Food Stamp Nation: What a Modern Day Bread Line Looks Like (Infographic)

by | Oct 25, 2012 | Headline News | 225 comments

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    With digital technology being used for all manner of government distributions, it’s difficult to overtly distinguish between the severity of the Great Depression of the 1930’s and today’s economic crisis.

    But just because we don’t see thousands of hungry people lined up for hours at a time at their local soup kitchen today doesn’t mean the lines don’t exist.

    Today bread lines have been removed with the help of technology; EBT cards are filled with Government money for Food Stamp participants to purchase food at local retailers.

    If all EBT recipients shopped at only Walmart Super Centers for ALL their SNAP benefits, then this is how the Bread Line would look each month– 14,588 people.

    There are 3051 Walmart Super Centers in USA and 44,510,598 participants in SNAP (2011), making the average SNAP line at each Walmart at 14,588 people.

    The Modern Era’s Bread Lines are not visible because the business is handled discreetly through EBT Cards

    Source: Demonocracy

    The line at a single Walmart, if we include both adults and children receiving SNAP benefits, would be over 7 miles long!

    The following info-graphic provides some additional facts and visuals.

    Infographic by Demonocracy (click for higher resolution)
    via Zero Hedge


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      1. Mac,

        You have hit the nail on the head. This is a depression but with a new name called the great recession.

        • Mac, you not only hit the nail on the head. but, you completely out done your self with this article. very good read. i am going to have to reread it a couple of times so i can remember the stats. i plan on using this information against the sheeple.

          • Food Stamp Cost in 2011 71,800,000,000

            Bankster extortion since 2008 16,000,000,000,000

            Food stamp cost if bankster extortion was eliminated

            Negative 15,928,200,000,000

            Just think of all the people we could feed if we dispensed with the banksters.

            Isn’t time to focus on the right enemy in these matters?

            • Invest in rope. We’re gonna need it.

            • Feed the people that WANT to work.
              Those that aren’t interested in producing anything of value need to learn the lessons hunger can teach.

            • I agree completely with your point. People are focusing on the wrong enemy here. This economy has hurt many people that want to work, but cannot find a decent job. Then a bunch off people who have been fortunate enough to have good jobs get brainwashed and propagandized into believing its the poor people’s fault that the economy is so bad. In reality, corporations, banks, and the government themselves are the biggest “welfare queens” as one gets endless subsidies and tax breaks, the other gets endless bail-outs and money printing gifts, and the last gets the money from inside and outside the land through taxes and donations. Articles like this tend to over-emphasize the blame on the people that are one of, if not, the biggest victims of this crony corporatist, war industrialist, and bankster corruption economy. Sadly, i don’t think people who believe the food stamp receivers (like my family) are one of, if not the biggest problems realize how much they are being gamed by class-warfare tactics. Divide and Conquer. Ordo ab chao. It sure is working for them, and the seemingly endless glut of articles like this and many similar reports on Fox News, and the willingness of many people to buy into them prove “their” tactics are working. There are so many other serious problems out there and root causes of this issue that people need to focus on, that articles like this and people’s willingness to blame the victims mentioned in this article make me upset. Before one blames the people in the “modern breadlines”, one needs to look at the current gravy train to the banks through the Fed’s 40 billion Dollars PER MONTH to mortgage backed securities, the endless spending on war tools to KILL PEOPLE in many places, the Bail Outs of To Big to Fail Banks, the Stimulus money to GM, Solyndra, Lightsquared, etc. But I digress. Just drink some more flouride, eat some GMO, shut up and blame that family of 3 that just had a family medical emergency, cannot find jobs that pay more than 10 bucks an hour with crappy benefits, and is trying to figure out how they are going to pay for daycare when they are working at those great paying jobs. Just remember when you can’t find a good paying job what you were focusing on when you had a good job and it was those bad people getting food stamps that was the cause of ALL of YOUR problems. LOL :.(

              • Mac came up with some good figures in this article, but Chris A. says the inner truth of the matter. Ya’ll need to step back and look over the past 4-6 years and see just what brought us to this dire situation before heaping vile upon the needy and you’ll find the greedy at the root of our problems.

            • right on there, eliminate the big bank involvment,(i.e jp morgan-handler of NY snap and ebt benefits) eliminate much of the wasted spending. there are hardworking people who pay the SNAP tax from their income very week, who barely scrape by and can’t qualify for assistance, yet ceos of some of the nations’ largest banks take a killing in bonuses just for handling the state’s financial affairs. the problem is not those on food stamps, but the system, duh…
              but mainstream conservatives whine all the time about how they are robbed to feed hungry families, but never about the big bucks the banks rake in from the existing system of fraud. And mainstream liberals whine that working folk should pay from cradle to grave those less fortunate (or too damn lazy) never acknowledging that the dreaded 1% is making a killing of them and those they seek to help.

            • I hear much crap about dispense with the banksters,please tell me how that is done,I hear imbeciles spouting off about such things,probably because it makes them feel important. But,please tell me how you would dispense with the banksters? I asked twice, politely.

              • Good point. Though, maybe the discussion should turn on how they can be reigned-in instead of eliminated, which sounds so final (fatal).

            • you are a fool

            • The real problem is the banksters are actually broke. The “money” they extort is simple being printed by the FED. All “profits” come strait from Ben with Obamas blessing! If Obama truly wanted to distribute wealth he would have told Ben to buy every citizen a house. An easy task with the numbers being thrown around!

          • I gotta agree. It isn’t until you see it tangibly that the point really drives home.

            It’s one thing to look at a bunch of numbers and watch as the typical person’s eyes glaze over, but another entirely when it’s displayed in a manner that simply cannot be ignored or skimmed past.

            • It has been made to easy. We don’t want to see starving children. But at least when there is a line they have to show up and do something. Now it is just a click of a mouse away.

            • Just knowing 47% is good enough for my brain.
              That’s 47 of every 100 you meet on the street receives our tax dollars in one way or another.

            • This is to JayJay: Before you complain about the 47% who pay no federal income tax, you need to first complain about ExxonMobil, GE, and all the giant corporations that pay NO federal income tax either.

              And by the way, that 47% pays plenty in other taxes and fees.

            • @ sharonsj

              I agree about the corporations, but both Dems and Repubs have made the rules the play by so if you want to slash on them, you need to call your congressman and senator and have them change the rules that govern how the game is played. Remember, you elect them so you need to complain to them about what you think is unfair in this game of laws.

            • Sharonsj True but every dividend is taxed Every product they sell is taxed. Every dollar the US employee get is taxed and taxed again when they spend it. So what if the company didn’t pay. If it wasn’t there how could all those other payer exist.

          • Here is the real problem. People feel that they have this safety net to fall back, NO MATTER WHAT. The government can and will provide people with what they need, AT A BIG TIME COST TO YOUR FREEDOM. Most people though will not see this, and fight to get into a FEMA camp. People regard a few tidbits as nothing to sell off their selves to the state. Kind of reminds me of these cartoons that the idiot on Family Guy sells his soul over and over again to the devil for a pair on concert tickets or a box of twinkies. This is how people regard their salesmanship of their bodies and souls to the government.

            I have absolutely no confidence in anything changing with either party because dependency means control. When you look at the opposite meaning of independence and fredom you get dependency. This government, the two headed beast, repuplicans and democrats want control over the masses, how they go out it is the ONLY difference. In fact I thought much about romney as being the lesser of two evils to obama and I came up with something that really started to bother me a lot about him. We are both so screwed with either of them. I will send it after I send this comment.

            • What obama has done to the country is awful and we know this, we are aware. With romney, I am so clueless to what he stands for I don’t know what to think. I tried to be fair one day and see if he would be a better president or possibly even worse, if that’s possible. In all fairness, I don’t know at all. So I wrote something to express my own concerns to myself and others that scare me as it should others because romney is not clear with anything.

              I would like to know if others out there feel like I do, so I wrote something to express my own questions about the future leadership of the the U.S. that affects all of us in the U.S. and the entire world.

              I personally have a desire as most people living in the United States, to have a good leader that at least tries to help the whole country and all the people to prosper, succeed, and be as content as possible. I have thought much about the issues of a good leader and one of them is trust. Like many people this has been the one issue with Mitt Romney, trying to gauge where this individual is coming from. I don’t like surprises, as more often than not they turn out poorly to bad. I have thought about this, and I can say that I don’t hate or like the man or his ideas or policies as I am like most people, “clueless” about where he stands “truthfully” on anything. I personally respect someone that is honest and straight-forward and does not hide their true agenda. Past actions as governor of Massachusetts have shown him to be far from what he says he is now.

              To be fair I have thought about what worries me a lot about some leader that will have a difficult time to change much of the country for the better. The main problem is the old trojan horse concept that someone you don’t know can go off in any direction and could be something that is really awful, hidden below the surface, that will further devastate the country and the people. Politicians will say anything and everything that “sounds good” “at the time” to get elected. Words are empty without actions to back them up, and words that change context constantly are dangeous to everyone that would be a “subject” under any leader. As I tried to weigh in the positives and negitives of Romney, I found out that I can’t. I don’t know.

              This term “I don’t know” is the best way to describe Romney, the first presidental candidate in American history that no one can really be sure where this person stands on any issue. He could become the “I don’t know” president.

              I came up personally with 50 questions about Romney that I think most others are concerned about the country and the leadership of the nation.

              1. Would Romney support American’s right to own and freely possess guns? I don’t know.
              2. Would Romney actually work to bring jobs back to the U.S.? I don’t know.
              3. Would Romney sell off the country’s middle class to others to benefit the top .01%. I don’t know.
              4. Would Romney raise taxes excessively across the board after being elected? I don’t know.
              5. Would Romney keep any of his promises? I don’t know.
              6. Would Romney work to create jobs or cause job losses? I don’t know.
              7. Would Romney be the most liberal republican president ever? I don’t know.
              8. Would Romney be completely pro-life, or pro-choice? I don’t know.
              9. Would Romney expand free trade so much that it implodes the U.S. economy? I don’t know.
              10. Would Romney respect and fight for the U.S. constitution at all times? I don’t know.

              11. Would Romney be fair to women and men equally? I don’t know.
              12. Would Romney be clear and understandable to where the U.S. stand with world leaders? I don’t know.
              13. Would Romney try to help all Americans achieve that American dream? I don’t know.
              14. Would Romney regard and support the middle class, making it as important as the upper class? I don’t know.
              15. Would Romney really try to cut government expenses? I don’t know.
              16. Would Romney go back to Bush type economics. I don’t know.
              17. Would Romney treat the country like a company where the workers are all easily replaceable? I don’t know.
              18. Would Romney try to make the very diversified U.S. into a giant Massachusetts? I don’t know.
              19. Would Romney treat the national debt urgently or allow it to expand exponentially? I don’t know.
              20. Would Romney be receptive to those around him or will everything has to be his way? I don’t know.

