 100 million armed and pissed off Americans… I’ll stop there and the NDAA is now in play.

      24. They will let us fall. They will let us starve. In the mean time filling fema camps with people of skill farmers, docs, teachers etc. They will let us kill each other off emerging after to reclaim the prize. The ptb know they cant take us out to many ppl with guns willing to fight too many with nothing left to loose. Mebe im right mebe wrong just were my mind took me.

        • Nope, I’ll pour cement down the bunker air shafts and weld the doors shut.

      25. Yeah! Right! And bush was really good for the country, wasn’t he! he was concerned about all of us. As he himself so brilliantly put it when giving a speech before his supporters, you know, that top one percent, the very wealthy, as he said, “I call you my base, the haves and have mores.” And then that great statesman, john mccain, when he was prostituting himself as a presidential candidate, his statement, “the american economy is strong!” Knowing full well the disaster that bush had left the country in. bama may not be the man that he represented himself to be, but you just let the republicans get in control again, and you can kiss your ass good bye. maybe that’s just what we need, that final nail in the coffin. cut to the chase, as they say. i think you should snap out of it. these people are all pathological liars. they don’t care about you, your country, your children, or your mama!

        • Maybe I’m a little jaded on all this “terror”, but I think it was another FBI setup to validate the need for bigger alphabet agency control.

      26. TPTB, the MSM, the corporate interests who OWN them, the independently wealthy who don’t give a fuck and the clueless sheeple will all deny this reality until the systems currently in place to funnel money from the productive to the unproductive have completely collapsed.

        If those systems didn’t exist we would already be in a global depression….but for now the shell-game goes on as things steadily worsen.

        When this happens,when the games fall apart and reality trumps propaganda and denial, the ILLUSIONS of democracy, equality, upward mobility, rule of law and class-cooperation will vanish as the wealthy retreat behind their gates and mercenaries…the preppers retrench for a decade or more of darkness…and the sheeple and undercalsses turn on each other in desperation like Cormack McCarthy’s “The Road”

        It will be a Marxist’s wet dream to see half the population or more slaughter the other half over food, vendettas, political strife and in self-defense. Meanwhile the already-organized criminal syndicates, street gangs, drug gangs and other agenda-drive organizations like La Raza, the Black Panthers and the black muslims will assert their agendas in the streets killing millions.

        After this, we will either see the establishment of a marxist state or an attempted infestation of islamic doctrine since those mutherfuckers seem to outbreed every natural and man-made stressor trying to cull their numbers.

        As I have rsigned myself to my fate and I prepare to protect my family,I no longer ask myself if I am ready for the apocalypse…I now ask whether or not the apocalypse will be ready for me….

        • Death&taxes: you paint a bleak picture. I think at first there may very well be mass deaths of “low hanging fruit”. But even if 5% survive the initial shock we would move towards almost a tribal society, where I would hope people are very capable. Then it would get more and more difficult for bands like you describe to terrorize people.

          Where I live on the plains, it would be difficult at best for gangs. I wouldn’t want to be in a city though.

          • sounds like you have quite a geographical advantage. Too bad 95% of the U.S. population couldn’t say the same.

        • @DNT : good 2 hear from you ! I think we are cut from the same tree . The gangs will be in for a big surprise if they come our way . They may get away with things when dealing with the Sheeple , but those of us who have had some training will show them a few tricks . I tripwire here, a bouncing Betty there ….maybe a little napalm B there …time to dust off those old field manuals !
          I for one will be taking no prisoners….
          Montgomery County Texas

          • To neutralize urban gangs: throw a bar of soap at ’em, it is their kryptonite.

            • or play 80’s heavy metal…it makes their skin burn.

          • or play old time country music….

          • Just south of you on Fort Bend my man….thinking the same thoughts…ever take a tactical training class with Suarez International? They’ve got it going on and I consider them my bowling league….maybe we’ll cross paths soon before TSHTF…..

            either way….I plan on surviving it and not giving in.

      27. My little boy was playing with his action figures and a farm set. The good guys are called The Freedom Fighters the bad guys are called the goverment. The FF were protecting the farm from the goverment who came to steal their food and children. Brought a tear to my eye. He is getting his first bb gun this summer. Makes me proud to be a Dad.

        • oh how our perception of America has changed in the last 25 years.

          When the movie “Air Force One” starrting Harrison Ford came out in 1991 I got worked up with a prideful patriotic fervor watching it…..

          Today I WANT to see the character of the POTUS get shot down in flames along with congress….

          oh how things have changed indeed.

          • Nice way to frame your thoughts. I agree wholeheartedly.

        • Now THAT is awesome!

      28. JRS
        Try they have a free set of plans you can download. If you don’t find it there search for FEMA emergency gasifier. I built one from a tall propane cylinder

      29. I’ll never understand you americans! You saw it yourself — free healthcare, free dental care, free camp sites, free food for the children at school, free national defense. Your government spends one trillion plus dollars yearly on defense. You can sleep knowing that nobody’s coming to get ya! You’ve really got it made. On the other hand, you could be on the receiving end of the american-style democracy delivered to the Iraqi people, wandering a ripped apart country looking for bits and pieces of meat of former friends and family members. So you see, you’ve really got it made. Also, you can do what a lot of your fellow citizens have done and join the military and go and murder some “gooks” or “ragheads” or “towelheads” or some n-words. You’re always up for that; right? Killing those no-good, lazy mo-fos, because you americans are exceptional, the best! Go get em, tiger!

        • I have two words for ya Greg: Fuck and OFF!

        • you know nothig of true Americans Greg…nothing at all…

        • go fuck yourself Greg, I fought in Iraq and I didn’t murder a single “towelhead” I did what I had to do to come home alive with my buddies. That’s what war is- not that you would ever a know a damn thing about it pussy.

          • Quite the contrary, tough guy! Vietnam, 1969-1970, m60 maching gunner, in northern most I-corp, infrantry. Did 9 months straight in the jungle, where fifty-seven thousand americans got killed! You on the other hand, spent time in Iraq, where in ten years, is it, four thousand five hundred americans got killed! So, you have to be really stupid or really unlucky to get killed in Iraq. You tough guys in Iraq had the equivalent of shooting fish in a barrel. It’s a slaughter! So stop talking all this tough guy bullshit! You know it, and I know it. It was a walk in the park for you guys. Confronting people who for the most part were relegated to throwing rocks at you so-called tough guys. Give me a break!

            • Greg: You know as well as everyone who has ever served that we don’t choose where and when to fight. While I would agree with you that Vietnam was more bloody you don’t have the right to down play the actions of the soldiers in the middle east. I have friends that did multiple tours in afganistan clearing caves. Sends chills up my spine to think of the pucker factor.

