Food Rationing: It Will Break You Down Mentally

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    Editor’s Note: With the way current trends are going, chances are that one day you’ll need to break into your emergency food supplies. Whether you’ve stored whole grains, freeze dried emergency foods or meals-ready-to-eat, what it all boils down to is having enough of a reserve to get through a crisis, whether it be short- or long-term. While many preppers have pantries stocked with the basic essentials, one key aspect of food storage that is often neglected are the dietary and nutritional requirements for a healthy diet. In modern day America we’ve become used to a huge diet, often consisting of 2,500 calories or more. But when emergency strikes, and we have no idea how long the effects may last, we could well be looking at a situation where we’ll need to ration our food to the point that we are consuming just half of what we take in on a regular basis in times of stability. If there comes a time when your nutritional intake is reduced by nearly 50% and is coupled with the stress of a crisis and increased physical workload there are going to be side effects. Without the protein, carbohydrates, fats and other nutrients, your body will begin to break down, eating its fat and muscle stores. While that bodes well for getting to our ideal weight, the shock to the human body could be severe. You’ll be plagued with headaches, apathy, tiredness, anxiety, depressed mood, anger and hunger.

    In short, you’ll be hangry at the very moment you need to be operating at 100% capacity.

    In this extremely informative article, Tess Pennington of Ready Nutrition provides a first-hand account of the effects of a significant reduction in caloric intake. Science shows that we can function on a very low-calorie diet, but making such a change drastically will not be easy. This particular essay provides a basic primer for how you should be approaching your food storage pantry. You can also check out Tess’ Prepper’s Cookbook, which is a concise overview of not only food storage methods, but how to combine the existing stores in your pantry to make highly nutritious and great-tasting meals.

    Food Rationing: It Will Break You Down Mentally
    By Tess Pennington

    Food Rationing

    Scenario: It’s been two weeks since the cyber attack left your city without power. The grocery stores are empty and supply trucks haven’t been able to re-supply. You’re hungry but can’t go outside because of the roaming mobs attacking people foraging for food. Living off of your last remaining canned soup and survival bars isn’t giving your body what it needs. You’re lethargic, achy, you’re having problems staying mentally alert and have had a headache for days. You just don’t know how much longer you can live like this.

    If the foods you store are not able to provide you with adequate nutrition, or you do not have enough variety of foods to carry you through, then you are setting yourself up for caloric deficiencies and even malnutrition which can have long lasting effects on your health.

    Food Rationing in Emergencies

    The following are examples of regular caloric diets and calorie restricted diets. Any diet under 1,000 calories is very unhealthy and steps should be taken to prevent this.

    • 2,000 calories – the daily caloric amount you should normally be eating
    • 1,500 calories – a reduced diet where high calorie foods, sugars, and some fats are removed
    • 1,200 calories – the most basic diet where most fats, carbohydrates and fats are removed

    The Experiment

    There are certain factors you should consider when living through an extended emergency. It is common for your physical, mental and emotional state to be affected following a disaster. On top of that, you are hungry due to rationing food portions and still have to continue daily activities, physical labor, parenting, etc. If you haven’t put thought into the right types of food and the amounts needed to see you through the ordeal, then you could be setting yourself up for deficiencies in your diet.

    Repeatedly, I have told readers interested in leading a self reliant lifestyle to simulate a disaster at home so that your family can practice living through it using the supplies you have. This creates a safe environment to prepare and train family members for what they might expect and help you learn what you may need for the future. Using the contents of your emergency pantry is no different. In fact, you should be using your pantries regularly to ensure the food you store is as fresh as possible. In my cookbook, The Prepper’s Cookbook, I list 25 must have foods for your pantries and also touched on what to expect in an emergency situation when you are rationing your supplies.

    I decided to make myself a guinea pig and experiment on how well I could perform my daily activities on a low calorie diet. Here’s what I did:

    • For three days, my daily caloric intake was under 1,300 calories a day.
    • I also ran 2 miles a day during this time to see what it would be like surviving on a food rationed diet and still maintain a certain level of physical activity.
    • I ate whole grains, fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and nuts.

    Are you wondering how I did? Well, good and bad. The good news is, I’m still alive – so it is possible to drastically cut your caloric intake. Even though I was eating very “clean” and giving my body whole grains, lean proteins and nutrients, I still felt the starvation effects and, at times, felt desperate to eat something – anything. I’ll be honest, the word “hangry” came up a few times. From my experience, drastic food rationing can be done (provided you have the right foods to eat), but it would be extremely difficult to go to a 1,200 calorie diet for long term and still try to maintain a household and perform physically demanding tasks. Some of the effects I had while on a 1,300 calorie diet were:

    •  Feeling physically and mentally drained
    • Difficulty in making decisions and focusing mentally
    • Headaches
    • Irritability
    • Jittery

    Ironically, these are very similar to the feelings we experience following a disaster or other stressful life event that causes post traumatic stress disorder:

    • Feeling physically and mentally drained
    • Having difficulty making decisions or staying focused on topics
    • Becoming easily frustrated on a more frequent basis
    • Arguing more with family and friends
    • Feeling tired, sad, numb, lonely or worried
    • Experiencing changes in appetite or sleep patterns

    So, imagine going through all of these same reactions listed above and being nutrient deficient at the same time. You will feel the effects in one way or another, and all the feelings will be heightened because you are “hangry.” In a Rawlesian event, where you find yourself in a long term disaster, living off the grid and essentially on your own to patrol your property, maintain a  garden, livestock, etc., it would be very difficult to do all of these tasks with a limited caloric intake.

    Let me add that what I did not test was if a gradual caloric decline would be easier to adjust to and still continue with physical labor (maybe an experiment for another time).

    Create a Complete Pantry

    Those of you who are creating food pantries should be taking detailed inventory of the foods you are storing, how you plan to use them, and know beforehand an average of how many people you plan to feed using these foods. If you are planning on a disaster or emergency lasting longer term, then you should take this a step further and account for other measures – food rationing. How many calories a day do you plan to consume where food rationing is concerned? Do you plan on participating in large scale physical activity? How long do you plan to ration your food?

    Many preppers underestimate how much food they will need to maintain optimum nutrition levels. In fact, calorie intake is the #1 rule to consider when starting a pantry. You simply cannot live off of survival bars. Many people believe these will provide them with adequate nutrition as well keep their energy source going – this just isn’t so.

    Stock foods that are energy efficient and high in complex carbohydrates and dietary fiber as they will keep you feeling “fuller” longer. Some food sources to consider are:

    • Fruits/Vegetables – Obviously, having these dehydrated will lighten the load and give you something nutritious to snack on. Keep in mind  that dehydrated foods can last for 12 months or longer, provided they have been stored properly. Pack fruits and vegetables that are the most calorie dense. Look for small boxes of dried fruits for easy meal assembly or to add to your homemade MREs.
    • Whole vs. White – We all know that whole grains are better for you. But did you know that they keep you fuller longer. Also, whole grain breads with seeds and nuts can provide added nutrition. Look for whole grain pancake mixes, crackers, pastas and bread to get good sources of whole grains.
    • Nuts – This food source is one of the most nutrient dense foods and is also full of fiber to help you stay full longer. Due to the high protein count of these lightweight nutrition powerhouses, can be an efficient meat replacement. Look for non-salted nut varieties to keep you hydrated longer.
    •  Meat Source – Protein sources are imperative during an emergency  and can also cut down on stress. The amino acid in meat, specifically Tryptophan, binds to protein and becomes a precursor for the neurotransmitter serotonin. Increased levels of serotonin may help you cope with stress. Freeze dried meats or TVP (textured vegetable protein), dehydrated meats or canned meats of beef, chicken or tuna would be good choices to add to your pack.

    For a hands on resource about creating an energy efficient food pantry, Daisy Luther created a detailed resource called The Pantry Primer for how to get your pantry in order in a frugal manner and lists many of these healthy foods.

    To conclude, the foods we will carry will make all the difference in the world in terms of maintaining energy levels, and nutrition. Food rationing is an inevitable issue if you are planning for long term or extended events. Plans should be put in place to ensure the rationing we do is healthy and will still enable us to carry on.


    Prepper's Cookbook

    Tess Pennington is the author of The Prepper’s Cookbook: 300 Recipes to Turn Your Emergency Food into Nutritious, Delicious, Life-Saving Meals. When a catastrophic collapse cripples society, grocery store shelves will empty within days. But if you follow this book’s plan for stocking, organizing and maintaining a proper emergency food supply, your family will have plenty to eat for weeks, months or even years. Visit her web site at

    Do you have a question for Tess about this article or another topic? Visit her Facebook Page and join a great community discussion.


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      1. Simple cure right outside my window…corn feed Squirrels, and I can make snares for the local cats…a real pretty Russian Blue roams around here. He would make a nice hunting bag.

        • Non-preppers are going to be lucky to get 500 calories a day if any. People that have not something stored up will become very desperate and begin to eat anything. That word anything is something that everyone should remember when they are dealing with these people that like Tess has said, are use to being very well fed. TOO well fed in most circumstances.

          There is still a lot of calories and less sodium in most cases in canned food than in many more expensive MRE’s. There are exceptions of course and shopping around is key. WITH ANY STORED FOOD, look at how much sodium there is. Excessive sodium means you have to use up more drinking water. Water is the main survival item and people use up a lot more water than they realize to stay hydrated. Foods should be something you can eat and not have to use up more water with. Many canned foods also are packed in water. People should consider consuming the water along with the food. We all seem to drain canned foods as a habit in pre SHTF events.

          I cannot stress enough that there is food in nature. In most places, other than real urban, there is food available. Many weeds are very healthy and edible. People should make mental notes or real notes about all the different locations around their homes that could be food sources after SHTF. The more you can rely on free foods from nature the less you will dip into your stockpile.

          IF you have time before a true crisis hits, it is a very good idea to hit the stores for perishable and semi-perishable foods. Before the masses have the chance to raid the stores and figure out how bad things really are. It could just be a few minutes, but when you see a crisis hitting act quickly. Again, your goal is to avoid using your long term food supplies as long as possible.

          One other item that is very important. ALWAYS AIM FOR NUTRITION. Cheapo foods that you would not serve to your dog or cat only serve as possible barter items. Maintaining your health is critical. Foods stored should have good nutrition, something you would eat everyday in “normal” times. Your body will suffer the more junk you put into your body. It will take more food to recover from nutritional deficiencies and leave a person in a weakened state and unable to function like they should after a catastrophe.

          • I’m “hangry” already, Tess.

            • Fasting and Prayer.

              • While fasting and prayer are beautiful things to do at the proper times, the middle of a no-shit crisis is probably the last choice of times for fasting. Mind you, Lent is coming up, and like every year, I cut down to one meal a day (and no meat), but if shit meets fan, yeah – I’ll be taking in the calories as needed no matter what time of year. The amount of praying I’ll do will certainly increase, though.

                Let me put it this way: There’s a very good reason why a typical MRE meal clocks in at around 3,000+ calories… it’s because in combat, you’ll use every damned one of them.

            • Off Topic…

              Supreme Court Rules Police May Search A Home Without Obtaining A Warrant

              “If the most disturbing, if underreported, news from yesterday, was Obama’s “modification” of NSA capabilities, which contrary to his earlier promises, was just granted even greater powers as phone recording will now be stored for even longer than previously, then this latest development from the Supreme Court – one which some could argue just voided the Fourth amendment – is even more shocking.

              RT reports that the US Supreme Court has ruled that police may search a home without obtaining a warrant despite the objection of one occupant if that occupant has been removed from the premises.

              With its 6 to 3 decision in Fernandez v. California on Tuesday, the Court sided with law enforcement’s ability to conduct warrantless searches after restricting police powers with its 2006 decision on a similar case.”


              • I went on an orange juice diet once without any solid food. After three days my body started eating my muscles. I was getting an exercise “burn” without any exercise.

                There will be cannibalism in the major cities within a week of an EMP, nuke war or Pole Shift. You folks in NYC might want to check out your neighbors in the building now, and see who looks tasty.

                I can eat cactus and brew tea from pine needles. Whatcha gonna do when they come for you? Huh? 🙁

                • Cactus… now that is a fact. The most popular one that I got introduced to was prickly pear. The Mexicans call it “Nopolito” (spelling but phonetically correct.) Anyway, burn off the spines/thorns and roast or boil. Not the most tasty thing in the world but she will fill you up and there is moisture in it… Stay blessed ’cause that’s the most important in a SHTF scenario. dj

                  • A really delicious salsa is made from prickly pears called nopales..mmm. Prickly pear jam is yummy, and the flower hips make a delicious tea. If you have a lot of these growing in your area (we do), a little prepping of the gems can be a great addition to your stash.

                • You people: Get smart; I’ve stored a ten year supply of Pizza Coupons. They Deliver.
                  i also picked one that has salads and drinks.

              • Bitch PLEASE !

            • Yesterday’s Preps on the way.

              Jamaican Bat Guano


              FoxFarm 12-Quart Ocean Forest Organic Potting Soil


              Shiitake Mushroom Mycelium Plug Spawn – 100 Count


              Hinterland Trading Brussels Sprouts Little Baby Cabbages ! Vegetable Garden Seeds 100+ Includes bonus pack of Organic Mammoth Russian Sunflower Seeds


              Black Gold 1390302 16-Quart Earthworm Castings


              Hoffman 16004 Soils and Ammendments Horticultural Vermiculite, 18 Quarts


              Seeds and Things Yard Long Pole Bean 30 Seeds – Garden Fresh Pack! They Are Sometimes Called “Asparagus Beans”


              Squash Vegetable Spaghetti Garden Heirloom Vegetable 25 Seeds


              Stuf-fit Copper Mesh For Mouse Rat Rodent Control as well as Bat Snell Control 30 Foot Roll


              Great Stuff 157906 12-Ounce Big Gap Filler


              I believe it was bit under 100.00 including shipping.

