Food Stamp Diet: Eat Right and Get Fit!

by | Jul 3, 2012 | Headline News | 267 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    The absurdity of government knows no bounds.

    Via Infowars:

    If the Supreme Court upholding Obamacare left Americans with any doubts we are officially living in a debt-fueled social welfare state, the Obama Administration recently spent three million dollars to convince us we will all live healthier lives if we sign up for food stamps.

    The U.S. Department of Agriculture has been running a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) propaganda campaign for several months now. Primarily aimed at Hispanics, the elderly, and the working poor and unemployed, ads include radio segments claiming that food stamps help beneficiaries “eat right”:

    Woman #1: “I wonder how she stays so fit, what’s her secret?”
    Woman #2: “Well she told me that food stamp benefits help her eat right, and she stays active too.”

    Video via The Daily Sheeple:

    For years, First Lady Michelle Obama has been promoting fitness and healthy eating, and now with tax payer help she may finally achieve her goal.

    Based on the government’s new advertisements, one would assume that food stamps provide enough benefits for a family accepting SNAP assistance to purchase high quality, low fat, chemical-free foods that may include items such as organic milk and cheese, fruits, vegetables, fresh baked whole grain bread and nuts.

    For the realists out there, who understand that food stamps provide about $500 a month to a family of four, and that “healthy foods” actually cost significantly more than Frankenfoods loaded with high fructose corn syrup, sodium and a host of other preservatives and FDA approved chemicals, it’s safe to say that it’s near to impossible to maintain a healthy diet with existing government food rations.

    If you’ve visited your local grocery store lately you know very well that $500 per month (especially for a family with children) will allow you to purchase only the basic essentials, and usually the highly discounted foods. And those foods are often the least healthy option available.

    With the price of food steadily rising as a result of inflation and the entrance of emerging economies into the middle class, low income Americans will continue to suffer at grocery counters, finding it more and more difficult to acquire high quality health foods.

    One thing has become quite evident: As people are economically forced to consume more low quality, high fat foods, the rate of obesity in America continues to rise.

    These statistics, coupled with the seemingly never ending increases in nutritional assistance participation, suggests that food stamps may actually have the opposite effect as what is stated in the Department of Agriculture’s advertisements.

    Whether the anecdotal evidence above is indicative of a long-term trend or not, we can safely assume that during President Bush’s term, and more so under President Obama, Americans have become increasingly dependent on government assistance for food.

    President Obama is certainly breaking records when it comes to the impoverishment of the American middle and working classes.

    This is what he must have meant when, during his 2008 campaign speeches, he told us that he would fundamentally change America.


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      1. A government that forces the welfare state creates its own enemies long term…a time duration that we’re seeing catch up to the national deficit with no relief in sight. You can’t tell me that these Harvard and yale grads who get elected as our politicians don’t know what they’re doing. This whole mess seems to deliberate to me.

        • I have had a revelation. It’s the food stamp type of people that would never believe in prepping. I should get the food stamps and use them to buy extra preps every week so I will have a little extra to share with the idiots that have their hands perpetually out. Not that I would just give them the food, I would make them work for that food. They can dig the outhouse if we need one and pump the well for water or walk down to the lake for water, and tend the very large garden, and clean my house. Yes, this could work out.

          • Careful with that… post-collapse, it may not turn out like you plan.

            If word gets out that you have a stockpile, and a big enough mob finds out, you’ll be dead long before you can shoot everyone trying to get into your house (and get their hands on the goodies).

            Protip: You can only point that rifle in one direction at a time, and if 20 people are busting into your house from differing directions, you’re screwed.

            You’d likely be better off not letting anyone know that you have anything.

            • Words of wisdom OQ. I know you’re right. They will come like pit bulls and we will not be able to plead or reason with them. Anonymous is better.

            • I do like the idea of using food stamps to stock up, though… it’d be like a parting gift from a dying government.

            • Odd Questioner I dought that the sheeple would know what to do with 100 lbs of raw beans, rice, wheat, corn meal, oat meal, barley or even a 100 lb bag of flour.

              They would have killed Silver Fox for nothing.

              And on top of that, they would have trampled over all the dandilions, curly dock, clover, lambs ear, sun flowers in the yard trying to get to the house.

          • As of July 1, I get $62. of food stamps a month. And I have been prepping for years. Your right I could not dig. But I am learning Container Garden, making bread and make Yogurt. I know how to sew when need be. And do repair as need be. I get things from Goodwill so do not buy new often. Yard-sales help a lot, when out with friends. I do not own a car. We do go to our local Farmer Market so I buy local. And I can push my wheelchair the three blocks to river if need be. I have bought item to make drink able.
            Also have 2 rain barrel. So I wont have to go to the river but it has been thought about.
            When your poor and elderly you do plan ahead. Will last long if SITF? Most likely not but it does not mean being on food stamps that I spend all day out with my hand out.

            • Bless you, Gwen for trying to make your situation better….and for thinking about taking care of yourself when SHTF….

            • Gwyn, you are on of the few, not the many. I should not have generalized so broadly to encompass all. I’m sorry. You are my kind of lady. I wish we were neighbors. I have a large garden I tend myself and share with my family and neighbors and can the rest. I do a little sewing myself and it will be a valuable trait when the SHTF. I shop on the cheap as well, it’s just as good only cheaper. When we do buy we try to get local if we can. I’m not a fan of enriching corp farming. We also have 2 55 gallon rain barrels. Some make fun of me for this but I don’t care. I hope you find someone to help you when It all comes down, I wish it could be me. Best wishes.

          • Only problem with this plan, SF, is that these people have been trained all their lives to be Takers and not Makers or even Helpers. They haven’t a clue as to how to Make anything except babies, poop, pee, and trouble. The real scenario is liable to be them busting into your place, eating and drinking everything you have as fast as they can, and then eating YOU because your usefulness to them ends when your supplies run out. Sad, but a lot more plausible than the scenario you envision.

            • 41Mag, yes what you write is true. It was more of a joke on my part. I am the silent type. Nobody knows what I have except my wife and it’s hard to keep her quiet. She wants me to talk to all our neighbors and convince them to prep. It’s not worth the risk. I have no doubt the have not’s will say, look he has plenty and he’s not sharing. . .KILL HIM!

          • Freedom isn’t free. With rights come responsiblities. Too many have forgotten.

            Interesting article about those who signed the Declaration of Independence.

            “At the end of this column, you’ll find a link that will take you to a free copy of the book, “They Signed for Us.” You may read it online or download it and print your own copy. The file also includes a list of all of the signers and the states they represented, plus the complete text of the Declaration of Independence.”


          • I’ve been stock piling for them too! Their last hot meal, but it may contain a high concentration of LEAD!

          • Too bad your revelation did not include human decency or kindness.
            We are a college educated, single income, self employed family of 6. The amount we pay out in taxes every year is almost triple to any sort of assistance (handout as you put it) that we may receive. I am sure you are also one of those people that would point out the availability of sterilization procedures or family planning….luckily my children do not have you as a parent because they are all thankful for the opportunity to live.
            Obviously I am no more of an idiot than you are because we happen to be reading the same type articles.
            I believe that low income people will survive way better than the middle class. We after all know how to live within our means. We know what it is like to make due and live without.
            Most of the people where we live are low income. Not because they are lazy with their hand out wanting something for nothing but simply because we live in an economically depressed area.
            Having said that most of the people in this area have been taught and groomed on how to live off of the land. So your scenario may play out in you having to dig their outhouse or tend their very large garden in exchange for true survival skills. Or maybe they will just see you for what you are and leave you to fend for yourself.

          • WHOA dude! we are a family of die hard preppers and we are on food stamps. the less than 500 we get a month for a family of 5 does not do much but buy our monthly meat. We stock up constantly when we can catch good sales and have the extra cash to do so. My hubby works his a$$ of at a 40 hour a week job that pays more than min wage and we would not meet the bills without this little bit. and no we do not have a car note or cable or fancy phones or any of the other stuff but rent and gas alone take up more than half of his paycheck each month. Because we have been totally broke and not a can of beans in site is why we are eternal preppers. We have had our own personal shtf when hubby went a year without a job and we lived on 200 a week. We have a garden and will have livestock just as soon as we can get out of town to our BOL.

          • Imagine anyone believing they still had privacy if an SSN attached to their medical records. Anything attached to those numbers is and always has been available to anyone acting as an agent for the corp that owns the number. Especially when there is a possibility of making money from you, or if the code enforcers want to know to justify unlawful acts against you.

            If you think the sharing and misuse of personal and PRIVATE information is starting with Obama Tax, think again. It is merely centralizing the information like everything else to make it all available to anyone with the stroke of a key.

            The corp needs to provide as much incriminating and damaging information as it can, as quickly and easily as it can, to its agents. With a properly edited file, by a single individual in record keeping, edited at the request of a multitude of possible executive branch agents, even the most honest “Police” can be persuaded to attack and destroy the most honest Man.

            This is only a way to get those few who still believe they have privacy to bring their claim that it exists to the public so they may also believe they have privacy to protect.

            If ObamaTax died completely tomorrow, your privacy is still nonexistent when using public property such as an SSN. As an employee of the corp, you have no lawful expectation of privacy concerning corp business.

            Stay out of the system to the best extent possible in your situation. Do something every day that will further remove you from it. One day, if you try hard enough, you will discover that you really DO NOT need the corps numbers to live.

        • America is the only country where the poor are obese.

          • Elton John was right: “Times are changin, now the poor get fat”.

        • @ Everybody. Try this, put your hand or a piece of paper over MO’s face on the Newsweek cover so MO’s eyes only show. These have to be some of the most shifting eyes, like that of a snake oil salesman going town to town selling garbage and empty totally unkept promises. You can do this with politicians by covering up everything on their face other than their eyes and truly see the rotteness that dwells within. The eyes are said to be the windows to the soul, and you can really tell a lot about someone by doing this little trick. MO’s eyes kind of look like a cobra to me also.

          • Better yet, look at the apple in front of Mrs. O’Chucklehead in the above picture. I’d swear that apple looks like it has an image of Karl Marx on it. Maybe Rasputin with horns. Scary…
            (switch to Twilight Zone opening music to set the mood).

            • Like lefto-communists everywhere, MO spends a lot of time trying to run other people’s lives when she should be spending more time closer to home. What I choose to eat or drink is none of her business. Her husband’s smoking is WAY worse for his health than me liking ice cream is for mine.

            • Good eye there Eagle 71. I thought it looked like satan, but I have rather poor vision.

            • I saw it too!!!!!!

            • EAgle 71 said:”Better yet, look at the apple in front of Mrs. O’Chucklehead in the above picture. I’d swear that apple looks like it has an image of Karl Marx on it. Maybe Rasputin with horns. Scary…
              (switch to Twilight Zone opening music to set the mood).”

              I thought I was seeing things .lol. It looks like Rasputin to me!

            • I think the Karl marx picture was photoshopped in. The original cover doesn’t have that image. These politicians are evil enough, lying to make a point about how evil they are doesn’t help the argument.

          • I want to know about the apple sitting in front of MO. Is that a corp farming special grown with chemical fertilizer and covered with deadly pesticides, or is that an honest to goodness healthy old fashioned apple?

            • The apple is poisoned. And Mrs. O’Chucklehead is the evil queen from Sleeping Beauty, and wants us preppers to take a bite out of it…

          • @ Eagle71. Talk about an eagle eye, you are right, I didn’t even see it. I was so irritated at the utter phoniess of MO that I failed to see the apple. I had a class on subliminal images implanted into advertisements in college, and that is definitely Marx or the devil. MO can stand for many different things, but it just came to me when I saw this insincere photo, monkey orifice, I wonder why. 😉

        • Happy independence day toyou all

          Take care

          • Thank you Burt

            Yeah we’re celebrating the remembrance of a nation that once was free.only in history books and fables.