              I am sorry you had to go to vietnam… You sound bitter, I am sorry for that as well. But nobody on this board sent you there.

              As far as throwing rocks? Afganistan fighters did a fair job against the Russians did they not?

            • In your other post you reference “you Americans”. My question is who’s army were you in? This is Numb nuts with the bad grammar and I think you sir are a fake. Typical liberal, ignor the facts and call everyone stupid.

              Now go get your red pen out and correct my post you liberal piece of shit.

              This is numb nuts, out.

            • Patriot, Just look at some his posts the last few days. One time he is saying “you” Americans, next time it is “we.” I think his parents need to set the restrictions on his computer a little higher. They won’t let him surf porn, so he is relegated to bothering the adults.

            • Greg….I flat out don’t believe you. I hope I’m wrong because I would be ashamed to disrespect a Vietnam-era veteran who was in the bush…..but I think you’re lying.

          • I love you man, but you can’t have my bud light.

            • I meant this for Mclovin, not greg who should no better. Brain washed lib.

          • My family & friends appreciate every thing the military has done for our country regardless of which branch they served or the era. My husband served 2 tours during Vietnam and has nothing but respect for ALL soldiers. Peace be with all of you… and just ignore the troubled one if you all can.

        • We just want your oil fuck head. Then we’ll use or oil in Alaska when you are tapped out. Law of the jungle mother fucker….GREG. The way I see it…the American people are sleeping. When the SHTF hits here….you’ll see the American spirit come out. Back here in America, we’re all prepping…getting armed. The average NRA member must have at least 1,000 rounds, more likely 5k rounds just ready for China if they decide to invade. Despite all the issues of America…the greatest is the Zionist debt enslavement of the world. The globe needs to focus on these fuckers. We here in America all secretly hope that Iran Nukes the shit out of Israel. We’re all tired of being their slaves.

          My new form of slavery is real estate. I rent my upstairs. I get 20% of the fuckers take home. I’m aligning things so my kid will have her own slaves.

          It’s just the law of the jungle. Get used to it.

          You fuckers could not control your own economies and we keep you down.
          China is next… we’ll default on them and laugh about it.

          • Quite the contrary, american born. spent my entire life in this so-called bastian of freedom and liberty. You never outgrew cartoons. You have drank or drunk, whatever is the correct form, too much of the patriotic bullshit juice. Have another shot. It sounds like it’s much too late for a fool like you.

            • Greg, you’re the poster boy for why abortions are legal.

        • And where do you live Greg. I love how you come to this site put Americans down, but you don’t have the testicle fortitude to tell us where you live. Coward!

          • why is that important? I’m in america. Are you inclined to engage in violence towards me? That’s a typical american response: Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, Guatemala, Honduras. How many more people do you want to exterminate, or how many more countries do you want to exterminate? I’m sure that I’ve left out many more to which you brought “freedom” and “democracy.” You fools! You pathetic fools.

            • 300 million sperm cells, and you were the quickest?!

            • Not countries.

              Just you, punk.

        • Greg,

          Nothing is free in this country. The hard working average joe pays for everything. Yea, there are the free loaders and with our President, more everyday. As for Iraq, that country was a cesspool before we ever stepped foot in it. An evil dictator butcher, with satan’s spawn for children, as many as 200,000 young men missing, mass graves, raping military, secret police, and no future. Talk to the people that lived under Sadam, and hear the horror from them. At least now, they have somewhat of a chance at a better life.

          I think you’re either ignorant, or a creepy little troublemaker, sitting in your Momma’s basement, playing with the computer.

          God Bless America.

          • How do you know that Iraq was a cesspool? Is that because the reliable mainstream american media says so? Who says Sadam was an evil dictator? Once again, is that verifiable information, or is that more mainstream media bullshit, or the bullshit that the politicians repeat ad nauseam? You don’t really know anything about anything other than what the mainstream media and politicians constantly repeat. Like you buddy george bush said, in order to get the truth out, you have to keep on repeating, repeating, repeating, the bullshit, so the sheeple will finally believe the bullshit. and one other thing, my “mama” as you call her died quite a long time ago. So you can leave her out of it.

            • There are plenty of diaries out there, from the people that lived under the butchers regime. I believe them. If you want to discount what they have to say then there is no reaching you. I always try to seek the truth, I don’t believe anything I hear, unless I can prove it to myself. I do my own research.

              The Mothers of almost 200,000 missing young men, were in the streets crying and hoping to find their sons alive somewhere when the butcher was brought down. Tell them it wasn’t that bad. Their sons were taken in the middle of the night and never heard from again. They were tortured and then thrown into mass graves. THIS IS THE TRUTH…

              Why don’t you knock it off and go somewhere else to peddle your lies.

            • How true

            • Greg says,

              George Bush is revered in Africa, he will be revered in Iraq, he will go down in history, as a great humanitarian.

              This crap head leading us down the tubes now, is a psychopathic killer who is also a coward. He kills more everyday with his drones and no one says a word.

              Long after we are gone, history will show the truth. You make me sick to my stomach and I don’t believe for one minute that you served in the military anywhere.

            • Greg, seriously. If you don’t like the way we think, please don’t come to this site. We don’t appreciate trolls who have nothing better to do than to come here and be nasty. Go take up a hobby or something. Volenteer somewhere. Leave us alone.

        • Regular Americans are not responsible for what the US Federal Gov Inc has done,any more than you are for whatever third world monkey you live under has done!
          No matter where in this world you are or who you are chances are you are way better off for America having been than if she’d never existed!

          As an American I have a dream, a dream that terrifies the rest of this planet except for the most evil…that dream is that I will live in an America that reinstitutes the foundational principles she was founded on and tells the rest of the world to go to hell… we quit…take care of your own problems and fight your own wars,sink or swim were done…you can run your yap all you want but when it finally happens we are going to hear the biggest catterwalling ever heard…the world doesnt need the problems caused by the fedgov inc,neither do we but the world needs America(ns) way more than Americans need the world!

          • Well said REB. I don’t want my fellow americans being shit upon any more than I want anyone else in the world shit upon. On that note, I don’t want our nation in all of the other nations we are in any more than most of them want us there! The paradigm needs to shift back to taking care of our homeland, even if those who depend on us don’t like it. I would like our nation to feed and care for itself. National Defense (to me) means defending our shores, not setting up shop in every corner of the world. Simply put, I want to live my life as under the principles our founding fathers set forth for our nation and be done with it.

            • Amen!

        • I agree, Greg.

          You will never understand us.

        • Well, we must be pretty exceptional here in the States…we have millions of illegals here as proof! And your rant says a lot about you Greg…jealous much??

          • I do not agree with Greg’s rants, but they brought up the usual reactions.