              Good for growing better veggies…

          • Hey, everyone, I’m BAAAAAAAAAACCCCCKKKKKKK! I had to get some unfinished projects finished up and off my plate, so sorry I couldn’t make it the last few articles. BI, good day to you my friend, and AMEN to your comments. I have always been a devout believer in canned goods as part of any food storage program. Without question there is much less sodium content in canned goods than in any freeze-dried or MRE products. The only freeze-dried products I found that I like are the Mountain House brand, although they’re a bit heavy on sodium. I tried one MRE back in the 90s on a camping trip and ended up spitting it out. Fortunately, I had some other foods with me at the time so I was just fine. MREs must be absolute torture for the military. Anyway, variety in your food storage is no less important than nutrition. I always strive for nutrition and variety when I shop for survival foods. Since I quit smoking back in Dec. that is one major step I took in improving my health before TSHTF. If anyone is still smoking now, GIVE THEM UP NOW BEFORE TSHTF. A post-SHTF scenario is NOT the time to go through withdrawal symptoms and tobacco won’t be available any longer anyway. WATER IS NO LESS IMPORTANT FOR STORAGE. A 5-year supply of storable food won’t mean squat if you don’t have a long-term supply of water and/or a good source of water and a means of purifying it. Whenever I’ve been thru any adverse situation, I’ve always been extra careful about what I put into my body. During such times, I don’t eat quite the same as I would when things are “normal”.

            • Brave,glad the quit smoking thing working for you,but,tobacco not available?!Can from germination to hanging upside down do in 12 weeks,can get in 2 crops if you want in New England.Along with a still imagine tobacco will be a sought after barter item among other goods.

              • @ Warchild,
                Do you have any reference material on growin’ that baccy?
                Never have tried it. Is that from seed?
                Any info greatly appreciated.

                • Try “New Hope Seeds” out of Kentucky, maybe? I’ve ordered from them and they send great directions. Get a roller and papers while they’re still available.

                  • In my opinion, Golden Burley works best for Ohio. You may require a different variety where you live, but the owners of New Hope are very good to try to help.

                • You can grow tobacco from seed, but the trick lies in knowing when to pick it, and how to dry it properly (without it going all crumbly and stale.)

                  My father-in-law gave it a go at his place in Southern Oregon, and it took him a few tries to get it right…

                  • Start from the bottom leaves and work your way up. Wait for them to ‘ripen’ and become yellow (from bottom up). Remove any flowers, you are growing leaves. Remove any suckers from the plant and it will grow big. Monsanto has all my tobacco seeds, please think of me if any of you get 5 minutes alone with them.

                • Dave,my buddy grows here in N.H.,had the site on my bookmarks but computer crashed,for moment try Vicky’s suggestion,also,look for tobacco for your region/grow season,why my buddy went with the type he did as can even in New england get 2 crops.He does start from seeds,plants need about a 3 foot circle from stalk for growth room,gets about a pound a plant when dry.As I said,would make a good barter item along with pipes that one could carve.There are also other uses for tobacco besides smoke,obviously though be also growing a garden to eat from.Next time cross lines with my buddy will get details and post em.

            • @ braveheart. There are some good MRE’s, but many of them contain too much sodium, especially MSG. The more chemicals in a food, the less quality it is. They are trying to hide that it is inferior product. Something that is of good taste already doesn’t need a bunch of MSG in it. I can cook items that taste good without using anything but the food itself and herbs.

              That is another crucial item for any prepper/survivalist is to have a good stock of herbs. It is also not a bad idea to familiarize oneself with the natural herbs and plants that grow outside. Wild onions for example have a much stronger taste than the store bought one, but are sometimes a lot better in stews. A good herb book explaining what goes with what is a good book to have.

              I do agree with the water purification. Still one of the easiest way if you have the fuel is to boil it. I still am kind of queasy about certain pathogens in the water that even a .02 micron filter might not be small enough to catch. Boiling it is one of the surest way of safe water.

              • BI, as a last resort, I do have the means available to boil water. Last April, I almost ordered a Berkey online but the I started hearing complaints about the filters. I’m looking around now for something similar to the Berkey.

                • Katadyn

          • Unarmed preppers – the other white meat!

            • As I have stated before,feel free if you can safely eat my corpse,i.e. I die in frozen temps. ect.As a organ donor really see no difference if it will help people survive,hell,as said before feed me to your dogs/use me as fertilizer,a body is a terrible thing to waste.Now,you hunt me down for food may you suffer days of miserable indigestion that ends with you dying of food poisoning,otherwise,Bon Appetite!

              • A good friend will help you move. A REALLY good friend will help you move a body.

              • A good friend will help you move. A REALLY good friend will help you move a body.

          • BI.

            When I was younger I used to be able to work in the heat and found I did not eat a lot of food. Body would not keep it down. Lots of liquids of various types.
            Also the shift from comfort food to the more survival type of caloric intake will be an obstacle for many.
            Age, weight and physical ability I think factor in but the Metabolism Rate of the individual is key.
            Why some need more calories than others to perform.

          • We’ve been pretty careful about which foods we buy or can or dry, but you’re correct on the amount of water needed. We have our own well although the quality is low and who knows how long the government will let us keep it. We were raised in 1940s-1950s Oklahoma and learned about many wild foods there, and I need to learn which wild foods Ohio might have to offer. In common, are dandelion greens, lamb’s quarter, watercress in the right spots, and Poke if you know how to cook it. We have a small fruit orchard and a reasonably sized garden, assuming I am able to work it without being shot. We can meat, very carefully, as I worry about protein as well. We have four walnut trees and need strength to pry the nuts from their shells. We should be able to provide a 2000 calorie per day menu for the two of us for five years, plus, and one year, more or less, for our adult children and their children. I’m inspired to do more and buy more. This was a particularly good article.

          • I often think about if shtf how hard it would be to protect my gardens and my livestock, it’s only 2 acres but we raise most of our food on it, it would be hard, but I would do my best to protect it!

        • Folks need to have one month of food they NORMALY eat on the shelf. Our cars have a little light that comes on when we are almost out of gas. When you get down to one month… the light just came on. Once you get to this point you then move up to five weeks then six weeks and then so on. Strive to get to six months or a year and learn to rotate. This is the life of a preper. You can’t just part time this. Refrigeration is important. Get some solar panels and batteries… and don’t whine that it rains a lot… (they still work just not as well) I live in the Pacific Northwest…. guess what kids…. IT RAINS A LOT…. It just means you need more than your crazy uncle in Sun City AZ. Get enough to run a frige and a freezer and keep a few lights on. Then like your prep scale up. Skip the new bass boat and 70 inch flat screen and buy power. Don’t forget the backup generator and fuel. Here is a thought: if you FORM TEAMS (where have you seen this before)…. You pool your money or someone on your team who is better off helps by storing some of your food at their place with the freezer you provide and the solar they provide. (this is what I do for two of my team members). Food prices are going up. Better start now. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

          • I have to secure a water source before I set up a solar system. Wont do me any good existing on city services as when the water stops, it is bug out time.

            • Anyone who is in (or stays in) a big city will probably regret it. Actually, it will probably be any city over 100,000 people.

              Also, be sure to ingest some roughage just to keep the pipes cleaned out.

              Shortgrain (unpolished) rice plus beans (pinto,black-eyed) will probably do. Also, nuts store well and have a lot of oils. Beware of kidney beans and go easy on peanuts.

              • Off Topic…

                The largest data breach of all time…

                You might want to change your password

                “Over 360 million hacked and abused email addresses and passwords… 1.25 billion email addresses for sale on black market websites. The accounts are from the largest email providers… AOL, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and almost all Fortune 500 companies.

                Cyber-security firm, Hold Security, found this cybercriminal “treasure trove” over the first three weeks of February. The hackers used multiple attacks… stealing 105 million records in a single attack. That makes this the largest breach of all time.”

                “Theft of email addresses and passwords could be far more dangerous than the credit card hack at Target stores last December. All too often, people use the same email address and password for multiple accounts. It’s a back door for hackers to access bank accounts, corporate networks, health records, and any other accounts you have online.”

                The Crux

              • There is an “upland rice” you can grow that doesn’t have to be irrigated. Baker Creek Seeds sells it, among others.

            • How deep is your water table? drill a well if it is under 100 feet. Search the State well drillers log in your area for the well reports to figure out how deep they are and what type of soil you will have to go through. If its that volcanic crap I see along 395… forget it. granite too.. clay sand and soft shale is no problem.

            • I am very fortunate to have a small spring located only 100 yards from my home. It produces only about 2 gallons a minute, but is good even in the dry summers. It would have to be hauled, but it’s better than nothing.

              Too bad it is downhill from the home though, or I could construct a gravity fed system.

              • 2 gallons a minute times 24 hours is a lot of water. Make a catch basin/galvanized tub downhill from it, install a sump pump and pump the water up the hill in eight foot steps if necessary. That is quite a bit of water you have, you just need to store it and then use it.

              • Rain barrels, too.

            • No idea where you are but tarps, buckets, rain barrels, kiddie pools, the plastic air harvesting technique, all with filtration of course to be as safe as possible.

              There might be a LOT of crap in the air, and there is already.


              Any local sources of water nearby? What, where?

              Get a wagon and big buckets or what have you to lug it.

              Here is a great personal or small family water filter for you. The amount it can filter over time sets it apart. Just clean it by back washing and get anextra replacement filter J.I.C.


              Hope this helps you.

              Good Luck for now, the tide will turn when it is time.

              Have Faith.


        • Stew Pedaso:
          It’s funny how many “survivalists” and preppers frown on eating cats and dogs. I have mentioned this before with many thumbs down. It’s obvious we live in a pampered society where certain animals are a taboo when considered for a food source.
          It seems even a few on this sight would rather starve than eat a dog or cat because our pathetic animal loving society has placed such a priority on these animals and labeled them as companions, friends, and family.
          They are still nothing more than animals people.

          • Cat….. the other wite meat….

            • I have three cats…(errrr the have me) it was a joke….. Again some of the folks here need to lighten up and eat a brand mufin and take a dump and chill. We don’t allow bravado, blowhards, bullies, or grumpy people on our team for this reason.

            • I love cats, but I can’t eat a whole one.

              • Eat half and save the rest for the morning breakfast burrito…. Mmmmmmmm

                • “Book of Eli”

          • If things really go wrong, getting rid of useless meat eaters (also know as pets) early on may well make a great difference in your family’s chance for long term survival.

            • I thought you were implying that SNAPpers would finally be good for something.

          • When I went to Seoul a few years ago, the only dogs for sale were toy poodles and pugs, etc. you don’t normally see stray dogs there. I found one cocker spaniel…I think everything else gets eaten….

          • and quit tasty as well, I tan coyote hides and I don’t let the meat go to waste…it’s essentially dog and very good with instant coffee grounds mixed with montreal steak seasoning…its a great rub for most red meats.

          • para bellum.

            Eating your pet dog or cat would be hard for some to do. There will be many strays. We find them now in the woods running game.
            Hey how about roasting up a talking parrot or McKaw

          • let my dog out, she’ll likely return in the morning with something to eat for the both of us. depends on the dog / cat I suppose, but sure I’d eat either.

          • para bellum: Without our dogs we would perish in a SHTF situation. Dogs protect our poultry and livestock, families etc., and they can sense an intruder way before most people can. For those of us without a small army at a retreat equipped with FLIR and other gadgets, a good dog is very useful.
            Dogs are part of our family, it is preferable to store up food rather than plan on eating one’s pet. Better to eat something that chews it’s cud anyway.

            • Good point on pets working for us. Few are useful and would be vital to our survival.

              However, most of our pets would be a burden on our survival to care for and feed.
              It would definitely be a morale buster to kill the family pet, but I would surely do it for my families survival. Once again, this would be a last resort.

              What frustrates me is people I know who speak and treat their animals better than their human family members.

              • Most of my extended family don’t deserve to be treated as well as dogs.

                • I’m sorry. I think most of us have family members we wouldn’t cross the street to see. After a certain age you choose your family, and friends become family. Bitchy cousins disappear from your radar. I wish you many friends.

              • A dog that has been allowed to roam can usually feed itself. And it’s helpful to warn you of trouble. You do what you have to do, and I wouldn’t condemn anybody for eating pets in a survival situation. I can shoot anything (and have), but I found I can’t “dispatch” something I have held and cuddled. Somebody else would have to do it.

          • Shakleton’s expedition ate all of their sled dogs once they were forced out onto the ice, even commenting on how old Rover and Bowser tasted when their best cuts were roasted over a seal blubber stove. Not pretty and it was a sad act to dispatch each dog, but it kept the crew alive.

            Cats, on the other hand, would make good dog food once properly prepared….

          • My darling little kitty is named Meat Cat.

            I’ll eat dog before I chow down on the kitty, though.

            • My cool cat of 18 years died 2 Sunday’s ago.

              I got em in the freezer.

              Not to eat folks, till the ground thaws a bit.
              Glad he missed our possible future.

              Great spirit of love and life in that cat.

        • STEW I am with you if its an animal it can eaten

          • Para bellum I refer to them as YUPPIES city people

        • Rejoice if somebody calls you a racist, bigot, homophobe, etc. That means you have just won the debate.

        • On TV tonight they were saying that the people in Syria were eating cats and dogs… having really rough time. I love cats but afraid of dogs; I guess there’s good in everything– even a SHTF event! (NO MORE DOGS!! ; )

          • Cat, if cooked properly taste like shit. Pussycat on the other hand is quite satisfying.

            • Indeed!

          • You are a retard. You hope there isnt any more dogs? Do you know how many lives they save, how great they are for search & rescue, protection, keeping a watch on the property & livestock.
            Fuck you, I hope there is no more you and lots more dogs. You prep for them just like you do for the rest of your family. The only thing you said that is you’re afraid of dogs, you should be, they can sense an asshole like you. You’re a DICK!

        • get a life goofball.

        • Snare local cats? What in the hell is wrong with you…

          • So much…lmao

      2. FYI – Coating eggs with a light coating of mineral oil and storing them at around 68 degrees will keep them good for up to one year. Just rotate monthly for yoke integrity.

        Off topic – the navy seals executed on the Mersk this week were also snipers set up at the Boston bombing. Funny how many seals are dying after doing government jobs.

        • Maddog there are no coincidences like those we’ve seen w/ the Seals.

          • One would think that, when it becomes clear that these “elite” black ops teams all get killed off, right after the job, that those skilled individuals would STOP participating in those ops! Maybe those elite teams should change their focus, from what they’re being used for, to who is using them.

            It has always been said, “it’s never a good idea to stiff your own hit-man”

        • Easy on the egg’s thing sparky – you’ll get a lot of folks sick.