            Never left the British/Scot/Rothschild banking cartel

            and here we are today..all indebted serfs worldwide.


          • Thank you Burt, but I don’t feel like celebrating. I feel like we are back in the 1700’s and the king is about to declare another revolutionary war against the rebellious Americans. We should not celebrate or independence today, we need to seek it once again.

          • Thanks Burt,

            There will celebrations in my region, but possibly with out fireworks, because it has been so dry and hot.

            Have a good one Burt !! 🙂

        • “The whole mess” is deliberate. It is a carefully crafted plan to destroy this nation and replace it with a communist One World Governement. Sounds crazy but just look at the trail they have left!
          As for not being able to feed a family of 4 on $500, that depends on what you buy. I can feed a family of 4 very well and include household cleaners, soap, shampoo, toilet paper, pet food for 2 cats and 2 dogs etc. in that $500. If you buy food and prepare it yourself it is easy and if you have a garden to supplement, you can save a bit and use that money to spoil your family with some extras ( or stockpile). But if you buy pre prepared foods, boxed foods, deli foods, etc, then it does not go far at all.
          I once watched a woman ring up over $400 in steak, hamburger, hotdogs, keilbasa, deli salads, deli breads and buns, chips and assorted picnic/BBQ type foods. She announced to the grocery checker that they were having a party. She had split her purchase into 2 parts. The first part with the foods listed above were paid by $400 food stamps and the 2nd half with the booze and nonfood items were paid with cash. At that time my entire household budget for a month was $300 ( for all food, pet food cleaning supplies etc). I was shocked and the checker was disgusted. That woman clearly did not NEED those food stamps that I and the checker were paying for.
          There is no education on healthy eating or shopping that goes with those food stamps. You do not have to eat beans and rice to eat cheap and healthy. It is all about choice and when someone hands you something for free it is usually not as appreciated as if you had to earn it yourself.
          I am not against food stamps but in my line of work I see an enourmous amount of fraud against the system because they don’t do much to actually check on the reported incomes: Woman: “My income is $400 gross a month for a household of 4”. She does not disclose that her household includes a working man who also earns $2800/mo or the childsupport of $600/mo for a grand total of $3800/mo gross income for that household rather than the $400 reported. Nobody at the state checks anything. They look at her 10 hour/wk paystubs and say “ok”. I know this because I work in a related field where we DO check income and DO ask how a family of 4 survives on $400/mo, why is she not working more than 10hrs/wk and who else is supporting her or earning money in that household! We ask and get answers but if they have certain kinds of state support like free medical or food stamps they are guaranteed to get our services too even though they earn too much. It is disgusting!! If the state did their job and asked how they live on $400 a month and who else is earning like we do, they ( and we) would save money that this state and the federal government DOES NOT HAVE.

      2. I’d rather eat poorly and die young than listen to the government’s crap.

        • 1st BTW ;^)

          • Now dont you feel stupid with this comment

            • bite me. When I posted the first comment, there wasn’t another.

          • Last loser.

          • Didnt you get the memo? were not doing that childish shit on here any more..

        • The government will be telling us more and more what we can do, eat, etc. Obamacare just gave them the vehicle to push the bar further much faster.

          on another note…
          I just watched a video where Michelle compares Barack to Biblical Figures


            • good lord….

            • Oh my. The narcissism never ends!

            • KY Mom:And to think my wife compared me to Samson when we were young…..Then she learned to cut my hair!

            • Am I the only one that can’t stand the sight of this pair of criminals?? After just seeing a picture of these two I have to pray extra long for forgiveness of my evil thoughts..Oh, Lord, forgive me again…and again…..and again…when my time is better spent on Tennesse and Kentucky’s droughts, Colorado’s fires, the Gulf victims, Japan’s still homeless victims, northeasterners’ storm crisis and lack of power, Greece’s economic collapse…and many, many, more.

            • The only Biblical figure I’d compare o’chucklehead to is either satan or king herod…

            • Spot-on, JayJay!

              When I see a picture of mr. and mrs. o’barfbag together, I can’t help but think of louis XVI and marie antoinette. Living high off the hog while the people starved. Hopefully, king barry and queen shelly will suffer the same fate that befell louis XVI and marie…

          • Attorney friend said exactly the same thing after reading an article in the Wall Street Journal this morning.

            A group of 15 people will decide if you are worthy of getting a procedure done or medication. Let’s see if “you’re a good investment” or not.

            • One day we will see people being kidnapped not for ransom, but released only upon a successful surgery.

            • VanMom,

              Unfortunately, this is true.

              “the heart of Obamacare….. the rationing and denying of care as a means to cut costs. A formula that is the most inhumane and unethical means of cutting costs.”

              It won’t matter if you have the funds to pay for a needed surgery…If a person is not “approved” for the surgery, no hospital or physician will be “permitted” to perform the surgery without facing steep fines, penalties, etc.

              Thoughts on Obamacare from a Surgeon and Friend

              Short, but good video by Dr. Dave Janda, an orthopedic surgeon.

              First, Do No Harm

            • Sarah was right, just like Quayle.

          • “I just watched a video where Michelle compares Barack to Biblical Figures”


          • I don’t have my references with me so I hope I don’t get these mixed up but the first time Obama was running for President, Oprah said “They will come to worship him.” and Spike Lee said “Just like there is a BC and AD, there will be a before Obama and and after Obama” and Jesse Jackson Jr said “They will write a new book in the bible for him.” I thought those were very odd things to say.
            He may already have 2 books. The beginning when he fell and the end when he gets what is comming to him. Or he may be an egotistical fruit cake that is brilliant enough to make a huge amount of pain for this nation because he still hates it so much.
            Note: In the first campaign I noticed that he would stop speaking and then start again during the pledge of allegience. He would stop at “under God” and then restart. I saw this on 2 occasions. Once live and once on video. And as he and the audience were reading a prayer, he skipped the words “Jesus Christ” and his mouth and face bunched up for just those seconds. I saw that again when he was repeating part of the Constitution and the word “God” was spoken. That is 4 times he refused to say “God” or “Jesus Christ” and at his swearing in he refused to have a bible present or be used and his oath to God was not used. So is he thinking he is a god or just jealous that we keep referring to the one true God? 🙂

        • Many dining places(i.e. fast foods) accept food stamps. What a sham and shame.

          • Prepared foods cannot be purchased with food stamps here or in the state I moved from. It appears that is a state by state decision. Ours just passed a law allowing food stamps to be used to buy diapers which I have no problem with since it did not increase their allocation. Otherwise children have to do without or their parents have to ‘sell’ part of their allocation to someone for 50 cents on a dollar to pay for them.

            Eating healthy is only more expensive when it is done incorrectly. For example, beans and rice are a perfect protein and less expensive than bacon. What is not being considered is that eating on a budget precludes certain items. Is anyone here old enough to remember ‘meatless Tuesdays’?

            It’s really an irrelevant argument because people do not change unless they learn enough that they have too or hurt enough that they have to so SNAP recipients are not likely to change their eating habits. Having actually been on food stamps for a month in college when the hospital would not perform my wife’s surgery until we signed up for Medicaid, I can testify that we ate better on them than we ever did before.

            • I don’t care how poor I get. I will NOT give up bacon.

            • Buying seasonally in large quantities and preserving it saves boatloads of money too!

            • “Is anyone here old enough to remember ‘meatless Tuesdays’?”

              I’m waiting for some comedian to come up with the response of “When I was a kid, we were so poor, I asked my folks “what’s meat?”.

            • PRACTICING Catholics still have meatless FRIDAYS, meatless LENT, and meatless EMBER DAYS.

          • The only place food stamps can be used if the food is not hot food. Yes, there one Pizza place that make it for you and you bake at home. Other then that it is not legal. And store should be stop.

        • I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy!

      3. How about I determine what my kids eat and I make them stay healthy. Isn’t that my job as a parent??

      4. Then again if I can buy a shopping cart of ribs chicken and steaks and eat high-off-the hog, then hold up the grocery line, and drive a Cadillac like the “brothas” did in the area where I grew up, it might be worth it.

        • True story, I swear.
          Was in line at a grocery store. Very well dressed woman with lots of bling is checking out ahead. She was told she coundn’t purchase “pet food” ( a bag of dog food) with her food stamps. ( this was afew years back, before the ebt cards).
          She left the check-out and said “hold on, I’ll be right back”. As the line of people waited, she came back with 5 lbs of ground beef. Everybody in line, and the clerk knew what this meant. Not a bit of shame or remorse.
          I repeat. I am not making this up.

          IMHO, things changed when the social stigma of welfare went away. I can still remember when proud people would rather go hungry than go on food stamps.
          To all you “libs”, thats the country we want to “take back”. Barring a mental or physical handicapp, earning enough to eat should be the least of a citizen’s responsibility. Believe me, without government handouts, things in DC would change real quick. Our wonderful leaders have created generations of people who don’t know how to fend for themselves, and try to convince us they are “charitable” while doing it.

          Teach a man to fish, he eats for life.
          Give a man a fish, he votes “democrat” for life.

          • My wife saw the same thing one time. Someone was trying to buy cat food with food stamps. They weren’t allowed, so they went back and got some canned tuna.

        • What is this garbage about fancy cars. The only large car I have seen any one drive was 10 to 12 years old. Which was foolish because of cost of gas. No matter how cheap it was at the used Car sale lot. But driver was Disable and could fit his wheelchair behind him.

          This image you have of the poor is no where near real.

          • Up here the illegal aliens (10,000 in our county) lease new cars. When they apply for food stamps, rent assistance, etc., it’s not counted as an asset, so they get to drive a new car and live off of our money.

            That’s not an image, it’s real.

          • I think you may be an exception, because I see the same thing all the time. Many of the moocher class are very arrogant and have nothing but contempt for the people who pay for their handouts. They thank the gub’ment for the freebies, and rfuse to admit that the gub’mint can’t give them anything without first taking it from somebody else.

      5. I heard somewhere that JP Morgan Chase benefits from people being on the food stamp program. I’m not sure how that works, but it would not surprise me.

        • Tey get paid by the transaction fees.

        • JP Morgan Chase gets a few % of each transaction, the EBT cards are actually in effect Chase credit cards.

      6. Talk amongst yourselves. I’ll give you a topic: Food Stamps. Neither food nor stamps.


      7. Whta’s going to happen when all those people get cut off is the question…. It wont be pretty.

        • They will show up to drag us into the street, rape our women, make us watch that, and then kill us. Then they will eat our food. That is unless you prepare for this and make it more trouble for them than it’s worth. My two friends, gun-powder and lead, are standing by to try and prevent such happenings.

          • Barlow: After shooting the first 10 or so, they’ll move on to easier pickings. One thing about welfare recipients, they don’t want to work for their stuff, only take if it’s easy, and getting shot isn’t easy, so load up and get ready. And yes, I practice all the time. As a retired LEO, I still carry my weapon with a backup, just in case.

        • Oh, Rock..Three generations, my great-niece, her mother and grandmother who are my sister and niece, live from check to check…(not really, because they are broke by the second week of the monthh).
          I have lots of preparations, but won’t be sharing with them when the soiled fiber hits the fan.
          Why?? Because I moved 30 miles to rid myself of their continuous worries.
          Two, if I shared now, knowing we will have no transportation, they would simply give away the food and supplies or sale them to buy more junk.
          It’s on mosts mind–but what to do??
          They will surely die.

          • Right, JJ. I had a friend who was a meatcutter in a grocery store. He could tell who was on food stamps because they didn’t even look at prices.