            SmokyMtnLady, please don’t take it personally, this is addressed to everyone here at SHTFplan:

            Why is it that whenever someone criticizes our country, the response from most is always in line of “they hate us for our freedom” or “they are jealous of us”?
            The ones who scream the loudest (based on my experiences) are always the ones who have never been outside the US (often never been outside their state) and have nothing to compare their views with. They just keep repeating like robots “we’re number 1”.

            I often asked myself why is that? Is it the artificial isolation to the point that one feels we live on an island? Is it MSM and constant brainwashing about how “special” we are? Is it our “world” series where we are the only players? Our failed school system? Our inability to think critically? Probably all of the above and more.
            What I see on forums, is sadly not much better than what I see with sheeple: feeling of superiority, exceptionalism, xenophobia, arrogance and ignorance. Yes, I did say ignorance. You are not fully awake if you keep repeating the same bull… you’ve been fed all your life.

            You think you are smart and “awake”, yet, cannot handle someone disagreeing with your viewpoint. You talk about uniting as preppers, yet readily throw ugly names and bad language at anyone who doesn’t think EXACTLY like you.
            Right wing, left wing, dem, rep – who cares? I think many agree by now that it doesn’t matter.
            What you need to realize is: we need each other regardless of our differences. I personally don’t care what my neighbor’s political or religious views are as long as he/she is a GOOD person, as long as we can work together and have good times together. We can agree to disagree on certain subjects and just not talk about them. Bad peace is ALWAYS better than a good war. Trust me on this one.

            We all need to learn to get along. Seriously.
            Do you really think you’ll have a choice who you’re going to buy food from or barter with based on your political views? If yes, you are going to make it harder on yourself and yours, so think about it.

            The Bible quoted and God is often mentioned on this site, and people show what a devoted Christians they are, yet your actions (posts) speak for themselves.
            It is time to take a good look in the mirror. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Nobody here knows everything, so stop flattering yourself that your view is the ONLY correct one. Get down from our pedestals and try to communicate like adults, not like bunch of teenagers high on hormones and energy drinks.

            Everyone here is worried and frustrated, and everyone at times feels lost, depressed, hopeless and overwhelmed, but it does not give you the right to take it out on another person. Learn to treat people with respect regardless of their political views and background. Free your mind from programming that was put in there by MSM.

            Be wise. Control your emotions. If you see that person is not getting your point, stop, there is no point to argue. You will not convince him/her, you’ll just get frustrated and probably take it out later on someone at home because this anger will look for a way out.
            Yes, you can anonymously tell someone to f.. off, but what did you achieve by doing that? An instant gratification of putting someone down? It’s the same “me-me-me” attitude that many of you so dislike in today’s youth.
            It only shows poster’s own insecurities and complexes.
            Grow up people. You criticize sheeple a lot, yet many of you are not much better, you just hoarded more food.

        • Listen up man, It wasn’t the true,constitution loving,most giving peoples in the world, Americans that sent you to Vietnam or others to Iraq. It was the War machine-Powers that Be, and they are both Democrat and Republican,liberal and conservative. But, mostly they are wolves in Sheep’s clothing. The war in Vietnam was pushed upon Americans by the “Holy” (I use that term loosely) Roman Empire. They were pushing for more “Catholiscism” around the world, and the Vietnamese wouldn’t convert from Buddhism. The War-Machine saw $$$ and the elites saw a way to control the population. The Middle East Wars in Irag are only about Oil and more of the War-Machine $$$. Tyrants and evil leaders have always, and will always, torture and kill any who try and upset their little party. It has never been about crushing communism and replacing it with democracy. That is an illusion set forth for the Sheeple. The War Machine picks and chooses its battles where they can gain the most. They don’t care about human suffering. The fact that the majority in this country have become too “liberal” and complacent to make a stand and vote for a “common” and sensible man or woman as leader, is keeping the trend of self-destruction alive.

      30. Here I am going on 70. Used to be middle class. Now on the verge of poverty. I’m ashamed to say I am a Republican, but I just can’t stomach communists. I never thought I would see this day. The jobs will never come back from overseas. O’Bamma will get reelected probably with Hillery as V.P. 60% of this country has no morals. They call themselves National Socialist Democrats. What da fuck is next?

        • Implosion and collapse are next Gary.

          • The party went on long enough, now it’s time to pay the bill.

        • The end my friend unless we start pimpin bitches like emperor Caligula from Rome did. He made the senators put their wives and children on pleasure ships to make money for the empire. Though Hilary is old and wrinkeled I would still pay to fuck her ass hard and hear her whine as I did it. Maybe Pelosi….

      31. I feel like I’m going to get sick.I am near to tear’s.Need change.Need to make America great again.Something needs to give.It more than prepping.It’s about us.How do we bring it back.All I can say God help us.

        • God waits for us when we’re done here….life is but a 60-80 year interviewing process for a spot in his eternal kingdom.

          Don’t ask him to come to you…..wait until you go to him and try to go with the cleanest hands and the cleanest soul that you can….like a child…or a freshly laundered linen shirt….

          These times will be really tough but try to live your life in a way that you don’t compromise God’s expectations of us all….

          give instead of taking…
          defend instead of attacking…
          provide safety, shelter an sustenance to preserve order from chaos…

          • D-N-T, Memorable words for all to think about. Thank You!

        • Years ago in detroil any foreign cars were fucked up. get it?

        • How do we bring it back?

          We may just have to fight.

          • Of course we will have to fight Scout. Thats what it all boils down to, unless we are just too weak to lift our rifles. But, my question is, will we hear the shot heard around the world, or has it already been fired and we missed it.

            Also, if lets say, I were to take that first shot, who’s gonna back me up, who is left that will not believe the msm when they say I am a right wing cook? I have been asking these questions for years.

            I’ll tell ya when I realized I would fight. It was when I was at the magistrates office calling him and the cops communists for giving me a seatbelt ticket. They told me to shut up or leave, I did neither. They backed down, the people behind me clapped and that was it. This is much bigger than a little ticket, but honestly, I’ve had it with em. I am ready for a fight, but I don’t want to fight by myself, what can one man do???

            • Highspeed I’m with ya on the comment. What is hard for me also, is knowing we will never get enough of the masses together to change anything. I find what little comfort I can in my salvation, knowing that our Creator said it would all come down this way and that He is the Great Comforter. We are given the choice to stand as loyal observers as this plays out or we can just load up ole Betsy and go out in a blaze of glory. If I didn’t have others depending on me when the SHTF, I’d load her up and take out as many of the SOBs as possible before they got me. I’m 55 going on 75, with my health problems; no job, no income, no retirement,no insurance and no possibility of either, but I have hope and THANK God I have a country up-bringing so I will survive. That’s all there is left.