          While you can coat your eggs with M.O., it MUST be done within hours (the sooner the better but 24 max) of them being laid and the eggs CANNOT be washed (an issue if there’s chicken crap all over them). I would question the 68 degree’s too. It’s probably OK but that’s really the top end of the storage temps.

          And – because people are simply stupid; make sure it’s FOOD GRADE Mineral Oil. Not that baby oil scented crap.

          So all you noobs – don’t go to the store, get a bunch of white eggs, coat them and toss them in the pantry. You’ll find out in short order that your info was wrong.

          To the OP: 2000 cal’s during SHTF? Minimum needed. If you’re working for 12 hours a day you’ll need far more. LIVING is a very tough business without Krogers, Winn Dixie, Jewel, etc. Gardening, defending, hauling water, stress, stress and more stress are going to burn through calories like crazy.

          Better have tons of fat and protein. We’ll need it.

          Good luck.

            • Thanks for the link Po’d. That looks like another good way to keep eggs. I’m still lookin’ for one of them “pants stretchers” they talk about.

            • Eggs are a living breathing thing if theyve been fertilized…unwashed they will keep for many weeks in a cool spot like a root cellar…I keep fresh eggs in a basket on the kitchen counter in the summertime and have never had a bad egg unless its had a embryo start to develop in it or it was cracked and the lining got punctured…those get nasty pretty fast but theyre easy to spot in short order…my point is eggs were not refrigerated till recent times and its mostly a scare tactic from a govicorp run amuck…scare folks away from the old tried and true methods so they wont try or learn anything new…not that refrigerating eggs is a bad thing either,its just that there are other methods that work especially if there were no power for cooling…as with any thing you want to use common sense…I check each egg as I use them,cracking them into a cup and checking them for odor or discoloration ect before adding them to the project at hand…eggs packed in lard and kept in a cool dark place are good for months…Id personally never use MO or vasoline or any man made oil to coat an egg…remember the egg is alive and will absorb any toxin its in contact with…even veggie oils will go rancid where as lard with a bit of salt in it lasts for years…our forebears had most of this stuff figured out…now most folks dont know it and have to relearn it… 2cents

            • Eggs are a living breathing thing if theyve been fertilized…unwashed they will keep for many weeks in a cool spot like a root cellar…I keep fresh eggs in a basket on the kitchen counter in the summertime and have never had a bad egg unless its had a embryo start to develop in it or it was cracked and the lining got punctured…those get nasty pretty fast but theyre easy to spot in short order…my point is eggs were not refrigerated till recent times and its mostly a scare tactic from a govicorp run amuck…scare folks away from the old tried and true methods so they wont try or learn anything new…not that refrigerating eggs is a bad thing either,its just that there are other methods that work especially if there were no power for cooling…as with any thing you want to use common sense…I check each egg as I use them,cracking them into a cup and checking them for odor or discoloration ect before adding them to the project at hand…eggs packed in lard and kept in a cool dark place are good for months…Id personally never use MO or vasoline or any man made oil to coat an egg…remember the egg is alive and will absorb any toxin its in contact with…even veggie oils will go rancid where as lard with a bit of salt in it lasts for years…our forebears had most of this stuff figured out…now most folks dont know it and have to relearn it… 2cents

            • Eggs are a living breathing thing if theyve been fertilized…unwashed they will keep for many weeks in a cool spot like a root cellar…I keep fresh eggs in a basket on the kitchen counter in the summertime and have never had a bad egg unless its had a embryo start to develop in it or it was cracked and the lining got punctured…those get nasty pretty fast but theyre easy to spot in short order…my point is eggs were not refrigerated till recent times and its mostly a scare tactic from a govicorp run amuck…scare folks away from the old tried and true methods so they wont try or learn anything new…not that refrigerating eggs is a bad thing either,its just that there are other methods that work especially if there were no power for cooling…as with any thing you want to use common sense…I check each egg as I use them,cracking them into a cup and checking them for odor or discoloration ect before adding them to the project at hand…eggs packed in lard and kept in a cool dark place are good for months…Id personally never use MO or vasoline or any man made oil to coat an egg…remember the egg is alive and will absorb any toxin its in contact with…even veggie oils will go rancid where as lard with a bit of salt in it lasts for years…our forebears had most of this stuff figured out…now most folks dont know it and have to relearn it… 2cents

              • Sorry y’all dont know why that happened 🙁

            • Boil them hard and pickle in brine.

              If you have a source of fresh eggs, you should be eating them daily, like it or not. Use your excess production to feed the neighbors.

              Good for prevention of blindness, beri-beri, etc., the things you get when diet is at a survival level.

              Your night sentries need to eat eggs for night vision enhancement, as well as the traditional carrots.

            • Or simply boil, peel, and pickle them, great snack food!

          • really , good info on the eggs , it works.
            We have successfully stored our fresh eggs for 6 months in an underground rootcellar/icehouse . +/- 58f.
            They need to be rotated at least weekly.

            If anyone trys this crack your eggs aeparatlely so if you have a bad one i dont contaminate the rest.
            Its not hard to tell if you have a bad one .

            • Exactly hammerhead. You know sometimes it is just not worth trying to do anything for people. If anyone gets sick from the info I provided and unless their snout fell off then their to stupid to survive anything else anyway. Unfucken believable about the eggs. Even more unfucken believable is only one comment on the seals. Ah, fuck it, I give up. Good luck people.

              • Maddog: me, our team, and the misses like your posts. Remeber some folks who come here are just negative nanies who just pick and whine and poke at everyone. Just ignore them… we do. Good post and yes most nubbies are gooing to seek help with the egg thing and your cool post gets people thinking and that is what realy counts.

                • Thanks Man on the inside, It doesn’t take much to get to me these days. Everyday you wake up to more bullshit destroying the country I love and my kids are going to have to deal with. I think I’ll keep in mind your idea of what to do with the non-prepper. You know waste not want not. Again, thanks I’m sure you correct.

                  • I wasn’t dinging you MD but filling in the rest of the info. There’s noob’s and dolts reading this so everyone needs the whole story.

                    Keep on keepin’ on. It’s only the interweb thingy – don’t take it personally.

              • Maddog, you aint the only maddog who reads and posts here. A bunch of us are pissed and every day the gouging gets worse. Trying to control the internal pressure gauge is gettin near impossible so I try and stay busy. I dont let the trolls or the dumbasses get to me. I say my mind and move on. Ill miss you if you bail on us here. Why dont you stay and help keep this group lined up right. Call it training for the zombies.

                We got 4 Americans who were killed at the hands of Hillary and Obama. An we got a man by the name of Brian Terry who died for America and its being brusshed aside too. We all got to make the Holder, Hillary, and Hussein crew pay for what they did.

                Brother, stay with us.

            • We raise chickens. You can also freez eggs and they will last two years. Just remeber the five to six solar panels and four batteries to keep Mr. Kenmore runing. Practice this stuff now so you are not playing catch up.

              • If you have a supply of fresh eggs, why are you storing them for two years? Eat fresh whenever possible.

            • Sorry Hammer…I didnt see your post till Id posted…

            • Sorry Hammer…I didnt see your post till Id posted…

              • its all good
                cant have enough info …..ever!

          • ” I would question the 68 degree’s too. It’s probably OK but that’s really the top end of the storage temps.”

            I would say more like 34-40 otherwise dont trust em and at that i personally wouldnt go more than 2 months,,, if your looking at that you would be better to just splurge and buy a few 10# cans of powdered eggs… Much safer!

          • Eat your non Preped neighbor…… ok….. just kidding but hey protien is protien…..

            • but that’ll only work if you do it very early on during shtf. otherwise- they might be too scrawny and stringy to make it worth the effort. OTOH….you can always make a nice stock outta them. just sayin.

              • I have a recipe…. shall I post….

            • man on the inside, there’s no way I’ll get that desperate. that makes the MREs sound good, and THAT is a scary thought on the MREs.

              • MRE – Meal Rejected by Ethiopians

                • MRE: Meals Requiring an Enema.

                  • come on…… democRAT’s can be tastey if ya marinate them….. Booohahahahahaha….

                  • MRE: Mostly rat entrails

                  • They will constipate you if you do not drink a lot of water. Not a good thing when things will already be stressful.

          • I guess you never heard of balut? Biggie over in Asia. Goes good with their bird nest soup. Yummie!

            • I always forget where I bury them. Although sooner or latter I can follow the scent to my stash.

              • So MD you have ahad the tatsty rotten chick too I see… if you can get past the smell…. Ahhhhhh… I miss the PI.

            • Olongopo (sp) here we come…..’69 R&R

              • Magsaysay Dr. and Olongapo of the fabled past is no more now that the base is gone and has been replaced with a big commercial port. There are however much more upscale places with the same entertainment available just remember it won’t be like when you were twenty. Even Viagra cannot fix being forty plus years older.

          • Looking at this for water hauling and for other uses.

            Sandusky Lee CW Steel Crate Wagon, Green, 1000 lbs Load Capacity, 27-3/8″ Height, 48″ Length x 24″ Width



            or 89.00 for this 400 lb capacity model.


        • You can also use unflavored gelatin as an egg substitute. Easy to store for long term.
          Can someone post the link to the prepper soup with all the mixed grains? I copied it off and now I can’t find it. Been working on organizing this week. Long overdue!

        • When I was a young man, as an experiment in food
          deprivation in a survival situation, I went with
          out any food intake for 3 weeks straight, drinking
          only water, and continuing a normal schedule.

          I went from a weight of 230 lbs. when I started,
          down to a paltry 169 lbs. at the end of the fast,
          a loss of 61 lbs.

          What did I learn from this rather bizarre but none
          the less enlightening experience?
          Well, number one, a person can go for an extended
          period of time without nourishment and maintain.

          Lesson number two was, at the end of the three
          weeks of self imposed denial, one is deeply in the
          throes of starvation, obviously.
          But I think the real revelation was the pain that
          came with hunger due to a lack of sustainable food intake. That I didn’t really expect.

          I have no doubt that when the Golden Horde commences
          upon our streets looking for anything of sustenance
          such as we are witnessing in Syria and soon-to-be
          other countries, what Tess Pennington is relating to us today may even be understated.

          Just an observation here from your humble correspondent.

          • If anyone voluntarily tries this, please drink adequate amounts of water and eat some fats….when the body burns through the body’s fat and begins to break down proteins for fuel, the body produces ketones as a by product. Ketones are large molecules that get filtered through the kidneys. It’s one of the reasons poorly controlled diabetics end up with kidney failure. My mothers renal function was severely affected when she went on a 1000 calorie a day diet 2 years ago. It was not picked up until her routine check up lab tests.

          • OutWest, that sounds like something really tough you went thru, but I’m glad you survived it. Fortunately I’m not too big for my size so there’s no need for me to try it. And I agree with your observation about the Golden Horde. That will be like nothing any of us have dealt with before.

            • Yeah braveheart, and I agree with most of the folks
              here about the negatives of loose and lascivious
              living, but I have pushed the envelope all my life.

              I guess that’s why I fear not of what’s to come,
              either I will survive it or I won’t, but I Will
              deal with it, come hell or high water, my friend.

              • OutWest, I look at it the same way. Whatever will be, will be. Either I make it or I don’t.

                • Another profound statement brave. Yep you will either make it or not.

        • Beef is through the roof at the livestock sales lately, it will be high this year, which will also push up pork prices and then chicken prices as people look for cheaper meat prices. It’s a snowball effect. Rabbits are easily and cheaply raised, don’t need much room. Very yummy too 🙂

      3. Aaaaoooga – Aaaaoooga, (submarine klaxon)

        Attention on deck

        The world is burning and there are no firemen left to put out the flames.

        Please head towards the emergency exit and we hope you enjoyed the ride. Cause it is over. Put a fork in it.

        The only people left who do not understand that we are in flames and going down fast is the media that is supposed to be reporting it. But lucky for us we have the internet. Go to Drudge and take a look. Need more convincing?


        • And that POS Holder went to the hospital. Not sorry one bit. Hope his obamacare is workin for him.

          • Cal
            We can only hope he gets the good Obullshit care THAT WE ARE GOING TO GET.
            If he dose he will be dead in about 45 min. You and I with Obullshit care would only live for 30 min. Damn he gets and extra 15 minutes more that we do.
            They will spend Billions on that POS to keep his ass alive. On us they would just pull the plug. This POS should we in JAIL.

            • Maybe they’re gonna Arkanside him like Ron Brown.

              • And Vince Foster.

                • And Jim McDougal

            • Sgt remember when Hillary had her concussion? It happened right when the Benghazi scandal was getting too close to her.
              I think Darrel Issa called Holder back for rexam on Fast and Furious.
              There are no coincidences when it comes to the fed gov

              • Im sick of the federal government, and our state government is a direct reflection as well,,
                Bunch of fucking tyrants trying to stick their fingers in everybodies pie then wondering why people are so indignant,,,
                All the while acting like we are here to serve THEM!
                Screw this shit,,,

                • The people could bring this Tyranical Government down in a few months if we just all stopped paying any taxes this year. Refuse to pay anything or even file, and always delay as long as possible to pay. They will fold like the rest of the scam Governments around the world. Nobody Government employee is going to work for free, or for Government without getting a paycheck. Look what happened to the Iraqi Army when their paychecks came to a halt, they disbanded and took to looting with the rest of the populace. Stop supporting Big corporations and support the little local guy and farmers markets. Stop complaining as this is how we do it.

                  • Already doing it,,,,
                    Most people are fucking sheep though and will keep paying into the system, stupid is all i can come up with, stupid and gutless!

              • my thoughts exactly.

              • Cal:
                Very good point. I would love to see this slug go to jail.

              • Hillary had a stroke. She got glasses to deal with double vision.

          • I hope it’s NOT if you get my drift.

          • He doesn’t have obamacare! That’s only for everyone else. The elites have top notch medical care and that will never change until a large majority of the people tell the whole gov to go F themselves and actually do something about it.
            But how do you do that when the gov lies to everyone and the mainstream media back them up!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Holder, like all top government officials and Congress, is EXEMPT.

            How does that make you feel? It’s so bad THEY don’t want it themselves.

        • You know I do have a food prepping tip for the newly started and maybe some of the people who have been prepping for years.