            • But these idiots, my niece mostly, are so immature, they will spend their last 20 for a canister set…and then be hungry because their cupboards are bare because of their irresponsible behavior.
              And I might add, about $800 of that money coming in rightfully belongs to the great-niece(age 12), not my sister and niece.
              I’m not bragging, but they together get $100 LESS per month than what comes into this household..we have a 2400 sq ft home, 3 autos paid for, no debts but the mortgage(which we are re-financing right now to save $225 a month), and enough in food, supplies, etc, to last XXXXX years–a long time. Is it sad?? That is an understatement. What are we to do??God did not mean for me to sacrifice to feed those who squander what is ‘given’, hell, yes, ‘given’ to them..they sit home all day watching fricking cable..did I mention I…do…not..have…cable???
              I’m finished now..venting does not help.

        • “It won’t be pretty”. Yes it will. I’ll be smiling from ear to ear,,,,,and I have a nice smile.

          • If that was to happen we will all have our hands full and very busy and very tired after awhile. None of us will be smiling. I assure you of this. It Won’t be pretty. Not one dang bit.

        • You are absolutely correct Rock. I been trying to get people to understand this for quite awhile now. Maybe why a drive now to get as many as they can to sign-up for food stamps. Get you dependent then WHAM cut everyone off. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near a big city if that happened.Some People get hungry enough they WILL eat you. It’s happened many times in our past earth history. I hate to even think about it, however… I Also agree that people will buy the less costly food which is full of all kinds of chemical garbage. Boy could I go on. Then you get sick and hello government owned dictatorship health care. They will decide how to treat you or if they should treat you. You know, your to old, its not worth it Oh boy. Good Day all

        • That is the question, isn’t it? I heard someone say that if something can’t go on forever, it won’t. This deficit spending to finance government dependency can’t go on forever.

          We lived in an area where most of the people were on some sort of public assistance. How do I know? I taught at an urban school where 80% of the kids were on free or reduced lunches. My son was a cashier at a grocery store near our house and told me most transactions were with SNAP cards. What will happen when the bennies are cut off? The same thing that happens when you stop feeding a large dog. It will turn on you.

          It took a lot of planning, and a lot of money, but I got my family far away from there. I used to legally carry when I went to the gas station because of two legged predators. Now I only legally carry when I go into the hills because of the four legged predators.

          • On another note—anon—have you considered the businesses’ welfare and the groceries’ welfare when those bucks stop coming??
            Think about that folks–again, the govt is indirectly providing many jobs with those welfare/food stamps/monetary assistance.
            Heck, pizza joints may become extinct!!

        • I hope you are talking about our congress.

      8. Evening all

        The system here is simple if you get benefit payments you also get your rent paid, council tax paid, free school meals for the kids, free dental treatment, free optical treatment, they will even give you back your bus fare for going to a job interview, oh and if you are out of work long term £200 to buy decent clothes to go to work in. They give non repayable social fund payments of up to £1000 to replace beds, cookers etc and interest free loans to benefit claimants with the money taken back weekly. Now….

        Can you think of a reason we have generations of the same family who have never had a job?

        If you visit by the way, they are the ones with the decent food. Wide screen tvs, gold jewellery fancy phones and a decent car.

        Take care

        • My how things have changed in 236 years.
          What has become of our worthy adversary?
          There was a time the sun never set on the Empire.
          Well there is a saying here in the “Good old USA”,
          The nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.
          Were right behind you Burt. Trying to catch up fast.

          Happy Independance Day.

        • Mostly true- however not all benefit claimants are lazy do-nothing layabouts, although it has to be said a hell of a lot are.I’m surrounded by them. And a lot of those getting housing benefit are actually working, but as they are on minimum wage & housing costs have gone through the roof, without claiming they would probably be homeless.

          I am on benefits due to being disabled ( stroke) Before that I always worked so at least have contributed. I had to take an ATOS “assesment” which said I was fit for work, overturned on appeal, like so many others. People have died waiting for their appeal to be heard & also people who are deaf/blind, terminally ill, etc etc have been declared fit for work. Total money grabbing farce on the part of the dss.If they stopped giving aid to foreign countries that dont need it there would be more to go round for those that deserve it.The ones that dont are another story.

          I do not own a car. widescreen tv, any jewellery at all let alone gold, no mobile phone, however I always have decent food, as I refuse to feed my family on rubbish processed mock-food. I was lucky enough to be taught proper cookery/ sewing etc at school so have the skills necessary.

          This I think is one of the major problems for most younger people today , they have no Knowledge of how to provide for their familys other than by shopping. They have not been taught how to cook basic meals, mend & make clothes, knit, grow vegetables,etc, they even seem to be lacking in basic hygeine skills.

          • I also had the foresight to buy my own house with cash when I won a court case, so no housing benefit.

            SOO true about the people having babies for a house, though £1000 a month is mostly an exagerration. How about the immigrants being given huge houses in london when they have paid NOTHING into the system. – also totally wrong.

            Maybe if the governments hadent spent so long getting rid /selling off our manufacturing base, there would be more jobs.

        • Burt, its no wonder your government has to print money….uh oh….forgot we’re printing it too.

        • You can probably still find the picture of the woman in Cali who was pissed about getting a letter telling her her freebies were cut off. In the background is a flat screen TV of about 55″ class.

      9. Oh, I forgot the child tax credits, and child benefit

        I genuinely know single mothers with 2 kids that get totally free housing, have thekidsfeda hotmealevery day at school, they get every benefit available giving the over £1000 a month in cash and they have never worked a day in their life.

        A person gets laid off from their job and they get £69 a week and have the bejesus harassed out of them to find another one and fast. They have to jump through hoops to get enough to get enough to feed their kids. It is so wrong, so very wrong.

        Take care

        • Burt…I have one for ya….I know this elderly couple in their 80’s. They get very little SS to which almost every penny goes to their bills…they have no other income. It seems that their SS checks are getting smaller and smaller (which will really get smaller now that the Heathcare REFORM will stand). They applied for food stamps and they get a WHOPPING 60.00 a MONTH. At one time even that was reduced to 40.00 for some unknown reason.

          Now, our state passed a bill where everyone on govt assistance of any kind much submit to a drug test. I think this is a great idea except for the fact that this also includes the elderly. They try to salvage the last bit of dignity as they piss into a cup while some ho can get a check for every baby she pops out.

          If I didn;t help them….they would never be able to make it. They would surely starve.

          • Tina

            Like I say it is soberly wrong

            Take care

            • Soberly?..

              So very wrong

      10. I know that i might catch a lot of flak for saying this but, if you are going to be on any type of government food program wither it be food stamps or government supplied lunches at school the government have the right to tell you to eat right. but if you are paying for your food with your own money then eat what you want. but eating healthy, working out should be on most preppers to do list. eating fast food everyday is not healthy. how can you survive the end of the world if you have to stop every 5 minutes to catch your breath? if you are a prepper you should at least work out few times per week. because the last thing you want is bad health with no way to get medicine.

        i agree with Michelle Obama on the point that childhood obesity should be fought, and that schools should provide only healthy foods (including meats) if you are going to buy a school lunch or the government is going to pay for that lunch. but if you want your child to eat candy, and junk food then pack them a lunch box.

        but i believe that you should only use government assistance if you need them and get off of them as soon as you can.

        • and to let everyone know i practice karate 3 times a week and go to the gym 2 times a week. i don’t drink soda or eat store made candy. but i will have a piece of home made cake tho. so i do practice what i preach.

      11. Mac,
        Why are you slamming fat in the diet? If you mean trans fats then I understand, but if you mean saturated fat, I’m afraid that you are mistaken. Fat does not cause heart disease or “bad” cholesterol. Heart disease/Cell Apoptosis/Syndrome X is caused by inflammation and oxidation by eating sugars,grains, etc… My diet and exercise philosophy is “Eat meat and lift heavy $h!t”

      12. they are just trying to create more lib voters. look at the graph of people on food stamps since the last election. Now, how many people are passing the word around that “if you want to keep your stamps, better vote for obama”. There was an article I read a while back (cant remember where) that claims that once 50% of Amerikans get on the gov dole, either with a job or “assistance”, the left will always win the election.

        • How many people on food stamps actually care enough to vote though or are not convicted felons who can legally vote? Oh wait, I forgot you don’t even need to show an ID to vote now a days.

          Less than 50% of Americans pay taxes as it is so that point about who is on the dole is moot.

          • I pay property taxes, and every bill has taxes. And I vote. you have no idea what people on food stamp do.

            You have heard all the garbage that Republic say. And if they win. They have already shown that want to end food stamp, and health care and school education. So yes I wont be vote for them.

            • Do you write that badly on purpose?

            • And you believe that horseshit.

              I get to pay all those taxes and more. I should get disability because my back is broken from carrying you.

            • Gwyn, maybe you should take some time to learn the truth behind Congressional legislation instead of swallowing all of your Progressive spoon-fed bullshit.

          • Um beefcake, the less that 50% of Americans pay taxes statistics include CHILDREN and senior citizens!

        • This is where the lack of education comes in–what part of “if 50% are employed tax payers struggling to feed their own children, at some point those tax payers will pull a john galt” do they not understand??

          • I like Ayn Rand work. But if you read the book John Galt was in you also would see it main fight was with sick business men that took and gave nothing. Cheated and got Government pay off. Stole when they could with government help from those who were producers of goods that had value. And treated their employees who had the skills to work, well and with respect.

            No, she would not like the social help I am on. But I am sure she think her book had come alive. With what happen on Wall Street and Banks now.

      13. I tink foodstamp assitance is great for folks who are having a hard time or down on thier luck, but as a way of life they are a crutch that keeps people strung along and broke. As an asstance program its fine, but as soon as a perso gets a job or a source of incoe, the foodstamps need togo. Also, todays foodstamps allow for cash which started as a way to help with household goods(TP, Tooth paste, soap etc) now, the cash buys beer nad cigerettes!? WTF?! OVER! I DONT WANT MY TAX MONEY GOING TO PAY FOR SOME JACKASSES BEER AND SMOKES! Get a JOB! I ll help feed ya if your down on ur luck, but you can buy your own smokes and brew.

        • they wont give cash if one own house. Unless you want them to own it. And since I am only half owner left to me and my brother. No cash. And I do not smoke and only have wine at partys like wedding and New Year so you do not buy me any.

        • I don’t believe any of the “handout” programs work. And we have decades of data to prove it. LBJ began the “war on poverty”. Since that was implemented, has poverty decreased? Nope….just the opposite. And to see that we now have taxpayer-sponsored advertisements selling taxpayer-subsidized free-loader programs is only going to make the situation worse.

          We have been told that many programs are “assistance” programs but it’s nothing more than a Progressive/Marxist system. In a free-market capitalist society, people are engaged in some type of an enterprise that earns or provides them with a means to live. People earn what they want and/or they should “assist” themselves. But for almost a century now, America has created a non-working society, and the system is fast approaching fiscal overload because we are seeing a near-majority that has become dependent on a socialist system of welfare for all. It will not end until the entire system crashes and dies, and when that happens, we know what will follow. We NEED a correction, and it is inevitable.

          Until the system crashes, these ridiculous “assistance” programs will live on and they’ll grow even bigger. But remember — all bubbles burst. The reality of SNAP, TANF, SSDI, SSI and all of the other free-loader programs are nothing more than a means for the Progressives/Commies to control and manipulate the masses who are willing to accept their own dependency on others if they can sit on their asses for free stuff. Personally, it can’t come soon enough.

          • @
            There is, and always will be, corruption/defrauding involving programs the government/state handles. The social security disability program is not a handout as you state. It comes from money paid into the system by payroll taxes and based on how much you had previously worked before becoming disabled. There is a maximum one can draw if they haven’t paid into the system but hardly a handout at $500.00 per month. I just bet you wouldn’t refuse to accept a monthly check if you became disabled and had no way of finding food.