      32. @greg: Please do not judge all Americans by the actions of a corrupt federal government. Most of the people who interact on this site are as disgusted as you at the “military industrial complex” that interjects itself worldwide. Might I remind you that the global rape of sovereign countries is now a group effort, ie U.N. , EU, or NATO sanctioned efforts.

        We are awake, and we are just as pissed as you about all of this global enslavement. We share your concerns, but follow the money and you will have “true targets” to focus your rage. That is what I do, it keeps me warm at night.

      33. I stopped the video when the narrator said it was the Republicans fault as Obama lost control of congress….. Obama bailouts over 12 trillion.
        Website above documents the bailouts.
        We are on the way to an ecomony that makes the paso look really good – you can’t just keep printing money- without devalue –

      34. Hello Moze… glad you liked my nickname.

      35. I see a light at the end of the tunnel…and hear a rumbling sound…

      36. At this point I am asking myself if maintaining monthly term life insurance on self and family is really worth it when I can buy silver bullion, preps, ammo or pay down bills with the money instead….

        • D-N-T, It is a good question to as your self. It is a sum of money you question the value of. By the way I am not in any way connected to the insurance business.

          To start, you were smart to get “term” insurance. To come to an answer ask yourself, “Would my family have the financial resources to continue on with their lives?”

          You can reevaluate the amount of coverage you have. Do your children still live at home? Is your home paid for? However close the SHIT scene seems to be at this moment in time; as a husband and father your role is the care and safety of your wonderful family.

          These ideas are only a couple of many to think over. My note to you is is sent with sincerity by an old man who faced the same question along the way. Be Well (MM)

        • DNT, I don’t know much about life insurance other than I pay $12/mo. since I bought my condo, so that if I died it would get paid off, so my two adult children could benefit.

          But, my thought is this: it’s just a piece of paper, a promise. So, you have to ask yourself: How reliable is this promise? Will the company still be there in the long run, especially if you as a prepper believe that the sh!t will hit the fan a.(shortly) b.(soon) c.(next year). My thought is you could be better off putting that money into gold if you have the self discipline to do it consistently, regularly, every month, like clockwork.

          Keeping your own long term savings plan requires a plan of safekeeping and distribution after your death. (so that an unauthorized person doesn’t find and keep it for themselves.) It requires more personal involvement in your plan, other than purchasing a piece of paper and putting it away in a box.

          p.s. I personally don’t think using that money to pay down bills a good use of that money. If you are already putting it aside in a savings program (insurance, gold) don’t fritter it away on bills.

        • My question is this: What will insurance companies look like WHEN tshtf; will they be any more secure than banks and mortgage companies??

      37. Every day when the closing bell signals yet another rise in the stock markets I’m shocked. It doesn’t make sense.

        Maybe I’m just bitter because we bailed, but come on, how is it steadily going up day after day? Is it the 1% and foreign countries keeping it going or is it just comprised of companies that received a stimulus gift?
        Dazed & Confused…..

        • Sandy, the market is not allowed to go down, until the robots–algorithms–are over-run or told to stand-down. The PPT (plunge protection team) which is comprised of the TBTF criminals make up this team. You should tune in to to learn more.

          • Yep, you got a lot of Euros pouring in from Greece too.

        • sandy
          it makes perfect sense… corporate profits are at an all time high.qe3 is on the way… only surprise is it isnt higher.

      38. You all know I’m right there with you. In fact, somedays, I get more done when out on the road than if I was home. My cute little ‘I-dont-know-why-she-puts-up-with-me-but-I’m-glad-she-does’ better half, (otherwise know as okie spousal unit #1) called today from wallyworld. She was all excited to find 8paks of paper towels for cheap. I said ‘be sure and get one to add to the stock’ and she said “I already got TWO, I was calling to see if I should make it THREE.” God bless her, she’s become a prepper! Plus, she has a really nice hair-style under that foil.

        • Man, Ms. Okie is lucky to have you..dh was a trucker..been there, done that. He wasn’t cut out for it.
          Now, on topic. Our membership card at Sam’s is out in March–we got lots of stuff today; get-R-done done got-er-done today!!
          Rice was a little cheaper than in December–go figure.

      39. A little off topic but anyone know what happened to DPS? He hasn’t posted in a while….since 2/13 I think. Just hoping all is well with him.

        • Peri, the LEO?? He stayed in contact for weeks–then his wife lost her job; I haven’t received email for a couple weeks.
          If anyone hears, like Daisy, let me know??
          Thanks…I worry too.

        • NSBF,

          Its all good 😉 been busy building a bunch of raised beds and a few hot boxes. But thank you for the concern 🙂


          • @DPS, Phew! Good to know all is well my friend! Thought maybe you decided to go silent. Sounds like you have been using your time well. I had a few weeks of low productivity…took a hard fall on a mental health day…fishing trip. It is all good now though. We got 8 blueberry bushes planted this weekend and I will be starting some of my veggie seeds inside this week. Take care~D

      40. First off, it’s Americans, which a capital A. It’s obvious Greg, that you weren’t born here and have USA envy. Our Constitution is what made us great. What shithole dictatorship do you hail from that you’ve got even the gall to critize what we have worked so hard for. Our troops are as patriotic as the families that send them off. How dare you forget that there were no bits & pieces to pick up after 911. The only ones that ‘have it made’ are the hard working blue/white collar workers. You think the ones getting free everything have it made? Think again numbnuts.

        • hidden because you can’t handle the truth! typical american response — assume the ostrich! so typical.

          • Hey Greg,

            You’re out of your league man. Stick your tail between your legs and get lost.

          • greg:what the fuck is up? Get down to the VA,
            and get your meds adjusted. That is, if you
            are actually an American Veteran.

      41. Some days, the strangest things just seem to happen to me…
        Honest to goodness, I saw these 4 trucks parked side by side at a truck stop today. First was a cattle trailer full of cows, then a ‘National Beef’ refrigerated trailer, no doubt with boxed beef. Next was a flatbed with a dozen pallets of Kingsford charcoal, and then a truck with a ‘Webber Grills’ trailer. I thought to myself “Darwin would be so proud- it’s the Evoloution of Dinner!” And I had dessert. I parked my truck, loaded with Sara Lee frozen cakes on the end of the line. Then I thought “If only a Budweiser truck would park next to me- all would be balanced in the universe.”

        • Oakie, again you bright me evening and make me smile!!! You are the BEST!

          • Thanks NSBF. Lots of days out here on the truck, it’s you guys at shtfplan that keep me going! 🙂

      42. and why is the global economy in a profound state of collapse????
        afterall for the longest time it was party party party
        and then at the end of 2008
        party over

        A study by the German military predicted that within 8 years,oil shortages would cause a global economic collapse,1518,715138,00.html

        • Explains why the German president has been told to go by tptb.