          First thing I tell anyone interested in food prepping is that it can be done pretty cheap and pretty quick. Every time you go to the store for some thing pick up one bag of rice, beans or noodles. Less than $2.00 each. One bag of any of those will feed 2 people for at least a day. I know it would be boring but there is a 2nd half to this method.

          Every time you go into or just walk by a fast food chain go inside and grab a handful of sauces. They are as varied as there are of fast food places. Almost none of the packets have expiration dates on them and even if they do I’ll bet they last longer, a lot longer than the expiration date. You can also get all the individual salt, pepper, sugar etc. that you will ever need.

          I have never had anyone say a word to me about it. I don’t think a guy working in a sweat shop for minimum wage gives a crap about it. Anyway it is a good way to get started.


          • B,have always said the smalls add up,even $10 a week in grocery store will get you a good supply of basics fairly quick,was how I started but then went on a shopping spree as money allowed it,that said,even on a tight budget folks can get a supply of basic med stuff and food together,you can do this folks!

        • Drudge? The conservative website? Odd they would deny climate change… right? (tongue in cheek). Yep, those Drudge reporters know a lot more about climate than climate scientists who have spent their whole lives studying it… all you need to know about the climate is what you hear through the grape vine– especially if you’re paid enough money by that grapevine. yep, those Drudge reporters know all about climate– unlike the 97% of the most highly respected climate scientists in the world who actually say its happening and getting down right dire!

          • I’ve had about all the global warming I can take this winter. No place left to pile snow and it’s -20 again. According to long term climate studies we are much cooler than in the 1700’s. Don’t these climate change idiots realize that the climate always is changing?Look at the desert southwest -that used to be tropical with water everywhere. Did humans cause this? Hell No! Volcanoes have a lot more to do with climate than humans.Everything is about money and power, the MSM and the elites wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them. At this point I hope the SHTF when it is cold and the snow is deep. The sheeple will thin themselves out quickly!

            • No, that’s totally incorrect. The average mean temperature has been increasing since the onset of the industrial revolution.

              You call scientists idiots who base their hypotheses on data, yet back up your argument with conjecture and baseless concocted banter?

              On top of that, you are saying you hope everything goes to hell at the worst time so who you call ‘Sheeple’ die quickly?

              You really are a bag of fun aren’t you?

            • Read about the United Nations Agenda 21, published in the early 1990’s. They state openly that acceptance of global warming by everybody and the strategies they can force on us as a result of that are essential to their creation of a One World Government dictatorship. Read it yourself.
              That’s why this administration is pushing it, because they are pushing One World Government dictatorship. Read about it yourself. Don’t take my word for it.

          • Those so called scientists spent their whole lives sucking the .gov tit research grants. Of course they reached the desired conclusion.

          • Those so called scientists spent their whole lives sucking the .gov tit research grants. Of course they reached the desired conclusion.

        • Actually, we are in a depression. The federals are trying to minimize it by printing money, but good (and stupid) intentions are what has gotten us here.

          Figure on the federal system imploding in almost exactly 2 years. Then those who survive can build with small and free political units.

        • REF: Big B

          Did you see the article today where Janet Yelling says that the economy is not doing well because of the cold weather??? LOL what a HOOT !!!

          Preppers are doing more for the Economy than them other Folks !

          • You know Arby one has to wonder where these people get their marching orders from to say such silly shit. Look at Reid. WTF??? I guess it is part of that deny, deny, deny attitude that has worked for so long for so many.


      4. Got to say that having commercially prepped dehydrated and freeze dried veg and fruit has helped us stock up for the real long term. Weve had samplings of most and theyre not bad. We aint buying meals just ingredients to store. But in our BOBs we have MH pouch meals. Its only cause I have an income we can afford to do this. The other ways is doin it at home and we dehydrate veg grown in the garden and do an awful lot of canning every year. I know folks do this here and the best part of doing it at home is you know exactly what your eatin and where it came from.
        Best dehydrated food weve had are DH refried beans. Cook em up or eat em like a snacking chip. Hands down the best.

        Whats everyones favorite?

        • banana!!

          • JayJay

            Pineapple is on sale here at our Aldi’s all the time. Last time we bought 10. They fit perfectly on our 9 tray dehydrator and man are they tasty!!!!

        • I’ve been planning on trying the mineral oil…thanks for the info on temperature. Have you tried it?

          For fat calories, try keeping a 5 gallon bucket of lard in a cool spot. We use it year round and in all types of cooking, from fries to pies. If you don’t make it when you butcher, you can always get it from the Amish.

          • Edit…reply to Really?? waaaay up thar…sorry, too many pulls on de jug.

          • We have a couple of containers of coconut oil. Probably just as nutritious and less chance of going rancid.

        • I have a few pounds of those dehydrated pineapple slices. I wish I could find dh orange and lemon slices as well. Maybe I’ll try to do some myself.

          There is a lot of sugar in these slices, but that could come in handy at times.

          • Six
            Do it yourself it is easy.

            • And way better!!!!

        • My favorite is dehydrated apples that I made myself.No store bought chemicals.

        • Provident Pantry’s Dehydrated Strawberries. Corn and Green Beans are also good.

          • Trader Joes’ has good dehydrated fruit, although the blueberries would need to be hydrated before eating. Little hard marbles.

      5. Hangry… new word for me…

        • Hangry works for me. 2 – 2 words in one.

          Man oh man it is getting bad. Anybody thinking that if the Russians “do” Ukraine what stops them from going right into Hungary, like hangry but different, and into Poland and say back into Germany? Anybody think that couldn’t happen? Check out Hitler’s act just 70 years ago.

          Here on the home front the government is propping up the stock market, bit coins failing (as most of us guessed it would), the President is now doing whatever he pleases by executive order, cutting the military by over half, increasing dependency on the government for food, water and the very necessities of life.

          Anyone see any pushback by those we put into office. Nope. They are to scared at this point to offer anything else but a token harsh questioning of the government.

          All I got to say is we are fucked.

          Oh and by the way I like the Wise foods pea’s and creamy sauce.


          • Don’t forget, Iranian ships on their way to the Atlantic…(? Did they ever get here?) and an unannounced Russian spy ship visit to Cuba

            • I think the Russian ship passed the Iranian one on it’s way here. Looks like a joint attack that should be repelled now and not let it get any closer to us.


          • Forget the old cold war propaganda. Russia isn’t trying to take over the world. They are fighting THE SAME ENEMY that we and the rest of the world is—BANKSTERS and total financial control. People really need to UNITE, instead of keeping the old, irrational hate propaganda going. It no longer serves any purpose.

            It’s not 1939 and the Soviets are all gone.

            Stalin and Hitler are both long dead (but not forgotten).

            We have a much more insidious enemy to worry about. An enemy who isn’t conquering us with vast armies with rifles, but with our own needs and desires.

            The REAL enemy is attacking us with our food and water, our homes, our natural and constitutional rights, our freedom.

            The war is for our MINDS.

            The war is against our FAITH.

            The war is against ALL HUMANITY.

            DO NOT LOWER YOUR EYES IN DEFEAT. Look the enemy right in the eye, for it isn’t “The Russians” we’re fighting…it’s our own fear and biases.

            • What are you antisemitic? The Banksters are all Jews so you must be.

              • No, I just hate getting fucked without dinner and my permission. If the pot is black, then it’s black, so I call it black. The end.

              • John D Rockefeller and his offspring are not Jewish and an are one of the originators being a dominate player. Call them an OB “Original Bankster” and thats after he controlled / owned the oil industry.

          • It seems that people in general are not very supportive of military adventures. Those adventures destroy thing which is really not what should be done.

            My feeling that governments are an evil which is now being more recognized day by day. I just don’t see any support for destruction by government. We collectively may realize the problem.

            Politicians and lawyers have been notorious in screwing up productive efforts. But, of course, they have little clues for putting their destructiveness right.

      6. Tess, You really are one of the best. I have been reading your articles for a long time.

      7. If the stores closed for years, we wouldn’t notice it all that much….wife would miss her Diet Cokes, but that is about it.

        • Diet Coke sale at Target this week 5 for $10, stock up time. Also don’t forget Walmart will price match!

          • R U fvkin Kidding me? DONT TOUCH ANYTHING DIET in anyway shape or form as it has poison in it. Aspertame and all the other names it comes under will cause brain damage.

            • DAIN BRAMAGE!!!

              • we’re all gona dieeeeee!!

                • If we consume enough aspartame, we are! That shit is like rat poison and it’s in virtually ALL diet stuff. Go search for ASPARTAME and see if you can still force yourself to swallow any more diet anything.

                  • Stick to Beer!!!

                • Well, yes, that’s part of the deal.

                  Let’s just not hurry dying up by ingesting crap.

            • A neurologist told the nurses on my unit over 15 years ago that aspartame crosses the blood brain barrier and to stay away from it, that the research at the medical school was scary. I can’t believe people still drink it. I like my sweet naturally, myself.

            • .02
              You are right on. My wife was only drinking Diet soda.
              Head and body aches. Stopped drinking it and she has no more body aches but still gets some head aches. (I’m still here)
              It only took about 5 days to get over the pain.
              She has also lost 5 lbs. in less than 3 weeks.

              • Had a good friend drink himself into seizures with Diet Coke. Died when he wrecked his Harley and I bet it was a diet coke seizure.

                • I am guessing There was indeed brain damage with your friend, owning a Harley is proof indeed!

                • Mt. Dew has brominated vegtable oil in it & so does some other citrus drinks. The shit is toxic, please stay away from it.

            • Gene and I tried the Smart Sense(different flavors)from Kmart–I fell in love–Dr. Smart is my favorite.
              All the time, no sale, 2/$5 or 4/$10…$2.50 for 12 pk.

            • .02, I’m right there with you. I never touch diet ANYTHING.

        • Oh, man, it’ll be cheese sticks for me–which with my big butt, they are a rare treat at this house!!

          • We have a couple of boxes of Hershey bars. Bought them at Sam’s Club. Gonna have to feed my wife a lot of chocolate to keep her calm after it hits the fan.

            • I told my honey I’m stocking up on chocolate chips at SAMs as soon as I get home. Price will be going up.

            • Hershey bars will keep for years if kept cool. I finished off my Y2K stash of chocolate just a few years ago. They were sealed in a 5-gallon bucket with a rubber gasket lid. I also had some bags of powdered sugar in the same bucket. I still have the sugar.

              I’m still keeping some small bags of Millennium M&Ms from 1999 as an experiment.

              • I found an old, dried out chocolate bar, as I rummaged through some drawers. It was light brown and icky looking.

                I put it in a glass bowl in the microwave. Sprinkled 2-3 drops of plain water on it and heated it up. The melted puddle of chocolate was restored to it’s former glory and tasted just fine.

                • eeeewwwwwwww…….

                  • Well ya know, if it had been a couple of years into SHTF, and luxuries like chocolate hadn’t been seen by the common person for quite some time, I’ll bet that old puddle of chocolate would’ve been a welcomed discovery…

                    Taste buds will adjust, after prolonged deprivation, as will attitudes about “fresh from your grocer”.

            • You can get 4 boxes of Dove Chocolate (Dark) candy bars in a 1 gallon jar. Pump out the air and they are good to go for many many years. Sams club has the best price.

              • They dont last long enough to get old with my Lady around… 🙂

      8. WTF is ‘Hangry’? Oh – more stupid, moron’s disassembling the American language.

        From the URBAN dictionary.


        When you are so hungry that your lack of food causes you to become angry, frustrated or both.

        An amalgum of hungry and angry invented to describe that feeling when you get when you are out at a restaurant and have been waiting over an hour to get the meal that you have ordered.

        “Damn! Where is that steak I ordered? We’ve been waiting for an hour and a half here. The service here is terrible! I’m starving! I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to feel really hangry!”

        • There are over one million words in the English language… Evolutionary linguistics… Otherwise we never would have developed hundreds of languages and thousands of dialects…

          • The English language is a most mongrel language in which exceptions are the rule. I’d call it “devolution,” myself.

          • Prepbonics?

            • Good one!

        • Janet needs a Dirty Sanchez…

          Volunteers wanted.

          Look that up in yer urbane dikshinary.

          • lookout, here come the norovirus

        • no, no, no, hangry is a country next to the youcrain, ain’t it?….yup, i’m SURE of that!

      9. For those of us who have been homeless before- hunger is not a new word. To this day I still have a difficult time eating Ramen Noodles. Do I have them? Sure do and I still eat them from time to time as a reminder. Rationing will be an issue, but it was also to the people of the Great Depression in the 30’s. Many starved to death and others had to trap even sparrows, rats to get something to eat.

        A source of protein many may not know about it Quinoa. It has higher protein content percentage than almost any bean, it neutral in taste and easily stored.

        Quinoa (/ˈkiːnwɑː/ or /kɨˈnoʊ.ə/, Spanish: quinua, from Quechua: kinwa), a species of goosefoot (Chenopodium), is a grain crop grown primarily for its edible seeds. It is a pseudocereal rather than a true cereal, as it is not a member of the true grass family. As a chenopod, quinoa is closely related to species such as beetroots, spinach and tumbleweeds.

        It is high in protein, lacks gluten, and is tolerant of dry soil.

        Add this to your pantry- is available at most Costco/Sams or Whole foods stores. Oh, it cooks up with less water than beans and tastes great!

        • Quinoa — It is indeed tasty and easily stored. And can be bought in bulk, though I have not tried growing it.

          • Quinoa is fantastic, protein-rich food that can be stored almost indefinitely. All it requires is some water and heat to turn into a tasty, nutritious meal. Two problems with it: 1) it is VERY difficult, almost impossible, to grow it by oneself, and 2) it costs a lot more than other food staples such as rice or beans. so stock up if you can afford it, but don’t count on it in the long run.

            • Grows easy like a weed in the UK so I’d be shocked if you can’t also grow it in the Pacific North West using the strains of seed from this site

              I think it’s a good candidate for guerilla gardeners as the sheople won’t recognise it as food.

          • Its tough to grow (in michigan), we tied a small patch and found out the seed never goes dormant when ready to harvest . i doubt it would store well.
            But it is gluten free and makes tasty bread.
            I know stick with a 1/4 acre of winter red wheat.
            Really stable to store .

            • @ hammerhead,
              Does 1/4 acre of red wheat= your families annual requirements?
              How many people?