              21. Would Romney respect the civil rights of all Americans regardless of gender, race, religion, or belief? I don’t know.
              22. Would Romney give me a feeling of security; financially, national security, stability, etc.? I don’t know.
              23. Would Romney’s words and promises still lack any clarity if he became president? I don’t know.
              24. Would Romney turncoat on those that have supported him, been loyal to him? I don’t know.
              25. Would Romney try to fix and support, or try to destroy Medicare? I don’t know.
              26. Would Romney try to overhaul social security to save it or to get rid of it? I don’t know.
              27. Would Romney have the philosophy of the survival of the fittest or the richest? I don’t know.
              28. Would Romney try to eliminate all entitlements, even those that taxpayers paid into for decades. I don’t know.
              29. Would Romney start a new cold war with Russia and China, or a hot war? I don’t know.
              30. Would Romney actually stick to his 5 point plan or any economic plan? I don’t know.

              31. Would Romney cut or expand big government? I don’t know.
              32. Would Romney outsource auto and other manufacturing jobs to the highest foreign bidder? I don’t know.
              33. Would Romney be a strong leader or a weak leader, unite Americans and totally polarize everyone. I don’t know.
              34. Would Romney be as puzzling and vague as president as he is a presidental candidate? I don’t know.
              35. Would Romney help to expand much better security of the Mexican border? I don’t know.
              36. Would Romney crack down on illegal immigration? I don’t know.
              37. Would Romney speed through the citizenship of children of illegal immigrants born in this the U.S.? I don’t know.
              38. Would Romney change “only in name” Obama Care into Romney Care? I don’t know.
              39. Would Romney consider anyone not a millionaire to be put into a binder below him? I don’t know.
              40. Would Romney help start a very intrusive National ID system? I don’t know.

              41. Would Romney use any and all means to get his way no matter what? I don’t know.
              42. Would Romney use similar Bush era patriot act tactics to limit our freedoms? I don’t know.
              43. Would Romney put America first, or the bottom lines of only those “well to do” first? I don’t know.
              44. Would Romney act more like Reagan or Bush junior, or like something people will wish they never voted for? I don’t know.
              45. Would Romney expand on use of surveillance drones on U.S. citizens. I don’t know.
              46. Would Romney allow middle class and all class tax cuts to expire? I don’t know.
              47. Would Romney even try to help break up the gridlock of congress. I don’t know.
              48. Would Romney work to do anything to make the middle class people’s lives more manageable?
              49. Would Romney become a true leader or a figurehead for his party, whatever party he chose in the future? I don’t know.
              50. Would Romney represent the people or those very special interest groups? I don’t know.

              I honestly came up with I don’t know for all 50 questions that I posed to myself, as I was totally truthful and fair to myself and Romney as a presdiental candiate. I could not honestly give a yes or no answer to any of these 50 concerns. With every other presidental candidate in my lifetime I could say a definite yes or no with at least half of the 50. I cannot really praise or condemn Romney as I am not sure about this person at all where he truthfully stands. Like a family member, friend, co-worker, or associate that has lacked any consistency with their words and actions, you cannot install any confidence in the person. A question 51 could be do you have confidence and trust in Romney’s words? NO. Anything else, would be a no confidence vote.

              Unfortunately for the first time a presidental candidate is just like a pendulum clock swinging back and forth not knowing when or where the views, beliefs, opinions, or anything else is going to rest at. I and others would like to support a good leader, but there are no clear indications that Romney would be that person. The real question for me and others is, would Governor Romney be good to lead our country? I don’t know.

              How do others feel about this? Again I am trying to be unbiased about this as possible and this is difficult, as I don’t like phonies that don’t just state where they stand and be honest about what they are and where they are on issues.

            • Be Informed,
              I liked looking over your checklist. I have one of my own-
              I just look at the checklist of characteristics of a psychopath. Amazing how many public figures get a high score.

              Superficial charm/glib speech
              Pathological liar
              Inflated sense of self worth
              Manipulative and devious
              Unable to accept responsibility for own actions
              Lack of empathy
              Lack of guilt
              Emotionally shallow
              Narcissistic self centered personality
              Need for stimulation, especially adulation from others
              Parasitic lifestyle- feeds off of others
              Irresponsible and impulsive behavior

              The list also includes some criminial traits. I think many of the public figures are intelligent enough with their psychopathy that they either avoid obvious criminal behavior or they find ways to hide it. These include:
              Poor behavior control
              Criminal behavior
              Sexual promiscuity
              Many short term relationships
              Willing to cause harm to others without remorse

              A long time ago, I had to deal with several people in my career that were most likely psychopaths. It is extimated that between 2 and 5% of the US population are psychopaths. I have made a practice of identifying them and removing them from my life but when I look at the people in the public spotlight, I am amazed at how many fit the criteria and how many of them are even idolized for that behavior. Obviously, the crooks that want to make it big go into public office.

            • Here’s what I don’t know though.

              Don’t kill me, I’m musing. Because I don’t know the answer and someone out there does. This is going to sound very anti-freedom but that’s not my intention, my intention is to speculate to find a solution.

              Ok, back in the day, you had a population of… what? I don’t know what but a lot less than 300,000,000.

              Now you got 300,000,000.

              So… in theory… is there enough land to grow all the food for these people, is there enough manpower to make sure it isn’t all full of e-coli, how do you ship it, etc.

              There definitely ARE solutions to this but I presently do not have a proposal. I’m just saying I can see how this evolved into the beast it is. Add in corrupt individulas (of course) attempting to skim given the fact that they control food distribution and you get what you got today.

              Could a smaller population handle its own food production on a far more localized level, with a much higher percentage of the overall population working in the food production pipeline? Easily, most likely.

              Could 300,000,000 people?

              Hell if I know…

            • @ Merree. I truly try to be fair to everyone. The problem I have with Romney is that I don’t know what to think. All other candidates you had an idea of where they stand and stood. With him, I don’t know. He is either a master manipulator, totally unaware of what he is saying, or a compulsive liar, or a combination of the three. I have met all three people like this and they are not people you can entrust with anything.

              Besides Romney going against the second amendment, which people I know have enough conviction would NEVER do, there is something else I thought about that really disturbed me a lot. Each and every president has taken into office with them their home state and the laws and very demeanor of the place, especially if they are governor of the state. Ronald Reagan, George Bush Jr. and Clinton are excellent examples of this. Romney preaches that he will be pro republican, but Massachusetts is one of the leading states in suffocating laws that there is in the U.S. This is why I mentioned in number 18. about would he turn the U.S. into an expanded Massachusetts. Anyone cherishing freedom should look at this quite closely.

              Honestly though I question every statement that he makes because I don’t know. It is an awful feeling that I went through with several people that I thought were allies, and turned into the worst backstabbers anyone can imagine. If this country is going to go down I rather face the enemy head on than think I have an ally in someone and have them turn on me. This is why I am so third party, because at least most of these individuals are fairly honest and state what they are and if you like them or not is your choice, but you usually know where they are coming from.

            • @ The Guy. I don’t know if you saw my calculations on population and amount of arable land. Here it is. The planet has an extremely limited amount of arable land, most countries are under 10% of their land mass can farm. The amount of the population usually needs to import food from some other country at a certain level. This level is determined by first finding out how much land a country has and then mutiplying by how much arable land % that there is. You then take the population and divide it by how many square miles of arable land you have.

              Let’s take South Korea. There have a population of 49 million. They have 38,500 square miles of land, which is 17% arable. They have 6545 square miles of arable land. You take this and divide this into the population and you have 7487 people per square mile of arable land. South Korea is a technology hub and must import practicall all their food needs, they can afford it. Any country that could not afford it would starve. Here is why.

              The land I have found out for plugging in all countries, starts to need to import food needs at around 1000 people per square mile of arable land. At 2000, unless the country can afford to pay for imported food their population begins to go hungry. The U.S. has 3,794,100 Square miles, 18% arable land, this means 682,900 sq. miles of arable land. At 310,000,000 people this means that the U.S, still only has 453 people per square mile of arable land. It can easily export food, and would not be able to do so until it reached about that 1000 level. The U.S. has a huge resource in the food belt.

              There are ONLY about a couple of dozen countries that are below this 1000 level so those countries including the U.S. feed the rest of the world. If more people worked in the farming industry, yes the U.S. could export more food. The problem with mass production of food is that the land goes sour from over fertilizing. Next is water and irrigation. The world is at 1400 people per square mile of arable land on the average, so countries like the U.S., Brazil, Australia, and others are going to have to make up the slack as the population continues to explode. Water, drought, agricultral blights, and many other factors like the cost and availibility of energy are plays into this equation.

              Decades ago the U.S. was easily able to produce food, and still can because of this amount of arable land per person per square mile. Other countries are not so lucky and depend on others to feed their people. The U.S. will have enough land to produce food until the country’s population about doubles. The rest of the world though will reach a critical mass of about 9-10 billion people when mass starvation begins. The real problem will be fresh water more so than arable land, so you can grow food.

              There is one issue that could devastate the U.S. and the ability to grow enough food, and that is drought. The one thing that could cause severe drought would be the stopping of the Gulf Stream. Most of the country’s food belt is between 30-35 degress north. Without the warm waters of the Gulf that feed into the moisture of areas like Texas and Georgia for example these areas would be deserts. Air sinks at about 30 degrees north or south and compresses, like a bicycle pump, and heats up and dries out. This is why you have deserts at about 30 degrees in latitude. IF this ever happened it would destroy a good chunk of the U.S. being able to grow surplus food.

              In other words, there is much complexity in the agriculture business. A lot has to do with climatic conditions and of course just how much land you actually have to grow food.

            • I feel stupid to have spent all the years of my life working too hard, sweating in the summer, and freezing in the winter to just “get by”.
              When we are shown here that you can get the assistance by doing nothing.
              I’m going to get in line for the free goods. Why not?
              I’ve paid all my federal and state taxes for 20 years.
              Lived paycheck to paycheck. I don’t see where its getting me. While my neighbors don’t work, and have a fully stocked freezer.
              People will argue that you should have more self respect than to put yourself in the food line. Bullshit… Our congressmen, senators, and the other govrnment crooks dont show the middle class an ounce of respect.
              So I say take it if you can get it… stock up your shelves, and prepare, on the money that the government steals and poorly uses.
              Just feed up with the screwed up system, and those that do nothing get necessities handed to them.
              so now its my turn…

            • I for one am not better off after 4 years of Obamamama.
              A third party vote only helps Barak.
              Any other option that actually has a chance deserves all the help he can get.
              Despite your mile long list of “I don’t knows” concerning Mr. Romney.
              Please America, do the only sensible thing, and help eject this socialist that is destroying what little actual hope that is left.
              Romney is not an ideal candidate, but he simply cannot do a worse job, and anyone with their eyes truely open can see that…

              Pull together and eject the destroyer. This is too important to let the little “what ifs” get us off point.