      14. I hear people say that food stamps are going to get taken away. Why would that happen and who ever takes them away will not be the favorite political person in the eyes of the populace that recieves the benefits. Please explain this to me someone.

        • It will not happen quickly, but little by little as states run out of money. My state, for example, recently stopped subsidizing daycare for the working poor. Next they might lower the income at which a family qualifies for food stamps or simply not adjust them for inflation. While some very destitute will probably always get something, the number of people and the purchasing power for each will slowly decline.

          Since SNAP is federally funded, but administered by individual states, they can point the finger at one another when people start complaining, protesting, and rioting. Take a look at what has been happening in Greece if you want a preview of things to come.

          • My niece has had $72,000 stolen from her in 12 years; benefit from her dead dad.
            Call the state–I did, her Tennessee representative from my hometown:

            And that isn’t including the state benefits of about $300 for 12 years.
            $113,000 total>>>>feel better now? She’s the one I explained to that the money isn’t free…it comes from someone else’s parents which deprives those children of things; like food.

        • Oh, they won’t take ’em away…

          They may replace them with IOUs first, or resort to the 1970’s/80’s “Government Cheese” programs that the USDA used to do, but no politician is stupid enough to stop the flow of bread in the “bread and circuses” paradigm.

          They’ll cut back on roads, police and fire long before they cut back on food stamps. Hell, they’ll cut education to the quick before they throttle back on food stamps.

          OTOH, eventually it will have to stop. I just hope for your sake that you live nowhere near a high concentration of recipients when that day draws near.

          • Does the word endgame mean anything to you ? How about a total economic crash ?
            Just sayin

        • goes…I’m gonna go from recipient to recipient with foods chosen by the state, TP, cleaners, etc…in a cardboard box.
          No more more buying cigs and beer, the latest shirt at chinamart, curtains, and that clock that matches those new placemats and tablecloth.
          Gotta start here–go back to deliveries..or they can pick up at the health dept..scheduled by days of the week by first initial of last name..
          Any questions?

          • Halliburton will win that contract!

        • Cigarette,Lake Trout, We Take Food Stamp

        • Where do you think the money comes from to pay for the food stamps. You think it is some kinda magic thing ? If the governmt goes belly-up ( broke ) the first things to go will be welfare and food stamps and a whole lot of other programs.
          Hey I hope it don’t all go wrong I don’t want to see anybody suffer, But you should know that there are those that do.
          Good Luck all
          Just something to think about.

      15. My son, who is an assistant manager at a local Wal Mart, says that everyone comes in about 9-11 p.m. on the last day of the month. When the clock strikes midnight, they race to the front with their cart loads of chips, soft drinks, steaks, etc. because they know the money is put on their card at exactly midnight.

        Back in the good old days, when I worked at a grocery store, food stamps were limited to beans, rice,pasta, peanut butter, veggies, milk, cheese, ground beef, etc. I remember being upset when they started allowing soft drinks, although they had to pay the bottle deposit!

        • I cashiered in Ky–no soft drinks..Juicy Juice…but no soft drinks.

      16. Food stamps»not enough food»starving»weight loss

        It really works!!

      17. I see the shopping carts of food on the 1st of the month while waiting in line at the grocery store and I have NEVER seen anything remotely healthy in them, eating healthy foods(if you can call GMO raw produce and hormone saturated meat and milk healthy) is expensive. This is just to get more people on the system because just like creating more Government jobs, it is harder to bite the hand that feeds you if you attempt to implement unsavory policy when you hold all the aces from a stacked deck.

      18. big business is quite happy with the food stamp program

        there should be restrictions on the types of food that can be bought
        but thats not gonna happen
        big business wont allow it to happen
        they will buy as many politicians as they need to
        to protect their bottom line

      19. This might sound racist; but unfortunately; its true. I have personally witnessed people; supposedly down and out; have their carts absolutely filled to the brim with nothing but junk food. The individual in front of me weighs in excess of 300 Lbs. Problem is; she stands about 5Ft.; 4 Inches. The cashier at the local store i go to; says she see’s this every single day. I wonder how many Trillions of dollars this particular program is being scamed for? And do you think; or believe; that the majority of people in these programs feel any sense of regret or shame at the very thought of being on some kind of government assistance? Nope. Just the opposite is true

        • Dave. The good part is….. ta da da.. Free f***king universal health care for everybody!
          My plan. Give these parasites all the high fructose crap they can stuff in their pie hole. Then sit back and watch them explode. Honestly, what usefull purpose, other than to keep democrats in office does this parasitic part of the population serve?
          Now, before you all go quesy on me, thinking I’m a bit to hard, I have a policy; If you don’t give a shit about yourself, why should I????

        • Well you and that genius of a cashier should take a basic college behavioral science or critical thinking class. Ever hear of a thing called selective perception? We all see what reinforces are beliefs and ignore what challenges them. Because you need to whine about fat people overeating, you noticed that woman. You also ignore those who are “eating healthy.” That is why the rigorous research process was instituted for scientific studies, because human observation is not reliable.

          • Hey Sanders, If “human observation is not reliable” , then tell me why we evolved eyes?
            This is the brilliance you get in college?
            Anybody want to argue the FACT that 90%+ of the universities in this country all stuffed to the gills with libs, brainwashing our children with their statist, socialist garbage.
            Anybody ever wonder why one of Obama’s biggest source of votes are college kids? Because their just kids! No life experience. Life of leisure, living off borrowed money. Enriching the schools. Brainwashed by a bunch of lib professors that couldn’t find their own ass with a map, and can’t “cut it” in the real world.
            And soon to be UNEMPLOYED, with a debt the size of a house mortgage.
            Save your money. Read a book or two. Very usefull information hidden in books. Then fiqure out what you would like to do, find somebody doing it, and mentor with them.
            From personal observation; Have many very sucessful aquaintences, and not ONE has been to college. Some didn’t even complete high school. ‘splain dat,Lucy

            • @ Rick;

              Did SSandresMA use selective perception on you?

              Just using my critical thinking. 🙂

          • More horseshit from academia, like the “climate research unit “at East Anglia University. They start with the conclusion and bend logic to reach that conclusion.

      20. Have you been in the checkout line behind an EBT recipient? They buy crap to feed they’re kids! Also, working the food pantry at our church, many ask if there is candy and soda. Give me a freakin’ break. I am soooooooo disgusted watching the takers misuse our tax dollars and our giving out of generosity. I still give, because their misuse is between them and God. Sorry, I know I am supposed to be Christ-like, but my flesh creeps up on me occasionally. Anyway…
        God bless, y’all

        • the last person I was in line behind who I saw using an EBT card
          was buying fruits and vegetables and cereal with no sugar
          looked like a wise shopper to me

      21. i remember my mom going on welfare/food stamps and had to laugh when i heard this adavertisement. we barely could keep food in the house let alone THRIVE on it.

      22. Mac

        If you keep putting pictures of obama and his butt ugly wife on here I may have to stop my visits. 🙂 The Doctor says to limit my stress.

        Thanks, Bill

        • It’s just another way to get fit and trim- just binge on your favorite foods then glimpse at a picture of the Obamas to purge.

          • There is already a picture of my sister on my fridge for just that purpose.

      23. In the Minneapolis area we have a very large Somali population, which of course are Muslims. They run this scam:

        A male Sammy will have one legal wife, and 3 more by Muslim law. Of course he has kids by all 4, but the food, rent, and whatever else they can get from the State is provided by the “Un-wed” 3 wives.

        He lives like a king and laughs at the dumb white Christians.

        • Jeff

          Snap. That is done all the time over here.

          Take care

          • Burt,
            Yes I understand that all of Europe is becoming “Middle Eastern”.

            On another note, did you get the news that Glaxo/Smith/Klein has to pay our FDA 3 billion (U.S.) for the type of kickbacks we discussed last week. Most of the dirty deeds were done back in the 90’s.

            God Bless

        • @ Jeff Davis. You mentioned Muslims and the scams they pull on the population. It is interesting to note that in some Rocky Mountain areas I have heard that entire Muslim populations have been forced to move to other areas because those same “dumb” white Christians have driven them out. Many call them white supremacists that have evidently begun making Muslims’ lives difficult enough that they choose to live somewhere else. This is a rumor that has been going around for some years now, especially at sporting goods stores.

          We had a fair number of Muslims that moved in years ago, then a whole lot of bald head white supremacists around town, and now we don’t have any Muslims looking individuals anymore. Now it is again rumored that other towns with a Muslim population that the same thing is going on. I am always suspicious of talk without something to back it up, but the Muslims in our area did move away for some reason. Could be jobs, could be that employers blackballed all Muslims. Wish I knew the truth.

          Do you or anyone else know about this towards the central part of the country or where you live in Minnesota? I found it interesting that any white supremacists would go after Muslims instead of the other targets of the past. I guess if it is true, the Muslims because of their vast numbers second only barely to Christians, are viewed as a bigger threat to the stability of the country than other groups. I sure would like it if someone could shed some light on this.

          • Because of our climate it is difficult to get factory workers here, so Minnesota absorbed a good many people, Somali and Hmong being the largest groups.
            Minneapolis is very Liberal, so as usual the Libs are happy to pay for new Democrat voters.

            It’s a strange place from a political point of view as we have both Sen. Franken and Congress Woman Bachman.
            Like so many other places, Minnesota is in the middle of a non-violent Civil War.

      24. Looks like the first lady of illuminati (next to Madonna) is smiling with the poison red apple. She wants to make all of us goyim suffer.

      25. A couple of years back it was discovered in Cali that people could use their EBT cards at Casinos and other unnecessary venues.

        It is a vicious cycle once you go on welfare/foodstamps…a cycle that is passed to children. I have seen it first hand. I have heard people say, “Why get a job when I can get more off on unemployment?” I have seen the WIC mothers take the diapers, sell them for cash then buy alcohol, cigs, drugs. It is messed up and the govt turn a blind eye as opposed to attempting to regulate/fix.

        My philosophy about how to reform is tough and I won’t bore any of you with it…but if you provide a box of food to these people once a week as opposed to giving them “cash”….hmmmm? Beggers can’t be choosers and if it is my tax dollars going to support the moochers then I should have a bigger say in how all of it is spent, not the corrupt politicians (paid off).

        If you guys haven’t noticed, we are no longer living in a country of taxation with representation. Oh, not even close. We are a country of Taxation…taxation of the working American whose opinion is not wanted or valued. Our voices, our concerns have not been represented for years. Middle class America has gone belly up to support the elitist bankers, Wall Street sharks, and corrupt politicians. While they wine and dine and buy extra vacation homes, we can barely pay our mortgages, student loans, grocery bill because these corrupt a-holes preyed on our willingness to trust their banking system. Do the elites make money off the poor? Hell yes. They actually HOPED for the middle class to default so they could make billions off insuring our bad loans. But in order to keep the red blood money stream coming in they need to feed us, thus food stamps.

        • Obama’s Motto: NO taxation WITHOUT mis-representation!

      26. The way they see it is: The more on food stamps the more votes for us, don’t vote for him he will cut off your food stamps and you will die. They will and are doing everthing they can to stay in power, I don’t care if they are dem or rep all the same. So the fat lady gets thinner, but she will still sing in the very near future. A though get on the stamps to prep, but you are now on a gov list for sure, I don’t think I fall for that one. Stay low in prep’n and go full steam ahead in your perpareing, for that day. Stay steady Live Free and remember aim small miss small

      27. Who says $500 a month for a family of four isn’t enough? That is hooey….

        You can buy bulk rice, beans, and a variety of vegetables (dehydrated) each month for much less than $500 a month; and my God Costco even sells a “1 month supply” of everything you need for $99 per person right now – leaving you a $100 left over for milk, bulk items like I mentioned and even some treats.