              • Mcdave , I’m really not tryin to feed everyone on it , we just do it for fun , we make some bread and harvest about half , then turn the chickens or cows loose in it.
                its more of an experiment to prove we can .
                But i think for a family of four , it would take an acre or more .
                We harvest and hull by hand , so its alotta work.

                • I would like to add that the wheat is planted after the potatos come out of the ground .
                  Wheat makes a good cover crop for the soil , sometimes i till it under before it germanates, if we dont want to harvest it . Good soil builder.
                  Potatos have a way of strpping nutrients so it helps fix the PH level.

                  • Excellent info…. Can you hear the gears grinding over here?

            • Sams is the least expensive place I’ve ever seen it. We just store it in one of the freezers. It makes great “Mac”(Quinoa) and Cheese with squash in it too. YummY!!!

              1 small butternut squash
              1/4 cup almond milk (regular works too)
              1 tablespoon dijon mustard
              3 – 4 cups cooked quinoa
              1 cup cheddar (or shredded cheese of choice)
              Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.

              Peel and seed butternut squash. Chop into 1″ chunks, add to a stock pot, cover with 1” of water and boil until fork tender, about 15 minutes. Drain and transfer to a blender. Add almond milk and dijon mustard into blender and blend on high until silky smoothy and creamy. Add more milk as needed – texture should be thick, but easily pourable.
              Transfer to a bowl and add quinoa and cheese. Stir until combined.
              Spoon mac n’ cheese into ramekins (or baking dish), smooth tops and bake for 20 – 30 minutes, until bubbly.
              Remove from oven, cool slightly and enjoy immediately.

              • I’m tryin’ that, for sure!

              • Hope ya dont mind that i copied that.
                Sounds good , never had squash that way !
                Will try it .

                Hey wrong , the ice house i built a few years ago has never had ice cut off the pond last past the end of june.
                Any bets on this year ?

                • Butternut is my favorite in this but any will work.

                  We were buzzing around last Sunday in my truck out on a lake. I’ve only done that one other time and that was in Minnesota. It’s so damn thick it’s amazing. You can cut ice till the frost laws come off. We have some huge frost heaves in the roads. I was out blowing this morning in that 0 degrees with high winds. I bout froze my ass off. It took me till noon to warm up. I’m dreaming of my garden this year. Once the 6 feet of snow melt off it.

              • Thank you for the recipie ! Sounds much better than cat or dog 🙁

          • You can grow quinoa in much of the USA, and to save on seeds, buy it from bulk bins at Whole Foods. Same for peas, beans, oats. Taste of quinoa takes some getting used to, and it has to be washed really well to make it taste better, but it ought to beat rat and beetles, hands down. Read about it first.

        • quinoa pronounced kin waa, is awesome cured my gall bladder without knowing it would. very yummy spiced right and good for you. good proteins too. amazon has a freebie cookbook for it too for kindle. can be mixed with a lot of things or by itself

        • Hell, why bother with that as we have tumble weeds across this country from coast to coast. Eat those. Really, look it up, they are edible

        • Saw some in a store the other day on my monthly trip to town…it may be really good but this ole boy aint paying what they wanted for some what appeared to be some rather “dark brown sesame seeds”…’spensive… 😉

      10. Many of you remember in your Psyc 101 class about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.
        On the bottom meaning absolutely first: Food, Water, Shelter. Most of us humans except for the very old and very young will do whatever it takes, steal, kill, or both to get food. The need to survive trumps the need to be civil or care. Prepare accordingly.

      11. Want to hear a big joke? Russia is doing manuvers with 150,000 troops and the U.S says don’t cause trouble in the Ukraine. So we’re going to flex our muscle by cut the number of troops in the military. I know, you can’t hear me scratching my head. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

        • Gotta cut troops so we can pay for Obummercare, welfare and EBT cards. Don’t think it’s gonna work out however.

          • It will all work out fine rednek.
            Obama has the helm , it may look bad now , But he has a plan and he’s gonna out smart them ruskies.
            Yep , ol’ Putin is messin his pants just THINKIN about Obama’s crushing responce .
            Doubt me on this.

          • Gotta cut the troops because maybe someone in government finally realized we can’t afford to maintain the force that we currently have.

            • OR , maybe someone in government (obama) realized he wants more money for social programs instead of protecting the US .
              And i said protecting the US , not nation building.

        • As if the U.S. has any right to tell the Russians to stay out of their own border state and ancient relatives…nothing like arrogance and bluster.

          • How about we Import all the Good Looking Ukrainian Women.

            • That one has already been taken, Thunkit.

            • How about we deport desperate pigs like you!

      12. I’m not going to go hungry, I’m a county boy and I will survive. I will keep putting in a garden, what we don’t eat we will Can or Dehydrate. I know how to clean any animal so we will have meat. (look out Bambi, Thumper, Rocky, Rackie Raccoon, tweety, here kitty kitty) We have food set aside for long term survival.

        • i LOVE dogs, but without some bar-b-que sauce, they are a bit of a chore to choke down.

          • Gona be a lot of abandoned animals dogs cats rats bats so get a number 10 can of A1.

            • .02
              Famous Davey’s Tes Mex BBQ or Devil Spit BBQ sauce.
              Bay Rays BBQ sauce. (Tangy)

              • bbq sauce gives me heart burn for some reason? Nothing else I eat causes any probs except that damned bar-b-Que sauce. weird. so i am busted to being an A 1 man. not that damned Fops!

                • Could be the sugar in it combined with the tomato sauce.

            • Most of those dogs are like their owners…over fed/weak/and loud…coyotes will make quick work of the lions share of them in short order long before most folks will get any idea of eatin them…cats wont last long either…

            • If you can’t eat your own dog (I can’t), swap off with your neighbor and eat his dog. Just being realistic. I AM going to find a way to feed those little grand children!

          • i buy BBQ sauce when i find it for 48cents. i pick up a case. i jokingly say the sauce is for eatin’ animals, but there MIGHT be very good reason to have it on hand. almost everything i can think of that we MIGHT have to eat in SHTF times might be made edible with the BBQ sauce. cats ‘n rats ‘n eleefants, as sure as yer born, yuh won’t get a shot at no you-nee-corn! even bugs might be edible?(no, not bugs bunny, the crawly kind.

            • Kroger’s has it for that price now!

      13. I guess this article does NOT apply to me.
        And somebody must be a puny.
        I have been on a 900 OR LESS daily caloric intake for 4 weeks and 3 days and have seen NOT ONE disorder—except LOSING 6 LBS.!!!! 🙂

        Your body will adjust.

        I’m on to a good start..oh, yeah.

        • JayJay,

          Not one disorder?

          My wife never realizes she has PMS until I inform her.

          Maybe you should ask loved ones if they have noticed a change. 😉

          Hail the flashlight King.

          Good luck.

          • I don’t have any–no family, no friends, and no neighbors–so I guess I wouldn’t know. My mood is actually better than before the cut back began..I lost 6 lbs.

            • Ummmmm…….sad. 🙁

            • you got friends here jayjay…lots of ’em!

              • You made my day–thanks.
                If you guys ever needed ANYTHING I had, you know it would be yours. 😉

                • If you want a bunch of paranoid bottom feeders for friends. yeah I suppose we qualify.

        • jay jay, I have to have atleast 1800 cal per day or I start to get loopy. I have a high metabolism and my sons are the same way. big brains, lol but protein is important being bugs rabbits or deer. everyone needs to consider their lot in nutrition and what they need there is no real boiler plate of what we all need to survive. if im wrong let me know

        • let US be the judge of that jayjay!….just kidding! good luck with the diet.

          • I have a good start; I pray I can continue with success.
            Now, let me be clear here–it took me 6 year to gain this.
            So, if I lose in 6-9 months?? I am a happy camper. 🙂

        • Hell NO! I see starving around the world in places like Scotland, I am fattening my ass up! Not enough to be obese and die from a heart attack when things go south, but enough to be able to miss a week between kills and not start shaking. I starved myself down working in the oil patch and had an episode that was very unpleasant. Never again. You get yourself leaned down too much and then try to put in a hard days work and you will collapse. I had to quickly eat a can of Mandarin oranges to stop the shakes. Close one..

          • Sounds like your glycemic index was off.

            • Yes six, first time in my life I shut down from lack of calories/fats/sugar/? I lost 36 pounds in 3 months working the patch and was eating on the run with maybe 1 meal a week being anywhere close to balanced and it kicked my ass. Made me rethink this little roll around the belly here. Now I look at it as “paid for energy”.

              • @ .02,
                “Made me rethink this little roll around the belly here. Now I look at it as “paid for energy”.”
                Ahh, the Prep that keeps on giving.

              • When it happened to me, I was walking around downtown Portland. I just sat down on the sidewalk, looking around. It was as if the whole world was speaking klingon, and I didn’t speak klingon. My friend got me a go-cup of soda pop. After I drank some of it, I started returning to normal…never made that mistake again.

                • I hear that six, now we know where the zombies are going to be coming from. It is a really strange sensation. Running out of energy like an old used battery or something. Freaky for sure.

                  • At the point when I collapsed, I could’ve been sitting in the middle of a grocery store and it wouldn’t have mattered. I couldn’t have put enough thought together to reach up and open whatever I could reach.

                    Because of my experience, I don’t believe we’ll have much to fear from a “hoard of starving zombies”…it’ll be the ones who haven’t gotten to that point yet, that we should worry about. Those that can still think with any clarity, will be dangerous.

                • hell sixpack, i feel like you did with the klingon thingy every time i talk to my 15 y/old son….everything comes out in english, but it makes no SENSE!

          • i worry ’bout my 12y/old son. he’s skinny as a rail, not an ounce of fat and if he had to go without a few meals, he’ld be in TROUBLE!

        • I don’t lose weight either unless it’s under 1000 calories…and then it’s only about a pd a week…I’ve been doing the Fitness Pal to keep track of my exercise and calorie count. I’m moderately active( horses to train and care for), garden, chickens, and all the home improvements and landscaping. We do it all ourselves. Still takes a lot before I see it on a scale….good news is, at that rate my preps should last longer!

      14. I remember when I first started prepping: my food preps were unorganized, inconsistant (spam, tuna fish, cambells soup, and chili)!–and gave me all the stress symptoms Tess listed above when just reviewing my food storage. Finally, after much reading, I picked one method (there about as many food storage methods as there are AR15 variants!) and comitted to it. Now, when I review my food preps I get a warm and fuzzy feeling, –I’m not at my end goal yet, but I’ve made considerable progress and I feel much more confident in my ability to handle whatever the future WILL bring.

        Right now my achillies heel is water.– being active duty miliatary and limited to renting my home makes it difficult for storing enough water for a family of 4, as a 1K GL water tank in my backyard is out of the question. So I’ve been researching “dynamic water storage methods” a lot lately:)

        • Okay–don’t tell anyone I told you this, but there are companies that sell 30 gallon drums for $10.
          Gene and I took a Saturday and just cruised to Lexington and picked up 10 for $100, twice.
          So, now in the garage with the other shelves of plastic containers, we have 700 gallons of clean water and if it isn’t, it’ll go through the Berkey.
          I did NOT just say that–oh, they’re on the side not visible from the road. 🙂

          • JayJay,

            Good on your 900 calorie diet. I have been on 1100 – 1300 calories since the last week in December. Chronic over-eating for decades needs drastic action to change. Am about halfway to the weight I want. Gym going, both cardio and lifting … unaffected. The diet will likely be permanent.

            For your water tanks: drape cheap tarps or sheets over them, surround that with miscellaneous junk. Break up the outline that anyone’s brain will fill in with “barrel” if they see them. If they can’t take the visual cue and conclude … tank … water or some other fluid … you’re home free. If possible put something in front of them that would stop bullets. Nobody is too easily going to spirit away a 250# barrel of water but out of spite they might ventilate it … “If I can’t steal it from you, you aren’t going to have it either.”

            • I would but I’m one of those rare breeds–my Ranger and Tribute actually go IN the garage!! 🙂

            • JayJay
              I went on a 1200-1300 calorie diet last summer. I am small-boned, 5’2″ and not very active (age 70.) I lost over half the weight I wanted to — from 139 to 116. But then I started getting hungry all the time and now can’t resist taking in about 1500-1600 calories per day and staying at 116. I guess I need about 1550/day. I am still hoping to eventually reach my goal of 105.

              I have 622,000 calories stored plus what is in my cupboards and fridge/freezer and have made a list of food by category. But I admit I haven’t tried many of the freeze dried foods I am storing and haven’t liked some of the ones I have tried. I guess my dog and cat will get some of the things I don’t eat; I only have enough pet food for about 7 months. I live near two rivers and our town gets its water from a well. But I am still wondering what to do about heat! It was 10 below last night and sometimes gets to minus 35.

              • I have been heating with Only a wood stove for 15 years.

                • I looked into getting a wood stove and it would be very expensive. It would be a temporary fix at best. Where would I get the wood? I could only store so much, (and it’s expensive, too.) Then what? There are very few trees in this area and I wouldn’t be able to cut one down or chop up the wood, anyway.

                  It stays much warmer in my unfinished basement, but if I hole up down there, I wouldn’t see the scavengers breaking into my house upstairs. My dog would warn me, but by the time I got upstairs with my revolver, it would probably be too late.

                  If I want to spend my small savings, I would rather have solar panels, but everyone I contact either says there isn’t enough sun here or they want to install a huge system capable of running my microwave, tv, computer, etc and they want more than $20k, which I don’t have.

                  I have some alternate forms of heat/cooking, including a Kelly Kettle, two Kandle Heeters and 4 cases of liquid paraffin 50-hour candles, a one burner propane stove and a propane heater with a couple dozen small bottles of propane. I bought a folding stove and some fuel for that. It works well. I also bought a Contoure 5200 portable heater and two dozen bottles of alcohol, but I couldn’t work it and returned it. I still have the denatured alcohol. Any more ideas?

                  • DaisyK Whats wrong w/ a pellet stove? If there aint no wood just buy a load or 3 of pellets.
                    Might look at the cob ovens that are built in.

                    Either of these need a flue so itd be good if you have one. Other wise youd probably have to get the permits if you go legal. Once you go for the permit youd need the inspection. Insurance on your house would change or maybe get cancelled. Could be DIY if you know what your doing. Look online or through some books. Maybe youtube videos have what your looking for.

                  • Calgacus,

                    I thought that pellet stoves need electricity. That would be a better thing, rather than a wood stove, since the pellets weigh so little that even I could lift them. Not sure about the wood.