            • Exxon, GE and all the other large corporation may not pay very much in taxes but all, the thousands and thousands, of people who work for them do. As does the people who produce food and everday items for those employees of the giant corporation. Then take into account the purchasing power of these mega corp’s who purchase billions and billions of supplies and parts etc.

          • This site moderates out comments that might help focus you on the real culprits of this issue. Censorship in play. Even the alternative media has been infiltrated. Bigtime.

            • I am from Massachusetts where Romney was Governor.
              Most people from Mass thought of Romney as a moderate, neither a liberal nor a conservative. Unfortunately, we are a one party state (and have been for most of our existence). This makes a Republican Governor completely ineffective in an overly democratic state.
              As President, Romney will certainly be more conservative than our current marxist president. And I can assure you that he will NOT make any move to rescind the second amendment. He will not try to stop abortions either.
              Romney is focused more on the econony than anything else. He is an unapologetic capitalist. Something, frankly we need at the moment.

        • The government has been trying to further INCREASE the food stamp participation. It is all part of the‘Cloward-Piven Strategy’.

          The plan calls for the destruction of capitalism in America by swelling the welfare rolls to the point of collapsing our economy and then implementing socialism by nationalizing many private institutions,”


          Remember this:

          “USDA has an agreement with Mexico to promote American food assistance programs, including food stamps, among Mexican Americans, Mexican nationals and migrant communities in America.”


            • KY Mom

              Thank you for your tireless posting of relevant links, often documenting the downward progression of our society, our government & our institutions.
              You have done this for a long while now & I think you deserve a big atta-girl from everyone…for your efforts.
              IMO, you seldom receive the requisite number of greens thumbs you deserve.

              I always click on your stuff & am never disappointed.
              Again madam, thank you.

            • Anton Hackl,

              Thank you for your kind words! 🙂

              When I see something that others here might find of interest, I try to share it.

              Take care.
              KY Mom

          • That’s called “Buying Votes”.

            • Exactly. Pat Buchanon said the most pressing reason for the Republicans to win this fight is because its the last one they will ever win. After this “recession” the democrats will be making sure 55% of America is well bought and paid for.

          • …can you say “Hunger Games”?

            Can anyone deny that its where we’re heading?

            Agenda 21, the movie. No! We can’t call it that! How about The Hunger Games? OK. Thats good.

            Read all three book and saw the movie. We’re about half way there. As for me and my family, we’re going to district 13. But, what you find out in the end is that even the people that oppose The Capitol are self serving and greedy.

            Libertarianism is the only way.

            • 10-4 that Net Ranger. But you see she should have figured out a way to kill both Cain and Snow. Just as we must break the two party system if we ever want to see a Libertarian agenda.

        • When the SHTF back in 2008 I said to everyone I knew that we were heading for a depression. Some of my friends and customers thought I was crazy. The only reason it’s called the Great Recession is so the masses don’t freakout. 😉

          That’s what the MSM says what’s happening in Europe. Greece, Spain and Italy are large economies that are in full blown depressions.

          They don’t want to call it that because they know that’s where we are headed if we continue with Keynesian economics. If they call it a depression in Europe they know they’ll admit US is also in a depression and then the Global markets will freakout. Then the Shit will truly hit the fan.

          That’s why TPTB keep kicking the can down the road.

          • There is not much road left…and the can is getting too big to kick anyway.

            We are not in Depression, we are in an armed robbery, and we ain’t the robbers.

          • S hasn’t quite HTF yet.

            It will, but like any large and world-changing event, it starts slowly.

            To borrow from a Greek saying? The wheels of collapse grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine.

          • Ha ha, you misspelled Kenyan (Economics.)

            • LOL, I see what you did there. 🙂

        • But, I heard the economy has recovered! Tomorrow will be like yesterday forever!

            • Goody.


              I’m like the farthest thing from wanting to blow something up. Sure I get frustrated, who doesn’t.

              Lovely. Just great.

            • So now, because I don’t feel like um… dying… in a Katrina-like event, I’m a terrorist????

              All I want is to make sure I can handle my own shit without any assistance. If there is some, hey fine whatever. But I feel like I’d be stupid to count on it, given the sheer magnitude of the problem facing any centralized authority, if things went all south.

              They should be encouraging preparedness in everyone to make their own job manageable. WTF man.

            • I just don’t think anyone who is preparing for natural disasters and bad times is going to be a target of the national gaurd is O bumb loses.. I think if there are roits those are going to be the targets. Really, are you telling me that if a huge black inter-city population starts a riot that the gobbers are going after you. Please. I think they will have plenty to do without looking you up.

        • It’s a sad state of affairs when there are that many hungry children in a country with so much bounty. Wretched and despicable politicians, the food stamp problem is to their eternal shame

        • One thing not labeled in the above graphic

          Those are the Obama voters in that parking lot

          Thanks again Mac

          the Watcher

          • Yes those are the BOUGHT votes!

        • Mac didn’t do a damned thing other then simply post a graphic he found somewhere else — while also failing to give a commentary credit for stealing the image.

          • stealing would, of course, imply that this was used or taken without permission. Please note that the original producer of this image was cited via direct hyperlink twice above and below the image, as was the source through which i first found it. Had you followed these links to the original source you would have seen A ‘share this with everyone’ notation at the original website, which in the eyes of most would imply permission to share …with everyone.

        • The fantastic thing is, ALL of these people can be fed for A YEAR, with just SIXTEEN MINUTES’ WORTH of military spending. How about that. make it an hour if you want.

        • I got curious a while back and looked up the definition for a depression. The definition I found said that it was “an extended period of falling national output coupled with persistently high unemployment”. Hmmm… sounds familiar. Of course, TPTB could not possibly admit that their policies have led to this or that it is, in fact, a depression. Time for a good war to pull us out of it yet? Could be.

      2. I went grocery shopping the other day and the shelves were very bare. Many of the isles were wide open spots were food product once was. I get what I needed (thank Goodness wasn’t much) and went to the checkout. I said to the cashier that I had noticed that all the shelves were bare and she said (without even looking up) that they “always get like that around the 1st and 15th). I looked at her semi puzzled. I mean i know all about the “1st of the month” but I didn’t know the 15th was a significant date.

        Then I got to thinking:

        1). If it is ALWAYS l;ike this one the 1st and 15th…shouldn’t they have planned better?

        2). Since they can’t seem to plan better…it wouldn’t take long at all for the shelves to get emptied in a SHTF moment.

        Take care Folks!

        • Sorry for the typo’s…in a hurry to go to an appt but wanted to leave my comment.

          And to BIG-B…I cringe everytime I hear the word recession… IS A DEPRESSION!!!

        • The local Walmart looks like that here too just after the 1st and the 15th.

          The shelves look this way also if there is a forecast of snow – even if only for a couple inches of snow. There are slim pickings on bread, eggs, milk, etc.

          I am amazed at how quickly the shelves get emptied.

          • our Walmart is poorly stocked all the time now

            they are CONSTANTLY out of items
            and stay out
            sometimes for a month at a time

            I hardly go there anymore

            • you people are still sheeple if you even think about visiting a walmart. do some research into how big of a player they were in shipping jobs over seas.. if you want your product in a walmart its at their price what do you think is the biggest expense? americans making it….

            • Why are all you people shopping at Walmart??? That business is not what the Walton family ran. It is a predatory business that imports a bunch of cheap junk from overseas and destroys local stores and businesses. Walmart is UNAmerican. You all want to talk about working within your local communities and you shop at Walmart. That does NOT compute.

            • If you have other options like Aldis, great; but for me here in this little town, it’s chinamart, my last resort, or piggly wiggpy, savalot, and DG.

            • I’m old…er; so question for you all.
              What was the slogan for walmart 30 years ago??
              Go ahead—think!!

            • And here is a clue, and proof….from

              Does anyone remember now???

              ~~~~WalMart used to be proud of selling Made in the USA, now 95 % of everything is made in China.~~~~

          • may want to put finishing touches on preps this week-end if you can. this storm hitting the east coast may shut down wall street and have a bank holiday starting either monday or tuesday. they are also spinning widespread and long lasting power outages on the weather channel (maybe post-pone elections?), and i’m sure there will be a ripple effect from this storm are far as supplies being re-routed into the northeast areas hardest hit.

            just a few lessons from a hurricane-hit-cracker.

        • For what it’s worth, I also get paid on the 1st and 15th of every month.

          Then again, my income is derived from gainful employment, not paper deployment…

          This is a similar situation for a lot of folks. Many gov’t workers (and military personnel) get paid on a similar schedule, and when I was teaching for a living, I got paid once a month, on the 1st.

          Little wonder the shelves take a beating around those times. I usually get around it by delaying the grocery shopping by a week.

        • Tina: I went to wally mart this week and bought all the mint tea and several other items. Then went to Publix and got four more boxes mint tea; OMG there’s none left for the EBT folks unless they restock it by Nov. 1st. Most EBT folks buy soda drinks and other junk foods/ frozen dinners, beer, tobacco, and cereals, etc. but few fr and veggie items and real foods.

        • Go shopping on the 14th and 30th

      3. If the markets crash, and the dollar fails, will all these people just quietly starve to death? Just a rhetorical question.

        • quietly?…No , not quietly

          thats why you better be ready for when they wake up

          • There will suddenly be a couple of million new “shovel ready” projects!

            All of a sudden like! Poof look at that, shovel ready projects!

            And then… the undemplyment numberes will drop as if by magic!

            Three guesses what they’ll be “shoveling”.

            Hint: They normally dig these 6 feet deep…

            Just don’t ask too many questions and you’ll be fine.

            • I can dig it, can you dig it?

        • watchermax,

          They will most definitely not “quietly” starve to death. Expect hunger riots, looting, and home invasions on a scale like we here in the USA have never seen. Imagine the LA riots or New Orleans after Katrina, but everywhere.

          That is not a rhetorical answer.

          • if sandy hit the northeast hard enough, expect similar behavior from both the people and the government as was seen in katrina. but with more people effected this time.

        • They will not quietly starve to death, nor will the majority come to your house politely asking if you have food. They will be kicking in doors. Be prepared

          • I’m ready; have salt, pepper, onions, garlic and dehydrator

      4. Funny this comes at this time, Yesterday I was explaning this very thing to someone who didnt see it, until after I got done with them..they got it than…and were pissed

        • I do receive food stamps, and i wish i didn’t need to. however, if you have them, as my family of 3 does, you can get the food you need for the month, as well as put some away for SHTF. honestly, without them i would not be capable of putting anything at all away, and would be out there being one of the looters to feed my son once the fall finishes. i see no way to stop shtf, and without food stamps, no way to prepare for it. at least this way i can allow my son to survive.