        My wife and I have lived for 30 days on a “preppers” stock and it costs us about $180 to replace everything after the trial. You should all try it – there will be enough money left over for more Ammo – that’s what I did.

        • I would LOVE to have $500 a month to spend on groceries – we’d be living large with extremely healthy food. I spend a fraction of that and still manage to stock up!

      28. My only regret is not being able to cash in on the government and stock up with it myself. If they are dumb enough to give pot/crack heads with no jobs who just keeps breeding and can’t take care of the kids they have and no will to work free money from my taxes, I should be able to stock with the “free” money I give them. The country’s going to sh*t for just that reason. Wish I could cash in on their ignorance.

      29. Personally I think the whole food stamp thing should be reformed.

        I am tired of seeing all of these people at Walmart buying complete garbage to eat with there Food Stamps Card.

        It really bothers me to no end because i keep myself on a tight budget and go to many food stores in one round trip once a week to do all of my shopping/food prepping.

        My wife and i plan out every stop and purchase to save money and buy in bulk. Usually my wife and i buy about 20-40 dollars in groceries a week and eat every meal home made. We eat very well for very little money. Last night was the first time in 3 months we made a bulk purchase of meats and spent a total of 135.00 on food. We purchased over 70 pounds of different kinds of chicken for our chest freezer, and many different other foods and supplies. Along with our normal fresh fruits and vegetables.

        I just don’t understand that if my wife and i can spend 40 per week and eat like royalty how the hell cant people who get free money make it on 500 a month for a family of 4. I know its just the two of us but adding on a couple extra pieces of meat and extra veggies dont cost that much.

        Because eating healthy in not really that hard or expensive. Fancy organic products are expensive but why not shop around at farmers markets and store sales to get what you want.

        On another note i am a firm believer in the idea to drug test anyone who is on government assistance.

        • MRE’s for Food Stamp Recipients. You apply, you get qualified, you get an MRE for each person in the house that needs food – done. No more cash (ebt) crap.

        • Because, the $10 you spent on a roast went for a pizza for them–one meal.
          Your roast provided 3 nutritious meals(with a little creativity).

        • The $500 is not going for basic foods, or even food that needs prepared. Two thirds of it is going for microwave and boxed meals, snacks, sodas, junk food, and the rest is going for steaks and roasts, to be sold or exchanged for drugs, smokes, or cash.

      30. I read the articles here often but this time I really have to comment.

        I see a lot of antipathy toward the food stamp recipients in this thread. Some of it may be warranted, but some may not. I’m not surprised that carts would be filled with junk food. Food advocate researchers have found that. Why? They tend to be easy calories and affordable. One finding was that this tends to happen because by the end of the month the money/appropriation is gone and they are hungry for quick calories. Someone suggested putting in payments twice a month instead of only once; might help people manage better.

        I also see a lot of steroetyping as to Food Stamp recipients. If you saw Dateline last Sun. you should start to realize that there are quite a few formerly middle class people now getting food stamps and visiting food pantries.

        I want to commend to you the work of a) Tavs Smiley and Dr. Cornel West – with their poverty tour and book. I know they’re liberal (horrors!), but they are bringing attention to the fact that SO many Amercans now are poor or near poor. and b) the work of Alfred Lubrano of the Philadelphia Inquirer. He often writes of hunger and food insecurity in Phladelphia and the tri-state area; particularly Rep Brady’s congressional district, one of the poorest in the nation.

        Also,feel free to check out my blog (warning I’m LIBERAL!) at

        Especially read my take on the Price of Bread.

        Gauging by that, it has got to be a real challenge to eat healthy on a food stamp budget. I have a decent income and have to watch my budget, so I can only imagine what others must be going through.

        In closing I must say this. I’m sad to hear liberals being so disparaged by some here. We’re NOT the problem. If TSHTF for real, will it really matter? I think we really all need each other to do what we can to not be divided and conquered and to survive if a widespread emergency does happen.

        • Hello Dear Liberal Mollie, nothing but love for ya, but my jaded comments on food stamps are due to my first hand experience with a bragger I know that enjoys $700 a month from the program – oh he forgot to mention his oldest daughter moved out recently so he gets it for 5 even though there are 4 in his house. And he owns two businesses including the real estate on one – but that’s in a different corporation so we don’t talk about that. In his “reports” so he can get free $700 a month in our tax money hand outs he shows no income, but his businesses pay for 3 cars, 4 iphones, top notch cable service, house payment, and quite a bit more. He recently brought by tri tip for 14 people bragging about Obama buying it for him on EBT.

          This fraud is going on through out the system; he brags about how his son now gets it too for his wife and 2 kids and he works for this guy in one of the businesses and is now listed as a partner who can’t make any money. Both of these fools (father and son) have enjoyed “loan modifications” with significant grants in their mortgages bought down and that helped them save their boat – cause you know – gotta have a boat!

          I’m sorry I’m so jaded about EBT/Food Stamps. I am so close to this particular case it angers me so as I get nothing from the grubbynutt even though I probably could as I “retired” early. I can’t have my social security for 15 years yet but this assclown can have all this it really gets under my skin. On top of the $700 in free food he enjoys:

          – subsidized power at low income rates
          – waiver of his co pays on health care due to a lack of reported income each year
          – pays no income tax whatsoever as he “expenses” so much through his business
          – now he’s taught his two oldest to enjoy unemployment for 24 months at a time claiming they aren’t working for the business when they are

          If SHTF and he comes knocking I’ll be glad to put the AR in his face and tell him where to go. I can say that and do it – because I know he’s unarmed.

          • if this guy is violating the law
            YOU should report him

            • I have. Govt does nothing. Other than not reporting his daughter moved he isnt breaking any laws. That is the crappy part. He milks it because our rules let him.

            • Jim is telling the truth. My wife worked for DSS for 15 years, she wanted to report fraud but her superiors told her not to. The whole system is rotten to the core.

              Until the current politicians are run out of office and regular people are put in their place things will continue to decline.

          • I did report my sister, niece, and great-niece.
            I’ll talk money!
            @200 in food stamps.
            Niece and child get $800 combined..Great-niece gets $500 for her father shot himself..sister, drug addict, but deaf gets $400 …for a total of $1900 proceeds each month.
            They live like a mobile home ready to fall in– decorated from chinamartrus; old car needs fuel pump sitting in the yard.
            Broke by the second week of the month EVERY month!!

        • Mollie,

          I understand the liberal mindset. I too was one before I learned about the real world. And, the truth is this: We are in the collasal jam because of the “liberal mindset”.

          Liberals would have us all disarmed, chipped, and on our knees in a socilaist hell. Liberals would rather have us all murdered by thier fuzzy wonderful betters in the streets, rather than allow us to defend ourselves. Liberals have brought us unchecked illegal immigration. Liberals have brought debt slavery. Good “liberals” like your heros/heroines in DC are squarely behind the nightmarish police state in the making. Liberals have bought the “multiculturalism” lie, that will be our death.

          “When you are young, if you are not liberal, you have no heart. When you are an adult, if you are not conservative, you have no brain”- Winston Chruchill

        • Perhaps you, Mollie, will continue being sad, especially if you continue to be a liberal.

          Why does someone who is without the means to buy their own food need “easy calories”? I am old. I work full time in my own business and my work is physical. I am working this week in this heat wave. MY own food budget is limited because I know next month’s electric bill is going to be a killer due the absolute need for a/c. I am living on our preps supplemented with fresh vegetables.

          I can make a pasta salad that will feed 6 in under 30 minutes. The difference between my salad the the one in the box is 1) my vegetables are fresh and I took the time to dice them; 2) my dressing is also fresh and utilizes many leftovers such as the brine from pickles; 3) I spent less than the person who thinks the boxed salad is cheap; 4) my serving size is roughly 2x that of the boxed salad.

          About the last thing any American needs is “easy calories”. No processed food is affordable. It all taste lousy, as well, which is why it is dressed up with a lot of salt and corn sweetener.

          The reason we disparage you all is you are the cause of the decline in the morality and work ethic, the pride and real self esteem, of this nation. You think robbing one person to give to another is charity. You think slavery in the form of limiting an individual’s income is humane. You are deluded and you insist we join your delusion.

          The reason it will matter when things collapse is we are all going to shun you like cannot believe. You liberals can band together and support each other in your own collective. The pain, hardship and loss of the past 6 years, beginning with the election of the Democrat controlled Senate have left most of us totally without any pity for any progressive.

          I am an avid reader and I wouldn’t click on your liberal link if all I had left to read was junk mail.

        • Great points Molly! People buy junk food because they need a bit of pleasure in their lives. These diet and weight obsessed rich and upper middle class folk think they are virtuous because they worship at the temples of their own bodies, then they indulge in every other kind of non edible way to make up for it. As an adjunct college instructor I know what it is like to be very poor, to sit and wait 1/2 hour for a bus in freezing rain or 100 degree heat, to have to haul my clothes to the laundry mat in snow and ice, to sit in an unairconditioned home, to have to deny myself all kinds of basics. I have every sympathy for those who take a little pleasure in food! And why should poor people care about longevity? Old age in poverty is even worse! Let the self-absorbed rich eek out every last millisecond and use more than their fair share of resources!

          • SSandersMA:

            It is always a good idea to include a sarcasm indication.

          • You won’t need to worry about the old age issue much longer, SSandersMA. Obamacare and John Holdren will take real good care of those old folks….. (How DARE they live-so-long?!)

        • I agree, we all need each other to do what we can to not be divided and conquered and to survive if a widespread emergency does happen. Let’s start by requiring working for our food, stop aiding and abetting divisive and counter-productive policies such as illegal immigration, demands for drug legalization, failure to institute tort reforms, bankruptcy reform, tax credits for fraudulent families, revolving-door justice systems, and an educational system that ‘graduates’ functionally illiterate ‘students’.

          In other words, cry me a river.

          When and if the SHTF occurs, and I hope and pray it will not, the so-called ‘liberal’ belief system will not survive. No one objects to helping those less fortunate, least of all me. I do object to the forced institutionalization of society to cram the do-gooders’ utopia down our throats with no regard, none, for the immense harm it is creating on our nation. Your philosophy is responsible for what is likely to happen in this country, and you ask us all to get along with you when it does? You will have to beg for your very lives before anyone will trust you again.

        • I have never, in over 40 years of watching, seen a white person use food stamps in a grocery store. I have stood in line behind people with a cart load of steaks and convenience foods, while I only had a loaf of bread, some mustard and a package of chicken bologna. I had to eat that three meals a day for months while unemployed and could get absolutely no assistance at all. Stereotypes are not stereotypes if they are true. Have you ever had to live on chicken bologna? Even when I had a job, I took home less than $300 per month.

          I have seen white people using food stamps in convenience stores. But in every case, they were mentally incapable of work.

          In the past I have seen numerous occasions where a drunk would go into a convenience store and buy a small piece of candy with a food stamp. The clerk would give him his change, he would go to the cooler and pick up a pint of cheap wine, then pay for it with the change from the food stamp.

          Liberals are the problem. They think all of society’s problems should be solved, but they are incapable of doing anything themselves. They feel guilty about it, so they get the government to take our money at gunpoint and give it away. If the liberals were gone, government could be reduced so that we could afford to help people without the government eating up most of it. Liberals won’t allow this because they are selfish and assume everyone else is. The government is not taking in enough money to pay for entitlements even if all other budget items were magically eliminated, so there is going to come a point where the entitlements will have to be stopped almost entirely. Since that won’t happen, collapse is inevitable, 100 percent caused by liberals.