                    But I would have to pay someone to put in the flue, and would still need solar for the fan. Also, the pellets would eventually be used up.

                    Thumbs up, anyway.

                  • To DaisyK
                    Look at the Sedore pellet stove. It works w/ a few kinds of fuel and dont have an electric drive train feed or igniter.

                    visionstonestoves dot com

                  • Thanks Calgacus,

                    I am looking into it.

          • bought 4 -32 gallon plastic garbage pails slip one into the other, shoe-goo the lid down, have hole in tops ,fill up cover hole,, good to go 128 gallons of wa-wa.
            date it ,clorox it…approx cost $40…

            • I know I am monopolizing this site today–but your idea is a good one.
              Ace Hdw. has the plastic 32 gallon trash cans for $10 at times, like right now, and I started buying them.
              The lid won’t allow me to stack like the drums do, but for $10–I have 32 gallons of clean water.

          • a better deal for some would be the 275 gallon tanks like you see the mobile detail guys using. you can get a foodgrade one for 75 to 100 dollars and they take up a LOT less room than 5 fifty gallon drums….search food grade on craigslist. also, our local mormon church sells them …

            • I can only find them for $165 or more in CT. Used. I wish I could find one at that price.

              • Farm supply store sell all diferent sizes of tanks. try to get a green or black one . white ones use more clorine (sunlight/alge)

                • Put a blue or dark tarp over them. I can ride about forty miles into Delaware and pick them up for 50 bucks used. Had some kind of syrup sweetener in them.

            • Be sure to ask what was in them and be sure you can trust them ==I’d hate to get home and smell chemicals or poisons and John Boy lied.

              • they will have a tag on them….or you don’t buy it! a friend gave me two after he saw the one i had….and i see a tag says AQUACER 580….something used in the printing process, so i thought i couldnt use them. then i realized if i DO fill them, i can still flush toilets, so not a bad deal afterall for FREE…still looking for more. you prolly have to live near a city to find them on craigslist for cheap,,,but do try!….”food grade” or “foodgrade will be yer search words….remember the craigslist search only finds it EXACTLY as you type it, so singular AND plural is important….do it like this and it searches BOTH items…. food grade | foodgrade ….separate with the verticle line(it’s over the forward or backslash on yer keyboard). they sell them NEW too….google it!

          • Jay jay…..I’ve been wanting to take that trip and rent a uhaul and fill it with barrels. But I get very anxious being that far from home. The quoted shipping I got from them was 75% higher than the cost of the barrels.

        • When I first started prepping, you could fit my entire preps into an orange box…now, I’m having trouble finding room to fit it all into my house. Soon I’ll have to find a bigger place.

        • Use a kiddie pool.

      15. listen to this phone call

        theres a lot of telling info here..

        and at he end…”Hes the MASTER”

        when do we start taking back this country’s government?

        when do we jail or hang treasonous bastards like this?

        its all I want to know

          • I just knew I would get pissed watching this vid…..knew it….

            • Sorry Boss 🙁

              pissed me off too

          • I checked it out and am inflamed with his rebuke. this is why aim small miss small fits the bill

          • Knowing that many of “them” think this way is one thing…

            But hearing it… gives a whole new meaning to arrogance…

          • VRF.

            This guy does not like the Pushback and he knows how this could escalate and maybe even show up at the State Troopers Barracks. Notice he kept saying, Enforce the Law, Talk to your Lawyer or your Legislature Representative.

            Oh Yeah, he sounds like an Oath Keeper.

            • VRF, I just finished listening to the video. I know there’s a certain percentage of local, county, and state LEOs with that “federal mentality”, but listening to him didn’t make it any better. He’s the same POS who wanted to lock up people for releasing the truth about Sandy Hook. He’s another one with blind faith in the system. Later on, he’s going to be at least partially responsible for sending some CT cops to their deaths if/when they try to take any guns. I’ve always thought it more likely that feds and/or foreign troops will kick in doors for gun confiscation or anything else. I will resist. I’m not giving up squat.

              • I tell ya BH, I listened to it again…

                Now we all accept that she was setting him up… right?

                Assuming that…in addition to his arrogance I sensed a bit of fear…almost as though when he realized it was a setup… is this going come back and bite me on the butt…
                Think Nuremberg…

                ‘CRYING LIE A BABY”…I was just following orders…there was a law…

                Cowards…all of them…they sold their souls to live another day.

                • my K ey doesn’t wor very well… gotta proof read better

      16. Another funny. Ted Nugents brother Jeff was displeased with Ted because he called the President a Sub-Human Mongrel. Jeff said the president was not a Sub-Human. I guess they’re just some things you can not refute. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

      17. Living off of stored & hoaded food & supplys isn’t surviving. That is just enduring. Being able to procure and process enough to be sustainable that is survival.

        • your preps get you thru the times you can not find food. cuz everyone else is looking for food. after the initial shock, many die. your preps keep you alive. when they are dead, you can look for food. then you can be sure you are doing the right thing.

          • t-Zulu, that’s my plan. I only have 1.5 months of food and water and dog food. I figure the people in my suburbs will either be gone or dead by the time I go out. and im by the sea. I can catch catfish all day.

            • Is the dog food to lure the nieghbor’s animals into your snares?

      18. Imagine no more Big Macs. It’s easy if you try.

      19. A question for all the folks here…are there any long term storage foods (suppliers) that can guarantee that their food isn’t GMO?


        • when ur starving, the last thing ur going to worry about is “did this chicken/corn suffer before I ate it” maybe im just an a$$h@le but food is food

          • Southern Gal — good hearing from you again.

            What we used to do in the ‘old days’ before
            everything got so complicated was to (if you
            live out in the countryside) lay out tarps
            under the wild nut trees in the woods in the
            fall season to catch their bounty.

            When they are ready to drop and the wind came
            up, they would fill the tarps within hours.

            In our area, we would collect mostly walnuts,
            beechnuts, chestnuts, and acorns by the truck
            load, all free. Other geographical areas may
            have hickory nuts, pecans etc. etc.

            They were fun to gather and made very tasty
            food, and they certainly weren’t GMO. We even
            used them to bait deer in for the venison.

            Just a little trip down memory lane……

        • They will SAY non GMO, I am sure. However, I doubt it is possible at this point in time. Even the non GMO soybean is basicly gone. Just can not stop the cross pollination from farm to farm. Honey bees can travel 4 miles will visiting the different fields. So unless the soybeans have a buffer zone of that distance you can assume that at least a portion of the crop has been cross pollinated. In my County I know that is simply not possible, it is just a fact that most fields are either Round up ready, and/or liberty linked soybeans.

          Corn may be less of a problem since self pollination exists, but I have doubts. A local elevator was found mixing varieties a time back. In my opinion, you have been consuming some GMOs for some time now.

          • Sad but all too true my friend…

          • Sad but all too true my friend…

        • SOUTHERN GAL:
          Google search long term foods, They will tell you if there food has GMO grains in them.
          There is a list of the top ten long storage foods that rank them in quality.
          I hope this helps. Good luck on your prepps.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

      20. OFF TOPIC

        Just got a call from my Sister-In-Law. She works for a hospital in north central Illinois.


        Dose anyone have any information on this. Sis was quite upset.

        Thanks for the help.

        • Wow, “just in case”
          ??? Just in case of what?

          • For the coffin races out on the Lakes. Just a WAG.

            • ROTFLMAO

            • Had to look it up. Yes, Ha Ha!

          • VRF
            I told you guys when I saw something or heard something I would let you guys know. This is something I don’t have any idea of what is going on.

            • Thats good info, wonder how long they will sit?
              pre-staged planning for something?

        • Well, Sgt–Zullo and Arpaio are due in March with their Earth Shattering announcement–folks are saying they will not let them air it.
          Gotta wonder, huh.
          Don’t know who Zullo and Arpaio are?? Look it up.

        • Within 90 miles of Chicago is supposedly one of the missing “Minot nukes”. Cannot verify this information and it could well be a diversion.

          But you can “bet-your-ass” that something big will be needed to “hide the current economic, social, and political sins” under some very DEEP “fallout”! I wish I could verify more with validated backup.

          • Well,they do have the plunge in the lake for charity this weekend,given temps. in Chicago region suppose it could be fatal for some participants,though since it is for charity I hope not!

          • Truth:
            Oh s#$t I live with in 90 miles of Shitcago.
            I’ll keep my ears and eyes open and if I find anything out I’ll let you guys know!

      21. The fight of Cape Coral, Florida resident Robin Speronis to live “off the grid” has escalated with the city’s recent decision to cap her access to the sewer so she can no longer use it. It’s a move she calls, “pure evil.”

        Since November 2013, WFTX Fox 4 has reported on Ms. Speronis’ ongoing battle with the city to live without most utilities. The self-sufficient woman has lived for more than a year-and-a-half using solar energy, a propane camping stove, rain water, and eating mainly non-perishable food. However, the day after the station’s first profile of her lifestyle Speronis’ home was tagged by the city code enforcement with a notice to vacate.

        The story of her plight spread and many rallied around Speronis’ cause sending Cape Coral officials complaints in support of the woman. WFTX reported that the city clarified that, “…municipalities don’t have the power to evict,” and that the notice was placed because they, “…merely [wanted] access to the home to provide suggestion so Speronis can live off the grid in Cape Coral.” After that incident, Speronis told the station, “Cape Coral needs to be afraid of me, I’m not afraid of them.”

        In January attorney Todd Allen, who agreed to represent Speronis pro-bono, was served with a five-page amended violation notice that cited international property maintenance code and city ordinances. Allen said that the two sets of codes are not clear, “What is a private water system? That’s not defined in either code. But if one code accepts it, then they shouldn’t, the other shouldn’t negate the ability to have one.”

        Also discussed at the special hearing was the fact that Speronis had been using the sewer system for the past year yet not paying for the service amassing a past due bill in the thousands. After her testimony admitting that she had used the service without paying for it, the city decided to cap the sewer line. Connie Barron, Cape Coral spokesperson told The News-Press, “She also gave clear indications she does not intend to pay for this service but intends to continue to use the system. We really had no choice but to cap the sewer.”

        • I think she should fuck them over and build a septic system that will handle solid waste naturally and tell them all to go to hell

          • Cities DEMAND support, whether you need them or not

          • I think she should shit in a bucket and go pour it on the steps at the city hall.

            • We all know here that when one bucks the system,
              make Very sure to always maintain OPSEC. Always.

            • She could take up the sod and put down “Fresh Step” kitty litter.

          • Composting toilet from “Lehmans” who sell to the amish.

            Them have a lot of old ways of doing things.


            And O.T. their website has a paper pot maker that if you use newspaper, which uses soy ink and is natural, and the paper breaks down easy, this is the way we start are corn.

            The corn roots even break through the paper and we just plant the spout and pot in the garden. We have had really good luck with this, with all different things. WTF out

        • VRF theres a follow up story I read yesterday on this. The woman got her sewer line capped for using it and not paying for the service.
          Also she was a real estate agent and she kept some buyers escrow money so shes lost her license to sell houses and has a criminal record. I think it was about $3K she stole so wouldnt that be embezzlement or grand theft = felony?
          So shes a common thief. Cant say I see her much as a victim.
          The storys out there just search for it.

          • ahh go figure eh?

            but still there is information to be gained by this story, information that shows you can buck the system, but they will still come after you for their minimum services

            • let’s review. This lady lived like this for some time with no problems until she felt the need to tell everyone her business and let a news program do a story about her. In the city where I live, it is not illedgal to live without electricity and you only have to have running water if you have children under the age of 18. This town is most likely concerned that if she can do it, others will also and it will cost them money. The answer is to stop telling everyone your life story if you are living any type of alternative lifestyle.

              aside all the other negative things in her past

              • In our town, sewer bill is calculated based on water usage, sooooo, if she used no water, they didn’t bill her sewer until they realized she was not paying based on water usage maybe? Just a thought.

              • @ VRF,


              • Shouldn’t the answer be to rally behind these people? If they take a vow of silence how can other people be encouraged by their story?

              • I agree sir…she shoulda kept her mouth shut…secondly a criminal deed done inthe past isnt grounds to justify or let slide a govts current violation of that persons rights as a human being…town has to make her an example or lose its powerbase,thats the gist of it…”live free and dont tell everyone”

                my apoligys to y’all on all the double posts…only pushing the button once but…???…oh well 🙁

          • If she would have stolen 300 million they would make her governor. But a measly 3 grand.. bad girl bad! We shut of your sewer. You are all bad. shame shame shame on you.

          • Calgacus, be careful how much stock you put in MSM smear campaigns. We all know how they dig up pebbles and end up throwing stones at people their masters dislike.

            Look how the demonize people who don’t “comply”.

            I wouldn’t pay one bit of attention to the LSM now either. Besides, what does her ALLEGED past have to do with the here and now? Nothing. Unless you buy into the LSM.

            • Remember, this person may have been bucking the system for a long time before we heard about her—perhaps her earlier foray with the legal system, was the RESULT of her non-compliance, her punishment for disobedience.

              Any patriot should recognize the signs of resistance.

              non-compliance. Punishment. More non-compliance, but with media attention. More punishment…

              • very true, I can think of many people they demonized for their own sick advancement …probably 1/2 of them not as bad as they are portrayed , but who would ever know.. with a full swing smear going on.

                • for example:

                  Marcus Jeter faced a years-long prison sentence. The New Jersey DJ, 30, was arrested in a 2012 traffic stop and charged with eluding police, resisting arrest and assault. Prosecutors insisted that Jeter do prison time.
                  “The first plea was five years,” Jeter said.
                  “As soon as they opened the door, one officer reached in and punched me in my face.” The cops continued hitting him, telling him not to resist arrest.

                  But after Jeter’s attorney, Steven Brown, filed a request for records, all of the charges against him were dropped, with dash-cam video showing what really happened June 7, 2012. Now the officers are facing charges including conspiracy, aggravated assault, tampering, and official misconduct. Only by chance was the event caught by a camera. Only by chance was an innocent man set free. Only by chance were corrupt officers exposed. What about incidents where there is no camera?