          • Jake: The boggle is never about people who honestly need to utilize food stamps…it is about the US government intentionally destroying the country, on purpose, in order to institute another form of government that is not supposed to be in America…at the very least socialism and at the very most communism, which is what a one-world order is.

            That being said, utilize whatever available governmental services you need to in order to feed your family. Hugs to you and your family.

            • Unfortunatly when we put the numbers togeather tho we throw those who do need them, like jake here, and we throw them in there bitching about the whole and not just those who take advantage.

            • Jake: You do what you have to to survive. There was a time inmy life that I was where you are now. I fully understand.

              I just was stating that the Food stamp (EBT) lines are hidden but they are very real. More and more people are in need than we realize. I only came to the realization when I looked at the shelves and they were bare and the only reason the cashier gave me was it was the “15th of the month”

              You would think that if the store experienced this on the 15th of EVERY MONTH they would plan a little better and order some additional stock for that time of the month.

              Keep prepping Jake…Do what you have to to protect yourself and your children. Stay safe

              AND I NEVER MENTION THAT THE STORE WAS WAL-MART. It was not as a matter of fact. All you bloggers took for granted it was.

          • As you stated there are many of us out here that do not mind our dollars use to truly help.
            The question I have is how long have you been on it and what caused you to need it. And are you or do you have a plan to be off them if SHIF does not happen in the way many of us believe it will.

            Helping is one thing Life time support is another.

          • Jake, sorry you are on hard times and I do appreciate your candor and wish your family nothing but the best. I have a question and would appreciate your truthful answer. If you were offered a job making exactly what the government offers in freebies and you had to work for it would you. Now this is all assuming you have lost your job in the recent past. I don’t know your exact position but I have friends that tell me straight up that the jobs they are offered don’t pay the benefits the government (me and all the rest of the tax payers) is currently GIVING them. There is no incentive for them to even seek work.

      5. That can’t be right Obama says the economy is improving. And we all know politicians never lie to us.

      6. From the info-graphic:

        >>”EBT cards are filled Government money for Food Stamp participants…”

        I beg to differ here. EBT cards are filled with TAX PAYER money! The government does not have money of it’s own. Even phony printed paper we call money belongs to The People because we are ultimately liable for the underlying debt until such time that we refuse to be liable for said debt. Otherwise good article.

        • Don’t forget that a good amount of government spending is deficit spending. So besides tax payer cash there is also Chinese credit, and now Fed Reserve QE. Both of which the tax payer will eventually foot the bill for, with interest…


          • The Fed and Treasury are burning the candle at both ends, and we are stuck in the middle.

        • The phony paper “money” belongs to the Federal Reserve. Our money is silver and gold coinage. The penalty for debasing our money is death. It is time to “refuse to be liable for said debt”. Stop participating as much as you can. Pay off debts, start a garden,restrict your use of controlled resources.Oh yeah, and hang some bankers if you get the chance.

          • And they can keep the fake fiat paper money! I’ll be quite happy dealing with gold and silver as per the Constitution. Thanks for the clarification.

          • Bravo!

          • Thats why I never got the whole occupy thing. If you don’t like the bankers game, don’t play it. If everyone stopped putting their money in the bank and quit borrowing from the banks, we wouldn’t need banks. THEN they would get the message. But don’t mortgage your life away to them then complain about it.

            I posted several days ago and I’ll post it again.
            The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is a slave to the lender. Prov. 22:7

        • I have to wonder who the thumbs down dolt is? Can someone be that stupid. Is that even possible. Was it a mistake or is there a mouth breather out there that thinks the government makes their own money. Is there someone who thinks the government doesn’t work for us. WOW

      7. This is sad. Sad and unsustainable. The MMT economists and the criminal central bankers have stripped the world of it’s wealth by digital fiat entries into a computer. This is a world wide phenomenon being hidden in the states but not in other countries that don’t have “food stamps”.The Arab Spring revolts were food riots. The Fed ships it’s world reserve inflation around the world. They are financial terrorists. The debt cannot be repaid but the criminals will grind your face into the dirt until you say “uncle”. Hang some bankers.

      8. i agree with most of it except for the last line. the last line should say “be proud of who you are”. i am proud to be black. even tho i don’t agree with what some black people do. so you should be proud to be whatever race you are. if a person needs help and you can help them without harm to yourself then you should, no matter the race. the only person i know that was able to change there race was Michele Jackson.

        but the simple truth of the matter is this “I AM PROUD TO BE A AMERICAN”.

        • Michael is the epitome of what America once was. Where else can you be born a poor black boy and grow up to be a rich white woman.

      9. Actually, they are attempting to camouflage it better, at least in my state. Starting soon, EBT will activate on the date it is approved instead of either the 1st or 15th. I guess the bread lines were becoming too obvious.

        • It’s for the same reason SS checks come on the birth date/day now.
          Too much data to input in one day?
          There are 10,000 baby boomers applying each day for SS.
          Took me and my husband two months to receive our my first checks.

          • It take several month to get any system up and running with checks when comes to government. It took that long for my mother about twenty years ago.

            And I am sure more people are taking early retirement because lost of their work.

      10. The US economy is in a depression.

        Without the Fed dumping trillions into the economy, GDP would’ve lost 10%+. Simple, take the
        deficit & divide by the US economy’s $15 trillion per year. If U take the real deficit number
        ($4.5 trillion+) & divide by $15 trillion U get 30%.

        The government & Fed are replacing 30% of the economy with monopoly money borrowed or created
        out of nothing. This is not real demand. That’s a Depression.

        People don’t have enough money to drive demand & the counterfeiting imbecile at the Fed, Benjamin Shalom Bernanke, is trying to trick us into feeling wealthy so we’ll spend more.

      11. It’s easier to buy off the poor than it is to bring the manufacturing jobs back!

        • yup

          and that’s exactly what they are doing

          one of the main functions of the various social programs
          is to keep a lid on things

          people who have a roof over their heads
          even if it does leak
          and who have food on the table
          rarely riot

          three missed meals from anarchy

      12. It’s called “Divide and Conquer”.

        The elites don’t argue over that nonsense, they argue over money & power.

      13. AMEN !!!!!!!!!!!!

      14. truth be known , guess who took first payment for the slaves before they were boarded on ships? we all should be considered family at the base of the pyramid

      15. Durango Kid should be along any moment now to tell us why this is not a problem.

        • Walt: No, I know it is a problem and I know why it is a problem. It is a problem because people must eat everyday. At least once a day to sustain themselves.

          Why is the fact the people need to eat everyday a problem? They cannot afford to feed themselves.

          Why can they not afford to feed themselves? Because under the Globalists and Dual Citizens in DC OUR government has allowed the GB’s to steal and ship 1/3 our the means of American production offshore, along with 60 million jobs (using American deposited funds to do it); while at the same time, encouraging 30 million illegals to invade the USA to suppress OUR wages and take OUR jobs.

          What inquiring minds want to know, is who are the 7% receiving Food Stamps, if Americans only constitute 93% of the total, and why?

          • Thank you DK!

            Also if any of you missed this post I made a while back here is a re-post……

            If you gave 2′ of standing room to each of the 46,905,708 as of Sept. 17 2012 food stamp recipients ( per US debt clock) and then divided it by the 5280′ per mile your soup line would be 18,105 miles long. Given the earth is 3,959 miles around on average the soup line would go around the earth 4.57 times. This is just for the U.S. EBT recipients. California to New York is 2413 miles if you average flight distance. This would make the line go back and forth 7.34 times. New York to Chicago 716 miles and your line would go back and forth 25.28 times. Given the width of the normal interstate 12′ wide per lane this would take a 2 lane highway with gravel edges from Chicago to New York City to create a soup line to feed all the hungry people here in the U.S. Wait! I meant just people recorded on the government site as in need of EBT. Keep in mind there are 3 meals a day. Now if we need to make a line within reason, lets say 1000′ long so people wouldn’t have to wait so long. You would need… well I could go on and on. I think we all understand the gravity of the situation. However the question is asked at the end of the article about how long we can keep this up before the system snaps. I’m thinking someone with the inside edge needs to answer this one. Sorry for the long post.

            • You wrote: “Given the earth is 3,959 miles around on average the soup line would go around the earth 4.57 times.”
              What planet are you on? (it’s not our Earth!)

            • The earth is actually over 24,000 miles in circumference, not 3959. Otherwise, a good post.

          • But yet you can’t see how SNAP…and other government programs that steal from those who produce, in order to give to those who don’t, do nothing but perpetuate the problem.

            And how do they do it? By creating money out of thin air. Money that has no intrinsic value, beyond the “full faith and credit of the United States”. That of course is dependent on Americans who work and pay taxes….of which there are fewer every day.

            Eventually, (and those of us who aren’t living in Fantasy Land understand this), those dollars are going to be seen by the rest of the world for what they are….worthless.

            And when that happens, the SHTF collapse which most of us recognize as coming…and which you deny….will come upon us. And it will be sudden….massive…and there won’t be any tooth fairy that can fix it.

            The massive numbers of people taking public dollars will come to an end…..or the dollars they get won’t buy anything.

            It’s going to be bigger than you think, and it’s coming sooner than you think.

            • Not true Walt, I see the theft and I have also suggested that the only way WE will remove these crooks from office is for 100 million American gun owners to organize politically, backed by 300 million guns.

              Neither do I deny that SHTF is coming. I just deny that it will come due to an implosion of the dollar or the economic system, which is demonically perfected. And I have stated so.

              You need to read my posts more closely! 🙂

              SHTF will come by war, EMP, or natural disaster. I fully understand how big it will be, because the Bible says, “that if those days were not shortened, no flesh would be saved”.

              But I also understand that many things must be fulfilled before SHTF occurs, so I know there is time to prep and prepare. There’s probably 3 to 10 years until that Time, based upon current world events.

              And I am ready in my fortress! 🙂

      16. Notice how Marxism says that it will help the poor little guy,( 99%) then makes his life worse than before the “Worker’s Paradise” happened.

        Off topic: Obama told the Des Moines paper (off the record) that after the election, he plans to go thru with the 1 trillion $’s cut to the Military and let all of the Bush tax cuts expire. This is known as the “fiscal cliff” and will give us the economic collaspe we all fear.

        So in his own words, after the election, Obama has plans to destroy America. This is not your “crazy NWO, aliens have taken over The White House, Barry was born in Kenya crap”. THIS IS VERY REAL. (As reported on Rush’s show today).