          • Unassisted says:

            “…I have never, in over 40 years of watching, seen a white person use food stamps in a grocery store…”

            Haven’t seen that handle before – unassisted. Must me new, otherwise what to think…couldn’t be about an agenda. Where does one live that hasn’t seen a white person use food stamps in a grocery store…An all white prosperous community, maybe Wyoming as only 6.6% of their population are on stamps. But, then their unemployment is only 6.2%. Can’t imagine you’re living in an all minority community – LOL.

            U. S. Census Bureau poverty guidelines for 2011 are a family of four earning $22,314 or less. Using that definition, 15.1% of the population, 46.2 million people, are living in poverty. I was crunching the numbers when I came across Big Dog’s post at .

            “…Whites accounted for 34.4 percent of food-stamp recipients in 2009, compared to blacks that accounted for 21.4 percent of recipients, according to an October 2010 government report…” [me adding – 2011 figures were whites 49% and blacks 27% – understandable given the economy and spike in food stamp use.]

            Back to Big Dog “…Now there are currently 312,812,700 Americans in the US. Of which, 72.4% are white and 12.6 are black. So, there are currently 226,476,395 whites and 39,414, 400. Now if, 35% of whites are on welfare and 22% of blacks, then there are 79,266,738 whites and 8,671,168 blacks approximately receiving food stamps. By the way I am not offended and I earn my pay each and everyday in the United States Army. Many people are confused by the percentages and I wish that numbers were used as well. Proud to serve my country and die for it as well!…”

            35% are White
            22% are African American
            10% are Hispanic
            2% are Asian
            4% are Native American
            19% are Unknown




            [Me again: it’s not politically correct to identify the 19% Unknown as the “children” of illegals, which are mostly of Hispanic and Latino descent. The ones supporting illegal immigration emphasize illegals don’t qualify for welfare and food stamps -this is true – but they fail to mention – their children do.]

            I’d like to add to Big Dog’s comments. (New York Times) “… Minorities were hit hardest. Blacks experienced the highest poverty rate, at 27 percent, up from 25 percent in 2009, and Hispanics rose to 26 percent from 25 percent. For whites, 9.9 percent lived in poverty, up from 9.4 percent in 2009. Asians were unchanged at 12.1 percent…”

            Do you see what I see??? blacks 27% in poverty with 26% food stamp use and whites with 10% poverty and 49% food stamp use. Are there things that just make you go Hmmmmm! Wonder where all those whites are shopping?

            • Ladyhawk–LOL. I love a good smack down, and you do it so well.

            • Unassisted says:

              “…Stereotypes are not stereotypes if they are true…”

              What say you about clinging to stereotypes that perpetuate false perceptions when there is statistical proof it’s wrong???

              Whites – 10% poverty – 49% food stamp use – as Aretha Franklin sings – Whose zooming who???

              Opening statement to thread:

              “…The absurdity of government knows no bounds…”

              I’m in agreement – but some here need to look in a mirror, cause absurdity is in abundance.

              Mama Bear – thank you, it frustrates me sometimes with the lack of critical thinking that gives this poster 13 thumbs up. There are some incredibly smart posters here, can’t believe it when they buy into this kind of shit.

        • Mollie…you are indeed the typical “Liberal” and, as such, the precise reason why I have no “Liberal” friends or acquaintances.

        • What you may not understand is that liberals tend to believe that the solutions to the nation’s problems lie with government. Most of the people here see government as the source of most of our problems.

          We don’t ask others to pay for our ideas. Liberals use the government to force us to pay for their ideas.

          We ask only for freedom. Liberals demand we give up our freedom by submitting to, and financing, their schemes.

          Tavis Smiley and Cornell West? Really? In my view they are racist socialists. But what do I know?

          Did you know that in the eighteenth century liberals were the folks advocating for individual liberty, and the conservatives were the folks trying to maintain the power of the state over its subjects? This liberal/conservative label is relative to the times. In the reference dynamic of the 1700’s you would be the conservative, defending the oppressive authority of the state. We would be the liberal revolutionaries standing up to the king.

      31. Is anybody surprised that there is this push to put people on the gov dole right before an election? Obama knows that the more people are dependent on gov, the more people will vote for him. Obama doesn’t give a crap about these people other than to make them dependent on the gov and be seen as their “saviour”.

        I would just advise you guys to make sure you do NOT live near any large populations of food stamp recipients if at all possible cuz when the gov titty stops flowing, there will be blood – yours.

        Whomever feeds you, OWNS you.

        • your right about that,actualy that is a fact.

      32. HELL YEAH!!!!

        Gimme my government beans and rice. Gotta get something out of the tax money.

      33. the goal is to bankrupt each and every state by flooding them with new welfare recipients 30 million plus by 2014
        45 states are on the verge of bankruptcy and big ears wants to bankrupt them all.
        its all part of the north American union were all states and Canada and Mexico will be formed into one union.
        before that can take place Canada,Mexico and the united states have to become insolvent./broke/bankrupt.
        when they are broke and bankrupt the state boarders Will be removed and formed into the north American union.
        remember big ears speech were he said we want a country with out boarders.
        that was referring to the north American union.
        Canada is falling apart,Mexico is already a shit hole and the united states is being brought down by the dictator from the very top.
        go ahead sheep and vote Democrat again.
        same time next year you will be sitting in a nice little fema camp.
        remember the dictators speech when he said we have to be more competitive with china.
        well when every one is on welfare we will be more competitive because when that takes place people will be happy to make 5 bucks a hour.
        get every one on food stamps them they will cut entitlements.
        then they will tell the sheep they have to work for 4-5 bucks a hour and because the sheep dont have a clue how to make it with out help they will say shit ya.
        the sheep out there will fall for it but not the rest of us.

      34. While most may appear to be over user/abusers, they is actually a small percent of the population that will truly buy real food with their stamps. I have seen them. The most luxurious item in their cart may have been some out of season fresh fruit from the southern climates or some ice-cream made with real milk.
        I do not feel or believe that every person that does or has or will every get or use food stamps is an evil, no good, lazy, worthless eater. It is just not true. Perhaps some of the difference is demographics, mind set, normalcy.
        I have witnessed the Wal-Mart runs but I no longer shop there. It just feels like a foreign country to me.

        • Thats right. The elderly poor. The first class of US citizens inducted into socialism through the Great Society, Social Security Ponzi Sceme.
          How’s that working out? Pretty good idea when it started; benefits start at 62, average lifespan 60.
          Now with the wonderful benefit of Medicaid/Medicare, we can keep you ticking, at the taxpayer’s expense, into your 80’s. 2 dollars a week in when you worked, $600+++ a month now.
          The government foisted this as a way to catch those who “fell through the cracks”. It has turned into a taxpayer funded retirement plan. Not gold plated mind you, but how many just didn’t give a crap about saving for their old age. What happened to the extended family? It was once an American institutuion. Destroyed by government. Stable families. Destroyed by Government. Personal responsibility. Destroyed by Government. and on and on and on.
          This is NOT against the elderly. You are partly innocent pawns in this sceme to have every last citizen dependant on the Government for their survival. But you are GUILTY as charged to letting this get started on your watch.

      35. I was employed at a Baptist Church in an inner city neighborhood in Orlando. On Thursdays we would give out bags of food to the same bunch of Crackheads along with Bibles eack week. We always tried to speak with these poor folks about changing their lifestyles and were always refused.

        Then we would wait ten minutes and go out and collect the Bibles we gave away in the parking lot.

        • I learned that giving away anything,almost always makes things worse, as it just feeds the problem.

        • No wonder! You sound a bit condescending and that you were in it to impose your values on them instead of seeing things from their perspective. In other words, were there to make yourselves feel better. Think because they are poor they can’t see through you!

          • Twaddle. The losers were taking the food, and couldn’t even have the brains to consider that maybe the people giving them the food were able to do so because of their belief system.

            Try and get through a day without some liberal trying to cram his belief system down your throat. Now who’s condescending and ego-driven?

            • Atheisism is the most fanatical religion, with Islam (if it can be called a religion) a close second.

          • @ S Sanders,

            Sorry that you feel that way. I can assure you that we at the church only wished to help in any way which we could.

      36. $500 a month for a family of 4? Try $373 a month for a family of 6! That’s what they give my sister, and she’s just on them to get through a hard time of unemployment. SO not enough!

        • The amount we get depends on where and what state we live in. And how large the city seem to make difference. Do not know why.

      37. I have lived in 9 different states and they are all the same. I bet a good 80% buy way more junk than real food.


        ““The point here is that banks that administer SNAP have a vested interest in keeping SNAP enrollments high and makers of junk foods have a vested interest in making sure that there are no restrictions on use of benefits,” she writes.”

        who’s committing the bigger fraud?
        those individuals who game the food stamp system
        corporations who profit
        and who have actually blocked numerous laws that attempted to
        block the purchase of junk food with EBT benefits ?

        • Satori…. Of all the comments so far, yours hits closest to the truth. We moan and bitch about food stamp “abusers” yet are basically silent about the massive subsidies given to banks and corporations. These corp welfare programs dwarf the SNAP programs. Include the MIC that our corrupt gov seems to need to aquire resources around the globe and the waste is immense.77% of JP Morgan’s profits (the SNAP card issuer) last year came from gov subsidies. The global elites love it when the “house” slaves look down on the “field” slaves.

      39. This is the way the government keeps control over someone, keep them addicted to CARNIVAL FOOD and totally mentally dependpent on their “friend” the state, and as immoblile and physically as the fat lady at the circus and you have the perfect fat cows to be used for voting your black ass back into office for another term.

      40. This is bull scat! Have you folks heard the entire commercial? No, you probaly have not. Why because everyone showing cuts it off at the point you see in the clip above. I am not a racist in any way shape or form. The rest of the ad which is very hard not to point out that suggest the ladies speaking are black who giggle and laugh about how they are both secretly getting food stamps and how everyone who is not should be or by not doing it you are a fool. Every conservative mouth piece is refusing to air the rest of this ad for fear of looking like a racist. Again, lets get real about the situation. The goal here is to get over 50% of the population on federal aid of one kind or another so that the liberal left can stay in power. There is no shame to accept assistance anymore even if you don’t need it. A 59 year old guy like me who works his ass off every day is the guy who is paying for this. And I am just about tapped out. What is the saying, socialism works until you run out of other peoples money. We are there!

        • , “…and Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They [socialists] always run out of other people’s money. It’s quite a characteristic of them.” – Margaret Thatcher

      41. Our family of 4 (2 teen boys) eat well on 500$ per month if it is home made and we don’t eat out. I was with somone on gov. Assist once and we rolled through krispy creme and sshe used her gov. Debit card – may have been sttate instead of fed – don’t know. Not cool though.

      42. It is a fact, the people that are the worst off mentally are the ones that eat the worst foods. Just like putting inferior fuel into your vechicle, bad anything breaks the body down, especially at the higher brain fuctions. Those the eat healthy home cooked meals, as rare as that is today, are exactly those that that can thin and reason. BO and that hypocratical individual he is married to actually don’t want someone to think for themselves because they will see how totally in hold the country is and the past 4 years have not gotten any better.

        You don’t help a country become strong again by throwing into the centre of the vortex of debt. However you get a whole lot of support from individuals that are totally hooked on total junk food to vote and support you when they think, if that is what you call it, that their chow wagon isn’t going to arrive for their daily shovelling in of their processed crap. For that “monkey orifice” MO to get up and preach about healthy food and then have the food stamp programme used almost exclusively for the worst possible food going into people is beyond talking with a forked tongue.