      43. whooopsy….”brighten my evening”…..

      44. Imagine a store called Emotions R Us. They don’t sell any products or services, just emotions. This is what you might hear on the store’s public address system:

        (in a perky voice)-‘Attention shoppers, we have some TERIFFIC deals on the happiness aisle! I mean this is just SO COOL! Super bargains on the most awesome attitudes you’ll find anywhere! We know you’ll love the styles, and the new spring happiness shipments are just in, and they are FABULOUS! So stop by the happiness aisle soon! We know you’re gonna love it!’

        (a low timid voice)- “Uh…excuse me shoppers. I’m really sorry to bother you, but we have some sorta good deals over on the meekness aisle. If it’s not too much trouble, please stop by and see them. We certainly don’t mean to boast, but we think you might…well…sorta like the sale prices…but if they’re still too high, we’d be glad to negotiate in a fair and open manner, because we sure don’t want to offend anybody. Remember to stop by the meekness department. It’s the small aisle near the back of the store. And thank you very, very much’

        (in a Marine Corps Drill Instructor type voice)- ‘Attention All Shoppers! Listen up, you maggots! You WILL get your butt over to the anger department. And I mean NOW! We’ve got massive special deals on every kind of anger there is. New shipments have just come in, and don’t you DARE tell me this isn’t the best deal on anger anywhere in town! So get your lazy carcase over to the anger aisle NOW! Don’t make me come drag your sorry ass out of that piss-ant meekness department, because I WILL COME GET YOU! Shoppers, you have FIVE minutes. NOW MOVE!’

        (in a 1970s stoned hippie voice)- ‘Oh, wow! You guys have got to come check out the euphoria department. I mean, we’ve got euphoria out the wazoo over here, man. And some pretty cool discounts on the close-out euphoria left over from last year. It’s like…it’s kinda like juggling unicorns riding soap-bubble spewing Harleys across a rainbow or somethin’. I’d tell you where the euphoria aisle is, but I aint left it in weeks. I don’t even know which part of the store we’re in, but, dudes, it’s far out once you find it. And you’re never gonna want to leave. Just keep shuffling around, you’ll find us sooner or later. Oh, and if anybody just came in from the grocery store next door- would you please bring me a bag of Doritos?’

      45. Good article Mac! I’ve got some facts that are eye opening and sort of like a window into where this country is heading. Here in NC, I live near a typical big city that has a lot of commerce and major interstates running thru it. Population of the county it sits in is about a half million people. The local news has just reported that there are now two thousand homeless students attending schools there. Granted most have moved in with relatives or living in Shelters, but this is a disgrace. Our government spends billions everyday to support the rich cronies of this USA, and gives handouts to terror sponsoring countries while our on children suffer. A lot of evil people will pay bigtime for these atrocities brought upon our society.

        • Yeah, well call me crazy….most do, but I have already bitched on this forum that churches are empty all week other than 2 hours a week on Sunday mornings; and mmost have cafeterias and kitchens—think about that for a while.
          What would Jesus do???

      46. “But a year ago the president lost control of congress and has to compromise with the republicans…”

        What kind of of horse shit libtard quote is that? As if we wouldn’t be in MORE trouble, deeper in the quagmire if this ass hat had free reign like he did for two years.
        Are you friggin kiddin me?

      47. Predominantly poor white people in the video. Who gives a S#@**, that’s the plan

      48. What a piece of biased propaganda that ‘docu’ mentary is…

      49. I wonder how much food those free cell phones would buy? My parents applied for and got food stamps. Years of farming and killed any chance of retirement for my parents. They were coerced into believing that Social Security would take care of them. Now, they realize it was a lie.

        But, now they have been offered free cell phones! Yeah! Thats what they need! They apply for food stamps to help make ends meet and they get offered free cell phones!

        My parents paid a horrendous amount into taxes, SS and gave to charity their whole life. Now, as they try to collect on the promise, they’re being given the shaft. While this video brings out some good points what it refuses to say is this:

        You can’t tax people into prosperity. When you take the money from them and squander it on government excess, priviledge and war you then have nothing when the bad times hit. This video in several spots appeared to be an attempt to slam republicans and say the attitude of “work not handouts” has caused this. The fact is, the insanity of the socialist agenda has caused this. We need to get the socialists back into the box and tie it to a big rock and throw it into a slow moving, very deep river. They are wrecking this country.

        • NetRanger,

          But this was their plan from the beginning.
          To wreck any country, gather the wealth in top levels of the hierarchy, and let the little ants die.

          Since socialism and communism failed as systems and values, why don’t they let go?

          • manos..and to top it off..(especially in your case.)

            remove the elected head of state

            install a former IMF/Goldman Sachs head to insure they extract every last dime from the populace..

            so far..Greece and Italy..


        • well like George Carlin said
          “they call it the American dream because YOU HAVE TO BE ASLEEP TO BELIEVE IT”

          and for those of you still locked into the left/right thing
          WAKE UP
          you fancy yourselves enlightened
          and think yourselves superior to the “sheeple”
          your sheeple in your own right
          its not left/right
          its US vs. THEM

        • Hey. Could you imagine how much it would cost to implant everyone with chips? People arent ripe for implanted chips yet but they will sure take a GPS enabled cellphone. Great way to keep track of people and cheap too. Comes with strings. You know what I mean?

        • they give them free cell phones so they can keep track of them, if they dont have a credit cards with rfid chips, the govt has to give them a cellphone to keep track of all citizens

      50. Back in 1995 we were buying a house. I was a programmer and the wife an RN. The real estate agent tried to sell us “As much house as we could afford”. Well I did…I bought a double and passed on the single family home. Now the rent pays the mort. Many of our friends list their mcmansion…where they used to laugh at us and pitty us…now they wish they did what we did. An old Jewish business man I knew said this was coming. The factories were closing and he warned me about it. He also warned me about the socialist wave that will sweep the country when everyone is out of work. His big caution was to never give up my gun. He watched as his family were dragged off to concentration camps in Germany. This is what’s coming. They built many fema camps. He warned about the crash of the dollar and to keep my wealth in silver and gold. Everything this old gent told me is coming true. The UN are trying to enslave us all. The only thing that stands between total UN enslavement and depopulation culling are the American gun owners. They cannot step out of line as we’d take them out. Folks, if anything, it’s time to stock up on guns and ammo and keep it well. Live in peace and vote. No violence. Buy keeping guns and ammo the UN cannot get cocky. If they pass laws that say you have to turn in your guns….do NOT!!!!! Support the NRA and groups like them. Stop buying all that plastic shit in China. It’s destroying our country. We’re all slaves. Do not fear the NDAA…fight it. Preppers, start banding together and replace our law makers.