        • And most not all of those military cuts will hurt the the cities with some of the highest ebt usage. So or the few things we the US still manufacture is weapon and weapon supplies.
          I see many of the taxpayers giving up on earning anything. Why work id you can afford to retire. Once again more leaving the areas (Cities) that have the highest usage.

        • Anyone that has been paying attention at all the last 3 years should already know this, but many don’t.

      17. Bottom line is if the Federal Reserve prints $100 and buys US Bonds. The Government takes those bonds and uses it for whateve they spend our money on. At the end of the year the government owes $100 plus interest back to the Federal Reserve. How is this possible when only $100 were created? Let’s just say that interest on the money was 1%. The government owes $101 to the Federal Reserve. again, how can you pay $101 to the Federal Reserve when there only exists $100?

        And that my friends is why it can never be paid back. After trillions and trillions have been printed, the government (we the people) owe trillions and trillions plus interest back and the difference has never existed. The only place it exists is on the US Debt Clock ticker.

        Simple example: Assume for this example only 1 diamond exists in the world. It weighs 1 ounce. I own it. You ask to borrow it from me. I loan it to you at 10% interest. You say that’s great and borrow it. At the end of a year you owe me 1.1 ounces of diamonds.

        How can you pay back 1.1 ounces of diamonds to me if only 1 ounce exists in the world?

        Think about it people. It can’t ever be paid back. You can only default on your obligation to me. That is the only possible solution and outcome.

        God Bless.

        • Flawed logic. In a functioning economy, there is “value added”.
          A simple example would be $75,000 of building materials and $50,000 of labor to build a house. Is the house sold or priced at $125,000 ? Of course not, that’s a quick way to go bankrupt. The house is priced at, say, $200,000.
          And it would be a fair price. Value was “created” by the skill of the labor and the developer. Currency is simply a representation of this value. Also important, in the above example, literally 0 (zero) FRNs would be exchanged or used.
          Then, taxes on that value added would be levied, that are supposed to pay the interest on the Gov. debt.
          So the answer is, the interest comes from taxes on society’s labor and value added.
          This is not a defense of this debt based system. I believe the system has been corrupted, and has run it’s course. I’m not an Economics professor. Would welcome a challange to my explanation.

          • Both of you make valid points to me (and I’m certainly no economist). But the “value added” has to be created into the system even if it is digitally entered.Someone ponies up those extra FRNs when they purchase the house.What I think Norse means is the usury or interest on loans needs to be constantly created since it is not in the system to start with. Credit also spends the same as cash in the system and is whipped up by the bank from thin air. They don’t actually take deposits and give them to you as a loan. Getting OT here I guess. Anyway, the way I understand it, the economic system in place requires constant growth (to pay the usury) or it fails. I think we are near the capacity worldwide in this system and the bankers are running out of people to rape. It will fail when everyone realizes the scam and refuses to participate anymore.

            • Nobody ponies up FRNs during the TYPICAL home sale. I, and most of you will NEVER and have never gave or received a FRN during the transaction.
              The “bank” literally creates the “credit” out of thin air. That is what they exist to do. It is the most unbeleivable system, when understood. The average person beleives, wrongly, that the bank loans out deposits. It does not. By law, the bank only has to hold 10% of the total loan in reserve. But it gets to collect interest on 100% of the loan, and take the property if the debtor fails to pay. Banks create the bulk of the “money” when this system is functioning. Right now, it is not functioning. Debts are defauting, loans are being repaid, and loans in the volumn required, are not being made.
              The FED has stepped in, and is doing things it has no legal authority to do. It is skipping steps in the process, and buying bonds directly. It is a convoluted process, I think on purpose, to keep the sheeple’s eye off the ball.
              I am not defending the system, just tring to explain it.

      18. @Rev. Ike, it’s not surprising if he does that. He’s been telling the people that he needs another 4 years to finish what he started and we all know that, that is to destroy our great nation, our freedoms and to turn us into a 3rd world country.

        I pray that enough people will wake up and vote him out, even if it is putting Romney in office. Which my only hope is that he will be able to slow the ball from rolling the rest of the way down the hill and crashing.

        • This mess did start in the spring of 2008. With fall of Bears and when on with losses along way to Oct.2008. The election was in November. Why is it everyone seem to want forget that. We never really got back on road no matter how much some people think we have or want believe we have.

          Wall Street still think nothing is their fault and are try to make an even bigger mess. So elect a Romney and the fall will come even faster. If it wasn’t for those who will get hurt the most, I like to see the High mighty fall.

      19. the fat family of 7 in front of me at walmart last night didn’t stand in line to pay for bread. it was for a pack of gum with “cash back” and the kids took the cash and bought airtime for their prepaid smart phones. i wondered to myself , what if i was the power that be, wouldn’t i want to wipe this scum off the face of the earth too?

        • We don’t need to wipe them off the face. Just stop supporting them and they will do it them selves.

          • That’s so politically incorrect on so many levels. You should be ashamed!

            ( just beating Daisy to the punch!lol)

            • Not one bit.

      20. Gee, with all of the bad news on this site, maybe I out to get a couple extra cans of Spam….Duh?

        • One good thing, gas is cheaper, don’t forget to fill those extra 5 gal. cans.

          • Everybody make sure you are looking at the reason it is cheaper. Hell yes take advantage of it. But don’t expect it to last.

            • We are taking advantage of the gas price..emptying the tanks in the shed into the truck(I can’t in my two because I keep them full, but working on it)and refill at the lower price and use the old gas.
              Whew, that was hard to tell.

          • It’s not cheaper. It’s just not as much as it was last week. Is it cheaper than it was 4 years ago?

        • No blow some of it and have a fresh Grouper flown in.

      21. Per Snopes:

        Origins: This bit of racial demagogy was not something offered as a defense in court by comedian Michael Richards (best known for his portrayal of Cosmo Kramer in the long-running Seinfeld television series) after he was caught on tape engaging in a prolonged racial tirade during a November 2006 appearance at the Laugh Factory comedy club in West Hollywood. This item is simply a version of an anonymous “Proud to Be White” screed, to which Richards’ name was added after he gained infamy for his comedy club outburst. However, the item in question had appeared on the Internet long before that incident, and Richards’ name was appended to it after the fact.

        As far as we know, Richards did not offer any sort of testimony in a court appearance related to his comedy club outburst. He was invited to attend a mock trial held at Loyola Law School in February 2007 but did not appear at that event.

        Last updated: 3 November 2007

      22. There is no need for this economic situation.

        It is fiat currency and spending without consequence that has led us to this point.

        What a sad state in which we find this once great nation, and yet the “poor” of America are rich by any other standard in the world.

        I know there is truly a need for assistance, but I estimate based on current figures, about 8% of the millions “getting the goodies” truly are in need.

        I mean…..

        Let’s be real, if you have a cell phone (usage fees), cable (cable bill) for your flat screen TV’s (yeah plural i.e.: more than one) an automobile (car payment), smoke, drink, do drugs, order pizza (because you deserve it, damn it), have new cloths (as opposed to second hand) etc…..
        You are not POOR!! Life may be a bitch, but you are not poor.

        The part that is difficult to accept is how willingly many, not all, but many take as much as they can, and feel no remorse that they are dependent on the forced servitude of others, via government confiscation.

        God forbid you work hard, are successful and just ask basic questions about maybe a little accountability and maybe a little discretion before they had out the largess of my / your production, and you are branded an evil rich, minority hating (white guy) in my case.

        Attached is a link to the Coburn Waste Book 2012…Trust me it is fun reading.

        If this does not make your blood boil, well you are a better man than me. I believe in charity, but not forced charity.

        WallyDogs solution for success:

        1. Cut the entire fed govt (every program) by 50%, which is the baseline. (That also means repeal Obama care)

        2. Pure flat tax…..12% of EVERY DOLLAR….No exemptions no loopholes, no offshore accts, zero, zip, nada.
        If you are an American citizen, the you pay the American flat tax. (Don’t like it leave, we don’t want you!)

        3. All foreign imports without exception (including any goods manufactured by an American company off shore) are subject to a 25% tariff. Make it here or pay to sell it here.

        4. Open up Anwar and all off shore oil reserves immediately for AMERICAN companies and reduce draconian regulations (drill baby drill).

        5. Impose term limits and disband the physical congress. Make them all work out of their home districts via advanced technology (computer / web conference).

        This will make it all but impossible for them to be influenced day in and day out by big corporate money and make them accessible to the owners of this country.

        6. Decriminalize drug use.
        What a huge waste of resources enforcing ineffective drug laws and housing drug users, (notice I said users not criminals)a more libertarian approach.

        And last but not least build a big ass fence around the entire country, and send all the dirt bags that entered here illegally back to their homeland (GTFO).

        Let in ONLY the best and brightest based on need.

        Sorry, but the USA is not a halfway house.

        If you are illiterate and lack motivation, don’t come here to better yourself…

        Better yourself then strive to become an American.

        Then again this is just my opinion, I could be wrong!!!
        Have a great day!

      23. Yeah, Mom ‘n da kids ‘shop’ the grocery side of the SuperCenter while Dad runs to the general merchandise side. They have a contest: “Who can steal the mostest (sic)”

        Mom ‘n da kids usually win because fresh meat is so expensive and unlike the TSA a SuperCenter won’t frisk da kids before they leave the store.

        You think I’m kidding??? This is happening NOW!

        • If you notice Walmart has hired real Loss prevention teams. A manerger I know said even at walmart it is getting out of their business plan. So they are force to do something about it.

      24. Thanks to the current and all past presidents and members of congress who made all this possible. Thanks for selling out.

        Two parties in control for how many years? No one else to blame. Guilt is obvious.

        Thanks so much for making things continuously worse and worse as all of you cover up lie after lie.

        • None of this would have been possible if not for the greed of the American citizen. They are the assholes who voted these fuckers in. DON’T FORGET IT! They all voted for free shit for themselves. Well 55% anyway. Their god dam mothers should be proud for raising such tit suckers. The politicians just gave them what they wanted.

          • I can tell by your speech that you are a product of the American PSS and an American yourself. Why the third party speech? But you are right that greedy people are major contributors which are very often ignored. We Americans are not innocent bystanders. We have all sinned and sinned greatly. Wake up world! Your salvation is Jesus Christ alone. All else is hell bound.

      25. Gardner said House investigators are now examining the Abound solar panel company, based in Colorado, whose product “one worker described as working perfectly as long as it isn’t in the sun—apparently it catches on fire,” Gardner said. “The product wasn’t ready for prime time, hundreds of people are out of work, millions of dollars are lost by local investors … and consumers bought a product that was never fit for the sun, even though it was a solar panel,” Gardner said.