                  • Precicely!…cant tell you how it angers me to hear on the radio where “John the Baker” was arrested and charged with(whatever)last Wednesday he was arraigned before District magistrate Roy Bean and will be kept in the lockup because he cant post bail…even if found innocent tommorrow and released(and you wont hear that on any news report)”john” has no reputation left but what was painted on him by that incident…its unfair …just plain wrong and I see it all too often…innocent till proven guilty folks and then when the debt is paid we forget it and let the person get on with life…sadly thats not how its done these days!

                • Exactly. remember the candidate Cain simply brushed up against a little bubble booty and he had to drop out of the race. They didnt like him because he was a mathematician,(sp) businessman and black.

            • You got a good point there sixpack. Keep forgetting most of the local media is also lies or slanted for there need.

              The thing is this woman was off grid except for her poo and w/ some solar and a compost toilet she would likely have that taken care of. Dont think she has the money to buy that setup but she did cut back on expenses and went off the grid. If she was in the country shed be off the water main anyway and she would be able to do it all w/out connecting.
              Amazing that urban planners buy into the go green bs but when people do it the people are fined and harassed. That to me is the bottom line. Cant trust city planners, govt, anyone in an OOOOfficial position.

        • She should have kept her lifestyle out of public eye.In Spain,even if you have solar electrical 100% you are taxed for it,think that won’t happen here?!Keep your alternative energy on hidden side of life,just share with friends/family so they to can lead a less expensive/taxing life.

      22. We have plenty of food stored. I’m more concerned with getting sick of certain foods. Like having enough Dinty Moore Beef Stew to feed 4 people once a week for a year. I don’t even like eating that stuff once a month but we have 180 cans of it.

        • Jeeze, you are a glutton for punishment. If I had that many I’d pull a Mark Wahlberg on some of them.

          • What is a “Mark Wahlberg?”

            • From the Wahlberg movie “Shooter” when he made the long range shot through a can of Dinty Moore stew up behind his cabin.

              • That was a good movie.

        • Hey barn, what happens when the jew comes steals your stew?

        • Practice dressing it for success. Dinty more over egg noodles. Dinty gravy and buscuits. Dinty meat pie. Dinty sandwiches. Dinty burritos, with cheese. Dinty with extra farm-fresh veggies. Dinty with mac and cheese added…the limit is your imagination.

        • Before I eat that Dinty Moore Beef Stew, I would shoot and eat the barn cat.

          • .02 I’ve tryed BoB cat . You can have the barnyard cat and the bob cat too.

          • Used to eat Milk Bone Dog Biscuits when I was little.

            Wooof, Woooof.

          • .02:
            Oh were having some kitty tar tar with horseradish and dilled pickles, MMmmmm gooood!;-)
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

        • Barncat, I enjoy Dinty Moore on occasion. I’m willing to accept some of it.

      23. For meat we have canned ham and canned chicken from Wal-Mart. We’ll use that to make chili, Hamburger Helper Spaghetti, and chicken casserole. One meal a week is beef stew. The other two are baked beans, rice, a canned vegetable, and canned fruit. Boy I’m gonna miss things like pizza.

        • @barncat, you can get the freeze-dried ingredients for pizza. we use tomato powder, mozzarella, spinach, bacon, and whatever other veggies sound good. the spinach is esp handy and easy to reconstitute. one of the emergency food companies sells a box of no. 10 cans as a pizza package. is really good on the grill.

          • I’ve gotta look into that, thanks K.

        • Keep some bisquick or other baking mix on hand for crust, a little tomato sauce, cheese and just about anything else you can imagine for toppings under the cheese. Garden veggies, venison, chicken, refried beans and onions, the list is only limited by your taste buds.

        • I have a lot, and I mean a lot of Spam stored up. If I was in Micronesia I would be the richest guy on the Islands. I like it. Norman Greenbaum did a song called Canned Ham in which he describes the many ways to cook ham / spam. Pretty funny.


          • Gonna miss my salted mackerel for breakfast.

          • grilled cheese with spam…..mmmmmmm

            • Macaroni and cubed spam salad. Mayo, sliced eggs, spices and some fresh veggies to taste.

      24. NONE OF THIS WILL HELP Unless you get out of the city now! You have to make your way to the country and prep up. You need to be around at least some other form of natural resource. water , lake, ocean, river, woods,swamp, pine forest or desert. Get out now and when the SHTF know how to supplement your supply with the help of nature.

      25. U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder was taken to a Washington, D.C. hospital Thursday morning as a precaution.

        A Justice Department official released the following statement: “During his regular morning meeting with senior staff, the Attorney General began experiencing symptoms including faintness and shortness of breath. As a precaution, the Attorney General was taken to MedStar Washington Hospital Center to undergo further evaluation.”

        maybe all those lies coming back to give him gas?

        • Eric Holder was feeling faint
          It wasn’t from smellin’ no paint
          Instead he was woozy
          From smellin’ some floozy
          Or Barry Obama’s taint.

          • OK, THAT’S FUNNY!!!

          • Whats taint?


            • Just in case ur not kidding…Taint is that patch of skin between you butthole and balls cuz it taint quit ass and it taint quit dick.

        • Must have had his head up his ass, that’ll give you faintness and shortness of breath every time.

        • VRF:
          OBAMA CARE TO THE RESCUE, WAIT, HOLD ON A MINUTE, he don’t have Obamma care. They (the big shot or is that shits) don’t have to have Obamma care their exempt.

      26. The Morgenthau plan … ..but this time for the US

        “Morgenthau’s plan, I added, would wipe out everything in Germany except land, and the Germans would have to live on the land. This meant that only 60% of the German population could support themselves on the German land, and the other 40% would die.”

        World Jewish Congress Declared War on Germany
        Long Before Germany Took Any Action Against Jews

        The following article is composed of excerpts taken from “The White Man’s Bible” written by Ben Klassen:

        The war against the German people as such dates back hundreds of years. We have shown this further in our previous chapter on the unrelenting warfare between the parasitic Jews and their unfortunate victims.

        Total War against Germany.
        They went all out in one of the most frantic, malicious wars of propaganda a gullible and uncomprehending world has ever witnessed. In short, Judea declared Total War on Germany and Hitler— financially, propagandawise, militarily, economically, racially, and in every other aspect that was in their power— and that power as we shall see, was formidable. Before Hitler would, or could, even lift a finger against them, the Jews were ready and wasted no time in launching a massive world-wide campaign against him. To illustrate this obvious fact we are again going to quote the Jews themselves, and their press in a limited sampling. There are volumes of evidence, but these few quotes should illustrate the point conclusively.

        Plans laid before Hitler came to power.
        As early as August 1933, Samuel Untermeyer, president of the World Jewish Economic Federation called together a large congress of Jewish leaders from all over the world to declare war on Germany in the name of the Jews. The meeting was held in Amsterdam, Holland. Upon returning to the United States from that meeting, Untermeyer made a speech on Radio Station WABC (N.Y.) on August 6, 1933 in which he announced that the Jews of the world had declared war on Germany and would starve them to death. This was long before any action of any kind had been taken against any Jew, and six years before military action was initiated in 1939.

        “We have been at war with him (Hitler) from the day that he gained power” stated the London Jewish Chronicle May 8, 1942 in its “Sermon of the Week.”
        Rabbi M. Perlzweig, head of the British Section of the World Jewish Congress, speaking in Canada, stated: “The World Jewish Congress has been at war with Germany for seven years.” (Toronto Evening Telegram, February 26, 1940.)

        The Dutch-Jewish paper, Centraal-Blaad Voor Israeliten in Nederland declared on September 13, 1939: “The millions of Jews who live in America, England and France, North and South Africa, and, not to forget, those in Palestine, are determined to bring the war of annihilation against Germany to its final end.”

        We must remember that at this time (September 13, 1939) the war was less than two weeks old, no concentration camps, no gas chambers, etc., for Jews or anybody else had been set up, or even alleged to be in existence. (The whole “gas chamber” story was nothing but another Jewish lie, as we will see in another chapter.)

        The Chicago Jewish Sentinel, on October 8, 1942 declared: “The Second World War is being fought for the defense of the fundamentals of Judaism.” Indeed it was. To be more specific, in behalf of the Jews themselves. They knew it, they instigated it, they perpetrated it, they stagemanaged it, The naive and gullible goyim, meanwhile, slaughtered each other with a vengeance, not knowing, or not wanting to know, who the real perpetrators, the real war criminals were.

        Vladimir Jabotinsky, Jew-communist and founder of the Irgun terrorist organization wrote in the January 1934 issue of Natcha Retch: “The fight against Germany has been carried on for months by every Jewish community, conference, congress, trade organization, by every Jew in the world. There is reason to believe that our part in the struggle will be of general value. We shall let loose a spiritual and material war of the whole world against Germany. Germany’s ambition is to become a great nation again, to reconquer her lost territories and colonies. Our Jewish interests on the other hand demand the complete destruction of Germany. The German nation is collectively and individually a danger to us Jews.”

        Hitler offered Hand of Friendship to England.
        Hitler, whose concern was not only for the Germans, understood the deadly program of the parasitic Jew. He pleaded in vain with England not to play the Jewish game. Speaking in September of 1939, he said:
        “On numerous occasions I have offered the friendship of the German people to England and the English people. My entire policy was built upon the idea of this understanding. I was always rebuffed… We know that the British people as a whole cannot be made responsible. It is that Jewish plutocratic and democratic ruling class which hates our Reich.”

        English Traitors fronted for Jews.
        On behalf of the non-Jewish ruling class it must be pointed out that those who went along with the Jews were by and large chabez-goi, people like Winston Churchill, traitors who were in the pay of the Jews, or under their control and coercion. So firm was this Jewish control over the British people (as well as the French, Americans, Poles and others) that the Jews were in fact successful in plunging the world into a fratricidal war of destruction on a scale such as the world has never witnessed before.

        Plans to Exterminate German People.
        Some of the Jews wanted to exterminate those Germans surviving the destructions of war by sterilization. Theodore N. Kaufman, spelling out the program in the book entitled Germany Must Perish, said: By Sterilization. “To achieve the purpose of German extinction it would be necessary to only sterilize some 48,000,000— a figure which excludes, because of their limited power to procreate, males over 60, and females over 45…”

        By Starvation. Other groups of Jews wanted to exterminate the Germans by starvation. A notorious advocate of the method was Henry Morgenthau, Jr., Secretary of the Treasury in the Roosevelt Administration. The following quotation is from the memoirs of Cordell Hull, who was Secretary of State in the same administration.

        “Morgenthau’s plan, I added, would wipe out everything in Germany except land, and the Germans would have to live on the land. This meant that only 60% of the German population could support themselves on the German land, and the other 40% would die.”

        Germans Looted and Starved. A version of the evil Jewish plan was in fact implemented for a period immediately after the war. Huge amounts of all kinds of machinery, factories, and rolling stock that survived the war were shipped to communist Russia. Viewing all this, Mr. R. R. Stokes, a Labor M.P. in Britain declared at the time:
        “Today in Germany, 6 months after our victory, graves are being dug for people not yet dead, people who will die of starvation in the next few months.”

        • dats raysis!

        • Morgenthau was one of the few that wanted to prosecute “US” companies that continued business with Germany post US entry.

          Read “Trading With The Enemy” by Charles Higham

        • satori , or burn some oak down to charcoal crush it up and put between two coffee filters or a t-shirt.
          Been the rule at deer camp for years pullin water out of a small lake or stream.
          No problems , lotta years .

        • BRILLIANT!

      27. You’ll be plagued with headaches, apathy, tiredness, anxiety, depressed mood, anger and hunger.

        Sounts like me already.

        Or maybe that’s due to the fact that I’m now working 10 hour days, weekends, have two cars to fix, have a boss that’s acting beligerently and irrationally…


        Well, less bad than two years ago, at least… 9_9

        • When the coffee runs out, the murderous rampages begin.

          • Note to self: stock more coffee.

            • Don’t think that will work six, we are going to have to invade Brazil.

              • Ya wanna lay siege to Juan Valdez?

                • Don’t kick his ass, you’ll just spill the beans.

            • He’s obsessed with coffee!! Maxwell house is on sale this week at hyvee. I just bought another 6 months worth today.

          • Make that when the KIT KAT run out…

      28. You’re hungry but can’t go outside because of the roaming mobs attacking people foraging for food.

        Roaming mobs… they’re what’s for dinner 😀

        You can ring my beeeeeeeeell… ring my bell!

        (5000 points for the movie reference, let’s see if anyone gets it)…

        • book of eli

        • Book of Eli…tell em what he’s won Johnny

        • Anita Ward did the song way back when.
          Most recently, the song was in the movie- ‘The Book of Eli’

          • We have a winner 😀

            Yes, the older cannibal couple had it on a record player in their house… hence the tie in with eating the roving bands of mauraders.

            • That couple had a nice arsenal too.

        • The song was included in the films Playgirl (1981), A Thin Line Between Love and Hate (1996), The Waterboy (1998), Mystery Men (1999), Corky Romano (2001), Dahmer (2002), The Possible (2006), Are We Done Yet? (2007), and The Book of Eli (2010). It has been used in advertisements for Burger King (1997), Heinz baked beans (2008), Telus, and as part of a radio-station loop in the video games True Crime: New York City and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The track is also featured as one of the songs in Just Dance (2009).

          Wikipedia to the rescue! lol I remembered when it first came out!

        • the book of ELI. at the old couple’s house before the shoot out. ring my bell.

          • Guess I should have scrooled down a little.

      29. Subj: Confession

        A man walked into a Washington D.C. Catholic church confessional. He tells the priest, “Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. Last night, I killed a congressman.” The priest responds, “My son, I’m here to forgive your sins, not discuss your community service work!”

        • perfect.

          • Amen bro, good start?

        • EPPE:
          Another real good one Thanks
          Keep’m Com’n
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

        • LMAO

      30. Well if you’re worried about being depressed (the tryptophan reference at the end of the article)… may I suggest stockpiling Saint John’s Wort and 5HTP as well. You won’t be depressed, that’s for sure, even if maybe you should be.

      31. just so you all know, your life is worth less than a cup of coffee to the Saginaw Michigan Police

        • someone someday is going to fear for their lives around a group of cops and eliminate the threat

          hey its their own tactic right back at them and their own words and actions..but here is the question.. will they be allowed to walk free like these cops are?