        • Smart idea to have a rental at this point in time.You don’t have to go far to collect the rent. I tried that a few years back but had a hard time getting tenants to pay the rent so I unloaded it after a couple years.Now, with all the foreclosures, I am thinking a rental could be good thing.

      51. This is the age group I worry for most lone ranger – good people who were told “pay in and when you are old and ill the state will look after you”.

        Here in the UK the number of pensioners that DIE of cold every year gets higher. The generation that left school at 14, fought and suffered through WW2 and worked their butts off so I could grow up safe have been totally betrayed.

        I’m a little fanatical about checking on our elderly neighours and have taught my son that we ALWAYS have a bowl of stew to spare as I regard it as my Christian duty even if my government doesn’t. The bonus has been that my 7 year old gets an education unavailable in any school house that is really doing him a lot of good – this has been a pleasant suprise and has kinda proved to me that it’s not all about money iykwim.

      52. Its been only a ” MATTER OF TIME ” for about 5 years now but heck its only a matter of time right ? 50 years is still time and so is 100 years still a matter of time .

        • ‘It’s all about perspective’ said the milky way to the mouse. Now, was that a candy bar about to be eaten, or was it a galaxy speaking to a tiny crearure?

          Rich99, does that ‘matter of time’ thing include daylight savings time? I just don’t want to oversleep and miss it!
          Seriously though, you always rile the folks here about being too gung-ho in prepping. Now, c’mon, you know that most of us are not the sort to be constantly twitching in anticipation as we search the sky for incoming emp bursts (or nukes or whatever). It’s just that we’re firmly in the belief of ‘better way too early than a minute too late.’ Plus, most of us here actually don’t have a 50 yr supply of freeze-dried stashed in a titanium lined bunker…(but we can dream, right?)
          It’s all about our individual perspective, hopefully based on at least SOME sound information, and how that influences our outlook on what the future holds.

          cheers- okie

          • You’ve come far pilgram. Was it worth the trouble?

            Do you know who I am or where I’ve been?

            • Let me guess….You must be “The Duke”. Didn’t you shoot one too many films in that radioactive western sand?

      53. I just have to agree with the article, for the most part. I work for an attorney and we conduct foreclosures for local Credit Unions. I have worked there for 10 years and we have never done more than 4-6 foreclosures in a years time…until 2011 when we did 26. 2012 looks to be even bigger.

      54. Seriously I have no sympathy for that second lady.

        Her kids, yes. Her husband, yes. Her? Hell no.

        Notice how all she wants is a house. No mention of her poor husband or kids. Just wants a house. Which tells me she was the one that insisted on renting a fricking 3 bedroom and having the two kids in the first place. On an auto mechanic’s pay. Also a job with very little stability.

        Trying to find work herself? Nope.

        No wonder the poor bastard wants to kill himself.

        Women like her need to wake the fuck up. It’s not 1950.

        • Fuckin A, I have women who lives next door with her (man/boyfriend), they are tenants. Don’t think they are married she has him working for all the shit she wants. Since they moved in I have been asked to help do crap like change a flat tire, put a new battery in her car, cut their grass several times;hell they wanted me to baby sit even. I am a reasonably nice person. I finally had enough when I changed the fucking battery in the car and the stupid cunt says “my man is buying me a new car”, thanks for the help with the battery and any info about the car maintence tell him. I responded with snappy retort ” I ain’t your fucking servant bitch, you better ask your man to be a man and do his fucking job”. Later he came home and came over to see what was up and so forth. He didn’t get out of line because he knew what the fuck was up. He knew that he was wrong and that both of them were lazy pieces of shit and that they would be getting no more help in any way. I wait for spring and the Homeowners association to report them and start the fines for the yard amoungst other things. Oh and shortly after they got the new cars I purchased a brand fuckin new Ford explorer, they got 2005 saturn suv’s. I paid cash for mine. I thought the whole thing was a joke…. To The guy, predatory closet pussy selling bitches talkin bout I’m a woman I can’t do that. I hear ya bro. They want to be equal but don’t want to get their hands dirty. Any bitches act like around me will be on the corner getting straight pimped once shit fall apart. There are very, VERY few ladies anymore mostly Conchas.

      55. cannon fodder needed
        sign your sons up NOW
        the drums of war are being beaten
        louder and louder and LOUDER now
        you see it for yourselves everyday
        its on the front page of the paper
        its on the evening news
        TPTB want war
        and they need US to do the fighting
        but no matter
        for everyone who signs their child up
        you’ll get a nice new flag
        a really really big flag ,to drape over their coffin
        and instead of holding your child
        you can hold onto that flag

        “I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.”
        ― Smedley D. Butler, War is a Racket: The Antiwar Classic by America’s Most Decorated Soldier

        do you get it now
        its ALWAYS been this way

        ..”Sarah, if the American people had ever known the truth about what we Bushs have done to this nation, we would be chased down in the streets and lynched.” — George Bush Sr. 1992

        “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.” Henry Kissinger, quoted by Bob Woodward in The Final Days, 1976

        if you want to see how very evil “THEY” are
        do a little research
        start with Operation Gladio and Operation Northwoods

        it ain’t tinfoil anymore baby
        its the world we live in

        keep arguing about left/right
        demtards,libtards etc etc etc
        blah blah blah
        somewhere in this country
        in a room paneled in mahogany
        a group of men dressed in $2000 suits
        are laughing their asses off
        and RIGHTLY so

        • Yes I know it is Saturday afternoon but I want to see the “thumbs up” box over flowing. (mm)

      56. If ALL the social welfare programs were removed (food stamps, welfare checks, student “aid”, section 8, food handouts, free medical for homeless and illegals at emergency rooms and on and on…) THEN you would see the reality of the problem here in the U.S..
        You would see the long “soup lines” just as there were during the Great Depression. You would see THIN, desperate people looking for ANY job that pays enough for rent, food and some clothes.

        I’m NOT saying that folks don’t need help when they genuinely need it. Some out of work or down on their luck are excellent folks who really want and need a good job.
        I did notice, however, in that video of the tent city folks in Michigan–most of them were FAT and not moving much. How about chopping wood? How about fixing up your neighbors sagging tent? How about improving the surroundings? Just sayin’….

          • I think the UK is in far more potential trouble than the US to be fair as we have far more people per acre, and our class system means that skilled trade apprenticeships are looked down upon and sneered at.

            If we have 3 days, I think the US would have at least a couple of weeks.

            We import 80% of our food, I think the US is a little more self sufficient.

            The cost of land to grow food here is insane simply due to supply and demand! Land in the US is much cheaper for preppers.

        • The Honorable Judge always brings a smile to my face.Hope to see him on another program.Maybe RT but he probably wouldn’t get paid as much as at Fox

        • Satori, Thank you for posting this video.