      26. It’s only a matter of time now before the economy lays down and dies. When it happens, no chekcs of any kind will be issued, no credit cards or debit cards along with EBT cards will be working. Nobody will have access to any money. That’s when TSHTF. Everybody, whether they work or on any government program will start looting and rioting. It will make all the riots of the 60s, the LA riots of 92, and New Orleans after Katrina pale in comparison. I’m getting a bit more nervous getting closer to the elections. I’m hearing through the grapevine that riots may start on election night; that could also be SHTF. I’ve already been speeding up my prepping. On Election Day, I’m going to start carrying one of my pistols in the truck with me; I’m not going to be a victim. I don’t care what anyone says. I just pray I don’t have to use it. Going shopping again this weekend. Best wishes and keep prepping. Braveheart

        • You should be carrying that pistol on you NOW> In the truck they will just have another one after they kill you while you are looking for your keys.

        • I pray you don’t have to use that pistol. Stay home til things quieten down.

        • Off topic: Iran seems to have called Israel’s bluff.

        • No one believes me–I still think this is all hperbole.
          They will get what they want–scared voters staying home.

      27. Don’t care what race you are but I’m White and proud of it.

      28. The truth is normally the hardest to swallow.

      29. Now that I got my political views out of the way on the further “leadership” of the country, oh brother, now I need to address the geophysical aspect that could throw EVERYONE into a mega SHTF event. I was thinking all day long about the fact that some of the ocean is actually deeper than the oceanic crust in spots, and how much the weight of the water actually influences the crust. We continue to have more new different areas of places getting hit with earthquakes.

        Normally you have a couple of weeks in which there are earthquakes in the same old areas over and over again. I know this because I put a sticker on my globe for each earthquakes over 4.5. I have seen more new spots getting hit each day. These are areas like Maine last week, and Greenland today that have not been hit in months or years. The planet is literally alive and moving at multiple spots. What does this mean? it means that the plates are all gaining a lot of tension, ALL of them are. You have highly pressured points and earthquakes happen when this builds up too much stress. Here you have an indication that the entire planet is building up a lot of pressure.

        This means at some point that we could have many mega earthquakes in a short period of time. This is something I am watching very closely and when continue to update you all on. Others can watch this also, and be aamazed how this cycle is NOT stopping, it continues each day. At one point we may just have earthquake after earthquake, minutes or hours apart, perhaps days, but probabaly not weeks. Something bad is brewing under the planet, something bad.

        • @ BI…thanks. I always look for your posts to check on the earthquake situation. how is Yellowstone looking? I have a daughter west of it in Idaho in college. we are in SC, and I carry earthquake insurance; always have. we are overdue here for one they say.

          • @ Jenn. I was worried a little about Yellowstone last week as it really flared up, it has calmed down some now. I still say the next supervolcano will come from the southern hempishere, likely around either New Zealand or Indonesia. If I was living in South Carolina I would certainly have earthquake insurance, this area is primed for another one like back in 1886. If you are taking about southern california, I would not bother with earthquake insurance and just try to leave the area. Southern california is a deathtrap in too many ways, especially for a mega quake. I hope you were talking about South Carolina. If you were you should be on guard if you live nearby the ocean for a tsunami when the Caribbean plate breaks, which it will.

            • @ BI. nope, we are in SC and in the center of the state. people think I’m foolish for carrying earthquake insurance, but I find it interesting my company stopped selling it several years back. the risk was just too much. ya think?? 😉
              we are getting some steady winds off of Sandy right now. SOOO glad I don’t live near the coast.
              please continue to keep us all posted on the earthquakes & Sandy’s pressure. and thanks for sharing your knowledge.

      30. I’m sad for those people, really. Some have been conditioned to live off the freebies, some really have need of it. Forget SHTF, if there were an EMP or a natural disaster, for instance Katrina, DC, etc., where power was out and stores could only take cash if anything at all, for an extended amount of time, there will be trouble. We should all be thankful that we are able to put a little by to be ready. I don’t have much, nor my extended family, so I pray that these things don’t happen!

      31. I predict soon … the “Rich” all across AmeriKa will be Hunted and Targeted by the “Poor” for Theft and Property Vandalism .

        It’s a True Nation-Wide “Class War” now in ZOG Fascist AmeriKa !!!

        The RICH (sucking up zog fascist fedgov banker fraud driven bailouts in the trillions) vs. the clueless POOR (surviving on pennies and underfunded zog fascist fedgov food cards living in illegal constantly attacked razed by cops tent cities) !!!

        It is Only a Matter of Time … till Ground Zero Hour !!!


        AMERIKA will BURN !!!

        * HINT to the RICH … the POOR Out-Number You … ALOT !!!

        ” EAT THE RICH !”


        • NinaO:

          reconned your area via webcam….pretty,lol

          stay frosty Brother……….BA.

          • @BA … Whaddup Dawg ;0)

            It’s very pretty here … but turning into another Californication Liberal Paradise … job’s are fleeing montana daily … small businesses are taxed licensed to death … and montana’s abundant natural resources are being sold off to china / russia … the “Real Montana Locals” and even the “American Indian Reservations” here are literally being Sales / Property Taxed out of the state – they can’t afford to live in their own by birth state and Folks with the money here are All from California ! Bleh ;0P

            Not to forget that Montana “IS A U.N. AGENDA 21 STATE” and completely has SOLD-OUT to the ZOG NWO FEDGOV … it’s a GESTAPO POLICE STATE HERE NOW !!!

            EPA DHS DEA FBI ATF IRS BLM are All together terrorizing the locals farmers ranchers indians in montana with a purpose … to keep montana in check under the “black gloved thumb” of the zog u.n. nwo freemason fedgov and fascist big banker corp’s !!! The politicians here have completely sold out to the ZOG FEDGOV CIA Obamanation Puppets NWO GLOBAL U.N. ENSLAVEMENT VAT TAX DEATHCARE PROGRAMS !!!

            So Pretty as it is there truly is a disease here and its growing infecting the whole state and its called – NWO U.N. ZOG FEDGOV – FASCISM !!!



            • But you said you were in the best and safest place on earth. Can you please get your facts straight.

      32. You know the really bad thing about all this is half to two/thirds of the people on food stamps think they are OWED what they get!!!! Not that they are being given a GIFT to help them thru hard times. Wait till shtf and they no longer get what they think they are DUE!!!!! Good thing may be that the majority of them are not smart enough to blame the me and you down the street working our ass off to pay the taxes to support them. They will blame the 1% or the guvment and then riot and kill each other and burn each others houses/public housing etc. Just hope all of us good taxpayers can hole up long enough for most of them to beat each other to death and thin out the herd for us. Just think if we emerged “cleansed’ of the parisites and no longer had to pay to take care of them.

      33. What is going to happen when the Food Stamp well runs dry? At the rate that our government is spending money that it does not have, it won’t be long. Then what? It’s not going to be pretty. Can ourgovernment be that stupid or is this by design. Questions questions. Stick in there patriots.

        • You want to know whats going to happen? Look at Greece and Spain. They aren’t exactly sitting around singing kumbaya.

          • I agree I fear what life after election will start here.
            All the cuts they dream of.

        • Since Morgan make big money running the Snap program do really think the government would want hurt that Big Bank profits? They might need bail out again.

      34. ALL YA’LL—–off topic…Agaain,arrggh….

        Take care east coast preppers

        Watch out for Frankenstorm.

        Check your preps
        Test your Jennies
        Pop your popcorn
        Be safe

        …nuttin’ but love…….BA.

      35. Off Topic ~~~ Has anyone watched the weather channel
        about Hurrican Sandy and the unpresidented N’or Easter,
        Hurricane, tropical storm??? And, its direction?
        To make a sharp left hook over the north east??????

      36. Off topic.

        What kind of impact on the voting results will there be If there is a power outage on the east coast due to Sandy. It could be a player in the turnout of voters.

        • The last storm , a Duracio (dur-rae-she-o)??, I had never heard that term, caused widespread power failures for up to 2 weeks. They are saying this storm can be magnitudes worse. Is it possible, if widespread disruption, TBTB could postpone the election? There is a LOT of population in this region.
          As a sidebar, I went to Mom’s house and serviced the genny, and realized my checklist is very short. Top off fuel, milk, tobacky. We live DIRECTLEY under the European model track line on the Delmarva. I will post condition reports if impacted.
          We should all pay attention to how this can affect the election. I think Obamy would love a delay to turn momentum and/or use FedGov as a savior before votes are cast. Talk about October surprise!! This one wasn’t on the list.
          Does anyone know the the law or precedent for weather to delay a presidential election?

          • If it doesn’t reach our porch, it ain’t happening??

        • They have this really crazy thing now called mail in ballots and early voting. Wait! Democrats don’t think ahead. You may be onto something here.

      37. @ BadAmerican. Watch the pressure readings, this is very important with Hurricane Sandy. Forget about the wind velocities, as Hurricane Katrina for example had pressures that were almost Category 5 levels, but had winds that were only Category 3 when it hit a little east of New Orleans. The storm surge was Category 5 however. Right now Sandy is at 28.49 inches as of 8 PM update. This should be 110-115 mph winds, yet the winds are just 100 mph. If Sandy hits the east coast with pressures less than 28.50 inches it will be bad. If the pressure is less than 28.00 is would be incredible destruction. IF the pressure should somehow drop into the 27.00-27.50 range, it will look like a tsunami had hit the east coast should the hurricane remain on the track to New York or close to it. Watch the pressure, this is key.

        • You know what the sad thing is BI, I could care less if that storm wipes all of ny out to sea.

          Out to sea with them all!!!! Be gone all you bankers, commies,bloombergs,stock brokers,ny us senators,fox and friends.

          They think they are better then the rest of us, and can dictate to us how we should all live.

          The common sense americans will bug out long before it hits.

          All we can do is hope and pray for the safety of the idiots children. Its not their fault their parents are morons.

          • “the common sense Americans will bug out long…”

            Wanna bet?

        • @BI:

          With a little luck, it will make an early landfall.

          The European model, the hurricane going more to the east, will be a major disaster.

          I wonder what kind of early shopping sprees there will be if the lights go out in most big cities.

          If I lived in a major east coastal city, I would have buttoned up and put on my boogie shoes, west young man…west.

          I live on the left coast and am waiting for the big shake, rattle, ‘n roll, like back in ’89.

          Be safe, stay frosty, Brother.

          …batten down the hatches…stay the course…BA.

        • And a full moon, high tide time to boot!

          BI, how would the lower pressures affect the storm surge?