        IF BO and MO were truly interested in feeding the population right, all food stamps could ONLY be used for certain foods that were good for everyone. BO and MO would then not have the brain dead zombies walking around that can’t think for themselves clearly. Election lost. No one that eats well and has a clear head cannot see the abyss that the U.S. is falling into and nothing has been done to stop it. Helicopter ben, if the exploding debt is not all planned out, just has to be a junk food addict. No one with a clear head could possibly feel that printing up more money is the way to solve an ailing economy, it never worked before.

      43. We fell on some very hard times a few years ago and were on assistance for a few months. I discovered during that time that there were many programs in my area that would allow for healthy food. For example, there was something called the “Good Food Box” that was a very moderate price every month and the amount could be withheld off your payment. We signed up for that and it was fresh produce from local farmers, $30 for a family of 4. You got a TON of produce for that price.

        The thing is, you got what they gave you. If it was rutabega season you got rutabegas. Food is food – we had no issue with it. It certainly allowed me to stretch our pennies for keeping a roof over our heads and I learned to prepare some veggies that we had never had before. My kids were excited to see what new vegetables arrived each month.

        One day I was there, waiting for a meeting and a woman and her children were also in the office. One of the kids was begging her mom for one of the farm boxes – just pleading. And the mom replied, “No that food is yucky food. We get OUR food from the store.” So very sad.

        Unfortunately they recently discontinued that program. It’s a shame because I would still participate in it. (It was not only for people on low incomes or assistance – just a farm co-op advertised there at the benefits office)

      44. I have to call BS on the “healthy food is more expensive” myth that is constantly touted.

        Sure fresh fish, organic veggies, grass fed beef, and local milk will cost you a pretty penny, but some of the cheapest foods are also the healthiest. (not necessarily the most exciting, but not corn sytup filled, fried crap, sugar-doused, etc)

        I was extremely poor for a while and spent about $80 a month on my groceries. And I eat a LOT of food. You just have to buy the right things:

        – rice, oats, eggs, canned or frozen veggies, lots of chicken, etc. All healthy, and possible to make a variety of meals for $1 or less.

        Don’t listen to the propaganda. all the excuses for why poor people can’t eat these things start with “yeah, but I don’t like….”

        • I think it all food ads on TV. You can buy others but idea and how good they make look still remains. And children are going to ask.

        • No eggs and chicken are NOT healthy if they are full of growth hormones and antibiotics. In fact, it is crap like this that causes diabetes. But because weight gain is a side effect in some people, we blame fat instead of all the additives. To eat truly healthy is very expensive, for thinking people who understand health is about quality and not calories!

      45. I watched an indivdual buy beer with his EBT card recently, could’nt believe what I was seeing. More and more stores have signs up “We accept EBT Cards”. Pretty unreal, but par for the course of a dying empire.

        “Panem et circenses” – Nero

      46. Having worked in a bakery for a large chain store, I have seen both sides first hand.

        Had one customer pay for a $360.00 wedding cake with her food stamps. Wonder what they ate the rest of the month?

        But what really gets me is that many cities throughout the US are not allowing charity organizations feed the hungery in parks because the government can’t monitor the nutritional value of the food. Yet this same government hands out food stamps without varifying the nutritional value of the food that they buy from the big Corporation chain stores.

        I shouldn’t be surprised.

      47. All i can say on this is from what ive seen..ITS A JOKE..ive personally seen at least were i live its being abused.ive seen people get food stamps then go shopping with there friends and half it with them , pocketing the money..its a joke.years ago my sister needed help , they told her she made 15 dollars to much, quit ur job and you will get help. She decided no and got two jobs on top off what she had…disgusting!!!!!trust me those who need it cant get it and those who have it sell it for cash..

      48. Food stamps are a great temporary thing. I see all the time people buying crap running out of food 2 weeks in. You can use coupons with food stamps but people don’t. I think I should sign up for food stamps because I am paying for them anyway. Remember when people were embarassed to get assitantance? I grew up poor we always had good food to eat and no food stamps. Maybe we should have but I grew up healthy and happy. Tn just passed a law that people can be drug tested for welfare. I am so happy to hear that.

        • Whoa–look out sis!!
          Good for Tennessee.

          • OOPs,,sorry–she is SSI..

      49. In my state these cards, at one time,could be used to buy plants to grow food in your garden. Needless to say, they were not used much for that purpose.

      50. The start of starving millions and millions of humans..when this welfare well runs dry..a war like you aint never imagined will be at your doorstep, and at every turn.

        they never intend to fund this..they cant even begin to..its a sham, and will bankrupt this entire nation, and create wars, famine, riots, civil unrest, home invasions..all the things brought to you by real terrorists and traitors of this country.

        remember who to blame when your kids and loved ones are sick , malnurished, ignored, and left for dead.

      51. anybody here remember the days before food stamps…it was government commodities…real butter, peanut butter, canned hams, beans, rice, cereal, canned whole chickens, fresh veggies and canned veggies, coffee, tea, sugar,powdered egg, instant milk,flour,…for a family of six, we survived very well for about four months on commodities while my pa was looking for work…once a month we lined up outside of city hall, the library or whatever building where we were to pick up our monthy boxes of commodities…there were a few things in those boxes that i personally did not like but most of it was fantastic and it was enough to feed us through the month too. the problem the states and fed. govt. had with the commodity program was the black market…many people would take the food and sell it or trade it for other goods like drugs, cigaretts etc… from my perspective though, the commodity program was by far better than food stamps/ebt card anyday..

        • My grandmother got those commodities back in the 1960s. We got what she couldn’t eat. Everything was pretty good, except the peanut butter was too stiff. When you spread it on bread, it would roll up behind the knife like trying to lay a linoleum rug. You would have to push it back down to the bread with your fingers. My mama would use the powdered milk to make buttermilk. She would also add salt and baking powder to the flour for making biscuits.

      52. Its so sad that these people don’t know how to cook.
        Even if you don’t buy organic which is hard, potato, carrot, turnip, onion, garlic, beans, canned tomato,
        whole wheat bread, olive oil, whole milk and a few spices
        can make you healthy and keep you nourished. I can make whole wheat bread in a few hours that has all the nutrition its supposed to have and all the fiber you need.

        Screw Big Agra and the Food Industry!!!

      53. Obesity is the most exaggerated health risk ever. It is very possible to be fat and fit. Furthermore, your chart is nonsense, Americans are not at all that much fatter than those in other countries. The problem is the data comes from Pharma because they want to sell more pills. Google Australia fattest nation and you will find nags in that country claiming they are the fattest! (Interesting because they have the 2nd highest longevity in the world) Michelle’s nag campaign does NOTHING to really fight obesity except drive middle class people into buying more weight loss products and scapegoat fat people for every conceivable social problem – according to the White House they are a threat to national security and fat kids are a drain on their communities. Sure takes the heat off the bankers!

        • Well maybe if so many didn’t run around in spandex, we wouldn’t complain so much.
          Much more eye appeal to take a round tablecloth, cut some holes for the head and arms, and drape it over the mass. Plaid is nice.

          • Where DOES one buy ladies size 26 leopard print spandex pants anyway?

      54. loooooooooooool

      55. “born only for the sake of more money in the monthly check. Open your eyes, and look at them, FOR THEY ARE THE FUTURE”.

        “In them I see the sure and certain destruction of this once proud nation, in their vacant eyes, I see the death of freedom”.

        William Cooper.

        • When my wife was in her Nurses training she was doing her O.B. rotation and had to go in and give a “Birth Control” talk to some newly delivered single Moms.

          One of the Women told her, “As long as Uncle Sam keeps paying me to have Childern, I will”!

          Yes, people can be that stupid and heartless.

          • There is a documentary that delves into this subject. Very worthwhile watching. A serious look into the future as we’re about to know it, and why.

            Title ” Idiocracy”.

            Contains some humor to lighten the mood, but all in all, seems fairly accurate.

      56. I think they mean “Stamped Food.”

      57. Fools………. Signing up for any of the gubma gravy train is like getting a free ticket on a drab green cattle car !!!!!!!! Everything is a test !!!!!!!!

      58. at this point there is little doubt of the depth of depravity this regime will go to to push for a socialist state… ever ACTUALLY SEE how someone on food stamps shops..??? whomever believes that suzie the where-at-is-my-ebt-card, who-my-baby-daddy-is homemaker ever buys with her or her unwanted childrens’ health in mind needs to have their pulse checked… and perhaps a visit to your local shrink may be in order as well…

      59. Look everything in this and passed goverments are all about making but corp’s bigger and stronger. You know pharm,ag,ins,bank, and of coarse WAL-ST. This is where they all feed I mean all of them. Good food for you just one thing says it all for me- PINK SLIME-. There are a few of us that are awake but very few. I don’t think many more will wake up in time to do anything to help themselves or us, like it’s been said we are on OUR OWN. We will live to fight another day GOD willing and with each others help. Keep prep’n and stand tall.
        Live Free and have fun doing it!

      60. Shes a person who talks with a paper azzhole.All babble and never any substance.Just another elite mental retard trying to push her agenda. And clueless to reality.They(elites) have either forgotten where they came from,or lost sight of reality.Folks should be insulted by these peoples arrogance.

      61. What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the sunset. – Blackfoot

        Put the lid on the garbage can holding the constitution, stomp on the graves of our founding fathers, burn all of the flags and ban all bibles. This is what they are telling our children, this is what we are becoming, this is our future. Each man and each Family must define their own beliefs and hold true to them if they are to survive among the devils walking the earth. Greed, ineptitude, depravity, confusion, anxiety, chaos, and narcissism is the new normal. When a society leaves the sanctity of morality and becomes obsessed with their own pleasures and no regard to the consequences of others, they are doomed. The ones who hold true to decent values and teach them despite the adversity to do so, will be warned of the impending doom, they will escape unscathed to live an eternity in heaven.

        The beginning of hell is on earth and is nothing more than a test of a man. What awaits those who purposely spit in the eye of decency and morality is something that is unimaginable. Some may say this is just more religious banter and means nothing because there is no proof of the holy spirit. To these people I say, look around you, see what is amazing and see how it is taken for granted, the birds, the new born babies, the trees, sky, clouds, miracles everywhere. Do you really think it is all by accident? Look into your childs eyes and see how deep his innocence and soul is. Touch his hand and feel the warmth of his being, this is not by accident, this is a miracle and should be appreciated beyond belief every second of every day. These are my opinions and I stand by them with the whole of my being.

        We can allow this corrupt society and sick mentality to devour us or we can stand strong and face our foes with courage and faith.

        • Ohcumgache,

          Sadly, I must agree.

          Here is an article along the same thoughts.

          Obamacare Has Literally Replaced the Constitution

          “The textbook account of how laws are made is for children. It presents the procedure as if it were governed by the Constitution. This is silly.
          That went out with high-button shoes.”

          “The legal system that prevails today is administrative law: rule by government bureaucracies that cannot be fired.”


          Take care. Stand strong.
          KY Mom

      62. lets go full out Ayn Rand

        starting tomorrow

        no more food stamps for anyone
        no Medicare
        no Medicaid
        no Social Security
        tomorrow it ALL stops
        what do you do ???

        welcome to the world of Upton Sinclair and Jack London

      63. @Ohcumgache: A GREAT POST Thank You for it. You are so right. As we celebrate the USA’s birthday and I feel it is for the last time, we must reflect on our pass and how it used to be. Those days are gone and will never retun. We are reaping what we have truely sown. Our childern are educated by the most part old hippies and draft dodgers. One told me once I not going to have my name on that f-ck’n wall, and I said maybe if you where there they would be one less, that shut him up quick. It is time for Free Loving people to stand up and say it stops now and we mean now. We can prep and plan all we want, but untill someone start’s the party we are falling more behind the treat that is on us. We may die in our fight but so did our founding fathers are we better than those PATROIT’S, to lay it all on the line NO WE ARE NOT BETTER. We must put an end to this now or pack up our tents and go the the camps. THE CHOICE IS TRUELY OURS TO MAKE! Thats just me.
        See you at the party LIVE FREE AND BE PROUD OF IT

      64. between the land of the free and the home of the slave, certain leadership and generally accepted accounting principles, allow prosperity for all—-ice cream, popsicles,pablum….