          THis is absolutely the most important ‘speech’ for all Conservatives to view.

          His passionate cry should be a rally point for all who want to see a great united States of America again.

          PLEASE, pass the video to your like minded friends who may not visit this site!!

        • WAtch the video the fill the “Thumbs Up” box as a thank you to Satori for bringing this to all of us here. (MM)

        • Holy cow, thanks for showing this, I didn’t know he got fired. I thought that was the whole point to his show. Makes FOX look like cowards for dropping him for reporting the TRUTH… I always enjoyed listening to him.

      57. I don’t think most “homeless” Americans have fallen very far. Is the foreclosed American really now more likely to be living in a storm drain or back with his parents? And is the homeless American now likelier to be a post-2008 first-time-homeless guy whose middle-class life ended with the depression or a guy who was living in a homeless camp or on the street YEARS ago?

      58. The most amazing thing is that Judge Andrew Napolitano was a Superior Court Judge in NJ of all places. Judges there are appointed. How did such a man with so much respect for the Constitution slip through the cracks of corruption in the NJ appointment process?

        He was a breath of fresh air in the MSM. I’ll miss his show.

      59. What a horribly slanted program!!!

        If only those mean republicans would get out of the way, President Obama would bring sunshine and unicorns to everybody. Why all these stories almost bring down his vacation time. Not that the republicans are much better. I would love to see a candidate say, I’m not going to use my war chest to advertise, I’m going to use it to help the American people, now there would be someone to get behind!!

      60. Confucius Say ; Man who go to bed with nasty ass , wake up with stink E fingers

      61. maybe the judge will move to texas and join up with the likes of glen beck.

      62. If Al Franken can go from a SNL comedy act (and not their best) to the US Senate and Fred Thompson could do the same Judge Andrew Napolitano would be a far better choice based on his knowledge and experience alone.

        Given a term in US Senate and he is ripe for the Presidency and let me say probably just in the nick of time. He is pretty well known and only the party faithful from both party’s can disagree with his positions. The only people that don’t like freedom are benefiting from the lack of it either economically or socially by their misguided desire to control others.

      63. I am an old man, but can remember as early as 5th grade my teacher explaining the bell curve to us that she used to grade us. It was simply that if she made the test sufficiently difficult, and then if you looked at the scores on a test you could plot them on a graph and the graph would look like a bell, with most of the people in the class getting an average score toward the middle of the bell with only a few getting an extremely bad or an extremely good score which fell on the graph out toward the left and right lip of the bell.

        The principle of a normal bell curve distribution applies to most things, even the distribution of wealth, if nature is allowed to operate with people acting in free markets. But what does it mean when the distribution of wealth is not normal, but instead skewed with a relatively few people or families possessing most of the wealth, and most people having little like we see in the USA today?

        What it means as that the free market has been rigged so that the rules of nature are not working. Corporations and government have colluded to rig the markets to favor themselves at the expense of the majority, and wealth gradually has been shifted out of the pockets of most of us to put it in the pockets of the few. Lobbyist write the laws and then those who hire them effectively bribe venal politicians with political contributions, speaker fees, book deals, vacations, and outright payoffs to get favorable legislation passed. We have as a result regulated markets where the average Joe doesn’t stand a chance. Few of the wealthy made it by building a better mouse trap; most instead just got politicians to build mouse traps to economically capture the public in this system of plunder and control. When the country looks like one big slave plantation is looks that way because it is.

      64. Do you know where I can find beaver, bear, and other critters that are worth cash money when skint?


        One of the nation’s largest suppliers of dehydrated food has cut loose 99% of their dealers and distributors. And it’s not because of the poor economy. It’s because this particular industry leader can no longer supply their regular distribution channels. Why not? Because they’re using every bit of manufacturing capacity they have to fulfill massive new government contracts. Look, the government has always been a customer of the industry to some extent. But according to our sources, this latest development doesn’t represent simply a change of vendor on the government’s part. It’s a whole new magnitude of business.

        And that’s not all.

        Apparently, even though they’ve cut off their regular consumer markets, the industry leader I’ve just mentioned still can’t produce enough survival food to meet the government’s vast requirements. How do we know? Earlier this month, FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) put out a Request for Proposal, or RFP, for even more dehydrated food. The RFP called for a 10-day supply of meals – for 14 million people. That’s 420 million meals. Typically, FEMA maintains a stockpile of about 6 million meals. Why the sudden need to increase the stockpile by 420 million more? (And that’s in addition to whatever our aforementioned industry leader is supplying.) It almost seems like they’re trying to stock a modern day “Noah’s Ark,” doesn’t it?

        Continue reading on Terror threats rising as FEMA orders $1 Billion in dehydrated food – National Finance Examiner |

      66. News,

        Did you take the time to look at the dates these articles were posted? They are almost a yr old dude..

      67. In the SciFi film Tron II, at one point before a surprise battle, the main character asked, “What am I supposed to do?”

        The reply was, “Survive”

        I read a series of attacks against a man trying to do just that:

        He wasn’t a perfect man, he was just going along like most everyone else, and he failed in many ways.

        Here is his story:

        I wanted to reply, but I figured my reply wouldn’t see the light of day there, so I thought I’d post it here instead as this is a much better website and perhaps someone will decide by their own free will to do what’s right for themselves and their family instead of what’s good for the banks and the hope’ers up the street trying to maintain housing prices by whatever method they can, up to and including, ratting out their neighbors for trying to do something to make things better and belittling them for doing what’s best for themselves or their family.

        Don’t get me wrong, what Brad did, like many Americans, was the wrong approach to take, however; the fault lies not with People like Brad, but with the lenders who encouraged and enabled it all and distorted everything.

        Jason J.wrote, “I am not an economics major but I firmly believe that our country is in the shape that it is due in large part to people like Brad C. who leveraged everything that they could to live “the American dream” and then screwed all of his creditors by simply deciding that he was not going to pay.”

        Far too many People are confused and think individuals are to blame for the housing bubble (or the credit card bubble or any other bubble) when in fact it was all due to the actions of The Federal Reserve. For without the actions of The Fed, none of what happened would be possible.

        Still yet more People are confused as to what exactly The American Dream is. Here is a good summary:

        “The problem lies in a fundamental misunderstanding of the American dream. Owning a home is not the American dream. Earning a college education is not the American dream. The dream is the pursuit of one’s goals and the pursuit of happiness. Rather than an equal outcome, it means an equal opportunity to rise above one’s background toward a quality of life that one’s ancestors could only dream of.”

        “That’s the dream. You have not failed if you do not own a home. You have not failed if you don’t have a college education. You only fail when you give up on pursuing your dreams.”