          • @ Rick. If you ever have seen a tornado, the lower the pressures the more violent that the reaction of the air trying to reach an equilibrium. The water as well the air is being drawn into the lower pressure, kind of like a vacumn. The contour lines of pressure are just like the contours lines of altitude changes. The steeper and more close they are together the sharper the drop is. Air and water try to reach a stable mass, the further away from this stable mass the stronger the reaction is to reach this stability. As everything is being drawn towards to the lowest pressure, the more the air and in case the water builds.

            A storm surge is a result of these pressure differences. Wind is constantly pushing the water towards this center of circulation, it builds and builds higher and higher, just as a tsunami does as it reaches the shoreline and slows down, it builds up. Tsunamis also drawn water outwards and why there are bays that empty before the main waves come in. As water builds up and is drawn towards this center, the water around a hurricane is actually several feet or more about the sea level. In case it was 30 feet above with Katrina. Then this water rushes in and floods everything.

            Very low pressures below 27.00 inches are rare, but do happen. Air violently rushes in towards the center and so does water as it is pushed towards the center. The lower the pressure the stronger this push is and thus the more water that builds and the higher the storm surge will be. You can see how wind pushes water with a high velocity fan against a children’s wading pool. Leaving the fan on, so no water sloshes over the sides, you will see how the water becomes higher where the air is forcing itself against the water. A hurricane has these winds forcing the water to build.

            Very large storm will have low pressures but not the wind that it should because the shear volume of the storm. The bigger the eye is the slower the wind will be because those wind contours are not so concentrated together so tightly. Difference between a cliff and a steep hill. However the lower pressure will allow for more water to build than a tiny eye. This level of water can grow quite tall and the storm surge can be hundreds of miles big rather than a few miles. Much more land is inudated, but can actually grow just as tall as a hurricane with more violent winds with the same pressure.

            This is why I say look for the pressure, this is key to terrible storm surges, moe so than the wind. Pressures of less than 28.50 will produce storm surges of at least 10 feet. In areas that channel in water, these surges can double. The moon as you mentioned and high tides plays much into this also. Another low pressure system with this hurricane can either weaken it or join up togather and produce a monster. Most low pressure systems though compete from the same energy. We shall see soon enough.

            • Thanks. I only really considered wind flow pushing the water. Never really considered the low pressure “sucking” the water into a dome, so to speak.
              As I write, WC is on, and they say low pressure winter storm from the west will “assimilate” the hurricane and create a monster nor’easter.

      38. Blacks are going to riot if their man loses.

        You watch.

        That will tell all about the depths of their souls.

        My prediction.

        And don’t call me a racist! I hate all people equally.

        • They don’t realize that Obama has never been Black!!!!! Does not want to be and only acts black when he wants votes. Apperantly the only BLACK thing Obama has done in his life is sell cocain in college!!!!

      39. Mac,

        You seriously need to do an article about the UN monitoring our elections and showing up at polling places like Des Moines, IA…please.


      40. All these ebt cards are is welfare for walmart.

        Politicians dont give a $hit if ANY people go hungry!!!

        UNLESS that is the “people” are corporations who give them bribes(oh, I meant “political contributions”).

      41. JustMe, I read that infowars article; no surprises there. That plan has been on the shelf since State Dept. Document 7277 was published in 1961. Google it; it will blow your mind. Jayjay, you’re right about WallyWorld. i remember back in the early 90s when they first came to Memphis most of what they carried was made in USA when we still had a decent amount of manufacturing here. That changed within just a few years. BI, Merree, and KY Mom, I couldn’t agree more about the situation we’re facing today. Way too many parents have abdicated responsibility for supporting their children and expect us workers to provide for them via our tax dollars. it’s all we can do to keep ourselves and our own families’ heads above water, but to support people who refuse to do the right thing and do for themselves is totally inexcusable. i don’t remember the exact scripture, but somewhere in the Bible it says if a man refuses to work, let him starve. If any of us went out and said that to the EBT crowd, we’d most likely get buried under a FEMA camp. just like the rest of you, I’m sick of any of my tax dollars going to support people who refuse to go out and produce something. But that will change when TSHTF. FP, anyone who attacks me in my vehicle willget shot before they could get the door opened. Nov. 6 and afterwards may prove to be “interesting times” as that old Chinese proverb goes. Braveheart

        • II Thessalonians 3:10 For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.
          Can I get an Amen, brothers and sisters.

      42. So I was talking to a friend tonight and he brought up an interesting theory.

        Now to preface this, I’ll admit that I never really believed the rumours of the gov’t controlling the weather with HAARP or anything….however, his new theory almost makes sense (if indeed the gov’t does in fact have weather dominating technology).

        His theory goes something like this:
        People are saying that the only way for Obama to guarantee a win is if there is a national emergency which enables him to declare martial law and suspend elections indefinitely. The most talked about national emergency is civil unrest caused by a collapse of the economy and rioting by the people on welfare and other gov’t programs when they find out that their EBT cards no longer work and they can’t buy food.
        But if a financial collapse like that happens or a false flag attack on our nation happens, fingers will always be pointed and blame will always be laid against Obama and the gov’t as the possible culprits/cause and he won’t necessarily come off as a “saviour of the nation” by taking full control and declaring martial law. Even if the majority of the sheeple buy into the new propaganda, there will be ALOT of people who will blame the gov’t and possibly resist.


        If the gov’t DID have the power to control the weather using HAARP, when would be the perfect time to unleash this power to cause just enough damage to be a useful means to their evil ends?
        The answer?
        Next week….just 2 weeks before the election.

        Think about it, two weeks before the election we suddenly get hit with a “Perfect Storm” that can possibly cause billions of dollars worth of damages, ravage the northeastern US, cause mass power outages, and possibly bring the northeast’s transportation and supply lines to a grinding halt.
        In and of itself, this would be bad…but factor in the convenient timing of a damaging super storm causing a grid down/supply chain disruption occuring on THE 1ST OF THE MONTH when people get their money on their EBT cards to go shopping (which is also conveniently the last recharge of their EBT cards before the election), and you can start to see how this would benefit Obama and the gov’t with no loss of face to themselves.

        Here’s a simplified version of how my friend theorizes this could play out:

        –Warning of super storm coming causes the normal “inclement weather panic buying” that traditionally happens before any big storm as people buy out all food and water (especially milk, bread, and eggs for some reason) from the stores.

        –Super storm hits on the 30th-31st wreaking havoc and disrupting transportation and supply lines all across the northeastern US. Which means that the stores which have basically been cleared out a few days prior may not be getting any new shipments again for many days, or possibly weeks.

        –The storm passes leaving major devastation across the Northeastern US (which is also one the areas of the US with the highest population density and also home to many major cities such as Philadelphia, NYC, Washington DC, Boston, etc…more cities + denser population = lots of people on welfare who survive on EBT cards and foodstamps). Mass power outages, public water and sewer ceases to work, no food supply lines…basically a worst case scenario spread out over a HUGE area affecting MILLIONS of people.

        –Thursday the 1st rolls around and people’s EBT cards are recharged and full of money for food but unfortunately due to the supply line disruptions there is no food in the stores to be purchased (see, they’re still getting their “gubmint moneys” so technically in their eyes the gov’t is still doing it’s job).

        –After 2 or 3 days of being without power or water and not being able to purchase food with their EBT cards because there is no food to be bought, people start to panic. Riots and looting begin…but keep in mind, this all happened because of a storm…the gov’ts hands are clean of any wrongdoing. The storm caused this, not Obama.

        –By Monday the 5th the only thing being shown on TV and in the newspapers is the unprecedented anarchy, starvation, and rioting among millions of people in cities across the Northeast…things are bad in the Northeast….so bad that people almost completely forget that tomorrow is election day.

        –The Northeast US is in pandemonium…Obama now has free reign to declare a MAJOR national emergency and declare martial law in order to bring the peace. The constitution is suspended. The institution of martial law suspends the elections until the emergency is taken care of (it never will be).

        –Obama and the gov’t bring order by use of martial force and are either lauded and obeyed because they are now seen as heroes or they are feared and obeyed because those who do not obey now have the might of the US military policing them.

        –Weeks or more likely months go by…Obama and his declaration of martial law seems to be working…the anarchy and rioting has been taken care of, food supply chains are fixed and running normally, and peace seems to have been restored to the Northeast.

        –Problem is that just like every foreign country we’ve invaded under the auspices of bringing the peace, the gov’t has an issue with “letting go” and the military is here to stay. Welcome to the new regime ruled by dictators and policed by the military.
        USA as we know it ends…game and match.

        Of course this is all just theoretical (I told him that it would make for a great pseudo-Tom Clancy-ish novel)…but I have to admit: as improbable as it sounds, it’s almost a too perfect and easy way for the gov’t to completely take over, no?

        That is of course if the gov’t really does have the power to control the weather 😉

        • and let’s throw in wall street closed and a possible bank holiday for quite awhile which then bothers the non-EBT as well. use your time this week-end wisely!

          and you may want to hold off on that l.l. bean order for a bit…..could be a “slight” shipping delay.

        • I think I’ll bookmark this post and reread it on November 7. And quit givin’ ’em ideas!

        • @After

          When I first started reading your comment I thought, wow this guy is full of it. (Your friend of course). I have to admit there is some real thought that took place for your friend ( the true conspiracy theorist) to come up with this one. He needs to write a screen play NOW! Good stuff there my friend.

          • That was my original thought (The whole HAARP thing is a little too sci-fi for me…the whole “Weather Dominator” idea is right out of the GI Joe cartoons of the 80’s).
            …but when he started to explain his whole theory it actually made me stop and think for a second that if the gov’t really could do it, then he pretty much nailed the whole concept square on the head.
            To be honest I’ve blown off alot of his crazier sounding conspiracy theories but this one was pretty brilliant and almost too ridiculously thought out. The crazy thing is that my post was only an abridged version that I wrote from memory about 2 hours after our conversation…his complete theory had much more detail and was much more in depth (if it plays out that way then he’s either a witch or from the future 😉
            But I thought it was so darn good I had to share it with everyone.

            Btw- if the world doesn’t go to shit then I’m totally stealing the idea of writing a screenplay 😉

            However, like Rick mentioned, hopefully posting it didn’t give them any ideas.

            • You should tell your friend to write it down. Make sure he doesn’t sign it or the government will be kicking down his doors.

      43. BI, you may want to check this out. Direct link: braveheart

      44. @BI : Holy magma bubble Batman! Just saw the news, a lava crater on Hilo is filling up with molten magma. It’s freaking huge. It’s unprecedented. All the islands were formed as a result of plate movements. The video was spectacular/horrifying. Your thoughts?

        • is the molten magma moving or maybe moribond. molten magma musn’t be messed with. more molten magma makes mountians massive and majestic.
          Zap! Pow! Enjoyed your post, Peter Parker. For some stupid reason, it made me chuckle. It’s kind of like you were reporting from the rim of the crater!