          I can see it now..” they all had guns on them, and were acting menacing and starnge..I felt they might be targeting me or that they all might be mentally challenged, so I shot and killed them all

          I can go home now right? I was just standing my ground

          be careful what you wish for cops

        • Coffee? I agree. I would kill anyone standing in the way of the coffee machine. For once the cops got it right.

          • Lol

        • Don’t worry that cop will get his, I live in the local news viewing area of Saginaw. They’re not playing in Flint and Saginaw. They will get that cop!

      32. These two Irish guys were walking past a bar….hey, it could happen.

        • It could happen, but not likely.
          Just sayin’

        • LOL , never happened to this Irishman .

        • I know it is not an Irish joke, just insert your least favorite races here….

          An Indonesian, a Bangladeshi and a Malaysian are in a bar one night
          having a beer.

          The Indonesian finishes his beer and suddenly throws his glass in the air,
          pulls out a gun and shoots the glass to pieces. He brags, “In Jakarta our
          glasses are so cheap that we don’t need to drink from the same one twice.”

          The Bangladeshi [obviously impressed by this] drinks his beer, throws his
          glass into the air, pulls out his gun and shoots the glass to pieces. He
          says, “In Dhaka we have so much sand to make the glasses that we don’t need
          to drink out of the same glass twice either.”

          The Malaysian, cool as a cucumber, finishes his drink, throws his glass
          into the air, pulls out his gun and shoots the Indonesian & the
          Bangladeshi. He says “In KL we have so many Indon and Bangla that we don’t need to drink with the same ones twice.”

          • EPPE:
            That’s terrible, but I’m still laughing.
            I’m ashamed of myself NOT!!!!
            KEEP’M COM,N THANKS
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R.NS. N.REB

          • Obama…Reed and Polosi fell out of an airplane….which one hit the ground first?

            Who cares? 🙂

        • Bar must have been closed.

      33. A baby seal walked into a club…

      34. went through a 1 week dry run out in the bush living off of life boat rations and 1 can per day, getting approx 1500-1750 cals per day.

        dug up a bunch of garden space (ten rows of patatoes, few rows of greens, peas etc) and a “underground root cellar”type hole 5x5x5.

        lost ten pounds that week. no water loss, i hydrated religiously…

        confirmed what i already knew… if you want to maintain body weight and engage in strenious activity like hiking up and down hills all day, or running for your life.. you need to get about 3k cals in you daily, and decent amount of protien to keep muscle and brain activity hopping…

        currently 60 pounds over weight. its as fat as i am comfortable getting…

        thats about 6 weeks worth of easy to carry calories if i am forced to ration and do hard labour…

        it will last longer if you dont move a bunch…

        anyway… i recomend everyone puts on easy to carry calories… unless you have a large food supply… i dont…

        fat will save your ass. and its ironic that people want to be skinny… grain reserves are at zero this year… drought is rampant, floods are rampant…

        i know my opinions are not popular… but you wont be running marathons if SHTF… its a surival marathon… how long can you endure…

        get fat while you can… cause there is no fat on the land… its very rare…

      35. For Preppers or those who are struggling to maintain a stocked pantry, keep in mind all the alternative ways you can harvest wild meats. Using snares, dead falls, pellet guns, slingshots or a throw stick, you can acquire small critters. Most every kind of bird is edible, and other small creatures like squirrels or rabbits are also catch-able with a little effort. It would be best to raise Rabbits in several hutches. Start out with at least 2 males and 3-4 females, and they reproduce enough supplemental meat for the year for a small family, after the initial start up. Read up on that. And have various ways to cook the meat up to several hundred degrees. I would avoid eating cats, dogs, possums, or Rat tar tar. lol

        • Oh hell no, the orientals eat dogs and cats by the boat loads. They have them hung up in the markets for sale. If you are out of food, you eat anything that walks crawls swims slithers or flies. Or you can do the alternative and become fertilizer. Your choice.

          • i will NEVER eat my dog. much more valuable as an extra pair of ears/eyes than a meal…..unless, of course you were too stupid to be prepared with extra food! then one meal aint gonna save yuh but for a day or two….time to check out ANYWAY!

        • I knew a guy that was a merc in Biafra. He says they didn’t have anything to eat for a while, so they killed and boiled a big rat. They boiled it more than once. Didn’t have any taste. Probably didn’t have much nutrition.

          • I tried a jack rabbit once, it tasted like shit, the dogs wouldn’t even eat it.

            • Jack rabbits are good for two things: Seasoned chili and stew, Period. Alone as a meat entree, if you are starving with no means to process the meat otherwise. FRY THE PISS OUT OF IT WITH GARLIC AND BLACK PEPPER.

              That said, it still beats the hell out of OPOSSUM OR SKUNK! My great grandmother would catch Opossum’s, cage them, and feed them bread and corn for two weeks before butchering and baking. That was actually quite delicious! But she was a “game cooking genius”.

              • Also remove the small glands behind each leg muscle, makes the meat nasty…My adventurious eating has taught me many things about “wild game”. Also watch Bizzare Foods on the Travel Channel, Zimmerman eats some crazy stuff, but you DO LEARN alot….

              • had a genius friend once that prepared some coot(mudhen) by soaking them in baking soda water overnight then cooked them in a wine sauce….damn they were good….and easy to clean, just step on their feet and pull up on the wings…big giant breasts and gizzards is all there is.

      36. Besides canning, peanut butter last a long time. Also, uncracked nuts like black walnuts and hickory nuts last a long time if you hull them out and allowed to dry. They are both highly nutritious. Potatoes,squash,some pumpkins, and apples such as an arkansas blacks can last a long time in a dark cool spot. One might also want to consider buying a couple good deep cell batteries to charge, an inverter, and some solar panels just enough to run a fridge or freezer couple hours a day.
        Just a thought or 2

        • And if you must have crackers with that PB, and I do, vacuum seal them out of the plastic sleeves in quart jars.

      37. People of my parents’ era lived through the rationing of food and gas during WWII, they knew how to prepare their own food, they darned socks and patched pants (and I recall a lot of that). We are now in the throwaway era, the generation of instant gratification, people don’t know how to make do, cyber-space folks who are not willing to put up with any inconvenience for whatever short period of time. Loads of people complain about having to wait even five seconds for a YouTube video to load, it just blows my mind. You can only imagine what will happen when they can’t get any food.

      38. Someone once said that civility was only nine missed meals away from anarchy.

        At three meals a day three days is probably about right.

      39. That’s funny! LMAO

      40. I’m famous (infamous?). I googled maudy frickett (used a condom), and among all the Jonathan Winters stuff, was one of my posts on SHTF Plan from January 2013. Scary.

        • Does make you wonder what or not to post???

        • THATS where I’ve heard the name before! All the time I’ve been here, the name Maudy Frickett has been rattling around in my pea-brain, trying to figure out where I had heard it before! Lol! We loved Jonathan Winters, may he rest in peace..

      41. “Food rationing”? Isn’t that what one experiences when one can’t afford anything less than the best, for ones body? Maybe that’s why ill health, be it mental, or physical or emotional, is running rampant in America. Can’t afford a quantity of quality but can’t afford not to have a quantity of quality, it’s a catch 22.

      42. A priest, a protestant minister and a rabbi, were discussing how much of the weekly collections they keep and how much they give to God. The priest says we draw a small circle on a table and throw the money in the air. What lands in the circle is Gods and the rest is ours. The minister says, we do the same thing and what lands in the small circle is ours and the rest is Gods. The rabbi says, vee do the same thing. Vee throw the money in the air and what God catches is his.

      43. Thanks PO’P for the egg link. I like learning new old things. Putting in a cold smoker when cement can be poured and block laid. Any out there have any knowledge…

        • I can set block like a madman!

        • TK, I picked up a book (several years ago) entitled” “Cold Smoking& Salt-Curing, Meat, Fish and Game by A.D. Livingston. Copyrighted 1995. Very good book and easy to read. You might want to google it up and check to see if Amazon has it. I picked it up at a book store. I have salt cured hams a couple of times and they turned out good. You got to have a place set up for that where it is mouse and insect proof while they bleed fluid and dry. I do have a good recipe that an old customer of mine gave from when he and some other guys would get together each year and put up hams. I would dearly love to construct a nice smoke house and do have plans to go by, but its on the back burner right now.

        • Make it bug tight with lots of ventilation you can control and keep your smokebox low enough in relation to the smoker itself to get a good draft up into it…otherwise it aint that hard to do,good luck!

      44. That hair is either sprayed on or its a weave by Mr. Ray!

      45. Recommend salted nuts. Keep iodized salt and cans of tomato paste for preparing beans.

        Salting foods is “vital” for the body.

        Beans can be soaked overnight to soften for consumption the next day. Hint: Farm animals will not eat GMO corn nor GMO soyabean.

        Keep 3-4 large containers (15L each) filled with fresh water that you rotate each day for watering plants. The water will be a life saver when the need arises.

        Keep 2 gas canisters with portable gas grill to prepare meals and heat water.

        Store marinated meats in small yogurt containers in the freezer. Use these in a rotating fashion daily so that a full store is available when the need arises. Also keep a good supply of dry ice and 3-4 insulated coolers to store meats in containers for when the need arises.

        Use the meats within the first three days before using the other stored foods.

      46. Probablly the BEST defination of this we have ever heard…

        Subject: ObamaCare

        The best description of Obamacare so far:
        Remember when Nancy Pelosi said: “We have to pass it, to find out what’s in it.”
        A physician called into a radio talk show and said:
        “That’s the definition of a stool sample.”

      47. i ain’t scared , got me a case of bar-b-Que sauce ready to go …

        bar-b-Que long-pork it’s whats for dinner zog amerika .

        you just gotta get em’ young and fresh .

        kill em’ quick with a blow whack to the head with a sledge .

        hang em’ up by their ankles with a rope and slit their throats ear to ear , let em’ bleed out properly .

        then cut them from groin to nipple bein’ careful not to cut into their organs or guts which poisons the young meat with feces and bacteria .

        and just pull out their guts liver lungs and heart .

        it’s really very good eating .

        when cooked over a slow hickory smoke fire first for a day , then in a slow boilin’ bar-b-Que pot for a day .

        yum yum ;0p slurp goooood young long-pork eatin’ folks .

        try it you might just like it .

        n.o. ;0p

      48. Down here in Jawja, we have an abundance of KUDZU, you can eat almost every part and certain times of growth…
        Check it out, very interesting, can grow one foot a day…

      49. Asparagus Each plant will yield half a dozen spears during harvest season.

        Beans, bush One 10-foot row yields 8 pounds; yellow varieties tend to yield

        Beans, broad One 10-foot row yields 10 pounds

        Beets One 10-foot row yields 10 pounds; if you prefer small beets, double seeds.

        Broccoli One to three pounds per plant

        Cabbage One to three pounds per plant

        Corn Approximately 30-36 ears per 10-foot row

        Cucumbers 10-15 cucumbers per plant

        Eggplant Four to five pounds per plant

        Onions One pound of sets produces 30-40 pounds of onions.

        Peas, shell One 10-foot row yields 10 pounds.

        Peppers Six to 22 bell peppers per plant

        Potatoes Five pounds of seed potatoes yield 125 pounds of potatoes.

        Summer squash & zucchini If kept picked, one plant will yield 5 pounds of

        Tomatoes Yields vary tremendously, but on average, 6-8 pounds per plant

      50. Romulan Ale


        1 fifth Bacardi 151
        1 fifth Blue Curaco
        2 liters Sprite or 7-Up

        Mix all ingredients. Chill for approximately 3 hours and serve.

      51. Lemon Beer

        Ingredients (for 1 gallon):

        2 large lemons (about 12 ounces total)
        1 gallon, water
        2 cups, sugar
        1 cake, fresh yeast


        Slice the lemons thinly. Heat the water to 110 degrees F. in a large
        stockpot. Remove from the heat, add the lemon slices and remaining
        ingredients and stir to dissolve the sugar and yeast. Cover and set
        aside at room temperature overnight. Serve over ice.

      52. Home Brew (Home made beer)

        Mix in large churn:

        4 1/2 gal. of warm water
        2 cakes yeast

        Stir well.

        Add 1 can malt
        5 lb. sugar

        After thoroughly stirred, cover with cheesecloth tied with string.

        Leave in warm place 72 hours. (I usually make mine in the summer in
        an outbuilding.)

        Bottle, leaving caps loose for about a week. (It still works for a while.)

        Caution: POTENT!

      53. Berry Liqueur


        1 quart, frozen raspberries
        1 quart, frozen blueberries
        1 can, frozen grape juice concentrate
        1 quart, brandy


        Soak berries, grape juice and brandy for at least one week. Strain into
        a jar, being sure to squeeze all juice out of fruit. Increase volume by
        25-50% with a sugar syrup made from half water and half sugar. Cool
        syrup to room temperature before adding to liqueur mix.

      54. Not just mentally but emotionally break your hearts.

      55. Assuming a true “SHTF” situation – i.e., we’re never coming back – and depending on the Season (especially if Autumn & Winter), you are going to have visitors at your front door for only a few weeks. The reason for this short time period is that non-Preppers will have limited food/water, and if they cannot find it in your neighborhood, they must either die, or move on. Either way, it won’t be long before you are left alone. Later, you may have to deal with gangs, but if the leaders cannot feed the followers, they will not hang together for long.
        The point of my message is, DO NOT OPEN YOUR DOOR TO ANYONE! Invariably, the person or persons on the other side of your door are in desperate circumstances, and will do anything, promise anything, offer anything, for food and shelter. If you bring them in, they will wait for you to sleep, and THEN murder you. Absolutely! Their life and their future is much more important than yours. Once you open that door, they will take you over like a pack of wolves! Even if your door is on a chain, they can send a six year-old child through that opening so as to grapple with your legs, until the dad can break the chain. Even if you’re discoursing through an unbreakable window, consider that he outside may be a gifted lawyer or used car salesman, a motivated person and gifted orator who can present an argument for letting him in that even St. Peter would be charmed! Let them outside find out that you are a Christian, a distant relative, an old school chum, etc. and he will turn that fact in such a way that you will soon be fumbling with the key to let him and his starving family inside so as to murder you. DON’T EVER OPEN THE DOOR!

        • I don’t plan on letting anyone get with in 100 yards of my door. The had better not try and climb the fence.

      56. Marjorie Wildcraft is teaching how to cook & eat bugs also google American Spring about a march on DC coming up

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