        Jimbo wrote, “Brad C is a common thief. Nothing more.”

        It’s as if People don’t understand that a lender takes a risk [or used to] and the fallout from failure is spelled out in the terms of the agreement, or within the “law”… for whatever that’s worth.
        If a borrower cannot pay, such a Person would be crazy to continue paying on a debt that results in a lifetime of serfdom and servitude if there was a way out.

        Strategic default is Not a moral failure, it is the Only sensible path for many.

        Jimbo goes on to write, “It is people like Brad who have wrecked the country that I fought for and made it what it is today, not because Brad went bankrupt, but because Brad justified in his head that going BK wasn’t his fault, is acceptable behavior, and is “just business”.

        Is the message not getting out? It is Not the fault of People like Brad,… it’s the fault of The Fed and the lenders who loaned out money with no regard for who it went to or for what purpose. [Not to mention Jimbo fought for the bankers, corporations and empire, not for the People. Oh yes, he helped to make it “what it is today” and I wouldn’t boast about that, fascism bites.]

        Ian writes, “People like Brad, who bought up huge amounts of real estate back in the early 2000s are the ones who caused the real estate bubble.”

        These People just cannot see the forest for the trees. It’s Not the borrowers, it’s the lenders who brought this all on, for without them there would Never have been a housing bubble.

        M.M. wrote, “You took their money and refused to return it. That is theft.”

        Again, confusion reigns. Brad didn’t “refuse” to return the money, he Couldn’t pay it back – not ever – and that is something People fail to understand about this example. The same is true with the national debt.

        JWR wrote, “I also hope that you can see the peril of equivocating and convincing yourself that “it is just business” to cheat your creditors. Theft is theft. Calling it something else doesn’t change it, or it’s consequences.”

        JWR is siding with the bankers on this, imho.

        It is Not theft to declare bankruptcy, It-IS-Just-Doing-Business, More People need to look at it that way so the nation can correct and pursue a path of prosperity.

        Why is ok for businesses to be able to take this approach and not individuals? It Is Not cheating… that’s what the lenders are doing and you the taxpayer are bailing them out. Lucky you and I, eh?

        Why is serfdom acceptable for individuals and it’s not acceptable for corporations? Especially if one is following the terms of agreement.

        Declaring bankruptcy and doing what’s best for you is Not theft, it’s survival.

        Can I say this too?: JWR, you’re an asshole for posting your comments and your approach, and for siding for with the bankers. I do hope he, like many others, seeks understanding and changes his tune someday.

        If a lender offers terms that Will result in failure, the blame is on the lender, Not the borrower.

        *Insert image here of banker lending $200,000 (to buy an overpriced house) to a strawberry picker who earns $14,000 year.* Who is the bad guy here?

        At the top of the heap, The Fed. At the bottom are “Yes Men” who go along to get along and do what they can to “get theirs” while encouraging others to do the same.

        In the film Tron II, a robot tells one of the main characters he is, “not authorized” to proceed.

        The character responds by bonking the robot on the head.

        The robot responds, “You may proceed”.

        … Don’t let the robots – or the Yes Men – get in the way of your survival,… economic, or otherwise.

        One other thing, JWR ends that column with a quote by Mike Vanderboegh:

        “Had the Japanese [army’s territorial conquest in Asia] got as far as India, Gandhi’s theories of “passive resistance” would have floated down the Ganges River with his bayoneted, beheaded carcass.”

        I would change that to:

        Had the Japanese [army’s territorial conquest in Asia] got as far as India, Gandhi’s theories drawn from Jesus’ ideas of “passive resistance” would Not have floated down the Ganges River with his bayoneted, beheaded carcass.

        Resistance is Not futile.

        /rant off.

        • clark…thumbs up on the bankruptcy issue. BTW I would have kept the cabin if I was Brad.

        • I dont necessarily agree with the bankers are bad Idea that most people have. They are evil but they are necessary.
          There is absolutely no reason whatsoever that someone should lose their home. People are just not will in to do what is necessary to keep it.
          I bought my first house in the early 1970’s and after 6 months got in a traffic accident that left me in the hospital for 3 months. I lost my house because of this.
          But 3 years later I met a woman and got married so we bought another house but because of the foreclosure the rates were real high. Still we paid for it until my wife got pregnant and couldn’t work. We had savings and they continued to dwindle untill the baby was born. We had all sorts of bills. Much more than the income I had. So at first I took another job but quickly that ended when the economy went down hill. We had a small 4 bedroom house. 1200 sq ft if I recall correctly. So I rented out first one room then another then the third room. The I lost my normal job. Everyone remembers Carter…..
          So I ended up working 3 part time jobs and 7-11 and places like that. That continued until the mid 1980’s and the economic boom then. I finally got a good job again and my wife went to work and all was well.
          But what Im trying to say is that there is no reason for anyone to lose their house. Most people just don’t have the moral fortitude to do what it takes to survive anymore. I have little pitty for them.

        • Brad’s confession on and your analysis of it were both excellent….good reading and good on both of you.

      68. The writer lost credibility within the first 1:30 minutes of the video:

        “Las Vegas – The Capital of Capitalism” — NOT

        “Capitalism: an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market.”

        Your winnings from gambling are not based by private decision and competition in a free market.

        “Home of the dream that with hard work and luck anyone can make it in America” — NOT

        The whole premise of gambling is the chance of getting something for nothing (or next to nothing). It is NOT based on “Hard Work”.

      69. Thanks, JRS, and, I’d have kept the cabin too.

        Here’s a good one describing credit card debt with a very interesting approach to escaping debt, those who think credit card debt should be paid off probably do not consider this perspective:

        Letter to Bank of America

        … “I consider my debt to BOA to be paid in full by BOA for the following reason: from information I could find on the Internet BOA has a U.S. consumer base of some $29 million. I calculated my share of the bailout funds allocated to BOA then to be approximately $5200.

        This is money I’ve already given to BOA from my federal tax allowances. Now this is just a loan understand. BOA is responsible for paying this money back in full and with interest, to me. Since the federal government made this loan without the constitutional authority to do so and with my money I would like to inform BOA of my terms of agreement which are in addition to whatever TOA you might already have with the feds.” …

      70. Mac, you really need to wake-up. Why would you put this propaganda piece on your site? You are broadcasting something that Jeffrey Sachs is included in?! He is a known globalist pushing for global government. A little girl says she is eating rats? C’mon, man. This is just complete propaganda. Notice how they barely give the conservative point of view except to demonize it. I have lost quite a bit of respect for you over this.

      71. fu_k Obama he is a devil. If I would be in a situation like this, I would not wait for his change. I would move deep into a forrest somewhere at a lake and set up an own small community with good people. This community wouldn’t have a bank and no Illuminati paper money.

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