        • @ Peter Parker. I did a three dimensional look at the recent earthquakes from the Balleny Islands around the middle part of the Pacific going up into Alaska then to the Yukon earthquake to the Greenland one down through the Mid Atlantic Ridge to the South Sandwich Islands and completing the circle back where it started. This circle goes through the middle of the Pacific and the middle to the Atlantic oceans, passing most of the time AWAY from the plate boundaries. This goes almost through Hawaii. I am wondering if new plate boundaries are beginning to form, if this is the case, oh sh^& we are in trouble. Volcanoes would be the main issue with this.

      45. I brought up the Loisiania sinkhole on another topic.
        The thing is now 4 acres. I wonder why the main stream
        media is not reporting on that??

        • Because it won’t do anything to support the One’s re-election.

          • It needs to grow some more. Then the Army Corp o’ Engineers can build a retaining wall around it to keep out the seawater. Then they’ll name it Newer Orleans, and build low income housing.

      46. Erm, Louisiana, typing faster than brain….

      47. 1:00 am Fri. Weather channel. Eye of Sandy, per the Euro Model, puts the eye right over the homestead. Might be about to inherit some waterfront property!
        This has got my attention! We are about 80 miles from the coast, kinda in the center of the Delmarva Penninsula.
        Have watched disaster shows on History/science channel and this is a very bad scenario for this area. Notice on the map, The coast up to New York is a big cove. Water will pile up. I recall, if the subways are flooded with seawater, their trashed. Financial district shuts down. ALL utilities in NYC are underground. This will be a FUBAR and SHTF combined. This deserves it’s own article. “They” are already estimating $1billion in damages. If this floods NYC, $1billion won’t fix the subway! This storm could be an East cosat Katrina.
        Sure looks like emergency plans are about to be tested.
        ( we really are not used to this, LOTS of non-preppers, lots of Gov workers, lots of Gov supported)

        I joke a lot, try to be jovial/witty, but this looks like the real deal. Exactley what we as a group plan for.
        There are some other locals who visit and post. I know them, but would NEVER reveal them. Stay in touch boys, you know I’ll cover you if needed.

      48. Most of you people are foolish in your opinions of the average EBT/Food stamp recipient…

        It’s not about being lazy, or not wanting to work, It’s not a mouse click away like one idiot suggested. It’s not about a recession.. none of that. I can tell none of you including the Author know anything about it. I hate to bust your bubbles but..

        IT’S A HUSTLE!!!!!

        No different then selling drugs.. No different then selling ink cartridges you steal from the office on ebay.. or whatever ‘perks’ you get at your job..

        Difference is if you get caught they just cut you off… No jail time…

        The average family gets about $850 a month times 12 months. Your talking nearly 10 grand a year. Who on here don’t need an extra 10 grand a year?

        It’s tax free money (for the recipient;)… If your stupid enough to pay taxes then your deserve to support the hustlers.. Obama dont.. Romeny dont.. and your voting for one of those Hustlers…

        On the streets (a place I can tell most of you know nothing about) it’s just another hustle. Why spend your cash on food when you can get it for free.. It’s not about welfare or any of that crap. It’s just paperwork, fill in the right things in the right boxes and BAM eating lobster tonight… Ever heard the expression ‘dont hate the player hate the game’?

        They didn’t make the rules, some lying politician did. That you morons voted for.. Don’t hate them for doing the same thing the banksters, CEOs, etc. do on a daily bases… You dont do shit to them.. but talk…

        You can prep all you want but most off you wouldn’t last a month in the real shtf world… I was born in it…

        clueless fools….

        Look, your gov screws you every chance they get…
        war spending
        foreign aid

        Every one else screws you too..
        Insurance.. what a joke
        heath care… cheaper to die..
        oil companies.. cheaper to walk
        housing market.. it’s a box for God sakes..

        Why in the world would you not expect the poor people to screw back? They have nothing to loose…

        So go ahead and run out and vote. Then continue to bend over and take it where the sun don’t shine like you always have…

        All the youth in this country should walk up to anyone over fifty and slap them in the face.. Because of your choices the youth will not have much of a future in this cesspool of a country….


        • Keep it Real,

          I’m not going to agree with everything you posted but the truth of the matter is you are right on most levels of your argument. That is sad and bad on so many levels but like your handle implies you are just keeping it real.

        • Yep K.I.R. that just about sums it up. Well said…

      49. I run a small homeless shelter and soup kitchen(a misnomer, actually, but the purpose is the same)… we operate on public(state-provided) as well as private business and individual funding… one of my primary goals since taking over is to get off the public funding… one thing that should be understood is that with the increase of population over the last 80 years, so too has the number of the truly needy population along with the proliferation of such gov’t benefits… yes, many who receive either/both of the gov’t and/or our benefits do not deserve them and some even do not need them but access has been made so easy that advantage is often taken… the whole issue of being “needy”, homeless and hungry has been politicized to the point of no return – without major upheaval by the former recipients and the politicians know it… ever wonder why people are continuously doled the meager amount they are..? political control – they give, the recipients respond with a vote for the giver – plain and simple… anyone threatening to cut the benefit is demonized and certainly not voted for if not protested outrightly….

        bear this one fact in mind: there are those who are truly in need of services – even if only temporarily… the near impossible thing is to distinguish between the needy and the abuser(lazy, physically capable) and often that line is as thin as a simple decision to not appear at a job interview…

        that said, i am all for tighter restrictions and tougher qualifying standards and increased accountibility for both recipient and gov’t worker who has the face-to-face responsibility of interview and review of each case of gov’t assistance… when the economy blows apart, this segment of society will be the most vocal and violent, imho…

        • How about drug, nicotine, and alcohol tests before giving that beggar a hand out??

          • Has everyone read the story of one grape weighing two ounces thrown in the trash??
            Interesting, my friends, very interesting.

          • They tried that with drug test and it wound up costing way more with way less positive drug test then you might think..

            No Savings Are Found From Welfare Drug Tests

            98% of welfare recipients passed the test.
            There were no direct savings..
            No affect on the number of applications that were put through…

            And ended up costing the state an extra $164,000
            So here we have it, the right wing created a law for bigger government and intrusion into peoples personal lives, and it ended up completely failing while being a complete waste of money. All this bureaucracy just to demonize the poor..

            Welfare recipients dont use drugs, ahh they sell them… You got to get out more jay…


            Nicotine, and alcohol are legal last time I checked.. So that part of your argument is pointless…

            • I remember two years ago when I had to stand in a long
              line at a local church to recieve a bag of groceries.
              this was a wonderful thing for the church to do,but
              there always has to be those folks that abuse ANY system
              and in Florida the price of cigarettes has been over
              $6.00 a pack for a long time (several years) and I have
              to say I truly resented people in the “bread line” who
              were smoking cigarettes.

      50. HOLY $#IT. What a great visualization. I am forwarding it everywhere.

      51. Why can I not reply to some comments?

      52. How many illegals are receiving Free Food along with their Free Money?

      53. Sizing up political candidates is a waste of time and brain power. Your vote is at the top of your wish list, but the election outcome will not be decided by votes but by a group of bankers and their superiors.

        Time and energy is better spent becoming self sufficient and preparing for the coming chaos. Also it is important that people learn to cooperate with their fellow man for benevolent solutions instead of being in direct competition with each other which turns people against one another.

        Two ways elections can be controled to produce the desired results: Manipulate the electronic voting machine software to flip close races to 51% win for the desired candidate. And, the second is to lose votes. Estimates by experts say up to 5 million votes will be lost in the upcoming presidential election.

        Both candidates know that they must cooperate with the bankers and must facilitate the ushering in of the New World Order.

      54. You guys sure are letting divide and conquer rule your day. Don’t blame let the media get away with blaming the victims. The real welfare queens get better stuff than the “modern day breadline”.

        • Dear Anon….
          Please tell me what a welfare queen is?

      55. This is a symptom, not the disease. This is divide and conquer at its best. Lets go blame some poor people while the bankers and cronies steal the land and the house. I call BS.

      56. Birth Control.
        Anyone on welfare, section 8, food stamps: After first child should have mandatory IUD put in until they can show sufficient financials to pay for such. Babies are a very large expense, why should other people be obligated to pay for them?

        • I should be permanent. Most of the time you can’t cure stupid..

      57. Very powerful graphic. I agree w/ your sentiment, but the data is all wrong. Even by your own cited sources.

        Get your money back from BWM for “data mining”.

      58. @ Rick:) What does FUBAR mean?
        I too have been watching the weatherchannel the past few days and nights. I live in Rochester, NY, I am wondering how this will impact the area? Poweroutages,
        wind gusts, rain?

      59. Mac,
        Outstanding graphics
        .Please may I suggest that you add one small additional piece of information to your article.

        Which card issuing banks & card processing operations make money out of this misery? The EBT cards are printed, managed and processed by some of the major US banks….for a large fee.
        Name & shame.

      60. When the federal government reaches the end of the line and collapses under the weight of its overwhelming obligations just like the USSR did, these people dependent on it for survival are out of luck.

        Don’t depend on government, and be as independent as possible of the system as a whole.

      61. Great Job Mac.

        That took some time to put together.

        I was wondering if you ran into any statistics in the gender department? I look at the old photographs and I see mostly men in lines. Back then the father was the main provider, how would the picture change today with so many woman married to the government? (I hope I don’t upset anyone with this line of questioning.) Not trying to cause any hurt or anything.

      62. Something to think about. What if the megastorm brewing knocks out the gooberment systems to the point that the old “gimme my social security money” people and those getting food stamps, welfare and other forms of welfare, do not get their moola? Not pleasant to think about.

      63. You act like voting is going to change shit..

        It was the same if not worse under Bush…(9-11, Pat. act, boys still dying over that BS. Mil contracts to cronies.. )
        I could go on

        Wake the F#$k up!!!

        It’s way beyond the point of voting and ANYONE who don’t realize that is a FOOL..

      64. who says that we need to leave our homes our farms or whatever and work for someother persons benifiet why not work on our own farms and propertys and live on what we produce ourselves why do we need such large citys and so many crowded together like animals why do we alowe our selves to belive that we need a large take care why have we alowed those we elect to brainwash us to beleive they know better than us and for what monopoly mony to purches worthless crap and forcefeed crap about its all good when its more like being enslaved why?????

      65. Seems like someone is testing JP Morgan, they who handle the EBT (SNAP) cards, an article on the Daily Sheeple indicates that people in Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, South Carolina, Indiana, Kentucky, Connecticut, West Virginia, Delaware could not use their cards on Friday/Sat November 16-17.  JP MOrgan stated that it was a ‘glitch’.  3.6 million people in 10 states, that is one interesting ‘glitch’


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