      65. @ ohcumgache…very well said

      66. HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY every one! A salute to the Vets, who have protected our liberties..
        May the liberties the founding fathers laid their lives on the line for, forever reign in our hearts and in our country. God bless

      67. The Obama administration is trying to get as many people on food stamps as possible. They won’t let the American people know how the money is being spent either. It’s all about getting more and more people dependent on the government for their own political benefit.

      68. I understand a lot of the anger out there toward those of us who receive Snap benefits. I see the same things in the grocery store- 350 lb girls buying a cart full of soda and candy. Only thing is, I don’t understand how they do it. I work part-time (just had my first child at 31), my fiance’ is recently unemployed, and we can barely get through the month on what we get, with rising prices. I’ve been working since I was 19, sometimes 2 and 3 jobs at once, to get by, so I think I’ve earned a little of my assistance. I always buy fresh fruits and vegetables, and work in some things to stash back for my preps. Luckily, SNAP covers vegetable plants and seeds, so my garden is going to be full of homegrown goodness in a couple weeks, most of which will be canned,(provided the drought let’s up a little). I also try to buy vegetables that are grown by KY farmers(guess where I live), we have a program in Ky grocerry stores, called KYProud. I would love to be off of this program, but at the moment I need it to live, and try to stretch it as far as I can.

        • What did your computer and internet service cost you?

          • To be honest, Jeff, dh and I for a year, couldn’t find work..had no tv/cable, no govt assistance at all, but I had to have internet to hunt for jobs–didn’t help, but I kept trying.
            I still don’t have tv/cable–never missed it.

      69. i’ve actually seen someone with a Vision card (food stamps in a credit card format, i guess that’s what they do now, and it gets loaded with funds every week or two or however the do it). But this person purchased groceries with the card, then just like with an ATM card, got cash back with the “Cash Back” option. Then moved their next “groceries” through, separate from their first transaction of food, and purchased their beer and cigarettes with the cash back.

      70. I’m curious what people that don’t do ANYTHING need beer and cigarettes for? Those items are usually reserved for people that worked all day and need to relax a little after work. When you sit around all day living off other peoples labor maybe you shouldnt have access to free beer and cigs through handouts. These people should in no way be getting beer and cigs on food stamps! They need to stop this cash back mess…the only people that should be getting ” cash back ” are the ones cashing their paychecks at the bank. If these lazy bums don’t like not being able to buy beer and cigs on a handout maybe they will get off their rear-ends and find a job so they can buy….beer and cigs.

        just a thought

      71. We, a family of two as a single parent, get $275 a month in food stamps and it has allowed me to stock up our pantry rather well. Good food as well. That may have more to do with our local co-op and farmer’s market taking food stamps, with the transportation and grain-fed cost of food rising so dramatically, well local organic fruits/veggies and pastured meat/dairy are actually pretty close in price to mass produced junk. They actually sent me a letter telling me to spend more or I’d be cut off. If I had usable land, or places to put containers where they wouldn’t be vandalized, I’d be growing my own as well. The only thing I need to buy with my cash, at least in the way of food, is things like buckets and oxygen absorbers.

        I saw a complaint on a news show’s letters section a while back about someone buying fruit trees with food stamps, as far as I’m concerned that’s the ultimate use of taxpayer funds if you want to feed people. Sure, that tree costs $30 rather than $3/#, but the ammount of food we got from every tree in the orchard at the ranch I grew up on was insanely more efficient than buying everything from the store. That’s another issue we have when talking about feeding the poor, the disconnect in modern minds between food and its origins. If they want to complain about something it should be peope with a cart full of 24 packs of coke, party sized bags of chips, and monsterous bags of candy.

      72. In Kentucky, you don’t get cash. It has a cash option on it, kind of like a checking account, where you can put money on it and use it as a debit card, but you can’t trade the food for cash. I think a lot of the check drawer’s get their welfare check put on it. It’s basicly the same premise as a gift card, it only has what you put on it. If I want beer and cigarettes, I gotta pay for it out of my pocket. I’m not encouraging anyone to get Food Stamps, but if you need them and use them correctly, go for it. I am trying to be self-sufficient, it just seems like that’s becoming harder and harder to accomplish. I’m just glad I woke up to our situation when I did, though I think I was a prepper before I knew what one was. Here in the Appalachia’s a lot of people still remember the Great Depression- My Great Grandmother, who passed away 4 years ago, always said “Better eat all your food, it’ll happen again and you’ll wish you had this”. Well, evidently she was right. I’m just grateful she imparted so much knowledge to me and sorely wish that I had learned more from her.

      73. I hear ya’ Morghan, I think most people don’t even realize they can purchase plants and trees with their card. I was thrilled when I accidentally figured this out one day in the Wal-Mart checkout. I was purchasing groceries and plants for our garden, and when I checked out, the card paid for all of it! I love this fact, and it boggles my mind that they don’t tell you this when you sign up. It really is more bang for the buck and much healthier since you know if there are pesticides and what-not on what you’re eating.

      74. I donot get angry when people need help, whether it be food stamps, unemployment insurance, or medical help.But when they know how to play the system for years they are taking tax money from the person who is and has been working and is a REAL CITIZEN. What do you think this health care bill is, another tax on working citizens. I have a job in which benifits were given instead of big pay increases, now with this bill passed, in 2014 I will have to pay tax at the end of the year for my benefits. So I make 50,000 ayear my medical costs 18000 ayear now at the end of the year my w2 adds 18000 to it and I owe uncle sam 25% more on 18000 dollars. So who is paying for everyones healthcare? The working slob.

      75. I find it odd that some of you folks who take SNAP benefits can afford computers and internet service.

        • Jeff..I am sure they are using those for job searches!!sarc!!

        • i am on NO gov assistance but if i was i would how ever i could get the internet, at this point in the game its a very useful tool to find information on how to become self sufficient. why would you find that odd? i personally think its great, they could be going to any mind numbing website but they are coming here to try to learn. if we dont join together soon none of us will survive no matter how to slice it. anyone that is on any gov assistance coming to this website has my love. you obviously arent the 300lb woman with a shopping cart full of soda i saw the other day.

      76. Amen Jeff Davis,
        and you know they have “Iphones” and flat screen tv’s, ya know, just the necessites! Ha! …oh well, that’s our government

      77. Trunews dot com will help you to get ready with what is coming.

      78. who is the REAL enemy ???

        people get all in an UPROAR over someone on food stamps
        buying something they shouldn’t


        they remain pretty quiet about stuff like this

        duhhhhh ?????

      79. Food stamps…another socialist program thats not cutting it..and doomed to falure and abuse..

        wait for when the abuse turns into falure..and the unworking but fed group , turn into an angry mob..

        are you ready?

      80. They are having Food Stamp Parties in Alabama for Pete’s Sake.

        I can’t take it anymore…..Look up “Food Stamp Party” on You tube. I’ll post the link as a reply to this.

      81. Excuse me, but I DON”T have internet, cable, IPHONE(how the hell do you work those things anyway), flat screens or any of those other luxuries! I go to my mom’s or my sisters house and occasionally look on the internet when I get the chance. I DO work for a living, however meager it may be, and I CERTAINLY don’t go around with this Holier-Than-Thou attitude that I am seeing A LOT of. And NO I am NOT a Liberal- I’m a an INDEPENDENT, which means I can vote for Whoever-in-the-hell I want to, and believe me it will not be OBAMA

        • Don’t worry, Momma. Sometimes it seems like the jerks are the most vocal. I realize that you do work, but if you were on assistance there is certainly no rule saying you should not have internet.

          The internet is really not a frivolous thing any more. You can’t look for lower-priced housing without it, you can’t look for a job without it, and your kids require it for school. I use it to find good deals on second hand items too. It is a tool like any other.

          You sound like a very hard worker and a good person – please don’t let a couple of bad apples spoil the whole SHTFplan barrel for you. 🙂


      82. You guys are real uppity…i hate the fact that I have prepping in common with you when you spew so much hatred at others.

        There are a lot of people who are on foodstamps, now, who did have good jobs, did contribute to society, but couldnt get a job looking for 2-3 years with 4 kids. How dare you guys act uppity when you know its like that.

        • don’t let them get to you buttburger

          one day
          they may be in your position
          all it will take is one layoff
          or one serious illness
          and the job is gone
          the retirement savings gone
          the house gone
          I’ve seen far too many middle and working class people lose it all
          because someone got sick or got in an accident
          most of us are just a paycheck or two away from poverty
          the trouble is only some of us know that
          please accept my apologies on behalf of some of those on this forum

          • apologie accepted,i’m new on here and really upset about what some of these uppity so called preppers have to say about something you probly no nothing about,enough said!

      83. chill out Appalachian Momma
        theres a lot of jerks in this world
        ya can’t let them get you down !!!

        one day they may be in your position
        and we’ll see how high and mighty they act then
        its easy to run your mouth when your belly is full
        and there is money in the bank

        good luck with your garden this year

      84. grrrr , when you get food stamps in missouri they will not last the whole month . If you have kids sure you get more and they still don’t last a month . So the last week and a half you go hungry . Been there done that and don’t want to go back . At the price of food now , i feel sorry for anyone who is eating Mooseshells healthy diet . Eating healthy on food stamps is a lie . You can’t afford the healthy stuff .

      85. I agree with Bastiat who opposed both “stupid greed” and “false philanthropy”. Quoting Bastiat: “With this in mind, examine the protective tariffs, subsidies, guaranteed profits, guaranteed jobs, relief and welfare schemes, public education, progressive taxation, free credit, and public works. You will find that they are always based on legal plunder, organized injustice.” His thesis is that justice and government forced philanthropy cannot coexist.

      86. There have always been stupid people. There always will be. There have always been lazy people looking for a handout. There have always been people that “abuse” and “defraud” the American system of welfare programs. I see a lot of people talking shit about people using the EBT/Food stamp system. Most of those people don’t have any other choice. I feel sorry for them and would never pigeon hole “all” those people as “users/takers/parasites or lazy people sucking on the government teat”. Don’t blame them. Put the blame where it belongs, on your “elected officials.”
        What pisses me off the worst about where our taxpayer dollars are going; Palestinian refugees. Oh yes! I don’t have the exact numbers of dollars, but it runs into the billions. The US taxpayer covers 25 % of the cost of United Nations programs. The UN has designated over 5 million Palestinians into “refugee” status, therefore each of them gets a monthly handout and “we” the American taxpayer foots the bill for a fourth of that “free” money to muslims, the ones that hate us and want to kill us. Now there is something to bitch about.

      87. This is a crock!! I work Security for a supermarket chain and have seen the abuse of the food stamp system daily for thirteen years.
        When we quit paying for all the high sugar pastries,Little Debbies, etc,chips, sodas, and get back to paying for just staples, they might start getting healthy.
        Having over 600 arrests to my credit for theft, I have been told numerous times,” if the government would pay for everything I wouldn’t steal but I ain’t paying for nothing!”
        Since they aren’t doing anything but talking on their cell phones, they should all be forced to have a garden.

      88. Thank You for the positive feedback,sorry, I get feisty! My garden’s looking great, we’ve had a couple much needed storms. My cucumbers are getting HUGE!! Pickles all around!

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